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Teachings by Marshall Vian Summers

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Join us for a teaching by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. This communication is part of a series of live, public teachings from Marshall, given to the growing Worldwide Community of students of the New Message.

Marshall is speaking to the great need for the spiritual renewal of the individual and the preparation given in the New Message to begin this process. He is speaking to the needs, role and function of the Worldwide Community of respondents and how each of us can find and contribute our greater gifts to this world. He is speaking to the nature of studenthood of the New Message and what that may mean for each of us.

Marshall is bringing forward the wisdom and inspiration carried within him through his unique and direct connection to the Angelic Assembly that oversees our world and through his profound connection to the process of receiving the vast Revelation of the New Message from God.

The next teaching will be broadcast live from The Greater Community Sanctuary at 9:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) on, August 17th, 2019, followed by an open floor discussion.

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Meetings with Marshall

Worldwide Locations

Part of the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers’ role in bringing the New Message to the world, is to travel around the world to meet those who feel called to be a student of the New Message or feel called to join with the Messenger to help with his mission.

Check this page periodically to find Marshall’s upcoming travel locations as the current schedule will appear here.

Marshall Vian Summers will be visiting Spain and France in October, 2019. Marshall and his family will host a free gathering of a few hours for students of the New Message and The Allies Briefings in the following locations:

We welcome those who are readers of the New Message and feel called to meet Marshall and his family in person.

This is a rare opportunity to meet Marshall in person. These meetings will be in the native language of the location with live translation, and if you want to attend one of these in-person gatherings, please complete the appropriate interest form above.

Please email us if you have any questions at

The Steps Vigil

May 26 – June 14, 2020


The Steps Vigil is a worldwide commemorative broadcast event honoring the 20 day period in which Steps to Knowledge was received in 1989.

Steps to Knowledge is the core book of spiritual practice in the New Message from God. It forms the hub and center of an enormous body of Revelation. Steps to Knowledge is the pathway of spiritual development in The Way of Knowledge given for the advancement of humanity.

The Steps Vigil offers students the opportunity to recognize the gift of Steps to Knowledge and to potentially take retreat, with the Presence of Knowledge, the Messenger, and our community of students for the quickening of our lives and our movement towards the higher purpose we were sent into the world to fulfill.

Participate in this Live Worldwide Broadcast event taking place every evening for 20 days beginning May 26 through June 14, at 7:00 PM US Mountain Daylight Savings Time at The Greater Community Sanctuary in Boulder, CO, USA. For in-person attendance, please register at

Broadcast archive of the 2018 Steps Vigil

The Messenger’s Vigil

January 24 – 28, 2020

Messenger's Vigil

The Messenger’s Vigil is a worldwide broadcast event honoring the arrival of the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, his life and journey and the gift he presents from the Creator: The universal spiritual pathway, Steps to Knowledge, and the entirety of The New Message from God. This five-day event commemorates the man sent into the world to receive a New Message from God.

Across a long journey of many decades, Marshall Vian Summers has brought to us a vast, spoken revelation, the largest body of revelation ever to be received in recorded history – over 9000 pages of divine wisdom, prophecy and a new spiritual practice to guide humanity into the next chapter of evolution and emergence.

To deepen our experience and understanding, a Live Broadcast online will take place every evening over a five day period at 7:00 PM US Mountain Standard Time at The Greater Community Sanctuary, with the concluding evening beginning at 6:00 PM in Boulder, CO, USA. For in-person attendance, please register at .

Learn more and view the archive of The 2019 Messenger’s Vigil

The Encampment

October 18 – 23, 2020


The next Encampment will begin October 18th, at 5pm, and conclude October 23rd, at 12pm, 2020, in the beautiful high altitudes of Estes Park Center – YMCA of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Registration will open soon to be able to hold your place for this unique and important event.

For six days students of the New Message are invited to gather with the Messenger, The Society and the Worldwide Community of students to perhaps discern the greater movement and meaning of the New Message, the Messenger, and the Power and Presence of Knowledge.

The Encampment is a deeply concentrated environment for students who feel impacted by the New Message and feel called to learn, live and support this New Revelation from the Creator. The Encampment is for those who may feel drawn to the New Message and feel their destiny in life could be directly tied to studying and serving this New Revelation from the Creator.

On retreat from your everyday life, in the spectacular setting of the Rocky Mountains, you will have the chance to experience the greater purpose, meaning and direction of your life.

Learn more about The Encampment

Regional Gatherings

Worldwide Locations

Regional Gatherings of the New Message are events held at different locations around the world, to meet and convene with New Message students in that area. The Gatherings are held with the Messenger, some members of The Society, and students from that part of the world who would like to attend. Presently, the Gatherings are conducted in English.

These Gatherings are typically held over a weekend, and can be from Friday evening through Sunday noon, at a location generally central to those living in that region of the world. We endeavor to keep tuition for attendance as low as possible, which will cover the expense of the meeting location and services. Food and lodging are covered by the student attending, with further details provided when available regarding a particular Gathering. Please check this page periodically to find when and where the next Regional Gathering may be held.

The next Regional Gathering will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on November 2 – 3, 2019.

If you have never attended a Society sponsored event, or if it has been longer than 3 years since attending one, please complete this form.

If you have attended a Society sponsored event within the past 3 years, please complete this form.

Learn more about Regional Gatherings

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