Campfire Chat May 20, 2017

 Robert_Society:  Quotes from the Messenger from last week’s chat:

“Think of [spiritual] practice as a relationship [my relationship with my spiritual practice] and apply to it the kinds of criteria you would bring to establishing a significant relationship with another in your life. Think of your intentions here, what you want, what you expect, what you are willing to give to this each day, what your assumptions are and if they are true, the compromises you have to make to be in this relationship and the patience, perseverance and the wisdom and skills to participate here. Your approach, determination and patience are all important. You will have to make the investment to gain the greater rewards.”

“An active practice out in the world that I have mentioned before in earlier Chats: when you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed, ask yourself ‘is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone?’”

“Disconnected we become distorted, reconnected we come alive.”

“Another active practice out in the world is listening to sounds, especially sounds in nature. To really listen, your mind must be still. Night sounds in the woods and fields is a great listening experience. The more that you practice listening in this way, the greater your ability to enter a state of stillness. I have been doing this for many years.”
“In practice, you are regaining lost ground, regaining self-awareness, mental strength, self-acceptance, patience, gratitude and true relationship. Most people don’t do this, they just go on.”“Listening is about being present. Stillness is about being present. I recommend you study the Teaching Being Present in the World (Living the Way of Knowledge: chapter 10) which is a recommended Teaching in our School Session.”“Consciously or unconsciously, in the world we are what we practice. We are what we actually do.”

“At the beginning of each day and throughout that day ask yourself “what will I practice this day?”


Robert_Society:  … Waves) “In many parts of Colorado the evergreen forest is dying or has already died. Whole mountains of forest have died on the western slopes of the Rocky Mts due to pine bark beetle kill. North America has lost over 50 million acres of forest due to just 1 degree celsius of global warming. We are changing the planet.”
Jason NJ/PA:  under Bethne UK
MaryS_Boulder:  Hi, Alex
Youngkyo_Korea:  Hello everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  Ever since I started my spiritual practice, I’ve become a fruitarian for the sake of my heart and the planet!!!
RaeHyung_korea:  Hello everyone
Joyanne_Canada:  Hello my World Wide Community, wonderful to be gathered once again to partake of some Soul Food
manuel germany :):  warm greetings to everyone from warm Germany
May_Norway:  Greetings everyone from North of Norway, above the Polar circle
Joyanne_Canada:  @Robert Being Present in the world, was an amazing chapter.. very eye opening for me. grateful for the recommendation
Insuk_Korea:  Hi Lin
Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning from the north. It is a beautiful day here. Sunny and finally warm. The ice is receding from the lakes.
Patricia_Society:  @Robert_Society: “Part of your development in The Way of Knowledge is to learn how to watch—…” and then there is “watching and listening”, “When you are out in the world, listen within yourself. Watch the world and listen within yourself. This is a practice you can do almost anywhere. It is this attention both within and without that allows you to discern the signs of the world and the messages that Knowledge within you is sending you….” From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice, the primary revelation for this Free School Session on Spiritual Practice…
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone! Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram.
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  Hello Joyanne_Canada!!! I’m from canada as well!!! Nice to talk to you!!! And to everyone else in here for that matter!
Russell_Sask:  And So begins an engaging hour of our allotted time to Ponder Together shall we begin with the traditional warm up and Slow down of the mind at Top of Hour. Hurry Up and Slow Down. Single File Please….
Shane – New Zealand:  Hello everyone
May_Norway:  We have around 10 degrees and its a good day, almost all the snow in the mountains has melted and now we are waiting for the Midnight sun
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, good to be here again
89474:  Hi everyone
Ayesha_Society:  Lets take a moment of stillness before we begin our time together in this environment of studenthood, as we learn to live and apply the spiritual practices that has been given to us from the New Message. May we take every opportunity that is presented in our lives to practice with great intention and dedication, and bring what we learn into our interactions with people and environments…as it is meant to. “Everywhere you go, everything that you do, every person that you are with is an environment for spiritual practice.” – Deepening your Spiritual Practice
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all. Nnc
Jeanne_Boulder:  WOW Howard, we only had 5 inches in here in Boulder
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Alysha for me bringing my practice into all interactions with others and life around me takes focus and concentration. The more I do it the more it comes to me to do it. “Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” MVS really has been with me since Marshall spoke this. Just watching interactions and being a part of life without coming to conclusions and judgments is tough at times for my mind wants to go that route sometimes. Then I bring it back especially when being with another and remember what MVS said “When you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed ask yourself “is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone? Disconnected we become distorted, reconnected we come alive.” And then Greg had talked about this last week about a person being in need and the 1st thing he asked them is “what do you need.” And the experience there reading it was beautiful in how Greg expressed it. These responses in love and compassion make a world of…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  … difference when responding in this way instead of reacting out of judgment. These little things brought to life in the world through compassion keep Knowledge alive and keep us focused on our mission. Strong but compassionate it is. Practicing this now I am more ready to receive and to give. For both are of tremendous value and need in the world. When I listen within and without I begin to appreciate myself more and in turn I begin to appreciate others more by looking at their humanity instead of their flaws and errors. It is an amazing experience for it engages me with the world through love, compassion and tolerance. I feel more at home.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Howard 3 feet?!! Amazing.
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone to month 1, week 3 of our current Free School session – Knowledge and Spiritual Practice. Welcome to all the new students who are joining us for the first time. We are gathered once again from all around the world to be with each other and the Messenger as we study and learn what the New Message is teaching.
Patricia_Society:  “There is so much time to practice here…” from Deepening Your Spiritual Practice. What do we do with this time in life that we have?” So much will come down to what we do, what we actually do, not with what we believe or intend, but what we actually do…
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Cameron_Canada:  @Russell – lol
Alexandra_NL:  We join the campfire chat with out great companions…
Frederick_UK:  @Patricia. Thank you for a brilliant spring board into this weeks Chat.

Ayesha_Society:  This week we were asked to look at these study questions and bring our experience and perspective of them to today’s chat:

“Have you taken your spiritual practice into new areas of your life, such as your work, being with others socially including your family, being in public places, etc.? If so, what effect on the people around you have you noticed when you are actively engaged in your practice, and when you are not? Is there a change in the quality of interactions with others when you are actively engaging in spiritual practice?”

Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Patricia time now for me is practice. The meaning this gives me and to others I’m sure words cannot describe. I DO feel alive!
Kelton_Calif:  Hello everyone!
Ila_UK:  Hello everyone !! It’s so good to be here again. Nasi Novare Coram
Virgie_near Seattle:  Hello, everyone! It’s so good to be here. (Brandon is here, too, but using a mobile phone so can’t change his number to a name.)
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  I for one has changed a lot since the beginning of my spiritual practice!! Following my heart, I have become a fruitarian since I perceive it as being our natural food source and through reacquainting myself with that which is natural in me, that I have greater focus and concentration towards the study of the material and everything else…
Alexandra_NL:  I meant to say: We join the campfire chat with ouR great companions…
Patricia_Society:  “It is this inner listening and this watching that enables you to see things other people cannot see, hear things that other people cannot hear and know things that other people cannot know. ” Deepening Your Spiritual Practice
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Robert. Very happy to be here.
Darlene_Society:  So good to see everyone here today.
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Mark – IL:  About a year after starting daily Tai Chi practice I noticed two things. First, my health improved noticeably in that I stopped having yearly respiratory infections that had afflicted me my entire life up to that point. The second was that I became more at peace internally. I noticed this particularly in my family relationships because I noticed that relations in our entire family – me, my wife, and my children slowly moved into a more harmonious space. I could only attribute this to the change I had noticed in myself.
Jos_Netherlands:  Hello everyone
Samantha_South Africa:  What I noticed when I took my practice into public places is how chaotic the world appeared. I also noticed how different people reacted to me. Some appeared so uneasy around me – almost distrustful while others were so open and kind.
MaryL_Boulder:  Hello everyone
Anna_Boulder:  Hi everyone. So grateful to be here with you today.
Ilhun_Korea:  Hello everyone.
javier S.Fl:  Good morning and blessings to all.
Rudy_Boulder:  Ayesha, one thing I like to do in public (coffee shop or restaurant) is read the New Message books. I have been surprised how people have come up to me and said, “The book you’re reading looks interesting, can I take a look? What is it about? Who is the author?” There have been a few instances that they have even taken pictures of the cover. There is something about engaging with the New Message books in public, and I share with people that they are books that I study for my spiritual practice.
Jason NJ/PA:  I started listening to revelations in the truck on the longer drives in the morning to jobs…… my business partner is also listening to them. Im blessed to have them downloaded to snd to him. Thats what happens when I brought my practice to work with me
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Mark – IL: good for you, it’s always nice to see the changes in our lives, it make us more open to living a different way because the past behavior have not worked for us.
Katia_France:  Hi everyone. A little late but I’m here! So great!
Cameron_Canada:  I believe ones inner intention changes the outer expressions of those we come in contact with. Our knowledge helps to awaken others around us in an unconscious manner….even as begining students.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Good active Rudy!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  That’s awesome Rudy!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Rudy, I’ll have to try that sometime! Has anyone ever expressed a negative reaction to your public reading?
Mamjara_SE:  If I read my books, people take them from me because they are so eager to read them

Maureen_Boulder:  I’m contemplating my list of questions for Knowledge.

“It is always important to establish a list of questions for Knowledge, fundamental questions that do not require explanation as much as they reflect a fundamental decision—whether you should do this or not, whether you should read this or not, whether you should take this action or not, whether you should be with this person or not, whether you should choose another way in life or in your work or not.
The answer to these questions will not be immediate. You must learn to live with them, abide with them and keep them open. If you can do this and develop the discipline to do this rather than giving yourself self-comforting answers or just giving up after so little effort has been spent, then you will develop the depth, the intention and the capacity to respond to the guidance of Knowledge.”

Kristina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, if I choose to practice compassion towards people, even the ones that irritate me, it definitely makes my life easier as I don’t allow my mind to go down the negative spiral of thoughts and condemnation. At work, I’ve noticed if I relax and be calm during stressful situation, it is better for me and for the other person as they eventually are able to calm down and even apologize for their behavior.
manuel germany :):  The questions you pose Ayesha are amazing. Well, I tried to follow the STK practices into the work and here I noticed with much more awareness how i.e. my coworker is continously complaining about the work, about coworkers, about the weather (yes even that ) – and in the past I followed her thoughts by saying “yes” or “yeah its clear” giving her more or less reason for her complains and maintaining them alife. Well, being more conscious and aware about my thoughts (I try to not judge, though it is difficult – thoughts pops up…) and the conversations I am much more quiet and silent and only listen and try not to judge or say anything… very interesting
Jeanne_Boulder:  good idea Rudy
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Jason that’s great! I do the same but with no partner.
Robert_Society:  One thing that I noticed when I brought my practice into my daily activities and life several years ago was that I began to notice how much my mind was unfocused and wandering. The practice allowed me to stay more concentrated and focused which gave me a whole new awareness of the world around me. It was easier to see what I was doing and what was happening around me. This was a good contrast that motivated me to continue this effort more often.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Jim B…Such a beautiful and compassionate response. “When I listen within and without I begin to appreciate myself more and in turn I begin to appreciate others more by looking at their humanity instead of their flaws and errors. It is an amazing experience for it engages me with the world through love, compassion and tolerance. I feel more at home.” Steps always says that the world doesn’t need our judgement. Your response feels ‘right on’.
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Mike, not in my case.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Maureen, ditto, I also listened to the Audio revelation of Spiritual Retreat, it too has many tips and tools for discernment within
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone!!
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  I have been fortunate to lead a life mostly of loneliness!!! For it has allowed me to reacquaint myself with the inner voice within me! A voice which speaks confidently throughout all the noise of the surface mind…
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes @Robert, a much more focused awareness when out and about
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Mamjara – We need to figure out how to get you more books to give out if people are so anxious to read them.
Raoul_Australia:  When I take the NM with me in my daily life, everything is sharper, my perception of what is happening around me is sharper.
Selma London:  Watching outside and listening inside is easier when I remember to accept that the world is confused, without condoning it. Then I’ve started to realise I’m not really insulating myself from myself, but from the world, and to some extent that’s necessary. By expanding my repertoire, which already includes family, walking around in town, listening to strangers who often open up to me, and work, old assumptions still come up, such as not having to be chatty just because somebody else is!
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
May_Norway:  I read through Campfire chat from January 21 during my breakfast and there I got info about ” Provoking Change ” and by reading and study this revelation a feeling came through my awareness of Gratefulness for all of you who shared your wisdom and by repeating the chapter on Escaping Suffering for a second time, i have now concluded that I want to escape all suffering! So I also feel this yearning for Knowledge and will do my part of The responsibility of why I came here, thank you all again and blessed be!
Shane – New Zealand:  Would, I be correct in my understanding that, if you are living the way of Knowledge, your whole life becomes/is your spiritual practice?
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Ayesha. I have noticed a positive reaction from others, which I am not used to very much. After years of unsuccessful relationships it is very uplifting to feel that I really not make others feel uncomfortable around me anymore. But I am still very worried if things are turning out for the worse. So passing people on the street, seeing them stop and speak to each other, smile and laugh and open up around me, i both comforting and relieving.
33240:  I was on a team recently, interviewing a series of candidates at my employment. I found bringing the NM-derived discernment practice to the table and sharing with them “when it’s not a yes, it’s a no”, helped the process along. I think it helped others strip down the complications of the mind, which is does for me– no matter how nice someone or something looks, it the answer yes? Is this our new companion in work or not?
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ken, the books are free online…
Reed_Society:  @JimB, thank you
Inhee_Korea:  @Robert thank you for sharing your practice.
Mamjara_SE:  @Ken, please bring them to me
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Shane From my perspective, yes.
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane “…if you are living the way of Knowledge, your whole life becomes/is your spiritual practice?” I believe it does, and I would say that our service becomes our practice too.
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  I don’t like chats that much… too many people talking at the same time!!! I’m not fast enough of a typer to type as fast as I would like!!! Will have to do with it i suppose!!
May_Norway:  And thanks to Reed for sharing his Pre-practise in the mail I got yesterday, wonderful to have a conversation with myself from today!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Raoul, absolutely!
Alexandra_NL:  @ Robert, I have experienced this too, becoming more aware of my own unfocused and wandering mind but also of my colleagues tendencies… this was quite surprising as I felt that a whole new world started opening up to me…
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Alex. It’s a lot to follow, to think about. I go back and read it later at my own pace.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alex, I never liked chats either, this is the only chat I MUST attend to.
Eron_Boulder:  @Maureen, all…Why is having a list of questions for Knowledge so important for me? “Instead of a constant internal chattering away, you begin to practice listening. It is difficult at the outset because you are so used to allowing your mind to run wild like a wild and crazy animal, or like a disloyal and misbehaving child. It runs wild here and there and everywhere. So it seems hard to stop and just listen because it is not a habit for you yet. It is going against your habits and your conditioning, but as you practice, it is also breaking your habits and your conditioning.
The practical benefit of this is immense because most human disasters and mistakes are made or created because people are not paying attention. When you are driving an automobile, take your mind off the road for one second and you can hit someone—a pedestrian, or another vehicle—with tragic and unfortunate consequences.
You must be careful in everything you say in the world and practice discernment and discretion….
Eron_Boulder:  … Listening inside while you speak will enable you to do this. But if you are just chattering away unconsciously, unaware of what you are really saying and unaware of its impact upon others, then you are acting destructively. You are betraying yourself. You are undermining your well-being.” Listening for Knowledge
James_Boulder:  When taking practice into my interactions with others, it became apparent how much “try” there is. I am trying to be someone, they are trying to be someone, we are trying to interact according to some role and definition…. When I bring in my spiritual practice in, with stillness judgement disappears and the “try” falls away. Things can be as they are. I can be as I am, and amazingly I watch as the other naturally stops trying and relaxes. I found that it’s here that true communication and conversation is possible.
Matt_bzn:  Mark-IL alludes to “internal peace”. Very important. I work in a really difficult environment due to many factors. I used to get to so wrapped up in the negativity and conflict. Such a negative force in my life.
When I brought my practice to work, I was able to see the organization for what is it – objectively, not emotionally involved or impacted. Without Knowledge, it can be no other way. I am so very grateful to have that impact on my life, as it resonates into other areas. Internal Peace.
Tamara:  My spiritual awakening occurred ten years ago because of work. Mindful practices developed here engaged me also with the world around me. Most of these practices were based on Thich Nhat Hahn’s teachings and the Tao of Power. Four years ago I began Steps to Knowledge leading be futher along my journey than I ever imagined. The foundation of being with others for me is listening….listening to them, listening to how my body is responding to the situation, listening for how/if I am to respond to what is presented. The effects of my practice upon these situations is like connection wire, say for a pair of headphones. If my practice of Knowledge is strong throughout my life the wire is tight, secure, and connecting well with my environment. If ambivalence has crept into my life then the wire is starting to split, the coating is coming off, the wires are beginning to unravel and thus my connection to the world is jeopardized.
Alison_Boulder:  oops, I was 33240. Thanks Manuel.
Patricia_Society:  Stories of experience – I was interacting with a laboratory this week about advanced physiologic blood testing and the lab staff asked me how it the world did I even know about the testing they did, or the science behind it? I told them a 1-2 min story about the experience of “knowing”, years ago about knowing there had to be diagnostic testing like that, and having to query and confront a physician about whether there were procedures available like this to patients, and if so why he did not use them…..In the end, I told the lab people about Steps to Knowledge and about the process of bringing to the surface of our thinking minds, the deeper intelligence of ‘knowing” and the need to follow this knowing…..They said, “oh let’s go look this up, this Steps book….”
Daniele_Australia:  I feel that I am part of a greater movement in life. This becomes evident when in stillness out in the world.
Reed_Society:  @Jason great to hear your experience of bringing the New Message into your work life, into your day. There is so much vitality in bringing the teaching and the practices it gives to us into each day, each day we wake up to is now an opportunity for us to make real progress, to bring something of real value to others, to allow entrenched situations or interactions to be slightly shifted, all of this makes each day an opportunity instead of a set of burdens and obligations.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Ayesha, in terms of practice and the world. I am in and out of several work environments through the week. I a way it is a delicate balance to deal with different personalities and requirements, at the same time, Being present has shown me, that these environments complement each other, and that the more grounded and observant I am the better i can understand the people that I work with, this brings a sense of wholeness. In the end, people want to communicate and be understood.
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  @Mike and @Maureen thanks for the advice!!! I will go back later and read at my own pace that’s for sure!!! For now though, it is not that much of a problem participating in the chat!!!
manuel germany :):  @Alex_Mtl_Canada – you are fortunate enough as your have been due to your circumstances (loneliness) the time in reacquainting yourself with your inner voice…. This is nothing more than your connection to God…
May_Norway:  Great work Patricia!
javier S.Fl:  Glad to be joining ya’ll live but when i’m unable to attend do try to read over the camp fire chat for the week. Must say that 2 chats ago and not being present gave me a chance to take my time since I’m some what typing challenged. I was able to see my fellow students respond to what I saw as a small disrupt-er attempting to draw others into a confrontation. It dawned on me that The New Message is even thought it’s still in its infancy is now standing on it’s own 2 feet. I could some howl feel Knowledge connecting everyone and forming this impenetrable bond. Marshall, Patricia, Reed, The Society and all other’s it must be a sight for sore eyes to finally see the fruits of your labor. Thank you for allowing the rest of us to be a part.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ May “To experience the will of Heaven one must experience he suffering of the world.” Suffering is a great teacher for us all.
Shane – New Zealand:  thanks @Maureen and Raoul, I also found this quote, “Spiritual practice is not merely a form of stress release. It becomes now the central power building, the central focus of your activities. Here you bring your spiritual practice into everything that you do because it is relevant to everything that you do, and it will assist you and bring clarity in everything that you do.” – Being a person of the New Message
manuel germany :):  @Alison – u r welcome
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  @manuel germany yes I agree!!! I am fortunate to have time on my own so as to rekindle and reinforce the Relationship that I have with God in me!!! I am gratefull for not having to work in order to make a living!!! I am truly blessed!!!
Matt_bzn:  @Kelvin – thank you. Well said.
Richmond_UK:  @Patricia thanks for sharing that, great story.
David_S~VA:  I equate being engaged with my spiritual practice out in the world to being myself. If I am not engaged in my practice out in the world, I am not being true to myself. Being engaged in practice makes all the difference between being honest, genuine and real in life, and being false, fake and dishonest in life. I have begun to learn how to carry my practice out in the world- which is very challenging for the mind, but also very natural to do. This way I can ask myself Yes or No throughout the day, and feel a response in whatever situation I find myself.
Selma London:  ‘Being Present in the World’ (LWK) is packed full of directives, of which 92! appealed to me, and these stand out as encapsulating right now:
• be present to Knowledge within yourself and to Knowledge within others
• become present to error within yourself and error with others
• become present to the greater movements and forces of the world and to your response to them
• be present to know who to be with and how to be with them
• be present to arrest the old patterns of thinking and behaviour which make the mind work in an automatic and unintelligent way
• be present to be able to adapt and to learn
• see how rare and precious real opportunity is
build a foundation for Knowledge so that Knowledge can rest upon your shoulders, so that you can bear the burden and the grace of Knowledge.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Patricia,
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Selma
Mamjara_SE:  @Mike_LF_CAL: @Ken, the books are free online.. , No Mike, here people don’t have computers and no money to buy internet services, books are needed
May_Norway:  Well that I know that every plus has its minus I will exsperience pain and suffering, but I will not let it take control of me anymore. Thanks Jim!
Eron_Boulder:  In my experience being outside in the great outdoors is a great place to help still the mind and come into the present, becoming aware of my immediate environment and listening to the sounds of “nothing” which in reality are the sounds of nature. I find the mental environment to be much more expansive.
David_KC:  Selma – be present to arrest the old patterns of thinking and behaviour which make the mind work in an automatic and unintelligent way. I noticed changing my diet helped this. Fight or flight, monkey mind, health and vitality (especially digestion assimilation elimination) all connected.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you Shane, I really feel this: :…it will assist you and bring clarity in everything that you do.””
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ayesha, since making my spiritual practice known to family members I have noticed a void, a lack of of questions even intellectual questions directed at what it is exactly that I’m doing as spiritual practice and the impact a NMFG has had on me, this lack of reaction reveals much to me as to how TNM itself is seen by my family. Despite their rejection I have maintained a consistent practice and can only hope over time they see the power in this.
Robert_Society:  @Mamjara_SE – Please contact us at the Society to speak about our free book project. Perhaps we can help in this way. [email protected]
Betty_UK:  @Ayesha, I had a conversation with a colleague at work, and as the conversation went on, I started actively listening, and this person opened up. It was as if he knew he was being heard.
Kristina FL:  Ayesha… For me work is a perfect opportunity to share the NM, with my coworkers and also with guests. I copy CD’s of the Revelation and give it to people. The respond has been amazing to me. Usually people come back and tell me about how much the Revelation helped them and ask for more CD. I find it that people are more trusting towards me about sharing their deeper feelings. One time i gave the CD Discernment in Relationship to a girl just broke up with her boyfriend. she came back thanking me and told me that her mother find it and now she is listening and dont want to give it back to her.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thank you, David S, r e s o a t i n g .
May_Norway:  Thank you Selma, I ressonate with that!
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Very recently, I feel I am beginning to realize the “STILLNESS” more deeply. I look back to see what held me back. It was the outer environments as well as inner environments that held me back. Also, due to the lack of stable foundations. As I progress with the Steps, it helps me to go deeper than before, as problems being solved incrementally a little by little. I feel I need to be more focused and dedicated not to lose this feeling of STILLNESS. With this Stillness, I found that I can stay calmer throughout the day than before, thus I can better connect and communicate with people, even to hostile people, in my daily life than before.
Bethne_UK:  @ Alex Canada:I understand your dilemma. By the time we have finished the chat I’m still some 20 minutes behind but I have found by copying the Transcripts available and printing them off There is the whole week ahead to go through the chat .Hope this helps.
James_Boulder:  @Kelvin “In the end, people want to communicate and be understood” so true and so powerful how our spiritual practice of being present to another can give someone this gift of being heard and seen.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @James such a good point. Yes, there is a huge difference in trying and being. Knowledge gives us the capacity to be. It is so natural… kind of like the flow of a basketball game. You either let the game come to you or you are forcing yourself upon the game. 2 very different outcomes. It is a good feeling to be in the flow of Knowledge. Everything else comes in time.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @James, thank you “…the “Try”.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I find I am able to bring the hourlies into my work and social times with friends and family without being noticed at all. At work I can focus on a spot on my desk of papers or the computer screen for a moment of stillness an none are the wiser. I bring my current book of the new message to each break and lunch hour and when others ask about it I say it is a book on spirituality or theology and they move on. I have found that it is rare to find one who really resonates with the opportunity that a new message provides, however I do notice that others respond to actions guided by practice – favourably and even enthusiastically.
Shane – New Zealand:  I was contemplating spiritual practice, in light of all this talk about raising vibrations etc, with the goal of ascension. And it seemed to me ironic? that somehow your going to raise your vibration when your motive is in self interest. if that makes sense. this quote seems to speak to this, “Spiritual development has more to do with the motive than with the activity. And here we must question the fundamental elements of what motivates people to do things. If the motivation is for personal gain, then it cannot be said to be a form of spiritual development.” living the way of Kniowledge
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Ayesha: This week I’ve been really focusing on listening outwardly and inwardly when my 2 year old starts screaming. In the past, when she started a tantrum, I’ve felt a frightening uncertainty about what to do and I’ve clung to the advice of others (stay calm, be sympathetic, offer choices). But good advice is no substitute for KN. When I really listen, I start to sense how I should respond. And though at first I didn’t believe my own experience, it seems that sometimes (certainly not every time) when I really listen deeply, my daughter abruptly and surprisingly calms down. Is that really happening? I kind of want to have to deal with more tantrums now so the experiment can continue(!).
manuel germany :):  you are really blessed Alex. We all are blessed as we are in the process of recognizing this truth which has been planted within us by God even before we came into this world… this is called Knowledge… but the treasure can not be opened alone… we all need relationship to ignite the fire…
Jason NJ/PA:  My thoughts exactly Reed! Thanx!
Eron_Boulder:  One of the Knowledge questions that I ask when encountering a person, especially for the first time, but applicable in all cases is “Am I to serve this person in some way, and if so how”?
cole_boulder:  I find that I am slowly learning to witness my reactions in my day-to-day encounters, rather than just be swept up in them. From this place I see that my emotions can be instructional and I can allow this to guide my response to others
Alison_Boulder:  @Virgie that is quite a practice environment, very impressive to me.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mike “…since making my spiritual practice known to family members I have noticed a void, a lack of of questions…” I have noticed this so much with my neighbours…at dinner parties when I tell them that I translate spiritual books they just say ‘ok’ and shift the conversation to other things. No sign of disapproval but seems like they don’t want to venture into any conversation about it.
nenette_istanbul:  Since I started my spiritual practice, there is a big change in my character most especially in ”looking listening without judging” in my group usually occur deep conversations that lead to arguments …I did apply my sense of listening with Knowledge, ı really watch out what to say…
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  yes @manuel germany I agree that I cannot remain alone all the time!!! And that it is important for me to reaquaint myself with others around me through the expression of the Knowledge within so as to awaken Knowledge within others!!! I do not see myself as being separate from any one that comes my way, for I know that we share the same bounds deep within ourselves!!!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Krsitina_FL, excellent approach handing out NM CD’s!!
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Eron, thats a good one to keep at the forefront to ask..
Daniele_Australia:  @James yes we are always trying and it’s only when the trying falls away that true giving can take place. I think this is a natural unfolding of the natural Will of God as it unfolds through us. It ‘wants’ to go out into the world. So we must be still to experience this deeper movement of Knowledge as it is expressed through us, in a process of reclamation of the separate, which we are all doing together I think this, at least… I have found that when I am in stillness something naturally unfolds from me, something that I am actually quite afraid of because it is so powerful and ‘real’. When something is ‘real’ then it is so powerful we can’t get it out of our minds or change it in any way… It is there whether we like it or not, and so we can either accept it or follow it, or leave it for some other time… I don’t know though, however, because there is a degree of discernment that takes place on our own behalf that is a coordinating action that we must make as conscious beings,…
Daniele_Australia:  … in this case I would think it is up to us to navigate the peripheries of our awareness to some degree to get a sense of scale and orientation, so that then we can slowly learn to find a Center Line within this changing world of interaction with unpredictable forces…
Selma London:  There is a difference in the quality of interaction, which is hard to put your finger on, although I notice it, and I’m sure others who know me do too, saying things like, ‘You’ve changed.’ People say things like I’m calmer, but they don’t really know what I’m doing, and that actually there’s a lot going on inside me!
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Virgie good practice when with people are angry & we just listen, changes the whole experience.
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Shane, thank you for the quote. “Spiritual development has more to do with the motive than with the activity. If the motivation is for personal gain, then it cannot be said to be a form of spiritual development.”
Tamara:  Holding a group of 18 three to five year old children requires me to be totally present to the moment. If I come to them with an agenda, neglectful of what they may be requiring in the moment due to what happpen earlier, then chaos is likely to ensue. If I come to them tired, preoccupied, lacking confidence, or unsure of their needs, they can pick up on this in an instance and challenges grow. I watch as a teacher can easily become frustrated, agitated, annoyed when this chaos ignites, most often at times of transition. However, when a teacher holds to a greater source of authority, brings a stillness of mind and even of body, provides a tone of voice that offers compassion, patience, truth, and again a level of authority (not domination, but calling upon the higher self) as if by magic form comes to the group and things just flow.
Cameron_Canada:  I have a program on my phone that announces the top of each hour and is programed to say Nasi Novare Coram. I get some interesting looks but few people actually ask me what that is.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Selma Yes, it’s amazing how very rich in wisdom these revelations are. I recently read Real Change and was so impacted once more by the wise words. We are swimming in wisdom. “Real change is a change of heart: a change in the way you feel about things, a change in the way you see yourself and your life, a change not only in perception, but in what you choose to do as a result. That is real change.” Each time I have an emotional reaction these days, I go to a quiet place and ask for help in seeing the truth of why I am reacting the way I am. What do I need to know? What am I not seeing? Am I open to the answer or do I just want to reinforce and justify my response? It’s been very fruitful.
Ayesha_Society:  I would like to share a recent experience with a close family member who came to visit me last week while I happened to be on a Step that required me to practice forgiveness and release judgment. Practicing this Step in the moment was not always easy as I heard details about the past, family and culture which have been points of vulnerability for me and my sister. I knew I could not perpetuate the dam of unforgiveness of the past with her. The practice that I was on required me to step back from the automatic impulse to join in conversations of criticism, and to justify the pain of the past. It required me to stop and really listen, and face the discomfort of the emptiness that I felt when I did not fill that space with judgment. Not calling anything good or bad, but trying to see the situation of the culture and circumstances for what it really is, despite how I wish things to be. Seeing the people and the compromises they made within their circumstances…which truthfully spared me….
Ayesha_Society:  … It’s through their demonstrations of compromise and bondage that I have come to value Knowledge and purpose overtime. Not to say that all unforgiveness is completely vanished and that everything that happened was all for the good, but this spiritual practice over the years has been a new way foreword in shifting my perspective to a more compassionate lens on things I really could not understand before. This is healing occurring overtime…a gift of healing to us from the New Message.
Matt_bzn:  @Virgie – good for you. A perfect environment for practice.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Sang Hyun, thank you for sharing your experience.
85954:  Raoul and Mike: this avoidance of the subject of spirituality is my experience also.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Shane, yes your actions coming from your practice speaks louder than the concept of spirituality or ideology. That was how I was – always skeptical and leery of “spiritual or religious” people when they would speak. I watched their actions and the descrepancy and hypocrisy that made me discard their words.
mellany UK:  @Eron Thank you. This is something I’ve been practising more…every day, now. “Deepening Your Spiritual Practice” tells us that when we’re not present, we are living life at 10%. Nature is a such a beautiful environment to practise reclaiming more of our true awareness, and experiencing our innate connection with Creation.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Shawn_Moose, (8:30), thanks for sharing your work experience.
David_KC:  Ayesha, I can relate – It’s through their demonstrations of compromise and bondage that I have come to value Knowledge and purpose overtime. Not to say that all unforgiveness is completely vanished and that everything that happened was all for the good, but this spiritual practice over the years has been a new way foreword in shifting my perspective to a more compassionate lens on things I really could not understand before. This is healing occurring overtime…a gift of healing to us from the New Message.
Dariel_Boulder:  Shane, thank you for this reminder, “Spiritual practice is not merely a form of stress release. It becomes now the central power building, the central focus of your activities… ” This is an important concept with a powerful image behind it. It feels very helpful.
Betty_UK:  Thanks Eron, something that I have to keep reminding myself, to ask as I listen and to listen as I ask.
Kristina FL:  Ayesha, thank you for sharing,…. so true “a gift of healing to us from the New Message.”
MaryL_Boulder:  @Virgie, you will have your wish for more tantrums not just from your 2 year old but older humans…we are more subtle with our tantrums so you will develop even more skill.
Will_Society:  @Ayesha Thank you for sharing that studenthood moment. “not to say that all unforgiveness is completely vanished.” This is really important, that it’s often not some magic switch to turn off the unforgiveness, but a practice and a journey.
Ila_UK:  I noticed that whenever I meditate (take my practice into the garden) my niece’s cat would follow me and curl up beside me, he has done this a couple of times. I have also noticed strangers in the street would smile at me more or just stare as if they are trying to figure out who or what I am. I enjoy how expansive nature is and in the stillness of the night I would creep outside in my pyjamas (garden again…) to just embrace how silent silence is. This makes me feel like a child again. (am I mad or am I mad !!)
Mark – IL:  In my experience, 90% of practice is letting go of the unhealthy trappings subconsciously adopted from family and society. For me, the letting go usually starts by recognizing and releasing a detrimental mental pattern or belief, then letting go of the emotion attached to that belief. Typically, the emotion is trapped in my body – primarily in muscles, but could be in fascia or organs. The release can become a whole-body experience and sometimes I’ll feel mildly ill because of it. I have found that once my attachments to these beliefs and their emotional responses has been released, it is easier to remain disengaged from the emotional chaos in the world. I think this is partly due to weakening my resonance with the associated belief and/or emotion.
cole_boulder:  @Tamara, wow, that is a vivid description of how your work must call forth your practice, daily. I can imagine you must be an awesome teacher with the little ones
manuel germany :):  @Ayesha_Society thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. It has moved me a lot…
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Alison: thank you! Being daily confronted with a situation that is just difficult no matter what I do can become a blessing, for sure. I’m working on receiving that blessing …
Kristina_Boulder:  One thing that I like to do while at work if I’m able to is to slow down, especially if my coworker is stressed out and produces nervous energy. If I’m able to remain calm, then eventually she will notice how sped up she is and will slow down as well. And the other way around, if I’m sped up or angry, by my coworkers are not, then it will force me to change as they are not reinforcing my state of mind.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Raoul, (8:33) I can relate all to well!
Patricia_Society:  To all, it’s good to see here the results of our bringing our practices to work, so to speak. The operational impact this may have in helping to upgrade these working environments, be they a place of daily grind, jobs requiring big output, whether our work be challenging/boring, whether these jobs require close up interactivity with others or solo work, and to think that group/team decision-making might be upgraded just a tad, or that friction between staff might be lessened, or that a place for realizations to come forward might develop in our work settings, this is evolution in practice, or even if less evident, revolution and renewal….through Knowledge and the Great Practices at work, through our work in the world.
Tonia_Denmark:  Sang, nice to hear. Resonating with what you say about stillness. On step 229 today (I will not blame another for my pain), it explains why we should adress the motive for taking the steps. I feel a very important answer is within that question.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  @Ila UK… I have found over the last year that my life is starting to get that sparkle and wonder back again that I so enjoyed as a child.
Robert_Society:  I have also found a real difference between trying to share or spread my practice/spirituality with others to living and simply demonstrating my practice. A way of being versus something else. This has felt more natural and allowed another to be where they are without trying to bring them to a different place or experience. This helped diminish judgement and foster more of an environment for listening and communication.
Shane – New Zealand:  sometimes its all so easy, the world is a place where we have come to serve and learn, we see and experience around us manifestations of separation, and there is only knowledge and the need for knowledge. Such tranquility when I hold this understanding, although not as often as I would like. I feel this inconsistency is due to inconsistency in my practice. .
nenette_istanbul:  Spiritual practice is a great gift from God STK, it really teaches me how to handle my thinking, my words, and my actions, unlike before that I dont care if anyone got hurt of what I delivered from my mouth, but now it change me and I thank so much all what I have learned and still continue to learn for I am just a beginning student…
Selma London:  Ila, yes our cat Billie (meaning ‘cat’ in Urdu) follows me around too – and looks up & around sometimes, ‘seeing’ things when I’m practicing.
Alexandra_NL:  @ Ayesha: “This is healing occurring over time” thank you for sharing that. It reminds me of a quote that really stayed with me “Is there hope for the world? Only if there is hope for you. Will the world experience healing? Only if you can experience healing. What is healing but the renewing of your most primary relationship? There is no other true healing than this.” Relationships and Higher Purpose
Lin_Boulder:  @Cole, in this deepening practice period, I am also focusing on self awareness of my own emotional status, what it is trying to tell me, and what actions required. I realize the lack of attention and training in this part due to various reasons, and my tendency to neglect this or simply mark it as right or wrong. Before being able to be genuine with others, I need to learn to be true with myself.
David_KC:  Thank you Robert.
Matt_bzn:  @Mark – that is a really interesting experience. Really resonating…
James_Boulder:  @ Jim, Danny, Kelvin – I have also noticed that this “try” will sneak into my spiritual practice- trying to be someone. An ideal of what the best James would look like, act like, speak like, respond like… When using Spiritual practice in this way am I not simply covering a sense of self hate, an inability to accept who am I? So does spiritual practice and “right” action, motivated from this place eventually cleanse the impure ambitions?? Is the practice more powerful than the intention? Or does practice from this place further solidify an identity, separate from life, estranged from what is natural, always a half beat out of step with the Rhythm of the Cosmos?
Who would I be if I did not try to be anyone?
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Ayesha for sharing that. It has been a similar case for me regarding my parents, and when I visited them recently I was applying my NM practice every day – it really worked in bringing compassion and forgiveness to me.
Ginny_Dallas:  Thank you for sharing Ayesha. Such powerful demonstration of the reality of this journey.
nenette_istanbul:  Yes.. thank you @Patricia .
Daniele_Australia:  I have looked at my practice in the world as a form of investment… As though every thought and every action is in some way determining the investments I am making… Some are beneficial… Some are not… Some are neutral… However I have also seen that in Knowledge the investments we are making are of a different nature, because we are contributing to something we want to serve…
Douglas_St.Paul:  I might be calm and happy if I did not try to be anyone, smiling like an amused infant.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Thank you for sharing, Ayesha.
MaryS_Boulder:  I am working some overnights, and am blessed that I am allowed to sleep as long as I hear the client who may call out, simply needing the comfort of presence (a little hand holding). If I had to estimate, I’d say about 50% of the time he calls out precisely on the hour… I’ve even noted it in the log when it occurred throughout the night–at those times the practice of all of you goes on even while I am sleeping, strikes me every time.
Erik_VA:  Powerful. Thank you for your demonstration, James.
MarkBerger:  Thanks for sharing your story, Ayesha, particularly, the part about “face the discomfort of the emptiness”. I find this is the root cause of judgement – covering up that discomfort, to claw back up emotionally, away from that low feeling without having to deal with the underlying issue.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Ayesha. Thanks for sharing. It can be very challenging when emotions are right there in front of us. It takes courage and openness to try to see things through the eyes of Knowledge.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Ayesha, Thank you for sharing this inner journey of forgiveness with us…”It’s through their demonstrations of compromise and bondage that I have come to value Knowledge and purpose overtime” and your helpful reminder of shifting our lens of perception to a more compassionate one…and that forgiveness is a journey to be revisited as we deepen our own spiritual practice, an ability to see things for what they really are, less weighted by our own baggage and filters.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Patricia. The seed within seems so small sometimes and the eyes are not yet adjusted for some to see that old things really have changed for the new.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ayesha, taking my practice out into the world I must give a nod to Justin Kohn for giving me the opportunity to take the AOH out to the general public at a place like Vince Beach CA. What an opportunity to talk about the intervention, the NM and spirituality!
Matt_bzn:  @Robert – that is cool. I also have contemplated that. To see if the changes I am making can be recognized at the level of Knowledge, intrinsically.
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, Robert. I feel the importance of demonstration, as you have shared with us.
Carol_Society:  @Ila_UK: “to just embrace how silent silence is..” from Step 123: “Silence is the experience of profound relationship, and stillness is the acceptance of profound love.”
85954:  James, there is a good step about this. 125: “I do not need to be someone today.”
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I practiced listening to the sounds of the back yard with my great niece the other weekend here at home….she closed her eyes and identified the different birds and cars and winds in the trees with great care and attention… her just another game to play with “Uncle Shawn” … for me it resonated with the teaching that one is never too young to learn of Knowledge.
cole_boulder:  @Lin, thank you for sharing your experience with this. To “simply mark it [emotional states] as right or wrong” has been a difficulty for me as well. It takes constant re-alignment and self-talk to step out of this and view it with objectivity, letting it be undefined so I can really listen to what these feelings are an expression of.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Carol,
Inhee_Korea:  @Ayesha, thank you for sharing your experience.
Debbie Plano:  I’ve noticed that when I start to get swept up in judgement or anger, I can now stop and go to stillness for a moment and look at the person or situation w/o judgement or anger. This creates within me the internal peace or calmness that so many have already spoken of today. This feels more natural to me and a preferred way of looking and listening. It is really simple and I realized that all of these previous years I’ve not been practicing it this way. Almost as if a burden is lifted. Grateful!
Raoul_Australia:  I asked that too, James, “Who would I be if I did not try to be anyone?”…definitely better than what I have been for a lot of my old life
Selma London:  Marys – like a human alarm to wake you up for your hourlies!
Gina_Boulder:  I was impacted by a Step, “My Anger is Unjustified”, where it reads, “Therefore, we wish to clean away that which has spoiled your true communication so that your true communication may shine forth, for true communication always comes from Knowledge.” Listening for the seed of communication requires patience and real desire for learning and for truth. I often find that when I review my day and my interactions with others, I’ll experience disappointed and sadness when I have missed communication, either from another or from myself. Perhaps I was distracted or impatient or trying to prove something instead of listening. The reward of receiving the real communication is quite profound, satisfying and fulfilling. I am amazed at the information that is there! When I am able to hear beyond the “look” of things, I find an inclusion, a sense of wholeness and deeper appreciation for the people I am with. It is not ok with me to live life at 10%. What a tragedy…
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Douglas I like that idea, Thanks
David_KC:  I notice I don’t feel a need as much to be recognized, or the need for approval from others, so I’m more present to listening to others needs. It really struck a chord in me when Marshall said “”When you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed ask yourself “is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone? Disconnected we become distorted, reconnected we come alive.” I tend to look for that more. I can see when kindness is necessary and when more assertiveness is necessary so I am staying balanced, not conquered or simply approved of. We all have things to do and places to be, so I am also more observant of my time and sensitive to other’s time. ON step “I WILL NOT DECEIVE MYSELF TODAY” I was noticing how easy it is for my mind to drift into fantasy or ideas. I am truly learning about another if I am experiencing them directly, not judging or estimating how it might turn out with that person. I’m not sure of the effects yet. I can only practice.
Cameron_Canada:  @Patricia Interesting you bring up conflict with another at work. I had this experience this week where a co-worker was being very critical. I found myself being quite sensitive to this and it bothered me for several days. I’m not sure how I let it go, but when I did, there was very little trace of residual resentment. It was over.
Tamara:  @James….beautiful questions…some I have been with as well. Recently I saw this trying in others and even in myself at times, coming from a place of competition. This competition has an ugly way of rubbing off and is so common. In spiritual practice who are we competing with or against? A battle of the personal and Impersonal…..a battle between ambivalence and Knowledge…..Like a see-saw it can go back and forth with me sitting in the middle. Slowly ambivalence is being replaced with Truth and balance comes into being.
Debbie Plano:  Thank you, Maureen “see thru the eyes of Knowledge” That is a helpful visual that I will be using.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Gina, very impactful: “clean away that which has spoiled your true communication”
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Shawn Precious story. I could picture the sweetness of that moment. She may remember that moment and return to it in the future.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ayesha thank you for sharing this. Yes, when we begin to learn how to be forgiving we begin to see the humanity in others. In doing this we are recognizing them at a deeper level beneath the surface of the mind. This recognition is what all of us desire for it is the need of the soul and the need for Knowledge that we all are seeking yet don’t really know what it is we are looking for or looking at. To begin to know that we are a part of such a Greater plan is a step towards this recognition. When we begin to feel this everything begins to change.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Ayesha, Will: yes forgiveness is a practice just as much as stillness is a practice…a lifetime ongoing practice. Forgiveness even for myself for not being able to execute this upon one time or from one practice.
nenette_istanbul:  I agree with you @David KC.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Robert, you demonstrate your practice very well. This is one of the things that always stands out to me about you is that you actually live your practice and you have very little judgment about people. Something we all are aiming for.
Sarita_Mtl:  @Ayesha, thank you for sharing your story. I recently had my best friend of 15 years stay with me for a few months. I tried to keep up my studenthood while she was here. Of course I couldn’t be as bubbly or engaged on the level she was at. My serious demeanor and focus was off putting for her. Long story short, I realized that she was an anchor holding me back in many ways, especially in separation. She refuses to let go of me, but I know that it is not a relationship of purpose. I know that I have to let her go, so I am.
James_Boulder:  @Mark “I have found that once my attachments to these beliefs and their emotional responses has been released, it is easier to remain disengaged from the emotional chaos in the world. I think this is partly due to weakening my resonance with the associated belief and/or emotion.” wow thank you for this great insight
Douglas_St.Paul:  What remains after I have washed the feet of my anger? A deeper inclination?
Joe Delaware:  Thanks everyone for sharing how you take your practice into your life and workplace. I feel this is very important for me now. I am beginning a new job now, on orientation for nursing at a very large and reputable hospital system in Delaware. I have a lot to learn and skills to acquire so a foundation in Knowledge is key to success. I feel I must balance my work life with spiritual practice. This new challenge and opportunity arrived at a time of making a big decision.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ayesha…yes forgiveness is very important.
Thomas_Oregon:  An ongoing awareness for me is noticing my response to stressful events and conflicts and being honest about their impact on me. If I try to minimize or ignore their impact they can sublimate and cause me to deal with emotional aftermath without having dealt with the cause. Instead I can halt this process by acknowledging what occurred and then dealing with things directly. Maybe I need to have a conversation with someone and get “clear” or to debrief. Maybe I need to review whether or not I am doing what I need to be doing at work. Or maybe I just need to sit and review what happened and how it impacted me and add that to my reservoir of self-knowledge. This past week presented another opportunity to go through this process with an event at work.
Jangsun_Korea:  @MaryS, thank you for sharing your brilliant hourly practices!
Jason NJ/PA:  Recently a friend of the family had gone thru a horrible break up which resulted from her bf holding a knife to her throat & putting so much fear into her heart. She began to question all the psychology she had studied that was more or less the foundation for her in life. The isolation she had placed herself in … a result the guilt she felt for the police coming, pulling the guy off of her & saving her life but costing him his freedom for years….. really sent her into a dark place. I was able to identify with her & offered her a revelation to listen to which she immediately resonated with & began asking for more. She now has signed up for the free school, has two books that Ive lent her & is asking intently about the STK. Knowledge seems to just flow thru me naturally as it finds the people & situations to do so. Ahhh the Mystery of it all!
Cameron_Canada:  @Douglas – I like that statement
Maria_Boulder:  @ Mark Berger, Ayesha…I have been finding that the avoidance of the discomfort of feeling emptiness…seems to fuel a very large percentage of all the distractions and poor choices that we humans make…and been listening lately to how it is also at the root of addictions…I am aware when I am not feeling strong, I want to reclaim those relationships that filled temporarily the emptiness- just like a drug…what Carol posted seems a beautiful antidote:Step 123: “Silence is the experience of profound relationship, and stillness is the acceptance of profound love.”(9:45AM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ James, thank you for what you have expressed. Some deep ?’s there to be with. For me…”In the end we are what we DO.” This keeps it simple for me in Separation.
Shane – New Zealand:  I added another little question on this, which seems to help keep me in check. “When you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed ask yourself “is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone?” (and is this person ,me?)
Joyanne_Canada:  beautiful story Jason, thank you for sharing
Daniele_Australia:  @James Thank you James.
Reed_Society:  @Virgie @All, ‘Is that really happening? I kind of want to have to deal with more tantrums now so the experiment can continue(!)” There is so much weight and reality when all of us engage in “this experiment” and then bring the results forth, share them with each other here, observe this mounting evidence in our lives, allow our motivations to change and our conviction for this practice to grow and then simply keep going. It is simple in this way, with less interpretation and entertaining grand truths. Apply the way of Knowledge, observe what happens, share with other students if appropriate, and keep going. It is an experiment with so much opportunity: what if I take what the New Message says and actually do it, what if I apply myself. What will change? Will I change? Will something change in the immediate world around me? If so, maybe this is how the New Message is meant to change the world and alter the direction of humanity. In my mind, this stands as a question unanswerable at…
Reed_Society:  … this time: will enough people actually undertake the way of Knowledge, attempt to live its teachings and be changed as a result? This is a critical link in the chain of transmission and the work of God in our world: our link, the link where we apply what is given and prepare our lives to be vehicles for Knowledge. Recognition and inspiration arise from reading and hearing the New Message. But movement and real progress comes from application.
cole_boulder:  @Sarita, this is difficult, and yet as your experience demonstrates, a necessary part of our journey, saying goodbye to people we have loved because they cannot possibly go with us. A quote I come back to regarding relationships is from Step 127, “God understands your relationships as they truly exist and understands their greater promise as well.” Coming back to Knowledge, everything becomes clear, there is no enmity, just yes or no.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Shane – New Zealand:, (and is this person ,me?) good question for me
Alexandra_NL:  Reed: I hear you… that is a big question indeed… I hear your call…
Robert_Society:  @Reed – Thank you for that wisdom.
Sarita_Mtl:  @cole thank you for sharing that step, yes it is difficult yet necessary
Daniele_Australia:  @ Tamara yes competition is such an unfriendly place to be in… Can we go beyond competition when we are in a world of separation?
mellany UK:  “A way of being versus something else. This has felt more natural and allowed another to be where they are without trying to bring them to a different place or experience.” Thank you, Robert. This is something that I’ve learned to practice with my daughter… checking, and restraining my personal hopes, wishes, demands .. in honor of her own true path …. it’s important for me to demonstrate and not attempt to orchestrate, however subtle.
Dariel_Boulder:  Tamara, Virgie…I am so grateful–as one who was without KN to a great degree when I was raising my children–to you who are striving to be present and with KN in your daily work with your children. It is such a challenge and yet such powerful work. We do not do this for ourselves alone. It is really for them and the future.
nenette_istanbul:  concerning my relationship to my family ..ı have to forgive some members for not doing a strong effort to support their other members…(children ). this quote resonates:”Like climbing a mountain, it is a series of steps, and actually a series of thresholds as well, where you have to choose again to keep going—thresholds where you lose heart, or you try to compromise yourself, thinking that what you have is good enough, that you will be satisfied with where you are. But Knowledge will keep you moving up this mountain, for you must climb this mountain to have a clear view of the panorama of your life and of the world, a life and a world you cannot see in the valleys and lowlands below. ” wonderful just so wonderful…
jeanine_Society:  @Joseph – best of luck with your new job – what a great opportunity to bring your spiritual practice there, to start afresh on the right foot…
Kristina_Boulder:  @Tamra, good analogy.
Daniele_Australia:  @Kristina_Boulder Amen. Robert you are an inspiration.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Reed for the wisdom you are sharing, this question comes to my mind too: “In my mind, this stands as a question unanswerable at this time: will enough people actually undertake the way of Knowledge, attempt to live its teachings and be changed as a result?”
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Mellany – Yes: “however subtle” Recognizing the subtle is an art in itself.
Mamjara_SE:  While living in a place where I don’t speak the languages I experience that practicing stillness becomes a necessity to understand what people trying to communicate. That feeling with the heart and telepathy is practiced. I experience where people have so little they are more living with Knowledge naturally and that they recognize what I am connected with, but also they tell me when I am not. It is a blessing to have this experience.
Robert_Society:  The hour has again come so quickly. Let us pause in our hourly together.
Matt_bzn:  Thank you Reed – another “read three times” piece of Wisdom for me…
Tamara:  When my mind is centered, when my life is ordered rightly, when I my daily actions reflect my deeper knowing, people and animals reflect back to me Knowledge, insight, and confirmation.
Russell_Sask:  Golden Silence
Keiko_Ita:  I just want to be a tool of communication. My role is to be a vehicle f Knowledge if I could as much of my ability….it requires only constant work on practicing to practice. Step by step…
Alex_Mtl_Canada:  Thank you all for this wonderful chat!!! I haven’t had the time to read everything that’s for sure, but I will come back to it later in order to see if I have missed Something important!!! Love you all!!!
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Reed.
Russell_Sask:  Take Care my Friends from Afar and Further.

Carol_Society:  REMINDERS for today:

Beginning this Friday, May 26! The 2017 STEPS VIGIL

> The 20-Day Steps Vigil is a worldwide commemorative broadcast event honoring the period in 1989 in which Steps to Knowledge was sent from God through the Angelic Presence to the Messenger and through him to each of us and to the world.

>If you plan to attend the Steps Vigil broadcasts in person, whether you are local or coming from a distance, please be sure to contact us at [email protected]

>For more information: https://www.newmessage…vents

CAMPFIRE CHAT TRANSCRIPTS can be found here: http://www.newmessage….ripts
Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the end of our discussion.

ellen-boulder:  Sometimes my coworker who shares my office space will turn to me and ask “do you need to go meditate?” Sometimes I do need to go to a quiet room and meditate for 20 minutes, and sometimes I can just use his question to be really present with myself and shift out of what ever has grabbed me. Often times a few minutes later he’ll say, “that’s much better”. Its so easy to forget how much my inner state affects people. I’m so glad I shared my practice with him so he can remind me to practice!
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @Reed; “Recognition and inspiration arise from reading and hearing the New Message. But movement and real progress comes from application.”
javier S.Fl:  @Tamara, hear what you’re saying but with me instead of ambivalence it’s Fear. Fear that pushes me to act without Knowledge. Fortunately as of late truth & Knowledge are behind MOST of my actions not all the time still a work in progress
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks for sharing Ellen
Robert_Society:  Thank you for participating today in creating a wonderful and powerful learning environment for us all. In sharing our efforts to learn and practice more of The Way of Knowledge in our daily lives, we bring a quality and Presence into the world that is so needed. We strengthen ourselves and others by our efforts. This is important for the New Message, its Messenger and the world. Let us continue on this path with determination, courage, and humility. Nasi Novare Coram
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you Everyone, until next time, be well.
Jorge_Spain:  @Mamjara, what is “SE”?
Tonia_Denmark:  Reed, interesting. Yes, is it really real? I get incredibly angry when a feeling of being in a corner, having to answer specific questions from non-students. The push from the environment is so tremendously aggressive sometimes, that if solitude is not chosen and especially being outdoor or with the right people, is staggeringly challenging. The feeling of freedom is really important.
Erik_VA:  Nasi Novare Coram.
May_Norway:  Thank you everyone for all that you have shared, and I will read it through more deeply later this weekend, Naci Novare Coram, Bless you all with great Strength and Wisdom and Courage
Tamara:  Javier…As I look closely at the source of my ambivalence…what feeds it…fear stands tall.
Youngkyo_Korea:  @Reed, thank you for your wisdom, “Recognition and inspiration arise from reading and hearing the New Message. But movement and real progress comes from application.”
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
Daniele_Australia:  Nasi Novare Coram. Thank you everyone.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ellen, that is cute.
Sarita_Mtl:  NNC, thank you everyone
jeanine_Society:  @Selma and others – I too have reread LTW’s ‘Being Present in the World’ after Marshall’s recommendation last week, and found it very helpful. I’ve noticed too that practicing being more present and paying more attention can help bring more self-compassion up too….
Alison_Boulder:  @Robert and Ayesha thank you for leading us today. We are all Advocates for a clear and free life, aren’t we? All are invited Thursdays for Advocacy Gatherings, where the intention to share the New Message may be come intentional and direct in our united means. We meet Thursdays at two different time options: 7 BST and 6:30 MDT, at
Alexandra_NL:  @Robert: thank you…
Frederick_UK:  Thank you everyone for sharing your wisdom and experience of life in the Way of Knowledge. Till next week, NASI NOVARE CORAM.
manuel germany :):  @Alex_Mtl_Canada: You are a great spirit… I love you too
Carolyn-HuntValley-MD:  From the midst of studenthood, going out into the world, in accepting the warm hospitatlity of others, it takes courage to acknowledge my own inability to cross the divide, the one they cling so desperately to in separation, because they are terrified to let go of that which holds them in the grips of the surface of their mind. And though they are well loved, the inner cruelty that drives them spills out and poisons their relationships, driving away all but the staunchest, the ones who can weather these abuses well. But what I see is a couple who are shut down to one another. Shut down to Source. Ignoring the signs of the Great Waves, doling out derision to their fellow man. I put up with all this only because one of them shows promise and interest in the New Message. But i don’t get to walk away without claw marks in my back. I will later have to go into the Deep Well of Silence for healing and to find what lesson is in this for me. Meanwhile, I have retreated to a place of quiet. Of…
Carolyn-HuntValley-MD:  … observation. Of determination not to be drawn into this drama playing out before me. With a prayer to be strong in Knowledge while the surface winds whip around me, slapping cold waves up in to my face, stinging my eyes and pulling at me heart. Perhaps it is not so wise to choose this company.
javier S.Fl:  @ Sarita, this seems to be an ongoing issue as you let go of one who seems to be holding you back another will try to take it’s place. One thing I have found that if you stay true to Knowledge these relationships will become very repulsive at times and you will have no other obvious choice but to let them go.
Ila_UK:  Nasi Novare Coram – Take good care everyone – be well.
Reed_Society:  @James, thank you for your insight earlier regarding “trying,” that without practicing in some way interactions are beset with trying to be or act or talk along lines that are expected, social and scripted. That has certainly been my experience too and you spoke to it in a way I haven’t been able to. In an inverse way, I have also found it important to not try to hard in practicing, to not try to hard to overlay an interaction with my practice, with my prayer, or with my greater awareness. The times I have done this or seen others do this, it has create the risk of provocation in an unnecessary way: “oh, he’s trying to be spiritual, he’s remote, he’s higher than me, more aware than me.” Practice can be undertaken in too overt and intentional a way, and of course practice can be folded into our own tendency for separation: to look good to ourselves, to separate ourselves from the condition of others, to be self-important in some way. I feel their is a center-line in practice, just as…
Reed_Society:  … there is in life. It is quiet. It is not looking good. It is not “trying” to shift an interaction or teach someone a lesson. It is being open, yet also pulled back and insulated if needed. It is extending of oneself, yet also receiving from others, hearing what is there without looking for something in particular. A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a spiritual event titled: “Seeing God Everywhere, Seeing the Divine in All Things.” This struck me as a risky approach to spiritual practice: trying to see a higher truth everywhere, looking for it in every interaction, walking the world with a pair of God glasses over your eyes. Instead, the center-line in spiritual practices feels to me to be the simple act of being present, listening and looking for whatever is there, hearing from others in separation and allowing for a response not arising from the mind.
Patricia_Society:  @James, Danny, Kelvin – I have also noticed that this “try” will sneak into my spiritual practice- trying to be someone.” Yes, using spiritual practice as a compensation for work and development that is called for somewhere else. Spiritual practice as compensation, is one of the pitfalls. Delusion, as supported by spiritual practice is common place. Over amplifying experience to fill the void or to generate a “feeling”…..That is why the Self Knowledge side of the coin of Knowledge is so, so, so much a needed ballast……And a lot of the “Do the Work” mandate that we hear the New Message calling for, has to do with that side of the coin…albeit with care taken not to become too self possessed…..self preoccupied as we do that work….A razors edge sense of balance and reality always needed as we go…..
Jason NJ/PA:  @ Cameron…. I usually catch it once or twice before the hour bc my mind has become so reprogrammed to doing the hourlies…..but none the less, where ever I am & whatever Im doing, my hourly alarm will go off. At work people will think its a call or a text and say “are you going to get that”. I tell them no, its just an hourly reminder for my spiritual practice of the day. If Im not working people are still very aware that my alarm goes off every now & then….sometimes they comment sometimes they dont. Some sort of seed is being plated regardless w whoever Im around…even if they think Im some strange crazy person haha
Ayesha_Society:  @Reed, the way of Knowledge: “Recognition and inspiration arise from reading and hearing the New Message. But movement and real progress comes from application.” Yes…Application leading to real change and new territory. With time I realized that reading the new message, affirmations and even meditation , though very important, alone are not enough for real change. It is the live in the moment actions, could I change this behavior that I seem to do ? Could I catch myself in the moment to gain insight in the self knowledge that drives me to do certain things?Could I practice something different and great a new way, that will really change me from the inside out.? Am’I willing to exert the effort in the application knowing that deeper change is not immediate?
Kristina_Boulder:  Last night I was listening to Taking the STK and one thing that stood out for me was them saying that we should look at our practice as it’s necessary, like feeding ourselves, grooming and doing all other basics daily activities.
Val_Westport:  Hello all; I was unable to access the Chat earlier, but have arrived in time to capture it for study later and to ‘check in’. It’s such a multi-level satisfaction to be with you all. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  Again I want to recommend that you study Being Present in the World (LTW). Being present requires stillness, objectivity, discernment and the readiness to respond, no matter what the situation may present. It is a totally active and alive state of being. Here inner awareness and outer awareness come together in their most natural alignment. The mind is clear. The opportunities to practice are endless.
Keiko_Ita:  There is a calling. We respond or not respond.
Joyanne_Canada:  I have been mapping my mind this week, engaged in listening to many revelations that seem to strike darts and arrows into my awareness.. one thing I recognized in the application is… I can suffer mentally or physically by not applying myself, or I can suffer through the application ..what will move me up this mountain?..staying in my mental suffering or suffering through the certain application that will render me freedom within and allow me to climb higher.. So many insights and so much journaling,,, yet I feel i am being prepared to suffer through this part of the climb.. thank you is the much needed Application that will move me up and ease the suffering. So much to unlearn, and learn and apply and do..yet the rewards are that we are uniting ourselves within. Forging onward, deepening our connection with Knowledge. In the end its all about getting up the mountain.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Marshall, will do.
Ilhun_Korea:  Yes, Marshall.
MaryS_Boulder:  Alex_Mtl, it was wonderful having you join us today. Thanks for coming
Kristina_Boulder:  Thank you, Reed
Joyanne_Canada:  The comments and shared stories here today also helped me, giving me insights, skills and tools to utilize. Thank you all for sharing, and helping me climb this ountain.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jason (8:52), that’s an awesome story about helping your family friend find TNM!
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall.
Alexandra_NL:  @ Joyanne, thank you for sharing that..
nenette_istanbul:  Thanks to that awakening @Reed . ”… Instead, the center-line in spiritual practices feels to me to be the simple act of being present, listening and looking for whatever is there, hearing from others in separation and allowing for a response not arising from the mind.”
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall
May_Norway:  Thank you Marshall.
Ken_Oklahoma:  I started Being Present in the World this morning and must finish this important chapter!
Jansett_Boulder:  “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda
Carol_Society:  @Ayesha, Reed: Yes, indeed, application is what it is all about. It is ‘where the rubber meets the road.’ Deep gratitude to all for sharing your applications of the New Message in your lives, shining your light upon all those you meet. May it continue in the week ahead. Nasi Novare Coram
Thomas_Oregon:  This issue of trying- so critical. I’m happy that it could be voiced up in this conversation. I haven’t really had the words for it, so thanks Reed. In my own life-map, there is a storyline of studenthood. Seeing again and again how trying to be spiritual fails is one of the lines of advancement.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  HA! Yoda was my first teacher Jansett!
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @MVS: ”Again I want to recommend that you study Being Present in the World (LTW). Being present requires stillness, objectivity, discernment and the readiness to respond, no matter what the situation may present. It is a totally active and alive state of being. Here inner awareness and outer awareness come together in their most natural alignment. The mind is clear. The opportunities to practice are endless.”
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Jansett/Yoda
Ayesha_Society:  @James, Patricia, Reed: Using spirituality for compensation and identity “being someone” , such an important pitfall to be aware of.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you for that recommendation MVS.. it really struck home,, Do I want Change?, Can I experience Change?Can I undergo Change? Can I adapt to new situations? or is my life frozen.. I am carrying these questions with me, and have gained much insight from this chapter.. It seems to really assist me in adapting to the changes I am making..
jeanine_Society:  @Jason – good example of a simple way to bring our practice public with the hourlies alarm – this is noticed and affects others around us in a way that is not ‘preachy’…
manuel germany :):  @Jansett_Boulder thanks for sharing that quote from Yoda. A modern version from a pub may be: “Just do it”
Shane – New Zealand:  @reed and Raoul, “will enough people actually undertake the way of Knowledge, attempt to live its teachings and be changed as a result?” Is there something wrong with me if I say, does it really matter, all I can do is my part and work at being a vessel for knowledge in the world. Although I am driven to advocate for human sovereignty and bringing knowledge into the world, I do not feel attached to the result. I feel similar with death, yes its sad, but its just death of the vessel. I know can not control or know the outcome. After all, Gods plan is to save everyone, it will just take some a bit longer to get there. is this cold or just how it is?
Matt_bzn:  Great insight Patricia. Thank you.
Lin_Boulder:  @Reed, I have been with Teachers’ 2nd commentary in Allies 2, and it points directly to this “embracing everything, accept everything” pacification effect. “This (higher consciousness) does not mean that everything becomes gray. It means that everything becomes clear….If this is not the product of spiritual study, then someone is being disabled.”
MaryS_Boulder:  Each School session that goes by impresses me more and more how beneficial the practice of focusing together on an aspect of the NM. This May/June and the July/August in particular are session when each year I find the topics and the challenges are showing measurable improvement. This month, in particular, when a certain threshold was crossed at the beginning of the session, my first response was, thank you School participants for working on this alongside me!
Maria_Boulder:  What I find to be a valuable opportunity for practicing Presence, is when I am triggered. Living alone, robs me of some of this opportunities(!!), so I am finding work to be great gift in this way! Recently I was very triggered, angered even, which is not common for me:it was profound for me to sit in the experience, and be present to it, without attempting to make myself wrong or the other…but to simply be present and look to see what is really going on…days later now, I have continued to attempt to look at it, without coming to a conclusion, looking inside myself, and looking at the outer circumstance…
77270:  @ Lin…..Thank you for that clear and important quote.
Selma London:  Yes, Aysha: “Be very careful about any assumptions that you make regarding your ability.” Living The Way of Knowledge
MVS Society:  When truly being present, your mind disappears and the whole world opens up before you. This is the result of much practice.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  @ Mary- Yes! I feel this too, thank you.
Carolyn-HuntValley-MD:  Thank you Marshall. I hope that is enough for this person. He is so far down the rabbit hole it appears that it would take a real disaster to wake him up. Or he might use it to self destruct. I must learn the best way to engage by not engaging. To encourage without enabling and to not be affected so.
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane, good point, and the NM does recommend that…which is very good news! (not being responsible for the result). Although personally I would say ‘yes’, it matters a world to me, but I agree that all I can do is the work.
MaryL_Boulder:  This question from Being Present is an iceberg breaker: Or is your life frozen in a state of mental paralysis where everything has to be just so in order for you to feel any comfort or sense of self reliance?
Matt_bzn:  Thank you all. Awesome chat today. NNC
Jangsun_Korea:  “To experience love is to experience being present with someone, being with them, without judging them, without trying to fit them into your life, without trying to see what advantages you can gain from being with them, without trying to use them for any purpose or methods that you might have, without condemning them for failing your expectations or standards. Love is being present. It is giving yourself and being present.” – Being Present in the World(LTW). This is one of my favorite passages I always want to remember.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I find that a common result of being truly present with others is humour- it causes laughter!
cole_boulder:  Thank you Marshall, the Society and all. NNC
77270:  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this powerful chat today.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone. Some powerful stuff laid down today from your real experience. Thank you.
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you everyone for taking part in the chat today. We hope that you could join us next Saturday, along with the vigil nights either live or through broadcast, starting Friday. Until next week. NNC
Shane – New Zealand:  @Raoul why does it matter a world to you? asked with sincere curiosity, thanks
manuel germany :):  Thank you so much for your insights and experiences you all have shared. I am so grateful to be connected to so many kindered spirits and to learn in the Campfires so much… I wish you all a pleasant weekend and for the coming week more meaningful applications of the spiritual teachings of the NMG… Nasi Novare Coram
Kristina FL:  Thank you everyone, Nasi Novare Coram
MaryS_Boulder:  Jansett, this month I traced Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Truth or repose–you must choose” (via MVS) to Yoda, to Krishna then back to Hamlet.
jeanine_Society:  @Jangsun – thank you for that quote!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Take care all, Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane, I wish this world to be a place where future generations can grow in Knowledge.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall.
nenette_istanbul:  WOW YOU ARE MOST WELCOME @manuel germany Nasi Novare Coram
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you so much for being here….Nasi Novare Coram.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Youngkyo_Korea:  @Jangsun, thank you for your favorite passage.
David_KC:  Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram
Hyeonam_Korea:  “Being Present” Thank you Marshall
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, Nasi Novare Coram
manuel germany :):  @nenette_istanbul thanks my dear. how did you get these wonderful hearts?
MVS Society:  Self-obsession is the result of living in Separation. Being Present is a natural antidote to this.
Val_Westport:  Grace is given; it is beyond being earned. What we have together is the product of Grace. My gratitude to those that have given. To Marshall, the Society, you world-wide community of students and of course, to the Angelic Assembly and to Very God, our primary relationship and the Source of All.
Darlene_Society:  I am definitely strengthened by all who practice and apply their practice in the world with me. This is an amazing demonstration, isn’t it? Thank you. “If the Fire of Knowledge within the individual cannot be ignited, there is no hope for humanity.” It all begins with us…great love to you all for being ignited!
jeanine_Society:  Thank you all for being present to this conversation – so much wealth here to take with us back to our life this week, and to revisit when we are able to… Nasi Novare Coram.
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
manuel germany :):  < + 3 … I have learned it now hi hi hi
nenette_istanbul:  @manuel click < & 3 ..that will become heart
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
Shane – New Zealand:  @Raoul thanks, me too. and I will give what I have to give, to assist in whatever way I can. I see myself being completely spent by the end of this, if not I will not have given what i feel i can. Strange i used to feel very concerned about the outcome, not so much today..
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane, I hear you totally brother!
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Darlene.
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  @Raehyung, it was good to see you coming back to chat. Thank you.
manuel germany :):  soy algo torpe… intentaré entrenar toda la semana pintar corazones para dejaros a todos uno muy gordo la semana que viene. os quiero mucho
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Sally_boulder:  Thank you all…Nasi Novare Coram
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Darlene …
Betty_UK:  Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram
Alexandra_NL:  Gracias Manuel. Aqui tambien te queremos…
Many hearts to everyone… Nasi Novare Coram
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jason, (9:08), my phone is set exactly the same way and I have experienced a similar response form the people I’m around. Good to hear someone else is having the same reaction and seedings!
mellany UK:  @Raoul @Shane Beyond personal hope, fear, ambition lives true conviction, born of the Heart. The Rev. “The Vision” speaks to holding the vision of God’s Will for humanity.
mellany UK:  Thank you, everyone! Nasi Novare Coram.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mellany, thanks, will be holding the vision!
Ilhun_Korea:  Sometimes I ask for my self that Is it possible to be present without awareness?
Mamjara_SE:  About being present: What moved me the most and learned a lot from is the wisdom that says that you cannot serve two lords. And that there are only two choices. You either choose Love or you choose Fear. If you become still and really look at where this fear is coming from it disappears because of insights that you get from the teachers. It is mostly coming from thoughts or beliefs that are not true. Than peace will arise. And than I feel very present and quiet.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram
Shane – New Zealand:  thank you @Mellany UK. Do you think its possible to look at too big a picture of things. I feel like I have disconnected perhaps or is small things big, big things small.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Raoul!
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall.
Val_Westport:  Ilhun, we are in a sea of awareness but where you direct your attention, backed by that awareness, is the question…
Shane – New Zealand:  no, thats not quite true because the intervention still piss me off, and I do get frustrated with pacified people.
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you all for your demonstration of what it means to be a student and vehicle of the New Message. Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you all. Nnc and blessings to all.
Ilhun_Korea:  Val, thank you for your comment.
Shane – New Zealand:  thank you all, wonderful to be here and to feel safe enough to explore some uncomfortable things is something very special. It is a honor and a privilege to be able to share this journey with you all. NNC
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Jangsun for that quote! thank you Robert and Ayesha for moderating and thank you MVS, Patricia, Reed, Society for your efforts and demonstration!!Thank you my fellow students, brothers and sisters for sharing with me as I share with you! These chats are a beautiful experience for me for they increase my determination to “stay” with my practice in humility and consistency! We go up this mountain together!
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Val Westport…
Josef Austria:  Thank you all! Thanks to MVS, Patricia, Reed, the Society and to the WWC of the NMFG! Nasi Novare Coram!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you everyone, it is good to breath again. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society and all of you and all beyond us. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  Preaching Stıllness in the outer world thru stillness…. looking and listening without judging Thank you to this great gift of Grace and Knowledge a miracle that I am one of the student here…
Maureen_Boulder:  @ MVS “When truly being present, your mind disappears and the whole world opens up before you. This is the result of much practice.” Thank you for this.
mellany UK:  Shane, I feel it’s very important…vital… to hold the awareness of the “big picture”, and the Greater Community context. For me, objectivity isn’t being ‘totally detached’ … it’s being able to feel, but without being overwhelmed by the mental/emotional or blinded by my own personal hopes, fears and ambition etc. … and sorting all of this, from the ‘pure signal’ of Knowledge, is still very much a “work in progress” for me :))



One Response to "Campfire Chat May 20, 2017"

  1. MaryS Posted on May 26, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    The question, how you take your practice out into the world in your work endeavors, has a flip side: when you see your workplace involvements are somehow reflecting a greater Coordination in the world and all you can do is notice it. The job I mentioned in the chat, where I mostly sleep while at work, became mine after I had just previously accepted another position that I knew was the right place to go but saw it wouldn’t give me enough hours–I accepted it anyway, and then the other one that dovetailed perfectly fell into my lap, with a little more due diligence. Keeping both these positions, now that’s where our practices come in. They require a lot more of what are called “soft skills” than credentials.

    In my day job this week, there were two new clients for me to meet, with some understanding that they were trying out our service, looking for compatibility. One of them only needs me to take her out to dinner every night, and she pays for us both (I must remember to purchase the Chinook two-for-one coupon book! Clients appreciate not being taken advantage of, which is an ethical requirement). I say, oh you angels, you are so funny, but cheers, message received.

    The other one, it turns out, was once a neighbor of Marshall’s, or at least she used to live on the street where he now lives. While we were out we ran into another neighbor from that street. I had told the client only that Marshall was at the head of a worldwide organization that I participated in. I had kept the conversation minimal regarding details, as her human social interest was piqued, by saying that he was a very private person; I believe I may have said a bit more, that there was a religious aspect about it that could be very risky for him; I don’t believe I pulled any punches there, as I vaguely recall alluding to certain religious factions that more fractious than necessary. I am now contemplating how this woman follows mystery, what she is alert to, as once we returned to the car and she realized that was a somewhat extraordinary coincidence, meeting her old neighbor in my company, she wanted to go back and introduce me to her old friend. I hope the words that came out of my mouth were more rhetorical than literally true, when I demurred and said, “I’ve already said too much.” So she understands there must be a hedge around this very mysterious man, not a subject for casual conversation.

    But I don’t think this woman is about casual conversation. She is a natural networker and if I am not mistaken, a connection may have been made that she can follow up on regarding another author I mentioned that I knew, whose name she took care to note, whose career could attain the level of prestige he desires, simply by one such simple little chance encounter, properly followed up. Now I had de-emphasized Marshall’s name and not the other one, yet could return to the office and let them know all this client needed “was a little name-dropping.” That sounds more crass than it’s meant; my office understands social finesse.

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