You Are Blessed

You Are Blessed

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God is giving you what you really need for today and for tomorrow and for the remainder of your life on Earth. People look to the Heavens wanting to have dispensations to try to fulfill their desires, ambitions and needs, but God is providing what is really essential.

Once you come to the truth within yourself, you will realize you cannot fulfill yourself. You cannot find real happiness and sustain it here. You cannot protect yourself against a world becoming ever more chaotic and uncertain with each passing day.

You must find your center in a crashing world. You needed it yesterday. You needed it five years ago. You have always needed it. And now you will need it ever more importantly, for things that you depend upon or assume to be there for you may not be there for you.

You are blessed to learn of the great preparation that God’s New Revelation for the world is providing. For only God knows how to prepare you. 

You are meant here to participate, but to participate truly, you must be prepared. And you are not the source of the preparation. Be grateful it is so. It is a great blessing indeed.

  • The passages above are from the Revelation “Being Centered in a Crashing World” which is the focus of study and contemplation in this month’s Free School.  The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others. Enroll and participate in the Free School today!