“You need this Higher Authority now to speak to the deeper part of you…”

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“The Higher Authority is speaking to you now,
Speaking through the Angelic Presence,
Speaking to a part of you that is the very center and source of your Being,
Speaking beyond your social conditioning,
Beyond your ideas and beliefs
And the ideas and beliefs of your culture and even your religion.


“The Power and the Presence preside over the physical universe,
A universe far greater and more expansive
Than what you can possibly imagine and
Even beyond the physical universe to the greater realms of Creation itself,
Which is something that few people in the world
Have even considered to be possible.


“Yet the Higher Authority speaks to you in your most private place,
The center of your Being,
Deep beneath the surface of your mind.
This is your greatest relationship.
It is the source of meaning and purpose in all of your relationships
With people, with places and even with things.”


“The Presence and the Grace is with you,
But you are looking at other things.
Your mind is elsewhere.
That which redeems you and restores you
Is with you now,
But you are looking in the other direction.”


from The Engagement

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