You are on a Mission

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At a deeper level, you were sent here on a mission, and nothing will satisfy that mission except the mission itself. And what will stimulate that mission within you are great events in the world and the needs of others that call it forth from you. They generate the initiation.

The need will grow in the world. The human family will come under greater duress. The calling will sound forth for many people to awaken from their sleep and their dreams  of self-fulfillment—called into action and with it a deeper memory and sense of responsibility to the world.

From the surface, you cannot see this. It sounds fantastic. Perhaps it sounds good to you. Perhaps it does not. But you cannot see it from the surface, for it represents the mystery, the mystery of your life. Everything you do to try to be happy and to satisfy yourself, everything that you do that costs you so much in terms of time and energy and life force, cannot satisfy this deeper need—the need of the soul to discover your greater calling in life, to respond to it, to prepare for it, to be initiated into it and to serve it in the changing circumstances of your life.

Precisely when and how things will take place remain part of the mystery, for there are so many things that can change the opportunities or the timing of things. That is why making predictions is counterproductive. The future is always changing and shifting, and the outcome can take many appearances. But the direction is clear.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 12


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