Campfire Chat March 11, 2017

jeanine_Society:  As we await today’s Chat to begin, please take a moment to be with the words of our Messenger’s wisdom from the last Chat:

jeanine_Society:  “It is rare you will have 100% confidence in recognizing and following Knowledge. But you will need at least 51% here to take action on your behalf.”

“It is more important to live with bigger questions than to base your life on simple answers. This keeps you looking, listening and responding to the real signs and movement of life around you. Being careful, attentive and patient here are very important. ‘Like the man crossing the winter stream.’ – Tao de Ching.”

“We are all planning for those pivotal days ahead when we will need to rely upon Knowledge, like never before!”

“Knowing things that others are unable or unwilling to know, is the price of carrying the seeds of a greater vision and a greater life, seeds which must be planted and tended to, to grow.”

Lucille_Maine:  Hello fellow students! Thank you all for being here today. Nome Nome Cono Na Vera Te Nome -“calls upon the power of others’ endeavors in the reclamation of Knowledge to assist you in your own “
jeanine_Society:  @Lucille – thank you! I did that Step recently myself…
Virgie_near Seattle:  Hello, everyone! Nasi Novare Coram.
Youngkyo_Korea:  Hello everyone
Russell_Sask:  A Pause in your routine to Top of Hour Event
Lucille_Maine:  Hello to the group gathering with Reed this weekend in the UK!
Will_Society:  Welcome to the Campfire Chat. Let us take a minute or two together in stillness—a time to connect with Knowledge in ourselves and a time to connect with the Worldwide Community that is gathering from many places, responding and participating.
Cameron_Canada:  Good morning everyone
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone! Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello everyone nnc
In suk_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Manuel_;):  Hi all. Warm greetings from cold Germany…
Kelton_California:  Hello Everyone. I am grateful to join together in service and practice, with you all once again.
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Everyone to Month 1, Week 2 of the The New World Free School Session 2017.
Danny_Australia:  Hi Everyone, glad to be here with you
jeanine_Society:  Let us take a moment to to send our blessings to Reed and the 42-some students who have gathered with him in Solihull, England. (This is happening right now 3 hours into it…).
Darlene_Society:  Always a thrill to see everyone’s name joining us..
Cameron_Canada:  Cold here too Manuel -32 this morning
jeanine_Society:  Today we will look at how the Great Waves may affect the world and our own lives and project that out into the future…
Maureen_Boulder:  @Cameron That IS cold.
Ellen_Society:  It is great to see everyone on the chat – and to know that at this same time, Reed is meeting with many of our fellow students in the UK!
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Jim, people don’t really see or are aware that more powerful storms are going to become our reality. We had those high winds too, 20 foot waves on Lake Superior, I had to chase the garbage can up the street… we had thunder too, and yet today its -20 out there.

Will_Society:  Here is our first question for discussion today:

How do you see the Great Waves affecting the world today and into the future?

rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone
Manuel_;):  @Cameron… cannot compete with that
Ilhun_Korea:  Hello everyone.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ jeanine for me one thing really is with me. One must 1st survive the GWC to be able to contribute and serve others and the world. So my work in the world at the moment is my practice and preparation. It takes work, commitment, honesty and consistency. This is of the upmost importance for me.
Sang_CA_Korea:  Hi everyone!
scot_canada:  The actual integral energy system of Earth is flagging and She will increasingly be able to support fewer and fewer beings and in fewer and fewer regions and locales.
MarkBerger:  @Will – The ubiquitous availability of energy will no longer be available in the World which will have an enormous trickle down effect to everything from agriculture to transportation.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Will, already there are many areas of the world seeing more drought, more flood, more areas that are becoming unsustainable, many will have to leave these areas, I see the future where humanity will be paralyzed by great weather events, and how these events and changing weather will effect food production.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Will There are people who are becoming aware of the Great Waves of change, but who are not taking action regarding them. As a result, they are losing their self-confidence and are not beginning their preparation. Depression, cynicism, ambivalence—these are all the result of not taking action around things that one recognizes to be important. (Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes rayhobbs you can see this all around. Thank you!
Don_Pa:  @Will, I see a lot of confused and afraid human beings who will need to face that they can no longer sit and watch the world from their sofas.
Russell_Sask:  The Great Waves have the Ability to form a common bond for all of humanity, but it seems that perhaps all of Humanity has to Endure much more Hardship before we unite to face the real issues. As long as there is still greed inbred by a Monetary driven civilization it is unlikely that the Earth’s resources will be shared.
Raoul_Australia:  I see the Intervention as a major GW event, it will cast great confusion and will try to do so even in the midst of our own WW community
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Worlds that outstrip their own self sufficiency now must travel abroad to find what they need and when they do to the extent that they do or are able to they will become influenced by other worlds. They can become dominated by other worlds. You enter then a competitive environment functioning with races whose existence is far longer than your own who have learned wisdom in the Greater Community and which you humanity as a young virgin who has not.
Never think that you can go out and plant your flags beyond this solar system that the universe is there for the taking, a big empty space for you to claim for yourself for these places are already owned by others. There has to be a growing up here you cannot be adolescents and hope to succeed and transition into the Greater Community. You cannot be enamored with your own power and skill and sense of self importance if you are to venture out into an environment like this. You also cannot be predatory for other nations are far more powerful…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … that you will oppose you. (New Message on Life in the Universe)
Rudy_Boulder:  Just last night a read an article that 20 million people and kids are being impacted by food shortages in Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Ethiopia. They are saying that this crises has not occurred since 1945. As I read this quote this morning, it showed how the New Message is warning us about this reality and how the world is being impacted now. “The climate of the world will change and become warmer in most places—diminishing food production, diminishing water supplies, creating great difficulties in certain regions of the world. The risk of the breakdown of society is extremely great under these circumstances, and the fact that most people are either unaware of this or are taking it far too lightly gives great concern.” Great Waves of Change. Chapter 2.
Maureen_Boulder:  Knowledge is within me and within others is the only thing that will get us through. Given that I see the importance of deepening my Steps practice and sitting in the Watchtowers of my inner and outer lives.
Danny_Australia:  I was speaking to @Raoul_Australia today and we were discussing this, how it is very likely that the way the Great Waves will turn out will be very different to our current assumptions. Our illusions can include mental representations of how events will turn out as well as our assumptions about our individual roles in such future circumstances. Many of the images we have in our heads about what the future will be like are likely to be flawed. Also what I feel is of importance is to recognize how much of our behaviour in the present can be based and influenced by the assumptions we hold about the future.
Kari_H_Finland:  Refugee crisis a very concrete problem here in Europe. More than 2 million refugees from Middle East have spread around Europe. This is causing more and more tension between the people. What is the last straw breaking the back of camel? This is a very new and unclear situation in our continent.
Debbie-MI:  There was a real big windstorm here in Michigan where I live and there were lots of people without power. I have also noticed that in Michigan winter seems to be disappearing and becoming more erratic. Recently, while I was out shopping someone spontaneously mentioned to me that they were concerned with the changing weather patterns in Michigan. This was a person who I had shared information about The Great Waves Of Change book some months earlier. I do not know if she read the book yet but it seems like there is growing concern as time goes on and more and more people see there is something wrong.
scot_canada:  In The Divine Plan, one gets a sense that all these energy, food, transportation and political infrastructure challenges looming in The Great Waves should serve to mobilize human unity.
Eron_Boulder:  @Will…The signs of the Greater Community Intervention are everywhere if one just looks. Yet, the denial and even the lack of a real public conversation about this issue continue.
Adria_work:  @Danny, thank you
Mike_LF_CAL:  @ Will, The GW I see more into the future cutting off well established transportation routes, affecting food distribution and production due to climate change and sea level rise. With major sea ports around the world submerged the transport of goods will be deeply affected, e.g. oil tankers will not be able to deliver their cargo and the same will be true for produce traveling by sea and many other goods as well. Major highways along the coasts of the world will be underwater and unusable potentially leaving large community’s cutoff from imported goods such as food, water, fuel, medicines, etc. Any coastal transportation routes not above 120′ will be submerged and unusable, I see this along stretches of the California coast where clearly long stretches of highway that are <100′ above sea level presently. It is very disconcerting.
Kristina FL:  Will… as “The climate of the world will change and become warmer in most places—diminishing food production, diminishing water supplies, creating great difficulties in certain regions of the world. The risk of the breakdown of society is extremely great under these circumstances”- i can see these events happening and costing the lives of many.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Action is necessary to fulfill what one is seeing and knowing. Action does not have to be immediate, however, for there should be a period of contemplation. There are, in fact, three stages in the process of seeing, knowing and acting.
There is seeing a sign. Something stimulates you. You recognize something must be done. There is a time to contemplate, a time of knowing what this is, feeling the need to take it into your mind and your heart. Then there is a time of action. (Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action )
Keiko_Ita:  Hi everyone!!
cole_boulder:  @Danny – “Also what I feel is of importance is to recognize how much of our behaviour in the present can be based and influenced by the assumptions we hold about the future.” – yes, that is an important insight, thank you
Lynn, CO:  Just catching up-TY Justin @ Levy for bringing the Allies to the conventions!
justin-calif-!:  living in Ca, an Earthquake area is good for awareness- doing preparation for whatever may come (and working on self-sufficiency) can’t be ignored- it is a constant practice for me-I’m amazed how many people I meet are in total denial, here-
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The discomfort that attends one when one is not responding is significant.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thank you, Danny, very insightful and much to consider in your remark there.
Inhee_Korea:  @Rudy Thank you for the quote
Ken_Ruhnke-Oklahoma:  “The seas will rise. Within the next century and a half, they will rise over a hundred feet.”
“Where are you going to live? What will happen to your ports and cities and your prime farmland? What will happen to the deltas of the world and the millions who live there? Who will take them in when they must flee their nation, unable to survive there any longer? It is this you must consider. Look at a map of the world and see what will be lost. The majority of the major cities of the world will be flooded and will not be able to be protected…” from Great Warning
Russell_Sask:  A young fellow by the name of Jacque Fresco celebrated his 100th birthday last year. He shared his vision of a “Resource Based Economy” in a documentary titled “The Choice is Ours” The Venus Project. Since the students of Knowledge seem to be following a path that leads us to choices I suggest that you take 1hour and 38 minutes of your life to watch and listen to a century old wisdom he presents us to ponder for the sake of our civilization. Its on You Tube.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ken, thanks for that quote from The Great Warning.

jeanine_Society:  A sobering quote from The Great Waves Prophecy, Ch. 9, GWC: “The human population will have to become much smaller in the future, hopefully by human will and through compassionate means. If not, then nature will devastate the human population—nature, conflict and war.

You will have a smaller world to live in. Perhaps only a billion people could live here, maybe two, but not much more….In other words, if everything is done well and correctly, with immense human contribution, you will still have to have a small world population.” http://www.newmessage….phecy

Raoul_Australia:  @Danny, and if we add the dis-info that is spread regarding all of this, it gets to be a picture that is so influenced – so the need to stick to the NM is so vital!
Lucille_Maine:  @ Maureen: Yes, I keep that thought foremost in my mind – “Knowledge is within me and within others is the only thing that will get us through.” I find it’s a good focus for spiritual practice throughout my day in preparation.
Amina_Russia:  Thank you Russel_Sask for sharing, i will look it up
Cameron_Canada:  The human response of the great waves could initially be pretty unsettling in many places. Community will be extremely important.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You do not want to wait until the eleventh hour, for then you will have no options. Your circumstances will be dictated for you, … and not by you.
Will_Society:  To me, war always looks like the great multiplier in the Great Waves. The need to provide for family/community/nation will lead people to fight for survival, against “the others.” This is where the New Message emphases on the Human Family, on cooperation and giving become so important—to recognize people across borders as brothers and sisters and not as competitors.
Jeanne_Boulder:  thanks Russell:*)
MarkBerger:  @Jeaning – That’s a very sobering quote. How will we get there? What a challenge that will be to reduce our population.
Ken_Ruhnke-Oklahoma:  There will also be massive migrations of people from the arid regions of the world where food and water are no longer available.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Will, you can see the climate changes even here in Boulder. I haven’t been here that long, but noticed that we got a lot less snow this winter, which increases risk of drought and wildfires.
Tonia_Denmark:  As we begin to live our lives from our hearts, I experience a shift where culture meets a more natural way of behavior. This results in a new awareness around how things flows between humans and how we approach each other. New understandings meeting old are challenging as this represents a whole new way between the old new way. As we all move forward in our lives, old things in many many ways begins to fall away, deconstructed and rebuildt in a new.
Lin_Boulder:  @Jeanine, yes, this is very heartbroken, many human lives will be lost, yet much human Spirit and courage will be demonstrated as well.
Don_Pa:  @Russell, Thanks for the suggestion, there is nothing like the experience of an Elder to share his wisdom.
Tamara:  Catastrophe, chaos and conflict are arising now and will increase on a world wide scale. At the level of the individual despair will reign. The blessing here is that within this despair an opening will be created, an opening of the mind and heart. During the times of catastrophe it will be those who faced the despair of our declining world and prepared spiritually for what this means for humanity who will be of great service to others…those lost in the chaos.
Tyyne_Society:  @Danny – so true. Our anticipation of how we might contribute (a role) and how the future might be can have an impact on seeing, knowing and acting. This is something that is important to be considered here. Our unexamined assumptions can be a detriment to us and to others. For me everything and everything is up for reconsideration and rethinking. I have found that if something is true it will hold over time. And looking at assumptions – are they operational or are we simply following them blindly? Marshall has talked about taking the opposite position to test the validity of our assumption and what “we have in our heads” as you point out.
Raoul_Australia:  @Robert “…Perhaps only a billion people could live here, maybe two, but not much more….” this is a huge Revelation, it gives an idea of the human tragedy we will be part of.
Kari_H_Finland:  The chaotic wars of desperation are going on in Sudan, Syria, Iraq, and many other developing countries. I have been wondering could these extremely cruel and violent wars begin in developed countries too. The answer is very difficult to accept.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  The other thought that comes to my mind is for the future. If we see as justin has mentioned people in denial where and when will their denial turn to reality? I feel that we as students MUST begin to plant the seed for others. If this does not take place then there will be that denial and “business as usual” scenario. I feel that if one is strong enough in Knowledge and has foundation in The NM with wisdom, discernment and discretion must be planting the seeds now for the future. We are the catalysts for the NM and it is now to begin to plant the seeds of awareness, tolerance, and compassion for others to see and to follow. The 10 Monkeys is an example of what I am trying to convey.
Ken_Ruhnke-Oklahoma:  @ Jeanine – This is a major future reduction in population from the current 7.5 Billion People to 1 or 2 billion? The world population is presently increasing by 1.11% each year.
Kristina FL:  Yes, Tamara “within this despair an opening will be created, an opening of the mind and heart.”- I pray for this.
carolyn_ct:  Hi JimB. I was living in Upstate NY during the great blackout of 1964? I think it was. A large portion of the NorthEast grid was taken down for a significant period of time, during the winter if I remember correctly. I was just a kid. We had a wood stove for heat and for cooking so we were not helpless, but much activity stopped. So perhaps those who remember this blackout are slightly inured to this, not understanding the vulnerability of this aging infrastructure.
Debbie-MI:  @Eron-I agree that the signs of the Greater Community Intervention are everywhere if one just looks. There is a lot of denial and lack of public discussion. Even worse is that many people think that if aliens are visiting this planet they are going to help save the earth and are enlightened beings.
Lynn, CO:  @Danny TY. I work in Assisted Living and everyday I walk into an unknown situation and have learned that the best way to deal with it is by ME being in a place of Knowledge, more and more. Now people want to work with me because I am more calm and decisive.
Tom_SanFrancisco:  the only timeline i remember reading is the sea level rise: 100′ in 150 years. but how will it rise? will most of that be in the last 50 years? i am beginning a project to mark the 10′ above sea level line as the sea level of the near future, but when will that be? 2050? 2080? if anyone can send a link to good sea level rise info you can email me at [email protected] thanks.
David V Fr:  I do find that the changes that are taking place have already impacted my life, my circumstances, and opportunities greatly. There is such a loss of freedom already (to move, to do etc…). Everything is going down rapidly yet many are in denial like someone else said.
Kristina_Boulder:  I remember reading somewhere in Allies that the situation might become very difficult, they mentioned that they are not even telling us everything as they don’t want us to be paralyzed in fear. I can imagine that we are also not told everything about Great Waves for the same reason.
Inhee_Korea:  @Lin Thank you for ” this is very heartbroken, many human lives will be lost, yet much human Spirit and courage will be demonstrated as well.”
Tonia_Denmark:  I react very much on industrial food for example, dairy food especially. There are feelings in the food and Knowledge is precise on what not to eat and what to stay with. This represents a whole new shift in one area within and challenge also. But slowly it becomes a much more simple way of living.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Lynn, so true, I agree
Danny_Australia:  @Tyyne Thank you Tyyne, yes as a rule of thumb I often tend to adopt the opposite of any assumption I hold, I have found that to be very helpful
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tom, How could the Great Waves affect your life now and in the future?
I have been keeping an eye on sea level rise, it is presently rising slowly but this will change, at some point in the near future the rate of change will start to increase rapidly and even the Ostriches who doubt climate change will themselves be changed. A good place for accurate info is the NOAA.
Don_Pa:  @ Jim B, That wind storm reminded me of the sight suggested by @Scot: Icewind. A really incredible device capable of working in category 2 hurricane winds or a gentle breeze.
MVS Society:  “What are the signs you should be looking for in the world at this time?
-You should be looking for the price and the availability of food and the availability of water.
– You should be looking at how nations are regarding one another.
– You should be looking at the financial condition of your nation.
– You should be preparing yourself for the Great Waves of change.
– You should be watching the climate conditions of the world.
The world is giving you these signs. You must watch them carefully now. They will help to inform you about how much time you have and how quickly you must begin to make the kinds of changes in your life that will be necessary.”
What Will Save the World
21036:  As students of Knowledge the challenge will be to take the wisdom and warning revelations to heart and prepare to change our lives, piece by piece. We are surrounded and blinded by our infrastructure, assumptions from the past that energy, food and resources will be abundant…how to move out of the built in fantasies when others do not. Are we willing to following Knowledge and give our dream of home, marriage, career and take a deeper evaluation? For an older person can I leave my expectations to be taken care of by my savings, society or community? For the younger can they leave expectations of finding a marriageable partner. a money making career etc? If we cannot make the changes now before complete chaos takes over us in our circumstances then who can?
Alison_Boulder:  @Lynn, I went to a network meeting this week of those who serve the elderly and disabled in various capacities. The presenter was trying to explain governmental changes in Medicaid to the group and basically said the word “scary” 5 times or so, and finally threw her hands up and said “We’ll just have to take care of our families ourselves.”. Though there was fear in the room, I felt the wisdom from our practices I could tap into, on how to view this. Well..of course we will have to take care of one another…
Jansett_Boulder:  A few years ago another NM student and I did something that had a real impact on me. I cannot recommend it for everyone, and the GWC does mention not watching movies, but it helped me to get out of the realm of ideas and speculation and into a place of openness to Knowledge no matter what. We did a stillness practice and then we watched the film, “The Road,” which is a powerful, sometimes hard to watch depiction of human behavior in apocalyptic times. Viewing it from the Watchtower (as a result of the previous stillness practice), it brought me to continually stay with the questions that Patricia so often reminds us about (awkward paraphrase): “What it needed right now? How may I serve in this moment? What must I do?”…gLq1A
Adria_work:  @Kristina Boulder thank you, yes, there is a similar passage in TGW. That if we do everything correctly, with all our might, with Knowledge, things are going to be very, very difficult and demanding. And if we don’t, then… Paralysing fear comes to mind. Yet Knowledge came here exactly for this.
Tamara:  As one of our Step practices states, beyond any other contribution we may offer humanity, our cultivation and state of stillness will be our greatest gift. It is what allows us to connect to life, to other hearts and minds.
jeanine_Society:  @Marshall – thank you for this important list of signs…
Tonia_Denmark:  It is like driving in one way of the road and then shift to another. Instead of business it will hopefully be moving towards a living with the heart instead.
Raoul_Australia:  I built a big custom fitted cooler fish cooler for my little boat…hoping my favourite sport (spear fishing) might feed people in the future, but I know it is such wishful thinking – who knows where I have to be, to go, for the Great Waves..
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The world is a beautiful place. It is a world of immense biological diversity. It is a world of tremendous wealth and value. The human family does not realize how significant a place this world really is in a universe of barren worlds. You do not realize the significance and value this will be given by those races who are aware of your existence. And for those few races who have been observing human behavior and human history, they view you, with only a few exceptions, as chaotic and barbaric, and they are concerned that you are destroying the wealth of this world, … a wealth that they want to have for themselves. (Contact With Intelligent Life in the Universe)
Keiko_Ita:  @Danny, I sometimes think about the mental environment of our society….The Intervention can use it for their favor a lot to influence us.
Kristina FL:  One of Marshall’s song (Power Down) keeps coming back to me. I ask this question from people and myself- What would you do if the power is shot down today?Are you prepared? …. This scenario would change things instantly.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  There have been not only break and enters but heist style robberies here in Moose Jaw over the last three months.There was an attempted break-in here at my home last month and I have had to beef up my security with dead bolts.This community has always been safe to leave your door open until recently- this is a sign. People are having hours cut from there work schedules because of budgetary constraints. Certain food items are missing from the stores because of weather events affecting transport.
Maureen_Boulder:  I think we can get clues on how the GWC will affect us by watching how it has impacted others. Just recently in Rochester, NY there were 70 mph winds that knocked out power for around 100 thousand homes for days. They still have no power as we speak. That spells food spoiling in the refrigerators and freezers just for starters. Generators. Batteries. Flashlights. How to prepare food if you have electric. Blankets. Access to bank and grocery store. I don’t think the gas pumps work without electricity. Lots to think about and prepare for.
Amina_Russia:  Thank you MVS for sharing. Is one should be very educated or a professionalin some way to see these signs? Is education here important as well? Self education or formal education. Thank you
Patricia_Society:  @Danny Australia-Yes, the risk of over projecting the future as well….there is the need to challenge , counterbalance, double check and or “run the Knowledge diagnostic” again at times. We don’t want to magnify a growing belief system we may be forming, but rather support the process of becoming more objective, a process by which we have the opportunity to engage in Assessment. We stand back to assess a growing set of conditions in order to make determinations or even operational assumptions for ourselves. These operational assumptions then become subject to further examination and questioning. These are the ongoing “contemplations” we maintain in in our “Cloud Rooms” or “Watchtowers”. It might be good to formulate a set of erication questions (simple queries posed to ourselves meant to elicit deeper insight/Knowing about an issue at hand or a growing sense of certainty or reality about the future. Great Waves issues can be very stimulating and almost a fulfillment or a philosophy…
Patricia_Society:  … we have been walking around with……The New Message, though prophetic, is not here to stimulate delusion in us….but rather clear sight..over preference or philosophy or personal point of view…..
Amina_Russia:  a professional in,,,sorry for a misspell
jeanine_Society:  As we continue to respond to Will
jeanine_Society:  ‘s question, let’s look at the second question too – which we will be considering throughout the remainder of this School Session:
jeanine_Society:  How could the Great Waves affect your life now and in the future?
Raoul_Australia:  @Keiko, I agree, I am seeing influences everywhere, including in my own mental space. It is a time when common sense is so vital in descerning what we say and do
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ shawn; I read the the first burger-flipping robot has been installed. lots of people will be losing jobs to robots,
Kristina_Boulder:  @Alison, It says in the GWC that the situation will become so difficult around the world that people in wealthier nations will have to even consider taking a family from a poor nation. I can imagine that despite the fact that this country is considered wealthy, there will be some adjustments we still will have to make. In many other countries, including European, people take care of their own parents instead of sending them to nursing homes.
Jorge_Spain:  How do you see the Great Waves affecting the world today and into the future? I see the grave danger of war, of taking sides, of blaming anything and everything for the perceived difficulties. All what we have could be ruined in disastrous and endless wars… lots of people everywhere, the natural environment and productive areas, the world’s infrastructure, the great resources still left… all what we have that is valuable, and ultimately humanitys’s freedom and future.
Virgie_near Seattle:  I am seeing people around me who feel great anxiety, foreboding, sadness about climate change and environmental degradation … but pulling themselves away from habitual obsessions and compulsions is too great a challenge. I am blessed have enough objectivity now to see at least some of how I have done this myself for so many years–and so grateful for my slow emergence from sleep, thanks to the NM. I can see how folks around me are headed toward a choice between making great sacrifice or clinging desperately to a greater share of dwindling resources. For me … preparing for GW and becoming a person of Knowledge is a great gift I can offer to the people around me. I pray that I may become strong with Knowledge so I can demonstrate what it looks like to be centered, strong, and wise, as others are increasingly desperate and lost.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Alison for your words @ 11 27 and jansett @ 11 27. I’m going to watch that!
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you @Jim. “One must 1st survive the GWC to be able to contribute and serve others and the world. So my work in the world at the moment is my practice and preparation.”
Patricia_Society:  “…..It might be good to formulate a set of “Verication” questions (simple queries posed to ourselves meant to elicit deeper insight/Knowing) about an issue at hand or a growing sense of certainty or reality about the future. Great Waves issues can be very stimulating and almost become a fulfillment or a philosophy…The New Message calls us to See situations and conditions for what they are and to prepare ourselves to recognize incoming insight….or lack there of…..instead of being directed safely away from a Great Waves crisis, we might instead be directed into the eye of the storm……..where are needed….
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I also see the increase use of drugs as a sign of the desire to escape desperate situations.
In suk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for sharing.
Tyyne_Society:  @Alison – Wow – yes, I’m seeing changes in health care and the decline of services and of people coming to the hospital without insurance and no way to pay for their care. Then the resources out in the community when they return home. Medicare guidelines for and payments to hospices were cut by 2% and more and more must be shouldered by the hospice agencies through the decreased daily rate they receive. The period of contraction is happening and impacting people and their care.
Cameron_Canada:  I have been aware of the need for preparation for many years, and yet it is very difficult to really prepare until one finds their way out of the jungle. Fortunately we have been given the Step to Knowledge for without those lessons, few could really respond at all.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Focus on those who can respond and not on those who cannot respond. Give to those who can receive the gift and share it with others. Encourage those who are responding instead of trying to persuade those who cannot or will not respond. Gather around you those who are strong and who see the need to become strong. Do not spend time and energy trying to persuade someone who cannot or will not respond.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Tamara for your words @ 11 27! Resonating deeply.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  What is insurance?
Patricia_Society:  Danny’s/Raouls contribution – “Our illusions can include mental representations of how events will turn out as well as our assumptions about our individual roles in such future circumstances. Many of the images we have in our heads about what the future will be like are likely to be flawed. Also what I feel is of importance is to recognize how much of our behaviour in the present can be based and influenced by the assumptions we hold about the future…”
Carol_Society:  Fear… From The GW & Your Life: “The human need around you will be immense—greater than any world war it will be. And you will have to be prepared to take care of people, people you do not even know perhaps, and to assist others in ways that will be new for you and unexpected.” In ways that will be new for you? for me? and unexpected?! Will I really be able to assist in new and unexpected ways? I truly don’t know. How did I perform in emergency situations in the past? I recall a book, The Unthinkable, which stated that people really don’t know how they will behave in an emergency situation (ex. 9/11) That the only thing we can do is PRACTICE (Ex. Fire drills done in the WTC which saved lives.) Fear and anxiety regarding the New World is real. And yet faith is also real… A quote stuck on my mirror when preparing to move to Boulder 20 years ago: “The more you experience that your life is in service to something greater, the less afraid you will be.” Wisdom I, Ch. 29 Faith and Fear
Jordan_Montreal:  Yes very important Patricia, thank you for making that clear.
Keiko_Ita:  @Raoul, Only thing we can do is to establish connection to Knowledge firmly….even you have it, we are in the world of influence. We must be strong..
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Alison & Tyyne, I agree “Health Care” is a great warning of how change is here. So very sad!
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Patricia, this is sobering: “…instead of being directed safely away from a Great Waves crisis, we might instead be directed into the eye of the storm……..where are needed…”
Debbie-MI:  @Carol Society-Thank you for sharing those quotes!
Lin_Boulder:  @Carmeron, yes, the preparation is to take us to the place of serve. The world is in great need, we don’t have much time to waste.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Carol: Thank you!
MaryS_Boulder:  Marshall said on Day 3 of the Messenger’s Vigil “Adversity creates opportunity. Much of our core learning has come through adversity because it creates opportunity and forces things to happen.” As Cameron_Canada noted, the inner preparation makes all the difference.
MVS Society:  Building the Four Pillars of your life is not just for personal enhancement. It is your vessel for the stormy seas ahead.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  There was a petroleum spill at a salmon farm in BC recently because a pump was left on over night. When budget cuts come we may see these kinds of accidents more often.Deregulation will also increase as resources and money run out.
James_Boulder:  @Patrica thank you for this reminder of updating the mental map to correspond to the environment and not trying to bend it to fit our assumptions, to admit our mental map does not match the trail is scary yet in the wilderness bending the mental map is what gets you very lost.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS and Patricia for the list and the ?’s to ask oneself. I often at times always remind myself to remain open to the Mystery and to not come to conclusions in anything. This does help me in many ways!
carolyn_ct:  @Will, I have been studying the question of how Knowledge shows up in life. I reached a step that tells us that stillness and Knowledge are inseparable. God=Knowledge. and that is Stillness. That you don’t actually have to have a voice instructing you, that the stillness is a a guidance as well. “For if Knowledge is silent, you need not have anxiety about your life, and if Knowledge speaks, you need only follow so that you may learn the power of Knowledge for you.” Step 115, Steps to Knowledge To me this is the answer, clear and simple, to my questions of how to be with that which is already breaking over our heads.
Raoul_Australia:  absolutely Keiko, I am seeing how vital it is to do so
Kristina FL:  Thank you Carol
Kristina_Boulder:  @Tyyne, Alison, Despite that healthcare in this country can use a lot of improvement, I also see creativity of people. I found a doctors office here in Boulder that offers an alternative to the health insurance, where you pay a monthly fee and can see the doctor as many time in a month as you need. I hope we will see more and more professionals stepping out and creating “an alternative” to government services in difficult times ahead.
Danny_Australia:  @Patricia_Society Thank you yes, I do feel that some degree of ‘operational assumptions’ is necessary as a temporary expedient/tool which we may use in order to stay anchored to some form of objectivity, although they may always be subject to improvement and adaptation.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks MVS, I can see how the 4 Pillars are so very important!
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Marshall.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Kristina, thanks for sharing that.
carolyn_ct:  *though this does not preclude the existence of the voices of your Teachers speaking in those rare moments they are needed most.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Carol thank you for that @ 11 38!
21036:  @Alison, there is fear that the disabled, sick and elderly would have to be taken care of by their families as it is in countries without social welfare. I can imagine that possibility in my family and see that as a total shock to the able members of my family. What? we cannot be retired and free to travel and enjoy ourselves? For me the difficult is what is my responsibility? Given what I feel I must do. Remembering my step “My responsibility is to Knowledge”. The ripple effect of instability hitting us all (climate, political, social, financial, religious etc) and shaking our foundations down to rubble but reminds us our endowment of Knowledge keeping us able to still contribution. Redemption is the word I hold to my heart.
Tamara:  I just finished reading a book called ‘What We Are Fighting For Now Is Each Other”. Wen Stephenson interviewed and shared the stories of dozens upon dozens of individuals who are involved in the climate crisis and climate justice issues in the US. He always questioned them about the nature of spirituality in their journey thus far. Every person had gone through despair and everyone of them found their source of strength to continue their work deep within themselves via an existential crisis. This crisis rises the big questions we discuss here often.
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Carol. Yes, they are really good questions to consider.
MaryS_Boulder:  @Kristina, I am enrolled in that model of health coverage and feel it’s the insurance plan I was always wishing for.
Inhee_Korea:  @MaryS Thank you for sharing “Adversity creates opportunity. Much of our core learning has come through adversity because it creates opportunity and forces things to happen.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Another reaction is what to wear. It matters a lot or an I’ll feeling immediately sets in. I experience a heavy reaction on touching old things also. The simplifyed life approaches on its own. Gotta keep up : )
MarkBerger:  @MVS @All “You must have this foundation (4 Pillars); otherwise, the Great Waves will wash you away. You will feel overwhelmed. Your life will be overtaken, and you will be left destitute and subject to very dark influences in the world and even from beyond the world.”
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you MVS, my focus (translation) next week will be the 4 chapters on the Pillars in LWoK…I am looking forward to it!
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Tamara (8:43): thank you!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @carolyn, that quote from STK 115 is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you!
Keiko_Ita:  If each of us builds 4 Pillars firmly, we all will be a strong race as a whole.
carolyn_ct:  @Mike. I’ve been knocking my head against the wall over that for a while now. Its good to finally have some clarity.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  A seer is using a different kind of power and potency that an analyst could never use. There are seers who specialize as interpreters. ( Life in the Universe )
Lin_Boulder:  @Raoul, very important chapters. Thank you.
cole_boulder:  The New Message says something akin to that all of the world’s wealth must be used to provide for those without. For those of us who have become so inculcated by consumer capitalism and a way of living which is unsustainable, will we be able to give this up? And what will take its place? There is so much unlearning as well as learning we have to undergo – learning how to do things that convenience and technology have taken the place of. But without time and preparation, how is this possible? And who will teach those who don’t prepare?
Danny_Australia:  @Patricia_Society And it is most true that philosophy can be like candy for the mind, which may not actually be able to target the issues at hand which may be right in front of us. I do feel this.
justin-calif-!:  I have found “prepping” (solar powering the house, garden, chickens, etc) greatly lowers my anxiety about the coming waves- at least i won’t have to say to myself and others: “I didn’t see this coming”
carolyn_ct:  @rayhoobbs: yet the seer and the analyst need one another…it has to be so. like two sides of a coin.
Debbie Plano:  I see our government ignoring the fact that humanity is causing any of the climate change. This opens an opportunity for us as citizens of the world to unite in our communities to do what we can to help curb global warning. It may force us to take up this responsibility which we may have been complacent about before
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Lin, I am looking forward to them ‘sinking in’
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … in this more mature and stable state, competition is intense, and therefore the emphasis on the powers of perception and persuasion becomes of paramount importance. This now becomes how you contend with competing nations. This is how you contend with problems and difficulties. This power of persuasion and perception then becomes the focal point. Knowing what others are doing, perceiving their activities, trying to discern their secrets and their technological developments, discerning their intentions, discerning their communications and discerning their diplomacy—all become a great emphasis now. For this reason, many nations have cultivated a special class of citizens, individuals called “seers.” These individuals are not developed spiritually, but they have great skill in the mental environment. Their role is to see, to discern and to interpret. (Life in the Universe)
Ken_Ruhnke-Oklahoma:  “Think of yourself as practicing for all who seek to be free. See yourself as fighting for their freedom as well as your own. See yourself as a forerunner, as a leader of other in this regard, for you are blazing a new trail.” Step 38, CT STK
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I remember at the last Encampment Marshall saying ” If I do not develop you will not find your purpose.” This is just another of many things to consider in the times now and to come. Yet, within this development we can still be a beacon of light to many through our demonstration and what we say. This is why it is so important to be aware of many things while out in the world. Little steps in my practice help me see this now and in my behavior with others. And it at times can open a channel to share the NM with another because they are that open to it by what they can see in front of them.
Jorge_Spain:  Along the last century many infrastructures have been built. The lifetime of many of these infrastructures is limited, but in the future humanity may not have resources to maintain them or prevent them to collapse. Think of dams (See Oroville Dam as a warning). Think of nuclear plants. What catastrophes can and will produce these things?
jeanine_Society:  @Cole thank you – worth repeating: “…The New Message says something akin to that all of the world’s wealth must be used to provide for those without. For those of us who have become so inculcated by consumer capitalism and a way of living which is unsustainable, will we be able to give this up?”
Tamara:  Currently what the GWC are calling out of me is to continue to connect with others, to continue to build my human capacities, to engage in conversations and actions that allow my presence to be a demonstration, to be informed and active in responding when called….
Rudy_Boulder:  Yes, thank you Jorge….wisdome there
Kelvin_Boulder:  I am reminded that there is and will be an even greater sense of uncertainty. To learn now what voice to follow is a great strength builder. “You will have to live very differently, and only Knowledge within you can guide you specifically in this matter. Beyond following the “Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World” that are included in this book, it will be up to Knowledge within you, the strength of your relationships with others and the courage and objectivity you can bring to your circumstances that will determine the path that you must follow. For everything will be changing, and there will be great uncertainty.”
Kristina_Boulder:  As NM points to us that taking care of our elderly parents and our children is a must in most cases. In my case having my aging parents being abroad is one of the biggest concerns for me.

Will_Society:  “Nations within your world now must work together… Ancient animosities and hatred between nations and tribes must all be moderated so as not to break out into war or destroy the world’s resources.” Life in the Universe, Chapter 5

“Overconsumption is the engine of war. It forces nations to intervene with other nations” The Changing World, 2008

Joe_Delaware:  Some great waves events are possibilities, and other events will be destined to happen after certain factors reach a “point of no return.” With a keen eye of observation of signs and being attuned to Knowledge, we have the potential to know when something is coming. Then we will have to be present and clear enough to respond to prepare, mitigate, or avoid impending circumstances.
carolyn_ct:  @Debbie_Plano: agreed. It occurs to me, a way to un-hijack that conversation is to say it is industrialization’s (or technology’s) needs that drive the changes, causing the damage to the environment when extracted or handled unsustainably. Deniers’ complaints around anthropocentric causality (humans are sinful and unworthy) can be allayed from the conversation. Leaving us with the higher considerations of, ‘moving forward what must we do’?
In suk_Korea:  Thank you Carol. Those questions are very important to consider.
jeanine_Society:  @Kristina_Boulder: Yes I saw an article on this new type of healthcare recently but cannot remember what it it called – it sounds intriguing to me: “I also see creativity of people. I found a doctors office here in Boulder that offers an alternative to the health insurance, where you pay a monthly fee and can see the doctor as many time in a month as you need.” Can we use our collective creativity to find better ways…?
Maureen_Boulder:  Make sure your dental and medical health is addressed. Don’t want to have a toothache or health issue when there is little to no health care available or a way to get there.
Cameron_Canada:  @ Will – Is that really possible in today’s climate?
Patricia_Society:  @Tonia -” a new awareness around how things flows between humans and how we approach each other. ” How we approach each other”……? Such an incredible opportunity we have with each encounter we may have with another. What’s the quality of the encounter? What do we bring to the encounter? What kind of “offering” do we extend? In what ways do we call for Knowledge to be part of the encounter….by calling Knowledge up and out of ourselves, or from those with whom we engage…..The “Going to God” experience……each time, with each person….What are we able to “See through their eyes”, like a rock skipping on the water and going so much further….This is a vital knoetic chemistry we stand to experience with every encounter with another, are we go step by step, lurch by lurch into this Great Waves future….”Steady as she goes”, as has been the utterance of many a captain or navigator on many a ship down through history and time……”Steady as she goes…”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Kelvin for that @ 11 50! So true!
Cameron_Canada:  Or perhaps only after the Grat Waves really take effect
James & Ruth OH:  We MUST focus on the pillars and a life of contribution (our purpose, meaning and direction) to help save humanity, which helps our Messenger by sharing his burden of spreading the NM to the world. NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  I honor the hourly especially very much.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Indeed, you might even ask these questions regarding me:“Who is this speaker who is giving me this discourse? Can this speaker be trusted? Does this speaker possess true Wisdom? I have been fooled before. Maybe I will be fooled again.” Indeed, I can only be known. You can speculate a great deal about me and paint any picture you want. But my value can only be known. If you are with Knowledge, you will know who I am and you will understand the depth of my Wisdom. The question of trust will not be necessary if Knowledge is your guide. (WGC2.06)
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Will, where can I find ” The Changing World, 2008?”
21036:  @James yes this is so true “in the wilderness bending the mental map is what gets you very lost.” The Great Waves convergence of so many forces is no place to deny on the personal mind which is conditioned for the world of assumptions and the past…it is insecure and afraid.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Will for sharing that
Rudy_Boulder:  Regarding the GWOC, I want to keep in mind what Marshall has said regarding Knowledge. We are waiting for Knowledge to guide us, while Knowledge is waiting for us to take action. This is very sobering to know because it seems that we can sit around waiting for Knowledge to give us a sign and wait we will, while the Great Waves of Change are striking because we never took the first step or action necessary.
Raoul_Australia:  @Cole, Jeanine “…consumer capitalism and a way of living which is unsustainable, will we be able to give this up?” good question, I am seen as crazy by many, for having given up my career to instead translate a New Message…it has been a huge milestone to get to a point where I don’t care about their consensus but I can see how hard it can be without a New Message.

Will_Society:  The guidelines for preparing for the Great Waves are quite an excellent list for contemplation and action: http://www.greatwaveso…s.pdf

@Jeanne I found that passage on the wiki. I believe “The Changing World” has not yet been published.

carolyn_ct:  @Rudy, that is vert apt. Thank you.
Ramona. ro:  @Rudy… I never took action..because I never Knew…what to do……..
Lin_Boulder:  Very true, Rudy.
Jansett_Boulder:  “This is the world you have come to serve. Gain the strength beyond fear and preference. Gain the greater strength of Knowledge, which is clear, objective and compassionate. Become a student of Knowledge. Receive God’s blessing and God’s preparation. Look ahead, not trying to understand everything or to resolve everything, but to take the steps you must take.” GWC, Chapter 7
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Patricia thank you for that “Steady as she goes…..” I look at each encounter with another through the eyes of compassion and openness of life…in Knowledge.
carolyn_ct:  At times Knowledge holds us back, when we might take action. At other times it lights a fire in us and pushes us forward. It seems.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Rudy, good reminder
MVS Society:  There is no running away from the Great Waves of Change. See this as a great motivator for you to take the Steps to Knowledge and to build a solid foundation for the future. Life is telling you to awaken from your dreams of happiness and despair to meet life head on. It doesn’t matter when the seas will rise. It only matters what you do today, tomorrow and each day to follow. Make your energy footprint small. Build your financial foundation and work Pillar. Make sure you are in the right place with the right people for the right purpose.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Rudy People use confusion as a place to hide, to mask the things that they are recognizing and to avoid being with these things and taking action. It is like a smokescreen so that people will not have to see, know and act and take the risks and face the challenge. It is a group addiction. It is a mass avoidance.
Adria_work:  @Patricia thank you. Those are times of honest, hard, mundane work, yet we are asked to connect deeply within and without. Thank you for reminding of “going together to God” experience.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Yes Jansett, we are the blessed that can proceed….
jeanine_Society:  @Raoul – thank you for following your Knowledge and all your support of the New Message.
Reed_UK/33 students:  @All, greetings to all from the UK, I’m here with 33 students of the New Message, we have the Campfire Chat up on the big screen.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you Jeanine
Tom_SanFrancisco:  first step for me is to know where to go. Im not staying in SF. we are told not to live near the moving waters. I have lived by the ocean all but one year of my life. hard to leave. but i need to be over 150′ of elevation somewhere…..
Russell_Sask:  And so approaches another opportunity to Still our Minds. In Silence, @ Top of Hour Event, pause to listen for Knowledge to come in, not the other way around. Until Next Gathering near the Fireside I bid you all God Speed which is Stillness…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  This is discretion, and it is important. People give away their certainty through idle conversation with others. This is a calling to you, for you, not for them. They have their own calling. This is your calling. How will you respond to it?
carolyn_ct:  @MVS, so simple, yet to make it happen, asks us for nothing less than the shifting of great inner tides to match the outer Great waves.
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall
Adria_work:  Thank you, Marshall.
MarkBerger:  Thank you, MVS.
Ramona. ro:  @Marshal. I am sorry, to complain myself… but I have a wuestion regarding this. Today at work I was feeling sad… I was feeling sad after leaving the work… could this be a sign from knowledge?
jeanine_Society:  Messenger wisdom alert: “… It doesn’t matter when the seas will rise. It only matters what you do today, tomorrow and each day to follow….”
May_Norway:  Hello UK !
Kristina FL:  greetings to Reed and all the students gathered with him in the UK
jeanine_Society:  Let us now pause for a few moments in silence at the top of the hour and connect with our Deeper Mind. Let us honor the Messenger for bringing us this important preparation – the New Message.
In suk_Korea:  @Maureen yes, the health is very important for us.
Ramona. ro:  I feel I cannot open my hearth completely…and learning what I have to learn at work
Adria_work:  Hello UK! Nasi Novare Coram
carolyn_ct:  @Jeanine !tue!!!
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall. I will keep in mind.
Ayesha_Society:  @Reed! Hello to all 33 in UK gathering right now.
May_Norway:  Thanks Marshall !
Robert_Society:  @Reed and all meeting in the UK – wonderful to have you with us today!
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone in UK!

Carol_Society:  NEWS & REMINDERS:

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THE STEPS VIGIL, May 26 – June 14, 2017.
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Darlene_Society:  REED and all 33, how wonderful you/we are together…
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings to all attending the UK Gathering.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Here you must build your own Ark and like the great story of the Ark you must build this before the great change comes for it was not raining when Noah built the Ark and things will not be collapsing around you when you build yours.
Reed_UK/33 students:  Great to know that you are all gathered right now as we are.
Raoul_Australia:  @Reed and the 33 students, how good it is to know you are there together!
Rudy_Boulder:  Hello to the new people gather around Reed, other students and the chat. I am glad you made the journey to be there together in person.
Reed_UK/33 students:  Discussing Marshall’s life, the journey in the way of Knowledge and how to carry Knowledge in our lives and in the world.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Rudy for that reminder! Taking action and waiting create 2 totally different results.
Eron_Boulder:  More than 150 people around the world gathering in the name of the New Message. WOW!
jeanine_Society:  @Reed & the 33 students meeting in the UK – thank you for popping in…
Jeanne_Boulder:  120 on chat today plus 33?
carolyn_ct:  Thank you Carol.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS for your words @ 11 57!
Maureen_Boulder:  Hi UK folks! With you joining us 150 are now one.
Will_Society:  Hello to the New Message people in England! And thank you to all the WWC gathered together on the Campfire chat. Wonderful to be with you all today, participating in this important conversation.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Hello Reed and all the UK students! That is awesome!
Tyyne_Society:  As I was driving home from work last night, and I drive up over a rise from the East going directly toward the mountains from some distance and I see the Front Range mountains that run South to North as far as I can see, and there was a thick yellow haze at the base of the mountains. It ran for miles. It was a sobering sight. Colorado is supposed to be known for it’s clear skies and mountain air and I was looking at pollution settled close to the ground so thick I could barely see the mountains. The mountains looked like a mirage. A colleague recently told me, where she used to live, that Salt Lake City, which resides in a basin surrounded by mountains, has days of pollution on the level of Beijing. Seeing this thick yellow haze running the entire Front Range was a sign of the change that is upon us. I looked at it, I looked into it, looking to see what I was seeing, to get the impact of what was right in front of me, looking, looking, looking and expanding my mind, which for me is…
Tyyne_Society:  … kind of a suspended state, to comprehend what I was seeing. As I drove into Boulder I could no longer see it. I was simply in it and would have been unaware.
Tonia_Denmark:  Wonderful Patricia : ) yes, love the song. I learn very much about how to approach. Am I attacking others (out of kindness?) Or am I there, giving what is needed, asked for? Will I end in a loop with a back lash that hurts or is it friends of a familiar nature, needing a giving. Is it safe to give or is it better to watch and care for a moment to show itself. Am I an attacker or am I a receiver waiting to respond at the right moment, when it is called for? I think of a chess play sometimes. Where am I, where are we, the others? Do we “see” anyone we know? : )
41034:  Looking at the world going down into the chasm, I am watching for signs of change in our behaviors, nations starting to collaborate, alternative models of consumption managing the resources and pollution more wisely,… but it still feels very hesitant, comparing to the drives that are taking us down. Even if the political pressure, the climate pressure, the humanitarian pressure are growing as never before, it still feels like people mainly believe in re-applying the past, going backward, recycling the same old ways that have proven inadequate so many times. I guess this is a demonstration of the slow pace at which we can integrate things and change, at an individual level and at a world level as well. It certainly challenges our idealistic views of the future, the kind of dream where we just have to apply these great solutions and everything will work fine, we’ll take the turning point without getting out of the road. THe New Message gives us that realistic perspective: we will jump…
41034:  … out of the road, and the strength to face it and take some steps to prepare for it.
May_Norway:  Thank you everyone who have shared and Bless you all with what you need right now! Nasi Novare Coram!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Warmest greetings to you Reed and the 33!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jansett, thank you. I remember what you said last week about human behavior, when there is really no choice people do what must. Here we are, there is no choice. We are in the great waves already, we do what must, prepare, practice and make hard decisions.
In suk_Korea:  @Jansett thank you for sharing “This is the world you have come to serve. Gain the strength beyond ~
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello Reed and 33 students. Blessings your way. : )
carolyn_ct:  @Tyyne, that is very sobering. The air, and the water too.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello to ALL our fellow students in the UK with Reed!
Will_Society:  What a prescription from MVS: “Make your energy footprint small. Build your financial foundation and work Pillar. Make sure you are in the right place with the right people for the right purpose.”
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to everyone for sharing your wisdom, we are so very [email protected] Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  UK: It is important for you to know that this greater reality is connected to you and your presence in the world for this will give you hope and encouragement that the world cannot give you. This will give you strength and determination that the world cannot give you. This is power and strength of a very different kind it is not based upon ambition, compulsion. It is not fraught with fear determination or aggression toward others. It is a strength that is pure, it is whole, complete. You carry it within you like a treasure you see, deep beneath the surface of your mind for you are part of this alliance though it is as yet unknown to you.
You have always been part of this alliance and you will always be a part of this alliance in the future. No matter what you think or believe no matter what you create for yourself in this world no matter what position you adopt regarding yourself and others deep within you beyond all the imaginations of your worldly mind is The Great Alliance. (The…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … Great Alliance)
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Tyyne, driving west yesterday, I noticed the same orange fog and being from LA, I knew what I was looking at immediately. It has been relatively warm here and the smog just sort of hangs out.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Must be leaving now, but so grateful to have been here today. Thank you, everyone, and my prayers for us all to see clearly and act with wisdom. Nasi Novare Coram.
Jorge_Spain:  @Tom, I would say that is not just moving to a place over 150′, like the seas stop rising just in your backyard and then you are ok, so to speak; think of the great disruption all over the place when the seas begin to invade and destroy coastal cities and critical infrastructure, here and everywhere. What people there will do? Where they will go? How the economy and the entire country is going to “absorb” this?
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS and everyone here , NNC
jeanine_Society:  Someday we may have multiple groups gathering around the world in the name of the New Message like today – on a regular basis…may this also be a reality in our Great Waves future….
In suk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall.
MVS Society:  Future speculation must not take the place of current preparation. Following the Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World is a good place to start. The more you build your Pillars and position yourself correctly, the less afraid you will be looking forward. The less afraid your are, the more you will be able to see for yourself and for others.
Raoul_Australia:  @Tyyne, thank you for sharing these thoughts, I am reminded of when I would drive into Milan, where I lived many years ago, it was like entering a dome of polluted air.
Patricia_Society:  One of the questions worth posing, amidst the increase in the Great Waves disruptions, duress and excitements, is “What must I be doing right now….?” What we have done, and what we are doing at this time yields the life we are living right now…..Whether that life is in keeping with where we need to be, and with whom and where, is another matter and question, one of huge significance. It all grinds down to what we are Doing Now….Are we on target? Off target? This is an intensely, sometimes or often uncomfortable personal question….A question being posed with our lives in hand being help up simultaneously to the “Knowledge Light Box”, like the radiologist examining the xray……”What am I looking at here?” ” What’s are the forces or tendencies at work here?” What’s the direction of my situation or condition? ” Is what is happening, what is needed?”………….Am I behind time, are on time, are ahead of time??” Thank you all so much here for submitting yourselves to such an…
Patricia_Society:  … important evolutionary process of learning, development and real change that the New Message is calling for…
jeanine_Society:  Encapsulated by the NM: “This is life. You must grow up to be in life. You must prepare for eventualities. Nature is unmerciful to the unprepared.” – The Great Waves Prophecy, Ch. 9, GWC

Alison_Boulder:  @All ~ Advocacy Gatherings meet every Thursday. We are sharing the contributions of so many– the translations, video and photo production, editing and proofing, publishing, web design– all sourced from the greatest Message for the world, received by our Messenger and those who surround him.

In gathering to share this outpouring of work online we continue to share the Messenger’s burden and assist in this coordination. Looking forward to gathering again on Thursday, at either 6:30 GMT or 7pm MDT (time change, springing ahead an hour!) at The Great Waves are a strong area to share with others what you are saying, as you share the urgent quotes from our School teaching.

Kari_H_Finland:  “God does not wave a wand and make all of your disabilities, frustrations and conflicts disappear. God gives you great things to do, important things to do, things that you can do, things that are needed. And it is through this, if you can find and follow this greater counsel, that your redemption will be underway.” [Facing the light of Revelation, The New Messenger]
rayhobbs_Colorado:  When you can begin to see these things with you own eyes and feel them yourself, not just for a moment here and there but more continuously, you will realize that you cannot fulfill yourself. You will begin to realize that there is something else about your life something else about you and your destiny. Until this point of recognition you are lost in the world you are beyond reach. The Angelic Assembly cannot reach you except by giving you impulses here and there which has been so easy to neglect or misinterpret.
You were beyond reach … they call for you but you do not hear, they give you signs but you do not see, they try to restrain you but you force yourself to go on, they try to hold you back but you persevere beyond reach until you come to this turning point.
You come … because you are beginning to be honest with yourself. (The Great Alliance)
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you Marshall and Patricia.
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh dear, Will. Yes Marshall will have to work on that.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Justin, I can’t read your PM, if you can type it? or we can talk by phone after the chat…
Lucille_Maine:  @Rudy and Tyyne: re the orange fog, could that have been from wildfires I read were happening around Denver?
Adria_work:  @Tyyne, thank you for sharing this. I had a similar experience recently when visiting Polish Tatra mountains,with many health resort towns. As bus drove me, I entered a thick smog, and in the town it was impossible to breathe . Next day, the once pristine view that I had remembered from teenage trips was just soaked in grey, thick fog. It was shocking and sad to behold. It really produced immense need to act and do something, because without action it won’t just undo itself…
Tyyne_Society:  @Rudy – you saw it too… yes, easily identifiable when you’ve seen it before. I remember as a young girl of maybe 8 or 9 riding the car with my parents and brothers to LA to visit family. Again we came over a rise and then saw the yellow/orange smog of pollution hanging over LA. It is imprinted in my mind. That is one of the few memories I have of that trip. Signs even then.
Robert_Society:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Darlene_Society:  Thank you Alison for holding this Advocacy piece with such grace and determination and focus. Such a contribution you are helping others to make for the Revelation…so needed.
Will_Society:  Being “in the right place with the right people” may mean being somewhere that is not the safest. Knowledge may lead us to serve somewhere that will be underwater in a century, or somewhere that will desertify or be storm prone.
James_Boulder:  This chat is a helpful reminder for why I am doing what I am, what I am preparing for, and those who are preparing with me. Thank you all!
Manuel_;):  @Alison. many thanks for the link to the Advocacy Gathering on Thursday. I clicked on the link but got this: 404: The page could not be found.
Head home for better luck. Do I assume it correctly that it is not yet active?
Keiko_Ita:  “New things need to be accomplished.” Step 77 Review c.t. I keep it in my mind…
Will_Society:  Let me serve where Knowledge needs me.
Kari_H_Finland:  God does not solve your dilemmas. God takes you out from your dilemmas by making you busy in preparation. Thank you all for this chat and warm greetings to UK Gathering. Nasi Novare Coram.
justin-calif-!:  gotta run- best to all- NNC, j
Mathieu_France:  @Tonia, I think it’s us who will have to work on that
Rudy_Boulder:  I would need to look into Lucille.
Tonia_Denmark:  True that Will. Thank you.
MarkBerger:  Manuel – delete the period at the end of the link: http://uberconference….ssage
Alison_Boulder:  The period at the end of link created an error, Manuel, sorry– it is and you will find a small group waiting for you on Thursday.
Tonia_Denmark:  Patricia, will have to reread your comment
Manuel_;):  Oh, I see. Many thanks Mark and Alison. Good to have asked… I am so terribly curious…
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Patricia for all those very important questions being posed. “What am I looking at here?” ” What’s are the forces or tendencies at work here?” What’s the direction of my situation or condition? “
MVS Society:  Ramona, many things can produce sadness. Ask yourself, “is there something I need to know here?” There may or may not be an answer to this.
Tonia_Denmark:  Lol Mathieu : )
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Alison and the NM core assistants for the coordination you are providing, it is a huge help in directing our efforts in the right places…the Great Coordination is taking shape on Earth.
jeanine_Society:  Wonderful to be with you all today!! Remember as the NM says that we have all ‘chosen to come here at this time…”. Nasi Novare Coram.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you become strong with Knowledge in this life, you will be given a greater level of service beyond this world. This may be service within this world or another world. It may be service as a transcendent teacher, one of the unseen ones who guides those who are still living in form. Or you may return to the manifest world as a great teacher, as someone who has great promise, to share wisdom and guidance and resolution in another existence. Here there is no judgment day, there is only progress. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of anger, resentment, self-judgment and condemnation of others. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of indecision and ambivalence, with addictions, and self-destructive tendencies. You just simply cannot return in this state of mind. And to think that all these things can be resolved within one life is to underestimate the problem. And even if you could resolve all of these things in one life, your accomplishment would be so great that God…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … would want to use you to help others who are still lost in their state of separation. So you could not return to heaven even under these circumstances. God is going to get maximum use out of you, and maximum use and benefit from whatever wisdom you can acquire, … … living in the physical reality. (The One God; The Origin)
Carol_Society:  Gratitude to everyone and look forward to gathering with you again next Saturday at 9:00 am US Mountain DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Nasi Novare Coram.

jeanine_Society:  “You have chosen to come into the world at a time when the Great Waves would be striking the world. You have come at a time when humanity would have to deal with competition from the Greater Community, from invasive forces from the Universe around you. You have come at a time of great difficulty and uncertainty, a time of great discord and risk of war. Therefore, do not be in complaint. Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here.”

The Great Waves of Change and Your Life

jeanine_Society:  So “….Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here.” Amen!!
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone. I know there is much I missed here and will reread to get what I missed. Nasi Novare Coram
Lynn, CO:  @Ray-TY for recognizing the Great UK HUB in Alliance together for the New Message of God! May all the future HUBs rendezvous~TY Reed & The 33!
Ramona. ro:  I know I have something important to do…maybe I am not ready yet, and this is the reason I am in the wrong place.. this is very confusing..and devastating inside me.. Thank you for your words!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
MVS Society:  My love to all of you gathered with Reed in the UK. Every time we gather here in the Chat or in person, we become stronger.
Will_Society:  Yes, Raoul. The New Message Core Assistants carry great responsibility and put a lot of hard work into supporting the Mission of the New Message, many of them for many years now! The Knowledge, the love, the dedication demonstrated here are very inspiring.
jeanine_Society:  How to report New Message errors/typos and get help:
Patricia_Society:  To the Gathering here and the Gathering in the UK – Blessings abound as the Worldwide Community of God’s New Message gathers, focuses, picks up the work to be done, does it, and proceeds….Thank you all…for taking this Revelation from the Messenger, putting it on your backs and shoulders, and carrying it out into the world with him…..The Angels of God stand by, and watch as the process unfolds and as the future for which the New Message was sent now dawns…….with clouds, storms, winds, massive waves and clearings…..May we carefully descend the steep and precarious canyon wall of a Great Waves world, to the canyon floor below, and both make a way and show a way for others…….so that we might someday crawl across that canyon floor, albeit in rough condition, and then find the strength as a race to ascend this deep canyon’s far, future wall, up, up, up to a new reality for the human family…..Someone’s got to go over first……Here goes………..>>>>>>>>Be well all. And…
Patricia_Society:  … be with Knowledge as we go….
cole_boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram. Thank you all.
Eron_Boulder:  @Tyyne, Rudy…When I worked at the NCAR Mesa Lab, I saw the “brown cloud” regularly. That facility is located atop Table Mesa, about 850 higher in elevation than downtown Boulder. I now realize that the metaphor about being able to see better from higher up the mountain is clearly demonstrated literally in this case.
Lucille_Maine:  @MVS: Good question to ask in moments of sadness, and even with other uncomfortable emotions! “”is there something I need to know here?” There may or may not be an answer to this.” Thank you.
Danny_Australia:  The Great Intention is with us
Adria_work:  Thank you Marshall, the Society and all. Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Patricia If you wish to see the stars, you must look beyond the clouds. What are your fears but clouds that pass through your mind? They only change the character of the surface of your mind, but the depth of your mind remains unchanged forever. Step 138
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you to everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Danny_Australia:  I hope to carry this intention forward beyond my personal needs and desires
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Eron. The same happens here in Madrid. From where we live, we can see the usual presence of a brown cloud over the metropolitan area. But you can only see this from above. Inside of it, you think the air is mostly ok.
Jansett_Boulder:  Just saw this from the BBC: “UN: World facing greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945.”…ebook
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Wish I was there with all the UK students and Reed! NNC to you all!
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone of you…Nasi Novare Coram
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, NNC
MVS Society:  Will, Knowledge needs me to prepare to be able to be of greater service.
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all. NNC
Ramona. ro:  My practice grows my “power”.. Thank you so much Marshall!
Inhee_Korea:  @patricia thank you for”What am I looking at here?” ” What’s are the forces or tendencies at work here?” What’s the direction of my situation or condition? ” Is what is happening, what is needed?”………….Am I behind time, are on time, are ahead of time??”
Will_Society:  Yes, let me prepare. Courage, consistency, intention
Tamara:  The state of clarity gained through disciplined spiritual practice, through relinquishing the old life and stepping with the new life, through honoring and making true the alignment of my being is a state I can embrace for it is God’s gift to me. The gratitude that arises from receiving this gift brings tears to my eyes, love in my presence, and devotion to my actions. Indeed I will fall again in the future but it will only be my personal side that falls for within me I have stillness, within me I am connected to God, within me have all that I need to face the challenges of today and those of tomorrow.
Reed_UK/33 students:  Nasi Novare Coram, take care everyone, students around the world
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Marshall, Patricia and the Society and All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Manuel_;):  MVS …wonderful. And I need Knowledge to get insight of my purpose on Earth and be able to transform it in actions…
Lucille_Maine:  @Patricia: What a stunning scenario you paint for us! Thank you! “.The Angels of God stand by, and watch as the process unfolds and as the future for which the New Message was sent now dawns…..” What a fortitude it will require of us for that descent and then ascent of the canyon..
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Inheeven
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all for being here, thank you 33 students for making it to the UK with Reed, see you all real soon, Nasi Novare Coram
Tyyne_Society:  @Eron and Adria – higher up… go higher to see more clearly to see what is here already and what is to come.
Tonia_Denmark:  Sorry got a bit of a mispelling problem
carolyn_ct:  Is it not true that some of it is where you are in your preparation? You cannot go running up the mountainside if your legs are still coming around from years of binding. I see people beating themselves up because they don’t yet have the strength to move out into the turbulence. Your rudder must be grounded in Knowledge. The world calls for us and God calls it out of us individually, in a greater coordination. I am sure that those of us still in the shallows have purpose here.
Danny_Australia:  I will need to look back over this chat to really be with the guidelines and apply them in my life, thank you @Patricia_Society for the guidelines regarding being with questions. Thank you MVS_Society always and thank you Reed and everyone who is keeping the flame alive in the world, the fire must keep burning, and Knowledge is that fire… Nasi Novare Coram
In suk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia and All. Nasi Novare Coram
Lynn, CO:  I must depart, TY MVS for words of truth that reach me from my home in God
Tyyne_Society:  @Reed and all gathered – Yes! So happy to know you are there with Reed and he with you. NNC.
Kelton_California:  Thank you everyone. May our Pillars strengthen each day as we learn to trust and experience Knowledge as our guide. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  My prayer to Heaven “give me strength, wisdom and courage.”
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for your prayer.
carolyn_ct:  We are all part of each other, in this Great Coordination. Thank you MVS, Tonia, Tamara, Tyyne, Will, and everyone patient and determined enough to lend your time and strength to this incredible new life we are in together.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  @Marshall, may you know the genuine reach of your efforts. May you feel the power growing in the hearts of those who truly hear you.May we be the outward reach of your wings which will cover the earth and beyond.
Kristina FL:  These chats are so important and nourishing, Thank you all for being here. Gratitude for Marshall, Patricia , Reed and all who makes this possible. Sending you love. Nasi Novare Coram
Joe_Delaware:  thanks everyone
91122334455:  How pure and true this request: strength, wisdom, courage.
Jorge_Spain:  In “Being Centered in a Crashing World”, it says: “Pray that your relationship with Knowledge will become stronger. Pray that you will have strength and courage and compassion. For you need this today, and you will certainly need it in the future.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you all. Many many blessings to all of you. I too pray. To move with Knowledge, discernment, strength and courage. It is a bliss being with you all in here. Nnc
Lucille_Maine:  @Shawn Moose Jaw: What a beautiful prayer, Shawn, and I join you in it. Thank you.
Cameron_Canada:  To the Tech Department – I still can not find a way to lock the screen so I am able to scroll through the chat with my touch screen. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
Jorge_Spain:  “Here you must understand that not everything that happens is beneficial. And you know this to be true. But everything that happens can be used for a greater purpose without denying the reality of what has happened. Here you are not denying something that is harmful by calling it good, but you are trying to look for a benefit of the sign it is giving you so that it can strengthen your resolution to bring greater honesty and compassion into your life.” (The New Message on Forgiveness)
Jansett_Boulder:  Good reminder…thank you, Jorge!
Darlene_Society:  A must-watch series by National Geographic, in case you didn’t know about it. http://yearsoflivingda…atch/
Darlene_Society:  Years of Living Dangerously…around the world what is happening, the climate events driving human tragedies and migrations, etc.
Cameron_Canada:  Thanks for the link Darlene – I’m going to watch it now. Too cold to be outside for very long today anyway.
Val_Westport:  Sending my love and respect to you all and prayers for the best results to emerge into the human family, from our Higher Education. Nasi Novare Coram

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