The Parliament Campaign 2015

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What is it?

The Parliament of World’s Religions is the largest and oldest gathering

of interfaith organizations in the world,

with the goal of cultivating harmony among the world’s religions.

Where is it?

The Parliament is held at the Salt Palace Convention Center

in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

When is it?

From Wednesday, October 15 – Monday, October 19


Why are we attending?

The New Message from God will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall. 

Over 7 thousand people representing 50 religions are attending

the Parliament from numerous countries all around the world.

The first book of the first volume of The New Message from God, God Has Spoken Again 

will be presented as the first book of a living communication from God

to the heart of every man, woman and child on Earth for these times and the times to come.

The Revelation God’s New Message for the World’s Religions

will be given in a pamphlet form,

revealing the common Source and Destiny

of all the great religions and Messengers of the world. 


A new ‘building block’ has been given…

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God has sent down another ladder…

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Background about The Parliament and how you can help:


As a student of the New Message, you too can become part

of this unique and important endeavor

by supporting and advocating for the New Message from God.



The New Message from God is a Communication and a Faith…

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The Society’s expenses for the Parliament event:

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How else can you support the Parliament Campaign?