Campfire Chat September 2, 2017

Darlene_Society:  While we are waiting for the Chat to start, here is some wisdom from the Messenger to contemplate from last week’s Chat:

“The draw to the Greater Community reaches into every culture, even into repressive societies. It is a powerful way to reach the world given how many Greater Community people have been sent into the world at this time.”

“By Greater Community people, I am referring people who may have a strong Greater Community history and inclination—perhaps like many of you.”

“Set those who come to you on fire with the New Message and the Great Love that has brought it here.”

“More people are interested in a Messenger sent from God, than a Message sent from God. My preparation is recent years has been to prepare for me the challenge, misfortune and opportunity in this.”

“Reach for the people who are reaching for a greater truth, inspiration and life. These are the people we must reach and meet.”

“In sharing the New Message, do not court people, guide people or try to…

Darlene_Society:  … convert people. See if they have a natural interest or need and send them to a place to start in the New Message based upon their interest and not your own. If they need more information send them to the Society office. Leave the ball in their court and move on.”

“In sharing the New Message, start where the listener can start, not where you think they should start. In addition, there are inevitable risks in sharing something of this magnitude and some of these risks are unavoidable. Take these risks when necessary, as I have to take such risks.”

“In life you are either teaching confusion, suffering and ambivalence or you are teaching inspiration, truth and purpose. You can only teach. There is no escape from this. Teach what you seek to learn. Prepare to do this.”

“In sharing the New Message, ask [people] a question and see how they respond. Based upon their response, choose whether to bring the New Message to them or not. Do not spend too much time with anyone doing this….

Darlene_Society:  … The road is long and we have many miles yet to go.”

“The second stage of studenthood is advocacy and service. The first stage is studenthood and getting your own life in order, to be able to enter the second stage.”

“Many people get lost in the first stage or try to bypass it. As a result, they never make it to the second stage, despite their proclamations.”

“Work is life. Good work is a good life.”

Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning and greetings from northern Manitoba
65269:  Hello everyone.
Insuk_Korea:  Hello everyone.
Damien:  Hello everyone.
jeanine_Society:  Quick access to the Study Plan:…/edit
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Darlene for the Wisdom for the Messenger.
Kelton_Calif:  Hello Everyone!
Richmond_UK:  Hi everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you so much Darlene and jeanine for the wisdom given!
Alexandra_NL:  Good morning everyone, following up on Patricia´s request to compile advocacy strategies we would like to invite those who have advocacy experience (on-line or in person) to participate in an anonymous survey. If interested, please send an email to [email protected] and you will be contacted in the future. Thank you (Mark and Alexandra)
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
manuel germany :):  Hi Rich, hi Alison, hi Betty, hi all – good to see you all again 
Inhee_Korea:  @Darlene thank you for reminding the wisdom from the Messenger.
Betty_UK:  Hi Manuel 
jeanine_Society:  It is the top of the hour – Let us take a moment of silence and surround and protect ourselves with the love and grace of God. And let us remember who is in the middle of our circle–this world, this corner of the Greater Community–bringing us this vast gift of Revelation, the remedy to a world in need. The Messenger is depending on us…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I’m hoping that we can include what Darlene and jeanine have said in the beginning of the chat in the transcript. If so that would be great!
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Alexandra (and Mark) for compiling the Advocacy Strategies and providing a way for others to participate here.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene for the wisdom from the Messenger.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Hello everyone! Glad to be here again after a long absence. NNC.
39810:  Hello everyone. Glad you are back Sanghyun!
Ellen_Society:  Hello again, SangHyun, it is good to see you here!
Betty_UK:  Hello SangHyun 
Cameron_Canada:  who is in the middle of our circle…? Which circle? Are you referring to MVS ?
Ilhun_Korea:  Hi SangHyun!
Betty_UK:  Thank you Alexandra and Mark
Debbie_MI:  Hello everyone. Thank you Darlene for the wisdom from the Messenger.
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Ilhun_Korea:  Where can I get the compiled Advocacy Strategies?
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SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Ellen, 39810, Ilhun, Kelton!
ray_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
Darlene_Society:  Welcome each and every one of you Greater Community People of the Revelation. Your presence each week is noted here below and perhaps above as well. This is a most important gathering in this part of the Sector!
44896:  Hi everyone, thank you Darlene, so much wisdom given.
Darlene_Society:  Who are you 44896?
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Mark and Alexandra!
jeanine_Society:  Welcome everyone! Glad to see you all gathered here again –
Today this is our last week of our Free School Session on ‘Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe’ so we will spend some time looking at the entire session and what impacted you most or anything you did not have a chance to share in the previous Chats.
Susan_Malaysia:  Hello everyone , good to be here again on this sacred chat.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you @Darlene for the greater perspective.
Darlene_Society:  We all have had a seat in the most extraordinary classroom on the planet, to participate in the foundational Greater Community education received by a Messenger from God and to receive another Book of the New Message: The Greater Community. Take a moment to feel this privilege and responsibility…then tell us, In this very powerful Free School session, what is something new you learned regarding contact with intelligent life in the universe that you did not know before and that you plan to stay with going forward?
Kari_H_Finland:  The most important document about the extraterrestrial presence is in the world. Thank you Allies of Humanity
Frederick_uk:  Hello everyone.
Chrysostomos:  Hello everybody. Glad to be here again
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Indeed Darlene…thank you for this powerful perspective and a bigger picture to see!
manuel germany :):  Hi Frederick – good to see you again 
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone!!
Bethne_UK:  Glad to see you here too Sang Hyun.
Greg_UK:  Hi Fred 
Jeanne_Boulder:  Harvey is a prime example of Great Wave of Change Blessings to all
Betty_UK:  Hi Fred 
Greg_UK:  Keep an eye on IRMA in the Atlantic
Cameron_Canada:  @Jeanne – please explain
44896:  Darlene, true, today a friend told me; ” you are attending the most important school, learning about the most important things from the Messenger” -nothing is more important then that.
Greg_UK:  estimated Cat 5 hurricane possibly heading to east coast Florida area next weekend
44896:  Thanks Greg
Cameron_Canada:  Oh – lol – The hurricane. I was wondering who Harvey was.
Samantha_SA:  One thing that I have learnt during this session is how important it is to overcome my own ambivalence regarding the Greater Community presence in the world – How in facing something that I had previously overlooked or ignored (due to ignorance and fear) I might better understand the world and appreciate the significance of my life at this time. This session has allowed me to understand and appreciate the gravity of the time in which we are living and this in turn has prompted me to seriously re-evaluate my life. This has been really difficult, and has thus engendered immense compassion towards others – I know now how hard it is to accept that you are living in a changing world and that the life you are living just isn’t appropriate, because this means you have to make changes; you have to let people go whom you love dearly, let go of cherished ambitions and allow yourself to be empty. This is much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be… I understand now that this cannot be…
Samantha_SA:  … a casual pursuit to make me feel better about myself but something that needs to permeate all aspects of my life. Really facing the Greater Community has changed the way I see, well, everything really
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Darlene in learning about the Greater Comm and its vastness and its complexity there were a few things that were new. Yet, for me it always comes back to the preparation and practice within and at times without. I have been feeling more and more pressure in regards to my practice and the quality of it. It is essential that I/We learn discretion and know the difference between Knowledge and its vehicles of expression. To understand that and apply it in life is where wisdom lies. This is something new to me everyday for I am learning something new about the world, myself and others in the process. I am growing up and becoming more mature. This is new for sure! LOL
Jeanne_Boulder:  The destruction of Harvey is a perfect example of Great Wave of change is here.
Bethne_UK:  Thankyou Samantha .
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  @Darlene, whenever reading the Revelations that tells us the intention of intervening forces and the Greater Community, I think of my times in the past when I thought the beings are here to help us. Those truth must be educated to people.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Samantha_SA, I am resonating deeply with your words for have come to the same realizations. Thank you for sharing.

Maria_Boulder:  I am shy to ask this very basic question, but there I go! There is something that has often puzzled me: when The AA say, or as Marshall said last week :” ….many Greater Community people have been sent into the world at this time.”

“By Greater Community people, I am referring people who may have a strong Greater Community history and inclination—perhaps like many of you.”(End of MVS quote) …what I am wondering is, where else does anyone come from if not the Greater Community. Are some people natives of this planet throughout its history, (with no history in the GC, while others come from elsewhere?

Cole_Boulder:  @Samantha – “I understand now that this cannot be a casual pursuit to make me feel better about myself but something that needs to permeate all aspects of my life.” Thank you for sharing a bit of your experience. Amazing how the greater context of life can bring clarity into the smallest details
jeanine_Society:  @Samantha – thank you for sharing your insight – it is worth repeating here…. Yes those who are heavily invested in their old life, must first uninvest – “I know now how hard it is to accept that you are living in a changing world and that the life you are living just isn’t appropriate, because this means you have to make changes.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Samantha!
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Darlene for sharing The Messengers words of wisdom….and good morning everyone.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maria good question!
Mike_LF_CAL:  …and the what are the consequences of NOT making those changes!!??
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Greg. Possible points of impact: from Florida to New York. Or if it goes south, then it will go over Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic. Final intensity is yet uncertain.
27843:  Sonia London UK: Good day all ( 4:20 pm) Hello
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Joyanne_Canada:  This Session of the Free School is expanding my understandings and perspectives of the Greater Community. It feels like I am developing my education and preparation to accept and grow in this aspect of the NM. The importance of being prepared in this area has been enhanced. The Declaration of Human Sovereignty seems to be hitting me deeper within. The Importance of this document can not be overestimated nor undervalued.
Bethne_UK:  Hello Sonia.I hope to meet you one day as I donot live very far from you.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Does anyone know if Irma is currently a Cat4 ?
manuel germany :):  hi mel – good to see you again 

Chrysostomos:  <<Despite Hawking’s extraordinary effort to find intelligent life in the Universe, he is one of the most outspoken critics of actually trying to communicate with them, an act that he says would potentially endanger humanity, because a distant alien civilisation might view us as inferior, weak, and perfect to conquer.

“If so, they will be vastly more powerful and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.>> Stephen Hawking 2016

LaRaeUK:  Wow Samantha….you put that so powerfully and yet so simply. It resonates deeply.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Jim, resonating with what you stated.
mellany UK:  Hi Manuel!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  One aspect that I have considered from this last session ahas been to look at the interventions that have occurred here on Earth that can teach about the one we all face from abroad now. Going forward I have a new interest in aboriginal history here in Canada as well as the US, Mexico, Australia, Africa and on and on – a wealth of information when considered in the light of the Revelations.
Kari_H_Finland:  Once again this Free School session reminds me how important it is to have the awareness of Greater Community and especially the awareness of our position regarding it. I have been constantly reminded of the fact that the present awareness of people is very dangerous in the context of the Greater Community. I begin to understand that the Greater Community awareness does not come from your ideas or from some information you have received. I can see this when discussing about this topic with the people. You need a greater understanding in order to see the gravity of the situation. Where does this greater understanding come from? It comes from Knowledge.
jeanine_Society:  @Joyanne – thank you for bringing up the Declaration of Human Sovereignty – I think the Declaration is a great way to get people thinking about the bigger picture: “The Importance of this document can not be overestimated nor undervalued.”
Raoul_Australia:  @Maria, re. “Are some people natives of this planet throughout its history, (with no history in the GC, while others come from elsewhere?” I think that’s it, Maria, some may just have had their development take place mostly on this planet.
Jorge_Spain:  @Mike, forecast says it could go to Cat4 in 96 hours.
Joe_UK:  Thanks to this Free School session I learnt that by keeping the Greater Community in my awareness, on the dashboard of my consciousness, I was more sensitive for opportunities in conversations to delve a little into others’ understanding of life in the universe, providing an indication of whether and what part of the New Message to share with them.
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all. Sorry for being late.
Donald_Pa:  @Mike Irma is currently a Cat2.
Selma London:  Shawn, John Pilger’s film ‘Utopia’ about the First Australians might interest you
Cameron_Canada:  @Maria & Raoul – I feel also that is probably true.
MVS Society:  “God knows what humanity is facing in the Greater Community. God knows that humanity cannot prepare itself for the realities of life in the universe. That is why a New Message has been sent into the world: to prepare humanity for the great environmental and economic problems that the world is facing here and to prepare humanity for its encounters with intelligent life in the universe.”
THE ONE BOOK: THE GREATER COMMUNITY. The Importance of the Greater Community
Greg_UK:  During this session I have found that using the star KIC 8462852 is a good subject to begin to discuss ET life, without it having to currently be present at Earth, which is a major blockage for some. KIC 8462852 also known as Tabby’s Star, has been discovered and seems to be a candidate for a type 2 civilisation which is building an alien megastructure, a Dyson Sphere, around their distant star. I will link the TEDx Talk video so you can start to orient yourselves.
Virpi_Finland:  What this session has reminded me is that we humans have power, power to say no. To make known that we do not want visitors here. And we also have power in numbers and in Knowledge.
Mark_Boulder:  @Kari – yes, there are dangerous ideas in humanity’s mind, and there is also the “psychic barrier” to penetrate and be compassionate with as we work in our outreach. This is what I’ll carry with me from this school session.
manuel germany :):  @Maria_Boulder: some of us are beings (spiritual beings) from the greater community of intelligent life, from spiritually very advanced races. other “souls or spirits” are from native Earth, other are from human races within our world. Well, I would say that we will be discovering this as we continue our journey in becoming a man or woman of Knowledge and our higher purpose become apparent. I think it is important to feel Knowledge within our hearts and minds…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  “You have 2 things to accomplish which are quite essential to your being here. You cannot neglect them regardless of your beliefs or points of view. You must develop yourself, your inherent abilities and 2 you must contribute something vital to the world.” Wisdom 1 pg. 72. I can never forget this and keep it with me. There is so much that goes along with what is said here and its greater picture not just of our individual lives but being part of this Greater Coordination. This is what really matters to me and why we have all been sent here and why Marshall has been sent here. I am what I do.
Joe_Delaware:  To become aware of the greater community creates a natural need for and an inclination towards Knowledge within the mind. I believe if humanity can become educated about the greater community that will naturally lead to a shift to higher consciousness for humanity. I think there is a natural resonance between a greater community awareness and Knowledge, like there is a resonance between being out in nature and Knowledge.
Betty_UK:  Hi Jeanine and Darlene, something that stayed with me is ‘relationships & spiritual family’, we have spiritual family members that are on other planets that we will never meet in person in our life time. So I guess what I learned, as well is how will these relationships be affected if the world doesn’t become free? I think that for me personally, I need to know the consequences or at least realize what it could mean if we fail to keep this world free. There is always this possibility of failure. I’m not afraid, but I feel it is important for me to know, what is at stake, not only here on earth but beyond in the physical, and beyond outside the physical realm.
Debbie_MI:  One thing that really made an impact on me in the teaching in The Greater Community book was the importance of the thoughts and actions of each individual and personal responsibility in relation to knowledge. One quote that stood out for me was the following: “For at every moment, you are living in the moment and building the future. And future generations will thank you or curse you depending on what you contribute today and the strength of your convictions to support human unity and freedom today.”
jeanine_Society:  @Virpi – an important insight here. Thank you. What is all boils down to – a simple ‘No.’ Our regular spiritual practice will help us access the strength and courage that we all have embedded in us…
Chrysostomos:  A former defence minister has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens.
Paul Hellyer, who was a Canadian minister from 1963 to 1967, is now urging world powers to release what he believes to be hidden data on UFOs.
‘Much of the media won’t touch [the documents]’, he said during a keynote speech at the Disclosure Canada Tour at the University of Calgary.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.c…33O3k
ray_Colorado:  @Maria ” … Yet so many people in the world today have roots in the Greater Community, for much of their previous experience occurred there before coming into this world in this life. It is like you are an isolated tribe who has never been discovered by the outer world, not knowing the greater powers that exist around you and completely unprepared for the day when your existence would be discovered from the outside. Humanity has been broadcasting into space, quite foolishly of course, and so your presence is well known to your neighbors and to other groups who are watching the world with great interest. For some, you have been studied for a very long time. While they might find your deeper nature incomprehensible, your outer behavior can be easily discerned and is quite predictable.” Entering the Greater Community http://www.newmessage….unity
Cole_Boulder:  Something I am being with is learning to consider the remainder of my life within the context of the intervention’s timeline, how that aligns with the Great Waves of Change, and what I must do with this liminal window of opportunity to prepare – skills, wisdom, relationships, advocacy… I see that my purpose is inextricably intertwined with the need for human sovereignty to be proclaimed across the world. I see that I must become sovereign within myself in order to speak for an education of this magnitude… I see we have time, but not a lot of time.
Darlene_Society:  @Virpi_Finland, “we humans have power, power to say no…And we also have power in numbers and Knowledge.” The Revelation is here to awaken this power in us. It is our only hope. So who denies the Revelation denies their own spiritual power and way out of their dilemmas.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cole” I see that I must become sovereign within myself in order to speak for an education of this magnitude.” so true this insight is..
Cole_Boulder:  @Joe – thanks for that insight
Wendy, NY:  What I’m taking from this session, and from study of the revelations in general, is a shift in perspective. I am experiencing seeing the world as a world experiencing intervention. Certain things about current human reality, e.g. the amount of totally senseless conflict going on, the amount of secrecy, the amount of powerful persuasion going into promoting consumption of physically, mentally and emotionally harmful products, seems finally explainable in the context of Visitors with an agenda and powerful methods of their own. I find this shift in my perspective empowering on one ha d and unspeakably disturbing on the other. I am, however, like one who has woken up and cannot go back to sleep.
Keiko_Ita:  I could not reach how the GC is like before. But I realized that it is a bigger world than ours with the same problems we face every day…because of our separated state, it causes many problems…You do not know where you came from and you feel alone or lonely at the same time. When you understand that you are not alone in the universe. it encourages you to see more clearly the world. Why it does not work well?
MVS Society:  “Conquest is not allowed in this region of space, and it is not even considered because it would be too destructive to the world. Instead, there is an attempt to win humanity over—to promise humanity what it cannot provide for itself, to weaken the people’s confidence in their governments and leaders, to weaken the human spirit, to lead people to acquiesce and to believe that the Intervention is here to help and to redeem a struggling humanity.”
THE ONE BOOK: THE GREATER COMMUNITY: The Importance of the Greater Community
Tonia_Denmark:  This encounter with intelligent life in the universe is, to answer the first question, the most challenging treshold I have ever come across.
manuel germany :):  @Debbie_MI: great thank you for sharing “”For at every moment, you are living in the moment and building the future. And future generations will thank you or curse you depending on what you contribute today and the strength of your convictions to support human unity and freedom today.” – although our contribution is little the impact may be great. – What is the ocean, but the sum of little drops of water?
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Greg, have you contemplated the amount of mass it would take to make a Dyson Sphere? That’s great that you’re using the recent news of a possible type 2 civilization existing there to initiate a GC conversation but… the amount of mass required to encompass an entire solar system would exceed the mass of said system… sorry had to point that out.
Wendy, NY:  By the way – sorry for being late, and forgetting to greet you all :))
Kari_H_Finland:  @Shawn, this theme about the native, isolated people being subjugated by more advanced nations in a clandestine manner in our history has also become important to me. To study these can be a very sobering exercise.
69501:  <—-Bruce in Cape Cod. I wish we had a less clunky interface for this… Any news on if and when the forum will return? As far as the Allies Briefings go, I sure hope there’s a Classified version of this that describes an effective weapon beyond just public opinion…
Keiko_Ita:  Also we are preparing for the future because what we are practicing here on earth can apply in the bigger picture of the GC.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Virpi for pointing out that humanity has power to resist the Intervention.
Damien_France:  This session has been for me the opportunity to carry the awareness of the GC and the Intervention with much more depth, concern and consistency than usually. I am realizing that our future is there. I am realizing our situation more clearly regarding the Intervention. I am realizing how important time is in this regard. And I am realizing that the Mental Environment will be a major place where the Intervention will be rejected or accepted. As a result, the draw from the GC has grown and it is much more present in my daily life and thoughts.
Tonia_Denmark:  What I have learned so far is not quite clear though….
Matt_bzn:  Thank you for those thoughts Wendy
ray_Colorado:  ” … those who seek your world cannot live here. They cannot breathe your atmosphere. They are unprotected against the biological contamination of the world. They need you, and they will offer you anything they can as an inducement for you to allow them to guide you—promising to save you from your great and ever-growing calamity, promising to give you peace and equanimity, freedom from war and conflict, saying that they themselves have no war. And yet it is all but a deception, you see. It is all a powerful deception, given to an unsuspecting humanity—a humanity that is mesmerized by its newfound technology and who will be so impressed by demonstrations of technology at a greater level; a humanity that is desperate for answers to the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world; a humanity that seeks power and wealth even as it depletes its own world beyond recognition. You must come to understand this, or you will think the universe is just a big empty place for you to explore,…
jeanine_Society:  @MVS – thank you for that last quote. I’ve always felt, nothing worse than being manipulated…humanity can be so gullible, naive…we truly are ‘adolescents’ emerging into the Greater Community…
Joyanne_Canada:  @Damien, ditto
ray_Colorado:  … and to get whatever you want, and to replace whatever you have destroyed or consumed here on Earth. You will think you are special in this universe and that other races will come to help you because you are so special. You will think the universe runs according to your philosophy, to your religious understanding, to your ethics, to your concepts—you who know nothing about this Greater Community of life in which you live.” The Enemies of Humanity http://www.newmessage….amily

Maria_Boulder:  This is the great moment. This is the great time in which you live. This is a great calling for Knowledge within you to emerge in your awareness. This is a great calling for you to take the Steps to Knowledge, for you live at a great turning point.

It is a greater turning point than any of your ancestors ever faced. The future of humanity is being decided and will be decided in the next ten to fifteen years. That is how significant this time is. (GC, chpt.9)(THIS WAS STATED ON DEC. 15, 2006)

MARIANNA:  Hello to every one from Greece.Did all from GC have knowledge ?

MVS Society:  “If humanity should fail the Revelation, your world will continue to decline—destroying not only individuals but whole nations of people, setting you into war and contest over who will have the remaining resources, a situation far more grave, grievous and tragic than anything humanity has ever faced before.

Into this growing chaos, forces coming from the universe will arrive, promising peace, prosperity and high technology. They will come offering gifts with their secret plans—plans that have been long in formation, long considered.”
ONE BOOK: THE NEW MESSENGER: The Consequence of Revelation

Mike_LF_CAL:  Throughout these chat sessions, in addition to what I’ve already learned over the years from the study of GCS and the AOH, LiTU and so many GC related Revelations is that we can also learn from each other among WWC by sharing what we know to be true that has been learned over our lifetime(s) and this should be taken very seriously… for you and I have been called and it is no accident we are here, now at this moment in time.
jeanine_Society:  @Everyone, please continue to respond to Darlene’s question, but also, is there anything else from this past 2-month School Session that deeply struck you that you would like to share with the 131 students here today?
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Darlene “The Revelation is here to awaken this power in us. It is our only hope. So who denies the Revelation denies their own spiritual power and way out of their dilemmas.”
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall, this is a great motivation to keep moving and never give up.
Donald_Pa:  The one great reminder that came up for me in this session was the MVS quote about the rules of engagement for this region of space. There is much “disclosure” info out there proclaiming the arrival of an armada of ships preparing to invade our world. Once one Knows the rules, the fear factor of these “reports” is no longer an issue.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Yes Keiko, and also we have equipped with essential strength already. “Humanity has the possibility for Self-Knowledge. It has the awareness of the Creator of all life sufficiently to call upon a greater inner strength. It has learned the lessons of nature sufficiently within this world to bring this wisdom to bear in its encounter with a Greater Community of life.” – THE GREATER COMMUNITY. Ch1. Humanity’s emergence Into the Greater Community.
Tonia_Denmark:  I hear you, Maria. That I have learned. The Steps are taking us over the top of the stormy waves….if we find the key to unlock the problems, big or small, that holds us back.
Wendy, NY:  @Shawn, there is an amazing book about the devastation of Canadian indigenous peoples called Clearing the Plains. You are right that we can learn a lot from looking afresh at the fate if indegenous peoples on this planet.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Wendy (8:32) ” like one who has woken up and cannot go back to sleep” I fee the same …
Jim B. Upstate NY:  For me the bigger picture has 4 elements to it: Time, Preparation and Freedom and what we do with these is the 4th. We have the time to prepare but not much, we have the preparation to use in time and the freedom to use it. What we do with it in this time makes all the difference.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mike, I totally resonate: “this should be taken very seriously… for you and I have been called and it is no accident we are here”, and this school session has been key in reinforcing this.
Patricia_Society:  Thank you @Joe_UK(9:26) “… keeping the Greater Community in my awareness, on the dashboard of my consciousness…” Having a ” dashboard of practices” is one way to be able to sustain a kind of ambient state of greater awareness or “Active Practice”, the “walking around kind” vs the also extremely important , “Formal Practice” of sitting meditation, focused contemplation, etc. A dashboard of “Active”practices for example, Stillness, Inner Listening, Seeing, GC perspective, and/or select “Managing the Mind” practices while engaging real time with people, situations, problem solving….Dashboard practices can be what you take with you, what you move through life utilizing, to help create states of mind and body that permit the movement, expression and perceptions of Knowledge in our experience and in our interactions with the world.
Greg_UK:  @Mike it has occurred to me, but given that if you turn the page and accept that our physics is woefully inadequate to describe interstellar travel (putting aside the Alcubierre drive) if ET races can reach us here, they can gather material from other systems or even generate matter directly by manipulating energy. Also the amount of matter required would diminish as you approached Red Dwarf star sizes as the sphere would need to be far smaller than one around our sun for instance, encircling the Goldilocks Zone in a sphere of enclosed space. <— smaller star = smaller diameter sphere. The star has been dimming steadily for over 100 years, on top of the data collected via Kepler.
Cole_Boulder:  @Damien @all – re:mental environment : “…essentially it is nature that you are facing now—competition in nature, competition for the world, a competition that will not be played out on battlefields but in the minds and the hearts of men and women.” The Importance of the GC
ray_Colorado:  “A very advanced society will value the natural environment tremendously and will utilize it in such a way that its productivity can be continued far into the future. It is a sustainable relationship, a relationship that humanity at this point does not have with the natural world. Should humanity fail, then others from the Greater Community will come to take over the world. They will take it over because they value the environment. The environment is more important than any one race or species. It is generally held in the Greater Community that should a race spoil its natural environment, then others are free to intervene and to displace them. This is an established principle in the Greater Community and is widely held, though not all societies subscribe to it. Being human, this is very difficult for you to understand because you feel that the environment is there for you—there for you to use and to throw away. And you think that humanity is the most important thing in the universe,…
ray_Colorado:  … and certainly the most important thing in this world. But your neighbors in the Greater Community do not share this view.”
“This is why tremendous experimentation is being done on plants, animals and human beings at this time because the risk to your environment has grown. The possibility of human failure has grown. The possibility of your damaging your physical environment beyond repair has grown, and as it has grown there has been intervention from the Greater Community.”
WGC2.25 Environments http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Another aspect of the the recent Free School Session has “popped” for me has been the fact that the universe is not Human. Upon hearing this I actively imagined being another “Type” of being,yet with the same desire for truth. I would imagine being a fish being and then an insect being, then a cat -like being and then a reptilian type being, and on and on – all with the same degree of self awareness. This gave me an entirely fresh understanding of our situation and the fact that this is the condition for all life in the universe. Although humbling it also brings a sense of connection and inclusion.
Tonia_Denmark:  Sorry, I didn’t get Darlenes question. Can anyone repeat?
Joyanne_Canada:  good insight @Donald.. being Educated about the GC, and how it works eases the fears.. another way to control humanity is via fear of the unknown.
Debbie_MI:  @Maria-The quote you shared is very moving and sobering. It highlights just how important the NM is and how important it is to take the STK and share the NM with others. Thank you for sharing that.
MVS Society:  It will take the greatest challenge and threat to finally unite the human family. The Greater Community provides this. That is why the Great Coordination has brought the NMG and the Allies of Humanity Briefings to the world.
Eron_Boulder:  @MVS, all…One way to consider the Intervention is that it “never sleeps”. Extraterrestrial intruder activities are extremely persistent. Unfortunately, they are a demonstration of focus without distractions. If we intend to maintain our freedom in the face of the Intervention we must see that our Greater Community education and service to the world may be the only thing that stands between success and failure. And we all know failure is not an option.
Angel_PA:  The most significant thing I’ve gotten from this session is the acceptance of the direct presence of the Intervention in my life as a child. I’ve been in denial about it because it’s so hard to take in. It was always an abstract idea or possibility but never something I could accept as a real physical phenomena in my life. I’m still digesting this acceptance and what it really means for me and how it has impacted my life. It has made the GC more real too me, no longer a hopeful fantasy. In spite of all the negative things I’ve read over the years there was always the benevolent alien coming to the rescue in the end.
Robert_Society:  @Bruce in cape cod – I’ve sent you a PM addressing your questions.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jeanine, the importance of staying grounded and clear, to know that there is an effort to keep us self obsessed and cut up with our selves and not looking up. To remember what the revelation says >> “You have skills. You have wisdom. No one else can live in your world. It is biologically too complex for them. They need you. They need your cooperation. They need you to submit to them, willingly. They need to erode your self-confidence so that you feel you cannot resist them. They need you to deplete your resources so that you will become dependent upon them.”
Jorge_Spain:  For me, one thing I’ve got from this session is to understand better the interaction and the feedback between the Intervention and the Great Waves. There are things still unclear to me, however.
Debbie Plano:  What has come up for me is the importance of finding people who feel the calling and can take the journey to connect with Knowledge. It seems like there is a scale with 2 sides representing Knowledge and the Intervention. Which is stronger? Which will prevail? Can we find enough people who can be strong with Knowledge to balance out this scale. Can we find enough people who are looking for the New Message? Can we make Knowledge in the world stronger than the mental influence of the intervention? I have much work yet to be done in my life and in advocacy.
Darlene_Society:  Tonia: In this very powerful Free School session, what is something new you learned regarding contact with intelligent life in the universe that you did not know before and that you plan to stay with going forward?
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Maria_Boulder (and Raoul_Australia and manuel_germany): I’m sorry I can’t seem to find it now, but I’m almost certain it says somewhere in the Revelation that everyone has some background in the GC. And I was confused by that because elsewhere it seemed to imply that some people have an especially strong attraction to the GC because of their history in it. But I found clarification in Life in the Universe, “Your Relationship with the Greater Community.” A few quotes: “You have a greater relationship with life beyond your world. You have this greater relationship because it represents both your future and your past. […] Perhaps you have lived in many places and you bring this with you. […] If much of your history has been beyond this world, then that is part of your gathered wisdom. […] Even a person who has had very little history in the Greater Community can be attracted for it represents your future and your destiny.”
MaryL_Boulder:  I realized how important this education about the Greater Community is as well as our own preparation and study in becoming a man or women of Knowledge. Humanity is not ready for GC contact whether it is from the Allies or the intervening forces. How would we be able to discern who are our allies…this can only be known. The lack of disclosure is an obstacle but it also buys us more time. Once it is fully disclosed (and it may be coming) the majority of people will be shocked into submission thinking that with their advance technology humanity is powerless. I didn’t fully understand why the Allies will not come here and establish relationship. We are not ready.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, I agree with Kristina, “… this is a great motivation to keep moving and NEVER GIVE UP”!
Ilhun_Korea:  @jeanine & @MVS : “…humanity can be so gullible, naive…we truly are ‘adolescents’ emerging into the Greater Community…” & ” … They will come offering gifts with their secret plans—plans that have been long in formation, long considered.” So we need very NMG and the Greater Community education…
44690:  This session has reinforced in me the importance of planning for the future so I can continue to maintain strong pillars, to be able to support Marshall and the Society, and continue to do advocacy work into the future. Sometimes I just scan the content that is being posted on a few UFO related facebook groups. I am reminded of the huge number of distractions and disinformation. And then there are the difficulties and distractions in everyone’s life. How can individually and collectively advocate more powerfully and effectively reach people with all this noise? This has become more pressing during this session.
Keiko_Ita:  I always realize every situation I face, if I do not have Knowledge, I will be stable with every problem I face. I would lose the point easily…I could not see the core of the event itself. This is the real salvation for me. Especially when I faced the Intervention.
Raoul_Australia:  Hello Marianna, regarding your question: “Did all from GC have knowledge?” From my understanding, the NM teaches us that all intelligent beings carry Knowledge, but that the universe encompasses all stages of development, so many beings may not be connected to it at their stage, and that technological advancement does not imply spiritual advancement.
Keiko_Ita:  Sorry, “would not be stable”
Maureen_Boulder:  What never ceases to befuddle me is humanity’s blindness to our dependence on and connection to the natural world for our very survival. We are so self-absorbed, we can’t see the obvious. For those who do see that something is off, most feel that their individual contribution is so small that it can’t be important or is not enough to make a difference. When actually, it will take the combined efforts of all of us to turn things around. We must not look to the governments and organizations to make the corrections. We must look to our own actions – to the way we live, how much we are consuming and ask ourselves continually what we can do in our personal worlds to lessen the impact on the environment.
ray_Colorado:  ” … never think that you can go into space and just claim whatever resources that you have wasted here upon the Earth, for those resources are owned by others. Never assume that the universe is just a vast empty place awaiting human exploration and human exploitation. For you are not alone in the universe or even within your own world at this time. The ignorance and the arrogance of such assumptions must be corrected, or humanity will make fatal mistakes that even God and God’s Angels will not be able to offset.” Protecting the Worldhttp://www.newmessage….world
Cole_Boulder:  @4460 – “How can individually and collectively advocate more powerfully and effectively reach people with all this noise? This has become more pressing during this session.” That is an important question to consider, thank you
Carol_Society:  @Mike, Raoul: “this school session has been key in reinforcing this.” I have to share here how I have been very struck by the responses to the July-August Session Survey. I cannot remember students expressing such a strong impact they have experienced by the study and practices of this session.
Ilhun_Korea:  @jeanine: for the 2nd question;
Before I knew the New Message of God, and before I studied the Steps to Knowledge, suffering was pain itself, but now suffering has become a very useful sign to tell me that I am going the wrong way.
The context of the Greater Community has become an important concept that allows me to realize my destiny and purpose as a puzzle of a big picture in this life and in this world. When my point of view is in that context, I can see situations in a more wide and calm position without being disturbed by the confusion, condemnation, and emotions that occur in the surface mind.And when I recognize my destiny in the context of the Greater Community, I ask myself what I must do, and then I feel keenly the necessity of the Power and the Presence of Knowledge. So I think STK is very important to me now and is a great teacher. Just before I met the New Message from God, I remember that I needed the teacher so desperately.

SangHyun_CA_Korea:  I agree MaryL, the delayed disclosure buys us sometime to prepare and get ready.
Maria_Boulder:  “Recognize, then, that your environment is immensely important. Whatever you can do—whatever small action you can take, whatever is within the range of your personal skill, power and responsibility to enhance and to keep this environment healthy—is fundamental to your success.” (GC, chpt.5 WHO ARE THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY)…it is extremely obvious if we look around us , at what is happening on our planet at this moment.
MARIANNA:  Thanks Raoul.I thought also so.
Raoul_Australia:  @Carol, thank you, that is so good to hear
Keiko_Ita:  Because I am not alone, I have my Teachers with me.
Maria_Boulder:  @Virpi, Raoul, Manuel- thank you
Joyanne_Canada:  @Maureen, I feel the same way.. its like people are just so blind, or to scared to face the reality that we need our world to sustain us.. it seems the run away from this understanding and perspective or don’t get it at all.. cannot make the connection somehow..
Maureen_Boulder:  Yes, Maria. I concur totally.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Greg, (8:41) copy that…
Angel_PA:  Ilhun, resonating, thank you!
Gina_Boulder:  A strong experience for me comes from recognizing that me and most everyone I know has taken not one breath on this earth without there being GC intervention. It is like the skin we have to wear. It is insidious. I must choose again and again to stay present with this reality, to maintain my awareness and allow it to grow. Recognizing my choice to be here, to live for truth and for the freedom of this world fuels my determination and advocacy. I choose this.
jeanine_Society:  “It is time for you to grow up and think of greater things—to think of the welfare of your planet, to think of the stability of your environment, to think of world security now and not merely the security of your own nation.” – Who Are the Allies of Humanity?
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Ilhun for sharing.
manuel germany :):  you are very welcome Maria_Boulder
ray_Colorado:  “You have abandoned your relationship with nature. You have taken on a mistress of technology, forcing a kind of adultery that has set you out of accord with yourself, with one another and with your environment”
Nature and Natural Disasters http://www.newmessage….sters
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshal.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you for those important words, Ilhun.
Wendy, NY:  I concur that there is something amazing about thinking of human spirituality, human destiny, the human situation in the context of the Greater Community. Talk about a paradigm shift! To think that my origins may be elsewhere and that I have a destiny here, with others, to do my bit to birth our entrance into conscious connection with the Greater Community. So much at stake but so exciting!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Great quote Ray!
Erik_OR:  Powerful imagery, Gina. And very clarifying. Thank you.
Mathieu_France:  @Jeanine; I feel so much more at ease within that greater perspective. Gives so much more meaning to life than a mere local individual focused existence where I never really fit to begin with…
Betty_UK:  When I look at the human history, I see that humanity has the power to unite, it has been demonstrated in our history. Usually due to a common threat. But one has to realize there is a common threat before one can see there is problem that needs fixing.
Selma London:  I hadn’t noted before the operations on the Sun: “We demand that all extraterrestrials now cease all operations and activities and immediately vacate and depart from the Earth and its surroundings including the Sun, Earth’s Moon, and all planets of this Solar System.” Declaration of Human Sovereignty
Lin_Boulder:  @Maureen, so true. “Human unity may be a long way away to achieve. Human discretion may be a long way away to achieve. But you must not lose your self-sufficiency. For if you do, then you will have to yield to whatever a foreign power will offer you. ” -Protecting the World
Cameron_Canada:  @ Wendy – “To think that my origins may be elsewhere and that I have a destiny here” is a powerful realization
jeanine_Society:  @Ilhun – Thank you for that wisdom: “Before I knew the New Message of God, and before I studied the Steps to Knowledge, suffering was pain itself, but now suffering has become a very useful sign to tell me that I am going the wrong way.” For more on Suffering, please see the revelation: http://www.newmessage….world
Darlene_Society:  Gina, spoken like a true warrior: “Recognizing my choice to be here, to live for truth and for the freedom of this world fuels my determination and advocacy. I choose this.”
ray_Colorado:  ““Why did you create hurricanes?” you may ask, but God only created the conditions under which hurricanes emerge. That was before there was any life in this world. But God did not create this hurricane to punish humanity. This is foolishness. This is ignorance.
If humanity continues in its present course, it will generate more events of this kind. Large parts of the world will be heavily damaged, and great droughts will fall upon the arid regions, driving people out. Nations will collapse. There will be millions of refugees with nowhere to go.” Nature and Natural Disasters http://www.newmessage….sters
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Ilhun for the comments(9:47AM), my perception of “suffering” has changed as well, gradually and in different way. Revelation “Suffering” was given (to me) at the right time.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Gina, yes.. we must continue to choose and choose again.. eyes forward..keep moving , keep focus on the preparation..
Joe_Delaware:  @Eron. Good point. The intervention never stops. I often observe world events and think of the Allies of Humanity Briefings and look for where there may be manipulation. The Briefings reveal the strategies of the Intervention. Where do we see these strategies in play? And who is being influenced? Who is naturally countering them either through an awareness of the intervention or just being opposed to corruption and supporting freedom and preservation?
Debbie_MI:  @Gina-Thank you for sharing your experience. The GC intervention is insidious and that is an accurate way of describing it. I love the way you describe how this fuels your determination and advocacy efforts.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for receiving Revelation “Suffering” for us.
Keiko_Ita:  I feel that when Technology advances, we need more things to keep going…we need more resources instead of keeping the harmony with nature. Self obsessed to have more. Becoming greedy.
Rudy_Boulder:  Great quote with great clarity, thank you, Ray.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Shawn (8:42), ” I actively imagined being another “Type” of being…” Along those same trains of thought I contemplated what was meant by a non human universe… they (GC) do not value what humanity values… I’m paraphrasing here … so what is a good simple example of a human value? When I heard David Jacobs describing a teaching lesson between an abductee and a hybrid, the hybrid was shown an image of a dog and asked the abductee, “what’s a dog for”. It suddenly occurred to me to even ask such a question reveals so much about the absence of emotion from those bio-bots (hybrids), no love, no compassion, no humor… if the intervention should prevail the remaining human society will be unrecognizable. We must win the battle, we must continue on no matter what … taking the steps…
Samantha_SA:  @Ilhun (5:47) thank you so much for sharing, I am also extremely grateful to have found the NM, and STK
jeanine_Society:  @Mathieu – yes, being a student of Knowledge and learning of our emergence into the Greater Community, certainly starts to move us away from a life of personal fulfillment and towards this greater perspective and away from our tribal sensibilities…before we even realize what is happening…
Angel_PA:  The Intervention is in people’s living rooms…anyone see the tv show People of Earth?
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Nice insight Mike.
LaRaeUK:  I resonate with your words Wendy. Not until discovering this material did I ever consider I might have been from the GC…..
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ joe Del: yup. powerful people in gov’t business and religion. makes you wonder who, and try to understad the strategy.
Greg_UK:  I have to run again I am afraid – but to all in the Caribbean, Cuba Peurto rico, The Antilles, Florida and East Coast USA again keep a daily eye on Irma, be prepared as some estimates say this could be the most powerful storm ever recorded. NNC all Love to Marshall Patricia and Reed and all the Society.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Angel..yes tv is really bombarding the air waves with many UFO shows
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Maureen and Ilhun thank you for what you both have said!
Alex Nz:  where can we find the revelation The Great Coordination?
MVS Society:  “You do not need to go to another world to realize you live in a Greater Community, for the Greater Community is at your doorstep. It is looking into your windows. It is in your neighborhood. It is here.”
GREATER COMMUNITY SPIRITUALITY: What is the Greater Community?
LaRaeUK:  Be well and safe Greg.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Greg…take care friend.
Frederick_uk:  Humanity will emerge into the Greater Community with or without the intervention now, even though it is premature. Humanity must rise to this occasion with the resolve and determination to be in the Greater Community under our own right, untethered and free with the New Message from God and Knowledge
Darlene_Society:  As the second hour strikes, feel the gratitude of knowing and seeing things others in our world are not because of what the Messenger has brought. A new reality. And we are all participating in this together.
Keiko_Ita:  @Mike LF CAL, I DO agree with you. We need to take Steps to Knowledge otherwise we do not have the future which must be.
Erik_OR:  @MVS “it is in your neighborhood.” Well, this literally drives the Message home!
Tonia_Denmark:  I cried when I read the Suffering. For me it is the most important revelation there is on the road to even begin to understand what suffering can be.
Maureen_Boulder:  This teaching is so big! As I read the quotes people share, I am “wow”ed that so much information is available to us. So much to absorb. So rich. So challenging. So inspiring. I am moved by the wonder of it all.
Tom_SanFrancisco:  my take in the abductions is that they tend to happen in rural areas so they can be less obvious. can anyone confirm that or correct me?
MVS Society:  Yes Erik and GCS was received in 1994, 23 years ago.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tonia, yes what a great Revelation.. I feel it has truly helped put Suffering within us and our world in a greater perspective for me. It sure grew my understanding of it.. I agree its one of those go to Revelations that strengthen us within.
Matt_bzn:  @Tom. My research suggests they happen everywhere.
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-How true that is! I find myself very aware of that reality and that it is very insidious and pervasive.
Insuk_Korea:  @Gina, I agree with you.
Maria_Boulder:  Yesterday I was having a conversation with an Indian woman who is a scientist. She referred to a study she is aware of that concluded that knowing more than one language, increases empathy…It makes me think of our translators and our worldwide community represented here…and I also think of us studying the language of Knowledge, that will prepare us for discerning and communicating with non-human life-forms of the GC
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ Matt: interesting. right in the city!?
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone for being here today and for your continued support and participation in the mission of the New Message and its Messenger. We ask you to again consider the great need of the New Message both now and into the future. Part of that need is for financial stability and strength as we continue to develop improved and expanded ways to share the New Message worldwide as well as the need to provide for a sound platform from which to center this effect. To our current financial donors we extend our heartfelt gratitude. If you are considering supporting the New Message in this way, please visit – http://www.newmessage….ssage . Thank you.
James_Boulder:  this session, for me again restated the importance of giving our emergence into the GC and the presence of the intervention the ‘right’ kind of attention. How can we relate to this reality in a way that will empower, motivate, and give context and not in a way that will discourage, bring fear, or cause fascination? Knowing that we can chose our relationship to this and how this can/will set the tone of how other may relate to it in the future and how this is critical to our success or failure, really highlights the importance of these conversation.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Yes Maria, blessing to all of our translators
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Maria_Bouder, thank you for sharing this important insight

Alison_Boulder:  How can you help the Society in Advocacy this week?

Just one of many – An important message in video format on Facebook from Marshall Vian Summers in light of Hurricane Harvey and all those facing the tremendous destruction this storm has caused.


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ray_Colorado:  “You do not need to see spaceships or have encounters with extraterrestrial influences in order to become a Greater Community person. Becoming a Greater Community person is a great threshold. Achievement here is partially dependent upon your intention to continue. It is partially dependent upon the circumstances in which you live, which includes the quality of your relationships and their ability to support you. However, achievement here largely depends upon the nature of the preparation itself, for who in the world can teach you of the Greater Community? You need a preparation from beyond the world to learn of the Greater Community.
If you wish to go beyond human speculation and human fantasy, you must receive something that will enable you to do this. You cannot invent the way for yourself. Here is where you need help of a very special kind.” WGC2.16 Thresholds http://www.newmessage….pment
Alison_Boulder:  ADVOCACY GATHERINGS meets each Thursday at , 7pm BST and 6:30 pm MST. This is a way to come together in concentration and under Society guidance, sharing this great awareness of the warning, blessing and preparation to the world in an organized manner, with the gift of one another to work with.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Ilhun. “You see, God redeems you by giving you something important to do, something greater than your personal preoccupations, fears and concerns. This is how your value is restored to you. This is how your gift is discovered. And this is how your existence in the world is justified and blessed.” [GCS, What is the Greater Community?]
Angel_PA:  One thing I also realized is that my denial and keeping the GC as an abstract, at a distance, is directly related to my own self worth. It’s all so hard to take in, when I do take it in, then I must accept my worth and with that I must accept that I have a mission, a responsibility, to do what Knowledge guides me to do. If I can’t accept my worth, then I cannot feel worthy of such a task. If I am really honest with myself, my feelings of unworthiness are a way to keep me from taking on the responsibility because I believe I can’t do it. Difficult thing to see about oneself.
Alexandra_NL:  For those who have missed this message earlier on: following up on Patricia´s request to compile advocacy strategies, we would like to invite those who have advocacy experience (on-line or in person) to participate in an anonymous survey. If interested, please send an email to [email protected] and you will be contacted in the future. Thank you (Mark and Alexandra)
Keiko_Ita:  @Maria Boulder, Without Knowledge we can not comprehend other form of beings…We can understand them through Knowledge and with Knowledge…
Matt_bzn:  Yes. There have been accounts of witnesses actually seeing abductees being taken in metro areas. When you can move people through walls you can cloak your activities from witnesses I imagine.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to all for your wisdom today, must go computer is dying.
MVS Society:  The Intervention tends to go unnoticed, for people’s minds are preoccupied and their eyes tend to be downcast. Few are watching the skies.

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Tonia_Denmark:  I am behind reading that book The Geeater Communinity Spirituality, very sorry to say.. But I have a question about this GC and the voices. Is there a connection? And is the ‘flip side’ in the GT the Intervention?
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
Alex Nz:  Thank you MVS, words can’t describe really but beyond words we are blessed to have found this great message and just wanted to Thank MVS for receiving suffering and may the revelation and yourself be strong, NNC
Virpi_Finland:  Darlene, I think there are quite a few here on Earth, who have come here with warrior history from GC. I hope we find them so they know how to awaken and to direct their true skills for the good of humanity.
Matt_bzn:  @MVS – chemtrails case in point.
manuel germany :):  thanks Alexandra_NL for sharing that email address and your initiative to compile advocacy strategies. We all can learn from each other…
Cole_Boulder:  @Angel – thank you for sharing this. “my feelings of unworthiness are a way to keep me from taking on the responsibility because I believe I can’t do it” … It is a difficult thing to see in oneself, and you are right, the GC brings us face to face with it
Betty_UK:  The Allies briefings, and The Greater Community, highlight humanity’s weaknesses and Strength, and the weaknesses and strength of the intervention. However we have some wisdom from what we could call ‘humanity’s Allies’, the question is what are going to do with this wisdom. There was something that jumped out when I was listening to the Project camelot interview with Marshall, humanity only need the to show the appearance of protest against the intervention. The bigger problem is really I feel at this stage the general path of self destruction that emerging worlds tend to follow, the degradation of their world, at this stage this is a bigger problem. So how do we get humanity to take care of this world? Education? I can see that many in the world are becoming aware of this degradation of the world, and are sounding alarm bells.
Keiko_Ita:  @MVS, also to see the GWC, I look at the sky as well…
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @Matt: exactly what i was thinking. in that case , not only do they not look up, they don’t know anything about clouds and meteorology.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol_Society, (8:47), I am deeply drawn to the these sessions on the GC, it has always been of ongoing great interest to me.
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone…Nasi Novare Coram.
Tonia_Denmark:  The Suffering is like listening to a sung being sung back to us, lifting us into realization from above. A ladder! That why tears were running down my cheeks when reading it 😊
Adria_Poland:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram
Damien_France:  Thank you all. NNC.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Kari: Thank you. Great quote.
Matt_bzn:  One of my favorite quotes form TNM, and very liberating for me – “people believe what they want to believe” combined with “there is no belief – either you know of you don’t know…”
Raoul_Australia:  thankyou Alexandra for the info and the email address and thank you both for this initiative regarding advocacy strategies.
Maria_Boulder:  In response to Darlene’s earlier question, What has been reinforced in me this session, is that to be PRE pared means to live as though we have much less, BEFORE we reach that cliff… I hold this as I walk in the midst of a drunken with consumerism society, knowing we have come very close to the brink…and look at how I can actively resist the seductions of the world, that I may be PREpared for what is coming.”This is the difference between adolescence and adulthood. In adolescence, your life is expanding. It is opening up. It is reaching out. But in adulthood, you have to find stability and security if you are to be mature.
It is not about having more. It is not about consuming endlessly more. It is about finding a stable reality within the limits of your environment. This represents a fundamental shift in human awareness, a fundamental change in how you run your nations and your economies—a change of heart, a deeper recognition.” (GC Chpt11 The New Revelation)
Patricia_Society:  Had the opportunity this week during another one-to-one computer application tech support session via phone to engage regarding the Greater Community. After a lengthy back and forth exchange to try to get down to the issue, I thanked the agent named, Edmund, for his help. I asked where he was located. He said, “Sri Lanka.” I said,” Oh Edmund, this may be it. Well, this is it! We may never have the opportunity to ever interact again, you and me”…Then I asked him if he would be open to considering an entirely new and other view of world events and reality. He said, “Yes, sure.” I offered him the Allies website as a start. He went there as we spoke on the phone…and noted the Briefings being available. I urged him to find the link there also for The Human Sovereignty document. He did. He said he would look at it….He thanked me…We said good bye…That was my “Edmund moment….”
Inhee_Korea:  @Ilhun Thank you for sharing that.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Patricia, thank you for sharing this experience.. so many opportunities
Debbie_MI:  @Patricia-Thank you for sharing that.
Kristina FL:  Oh Patricia, thank you for sharing , beautiful moments and openings for sharing.
Joe_UK:  Very interesting Maria. From recent conversations with a non-English speaker (in Spanish, of which I am an extremely beginning student) I experienced that I am practicing communication more through feeling and intuition.
Patricia_Society:  @[email protected] – another potential collective study, if a collaborative tool could be devised- that of the history of colonial intervention that is so pervasive in our human past….
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you for sharing that, Patricia, strength to Edmund!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  That is awesome Patricia! It takes courage! So inspiring…
Frederick_uk:  I am now leaving this great hall of learning and will return next week. Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Studying these particular revelations has been a mixed blessing. Obviously it has increased my understanding and awareness of the scale of the intervention and how absolute vigilance in my practice and awareness needs to be. It also has given me what I consider to be the great gift of knowing, really knowing that there is a huge coordination happening here, on the side of heaven and all those beings throughout the Universe that are practicing STK with us all. Feeling that connection, after feeling so alone in life and in my understanding of life…is very precious to me.
Alison_Boulder:  @Patricia, wow, just saying it, just inviting the GC awareness into one of those householder tasks that we all must do.
mellany UK:  “Edmund moment” Thank you, Patricia!
manuel germany :):  Thank you Patricia for sharing that experience. It is a very good example that Advocacy can be done in practically all situations of life… the only thing we have to do, is to do it…
Richmond_UK:  Yes thanks for that Patricia.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Selma (8:53), there are images/videos of the Suns atmosphere being literally sucked away by invisible sources who’s outline can be seen in the videos, they are taking atmosphere from the Sun to fuel their ships for interstellar travel. This also must be stopped!
Alex Nz:  has anyone have a link to “The Great Coordination” revelation, i can only find – Receiving “The Great Coordination” on the new message site and youtube searchs for the revelation come up no results.. its not life or death but i want to hear it ever since the day i seen the recieveing of the revelation and slash heard about it
Joyanne_Canada:  @Alex, perhaps it hasn’t been released as of yet.
Mathieu_France:  @Alez: not yet published, as far as I know.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  @Patricia (10:18
Maria_Boulder:  I want to say thank you to all the Society and the Summers family for this very important session.While this sessions topic is my least favorite, and is one that often gives me the chills, and nightmares I have also drawn encouragement: “Do not think that humanity cannot preserve itself here, for it has many advantages in the universe of which it is unaware.
It is important that you not lose heart or become jaded or cynical or think that you can do nothing, for that is the Intervention’s persuasion.” (GC, chpt6)
Cole_Boulder:  @Patricia – yes, thank you for sharing your demonstration here. It is increasingly important we take these risks in sharing, especially in fleeting encounters like this. The more we can invite people to explore this education, the more we openly speak of intervention into our world for what it is, the more we create a “common sense-ness” in the mental environment surrounding this subject.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  OOPs , … Thank you Patricia…(10:18)
Insuk_Korea:  Ilhun, Thank you for sharing.
Matt_bzn:  Thank you all for an amazing Session. NNC
Maureen_Boulder:  Thanks, Maria, for your sharings today.
44690:  @Alex Nz – At least we have parts of the message to read at this page. http://www.newmessage….ation
Carol_Society:  Deepest gratitude to Marshall and Patricia, to Jeanine and Darlene, and to everyone here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Maria_Boulder:  yes, thank you Patricia for demonstrating taking full advantage of the one critically fleeting moment in an entire lifetime to deliver a gift!!!! Wow!
Darlene_Society:  Here is a declaration from the New Message that I converted from YOU to I:
Alex Nz:  Thanks guys…was thinking i was missing out or was being blocked by the intervention some said they seen it on youtube but yea can’t find t Joyanne_Canada: @Alex, perhaps it hasn’t been released as of yet.(4:21AM)
Mathieu_France: @Alez: not yet published, as far as I know………..

Darlene_Society:  “I am here to be part of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community [of intelligent life]. I am also here to be a part of the advancement of the human race, which is necessary for my world to emerge successfully into the Greater Community. My role will not be grandiose. I will not be a saint, a god or a goddess. My tasks will be mundane. Yet they will serve a greater purpose and a greater wisdom. I realize that if I am here to serve, then I will want to give myself where my skills, my abilities, my nature and my design can be most effectively employed and applied. This will give me the greatest satisfaction and the greatest confirmation as well.”

LIVING THE WAY OF KNOWLEDGE, Chapter Five, The Pillar of Work.

jeanine_Society:  Thank you Everyone for joining again today. May we proceed now with a courageous heart, and give blessings that we have a Messenger with us here on Earth and such powerful Allies in the Greater Community… Nasi Novare Coram.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Patricia, similar idea has also been with me for some while
jeanine_Society:  “You are fortunate to receive this. You are blessed to receive this. Proceed now with a courageous heart, and allow yourself to receive the gift of love from the Creator of all life and the reassurance that you have other races in the universe who support humanity’s freedom and independence. In time, you will come to depend on these two great sources of comfort as never before.” – Who Are the Allies of Humanity?
Betty_UK:  Thank you Patricia, advocacy can really be applied in different situations. I had colleague of mine after working with her in the same team, she moved desks next to me perhaps 6 months, but was working in our team for 1.5 – 2 years I think, she asked me about the cards I had on my desk, Alies, Live in the Universe, and the Great waves. I didn’t expect it, but I gave a her a card re Life in the universe, and explained she could go to this web site and search for topics she may be interested to.
Alison_Boulder:  Thank you Jeanine and Darlene!
MARIANNA:  Thanks all of you, the two times that I have been here, you gave me courage and strength.
MVS Society:  My mother used to say “genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” Real inspiration is very concentrated and powerful. You don’t need lots of it. If you can capture it when it happens, it can carry you a long way.
Joyanne_Canada:  I was thinking of our Campfire Chat and how it feels like we are gathered each week just like at the encampment. How vital it is to be together in this arena gathering strength and inspiration from each other. What a great Blessing it is to be together (group minded) . Nasi Novare Coram. Blessings to the Messenger, Patricia, Reed, the Society and this World Wide Community. May we hold fast and Never give up. Be Well .Strength in Knowledge to all.
Alex Nz:  44690: thanks yea i have read, i love it and want more feel like a spoilt brat in a candy store hehe\
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Darlene, that is powerful, thank you
44690:  Thanks Darlene. As a result of this session’s suggestion, I have been reading the STK using I…..It is empowering!
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene and Jeanine for the beautiful closing of commitment and promise.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Darlene for the converted quote.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Darlene.
Richmond_UK:  Thank you Marshall.
Selma London:  Yes, Mike, thank you: ‘This also must be stopped!’ – we must come to terms with how valuable and precious our world and solar system are, and protect them.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Darlene, for the Work Pillar quote. “….I will want to give myself where my skills, my abilities, my nature and my design can be most effectively employed and applied. This will give me the greatest satisfaction and the greatest confirmation as well.”
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Joyanne for that expression….it is so true.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Darlene and Jeanine for moderating and preparing this nourishing environment.
Tonia_Denmark:  Aw how touching it is this to read your share, Patricia. Thank you. I am not really getting anywhere with sharing the websites, but I do talk about it with tge bus driver, or when a woman gave a lift yesterday. …?another vetter moment was, when I saw a young woman standing at the rail station looking so sad, it was eather disturbing, and she looked scared of us around her too…..We got on the train, I sat across to the right from her, and I when I was to get of….I asked her if she would come with me…….and she did….she left the train with me, holding my hand….and we walked in the park…and she cried out at my shoulder and talked to me about her struggles…..and I showed her where to go to find me…..but I didnt mention the allies or the steps….but we did talk about God……her skin had a glow when she got on the train….and it was the best i could do
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene for “I am here to be part of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community [of intelligent life]. I am also here to be a pa~”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tom_SanFran,(9:01), NO! They (abductions) can take place while driving on a crowded freeway in SoCal, from a high rise apartment complex, or in a hotel right next to a presidential event (at the moment I can’t recall what political even it was but the President was present & this “activity” was going on right across the street)!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Darlene, I just finished that chapter  as I work my way through the book deep reading it. thank you for that Passage, it stood out for me also.
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene for our working, marching and being mantra. May we embody those words with our all we have.
MARIANNA:  Yes MVS if you can capture it gives you power to continue and create
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all for your taking part in this great Coordination. Yes, just practicing the Great Practice of Relationship….if only in moments and brief encounters…It’s the “going to God with another’ Dashboard practice….right there on the screen feeding back that there is a human being right in front of me, who may need something from me, or from the New Message, or who may have something they need to contribute…They are right there and so am I, together occupying the same moment in reality and time……Be well as we all get stronger together….
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS, Patricia, Darlene and Jeanine…..and all students who gather here each week. Each of your contributions is so beneficial on so many levels.
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @Mike LF: thanks. what source for info?
Ilhun_Korea:  @MVS: Thank you. “Real inspiration is very concentrated and powerful.”
ray_Colorado:  “There are those who watch your life and watch over your life, once you begin to respond to the need for a greater meaning, a greater purpose and a greater direction in life; once you come to terms with this, which is an act of great self-honesty, the result of disappointment and disillusionment with the world; where you come to see that another relationship or another possession or some other acquisition for yourself is not really going to make a difference, and what you will have to pay to find those things, and the disappointment you will face if you cannot find them, is so great that you now seek a higher path.
Without knowing what a higher path is, you pray to Heaven for guidance, really pray, not a simple request here and there when things are not looking good for you, but with real earnestness and determination. That is the message for Heaven to respond, … for now you are getting serious.” Suffering http://www.newmessage….world …
ray_Colorado:  … Nasi Novare Coram
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you for sharing, @Tonia
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tonia, such a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing that..
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone for today’s session. Nasi Novare Coram.
Betty_UK:  A very wise mum, Marshall
Jennie_Netherlands:  As an artist, with inspiration you can’t do much if you haven’t practiced your basic knowledge and skills for years or at least 1000 hours. Practice is everything, practicing focus whilst doing this makes you mind and your skills stronger
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for “”genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” Real inspiration is ~”
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS for your wisdom , thank you Patricia for your inspiration in advocacy,the Society and everyone on this chat today. Nasi Novare Coram.
Patricia_Society:  We encourage you, if time permits to engage in Deep Reading/Deep Listening Methodology from the Study Plan or to devise one for yourself, for the revelations for this Session and the next…many points of activation and growing comprehension to carry forward and refer back to…
manuel germany :):  just do what you have to do. to know what you have to do, you have to look inside yourself and connect with the divine. the steps to knowledge helps you to become a man or a woman of knowledge. once you have started the journey you will see that many things you have done in the past unconsciously were the source from knowledge. knowledge is the connection to the divine, to god. god is the sum of all relationships. through meaningful relationships you will discover knowledge within you and your knowledge will grow. through your contributions and interactions with the world this little seed called knowledge will spread to the hearts and minds of people… little by little
Jeffrey_Boulder:  Jennie: “The life so short. The craft so long to learn.” Geoffrey Chaucer
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all for being here, Nasi Novare Coram
René_Ca:  my gratitude for everyones contribution
Ilhun_Korea:  @Patricia: Thank you for your guide.
Heidi_Germany:  Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  That I like! 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Tonia- how beautiful- thank you for sharing this beauty with us
Kelton_Calif:  Gratitude and Blessings to you all! Nasi Novare Coram
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you for the reminder, Patricia.
ray_Colorado:  “You come to Knowledge because you feel the need of the soul, because it is the deepest need, the most profound need, the need that cannot be satisfied by anything else, the need that turns you off the highway of life into a deeper search where other people seem to have no interest have no orientation. It sets you apart because it is a calling; a calling is what calls you out of your circumstances, out of your life at the surface as you have known it. This then is your greatest opportunity; you will take this journey because of the deeper need, not because of a promise of heaven or pleasing God or paradise. That is all for people living at the surface, that is the addiction of ideas, this is a natural movement, movement of the heart and the soul. You come here because you know and you feel there is a deeper well, a deeper current of water beneath the surface. While others are looking for the fabled river of life on the surface you are going to begin to sink a tap to drill down beneath…
ray_Colorado:  … the surface for the water right under your feet.” The Deeper Current of Your Lifehttps://newknowledgeli…load/
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Katia_France:  What a touching story, Tonia (6:29PM). Thank you for sharing and thank you especially for reaching out to that poor woman. A gift straight from Knowledge.
Kari_H_Finland:  I am grateful for yet another Campfire Chat with the most sober people in the world. Nasi Novare Coram
44690:  I have noticed that certain NM students are so inherently skilled at connecting with someone that may be standing or sitting right next to them or on the phone. They easily share just the right thing about the NM or AoH in such relevant and powerful ways. This is such a gift!
Mathieu_France:  Thank you all. NNC
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tonia_Denmark:  Maria, it came with the steps, you see. I have been rejected for 22 years, and one day, it was over. I know pain now. No one ever cried at my shoulder before. I am so happy when they find me. Then I cry too out of relief to help another.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Patricia for the Dashboard practice.
Ana_Burrows_Bldr:  @Jorge (9:44) Regarding the relationship between the Intervention and the Great Waves. This is something that I look at. There two passages from The GW book, CH 10 that have stayed with me as a lens through which to look at the events of the world: “They will attempt to weaken the strongest nations by engaging them in intractable conflicts, by encouraging the overuse of the resources of the world—resources that they themselves do not need. They will spread discontent.” And: “And why would nations act so foolishly, outstripping their resources and engaging in conflicts with others, conflicts that cannot be won? You may say it is human greed and foolishness, but that is not sufficient.”
jeanine_Society:  Patricia Summers as she shares tips on how to engage in an advanced ‘Deep Reading and Deep Listening Practice’ given to us by the Messenger: http://www.newmessage….g.mp3
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Yes, Patricia. It was in my to do list, but forgotten. Thank you for the reminder.
Kelton_Calif:  @ Tonia- With discretion and discernment you were able to give so very much. Thank you for sharing your sacred engagement with another. Blessings to you both
Darlene_Society:  Thank you for these quotes, Ana. So spot on.
Joe_UK:  Thank you All for “being here to be a part of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community”. May we continue to amplify that God has Spoken Again. Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Joe yes that is what I experience too speaking english.
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @Ana. Yes, those two passages are hard to forget.
44690:  Sorry, 44690 is Ken_Oklahioma
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Darlene and Jeanine, for hosting this very important chat.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene and Jeanine.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you, Darlene and Jeanine.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tonia,(9:29), thank you for helping that woman on the train!!!! You are a light and a blessing inn the world!!!!
Lin_Boulder:  @Ana, regarding intervention in promoting conflict, I also found two passages from GC and LIU book, which drew my attention: “You cannot afford to have nations fail and collapse now, or fall under the persuasion of the Intervention, for that would surely generate great war and conflict across the globe. ” and “Foreign influence became established, inroads were made into the leadership of emerging worlds, their conflicts were exacerbated until one chosen nation or group was supported to overcome all the rest. “
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  One of the most common reactions to the intervention, or even the idea of extraterrestrial intelligent life that I hear is” Where is the proof!” or “Where is the evidence?”. It came to me last night that the most convincing evidence is the New Message itself- for how could it be otherwise? Seriously?.. how could this most excellent, comprehensive, deep and thorough consistently wise teaching happen otherwise? It is the proof of not only the intervention and the physical nature of life in the universe but of the Presence of the Creator of all life.Itstares us in the face. How could one man come up with this in one stream of consistent creation? It has never happened like this before. If one is to openly look at the Revelation, which continues, it cannot be brushed off or ignored. When one starts to practice and experience the journey begin….well…. this is it’s own proof. Thank you Marshall for what you have enabled. Thank you Patricia and Reed for your devotion. Thank you to every…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  … student of Knowledge that has walked this Way. Dare I even be grateful for the intervention which has brought this Word into the world. May it unify us internally and unify our sight of all Creation.
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you all. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
ray_Colorado:  “Do you think other races are fascinated with humanity as if your idiosyncrasies are just a delight to other races? Do you really believe that advance technology liberates you and from having to survive in a competitive environment and having to gain access to resources? It is such foolish thinking and yet such foolish thinking is prevalent in the world today amongst the very few people who even think about these things who are even aware that contact is already occurring.
There are people, unelected officials in your governments who know these things but the population is still ignorant self obsessed and is not yet prepared in the realities of the Greater Community. You are the virgin child in a big metropolis you must learn wisdom and restraint discretion and discernment for there are three things that all worlds in the universe must establish if they are to remain free from outside domination; they must be united, they must be self sufficient and they must be extremely discreet.
ray_Colorado:  … can see right away that humanity has not met any of these preconditions. You are not united you are destroying your self sufficiency obviously as fast as you possibly can by degrading the sustainability of your world resources and you are projecting all of your communications out into space where they can be easily discerned by the discreet observer.
You are living in a fool’s paradise regarding the Greater Community.” The New Message on Life in The Universe Do you think other races are fascinated with humanity as if your idiosyncrasies are just a delight to other races? Do you really believe that advance technology liberates you and from having to survive in a competitive environment and having to gain access to resources? It is such foolish thinking and yet such foolish thinking is prevalent in the world today amongst the very few people who even think about these things who are even aware that contact is already occurring.
There are people, unelected officials in your…
ray_Colorado:  … governments who know these things but the population is still ignorant self obsessed and is not yet prepared in the realities of the Greater Community. You are the virgin child in a big metropolis you must learn wisdom and restraint discretion and discernment for there are three things that all worlds in the universe must establish if they are to remain free from outside domination; they must be united, they must be self sufficient and they must be extremely discreet.
You can see right away that humanity has not met any of these preconditions. You are not united you are destroying your self sufficiency obviously as fast as you possibly can by degrading the sustainability of your world resources and you are projecting all of your communications out into space where they can be easily discerned by the discreet observer.
You are living in a fool’s paradise regarding the Greater Community.
Do you think other races are fascinated with humanity as if your idiosyncrasies are just a…
ray_Colorado:  … delight to other races? Do you really believe that advance technology liberates you and from having to survive in a competitive environment and having to gain access to resources? It is such foolish thinking and yet such foolish thinking is prevalent in the world today amongst the very few people who even think about these things who are even aware that contact is already occurring.
There are people, unelected officials in your governments who know these things but the population is still ignorant self obsessed and is not yet prepared in the realities of the Greater Community. You are the virgin child in a big metropolis you must learn wisdom and restraint discretion and discernment for there are three things that all worlds in the universe must establish if they are to remain free from outside domination; they must be united, they must be self sufficient and they must be extremely discreet.
You can see right away that humanity has not met any of these preconditions. You are not…
ray_Colorado:  … united you are destroying your self sufficiency obviously as fast as you possibly can by degrading the sustainability of your world resources and you are projecting all of your communications out into space where they can be easily discerned by the discreet observer.
You are living in a fool’s paradise regarding the Greater Community.” New Message On Life In The Universe
mellany UK:  Thank you Marshall Vian, Patricia, The Society and all. Thank you Darlene and Jeanine, for guiding today’s chat. NNC.
Katia_France:  Thank you all. Have to go. Keep the campfire burning. NNC
ray_Colorado:  opps sorry for dup, … running late Nasi Novare Coram… .. .
manuel germany :):  much gratitude to Darlene and Jeanine for the moderation and to all for the shared experiences, insights, wisdom and contributions. Be the next week, a week full of meaningful activities and blessings to you all. Nasi Novare Coram 
Samantha_SA:  Thank you everyone for today’s chat – I appreciate everyone’s contribution to this learning environment
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tom_SanFran, if I am recalling correctly, the freeway case was from that real French PhD who was a character in “Close Encounters of The 3rd Kind”; The Hotel was the Del Coronado in San Diego CA and it was from Linda Moulton Howel. The high rise apartment… can’t recall exactly… but it was witnessed by people on the street below who could see the person being floated out the apartment window.
Betty_UK:  Patricia, thank you for the methodology practice, it helped me a lot, I will take this forward, and many other things.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Opps, looks like Tom_SanFran has left.
Darlene_Society:  @Mike – It was Jacques Vallee…who also wrote books on this. But read Budd Hopkins’ Missing Time and others for city experiences.
Betty_UK:  Thank you everyone, thank you Jeanine and Darlene for hosting. Much gratitude.
Shane – NZ:  @Tonia, thank you for sharing, your story reminded me of a couple of things; to give is to receive, demonstration of Knowledge, and this from step 122 “continue your giving to others. This is an active form of prayer. Think not that the power of it is not received by those whom you have concentrated upon. Remember today not to try to determine the outcome of their dilemma or their need, but only encourage and empower them to carry forth with their own abilities. You wish to stimulate Knowledge within them as Knowledge is now being stimulated within you. This giving, then, will not have an expectation of a return, for you are giving that which enables others to be strong in their lives. You are not in a position to judge the outcome, for the outcome of your giving will not be revealed until later when the gift has been accepted and has found its place in the receiver. Therefore, give freely without expectation and give in order to experience the power of your gift this day.” Thank you
Ana_Burrows_Bldr:  Yes, Lin. It is hard to watch the evidence of this influence everywhere and now where it is really taking us. And that the crazy behavior that we are seeing is a consequence of this vile manipulation doesn’t represent the true character of the people, per se.
Val_Westport:  Thank you all for this wonderful venue and for your commitment and work for our world. Nasi Novare Coram.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Darlene and Jeanine for moderating the chat! Thank you to the Society and thank you to MVS, Patricia and Reed for all that you have endured and continue to do for us and the world! Blessings to everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
 Darlene_Society:  Be well everyone. Exciting new session next week. Until then, remember, remember, remember.

Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene.
support:  Thank you all, if anyone had issues with he chat that were not reported, please report them to me now.
mellany UK:  Thanks, Mark!
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Society and all here for this session of the Free School. Much appreciation and gratitude. NNC.
Nancy_Oregon:  @support : reporting that the PM was not working in the return. . .as I did use it to send, but when the ‘responses’ came back, the box was empty. NNC
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thanks to those who created the deep study method. I have “attempted ” it as one would attempt to lift a heavy object – even the attempt strengthens one.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed, Society and all students. Nasi Novare Coram.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Darlene, yes I just remembered it was Jacques Vallee and I heard him give that freeway abduction account on Coast to Coast AM.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Shawn, its a practice I feel.. I just keep practicing deep reading and deep listening..
Nancy_Oregon:  Thank you to Society, to the Summers family and to all students. ..every bit is precious at this stage of learning and putting into practice. Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram.
support:  Thank you Nancy.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Yes Joyanne, endless is its depth.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @support, I too saw a couple of PM popup’s but they were empty, one from Kristina_FL and one from Tom_SanFran
Josef Austria:  Thank you Mark!
support:  Mike, which browser did you used?
MaryL_Boulder:  @Dar:” Until then, remember, remember, remember…” Thank you Darlene, Jeanine for this consistent reminders and stimulation of Knowledge within on these chats…with deep gratitude to the AA, Marshall, Patricia, Society and all students in the world and beyond for these gifts. May we receive and pass on this gift of redemption and empowerment. Such blessings and wealth we have been given. All we need is to have the courage, endurance and will to see, look and act. Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Shawn ,Joyanne it is a beautiful method to go deep.
support:  thank you, we appreciate this information very much.
Patricia_Society:  A tool like the Deep Reading-Deep Listening Methodology may help to get us closer into real, operational relationship with the revelations which, as Shawn says, “even the attempt strengthens one.” Be well on the roads and highways of this changing world. We think of you….
Ilhun_Korea:  @Lin: Perhaps when we look at the current international situation or domestic situation on our peninsula, we can not say that it is not related to their intervention or influence.
Shane – NZ:  Thank you Marshall and all. NNC
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maria_Boulder, I read a comment from you earlier (time?), you said these sessions on the GC are not your favorite…I can understand that it is super scary stuff. However, in contrast to you, these are my favorite sessions, I can’t tell you why they just are.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Krsitina_FL, I saw a PM popup from you but it was empty…?
Josef Austria:  @Patricia; we, the WWC, think also of you and your family
Kelvin_Boulder:  “get us closer into real, operational relationship with the revelations which…” This speaks volumes, we are down here to do something, we have found the revelation and it is taking us somewhere, a place of action, knowledge responds to the needs of the world…
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  I agree Ilhun, generally speaking, war will make us deplete our resources and make us weaker. Moreover, we will be separated further, making us farther from keeping our Unity, Freedom, Sovereignty. It should not happen for any beautiful reasons leaders might provide.
Tonia_Denmark:  Even the attempt strenghtens one. Yes! Thats the one! Thank you, Shane and thank you, Patricia. The attempt was the treshold to overcome from one shy to another. The steps made it possible to act and reach out…..
Tonia_Denmark:  The tool, yes. Got the reminder on paper now. Thank you.
Jorge_Spain:  @Ilhun and @SangHyun, so what is your first hand perspective about what is happening in the korean peninsula?
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you everyone! Thank you Marshall for taking on this great burden my gratitude to you cannot be expressed in words. MMCM. NNC.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  @Jorge, in NM perspective, I guess it is one of the results of Intervention and their efforts. They are succeeding. How we deal with those conflicts will determine our future.
SangHyun_CA_Korea:  or it is there result of our cruel and violent tendencies.
Val_Westport:  Back to making tomato sauce from the bountiful tomato harvest. I’ll harvest your wisdom from this Chat later. With gratitude for this Teaching, for the Messenger and for us who are being taught for the future of our world. So many blessings! Such a harvest…
Josef Austria:  Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram!
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @SangHyun



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