Campfire Chat March 25, 2017

Tyyne_Society:  Here are the quotes from the Messenger, from last week’s Chat, to read and consider:

“Financial collapse will most likely be incremental and erosive with some serious declines along the way. Even if those declines are years away, you prepare for them now. Remember: “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Arc.”

“Assuring yourself of solutions is another way of not preparing. The NMG is here to make you strong on all fronts, no matter what is coming over the horizon beyond what you can see today.”

“Expecting or demanding solutions is not taking responsibility for your life and future. Living with bigger questions and facing challenge and uncertainty require courage, compassion, adaptation, wisdom and strength, things which can only be built and earned over time. People who do this create solutions where none existed before.”

“Here you must live with the questions and not rely upon assumptions parading as answers. The Great Waves will require 1000’s of solutions and great trials…

Tyyne_Society:  … and effort. Most of those solutions do not yet exist.”

“The Great Waves requires a real balance within yourself, a balance between mystery and reverence on the inside and practical toughness on the outside, inner work and outer work to replace the mindless thinking and behavior of your life before. It is a rebuilding process and the GW’s is the assurance that there is no real alternative to doing this.”

“The GW’s will also forge real relationships based upon what you can do with others here and beyond. Without real needs and demands in life, nothing happens, but decay.”

“The experience of Knowledge rises with need.”

“Read the Chat throughout the week. Take on The Deep Evaluation, writing everything down in your study journal. Everyday you are either reinforcing strength or weakness. Everyday is precious.”

Mike_LF_CAL:  Justin, may you be surrounded and protected by the grace of God as you advocate for TNM today.
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Tyyne_Society:  The hour has arrived. Let us pause and take a few moments in stillness together before we begin.
Ellen_Society:  Blessings to all who are gathering for this sacred chat.
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone to month 1, week 4 of our current Free School session – The New World. And a special welcome to all new students of the Free School. We are focused on the rapidly changing world and our place in it and service to it. The Great Waves of Change are beginning to strike and can be seen by more and more people. The New Message and all of us are here in service to not only this time and great change underway, but also for the future of humanity as well. We continue today exploring our preparation for this as given through the New Message.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone for being here today and welcome to this day’s chat. I’d like to welcome any new students that are joining us today.
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Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Robert there are a few things that I have been with from TGWoC. The 1st is a passage from the intro “The preparation begins with what you see in the world and what you are aware of within yourself.” This takes faith for me to have and to extend and to trust in Knowledge. At times this is easier said than done. But it must be done. The other is from Chapter 11: “Faith is important if it is built upon experience. Without experience as its foundation faith becomes merely a hope and hope alone is weak.” Yes, these speak very deeply to me. For I have found that experience has brought me to the NM and has enabled me to stay with it for I can see its truths and its goodness. In a world full of corruption, greed and error this is something that can open me up towards tolerance and compassion for the world and for others. This is a part of me now…it is a part of my life…it is my life now.
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Robert_Society:  Our study question for today that we’d like to discuss relate to movement and preparation in our lives for the growing change and challenge we all will be facing in a world being struck by the Great Waves of Change. With this in mind, we invite you to share your responses to the study question:

From the Session Study Plan: In reading or listening to The Great Waves and Your Life (or the Further Resources for this session), was there a specific passage, practice or directive that spoke to you most powerfully and that you feel you must stay with or even begin to practice in your life at this time?

If there is such a passage or practice, what does implementing it actually look like when applying it in your daily life, both now and going forward?

Alisa_Russia:  I was just reading The Great Waves and Your Life before the chat began. This passage spoke to me most: “You will have to turn to simple pleasures—the pleasure of the moment, the beauty of nature, connecting with other people in a significant way, enjoying very simple things. Relationships will have to be simple and honest now.” I feel I have these things in my life today and I wish to stay with them and nurture and develop them further.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Robert_Society: This is where you enter into the Mystery and allow a Greater Mind to emerge within you. This is where you put yourself in a position to receive so that you can learn something that you did not know before, experience something you could not experience before and see something you could not see before.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Robert, there were many passages that spoke to me and made me realize I truly need to do a deeper evaluation, and grow stronger in Knowledge.. It brought up fears that I needed to look at, and gain a greater perspective on things. Facing myself in increments, it isn’t an easy task but a necessary one
Selma London:  I’m still preoccupied with being my NATURAL self: “We advocate a spirituality that is taught in the Greater Community, not the spirituality that is governed by nations, governments or political alliances, but a NATURAL spirituality—the ability to know, to see and to act.”
The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

Selma London:  It doesn’t always work for me to ‘walk around’ a question, for once I get flushed and flooded I need to have pen & paper at hand immediately, so as not to lose anything that occurs. It can all come at once, in a rush, and I must be ready to act upon it and write straight away, or I simply forget one insight to another, or cannot recall the wording, or lose the context which is often extraordinary and not the habitual way my surface mind considers things. Thus, even short phrases are easily lost or mislaid.

Knowledge comes in waves
I’m starting on a journey
The path is set
There’ll be lots to share, no fear.

Paul_MA:  Robert:…1. “Here U must respond when others are not responding: U must take pre-cautions when others are not taking pre-cautions. U must change your circumstances when there appears to be no immediate reason for doing it.
2. You have to be prepared to take dramatic action–& U may have to act alone. U must be prepared to act; carrying out the steps in your preparation.
3. It is up to you to prepare for the future: Only what is essential & deeply meaningful to U should U focus on. You must prepare in advance, so U will be in a position to help others.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  With this education, you can advance up the mountain and gain a greater vantage point in life, a greater view and a greater honesty. As you proceed, what is necessary will serve you. What is unnecessary will burden you and will have to be left aside. Then your steps will become quicker, and your burden will become lighter. And your need to associate with life that exists in the lowlands will become less and less of an encumbrance for you. This is gaining a very practical freedom, a freedom that can only be gained through an education of this nature.
Alisa_Russia:  @Jim, I resonate with your words. This is my experience too. “In a world full of corruption, greed and error this is something that can open me up towards tolerance and compassion for the world and for others. This is a part of me now…it is a part of my life…it is my life now.”
Rosa_UK:  Hi Joyanne! Hi Dariel!
Margaret_UK:  Hello everyone!
Joyanne_Canada:  Patricia’s wisdom from March 11 chat really spoke deeply to me, thank you Patricia it was timely and extremely helpful.
Kari_H_Finland:  “Time is important now. You do not have time to languish… You must take your life seriously… Only what is essential and deeply meaningful to you should you focus on.” My time is now valuable. It is so valuable that I do not want to waste it anymore. I am being careful that I will spend it wisely now.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Alisa! Right back at you. These spoke to me in true sincerity. For our wealth that is within us and the wealth that must be given to others and the world must not be done in pretense. So many masks on in the world. The NM for me is something pure without masks. This is so needed in the world today. I pray many times for this and for my own ability to keep the mask off.
Dariel_Boulder:  “The climate of the world will change and become warmer in most places—diminishing food production, diminishing water supplies, creating great difficulties in certain regions of the world. The risk of the breakdown of society is extremely great under these circumstances…” I have a strong urge to create a garden with my neighbors and am putting all things in place to make it happen. You have to jump through a lot of hoops in the mobile home park to make this happen and my neighbors aren’t quite sure what to make of my offer as they don’t speak much English nor me much Spanish–but I know I must grow food and that it is a necessary demonstration for others in my park. There is not much time…
Paul_MA:  Kari- yes the references to time also resonated greatly w/ urgency.
Eron_Boulder:  @Robert…”Here you must respond when others are not responding. You must take precautions when others are not taking precautions. You must change your circumstances when there appears to be no immediate reason for doing it. You must follow an inner urging and an inner direction, without really understanding what is happening and what your future or the outcome will look like. ” One of the things that I am working on now is learning how to follow my inner urgings and my inner direction.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  …without pretense not “in”
Paul_MA:  Dariel- resonating…food production and Spanish are on my skill list to develop.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Robert, from “The Deep Evaluation”. “Begin, then, to clear out your life, to simplify. You do not want to carry a lot of extra baggage into the future, for the future will be very uncertain in the face of the Great Waves of change. You want to be flexible, you want to be able to move easily, you do not want to be encumbered by lots of possessions.” I am feeling pressure to step up clearing the useless possessions from my life but this is just a starting point ans presently only being done here and there. Also the need to clear out reminders of my past that take attention and energy away from the present. These things will free up space and time to concentrate further on developing my practice and preparing for the GWC.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Robert, one of the directives that I want to focus on is financial security. It was always important for me, but now its almost an urgency.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Knowledge will free you and unburden you because that is its first purpose and requirement. What it will give you is something you have sought in all other things—relationship, acknowledgment, power, confidence, determination and direction in life. These things will have a real foundation now and will not fail you.
This is for anyone who feels the real need to know. This education is the answer to this need. The need calls for preparation. The need initiates you to become a real student and enables you to prepare and to support your preparation. The preparation cannot come from within you. Only the ability to prepare and the desire to prepare can come from within you. The preparation must be given to you.
It represents a gift that corresponds to your deeper need.
It is the answer to the question that your need expresses.
Knowledge will free you and unburden you because that is its first purpose and requirement. What it will give you is something you have sought in all other…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … things—relationship, acknowledgment, power, confidence, determination and direction in life. These things will have a real foundation now and will not fail you.
This is for anyone who feels the real need to know. This education is the answer to this need. The need calls for preparation. The need initiates you to become a real student and enables you to prepare and to support your preparation. The preparation cannot come from within you. Only the ability to prepare and the desire to prepare can come from within you. The preparation must be given to you
What is Religious Education and who is it for?
scot_canada:  Opening with: what (the Great Waves ahead) will look like, will depend upon human response and responsibility
Dariel_Boulder:  Yes, Kari! I also feel this strong mandate that MVS reminded us of several time in the last Vigil. There is not much time. What are the things that I MUST have in place–besides a stronger connection to KN?
Manuel_:)_Germany:  @Dariel, many thanks for sharing your thoughts. I had similar ones, however I am not sure how this is to be aligned with the recommendation given, that we shall not focus on solutions and that it is better to have confidence and carry some or many questions with us. Any ideas? Maybe this is no contradiction…
Joyanne_Canada:  @Dariel, I looked at this too.. growing food, being more sustainable, MVS, twitter quote about making our foot print smaller in our electrical usage, struck me. We just replaced all light bulbs to LED’s and already my bill is less by 100 dollars.. He also spoke of making sure our financial status is attended to. The GWC recommendations are truly a blessing and a protection for us. How do we work towards a sustainability?, How do we find others in our communities that also are feeling the need to do this?
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Scot
Eron_Boulder:  What motivates me to learn to follow my “inner urgings and inner direction s the following: “The survival of your personality is not the issue here. It is the fulfillment of your mission. For you have chosen to come into the world at a time when the Great Waves would be striking the world. You have come at a time when humanity would have to deal with competition from the Greater Community, from invasive forces from the Universe around you. You have come at a time of great difficulty and uncertainty, a time of great discord and risk of war. Therefore, do not be in complaint. Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here.”
Ginny_Columbus:  I have been reviewing the Recommendations for Living in a GW world and am finding wisdom and actionable items for moving forward with Knowledge. Undergoing a deeper evaluation of my employment, how I travel about, access to food, water, medicine. Taking care to build emergency resources, to discern the appropriate response to conflicts and disagreements in outer environments and preparing and strengthening my connection to Knowledge to help me deal with my inner side to truly become a force for good in the world.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Eron, that passage struck me also.. the need to move beyond self into service.
Kristina:  Robert…There are many important passages here, but the need for preparation feels urgent “Time is important now. You do not have time to languish. You do not have time to be distracted, carried away with other things or caught up in the circumstances of your life. There is no time for this now. You must take your life seriously. ” “If you can prepare in advance, you will be in a position to help others. If you wait, the change you will have to make will be desperate, expensive and hazardous. If you put it off or question it or doubt it or think it is not important, you will put yourself in ever-increasing jeopardy, and your chances of success will diminish as a result. in the circumstances of your life.
Selma London:  Preparation so far: getting myself into position, food growing & getting to know my local farmers (I’ve just been to the Saturday Farmers’ Market this afternoon), changing routines & habits, minimising energy use & travel, streamlining my life, reading the NMG & practising Steps.
Lingling_China:  for me 1. ”Knowledge will not just take you to the place that is the safest or the easiest. It will guide you to the place where your greater strengths can emerge, where your destiny can be fulfilled and where you will be able to meet the really important people in your life and engage in the really important activities in your life. ”
“The human need around you will be immense—greater than any world war it will be. And you will have to be prepared to take care of people, people you do not even know perhaps, and to assist others in ways that will be new for you and unexpected. There will be great shortages of food and in some places great shortages of water. Your energy resources will become precious, difficult and expensive to gain access to. There will be political and economic instability, and there will be much civil unrest in many places in the world.” so for me I feel it is important to prepare and wait the calling from Knowledge to know where to go, when to go. and it socked…
Lingling_China:  … me for a while to read that the human need will be greater than any wordwar.
Tyyne_Society:  Oh, Eron… this really struck me as well. “The survival of your personality is not the issue here. It is the fulfillment of your mission.” – The Great Waves and Your Life. I know the feeling of discomfort as the personality must begin to know itself and its condition/state, to look at everything that it is/has been and to set that in right order to allow Knowledge to lead. The personality/mind is how communication to and in the world happens and through which I function here and that it can serve, but it has had to let some things go and become a follower of something much more certain and clear. That does not mean that my personality or mind is without uncertainty or fear at times. It means that I practice, practice, practice to discover the truth and build alignment with the truth of the mission, the truth of contribution, the truth that is the New Message and the Messenger. Critical really.
Robert_Society:  @Eron, yes thank you. That passage also struck me. How one approaches the situation is dependent on our understanding of it and our place in it.
Rudy_Boulder:  “If you can prepare in advance, you will be in a position to help others. If you wait, the change you will have to make will be desperate, expensive, and hazardous.” I see this preparation not only externally but also internally. There are many people hurting internally, so how can I prepare in advance for both internal and external circumstances? It seems that there will not be continuous answers along the way, but a series of steps that I must be prepared and willing to follow and take. “The answer will not necessarily be an explanation, but a series of steps–things you must do, step by step. For great change requires that you move incrementally step by step.”
scot_canada:  You cannot move somewhere else to become immune to GWC; therefore, this requires action where others cannot or will not act.
nenette_istanbul:  this resonate me : ” Keep asking, and the steps will begin to appear if there is any change you must make in this regard. You cannot ask only once. You must ask repeatedly. You must be with the question. You must live with the question and be open, really open, to what might be presented to you, particularly if you already sense that where you are is not permanent, or you have concern over its viability as a place to live in the future.”
jeanine_Society:  @Robert: recently I was struck by a passage in Ch. 2 of the GWC at the exact time I was contemplating an opportunity to buy into a Solar Farm for my home electricity needs: “Your energy resources will become precious, difficult and expensive to gain access to.” These words confirmed to me that this was a correct action to take at this time in my life, so I proceeded with the investment. Timing can be everything…

Marilyn_USA:  I have been participating in a community garden, and have been learning how to grow my own food. Also, I have started growing a few crops at home, on a small area of land. I am making plans to increase my land use for growing food, so that my small yard can help sustain me later on when needed.

Although right now, some of my crops get contaminated by weed spray from a neighbor, I am assuming that as food grows more expensive, more people will come to their senses and stop poisoning their soil.

Alisa_Russia:  If there is such a passage or practice, what does implementing it actually look like when applying it in your daily life, both now and going forward? The pleasure of the moment, the beauty of nature – I go out walking in the forest every day, I listen to NM teachings as I walk and connect with Knowledge, I take a dip in the icy river and emerge feeling as though I have been born again, ready to face anything. And this I will keep doing going forward.
MVS Society:  Regarding great and inevitable events, you never want to be the one who later laments “I didn’t see it coming,” when what is coming is see-able.
15510:  even worse if you saw it coming and did nothing
Kristina:  Thank you Marshall, so true.
Adria_Poland:  I am working on being light-weight. I have a deep urge to unburden myself, both from possessions and from any un-essential influences in my life. Another urge is just as @Kristina_B mentioned, financial stability and being organised in the resources that I posses or would need to posses in case of emergency. Like, I need to know that my inner and outer life are in order, that there is no leakage. I have a strong feeling to focus only on what is critically important and do not lose my energy and money elsewhere.
Inhee_Korea:  @Eron thank you “One of the things that I am working on now is learning how to follow my inner urgings and my inner direction.”
Alisa_Russia:  @Marilyn – I too have begun growing my own food, it is so rewarding and all organic.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Adria, yes I too am feeling the urge to be portable. I think this school session is really making us look hard at what we truly need to address and attend to.
Paul_MA:  LIngling– yes that struck me too… Knowledge may not take you where U want to go, but to where U must go…
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Eron thank you this is the same I wanted to say,learning to follow my inner direction.
justin-calif-!:  I have been preparing for years- solar power, chickens, garden, tools, etc- since I am the only one out here that I know doing this, or feeling the urgency, it can be lonely at times-
Kari_H_Finland:  I have only time for the four Pillars and daily issues of my life. Retrospectively I can see that I began with the Pillar of Health. After that the main focus was in the Pillar of Spiritual Development in addition to health. Now I am focusing in the Pillar of Work in addition to health and spiritual development. The amazing thing is that all this has happened naturally without any personal goals or objectives.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Ken_Oklahoma Steps to Knowledge teaches you how to think about things in a very constructive way. We call it contemplation it is different from meditation, it is contemplation you are going to contemplate a question about life you are going to contemplate something.
Not simply to come up with exciting answers but really to try to penetrate going deeper than the surface where everyone is so caught up and your stillness practice is really your meditation because it enables your awareness to go deeper and to connect with Knowledge which knows and throughout Steps to Knowledge you set the stage for this inner connection and you have an opportunity to build this connection every day in little increments and your life begins to change and your values begin to change and you become more connected to yourself and you realize that you really want quiet more than stimulation and you realize you really want integrity more than thrills and you realize you want relationships that have real…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … strength and real direction rather than just exciting interludes with people. This is all the result of refocusing your attention and redirecting your activities and exerting your power to do this.
Maureen_Boulder:  “You will have times when you feel helpless and hopeless. Why prepare at all when it is so terrible? But these are all emotional reactions. It is normal to have these kinds of reactions as long as they are not long lasting. It is part of the psychological adjustment to living in a declining world – a world of declining resources, a world of declining opportunities and a world of great stress – requiring greater cohesion and unity between people.” Preparing Your Family I have had these times and it’s nice to know it is normal.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Eron and Rudy!
LaRaeUK:  I am starting now to change so many of my habits. Clearing out possessions, getting rid of time wasting habits. Increasing my Steps practice and time I spend on The New Message. I have a large home….and something tells me I need to create space to take in people who might be in need.
Jorge_Spain:  Some passages that speak to me now:
1.”You will have to live very differently.”
2.”The survival of your personality is not the issue here. It is the fulfillment of your mission. Do not look at the future, thinking and worrying about what you might lose.”
3.”Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here. This is the world you have come to serve.”
4.”You must be prepared to act. You may have to act alone. You have an opportunity to bring your life into order.”
5.“ Time is important now. Only what is essential and deeply meaningful to you should you focus on.”
6.” Receive it as a confirmation of what you most deeply know, for a confirmation it is.”
Kristina_Boulder:  @Adria, “I have a strong feeling to focus only on what is critically important and do not lose my energy and money elsewhere.” Working towards saving energy has also been my focus, as there is a lot that I need to do that requires some level of energy from me. The teaching also mentions that we will need a lot of energy in the future.
DavidD_KC:  4.”You must be prepared to act. You may have to act alone. You have an opportunity to bring your life into order.”
Kari_H_Finland:  The graceful work of Knowledge on my life…
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Jorge
Kelvin_Boulder:  One practice that I am with, and didn’t know I was practicing this, is observing what pressure those to people and to myself. Self imposed, or circumstantial. Seeing what practical changes need to be made that will take me away from making decisions based on fear, or something more primal. Being adaptable is something we are all learning.
MarkBerger:  I have spent a lot of time over the years trying to discern the meaning and purpose of my life. This passage from “The Great Warning” speaks clearly and powerfully to me about the Mystery and purpose of ALL our lives: “It is only human will, determination and cooperation that will fortify the human family in the great changes to come. It is your moral responsibility. It is your greater purpose for being here. It is what your life is really about.”
15510:  I am somewhat unsure of the slight contradiction of preparing and unburdening. To prepare, for example, a garden it would be good to have many things like a tiller, seed collection, tools, etc…so this requires burdening ones self with more things. no?
jeanine_Society:  @Jorge – thank you for the list of directives. I find that these lists are helpful to focus on and handy to come back to…
Anna_Boulder:  2. “The survival of your personality is not the issue here. It is the fulfillment of your mission. Do not look at the future, thinking and worrying about what you might lose.” — I think that is such an important emphasis. Thank you.
DavidD_KC:  Good question. When you know what you must do, and you can act on that, then is there a burden?
Shrimayi Netherlands:  What I am working on is living simple,because it can always be more simple.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Jorge, thank you. Those are really good summary.
Ginny_Columbus:  Thank you Mark for sharing that passage
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
LaRaeUK:  I’m also creating that space that is not filled with anything else, so that there is room in my life.
15510:  @justin – I am also planing for many of the things you have in place. Garden, greenhouse, large solar system
Joyanne_Canada:  Since I found the NM and read the GWC, I have over time used the recommendations to get prepared. These recommendations are extremely important. Yet I realize I mostly need to prepare within to be able to adapt in the moment to change. Being prepared for changes, so I am not in a comfort zone, blinding me to the fact that our lives could change in the moment and we need to be prepared.
Alisa_Russia:  @Mark, thanks for that quote. It spoke to me as well.
jeanine_Society:  @Mark – thank you for that passage.
Jennie_Netherlands:  I am listening to people what they say about the situation in the world on all levels. What strikes me is that a lot of people say: “Well, when it is my time, it is my time”. They don’t worry at all.
Lin_Boulder:  @Rudy, yes, dealing with internal emotional burdens, conflicts and pains are also very important, from what I experienced, it is to follow Knowledge’s urge and guidance, take each step forward, and doing things which align with my purpose, and associate with people of such purpose, then slowly life becomes balanced and in harmony.
Paul_MA:  Mark- thanks… Human Cooperation–the Village…this is what we have lost and need to gain as a Human family.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Jennie, they don’t see or feel the need to prepare.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Mark for that @ 11 25am. Resonating with me!
Matt_bzn:  From a financial preparation perspective, consumers are being encouraged to fill the void of Knowledge with meaningless purchases. You can see it everywhere. Virtually every asset class on the planet is in a severe state of overvaluation – a “bubble”. This has been manufactured by wreckless monetary policy of world governments. The coming snap in asset values will be unprecedented. If you are invested, think not about the potential for the next move up, but the impact of a 50% loss your portfolio, which could occur quickly. Now is the time to make changes….
jeanine_Society:  I am very grateful to have The New World sessions each year to reread The Great Waves chapters and related material to keep me on track in preparation. It is a ‘reality check’ for me…
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Manuel…In the back of GWC it speaks of learning to grow food. We can store some food for what will certainly be difficult times ahead–but we must also know how to grow small amounts and perhaps larger amounts with our neighbors or at least contribute to the local farmers who grow for many. This is not a contradiction for me but something I see as preparing for the inevitable.
Joyanne_Canada:  Very true Jeanine, a big reality check,
Val_Westport:  Jennie, on this train trip, there are some of us scouting the route ahead, some laying the rails, some creating power for the engine and some riding as passengers. Life is always thus.
Maria_Boulder:  “It will be a great dilemma for those who are isolated, for those who have never built a functioning and supportive network of relationships.” THE DANGER OF ISOLATION (GWC)Almost ten years ago, when I heard the teachings and Marshall’s directives: of the importance of living close to sources of food distribution, etc during the times ahead…I allowed these truths to shatter my long held dreams, preference, and passion for living as remotely and surrounded by wild spaces as possible, and to begin considering how I might live well, in civilization without my spirit shriveling…I have also since moving to Boulder, made a conscious effort to branch out in the larger community, and meet people from all walks of life…and amongst them, to look for those people who are also awake, paying attention to the signs, making changes in their lives to live sustainably, be prepared…and who have skills in areas I do not.”
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Joyanne, they accept every situation, that is also something to honor. The faith that they have.
Virpi_Finland:  I feel the future financial chaos can create very unpredictable results, so I try not to have all my eggs in one basket and have no major debt. With unpredictable I mean really so: devaluations of currency, confiscations of valuables by governments, failing banks, cybercriminals and so on. So I am being carefully open to alternative solutions than not just the ordinary ones, and also being open to opportunities, when they inevitably arise.
Maria_Boulder:  “…Your strength is in Knowledge, relationship and community. All three of these now become primary. It is more important than wealth…Building your connection to Knowledge, building strong relationships with others and becoming part of a community of preparation—this is what really matters.” GWC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Ken_Oklahoma Like you are mining for gold the nuggets are not sitting out on the surface and you just pick them up, you have to dig for them. Here you have to dig within yourself, ……
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Jennie,
justin-calif-!:  -one of my main concerns is the huge amounts of unprepared, unaware people that are around me- lots of people will be in need-
carolyn_ct:  One advantage of the What Just Happened? Effect is that more people are responsive to the notion that were living in unstable times, in existential threat. The soil is prepared, and I am finding some folks more open to TNM as a result.
Tamara:  @Mark…..Moral sensing and the responsibility of will are strengthened and made possible through love and gratitude. The coming together of spirit/higher self and this human being/body & mind into a center point that holds the capcity to view the world without fear, to act according to our nature and gifts….this capacity is built through my devotion to my studenthood, my devotion to God, my devotion to humanity, and my devotion to myself as a contributor to a world in great need.
Cameron_Canada:  My name showing now?
Mathieu_France:  Thanks, Maria, for the quote: “…Your strength is in Knowledge, relationship and community. All three of these now become primary. It is more important than wealth…Building your connection to Knowledge, building strong relationships with others and becoming part of a community of preparation—this is what really matters.” Simple and deep.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Virpi, yes, over time I have removed my cash from the banks and buried it for the time when the financial crisis looms.. I look at Greece, and Venezuela, good examples to look at
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Cameron it is
Robert_Society:  Again the core practice that seems critical…to seeing , knowing, and taking action – “Your study of Steps to Knowledge will teach you how to read the signs of the world and the signs of Knowledge, for this is a very different kind of education, unlike anything the world itself can provide. This education is without fantasy. It is without prejudice. It is without an idealistic view of the future. It is without human compromise and human corruption. It is pure and powerful, and you must become powerful to engage with it, and it will give you this power, indeed.” from The Great Waves and Your Life”
Manuel_:)_Germany:  @Dariel. Many thanks for your reply… it is no contradiction. Here in Munich, I think last year opened an alternative food store, where all the food is sold without packages at all. You bring your bag with you and buy something which is put in there. Thus, environment, resources are saved…
MarkBerger:  @Jeanine – Yes, this New World School session reminds me each year of that deep Knowledge, that big mission I signed up for which is never far from my consciousness but can slip under the pressures and circumstances of life…
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Joyanne, we cannot know that they are not prepared if people just show faith over whatever will come there way
Jangsun_Korea:  @Jennie_Netherlands, “Well, when it is my time, it is my time”. I heard that as well. I feel they are just afraid of taking their life seriously.
Rudy_Boulder:  The risk I see with growing food and depending on the growth is that anyone can come and take your food, from your garden, while you sleep. Someone can clear your whole harvest in the darkness of the night. There are so many variables at play here to just come to a few solutions. If events will be greater than the world wars, who knows what that will look like or be needed. The preparation is ongoing on many levels.
Javier S. Fl.:  Well said Robert!
Virpi_Finland:  I have understood you can grow quite a lot of food indoors or on walls or rooftops of high buildings.
MVS Society:  Self Knowledge must be accompanied by Knowledge of your immediate environment and the larger forces of change that have the power to change that environment. Knowledge within you works in response and coordination to both the Higher Powers and the changing environment. To see the pathway, you must know the risks.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Matt_bzn thanks for that financial perspective. I heard someone say that now is the time to be liquid in your assets and reduce or remove your liability if possible. Does not seem to be the way of the market where growth is always the target or goal.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Robert.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you MVS..
LaRaeUK:  Very good point Rudy. I hope to be able to share what I have.
Kari_H_Finland:  The human cooperation… I have been following the situation in Venezuela and I see how people can cooperate in the face of difficult and challenging and even life threatening circumstances. The situation in Venezuela gives quite a good example how Great Waves of Change can impact a wealthy nation.
Dariel_Boulder:  @15510…I am not suggesting that you become a farmer, with all the necessary tools for big farming, but only that we all gain some experience for growing small amounts from seeds that are adapted to our particular areas. We can’t assume that food will always arrive each day on our grocery shelves.
Tamara:  The act of building skills, skills needed in our new world reality, creates the real opportunity to also build my connection with others, to know my neighbors, to know what skills are lacking that I can cultivate. This road of skill building is also allowing me to be a communicator, to have a greater reach in my demonstration.
Lingling_China:  @Rudy, yes, so right. Even now I see it is very common situation people steal harvest from other farmers in my viliage. so in a big chaos, it will be even be much worse. We do need to prepare on many levels, on going thing.
Val_Westport:  Thank you Marshall–and in taking action, the pathway is revealed and the choices and the risks to be weighed are seen, to be dealt with more action, as well.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Robert, The name of the chapter itself Seeing, knowing, taking action says a lot. I’m focusing now on action part as there are few things that I already know I must do. But you need to take one step at a time, to be able to see and know whats next.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Rudy- I was just thinking the same thing
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Rudy
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide. Don’t ry to be somebody that you are not. Know thy self. Be thy self. Love thy self.
LaRaeUK:  A strong reminder Robert, thank you.
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – Thank you. For me that answers what Rudy was saying.
Adria_Poland:  @Dariel – about growing food, I wholeheartedly agree. We need just basic skills in survival and producing food, because we really do not know how severe it might get outside.
MaryS_Boulder:  “our strength is in Knowledge, relationship and community. ” A wise friend said, when we were talking on a cellular, biological level, what we can understand needs to happen with the situation Rudy described, “You have to make them your friends!”
Tamara:  On this road of skill building, if I allow the thoughts of materials needs and/or finacial needs to hold great sway then i also notice a disconnect with Knowledge, with the guiding force that is centering my life.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Kristina, true, knowledge moves us in increments us a series of steps, I am currently looking for signs from Knowledge on what to do next..where I must put my attention, so I don’t waste my energy. Being observant like Patricia spoke of in March 11 Chat
Mathieu_France:  I have found for myself that, even if many aspects of the preparation for the GW have been with me since years now, this continue to feel overwhelming at times to me, as there are so many things to look at and to set in place, and even simple ones have proven to be quite challenging (growing food,…) and to bring often more questions than solutions. Yet I try to apply the step by step approach, and keep attending to many aspects without having the feeling that “ok, for that I am ready now”. If everything would crash tomorrow, I would feel very unprepared, but on the other hand, I am living with this GW perspective and I try to be available to the guidance of Knowledge in that regard. In general, more than bringing a lot of concrete answers, it is developing my capacity to face uncertainty, to be internally strong and watchful, and to build things with consistency, perseverance and patience.
Greg_UK:  @MVS Would you say that this environmental awareness includes geopolitical and exopolitical matters?
MVS Society:  “Your ark is small. You cannot stockpile food for the rest of your life. You cannot stockpile anything for the rest of your life, so that is not the emphasis. You will need a certain amount of resources available to you so you do not fall prey to the shocks that the Great Waves of change will bring. You cannot provide safety and security for yourself forever, so the real ark building is more internal than it is external. Yes you should have three months worth of food. And you should have three months worth of financial resources at the minimum. Yes your health must be checked and it must be strong. Yes you must be with people who can assist you in building your ark and in building their ark as well. Yes you must leave divisive relationships that have no future and no promise. Yes you must re-evaluate your life, your involvements, your possessions—everything. This is building the ark. This is determining what is essential and what is not essential, what you will really need and what you…
Jorge_Spain:  “The truth in life is that you do not know what is going to happen next unless Knowledge gives you an insight or a clue. Life can give you a new experience and can rob you of your abilities in a moment. Things can change for you dramatically in a moment.” (Escaping the Past)
MVS Society:  … will not really need, what you can actually do and what you cannot actually do. This is why the preparation is more internal than external.”
Building Your Ark
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Mathieu, resonating
rayhobbs_Colorado:  When you think of the greater powers in the truest sense you think of relationships with greater individuals but they are not the individuals that you want they are not glorious and glamorous and gorgeous and they are not going to work miracles through you. That is your ambition that is your fantasy, No, they will help to prepare you to take on greater responsibilities greater service in the world and strengthen you so that you can carry a greater load a greater weight and the capacity to serve people in a larger way.
This is a long preparation. (Higher Powers)
Matt_bzn:  @MaryL – good insight. There are no free markets anywhere in the world. They are being manipulated to convey a sense of normalcy. Looking closely will help us determine what IS good from what only seems good.
Alisa_Russia:  @Mathieu – yes, that is the paradox – we prepare, but we are still uncertain about what precisely we are preparing for. We must be ready and willing to live with the mystery as we build our strong foundations.
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, MVS. Very important passage from the Ark.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Rudy…thank you! I think along those same lines. When we are preparing we prepare for where we are and what we have. Yet, in many places you will lose your home, your food much of what you have because of the events that will take place. Then all you have is yourself a few things to survive and the relationships you have established. Some of us will be in these situations and the ability to develop true and meaningful relationships along your travels to find safer ground will be so very important. Our wealth is what we have inside of us in Knowledge and the relationships we have built in life and as we go. It will be scary times yes. But if Knowledge is your compass there will be less fear.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  As We have said the Higher powers within you respond to the higher powers beyond you because they are connected because at a deeper level you are not just an individual an isolated point in the universe a floating object in space. You are connected. You are connected to relationship with others both in the world and on the world in this world and in other worlds.
Your roots go deep they spread in all directions. (Higher Powers)
Joyanne_Canada:  @MVS, yes, can’t stockpile, In a dream I had, I had to leave everything behind to climb this mountain, it made me realize I may actually have to do that in life. I can’t carry it all. On the mountain I had and empty purse, all that was in it was my credit cards.. and a water bottle, nothing mattered but getting up the mountain and away from a GW event. That dream shows me I must prepare inward to walk away with nothing but Knowledge as my guide.
nenette_istanbul:  Yes ! Thank you @MVS : “Your ark is small. You cannot stockpile food for the rest of your life. You cannot stockpile anything for the rest of your life, so that is not the emphasis. You will need a certain amount of resources available to you so you do not fall prey to the shocks that the Great Waves of change will bring. You cannot provide safety and security for yourself forever, so the real ark building is more internal than it is external. Yes you should have three months worth of food. And you should have three months worth of financial resources at the minimum. Yes your health must be checked and it must be strong. Yes you must be with people who can assist you in building your ark and in building their ark as well. Yes you must leave divisive relationships that have no future and no promise. Yes you must re-evaluate your life, your involvements, your possessions—everything. This is building the ark. This is determining what is essential and what is not essential, what you will…
nenette_istanbul:  … really need and what you…” my question answered just on time great tobewith The Messenger at this time . Thank you.
mellany UK:  I’m feeling increasingly the need to become much stronger with Knowledge. There are so many possible scenarios and events related to the GWC, that is is overwhelming to the personal mind. To face unprecedented change, challenge and upheaval with certainty, strength, compassion and patience takes something greater than just “me”.
jeanine_Society:  @MVS – yes the “hoarding” mentality it out and the collaborative model and building stronger relationships (with Knowledge too) is in, in this New World we are moving into…
LaRaeUK:  Beautifully expressed Jim B.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Robert “Your study of Steps to Knowledge will teach you how to read the signs of the world and the signs of Knowledge~~”
DavidD_KC:  “Your Pillar of Relationships must include people who are capable of responding to the Great Waves of change—people who function not from fear and anxiety, but from certainty and conviction and the desire to support and assist the world.” This is a very important evaluation for me. How can I discern fully whom I must be with if I have not fully unburdened myself from fear and anxiety? Is this something that is solely self inspired? Who will understand me and what I am faced with? Who will support that deeper emergence and stand by me as I am facing difficulty?
Mathieu_France:  Yes, Alisa: concrete practical things and unfathomable mysterious path constantly overlapping.
Tamara:  What greater skill can I bring with me into the Great Waves than stillness.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Rudy, Lingling: Food, money, water whatever is scarce can be stolen but it does not mean that we don’t learn to grow food (sprouts require just water), use money wisely and prepare to be able to survive and those with the means to take care of people. The trouble is that our minds which come from fear or hope will overlay what Knowledge knows we must do…simple, next steps to prepare…not to feed the world or even the community but you must at least have enough to feed yourself and some to help others.
Adria_Poland:  @Mathieu, thank you so much. “developing my capacity to face uncertainty, to be internally strong and watchful, and to build things with consistency, perseverance and patience.” – I’m taking this with me as a consistent practice.
Paul_MA:  The word Ark seems very important. Noah’s Ark; The Ark of the Covenant; Building your Ark….Does anyone know of other references to the Ark?
Hardev_Australia:  @ Mathieu_France: Thank you for highlighting “Living with the GW perspective”. I will be adding this on to my practice at present which encourages me to learn and to experiment. This is living with the vantage point of a beginning student of Knowledge.
DavidD_KC:  I just wanted to acknowledge how grateful I am for everyone in sharing. It is very helpful.
Jorge_Spain:  I relate, @Mellany
Lingling_China:  thanks MVS. what has been said remind me of your words “Assuring yourself of solutions is another way of not preparing. “
Manuel_:)_Germany:  @MVS many thanks for your insights… intuitively focusing more on the internal preparation resonated with me a bit more than taking practical steps… because you can not pile food for a very long time. The Own Ark needs a captain who is aware of what is coming ahead, but sufficiently flexible to find solutions to new, upcoming problems…
Douglas_St.Paul:  It seems to me to be important to prepare, but to not give off the vibe that I’m preparing for the end of the world as we know it. I confess to not being the cleverest person at managing perceptions, but that seems to be part of the job description.
Kari_H_Finland:  So we do not prepare for the lack of basic goods and insecurity, but we prepare for the uncertainty and adaptability…?
DavidD_KC:  Douglas, yes…
Joyanne_Canada:  @David D.. I can relate to that.. I seem to be in the same position, waiting for direction in who to engage with, who is also preparing.. there seems to be no one around me, there is no pull push within to engage with people.. yet It is a necessity to build relationship here. Knowledge is relationship.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you MVS.
Lingling_China:  @Mary, yes.very right.
Maureen_Boulder:  Learning about and gathering healing herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies is an area i am doing preparation for time when there may not be access to normal healthcare.
jeanine_Society:  @MaryLee – and the time spent growing food and preparing is time well spent and we can serve as role models for those who are not preparing…planting the seeds in more ways than one…
Cameron_Canada:  @ Kari – Well put
Matt_bzn:  As you build your emergency preparation supplies, you must also be ready to help those who are totally unprepared for the events that occur. “The need will be immense”.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  In the future there will be many dangerous and foolish leaders. They will lead humanity into ever greater danger and despair. In the future there will be leaders who will arrive who could become vicious dictators as the human need escalates as resources diminish and the social disorder increases. Be very careful here, here you must be able to discern the presence of Knowledge and distinguish it from the assertion of people’s beliefs and ideologies. (Building Your Ark)
Alisa_Russia:  @Kari – yes, this is the way I see it. We prepare internally so that we won’t fall apart in the face of adversity, so that we will be able to adapt to whatever life throws our way.
Tamara:  Yes Maureen….a call to the knowledge of the healing properties of plants is also in my skill building work.
Richmond_UK:  @Mel yes, I feel this too, the need to maintain and strengthen/deepen my practise as we walk ‘down’ into the Great Waves. With so many obstacles on the horizon this is crucial, the ongoing,consistent inner preparation.
Betty_UK:  Recently I have been considering certain things, while everything is crumbling apart during the Great Waves, where is the inner strength going to come from? The story of mother Theresa that Patricia shared a few years back, where people were queueing, as far as the eyes could see, for vacination/uminisation and knowing that there would not be enough vaccination for everyone. Where is the strength going to come from?
Paul_MA:  rayhobbs…seems like this prophecy has come to pass in the USA>
MVS Society:  When the great Tsunami approached the coasts of Indonesia, the animals headed for higher ground while the people stood and wondered why the tide was withdrawing so extremely. So what is real intelligence?
Joyanne_Canada:  true Mel and Richmond, I think this school session is moving us to prepare/strengthen/develop inwardly, as the GWC happen with more frequency.
Maria_Boulder:  May the growing association with Knowledge in each of us, ripple out and kindle Knowledge in all those whose lives we touch, so that we are preparing in concert with the communities in which we find ourselves
Patricia_Society:  @Selma – Thank you. Managing, responding and preserving Insight is an important discipline for all of us as students of Knowledge. We should all, at this point, have some kind of system or approach to creating environments conducive to greater insight, as well as recognizing the experience of insight, whenever it occurs, which means capturing the vision, the sound, the thought stream of the insight, and later revisiting these deeper experiences of seeing, and realization, or the feeling of certain important impressions. Either in the moment of insight, or later, upon re-visiting them, we are in a position then to ask “Is there anything else I need to Know? Is there anything I need to do?” Some of our greater realizations come all at once almost in a flash, some come incrementally, piece by piece…..almost as if a pressure is building. Therefore some of the process of receiving insight is almost at times, inaudible, invisible, but the deeper currents are definitely moving…
Patricia_Society:  … continuously. The question is then, where are we, relative “the deeper well of our experience.” That is why we must engage in formal Stillness practice, to get off the surface of the mind, in order to put ourselves within range of these deeper currents and finer thought streams. So with formal Stillness practice, we afford ourselves the opportunity to traverse the strata or field of the mind. We carry resources within us. Are we creating the necessary access for Knowledge and Insight to stream up from the subsurface, to surface mind?The question is, are we in possession of our experience of insight and of “The Engagement” as the New Message speaks of it? Build us a system for Insight and deeper engagement we must, as the winds and waves of the world build and crash. It is a new way to go. Do this. Demonstrate this. Lend credence and imperative to the Voice of the New Message for others, as it calls to the…
Dariel_Boulder:  @Lingling and Rudy…Yes, we may be vulnerable to others stealing our harvest but I don’t think this should dissuade us from experimenting with growing. As we grow relationship with the Earth we must grow relationship with our neighbors and community and–of course KN. We cannot let fear of what might happen keep us from gaining the experience we need for the future. Along the way we have opportunity to work with many others in this essential area. I am not saying it is meant to be a job for all of us. Only KN can say this.
Lingling_China:  @Mary, When I plant things, I feel at least I am doing a little something good for climate to reduce co2 .
jeanine_Society:  @Matt – “The need will be immense.” Yes and the other side of the coin is that the opportunity to give will grow accordingly too. This is our redemption to serve a world in need…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Marshall! The things you have outlined for us are so important. Yet I find myself at times lost and frustrated because they can be so overwhelming. Yet, when I get these thoughts I also become stronger in the times that come after. Hard to put into words.
Maureen_Boulder:  Yes Dariel. We may end up teaching those who steal the harvests how to grow their own food. Knowledge of see collection and storage is important also.
MaryS_Boulder:  About the “contradiction” 155510, between preparation and unbudening. The preparation that seeks Knowledge, relationship and community seeks to unburden the personality of expectations conditioned by past referencing. At times, I have tried out a recommendation of Marshall’s, where he said to try on the alternative opinion to see if an inclination is true or not. See if it feels like a violation,and don’t test too long.
LaRaeUK:  I feel the need to prepare to have the ability to assist others on many levels. Physical, emotional and spiritual and financially if I’m able.
Maureen_Boulder:  Seed collection
Robert_Society:  @Patricia – Thank you for that reminder and approach.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  This is not a time for false self assurances this is not the time for ambivalence or complacency. This is a time to be aware and observant. Take all the energy you spend in condemning others in criticizing governments in repudiating leaders and bring this energy, this time into focus to bear upon the changing circumstances of the world. Do not be concern that you do not have an answer for no one has an answer. There are many answers to specific aspects of the great waves of change but no one has an answer for the entire change. The great waves of change are all converging at the same time creating cross currents and a complexity of events that no one can predict accurately. Climate will affect food production; food production will affect political and economic instability political instability will effect energy production and distribution. Poor living conditions will foster disease and even pandemic. Water resources will effect vast populations forcing mass migrations creating ever…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … greater political and economic changes and instability. (Building Your Ark – 2009)
DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you Patricia.
jeanine_Society:  @Patricia – so beautifully said…
Jennie_Netherlands:  When all is falling down aside you, you can be strong and do whatever needs to be done
Jennie_Netherlands:  It comes from a deeper well
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Patricia…..
Adria_Poland:  Something that struck me: In 1992, there was expectancy of 2% men to develop cancer. Men born today: 30% of expectancy. I have a health condition that forces me to follow a strick regime and I know this is a blessing in disguise. Every day now I either build my health and strength or squander it. We will need as much health in the future as we can get and being aware of how polluted/chemical food nowaday is, how passive lifestyle affects us, I can make those simple, yet consistent choices to build a sturdy foundation for the uncertain times.
Matt_bzn:  @rayhobbs – Cape Town, SA just announced that they have +/- 100 days worth of water left due to severe drought. I believe the population is 4mm?
Alisa_Russia:  @Jennie – yes! This is it.
nenette_istanbul:  ”the greatest intelligence within you remains hidden beneath the intellect, beneath the surface of the mind.” http://www.newmessage….gence
Douglas_St.Paul:  What will the world be like if food is money?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “So far in your life, what have you done to prepare for the Great Waves of Change?”
When you are in your Spiritual Retreat you may seek the guidance of a Spiritual Teacher which could be appropriate if that Teacher is a Teacher of Knowledge and not simply a Teacher of methods and ideas. A Teacher who understands the deeper life a Teacher who will assist you in discovering and experiencing what you really feel and know about your circumstances.
You are seeking your own internal compass now, …
(Spiritual Retreat)
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Patricia. I have now a better understanding of the purpose of stillness practice…
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Patricia, such wise counsel

Cray Boulder:  the quotes that have struck me the most are of simple directives I have known I must do–but have not done–and of simple things not to do. At the level of stuff to do today, days ahead of now, and next week or month really. A lot to be undone, unlearned. My those two chapters in GCS!

I am working on building the Work pillar in an incremental, way; acting upon certainty of Knowledge; I’ve had to be willing to face whats going on, one example, how overly difficult I let the personal mind make most things, out of OCD-like, fake idealism that is selfish and wasteful… I am working on taking action in the other Pillars building, as quickly as I can, I am working to be prepared for relationship and contribution through more participation.

I noticed again yesterday that I do best when the things to be accomplished are done quickly, efficiently, with a urgency, with a willingness to adapt, to change, to redirect my efforts–often to meet a deadline–yikes. Its when I give myself to…

Cray Boulder:  … getting the tasks and then look back briefly at having climbed that sand dune in time, and I am thankful for others Knowledge and my own, and this encourages me to meet the next deadline that is often boiling with urgency too.
Tyyne_Society:  Patricia – So important. So deep. This type of practice really moves us toward where we need to be. The internal preparation has been spoken of in the GWs as the most important part of preparing.
Paul_MA:  When considering growing food;action at the community level is just as important as at one’s own level.
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, Adria
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Patricia. Yes, “Do this. Demonstrate this.”
Paul_MA:  I found an excellent read on Local Food Security at the Community Level: The Local Food Revolution.
Dariel_Boulder:  @MaryL…I agree with our responsibility to help others. Our knowledge of growing food will be important as members of our community.
mellany UK:  “Here the man or woman of Knowledge is not insisting on solutions, but instead watching and encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness and positive actions. But they are not reliant on hope alone, for hope is too weak, too easily shattered, too easily diminished and deflated. Their power is the power of Knowledge—a power that does not diminish in the face of difficulty or uncertainty, a power that is not undermined by tragedy or crisis. They will see clearly and respond appropriately to the changing situations that they see immediately around them and in the world at large. For they are not afraid to look and to see because Knowledge is their power.” ~ The Race to Save Human Civilization.
Ginny_Columbus:  Thank you Patricia!
Tamara:  The decline in the vitality of our food began in 1912 with the onslaught of chemical fertilizer. A quote on food that rings in heart is “”Food will become so impaired that human beings are not longer able to think spiritually. Their brains will become salted and hardened. The instrument of thinking will be destroyed.”
LaRaeUK:  That is powerful Tamara….
Alisa_Russia:  @Mellany, thanks for that passage, very empowering.
Matt_bzn:  @Tamara – perhaps GMOs have been developed for that purpose?
mellany UK:  Yes … it is Alisa. I’m going to pin it on my office wall :))
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Patricia …
MVS Society:  In broad terms, the NMG is telling you what you are preparing for if you take the time the read the many GW teachings that the NMG provides. The landscape is constantly changing, but life is moving in a discernible direction. Patiently learn to discern that direction with relying upon simple explanations, answers and assumptions. Do the work and you will receive the reward. This will take time and attention on your part.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you so much, Patricia. I was listetning to The Great Love, and there was a passage, that spoke “~It is impossible to save them all. But you can demonstrate to them and this will speak more that words.”
Betty_UK:  @mellany, thanks for sharing this, it is so very important
Jorge_Spain:  Watching some videos of the 2011 tsunami in Japan, I was amazed of how “quietly” the tragedy came in some places. Everything seemed to be normal… and then, inadvertently, normalcy was really gone.
Alisa_Russia:  @Mellany – good idea!
Cole_Boulder:  @MVS – thank you
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall
Tamara:  Another important reminder for myself is that Knowledge can only be present in my life if I am moving. To become rigid in any way is something I am looking for in my day to day existence….something to move beyond.
LaRaeUK:  Yes MVS yes. Prepare. Do the work.
Robert_Society:  The hour is upon us once again. Let us pause to be together in stillness, and through us bring this into the world.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Mellany, thank you sharing that quote. It struck me as well.
MaryL_Boulder:  MVS: (you mean or am I reading in something not there?) “withOUT relying upon simple explanations, answers and assumptions.”
Hardev_Australia:  @Marshall, “…….with relying upon simple explanations, answers and assumptions.” would “with” actually be without.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Patricia! Your experience and wisdom in what you say as usual hits deep.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you MVS. The landscape is constantly changing, but life is moving in a discernible direction.
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Mathieu…”In general, more than bringing a lot of concrete answers, it is developing my capacity to face uncertainty, to be internally strong and watchful, and to build things with consistency, perseverance and patience.” Such important characteristics to develop…consistency, perseverance and patience.

Carol_Society:  Once Again, A Few Reminders:

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Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the of our discussion.

THE STEPS VIGIL, May 26 – June 14, 2017.
The Steps Vigil is a worldwide commemorative broadcast event honoring the 20-day period in which Steps to Knowledge was received by the Messenger in 1989.
For more information: https://www.newmessage…vents

DavidD_KC:  Thank you again, much gratitude to everyone for sharing. Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  In practicing stillness in the Steps To Knowledge you learn to see how much your thoughts really do not reflect your deeper nature and how much you are influenced by the opinions of others and how irrational your thinking really is and how disconnected your thoughts really are and how opinionated you are and how unresponsive to your environment you are and that you are missing so many clues and signs from the world around you because you mind is preoccupied and not present.
Here you discover that you are missing the greatest things in life you are missing the experience of affinity with others you are missing the appreciation of beauty in your environment you are missing the experience of gratitude for all the things that you have, and all the things that are working for you at this moment. You are missing connections with people you are missing opportunities you are missing the signs of danger or hazard.
There is a Watchtower there within you but no one is there it is empty, there is…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … no one to guard the gates of your mind and your heart. The Great Waves are coming but there is no one to absorb them and consider them and to prepare for them. This is really coming to terms with your own experience and your own lack of response or responsibility to the world around you. Responsibility is the ability to respond and this response must not be to final events as much as to everything that leads up to them. (The Watchtower)
Robert_Society:  Thank you to all for participating here today in this powerful chat, and for all you are doing in support of the mission of the New Message and its Messenger. This mission will span many years and have many stages, yet we move one step at a time through it. May we see the road ahead as necessary, and the next step before us that must be taken. Nasi Novare Coram
Kristina:  Thank you Marshall for bringing the NMFG into the world, the blessing the warning and the preparation. Without this we would not even have much of a chance. Thank you all for being here and being moved and being part of this mission. Nasi Novare Coram
Maria_Boulder:  @ Patricia-as you say:”The deeper currents are definetly moving”…and when we speak of times of great hardship and shock…when we will not have the luxury of a half hour stillness practice, or of a walk in the woods, or sitting on a knoll overlooking a serene terrain…when it is loud around us, fear filled, or angry, or just very confused and chaotic…may we be so familiar with these deeper currents, that we move with them, without hesitation. Thank you for your beautiful directive Patricia: “Do this. Demonstrate this. Lend credence and imperative to the Voice of the New Message for others, as it calls…”(9:49am)
justin-calif-!:  I have to run, all- stay safe and NNC- (Will post pics!)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you everyone for your contributions to this chat. Nasi Novare Coram
Hyonam_Korea:  Thank you all sharing your precious experiences. NNC
nenette_istanbul:  What a Great and genuine conversations we have now that many in out there haven’t heard… how could we reach out the ends and the far away?
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you all. NNC.
LaRaeUK:  A wonderful reminder Rayhobbs. I was listening to the Joy and Gratitude revelation recently…..we must always, but always be grateful for the countless blessings we’ve received in life. The greatest blessing of all being MVS and this great gift from our Creator.
Ginny_Columbus:  Grateful to participate with you all today. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Nasi Novare Coram.

Alison_Boulder:  Advocate for this Great Waves reality by joining the growing gatherings of New Message Advocacy. Every week we meet to navigate through the pathways to reach those waiting, with Society guidance. Exploring Facebook, Youtube, blogs and more while the world affords us the time, thousands can see the New Message and Allies Message pass by in front of them. Some stop… take it in, even just a little bit.. and we see them later perhaps in this Campfire Chat. Advocacy in your demonstration and concerted actions brings people to a new life, and give them the possibility of meeting our Messenger in his time.

We’ll meet Thursday at two meeting options: 7GMT and 6:30 MDT ~

DavidD_KC:  “Receive this awareness as a gift of great love, for great love it is. Receive it as a confirmation of what you most deeply know, for a confirmation it is. Accept it as a gift out of love and respect, for such it is. Use it and follow it to the best of your ability, for that is how you honor your relationship with God. And that is how you will fulfill the great purpose that has brought you here at this time.”
Ayesha_Society:  Gratitude to all of you who give in the many ways you do: Your time, your skills and your financial support towards this imperative mission of the New Message that is here to serve a world facing the a New World and the Great Waves of Changes. May our support help serve it, so it may serve the many people who will need this. Blessings to you all. http://www.newmessage….ssage
Douglas_St.Paul:  If you can prepare, I can prepare. I gain strength from your preparation. NNC All
MVS Society:  The New Message is here to build strength in you in all ways, not just one or two ways. You must be able to adapt in order to be of real service in a radically changing world. This comes down to seeing, knowing and taking action with patience and determination. You prepare for this each day for the pivotal times ahead when these things will be essential and called for.
Manuel_:)_Germany:  It was again a very intensive interchange of ideas and experiences, where I learned a lot. Thank you very much everyone. “We R gonna make it” . Blessings and Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Marshall Vian . NNC
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – in broad terms, yes. I take great encouragement from knowing that if I do the work, I will receive the rewards.
Mirjana_Sweden:  MVS: Self Knowledge must be accompanied by Knowledge of your immediate environment and the larger forces of change that have the power to change that environment. Knowledge within you works in response and coordination to both the Higher Powers and the changing environment. To see the pathway, you must know the risks.
LaRaeUK:  There is not one moment to waste…..thank you MVS.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone and thank you MVS and Patricia for the wisdom shared today to provide clarity and direction as we move forward and develop greater skills and capacity.
Russell_sask:  Indeed difficulty is real, perseverance is learned.
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you all. NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ….. watching looking and listening, the Watchtower, The Watchtower looking within yourself scanning your inner world the Watchtower looking to the outside scanning your environment and discerning what is coming over the horizon. Over time as you develop this awareness this emphasis and these skills your mind will become the wonderful vehicle of communication that it really is and you will see that who you are is beyond the mind, beyond the reach and the realm of the intellect, something that cannot be defined easily or put into a simple definition and you will see that your life is full of mystery and full of wonder.
Here you will learn to be grateful even for your mistakes for they will teach you and give you the gifts of wisdom, and here you will look at other people’s mistakes which before you used to condemn and react to, now you are looking at them with a different awareness to see how they are teaching you about wisdom and showing you the consequences of living without…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … Knowledge or trying to live out your fantasies and your pursuits without clarity and awareness.
Here you begin to live a very different kind of life, a life of engagement a life of clarity a life where you are discerning the movement of Knowledge within yourself and the movement of life around you. Here you put yourself in a position to gain the maximum value from the guidance the protection and the wisdom of Knowledge. It now becomes your guiding compass and replaces your fear your anxiety your denial and your self repudiation that dominated you before. (The Watchtower)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Any estimate on when the Forum will be back up?
Mirjana_Sweden:  Thank You Marshall, I am going throught something that is making this kind of pressure on me very strongly, intenesely for two months.
Val_Westport:  Thank you Marshall; the scope of this Divine Art of being human is vast. There is the canvas of the world and the sculpting of our individual expressions, to reveal the Knowledge within us. The great artists were not always comfortable as they worked, but their achievements show their Knowledge and stand the tests of time. With great gratitude to each of the artists here; we are all engaged in the Great Work. Nasi Novare Coram.
Selma London:  OK Patricia – I’ll go deeper. Thank you
May_Norway:  Thanks to you all for sharing your experience and wisdom Naci Novare Coram and bless us all
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – “you must be able to adapt in order to be of real service in a radically changing world.” The ability to adapt is the crux of the matter, as I see it.
LaRaeUK:  Beautifully put Val….thank you.
Matt_bzn:  Thank you Tyne and Robert. Great conversation today. NNC
Cole_Boulder:  “Everything is important now. Every day is important. Every decision is important. Your decision, the decision of others, your behavior, the behavior of others—everything is important now. Your life is important now, but only within this greater context.” – The Great Warning, 2015
Jason Ecuador:  Maria Boulder…..I am going thru that same predicament right now in Ecuador. I have some beautiful property in the jungle, property lines are 2 creeks & a larger river, fruits trees growing & vegetable plants already in place. Just needs some fish ponds some animals & a few other things & it will be self sufficient. But its in the middle of nowhere 30 minutes into the jungle. There is a small community of semi indigenous/natives that is a 5 minute walk away but is that realistic? I feel There are many others I could open this up to in the future BUT its in South America, 30 minutes into the jungle?! Im feeling the need to come back to civilization in the US for some time & allow myself to “be with ” the question in allowing K to guide me.
Ilhun_Korea:  Yes, MVS. Deep gratitude to you and Heaven and God. “The New Message is here to build strength in you in all ways, not just one or two ways. “
Dariel_Boulder:  Thanks for the quote from the Watchtower, Ray Hobbs. Such an important practice but not one I am good at. It is a practice I must devote more time to…
Alison_Boulder:  @Jason, that you are putting everything on the table for consideration, even a project you’ve committed to and begun, is admirable. With a GW outlook I seek to put even the impossible on the table now.
Patricia_Society:  Another token related to the experience of Insight in these Great Waves times: If you find an idea continuing to re-present itself to you, time and again, here and there, this may be an indication that this idea, thought, notion, needs to placed on your “contemplation list” to be consciously engaged with later. This way, the next time you take dedicated time to engage in a contemplation(this can also happen while walking, doing the dishes, waiting at an elevator(portable recording device or scrap of paper/pen in your pocket), or in your place of formal meditation, take a moment to look at the repeating idea, image, notion or sense…..This way, the idea in question will not tend to lodge in the mid-mind. Some of the clutter in the “field of the mind” are the myriad unrealized thoughts/insight fragments – many of which have value….Be well all as we each select the tools and implements we will carry in our side sacks and backpacks as we head further into the Great Waves reality and…
Patricia_Society:  … future…..Thank you all for your participate. It is good to be working side by side with you all….
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You MVS , Patricia, and All students of Knowledge. ”Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran: “… calls upon those who practice Knowledge with you in the Greater Community so that the strength of their undertaking and their great achievements may embellish all of your attempts and all of your practices as a student of Knowledge.Today’s invocation engages your mind with all minds which are engaged in the reclamation of Knowledge in the universe ”
Mirjana_Sweden:  Marshall, it is as the risks make me bee in a very vulnerable position, but I can not do as it is expected from me, I have to go in some way and not know what the outcome will be. It is scary at moments
jeanine_Society:  How to report errors or get support:
Maria_Boulder:  @ Jason…I feel you! I lived quite self sufficiently years ago, in a very prisitne location- in the wrong place and with the wrong people…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Everyone else is chattering away or running around mindlessly foolishly without any self awareness but the Wise are alone watching and listening and paying attention. They are aware of their inner experience they are aware of their environment they are aware of who they are talking to they are really engaged with being here in the world at this time and they are experiencing a quality of life that escapes everyone else and they are dodging mistakes and avoiding hazards unlike everyone else and they are able to fully engage with people and to experience a depth of relationship that escapes everyone else. They look at the world to see where they must go and what they must do with an inner freedom that is unknown to everyone else. This is the difference that will make all of the difference for you and for others.
This is the gift of taking The Steps to Knowledge. (The Watchtower)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jason I second Alisons’ comments as well.
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Patricia
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Patricia, Marschall, Reed, thank you so much. It si so wonderful to feel that you are with us each saturday and share your wisdom.
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you everyone for sharing your wisdom and experience. I take this with me to carry me forward. Nasi Novare Coram.
Joyanne_Canada:  oh thank you Patricia, that is a very good contemplation exercise for me. I have had this idea reoccurring and am just discounting it, or actually waiting for a series of pings from Knowledge, too see if the awareness grows in any way to move me forward, but its confusing for I do not know if it comes from personal or Knowledge. I will utilize this..asking What do I need to know about this..
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you dear Messenger and Patricia, Robert and Tynne and all. How grateful I am to be part of this important work with all of you round the world.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Patricia and nenette….we are not alone.
shane_NZ:  what are we preparing for if we dont resist the intervention. I find it hard to be concerned about self preservation when the future of humanity is at risk…
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you for this precious time once again which I only realized after this chat. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  In the early stages of recognizing and facing the GWC, there can be a strong sense of panic and running around not knowing what to do or to focus on. But eventually, you settle down into a long and determined preparation on both the inside and the outside. The NMG is here to prepare you for what is coming.
Jason Ecuador:  Joyanne…..I had a family of 3 from Venezuela living with me IN Cuenca Ecuador. The things they described were tough to hear. The situation became VERY REAL & not just a reality check from a news clip on tv or the internet. These situations, especially w Colombia & Perus influence here in Ecuador, have become up close & personal.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you MVS, Society and to Patricia for the very practical methods you introduce in this and previous chats. Thank you for all guidance. NNC.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @shane_NZ: You have come to prepare for future generations.
Tamara:  Islands of Knowledge among the stormy masses, pointing the way to the mountain. The way to climb provided in Steps, the strength built in the inner church, and the courage created in connection. A deep love of self combines with gratitude for you and now I see my path more clearly each day.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ shane we must survive the GW’s in order to be of any service and contribution to the world and others. The intervention and the gw’s go hand in hand for me.
Virpi_Finland:  “Everyone” in the older generation can be saying a certain thing cannot be done in the world that it is hopeless to try. But among the new generations, the young, there will always be that one individual who just gets excited about this and sees the problem as an interesting challenge and finds new ways to solve it with “no prejudice” attitude. They listen to their Knowledge instead of “everyone”. When somebody says “It is impossible”, this can be a calling or sign to someone.
Carol_Society:  Deep gratitude and blessings to all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone for today’s chat. Nasi Novare Coram.
Cameron_Canada:  @Patricia – your point on ideas continuing to re-present themselves to you is something I have taken notice of.
Val_Westport:  Just as a rider trains his horse to be balance and poised and ready for any situation or command, a state called ‘collected’, our preparation gives us empowerment for whatever may come, in what we’d consider good times or bad. Even were there no great waves coming, we are becoming the people that humanity and our world need now.
jeanine_Society:  @Jason – thank you for your first hand perspective on the the challenges in South America…up close and personal will change our perspective on what is going on around us.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you to everyone who participated in this important CHAT.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Thank You Marshall, Your words are so incouraging. Thank You Patricia
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you MVS.
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Marshall…..long, determined, focused path. It feels now after completing my first year of Steps, that the ingredigents have been gathered and the more excitable reactions are settling down for the maturation process as a student.
Alisa_Russia:  @Shane – I hear you. By building our connection with Knowledge and awakening Knowledge in others, we are resisting the Intervention and raising humanity to a higher level. So the preparation is all about keeping Knowledge alive in the world.
Virpi_Finland:  Thank you everyone
Selma London:  “God gives you the source of your strength, but you must exercise its guidance, and you must develop the personal skills that allow you to become a vehicle for Knowledge—a person of power and integrity, a person who can inspire others and can bring confidence, comfort and direction to others.
This is God’s New Revelation. This is what it is meant to produce. There must be many strong contributors in the world now, or humanity faces a great and precipitous decline.
Let this be your understanding.”
From http://www.newmessage….-life
Jim B. Upstate NY:  May the Presence be with you all! Nasi Novare Coram
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Patricia for “contemplation list”
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Patricia for your practical methods
Cameron_Canada:  Do you think the society may ever have to change location?
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, everyone! I gain strength from reading and being here. May we all listen deeply to KN and prepare well for the times ahead.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia, Reed, the Society and everyone on this chat, NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You will have to leave part of your life open and mysterious. The people who cannot do this will not fare well in the face of the Great Waves of change. They will not see, they will not know and they will not prepare. When change comes upon them, they will panic and be enraged and terrified.
If you are going to enter uncertain times, you must have this opening within yourself, this ability to listen, not for answers or explanations, but to listen to cultivate the ability to be inner-directed so when the moment comes when Knowledge must speak to you, you will be able to respond, and you will be able to feel the movement of that message moving you.
You practice stillness not to get anything, but to learn to be still. You learn to be still so that you can feel and listen. You listen to develop the ability to listen so that when you are out in life, Knowledge within you can speak to you, guide you and hold you back when that is necessary. (Great Waves of Change Chapter 12)
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall & Patricia for giving us your wisdom, experience and your demonstration of living the way of Knowledge without which even with our Steps practice and the revelations we would not have the inspiration that this can be done…we can see, know and act. Thank you all here too for your sincerity, honesty and commitment as students. Nasi Novare Coram
Ginny_Columbus:  Thank you Patricia. I have found the personal recorder to be most beneficial when out and about. Much appreciation for your wisdom and guidance. Thank you Marshall for your presence and direction. NNC
Joyanne_Canada:  ah Yes MVS thank you I have experienced that and had to bring myself back from being swept up by that.
Darlene_Mitchell:  Blessings to everyone and gratitude for your presence. Nasi Novare Coram
Will_Society:  Thank you all for your perspectives on preparing for the Great Waves, what it means, and how and why we must.
Alisa_Russia:  @Selma – thanks for that passage.
jeanine_Society:  Thank you everyone for your participation here today – and to Tyyne and Robert for facilitating this important gathering. Until we gather again…Nasi Novare Coram.
41636:  Hello all! Thank you and Nasi Novare Coram!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you so kindly for your contributions everyone, Nasi Novare Coram.
David V Fr:  Glad I was able to receive from you all today, thank you very much. I’m grateful for this gift of preparation we share together. Nasi Novare Coram
shane_NZ:  Thank you all. NNC
Lingling_China:  thanks to all for the winsdom sharing. very helpful. NNC
Mike_LF_CAL:  To all who joined in the synchronized prayer for water this week, 3-22, THANK YOU!
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you all for your insights and wisdom in these chats, I so needed to be with my NM Family today. What a precious blessing you all are. Nasi Novare Coram, Stay strong in Knowledge.
Selma London:  The NMG can be taken advantage of as it exposes human weakness, but at the same time there will be exposure to the rest of the Teachings.
“The visitors understand that humanity’s greatest abilities also represent its greatest vulnerability. People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer, even to the Greater Community. But it is also your weakness. And it is these impulses and these values that will be used.” The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS, Patricia and Society members for bringing this blessing to us, and to my fellow students for the sharing of your wisdom. Much love to all.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. NNC
MVS Society:  The preparation for the GWC will require many things of you, much of which you cannot yet see. Yet as you learn more about the inner landscape of your mind and the outer environment around you, these things will come to you as small wisdoms, important warnings and corrections to make. There are many layers of learning here and only the patient and determined approach will give you these things. This is about taking a real journey. Groping for answers is not taking the journey. Taking the journey is the answer.
41636:  Sorry, i cannot change my username. I am Ramona from Romania
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Selma…..
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, Marshall, this ties it all for me
Alisa_Russia:  For me too. Thank you, Marshall.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Deep gratitude Marshall for all you have done, are doing and will do, it is a GREAT BLESSING you are with us. Mavran Marvan Conay Mavran, Nasi Novare Coram.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Marshall, I feel like I am a subject of a strong force upon me in the environment where I am and it is being visible to people around, and they do not like it. Like I am in danger, but I can not stop when I hear mtself sometimes say something that flows out of me. I tremble when I come home. The Steps are influencing me, I feel, and I do not know the outcome, even if I wish it to be of the best sort for everyone.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, “Taking the journey is the answer.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ MVS thank you. I must always remember what you have said here and to continue to be with the Mystery of it even when it is beyond my comprehension. Thank you again.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you Marshall for your precious insights…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ….. when you realize there is no place to run and hide either physically or psychologically then you can stand firm and you ask of Knowledge within yourself “What must I do?” and Knowledge will begin to give you steps to take. Instead of answers or solutions it gives you steps to take. You begin with what you must do right now, you begin to resolve the problems that are robbing you of focus and energy and time right now. Perhaps there are a hundred steps you must take but you can only take them one at a time. (Building Your Ark)
LaRaeUK:  Step by step….moment by moment, day by day.
mellany UK:  Love and gratitude to Marshall, Patricia, The Society and all students, advocates. Thank you Robert and Tyyne for hosting today’s Chat. NNC.
Esther_Spain:  Thank you Marshall, This speaks to me.
Kahala_Oregon:  I am so grateful for all of you and what has been shared. Thank you.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Rayhobbs.. Yes!.. be observant and aware of the signs, the series of steps that come forward, they can show you a direction to move towards
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you MVS for the Real Journey.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Your Ark is small you cannot stockpile food for the rest of your life you cannot stockpile anything for the rest of your life so that is not the emphasis. You will need a certain amount of resources available to you so that you do not fall prey to the shocks the great waves of change will bring. But you cannot provide safety and security for yourself forever so that real Ark building is more internal than it is external yet you should have three months worth of food and you should have three months worth of financial resources at the minimum and yes your health must be checked and it must be strong. Yes, you must be with people who can assist you in supporting you in building your Ark and building their Ark as well. (Building Your Ark)
Lingling_China:  yes, Marshall, for the outer environment, sudenly fell it is also very needed to learn foresigns about diseasters.
Cameron_Canada:  @Ray and Joyanne. okay. That is what I will concern myself with for the moment. continue just with the next step.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Yes, you must leave divisive relationships that have no future and no promise. Yes, you must reevaluate your life your involvements your possessions everything. This is building the Ark this is determining what is essential and what is not essential what you really need and what you d not really need. What you can actually do and what you cannot actually do and this is why the preparation is more internal than external. People will do many reckless and foolish things in the face of the great waves of change. Some people will try to move out into the country thinking they can grow their own food and be independent in this way they do not realize the danger of isolation. Some people will try to stockpile food and resources for a long time and not realizing that if they do this others will simply come and take these things away from them. (Building Your Ark)
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall “There are many layers of learning here and only the patient and determined approach will give you these things.” I will keep your words in my mind.
Patricia_Society:  If I had to be in the trenches with anybody, you people would certainly be them….May we all help to build a living reality that others, many others are coming to join in….The trench reality will grow….Yet one day…., we, or perhaps those who came well after us, will come above ground again….In that time, may there be air to breath, an atmosphere to gaze up into, and may there be food that can grow there, and may there by many other species of life to meet us there, and live with us there, on this incredible gift, called Earth…Thank you all….And oh by the way….., there’s a patch of dirt on your nose, here’s a rag….. Therefore, let us remember that profound insight and intelligence abounds. We can do this. Knowledge is a powerful streaming engine, and with it,……we go……
Lingling_China:  otherwise even know there are some important signs but still don’t know what they means, then don’t know how to respond and taking actions.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Some people will think that they should go out and build spiritual communities somewhere and to try to achieve self sufficiency in this way but they do not realize that if they were to do this they would have to deny others food and shelter. For how will a spiritual community exist around such great human need and suffering and how will you keep people from entering your sanctuary?
There are no easy answers there is only intention and the will to prepare and the preparation has many steps which you cannot discern at the outset. You have to follow the power of Knowledge within yourself and the power of Knowledge within others. In the future there will be many dangerous and foolish leaders. They will lead humanity into ever greater danger and despair. (Building Your Ark)
40753:  Thank you, Marshall. Thank you all.NNC; Rose, Netherlands
MarkBerger:  Such powerful, simple, mysterious wisdom, MVS. Thank you: “Groping for answers is not taking the journey. Taking the journey is the answer.”
Val_Westport:  These trenches we are in, Patricia, are the beginnings of the great foundation we are building together. With Love and Blessings to all.
MVS Society:  Mary Lee: Yes without
Maria_Boulder:  SO much Beauty. Love and gratitude.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Cameron: You have to know who to serve and who not to serve, where your gifts must be given and where they cannot be given when to say yes when to say no. You must break free of your social conditioning that makes you think like everyone else because everyone else will not prepare and if you do not prepare you share their fate. This is a calling for you do not look to everyone else you must look to yourself first. God calls to you to prepare to build your Ark so that you may have a future and so that you may serve others in need and to serve toward others in building their Ark so that they may be stable and secure and be strong in the uncertain times to come. (Building Your Ark)
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, NNC
Cameron_Canada:  I feel that truth. Thank you Ray.
LaRaeUK:  We can do this….thank you Patricia. “Do not let doubt and confusion be an obstruction to you. To be a true student means that you are assuming very little and that you are directing yourself in a manner that you do not prescribe for yourself but which is given to you from a Greater Power. The Greater Power wishes to raise you to its own level of ability. In this way, you receive the gift of preparation so that you may give it to others” Step 20 I Will Not Let Doubt and Confusion Slow My Progress”
Bob Easton CT:  Hello everyone. Thank you for your insights. They contain much strength for me. It helps to confirm the faith that the answer is being presented to me at each occasion it is needed. In the trenches in deed. I love being here!
Tyyne_Society:  Patricia – I love it – “And oh by the way….., there’s a patch of dirt on your nose, here’s a rag….. Therefore, let us remember that profound insight and intelligence abounds. We can do this. Knowledge is a powerful streaming engine, and with it,……we go…” Made me chuckle because we’ve all had a patch of dirt of our face. May we be willing to take the correction and clean it up.
MVS Society:  Jason, if you cannot see a future in something, then it likely has no future for you.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you MVS.. that is clarifying, and a good insight to be aware of.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The New Message from God brings God’s wisdom and encouragement and a great warning but it also brings Knowledge and wisdom from the Greater Community that you will need for you do not know how to build a presence in the universe. You do not understand Greater Community affairs you do not understand the rules of conduct that governs trade in this part of the universe which the world has always resisted. You do not understand the difference between your neighbors and those who intervene in the world. This is practical wisdom this is wisdom from the Greater Community and the New Message from God has brought into the world wisdom from the Greater Community as well as the Divine inspiration as well as the new teaching about human spirituality, humanity’s one spirituality that is at the heart of all the world’s religions for the emphasis must now be on human unity human self sufficiency and human discretion and discernment regarding the Greater Community for the future is here. The universe…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … is not waiting for you it is already at your doorstep it is already looking into your windows it is already flying through your skies. Avoid this neglect this deny this and you will cast your future; this is how important this is. (NM on Life in the Universe)
Tyyne_Society:  And be thank the person that handed you the rag.
Maria_Boulder:  @ MVS, Oh I marvel at the direct, ever so useful and practical wisdom you bless us with. SO much gratitude.
Tyyne_Society:  (take out “be”)
Betty_UK:  Thank you all with gratitude. Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … the Messenger calls those to gather with him at certain times, so that he can impart the Presence and the Remembrance, and so that you, who feel so called, can recognize you are not alone and that relationships of true meaning are there not in just in one person only but all around you as you gather in the Circle of The Messenger. (The Remembrance)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you. … . Nasi Novare Coram
40753:  Yes: thank you for the rag….Thank you, Patricia.: Rose Netherlands
Howard Boulder:  So nice to with you all today, NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Even if you are entirely alone and have not found your true companions in the world … you will feel that you are known and supported, that your life is valued for reasons that you cannot invent, but which live intrinsically within you. You will know this with the Remembrance, and the Remembrance will grow as you proceed in receiving God’s great Revelation for the world.
Bob Easton CT:  I see the waves churning the political system here in the States, as I’m sure is happening in many other nations. I used to get high blood pressure just from reading the news, but the Steps have shown me what it means to “look objectively” at the situation, confirmed by low blood pressure. Much gratitude for that.
mellany UK:  Resonating, Bob!
Dominic_UK:  Thank you everyone for what you have given. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
MVS Society:  Yes Lingling. Watch for the signs from the world, but wait to make conclusions. In this way, over time, you will be able to see the big picture. Real wisdom does not come all at once, but in stages.
Val_Westport:  It is such a Blessing to have this clearing in the forest where we can gather in affinity and advance our studenthood in the Presence of the Teachers, the Messenger and his family, the Society, each other, and Very God. With gratitude!
MaryS_Boulder:  In terms ofI journaling, I want to mention the CamScanner app that turns a photo of a document into a pdf. I really like small (5″ x 8″) moleskin journals to track the different corridors of each School session, and am now finding a happy return to writing out the glimmers and insights by hand, pen and paper, after long-time reluctance and difficulty on paper.
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thanks Mary, going back to capturing insights. Being able to to have all my journals in digital form will help tremendously.
Bob Easton CT:  Yes, I’m returning to the pen and papers thing… specially handy at night when thoughts come in unannounced.

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  1. Alisa Posted on March 26, 2017 at 9:46 am

    I was listening to “THe Art of Seeing” while out walking this morning and it struck me that this is the practice I need to develop to prepare myself for the Great Waves of Change. This is the way to be able to discern what is coming over the horizon. I wish to cultivate this art and practice it every day. This is a skill I need to develop in my life.

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