Campfire Chat March 18, 2017

 Ellen_Society:  Before we begin the CHAT, I would like to post some quotes from Marshall at the last chat:

“Building the Four Pillars of your life is not just for personal enhancement. It is your vessel for the stormy seas ahead.”

“There is no running away from the Great Waves of Change. See this as a great motivator for you to take the Steps to Knowledge and to build a solid foundation for the future. Life is telling you to awaken from your dreams of happiness and despair to meet life head on. It doesn’t matter when the seas will rise. It only matters what you do today, tomorrow and each day to follow. “

“Make your energy footprint small. Build your financial foundation and work Pillar. Make sure you are in the right place with the right people for the right purpose.”

“Many things can produce sadness. Ask yourself, ‘is there something I need to know here?’ There may or may not be an answer to this.”

“Every time we gather here in the Chat or in person, we become stronger.”

“Knowledge needs me to…

Ellen_Society:  … prepare to be able to be of greater service.”

“My prayer to Heaven: “Give me strength, wisdom and courage.”

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Darlene_Society:  As the hour strikes for us around the globe, let us share a stillness moment with the Messenger and each other to prepare for our study together in this amazing sacred School environment.
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Ellen_Society:  Welcome to all of you who are gathering around this deep well of truth and inspiration from the New Message. It is a well that will never dry up. It is available to us now, and will be here for future generations. Yet we are among the first to drink of its life-giving waters.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
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Surina_Calif.:  Good Day. Everyone. Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram.
Darlene_Society:  Welcome everyone to Week Three of the first month of this session where we are facing The New World together. In Month One, we are asked to begin The Deep Evaluation practice, a core aspect of preparing for The New World and for a life of higher purpose, in general. Without this, we will be taken by surprise and lose our center in this crashing world. We need this deep evaluation to get into the clear and contribute what we have brought for these times.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  A great spirit is here to do great things it is connected to bigger things. So Steps to Knowledge begins to connect you with bigger things in the world and it is a very natural development because it is all coming from Knowledge within you.
It is like Steps to Knowledge is, well, helping you give birth to something bigger it is like the midwife for gaining your true creation. You are pregnant with this creation but you cannot give birth to it. It creates a pressure for you, you carry it around and as it grows bigger it becomes more of a burden but you need help delivering it Steps to Knowledge is like the delivery mechanism Steps to Knowledge and the people who can take the journey with you who really enable you to come through. (Taking The Steps to Knowledge)
30332:  @kelvin, following your instructions (7:51) my PM is now working, THANK’s!
nenette_istanbul:  Hello fellow students… Great to be with you all. Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Jeanne -Boulder:  Good day to all,
Darlene_Society:  Let’s begin with the first question: The Deep Evaluation includes the opportunity to consider whether the Great Waves of change may have an effect upon your career, work pillar and financial condition and their prospects. Has anything come up for you in this regard?
Nicholas_Australia:  @Darlene I have pulled back from additional pursuits. And simplified my life.
MarkBerger:  @Dar – Regarding finances and the great waves, the challenge will be how to lose the least.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You are going to need a tremendous amount of energy in the future, and you must gather your resources together. You must gather your strength and build your focus. (The Deep Evaluation)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Darlene-for me The GWOC and seeing what is coming over the horizon is work in progress. I am still in the process and will be for the rest of my life to learn how to learn. This I feel has much to do with the unburdening of my past ideals and beliefs etc. Yet as I continue to do the work in The Way of Knowledge I am becoming more clear little by little in time. The “musts” are everywhere for us to see and act upon. Yet this is easier said then done. Knowledge is still and the more I become still, focused and consistent in my practice the more I am learning about myself. others and the world and how important humility, honesty and compassion become. The journey up the mountain is not for the faint of heart! It takes WORK and consistency. Yet the gifts, like the well they come from cannot be exhausted!
Nicholas_Australia:  @Darlene I was challenged to drop something I was clinging to. When I listened and saw the direction was coming from knowledge, with the support of the Message I had the courage to do it. Its made a huge difference to everything.
No Labels_NC:  @ kelvin I followed your instructions and it did not work. I even tried allowing pop ups for all sights.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Regarding relationships that you choose and select for yourself, you must evaluate each one: “Is this relationship strengthening me or weakening me? Is this person moving in the direction that I must move? Do we have a greater destiny together, or should I release this person to follow their own journey in life?” (The Deep Evaluation)
Raoul_Australia:  I made sure I have no debts, my old ‘corporate’ career is already over, a few years ago I was going to start a company to distribute a hi-tech solution and thank God something held me back…then I realized that ‘that’ career is over and that I have provided enough to my family (they agree), that I have enough to survive, that I owe nothing to anyone, that I have to continue my NM work more than ever. I really do not know what work I will do in the GW times, I am a jack of many trades, I build, fix, modify and make simple things…but at the moment if I imagine what work I will do I risk plunging into wishful thinking.
René_Qc:  I think that reagarding providership in the future, skills are more important than social position.
Nicholas_Australia:  @Raoul … I relate
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You will need strong companions. You cannot afford to have detractors in your life. You can learn from their challenges, but if you associate with them closely, you will lose ground to them. ….”you have no neutral relationships, for every one of them is either helping you or hindering you and holding you back. You are either gaining strength or losing strength in every one of these relationships. ” (The Deep Evaluation)
Serena_Montreal:  The work pillar has been a major focus for me especially as a young person. It feels completely consequential in determining whether i will be able to serve others and the New Message in a greater way. Having been pretty immersed in building this pillar for the past year and a half through school and work, I’ve realized how crucial it is. Yes, for a having a future career but also in terms of building endurance, capacity, character and strength. The process feels as important as the outcome will be. Even though i cannot fully see whats ahead. Step 52 in CT really captures this. “My spiritual advancement will fail if my other pillars are not built.”
Raoul_Australia:  thanks Nicholas
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you dear Ellen for that beautiful metaphor of the ‘well that will never dry up’. It is beautiful and so inspiring–and we are the first to drink from it! Yes…
Lin_Boulder:  “You are going to need a tremendous amount of energy in the future, and you must gather your resources together. ” -The Deep Evaluation, GWC I remembered I was struck by this when reading the chapter. Gather resources including time, energy and financial resources, and become focused. This is what I am focusing on.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Mark, I hear you about finances and if it cannot be helped how then do I proceed with a lot less?
René_Qc:  i had the opportunity to step out of a work that is not very valued right now but offers me tremendous practice to go towards something that would offer me the opposite. I am happy that i can see clearly and take the obvious choice, even if it keeps me restrained for now.
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Darlen, what comes up for me regarding the Great waves of Change and the impact on career, work and financial stability is asking myself, “If people are already squeezed and limited in their job and resources, how will their life and circumstances be impacted even more given the Great Waves of Change?” This thought allows me to be compassionate towards the condition of others, but also gives me a greater incentive to prepare and be ready.
Angela_PA_US:  Dar, I’m looking more closely, asking deeper questions, trying to as honest as possible with myself. In doing this I have seen areas in which I thought I was prepared look woefully unprepared. I’m seeing from different angles. The cup looks very different from the bottom than the top.
Alison_Boulder:  The word “overcommit” in the Deep Evaluation chapter stands out to me regarding employment, because I have had a habit of considering things final and solid when really, continual movement is called for in my relationship to work. A preparedness in my work means being adaptable, keeping my eyes open for a fall-back job given governmental funding changes, seeking new skills and not letting my resume get dusty, and following Great Waves guidelines for conserving resources and keeping a cash fund. Suddenly that classic interview question of “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” doesn’t sound so funny. I take inspiration from those who look over the horizon that far.
Shirley-co:  Hi everyone
Selma London:  Speaking of Great Waves, well, really I didn’t give myself to the NMG; I discovered that I’d already given myself. It as one of the first things I tearfully said to MVS when I first met him at the Sanctuary in Boulder, that I’d gone to the toilet to cry and then realised there was nothing to cry about because I’d already given myself to this – it was already done (even though I didn’t quite understand it in the way I do now at the time). So it’s taken me 4 years to digest that.
Tyler_KY:  @Serena – I relate to that. “The process feels as important as the outcome will be.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Direct experience is the best teacher …. to go from within to without is very humbling …
nenette_istanbul:  O yes Darlene…the Great Waves of change have an effect here on our situation as migrant workers over seas…financially, many foreign employers left leaving un-employed employees, some had reduced incomes, and many couldn’t find a job, some could not paid bills, the prices going high, no jobs, we help what ever we could to sustain those in needs, present situation here quite debatable …we have a referendum on April 16. May God Blessed Turkey.
MarkBerger:  @MaryL and @Raoul – Yes, learning to live with less new stuff and knowing how to repair, re-use and scavenge things will help our personal minds adjust to the shocks of loss.
Ellen_Society:  @ Nenette_ We are aware of your situation, and we send our support as you navigate those difficult waters.
Richmond_UK:  @Darlene what comes up for me is the effect Brexit has had on my business and others in the UK. This Wave has certainly been detrimental for me and has far reaching implications for the UK economy and there is still so much uncertainty. Prior to this, things were more stable.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Darlene…I have been caught off guard by GW of illness that are crashing around me and requiring my help and ability to stay calm and patient. I realize that my foundation in KN is not strong enough yet. What does this mean when the ‘greater waves’ come in? This has been a wake up call for me and really presents a MUST that demands a stronger connection to KN and to my practice. I am reminded of the Teachers often saying “You cannot be playing around in the GWs.” These times and those to come require great strength.
Debbie_MI:  What came up for me is how important it is to be consistent in practicing the Deep Evaluation over time. Also what came up for me is that ongoing work on the Four Pillars is a must because it involves ongoing problem solving, awareness, and challenges. What motivates me is that ongoing work in these areas is redeeming in and of itself as well as bringing important preparation for a changing world.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Keeping things simple and “downsizing” is for me very important. It is not what you make it’s what you do with what you make that matters. It is not what you have but what you do with what you have that can make all the difference in the world. This for me applies to every relationship I have in life.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Great Waves transition: From milk to water….
cole_boulder:  @Serena, thanks for sharing your experience. This rings true to me: “building endurance, capacity, character and strength. The process feels as important as the outcome will be.” There’s a short amount of time and each day and week either brings vitality and momentum or diminishes it.
Jeanne -Boulder:  @Mark, I agree
DavidD_KC:  A great question I have been contemplating seriously even the past week. I know that part of what I do will not be sustainable in the future if I am honest and truly consider that the great waves prophecy is true. In due time, this part of my career will pass, and as I’m presented with a new opportunity, I can be free to move with it. For me, it has always been “when one door closes, another opens.” The freedom I have now as a jack of all trades is greater than it was before. Now with newer opportunities arising, I am moving forward with what I know will be sustainable in the future. What’s been a challenge is learning to transition gracefully, and not let the old baggage and old ways keep me from proceeding. And important quote that struck me… “Your employment is a perfect environment to teach you discernment, discretion, insight, compassion, ability and restraint. Use this, then, as part of your laboratory for study. Do not demand that your work environment reflect the greater…
30332:  @Darlene, GWoC is definitely going to have an affect on my work pillar. I work in the electronics industry and it is quite easy to see that no one is going to be buying “toys” when food, water, energy and housing will be the top priority for most if not everyone on the planet. I see the need to remove the clutter of useless things from my life as first step while at the same time being becoming much more conservative financially.
DavidD_KC:  Jim, yes. I am realizing through experience that an increase in income requires more responsibility. Oh, how much I’ve grown in this regard.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mark, I agree…one good thing IMO is to learn to repair instead of throwing away and buying a new one…today I repaired Danny’s office chair, it felt good!
DavidD_KC:  … values that you yourself are learning to experience, for in most cases, your work environment will not be able to reflect or demonstrate a greater truth. However, you can demonstrate a greater truth by being there, not by proclaiming yourself or your ideas, but through your own demonstration.”
Dariel_Boulder:  Nenette…May God bless Turkey and the many other countries where the GW are crashing. Times will be so hard for all of us, but especially the poor…
David_Mtl:  Where I must live, where I must work? I have been considering those two questions for a while in light of the upcoming Great Waves. I know that where I’m at at this moment is only temporary. I’m currently taking the slow steps that I feel I must take to better position my family against the future.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I am not so sure that the employment I now have will be viable in the future but it is helping now with my financial repair as well as pushing me to learn about responsibility and community relationship. For now it is a “yes”, while I get my house in order and gain stability with my pillars.As far as the effect of the Great Waves on my work, because it is about products that have to be shipped from distant places I feel that it is very vulnerable to fluctuations caused by the Waves. As time goes on I am looking into other more self reliant opportunities with regards to working in the world.
Nicholas_Australia:  @circle … I guess what I have been faced with is clarity on how priveleged I am in my society. And a burning desire to stop filling my cup and respond to my urge for contribution.
Jansett_Boulder:  I think Serena makes a very good point, mentioning being a young person. There are tiers in the Deep Evaluation process and some of them can be drawn along the lines of our particular stage of life. As I am coming to the conclusion of my need to earn money in the world, I find myself gathering both information, resources and actual items that I feel will be of help to others in the future–mostly natural healing components. When the money situation is no longer a real issue, then the ability to garner wisdom to share becomes a wonderful opportunity.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @David thank you. I see that.
Lin_Boulder:  “Do not seek the easiest job or the job that requires the least amount of effort, or you will simply be wasting that part of your life where work can be exercised and its benefits can be realized.” The Pillar of Work
rayhobbs_Colorado:  In America .. some of us cannot easily fly from one city to another anymore. The environment has changed drastically…
30332:  @Raoul, I’ve found myself also challenging myself to fix things w/o going to the store, what do have around the house that I can use to fix something… since in the future I doubt the hardware store will be open for business as usual in a GW world.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Dar, I think mental health work will be needed in the future, however some of the organisations might not be funded the same, salaries might decrease and it might be difficult to find a job. But I think servises for taking care of people, perhaps in their homes will grow increasingly. Perhaps working for yourself will become more common and easy to achieve in exchange for money or some goods.
Ellen_Society:  Quote:
“So the DEEP EVALUATION is really an evaluation of what you are giving your life to and what you are assigning in life to be your chief influences,
For every relationship represents an influence.” ~ The Deep Evaluation
Raoul_Australia:  @30332, absolutely! I also thought of making sure I have a set of hand tools because power tools may ba a luxury in the future
Jim B. Upstate NY:  The GW’s will create much diversity and struggle in life for many…even for us as students. However, the ability to move with these struggles and diversity is key to being able to be of service to others. Knowledge is moving us forward yet also keeping us back at the times needed. How will I be able to read these and know? This is a ? I always ask myself. I just keep going up the mountain to the best of my ability…learning and adapting as I go. Becoming stronger in K is what is driving us all. If we didn’t have K working in our lives now we would not be here on the chat. Knowledge is working in our lives. The most important thing we can do is to “STAY” with Knowledge and where it is taking each of us!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Do not give your life away before you know what your life is for and the direction that it must follow. If you will follow this, it will save you. (The Deep Evaluation)
Darlene_Society:  Everyone, I am very impressed by your clear honest facing…building your ark has begun with seeing what must be done. You are supporting each other with each step taken. Very powerful to witness…
DavidD_KC:  Ray – Yes.
30332:  Test, am I showing as Mike_LF_CAL?
cole_boulder:  @Kristina – I see this need as well, not only for mental health but all kinds of caregiving. I have heard of the generation of baby-boomers entering their latter years as “the silver tsunami.” I never considered this kind of work for myself but in light of the Great Waves I have begun to ask.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Lin for sharing that(The Pillar of Work)
Douglas_St.Paul:  The local hardware store that sells hand tools and advice might experience a renaissance in the GW world
Raoul_Australia:  Hi Mike, no I see you as 30332
Russell_Sask:  So the GW is like Mad Max Survival Movie combined, not that I watch TV in the last 25 years anyway. That’s a pretty gloomy outlook.
Aileen_USA:  No Mike_LF_CAL, you display as your number.
DavidD_KC:  Douglas, hopefully they up their product inventory to reflect more supplies for Greener living
Esther_Spain:  The big waves of change have been affecting my pillar of work since 2008, in my country working conditions have deteriorated a lot, especially in my sector, construction. (I am an architect). Many layoffs, lower wages, job instability, … I made new studies towards the area of energy efficiency, but it is difficult to be hired when you are over 40, so I am self-employment.
I try to listen to the Knowledge but I only feel confusion. For now I focus on improving skills such as concentration, discernment, inner listening, courage …. rather than studying new content where I don’t see a clear future.
I also try to learn to live with uncertainty without falling into anguish. I think there are many people in this situation and worst situations in the world.
Raoul_Australia:  I agree Douglas
René_Qc:  “If you are not properly engaged with other people, then you must work on this, and that represents your Pillar of Relationships. If your work or use of finances is not correct, then that is a Pillar you must work on. If your health is weak or has been neglected or faces serious problems, you must deal with this on both a mental and a physical level. This constitutes a great deal of the work of preparing yourself for a greater purpose in life.
People who do not do this work will fail, and their failure will be very consequential for them and for others who are meant to be with them.”
-Love and Relationships
“your spiritual practice must focus on building and maintaining the Four Pillars of your life. This requires a lot of time and energy and does not look very spiritual at all. Most of these activities are quite mundane and perhaps do not fit in with your ideals or your ambitions.”
-Building the Four Pillars of Your Life
The road may not be very clear but the next step always is, we…
René_Qc:  … simply must have the courage and humility to take it… that is how it feels to me
nenette_istanbul:  Being a Student of Knowledge is a great privilege to me make me more stronger to face the ups and downs , a Blessing for all who respond to the New Revelation, an Education that could save humanity a teaching that will heal the sickness that struck anyone you do not understand what kind of sickness they got, that all questions had an answer, and this is it, ı am blessed to be here.
Angela_PA_US:  Yes, Ellen, these influences are so important and what I’m seriously looking at right now as my mom continues to decline mentally and how this is affecting me on many levels. The how, when, where of change is very challenging physically, mentally and emotionally.
Douglas_St.Paul:  @DavidD_KC indeed yes.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” .. feed the poor and help heal broken hearts. If a church is not doing this it is not a church.” MLK, Jr
Aileen_USA:  @ Cole, that’s a very satisfying job/career and you would be doing a great service to the world for that. I’ve also felt when doing caregiving that I’m honored to be helping this person and I’ve met the most incredible people who I deeply love thru doing caregiving.
Inhee_Korea:  @Ellen thank you “every relationship represents an influence.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Jansett powerful words @ 11 32am. I relate to them strongly and have been doing the same…to GIVE. It’s a beautiful thing to give for the gift we get in return is gratitude.
Kristina_Boulder:  One thing that concerns me is housing in this country, especially rental as even now the prices are very high and imagine in the future where people make a lot less money, how are they supposed to afford to rent a place? I see things changing here and becoming more of how things are in other countries, where children live with parents in the same home as it brings the cost down significantly. More people living in one apartment or home, less personal space, more interdependence.
Me:  @Nenette – It’s good to have you here!
nenette_istanbul:  aA quote: ”The next thing to consider is that each of these relationships represents an influence. Each influences you, and you influence them. You have power in the world in this regard, and the world has power over you. The power moves in both directions. And this power gives you the power of decision, which can be applied to more circumstances than you are yet aware of. This power of decision is fundamental to your success and to your future in a world that will be impacted by the Great Waves of change—by environmental destruction, by the decline of your fundamental resources, by a change in the world’s climate, by ever-increasing economic and political instability and the great risk of war and conflict that this will produce.” The Deep Evaluation
Lin_Boulder:  @Rene_QC, “The road may not be very clear but the next step always is” thank you for this, resonating!
MVS Society:  The most profound Great Waves will be financial. This is occurring now, as economic stagnation begins to weigh down upon the world.
Amina_Russia:  @Kristina_Boulder,,maybe it will make people more “interdependent”
mellany UK:  Resonating, Rich…I’ve experienced similar. I’ve know for a while that my business isn’t GWC proof .. it’s not essential goods or services. Without the NM, I would be waiting and hoping for a recovery….things returning to “normal”. I’m grateful that I’ve been given the warning, and am able to prepare, mentally, emotionally and practically.
Russell_Sask:  The so called Greener living has not been made financially available to most people. Thus a cycle of high profit companies producing green produces are still consuming vast quantities of un-renewable resources to build green products aimed at the minority of wealthy few. The tipping point is extended further. I think their idea is if their personal jets get a retro fit to consume 2% more efficiency they are doing their part to conserve…Crock a Phooee.
Debbie_MI:  One thing that came up for me regarding the financial area is the importance of being frugal and being very conscious about how I spend money. Also simplifying my life and getting rid of excess things and energy drains of any sort is something I am currently working on. All of this is easier said than done, but I know it is necessary.
Ken_Ruhnke_Oklahoma:  For me I know I must continue to simplify my life, reduce possessions and focus on the important things and be ready to move if that is called for. My job allows me to donate to the Society and travel to NM gatherings and concentrate on doing NM advocacy. I know that the skills I have developed at my present job will be put to good use in the future, but I must discover how they will be best utilized. I know that I must continue to reduce my energy footprint. My personal mind says that I should search for a community that is more sustainable, has an abundant water supply and reliable local food production and has more transportation alternatives. But something is holding me back from actively doing this.
nenette_istanbul:  thank you @MarkBerger
Jansett_Boulder:  @Jim, your comment “The most important thing we can do is to “STAY” with Knowledge and where it is taking each of us!” is so key. I love this passage from the GWC Introduction: “In facing the Great Waves of change, preparation is the key. The preparation is not merely about fortifying your outer life or attempting to build a sustainable lifestyle. Instead, it is about preparing for a whole new reality. This new reality will require that you become self-reliant and able to call upon a deeper strength within yourself and within others, a strength that few people are yet aware of. This strength is within you now and has been with you all along.”

Ellen_Society:  I find myself deeply concerned about the Great Waves. Just how will they affect my world? And will I have the strength to face them? I thought it might help each of us if we looked back over our lives to find times when our strength might already have been fostered.

My preparation for a Great Waves future began long ago when my young family, with two very small children, moved to a farm in Botswana. The land was semi-desert. We made the packed mud bricks for our thatched-roof home. There was no infrastructure in Botswana in 1960. Our farm had no electricity, no phone, and was on the other side of a great river from all amenities. Even if we could cross the river, it was an 8 hour drive to a town, a doctor, or assistance of any kind.
We had to be self-sufficient – grew our own food – took care of each other through illnesses. We had nothing to distract us from the wonder of getting to know the Tswana people we spent time with, and the marvel of nature all around us. There were animals…

Ellen_Society:  … of every sort – from elephants and baboons to giraffes, lions and crocodiles. The children and I roamed the area nearby our home, and drank in the pure, wild beauty of this distant land. We also lived through many severe dangers and difficulties there, challenges we weren’t sure we’d survive.

Since returning to America in 1970, I’ve become accustomed to all manner of ease. But our time in Botswana taught me that we could be intensely alive while living very simply. In a way life was richer: relationships became far more important. We were deeply aware of our essential interdependence with each other and with the environment. That era toughened me significantly for the Great Waves ahead.

Lynn, CO:  I am currently focusing on simplifying in all areas of relationships to people, things, jobs, wants, adventures…a slow process. I feel it as a preparation and so that when the first wave strikes I will hopefully tumble along without without scraping the bottom too much. Also I am in a service related job to experience that aspect of our future, but still do not see what type of work in the future will support my financial pillar in the next decade.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Money is a fact of your life; you cannot escape it. You will have to contend with it at least to some degree, even if you assume a very ascetic existence. (WGC2.22)

Bhargav_Columbus:  In terms of work pillar. I find the need to continually adapt myself to evolving changes. I know I cannot just sit and be happy with what I have right now. The era of complete automation and the human capability to build consciousness into machines do pose a threat to future work force requirements by demanding less and less human involvement in building our machines.

I feel like it is of paramount importance for me to be resilient and have a strong financial foundation. This will enable me to be of help to people in need when the times ahead become challenging.

MaryL_Boulder:  “Now you must gather together all of your strength, for you will need it for the difficult times ahead. ” This seems general but it is not. The Deep Evaluation spells out every aspect of what it means to be able to gather strength. I think of athletes and those who run marathons and the training of the body and mind that they go through. But as students of Knowledge we are not just preparing for one run and then we are done. “This is a very great process. The truth remains that you are not where you need to be.” Meanwhile the Great Waves are becoming greater in scope and intensity. We have a great mountain to climb and we must.
Richmond_UK:  @Mel yes I agree, so many people that I see around me think that this is just a blip in the economic cycle. They really do not know what is coming over the horizon.
Ayesha_Society:  A few people are mentioning funding issues here and I think this is going to be a real thing in the future. In my organization we are starting to see the first signs of that, given the current administration and gov’t funding issues. The organization I work for does earth related sciences (climate, weather and space) and many scientists especially are anxious about the uncertainty this administration poses on budget cuts towards this field of science. I really feel for many of these scientists who have devoted all their education, training, life work to this and for all of this to come into question so suddenly is truly scary situation for them. The signs are here already and its time now to look. Luckily my job itself is in administration field which itself is very transferable, and as Alison mentioned I too am not overcommitting, keeping my eyes open, seeking new skills and not taking the 5 year career question literally. Flexibility/adaptability will be needed.
DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you for sharing Ellen.
nenette_istanbul:  I agree with you @Ken Ruhnke
Adria_Toronto:  @Kristina, good point, thank you. It could really mean a greater interdependence and also another level of relationship, where people really need to cooperate, and know each other better, talk more, listen more, care more, work more.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … when we speak about money, we are addressing a very confused and entangled subject fraught with a great deal of significance that is attributed to it—tremendous fear, misunderstanding, desires and ambitions. Some of these associations are recognized and acknowledged while others are secretive and cast their influence without an individual’s recognition. It is not a simple subject. In many ways, money represents the confusion of mind that is the causative agent and the natural by-product of much of the suffering and misery in the world. It is the result of people living without Knowledge. When we speak of your relationship with money, we are speaking about your condition of life. We are talking about your motives, which represent what you value and what you are trying to do. This is all based upon who you think you are and what you think you must do in life to secure well-being for yourself. So, when we speak of money, we speak of you in the deepest kind of way. (WGC2.22 Money)
nenette_istanbul:  I pray that I could find a meetup group here in Istanbul …
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Ellen for sharing your story, wow, what a life you had! I resonate with the lesson on a richer life and more important relationships.
mellany UK:  @Ellen Wow…what a challenging but valuable experience! Thanks for sharing.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ellen oh Ellen thank you for what you have said and the support you give to all of us! “we could be intensely alive while living very simply. In a way life was richer.” Yes, living simply and giving is a much richer way to live because it is more natural and pure.
James_Boulder:  @Ellen, thank you for sharing a glimpse from your life. I think you are right, we all probably have moments where we overcame hardship and forged strength, a good reminder when the dramatic mind make us feel overwhelmed about whats coming in the future.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Here it is important that one seek to develop a meaningful balance. How much is enough? What degree of ownership of money will enable it to be a useful resource without becoming a dominating influence? Here you must determine what you know rather than what you want. If you can follow what you know, this will give you real insight and will balance your relationship with money. What you want here will always exceed your needs. Much of what people want is based upon their present fear of loss, their past experience of loss and their anxieties about future loss. They want to buffer themselves against the harsh reality of life at the expense of their Knowledge, their sense of themselves and their honesty. (WGC2.22 Money)
Mark -IL:  Wonderful story Ellen. Thanks.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ellen Society for sharing your experience in Botswana life…
Lynn, CO:  @Ellen TY, in your story lies hope for mankind to survive by connecting together with each other and in and with nature.
Debbie_MI:  @Ellen-Thank you for sharing your amazing and inspiring experience in Botswana.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Facing the Great Waves …. “Someone’s got to go over first… Here goes….. ” (Patricia Summers)
Ayesha_Society:  @Ellen, so wonderful you’ve had this contrast experience and really knowing what challenging situations feels like. Like so many, I have never lived in adverse situations , except temporarily. I’ve known affluence all my life. Your experience will serve you as a strength to stand upon.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Richmond and those in the UK: I saw a documentary on the poverty level of 3.5 million children and for the first time I saw the faces behind Brexit…the desperation of the unemployed trying to raise children. It is not just one nations but many and perhaps all will be voicing the desperation of their life struggle.
Betty_UK:  @ Darlene, I know my carreer and sector will not be viable in the GW and have been contemplating this, I know as well that now for me is not the rigth time to change carreer. I have not had any indication on this. In the future, many will be unemployed, what Alison mention on adaptability is certainly needed, adapting/navigating the changing circumstances. I don’t feel any direction yet regarding carreers during de GW. But have a greater understanding on what it means to have strong companions.
LaRaeUK:  Welcome Jason…..I hope life is going well for you there.
Alison_Boulder:  @Nicholas, I am with you in this and I can say that beginning to act on it is very freeing ” … I guess what I have been faced with is clarity on how priveleged I am in my society. And a burning desire to stop filling my cup and respond to my urge for contribution.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes…in the world we live in it always comes down to money. Yet in the times to come the wealth will be in the people you know and have relationship with. I am saving as much as I can but am also building my relationships as well. Relationship and respect for them as well as respect for money now an in the future is so important for me to recognize.
Jansett_Boulder:  Who knows when global financial collapse will occur, but the “experts” all predict that it WILL occur. Perhaps Germany’s hyperinflation in the early 1920s will have taught us something, but learning to live without any money at all is definitely a possibility sometime in the future. Service and barter are skills to obtain. Charles Eisenstein’s “Sacred Economics” is an interesting read.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Ellen, thank you for sharing your story. It reminds me of my childhood without electricity.
Tyyne_Society:  My goal right now is to make and save as much money as possible while I can. I, too, see a big contraction happening in health care. In the hospital where I work, doctors have left and will not be replaced. Middle management has been almost eliminated. The current governmental administration’s health care reform is a major concern for everyone and creates an atmosphere of serious uncertainty. If the health care over-hall takes place, more and more people will be without insurance to pay for hospital stays, etc. People will likely wait longer to seek health care and when they do, it will become more of an emergent situation. This puts increasing burden on hospitals that are unstable already.
Lin_Boulder:  ” your strength will lie in Knowledge within you and within your primary relationships and community, to whatever extent they have been established.” Danger of Isolation, GWC. Yesterday, when I walked from our small community gym back to home, I asked myself this “do I want to exchange my life here with wealth and career?” NO. The relationship is so rich.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Ellen for sharing your experience.
Mark_NJ:  OMG Ellen, thank you for sharing that…
Raoul_Australia:  The allurements of today’s society have made the happiness and gratitude for what we have last less and less…the GW will turn this around, but what a great price to pay…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Money is a resource to serve a purpose. (WGC2.22 Money)
MaryS_Boulder:  Americans are being given a foretaste of what happens when they’ve become accustomed to a nice, warm shower and suddenly the hot water runs out, in what we used to call “entitlements.”
Rudy_Boulder:  Regarding being flexible. “Begin, then, to clear out your life, to simplify. You do not want to carry a lot of extra baggage into the future, for the future will be very uncertain in the face of the Great Waves of change. You want to be flexible, you want to be able to move easily, you do not want to be encumbered by lots of possessions. Here you must be very honest with yourself about what you own and what you do not own, what is meaningful and what is not meaningful.”

Bhargav_Columbus:  @Ellen. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Reminds me of the summers I used to spend in my Mother’s home town before she migrated to the City. Not as wonderful as yours but still pretty close

Richmond_UK:  @MaryL thanks for sharing this.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  when we deal with money, we deal with purpose. When we deal with purpose, we deal with what people value and what people are aware of. Bringing people back into a real engagement with life, renewing their sense that they are here to contribute something, to give something of value and to leave an important legacy—that is the emphasis. Unless that is the emphasis, money will be a problem and not a solution. Money will be a god or a demon, a curse or a benediction. It will be imbued with magical and mystical powers, and people will be profoundly confused about what it is and what can be done with it. Your needs are small. The world’s needs are great. When you come to this realization, then you will be in a position to give and to recognize what you have to give. It will be pulled out of you. (WG2.22 Money)
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all nnc. Did I miss the chat today?
Lin_Boulder:  @Rudy, what a freedom it is to live according to what we need, no what we want.
Kristina_Boulder:  “The truth is you are not where you need to be in life, and you know this, and that is why you are uncomfortable. Do not try to get rid of the discomfort, for it is a sign within you that your life must move, that there is change that must be brought about, and that you must do it. Allow yourself to be with the discomfort. Feel it. See what it is telling you. See where it is taking you. Where are the points of discomfort? Where is the lie being lived in your life? What are the mistruths you are telling yourself about your relationship with this person, this place or this thing?” The Deep Evaluation
carolyn_ct:  Solar panels, passive solar heat, solar showers, HWOD perhaps, on the list for my next real dwelling.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you RayHobbs…Yes, “feed the poor and help heal broken hearts.” But do remember to receive in stillness to recharge and develop your foundation in KN. We cannot give unless we are receiving as well.
Amina_Russia:  The Great Waves will surely effect all aspects of my life,,my relationships are not the exclusion. Most of my relationships, I think, have the potential to be strengthened, but some will be weakened or fall out.I have had a reorganization of my relationships happened not long ago, all happened naturally, on its own, many people just disappeared out of my life, but new ones came along as well;now I feel more than ever to have important relationships, where my focus should be;these relationships help me to move forward, but what I feel holds me back is my own inability to open up truly for these relationships, to do my part in these relationships,to cultivate these relationships, this is something I should work more.( as it says in the Deep Evaluation:’…but how you engage with them will make a big difference in the impact they will have upon your life’
nenette_istanbul:  I think for every locality, city or zone must start in barter trade the ancient way, this will less the used of money….just an opinion … but still money is…
Darlene_Society:  Oh Tonia, yes the time change! But you are here now…
Anna_Boulder:  Thanks for that poignant quote, Kristina.
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh. Okay, yes I am here. Thank you, Darlene
Jansett_Boulder:  @MaryS, good point about the cold showers. We know that extreme circumstances will call out of us what we are meant to give, but there is such wisdom in anticipating those circumstances and bracing oneself so the shock is not so acute. From Chapter 13 of GWC: “You will need to reach a vantage point where you can see clearly the land surrounding you, the circumstances of your life and the greater circumstances of the world—circumstances that you cannot afford now to avoid or to deny, circumstances that you cannot hide from or seek escape from, circumstances that will determine your future and circumstances that can call out of you the greater gifts that God has sent you into the world to give. This will require a tremendous shift in you, a shift that will happen gradually, a great turning of your life from one of selfish indulgence and fearful attitudes to one of greater strength and objectivity and greater service to others.”
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Ellen, your time in Botswana reminds the memories of my childhood.
Ayesha_Society:  @MaryS: I had this exact experience you mentioned. When I was living in Indonesia for 6 months for my work, warm water is a luxury and entitlement. I didn’t have comfortable warm shower the entire time I was there and I realized how much I’ve taken this for granted all my life.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Years ago I decided to do a bike trip to raise awareness for the plight of the homeless and to raise money for a shelter so we did a bike trip across our country to do that. We were homeless by choice to experience what it was like to be homeless for 6 months. What an experience. We were helped by many people and helped them in return. It was as Ellen has said a “rich” experience. Seeing the towns and cities where people lived and struggled was 1of the experiences among so many others guiding me to the NM. The most important thing that came from doing this was seeing and developing relationships with others. I feel this is one of the important things to be with in times to come.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Jansett. I have been considering “Sacred Economics” for some time. Good to hear you suggest it. As I work with the Local Food Revolution I become more and more aware of the need to invest monies in our local food system–so we may have food locally for a GW future.
23409:  @ Kristina: such critical questions to pose and continue to be with as we prepare for a future so unlike the present, a future that we don’t even know yet….”Where are the points of discomfort? Where is the lie being lived in your life? What are the mistruths you are telling yourself about your relationship with this person, this place or this thing?”
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kristina: Housing now and as it has been will change in the GWC. I did not grow up having my own room or even my own bed. I look at how I live now and know that everything will change even if I strive to live simply.I am still surrounded and tempted by the affluence and abundance here whether it is my food, clothes or housing. Learning to see beyond the physical appearance is necessary in order to prepare for the future. Thank God for the New Message is my mantra these days otherwise I would fall into despair, gloom or anger.
MVS Society:  Financial collapse will most likely be incremental and erosive with some serious declines along the way. Even if those declines are years away, you prepare for them now. Remember: “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Arc.”
Mark_NJ:  The changing world to come will enrich peoples lives for the better…you can see that in all this sharing that were doing….Letting go of the present “norms” and enjoying the simplicity to come and richness of life’s connections should be a Joy, not an anxiety.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you to this quote:”The great evaluation begins with taking stock of where you are now—how you spend your time, your energy, your focus and your interests. Where is your life being given away? What is it being focused upon? Where is it being assigned? You only have so much energy in the day, so much time in the day, so much space within your mind to consider things. Where is that all going now? What are you doing? Who are you with? What are your priorities? Where are you gaining energy in your life, and where are you losing it? And to whom are you losing it, and to what are you losing it? Where do you feel certainty, and where do you feel uncertain? What relationships are you in now that give you a sense of certainty and direction? And which relationships cloud that certainty or obstruct it completely?”
Selma London:  MaryL, I’m in the part of the UK with the highest child poverty, but it’s also the richest, with the Tower of London and Canary Wharf financial district.
Virgie_near Seattle:  I am facing leaving behind my current career, not because I think it will be unviable in face of the GW but because I have been a Christian pastor and I’m seeing now that what I was offering people was a paltry distortion in comparison with what is available now in the NM. I can’t keep peddling sugar pills when the need for strong medicine is so great, and growing in the world …
Becky_IL:  In permaculture, we talk about developing other forms of capital, thereby offsetting the need for only financial capital. Do you have Living Capital (good soil, perennial plants?) Experiential Capital (do you know how to grow food, fix things) Intellectual Capital (reasoning skills, thinking, access to information) Cultural Capital (self directed arts, music, local customs) Spiritual Capital (Knowledge, how do you renew your spirit?) Social Capital (friends, connections, support) Material Capital ( tools, equipment, a home, machinery) What’s the deep evaluation of each of these areas?
justin-calif-!:  Considering that all paper currencies eventually become worthless, investing in your personal skills, and tools to help you survive and be self sufficient is a good idea- chickens and seeds may be part of tomorrows currencies- (and maybe some old silver dimes for bartering-)
Nicholas_Australia:  @Alison Boulder: Yes, It sure is.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thank you, Becky, for these valuable questions.
MVS Society:  Assuring yourself of solutions is another way of not preparing. The NMG is here to make you strong on all fronts, no matter what is coming over the horizon beyond what you can see today.
Raoul_Australia:  Yesterday we had 12 people from our street here for a little get-together, good people, I don’t know if this is the community I am destined to be with while facing the GW, but wouldn’t mind if it were so. I discovered one friend makes his own cheese and salami and we agreed to do some bartering…I will give him fish.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The world has many problems, and it calls for selfless action. However, you must prepare for this, and you must grow with it as you proceed. Then something greater can be given to you. Then when you feed the hungry, relieve suffering, attend to the sick or provide valuable resources for other people—whatever the field or avenue of your expression—the Spiritual Presence will be expressed and transmitted. This is the greatest gift. This is mysterious. You cannot learn this in school. You can only prepare for it. Those who have an association with the Greater Community, who are drawn and called by the Greater Community, and whose nature reflects the Greater Community, must study The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. This Teaching is especially for them. These people will not find their way anywhere else. (WGC2. Serving Others)
Adria_Toronto:  Thank you, MVS. I am saving a lot now, but as it was mentioned, maybe there will be no money in the future, or they’ll have no value. I keep asking how to invest them so that I am wisely prepared.
Alison_Boulder:  I take so much joy in retreating to places where there are fewer options, less affluence, longer walks… poorer places with so much richness. Then it is my job to remember this when I return home again.
Anna_Boulder:  One Revelation which was an uncomfortable but necessary wake up call to me regarding the Great Waves (one that I must listen to repeatedly, given the propensity to drift to sleep again) is called “Seeing What is Coming”
cole_boulder:  @Virgie – wow. That is an honest reckoning
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all so much for delving in and being with uch important questions this Chat……..Pillars, how to rate their importance at any one time in life of a given Pillar?? Relationships Pillar. Health Pillar. Spiritual Development Pillar. Work Pillar. Certainly the Work Pillar stands to be prominent throughout our life journeys… very much to be respected, for it stands to contribute to our lives and to our mobility in life, to the extent that this is necessary. For me, this was almost a crushing mandate from Knowledge early on in my life…..”You are searching for something….You must be free. You must be strong. You must be stable as you go, with choices at hand to make the changes in direction here and there that you must make…Search. Prepare to serve that which calls to you, that which you MUST find……Time, Time is passing” These directives and the nonstop feelings they stirred, powered my search to find The Messenger in those young years, but they in no way…
Patricia_Society:  … freed me from the mandate to build a marketable skill. …..I remember, as time went by,,the pressure just built to breaking points. Ironically and finally, with my hard fought new skills in hand a a young nurse, I was called back home. My mother, then diagnosed with cancer, just recovering from surgery and home from the hospital, kept me up all night the first night, She would not relent. “Patricia, where do you need to be?? You are not where you need to be….I know you think you need to stay with me, to see my through disease. You have the skills to do it, true….But no, you need to find where you need to be. You need to go. If you don’t do this for you, do this for me….Where do you need to be…..? By the end, I’ll need to know you are there. This will help more than if you stayed here with me.” Leaving her to face her illness was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do..Alice would have it no other way…”You’ve got good work. It will help you as you…
Patricia_Society:  … search….This is how you will help me.”
Kristina_Boulder:  Another thing that stood out for me in this teaching was when they talked about creating an opening. ” Even if your life were completely engaged appropriately, even if you were living The Way of Knowledge, even if every person in your life were meaningful to you and were a proponent of Knowledge within you and for you, you would still have to create an opening—this space in your life where nothing exists, where there is emptiness. “
Serena_Montreal:  @Alison, I hear that. There is so much value there.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It takes great courage to change, even under normal circumstances. One must recognize and accept the truth, trust one’s deeper inclinations and in many cases give up a preferred advantage, relationship or situation. One must face the unknown and entertain new possibilities. This all requires courage. Yet, when change is required on a greater scale—indeed when humanity itself is changing and you are in the center of this—an even greater courage is required. It is built upon trust, recognition, preparation and compassion. You cannot muster this courage up within yourself if you do not have these pillars upon which to stand. (WGC2.19 Courage )
LaRaeUK:  A remarkable story Ellen….
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Patricia Society ….
Ken_Ruhnke_Oklahoma:  @Becky_IL – Thanks for sharing “developing other forms of capital, thereby offsetting the need for only financial capital.” This is like building pillars for future sustainable communities.
Raoul_Australia:  Your mother had so much wisdom, Patricia
Frederick_UK:  Hello everyone
Ellen_Society:  Oh Patricia, your stories are endlessly inspiring!
Darlene_Society:  Another hour of power, wisdom, honesty and intention. Stillness and deep gratitude to the Messenger for providing the deep evaluation that can save our lives and serve others.
Jansett_Boulder:  @MVS (9:55) Yes, staying fluid in one’s preparation and allowing Knowledge to drive us is essential; however, as you said, Noah preached AND built an ark for 120 years before the rains came. It seems that taking what steps we are pulled to do now in our unknowing is somehow a practice worth doing until Knowledge reveals otherwise.
DavidD_KC:  Thank you for sharing everyone, it is truly inspiring inward and revealing
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS :Assuring yourself of solutions is another way of not preparing. The NMG is here to make you strong on all fronts, no matter what is coming over the horizon beyond what you can see today.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Do not wait for new insights. Carry out what you know to do today. That takes courage; that takes faith in yourself; that takes a reliance upon Knowledge, even if you do not know what Knowledge is. That requires the conviction that what is prompting you from deep within yourself will bring about good for you and good for others, if it can be wisely discerned and applied. How can it be wisely discerned and applied? By your taking chances and by your learning the ways of Wisdom, for Wisdom, like courage, cannot simply be bestowed upon you. You cannot get it from a book, although a book can stimulate Wisdom in you or show you how Wisdom can be applied. You cannot gain it from me, although you can consider everything I say, which would be wise for you to do. Wisdom, like courage, must be cultivated by direct engagement with life, (WGC2 Courage)
MaryS_Boulder:  On Day 3 of the Messenger’s Vigil, Marshall spoke of a post-Great Waves world. ” Every great change has risk. Only the GC can bring peace and balance to our world. Because in the face of it, nothing will be destroyed here. Everything will be preserved; everything will be valued (1:00:00) Everything is a resource for now and into the future. Nothing would be wasted, because if it was wasted, it couldn’t be replaced. If it couldn’t be replaced, then our self-sufficiency will decline. Self-sufficiency is one of the three key elements a race must have, along with unity and discretion.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Patricia what an amazing person your mother was based on what you have said. I know she is happy because of where you ended up and with whom. Beautiful story Patricia! Thank you for sharing it!
No Labels_NC:  @ Ellen 11:35 Thank you for sharing your experience. This truly shows how strong we can become when facing a world so different than we are accustomed.
Kari_H_Finland:  It seems that US has entered the daylight saving time ahead others once again…

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Jorge_Spain:  “Assuring yourself of solutions is another way of not preparing.” @MVS, could you expand on that, please?
LaRaeUK:  That struck me as well Kristina….
Ken_Ruhnke_Oklahoma:  @Patricia – Alice was with Knowledge!
Ramona .ro:  Nasi Novare Coram! Hello everyone!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Patricia, it seems like your mother had a gift, she was very sensitive.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Patricia–thank you for sharing that powerful story.
Ellen_Society:  We regret that some of you came an hour late to the chat today due to the time change.
Richmond_UK:  @Patricia thank you for sharing this, it’s very moving.
Lynn, CO:  @Patricia TY for sharing that important experience
MaryS_Boulder:  Marshall was speaking of our emergence into the Greater Community on Day 3 of the Vigil; however we see the interplay between the GWC and that emergence.
Jennie_Netherlands:  Yep, I am an hour too late
Debbie_MI:  @Patricia-Thank you for sharing your experience so powerfully and honestly.
LaRaeUK:  It’s clear you’ve absorbed your mothers wisdom and strength Patricia. We are all so grateful to you for your service to TNM
Patricia_Society:  These Pillars can seem to collide at times in the presence of the powerful ingredients of “Purpose”, “Calling” and “Destiny”. There can be powerful and painful thresholds and periods of unbuilding and re-building in whole eras of our lives…Pray,we must, that Knowledge can reach us, somehow reach us, and that we can respond, and do the evaluation, make the decisions, undertake the changes and then hunker down to stabilize….It somewhat of an art form, though it does not feel that way, most of the journey….there are powerful waves of uncertainty and mystery that break upon us,… though “Certainty” may quietly be building degree by degree…Be well all, until we gather again……NNC.
Alison_Boulder:  Let us gather again next Thursday to coordinate with one another in Advocacy. Point to the teachings of the Great Waves while your demonstration and experience points to the living journey, at a time of Revelation. Thursdays as , 7pm GMT and 6:30 MDT. Welcome new attendees!
No Labels_NC:  @Patricia I enjoy such a heart warming feeling from reading your words. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences. NNC
Maria_Boulder:  @ Patricia- your story of your incredibly wise mother, telling you to go find where you need to be, rather than by her side…and that you would be doing it for her as well…is so impactful for me personally. Thank you so so much for sharing it…remembering that why we do, what we do, is not actually for us…
Tonia_Denmark:  I have have problems in all four pillars.
Shirley-co:  Thanks Becky, for your information on sustainable communities.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Virgie…Thank you so much for your words and actions. It is so inspiring to see someone who has given their life to serve God be able to See and Rethink their actions in light of this NM. It gives me great hope to know of someone who has invested themselves in a way of seeing the world and be able to ‘See anew’ and open to a NM from God. This takes incredible self-honesty and courage I am sure…
LaRaeUK:  I don’t think you’re alone in that Tonia…..
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you for sharing your wisdom Patricia
Lingling_china:  Does assuring myself solutions is stopping myself being alert? Is it why it is not preparing?
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Tonia you are not alone with that. It is a journey up a mountain with many sides to it. Know that we are going up this mountain together my friend!
No Labels_NC:  Thanks to all of my fellow students for sharing today. Take care, there is some where I have to go. NNC
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Dariel–thank you! This is a challening road for me, but I am not congratulating myself for my response, lol. I have had A LOT of help along the way. And I mean, a lot. It’s starting to become clear that it’s because much will be asked of me …
Jeanne -Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
Ellen_Society:  This has been a profound chat, and we thank you all for beginning your DEEP EVALUATIONS and for sharing your thoughts, your experiences and concerns. You are “doing your homework”, and thus we are all helping each other. Much gratitude for your serious student-hood.
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL) @Patricai, I think it’s quite clear your mother was a vehicle for Knowledge in that moment she told you to find where you need to be.
Jansett_Boulder:  @Kristina_Boulder: Thank you for sharing the quote about “this space in your life where nothing exists, where there is emptiness.” One of my favorites!
Anna_Boulder:  Going off of Kristina’s quote about leaving room for an opening in one’s life: “As small pleasures and things of no pleasure are abandoned, you will find that there will be emptiness in your life. Allow the emptiness to be there. Do not fill it in with new things. Part of your life should always be empty. This creates a vacuum effect, allowing greater experiences to come to you, allowing your boundaries to be expanded, enabling you to progress forward and to develop your true capabilities. Small pleasures fill up the mind entirely so there is no room for anything to enter. Great pleasures always create more space, so there is always room for new experience and a deepening of the understanding of the meaning of your life.” Wisdom 2, Ch. 3 Without the opening, how can Knowledge speak to us and inspire change in our lives?
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Yes Jansett resonates with you I find myself gathering both information, resources and actual items that I feel will be of help to others in the future–mostly natural healing components. When the money situation is no longer a real issue, then the ability to garner wisdom to share becomes a wonderful opportunity.(4:22PM)
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone for your participation and continued service. Nasi Novare Coram
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Lingling, powerful.
justin-calif-!:  A quick reminder- Next weekend, (24-26) there will be a big UFO convention in SF- I will be there (with Big Green) full time giving out NM/Allies info- Anyone who can make it- join me! There is usually a large intervention influence present, but also lots of open minds and truth seekers-
Russell_Sask:  And So here we go again along our separate paths of separation, seeking others along the way, to share the journey,climb, whatever,,Egads. great companionship difficult Journey.
justin-calif-!:  Stay safe, all- gotta run- NNC
Tyyne_Society:  Relationships – relationship with providership and work, with others who we are connected to regarding purpose, with others who are in our circle of employment, relationship with our mental and physical health, relationship with development. Relationship with preparation. All this is on my mind and in my practice right now. Some of this is really honing for the greater work. Working off the rough edges, working through areas that may not serve, understanding where I/we are coming from, our compromises, and building and building greater allegiance with Knowledge that knows where we need to be and who we need to be with. God wants old perspectives and patterns repaired. Repairing a chair, repairing the things we need everyday and repairing our lives to live life that can really serve. Movement here is important to be able to see, know and take action if action is called for and possible.
DavidD_KC:  Big one for me…
DavidD_KC:  “You must learn what you do, where you make your mistakes, where you are courageous, what your predispositions are, how you respond to difficulty, how you respond to loss, how you respond to success and how you respond to failure…. You must learn something about your own tendencies in order to learn how to work with yourself….You must learn to work with your design.”
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, dear Patricia, and thank you to your mother. Surely she was ‘allowing’ herself to be an expression of KN. What mother would want her daughter to leave her side at that time? “You are not where you need to be.” Only a mother who was an expression of KN and the greater Coordination…
Jeanne -Boulder:  Thanks to all students for sharing your wisdom, we are blessed
Kari_H_Finland:  “People want to retire into kind of a listless happiness… This is not for you. You did not make the long journey into this world and go through the stages of growth and development as a person with all of its difficulties simply to be put out on the pasture somewhere.” [The shock of the future, 2011] This speaks to me directly…
Nicholas_Australia:  Good bye everyone. Thank you
Tonia_Denmark:  Jim B, thank you, yes I hope I am strong enough to find the way again
MVS Society:  Jorge; expecting or demanding solutions is not taking responsibility for your life and future. Living with bigger questions and facing challenge and uncertainty require courage, compassion, adaptation, wisdom and strength, things which can only be built and earned over time. People who do this create solutions where none existed before.
Jeanne -Boulder:  Thanks Kari that speaks to me also
rayhobbs_Colorado:  We have presented everything you need. Life will give you the relationships and opportunities, but you are the one who must come to work. And your work will not be short lived. It will be ongoing, and it will be good work. It will be the kind of work that brings into being all aspects of you. It is the kind of work that heals the wounds and binds the parts of you that have broken away. It is the kind of work that restores you and renews you and strengthens you. It is the kind of work for which you must persevere. You show up for Knowledge. You show up for your practice. You give yourself to this, .. today, tomorrow and the next day. (WGC2.33 Perseverence)
DavidD_KC:  Thank you Marshall “facing challenge and uncertainty require courage, compassion, adaptation, wisdom and strength, things which can only be built and earned over time. People who do this create solutions where none existed before.”
23409:  Thank you everyone for sharing how you are “doing the work,” how you are engaging with an ongoing and Ever-Deeper Evaluation. May it continue to serve you and others as well. Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Very happy for this safe place though
Adria_Toronto:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Eron_Boulder:  Much gratitude to Ellen and Darlene for leading today’s chat and blessings to all for gathering here today. Nasi Novare Coram.
Lingling_china:  Thanks for explaining.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ellen and Darlene for moderating this chat! Thank you to all for your sharing and thank you to MVS, Patricia and society for your valuable wisdom! What a time to be alive. NNC
Jorge_Spain:  Thank you @Marshall, now it’s clearer.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kari, that phrase yells at me.
Darlene_Society:  I find this quote reassuring and accurate…”You will perhaps feel less certain about your life and more vulnerable, but this is a good thing, for this creates a space for a Greater Power to fill and the freedom for you to set a new course, which will bring new people and circumstances into your life. If your life is already filled to the brim, nothing new can come. There can be no new experiences, no new revelations, no new relationships, no new opportunities.” Let’s all invite the Greater Power to show us our strength and direction and way forward. We need Knowledge. And we need each other. Thank you Marshall for being our light on this steep hike up the mountain. Nasi Novare Coram everyone…
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL)
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall
Tyyne_Society:  Nasi Novare Coram. Thank you everyone.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Dar, this quote sood out for me as well.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Ray for ‘Perseverence’!
Jeanne -Boulder:  I really relate to personal experiences, than just quotes from NM.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Darlene, I yield to that Greater Power to show strength and direction beyond any preference I may have!
Lingling_china:  Thank you very much Darlene and Ellen for leading and sharing. Thanks MVS and Patricia. Thanks to all.
mellany UK:  Such wisdom, inspiration and compassionate correction, here. This time and space, on Earth, is unique and so precious. Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Jeanne-B, and amazing thing is that these NM quotes confirm your personal experiences
Richmond_UK:  Thank you for today’s chat everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
carolyn_ct:  @Anna_Boulder: That passage on emptiness speaks to me.
Lynn, CO:  Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran, Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  Lingling: here you must live with the questions and not rely upon assumptions parading as answers. The Great Waves will require 1000’s of solutions and great trials and effort. Most of those solutions do not yet exist.
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL) Lynn, what’s up??
Rudy_Boulder:  Tyyne, regarding relationships. This quote has always struck me, even when I read it for the first time. It was actually scary to know that one person, just one person in this world can hold me back and alter my destiny. I guess it is possible that one person can also alter your destiny for one to be in a better position to fulfill their destiny. “One person in your life can hold you back and alter the destiny and course of your life. You should never underestimate the power of influence in your relationships. ” The Deep Evaluation
manuel_germany_:):  Many thanks to everyone for all your interventions. have learned again a lot today…
Tonia_Denmark:  Nome Nome Cono Na Vera Te Nome
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you so very much everyone, Aile Aile Contreyana Misu Veda Misu Veda: “Listen to the voice within, it is the voice of Knowledge.”
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene for sharing “You will perhaps feel less certain about your life and more vulnerable, but this is a good thing~”
Jorge_Spain:  “For whether humanity is rising or falling, the power of Knowledge is within you. You can amplify this power in others by sharing the Great Faith with them and by sharing the New Message from God with them, which speaks of this Great Faith and emphasizes its vital importance both now and in the future.
This is the Power of God within you. This is your connection to God. This is what will fulfill the deeper need of your soul, which goes unsatisfied by all the pleasures and excitements of the world. For the soul needs to realize its purpose and to fulfill it here in the world. That is the great need of your soul. And this need can be satisfied, even if civilizations are clashing, even if all hope seems to be lost in the minds and hearts of people around you.” (The Great Faith)
Jansett_Boulder:  @DavidD, the quote you shared from RHP really strikes a chord. Thank you.
Jorge_Spain:  “When you pray, ask for Knowledge to become strong and to guide you—to reveal to you your errors, to show you your weaknesses and to show you what you must correct, what you must strengthen and what you must set aside. Ask for its counsel and its wisdom, and also ask for the strength to follow it, the courage to follow it and the freedom that it will give you.” (The Great Faith)
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike-LF_CAL) @Rudy thanks for sharing that quote…really impactful!
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you for the quote on prayer, Jorge.
LaRaeUK:  In a strange sense I am grateful for the challenges, opportunities and deep need for Knowledge in facing the GWC. Life has often become stagnant. In these challenging times standing still is not an option. Being a student of Knowledge and a receipent of it’s great gifts forces movement, expansion and if we prepare properly the service we are meant to give to the world will emerge.
Raoul_Australia:  @Rudy, Tyyne, that strikes me too: “One person in your life can hold you back and alter the destiny and course of your life. You should never underestimate the power of influence in your relationships. ” The Deep Evaluation
The Intervention knows this and we need to be so vigilant in the mental environment.
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL) @ Jorge_Spain, that’s just the quote I needed to hear, thanks for sharing that!
Tonia_Denmark:  Than you, Rudy
Mark -IL:  @Ellen. On the topic of living in the wilderness and hot showers – I am reminded of my Peace Corps days during the Marcos era in the Philippines. No electricity. No running water. Instead of lions we had soldiers with guns and rebels in the jungle fighting them. One thing I missed the most was a hot shower, so I mounted a water tank in the back yard, painted it black, and routed water to it from an adjacent church roof using a bamboo pipe I constructed. I had the only hot shower in town. I kinda miss that old shower.
Anna_Boulder:  @Jorge, thank you for sharing that quote. It will become more and more relevant as people do lose hope in the face of turmoil in the world. Knowledge is humanity’s hope.
Darlene_Society:  Raoul, Rudy, Tyyne et al…I feel the reverse is also true…one person in your life (or 2 or 3) can also alter the destiny of your life, initiate and propel you like a rocket towards your greater service…look out for these people.
Ellen_Society:  @ Mark-IL. Love your innovative hot shower story!
LaRaeUK:  That is so true Rudy. I’ve experienced i.
Raoul_Australia:  So true, Darlene!
Mike_LF_CAL:  (MIKE_LF_CAL) EVERYONE! Please sign up to particiapet in the synchronized prayer for “Global Prayer for Water” on March 22, 5pm Pacific Time,
MVS Society:  The Great Waves requires a real balance within yourself, a balance between mystery and reverence on the inside and practical toughness on the outside, inner work and outer work to replace the mindless thinking and behavior of you life before. It is a rebuilding process and the GW’s is the assurance that there is no real alternative to doing this.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Lingling, yes powerful realization. Assurances of safety and security are from the mind to protect itself from experiencing the fear of unknown.
Debbie_MI:  That is so true Darlene. I have experienced this myself on a number of occasions.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Mark, you may need to resurrect it again
Jason Ecuador:  Rayhobbs…….powerful quote on money WGC 2.22. Thanx sooo much. Really helps put things in perspective!
Rudy_Boulder:  Yes, Darlene, it seems that many of us can speak from personal experience and find ourselves where we are (The New Message) because of one, two or three people coming into our lives and initiating or awakening something deep within us. I know this to be true, but I also feel that I was at the grip of the other side of the coin and had to be strong enough to free myself from that possibility.
mellany UK:  Resonating LaRae. If the challenges of the GWC impel me to move closer to Knowledge…then the challenges become blessings, to me.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you @Darlene, finding the key persons who share the higher purpose with you and hold the key for its fulfillment in the world.
Dominic_UK:  Ah, the time change Will read through the chat now.
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh it’s dawning on me. I’m behind time.
MVS Society:  The GW’s will also forge real relationships based upon what you can do with others here and beyond. Without real needs and demands in life, nothing happens, but decay.
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL) @ Lin_Boulder, did yo get my text?
Tonia_Denmark:  There are certain things I haven’t read and understood yet. Thank you fellow students. Bless you all.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS…..that reminds me of what you said several weeks ago….”one moment of inattention is wreckless”. I repeat that to myself regularly.
MVS Society:  The experience of Knowledge rising with need.
LaRaeUK:  I witness that decay on a regular basis…both in myself and in the lives of those around me.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall. Beyond is important.
cole_boulder:  Thank you Marshall. Thank you all. NNC
MVS Society:  “I have named the destroyers of nations: comfort, plenty and security—out of which rebellion against the world as it is, and myself as I am, are submerged in listless self-satisfaction.”
John Steinbeck: America and Americans
Virpi_FI:  Thank you all for being there, NNC.
LaRaeUK:  Exactly Mellany….so many times in my life, what seemed to be a tragedy on the surface of life, turned into a remarkable gift whether it was in unburdening or a life lesson.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  I have to read it again ,forgot the time change.Thank you Marshall! Thank you all!NNC
carolyn_ct:  I must leave you now but look forward to our next chat. Be well and strong. NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  *important too
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The world is growing darker and more distressed. You are seeing this now occurring here and there with greater frequency and if you are sensitive to this and are willing to be with this, to consider this and be compassionate with this, this greater love will emerge and it will tend to offset your own fear in trepidation. All of the anger and frustrations these events can arouse within you represent your own fear, your fear of loss your fear of disruption your fear of losing privileges and wealth your fear of oppression your fear of disaster your fear of death.
So many different fears are aroused as you bear witness to the emerging events around the world which represent the great waves of change that are coming to your community. And what will offset this growing sense of apprehension anxiety and concern but the enduring love within you.
You will want to run away into your hobbies and habits your obsessions your fantasies your dreams or watch movies and watch the dreams and fantasies…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … of others. It is because you cannot face reality, a reality of a declining world, a reality of a world whose resources are diminishing and whose populations are growing a world of increasing disruptions and uncertainty.
As you take the Steps to Knowledge and unite your surface social mind with the deeper mind within you, you will have the strength to face these things with greater clarity objectivity and equanimity. You will feel the suffering of others you will feel the tragedy of change in the world you will feel lots of emotions being aroused within you by these arising and emerging situations but the enduring love will give you strength and countenance in the face of these things.
For Knowledge is not afraid of the world …. (Enduring Love)
Dariel_Boulder:  How powerful, MVS. The GWs will surely shake us out of these–comfort, plenty and security–and the times to come will certainly be filled with opportunity for growth in KN. Thanks you. With gratitude for all you give. NNC
Angela_PA_US:  Thank you all, appreciate your sharing and this time with you. Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you everyone, see you soon, Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  Seriously resonating MVS….
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Knowledge is the core strength that you have the core integrity the core certainty the core power; it is the source of the enduring love within you.
The tragedies of the world will be more powerful in calling this love forth from you than even the loveliest of situations the most beautiful places the most pleasurable events, but the difficult situations will also arouse tremendous fear anxiety and denial. If you are too afraid to face the world objectively clearly without condemnation then the great love will not be aroused within you and the greater strength that you carry within you, the greater inspiration and power will not emerge. (7:45)
It is facing whatever life presents to you as honestly and objectively as you can, this will bring forth the power of Knowledge and with it the enduring love.
Therefore you must have the courage to face the great waves of change even if they are emerging on the horizon even if they are emerging today and tomorrow and in the days to come. Each is a…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … challenge to you calling you to be present calling you to be aware calling you not to cast expressions and condemnations upon others or upon institutions or upon governments but to be present for being present is the first act of being real, it sets the stage for enduring love to emerge. (Enduring Love)
MVS Society:  Read the Chat throughout the week. Take on The Deep Evaluation, writing everything down in your study journal. Everyday you are either reinforcing strength or weakness. Everyday is precious.
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall. “Without real needs and demands in life, nothing happens, but decay.” Deeply resonating. I should look at need and demands with this perspective
Aileen_USA:  @ Mike_LF_CAL, I participated in an afternoon ceremony for blessing the water of the Susquehanna River and it was an interfaith ceremony. It was a very powerful experience for a very polluted river in the USA. I prithee many people join this one you recommended!
Ramona .ro:  Thank you Marshall!
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, Marshall. Thank you.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, NNC
Anna_Boulder:  Thank you, Marshall. Nasi Novare Coram.
Jorge_Spain:  “The great changes that are coming to the world now, and the Great Waves of change, have the opportunity to reestablish humanity as a powerful and united race of freedom-loving peoples. Indeed, it is only the Great Waves of change that really at this point hold the promise of giving you this possibility. Without this, humanity would simply decline—corrupt, conflicted and indulgent. It would just diminish, until some other force in the universe came along to claim authority here.” (Adapting to Great Change in the World)
Mike_LF_CAL:  (Mike_LF_CAL) The more participants the STRONGER impact of the prayer if executed at the same time all over the planet!!!!
rayhobbs_Colorado:….html Nasi Novare Coram
mellany UK:  Thank you, Marshall. I will.
LaRaeUK:  Dearest Marshall thank you for your support and guidance here each week. It so helps in keeping our studenthood strong and focused. We cannot fail.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
MVS Society:  Great quote Jorge: The world needs the GWC.
Ramona .ro:  Now we need each other more than never !!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Mike_LF_CAL) “Now we need each other more than ever!”
Ramona .ro:  oh yes..sorry.. in romanian is like that
Howard_Boulder:  Thanks to all for being with me today. NNC
LaRaeUK:  I can’t help but ponder how humanity requires great threats in order to come together and cooperate and assist one another……alas it seems to be how evolution works in all worlds.
Dominic_UK:  I echo your words, LaRae. Thank you for all you have given, Marshall, you have given so much…
 Serena_Montreal:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram

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  1. Alisa Posted on March 19, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Alison_Boulder: I take so much joy in retreating to places where there are fewer options, less affluence, longer walks… poorer places with so much richness. Then it is my job to remember this when I return home again.

    I often think about you coming to visit me in my rural home in Russia. The very place you describe 🙂

  2. Alison Posted on March 25, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Glad I re-read the Chat so I can see that comment, Alisa.

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