Campfire Chat September 23, 2017

Ellen_Society:  Marshall’s quotes from the last chat:

“It will take powerful change in the world to call Knowledge out of people. If this be the case, do not regret these difficult times in which we live. For only a great need can engender real change in enough people.”

“When we are weak, we fear anything that requires us to be strong. When we are strong, we fear anything that makes us weak.”

“Many people want to help, but what is important is to be prepared to help in specific ways to meet specific needs.”

“The Great Waves and the Intervention are the only two immense and growing events that can unite a fractured humanity. If seen clearly, the challenge brings the cure. “Individually and together, we must be challenged to grow strong and to be able to find our real inspiration and service here.”

Jorge_Spain:  @Cameron, some years ago many videos recording supposed sounds from the Sky went viral on internet. Many were false, but the mystery remains. Maybe you can compare some of these sounds with yours.
Greg_UK:  Context for today is Rosh Hashanah, the Feat of Trumpets ending the year of triple completion according to gematria, 5777, and obviously it is 23rd September, the date of the Revelation 12 sign at sundown in Jerusalem.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Ellen for those quotes….humanity really does have the power to call Knowledge forth.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Ellen for sharing Marshall’s quotes.
Greg_UK:  there is a massiv uptick of earthquake activilty progressing around the edges of the pacific plate, Dutchsinse channel has rolling forecasts using his methodology
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Hello everyone, Nasi Novare Coram.
Frederick_UK:  Hello Everyone
Camerron_Canada:  @Jorge – I did find a couple that were similar but it was not the booming noises, just a faint tones
LaRaeUK:  Hello Frederick…..nice to see you!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello everyone, Mavran Mavran Conay Mavan.
manuel germany :):  Hi Fred – how is it going? 
Bethne_UK:  Hello Fellow Students!
Tyyne_Society:  The hour has arrived. Let us pause in stillness together as we gather for this chat. Let us remember we are here during the lifetime of the Messenger and at a time of great change.
Russell_Sask:  @Cameron: One plausible explanation is indeed Haarp. It is not unrealistic for those in power to be using it to direct the jet steam in attempt to manipulate weather patterns. One of the results is Ionisphere resonance. There is a natural resonance of earth if you research Shuman Wave Theory it is a well known phenomena. In the creation sense it is what maintains human health also. The whole Ionisphere is resonated by natural occurring lightning. Any disruption to that pattern effects all of us on good old Terra not so Firma.
Frederick_UK:  Hello LaRae, Yes it great to be here.
ray_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Kelvin for the quote (8:27). May I ask where is this from?
Jim B. Upstate NY:  “And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When i am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation-some fact of my life unacceptable to me and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. Until I could accept my alcoholism I could not stay sober; unless I accept life completely on life’s terms I cannot be happy. I need to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed in the world as on what needs to be changed in me and my attitudes.” From the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous pg, 407 This to opened my eyes and heart to a “new” life.
Jorge_Spain:  I also have heard for years a faint tone especially in the night-a tone like a distant machine. No answer about what it can be.
Damien_France:  Hello.
LaRaeUK:  Bethne…..hello dear friend.
Kelton:  Hello everyone! Grateful to be here with you all!
Camerron_Canada:  @Greg – yes, another 6.1 in Mexico this morning
Frederick_UK:  Hello Manuel, Everything is very good thank you. how are you?
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone!
Chrysostomos:  Greetings everybody
Kelvin_Boulder:  @SangHyun, the revelation “Human Response to the Greater Community.”
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone
RaeHyung_Korea:  Hello. Everyone.
manuel germany :):  @Fred – very good here – hi Mel and Betty and Rich – all good to see you again 
Stacey, England:  Hi guys got ya now
Ellen_Society:  Welcome! We come together at this well of life-giving truth. LONG HAVE WE SEARCHED FOR IT!
Yet finding it is only the first step. Then begins the long journey of aligning ourselves and our and lives with the power of this truth. Along the way, there are layers of resistance and ambivalence within ourselves that we must find the courage to work through.
IT TAKES STRENGTH to receive, accept and study this Revelation. The New Message brings us many challenges, as it must. And yet, we are among the first in the world to receive it, and that fact ignites us all.
Betty_UK:  Hi Manuel 
mellany UK:  Hey Manuel! :))
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello everyone. Nnc.
40081:  Hello everyone
Tyyne_Society:  I extend a warm welcome to everyone today. And a special welcome to everyone who is just finding the New Message and joining us today for the first time or just recently. So glad you are all here.
Kari_H_Finland:  Good to be here. Heavy burden of educating people about the Greater Community has dropped off my shoulders. Thank you Free School. Thank you Free School Study Group: Alexandra, Joe and Mark.
Bethne_UK:  Welcome Stacey! I hope the chat is working now for you.
Matt_bzn:  @Paul – Dane was on Coast to Coast last night. This is getting really serious.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for sharing that Jim…..
justin-calif-!:  there seems to be an increase in Earthquake activity moving up the west coast- anyone around there get ready-
manuel germany :):  Hi Raoul and Mathieu 
Betty_UK:  Hi Stacey 
Mathieu_France:  well said, Ellen!
Russell_Sask:  I think the Mexican Second Quake was an AfterSHock perhaps.
Russell_Sask:  A quake non the less.
Jeanne_Boulder:  good day to all students
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ellen! I feel many of us are ignited in Knowledge!
Bethne_UK:  Hello La Rae -looking forward to chatting again.
61967:  Thank you for your candour Jim B…it is as you say “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.”
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Ellen and Tyyne for welcoming us and for moderating this session
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Hello Damien! Good to see you here.
Mike_LF_CAL:  There are always a lot of after shocks from a major quake, in this case the original quake was an 8.1!
Paul_MA:  Matt.bzn…. very serious…. Thanks to the Creator who has sent the NMG to counter those forces.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Ellen, it is a long journey….but as Marshall said in the interview, it is a great act of love from the Creator of all life. I feel such gratitude on a profound level for this Gift of the Creator and Marshall’s willingess to bring it to the world.

Tuukka_FI:  Thank you Jim B. This reminds me of serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Tyyne_Society:  Let us begin and dive into the The Great Waves Prophecy and the Alien Intervention, the recent video by the Messenger released earlier this week. What stood out for you the most in watching this interview, “The Great Waves Prophecy and the Alien Intervention Part 1”?…F-ZXk
LaRaeUK:  I look forward to it Bethne… always.
Debbie_MI:  @Jim B-Thank you for sharing about the importance and meaning of acceptance. What you shared is inspiring and true. Thank you for your honesty.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Tuukka…a prayer that has been with me for 10 years now and will always remain with me.
Chrysostomos:  Tyyne_Society Do we have a timeline of CHANGES?
Mark_Boulder:  “superstorms are coming”
Joyanne_Canada:  Welcome to all new students joining the School today, It is very inspiring to see new ones participating.
40081:  thank you Tuuka.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Super storms are here NOW!
Tonia_Denmark:  Tyynee, thank you. So happy to be here with you all too. Today’s step 309 – The world I see is attempting to become one community, speaks of how Knowledge works within us extending itself through to others. It is quite a remarkable awareness to gain from that sentence.
LaRaeUK:  What struck me was how very much work there is to do. Preparation both internal and external, how much work there is to do to help get this Message into the world. Think ahead, plan ahead…consider every aspect of our lives. Stay with The Steps. Time is short and there is no time to waste.
Paul_MA:  Tyyne. “The New Message tells us that all people coming into the world at this time, and the ones who have come into it, are the people being sent here to deal with this.”
Joyanne_Canada:  so true LaRae, so true
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Debbie you’re welcome my friend! This quote along with the 12 Steps lead me, in part to the New message. It’s funny how time and experience work in our lives.
Jens_Denmark:  What stood out for me was that Noah was building the ark before it was raining.
Jeffrey_Boulder:  what stood out for me: “This is happening NOW.”
Richmond_UK:  @Tyyne when Marshall said the need prepare long before a major event. The need to build our ark way before the waters rise. Way before circumstances overtake you, or ‘the industry you work in disappears or goes overseas.’ These are so relevant to my personal experience and the industry that I work in.
manuel germany :):  What stood out for me the Messenger emphasizing on that we have to prepare well before the Great Waves and Changes occur and that we have build an arch ourselves. So it is important to study the NMG and taking the STK in order to become a man or woman of Knowledge…
LaRaeUK:  That struck me as well Paul…..they were sent here as we were.
LaRaeUK:  Amen Jeffrey….amen!
Raoul_Australia:  the first set of words that stood out for me in the MVS Interview are:
“…Areas that cannot be restored…”
“…our children will be facing even more powerful demonstrations…”
“…a calling to move out of adolescence, living self serving lives…”
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tynne, one of the first things that stood out to me, was how well Marshall is looking, perhaps our prayers for him and being heard. It was wonderful to see him looking so well.
Tonia_Denmark:  What stood out for me is, you must take the steps to knowledge.
Debbie_Plano:  One of the things that stood out for me was : “Fear and worry make us weaker over time.”
LaRaeUK:  I particularly resonate with that last sentence Raoul….we have long been in an adolescence of complacency and indulgence.
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello Jens from Denmark
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Tyyne, Sea rise in the next 100 years. It seems like a long time, but it is only a generation and half. but significant rise, definitely within the next 20 years…
Jennie_Netherlands:  interesting everyday news about sunspots and earthquakes and storms and the disaster prediction app for android:…n.ios and for Apple:…06007
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  @Tyyne, Revelation and Messenger have told us so many times but this stood out again for me “Ever growing numbers of people are drinking from a slowly shrinking well of resources.” As I lead my daily lives, I cannot but utilize materials. Every time I have to acquire something to use it, I am concerned about how much resources are left for us and next generations to use.
Dariel_Boulder:  Welcome, Stacey. The UK contingent is certainly growing. Wonderful!
Kristina_Boulder:  What stood out for me were the words: (paraphrasing) “It is not the end of the world, if it would be the end, then NMFG would not be given.” and “There is no place to hide…Everyone is in the same boat”.
Joyanne_Canada:  One of the things was we have to overcome our sense of fear and helplessness, and the New Message gives us the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and the will to prepare.
Greg_UK:  This morning I had 3 power cuts in a row and for about an hour i tried to imagine a life where the power never came back. This modern lifestyle is illusory at best, and utterly fragile given how vulnerable to space weather effects our power girds are.
Amina Russia:  The time “30 years” , it’s happening now, the Great Waves will be seen by our parents even
Hyeonam_Korea:  I am happy to see Marshall on video which awake me who is naive person. Thank you Marshall.
Matt_bzn:  @Kristina – me too. Lot’s of “end times” talk in religious circles these days.
DavidD_Mtl:  One of the thing that stood out for me is the importance of the the watchtower practice, to be looking at the world with no preferences and no fear so that we can see clearly what’s ahead to eventually be able to take the necessary actions guided by Knowledge.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  For me preparation both within and without are so important. We need to do both to be able to see and hear clearly. The Steps To Knowledge is the answer from God we have all been praying for. But, we must accept it for its purity and demonstration within each of us 1st to feel it in our hearts and minds.
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Kristina that stood out and gave me comfort, an awareness that the evolution of our world will continue to unfold
Marianna Greece:  Hello to everyone.I already live with the acceleration of emigration and suffering of people to find a settler, I engaged with the weather changes, the depopulation, but deep inside me I thought that the humanity shoud change attitude and beliefs, I tried to inform people with all the ways. From interview I received that we have to be in hurry to build our arks, both spirutiality and in reality, the acceleration of our preparing. We dont have the luxury of time anymore, we are in hurry to cultivate our discrimination, to have better communication with Knowledge.
”Many people want to help, but what is important is to be prepared to help in specific ways to meet specific needs.”
How can we discern them?
Ilhun_Korea:  @Tyyne: It reminds me of the quote from Marshall, “Many people want to help, but what is important is to be prepared to help in specific ways to meet specific needs.” Seeing, knowing and doing(preparing).
Jens_Denmark:  Hello Tonia from Denmark.
Paul_MA:  And also this stood out:” There are certain people who are already feeling uncomfortable with the conditions of the world; these are the people who can be reached by a great message as this. THey are already stirring inside looking for what needs to be done at this time”… to me, these are the people that are ready for this message and for me to approach them…NNC
Debbie_MI:  There were a number of things that stood out for me. One thing I really was moved by was how well done the video was. I felt like it had a lot of clarity in how it was presented and I was especially moved by the way Marshall shared the information in such a compassionate manner.
Tonia_Denmark:  Debbie, I totally agree with you on that.
Mike_LF_CAL:  The timeline of events is always with me so what struck me was the sea level rise prediction that Marshall referenced from The Global Emergency, so I looked it up, “The coastal cities and ports of the world could be flooded in 30 years. The lands will dry out. The crops will fail. There will be human migration on a scale never seen, with great tribulation and conflict arising. It will be an overwhelming situation if humanity does not prepare.” This was given in Oct of 2015…
Stacey, England:  Hi Dariel thank you I am excited to be a part
Richmond_UK:  Also, what stood out for me was when Marshall spoke about that all people who are coming into the world at this time, “Are people who are being sent here to deal with this (the GWC), which speaks to the need for us advocates to find these First Responders.
Joyanne_Canada:  resonating David D.. how blessed we have these Revelations that give us our center line to see our world, that give us greater abilities to navigate these times.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Greg_UK:  Thanks Jennie suspicios0bservers channel hosts daily updates on the state of space weather, dutchsinse on the earthquake forecasts using his methodology
Russell_Sask:  My Hardcopies of The Greater Community Book just arrived this week, so now I finally have a chance to share Knowledge with a select few that have been waiting.
Tyyne_Society:  Preparation… I hear you all mentioning this and so many other things of such importance that he communicated in this interview. “It takes far longer to prepare than it does to act.” – Secrets of Heaven, 37.
Wendy, NY:  What stood out for me was a way of being in relation to this prophecy which could be overwhelming in its implication, which Marshall modeled – undramatic, quiet, yet totally clear, unflinching, completely focused. I look at that and see what I need to be.
Chrysostomos:  The Great Waves of change will come. May be not in our generation. But we are the lambs who must spread the word of Messenger
Matt_bzn:  @Debbie – very well said – I was looking for those words. Beautiful presentation which will appeal at the appropriate level. Very impressed with that.
40081:  What stood out for me was the multi-dimensional aspect of the interview: Marshall’s voice clear, strong, powerful and still, deep and profound at times almost impersonal and yet other times very personal “these are not my ideas” in contrast to the very difficult words, shocking, devastating, painting a very dire image of what is happening now and into the future. I hear this and wondered when and if I am able to speak in this level of truth without fear.
ray_Colorado:  “One of the great truths that you must begin to consider is who you are is not your mind. Who you are is not your thoughts and beliefs and the parade of fantasies and ideas that constantly cross your mind. This is just the mind reflecting all the things it absorbs in the world around it and its own judgments its own blind decisions its own prejudices its fears its fantasies and its desires.
In practicing stillness in the Steps To Knowledge you learn to see how much your thoughts really do not reflect your deeper nature and how much you are influenced by the opinions of others and how irrational your thinking really is and how disconnected your thoughts really are and how opinionated you are and how unresponsive to your environment you are and that you are missing so many clues and signs from the world around you because you mind is preoccupied and not present.
Here you discover that you are missing the greatest things in life you are missing the experience of affinity with others you…
ray_Colorado:  … are missing the appreciation of beauty in your environment you are missing the experience of gratitude for all the things that you have, and all the things that are working for you at this moment. You are missing connections with people you are missing opportunities you are missing the signs of danger or hazard.” The Watchtower https://newknowledgeli…load/
Stacey, England:  What stood out to me was how much sea levels are going to rise
Joyanne_Canada:  thanks for your insights Wendy, yes his demonstration is powerful..
LaRaeUK:  Yesterday, I had passengers on board who had been to Bosnia and Serbia. They described how people lived for over 1000 days without electricity or heating during the war. How they had to dig a tunnel under the airport in order to smuggle in food. They had to burn their furniture to keep warm in the winter….but also how people came together to keep warm, to share what they had. It reminded me that many of us could be in those circumstances before our lives are over.
Alison_Boulder:  Marshall was so clear in that video. I could tell on Facebook when people commented if they have not really watched it, or not really listened. MVS says not to give our problems to God, not to panic, not to expect the end, and clarified that the Revelations are not his words nor his predictions. I look forward to engaging more with people who are ready to hear these words and begin to move.
61967:  @Kristina yes that is what stood out for me too “It is not the end of the world, if it would be the end, then NMFG would not be given.” so we are doing what we must do and to continue as long as we can…
Alisa_Russia:  Debbie wrote “I was moved by was how well done the video was. I felt like it had a lot of clarity in how it was presented and I was especially moved by the way Marshall shared the information in such a compassionate manner.(6:14PM) Yes. that stood out for me too.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Alison that stood out for me too, MVS clearly stating where the New Message comes from.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Stacey, we in the UK must be vigilant about water rising.
ray_Colorado:  “There is a Watchtower there within you but no one is there it is empty, there is no one to guard the gates of your mind and your heart. The Great Waves are coming but there is no one to absorb them and consider them and to prepare for them. This is really coming to terms with your own experience and your own lack of response or responsibility to the world around you. Responsibility is the ability to respond and this response must not be to final events as much as to everything that leads up to them.” The Watchtower https://newknowledgeli…load/
Kristina_Boulder:  Another thing that stood out is a time frame, 150 years. We already entered GWCH, so younger generation alive today will witness the development of Great Waves. We can not find comfort in thinking that we won’t see this happening, as it’s already happening and will increase in time.
jeanine_Society:  @Marianna from Greece – thank you – I hear your words: “From interview I received that we have to be in hurry to build our arks, both spirutiality and in reality, the acceleration of our preparing. We dont have the luxury of time anymore, we are in hurry to cultivate our discrimination, to have better communication with Knowledge.”
Javier S. Fl.:  Greetings everyone sorry for the delay buy had to delete cookies but now I can see!
Wendy, NY:  @40081, yes, you said it better than I could have. What I want for myself is to be able to “speak in this level of truth without fear.”
Frederick_UK:  What stood out to me was: Think of our children who will be facing even more powerful demonstrations of the Great Waves of Change that are striking upon the world, affecting every aspect four life. It is something that takes courage and determination to actually overcome the resistance within yourself, your own fear, your own sense of hopelessness, helplessness. Because theNew Message from God is showing us the these things in giving is the eyes to see the ears to hear and the will to prepare.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  What stood out for me ;Can we be prepared to take large numbers of people who are stranded and need a place to go. So much to ponder when I imagine those people are standing at my door.
Joyanne_Canada:  @LaRae, yes we must prepare within for all eventualities, there is no where to hide.. so we prepare to be a demonstration of Knowledge and the New Message in our world.
Carol_Society:  @Joyanne: And the Messenger tells us how to overcome our feelings of helplessness and hopelessness: “You have to learn how to reassure yourself, to gain faith in your spiritual heritage to reassure you, to gain faith in this deeper Knowledge I speak of to reassure you, to gain faith in your ability and the ability of those who are close to you to reassure you.” A teaching on faith. Because the GWs “will challenge the degree of our faith, the depth of our faith.”
Russell_Sask:  @Javier S—- awe I have deleted my bacon egg sandwich, may I have a cookie now too…
Joyanne_Canada:  @Carol, Yes! so comforting his words were.. directing us to the way out of fear and hopelessness,
LaRaeUK:  Precisely Joyanne……we must prepare to be the vehicles for Knowledge to move in this world.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  @LaRae, I too sometimes wonder how the future lives would be. I must admit it is possible that it would be more than I can imagine or expect now.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Carol.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Carol. That stood out for me as well.
LaRaeUK:  Yes SangHyum, it is difficult to imagine in these times of abundance.
Stacey, England:  My period of fear is lifting, the more I am reading. I understand the urgency in the message
Mathieu_France:  “It takes great events to bring greatness out of us.”—MVS
Wendy, NY:  Today’s message (Steps 66) for me: I will not lose faith in myself today. Thank you Marshall, Carol, you have given powerful context for this Step.
Ginny_Dallas:  I heard Marshall’s call to move to a position of objectivity; compassionate yet objective. I feel the need to revisit The Watchtower revelation.
Kari_H_Finland:  I recommend contemplating the consequences of losing the ports of the world. I have done it and I was surprised to recognize how serious issue this is.
LaRaeUK:  I feel that too Shrimayi….
Betty_UK:  @Tynne – the responsibility rest upon the individual, the choices that each person will make.
Debbie_Plano:  The fact that there will be so many more refugees displaced from their homes and this is just the beginning. There are already 65.6 million refugees worldwide according to UN Refugee Agency. If this is just the beginning, I really have underestimated what the refugee crisis will be like and how we will most likely be called to help house them. Much preparation is needed now.
Ellen_Society:  Marshall’s words during the video:
“Recognize the signs of the world. Watch the world. Become ‘world people’ now.
See what needs to be done for the human family” …”.We are in a moral crisis!”
“We have entered a 150 year transition. We are in it NOW!”
Alex NZ:  what stood out to me was the great formatted video really well presented!!, but, this happens to some conspiracy videos i have watched maybe its my computer, but the video was out of sync audio to visual, i think the first time i watched it it was fine just today maybe im overloading my pc, but since i have read the teachings it was not new to hear GWC profecy but the 100 feet sea level rise is always on my mind and marshall speaks verry well and puts the whole GWC scenario in perspective well
Marianna Greece:  Yes @Carol A teaching on faith. Because the GWs “will challenge the degree of our faith, the depth of our faith.”I think that we have to increase our faith.
MaryS_Boulder:  What strikes me about the video is 1) the need to get that out, 2) that this is part one of three, and 3) when I share, I want to ask people only to look at the message, these two crises, in their very prominence as the essence of the New Message that we could offered as the proof of the clarity of this prophetic voice. The message itself is more important than opinions about the Messenger himself.
Joyanne_Canada:  I agree Debbie, we do not know the scale of these crisis’s that we will be facing, but face them we must..
Debbie_Plano:  @Mathieu – that really resonated with me, too. “It takes great events to bring greatness out of us. Where do people co-operate most thoroughly, most compassionately, but in times of duress, times of great need. We will cross economic boundaries, social boundaries and political boundaries to do this.”
ray_Colorado:  “In the Greater Community of life in the universe around you there are races that have developed these skills at a very high level. It is not that they are basically more intelligent than you are it is just that this has been a major focus and a major need.
When you are engaging with different races in the universe you must be very discerning. Language is a problem; you are dealing with other kinds of consciousnesses, other kinds of values and ethics, you are dealing with beings who think differently, live according to different principles have different experiences have had to face different things in their history.
How will you ever be able to communicate with them effectively? How will you ever be able to understand them or see them correctly? How will you ever be able to know their true motives and abilities?
It will take great presence mind, highly developed skills to be able to do this but if humanity is to function in this Greater Community of life it must elevate its…
ray_Colorado:  … abilities in this regard, especially for those individuals that are destined to become real seers.
It is a very important role in engaging with the Greater Community. Here the individual probably have natural inclinations and endowments that give them a greater advantage in this matter but they still must train and prepare.” The Art of Seeing https://newknowledgeli…load/
Jim B. Upstate NY:  What stood out for me when watching was that “WE” are more powerful than we realize and can and must do what we were sent here to do. The more I watch MVS and hear his words and remain diligent in my practice, the closer I/we become as a WWC and the closer we are to Knowledge and our true purpose in life.
Jennie_Netherlands:  The sentence ”Many people want to help, but what is important is to be prepared to help in specific ways to meet specific needs.”
How can we discern them?As I saw a youtube movie about how whales change the climate of our planet https://www.facebook.c…2909/ it struck me with truth that we don’t have to “think” what we must do, but just to be living truth from within who we really are and are connected to that will make the difference. So if more people are connected to the “love” they are and express this with everything they do and say, I feel this is just “the way” all living things and the planet will gain from.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Debbie “…it will be like nothing the world has seen before…” can’t recall the exact rev that came from but thsi phrase is mentioned all over in various Revs.
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Kari (losing the ports of the world)
LaRaeUK:  Well said Jim…..
David_Drimmel:  Hello everyone! Amidst what seems to be a pressing issue on everyone, Climate Change, and all the potential hysteria that comes from the stirring realization that it is very serious, this recent interview is very helpful in pointing to the solution. Knowledge. Speaking the truth of our situation, not to please ears, but to give the true testimony of the reality of the great waves, then pointing to the revelation. Pointing to knowledge within, our deeper strength and certainty. “All people who have come into the world, who are coming into the world, are coming into the world to deal with this.” Yes. We were made for this.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Ellen. ” Become ‘world people’ now.”
Alex NZ:  reloaded the video and its fine now haha no sync problem haha
49799:  What struck me was how it appeared to me that Marshall was issuing a calling – a calling to act, to move beyond our own complacency and fear and start to look at what we can do to prepare for the GWC and to help our world. I felt that this was a calling to activate our Knowledge so that we can not only prepare ourselves and families for the GWC but to start reducing conflict in the world. I felt the need to answer these questions after listening to this interview: What do I need to do to prepare? What can I do now to be in a position to contribute even more in the future? What changes do I need to make in my life? I realised that while some of these will be small changes, others will not and I need Knowledge now more then ever so I can know what changes I need to make so that I can be there for my family and others
Joyanne_Canada:  What I liked was MVS sort of broke it down.. the 150 years, 100 feet of sea rise, stating that within 30 years we will have cities that will have water in them, where people will be forced to relocate.. it gave me a greater vision of our near future.
LaRaeUK:  I recall that too Mike….as well as the revelation that describes how it will be far worse than the great wars and even the collapse of empires. So sobering.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Debbie -Thanks for reminding us of this current crisis “There are already 65.6 million refugees worldwide according to UN Refugee Agency” and that this is perhaps a small example of the enormous migrations of people that will take place with climate and sea rises change more dramatically.
Douglas_St. Paul:  Do you think that the New Message prophecies have already “priced in” humanity and its leaders disregarding past and present warnings?
Maurice_Canada:  @ Debbie besides the refugees this planet is now loosing 300 species of animals and insects and fish every day according to National Geographic. This means the end of the food chain for everyone soon.
David_Drimmel:  “There’s a deeper well within us. A deeper reality, a deeper knowledge that is still connected to those who sent us here.” MVS Interview
Raoul_Australia:  I recently found a note I wrote from last year, early July, quoting Reed: “The easy years are ending” …so true.
Joyanne_Canada:  good point Maurice
Tyyne_Society:  Kristina_Boulder – yes the time frame… we are in the Great Waves now, that we are now within this period of 150 years – this is really something to consider. The Great Waves Prophecy is here. The seas will rise over 100 feet. Our world will change in shape and form. We also need, which I heard loudly, is this preparation in the Way of Knowledge to be able to act with a moral and ethical foundation build upon our deeper spiritual intelligence, the power of Knowledge, to see, to know and to act. That action is vital as an antidote to fear and worry which weaken us. That this message is to incite courage and determination as we face the reality of our world’s painful decline, conflict and evolution. I know I feel this grinding of the gears, so to speak, the “living close to the edge” and needing to find reassurance through the deeper power of Knowledge, our spiritual heritage and those on the ground who are seeing, knowing and taking action. Knowing where are strength resides and…
Tyyne_Society:  … coming from this place as we live, work and contribute in this real critical world transition.
Stacey, England:  Thank you for that David
Russell_Sask:  @Ken but others included. When we see a world with what is it now 7.2 Billion and the impending infrastructure collapse 65.6 Million is indeed only the tip of the iceberg.
Jennie_Netherlands:  As a child I saw the weather change when we celebrated “Sinterklaas or Christmas”. And all the children were happy and excited en expecting lots of presents. And at all feastdays happened the same. So after years and years of watching the weather change I definitely saw this as a result of the moods which people have, I do belief that if people change their thoughtpatterns and their feelings, the weather will change dramatically.
ray_Colorado:  “To face the Greater Community, Americans and Chinese and Russians and Iranians and the peoples from all the nations of the world will have to cooperate if humanity is to survive and to avoid intervention. In facing the Great Waves of change, nations will have to cooperate with each other to provide resources to each other, or the human family will begin to fail.
The rich will have to take care of the poor, or civilization will fall apart. It is because you are facing a world in decline and you are facing competition from beyond the world that this is the case.” The New Revelationhttp://www.newmessage….uture
Heidi_Germany:  Thanks. Ellen for reminding us. Yes, we are in NOW!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @LaRaeUK, or a false sense of abundance driven by economies and social systems needing to keep the illusion of stability for as long as possible. That is what it feels to me.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tynne, yes we are feeling it, I agree with your statement..thank you
Tyyne_Society:  As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be and what might be Marshall Vian experience as a result?
Tonia_Denmark:  As to what the Watchtower expresses, I must agree with, that I never faced to reality, that if I didnt care extremely much about what I did from the outset, there would be a chance, that I wouldn’t make it. So now I am facing how my family is not able to move or go with me in the direction of becoming aware less even talk about it. It is just being shut down and conct is avoided. That is a challenge I never thought I would face. That’s suffering on one level, but as the revelation says, events that are not seen coming over the horizon can have devastating impact on one’s life.
Jorge_Spain:  good question, @Douglas
Joe_UK:  @Raoul that reminds me of some graffiti I recently saw which read “The mellow times are over”
Mark – IL:  Exceptional heat and humidity here in Illinois for late September. I’ve never seen this type of late September weather in the 34 years I’ve lived here. Meteorologists say it is caused by the hurricanes in the Atlantic. I’ve noticed that extreme weather, when compared to monthly averages, has become the norm, even here in the temperate latitudes. I can only imagine how much the weather has changed in the northern latitudes. Related to this – I was struck in this interview by how well Marshall tied the New Message and the Great Waves of Change to the events occurring in today’s world. No one else I’ve heard speak on our global situation and happenings has been as clear, comprehensive, and integrated as in this interview. Thank you Marshall for a realistic, but not fearful, synopsis of the challenges we are facing.
jeanine_Society:  @Alison, “Marshall was so clear in that video.” Yes what a powerful gift this video is to take out to people all over the world: those that have gone through a natural disaster, those that are caught up in their personal lives, those who have not been preparing, all those who are witnessing the disasters that are starting to come faster all around us… maybe now more will be able to hear….
LaRaeUK:  Yes quite Kelvin….an illusion of abundance.
Raoul_Australia:  @Joe, well put too, “mellow times” ending for sure
Chrysostomos:  @Tyyne 150 years are 5 generations from now. The rising of the 100 ft ~ 30 mt is not so urgent. What about aliens. When are they going to intervent?
Dariel_Boulder:  @Marianna…You have experience of refugees coming to seek help from you. I see signs in Boulder–as the city elections draw near–that some people are wanting to push the homeless out of Boulder. We will be feeling the effects of hurricane refugees coming north from the coasts in the next months to our affluent city. I am struck by how my ‘food storage’ needs to be enlarged to provide for what is coming. KN will help me to know how to help in these times which are on our doorstep, but only if I prepare both internally and externally. It will take compassionate action on my part but only KN within me will know how. I have great respect for the many Greek people who gave of themselves and the little they had to help the refugees. Very inspiring.
Betty_UK:  Ellen, that struck me too, it is a ‘Moral Crisis’, how many people are prepared to reconsider their own why of thinking, their own prejudices and what withhold people to see the truth and to do what is Morally right?
Jeffrey_Boulder:  “The New Message tells us that all the people who have come into the world at this time are people who’re being sent here to deal with this,” struck me as well.
ray_Colorado:  “When you are young, you look at the world with greater expectations. You look for what could be meaningful to you. You look to try to understand your environment. But if you have the freedom to look in this way and the desire to see what will be true for you, then you will encounter a great many things that will disturb you. You will see a world that is rife with corruption. You will see leadership that is filled with incompetence and deceit. You will see in the older generations perhaps a poor example of relationship. As you look, it will be very discouraging. If you are honest in looking at the world around you, open and objective rather than just simply trying to fulfill your dreams and ambitions, you will see many things that will be important for you. One of the first things that is important to understand here is that the things that discourage you, the things that you realize you cannot do or would not do, are actually very helpful to you, for they begin to eliminate some of…
ray_Colorado:  … the possibilities. For the greater truth of your life is found more through the elimination of things than through the outright discovery of things. If there are too many choices, and if many of them are appealing, how will you ever know? If you try to commit yourself to experiencing each one, you will use up your youth, and you will find yourself, as many people find themselves today, at thirty or forty years old with still no idea of what they are about, who they are, what they are here to do and where their talents can be most fully expressed and contributed. Therefore, allow discouragement to show you what will not work for you and what is not appropriate for you. Rather than being angry and condemning of what you see, allow it to show you what will not work for you, … what you will not do and where you will draw the line.” New Message for Young Peoplehttps://newknowledgeli…load/
Tuukka_FI:  Thanks Jeffrey.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maurice, I recently watched a PBS program “Mystery Under The Ice”, it was about how the Krill in teh arctic regions eat algae that ONLY FORMS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE ICE. Well when the sea levels rise that’s because a lot of ice melts and if iced is melting it’s not forming so the krill will die out. The krill provide a great deal of sea species with sustenance, all the way up to whales… think about that food chain breaking down!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Mark, yes I noticed the weather the heat and humidity, very late in the year for that to be happening, yet it just confirms that we are experiencing global warming where we have unbalanced our environment, and now must navigate the consequences of our neglect of our Planet
Kristina_Boulder:  “Super Storms are coming”, “Billions of people will become refugees”, “Food production will decline”, “Cities and ports of the world will become flooded in the next 30 years”, “Moral crisis”, “A calling for humanity”, “How will we take care of our world now?”, “Where you live? How you live?”, “Many places will become uninhabitable”, “On going emergency”, “It will affect life of every person alive today and those to come”, “We are entering a new world reality”, “changing atmosphere, resources”, “we are in it now, in a 150 years transition”.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Mark_IL…Thank you. Our weather was more humid this summer. Things are certainly changing.
Matt_bzn:  @Maurice – that is precisely the message give by Dane @ Geoengineering Watch. 33% of species are now extinct. 300 disappear every day. The spraying of toxic metals into the oceans and continents continues unabated.
Russell_Sask:  @ Maurice. According to the late Douglas Adams, in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, it is when we see the Dolphins exit Earth then the doomsday clock is about to strike. Now I know this is just an old 70’s British Comedy but when you ponder it deeply it has a certain resonance with the situations leading up to where we presently are. Not as a distraction but a now 40 year old hidden in plain view message about the fate of the Earth. By the way today was the David Meade predicted catastrophic event beginnings also. personally all one can really do is Prepare to prepare for the unpreparable.
Alexandra_NL:  Chrysostomos – we do not know how the rising is going to be spread through time… we can not assume it going going to b an equal distribution over time… who knows, maybe 50ft in the next few years!
Kari_H_Finland:  @Chrysostomos, I think the intervention begins to have full force when the chaos begins and I expect it to begin sooner than after 150 years
Betty_UK:  I mean ‘way of thinking’
Stacey, England:  The new people coming into the world now will grow up facing these issues so denial and ignorance will not be an easy option
Maurice_Canada:  As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world there will be more people in conflict with what he will bring forth to those who are too far gone to see past their “avarice”
Ilhun_Korea:  @Tynne: I know that nobody likes blame, opposition, threats. I know that Messenger will have enough tolerance for them and have prepared for them. Even so, we will have to support and protect the Messenger more fully.
Douglas_St. Paul:  I wish to confess a secret hope that the prophecies are “self-destructing prophecies,” predicting a future that can be averted with certain action, like Paul Ehrlich’s prediction of hundreds of millions starving to death in India in the 1970’s
Robert_Society:  What has been in my awareness more recently, with the pairing of the GWoC and the Intervention, is we are witnessing the weakening of humanity. Unknowingly, humanity is weakening itself and now as the GWoC become ever more active, they will accelerate this weakening. This is just what the Intervention wants and is planning for. This is serious and we possess a huge part of the remedy. The NM is vital for the people of the world to become aware of and for some to follow. Our own studenthood takes on an outwardly important aspect…that we can demonstrate and become a natural counter-force to this great weakening underway. We can hold the ground, so to speak, and share what we are receiving with others. We must gain the natural strength and wisdom that flows from Knowledge within us. This is very import, and motivates and moves me to pass through whatever internal barriers still remain in opening a wide corridor for Knowledge. As Marshall has said…”The time is now.”
Richmond_UK:  @Tyyne interestingly Marshall’s new video has coincided with some severe hurricanes and I feel people are finding it harder to deny what’s happening with the GWC and some are acknowledging what’s happening from online comments. Marshall might experience greater danger as he proclaims more and more and becomes more well known?
Chrysostomos:  @Alexandra you have to built more dams in Netherland  We can welcome all of u to Grreece
Frederick_UK:  @Jeffrey, Yes this is the truth. All of us who are here now, talking and putting down our understandings are making the preparations for the near future, not a future that belongs to someone else, but it is our purpose for being in the world.
Paul_MA:  The seas will rise over 100 feet. This is most significant. As change are uneven throughout the world, some areas will see higher levels, potentially. What is most frightening is one considers how many nuclear power plants are on located on coast lines.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Maurice, but there will be many who resonate as well. There were a great many who responded at the conference last weekend when I told them about how The Great Waves and the Intervention are connected.
manuel germany :):  @Tyyne_Society As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be and what might be Marshall Vian experience as a result? – well on the one hand it can be a great boost and recognition for him as more and more people realize that we are living at a time of Revelation and that God has sent a New Messenger to the world for humanity to prepare for these challenges (Contact with GC and GWC), on the other hand there is the difficulty to face ignorance, rejection, ridicule etc. from people who may are more far from Source than we from the center of this galaxy…
Amina Russia:  @Kristina, yes, surely the interview creates more urgency to prepare, internally and externally
Maurice_Canada:  @ Mike we also know that there are more dead zones in the ocean now and this is due to the horrific geoforming of the planet run by some insane group.
LaRaeUK:  Hear hear Illhun!!
Tyyne_Society:  Yes… Maurice, Ilhun, Richmond. He will need our strength now as well.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Paul for highlighting the enormous threat of power plants on coast lines!
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Kristina – With the series of hurricanes and fires in US this year and fires it already feels like “On going emergency”.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Robert, I can see this quite clearly too, Humanity needs the NM, needs to know they have the ability to deal with this, instead of fear and hopelessness, helplessness overtake them.. Yes humanity seems to be weakening. Not quite knowing how to not be overwhelmed with the destruction we see and experience due to climate change.
Greg_UK:  Yes Paul – the nuclear inundation threat is EXTREME. I have said it many times – imagine 1000 Fukushimas
Debbie_Plano:  Response to the video – I think it speaks to the concerns of what’s on people’s minds right now. People are looking for answers. The world is changing so quickly in so many arenas and it’s nothing like the past. People don’t know how to respond to all this change. Marshall speaks with such power, yet so much humility and calmness. It sets him apart for others and makes people wonder who this man could be. I think people are either ready and looking for answers and will respond by looking deeper at the NM or they will not want to face it at all and pass it by or proclaim Marshall to be a false prophet.
Alisa_Russia:  @Robert – yes that pairing is evident to me as well. There is enough technology now to mess with the weather, so I wouldn’t be surprised if governments are orchestrating the GWoC with the Intervention egging them on.
Richmond_UK:  @Tyyne – yes indeed!
Raoul_Australia:  @Tyyne, re. “As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be and what might be Marshall Vian experience as a result?” I think that areas that have been ‘quiet’ will begin to be stirred – religious institutions (…Vatican?), leaders, groups. Accusations, condemnation and persecution will start. Not sure what level to expect, but surely MVS will need increased support by an increasing WWCommunity as he will be hearing all kinds of unjust accusations.
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Richmond..
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Tyyne. Well, I think the responses would be of many different viewpoints. Overall, if people do not listen to the opportunity to take the steps to knowledge, but raises up in anixety, it could have the effect, that many would fall back into hopelessness and giving up on doing something really important. The worse part if that too many decides to focus on the parts of the NM, that would lead them to deny and neglect what the world is facing. That would be tragic. I think the messenger would respond with hope and showing strenght for those interested, and even more serious to those opposing him, and with sadness to those not wanting to take in what he says. But he wouldnt give up. Probably learn from the respones, because they may show what is needed to encourage others in taking part in this.
Cole_Boulder:  @Tyyne re: “As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be”- I sense there will be a lot more backlash from people in the coming years, more people contending against this, attempting to dismiss or discredit the Message, the Messenger and the WWC. However – and this is a big however – I feel that the more attention drawn to this will bring the NM to the awareness of those who must find it and who are destined to find it. I don’t know what Marshall’s experience of this will be, but I know that he needs people – us – to stand strong in our Knowledge and to be able to speak for him and to point to the NM. I feel this ‘must’ to prepare to become this solid, now, and ongoing.
Javier S. Fl.:  Rich that was or is one of my greatest fears, Marshall’s safety. But have too admit it is more for my own selfish reasons. I’d like to have him around as long as possible even if at the detriment of the New Message.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Robert_Society, I resonate with what you say. “..we can demonstrate and become a natural counter-force to this great weakening underway.”
Paul_MA:  Alexandra and Greg… Marshall had mentioned the death of the Pacific Ocean in a previous prophecy. The combination of ocean rise and nuclear power plant issues may well lead to the death of life in many oceans.
Kari_H_Finland:  I am glad to see that Messenger has come out of the cave and is speaking directly, honestly and encouragingly to the world.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Raoul, on twitter the Pope is taking out that we have to now as a race really deal with climate change and global warming, and yes I go post GWC on his twitter feed. 
ray_Colorado:  “It is a vast and complicated situation, and you must grow up to participate in this universe of life. You cannot be adolescent and destructive and aggressive, for you will find yourself alone, with great opposition around you.” Who are The Allies of Humanity? http://www.newmessage….anity
LaRaeUK:  Well stated Cole….he needs each and every one of us.
Greg_UK:  There is a move in the UK to replace the uranium fast breeder water cooled reactors with Thorium molten salt reactors after teh Oak Ridge Labs design of the 50’s which are far far safer and do not produce weapons grade fissionable materials – thorium is plentiful in every country on earth, and the reacors can reprosess plutonium into inert material rapidly.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Paul, also the slowing down of the deeper currents in the Ocean will play an effect with whats going on with them.
Tonia_Denmark:  He would listen to Knowledge within while listen to responses. That is what I am most assured of.
Kristina_Boulder:  “You need to learn how to reassure yourself, gain faith in your spiritual heritage, in a power of sacred Knowledge, in your ability. You can not be a victim of life, but an active participant. How do you spend your time and waste your time on hobbies and activities? The time we waste is time lost. “
Patrick van H (NL):  “The future of humanity is being decided and will be decided in the next ten to fifteen years”
The Greater Community Chapter 9. Received in 2006.
Matt_bzn:  @ Robert – I totally agree. I have seen this in action. I always bring to mind, from the teaching, “You Must Be Courageous”. Very empowering.
Richmond_UK:  @Robert thanks for your comment. Very true!
Arthur:  So it’s okay to give up after 2020 ?
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Robert.
Jeffrey_Boulder:  Thank you, Cole, agreed.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Chrysostomos, @Alexandra_NL, the sea level rise over the next 150 years will be exponential, it will appear to rise sharply and then taper off, that is just how the math works, it will not be a simple slope intercept form.
Joyanne_Canada:  I look out and see the barren planets and weep for earth, we as stewards are driving it into a barren planet. You can see the changes from space pictures.. It takes millions of years of creation and here we are one race destroying it. breaks my heart.
ALEN INDIA:  There are people who are upset about current world realities. Great messages like this should reach them. Marshall said this relevant point in the interview
Jansett_KY:  @ 49799, @David Drimmel, quoting MVS, “All people who have come into the world, who are coming into the world, are coming into the world to deal with this.” Yes, what occupies my mind continually is that we are here to deal with this–this is the world we are meant to serve. The Revelation issues the clarion call; we need to digest and assimilate this as quickly as possible because, although the Revelation addresses humanity as a whole, we the first responders must be the wayseers, the wayshowers when the Great Waves become Uber Tsunamis. I prepare and I pray that the Watchtower experience will reveal and I will respond in time to what I must do to serve, to deal…with…this.
Raoul_Australia:  @Joyanne, thanks! …I bet he IS reading the GWoC!
[email protected]_NL:  Hello everyone! Late but here…
jeanine_Society:  @Patrick – thank you for sharing that important quote: ““The future of humanity is being decided and will be decided in the next ten to fifteen years.”
Mark_Boulder:  I liked how MVS spoke of our “moral foundation” at the end of this video. I think this has universal human appeal and doesn’t get into dogma, belief or faith. This has the power to reach people, I feel, and has the power to make MVS heard in the world.
Russell_Sask:  @Maurice. The plausible explanation is it is required to raise the background radiation level of the planet to where a huge amount of indigenous species die off but the planet becomes more inhabitable to those more used to high levels of radiation, e.g. most space fairing species.
Chrysostomos:  @Greq_Uk is not only thorium safer than uranium there is also a new technology of making in ambient temperature changing heavy metals to lighter metals
Stacey, England:  Well said Jansett
Debbie_MI:  @Robert-the connection between the weakening of humanity and the GWoC struck me as well. I was thinking about that this week and especially as I watched the video. I am also feeling at an even deeper level how important it is to engage as fully as I can with the NM and with STK as well as the four pillars.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Chrysostomos…My remembrance was that there will be a 3 ft. rise within the next 20? Even this will have great consequences. Many of the coastal cities will not be inhabitable. The inhabitants will have to move inland–coming soon to our cities. We see how people respond to refugees now. What will it be like when many who have lost everything come to our door? The Intervention is here and we must deal with it as well. The GWC are breaking on many fronts. Steps to Knowledge and the preparation it provides is most important now. Let us pray to become very strong in KN. You have found good allies, Chrysostomos.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Patrick we are 11 years in and as MVS spoke there is no stopping the GWC
Rudy_Boulder:  Robert, This is something to ponder right here…….”We must gain the natural strength and wisdom that flows from Knowledge within us. This is very import, and motivates and moves me to pass through whatever internal barriers still remain in opening a wide corridor for Knowledge.”
Maurice_Canada:  Only real life statistics can bring people around! Not conspiracy theories or speculation with no scientific backing. There has to be an awakening that humanity will become extinct if something isn’t done to stop Global Dimming once and for all. It’s so bad there really isn’t any return. All we can do is preserve what’s left.
Jeffrey_Boulder:  Good point, Mark. from Allies 1, first briefing: “People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer, event to the GC.”
Dariel_Boulder:  @Mark_Boulder…Yes, I also was aware of the universal appeal that there was great universal appeal in MVS’ words.
Rose the Netherlands:  Good afternoon (morning, evening) everyone.
Marianna Greece:  Messengers before were demonized and destroyed, but the Revelation was given now in well educating world , so I think that the response should be different.
Amina Russia:  All the traditionally religious people will have a hard time excepting the message and the messenger, but i think for some reason- it would be hardest for Muslim people, and it’s such a great folly:(. Hope i am wrong. But there will be an increasing number accepting the message surely in the following years.
Matt_bzn:  @Maurice – this hit me last night. We are being encouraged to deplete the resources we need to survive by The Intervention. Geo Engineering has been sold as a climate change solution, when in fact the additional damage is species loss. My conclusion is that The Intervention is influencing those programs under the guise of climate change to hasten our resource depletion and thus losing our self sufficiency more qucikly in the process
Chrysostomos:  @Dariel_Boulder i have seen it. The problem is that the NM is not spread out. The only unity of humanity is God and the message of the Messenger.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Marianna, lets us pray that is so,
ray_Colorado:  “You may appear logical to yourself, but that may only mean that you appear foolish to an outside observer. Human beings behave in predictable ways, and this can be easily discerned, especially because you are surface dwellers….” WGC2.28 http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Maurice_Canada:  @Russell does this mean that we are being marinated to be more tasty to those species?
Greg_UK:  Re People coming to the world – I have recently become a grandad, and my grandson was born on 7/7 at 07:07 weighing 7lbs 7oz at Number 7. I will keep an eye on him 
Jeffrey_Boulder:  Good point, Matt, thank you.
Paul_MA:  The following also stood out for me:” God has put a deeper Knowledge within us to guide us and from there God can work through us to change the things that need to be done.” Kg is the portal through which God can act within our world.
Tyyne_Society:  Cole – Yes. When I think about his more public role in speaking very frankly to the world, I also see how in this interview he speaks of “courage and determination” and also concentration. That for those who can respond this will be critical. We will each face the GW, the reality of the GW and will also face the reality of what the Messenger is bringing and the response from the world as well. He will face this criticism. We might as well. A depth of faith within must come to the fore as we support him in this. A united WWC to surround him and protect him and give strength to him and ourselves. He does not do this alone. To bear witness to him and the reality that he brings.
Shane – New Zealand:  Some things that stood out for me was Preparation, Preparation, Preparation, the importance of having a watchtower and using it, “having the eyes to see”. Self reassurance, Knowledge, courage and determination.
jeanine_Society:  @Alen from India – yes, and may those of us who have found this Prophecy make it our personal responsibility to get this ‘great message’ to others…in whatever way we can…this is the greatest gift we can give each other…
Betty_UK:  Manuel, yes the New Message will be found by more, the other thing as well is that it will give credibility to the reality that ‘there are intervening races in the world’, in peoples mind if the sea level & GW prophecy is true than the alien intervention, can only be true. Fight they may with themselves about it but it is happening. If one is true than the other prophecy must be true.
LaRaeUK:  I meet a great many open minded Muslims Amina….they understand the concept of a Messenger well. My Muslim friend is particularly interested in the Great Waves and the Intervention.
Joyanne_Canada:  MVS’s latest Religion without Soul is so inspiring also.. Humanity can clearly see that most Religions are without it, perhaps that will be a bridge, a pause to look and see the Messenger is correct in stating the reality of the situation.
Stacey, England:  Congrats Greg he is definitely a special one
Wendy, NY:  @Greg: Wow – that is amazing! Yes, you better keep an eye on him :)). I suspect you are the right one to do it.
Maria_Boulder:  Congratulations Greg- he is lucky to have a first responder for a grandfather!
Cole_Boulder:  @Joyanne re: “Humanity needs the NM, needs to know they have the ability to deal with this, instead of fear and hopelessness” – Yes, I see this when I look at the world…. people hiding out in ideology; people acquiescing to the intervention because w/o Knowledge it is too dark and hideous, so they try to make it into something else… so much denial. And I see this denial within myself, too – what am I not yet willing to look at? And yet, the NM offers us the warning, the blessing and the preparation, without which, we would not be strong enough to see, know and respond…
MaryS_Boulder:  Kari, I see this, too: ” I am glad to see that Messenger has come out of the cave and is speaking directly, honestly and encouragingly to the world.” (:38) I like to remember how this is coinciding with the eclipse earlier this year.
Chrysostomos:  @Greg congratulations 
Mathieu_France:  @Chrysostomos: the Intervention is certainly already underway, but what would be their next step is difficult to know. The depletion of some critical resources for us could make them move further, because our self-sufficiency is what protects our freedom. What could we need that would force us to bind with them in some agreement if we lose it? It still seems like our world is providing us with what we need to live, maybe not enough in certain places, maybe it is declining in some places, but still. I am looking at what major threat for human survival the GW could bring to us then, sufficiently for an offer from the Intervention to be hard to refuse and binding on the long term. I guess food/water production is one thing we cannot live without. If the weather is too disruptive, that could be threatened, especially because the world is highly populated and highly disorganized. Energy is important as well, and offers could come from a weakness here as well. I can see where we could be…
Mathieu_France:  … seduced, but I don’t see yet what offer would be so vital that we cannot withdraw from it. Part of the watchtower practice…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  The more MVS speaks to the world the more stirred people will become. I must remember that for the most part we are living in a world without Knowledge and we were at different points in our lives at the place many will be when world events continue to occur. Denial, idealism, fantasy, wishful thinking faith, belief etc are the things many base their foundation in life on. We know this must be unlearned for Knowledge to emerge and I feel that many who are waiting now will come to the NM because of its power and its purity of truth. The power of Knowledge and the truth it holds for us and the world are emerging slowly it is up to us to increase this power by our demonstration and compassion for the world and others. I am not the same person I was 4 years ago because of the New Message. I can only pray that others will find this deeper intelligence within them when hearing MVS speak and looking at the NM more deeply.
Raoul_Australia:  The positive aspect of the Messenger’s more direct and public communication with the world, which I think is happening already, is that the ‘reach’ of the Revelation will increase, worldwide, and many more will come to it.
jeanine_Society:  @Joyanne – thank you for bringing up Marshall’s recently published teaching: “Religion without Conscience” http://www.newmessage….ience
Kristina_Boulder:  @Amina, I think not only for muslim people, but also for anyone who is strong in their religious believes or any believes, actually. Strongly believing in anything does prevent people from being open, or I should say it’s a barrier.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Cole, yes I see it at times in myself also and realize I must move on,, eyes forward, gain more strength..Prepare.
Debbie_MI:  Thank you Tynne for your words of wisdom. What you are saying really resonates with me.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Yes Raoul, from religious institutions and from general public. Some people’s response to New Message in facebook as I have seen are quite rigid. (Paraphrasing) “Only through me(Jesus), can you come to God”. People in religions will resist and condemn. But people who are meant to receive the message will be stirred. I must prepare.
Mark – IL:  I work in the commercial nuclear industry and specialize in safety issues. I do not see rising sea levels as a major safety concern because the timeframe for inundation is far too slow. There would be plenty of time to take precautionary action. Of greater concern is storm surge from major hurricanes/typhoons, but even these are less likely to cause damage, especially because nuclear plants (at least here in the USA) have been upgraded to mitigate events such as occurred at Fukushima. I am more concerned about earthquakes and related tsunamis, plus solar EMP events, all of which could damage electrical systems needed to safely shutdown a nuclear plant. As I see it, the primary effect of sea level rise on nuclear plants is that those plants may need to be permanently shut down prior to the end of their expected life and their spent fuel transported to a safe location. The spent fuel needs to cool for a few years though before it can be safely transported.
Tyyne_Society:  Yes, Raoul – “…the ‘reach’ of the Revelation will increase, worldwide, and many more will come to it.” So important.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Jeanine, it really resonated with me, another very well done excellent Message from the Messenger.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Tyyne: Yes and thank you. “A depth of faith within must come to the fore as we support him in this. A united WWC to surround him and protect him and give strength to him and ourselves. He does not do this alone. To bear witness to him and the reality that he brings.”
ray_Colorado:  “Your affections for one another are equally mysterious to them, for they do not have this experience with one another. Your emotional nature is confusing to them and as such is exerting an influence upon them, though at this point your influence upon them cannot offset their influence upon you. The very few amongst humanity who are advanced in Knowledge not only pose the greatest puzzle to these observers but also the greatest possibility to influence them. That is why we advocate the reclamation of Knowledge, so that you may not only offset unwarranted or inappropriate interferences in your life, ….” WGC2.17 http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Amina Russia:  @LaRaeUK-i am so glad to hear that, i know also the ones who are open minded, like my mom and few other ones, but also know the close-minded or very fundamentally-religious, yes, surely depends, i should not be negative on that! They are just the only ones who believe their prophet is the last one, maybe that’s why i think so
Maurice_Canada:  @ Matt bzn here is a site for you There you can get stats to present to those who share your concerns and begin making people aware so we can make these evil people stop what they are doing to the world.
Carol_Society:  @ Robert, Joyanne, others: “share what we are receiving with others.” In this interview, I felt a strong calling from the Messenger to assist the NM in ever new and ever more ways, to do more than I am currently doing to advocate, to find all those around the world who feel “helpless and hopeless,” bringing to them the remedy, the anti-dote, the solution, the hope, the gift of great love from beyond that is the NM. May his call be heard far and wide, in every corner of the world, reaching the ears of those ready to receive it.
Amina Russia:  Yes, @Kristina, agree, being too dogmatic or fundamental does not help
Joyanne_Canada:  The Video Part 1, has given me strength somehow. Can’t define in which way, but I feel somehow more prepared in watching it. Thank you so much for this Video MVS and all that assisted.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Congratulations Grandad Greg!
Jackie-Florida:  “As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be and what might be Marshall Vian experience as a result?” My first thought is we-as part of the ‘circle of the Messenger’ – must send strength to him in the mental environment – on the hour, every minute of the day ….he will be bombarded with negative thoughts directed to him – we must concentrate our power in the mental environment
Russell_Sask:  @Maurice its actually the other way around if we act united. We outnumber the interventionist at a huge factor. In the same philosophy how Fire Ants can take down a elephant. Unfortunately Humanity is not at this juncture yet as in general we are succumbing to mental directives that leave us feeling unable to cope with reality of intervention.
Chrysostomos:  @Mathieu the problem is not how we can make clean water from ocean eg. The problem is on the large corporations that control everything. Only 150 companies control the world.
Aurora_Hawaii:  @ Joyanne – Yes! I’ve posted the Religion Without Soul because its message comes through so clearly.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Cole…Yes, I think there will be backlash from those who do not want to hear the truth BUT there will be those who are looking for just what the Messenger is offering. I was struck by a woman named Alma, who commented on the video, saying that (paraphrase) ‘she didn’t know what made her find the video but she found it very important for her’… and ending with thanking and blessing Marshall. It was very sweet. She has found something priceless.
Tonia_Denmark:  Agrred, Shane. I also noticed how he appeared in answering and moving from one example to another. It was like seeing things from different view point. I found that very interesting in how to manage a conversation like that, on that level.
Marianna Greece:  He will face this criticism. We might as well. A depth of faith within must come to the fore as we support him in this. A united WWC to surround him and protect him and give strength to him and ourselves. He does not do this alone. To bear witness to him and the reality that he brings.
LaRaeUK:  I understand your concerns Amina….that is a problem, but we will reach those we can and hopefully they will be able to take it into their communities.
Aurora_Hawaii:  Three things stood out for me:
1) Part of life isn’t just living for the moment, its actually preparing for the future (now that I believe I HAVE a future ;),
2) The signs of the world teach us to watch the world, to become world people now.
3) Living close to the edge and reality of life is not so reassuring… you have to learn to reassure yourself… to gain faith in the … deeper Knowledge … to reassure you. You gain faith in your ability and the ability of those who are close to you to reassure you.
Tonia_Denmark:  Agreed too lol
Marianna Greece:  We have to be more responsible now.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Mark-IL for a clear explanation of the potential impact of GWC on nuclear power industry. Good to learn.
Cole_Boulder:  @Tyyne re: “A depth of faith within must come to the fore as we support him in this. A united WWC to surround him and protect him and give strength to him and ourselves. He does not do this alone. To bear witness to him and the reality that he brings.” – Yes, thank you….this is so critical. I am reminded of the revelation ‘Witnessing the Revelation’, I will return to this teaching today
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @Aurora
Tyyne_Society:  @Ilhun – you and many others, together, will anchor this in the world in support of him and his critical message for the future of humanity. And as Carol and other have stated – “share what we are receiving with others.” Action, advocacy – ask MVS stated in the interview that getting into action will replace and worry and fear.
Frederick_UK:  @ Carol. Yes, I also had this feeling of need to give more,do more whatever I could, thank you for raising this.
LaRaeUK:  Oh yes Jackie…..we must ask God to surround and protect Marshall, his family and The Society with His Love, Power, Presence and Grace. I do this several times a day.
Amina Russia:  @LaRaeUK, thank you for saying that
Mathieu_France:  @Raoul, “The positive aspect of the Messenger’s more direct and public communication with the world, which I think is happening already, is that the ‘reach’ of the Revelation will increase, worldwide, and many more will come to it.” —Yes, even if what we will see the most is rejection, even this will make the Message ripple further into the world, possibly reaching people we couldn’t reach before. Difficulty will rise, but opportunity too. May we be strong enough and prepared enough.
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Aurora, thank you…..this stood out for me as well and I find it true in my own experience. “You gain faith in your ability and the ability of those who are close to you to reassure you.(8:52AM)”
justin-calif-!:  have to leave early, gang- stay safe, all! NNC, j
David_Drimmel:  “As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be?”- I already know from my experience. You can already see many responses, that can be heart wrenching and sad to see, people calling him a devil, a false prophet of many mentioned in the bible, people will say TNM and MVS are demonic, they will argue, misinterpret and misconstrue TNM, try to use it for their own benefit. And those who stand by him will be blamed to be supporting something that is evil. My experience is most people don’t want to hear about the seeming harsh reality and seriousness of our situation. They want to go about their day, wishing for happy things and moments, escaping from what is stirring inside them or attempt ultimate enlightenment. Here is Douglas Bass’s recent blog that makes some good points of what is happening and will happen as TNM grows in awareness amongst people….
David_Drimmel:  … http://mysteryofascens…-you/ These are the people that will be angry at the messenger, angry at the message, and who are ultimately angry at God. I have been in this place. Angry to face the revelation that “Why is this happening?” It’s almost like “What in the heck?” (saying it lightly) and feeling that, and really allowing myself to be with those feelings and not discount something as negative or “not what I want” is a good feeling when I know I am being true. True to knowledge within, the source of my own integrity where God determines my value, not the world. This is where compassion comes in for me. I realize how difficult at first this can be to face. It’s like when Neo first learns about the matrix, he nearly faints, shouting in denial and eventually that realization purges. “It takes very strong medicine to wake someone who will not awaken with a gentle prodding.” TNM is a very strong medicine. The thing is, it’s a sobering…
David_Drimmel:  … medicine, sobering to all the addictions to physical reality. We are really living in a Matrix, and ultimately our destiny is Neo, without the grand ideas of being a savior, but coming here to do what we were sent here to do. At this time in our preparation, the fire of knowledge will purge what is not essential if we allow it to. This takes time. How others respond is just really a reaction to knowledge stirring something in them. Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
77360:  During the 2016 Encampment, Marshal said that the Angelic Assembly instructed him to proclaim himself. Perhaps at this point in time, with worsening if climate change events, people are asking themselves, “Where is God?”. This might provide them an answer of where to look.
Robert_Society:  @Jackie-Florida, thank you for this action…I do this as well. The Teachers have said that prayer is heard by them when it is real and of genuine intent…they say that the words spoken in our minds are for us to know we did this, but they receive the intention from us and can respond when appropriate. Marshall gains strength from us, and we can give this to him daily.
Jennie_Netherlands:  Marshall is sustained by the love of God. He is protected by the AA and we will protect him in the unseen and in the seen world. Therefore there is no need for fear and Knowing that HE IS strong. Amen
Jeanne_Boulder:  I see that many are open to a New Message from a Messenger because the old ways are not working for them.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cole, Tynne, yes we must Witness to him and the New Message. Walking with the Messenger, supporting his efforts in sharing this to our World in his time.. I pray many here the Calling for this is why we have been sent here. thank you
Kristina_Boulder:  @Amina, the good thing is that we all have Knowledge in us, as belief based on experience and Knowledge is different than the belief that was borrowed from society or religion or family. Knowledge and personal experience are a lot stronger than just belief.
Joyanne_Canada:  hear the Calling
Raoul_Australia:  @Tyyne, SangHyun, mat, yes, so I imagine we can expect greater reach, greater resistance and rejection too, but overall an acceleration of the impacts on both sides, so a greater need to advocate…”Once you start proclaiming, never stop” (MVS)
Debbie_MI:  @Tynne-I love that statement “Getting into action will replace worry and fear.”
Dariel_Boulder:  @Jackie…Yes, he will need our strength and love. It is interesting that during this week where I have been engaging with ‘The Essential Truths About the Greater Community’, I have experienced a great deal of discord and misunderstanding in the M.E. It occurs to me that we are ramping up our education on the Intervention and MVS is ramping up his teachings. The Intervention may be uping their game as well. Time to get very serious about strengthening our foundation in KN.
Amina Russia:  @Kristina, yes, faith in Knowledge in me and in others
Raoul_Australia:  @Mathieu, “Difficulty will rise, but opportunity too. May we be strong enough and prepared enough.” so true!
Betty_UK:  Mark -IL , thank you for sharing your perspective on this.
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Dariel, keep awareness of where we are and what might be influencing us.. so important.. The Watchtower comes to mind.
LaRaeUK:  Well said David.
David_Drimmel:  Kristina FL “About the GWC and the interview. What jumped out for me- it is time to move to higher ground”
Cole_Boulder:  @David Drimmel: thank you for your comments and insights
Rosa_UK:  Yes Joyanne to hear the Calling and to respond for this is why we are here
Russell_Sask:  Top of the Hour approaches and thusly the Cosmic Comedian I am asks you to pause for the cause and Ponder together in stillness and silence. Give it your best effort.
David_Drimmel:  @Cole You as well brother
Carol_Society:  @Jackie: Oh, so, so needed: “we-as part of the ‘circle of the Messenger’ – must send strength to him in the mental environment – on the hour” On the hour, as part of our daily Steps practice, at the end of meditations, grace before meals — to go to him, wherever he may be, and send our strength, protection, whatever he needs in that moment.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks David Drimmel for your wisdom & sharing it.
Camerron_Canada:  As top of the hour approaches – blessings to Marshall, Patricia, and Reed, in whatever their endeavour may be today.
Maurice_Canada:  @ David you must be listening to Knowledge because I heard your state and Texas got aerial sprayed with Neuro Toxins last week
Alexandra_NL:  As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be?” What comes up for me is that there will be those who will start becoming more aware of where they are (not only in terms of their geographical location) and who they are with, how they spend their time. Whether they will do something with that awareness is unsure but a public communication such as presented in this video is certainly planting a seed…
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @David Drimmel
Matt_bzn:  @Maurice – thanks. I follow this guy pretty closely. I often try to raise awareness during conversations or by pointing to the obvious evidence in the sky. I have been met with ambivalence and disbelief. I must need a new approach…
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Carol we need to have these reminders to protect & strengthen our Messenger
Ellen_Society:  From: The Race to Save Human Civilization (Syria, 2009)
“God wills for humanity to survive and to advance in the face of the Great Waves of change, but what God wills and what people will do are not the same, you see. That is why God must send now a New Message into the world to prepare humanity for a future that will be unlike the past and to prepare you to not only survive the Great Waves of change, but to be a contributor within them, for that is why you have come into the world.”
manuel germany :):  @David, thanks for your experiences and insights shared. That is true, and that´s why we have to concentrate on the First Responders to reach them and do not waste our time on dreamers and people who think only in the past…
Tyyne_Society:  The hour has struck so let us take a moment in prayer and intention to be with the power of Knowledge and what we are here to do. To be with the Messenger as he educates a world conflicted but in great need. May this reach those who are ready to respond.
Aurora_Hawaii:  @ray – It occurred to me that there might be defectors among them – they come from such a controlled society – they might like to experience the freedom that we have (so far). We may have covert supporters among their collective. When we finally “get there” to where we get to decide who stays and who goes – the thought came through that it shouldn’t be what genetics you have, but rather what characteristics you have – kind, compassionate, freedom loving. I imagined a Harry Potter “sorting hat” (actually we could use one of these for choosing politicians too). I think discernment is the only way we can tell whose characteristics are what – so I am interested in re-doubling my efforts at getting better at discernment.
Tom_SanFrancisco:  when i read that that the next 15 years will decide our future, i knew i had to quit my job. by this time next year i will be moving to higher ground to make my contribution.
Mathieu_France:  @Chrysostomos: yes, influencing/controlling big powerful corporations is certainly one of the tactics of the Intervention, but it is still a complicated thing for them, as we are talking about controlling a whole world of billions of free and chaotic individuals… we’re not collectives, for good or ill. So if Knowledge can be spread in enough people, it will be much more complicated to shepherd them.
Kristina_Boulder:  Knowing that we are already in the foothills of GWCH puts your whole life in perspective as what matters now is very different from what would matter if we would have no GWCH or intervention. Really, all your plans for your life might have to change because of this. Thats why many people will deny it and resist it and to be honest I have this in me as well, to some degree, as the mind always tries to find comfortable and safe place.
SoL_USA:  Thanks for moderating, Tyyne!
Maurice_Canada:  @ Matt scientific statistics is the only thing you need to show them. If they don’t get it it might be they have been infected with the chemicals or radiation in something thet have been exposed to. There’s no way a sane person will deny the evidence! “Sane Person” key word here.
Kari_H_Finland:  “…most people are looking backwards and therefore cannot see the future approaching them. Most people are trying to make sense out of what they already believe, and as a result they cannot see what is right in front of them. So many people are guarding their ideas and their beliefs, but who can respond to the next moment when Knowledge will call upon them?” Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 20, What is Religious Education and who is it for?
Tonia_Denmark:  Way to go, Tom. 
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to all students for your wisdom today Nasi Novare Coram:*) Blessing to all
Matt_bzn:  Thank You David Drimmel
Frederick_UK:  Bye everyone, be with you in three weeks time.
Chrysostomos:  @Mathieu believe me is not. Roundup for example is everywhere. In Africa as well.
ray_Colorado:  “Here people become more devoted to one another more caring for one another they share a greater destiny together. Their appreciation for themselves far surpasses whatever outward appearances or charms they might have. Here you are loving the person for who they are not for what they can do or how they appear or the way they behave but really for a deeper nature and quality within them.
This is what everyone wants in relationship and yet this is what is so very rare.
That is why taking the Steps to Knowledge is revolutionary because here you are breaking the ice. You are breaking free of life on the surface and you are focusing on the deeper reality of Knowledge within yourself a deeper intelligence beyond the realm and the scope of the intellect.
You are beginning here to have a real recognition within yourself that you are not simply a social functionary in life you are not simply a nametag. You are not simply a description of your personality but what you have is a greater reality…
ray_Colorado:  … within you and you are beginning to have a recognition experience of this as a result of taking the Steps to Knowledge.
And now you are beginning to have this experience with other people and here the deeper need for recognition the deeper need for purpose and meaning has an opportunity to become fulfilled.” A Deeper Recognition in Relationships
Tyyne_Society:  And may we remember our foundational preparation… “Thus, a spiritual preparation of a very unique kind has been given which can enable men and women to gain the power, the compassion and the skill needed to serve a world in transition. To prepare these individuals to find their greater calling in life, Steps to Knowledge and its companion books have been provided as a guide and a resource.” From the introduction to Steps to Knowledge.
support:  “The focus of the Creator and the Unseen Ones is to make people strong, responsible and capable. It is not to generate some kind of spiritual welfare where people hope and expect that everything will be provided for them.”
Stacey, England:  Thank you all a very informative first session. Blessings
jeanine_Society:  @Tom_SanFrancisco – so important our personal ‘knowings’ that come when we truly listen to the New Message Teachings/Prophecy and the teachings of Marshall…we can only point others to the New Message, but it is we ourselves that must keep taking our next Step…
Alexandra_NL:  Beautiful Kari! 
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Ellen_Society for that quote. To be a contributor in the world is why we have come.
Matt_bzn:  @Maurice – Exactly right. Great advice.
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone here today. Nasi Novare Coram
Cole_Boulder:  I am honored when others are strong. Thank you all for being here, for persevering in your studenthood, for recognizing and advocating the reality of Knowledge in the world. Nasi Novare Coram
Will_Society:  Thank you all for sharing your experience, perspective, and studenthood today. This was quite a conversation.
Lin_Boulder:  @Ellen, the great Vision is given to humanity through the NMG. May we be the holder of the great Vision for human family.
Tuukka_FI:  Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Douglas_St. Paul:  There was a time when we would have oohed and aahed to have 143 people on the chat.
Amina Russia:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Koram.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you for joining the community of givers – We are strong with 92 Pillars and 50 Friends supporting the New Message. To join in support please go to: http://www.newmessage….ssage
Chrysostomos:  Thank you all.
David_Drimmel:  Hi Maurice, I don’t know much about “Chemtrails,” except that any expert on aviation that I’ve talked to said they are contrails (condensation). I do wonder sometimes if “they” (who are they?) are actually really releasing chemical aerosols into the sky.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you for that reminder Cole, I am honored when others are Strong.. seeing this demonstration of strength in others is most certainly strengthening. We are all pulling each other forward up this mountain. Watching the demonstration of the Messenger’s strength is also a very powerful strengthening within.
mellany UK:  “and that´s why we have to concentrate on the First Responders to reach them”. Yes, Manuel, thank you. This is something that helps me retain focus. I also consider how long we will be blessed to have relative stability, to support our advocacy and Outreach efforts, as the GW’s intensify. . a narrow window of opportunity to find “our people”.
Tuukka_FI:  Douglas, I think with dedicated people, the number of people who find here will eventually raise exponentially 
Mathieu_France:  Thank you. Nasi Novare Coram
Alison_Boulder:  Call to Advocacy:
How can you help the Messenger’s interview reach the world? Here are some immediate ways to share what the Society and volunteers have set in place:1. Share it from Facebook at this link below into groups on Facebook. We have compiled hundred of groups into a list as Advocates and would love to work with you on furthering its reach.
https://www.facebook.c…1992/2. Let the video play in full on Youtube and add your comments, like and subscription.

3. Take the video link into Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and other platforms. Share something from what you’ve said in this Chat today, if it feels right.

Paul_MA:  David- you may want to visit: What you see in the sky as trails is more than just condensation.
Alison_Boulder:  Learn more about New Message Advocacy opportunities. Gatherings are held Thursdays at, 7pm BST or 6:30pm MDT.
For the email list, access to our FB Advocates group and questions please contact [email protected] to get you connected!
Will_Society:  @Douglas, I for one am awed. May God’s message for this planet cross the planet, and lend its divine protection

Carol_Society:  As you have time, we invite you to re-experience or experience anew:

The Messenger’s Interview Part 1, The Great Waves Prophecy and the Alien Intervention:…TmAzg

The Messenger Speaks, “Religion without Conscience”: http://www.newmessage….ience

The following resources for study and connection with other students:
>The Allies of Humanity Forum: http://alliesofhumanit…orum/
>Campfire Chat Transcriptions: http://www.newmessage….ripts
Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the end of our discussion.

Camerron_Canada:  Thank you all for participating. Until next week, be well. Nasi Novare Coram
manuel germany :):  @Kari_H_Finland you put it beautifully – thank you 
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone… thank you for responding to this great world message that comes with the power of Heaven.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Ray…Thank you for the reminder, “”Here people become more devoted to one another more caring for one another they share a greater destiny together. Their appreciation for themselves far surpasses whatever outward appearances or charms they might have.” As we prepare together for the times to come, at the feet of the Messenger and God’s New Message, we are developing such important relationship with our WWCommunity–supporting each others practice and work and learning what it is to love each other as devoted students of KN. Ending Separation begins here.
Betty_UK:  @Manuel, focusing in finding the first responder so that they may have the opportunity to contribute their true gift to this world that needs the contribution of many.
Kari_H_Finland:  “Be grateful that you do not have to carry the weight of the world’s thinking upon your shoulders.” Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 20, What is Religious Education and who is it for? I am grateful for having this greater education with you all. Nasi Novare Coram
61569:  As someone who passed fuel for a living, I can testify that there is no organized effort to spray anything from aircraft.. Temperature and pressure form contrails in the exhaust…
ray_Colorado:  “In the practice of stillness you are listening and as you develop this ability to listen you learn how to listen to others. You learn how to become neutral when others are speaking to you so that you can hear what they are really saying what they are really needing from you. What they are really trying to communicate even though they themselves cannot really express this clearly.
This listening this paying attention is so important and you develop this skill in your practice in taking the Steps to Knowledge because these Steps will teach you how to listen within yourself. They will teach you how to become patient and observant. They will help you settle down and become less restless they will relieve you of your anxiety which drives you constantly in life. They will enable you to experience your deeper feelings and emotions and to forgive those individuals and those circumstances that you feel have wounded you in the past.
Now you are learning to listen and you are listening for the…
ray_Colorado:  … deeper current of your life and now you are listening to others and this listening is so important because people need to be heard.” A Deeper Recognition in Relationships https://newknowledgeli…load/
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kristina…”Thats why many people will deny it and resist it and to be honest I have this in me as well, to some degree, as the mind always tries to find comfortable and safe place.” This is why the preparation and the honesty in ourselves is so important…where do we resist the truth, when do we not follow Knowledge because we do not want to change, face our fears, insecurity to know where we tend to hide or escape. This is where our relationships matter. As Marshall said (paraphasing) at a past Encampment “Who we are with will determine what we know and whether we are able to follow what we know.”
Darlene_Society:  The Messenger is showing us the way to be a new kind of human in this chaotic world. And I bless and thank you all for walking with him. This quote is from “Walking with the Messenger” and I think paints a picture of Marshall’s strengths and our nascent strength: ““Even if it seems impossible, even if you cannot see a way, even if everything seems to work against this, Knowledge will carry you forth to follow your journey, to walk in the Light of Revelation. This [Knowledge] is the power beyond all powers. This is the strength beyond all strengths. This is the courage beyond all courage. This is the power, strength and courage that does not evoke conflict and war. It is not hateful. It does not contain revenge. It is not arrogant and ignorant. It does not put people in positions of higher authority beyond everyone else. It gives everyone authority according to their nature and purpose and design in the world at this time. (Walking with the Messenger)”
Raoul_Australia:  “I pray that I can do what I am sent here to do and that those who are meant to be with me will have the courage and the integrity, and the urgency to come because I need you now. This is love. Thankyou.” (MVS, 2014) …we have come and I pray for the others that are meant to come, may they find this, may our work reach them. Thank you all for another inspiring chat, see you real soon, Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes Mellany…Our people are arriving every day. There ranks are swelling. Slowly now but growing exponentially. The Call is going out.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you, Raoul. Powerful statement from MVS.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for that wonderful reminder Darlene. “Knowledge is the power beyond all powers”….may we all grow strong with it.
Debbie_MI:  Thank you Darlene!
Jansett_KY:  Thank you, Darlene, so powerful. Goes right to the heart and soul. May we all walk with the Messenger.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Darlene
Tyyne_Society:  Ellen’s screen is unfortunately frozen but she wants to thank each of you for your participation here. Thank you.
ray_Colorado:  “It is evident that people can go through their entire life without ever having a deeper experience of recognition with others and in fact this is an empty promise so do not just trust luck or chance do not think that this is just going to happen for you without you really exerting yourself.
To have the opportunity to be recognized by others you must build the connection to Knowledge so that you can be known to yourself.
Now you are really creating a change within yourself and even within the world. Now you are creating the opportunity for people to have an experience of recognition with you instead of sitting idly by and hoping and wishing for something to happen you are creating the environment within yourself and around yourself where recognition is inevitable.” A Deeper Recognition in Relationships https://newknowledgeli…load/
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, everyone, Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Tyyne and Ellen for guiding us today
manuel germany :):  @Mel and @Betty yes well said, it is a chance to refocus to find the first responders as they are thirsty to find the New Message from God to give their gifts to a world in great need and also very thirsty to receive and to experience Knowledge throughout. The byproduct is the redemption…
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Darlene
Paul_MA:  Thanks to all today. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tyyne_Society:  And Dar… what a passage. Thank you for sharing this.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Richmond_UK:  Thanks to everyone for today’s session. Nasi Novare Coram.
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene. Thank you Raoul. My heart is full of gratitude for what Marshall and the New Message has and is giving me. As his song sings “I am sustained by the love of God”.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I have learned in my experience that at times I must think my way into acting and at other times I must act my way into thinking. I feel that this can be applied to many things that have been said here today.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Raoul: Thank you for the quote of prayer of Marshall. “This is love.” It gives me an impression.
David_Drimmel:  Thank you Ellen, and big hugs to all!
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for that quote Raoul. It always drives home how important each one of us is to The Messenger and The Message.
61569:  I like that Jim! Thank you!
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Tyyne and Ellen. May our love melt that frozen computer screen and you can still feel our love.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Many of you are mentioning that we need to place protection around MVS in the mental environment and this is something I have been doing and have asked others to do as well. I have posted in the forum details on why this works and pointed out specific steps that speak to this. In a nut shell, I invite you to join with me every Sunday, from 1:00PM (PT) to 1:15PM (PT) to place a prayer of protection around Marshall. I choose this time because it encompasses a large part of the WWC during your normal waking hours in Europe, across the US and out to teh eastern parts of Asia so the most students can participate at the SAME TIME in prayer. I explain why doing this at the same time and with the same intent MAGNIFIES the power of the prayer and this is all in the post. The prayer of protect – “I surround and protect God’s Messenger Marshall Vian Summers with the Love and the Grace of God” and I also add the he be shielded from any and all negative influences. The more students that join in at…
Mike_LF_CAL:  … the same time the more powerful the protection.
Tonia_Denmark:  Step 309 ~ The world I see is attempting to become one community. – “The world you see is attempting to become one community, for it is its evolution. How can the world evovle when it is fragmented? How can humanity advance when it is opposing itself? How can the world be at peace when one faction competes with another? The world you see is like the mind you experience within yourself warring with itself, yet without purpose or meaning.”
Heidi_Germany:  Thanks for all the wisdom, Nasi Novare Coram
Jeffrey_Boulder:  thank you, Mike LF.
Cole_Boulder:  thank you Mike
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Mike LF CAL, will do.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Does anyone at the Society know when the forum will be back up?
Carol_Society:  Deep gratitude to each of you for your presence here today. You inspire, and you are inspired. In the coming week, may we keep the Messenger close, and may we take the NM out ever further, helping it to find those “tiny specks on the surface of the ocean.” Nasi Novare Coram.
Debbie_MI:  Well said Jim…It is always easier said than done, but it is a good reminder.
ray_Colorado:  “You must build the bridge from your mind to knowledge and that bridge is not built in a day or a week or a month. You are undertaking something very great here and it requires perseverance and a commitment.
Therefore you do not want to dabble with this “Well I will try it out for a week and see how it goes”. You cannot approach a great teaching like this and have any hope of learning anything at all or understanding it.
Most people just think they can really understand things with the intellect. Well you can understand mechanical things you can understand how your radio works you can figure out how to follow a map and there are certain very practical things that the intellect is very, very good at determining and creating and understanding but we are talking about the essence and the meaning of your life here.
We are talking about the Wheel of the Creator, … that lives within you. ” Taking the Steps to Knowledge …
Rosa_UK:  Thank you Mike. Blessings to all NNC
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Mike and all–Ellen and Tyyne and the WWC present here and beyond–and those Unseen Ones who are inspiring us and cheering us on.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ray Colorado thanks again for all the quotes you give us each week!
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Ellen, Tyyne and Society and All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Ray. Something to work with there.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you all for another inspiring chat. NNC.
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you all. It is a honor to be able to share this journey with you all, here at this time. Whilst Marshall is the most important person in the world, I wonder how many of us really appreciate our own importance and the what it took to get us here, right now, at this chat a member of The Worldwide Community, a part of the Greater Co ordination. So incredible. You are all so amazing, thank you for being here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Alexandra_NL:  Mike_NF CAL Thank you for the question: Does anyone at the Society know when the forum will be back up?
Robert_Society:  @Mike_LF – Mike, the forums will return on the new Community site. We hope to launch it very soon.
jeanine_Society:  @All here today – thank you for the group focus on Marshall’s important Interview and sharing your experience – gratitude to Ellen & Tyyne for facilitating this important Chat today. May we be anchored down with Knowledge in a world of increasing great waves of change. Nasi Novare Coram.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Robert that is good news.
Joyanne_Canada:  back at you Shane, thank you
Betty_UK:  Thank you all Nasi Novare Coram
Robert_Society:  A further word about the forums. The new forums on the Community site will be fresh and new. The old forums from the NM site will at some point be made available as a view only platform for reference. They became too big and unruly over time and were vulnerable to hacking.
ray_Colorado:  “BE STRONG TODAY. Follow the plan that is given to you. Do not hold yourself back or alter the instructions in any way. There are no shortcuts here; there is only the direct way. You are given the steps. Follow them. Be strong today. Only your ideas of yourself speak of weakness. Only your evaluation of yourself says that you are pathetic, incapable or inadequate. You must have faith in your strength and exercise this faith to realize your strength.” Excerpt from Step 198 Today I Will Be Strong Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  I am very grateful for these weekly meet ups around this campfire .. It is so strengthening and insightful. Thank you all for your participation, and for coming to strengthen each other.. Nasi Novare Coram
61569:  Looking forward to the new forums!! 😃
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you Joyanne.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  A Big thanks to all here today!!! Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Nasi Novare Coram, Shane. Powerful words and indeed you are right. Others made it possible for us to come here. We should make it possible for others to come too, I think Marshall said once.
ALEN INDIA:  my anger is unjustified-step 241
LaRaeUK:  Thank you everyone for such an inspiring chat. You all teach me so much and remind me of the importance of the work we do.
LaRaeUK:  I know that Step very well Alen……I quote it to myself often.
Kelton:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
jeanine_Society:  Yes we have heard from many of you who miss the Forums. We feel we will have an even better environment for you to connect in with the new Forums. So important these relationships we have with each other…
David_Drimmel:  Nice to hear Jeanine
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you LaRaeUK.
manuel germany :):  I am very grateful to be connected to you all and everyday I am learning new insights and wisdom. I wish you all a blissful week, being a citizen of the Greater Community of Intelligent Life in the Universe where freedom is rare, I find it a privilege to be able to study the Steps To Knowledge in a world where freedom is not (yet) suppressed and to contribute my little grain of sand to a so needy world. Nasi Novare Coram 
ray_Colorado:  ” … in studying the Way of Knowledge you begin to branch out into the world you begin to look beyond yourself you begin to look beyond your immediate circumstances to see if there are greater forces at work there and you recognize really that your life is much bigger than you thought it was because this is how Knowledge thinks. Knowledge does not preoccupy itself with your daily little activities and what you are going to do on Saturday night ” Taking the Steps to Knowledge https://newknowledgeli…load/
jeanine_Society:  @Allen – Thank you for sharing Step 241. So many emotions arise in us and others as we are heading into these times of great change. “Knowledge, however, will redirect anger so that it has no destructive qualities, for what you wish to express is that which fortifies Knowledge in others. ”
manuel germany :):  …and I am very thankful to the moderators, Ellen, Tyyne and Carol (hope I have not forgotten somebody…)
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you too, LaRae

David_Drimmel:  Thanks Manuel. Nasi Novare Coram

Marshall Says “Not everyone can do this and you cannot demand of people”

Thank you Jeanine “Knowledge, however, will redirect anger so that it has no destructive qualities, for what you wish to express is that which fortifies Knowledge in others. ”

ray_Colorado:  “As We have said humanity is emerging into the Greater Community of intelligent life intelligent races from beyond the world are already in the world intervening in human affairs. This is the big picture now it is not the little picture for the little person this is the big picture for the person who is growing bigger.
If you want to know your own heart if you want to know Knowledge if you want to know why you are really here then you must connect to the big picture. Overcome your reluctance your anxiety your fear and all the social conditioning that tells you, “Well, you cannot do that”.
Steps to Knowledge gradually takes you there because it is freeing you and when you become free then Knowledge takes you where Knowledge wants to take you, within you. Steps to Knowledge does not manipulate you it simply begins to unlock all the gates so that Knowledge within you can take you where you need to go which is into a bigger life and Steps to Knowledge gives you some framework to understand…
ray_Colorado:  … this process but it does not restrict this process.
It gives you some definitions it gives you some ideas in order that your mind can follow along in order that you can take each step safely and securely and have some structure to help you do that because this is not like jumping off the cliff and hoping that you have a good landing.
This is a journey and you must be well equipped for it and Knowledge and the Steps to Knowledge tells you what you need and who you need to be with where you need to go in order to fulfill this journey and to fulfill what you came here to do.
So you become eventually a Greater Community person and now you are functioning in a bigger arena of life and now Knowledge can begin to really manifest itself and to really express itself because finally it has the context that it can do this. It is not trying to funnel itself through the narrow awareness of a small minded person it finally has the freedom to emerge and to radiate and to cast its grace around you…
ray_Colorado:  … and to express itself through you so that you can become a vehicle for God a vehicle for spirit a vehicle for the spirit that is truly you.
Patricia_Society:  @[email protected]“A united WWC to surround him and protect him and give strength to him and ourselves. He does not do this alone. To bear witness to him and the reality that he brings.” Thank you all for taking up your positions now…call others as well…Thank you for helping Marshall Vian…for helping… and holding… and speaking… for the Message and its Messenger…Thank you….
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Patricia for your demonstration and for you taking up your position, NNC
Rose the Netherlands:  Thank you, everyone.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Patricia!
Samantha_SA:  @Patricia Thank you so much for your Onshore/Offshore analogy last week it really helped aid my understanding
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Patricia…
LaRaeUK:  It is what we must do Patricia….for he has given us everything. The truest desire of our heart. The deepest need of our soul. The greatest Teaching ever brought to humanity…now we must give all back to him in service to him and to the world. NNC
Camerron_Canada:  Yes, Thank you again Patricia. I have given it thought several times this past week.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Patricia
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for all you do Patricia…..we love you both so very, very much.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Jackie thank you for bringing this up “As the Messenger takes a more direct and public communication with the world, what do you think the response might be and what might be Marshall Vian experience as a result?” My first thought is we-as part of the ‘circle of the Messenger’ – must send strength to him in the mental environment – on the hour, every minute of the day ….he will be bombarded with negative thoughts directed to him – we must concentrate our power in the mental environment(5:51PM)
Joyanne_Canada:  thanks for the reminder Shrimayi, I agree we need to send shielding strength, and strength in Knowledge, to the Messenger and each other as we endeavor to bring this NM out.
ray_Colorado:  “Those who have an association with the Greater Community, who are drawn and called by the Greater Community, and whose nature reflects the Greater Community, must study The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. This Teaching is especially for them. These people will not find their way anywhere else. Perhaps they will want the preparation to be different than it is. This is usually the case. When you find something that is a real answer to your real question, it often does not meet with your expectations. It does not seem to provide the desired things. And it requires things of you that perhaps you are not prepared to give or that you had not thought of giving.” WGC2.4 Serving Others http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Arthur:  You talk like you understand how the ME works, is that the case ?
Joe_UK:  Thank you all for brightening the world with Knowledge. Nasi Novare Coram
Douglas_St. Paul:  Many Christians figuratively “lift up the hands” of their leaders, just as Aaron and Hur lifted the hands of Moses in Exodus 17, during the battle with the Amalekites.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Samantha, very true. the OffShore and OnShore is extremely helpful for me also, in bringing me back into a position of Center Line. Thank you Patricia, deep gratitude for this tool, perspective and understanding. NNC
Patricia_Society:  @Samantha – The Stream and Shore Teachings helping always to “locate” us in a changing landscape….If ‘Onshore, what must I be doing. Who must I be reaching. How can I help? Am I Offshore? How must I restore and recalibrate? If interacting with the Deep Water…oh…..ilence
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Darlene thank you It does not put people in positions of higher authority beyond everyone else. It gives everyone authority according to their nature and purpose and design in the world at this time. (Walking with the Messenger)”(6:14PM)
Patricia_Society:  oh silence,..oh Stillness….oh no boundaries now….not alone am I, are we….
ray_Colorado:  “A still mind is a focused mind. It is a mind that is using all of its resources. It is concentrated upon one thing. It is without the vexation of little distractions. You are able to concentrate your greater strength of mind on one area, and this gives you much more profound insight than you would normally have.
Because your mind is quiet, you are not trying to give the situation answers or explanations, so you are able to witness things as they truly exist. ” WGC1.26 Stillness http://www.newmessage….ume-1
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  When I watched the video in question I felt…in a way, honoured. Here was such a real and grounded response to world events and circumstances. Not strange or eccentric but even and clear with the gravitas that is harmonious with such a profound message. I felt honoured to be a part of supporting this. I had a flash of seeing this video from the future in my imagination and thought..” this is the way it happened, this is they way it unfolded … a man in a blue collared shirt spoke for God’s intention. He brought the vision that was so desperately needed to the world, and at first very few noticed….but then…well …the rest is history.” Thank you Marshall for all that you have done and are doing , thank you all that support the New Message. The first storms have wrought their devastation, and as a result the world may hear God’s intention. The pain is felt and it opens our ears. The world is shaken and a new understanding of the truth is given. Seeing Marshall in this clear…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  … presentation strengthened my own resolve. I get the feeling this will only increase. It is difficult to describe but the veracity of this situation becomes ever more such and real, which adds a new depth and focus to the eyes upon the Work.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you everyone! NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  Nnc. Thank you all.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all. NNC
mellany UK:  Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Patricia thank you for the words discribing the deep water I can almost feel it.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram
Samantha_SA:  Thank you Patricia and everyone for today’s chat. Nasi Novare Coram

ray_Colorado:  Camerron_Canada: “Over time in your practice, you will realize that your mind serves two primary functions: It is either contemplating and problem-solving with the power of Knowledge, or it is still. Experiencing peace is a still mind. And to reach this state, you must be able to go beneath the surface of the mind into the well of silence. You must acquaint yourself with this deeper environment within yourself. Here you cannot be trying to make something happen. You cannot be trying to control the experience. You just have to set your course and maintain that course.

The well of silence is extremely refreshing. Here you are able to hear and to feel and experience the power and presence of Knowledge and what it is indicating for you.

Your spiritual practice, however, goes beyond a formal meditation or contemplation practice. It goes with you into your life. Whenever you are extremely upset about something, ask yourself: Is there something I need here? Is there something I need to…

ray_Colorado:  … know here? Is there something I need to do here? Three questions.

Here instead of being a victim of your mind, you are using it again for a greater purpose. You are trying to discern your own experience from a place of greater objectivity. Perhaps there is something you need. Perhaps there is something you need to know. Perhaps there is something you need to do. If any of these questions have an answer, you want to put yourself in a position to experience this.
Your mind is like the ocean. At the surface, it is constantly being whipped up by the winds of the world. It is chaotic, without a clear direction. One day calm, the next day turbulent, and all the storms of the world impact it. But deeper down, your mind is quiet, and there are deeper currents moving your life—currents that have a certain direction, currents that are influenced by greater celestial powers.
In the ocean, the waters of the world are being moved in a determined manner, all over the planet, but you cannot see…

ray_Colorado:  … these forces from the surface. And you cannot see the great abundance of life within the ocean looking only from the surface. Likewise, looking at your mind from the surface where you live every day, you cannot see its depths, or the greater currents that are moving your life, or the greater purpose for which you have come and to which Knowledge will take you, if you can follow it.” Deepening Your Spiritual Practice http://www.newmessage….ctice



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  1. Janice Stevenson Posted on September 24, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    After reading the chat from yesterday, what occurred to me is that the more widely distributed the NM becomes, the more people who are ready to hear it will respond. I have no doubt that the seed that falls on good ground will take root, to paraphrase a teaching from the Bible. So Marshall is scattering seeds far and wide. Some seeds will fall in places where they cannot thrive but many will get to those who only need to hear truth spoken once to know they have come to the end of their search for it. This video can make such a difference for so many, and they will need no convincing. NNC

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