Campfire Chat May 13, 2017

Darlene_Society:  We are swimming in a vast sea of wisdom. Here is more Messenger wisdom from last week, May 6. May we swim with great intention.

You cannot make Knowledge a science, for science is within the domain of the mind and Knowledge is beyond it.

When Knowledge is moving you, you will know it. It will be happening at a deeper level beyond the surface of the mind. Pray to Knowledge to move you where it must take you and be ready to respond and follow what it gives you to do. If you are not sure you can respond and follow this, then Knowledge may wait, waiting for you to be ready to do the work you really need to do.

Science is appropriate in providing a framework and tools for taking the Steps to Knowledge. The NMG, through many revelations, provides the pathway, this framework and a great pallet of tools to use each day if we can remember to apply them and to increasingly pay attention to our deeper experience and to the world around us. Knowledge dwells in the realm of our deeper…

Darlene_Society:  … experience. Steps is here to take us there.

If you are too busy or tired, use your longer practice periods in stillness for rest and recovery. The mind and body both need recovery to function effectively. People load way too much stress and experience upon their minds which deadens the mind and makes real discernment very difficult to achieve. Obstacles in practice are often the result of this overload of experience in the mind. Before you can enter deeper states, your mind has to settle down. In practice, it can take an hour or more just to settle down. The pre-practice that Reed spoke of is also very important in allowing the mind to slow down and to establish a clear intention. The less your mind is burdened by overload, the faster you will be able to settle down.

Spiritual practice in the end is about re-establishing relationship—relationship with your deeper nature, with those who sent you here and with the Great Coordination of which you are naturally a part and destined to…

Darlene_Society:  … engage with. It is the return to shared identity and true inclusion in life. It is the step-by-step journey out of Separation.

Forgiveness is complete when you have fully gained the wisdom from a past painful event, when real gratitude and learning can finally replace anger, anguish and remorse.

I also practice mental decompression using the hourly practice and moments of inner listening throughout the day.

At certain important junctures in your life where real outer change is needed, if you do not respond and take action, Knowledge has to wait. This holds everything up. The movement of your life is held back and Knowledge becomes silent waiting for you. You become stalled on the side of the mountain wondering why you cannot seem to make progress. If you find yourself in this situation, ask yourself and ask Knowledge, “Is there something I must do in my life now?” Ask this with the courage and intention to take action.

Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning from the north. Yesterday I drove even further north, almost to the end of roads, above the 66th parallel. Today I am attending a northern grow conference and managed to locate a computer with internet access. I will not be able to stay past the hour as I am taking time from this important gathering. Glad I could make it to our chat today.
60879:  Hello everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Donald_Pa:  Thanks Darlene! I missed last weeks chat and now feel caught up.
Howard Boulder:  Hi everyone, it is a beautiful day up here in Gold Hill, sunny and 54 degrees.
60879:  60879 is Tonia. Hello everyone.
Betty_UK:  Hi Manuel,
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Reed, please repost “The pre-practice” that helps the mind to settle prior to stillness that Marshall referred to in Darlene’s Messenger wisdom.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  For me Deepening my Spiritual practice takes tremendous focus and concentration to bring it with me at all times into my life. How easily I forget this during the day. Yet, when I practice it more and more it becomes more natural and I remember what it is I am here to do, who I must meet and that purpose is the cause of any relationship. It takes WORK, honesty and great responsibility and consistency. Things I am too often neglecting. Small steps with patience and not condemning myself helps. Yet there are times when I do beat myself up but always remember this takes patience and I must be with the questions 1st before the deeper experiences come from Knowledge and the world. Settling the mind down is so important to be able to go deeper. Easier said than done however. I just keep moving forward with the Mystery and The Presence. “Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” is always with me.
Darlene_Society:  Welcome to everyone near and far. It is the hour, time to take a deep breath and savor the luxury of stillness together in this time dedicated to the power of Knowledge and to the Messenger who has called us all together.
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
98220:  Good morning everyone!
Kristina FL:  Nasi Novare Coram, good to be here
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Darlene for the quotes!! There is so much there to learn from.
Ellen_Society:  Hello to all who are joining us!
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone!
Greg_UK:  Greetings Ila – great to have another UK student on board! And hello to all my brothers and sisters
Joyanne_Canada:  so Glad you made it Cameron,
China_lingling:  Good morning everyone!
LaRaeUK:  Bless you for sharing that wisdom again Darlene.
Serena M_NM:  Hello everyone!
Jorge_Spain:  @Mike: Pre-practice – “In preparation for practicing meditation, I have found it very important to engage in a period of pre-practice: to stop and see how I’m doing and assess my intentions in that moment. I begin a conversation with myself: do you want to experience stillness right now? Do you want to experience Knowledge? If not, what do you want? Do you really want that? Do you remember how good true stillness of mind feels? Do you remember how good feeling connected to Knowledge has been for you in the past?
I think about what I want to do in that moment, and how often there is a deeper need underlying the desire for distraction, for stimulation. There is a deeper dismay at the tendency to overdo, to remain trapped on the surface of my mind, to run and keep ahead of a backlog of experience. And there are memories of those times of how great stillness and connectivity to a greater reality felt to me. And so, in this pre-practice time, I talk to myself, gather my experience together,…
Jorge_Spain:  … clarify my intentions and confirm that actually Knowledge is the true desire underneath so many thoughts, and impulses and activities.
After this, my mind so often naturally aligns behind the practice in stillness and perhaps a truth I would state to myself: “I seek Knowledge beneath and beyond all things in life.” “I want nothing more than to be still and to feel Knowledge again.” These statements become my mantra and my mind backs them with conviction instead of ambivalence.
This act of pre-practice and of clarifying my intentions before practicing stillness has actually deepened my meditations in tremendous ways over the past year. This has confirmed a truth that has been born out over the years for me: “In the end, you must want what you know: what you want, must align with what you know at key junctures in life in order to proceed.” (Reed Summers)
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. Wonderful to be here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Douglas_St.Paul:  Greetings from Minnesota, where gorgeous, average May is making people forget about the warm February
Kelton_Calif:  Hello everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  Your experience is similar to what we all experience Jim. So important to just stay the course, cross the thresholds.
Carol_Society:  A very warm welcome and gratitude to each of you, as you demonstrate your intention and commitment through your presence here again and again every Saturday. Awe-inspiring it truly is. And to those joining us for the first time, a very special welcome and thank you for making your way to this very unique and sacred learning environment of The Free School.
Alisa_Russia:  A passage I was reading in the chapter “Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family” in Living the Way of Knowledge struck me today. “Here you seem to travel alone because so many whom you knew before were not able to go with you. And yet you feel a Spiritual Presence in your life. Here you go where life seems open and unshielded, here pain and happiness and sharper and much more clearly experienced. And yet, before long you find others who are venturing into that wilderness as well, and they are as uncertain as you, though they may not admit it. Here you will find that those things that interested you before no longer hold appeal or attraction now. You seek quiet instead of stimulation. You seek honesty instead of charm. You seek affinity instead of attraction. You seek inspiration instead of entertainment. You seek meaning instead of escape. Something has changed in you.”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jorge, Thank you for finding Reeds “Pre-Practice”!
15067:  @Jorge – thank you!
LaRaeUK:  That is so helpful thank you Jorge!
Alisa_Russia:  *are sharper
Cameron_Canada:  I had to move computers so missed any private messages – thanks
Dariel_Boulder:  @ May_Norway…How amazing to have you joining us from from so far North. Welcome to you.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Patricia_Society:  @Ila UK 8:48 Yes,we are building a platform together through our participation and support that the New Message will be anchored by as it moves ever further into the world at this time of increasing stability.
Darlene_Society:  The Messenger passed an important directive on to us last week to contemplate and prepare, perhaps ongoing.
“I recommend that each of you make a list of all the directives given
in this teaching [Deepening Your Spiritual Practice] and choose a
few of them, which you feel especially speak to you, to practice
each day of this coming week and to share with us your experience
of doing this next week when we gather.”
What has been your experience of this process in the past week?

LaRaeUK:  Yes Alisa, Knowledge is changing us internally, our old lives simply lose their appeal. We seek something deeper, more meaningful.
Patricia_Society:  @Ila UK – Thank you. “I hope we all “Stay” with The New Message from God – There is nowhere else to go – this is it … I pray that we all secure our spiritual ropes to one another as we climb this special mountain!!”
May_Norway:  Thank you @Jorge for your help and this will be very helpful to my next meditation, to come deeper!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alisa, That passage from “Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family” resonates deeply with me, thanks for the reminder.
Kelvin_Boulder:  In response to the question of what directive am I being with from the revelation Deepening your practice. I have found this to be very important >>> What are those beliefs, those habits and those inclinations?, We are re-enforcing all the time.
Virgie & Brandon_near Seattle:  @Ila: (says Virgie) “There is nowhere else to go”–yes, thank you for your comment. This week, feeling discouraged and sometimes like giving up, I kept thinking of the story where many stopped following Jesus and he asked the disciples if they wanted to leave, too. And Peter was like, “Teacher, where can we go? You have the words of eternal life.”
May_Norway:  Thank you Darlene, I have a very old computer, but it work amazingly good!
Kelvin_Boulder:  What am I re-enforcing that is helping me and what are those things that are not helping me?
Ila_UK:  When studying Deepening your Spiritual Practice – I felt as if I was reconnecting to my FIRST LOVE for the very first time… God loved me first… Therefore I felt a sense of freedom allowing me to express love more openly. When meditating, you have to let go of everything and everyone in order to reconnect to your FIRST LOVE. It takes time…. It’s this love that moves you to reunite with humanity.
67425:  Ciao a tutti! È un piacere per me essere qui! Io sono Giusy Petullá e sto scrivendo dall’Italia.
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  “When you are out in the world, listen within yourself. Watch the world and listen within yourself.”
Dariel_Boulder:  Well said, Jorge. My meditation has been better this week due to Reed’s suggestions and due to a more passive and allowing attitude on my part. It is such a welcome reprieve and peace to come into deeper stillness.
Jorge_Spain:  Yes, @Virgie
LaRaeUK:  So beautifully expressed Ila… moving. Thank you.
Raoul_Australia:  Hello 67425 (Giusy Petulla’) welcome!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ila, “There is nowhere else to go”, I feel this deeply, thank you!
Danny_Australia:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: ‘So to sit in meditation and experience nothing but agitation or frustration, clearly means you are not meeting the requirements of the situation. You have to be relaxed; you cannot be aggressive. You breathe deeply. Let your breath take you deeper. You have to have a focus for the mind: an image, a thought, an incantation, something that does not stimulate a lot of intellectual activity, something that the mind can anchor itself upon so you can slip beneath its surface into a well of silence. Within this well of silence, deep within it, is the power and the presence of Knowledge.’ I have found this practice to be helpful also with the practice of inner listening… Coordinating the breath with the awareness, and using the Na Rahn incantation when needed.
Dariel_Boulder:  Virgie and Ila… These have often been thoughts that have come to me as well. There is really nowhere else to go but into fantasy. I want to be anchored in the Truth as humanity goes into the deep waters of the Great Waves. I have come to serve and how can I truly serve if I am not anchored in KN?
Alison_boulder:  There are two mentions of the “marvelous reality of life” in this Revelation that can be brought about by inner listening. I have found through the passive attitude and quiet time directives, it really is marvelous. “You are able to see things in the moment that everyone else is missing.”
Alisa_Russia:  I have been focusing on managing the mind this week and keeping a journal of where my mind takes me. And I have a question relating to this sentence in Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: “In the true hierarchy of your being, your body serves your mind and your mind serves Knowledge, or Spirit, and your Spirit serves God.” How does the body serve the mind?
Kristina_Boulder:  @Dar, for me these directives stood out: To use your mind for contemplation if you can not get it to be still. If you are angry about something, ask yourself: Is there something I need to know here? To forgive people by learning from unpleasant situations.
Kelton_Calif:  @ Jorge Spain- Thank you For sharing your pre-practice exercise. I will be utilizing this in my future practice. I feel the importance of the intention we bring to our practice and this act of- setting the stage for our practice aligns us with that which we wish to engage.
Kristina FL:  Yes, Kelvin. What do we re-enforce?… this come up to me also.
Tyyne_Society:  @Kelvin – yes regarding this, “What are those beliefs, those habits and those inclinations?…” The process of Self-Knowledge and getting as clear as we can about where we are coming from and how that might be impacting decisions, turns in the road, next steps, etc. I have found this to be an important way up the mountain and not always an easy one. Shedding if we can or knowing enough so that I can managing what’s there. Thank you for that, Kelvin.
Danny_Australia:  Na on the in breath, Rahn on the out breath, connects me deep into the mental environment and keeps away the influences that are not necessary to engage with.
Mike_LF_CAL:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: “When you are thinking about the future, do not simply think about what you are going to get for yourself, or your fear of losing what you have, or your fear of what may happen to you and to the world. Instead, look over the horizon of life to see what you can see. Within your mind, look over the horizon of life to see what you can see. Ask yourself: What is coming for the world? And what must I do to prepare?” ( I have done this, sitting in meditation with a still mind trying to look over the horizon of life to see what I can see with no results. I am not a person who has visions other than dreams sometimes or hears voices in my mind I know are not my own.)
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you for your wisdom and for joining us here today. Your presence is important.
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Following directive, I feel like it keeps me connected to the deeper currents of my life, protecting myself from the changes around me, people’s reaction to me, and it helps me to know what I need to do for the changes occurring around me.
Richmond_UK:  @Darlene, What has been your experience of this process in the past week? I looked at the following directive, “You do not simply close your eyes and hope for the best. You are bringing your intention to bear. You are using your situation beneficially. You are not wasting this opportunity.” I find that sometimes in my stillness my mind is still caught up in the mental environment and is trying to solve problems. It can take a long time for my mind to settle at times, particularly if my day ahead is very busy. It is a case of me really giving direction to my mind and telling it to ‘settle down!’
Dariel_Boulder:  Sorry, I mean “Thank you Ila.”
Jorge_Spain:  @Kelton, I practiced this exercise, but here I just quoted what Reed said last week. Not my words.
Debbie_MI:  I have found the following directive to be very meaningful to me: This requires preparation, for it requires a refocusing of the mind and a reordering of one’s life and priorities, and fundamentally a deep evaluation of one’s motives, activities and associations with others.
Ginny_Dallas:  @Alison, Yes! I have experienced a few moments of this ‘marvelous reality of life’ when attending to inner listening.
Cameron_Canada:  I have noticed that my deepening practice has caused an interesting response in the people I meet and the conversations they initiate. I have found many people start relevant conversations and ask me about what I am learning. It is a good opportunity for share this learning.
Paul_MA:  Directive: “Now you must exert real effort to redirect your mind, to refocus your mind & to realize who you are is not the mind. ” I have been with this directive. Interesting how you realize that you are not your mind or your body, or your Knowledge…What am I? By going outside of your mind, you go to a different place.
Ken_Oklahoma:  What is the meaning of Na and the meaning of Rahn?…..I have forgotten.
Selma London:  There were 12 over-arching directives that stood out for me, such as:
• find out what your deeper nature is really like
• you have to choose again to keep going
As well as 17 more detailed directives that spoke to me, such as:
• Watch the world and listen within yourself
• acquaint yourself with this deeper environment within yourself
• experience your deeper nature while you are out in the world

It is the first of these: ‘Watch the world and listen within’ that I began at the beginning of the month & mentioned last Campfire Chat. Practicing more in earnest this week is making me slightly more proficient at it, as it becomes more habitual, particularly in certain situations that are part of my routine. Then when I reenter more everyday circumstances I realise that I’m now coming from such a completely different place that I no longer get caught up or become judgemental so easily.

Maureen_Boulder:  @ Debbie_MI Yes. That stood out to me too. Also this: “Learn to direct your mind.” (Your intellect is meant to serve Knowledge.) “It will require that you assume command of your ship—command of your life, thoughts and feelings to a very great degree.”
manuel germany :):  @Cameron. Wow, how wonderful is that. When people notice the changes in you when you talk to them. This is remarkable. Great!
Alisa_Russia:  @Mike – yes, I have done the same, with no results. I guess we keep trying and eventually we will see.
Carol_Society:  @Alisa, Kristina and all: “Now you must exert real effort to redirect your mind, to refocus your mind and to realize who you are is not the mind.” Mind Mapping and recording habits of thought: What do I tell myself? Internal conversations with others? Concerns? Negative imagination? Rants/Complaints? Judgments? Where is my mind losing time and energy? How to replace negative thinking with opposing, higher level thoughts? Being able to dismiss thoughts and redirect the mind. Building concentration and focus…Persistent thoughts: the ability to catch myself and dismiss the thought…OR ask: Where is this coming from? Is this a sign of something? Is there something I need to know here? Is there something I need to do? I know of nothing else, anywhere, that can repeal and replace negative habits of thought, Step by Step, as does the great gift from God that is our sacred spiritual practice. This has been my experience. “Release yourself from habitual preoccupations, from habitual…
Carol_Society:  … bondage. Strengthen your resolve to do this, and it will become easier in time. Then it will happen all by itself most naturally. Your mind has habits of thought. That is all they are. As they are replaced with new habits, Knowledge will begin to shine through the structure that you have imposed upon it. Here Knowledge will begin to shine forth, to guide your actions, to lead you to insight and important discovery and to give you a greater strength and certainty than you have ever known.” Step 111
LaRaeUK:  I chose a number of practices…such as inner listening, spiritual retreat, meditation and being present. I found there I am able to do this in almost any circumstance. When I am with people I am choosing to remain silent or listen rather than chattering away (believe it or not!) I spend my time alone in my vehicle either listening to assigned Revelations, or in silence trying to remain in the moment. Giving my full attention to the road, rather than being lost in day dreaming (not always successfully!) When I’m off, I am choosing to make mini retreats. Really studying the course work, writing in my journal, paying particular attention to the Step for the day and if possible squeezing in extra stillness practices. I am choosing to be alone, rather than seeking outside stimulation.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Kristina_FL, such a challenge this is, the illusion of being in very fast paced highly focused corporate environments saturates the senses and makes everything and everyone outside that seem slow and pedantic and ambivalent. Putting on the breaks, and trying to slow down, is like handling an angry bull that just wants to keep running, a physical experience almost a workout.
May_Norway:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: I have exsperienced that my feelings of everything around me and the sences have become stronger this last week. Even Knowledge is flowing through me and I have a better understanding that it gives me vitality among other great things. I also sence the forces around me and how they try to limit me in my work, so all in all many good things have arrived this week!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  My experience of applying the directives gained from “Deepening Your Spiritual Practice” was one of breaking new ground. I distilled a few lessons to their nubs of meaning to apply as I went through he days…. after a number of challenges and thresholds this week I was able to say” I will continue” with a feeling of inspiration. Having this extra force of practice given as a directive from the Messenger augmented my own efforts and enabled some new experiences during stillness practice and moment to moment living. Applying the directive of asking ” what do I need/know/do ” during emotional experiences opened this questioning even during experiences of joy…which was a surprise as it provided deeper insight into my overall experience of the Journey.
Richmond_UK:  @Carol thanks for sharing that.
Betty_UK:  @Darlene, stilling the mind and inner and outer listening has been my practice, continues practice, it is a lifetime practice. I seem to be more aware of my personal mind, but also sometime it is easier to redirect it than other times, and the listening feels different in different environment. Sometimes I can feel someones condition, but don’t always know how to respond.
Joyanne_Canada:  This week I engaged in this Practice—The Watchtower—looking within yourself and scanning your inner world. The Watchtower—looking to the outside and scanning your environment and discerning what is coming over the horizon.” http://www.newmessage….ower,
This last week I practiced, paying attention to my mind.. being object, alert, aware and observant., looking out the window—every-time I look at my living room window,(9×6) I end up mentally going to this practice from the watchtower—-
Ginny_Dallas:  @ Ken, I don’t know the exact meaning, but I think of it as a call to Knowledge. I’m calling… then I listen.
Alio:  Good morning all….. took a bit to handle brain injured Kekkey’s needs… which are still calling and read to get caught up. Am with you even if I can’t respond to each. I’ve had to learn stillness in the storm…. an angelic conspiracy with my deeper self that knows my need for restraint and discipline.
Alisa_Russia:  The reason I asked about how the body serves the mind is that I feel I do the opposite, I use my mind to serve my body. I do a lot of visualization to keep my body healthy or even just tell my body it is healthy, and it listens
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Debbie_MI,@Maureen, taking command of your life, thoughts and feelings to a very great degree is a tremendous challenge!
Giusy Petullà:  ecco tornata!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  In practicing Deepening Your Spiritual Practice” something Darlene shared with us last week really moved me. “Over the years I have struggled with the stillness demand, but now I have felt the “engagement” to be about relationship…in practice to give myself to be with someone not just me in my chair trying to be still to be a good meditator or condemning myself when my mind wanders. There is relationship there. I am feeling that more and more and giving myself to that engagement is primary for me now…it carries over to being with another it is the relationship that I have been open to and giving myself to…the “touch” as wisdom refers to it. It is all about relationship…”When you practice in meditation you come to give yourself to it and there is a response because your teachers come to give themselves and that is the touch. That is where you touch each other. I give to you, you give to me and we share our mutual giving.” Wisdom I Ch 15 Giving I-This has helped me see that in…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  … this whole process it comes to RELATIONSHIP with one another, Marshall, Heaven, our Teachers, The Unseen Ones and God. Wow!!! This moves me because I at times can feel this when I am aware and work at it! The blessings are given to us when they are earned just like freedom.
Greg_UK:  @Carol that analogy to Knowledge shining through the structure we impose on our minds, I had a vivid image of us working intently on a rough diamond, cutting it carefully so its brilliance can illuminate our surroundings…
Kristina_Boulder:  Can not fond the quote, but it says that we are missing 90% of reality. Being present is important, but also learning, expending your view. It’s like when you learn a new word then you start hearing it or seeing it everywhere, same with other things, once you learn of them you start to see them and pay attention. They were always there, but you never noticed. It makes me think that perhaps if people will learn more of the Intervention they will start paying more attention to it and it’s manipulations in the mental environment.
Danny_Australia:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: ‘In conversation with others, listen for what they are really saying. To do this, you have to still your mind and just be quiet, listening. Much of what you hear will be irrelevant, insignificant or even untrue, but you are listening for what is really happening within them. Since people are rarely aware of their own real experience in the moment, you will be able to hear things in them and serve them and speak perhaps more directly to what you are hearing and seeing. This shifts your conversation from being superficial and insignificant into a deeper arena where a true engagement may be possible.’ I am also practicing this. Very helpful. Our minds are not separate, they are all interconnected, so we must learn to discern the various currents of communication in the mental environment by inner listening.
Maureen_Boulder:  I’ve found that I multi-task too much. I’m not often present to what I am actually doing. Absent-minded actions. Putting things down without thinking and then wonder what I did with them. Not finishing one task before I move on to another. It makes for a messy desk or house and then I have to spend time cleaning it up later anyway so why not be present in the first place. Slow myself and my mind down.
MVS Society:  Think of practice as a relationship and apply to it the kinds of criteria you would bring to establishing a significant relationship with another in your life. Think of your intentions here, what you want, what you expect, what you are willing to give to this each day, what your assumptions are and if they are true, the compromises you have to make to be in this relationship and the patience, perseverance and the wisdom and skills to participate here. Your approach, determination and patience are all important. You will have to make the investment to gain the greater rewards.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol, thanks for the Step 111 reference, I’ll revisit it!
Raoul_Australia:  Good job Giusy changing your number to name…so good to see you
Selma London:  I am coming to realise that we all advance in different areas at different rates, and sometimes a Step will seem far too easy and then another way too complex. There may even be Steps in Continuation Training that some could benefit from early on, and beginning Steps in the Gold Book that need to be revisited many times as one progresses in order to untangle them within oneself. So although there’s the daily procedure of following the Practices as given, there’s also the individual undertaking to make use of the Teachings specifically for oneself. Finding these other relevant bits and putting it all together is the trick. This is when the net needs to be cast wide within the NMG, and within the limitations of ones own capacity. And then drilling down into the nitty gritty of what’s personally pertinent becomes necessary. What an amazing lifelong process this is, a stunning Study, so all-encompassing and detailed, so obvious yet mystical, so plain yet layered into manageable bits that…
Selma London:  … can be accessed in such a multitude of ways – it’s an incredible Plan! So, in addition to ‘Watch the world and listen within’, “become close to Knowledge and stay close to Knowledge in your journey in the world” (from CT Step 1 KNOWLEDGE IS WITH ME, BUT WHERE AM I?) has been a clarification to me this week.
Alisa_Russia:  @Kristina – Here you are living life, but only at ten percent. You are missing everything else. Running around, busy, caught up, you are missing ninety percent. You are missing the good part, the best part. So you want to slow down and have times when you can be quiet in a quiet environment. Even living in the busy big city, you can find these places of sanctuary.
Adria_Poland:  @Carol thank you. Being aware of the mind has been my main practice for this week. Being in a stressful environment I need to really be stronger than my mind and how it is affected by negativity, judgement, emotions – mine and of others directed at me. I also kept image of Patricia close in my mind’s eye, and her exceptional ability to see and care for others. No matter what I’ve heard from others, I tried to see beyond that, to look and hear with Knowledge. Much gratitude was experienced even in the simplest of situations.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Alisa, yes, that one. thanks
Cameron_Canada:  @Maureen – It is funny that I have always been aware of how poor I was at multi-tasking. Perhaps it has been more of a blessing that a defect.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Adding this new level of practice felt like a new ingredient added to a soup – changing the “Taste” of the experience of practice. A change in intensity, breadth, focus, authenticity – allowing for new level of experience….very mysterious and challenging.
Cameron_Canada:  than a defect.
LaRaeUK:  Really resonating with this Jim B. “this whole process it comes to RELATIONSHIP with one another, Marshall, Heaven, our Teachers, The Unseen Ones and God. Wow!!!”
Carolyn-CT:  @JimB, yes I feel that strongly when I open up. Meditation is ore like opening up for me. Reaching out with my innermost being…thank you for reposting that
Tonia_Denmark:  “”For, in truth, your intellect is meant to serve this greater power. It (This) represents a shift in authority within yourself, a shift from the authority of your beliefs and assumptions and ideas, which are all weak, fallible and incomplete, to a deeper power within you-a power that God has placed within you, a power that is meant to direct your life, to resolve your dilemmas, to free you from addiction and from fantasy, to bring your life into a greater harmony and balance so that you will be able to provide something unique and important for the world.” – Deepening your spiritual practice. This represents very well what I am learning about now in this transition period. What I think I want, what I need, the balance within to make a day successful, many, details to attend to, a life from illness to a life in health, I know where I want to go, but the road that takes me there is full of knots to untie, and is it really the place where I am meant to be? Maybe I am supposed to end up…
Tonia_Denmark:  … somewhere completely different than I think is right. It is a jungle sometimes and the steps are providing space holes like: “I am free to be confused today” – Step 221, and I think “Thank God! it is a beautiful world” and I take a rest. But most of the time, I listen. I listen to what is said within, trying to learn, what is what. To practice listening to how to solve the dilemmas.
Alexa_NL:  @ Jim [email protected] Darlene: Yes, that was a a very powerful message that is still reverberating through my being…
Patricia_Society:  @all, a “Platform for the New Message” – initially it was Marshall as a young man, I can so remember….his initiations and journeys, his early experiences of revelation, his consistency and stability, his sanity, his yielding to a force that was overtaking his life, all with responsibilities building around him…Then the Platform began to assemble itself, revelation by revelation, great Corridor by Corridor, the Voice of the New Message only grew in scope and amplitude. And then over the years, one by one, others would somehow find him deep in obscurity, in their search for the ineffable “something” that they were looking for. The amazing power of recognition enabling them to see him….And now more of us finding the Platform, the vast New Message from God, and a man thoroughly humbled by this powerful 40 year process at its center. And then a ring of devoted people around him and the Revelation, who came, who stayed and who have held for years as their responsibilities to the New…
Patricia_Society:  … Message only grew, having to balance many things, and now a growing Worldwide Community of those of us from all over the world…. And now, as was intended>>>>>>>the flow of Knowledge through, what began as a tiny group of people here and there>>>>>going out and forward now>>>leading to too much good to stop….at a time when this “good’ is so, so needed…..Thank you all engaging in the great practices of the New Message from God with Marshall. This is what it is all for….one by one, coming back to the greatest power and gift there is in human life…to The Return, to The Redemption….
Carolyn-CT:  Bless you Patricia…
Virpi_Finland:  Thank you Marshall and Patricia
mellany UK:  “When you are out in the world, listen within yourself. Watch the world and listen within yourself.” This is something I’m doing more regularly, and with greater focus….while I’m with others, or walking in nature. I’ve also been listening to a Revelation, at the beginning of each day…before I engage with work .. .a Rev. that’s relevant to my Step, or the previous day’s Step.
Raoul_Australia:  The best directives for me are Reed’s Pre-Practice, “refining your intentions”, “still the mind, you must have a focus” and “slip beneath the mind”.
I realized that after all these years, I am still unable to reach a good state of stillness and I do need to focus on improving this. Sleep gets in the way of my practices too…but my new determination, thanks to Marshall’s recommendation, has helped me a lot last week.
Alio:  Thank you Patricia. I’m learning of balance of the difficult tasks with the holding of the practice at the core. The practice is not optional to continue my circumstances. It is beyond human capacity it often seems. It becomes a demonstration to myself and others of what we will need more and more in the future.
manuel germany :):  @Tonia thanks for sharing Step 221 and your experience with us – “I am free to be confused today”…
Alio:  Manuel, I can expect for my turtle brain to be confused, bless it’s heart.
Maurice_Canada:  relationships of time and compromise are really never done for yourself but for someone else. You will never get to know yourself completely if you are with or doing something for someone else. We always want to be in control and want to play it safe. It is a bondage. Connecting to Knowledge will guide your actions
MarkBerger:  In dealing with my mother this week, I was able to listen and watch her and my reactions. I was surprised to notice how quickly her mind goes to judgements, and I was surprised that I remembered my mind also can work this way. This suspended my judgements of her and real understanding and compassion born of my true experience arose – not an idealized thought, but real recognition of where my mind tended to go in the past, to judgement and condemnation. And while our relationship isn’t harmonious, it is at least peaceful now, absent this constant judgement back forth between us. I have stopped the vicious cycle of separation between minds and hearts. For me, this has fulfilled the promise in Steps that those who have suffered and struggled can contribute to others when the past is for-given and can be used for helping others.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Patricia Yes. So heart-warming to witness. All of us from around the globe united in one effort, growing, connecting to something so mysterious, so challenging and yet so compelling to continue.
Debbie Plano:  Two directives that seem to go together is what I focused on this week. “When you are out in the world, listen within yourself” and “When listening to others talk to you, if they are presenting something important, ask yourself: What do I really know about this? Here you are constantly distinguishing the natural experience of Knowledge from your own ideas and beliefs.” I noticed that I seemed to go on autopilot when working and just respond and listen as I have for all the many years before. I’m not really present with the world or with person I’m interacting with. Most of my interactions on probably based on my beliefs and ideas. I am practicing being present and listening for Knowledge. Slowly but surely I’ll get up the mountain.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank You, Patricia, for having the courage to go with Marshall.
Carol_Society:  @Selma: ‘choose again to keep going’ @Jim B: ‘It comes down to RELATIONSHIP’ -“Like climbing a mountain, it [the greater journey] is a series of steps and actually a series of thresholds as well, where you have to choose again to keep going, thresholds where you lose heart, or you try to compromise yourself, thinking that what you have is good enough, that you will be satisfied with where you are. But Knowledge will keep you moving up this mountain, for you must climb this mountain to have a clear view of the panorama of your life and of the world…” Capturing the times that we lost heart, compromised, thought, “What I’ve done is good enough.” And then to ask, What kept me going? Evidence of Knowledge? For me: relationships… the real people, with boots on the ground — the names I heard and faces I saw, in the moment, that pushed me forward and kept me going. No other option, really… As Ila said today, there is no where else to go… Grateful am I that this is so. Everyday is…
Carol_Society:  … an opportunity to “choose again to keep going.”
Kelton_Calif:  @ Alisa- I think many people get lost or stuck in utilizing the mind to gratifying the body. I try to remember that the body is the vehicle/temple through which the mind and the spirit can express higher purpose and be of service to the world.
David_Drimmel:  Wow Mark, I resonated with that.
Joe_UK:  @Alisa, one example of how your body serves your mind is how you just communicated to us… your body (fingers typing) served your mind’s desire to express something
Richmond_UK:  @Mel, this is what I do, to try and find a revelation that expands on my current step. I find it very helpful.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ken Rahn…connects us with the power and movement in the universe and with those individuals and assemblies of individuals who have attained a high state.” Invocative Language
Debbie Plano:  @Mark – thank you for sharing that. That is also so true for me.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, Patricia..
LaRaeUK:  I found this so helpful in my Step practice this week “Enter meditation to give yourself to it. It is the timple of the True Spirit within you to which you bring yourself. In your practice periods, then, be present and be still. All yourself to bathe in the luxury of emptiness. For the presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness you begin to feel the presence that permeates all things and gives all meaning in life. Practice stillness today so that you may know.” Step 69
Alisa_Russia:  @Mark – thanks for sharing your experience.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Mark Evidence of the presence and power of our practices. Thanks for sharing.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Patricia
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall and Patricia!
LaRaeUK:  Oh Patricia….thank you both for not giving up. For continuing to keep going and going…and for your work find us, so that we may find the two of you as well as one another.
Virpi_Finland:  MarkBerger thank you for your beautiful testimony
Alisa_Russia:  @Kelton – thank you for that clarification.
Selma London:  “You need a preparation that will orient you to every condition that you are going to meet. You need a preparation that will prepare you for new experiences and new difficulties, and that will give you a greater perspective and the patience and reassurance that you will need to follow your way and to continue onward. You will only fail in this preparation if you do not honour yourself or if you lose sight of your greater goal.”
From <http://www.newmessage….ledge> I have found that my mind becomes a bit like a magnifying glass and so everything, including old grievances, becomes magnified. Therefore, it’s best to deal with these things early on, and in any case at some point they’ll come up in a way that either action must be taken or old issues must now be let go of. I’m determined to no longer insulate myself from myself.
“Therefore, as you take the steps to Knowledge, do not judge them. Some you will like,…
Selma London:  … and some you may not like. Some will seem familiar, and some will seem new. However, do not judge them, for you cannot understand them until you realise where they are taking you. And you cannot find where they are taking you unless you follow them. This is the way through the jungle of life. The path is narrow. It is specific. It takes you through dangerous situations. It takes you through allurements. It takes you through disassociation. It takes you through all forms of distraction. It takes you through them and beyond them.” The NMG is beautifully constructed not to satisfy the intellect!
Mike_LF_CAL:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: “Everything you do, everyone you are with, every activity, is an opportunity to deepen this connection as a conscious act—to cultivate your awareness of Knowledge and to learn how to discern Knowledge from all the other voices in your mind, all of the forms of deception within yourself and in the world around you.” (This is the key I am searching for… to be able to clearly discern Knowledge from all the other voices in my mind… yet for me this is still illusive.)
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone!
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall and Patricia, the New Message is truly a great gift for humanity.
Ginny_Dallas:  Thank you for sharing your experience Mark – on this Mother’s Day weekend.
Debbie_MI:  Thank you Patricia! As I grow in my practice of the great practices of the NMFG I never cease to be amazed at how powerful and meaningful they are. Every day of my life I feel deep gratitude that I was able to find the NM. To me it is truly a miracle!
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall, so beautiful ” Think of practice as a relationship…..” , it is like meeting half way.
Jansett_Boulder:  Harking back to the experience Sally shared a couple weeks ago (approximately; this is a rough paraphrase) about her learning in school about medical situations she would face and then encountering a real-life situation that initially caused a visceral reaction which delayed for however many seconds her response: all our spiritual practice, however “revelatory” it may be to our minds, is still preparation. It is practice for when the rubber meets the road. We cannot assess our progress through our insights, delight and gratitude; we learn a little about how we’re doing when confronted with the smacks of separation, with or especially without warning. Knowledge in action is what counts.
Alisa_Russia:  @Joe – ahhhh yes, I get that
Jeanne_Brown:  Mark, thanks for sharing that experience, This is how it was with me & my mother, but it is also how I am with some of my siblings. Thanks for that thought.
Cameron_Canada:  @Mike – everything you do…resonates with me as well
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  @Mark, wonderful! I thought of my mother last night too and found that I am overcoming my past a little by little still.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  This daily practice is essential, for every day you are reinforcing your beliefs, your habits and your inclinations. What are those beliefs, those habits and those inclinations? Are you aware of them? Do you see how you are reinforcing your weaknesses, your distractions, your vulnerability to persuasion by others? Do you see, on a daily basis, how you keep your mind preoccupied, rarely ever aware of where you are or what is going on around you, and unaware of the guidance and the power of Knowledge within yourself? This took me to observe the mind as practise.I experienced when I observe the mind that when they start in a certain way about a problem and normally goes into cirkels getting stronger,while I am aware of it in the beginning it is easier to go in a still mind again .This was a nice practise to do because being in a state of stillness is so much better than occupied by the mind who will take you everywhere you do not really want to go.For me this will be something I…
Shrimayi Netherlands:  … like to do more.
Paul_MA:  Judgments…an indicator of sign of the non-presence of Knowledge.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you too, Manuel. It is like there are two half’s in the outer world, that is trying to meet each other, as there is a feeling for going two different directions within, a foot on each island so to speak, but now for the first time (thanks to Marshall and Patricia) it is possible to find a hole solution where both worlds work together, both within and without.
Darlene_Society:  Choosing again, the ongoing choosing, in Shawn’s words: “after a number of challenges and thresholds this week I was able to say” I will continue” with a feeling of inspiration.” I resonate with that. I will continue…simple and powerful.
Raoul_Australia:  This is very helpful “Think of practice as a relationship…” (MVS), thank you Marshall
Eron_Boulder:  Why is my practice do important and what inspires me to keep going? “There is much to be learned. There is much to be unlearned. There is much to be reconsidered and changed. There is a lot of work to do at the level of your mind. It is full of memory and grievances and persuasions that weaken you and that trouble you, even haunt you.
That is why people cannot sit still for five minutes—running all the time, chasing after everything and anything, being stimulated every moment so they will not feel their true condition. They will not come to their deeper senses.
You cannot go into the future with a mind like that. Or you will not survive. You will not succeed. You will not be safe. You will not know what to do, and you will follow others who do not know what to do. You will be terrified, frustrated and angry, turning against others. It is a prescription for disaster at a level never seen here before.
That is why this Calling is so urgent, you see. That is why God has given a New Message…
Eron_Boulder:  … for humanity at this critical turning point.” The Greater Intelligence
Maureen_Boulder:  We live in an era of such fast-passed expectations. Fast food, fast communication. TV images are so fast sometimes, you can barely focus on one before the next comes up. The Way of Knowledge is not like that. It is deep. It is learning to proceed slowly. It is another world within a world. It’s like finding the eye of the hurricane and learning to live there.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @LaRaeUK – This quote has always resonated with me. “… bathe in the luxury of emptiness. For the presence of God is first experienced as emptiness because it lacks movement, and then within this emptiness you begin to feel the presence that permeates all things and gives all meaning in life. Practice stillness today so that you may know”. When we come to value the “luxury of emptiness”, practicing stillness becomes welcome and not a chore.
Donald_Pa:  @ Patricia thank you for everything that you write and do to keep this all in perspective. Last weekend, I had to miss the chat to attend my great nephew’s first holy communion. Thankfully the mass started at the same time as the chat and I could lean on the strength of my fellow students gathered as I witnessed this ritual take place.
Tamara:  On this deep journey of revolution within I am finding some steep ascents that release, one by one, an ambivalent way of being in the world. Through direct action, I “focus on improving my skills and refining my intentions” as I continue to join fully with life. The beauty of how this message works within my life still amazes me in times of deep reflection and states of journaling. There truly is no cookie cutter way to come to Knowledge. Yes, one must staying true to the higher curriculum of Steps but how this practice brings unity, certainty, peace, and purpose to each of us is a unique miracle. We are each brought here to experience, witness, and bring to bare for others this miracle. This baring forth is so evident in my daily experience with others as they reflect back to me their gratitude for what my presence brings. And here the miracle spreads to others.
Jorge_Spain:  Yes indeed, @Jansett. In the face of “the smacks of separation, with or especially without warning”, I certainly see some ugly truths about the true state my mind and emotions.
Matt_bzn:  Thank you Eron
Alio:  Carol, I interject, today still thank you every day for when you 2 years ago thanked me for my service to the world for serving Kelleys moment to moment needs. That has reassured, strengthened and confirmed that a small thing contains the great and that I have not lost my path by choosing this one. Sincerely
Alisa_Russia:  @Maureen – how magnificently put!
Tonia_Denmark:  Darlene, maybe it is not unusual that something within is trying to lure us away from being with knowledge?
Alison_boulder:  @Donald, did you find some peace there? I have spent time recently in churches/spaces of different religious practices and found my practice to be deepened as people were in devotional acts around me, despite what they were worshipping. It was a welcome reprieve from the busy world.
MVS Society:  An active practice out in the world that I have mentioned before in earlier Chats: when you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed, ask yourself “is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone?” Disconnected we become distorted, reconnected we come alive.
Kelton_Calif:  Sometimes I feel the depth of stillness I am able to experience is directly related to the level of honesty I bring to my practice. I sense that nothing is more honest than stillness.
manuel germany :):  @Maureen. “The Way of Knowledge is not like that. It is deep. It is learning to proceed slowly. It is another world within a world. It’s like finding the eye of the hurricane and learning to live there.” … this is a wonderful analogy… “in the eye of the hurricane and learning to live there”. Many thanks for sharing that with us
Kristina FL:  Thank you Patricia, to live at the time of Revelation and to witness this unfolding miracle is the greatest blessing.
mellany UK:  @Jansett Resonating. “we learn a little about how we’re doing when confronted with the smacks of separation, with or especially without warning. Knowledge in action is what counts.”
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Mark for sharing your testimony. It is a good observation.
Carol_Society:  @Alio: Yes, indeed, “the small contains the great.” Gratitude to you.
Tonia_Denmark:  Blessings, Maureen, very happy to hear you express this.
Mathieu_France:  So true, Marshall, thank you for the reminder.
David_Drimmel:  Wow, Marshall… I am moved by that. Thank you
China_lingling:  So compatinate Marshall!
May_Norway:  Thanks Marshall for the reminder!
Richmond_UK:  Thanks Marshall.
Paul_MA:  A Citizen of the world… Being a part of this chat with people from throughout the world gives me the feeling of a planetary citizen of this world.
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall. Such a good reminder to help us grow compassion for ourselves and others.
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – “when you see someone who is angry, disheveled or distressed, ask yourself “is this person loved by anyone, known by anyone or nourished by anyone?” I was listening to the revelation “Deeper Recognition” today, and this fits so well – it is the reaction of people who feel they are not recognized.
Greg_UK:  @MVS I find myself much more willing to respond to people in obvious need these days as opposed to my Old Life (TM). Now I dont judge – if I am approached the first thing I say is What do you NEED… and they tell me and often it is a minor thing which I do have so I give it and they feel grace and relief that they are not alone. It is a beautiful thing to participate in.
jeanine_Society:  And may there be no choose for us in the choicing….
Tamara:  Kelton…just the other day I was doing a contemplation and created a chart. One side listed problems in the world the other side listed solutions. Stillness aligned with each problem as first step in its solution.
jeanine_Society:  …no choice for us in the choosing….
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Marshall.
Ila_UK:  @ Kelton and Alisa – I totally agree that the mind/body is supposed to be seen as a Temple – so that the Spirit of God can be expressed through it daily. In time meditation opens up a pathway within you so that you are abled to express forgiveness compassion empathy and love (start first with yourself) and then with others. Do no be so hard on yourself…. The Angelic Assembly knows that we have the Seperation to deal with, so yes, breathe deeply and take your time. It will happen…..
Alio:  @Maureen, Re: Smacks of separation”… I’m on “I am not at war today” today again. Being inbetween the smacks and not getting hit is a more and more occurring experience THANK GOD.
May_Norway:  Beautiful Greg, and thanks for the great advice!
Greg_UK:  Its the 20% / 80% serving others you mentioned several weeks back – that really stuck with me
Javier S.Fl:  Marshall I find as of late when encountering those with this inner anger and judgement almost repulsed by them. Regardless of our connections or relationship in the past. Be it close friends/fellow
LaRaeUK:  Resonating Eron… seems the whole world is running from themselves.
Alison_boulder:  @Jeanine, there are many Secrets, I noticed, about the freedom of no choice! A clear, single path way is celebrated in Secrets of Heaven.
Javier S.Fl:  firefighters or family members.
Adria_Poland:  @Alisa, thank you, those also were my words fir the week
MVS Society:  In practice, you are regaining lost ground, regaining self awareness, mental strength, self acceptance, patience, gratitude and true relationship. Most people don’t do this, they just go on.
Jeanne_Brown:  @ Greg UK, I like that “I say is What do you NEED…” I need to practice this !
jeanine_Society:  @Alison – yes to have the freedom of no choice – is a blessing….those Secrets were a revelation for me when I first came upon them…
Alexa_NL:  My experience with the directive “Paying attention”: I sometimes find myself in situations where the other party is entertaining other activities or thoughts (not fully paying attention, ambivalent, disconnected) during our conversation or our being together. I find this very distracting and disturbing and need to learn to pay attention to my own state and to what is required when this happens, instead of condemning the other person for not paying attention, instead of hoping and expecting him or her to act differently. So I am learning to practice simply acknowledging the situation, without trying to change anything about the other person, and listening to what is required… So the question to keep asking for me is “Am I paying attention? Am I seeing things for what they are? Am I doing what is required?”
Carolyn-CT:  @MVS: I seem to be drawn to those people at times. If there seems to be an undercurrent where they are struggling with important issues, and not sweeping them under the rug as many do. It is a sign to me that their mind is beginning to emerge from sleep. Yes, they are still trapped in it but they are pushing for answers. At least that has been my experience. But I have grown more cautious now about getting too close to that raging flame.
Giusy Petullà Italy:  io devo andare… un grosso abbraccio a tutti!!! è bello tutto questo. A presto ciaoo
Mike_LF_CAL:  From Deepening Your Spiritual Practice: “Refrain from judging or condemning other people, for this is blind, and this prevents you from watching, learning and listening.” ( I find myself very nearly having eliminated this behavior.)
Tonia_Denmark:  Ah so true, Marshall. Resonating very much. This person may be pulled here and there being a servant to others, but the doors to open, are perhaps too far away to be reached, opened and walked through, because the student is still unexperienced being with Knowledge…
Paul_MA:  Ila/UK…the Mind/Body Temple… also the vehicle for Knowledge and portal through which it can be expressed on the ground of this planet. Both acting through ones Mind/Body and information from this plane being passed back to Kg to higher powers.
Donald_Pa:  @Alisa Once I was able to see the children through the eyes of their parents who were taught to believe this was a good thing, I was able to find the compassion that was needed to keep myself centered.
mellany UK:  “is this person loved by anyone”? This is really beautiful. It stirs my heart and is something that I try to remember…that people are starving for true recognition and love. Also, Patricia saying that “everyone is doing the best they can, with what they’ve got”.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for that Marshall….that is one practice that has really stuck with me the last several months, for I see and feel loneliness and heartache in so many of the people I come across in life.
Alexa_NL:  Cia Giusy! Grazie per essere stata qui con noi!
jeanine_Society:  “In this world there is great deference given to freedom of choice, but to the elevated mind, choice is something to be escaped, not acquired.” – Secret #7
Kari_H_Finland:  “You cannot go into the future with a mind like that. Or you will not survive. You will not succeed. You will not be safe. You will not know what to do, and you will follow others who do not know what to do. You will be terrified, frustrated and angry, turning against others. It is a prescription for disaster at a level never seen here before.” Thank you Eron. Truly our minds cannot cope the turbulent times ahead.
manuel germany :):  …I am not 100% sure, because I am only at the beginning of the STK, but the word which is most used in this teaching is: PRACTICE. By practicing day by day everyone can become very good at it… you only have to do it and to be constant…
Darlene_Society:  @Alexa_NL, another simple practice but not easy to do: “So I am learning to practice simply acknowledging the situation, without trying to change anything about the other person, and listening to what is required”. Thank you.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you, MVS. That is my experience, practice is the only way to truly feel home, nothing can replace that. Daily work of the gardener. “true freedom is no choice”
Virgie & Brandon_near Seattle:  (says Virgie) The core revelation prompted me to restart the deep evaluation–I had begun last session but I got stuck with the question of where to live and work. Starting the process over again, I’m noticing how easily I go from asking a question to tormenting myself with it. It’s hard for me to remember that I’m not supposed to be analyzing everything to the point of feeling lost in a nightmare of complexity. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing nothing but making mistakes. Yet mistakes don’t have to be total loss if I can learn from them.
Tonia_Denmark:  Sometimes going to another area for a day or two represents a bliss for the mind…and refocusing looking objectively at how things are going, what to do next…
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes, Shawn from Moose Jaw, as we put out effort to grow our practice I suspect the Teachers are coming closer and contributing too. There must surely be some ‘spice in the soup’ from them as well. It feels very special and right on track to be deepening our practice now. The time is now.
Cameron_Canada:  Is this person loved by anyone? This is a huge issue in the northern school where I work. How can one person help so many people in need in a timely manor?
Tamara:  “Since people are rarely aware of their own real experience in the moment, you will be able to hear things in them and serve them and speak perhaps more directly to what you are hearing and seeing. This shifts your conversation from being superficial and insignificant into a deeper arena where a true engagement may be possible.”
jeanine_Society:  “The mere fact that you believe you have choices is an indication that your certainty is beyond your awareness. For when you know, there is no choice. What is known is of God. In time, your Knowing will become so strong that the burden of decision making will fall away from you. Without choices, the mind is free and can rest and enjoy, unafraid of what it must choose between. Without choice is perfect faith in the knowledge that everything that is known leads to greater peace.” – Secret #36
LaRaeUK:  Yes Ken, it does with me as well. The misery is the mad dashing of the mind, the emptiness is so restful and critical to our practice.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I had an experience this week which I feel I would not have if it were not for the directive from the Messenger to apply this practice. Here I give my journal entry:” I called to them (My Teachers), earnestly-not plaintively but sincerely…and immediately I experienced an environment of wonder impossible to describe with ordinary words – a copper height, an inclusive finality – a recognition. Twice it came or more as the lights continued in my sphere. The sense was that they were ever present behind a very close curtain of invisibility. It was more than just a peek – it was a spiritual embrace, a taste of grace.”
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-Thank you for your encouraging and empowering words regarding practice.
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Jeanine, great quote!
Tom W – London:  Yesterday I started to experiment/explore with the ‘mental environment’. I started off by looking at something and being aware of it visually, then picturing something ‘in’ my mind- my awareness would move and I would no longer be aware of where I was looking for the moment when I was imagining something. It seems like the ‘mental environment’ is place where the awareness can ‘be’ – I can look into it and actually see things. And it also seems like awareness can only ‘be’ focused on one place at a time (not entirely sure about this one- sometimes I feel it can be between things also). I realised that ‘mental objects’ can also have similar properties to physical objects – they can have locality: I can imagine a fish in different places in the room, they can have colour, texture, form and to a large degree are completely out of my control in a similar way to the physical. It seems like I am creating them, however I cannot experience the creation or the creation process or what it is…
Tom W – London:  … creating them so in what way am ‘I’ creating?
Roberto_Boulder:  I’ve found that in my practice, mostly during hourlies when I am out in the world, in bringing my mind back to Knowledge, there is a sort of second level of breaking through. There is a first level of bringing the mind back, which is just becoming aware that perhaps I was not with Knowledge and realizing where I was physically and mentally. And then there is a second level that takes a sort of release of that previous level, it is somewhat effortless in that sense, but it takes becoming aware of the first level’s insufficiency or superficiality. And that second level is taking another step back and standing from a perspective to see that personal mind that was doing the calling before. From there, the whole perspective of the moment changes, a higher perspective at a deeper level—to see the times we are living in with full sobriety. I realize not every hourly is like this, some if not most, just reach the first level, hurried as is my surrounding environment, but I’ve found that…
Roberto_Boulder:  … second level breakthrough to be so important for me in deepening my practice.
Debbie Plano:  Darlene – thank you for that practice. I needed to hear it
May_Norway:  Oh My, it is snowing here in north
Kristina FL:  Marshall, I see this disconnection, that people are not being loved and recognized by everyone. How is it possible to have so many people in the world, yet so many are alone, even when they are in a relationship? I have a hard time understanding this.
Marilyn_USA:  @MVS – last year, you said something about stilling a runaway mind by thinking instead about Knowledge. I tried that, and it really helped. I realize now that this (a stilled mind) has allowed me more freedom to do those things you are now mentioning (at 11:49 AM), “regaining lost ground, regaining self awareness, mental strength, self acceptance, patience, gratitude and true relationship. “
Alisa_Russia:  @Shawn – powerful!
Ken_Oklahoma:  Thinking about the future is very challenging for me. I need to keep asking “What is coming for the world? What must I do to prepare?” and asking that “This is considering the future from a place of clarity and observation”. (Deepening You Spiritual Practice)
Betty_UK:  @Richmond and Mellany, I done this too in the past, listening to a revelation that expand my step of the day or even revelations that brings more clarity on events in personal life, I found this very helpful too. I may make it more of reoccurring.
Alio:  Javier, when I get sucked into the old anger patterns, a time out, admission and good ol’ apology-recommitting cleans up my messes.
Donald_Pa:  @Javiar I’ve been working on that “repulsed” issue myself. Thanks for sharing
Alexa_NL:  @ Jeanine @ Alison
“When we say that freedom is no choice, it does not mean that there is no choice. It just means that the choice is so obvious that it is as if there were no choice at all.”
Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume II
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Jeanine, that is a powerful quote: “For when you know, there is no choice. What is known is of God. In time, your Knowing will become so strong that the burden of decision making will fall away from you.” I remember how this struck me the first time…
Jansett_Boulder:  @jeanine, so interesting that it is the personal mind which clings to its freedom of choice, getting to pick from the smorgasbord of separation’s kaleidoscopic offerings. With the deeper mind, how can there be a choice when there is only one way to go…the Way of Knowledge?
nenette_istanbul:  Im very sorry we have guest now, sending my love to all
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Alexa, I have found there is a delicate balance between discretion and resonance in conversations. We all want to be understood at a deep level. I’ve learned that understanding is based on the listener’s/ our mental state at that moment, past experience, social conditioning, awareness, intelligence, etc. The chapter on Discretion is a great resource here.
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you jeanine_Society for the quote. I think of the quote from time to time.
Paul_MA:  Practice is an interesting word. One meaning: one must practice to learn something or get better at it. And then the medical meaning of one’s Practice…. Having a Practice, a set of patients that one is responsible for…
Carolyn-CT:  Be well Nanette, and safe. NNC
Jansett_Boulder:  Good one, @ Paul
manuel germany :):  @Shawn. Thank you for sharing that experience with us “….and immediately I experienced an environment of wonder impossible to describe with ordinary words – a copper height, an inclusive finality – a recognition. Twice it came or more as the lights continued in my sphere. The sense was that they were ever present behind a very close curtain of invisibility. It was more than just a peek – it was a spiritual embrace, a taste of grace.”
Serena M_NM:  One directive I focused on this week was the Free School’s suggestion of “mind mapping.” I was curious to see where my mind goes most of the time, so for the last several days I wrote down any thought I was thinking when I caught it. I found most of the time my mind was doing pointless things, but I noticed that during this process I was becoming more aware of where my mind was going, and this put me in a position to choose–I found myself more often choosing to disengage in the pointless things as well as choosing to do things like take a few moments of being present (another directive I was doing).
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you MVS. Yes, in going deeper into my practice and using these directives to reclaim my KN I am also reclaiming my self-worth and self-love. As I commit myself deeper I know myself more and more as who I truly am. It is a powerful journey and–as said earlier–there is nowhere else to go.
May_Norway:  Bless you Nenette
Darlene_Society:  The hour has ended. So quickly. Stillness again, the great stillness of God, our “first love”…
Lin_Boulder:  @Mike_LF, about judge and discernment, I recently read Teachers commentary on Allies, “The first step is where you do not judge. This means you must learn to look and recognize something… do not judge in the moment because you need to see and know and recognize what you are looking at. This is discernment..yet beyond this discernment, you must see clearly if something is good or not.” This is quite revolutionary for my learning.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Carolyn …I can re-read all chat later midnight
Alisa_Russia:  @Serena – my experience precisely! I have also been engaging in mind mapping this week and thinking about what I am thinking
Tonia_Denmark:  That is a very good question: is this person loved by anyone? Thank you, Marshall.
LaRaeUK:  How wonderful and mysterious Shawn….you are blessed!
Patricia_Society:  As we build our practice, it might be helpful to distinguish formal practice ex., Steps to Knowledge, building a meditation space thru 2 x/day practice, sitting daily reading/listening to the Revelation, from whatever “active practice”, we would seek to engage in throughout the day, the weeks, the months. Some examples of active practice – mapping the mind, managing the mind, inner listening, 4 Pillars, Deep Evaluation, objectivity, decision-making and direction setting. Formal/Contemplative and Active practice is the process by which we develop and evolve the reality of our studenthood. Occasionally over the years I have asked students, “What are you working on?” This is what I was listening for…….
Greg_UK:  Yay! I made it to the end of a chat finally I like my new shift times. NNC all
Alio:  Dariel, Re: worth…. and also self compassion for the difficulties and need for time.
Jeanne_Brown:  Thanks Lin Boulder, I needed to hear this:*)
Tonia_Denmark:  True that, Darlene. God is our closest relationship.
Tyyne_Society:  Mapping the mind: In coming to know my own state or condition and to engage in relationship and the world more meaningfully I have had to enter into territory that made me very uncomfortable within myself. I had to look where I was afraid to look, where I had resistance in looking and to shine a light into the dark corners of my mind. What I found through this practice was that the looking released the discomfort and fear about what I would find. Yes, I found patterns not aligned with the power of Knowledge or my truer nature, but that is what happens through living in a stated of separation which we all entered into though with various circumstances and influences which engenders compassion. I found that anything given enough attention that is not born of Knowledge will reveal itself as such in time and the power of that pattern begins to fade and lessen. The past year or so I’ve made it a practice to map my mind. To come to understand myself (Self-Knowledge) because “…you want to…
Tyyne_Society:  … keep this window clean and clear”. This process was and is necessary for me in order to enable me to “…look over the horizon of life to see what you can see…”
MVS Society:  Another active practice out in the world is listening to sounds, especially sounds in nature. To really listen, your mind must be still. Night sounds in the woods and fields is a great listening experience. The more that you practice listening in this way, the greater your ability to enter a state of stillness. I have been doing this for many years.
jeanine_Society:  @Alexa & @Jansett – thanks for the quote and your perspectives on ‘choice’…following the path of Knowledge within us simplifies everything…
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for the practice.
May_Norway:  Thank you Marshall for sharing this wisdo.
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – thank you for that, I will definitely practice listening in this way.
Cameron_Canada:  I am needed at the conference I am attending so I must go now. Thank you everyone for being here. Until next time, be well.

Carol_Society:  Our REMINDERS for today:

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Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Marshall.
Tamara:  MVS….most every morning I have “sit spot” overlooking five acres in a natural state. I just listen to the birds, watch there movements, see what their conversations of song are all about. Now that spring is in full motion, I listen to the sounds of the toads at night singing me to sleep.
Alio:  MVS The songs of life… yes what a gift not to miss! Fringe benefit of coming to this challenging place.
Samantha_South Africa:  @ MVS this is a wonderful practice that I do when I cannot sleep I just listen and I find that a blanket of stillness and peace covers me…
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Tyyne for sharing your experience and the wisdom gained from it.
Jeanne_Brown:  Nasi Novare Coram\
David_Drimmel:  Marshall, the most profound still experience I have ever had was in the Redwoods national forest. It was magical.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thanks Maureen for sharing that! The eye of the hurricane analogy! Beautiful and strong they are!
Alisa_Russia:  @Tyyne – thank you for sharing. This is very helpful to me.
Keiko_Ita:  For me stillness is like an oasis to charge energy. Our only reward is gratitude!! When I can listen a person, sometimes something hits my code..I feel something deeper within me.
Tyyne_Society:  Patricia – many practices that we can engage in and I find that a few will stand out more than others because that is the current need based on the situation or circumstances. This will be unique to each of us at any given time. Some for clarity, some to renew and refresh, some to deepen and explore a particular skill that needs to be developed all in service to this Greater Coordination. We each have a domain within this Greater Coordination that must be found and fulfilled and these are the practices that can brings us ever closer to this Truth.
Greg_UK:  I love you ALL
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Patricia I love this, we really need this, practices which can really help us bridge this gap with the confusion and complexity of the human mind, in a changing world of changing circumstances, with a vehicle that is full of needs and requirements, with a mind that is full of cupboards and draws and items all over the place, all to be used and reclaimed in their use towards fulfilling a higher purpose.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for this Marshall…..I often am out in the wee hours of the morning, listening to joyful sounds of the birds, greeting the slow approach of the dawn. I shall now make it a true stillness practice.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Being with these directives this week I kept considering CT Step 68, The World Needs Freedom,” wherein it says, “The man or woman of Knowledge wishes to confirm Knowledge and give people the encouragement to express and to follow what they know. This is what it means to be spiritual in the most complete way, in the most complete sense.”
David_Drimmel:  THank you everyone for sharing. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram
Ila_UK:  Wow – so many powerful campfire chats – I will be reading it all again later. Thank you all for welcoming me to my first session. Thank you all and take good care of yourselves, be well.
May_Norway:  Thanks to everyone for sharing, Nasi Novare Coram!
Alexa_NL:  MVS, The sound and communication between birds are a great way to practice that I have found in my daily experience in the woods, something I´ve started applying only recently…
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall. I really prefer being outside as much as possible, and your advice brings a new dimension to listening within, as building the bridge to the outer world is still something I am very reluctant about…
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone for a very inspiring chat. Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  And we love you Greg! So pleased you are able to be here with us again.
jeanine_Society:  @Marshall – thanks for mentioning the practice of listening for sounds…I love to watch animals too in nature as they appear to be more connected to nature than we are – they seem to listen with their whole body, they listen to the wind…they are on high alert for survival reasons but clearly enjoy their surroundings…
LaRaeUK:  Beautiful reminder Jeffery, thank you.
mellany UK:  “Night sounds in the woods and fields is a great listening experience” … oh, this is great! I go to the woods, everyday with my dog…. and often around dusk.
Alisa_Russia:  @Tamara – resonating! The toads croak close by me too
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall, I found listening to nature in the nearby woods, very calming, sometimes when out I try to listen, beyond the louder noise that is obvious, as if I was trying to listen to the quietest noise in the room or in the place I’m at.
Matt_bzn:  Thank you Marshall. My morning meditation is typically near a pond where the sounds of nature are everywhere. I was thinking the other day how lucky I am to have that environment for my meditations.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all for your giving in this Campfire Chat. Nasi Novare Coram
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Tyyne on ‘mapping the mind’ I resonate with your process deeply and feel I am undergoing something similar at this time.
May_Norway:  Since I live on the Wet-lands, there is wonderful noices to listen at
LaRaeUK:  We are so pleased you’re here Ila. Thank you so much for your insights and contributions!
Darlene_Society:  @Ila_UK, you are now one of us. Thank you for your participation!
Alison_boulder:  @All – The work of Advocacy for the New Message continues to be an active practice for many. Discerning what to say, where to place it, what is most effective, as well as listening to the needs of those speaking or posting on social media– what are they asking for or telling you? All this while the mystery remains of who will click, follow, read, move with it and meet us again in an environment like this one.
Here is an example of a photo on Facebook created by a small team of volunteers that invites one to a Greater Life: https://www.facebook.c…ype=3
And Advocacy Gatherings meet every Thursday at, 6:30 MDT and 7 BST. You are welcome! In a concentrated setting we work to share the burden of the Messenger and come closer to the work of the Society.

Alio:  Every 30 seconds or so, Kelley has an outburst from her brain injury. It’s helping me to think of her uncontrolled repetitive noises as another nature sound. Pray for each other. Bye now to the chat and thank you.
Roberto_Boulder:  Wow, thank you all for your sharing in this chat. I will definitely re-read this. So much given. Gratitude to all. Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  Bless you Alio…..
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all who participate and sharing your precious experiences and wisdom. Nasi Novare Coram
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Nasi Novare Coram.
Alio:  Thank you Alison for keeping the workspace.
Alexa_NL:  Regarding sounds in nature… Please listen to this postcast with hinterspiecies communicator Anna Breytenbach https://m.soundcloud.c…class
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia and everyone , NNC
jeanine_Society:  To report issues or get help, please go to:
Ellen_Society:  Thank you all for your powerful contributions today. So rich,so deep. Much to re-read and ponder.
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Marshall for your directive on listening to sounds in nature, I would really like to practice this more as I have found it helpful in the past, listening to the sounds in nature, the wind rustling through the leaves, with the sensation on my skin, the sound of the birds… I have found these helpful
Tonia_Denmark:  The years of physical imploding of the body is
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Alisa_Russia:  This has certainly been a very rich and deep Chat. Definitely at re-read. Thank you everyone, it is always such a pleasure to be with you. Nasi Novare Coram
Jordan_Montreal:  What has inspired me to keep going is my commitment to Marshall and other relationships of higher purpose known or not known. There is no way I could have continued otherwise, even though there was really not many options to do anything else.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Sorry * makes an important decision in choosing to walk a lot but not too much. There’s is a balance to come within, I think
Insuk-Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you Tyyne so much for sharing your experience, it has really inspired me
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, NNC
Keiko_Ita:  Recently I had to read some chapters of Wisdom from the Greater Community Vol.1. I remember this passage: ” You know you need to set sail. We can ride with the wind. We are not bound to the shore. We do not drown in the waters of life, so we go with you.” I always remember this.
Virpi_Finland:  I cannot see your faces, but I do see and feel your hearts. The hum of hearts. NNC.
jeanine_Society:  So much wisdom shared in this Chat today. Thank you to Darlene & Carol for facilitating. Thank you to Marshall & Patricia for their gentle guidance. May we become evermore connected to the Knowledge within us wherever we go… Nasi Novare Coram.
MVS Society:  Listening is about being present. Stillness is about being present. I recommend you study the Teaching Being Present in the World (Living the Way of Knowledge: chapter 10) which is a recommended Teaching in our School Session.
Danny_Australia:  …in finding stillness and discovering my connection to the environment that goes beyond a basic experience…
Alisa_Russia:  @Jordan – you are right about there not being many other options – in fact, I don’t think there is a single one – this is it!
Darlene_Society:  @Jordan, yes, you have hit it. You can’t be devoted to an idea or ideal, and ideas can’t call out of you what gifts you have. Your commitment to Marshall and other RHP will carry you through. Thank you.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Will do Marshall.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Marshall for your advice about listening to sounds in nature. There is a small island, close to home, where I often go…one time I just stopped and listened, and the sounds were amazing, and loud! And I was not even hearing them until I stopped to listen. I will do that again and again.
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall, the Society and all of you. Have a good week. NNC
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall.
Serena M_NM:  Thank you everyone!
Darlene_Society:  I think of you all here in this promise of practice: The Promise of Practice…”Here your greater gifts will emerge, and your life will be an inspiration and a great service to others, according to your original design and intent. This fulfills the need of the soul, which is your deepest and most profound need. If you were able to satisfy all other needs, this would remain for you as the most fundamental and important need. Beyond meeting the basic requirements of taking care of your body and your mind, this is your greatest need. Satisfy this and you will have a satisfaction and a sense of permanence that nothing in the world can destroy. And you will be a light unto the world. And your service to the world will be profound and in many cases inexplicable. It is your spiritual practice that will take you there.”
Donald_Pa:  Thank you Marshall, I try to do a late night outdoor meditation every night. There are train tracks less that 20 yards from where I sit. If I’m lucky, I get to feel the ground vibrate as a supply train crawls down the track and illuminates the trees…
Sally_boulder:  Thank you everyone…for bringing their spark in contributing to this campfire. Such inspiration and wisdom here…and thank you Moderators
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Marshall
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you, Darlene!
Insuk-Korea:  Thank you Marshall for “Listening is about being present. Stillness is about being present.”
Selma London:  Before the NMG I used to think of myself as a bit of a stirrer, but now I’m beginning to have the experience of creating upheaval in selected circumstances – only perhaps less blatantly, and not necessarily in a negative manner, by the way. In my life I’ve often felt that people didn’t know what to make of me, and now that’s just being reinforced and enhanced.
Mike_LF_CAL:  How is it possible to have so many people in the world, yet so many are alone, even when they are in a relationship? INDEED
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all. Thank you, Marshall, I have just participated in this chat while sitting in the nearby park after work. Will practice more. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  Consciously or unconsciously, in the world, we are what we practice. We are what we actually do.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Darlene, that is such a wonderful promise: “…and you will have a satisfaction and a sense of permanence that nothing in the world can destroy. And you will be a light unto the world. And your service to the world will be profound and in many cases inexplicable…”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Greg, right back at you.
Alisa_Russia:  @Mike – that’s the Separation for you!
MaryL_boulder:  @Virpi: “hum of hearts”…thank you all. Being with your words, sharing and feeling, resonating with you is a practice itself…to listen, to contemplate and consider, to respond or not, to take in or to be with without judgement is a good practice of listening…to the sounds of human nature as we try to end our separation. Nasi Novare Coram.
Alisa_Russia:  @MaryL @Virpi – I am taking this “hum of hearts” with me
Debbie_MI:  @Raoul-That is such a wonderful promise. Every time I read that promise it deeply moves me.
mellany UK:  Thank you, everyone! NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  Workers. Walking workers
Keiko_Ita:  My today’s Step is “Today I will be attentive to what I tell myself”.
manuel germany :):  many thanks Darlene… how wonderful “…and you will have a satisfaction and a sense of permanence that nothing in the world can destroy. And you will be a light unto the world. And your service to the world will be profound and in many cases inexplicable…”
Carol_Society:  Again, with much gratitude and blessings to each of you, whose commitment, devotion and practices help to strengthen the Platform of the New Message. Until we gather once again, Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Another experience this week was becoming deeply emotional due to gratitude to God, to The Assembly, Marshall and his family. When I look at my old life, I can see how truly unworthy my past behaviours were of this blessed Gift. Yet, it found me anyway, forgave my repugnant behaviours. Day in and day out it supplies the deepest desires of my heart….brings me out of the darkness inch by inch. I just felt overwhelmed.
Jordan_Montreal:  “If you cannot be present to life, to others or to yourself, the only possible place you could be is to be lost somewhere in your own thoughts, hidden behind your own self-defenses, covered up by your suppressed feelings and emotions, buried in your reactions to the past. Essentially, if you cannot be present to yourself, to others or to life, it means you are caught up in your thoughts and in your own condition. Here it is really necessary to break free. It is really necessary to begin to explore your own feelings. If you cannot feel anger, then you will not feel love. If you cannot feel sadness, how can you experience affinity with anyone? If you are choked because of the suppression of these things, then your mind will be unclear, your senses will be dulled and your expression will be oppressed.”
Raoul_Australia:  @Debbie, me too…it touched me deeply from the first time I read it
Danny_Australia:  Thank you Marshall I resonate with this and feel that if we also practice particular thoughts this is not beneficial, so we must begin to practice activities that realign us with the right state of mind and of being. This way our thinking and behaviour can be realigned in service to a greater power.
Javier S.Fl:  Mike sadly most of us enter into relationships because of prior commitments be it work, family or marriage and later realize or sometimes not at all that without knowledge these relationships have very weak to no true connection at all.
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Darlene….this is so very true.
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes, Virgie. “Yet mistakes don’t have to be total loss if I can learn from them.” In Living the Way of KN it talks about learning from our mistakes is really the only reason that they can be worthwhile for us. They also make it clear that we should never be making the same mistake twice. But they also say some mistakes are necessary. I have been thinking a lot about ‘uncompromising’ expectations the Great Coordination has of us. They know us beyond who we think we are. They need us to grow much stronger much faster. And what else do we truly have to do but this? And we will make mistakes…
Betty_UK:  Thank you everyone for this environment of wisdom. Nasi Novare Coram
Alio:  On the meaning of Rahn…. I was given a dream once of some part of our home where the sun was cool, streaming unspeakable love, actual the self of our being into us while we held hands walikng together in synchronized stride. When we became so full of the incoming extacy that it had to burst, we would turn to the one beside us, looking to one side, to meet eyes with our SELF, full of that same knowing bliss, share the awareness and then look back up for a re-fill with the next step, repeating the procedure with the self partner on the other side of us with the next step. RAHN always takes me to that memory and it feels like RAHN was the name of the source-sun, the streaming, the voice of the movement of the experience.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Lin_Boulder, (9:00), thanks for that reflection…very interesting.
Jansett_Boulder:  “There is a great emphasis placed on those who respond to an inner calling. They have such importance. We gather around them. They hold the promise of renewal and rejuvenation for your world.” Secret #56. Heartfelt gratitude to all gathered here. Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all.Nasi Novare Coram
manuel germany :):  many thanks to all the kindered spirits I am connected with and learn so much every week. I am very grateful of so many things, but in this context: to be connected with you wonderful souls Nasi Novare Coram
Danny_Australia:  Nasi Novare Coram
Mamjara-SE:  Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  At the beginning of each day and throughout that day ask yourself “what will I practice this day?”
Inhee_Korea:  “Consciously or unconsciously, in the world, we are what we practice. We are what we actually do.” Thank you Marshall
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
Jorge_Spain:  As many has said here, Nature has and still is very important to me, with many important moments in my life happening there. However, I would like to share another face of this in my experience: For some time now, I’m feeling the overarching worldwide problems more and more when outside. It’s like trees, plants, the mountains silhouette against the sky, the forms and lights in the clouds… somehow are “speaking” of impending danger, of an actual decline in so many things. This is not all in my nature’s experience, but something present nevertheless. Here where I live, for example, there is a beautiful oak forest. But today, you can see most trees are seriously weakened if you pay attention; many will day eventually if nothing changes. This is a inescapable fact of my experiencie in nature today.
LaRaeUK:  Oh Alio…..the beauty of your experience.
Carolyn-CT:  Together we are all part of a Greater Community of friends. I honor and bless you all. May we continue on and have the strength, wisdom and endurance it takes to be good students, growing towards our purpose as men and women of Knowledge serving in this world. Nasi Novare Coram. I leave my keyboard, now, but my heart stays with you.
MVS Society:  Yes we hate making costly mistakes when in reality most of our wisdom has come from making these mistakes. The key thing here is not to repeat them.
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-Thank you for this question to ask at the beginning of the day and throughout the day!
Insuk-Korea:  Thank you Marshall. I will keep “what will I practice this day?”
Tyyne_Society:  LaRae and for all who have felt unworthy… from Step 238: “In complete faithfulness and devotion, I will continue my practice today so that I may appreciate the value of my own life.” Appreciate the value of your own life. Where were we ever taught this but here? This prayer is something that I memorized and will be with parts of it to just experience what this is really saying. It speaks to MVS’ reference a few chats ago to our individual importance in this world mission and the important of you becoming a part of this Greater Domain. I find it important to pray for myself. To pray for me to become of greater service. Pray for yourself as you do this work, for you are worthy. Love to you all.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for your guidance MVS….you truly help keep us on the path.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Tyyne!
LaRaeUK:  Oh thank you Tyyne…..I will revisit that.
Alexa_NL:  @Jorge… since I started paying more attention I am noticing this distress too, both internally and externally…
Javier S.Fl:  Thank you Marshall. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s best to make these blunders in drills/practice and learn from them no matter how embarrassing it can be in front of co-worker’s. Rather than on a scene when lives are at stake and there are no re-do’s or time-outs.
Ila_UK:  Thank you @Jordan (Montreal) I am deeply moved by your sensitivity to all that we feel at times when we are hurting. I always try to remind myself that beyond this dark heavy cloud is the light of God’s love. This helps me to know that we are not alone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you so much Tyyne, those words were exactly what I needed to hear today
Adria_Poland:  Thank you, Marshall
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone!! Nasi Novare Coram.
MVS Society:  Yes Jorge I see this in nature too. In many parts of Colorado the evergreen forest is dying or has already died. Whole mountains of forest have died on the western slopes of the Rocky Mts due to pine bark beetle kill. North America has lost over 50 million acres of forest due to just 1 degree celsius of global warming. We are changing the planet.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you Marshall for your nurturing and guidance. And Thanks to all for your presence and shared insights. Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you for your prayer, Tyyne. It is very impactful and important.
Joyanne_Canada:  another profound meeting of the World Wide Community.. definitely a reread.. NNC all. thank you
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall. Taking notes. Interesting. Will what ever an individual is practicing lead to a greater place in the future or will it lead to a problematic solution, is a question I sometimes stay with, due to habits of not very beneficial character. Yes, we are what we do, like for example choose to eat.
Tonia_Denmark:  Cool the mind, cool the earth
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all, see you soon, Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you dear Messenger. As I am in nature the gratitude for what it gives me goes side by side with the grief that much of it will be passing. How sad to think we are the last generation to know so much of its gift and beauty. Sometime I pray that the world will come undone now–in this moment–so that the Earth will have its best chance to regenerate and humanity will have its best chance at survival.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Javier,(9:22) you have hit the nail on the head!
cray boulder:  @Tyyne thank you for sharing this mind mapping experience: powerful. I have to journal with pen and paper when I attempt to Mind Map or contemplate, and, as yet, the mind mapping software I cannot yet figure out (Free Mind, etc.) which is fine, because one practice that has been shown me is to draw how something feels and that has surprisingly been a helpful, self compassion engendering practice. To draw, for example, what one foot in the old life and one foot in the new life feels like, to draw what _____ feels like or something that represents it. Then to draw after some interpretation something that heals or begins to heal it, as a last step.
@MVS & Patricia & Reed & all who contribute so much: thank you all for demonstrating and creating/expanding our practice with practices to engage in, thank you for this rich curriculum with which to engage with the New Message from God and to engage with Deepening your Spiritual Practice revelation. I am finding so much here. So much in a…
cray boulder:  … moment at work, a speaking Rahn on the exhale practice, a listening to the sounds of nature practice, etc. It continues to work and rework and show things. Nasi Novare Coram all.
Alexa_NL:  Than you for sharing Cray, drawing in addition to writing as a way to journal has been very beneficial in my experience…
Tonia_Denmark:  I am trying to remember which revelation it is that speaks of not moving before the rocket can go all the way. Does anyone remember which it is? Thank you.
Joe_UK:  Nasi Novare Coram. I’m so thankful for this campfire chat, for the presence it has generated and for you all being in my life.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thanks for sharing Cray!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  The first step is awareness… I find that most people I speak to now about the state of our world agree that it has changed, is changing and will never be the same again. The reaction to flooding lately has lead to questioning where we should be building our homes in the future… awareness is being tuned by circumstance it seems.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Joe feel the same! Blessings to you!
Youngkyo_korea:  Thank you all & Society and thank you, Marshall. Nasi Novare Coram!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  What gifts we have been given not only through the NM but through these chats! Thank you all! A special thank you to Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society. You all are the glue that keeps us together and I am forever grateful to you! Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  To everyone, let us never forget what a true miracle it is having found TNMFG! Thank you all, Mavran Mavaran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram!
Javier S.Fl:  So true Mike!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Yes Mike, truly.
LaRaeUK:  Gratitude and blessings to you all. These chats are the sustenance which keep us on the path. Nasi Novare Coram

Josef Austria:  Thank you all for your great inspiration and your sharing. Nasi Novare Coram!

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  1. MaryS_Boulder Posted on May 14, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Marshall gives new meaning to the word .

    Here’s a page, a first draft years in the making, that I share with you in gratitude. Blessing, and warning that you, too, will find over the years this School session takes you directly to your relationship to God and your purpose here on Earth at this time. It took me many years to get past “Hey Marshall are they really going with that word God there?” to “So I see we are going to talk about God among humans.” My gratitude is for the work of all School students joined in this endeavor together, the annual mapping of the mind exercises that go deeper or clearer with each year.

  2. MaryS_Boulder Posted on May 14, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    Crickets, that is the word I thought of when Marshall said, “listen.” 🙂

  3. MerrieB Posted on May 15, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    #Mavran #YouKnowWhoYouAre That is not just #HumbleBrag sharing but a calling, that link above.

    I must emphasize to you the power in the mental environment that you can claim when you arrive in a timely fashion. For instance, the is not even a skeleton, but very promptly you are about to see it take shape.

    I beg you #RepeatThoseHashtags at the beginning, please see the open door inviting you to come play on this site and understand how your play is prayer. May I be the first to say it is simply not becoming on my own part to be over-identified with wiki work, but from this unique perspective let me emphasize again, this door is quickly closing when you can just jump on in here without being so overwhelmed by the size, style, whatever?

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