“You are like the child entering the metropolis—innocent, assuming, unaware.”

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“God’s New Revelation opens the doors to a universe of intelligent life, providing perspective, insight and understanding never available before.

“The human family does not realize its vulnerability to this Greater Community or its relationship with this Greater Community.

“It is like you are an isolated tribe who has never been discovered by the outer world, not knowing the greater powers that exist around you and completely unprepared for the day when your existence would be discovered from the outside.

“It is the Greater Community that will show you that you cannot afford your ceaseless conflicts here on Earth, and that your resources here are precious, and your self-sufficiency is of the greatest importance.

“People want many things from visitors here. They expect many things.

“Your freedom is precious, to whatever extent it has been established in the world. It has been gained through great effort and human sacrifice. It must be protected with great vigilance.

“Human conflict is wasting you away. Ignorant, foolish and unaware of what exists at your borders, human conflict is wasting you away.

“The leaders of the world are either blind or cannot communicate what they have been told, what they see and know. So the peoples of the nations remain ignorant about the greatest event in human history, the greatest challenge to human freedom and sovereignty and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation.

“Here a Christian must become a Christian with a Greater Community awareness. A Muslim becomes a Muslim with a Greater Community awareness. A Buddhist and a Jew gain a greater panorama of life to which their religious teachings must become relevant. If religion in the world is to educate and to enlighten, it must have this greater capacity and awareness.

“To be free in the universe you must be self-sufficient, you must be united and you must be very discreet. Those are the requirements that every nation, every world, every race must establish in a Greater Community of life.

“It is a great shift in consciousness, a great and necessary shift now.

“Success is not assured. Many peoples in the universe have fallen under persuasion and subjugation. It has happened countless times.

“Beware of your own fantasies and expectations. Question them. Consider them in light of the realities of nature and of human history.

“Accept this gift of love and Revelation. It brings with it great responsibility, but also great strength and great promise.

“You are not living yet the life you were meant to live because your life is not engaged with the Greater Reality that lives within you and all around you. For humanity, this is a great turning point. And for you, it is a great turning point.

“God has spoken again. It is for the greatest purpose to meet the greatest set of needs.”


From Entering the Greater Community

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