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The Amsterdam Regional Gathering

July 1 – 2, 2023

Registration is closed as of May 23, 2023. However, you can be placed on the waitlist if a spot opens up.

This July Marshall Vian Summers, Patricia Summers, Reed Summers, and staff of The Society will travel to Europe to share the teaching, practice, and experience of the New Message from God, as well as our work together to contribute this message to a world in need.

We will be hosting a two-day event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, dedicated to exploring the essence of the New Message teaching and what it means to bring this into your life and to others in the world.

Attendees will be responsible for personal travel, lodging, and food, and we will work to keep tuition as low as possible, which will help us cover the expense of travel to Europe and of hosting this gathering.

The event will be in the city center of Amsterdam, and we will email those attending with the location, schedule, and other details once attendance is confirmed.

Live Teachings from

Marshall Vian Summers

Watch the latest live Teachings from Marshall Vian Summers on his YouTube channel.

“I will be speaking live about what really matters to the individual and to the world, such as the climate crisis, our emergence into a universe full of intelligent life, and the spiritual journey.

“I look forward to presenting these teachings to you and all those who are ready to become connected to the larger realities in our world and in our lives.”

Check Marshall’s YouTube channel for upcoming live teachings


The Encampment

Previous: October 21 – October 24, 2022


The previous Encampment was from Friday, October 21, 2022, through Monday, October 24, 2022, at Estes Park Center – YMCA of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.

Students of the New Message were invited to this immersion experience with Marshall Vian Summers, Patricia Summers, Reed Summers, and students from around the world.

On retreat from everyday life, in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains, students had the chance to explore the greater direction and purpose of their life.

Together, we dove into our relationship with Knowledge and built connections with others in the Worldwide Community of students who are responding to the New Message at this increasingly critical time in the world.

The Encampment is for people who have been impacted by the New Message and feel their journey in life may be connected to studying the New Message and supporting its mission in the world.

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