The Upheaval | Free School Session

Welcome to the Free School of the New Message

On September 1, Marshall Vian Summers released the new, never-before heard teaching The Upheaval for the first time. During the month of September, he invites you to study this teaching alongside him and other students from around the world with a personal Study Guide, offered below.


Read and listen to the teaching The Upheaval and use the questions below to help you understand the nature of the environmental, social and economic upheaval taking place around you and how it will impact your life.

Each of the six areas in this Study Guide deal with a certain aspect of your relationship to this Upheaval. Use these questions to find out what this change is, what it means for you and how you can prepare for it.

1. What are you seeing around you?

  • How is the Upheaval beginning to manifest in your life and circumstances?
  • The Upheaval describes what the world is headed into and what it will look like. From your reading, what do you see is coming?

2. What are your starting questions?

As you look ahead to the Upheaval to come, what questions arise about your life and the actions you may need to take? Write these questions out.

Now is not [the time] to say, “What do I want out of life?” It is more appropriate to say, “What must I do?” That is the question. And that is the question that you must keep asking as every new situation emerges, as every unforeseen change occurs, as every new opportunity seems to arise—whether that opportunity be genuine or not.”​

The Upheaval


3. Where is your life strong? Where is your life weak?

  • The Upheaval talks about the importance of strength and resilience. Where is your life strong, and where is your life weak? Think of your finances, family, health, commitments, emotional well-being, habits and activities. In which areas are you strong? In which areas are you weak?
  • Specifically identify those areas of your life where you are losing energy to people, possessions and commitments. Think of your life as a ship sailing on increasingly turbulent seas. Where is your ship taking on water? Identify those holes in the ship, and begin to consider what you may need to do to plug those holes.

4. What skills do you have? What skills do you need?

  • In entering difficult and unpredictable situations, what inner and outer skills do you have that could be an asset to you and to others? Look ahead to these situations in the future, and see what you possess now that could serve you. 
  • Next, consider which skills you do not currently have that you would value in those situations. These could be skills at the mental, emotional, practical, physical and even spiritual level.

People have native skills that have become dormant from lack of use that can alert them to the presence of danger and to prepare them for the future with a greater wisdom and certainty. All these native skills are connected to Knowledge [the innate intelligence within you.]”

The Upheaval


5. How do you need to prepare yourself, before a crisis hits?

  • Knowing that new personal and world challenges are approaching you, how would you begin to prepare and plan for this? What does planning for this Upheaval ahead of time look like for you?
  • Are there specific challenges you see approaching that you need to begin preparing for? 
  • Begin to draft a simple plan with the areas of action and the sequence of steps you would take to prepare yourself for those specific challenges you can see coming, and for the unseen challenges that will come as well. This is preparing you for action around specific challenges you can see, and preparing you to be more resilient to go through the unpredictable challenges that come as well. 

6. How will you need to serve others?

  • The importance of service in the future is critical. List out the relationships in which you are directly serving others? For example, children, parents, neighbors, vulnerable members of your community. Within the context of Upheaval, what will these service relationships require?
  • Now consider if there are other forms of service you could provide in light of the Upheaval? As you scan the world and your local community, what forms of service do you see are needed that you could provide?

For the human need will grow beyond what you have ever seen before, and the degree of service that must be rendered will be far greater than anything the human family has ever had to deal with on a large scale. The time of giving is just beginning.”

The Upheaval

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Consider the following questions during this month and put together a plan for what you want to work on daily or weekly in order to continue preparing yourself for the New World reality:

September 5, 2020 | WHAT ARE WE FACING?

    1. What kind of Upheaval are you seeing in your life or in the world around you right now?
    2. When you look ahead into this Upheaval, what do you see for yourself? What would it be like for you and others to go through this?

September 12, 2020 | THE IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE

    1. How did the teaching The Upheaval impact you and help you understand what is occurring now and will be occurring in the near future?
    2. What insights came up for you after engaging with the questions in the personal Study Guide? 

September 19, 2020 | PLANNING & PREPARATION 

    1. What next steps would you take in light of this teaching on The Upheaval and other teachings from the New Message from God that you have read?
    2. If you were to begin drafting a plan of action, what specific steps would you put on your plan? Which of these steps would be realistic for you to take?

September 26, 2020 | LIVE Revelation Release Broadcast: The Ship

Join Marshall Vian Summers and students from around the world in a live gathering to listen to another never-before heard teaching, The Ship (free registration required)

Anyone who has embarked in the way We are speaking of will feel like they are a ship at sea. They are going where others are not going. They are looking at things very differently than they did before. They are having to control their thinking and restrain their tendencies in order to continue. They are having to be sensitive to their environment, their physical condition and their engagement with others to a far greater degree than simply acting in a casual manner with people.”

– The Ship