Your Great Relationships

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Your great relationships will not come to you while you are hiding out somewhere pretending be to happy, safe and secure, surrounded by all your unnecessary possessions, involved in simple and innocuous and foolish activities. The great relationships will not come to you under these circumstances, only casual friendships, only people who share your hobbies or others who want to exploit you or share in whatever wealth you might have.

The great relationships will come in facing great change and difficulty because it is within this environment that the deeper and truer nature of people becomes evident. And people will have to choose a greater allegiance within themselves and a greater allegiance to others. This is where great relationships become recognized, cultivated and expressed. No more foolish and indulgent romances here. No more wasting your time trying to have endless pleasure with someone when, in fact, you have nowhere to go together and nothing really important to do together. No more wasting your life on chasing beauty, charm and wealth; having fantasies about yourself and other people; trying to look good, to be accepted and degrading yourself in every possible way to gain the attraction or the admiration of some person. There will be little time for such things now.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 2. Sign up for the free ebook at The Great Waves of Change.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on February 28, 2013 at 11:36 am

    This is so true – it even sounds like an advertisement for religion, especially Christianity.
    Perhaps there actually is a common area of truth for religion, common sense, and the instinct for self-preservation.

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