Campfire Chat December 31, 2016

Darlene_Society:Here are the gems from the Messenger from last week to be with before we start:

“The escape from Separation is the return to true relationship with yourself, with others, with the world and with those who sent you. This is the return step by step”

“We learn together, but we train alone within our own minds and lives. Preparation is the key. Understanding comes later.”

“We either prepare to succeed or we prepare to fail. Either way, we prepare.”

“Thank you and others for being a witness to me, to my family and to those who sent us.”

“Not only are you not forgotten, you are being called…”

Stéphan _ QC.:  Hello everyone.
Cameron:  Good Morning here, Good “fill in your time of day” to all.
Levy:  Hello all, greetings from a very warm Brazil
LaRaeUK:  Greetings and blessings to all
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Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Darlene!
LaRaeUK:  Yes thank you Darlene for sharing those words of wisdom again.
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone! (I am using Firefox browser tonight, hopefully private messages will work)
Hyeonam_Korea:  Happy New Year from Korea. Nasi Novare Coram
Shane:  Hi All, greetings from New Zealand
Alison_Boulder:  How’s 2017, Raoul?
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone
Cameron:  Does anyone know of another Cameron on here? I am beginning to think the other Cameron was me all along.
Carol_Society:  Greetings to everyone
Mike_LF_CAL:  Greetings from southern California everyone.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cameron,
Greg_UK:  Hi all
Lin_Boulder:  Happy New Year Everyone.
Raoul_Australia:  hi Ali!! So far so good here LoL
Darlene_Society:  The hour has arrived…let’s pause for a few moments of stillness together to mark this sacred gathering.
Bethne_UK:  Greetings all fellow students
Cameron_Canada:  @Lin – Has New Year begun where you are ? Happy New Year
Robert_Society:  A warm welcome to all students of the New Message who are joining us here. Today’s chat will conclude our current session on God, Cosmology, and Creation…a rich and powerful session devoted to expanding our understanding and experiences of our relationship with God.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Good day to all & a very Happy New Year
Insuk:  Hello everyone!
Lingling_China:  hi everyone, the new just begins here. happy new year.
Lingling_China:  the new year just begins*
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Lin_Boulder:  @Caemeron, not yet. But I am thinking of those who are at mid night new year eve.
Darlene_Society:  Hello Everyone on this last day of 2016. So wonderful that we can be with each other to look ahead at 2017 and calibrate ourselves to the New God and to our reasons for being alive at this time. Welcome to all.
mellany uk:  Hello everyone!
Ilhun_Korea:  Happy New Year, everyone.
Margaret_UK:  Hi everyone!
Ginny_Dallas:  Hello everyone!
Kelvin_Boulder:  Happy new year to you Ilhun! 수도 내부 압력 사이에 태아의 압력에서, 가까이 더 균형 상태로 미국 LL을 가지고 올해
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you Darlene, I feel extremely blessed and humbled at the same time to be a student of the NMFG.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Kelvin. ^^
Rashiq_Bangladesh:  Hello everyone and Happy New Year 2017 from Bangladesh
Raoul_Australia:  I loved this “Thank you and others for being a witness to me, to my family and to those who sent us.” (MVS) we are not only witnessing the Messenger but also his family – I feel this is not casual, this time the Messenger needs to have a family that represents him for a long time after he is gone.
Selma_London:  “Great power has been given to you. It is yours to receive and to apply, but you must learn how to use it, or it will not come forth, and you will not understand what it means or how it can serve the world in which you live.” CT Step 31 I MUST LEARN TO USE THE POWER THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME
When K is ‘just there’ and I don’t need to go looking, or dragging myself back, then how do I ‘use’ it? Then I can become a contributor of grace and not so grumpy any more: “Let circumstances today show you the need for Knowledge. Let the trials and tribulations of the world demonstrate this to you as it can over and over and over again until there is no doubt left in your mind.”
And from The Awakening (2008) http://www.newmessage….ening:
“Look at other people, not with ridicule or condemnation, but see whether their lives are demonstrating a greater Knowledge or not. Whether they be rich or poor, advantaged or disadvantaged, look and see if there is the…
Selma_London:  … evidence of Knowledge moving them.
This will give you entirely different criteria upon which to discern the intentions and the reality of other people. And they will teach you dramatically the consequences of living life without this guiding presence within yourself. Their problems, their pursuits, their obsessions, their addictions, their depression, their confusion will all give you great encouragement if you can see their situation objectively, looking for Knowledge.
There is freedom in this way or subjugation.”
Kelton:  Good morning from Califiornia.
Ginny_Dallas:  Happy New Year to you Rashiq!
Lin_Boulder:  @Darlene, we are so blessed to be here at this time, and given everything we need to remember who we really are, and become who we really are.
Darlene_Society:  Hello Rashiq! Welcome ,welcome!
Douglas:  Happy New Year to all!
LaRaeUK:  Yes Selma…we learn from all.
Selma_London:  This week I slipped & fell on black ice at night, spraining the thumb in my right hand, making it impossible to write. So I complained to K about feeling sore & found some comfort. I do understand how God can appear callous at times, but I was pleased with myself for taking care of my body, my vehicle which I’m used to using inventively, finding different ways of manoeuvring and allowing myself to grumble, without getting caught up in it. And the inner work continues.

Robert_Society:  As we begin our discussion, we invite you to share with us your thoughts and responses regarding the first question we consider today:

Upon reviewing your engagement with this session’s Study Plan and the results for you of that engagement, is there something that you feel you would like to share with us that could be beneficial for New Message students, or for others that you may encounter?

Douglas:  This session of the Free School encouraged me to write a review at Amazon of The One God.
Ramona_Romania:  This year will be a second longer… may we, in that second, be able to see all the past year, what we done good and bad…and prepare for the next. I pray that we can do more good in the world next year! A very happy and purposeful NEW YEAR!!
Hyeonam_Korea:  Lin, very good said.
Hardev_Australia:  Yes Raoul, I agree
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Raoul…thanks. That statement brings up some kind of memory that makes me feel grounded, and grateful. I can’t explain it in words, but I know.
Dariel_Boulder:  Happy New Year to all our Korean students, Hyeonam. Is it New Year there already?
MaryL_Boulder:  Greetings all…what a time to come together…the ending of a year and the beginning of a new year. My family used to celebrate both with a special meal together. Now I celebrate this special time with my Spiritual Family -the World Wide Community.
Paul_MA:  Robert- to your first question–what have I learned? I have attended many of the school sessions. The main lesson that I have learned is that each school session offers a great deal of wisdom…and that one needs to understand that it is vital to dedicate the time..That one needs to be ready to release other commitments and obligations to fully participate…that one needs to dedicate the time and energy to make this a high priority…and that it will be worth the time and worth the other events given up to dedicate one to this.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Selma!
68793:  This is Tom_SanFrancisco. On phone in the woods. Can’t change my name.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Yes, Dariel, we are already. Thank you.
Cameron_Canada:  I have a poem to share…
Cameron_Canada:  So Sublime, is the line, that separates humanity … So divine.
The heavy Veil lifts apon angelic presence, from the mind, to reveal, most miraculous, a reality that has always been. The reunion with creation.
In this Stillness and absolute Perfection of this moment, I am drawn to my purpose.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Well said Paul.
Sang_CA_Korea:  Happy New Year everyone.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Very nice Cameron!
LaRaeUK:  Amen Paul.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you Hardev, Kelvin, that has worked at a mysterious level for me…hard to explain!
Joyanne_Canada:  Wow Cameron, very insightful. Thank you
Insuk:  Thank you Dariel.
Lucille,Janet,Regina:  Hi Everyone, Please join me and Janet in welcoming new student, Regina, here with us from New Hampshire!
Raoul_Australia:  Welcome Regina!
Levy:  Thank you, Cameron
Joyanne_Canada:  Welcome Regina, wonderful to see you ladies gathered together there.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Dariel, Thank you!
Ginny_Dallas:  Welcome Regina! Thank you for joining us!
LaRaeUK:  Welcome Regina!!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Welcome Regina! You are a step closer to a new life! Blessings to you and all!
Martin_Australia:  Welcome, Regina!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Welcome Regina!
Lin_Boulder:  Nice Cameron!
Darlene_Society:  Lucille, you are not alone in Maine!
Debbie_MI:  Welcome Regina!
11988:  Welcome Regina!!
MaryL_Boulder:  Welcome Regina and all new students to this chat whether you are name or number.
Val_Westport:  This study of The New Message takes us into the great adventure of life, giving us a great stage to learn and live upon, a greater context and a greater understanding of what it means to be human.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone! Welcome Regina !
Bethne_UK:  Welcome Reginaand all students in Maine

Robert_Society:  To re-post our discussion question for today – As we begin our discussion, we invite you to share with us your thoughts and responses regarding the first question we consider today:

Upon reviewing your engagement with this session’s Study Plan and the results for you of that engagement, is there something that you feel you would like to share with us that could be beneficial for New Message students, or for others that you may encounter?

MaryS_Boulder:  Yes, Selma, “Look.. not with ridicule or condemnation, but see whether their lives are demonstrating a greater Knowledge..” is for me the answer to the very difficult problem described in Jesus and the NMfG: “To lose such a Teacher to the very forces that were oppressing his people necessitated the creation of a story”–the first generation of witnesses had a salvage operation and the driving question for them was, what must we do? We cannot let this die with us. It must reach the ends of the Earth to all generations. My gratitude to them for making all the micro-decisions that answered that question every day, it is so great that I feel I will carry it through eternity, that when I was drifting out with the tide, I found that message in a bottle and it did keep me afloat, even though I could barely read the message through the bottle–I really needed the floatation. I carry it at least to understand I (lol) must never second-guess The Society, given the extraordinary pressure of…
MaryS_Boulder:  … holding such precious cargo.
mellany uk:  Hello Regina .. welcome!
Dariel_Boulder:  I would like to share with my fellow students of the NM that I have come to Know the Love of God for the first time in my life. The One God has opened my heart to the Heart of God and left me feeling the “God loves us and that we love God.” How amazing! After all the years of hearing that ‘God is Love’ and seeing if just as ‘so many words’ without meaning behind them, I now feel the Love of our Creator for All of Creation! I feel the Great Love that is Listening our return to our true nature and shared identity.
Alison_Boulder:  @Robert, when I encounter a student who may have just joined the School or just found the New Message, I always wish for and look forward to the day they can come upon this campfire. I’d like more people to know of this moment when we can be with the Messenger and family. I’d like them to have this experience that burns away feelings of separation for me each Saturday. Also, the shared focus os studying Revelations together across the world – wow!
Joyanne_Canada:  Beautiful Dariel,
Angel_PA_US:  Dariel, that is wonderful!
Rudy_Boulder:  Robert, if I may, I would like to share your first quote with everyone here. This may apply to some of us or most of us, while we engage with others and the world. I find this quote very moving and real. “How can you give Knowledge? You cannot. It gives itself. Then everywhere you go people will respond to you, even if you are not trying to give them anything. There is something in you now that is giving you to people. It is not you giving it. It is giving you.” from Wisdom Vol. I – Service
Jennie – The Netherlands:  Thank you Alison, it is my first time in four years that I’m here
11988:  Thank you for sharing Dariel
Douglas:  The father loved the younger son who later became known as the prodigal son, and the prodigal son loved his father.
Mark Berger:  Welcome, Jennie!
Jansett:  This session led me to The Power of Knowledge http://www.newmessage….ther, which struck me as fundamental to our relationship with God, this world and all worlds. Stripping away all the embroidery, focusing on what is essential to keep the fire of Knowledge alive in the world(s) of separation. There are multiple thousands of humans who can quote the entire Old & New Testaments or Qur’an or Sutras or Vedas. Yet their daily behavior may not be congruent with that which they have memorized or preach. Do we say and do what we say and do to obtain approval or validation, recognition or perks? Or perhaps just hoping to feel like we fit in somewhere? Do we willfully attempt to drive Knowledge or do we willingly allow Knowledge to drive us? The stakes are very high. From what I can see, it takes unremitting honesty toward self and inexhaustible compassion toward others before Knowledge can really begin to use us for Its divine…
Jansett:  … purposes.
Kari_H_Finland:  One thing which I would like to share about the latest session God, Cosmology and Creation. This third time for me since 2014 and always it gives something new to me, a new perspective, a new understanding, a new confirmation. You cannot exhaust these Teachings
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you to all my fellow students, whose preparation and practice in reclaiming Knowledge, have made this amazing and natural experience of the One God possible for me–and for all of us.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Alison, that remind me of how we can can contribute to the mental environment. To hold an image and an intent in our minds. To help offset the coustic mental environments. How have I forgotened this, like sand falling through my fingers…
Ginny_Dallas:  Thank you Dariel, so beautifully said.
Betty_UK:  Welcome Regina
rayhobbs:  Here, instead of trying to create your own reality you are beginning to discover the reality that already exist within you and in fact the reality that created you.
Here if you can discern your design you can begin to experience your Designer. (Simplicity)
Douglas:  It’s taken a bit of work to get to thinking that, as I’m a little invested in the prodigal son’s non-love of his father.
mellany uk:  Dariel, beautiful testimony, thank you.
Kelvin_Boulder:  “Caustic”
LaRaeUK:  What I would share is to be patient and keep going no matter what. It seems the intellect (at first) puts up a strong, but natural resistance to The New Message at first. But as one continues to do the Steps, the doubts slowly ebb away…and the heart is able to embrace both The Message and The Messenger….and that is where one realizes the depth of The Truth this contains.
Angel_PA_US:  Thank you for that Jansett.
Inhee_Korea:  @Dariel thank you for your sharing.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Paul_MA – I value this time each Saturday together, it is so important to share this “great deal of wisdom”, so meaningful, so vital and important in my life. I only miss the school chat if there something very pressing, something calling me, that can’t be taken care of later. I feel the importance of the school chat in strengthening the NM family relationships as we work to understand the NM and give it to a world of such great need.
Tamara:  There is but one God and to this one source of Creation humans have painted many faces and created many traits. Yet with a simple and honest review of personal experiences with God and God’s representation within life, Truth becomes clear. I am blessed to be apart of a community focused on consistently revealing the True work of God in the world and within one’s own life.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Robert for me becoming a beginning student of Knowledge takes work, honesty, responsibility and humility. It is not a casual experience but one of lasting meaning if taken seriously. I must be disciplined in my practice and become more and more teachable as time progresses. This is part of the unburdening and unlearning to make room for what is new. It makes room for the awareness of Knowledge within. The more I practice the closer I become to Knowledge and my true purpose. The more I can see that I am not my mind or my body but a spirit part of the whole. It is truly amazing!
LaRaeUK:  So beautiful Dariel…..
Ed California:  I haven’t been to chat in a while, but I distribute the message, and am working on Steps. I watch the vigils, and give the ebooks to people on CDs.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Jansett – resonating: “it takes unremitting honesty toward self and inexhaustible compassion toward others before Knowledge can really begin to use us for Its divine.”
mellany uk:  Resonating, Alison.
Mike_LF_CAL:  I agree wholeheartedly with Kari_H_Finland,”…You cannot exhaust these Teachings.”
Cole_Boulder:  welcome back Ed, nice to hear of your advocacy efforts
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you for the inspiring Advocacy Ed. It is so uplifting to hear others experiences of sharing the New Message.
Ed California:  @Cole Thanks. It’s good to be back.
Ed California:  So much to learn.
Bethne_UK:  Hi Jennie The Netherlands. I am glad you are with us here today.
Gina_Boulder:  @Ali, yes- how precious this time is we spend every Saturday morning with the Messenger and his family studying the Revelation with him in his time here. I fear I cannot grasp how tremendously valuable these moments are… But I pray, like you that more will come to know and experience this sacred environment.
LaRaeUK:  I resonate with that Douglas…..
Raoul_Australia:  @Robert, many things come up, all related to the NM, even though they may not be directly related to the specific study plan, showing me how staying connected to the NM is key – connected to anything related to it, it keeps the golden thread working.
Alison_Boulder:  @Ed…oh yes the acts of Advocacy are a campfire of their own that puts us in relationship with God as well. Many ways.
Insuk:  Darial, Thank you for sharing.
Ed California:  @Alison The NMFG is extremely powerful.
Lin_Boulder:  Beautiful. @Jim B. “a spirit part of the whole” the One God experience.
LaRaeUK:  Welcome back Ed
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Thank you so much for your beautiful experience Dariel! It will be with me for for the new year and after1
Ed California:  @LaRaeUK Thank you very much.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ken_Ok, (8:19) I feel exactly the same about attending this chat.
Inhee_Korea:  @Rudy, thank you for sharing ‘Wisdom Vol. I – Service’
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  From following the suggestion from The Messenger to look at “Jesus and the NMFG” after exploring “The Meaning of Christmas” I had a wonderful experience upon reading that the Holy Spirit is Knowledge. I have read this before and contemplated on the Buddha Nature being the same as Knowledge too but for some reason it “clicked” this time and I was “within ” the experience of this truth…. it was the timing. I have learned to take these suggestions from MVS very seriously because of this experience. Thank you Marshall for your consistent attention.
rayhobbs:  Here there are no justifications and excuses there is only a deeper reckoning and evaluation. It is like sorting out your closet that you have been stuffing for years and now you have to go sort everything out, what you are going to keep and what you are going to discard, what really has use and what is just taking up time and energy in your life, what serves a real purpose and what is merely an artifact from your past.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Jansett, thanks for sharing what I see is critical for us ‘early students’ of a New Message from God. How to live/walk on this thin edge/blade of honesty to really mean what we say and say what we mean. To demonstrate with our lives, communication and action the truth that we listen to and practice daily with Steps to Knowledge. Otherwise the insincerity and the dishonesty can be felt and known by others. I too judged God and the religion by the people who ‘preach’ to me from an arrogant place rather than accepting me as I was- a doomed nonbeliever of God at that time.
MVS Society:  Yes Kari: “The Revelation is vast. It speaks of so many things. You cannot exhaust it, and you must use it and apply it and share its reality with others. It is only then that you will see what it really means, why it is necessary and why it holds the great promise for the future and the freedom of the people of this world.”
THE ONE BOOK: The Greater Community: Entering the Greater Community
mellany uk:  So great to see new, and returning, students.
Cole_Boulder:  I happened upon this secret (214) yesterday which seems to exactly sum up my experience at this moment. “Do not attempt to reach the highest point, or you will miss the step that is in front of you, the step that has been awaiting you for so long.” —- God:Highest Point::Knowledge:Next Step
rayhobbs:  Regarding your relationships; who can journey with you now in discovering and following Knowledge and who is in fact is holding you back and discouraging you, there are no neutral parties regarding this deeper discovery everyone is either helping you or hindering you in finding your true way and in gaining your real strength. (Simplicity)
Ed California:  @Shawn Moose Jaw I think that Knowledge has many metaphysical and spiritual analogs.
Douglas:  I’ve only been told all my life that the younger brother asking for his share of the inheritance was morally equivalent to him saying to his father, “I wish you were dead.” I have vividly imagined the spoken and unspoken gasps of the audience of Jesus as he told this parable.
Patricia_Society:  @Ramona_Romania -“… may we, be able to see all the past year, what we done good and bad…and prepare for the next.” Regarding the Contemplation from this session’s Study Plan Month One: Further Study, Mapping | The Movement of Knowledge in Your Life – Consider this as a New Years process dedicated to integrating year on year, the God experience as it has and as it is moving in your life.
Ed California:  @Cole Experience the richness of each and every present moment.

Patricia_Society:  Nov/Dec ’16 God, Cosmology and Creation Free School Study Plan: Mapping | The Movement of Knowledge in Your Life:

In the New Message, it says that Knowledge, the deeper spiritual mind within you, is your God connection. Write down the times in your life when you have actually experienced this Knowledge, this living and moving presence of God, at work in your life.

Scan your life from childhood to the present and write down and acknowledge for yourself those moments in which you felt, to some degree, the presence or guidance of God. These may have been moments of decision, moments of relinquishment, moments of risk or danger to you personally, moments where relationships were beginning or ending or simple moments not associated with anything notable or significant in your memory.

Gather together your past experience of your God connection. Come to see the reality of your connection to God by recognizing the evidence of Knowledge in your life up until this time. Being in possession…

Patricia_Society:  … of this experience will serve and support you in recognizing the movement of Knowledge in your life now.
Carol_Society:  @Dariel: “God is love…” I was at my daughter’s last weekend, and at one point I was alone with my granddaughter, age 10. As we work on an art project, she suddenly asked, Grandma, do you believe in God cause I don’t. I said, well, I do, but not as the man in the sky with long white hair and beard, as artists have portrayed God and people have come to believe in God. To me God is love…just think of how much you love your mom and dad, and then multiply this times all the people in the world and all the love they feel for others, and then multiply that times all the people that have ever lived, etc. etc.” I don’t know how much she took in but perhaps she will remember that conversation in years to come.
Jennie – The Netherlands:  I feel that I don’t have to say anything and something is happening with people around me. I don’t have to do or say anything special. Knowledge works through us all the time.
Robert_Society:  I am repeatedly reminded that we learn from many things, including each other. And that the path back to God is a path of higher relationships of service. I have grown, thanks in part to your participation here and in the mission of the NM.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you so much for your hard work, Jim B. This radiates out among all of us in the world giving us support and inspiration to do our own work of honesty and preparation.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Cole…..we so often want to dash ahead.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Cole I love that secret “Do not attempt to reach the highest point, or you will miss the step that is in front of you, the step that has been awaiting you for so long
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Jansett thank you for your words @ 11:17 am very powerful to me!
MVS Society:  Yes LaRae. My secret is that I never give up studying and sharing the New Message. For those who sent me have never given up on me, and I will not give up on them. Such is the bond that once set cannot be broken.
Ed California:  @Patricia Very, very interesting…
Inhee_Korea:  @Gina, resonating ” But I pray, like you that more will come to know and experience this sacred environment.”
54701:  Thank you Patricia
Richmond_UK:  Thanks Patricia
LaRaeUK:  Oh that is beautiful Carol…..
Russell_Sask:  This is the last time this year that we get a chance to link up and feel the bond of Knowledge. May the New Year provide as much growth as the last has done. Still a very long Road ahead of Humanity awaits us.
Paul_MA:  The Revelations and teachings of Jesus have been very important in providing insights to the New Message from God and of the New Messenger. I look forward to additional insights and teachings related to The Buddha and The Muhammad.. Learning more of these past Messengers provides more insights to the current Message and it helps me understand people who follow these past Messengers..ones who practice Christianity, Islam and Buddahism.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Carol, for sharing that great perspective.. easy way to explain God/Love to a child.
Raoul_Australia:  when advocating for a country, I used to wonder “why are these people not responding?” and later I realised that first I had to prepare
Ed California:  Is the group still making the chat text available? There’s so much being shared here, I can’t keep up with it all…
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes Messenger, I am still learning where to aim the “cannon”… I do not see any targets
Darlene_Society:  Carol, what a moment you had with her…beautiful truth moment.
Paul_MA:  The other great lessons that I have learned are Balance as with the Four Pillars and resilience to keep going.
Levy:  @Ed, yes, the transcript is posted on the NM forum afterwards
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Carol for that moving experience!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Robert, what comes to mind, in regards to your question above, is that there will come a time, perhaps this won’t occur. When everything feels like is falling apart, things look really messy, the surface mind is highly stimulated and it is telling us to stop. But then you realize we are here for this and these times, so you must keep going with a greater sense of internal fortitude and without fear, because life here is temporary…
Ed California:  @Levy Thanks.
mellany uk:  Thank you for sharing Carol. A deep question, from a ten year old…..who was moved to ask just the right person!
Raoul_Australia:  That is beautiful Carol!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Patricia for your words. What you and MVS say always strikes my heart in ways nothing else can. Thank you!
Paul_MA:  rayhobbs– yes there are no neutral parties….. Yes everyone is either helping or hindering….yet always teaching you.
MaryS_Boulder:  Mellany, how wonderful, and Carol, to hear the deeper question underlying the statement, “I don’t believe” that says tell me what I must know.
Insuk:  Thank you Ptricia.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, Cole. Yes, the Step in Front of me right now is the one calling me to ‘mine its great depth.’ I am constantly in awe of how each one is crafted for me and the future of humanity for all the next thousand years. Each one is a pearl…
mellany uk:  Hi Howard.
carolyn:  @Douglas, whoever told you that, it sounds very denigrating and meant to project shame.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, thank you! I resonate whenever you mention your secret.
LaRaeUK:  So moving MVS…..I shall follow your example. And of course you’ve never given up on us. Words are inadequate to express the depth of gratitude I feel towards God, The Angelic Assembly and to you and your family….you’ve kept going and going….and now this Message is in the world.
carolyn:  A truly loving parent would simply let stuff like that roll of his/her back.
Gina_Boulder:  @Robert, “the path back to God is a path of higher relationships of service.” I feel the truth here as my life has demonstrated. I can see it also in the preparation for this service, in the deep longing for true power and integration in the world and in uniting with others who share this service. The Call to give completely is where I find God. (that includes a lot of preparation, I mean…a LOT of preparation!)
Tamara:  Carol….your story reminds me of a sadness I held for children this year… so many each year come to learn that Santa is not real. All that believing, all that working to be good, for a belief that turns out to be false. Perhaps its one of the first breakdowns of the authority of social conditioning that many experience; an opening for what is true, which as we practice, only comes from experience.
Raoul_Australia:  When someone says they do not believe in God, I found it effective to ask, “have you ever acted beyond your personal interest? Have you ever given selflessly?” and usually the answer is ‘yes’…and that begins a very inspiring conversation
Ed California:  @Raoul Continue, please.
rayhobbs:  “We learn together, but we train alone within our own minds and lives. Preparation is the key. Understanding comes later.” MVS
Douglas:  @carolyn, Indeed! The New Message is offering me a less emotionally charged perspective.
Tamara:  Thank you Raoul!
Betty_UK:  @ Rob Q1 We (humanity) are all intrinsically connected to God, Cosmology and creation – the connection we (humanity) have with each other is something that little are aware of. Every single person is important because there is an intrinsic relation between us beyond our intellect and our beliefs, behaviour, thinking. But to be able to reach to others who one consider completed different from yourself, God has put Knowledge in each of us, the Inteligence that Knows how to be with each other. It is needed now more than ever, to face a declining world, to build bridges and to safe the world.
Dariel_Boulder:  Dear Carol, your exchange with your daughter gives me goosebumps and that is an indicator for me of truth–imparted not just by you but by KN and the UOs. You are so special to her. She will remember and wonder…
Gina_Boulder:  @Raoul, those questions are beautiful and inspiring- A real way to connect.
Paul_MA:  Raoul…..Or another question to ask…. Maybe it is the Old God that they do not believe in….And have they heard of the New God?…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  This for me is a new year for I am changing and becoming new! I will have a new year and years to come because of the New Message from God, Knowledge within me moving, and because of MVS, Patricia, and Reed and just as important all of you my fellow students. It is a new year because we are awakening to a new life slowly but oh so surely! It is a miracle as Mike S. would say!!!
Raoul_Australia:  it leads to speaking of the ‘Golden Thread’
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks for that quote rayhobbs: “We learn together, but we train alone within our own minds and lives. Preparation is the key. Understanding comes later.” MVS

Darlene_Society:  Please continue your dialogue around the first question if you’d like. So many beautiful threads here. Carol’s granddaughter experience is a perfect segue to the second question:

The One God presents God as the “One God” of humanity and the “One God” of the Greater Community of worlds. How would you describe this larger vision of God to others?

Raoul_Australia:  yes Paul! the old God…man with the beard…the punishing image
83243:  is the chat still going just got here ha’
Maria_Boulder:  In response to your first question Robert: I would say try not to be overwhelmed by the vastness of the revelations that have been received, the center of it is our deepening our relationship with Knowledge within…over time, you will experience a change that is not of your own doing, but was assisted by where you put your attention… to remove ourselves from distractions that have firm tentacles in us, is courageous work…but it allows the possibility for us to become the vehicles we were intended to be. It will take some time…but it can be felt- it is not theoretical…Like Rudy, I feel the great importance of the first Quote you posted Robert: :“How can you give Knowledge? You cannot. It gives itself. Then everywhere you go people will respond to you, even if you are not trying to give them anything. There is something in you now that is giving you to people. It is not you giving it. It is giving you.” from Wisdom Vol. I – Service(9:16AM)
Kari_H_Finland:  Maybe I do not have to aim “the cannon” at all. Maybe I only need to restrain myself from firing it.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Yes Jansett (5:17PM)
Cameron_Canada:  @Jim – Yes, this will truly be a new year.
LaRaeUK:  A wonderful example Raoul…..thank you.
Jennie – The Netherlands:  Yesterday I got that question from a friend in a deep conversation. I could not find the words. But a tremendous feeling came over me and I believe he felt it and saw the expression in my eyes.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you LaRae!
Cole_Boulder:  @Gina – resonating with your experience, thank you for sharing. I feel, too, the push of Knowledge as I meet my preparation where I am at. I have run up against the limits of my desire and capacity over the past several months, but ever so marginally expand these limits as I face my life with honesty and courage. It is of tremendous inspiration that I know others further ahead on this path, ever calling me to follow what they are following..
Hardev_Australia:  Thanks for that Raoul. A wonderful way to introduce God.
LaRaeUK:  It is indeed dear Jim, it is indeed!
Mark Berger:  @Ed and @All – The Forum will be going offline for several weeks after this chat for maintenance and upgrades. The transcript of the chat will be posted on the main site. Location to be announced…
Joyanne_Canada:  I am at awe, seeing God from the Greater Community perspective. Thinking anew of God as A God of a Billion, Billion Races, thinking of Heaven as a place for all Races. Sometimes my brain hurts at the expansion, yet I find this perspective an opening when people speak of God. It gives them Pause, What would heaven look like if its for all Races? What is your experience thinking of God as A God of a Billion Billion Races? As God as the sum of all relationships?, such a broader perspective and understanding that Humanity needs to encompass now..
Kari_H_Finland:  @Russell yes it is a long road ahead but traveling with the good companion makes worth it
Ed California:  @MarkBerger Sounds like it was a great session. Sorry I missed it.
Raoul_Australia:  thanks Hardev…thanking God for the selfless givers who do say ‘yes’
Arthur:  Hello everyone, I usually wait until the end of the session if I were to share something personal but right now I don’t have the time for that. I am at a threshold which I am struggling to get over, it has to do with my relationship with the world. I’ve had it though to put it mildly, and as opposed to the past I’ve now learned to tolerate it but in doing so I have become indifferent. Feeling indifferent with everything has made my life miserable. I want to forgive the Intervention and move on with my life but how could I ? How could I possibly forgive something I can’t comprehend ? Unfortunately I have to leave now but I will read the chat transcript later.
Kelton:  @Jennie-Netherlands-I feel what you are saying here: is so very true,” I feel that I don’t have to say anything and something is happening with people around me. I don’t have to do or say anything special. Knowledge works through us all the time.” Our practice is our gift to the world indeed!
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for the heads up Mark!
Jeanne_Boulder:  thanks Mark:*)
Raoul_Australia:  thanks fratello Mark!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Raoul for your experience with folks who don’t or can’t believe. That is a very meaningful and important way to engage with others!
Ed California:  @Joyanne The YouTube readings have helped expand my awareness and appreciation of the Greater Community, and are useful for exposing other people to the NMFG. When I reported a UFO sighting, I sent the MUFON investigator links to MVS speaking and the First Briefing in an email.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thanks Mark, looking forward to the New Site.
Joyanne_Canada:  great idea Ed, thank yo
Carol_Society:  Tamara: Yes, all the beliefs that turn out to be untrue. Such a disappointment, but perhaps an experience for developing discernment into the future? And Raoul: my granddaughter also asked if I believed in Santa, that she did not. I went on to talk about the spirit of giving, the instinct to give…that she feels currently, and then extrapolating to all, in all times, etc.
Douglas:  The last book of the Bible has an image of the Tree of Life, where the leaves of the tree are for the healing of nations. I just had a thought I never had before, of “nations” being the billion billion billion races and more.
Bethne_UK:  Hi Howard ! I miss your presence when your name does not appear-NNC
Paul_MA:  God is still a challenging concept… God is the Creator and Author of all. God is a force in the universe. In physics there is the concept of matter acts as waves and as points. God is similar: God as a wave is like an all encompassing force in the universe. Yet God also acts as a point, as with Knowledge in each person…
Kari_H_Finland:  @Raoul, “Have you ever given selflessly?” What a beautiful question for pondering the existence of God.
Jennie – The Netherlands:  @Kelton, we don’t have to be intelligent
LaRaeUK:  Oh yes Joyanne……so wonderfully expansive….and knowing that all of the efforts of those of us taking STK, combines with billions and billions of races who are also doing Steps, in their worlds. All of us connected through Knowledge. We are so blessed!
Lin_Boulder:  @Darlene, about “One God” of the Greater Community. here is a quote from ch21 GCS: “The Greater Community Way of Knowledge represents a preparation for interaction and relationship and demonstrates the possibility for this by presenting and emphasizing those things that are essential, uniform and universal in life.” Without an understanding of the One God of GC, it is impossible for humanity to successfully emerge into the GC and engage in the far greater interactions and relationships there.
Cameron_Canada:  @Joyanne – kind of mind boggling indeed. ….So loving even in its design, it allows the veil to drop again, and draw again, so as not to scare or overwhelme the separated. For the contents thereof are indeed overwhelming.
Rudy_Boulder:  Robert, upon reviewing the engagement with this session, and extending it to my engagement with the New Message, the Messenger, students of the NM and the Society, this is would i would say to a New New Message Student. If you doubt the New Message, it is ok, but keep studying it to see how it may serve you. It has serve me in ways that I cannot even describe. If you doubt the Messenger, do it, but I encourage you to meet this humble and simple man. Yes, he is that humble and simple, but yet, brings the power of the Revelation. If you feel that the New Message will flip your life upside down, it will, but be patient to see the rewards of this Revelation. Lastly, follow what you deeply feel and know to follow, even if the world and the people of the world pull you in a different direction. Be humble, but yet firm with your preparation. In the end, it is all about service and what you came here to give, it is that simple. Happy New Year Everyone! May we help the Angelic Assembly…
Rudy_Boulder:  … and our Messenger deliver the gift of this Message to a world in need. Nasi Novare Coram.
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes, Kelvin, “internal fortitude” born of KN. That has a very powerful feeling to it that we will definitely need in times to come–and now.
rayhobbs:  You must give yourself to something. Knowledge will help you choose. Don’t give yourself to something to prove anything to yourself. Remember, you are not doing this for self-importance. If there is nothing to give yourself to at this moment, then do not give yourself to anything at this moment. But prepare to give yourself. If you go through life and do not give yourself, you will be like a package unopened. You will be like a plant that never bloomed. You never gave your seed, your gift, your fragrance or your beauty to the world. (WGC2.33)
Will_Society:  @Mark and Ed. The Campfire Chat transcripts in the coming weeks will be linked from the school study plan, and also in the Free School emails.
Virpi_FI:  Q2: I might start by asking: “Where do you think God lives? Only on Earth or in the Universe?” and go on from there to explain universe full on intelligent life and God inside us as Knowledge.
Cole_Boulder:  @Rudy – that is great, so simple, so honest and true. thanks
Tamara:  Encounters with others where God becomes a topic are constructed on questions and sharing experience, with each encounter being unique. This is one area where the opportunity to consistently use Knowledge becomes a clear experience in my reality….where the quote shared today about Knowledge giving of itself becomes so clear, so fluid, so filled with Grace, with God, and with my developing studenthood.
20120:  Beautiful Rudy, thank you.
LaRaeUK:  Beautifully expressed Rudy…..thank you.
Richmond_UK:  @Rudy resonating..
Ginny_Dallas:  Oh Rudy…so clear and powerful. Thank you.
Jorge_Spain:  Thanks, @Rudy
Reed_Society:  @Janette, @Shawn — As time goes by and as our lives change and reposition, as the prevailing need in our life shifts, like a wind or a current changing beneath or above us, calling for us to go a different way, I feel its so important to go back into the message, to go scan the list of single Revelations and Chapters and to see what calls to you, at that moment. Each Revelation and Chapter is like a navigational key, meant for a certain aspect of our development, at a certain time, and that to identify that text, to go read it several times, really engage with it, really hold your life up to it and let it shine through, this is critical. A number of times in my life, it was going to read one single revelation, or even to read one line in a revelation, that dislodged me from a stuck state, that compelled me to act without assurance, or that gave me the courage to press beyond an inner/outer limitation. In essence, i feel its so important to “be moved” by this message. It is a force that…
Reed_Society:  … can help fill your sails and keep you moving on the oceans of life, but it requires really going into a single place in the Revelation, and really responding to it what it is saying, responding in action, in decision, in commitment.
Ed California:  @Will Thanks. I’ve been getting the emails for years.
MVS Society:  Kari, there will be people crossing your path who will need something special from you. They may even call it out of you. At first they may not seem to accept your gift. They may even reject or challenge it. But they won’t forget it or you who gave it to them.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Virpi, Thanks for that Virpi_FI: Q2: I might start by asking: “Where do you think God lives? Only on Earth or in the Universe?” and go on from there to explain universe full on intelligent life and God inside us as Knowledge.(9:48AM)
Maria_Boulder:  I also feel as Alison stated earlier-the precious impact of this campfire gathering (camping is one of my absolute favorite activities:)…but it takes some getting used to, so I would encourage new students to simply read the exchanges for a while, without feeling any need (or pressure) to “join the conversation”…just like one can feel the warmth of a campfire, even if one is not outspoken (or the one with the guitar)! I know students who say they have been primarily doing this for years…it is absolutely amazing that we can be connected across the planet in this way, with eachother and the Messenger and his family in present time- a miracle of our times, in our lives-to be experienced- and not missed! Deep gratitude to all who make this possible for all of us. May Knowledge burn bright within us in this New Year!
Jennie – The Netherlands:  I want to share something about a beautiful experience I had. I went to Senegal to teach children. I did just what I loved to do, teaching drawing and painting. And I just know for sure that knowledge worked through me. I went into the world, even though I am still feeling a beginning student and knowledge is working through me. Since then I felt so much love, my heart really opened up. I felt really connected to the people, nature and God.
Bethne_UK:  @ Rudy Thankyou for your heart message!
Selma_London:  Arthur, I found listening to ‘The First Commitment’ helpful with that & how to see the Intervention: http://newknowledgelib…nload
Cole_Boulder:  @Reed – thank you for this suggestion
Levy:  Reed, thanks for that wisdom!
LaRaeUK:  That is wonderful Jennie…..
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Reed. Bullseye.
Ramona_Romania:  @ MVS , but I will not feel hurt? I think some things happened to me in this way… but that person didn.t knew my importance there
Richmond_UK:  @Reed thank you for sharing that.
MVS Society:  Kelvin: “The dam will break. Eventually, one of God’s arrows hits the mark and you fall apart and are a mess for awhile. All of your attempts to fulfill your ambitions fail and something begins to stir. That is when you are born again.”
Alex Nz:  when i share the new message somtimes i like to describe this new understanding of god the the new message teachings have brought us by saying that there is only one god and the islamic religion the christian faith the budist religion and of course the new message all have messengers that are sent with gods blessing to bring a new understanding and when people click to the reality of there only being one god not many from different religions it is verry enlighting to many and they start to understand religion in the true concept and it all starts making more sence
carolyn:  Everywhere and everywhen, in everything and everyone. That is where we may experienced the Presence. “Then you will begin to see that God permeates all things, lives within all things and yet is beyond all things—all at the same time.” -Comprehending God/The One God
Jorge_Spain:  Resonating, @Reed
Adria_Poland:  Thank you, Marshall
Russell_Sask:  I got to share the Meaning of Christmas teaching with a few of my friends this year. What a perfect gift to gift that requires so little yet gives so much. Anyway wishing you all a Happy New Year, Prosperous would be nice too but I don’t have enough of that to share. Semi Retired and Tired in General as in Tired of the things I see the Human family do to itself. It brings us Shame that we have Yet to understand. Fortunately there are a few resilient ones in the pack holding Knowledge alive like a Newborn Child until it can stand and converse on it’s own. With that thought and the approaching Top of the Hour I bid you all God Speed which is in fact “Stillness” SoV=vIt
Ed California:  @Maria Great comment. Knowledge will burn brightly in the new year, and well beyond it…
54701:  Thank you Marshall
LaRaeUK:  I just think it is so beautiful that it is when we fall apart, when we realize we don’t have any answers that Knowledge seizes the opportunity to help us on our path.
Raoul_Australia:  that is so inspiring Reed! Thank you, a perfect description…I have been experiencing it
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Reed! What you have shared brings great clarity to me. I am going to do that.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Russell, Thanks for that:*) Happy New Year
rayhobbs:  This is the power of simplicity…. and anyone who has this power radiates this power and demonstrates this power and has opened themselves to a greater experience of satisfaction and direction in life.
Here you still have conflicts in your surface mind you still feel discomfort and anxiety and have fearful and even destructive thoughts but now the power and influence of these impulses and thoughts have far less control over you, you see them as mere turbulence at the surface you are now swimming in the deep ocean beneath the turbulent and ever changing surface you are now experiencing the great currents that are carrying the water of the world in a huge and powerful conveyor governed by greater cosmic forces.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Rudy “In the end, it is all about service and what you came here to give, it is that simple.” We are the recipient of such giving all the way from the Angelic Assembly to the Messenger, his family, the Society and from student to student into the world. As a receiver of such a life-changing gift it is impossible to continue receiving without giving back in whatever ways possible.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Reed
Ed California:  @Alex Nz I run into apathy from some people who are “into the ET phenomenon.” They often argue that there’s no need to do anything tangible or protracted.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Arthur…As Rudy has said here (paraphrasing), “keep studying the NM. I have so often had questions–discomforting questions–that were answered in the next paragraph of the revelation or NM book I was reading. But, you really have to want this connection to KN. You, yourself, have to be willing to give a lot. My Step today says, ‘I Will Stop Complaining About the World.’ I have come to work in the world. The world is a perfect place for me to work. I will stop complaining.
Jordan_Montreal:  2016 I feel was the year of purification and initiation, deepening our faith and trust. A year of surrender. A year of great tests, work and preparation. 2017 I feel is the year of higher powers for better or for worse. The year of the great coordination.
Carol_Society:  @MVS: ” you fall apart and are a mess for awhile.” That’s exactly how it feels! Thanks so much for sharing the words of the Teachers here.
Ed California:  @Jordan I was a participant in a mass sighting in June of this year. 2016 was very big for me.
Marilyn_USA:  @Selma, @Arthur, I just wanted to type out the entire link, “http://newknowledgelib…nload” in case it does not show up fully in the transcript.
Alex Nz:  Ed California i ran into this one guy that firmly believed we were all made from aliens and that we are ther creation, he was verry closed minded to the new message, shaking my head somtimes
Betty_UK:  Darlene Q2 – If feel you have to approach this at the level of the individual’s understanding. Carol’s experience with her granddaughter is a good example.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Reed- wow! Thank you-your words really ignited in me a re- committment to go back and scan for revelations it is time to read again: “…A number of times in my life, it was going to read one single revelation, or even to read one line in a revelation, that dislodged me from a stuck state, that compelled me to act without assurance, or that gave me the courage to press beyond an inner/outer limitation… (9:49 AM)”…and I had to read your sentence twice to realize you intended to say-without assurance! Oh how powerful to be compelled to move forward into the unknown without assurance!
29587:  “This is the beneficence of life bowing before you who are becoming a student of Knowledge.” Step 266
Marilyn_USA:  Oops, OK, I see that did not work.
Levy:  @Mariln, it will shop up fully in the transcript
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Messenger for reminding me of the work of the mystery…
Ed California:  @Jordan I made considerable progress in the Steps. The sighting got me back to regular practice of STK
rayhobbs:  You are still fallible you still do foolish things thinking foolish thoughts. You still are attracted to meaningless things you still make mistakes and miscalculations but your life is stable because it has the ballast of Knowledge. You can weather the storms of the world you can face great uncertainty without losing yourself. You can let people go no matter how charming and lovely they might be if they cannot travel with you in the direction you must follow. This gives you extraordinary power and ability.
You begin to see things that other people do not see know things that other people do not know and you have the energy and power within yourself to follow through with what you see must be done. (Simplicity)
LaRaeUK:  Oh that is wonderful Ed.
Darlene_Society:  Everyone, I found this quote from the Revelation that seems to be echoing how Raoul and Carol and others have been inspired to speak to the vastness of the One God in a more intimate way: “It could be said, for the mind’s sake, that the proof that God is real is the proof that humanity can love, that humanity can unite, that humanity has a moral foundation, that humanity is capable of compassion, that humanity can love others when others do not love back in return, that humanity cares about the future, that individuals can act in a selfless manner, that Knowledge can emerge within an individual and guide them to live a greater life of purpose and service, engendering greater happiness and satisfaction. God is realized through this evidence: that humanity has a higher spiritual nature called Knowledge and born of Knowledge, and it is this higher spiritual nature that enables individuals to act in a selfless manner, to experience love, to share a love, to contribute to others, to address…
Darlene_Society:  … the problems of the world, to serve the world.”
The Unseen Ones
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, Carolyn. Beautiful…
LaRaeUK:  That is such a powerful Revelation rayhobbs….I just love it.
29587:  Thank you Darlene!
Paul_MA:  Alex- still a mystery to me ..the origins of humanity.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Darlene!
Ramona_Romania:  How beautiful this sounds…
Lin_Boulder:  @Rudy, @MaryL, with receiving, I must give, because I am so rich to not to give.
Ed California:  @Alex Nz I’m going to create a document to give to people who express apathy about preparation for ET contact. A conversation I had with a person who knew contactees gave me ideas on how to convince people why they need the NMFG.
Alexa:  Beautiful, thank you Darlene
Raoul_Australia:  Thank You Darlene! Wonderful passage…an encouragement
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene – powerful quote from the Teachers
LaRaeUK:  Wow Darlene……
Ed California:  @LaRaeUK The sighting happened during the Steps vigil. I was reading STK the day before, and showing people the book. They were photographing it. It was an incredible experience.
Robert_Society:  As we come to the close of the hour, let us pause again together in stillness for an hourly.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I have this quote on my computer and read it almost every day: ” As you give yourself you will receive. And in this you will learn the ancient law, that to give is to receive.” When I look at people now I look at them knowing that Knowledge is with them and the Presence of their teachers, their spiritual family and Heaven is watching. This gives me a totally new outlook in life. It is a good and natural feeling to experience.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Top of the hour (TOTH)
Will_Society:  The New Message Forums—including the School Forum—will be closed for the next several weeks for repair and maintenance. The web team is working to investigate and patch a security vulnerability that is affecting our Google search findability. Thank you for your patience and understanding. This closure will begin shortly after the Campfire Chat today. Chat transcripts will be available in the study plan for this session and the next.
LaRaeUK:  It must have been very powerful Ed.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram:*)
Ed California:  @LaRaeUK. Extremely.
Paul_MA:  Ed–to your friends, remind them of the fate of the native americans of North America.
Reed_Society:  In responding to the New Message, there is being moved (inspired) and then there is really being moved
Maria_Boulder:  @ Will- does that mean no chat for several weeks?
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you so much for that quote, Darlene. “The proof that God is real is the proof that humanity can love…” This rings and resonates with truth!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jordan, thank you for sharing. I “see you” , You said sometime ago, at your first encampment. How a seed needs pressure to grow… sorry if I miss quote you.

Carol_Society:  ON BEHALF OF EVERYONE HERE, and those who could not be here, I would like to extend our deep gratitude to Marshall, Patricia and Reed for thE extraordinary opportunity we have had these past 2 months to explore the greater reality of God and to have a deeper experience of the living Presence of God in our lives. Thank you…

Begin tomorrow the January – February 2017 Session of The Free School: The Journey to a New Life. You will be receiving an email that will open the door to another rich opportunity for beginning, or continuing, to build a bridge to a new life.

January 22 – 27, 7:00 pm US MT
January 28, 6:00 pm US MT
Live broadcast event taking place every evening in The Greater Community Sanctuary; honoring the Messenger, his life and journey and the gift he now offers to each of us.
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>All students who plan to attend in person, both LOCAL…

Will_Society:  The chat will continue as usual, but the Forum itself will be unavailable
Carol_Society:  … and those coming from a distance, please REGISTER with The Society at [email protected]
as space is limited.
Cole_Boulder:  Thanks to the Web Team for your diligent work and service.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene. What an honor!
LaRaeUK:  I relate to that Reed. I’m patiently waiting for Knowledge to tell me to act….
Patricia_Society:  @ Carol_Society: @: “God is love…” I was at my daughter’s last weekend,…” Such a wonderful “Going to God with Another” recounting…..
Alexa:  Thank you Will, Mark and other web savvies for keeping the NM website findable and safe
MVS Society:  There are two gate here: one is to let God in and the other is to let God out.
Ed California:  @MVS I’m launching a workshop this year that will involve introduction to the NMFG and Steps to Knowledge. Is this okay with you?
LaRaeUK:  You are an inspiration Jim…..thank you.
29587:  Darlene….the quote you shared from The Unseen Ones reminded me how important Howard Gardners work with multiple intelligences changed my life. Knowing that he added ‘spiritual intellegence’ rerouted my path in my early twenties for I knew I had strength here, an intellegence to cultivate.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Will- thanks for clarification
Insuk:  Thank you Reed for your suggestion.
carolyn:  All: over 25 pages of chat today!
Ed California:  @Will – yes, thanks. I thought that there would be no chat for the next few weeks until you clarified that.
Will_Society:  The Campfire chat will continue to be available at as usual, but the forum will not. Chat transcripts will be available from the School study guide page.
Alex Nz:  Ed California: there is a great source you may want to include this is the best proof i can find on the abduction phenomenom david jacobs interveiws abductees and is a verry good source it is a must!! he found that the main theme in the abductions is the reproduction aspect – they are makin hybrid human – aliens , that mised with the allies of humanity teachings may be good,
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Darlene thank you for that @ 11:58 first time reading that for me! Thank you!
36983:  @Ed, regarding the apathy you are seeing and wanting to confront, perhaps studying the commentary in Allies book 2 called “Effects of the Pacification Program” will give you some insight.
Paul_MA:  Darlene- thank you….. It may also be useful to think that at the level of the Mind and the Intellect and thoughts that God cannot be grasped. Yet at higher levels, of Knowledge and above, that God can be conceptualized.
Will_Society:  Hopefully this will resolve in a week or two, but we cannot guarantee that yet.
Alex Nz:  correction haha that mixed with the allies of humanity teachings may be good
Ed California:  @Alex Nz Thanks for the reference
LaRaeUK:  Oh wow MVS….thought provoking.
Ana_KY:  @MVS – thank you
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ed_Cali, HI Ed, where in CA do you reside?
Inhee_Korea:  @Darlene, thank you for sharing the quote.
Ed California:  @36983 I’ll check that out. I read that years ago, but need to review that part.
Ed California:  @Mike LF Cal: I’m in Orange County.
Alex Nz:  david jacobs is really leading the charge apart from new message to really explore the phenomenom because for some reason hint hint the goverment seems not to be too interested in the whats happening hmm makes you think i wonder why haha
carolyn:  Be loving but be truthful about your feelings, I guess that is what was meant, Douglass
Ed California:  @Alex Nz I think I heard him at Contact in the Desert last summer.
Joyanne_Canada:  Happy New Year Everyone, I Pray that in this coming year that we all strengthen, accept and submit to Knowledge within us. I Pray that we move closer to our purpose for Being here, I give through the Angelic Assembly, encouragement, empowerment, endurance, to us all. I Pray that we will be utilized as vehicles of Knowledge, so the world can find the Messenger and the New Message. Nasi Novare Coram.
Will_Society:  When the forum comes back up, it will still have all of the remarkable posts that you all have made over the years.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Joyanne, thank you.
Alison_Boulder:  @Ed@All ~ Advocacy Gatherings can serve as a platform for us to discuss Advocacy efforts and share experience with one another. Perhaps someone has done something before that you wish to begin. It is also a space to receive Society encouragement and recommendations for how we can speak together from the heart of the Revelation and affirm the concentric circles around the world. May we be evermore the Beacons we need to be on Earth. Happy New Year. An invitation for all to attend Thursday meetings, at either 7GMT or 6:30MST,
Robert_Society:  @Ed – I have sent you a private message responding to your question of MVS.

rayhobbs:  As you begin to realize the importance of this Teaching and its great message for humanity for this time and for the future, you will want to share certain ideas with people. Perhaps you will try to share the whole Teaching as far as you can understand it. It is natural to want to extend wondrous things once you discover them for yourself. Yet there are important things to remember when you are presenting The Way of Knowledge to others.

One thing to remember is that people are living without Knowledge now, and though Knowledge is the most natural thing in the world to each person, it seems strange at first. It seems foreign to their experience and to their ideas, and it may indeed seem foreign to their education. You are presenting something powerful and mysterious. If it were merely powerful, people would seize upon it and try to use it for themselves as much as possible. If it were only mysterious, people would not feel drawn to it. But because The Way of Knowledge is both powerful…

rayhobbs:  … and mysterious, it serves as a great challenge in learning. (Sharing The Way of Knowledge With Others http://www.newmessage….thers)
Alex Nz:  Ed California: hes verry interesting and 2 he does not go about it lightly he has interveiwed over 1100 abductees its mind blowing what he says he makes sure too to conduct his research verry truthfully and throughlly may the truth be told to all!!
MVS Society:  When I speak to people of different faith traditions, I ask them what they practice, not what they believe.
Selma_London:  My feeling is that by stimulating K in various parts of the world, MVS is saying, ‘You wake up, or you’ll be woken up.’ Obama wanted peace, so he got lots of wars to contend with. Trump says he wants to put people to work & share resources equitably (jobs for everyone etc) – so he’ll be faced with this, globally, in addition to growing natural disasters and fiercer competition. Everything is global now. Getting people more active & participatory could be a good thing for the NMG.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Reed , YES! “In responding to the New Message, there is being moved (inspired) and then there is really being moved(10:01AM)”…it may be interesting to share, at some point, our awarenessess around events/moments of being really moved, along with our experiences of the Presence of God…
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you MVS.
Lingling_China:  thanks to all for your sharing. May we all keep our fire of knowledge burning, so the fire will warm others in this world. NNC
Raoul_Australia:  The NM Teachings say that we came from a place where God is real to a place where God seems unreal or is forgotten…I truly felt this ‘unreal’ God until the NM found me. I seems like the world puts a lot of effort in making God seem ‘unreal’. May 2017 be a year where the world has ears to listen about the Real God and the Real Practice that God has sent!
carolyn: has a survey for people who have witnessed or experienced contact…it was started by Edgar Mitchell…even though he has left us with some unresolved questions, there is an opportunity to be included in the data stream regarding all anomalous events involving Contact.
Robert_Society:  Thank you all for your participation and contributions here today. Together in united service to a greater cause we bond…sharing this higher and purposeful relationship. May we serve this well, and allow it to serve us and the world. Nasi Novare Coram.

rayhobbs:  You have had your personal time in the world. It has been wonderful and terrible. It has been a strange journey, but now it is time to do the real work. Do not think that you know what this is yet, for you are not there yet. Even if you have found what it is, it will change. Do not give yourself false assumptions, but take the Steps to Knowledge. You build the foundation and you take a long time doing it because this is what gives you the strength, the companionship and the wisdom to be a man or a woman of Knowledge in the world and to be a true representative of the Divine.

Then when you go back to your Spiritual Family, they will look at you and you will look at them, and you will say, “Yes, I remembered. I remembered you all. I was lost for awhile, but I remembered.” And they will say to you, “Well, that is good because we were talking to you the whole time.” Nasi Novae Coram

Patricia_Society:  @Kelvin – @ all – How to keep going,,,the Messenger has demonstrated this to us and so are we all increasingly….Traversing the battefield, the boulder field, at high precarious altitudes. Knowledge’s inexhaustible urging for us to keep going…..”Kelvin_Boulder: “…what comes to mind,… is that there will come a time, perhaps this won’t occur. When everything feels like is falling apart, things look really messy, the surface mind is highly stimulated and it is telling us to stop. But then you realize we are here for this and these times, so you must keep going with a greater sense of internal fortitude and without fear, because life here is temporary.” Thank you for all. Trudge and travel on. Change we must. Change we will…There is a great New Revelation from God in the world, here to re-awaken humanity’s greater intelligence….and we must help bring it to the world….must……
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Robert.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Robert, Nasi Novare Coram
Ed California:  @LaRaeUK. Extremely.
Alex Nz:  i tryed to reach out to david jacobs and i believe he has explored some of the teachings and cannot confirm it so he just keeps it in the back of his mind, he will not put in jeprody his research and credibility by saying somthing he cannot proove and i understand
Ana_KY:  @Patricia – thank you
LaRaeUK:  Yes Patricia….we must.
Ed California:  @Robert I’m having trouble with the private message feature.
Ken_Oklahoma:  I was listening to an NPR interview with someone in a European country (don’t remember which country) that was involved internal struggle and fighting. She said that people in her country recognized that “it was better when it was bad”. They realized that during times of struggle that they came together as a community and worked together, they solved problems together and were a better and more unified community. Now that their country is returning more to normal, this unity is missing. This reminded me of the NM, that our greater contributions will be called out of us during times of great need.
Robert_Society:  @Ed – Could you please email me at [email protected] regarding your question? Thanks
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Patrica, Reed and MVS for the insights, and inspiration given today. Also to all for participating each week. We dedicated, devoted, students of Knowledge and the New Message. NNC
mellany uk:  I can’t understand God, but I can experience Grace, relative to my capacity, and I can point others to the New Message, so that they can come to experience It for themselves. “taking it in | taking it out” is like breathing…natural, life sustaining….vital. “In coming into meaningful relationship with another, you will feel God. In telling the truth where the truth needs to be told, you will feel God. In experiencing gratitude for something that has been done for you, even on a mundane level, you will feel God. This is how God is recognized and experienced.” GCS
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you to all who have supported the New Message through 2016 in countless ways. The Society is very grateful for your contributions toward reaching a world with The New Message from God. Blessings to you all as we enter a new year. http://www.newmessage….ssage
Hyeonam_Korea:  Yes, Patricia.
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you rayhobbs
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Mellany, I feel that!
Cole_Boulder:  @Mellany – beautiful, thank you
LaRaeUK:  So touching Mellany…thank you.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Patricia : Thank you.
Insuk:  Thank you Patricia
Roberto_CR:  Thank you all. NNC
Mike_LF_CAL:  ED, I PM’d you, we’re neighbors!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Ken, seems the natural state of things is…If you want to do anything of value and good in the world, there will be struggle, it will be an uphill travel. Step 55″ There are forces in the world which I must comprehend.” ” for knowledge to be so thwarted in the world, there must be significant forces opposing it..” and we only know what this “Good” is by following knowledge. No everything that seem hard and not everything that is a struggle means it is good.
justin -calif-!:  my belated hello- to all- just got back in town- will be at Venice Beach next sat with “big green” handing out NM info- anyone local, come by! NNC, j
Darlene_Society:  Patricia “There is a great New Revelation from God in the world, here to re-awaken humanity’s greater intelligence….and we must help bring it to the world….must……” This is my continuous prayer, what motivates me, drives me, encourages me, keeps me above the surface of everyday concerns. The Messenger needs this. Must. Must. Must grow stronger and bring this to the world.
Shane:  Thank you All, happy new year, NNC
Selma_London:  Yes Ken – what is NPR?
Ed California:  @Robert I’m composing the email right now. You’ll have it in a few minutes. Thanks.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Selma, National Public Radio
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Q2:It is a uniting force in all living beings,that represent Knowledge,love and compassion.
LaRaeUK:  National Public Radio Selma
mellany uk:  Love and gratitude, Marshall, Patricia, Reed, The Society and all students. . thank you for all that you are doing. See you next year : ) NNC.
rayhobbs:  If your eyes are open, if your mind is open, if your heart is open, then you will find your way. You will make some mistakes. That is guaranteed. But you will not persist in your mistakes, and you will not repeat them endlessly. They will serve to make you stronger, more discerning, more capable and more compassionate towards others. Do not quit if you make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of making the journey. But do not persist in your mistakes or defend your mistakes. Do not say they were perfect for you because in fact you may have suffered greatly for them. Accept them. Benefit from them. But do not glorify them or justify them. We have created a very great goal for students of Knowledge. We have presented a great preparation and curriculum for learning. We have presented a new tradition of learning and spirituality. We have presented everything you need. Life will give you the relationships and opportunities, but you are the one who must come to work. And your work will not be…
Ken_Oklahoma:  NPR = National Public Radio
rayhobbs:  … short lived. It will be ongoing, and it will be good work. It will be the kind of work that brings into being all aspects of you. It is the kind of work that heals the wounds and binds the parts of you that have broken away. It is the kind of work that restores you and renews you and strengthens you. It is the kind of work for which you must persevere. (WGC2.33)
Carol_Society:  @Darlene: Oh, yes, the must,must…my feelings and experience as well. Thank you.
MVS Society:  You maintain your practice not only to learn knew things, but to give Knowledge time and opportunity to continue the re-focusing and re-building within you that goes on largely beyond your daily awareness. With you mind slowly learning to be in alignment with the deeper mind of Knowledge by taking the Steps to Knowledge, this process accelerates within you.
Ed California:  @Mike LF CAL My PMing doesn’t seem to work. I think we’ve chatted in the past. I was Ed_USA at the time.
LaRaeUK:  Oh yes rayhobbs…..we were made for this. I knew not long after I found The New Message that this is what I had searched for and longed for my entire life.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, Ray Hobbs, for that exert from ‘Sharing the Way of KN with Others.’
MaryL_Boulder:  @Mellany: yes talking about God is a mental trap for me. I feel as though I talk about food to a starving person instead of giving them the sustenance they crave…so I need to just offer the nourishment and invite them to taste it. That’s it. Perhaps they are not as hungry as I thought.
Hyeonam_Korea:  I send my love to all. NNC
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ed, I’m not sure if you are able to receive PM’s so here is my email, [email protected].
Richmond_UK:  Deep appreciation and gratitude to the Summers family, the Society and to this ever growing Worldwide Community. Nasi Novare Coram
Kari_H_Finland:  Messenger, may I ask how do you practice being with the Presence? The pull of the daily problems and the mental environment is so strong for me that I am only able to do that in my stillness practices. But I cannot do the stillness practice all the day.
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-Thank you.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all. It feels good to be here on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Nasi Novare Coram
eron:  The Presence of God’s Teachers is with each of us. May we be with them. Nasi Novare Coram.
Val_Westport:  We are the people that our world needs now. May we mature in Wisdom, through Knowledge as our days unfold into the New Year and beyond. May we find our gifts of contribution and give them; may our many Blessings fulfill themselves through us, nourishing us and those whom we are sent to serve. Nasi Novare Coram
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you MVS
carolyn:  Good question, Kari_H. I have the opposite problem, where I can experience presence a lot in daily life but am unable to stop the boomerangs in my head and settle for stillness. It happens, but it is rare.
Angel_PA_US:  Gratitude and thanks to you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Paul_MA:  Val-W: thanks for posting.We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall ” With you mind slowly learning to be in alignment with the deeper mind of Knowledge by taking the Steps to Knowledge, this process accelerates within you.”
Tyyne_Society:  @Kari – Experiencing the Presence: Think of the Presence, feel the Presence, sense it in the atmosphere of the room. The Night Meditation is meaningful Revelation to read and listen to regarding “practicing the Presence”. http://www.newmessage….ation
LaRaeUK:  It’s as though being made anew from the inside out….thank you MVS
Carol_Society:  @ All, what a year this has been! In the new year, may we all grow ever stronger in our connection to and expression of Knowledge and in our support of the Messenger. Gratitude and love to everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  Yes Jordan, the New Message is now moving in the world in so many places it cannot be stopped.
Alex Nz:  Hyeonam_Korea love for everyone!! yaya haha
rayhobbs:  Here you will need people of equal or greater concentration than yourself to be your companions. They will demand things of you, demonstrate things for you and keep you moving forward. Do not choose companions who are less concentrated than you are, for they will take things away from you. They will dilute your focus. They will confuse you. They will generate uncertainty within you, cloud your vision and erode your ability to stay concentrated on your path in life. There are many of these people, and many of them are very charming and lovable, but you must choose your companions wisely. You will not go any further than the weakest relationship that you cherish. (WGC2.31 Concentration)
Raoul_Australia:  Ditto Richmond! immense gratitude to the Messenger and the Summers family, the Society and the Worldwide Community. Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  YaYa HaHa to you also, Alex NZ
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall, thank you everyone. See you in 2017. Nasi Novare Coram
mellany uk:  Great analogy, MaryL.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @carolyn, thanks for that E.M. link,!
carolyn:  @Mike_LF, welcome!
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you MVS, Society and All for this time together. Wishing you all come ever closer to Knowledge in coming New Year 2017.
LaRaeUK:  That’s a difficult one rayhobbs…..but so important.
MVS Society:  To live the inexplicable and determined life, you have to take an inexplicable and determined journey.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you dear Messenger and all present here. I look forward to entering the New Year with KN growing stronger within each of us–radiating out into the world through each engagement we have. NNC
Paul_MA:  I have grown up in world that has tried to ignore the presence and existence of God. But now as Marshall states, the NM is now moving in the world , it cannot be stopped, nor can the existence of God be ignored or stopped . Thank you Marshall for receiving and bringing the NM and Kg to this world.
MaryL_Boulder:  So much is available to us if we can open our minds and heart to let this in (God’s love through the New Message). Letting this in beyond what we think is possible is the challenge for me. Everyone here is helping me…as the Messenger sings to us. Thank you all. Happy New Year of Knowledge. Nasi Novare Coram
Maria_Boulder:  @ MVS, thank you for clearly articulating once again, the mysterious process we are engaged with, when we receive and maintain our Practice: ” You maintain your practice not only to learn knew things, but to give Knowledge time and opportunity to continue the re-focusing and re-building within you that goes on largely beyond your daily awareness. With you mind slowly learning to be in alignment with the deeper mind of Knowledge by taking the Steps to Knowledge, this process accelerates within you.(10:19AM)”…as I am not someone for whom patience has been a great virtue, these reminders offer great fortitude. Thank you for your demonstration- what a gift beyond words.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Tyyne, yes The Night Meditation, I listen to it every night. Maybe I should begin to read it too…
Val_Westport:  Recently I saw a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge with its roadbed covered in dense fog. We are venturing across another great bridge, without the view of our progress that would assure our passage for our minds. Yet somehow, we feel the firm foundation of Knowledge and keep stepping forward, knowing that we must cross to what awaits, our new lives beyond our current sight.
SoL-USA:  I don’t know what I would do without The Night Meditation. It is awesome powerful!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alex, excellent advocacy work in your reaching out to David Jacobs! Did you speak to him personally or through correspondence?
rayhobbs:  @LaRaeUK You have been sent into the world for a purpose. You do not need to define this for yourself, for it is intact within you. You do not hold all the pieces for this purpose, for you must find your true companions in order to realize this. These true companions represent relationships at many levels. They are not all husbands and wives. Indeed not, for you will need more than one person to realize your calling in life. Your calling calls to you. Your preparation calls to you. Those who are looking for you in the world call to you. Your Spiritual Family calls to you. And the Unseen Ones watch over you silently. (Journal 2016)
LaRaeUK:  Brilliantly put Val…..thank you for such effective imagery of our journey.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, that is very encouraging: “Yes Jordan, the New Message is now moving in the world in so many places it cannot be stopped.” …so the work we do in disseminating the NM may not be evident in our lifetime, but it will continue to move in the world even when we are gone.
Insuk:  Thank you Marshall. I will keep “To live the inexplicable and determined ~~” in my mind.
39961:  THANK YOU VAL, I can ‘walk into the picture’ you painted here, it gives me assurance. . . as I’ve crossed other unknown times/places in my life, and will do it again, This time with knowing I am not alone. Gratefully, NNC
LaRaeUK:  Thank you rayhobbs…..I have no doubt of any of this….yet still occasionally struggle with attachments to those who can’t seem to grasp the journey I’m on.
Tyyne_Society:  @Kari, I was just reading the first few paragraphs again. This has been a very important Revelation to me, too. Sustaining to me as I engage in the world in very practical, down to earth ways.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ed, Justin, Sang and myself, have recently been advocating in person at Venice Beach in LA, you are invited to join us if feel so inclined this coming Saturday, 1-7. email me.
Mike_LF_CAL:  I’m behind in the chat I’m trying to catch up…
LaRaeUK:  Wow Raoul….that clarifies the importance of our work.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Mike_LF, Ed, Justin, Sang – Thanks for the great advocacy work! May your team grow.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Val, thanks for bringing up the (beloved) GG bridge that I used to walk along in solitude and depression before I found the New Message. Little did I know that there was a new land/life that was waiting across that bridge. How do I know Knowledge is real? I found this!
Kelton:  “…the New Message is now moving in the world in so many places it cannot be stopped” What a way to begin a New year. Wow! Thank you Marshall, Patricia ,Reed, Society and all fellow students. May our Capacity deepen and our foundation strengthen as we become ever greater vehicles o Knowledge. Nasi Novare Coram
Cameron_Canada:  @rayhobbs How does one fully recognize consentration?
Ed California:  @Mike – I’m busy today, but I want to help out. Keep me posted.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you Mike advocating team. May your works grow.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you everyone for your insights, wisdom and sharing. Nasi Novare Coram
Kari_H_Finland:  “New Message is now moving in the world in so many places it cannot be stopped” Thank you Messenger. My heart is filled up with joy when hearing this. This world is emerging into the Greater Community of worlds now and the New Message from God has come just in the right time.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall. Happy New Year. Thank you All and the Society for your contributions. Nasi Novare Coram.
rayhobbs:  How do you prepare? http://www.newmessage….epare Nasi Novare Coram
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all. May we be grateful for the old year and watchful in the new year. Nasi Novare Coram
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you Marshall and everyone. Happy new year. NNC
Kristina FL:  May this new year renew our strengthen, our determination to be alignment with the Plan of the Creator through the Angelic Assembly, through Marshall Vian Summers to serve and to share the New Message from God and the reclamation of Knowledge with/in the human family at this time of great need. Nasi Novare Coram
justin -calif-!:  -gotta get to work, gang- stay safe, NNC, j
Val_Westport:  “I am sustained by the love of God” and that love of God shows itself in the work of our Messenger, his family, the Society and in our fellowship here in The World Wide Community. I am grateful for this sacred rendezvous on Earth and for the great New Message that is providing our Higher Education. My thanks to Very God and The Assembly and to you, dear Marshall, for giving your life to our service.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Happy New Year, everyone. My resolution came from CT Step 54, yesterday: “…that [I] will build and keep the fire [of Knowledge] going, for this is the fire of light, the fire that does not burn but that consumes all that is false and unreal.”
Cameron_Canada:  Ty again Rayhobbs – I’m just getting to volume 5
rayhobbs:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS (9:25), that is excellent news and brings great joy to my heart “…the New Message is now moving in the world in so many places it cannot be stopped.”
Insuk:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and All. Happy new year. Nasi Novare Coram

Mike_LF_CAL:  @rayhobbs, (9:26) Thanks for sharing that quote, I needed that!

Bethne_UK:  @ Darlene, Recently I received an unexpected letter from an older family member whose life work has been with science.This letter included a “story”for my perusal. It really was a summary of his thoughts about life based on his science based convictions. He concluded ,”Life began 3 billion years ago.The question that faces humanity right now is whether Life’s transition to the next steady state will include human beings? And,if not, do we really care? ….It seemed to me he was really asking for a hope there may be more than this to life. What you have just said really is the answer he reply was developing along these lines but you have expressed it so cogently. May I use this quote?
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS. Patricia, Reed and Society for all that you have done and continue to do to bring the NM to the hearts and minds of people in the world! The New Message is moving in the world in many places and it cannot be stopped! That is powerful to hear from you MVS thank you! That will continue to live with me through out all the days. For each day is Holy and sacred! Time is there for us to serve and contribute to a world in need! It is a must as Patricia has said! NNC Blessings to all!
Raoul_Australia:  (Just a technical note…for anyone having chat difficulties, for quite a while I was unable to send or receive Private Messages while using Google Chrome, now I am using Firefox and it works great)
MVS Society:  • “If you stop climbing, you don’t get up the mountain.”
Debbie_MI:  Well said Jim B.!
Raoul_Australia:  Yes! Well said Jim B!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Raoul_Aus, (9:33) , yes that is absolutely correct and inspiring.
Patricia_Society:  @Maria Thank you. Map those moments of “really being moved….” These experiences are the steel girders inside you now….no one can never say these moments of profound realization and movement did not occur. You are that strong…oh strong you are….we are….
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall. May we all grow ever stronger in our connection to Knowledge daily and yearly.
MVS Society:  Though the New Message is moving in the world, it is far from achieving its intended purpose. This is where you come in. This is where I come in. There is no assurance of success without us.
Raoul_Australia:  I recall that the Messenger said he was told by the Unseen Ones “Once you start proclaiming, never stop” so I think it goes for we NM advocates too…once we start advocating, never stop!
Levy:  Good thinking, Raoul
Mike_LF_CAL:  Just to clarify, Justin K. is the one who started these “in situ” advocacy ventures, I’m just tagging along after him.
Bethne_UK:  I find these cats so inspiring and
Levy:  Raoul, Marshall is our forerunner
Raoul_Australia:  that’s great Mike!
Kahala_Oregon:  Yes Marshall. Thank you.
Debbie_MI:  Thank you for sharing that Raoul.
Kristina FL:  thank you Marshall, very sobering
Raoul_Australia:  for sure Levy…and it is so good to know what we must do

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    I just read over the December 31st chat. Thank you to all who contributed. This starts the New Year for me from a place of connection with my community, so far away and yet so close in spirit. Happy 2017 to all students of knowledge where ever you are this new year’s beginning. I keep you close to my heart and in my prayers every day. NNC Janice NC.

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