Campfire Chat May 27, 2017

Will_Society:  Wisdom from Marshall for all of us, from last week’s Campfire Chat:

“I want to recommend that you study ‘Being Present in the World’ (LTW). Being present requires stillness, objectivity, discernment and the readiness to respond, no matter what the situation may present. It is a totally active and alive state of being. Here inner awareness and outer awareness come together in their most natural alignment. The mind is clear. The opportunities to practice are endless.”

“When truly being present, your mind disappears and the whole world opens up before you. This is the result of much practice.”

“Self-obsession is the result of living in Separation. Being Present is a natural antidote to this.”

Javier S. Fl:  Good morning everyone
Lingling_China:  hello everyone!
Richmond_UK:  Hi everyone
Lin_Boulder:  greetings to all! Welcome Lingling, Heidi
Thomas_Oregon:  I am honored when others are strong. Good morning.
Youmgkyo_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Russell_Sask:  Dang I missed the Opening of the Vigil last night I was up to my forehead in yard work. Oh well I’m here today to Hear..In order to do that I am going to be extra extra still and Quite starting in 1 minute at the first Top of the Hour event together again today. Heres to thinking about you all and our purpose together in a troubled busy dangerous deprived world.
Tyyne_Society:  It is now the hour. Let us take a moment of stillness together in silence and when you are done, let us send blessings and gratitude to the Messenger who has made this and so much more possible.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Good Day to all
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Insuk_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Will_Society:  Hello and welcome everyone. Before we start with our Free School session questions today, we’d like to open up some time to share your experience of the opening night of the 2017 Steps to Knowledge Vigil. What impacted you or stood out to you? Has anything come up in the hours since?
Tonia_Denmark:  Nnc hello everyone
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, great to meet in the afterglow of the first day of the Steps Vigil
justin-calif-!:  -was it just my imagination, or when we sang the tones along with Marshall- seemed to be vibrating EVERYWHERE-
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I was surprised by the effect of the opening night on my overall concentration… it stilled the very air around me.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Tynne As time passes and my practice increases and sometimes decreases I am finding that change is a constant element in my life which I embrace more now than before. When I got sober my beliefs I had as a catholic growing up disappeared and there was a void within me until I started searching for that truth I just knew was there within me and around me. I searched for a few years until I found he NM and knew this was what I had been searching for my whole life. The deeper recognition and awareness that is growing within me is slow yet so powerful. That now the ideals I had before are being lost and something else is taking their place. I can feel this and welcome it every day of my life. Knowledge is more powerful than I realize and my life is important more than I realize. This awareness is becoming stronger within when I engage with it in practice. The inner awareness and outer awareness are alive within me. Thank you dear Marshall for this gift to us all! Nasi Novare Coram
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone! Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram
Selma London:  With a heatwave here and windows open, I slept through my alarm for the Vigil! Have been watching during the day – probably a good thing. There are so many different places to ‘look & listen’ from – little choices made now about what to practice may have repercussions later, as one choice builds on another, and slightly changes the direction of my course. Where is my touch-down within?
The leap of faith is kind of jumping out of the personal mind and seeing where I land!
Maybe I’ll never land. And if I do need to, will my foundation within be strong enough?
Although Knowledge is the only real reference point, the Free School and Vigils help an awful lot!
Raoul_Australia:  I felt that in this Steps Vigil we will be given more Great Waves insights.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  “Our lives are more important than we realize.” MVS
Val_Westport:  My mom used to say ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and ‘you’re known by the company you keep’. As Reed said last evening during the opening Vigil, we are in good company–great company, be the Truth known and our association together will strengthen us and place us upon pathways we’d not find for ourselves, for our great good and the good of our human family and our world.
17536:  Steps Vigil – It feels to me that the deep waters of Knowledge and the great coordination have made themselves much more apparent. A time to drink from that water, the signal to noise ratio is very high. A time to nurish ourselves and move forward with even more clarity and simplicity.
MaryL_Boulder:  Hello everyone here and all over the world!
17536:  The Deep waters ahve come to the sruface to nurish the dry land above.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Jeffrey for sharing that.
Howard Boulder:  Good to be with you all.
LaRaeUK:  I was struck by Marshall’s brief, but oh so meaningful statements. I felt his love, his humility, his graciousness and his strength. I saw a photo of the earth not long afterwards…and the words I used to sing in Sunday school came to mind “He has the whole world in His hands”. Marshall handles this massive responsibility with such a generous and gracious spirt. I found myself saying outloud…God, must be very proud of his Messenger…There could be none better.
Cole_Boulder:  @Jim – thanks for sharing your experience with us
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Justin and Shawn that feeling was present for me as well. I know we all felt it because we are together in ways not seen but they are felt. This is a driving force behind my practice. The connection we all have with one another and with the Messenger his family and the society is there. There lies a touch of recognition.
Betty_UK:  Hi, number 17536, who are you?
nenette_istanbul:  Greetings Everyone
Richmond_UK:  @Will when Patricia said ‘you cannot be satisfied with an ordinary life..we have been searching for meaning and understanding..we are world connected people, valuing meaning in life is important to us,’ this really struck a chord within me, especially in terms of my own life.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Betty, 17536 >> Kelvin_Boulder, sorry forgot.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Val, in terms of relationships we are truly blessed. What wealth we have…thus the urge and need to share our bounty
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you for sharing that, Jim B, “When I got sober my beliefs I had as a catholic growing up disappeared and there was a void within me until I started searching for that truth…” I can very much relate!
Carolyn_CT:  the invitation to be present, no matter where you are in your journey, or how you are feeling or what struggles you are having…that touched me.
Alison_Boulder:  @Val it occurred to me how important it is to let people know they are in good company as this message is shared.
Lin_Boulder:  Following Patricia’s suggestion, last night I reread my last year’s Steps vigil notes and journal around that period, it was quite amazing to see I am facing the same challenge now as last year. Life is relentless in asking and forcing me to face my own dilemma and deal with it, learn the hard lesson, instead of trying to escape and rush ahead.
Maurice_Canada:  The presence within me just shines and people around me look at me in wonder as to why they have to take a second look. Obviously they are recognizing the Knowledge within themselves. I just smile and say hello. Many are scared and don’t answer or just nod and I know there’s a force within us that these people will have a hard time contending with. So it might be best to just see if I run into them again and engage them later if they are open to saying hello back.
MaryS_Boulder:  Patricia mentioned waiting half her life to find Marshall; that waiting was part of her preparation, the “no” to every other opportunity not geared to this one.
LaRaeUK:  That hit home with me as well Richmond.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Cole and Raoul thank you! We are so very much connected to one another leading us all to that truth.
Debbie-MI:  @Richmond-I felt the same way about what Patricia said. I also found it a powerful experience to sing the tunes with Marshall and everyone.
75146:  Hi everyone
Sally_Boulder:  @LaRae, The Messenger also reminded us of our own responsibility, a shared responsibility, which felt heavy, and solid in its truth.
Betty_UK:  Thanks Kelvin, it’s just that what you expressed, was mutual, it felt as if we are being shown how to deepen further our connection to Knowledge. It has always been the case, but something was different this time.
Donald_Pa:  Patricia’s words “you can nit be satisfied with an ordinary life” reminded me of the long search I had taken before finding the NM. It set the tone for an incredible evening where I felt such a great presence that still lingers.
Kristina FL:  Yes, Mary, that touched me too, and the moment so clear that she has been found.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Lin, yes habits are deeply rooted in the personal mind which is why we must strive to “go deeper” into the greater mind of Knowledge…last year I remember how tired and depleted. This year I took a nap before the Vigil…small progress, small change but it made a difference on being able to be more present to the first night of Vigil.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Maurice many see and feel that they too are searching and sometimes don’t even know it. The power of Knowledge is everywhere. What you said touched me. Thank you!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Will, when I heard Patricia describing her experience with Knowledge last night and how she first learned from MVS what Knowledge is, I had a similar experience before finding NM. I have been experiencing Knowledge, but did not know how to call it and when once attended a meditation group, I asked the facilitator what is that I’m feeling, he could not answer my question, he said it might be an anxiety as I was feeling it in my stomach. When I learned about Knowledge from the NM I immediately knew that thats exactly what I have been experiencing.
David_Drimmel:  The opening of the vigil helped me view Knowledge in a broader way, creating that “bigger context” that Patricia emphasized was important for her to see the bigger picture. This brought to my attention of the importance of Knowledge – to tether us to those within this world and beyond it, assisting us in living the way, our purpose. This struck me, and in regards to the great waves. “the solution to the unfolding planetary issues is, at its core, a spiritual one.”
Insuk_Korea:  @Lin, Thank you for sharing your experience. I also may know your feeling.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Sally….heavy, but lightened when shared with all the other beings in all the other worlds who are practicing STK. It creates in me such a need to do all I can for this mission.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Tyyne…Regarding habits that need to be changed I still have a great need to develop more patience. As MVS reminded us, forbearance and patience are essential because “things we know today may take years to come into being.” Can she wait? Can she follow? Can she be pulled off course? I have been so impatient with LISTENing for KN. I do not believe I can hear KN OR that KN has nothing to say to me. This MUST change as my purpose and destiny rely most importantly on this relationship and knowing. I know I can have a powerful relationship with KN but it will take practice, application and determination on my part.
Selma London:  Yes, MaryL – striving to go deeper. All the directives, choosing again, connecting with Knowledge, Being Present – these are all about TRYING and making that effort, with Knowledge. There are two types of trying in the NMG; there’s do not try: eg ‘Do not try to make anything happen when you are being present’ & ‘do not try to construct a training for yourself’ LWK Ch10 Being Present in the World, and then there’s do try, which is really everything else: ‘TRY to seriously investigate the meaning of today’s idea’ StK 189 & ‘TRY to recall your practice and experience. TRY to see the progression of learning so that you may understand how to learn. TRY to see that which confirms Knowledge and that which denies Knowledge within yourself so that you may learn to work with these tendencies.’ StK 196 etc.
One is perhaps letting go of the ambition of trying, and the other is the practice of actually trying, with Knowledge. In other words, there’s trying as a separate being versus trying…
Selma London:  … together, as a joint effort with Knowledge. You can get yourself in a knot with trying not to try “Be very careful about any assumptions that you make regarding your ability.” Living The Way of Knowledge CHAPTER TEN
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Betty, perhaps as we mature and become less burden by our past, by our judgement and as we become more focused and singular in purpose, less pulled by the surface mind, goals and wants, we also become tranquil in the fact that we are finally moving in the direction we are meant to go.
Roberto_Boulder:  @Jeffrey, “Our lives are more important that we realize” – MVS. I was struck deeply by those opening words as well. Struck because it was the deepest part of me who heard them, and who perhaps needed to hear them in that moment. Such love washed over me in that moment. All feeling of being alone vanquished. And it made me think of others out there in the world, who feel unknown, alone, lost, who need to hear that. To hear it from another, and to hear it from the Messenger from God. It could make all the difference.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Maurice…very powerful and very sweet.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you for your all your inspiration regarding the Steps Vigil, please continue to share as you feel moved. I’ll open up our discussion today with the first question as well to consider… Regarding habits, beliefs and inclinations: What are some of those beliefs, those habits and those inclinations that you feel you need to change?
46832:  The perseverance and determination Patricia refenced….these crucial life skills that a student of Knowledge must cultivate to remain clear and willing to be on this great mountain….this stood out for me, for these skills allow the greater good to work through me and this is my true desire.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes, David D.
Alex_P_Mtl:  Hello everyone!!! I am happy to be here!!!
Raoul_Australia:  This feels to me like a Steps and Great Waves Vigil…the easy days ending…heading into chaos…
Tamara:  46832 ~ Tamara
Kari_H_Finland:  In the last six months I have been fully immersed into the worldly and non-worldly problems and challenges. So much so that I have difficulties in keeping up my intention to practice and study. When I heard the question “What do I need in this Vigil?”, I was thinking this is just another New Message event. “What could it give to me?” When listening second time the opening broadcast, I realized that I need to be told that my life is important. That my life is having a greater purpose. I am not only here to solve daily problems and challenges. I am not only here to give myself to people, places and things. I am and I have been part of the Plan.
Ila_UK:  The Steps Vigil last night was truly an amazing experience, very heartfelt, my whole being felt at Home. I felt like I really belonged (at last..) Thank you Marshall, Patricia & Reed for helping us all to “Come as we Are” then with the guidance of Steps to Knowledge slowly witness ourselves transforming into the Light of Freedom. I truly want the world to feel this. When the mind is still, we are all Complete. There is nothing more to experience.
Maurice_Canada:  I have to stop believing everybody is friendly and open to Knowledge information.
Betty_UK:  @Kelvin, it felt more as we (those who found the NM) had to step up their practice, and Marshall is going to help us with that.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you 17536 for this perspective.
David_Drimmel:  It blows me away to think of my spirituality in a greater community context. In Greater community spirituality, Chapter 21 – What is The Greater Community Way of Knowledge? “This is The Way of Knowledge that is applicable to life everywhere. It is translatable from one world to another. It represents a pure expression of religion and spirituality. It is applicable to your world and to other worlds and has a direct bearing on every aspect of your life and on all of your endeavors. It comes from the Greater Community. Therefore, it represents a larger arena of life and a larger context for application. It is being given now to prepare humanity for its destiny in the Greater Community and to enable humanity to find the strength and inner resources necessary to meet the growing problems of the world.”
Amina Russia:  Regarding the question, I need to change the belief that I need to be perfect in order to be happy; the habit of living in the future or past instead of being more present; I need to stop being critical of myself and others, be more excepting and down to earth.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Roberto what you have said is beautiful to me! When I experienced the sound and then MVS said those words tears came to my eyes and I felt the very same thing you felt at the very same moment. This is the Great Coordination at work in all our lives and in the world.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Greetings all. NNC
scot_canada:  @ Tyyne’s question… Dismantling attachments to the past. Engaging in Unlearning and reuniting the surface mind with The Knowing Mind.
Selma London:  In conversations there are certain automated actions, like nodding and smiling, which can be preserved, whilst others must be discarded because they don’t reflect my genuine nature. However, whilst staying inner attentive, some outer formalities are useful in engaging with another, as long as they do not betray my deeper nature. In this regard, people’s expectations can be a hindrance until I can find something that works for me, and a way to at least outwardly respond in an uncomplicated manner. Then new routines finally start to become embedded.
Kristina FL:  Thank you Ila
mellany UK:  I feel awe and deep gratitude for the profound level of service, compassion and devotion that has enabled us, the WWC to be gathering today; The Grace and Power of The Assembly….the life and demonstration of The Messenger … his family…The Society … and of my Spiritual Family, here and beyond. Regarding the question “what do I need?” .. this came up for me; “I need to build and strengthen my connection to Knowledge, and my relationship with those that have sent me into the world, and those that are in the world who I am destined to work with”.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Yes Roberto and Jeffrey I felt “Our lives are more important that we realize” – MVS very deeply to.
Dariel_Boulder:  Ila…So beautifully and powerfully put.
Rudy_Boulder:  I appreciate how Reed gives us a reality check about Spiritual Practice that it is not all flower fields and floating around in a state of perfection. I like that he brings the reality of life to the New Message and about being in the world. Given our spiritual nature we do live in a physical world that is harsh, difficult, painful, but even amongst all this, we can learn to navigate these challenges through the presence and guidance of Knowledge. Reed allows us to see the way out of these difficulties through simple service, practice, preparation and through our connection with Knowledge. I would rather be challenged in having to face myself and practice than to be told that I create my own reality and that everything will be fine, if I just have faith and hope.
LaRaeUK:  Resonating Mellany…..beautifully expressed.
Raoul_Australia:  Regarding the Q’s, I don’t think other humans can persuade me much any more, but I still have to deal with my mind, and that can still try to lead me astray from time to time. Persuasion from the Intervention, on the other hand, is always attempting to impact me, its impact can be strong in the moment (during a discussion with another it may get me worked up) but is not lasting.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Mel! Beautiful indeed!
Kelton_Calif:  We are truly blessed to be witnesses to and co-creators of the birth of an ancient tradition. What will be the experience of a Steps Vigil 20 years from now, 50 years from now, 100 or 200 years from now?
MaryS_Boulder:  Patricia also brought up a concern that relates to this School session: how the journals multiply. I actually do have the most beautiful set of 6 moleskin journals, one for each School session, to make it easy to review previous year’s notes. Last year I also had my “musts” journal, a daily log and a Steps journal. And now I’m doing something slightly different, where the daily log also has sections for work that is more like mind mapping or life mapping (inspired by Ira Progoff, who was way ahead of us on this)
Maria_Boulder:  I felt a deeper and more profound preciousness in beholding our Messenger and his precious partner, than I have ever felt before…my heart feels very full, and tender, so much love and gratitude…I am also left wondering how best to approach one of the last recommendations (directives!) MVS made:(as I remember them):” It’s really important that you know your own story, knowing your past is a valuable thing…you need to go back to know what you know…” I get confused btw going back, and letting go and being present., and serving..and not being “self obsessed”…One thing that concerns me, is that our memory and interpretation of the past may not be accurate…may distort…I guess that is when we must be with it in stillness…bring it to Knowledge! One of most impactfu/resonantl statements of the evening for me, were Patricia’s description of first encounter with Marshall:”felt I was found”
MarkBerger:  @Tyyne – I need to give up the need to always consciously know about things and to let go into a deeper knowing that is beyond my intellect. This knowing is connected with others and a Coordination that is beyond my purview. I need to hold on loosely, but not let go of intellect.
Paul_MA:  Rudy- resonating.. Life is difficult,, but now we have the Rudder of Knowledge to guide us.
Maurice_Canada:  @ Selma well said!
Dominic_UK:  @ Tyyne: I still have a habit of self-punishment over errors. This needs to change. Also a longstanding habit of defensiveness around and distrust of others. I know this needs to change, though in such a way that I don’t let my guard down too much and fail to be discerning and discreet. This has been somewhat frustrating for me. Part of the problem is knowing where to draw the line.
Kristina_Boulder:  I found helpful when MVS shared that sometimes we have to wait for a long time for something that we know to be true to happen, it does not happen immediately. I had these kind of experiences when I felt like something was about to happen or change, but it took months or even years to come about.
LaRaeUK:  That struck me as well Rudy. Keep it real. Do the work. This is not the time for enlightened bliss.
Jason NJ-PA:  Late arrival. Thank you all for being here to come to! Precious Holy time NNC
MaryL_Boulder:  Tyyne, I used to have an anxiety dream of wearing my clothes inside out in the world. Now I realized I must undo all the self limitations of “can” “dont” and allow what was uncertain and doubtful of what I “am” come to the forefront now. Lacking the confirmation out of the world caused me to doubt what was the deeper nature of who I am. But thanks to the steadfast reinforcement of Steps I am listening more to the deep and not allow myself to be distracted by the surface of my mind.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Raoul, thank you for sharing, I resonate with what you are saying. The real need to always be vigilant in the mental environment, with people, within.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I am also finding that practice when done in certain ways is helping me to learn how to be more present to others, to the world and to life. This I am practicing every day. Listening to nature, listening to others and listening within is helping me to see the beauty and the chaos all at once. To begin to learn to be present to all things around me is allowing me to begin to see that other 95 % I have been unaware of. This is truly amazing and I cannot put this into words but the Mystery and the Presence is there when I engage in thinking and in feeling this way. I/we are changing and becoming anew.
manuel germany :):  @Lin many thanks for sharing that with us. The dilemmas of our lifes are what we have to face and try to overcome. If we value knowledge above everything (and understand it) than our vantage point would be a better one and all our dilemmas would disappear (Step 83 I value knowledge beyond all things) and in conjunction with Step 80 I can only practice… I know it is very well written but much harder to put in practice. I trained the whole week for this <3…
Dariel_Boulder:  @David D…Such a powerful quote and such a powerful Teacher GCS is for us.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you, Kelvin, so true, there is a real need to be vigilant in the mental environment with people
Ken_Oklahoma:  I need to change priorities in my life….do the hourlies, make time for 2 – 30 minute meditations. Make time to contemplate the Step for the day. I need to present with others around me while at work, at the store, at the restaurant, at the post office, and at home. I need to practice outer and inner listening and be ready to engage when called to do so. I must recognize the squirrel cage mind thoughts more immediately throughout the day and bring it back to awareness.
Paul_MA:  Jim B— Listening deeply with both ears and your “Third” ear…. This third ear is the one in which you listen for Kg.
LaRaeUK:  A habit I still need to develop is to learn to document those insights that come to me. I do well with the meditations and hourly’s but struggle with keeping a record.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Manuel for the encouragement. yes, I can only the connection with Knowledge, the ultimate antidote of separation.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I keep coming back to letting go of identifying with the mind. If that bowl could be tipped….
Dariel_Boulder:  @Maria…Yes, I was so touched at Patricia’s reaction to MVS’s words, “felt I was found.”
Virpi_Finland:  The Q: There are many habits I should give up. But they are mostly related to old mind structure, that I should let go, and old habits go with it. Step 127 says about the mind structure: “Do not accept this structure as your reality, for the outward manifestation of your mind is a structure that you have imposed upon it. Yet, its real inward harmony and nature seek only to be expressed. “
Javier S. Fl:  @Ken, seems that what you said probably applies to most of us. Thank you for putting it into words.
Marilyn_USA:  @ Paul_MA … Before I came across the NM, it was like my small boat was struggling to stay steady in a rough small river, and very soon after starting to read the NM, I felt my boat was larger, with a larger and more stable rudder, in a larger but still rough river. Until now, I never considered that this was a “Rudder of Knowledge”. Thanks for the analogy.
Esther_Spain:  One of the habit I feel I need to change is the habit of be in a hurry in the job. When I have to do a lot of work with little time I get stress myself, that don’t help me to do better the job but is difficult to my control that. Help me remember the step 109. I WILL NOT BE IN A HURRY TODAY. “Today take each step gracefully. Do not be in a hurry. You need not be in a hurry because you are with Knowledge. You may keep your appointments in the world and keep them on schedule, but within yourself do not be in a hurry. You may seek Knowledge, fulfillment and contribution, but do not be in a hurry. When you are in a hurry, you are neglecting your current step for steps you find more preferable, and how can steps be more preferable except when you are ignoring the step in front of you? You need only take the step in front of you, and the next step will arise naturally. Do not be in a hurry. You cannot go faster than you can go.”…
Cole_Boulder:  @Mark – your insight about your self reminds me of the Ch. in RHP about “your relationship with the unknown.” Mysterious, everytime I return to it it says something different to me.
Heidi_Germany:  I always thought I must use all my time available to translate the Message and to create a platform where I can present it, but now I realize that this is only one side of the medal, that we must be connected with each other.
Paul_MA:  Marilyn— and the Wind of the Divine will power your boat, your Ark and guided by your Kg.
90124:  Hello everyone!
Raoul_Australia:  It seems to me like taking Practice into daily life is not going to be an option any more…can no longer live without it and the mistakes made without it are so glaring just moments after I make them.
MaryS_Boulder:  Hello 90124 at 32 minutes after the hour;
Betty_UK:  @Tyyne, the desire to include others, if feel is a strength and a weakness. It is a strength when combined with wisdom, but a weakness otherwise. It is a lessen I am still learning.
Dominic_UK:  I know I also need to pull my weight more with regards to making decisions and getting things done and trust that Knowledge will guide and restrain me as necessary. I’ve had a habit in the past of thinking (hoping) that I could hide behind Knowledge completely when faced with taking actions and making decisions and not take any risks or act on only partial certainty (which it says is necessary in the Great Waves book). I’ve been frustrated with the seemingly contradictory teachings in the NM regarding waiting for Knowledge and taking action; I know this was due to ambivalence because of a fear of making errors and being condemned for them by others. I also didn’t want to go down a wrong path that I couldn’t get back from and perish in the Great Waves future as a result.
mellany UK:  “to see the beauty and the chaos all at once.” Thank you, Jim. This experience came up for me the other day, during a Step…to ask and listen; “what is the world telling me?”
LaRaeUK:  I think many struggle with that Esther…..I know I did a great deal in the beginning, but really find slowing down helps me absorb the material more efficently.
Sally_Boulder:  I’d like to hold throughout the Vigil and school session a concept that Patricia mentioned regarding STK’s approach to the mind. Its respect, compassion, patience, and firmness… knowing what the mind is, and is not. I hope to look for this throughout the NM, as well as in my own student hood and relationship with both minds.
Adria_Poland:  I feel tremendous gratitude for the Vigil and for the consistent continuity of the New Message. I feel honoured to be in such good company, to be a part of this. I feel gratitude, because every practionioner of the Way of Knowledge is a pillar and a builder of this community, reinforcing the pure message of the New Message, adding to the strength of Knowledge in this world. Thank you all for holdig the ground, keeping up the practice, keeping showing up. It is tremendously strenghtening to see the strenghth of other students, and the decades-long consistent strength, courage and dedication of the Society and the Messenger. It is… a home. Thank you all so much.
Tamara:  I am in a great season of relinquishment with each habit/belief/condition easily leaving my way of living after or during an illness. Just this week I thumb tip size of my skin was removed. My dream state that evening made clear just what must be let go of now and the time in my life that this ambivalent way of coping developed. I see more clearly how my personal mind holds to this behavior for it fortifies condemnation and thus allows my personal mind to remain out of order and therefore have a sense of control or authority. This state of being makes true practice of my student-hood out of reach. My desire to be of service to, for and with the Greater Good, with Knowledge is strong enough now to override this long held habit.
MarkBerger:  @Marilyn. I have had the exact same experience and felt like my life was a like boat. I feel like Steps has given me a bigger keel on my boat to give me greater stability and direction.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Kristina, thank you for sharing your experience of Knowledge. Marshall gave us some wise recommendations last night. “Knowledge comes out during need”, We must see where we were so that we may know where we are going, and what is needed to move forward. ( not exactly what he said). In my own practice, I have to revisit my journey here (here), from as far as back as I can remember.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Ken… Yes, I have a great need for more Stillness in my everyday interactions. As MVS said, “When truly being present, your mind disappears and the whole world opens up before you. This is the result of much practice.” My being truly craves this “being present’ but it will take determined application to break through my bad habits. I guess I have wanted this to be easy and have waited for years for it to be easy. There is no longer the time to wait. This LISTENING in STILLNESS is essential to my life–and my life is important.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Esther, Thanks for that Step109
Maria_Boulder:  I am also looking at the question Marshal posed to us last night: (my memory of the words)”How large is your capacity for relationship”…I am always deeply moved when I am witness to Marshal and Patricia taking the time to make a personal contact with all who are responding, making the pilgrimage…
Russell_Sask:  Hey my mid western friend Do you still ride the horses?
Keiko_Ita:  @MaryS Boulder, Sorry I was reading GCS before, chapter 23″ How is Knowledge translated in the GC?”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Raoul “the mistakes made w/out it are glaring just moments after I make them.” Resonating!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Rudy, regarding “hope”. It reminded me about a conversation I had with a client, who is not a NM student, but I thought his description was very similar to what NM teaches us about hope and building our own future. He said that out in the wilderness you can not count on hope, you need to do things today to prepare for the next day and the future, things just wont happen for you, but here in a big city its a lot easier to just hope instead of prepare. It reminded me of the questions Reed asked last night regarding Where is my life going? Where do I need to be? And what changes do I need to make to get there? It’s like setting goals and coming up with a plan of action instead of just hoping that things will turn out ok.
Joe_UK:  I felt boosts of encouragement to keep moving up the mountain from Marshall’s final statement and from Reed and Patricia’s sharing of the Teacher’s Dedication and the Ancient Rite of preparation.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Tamara…Thank you for sharing so deeply. Your recognition helps me to commit to deeper self-honesty. This is something more I wish to develop through this Vigil.
Inhee_Korea:  @Esther thank you for sharing your experience with step 109.
Raoul_Australia:  I feel that too Maria “I am always deeply moved when I am witness to Marshal and Patricia taking the time to make a personal contact with all who are responding”
Paul_MA:  Kristina- thanks for your insights
Rudy_Boulder:  Yes, Kristina. As the New Message states, nature is harsh to the unprepared. Hope will not get you up the mountain. It may lead you to the mountain, but will not get you up.
manuel germany :):  @Esther – thanks for sharing the issue with the pressure put on us from the outside causing stress within. I can relate very well to that, because it occurred to me on many occassions and what was the result apart from being stressed? I started making errors. And then what I did to absolutely slow down and concentrate on one particular thing and do not try to do several things at a time and then miracously… the errors and the stress tended to become less… and that reminds me of a German saying: “In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft” which means “In stillness there is the power”… and this a great truth – no se si te he podido ayudar aqui…

Will_Society:  When we come together for the Vigil, yesterday and in the 19 evenings to come, the growing reality of the Worldwide Community impacts me strongly. So different than a decade ago! I think of what does it mean, what does it mean that more people are practicing the Way of Knowledge, what does it mean that more people know the Messenger, people all over the planet, and what does it mean that the New Message is becoming more and more real in the world?

“The Worldwide Community has so much to do. It will pull everyone forward. That does not mean that you can escape your own self- development, for that is one of your Pillars of strength. But it does mean that you are assuming greater responsibilities in the spirit of service and humility.” -The WWC

Paul_MA:  Rudy & Kristina… Fail to plan, Plan to fail.
mellany UK:  “I’ve been frustrated with the seemingly contradictory teachings in the NM regarding waiting for Knowledge and taking action; I know this was due to ambivalence because of a fear of making errors..” Resonating, Dom. I’ve had similar thoughts….and struggles, over the years.
Tonia_Denmark:  Very happy to be here and very happy something woke me up last night when the vigil took place. What I focus on is narrowing down the belongings as I become more and more present. I can not eat what ever I like anymore. What I eat must be life for the body. It goes through rejections of things like items, people, food, the clothes I wear and a clearing of it all is nessesary, as the body only responds positive to good things. The purer the cloth, food, people etc the better otherwise I throw up, get nausea, feel a tremble etc. I feel more or less a constant backing of people and places, but a slight move closer to purposes.
Esther_Spain:  Thanks Manuel. I’m working with that.
Marilyn_USA:  @MarkBerger … yes, a bigger keel.
David_Drimmel:  Tendencies that I am learning to move away from: Telling myself I’m not where I need to be and getting anxious about it. Self criticism around my spiritual practice and daily practice in the world. Allowing myself to be overwhelmed then disabled from doing anything when I am presented with a lot of information at once. Disabling my growth and capacity with my assumptions. It’s easy to make up stories about something and find out later it was all in my head, usually stemming from past wounds.
Alexandra_Colombia:  I feel deeply called to re-member “the great fabric of life that exists within the physical universe and beyond and the great fabric of relationships into which you are finding yourself to be interwoven and interdependent. Experience this with those whom you were sent to engage with and with those whom you were sent to serve, and in the most mundane situations you will realize the greatest truth”… I see this Vigil as an opportunity to get closer to this experience… thank you all…
David_Drimmel:  Another thing… Allowing love in
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Manual – Thanks for sharing this “great truth” written in German. “In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft” which means “In stillness there is the power”… and this a great truth – no se si te he podido ayudar aqui..
Cole_Boulder:  @David – resonating – thanks for sharing
Thomas_Oregon:  Interestingly, I haven’t, in my studenthood, had much success attending to my Pillar of spiritual practice the way I might manage a calendar or modify behavior, or by trying to implement “change.” Periodically, I feel a deepening and a deeper intention. I can be available to this deeper impulse and movement or not. But I know that I cannot rely on my will alone to advance me and to strengthen the Pillar, though there is certainly an element of accountability that involves my will.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Will for reminding of the growing reality of the WWC. When you are climbing up the mountain, it is hard to see that there others climbing that same mountain.
Dominic_UK:  Resonating with that, David
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Paul If you do not have a plan for your life, life will have a plan for you.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Yes Heidi the connection is so very important.
LaRaeUK:  I am struggling a bit with letting go of the people who Knowledge has made clear do not belong in my life. I know Knowledge has cleared the decks of many of the relationships that no longer serve me, but the wound of loss hasn’t healed as much as I would wish. I still hold on to bits of unforgiveness, when I wish so much to release them with love.
Val_Westport:  We are the World Wide Community of the New Message. It is useful to ask what and Whose, Intention created us?
Keiko_Ita:  When I made a big mistake with the Intervention, I used to say continuously Nasi Novare Coram…endlessly not to make other errors.
MVS Society:  Dominic: most of our real wisdom comes from our mistakes, especially the big ones. Approach past mistakes objectively like a craftsman working on a project. Mine these mistakes and log the wisdom that they can give you so you never forget. Never forget!
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks MVS Mine these mistakes and log the wisdom that they can give you so you never forget. Never forget!(9:46AM)
Lin_Boulder:  @Esther, @Manuel, very true, maintain a connection with Knowledge while in the busy working status really create distinguished effects at the work. When I share posts on FB, it feels almost like a machine work, but for the few times, where I pause, and connect with the group, connect within, and have a tailored comment when sharing, it does bring people’s attention and response to it.
Paul_MA:  The pain and guilt of past mistakes can be weathered by the awareness of past lack of Knowledge.
MVS Society:  Great truth comes in increments. A great life is built in stages. The sin here is impatience.
Ila_UK:  Whenever I jump in and out of the “World” it causes much confusions and conflicts – But when I still my whole being and embrace the Silence, it is, as if it is trying to show me what I Am underneath all the pains and pleasures of life. I use to cling to and defend all of what society told me was meaningful. Now I see that it is not so. Steps 11 – I am not apart from life – made be realise that I can express LIFE itself, without worrying what society will make of this.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Will and Adria…Our WWC and the hard work that is being done across the world, the incredible application of students and student translators… This all reminds me of MVS’s words at the Messengers Vigil (paraphrasing). “Your relationship with me is structural. I need your structure…” How powerful and important are our lives as we become ‘structural’ for the Messenger and for the NM from God!
Tamara:  Thomas….”the way I might manage a calendar or modify behavior, or by trying to implement “change.”” The changes occuring my life this spring are things I have known must be released for over a decade. I can literally go back to journals, even from high school, and see the things I knew did not serve me. Until recently my approach was as you stated…that I worked to try to ‘manage’ the change I needed to have happen. As if my a miracle these things are falling away. I am not a perfect student, but I do keep climbing and this is the only force for which I can attribute the changes I am experiencing.
Patricia_Society:  @Roberto (9:15AM) – “”Our lives are more important that we realize” MVS “…And it made me think of others out there in the world, who feel unknown, alone, lost, who need to hear that. To hear it from another, and to hear it from the Messenger from God. It could make all the difference.” This is the calling and request made to us as people of this Revelation. The Calling is to take the news far and wide, to people we encounter day after day, everywhere we can. Yes, their lives are important. Yes, they are needed. Yes, they carry gifts yet to be given to the world. Yes, Call them. Call Knowledge and the deep memory of who they really are to come forward….Call them. Call them to make a way for what they most deeply know to emerge through their life choices and actions. Even if unspoken explicitly to others, we people of this Revelation, can emanate the invitation….Remember the Re-union that awaits us…all……the marriage of the Knowing Mind within us all , with the deeper…
Patricia_Society:  … Mind within us all that thinks, problems solves, plans and prioritizes. …Each encounter I have with people in the world, I thank them…even if just for the moment we just shared together…especially since we probably will not encounter one another ever again…..Calling and gratitude…This is an Engagement Practice for me…..Especially poignant for me are the mundane encounters and exchanges I have had- with people on service calls, while making appointments, encounters on the hiking trail…, when all of us tend to be preoccupied….So, to mark the moment, the encounter and to reach out just a little bit more beyond myself to know the other person… know them and the deep Knowledge and Wisdom they bare……
Keiko_Ita:  Yes, never forget. I will remember!
Maria_Boulder:  Above all, what I feel most strongly at this moment is: This precious and humble man, The Messenger for the World at this time…is with us NOW, and will not always be with us. Am I taking my studenthood seriously enough? Am I applying myself enough? I am humbled by all the time and devotion that the Summers family and the Society put into preparing these school sessions, and the incredible fact of Marshall taking his precious time, to be present with us here o the chat. I have this feeling of how the Angels are always with us, waiting for us to show our readiness, our capacity to be given more, to take the next step…as is Marshal…if I am more ready later , when he is gone, it will be such a wasted opportunity…I must make all the room for deeper dedication NOW, while he is here with us, able to respond in a very easy to receive way!!! He has said he will be with us after he leaves this body as well…but those wisdoms and guidance will take much greater refinement on our part to…
Maria_Boulder:  … receive!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Will, your questions remind me of the description of STK that was given last night. What stood out for me is that Knowledge will be expressed through us to the world, to people, in anything we do. But for this to occur we need to be a true students of Knowledge of course, meaning we need to live the way of Knowledge, not just talk about it with big words as that way we will be the same as people going to church every Sunday and then going buck to their lives and forgetting about God.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you MVS, for your reminder, “Great truth comes in increments. A great life is built in stages. The sin here is impatience.” How much I need this reminder every day, many times a day.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you MVS. I can see how much of time has been wasted in fruitless pursuits driven by personal mind, and without patience.
Raoul_Australia:  I resonate with your words, Will, “So different than a decade ago! I think of what does it mean, what does it mean that more people are practicing the Way of Knowledge, what does it mean that more people know the Messenger, people all over the planet, and what does it mean that the New Message is becoming more and more real in the world?” Just recently I was thinking how different things are from just 6 years ago when I started Steps
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Keiko, whatever contracts are made that we are not aware of, can be revoked. Our strength is more than just us alone, NNC is very powerful in helping us be strong.
LaRaeUK:  Wow….Maria. Resonating. Time is of the essence!
David_Drimmel:  The realization lately that “I don’t always have to be or do anything” like the step 30 “Today I will Observe my World” being free of the judgments that burden us to do things that aren’t necessary. Here, knowledge can indicate “it’s okay to rest” (Dr. Quiet), it’s okay to dance and sing (Dr. Movement), it’s okay to eat this food, but not this one (Dr. Diet), it’s okay to spend time enjoying my life and others (Dr. Happiness). Putting too much pressure on myself has caused a lot of stress. When I am present, I realize that I am given what I am capable of and what I must do. Step 46 “I must be small to be great.” I don’t have to be or do anything greater than following what I know to do, which often is smaller than my ego (MIND).
Samantha_ South Africa:  Thank you MVS, I really appreciate your words
Selma London:  Thomas, in terms of modifying behaviour, I find this useful: “Do not associate love with behaviour, or you will lose sight of the real presence and the real activity of love.” Living The Way of Knowledge CHAPTER TEN
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall, patience is something i always needed to work on.
Russell_Sask:  And so another hour together, yet apart is drawing to a close. Spring on the Canadian Prairies is a wonderful time to be alive and Present
Paul_MA:  Tynne- habits to change: Complacency, Ambivalence & Procrastination….
Dominic_UK:  Thanks Marshall That’s something I need to get back into the habit of doing: journalling and written contemplation of things.
Thomas_Oregon:  I know that I am responsible for connecting with the deeper intention to have greater relationships, which includes the relationship I have with myself, God, etc. This is a critical consideration for me because I sense that as an individual there is a limit to my development. Knowing this limitation has helped me sort out which of my personal concerns and problems truly fall within my domain for correcting, and which can be left without too strong a desire to fix them.
Ila_UK:  Marshall Vian Summers is the answer to our prayers – Thank you for showing us the way.
Dariel_Boulder:  And thank you MVS for, “Mine these mistakes and log the wisdom that they can give you so you never forget. Never forget!” As I go back to map my past I will remember to ‘mine’ these mistakes so that I may have access to this hard won wisdom.
Tyyne_Society:  I am feeling such gratitude for all of you. Patricia was talking during the Vigil last night about how we are now amongst those who speak like us and think like us, feel like us. Out natural spirit and being is being acknowledged and ignited through the New Message and Steps. I know for myself I would still be lost in the world without this. It is bringing us home and this Vigil is a powerful time for this to occur – incrementally, step by step, rejoining and re-associating.
manuel germany :):  In Italian there is also a very interesting saying: “Il che fa piano va lontano e sano”… which means “Who who does tranquile go afar and healthy” … and I am sure in every language and culture the knowing of the people relate that in “stillness” lays a great treasure…
Debbie-MI:  @Maria-I so totally resonate with what you are saying. Also, thank you for “He has said he will be with us after he leaves his body as well…”
Roberto_Boulder:  @Patricia, thank you for sharing that; the reminder of what we are called to do, and the Engagement practice that you have carried. Such depth to carry with us throughout life. Calling and gratitude… I will let this sink in
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Maria for your words @ 11:49am. I too feel and think the same way.
Thomas_Oregon:  @David_Drimmel, thank you for your comments
LaRaeUK:  Yes Tyyne…..we are now with those we came with. Such a blessing.
Lingling_China:  thanks Marshall and all for sharing. NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall. The proper way to log has had to change several times here. Suddenly many solutions were needed. No pen, only pencil. Seperate opinion from log. Move from paper to internet. Chronolog and alphabetic wisdom. And release of not needed stuff
Russell_Sask:  two minutes gather your thoughts
Kristina_Boulder:  @Patricia, this reminds me of people who no longer have the desire to live because their life turned out not the way they hoped. What do you say to these people?
Adria_Poland:  Thank you Patricia. Something to remember at all times: the “going together to God”.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you Manuel! Yes, and another saying in Italian is: Haste is a bad advisor
mellany UK:  Patricia, that’s beautiful, thank you. Your Essence and gracious demonstrations remind me of this “with each beat of your heart, and each breath that you take, God’s Will permeates everything.”
Will_Society:  Let us pause together for the hour, breathe deeply and still our minds. “In stillness all things can be known.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Will
manuel germany :):  My Italian is not so good : “Il chi va piano va sano e lontano”… ( I ve got a great Italian teacher here in the chat :))…
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Patricia for that reminder. Since discovering TNM I do my best to be present to each person I meet. To listen to them. Acknowledge them. Thank them…even if it was a brief encounter. I need to acknowledge them.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to MVS, Patricia, Society & Students for your wisdom today, Blessing to all of you. We are so ver blessed to have each other. Nasi Novare Coram
Cole_Boulder:  @Thomas – this is important, thank you for bringing this up. I have not considered this within this framework before, regarding what is my responsibility to correct and what is not: “as an individual there is a limit to my development. Knowing this limitation has helped me sort out which of my personal concerns and problems truly fall within my domain for correcting, and which can be left without too strong a desire to fix them.”

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Russell_Sask:  Anyway time to go greet the world or maybe just the door to door God sales people due on most Saturdays. Around here I think I am worth extra points just to attempt conversion with. Egads. I use it as a two way offering or as an update to what they are pondering. Me thinks It doesn’t often take root.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Tyyne, me too, and “…I know for myself I would still be lost in the world without this. It is bringing us home and this Vigil is a powerful time for this to occur – incrementally, step by step, rejoining and re-associating.” I too would be lost without this
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Will!
manuel germany :):  @Raoul… very good thanks for sharing that: Haste is a bad advisor… popular wisdom is sometimes good
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thomas, yes, thank you for that distinction.
Will_Society:  Thank you all for sharing your experience, insights, struggles and studenthood today. The Worldwide Community is gathering around the New Message from God, in a time of great change, in the Time of Revelation.
Sally_Boulder:  @Will, thank you for mentioning notion of the WWC and its relationship with the NM, I think of this too. We know this Message is meant for the world. And with its ever increasing expansion, through word and action, there will be others coming with agendas, others bringing corruption, and yet it’s unavoidable. Part of our preparation is for receiving the people giving their minds and their hearts to this mission, and preparing for the others.
Raoul_Australia:  it is, Manuel!
MaryS_Boulder:  Kristina_Boulder, can we be present to those people who have lost all desire? I know in your work you have been with people who have looked into the abyss of despair. That abyss yawns immensely deep for them, like a black hole sucking all energy down it.
Dariel_Boulder:  Dearest Patricia, I am so inspired by your compassion for the common person and how much you want them to have access to this precious work–this soul saving gift of the NM. I will remember your words and I will open myself larger to give this gift which is a part of me and all of us. My life is important in proportion to how I allow KN to express through me into this world of great need.
Russell_Sask:  Poof and then he was gone…SoV=vIt
82660:  Thank you everyone! This is Virgie near Seattle on a mobile phone. So grateful to have shared this time. So many blessings this morning and recalling last night. NNC
Alison_Boulder:  I look forward to hearing from some of you how you are making these 20 days a retreat time. Most of us continue to work, but even if we can grab a half a day, or ingest less media, take a day trip, be quiet or maybe reach out more. Whatever you do in this way inspires me.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I was truly surprised with what was missed in the chapter on being present in LTW the first time it was suggested by Marshall, upon reading it again the other night it was as though the words had changed! A whole other level was communicated. There is such a joy when one of the points of wisdom ” clicks” when rereading the texts slowly again and again…. Thank you Marshall for your guidance.
Dominic_UK:  Thank you everyone. Good to connect with you all for this hour whilst out and about. NNC
justin-calif-!:  -have to run now, gang- thanx to all for your wisdom and support!- see you at the vigil! NNC, j
Patricia_Society:  @ Kristina (9;24) “I found helpful when MVS shared that sometimes we have to wait for a long time for something that we know to be true to happen…” The practice of keeping a “Truer List” of insights that over time either move up or down the list depending upon whether they are becoming more or less true….(More true towards the top of the list. Less True at the bottom of the list. ) This has helped me not to dispose of certaininsights….or allow them to lapse over the horizon, and helps me wait out the discernment period……
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you all. NNC
Youmgkyo_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you for your words Tyyne, “I know for myself I would still be lost in the world without this.”
René_Ca:  My gratitude for your contributions.
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone for being here and persevering in learning and living The Way of Knowledge. Nasi Novare Coram
Howard Boulder:  Thanks every one. NNC
Javier S. Fl:  @Shawn, i find that to be True with Most of The New Message Teachings. Sometimes I say how the Heck did I miss that the first time around?
Kristina_Boulder:  @Thank you Patricia, this also reminds me that Knowledge moves with the changes that are happening in the world, so perhaps something was true or needed to happen, but it might no longer be so…
Betty_UK:  Thank you everyone, Nasi Novare Coram
Alison_Boulder:  @All- Both Advocacy gatherings will be taking a breather throughout the Vigil, and will resume the 15th of June. Facebook and Youtube will continue to be active and welcome spots for our inspired service in Advocacy, as we find time. May we bask in a remembrance of why we share this Message. May more come to serve with us. Thank you everyone for your wisdom on this Chat! Our notes are also a great resource for future advocacy, in telling of experience.
Frederick_UK:  Nasi Novare Coram everyone, and be the truth that you are, for you are far greater than the flesh you move about in and the mind that needs to serve Knowledge
mellany UK:  Thanks, Alison!
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Ellen_Society:  All of your contributions today are deeply appreciated.
Ila_UK:  Another Heartfelt Campfire Chat – Thanks everyone – Be Well… Nasi Novare Coram
Alison_Boulder:  @Frederick thank you.
Patricia_Society:  @ Roberto, the potential treasure buried beneath brief encounters, the only moment you will ever have with a person. They will go their way. You will go yours….but what level of intelligence was shared? Something? Nothing?….
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you all. It is so joyful to see how the Vigil has added more power and vitality to our gathering today. Amazing! Thank you dear Messenger and ALL.
Joe_UK:  Thank you all, feeling blessed to be in the best company
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you everyone for your participation last night and this morning. May the fire of Knowledge continue to burn with strength and courage throughout this Vigil so that it mirrors the everlasting flame that resides within us. Nasi Novare Coram.
MVS Society:  Mellaney, instead of waiting for Knowledge, practice listening for Knowledge. Then you are free to act or to not act. Knowledge will keep pace with you if you are doing what you need to be doing. It will prompt you to act or hold you back when necessary.
Carol_Society:  With blessings and gratitude to each of you for your continued participation and service to something greater, on so many different levels. Nasi Novare Coram.
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone…sorry for delay. Nasi Novare Coram.
David_Drimmel:  Mavran Mavran Copay Mavran, Nasi Novare Coram
Selma London:  “Taste the disappointment and the result of errors and feel them deeply.” Living The Way of Knowledge CHAPTER TEN
Darlene_Society:  Deep gratitude for your presence here. Remember the Messenger. Remember why you are here. Love to all…
nenette_istanbul:  I’M so sorry, I’m reviewing all from top to bottom , I’m working at the moment 5 menu for tomorrow.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS and everyone, NNC
Kari_H_Finland:  Even if I have not met you, I feel that I know you. Maybe it is because you are so simple. Thank you all for your presence today. Nasi Novare Coram
Patricia_Society:  @Roberto, Mellany, MVS – Listening for Knowledge…..I have adopted the practice of listening to what others are saying in 3 word segments….whether it be MVS or someone I spend minutes or seconds with…..Our communication has a spectrum…what is being communicated at the level of the communication, at the levels above, below and within/behind…..After a while, ouir ears may feel like we have “Bat Ears, ” as Marshall has said over the ears….Good thing we don’t look like we have Bat Ears though, huh?
Ken_Oklahoma:  I always look forward to my trips to Colorado, the opportunities that present itself to engage in conversations with others on the plane…..the opening when asked “what takes you to Colorado”….. often a long conversation about the NM, Marshall and Knowledge and sharing of a card…..don’t miss these opportunities!
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Everyone – Nasi Novare Coram
Me:  @Ken – Thank you for all the creative ways you take out the New Message to the world.
LaRaeUK:  Amen Ken…..
mellany UK:  Thank you, Marshall. And Patricia. Here’s to “bat ears” :))
James_Montana:  3 word segments ? Do you mean that you are distilling the communication down to these 3 word segments?
Josef Austria:  Thank you Ken!
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Patricia – I need to think about this way of listening and give it a try..”I have adopted the practice of listening to what others are saying in 3 word segments.”.
Val_Westport:  May our relationship with Knowledge and with each other bring forth a way of being human that allows for the solving of the dilemmas, problems and concerns of our human family. May we be vehicles for solutions, gifts to our world from the Divine. Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall. Listening for Knowledge is exactly the only thing that works now in this early period of the great shift within. May it grow stronger every day. May we all grow stronger listening for Knowledge within.
Lin_Boulder:  @Kristina, I have been with this too. Things can change because of decision making, our own mistakes, other’s mistakes, etc. But I was touched by what Patricia said last night, Knowledge will not lift the difficulties up, but Knowledge with face the difficulty with you. such Grace.
Tyyne_Society:  @Patricia, Mellany, Roberto, MVS, that reminds me of a passage in one of the Wisdom Volumes (can’t find it right now) where the Teachers describe listening as if your ears go all the way to the ground and the invitation to listen together with them right then. I found this invitation very powerful. Bat ears… listening for things way beyond what is typical.
Jorge_Spain:  3 word segments?
Kristina_Boulder:  I don’t remember where I read it, but it described the STK as very special preparation that is not for every one, but for those who have association with the Greater Community. So does it mean that all NM students have this association? And since so many people out there are waiting for the NM, does it mean that they also have this association? Are we different kind of people than 50 or 100 years ago? Did we all came here for this transition of this world emerging into GC of worlds? These questions have been on my mind…
Will_Society:  “Let us practice together. Just breathe deeply and listen for sounds. Imagine you have great huge ears that go all the way to the floor. You are like a radar antenna” – Inner Listening
Tyyne_Society:  There it is! Thanks, Will.
MarkBerger:  Thanks, Will.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Will.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. NNC
MVS Society:  Yes Maria, how I will be known and remembered will be based on the testimony of those who knew me in my time on Earth. Know me and remember me and our precious time together.
manuel germany :):  I am very grateful of being connected to you all and to have found the New Message from God and all the Wisdom in the Steps To Knowledge, Greater Community Spirituality, Secrets of Heaven, Wisdom from the Greater Community and all the Revelations with so much wisdom, love, power that enables us to contribute our little but very important grain of sand to the great course. Nasi Novare Coram
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  In the future perhaps they will refer to those who were alive with the messenger as the “Originals”….. how blessed we are!
Roberto_Boulder:  @Patricia, and ultimately it seems to me that it takes being *fully present. To the world and to that encounter, to that person. To carry that notion throughout all day out in life, that in those brief encounters, an opportunity may come by for the ‘call’ to come through us to them. But it takes being present, like two people trying to touch the tips of one of one anothers’ fingers together. One, at least, must be present and attentive for that connection to happen. Wow, and I can just imagine our teachers being on the other side perhaps at times…. opportunity for ‘call’…. came through!… or missed… Oh, oh wow, now I am thinking of calls that may have come through (or that I may have missed) being on the receiving end. Perhaps something to discover in life mapping exercise.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank You Marshall, eventually, the people of this world will feel the NEED to know about the Messenger of this time.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Tyyne! I remember. Thanks, Will.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Shawn yes we are blessed to be a part of something far greater than we can ever imagine!
LaRaeUK:  Oh Marshall your example, love humility and devotion to TNM, to the world and to us could never be forgotten.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Shawn….blessed beyond.
Adria_Poland:  Yes, Marshall. I remember and keep you close. Those reminders are my batteries.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @MVS You will never be forgotten because of the devotion we have for you and with you is based in love. For true love is being devoted to another! We love you man!
Josef Austria:  @MVS; How can anybody who encountered you. ever be able to forget you?! They will deny you , they will tell untrue stories about you, but….they also will know that they liars and cowards.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Manuel, I found Chinese version, “Still water runs deep”, from Chinese ancient Wise Zhu Ge Liang.
Raoul_Australia:  Now my life is with the Messenger…such a precious time. He is always in my thoughts and service to the NM is the best way I find to remain connected.
Will_Society:  Thanks again, everyone. Wonderful to be with you today.
Jordan_Montreal:  Yes I remember Marshall, thank you everyone, NNC
MVS Society:  Yes Shawn, it is upon reading the deep texts of the NMG, for the third or fourth time, that they begin to reveal their secrets to you.
90275:  I am thankful finally I am here at this campfire chat session. Today is my first day trying to understand/catch up…
Martin_Australia:  Nice, Lin. I’ve always loved that piece of wisdom
63796:  The Presence of the unseen Teachers of God is with us; may we learn to be ever-increasingly with that Presence, in relationship, remembering our Spiritual Family beyond the physical universe. I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to experience the Divine here… it feels so right… so much resonance reaching into my heart, deep into my heart where my True Self has been hidden from me and the world. Yet now I am on this long journey of uncovering it so that what is true and real and strong in me can give itself where it is so needed. I am learning even to be grateful for the great trials that are facing the world, because they are creating a situation in which I cannot run away from Knowledge anymore–there is so much, too much at stake. I am grateful for this precious opportunity to live a TRUE LIFE inspired and guided by Reality, not the confusion and fantasy of separation. Thank you to those who have gone ahead and continue to go ahead. Thank you for forging…
63796:  … this path in the world which is of critical importance. Nasi Novare Coram.
Martin_Australia:  Glad you made it 90275!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Part of the natural falling into place of my practice since I began was to read the texts continuously as a cycle while practicing the steps…..the image that contains this for me is the threading of a screw – each cycle takes me deeper and things are revealed differently on each turn.
Martin_Australia:  I pray Marshall’s demonstration in the world is not forgotten nor misconstrued
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Shawn I do the same and have been since I started. Doing the Steps and reading bring a since of consistency to my day! Thanks for sharing that!
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all. NNC
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you 63796 for what you have said! What is your name?
Raoul_Australia:  Gratitude for everyone for being here, see you at the Vigil, Nasi Novare Coram
Roberto_Boulder:  Thank you all for your sharing. Gratitude to Will and Tyyne for guiding the chat today, and to Marshall, Patricia and Reed for your wisdom. The Presence of the Teachers of God is with us. Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  Such deep heartfelt gratitude to all. NNC
mellany UK:  Thank you, everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you to everyone! The world and life are moving. And now I feel I/we are moving with it by what we are bringing to it! Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Marshall, I wish to pack a suitcase a a few items, and get on the train, just like what Knowledge is telling me every morning, except this morning. I am not strong enough to trust this and instead I begin to carry out other duties I think is right. How would you respond to this, when for example, your money is low but still you would like to go to attend the Vigil? Would you wait for the next gathering for Christmas, or how would it work? Would a beginning student of knowledge restrain from moving now or wait for the next call? I feel a deep need to go, but am held back also?
Patricia_Society:  @James. Listening Practice; I listen to what others are saying 3 words at a time…not distilling their communication per se. This has enhanced by my ability to “hear” people……and not be multitasking on other subliminal levels in my mind, but rather to really listen to the person, follow what they are saying……”get” what they are saying….It may seem to make me “delayed” in any response to them…but not so much now…
Thomas_Oregon:  I’m feeling thankful. The Presence is with us.
63796:  63796 was Anna W. in Boulder. Not sure why the name didn’t appear.
MVS Society:  Yes Raoul. Knowledge lives in every person. Therefore, the New Message has a gift for every person who is ready to receive it.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  There was something so special about seeing the new pictures from the messengers past with his family that tints the experience of practicing the Way with a sense of reverie… so beautiful and profoundly mysterious .
Kelton_Calif:  I loved when Marshall took a moment before speaking with us at the end of last night Vigil and had us all make the Ahh sound. Our Hearts were resonating together. You could feel this. I learned From my time with The Sufis that Ahh is the sound of the Heart and the root of Allah. Thank you Marshall for all that you give.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Ken I cannot read your pm anymore
René_Ca:  I dont know if i can answer this Tonia but, to me, discerning my ambitions as a student of Knowledge with my duties to Knowledge has been central to my practice. I want to become a strong student of Knowledge, but what i must really do is to consistently listen and follow what i know. I must be small to be great.
LaRaeUK:  I loved that too Kelton….
Ken_Oklahoma:  Thanks Shrimayi…Safe travels…See you at the STK Vigil.
MVS Society:  Tonia, work hard, save money for the future. Come to Boulder when you can.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you René, yes ambition does relate to why taking the steps, and yes I guess patience is what is best. And pratice.
Alison_Boulder:  @Kelton that moved me, too. Goodbye for now everyone. NNC.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Marshall. Your words are very important and will be saved like gold in a pocket.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Marshall for your perseverance and patience, your being able to do what must be done, over and over again. Thank you Patricia for your consistency and loving support, your humour and spontaneity. Thank you Reed for your earnest application and devotion to the Way. Thank you to all of the students of Knowledge here on Earth and beyond in the far flung reaches of the universe which all exist together right …NOW! Blessings to all.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  safe travels Ken see you soon
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall time with you is precious.
Tonia_Denmark:  Nasi Novare Coram. Thank you everyone.




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  1. Alisa Posted on June 4, 2017 at 12:58 am

    Kristina_Boulder: @Will, when I heard Patricia describing her experience with Knowledge last night and how she first learned from MVS what Knowledge is, I had a similar experience before finding NM. I have been experiencing Knowledge, but did not know how to call it and when once attended a meditation group, I asked the facilitator what is that I’m feeling, he could not answer my question, he said it might be an anxiety as I was feeling it in my stomach. When I learned about Knowledge from the NM I immediately knew that thats exactly what I have been experiencing.

    Kristina_Boulder: I found helpful when MVS shared that sometimes we have to wait for a long time for something that we know to be true to happen, it does not happen immediately. I had these kind of experiences when I felt like something was about to happen or change, but it took months or even years to come about.

    MVS Society: Great truth comes in increments. A great life is built in stages. The sin here is impatience.

    This is my experience with Knowledge too. It is especially inspiring to look back on my life now and see the times when I have experienced Knowledge in the past without knowing that was what it was, moving with the experience and the promptings and finding myself where I am today, the fulfillment of a dream that has been many years in the making. I am glad I was able to be patient 🙂

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