You cannot stop the evolution of life

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The religious traditions of the world were not given to prepare humanity for the Greater Community. Nor were they given to prepare humanity for a declining world, a world of diminishing resources and a world of escalating instability, a global community. The ancient teachings cannot prepare humanity for what is coming now and who is here in your midst and why they are here and the means they are using to achieve their goals of persuasion and dominance. These things must be revealed to an unwary and unprepared humanity.

You cannot stop the evolution of life. Even the evolution of civilization must proceed forward. You are going to have to face the Greater Community—ready or not, willing or not, prepared or not. If you are unwilling and unprepared and are not ready, then your position is extremely hazardous, and the human family is in jeopardy.

These are greater matters that are not merely for people in privileged positions in government, or something for philosophers or theologians to consider. It is the concern and the focus of the citizens of the world. If they are unwilling to know and cannot respond, well, what can any government do?

That is why the Revelation is being brought to the citizens of the world, to you—to alert you, to prepare you, to strengthen you, to free you from illusions and misperceptions so that you may face the Greater Community clearly, honestly and objectively. For it is not a mystery really. It is just a truth that is being concealed. It is being concealed by the governments of the world. It is being concealed by the Intervention itself. It is part of nature.

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