Campfire Chat June 24, 2017

Robert_Society:  Quotes from the Messenger from last week’s chat:

“As all bridges need solid structure to uphold them, creating a bridge for the NMG to be built in our world needs this supporting structure as well. My life is part of the structure for this. Others must become part of the structure for this, each taking and holding a specific role and set of responsibilities. This must be one structure united and built together as our lives become the golden threads woven together for this purpose. In the end, we either become structure for the Great Coordination, or potential only.”

“Beginning as separate pieces with nowhere to correctly join, we are moved by Knowledge to find the other puzzle pieces to which we naturally connect. The Puzzle is a structure and not a picture only, a structure for a future that must be built for everyone and for the world.”

“To become a structure for the New Message, your life has to become a stable platform even as it changes and expands. This is why we have been…

Robert_Society:  … given the Four Pillars to build. It is not just for us, but for something much greater.”

“Structures by their very nature are coordinated. Here we become part of something greater, something sacred and needed in the world. This is the return. This is what finally brings us out of Separation.”

“All I ask you to do is to be who you really are and to do what you came here to do—a simple request and a daunting challenge which you were designed to fulfill.”

“Real freedom is no choice but to do what must be done.”

justin-calif-!:  Greetings, all! I’ll be on Venice beach after the chat handing out NM info- anyone local maybe see you there!
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone, thank you for sharing these quotes Robert.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Wow!! Thank you Robert!!
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Robert for the quotes from the Messenger.
Thomas_Boulder:  Good Morning. I am honored when others are strong.
Debbie_Mi:  Thank you Robert!
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, thank you Ellen and Robert for guiding today’s chat.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Greetings all! So happy to see you fellow students of NM. NNC
86836:  Hello everyone
Richmond_UK:  Hi Shane
Heidi_Germany:  Hello, everyone!
manuel germany :):  Hello everyone. Warm greetings from Germany

Ellen_Society:  It is the hour, and time to begin the chat. Let’s take a moment to honor Marshall and his great Mission on Earth. This is our reason for coming together: to assist him in bringing this New Message to the world.

Because we have just taken part in the powerful 20 day STEPS VIGIL, we gather again with renewed commitment to our practice. Truly, the Vigil helped us to feel just how intensely we are strengthened by all those who practice with us, both within this world and beyond.

May_Norway:  I have experienced much going on inside the last week and I am with my Continueation Steps, even have got the message from within, about moving down to Oslo again someday soon, and who knows, I can even go up north again when I am ready for that, I only need a bed and nature around me this has been activated in me because of the Great Waves of Change study, also doing my 4 Pillars, I have my little Nokia who remind me each hour*
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Indeed Ellen…indeed!
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone to month 2, week 8 of our current Free School session – Knowledge and Spiritual Practice. We also welcome all new students who are joining us for the first time, as we gather once again from all around the world to learn together and to strengthen our relationships with the New Message, its Messenger and with each other. Thank you for being here.
Debbie_Mi:  How true Ellen!
Kelton_Calif:  Hello Everyone!
Jeanne_Boulder:  “The Prince” “If someone sits still long enough & is able to quiet their mind, they will begin to feel . When people honestly give to another without the desire for self-deception-enrichment or sex -validation they wii feel the Prince.
Mathieu-France:  Hi everyone. Beautiful quote, Robert.
Ellen_Society:  The call has gone out, and we are responding from all around the world. We recognize that we have all received the call, and are together in our attempt to meet that call. We help each other along that pathway.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Ellen, thank you, Robert. What a powerful opening of the chat. Thank you.
88564:  Hello, Im new here from Sweden 🌞
MaryL_Boulder:  hello everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Hello 88564! Welcome!
Lingling_Boulder:  heollo Everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @88564 what is your name?
Debbie_Mi:  Yes Ellen. Thank you.
Jos_NL:  Hello 88564_Sweden
Ellen_Society:  WELCOME, LINGLING!
Carolyn-CT:  t feels like New Orleans weathe
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ellen! It is a powerful opening to the chat!
Carolyn-CT:  R, here in CT
Surina_Calif.:  good Day, Everyone. Wonderdul to be here with the WWC. Nasi Novare Coram
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you Ellen for such a true and moving start to this weekly chat.
RaeHyung_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Darlene_Society:  Hello everyone, across this planet, truly a wonder this is.

Robert_Society:  As we near the completion of this Free School session, and have had some time to be with and consider our experiences and realizations from the Steps to Knowledge Vigil, we’d like to hear from you in response to these questions:

What modifications have you had to make to your daily routines to accommodate your expanding spiritual practice? And,

How are you currently capturing and recording the results of your spiritual practice? For example: your insights, current practices, important passages and experiences, ongoing contemplations, corrections to former beliefs, self assessments, strengths and weaknesses, life events/turning points/thresholds? Is there a system or tool you use to organize your studenthood so that you can easily come back to it at any time?

Kari_H_Finland:  It is good to see new students here. @May, it is good to see the movement of your life
Douglas_St. Paul:  I have migrated my Steps journal to a Google doc for improved searchability.
May_Norway:  Yes Kari it is wonderful to see the movement in my life, I am ready for what is coming!
Nancy_Oregon:  THIS IS A Perfect Topic for me today, as the avalanche of paper I’m creating is beginning to overtake my space, and that by itself becomes a burden creating a worry that is perhaps not necessary. I’d like to simplify and free up more energy . I look very forward to the
May_Norway:  I am also keeping a journal and to remember and go through my life experience too!
Nancy_Oregon:  to your habits/systems, whatever can illuminate the path before me NNC
Richmond_UK:  @Robert regarding accommodating my spiritual practise, I have kept journals for each run through of Steps I have completed. For insights/important messages/self-assessment I use ‘Notes’ on my phone or computer, which means I can capture any of these more or less immediately. I then periodically go back and review what has transpired.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Robert-re your quote- I found that the Vigil talks were full of greater understandings to help us keep on track, with this quote, I am putting it on my post wall to keep it in sight, and assist me in keeping it in mind, and applying this practice of observation of where my energy is properly focused. It seems one of the key quotes that will help us center-line ourselves
Joyanne_Canada:  great idea Douglas,
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Robert for me just staying and being with each step in that moment and day is what I am doing. I am constantly thinking about Knowledge, The Presence, The Great Coordination and always the Return. It is with me constantly. I journal a bit but right now I am practicing in engaging more with others and feeling what is being said inside of me with each encounter. I journal a lot but my practice is not where it needs to be. Just feeling the Presence and being with the Messenger and thinking of all the things he had to accomplish and stay with is too with me much of the time.
Raoul_Australia:  I got some of my notebooks out, took a few notes, read some old notes, quite interesting ones, it is definitely a confirmation of how useful it is to take notes.
Alisa_Russia:  The main modification I have made in my life over the past couple of years to accommodate my expanding spiritual practice is reducing my work load. I work as a translator, but no longer sit at the computer for long hours translating things that I do not enjoy. I have lightened my load but still find I have enough money for all I need. I can now devote more time to translation of the NM, growing vegetables, stillness practice in nature, just enjoying a simpler life.
Jeanne_Boulder:  “There is the fear of God- the fear that you have denied God & that God will punish you, the fear that you have been sinful & bad & that God & God’s claimed wrath & displeasure will somehow come down upon you. People think there is a Judgment Day & they certainly don’t it to be today.” “The Presence.”
Joyanne_Canada:  thanks Richmond, capturing them on many devices, then taking the time to organize them, a very good practice
Ellen_Society:  It’s important, hearing of the myriad ways you all organize and track your study of the New Message.
paul_MA:  Alisa- thank you.
Sarita_Ottawa:  I have a notebook with dividers. I have a section for my Steps to Knowledge practice to record my thoughts, insights, meaningful dreams, and so forth. There’s a section of questions to work on that come from things Marshall has said, Campfire Chats, and from group work (i.e. Vigils). There’s a section on quotes from Marshall and I write down passages and things that spoke to me. There is also a section where I recorded about my experience at my first Encampment and all of the group work questions and so forth. I recently complied it all into a notebook that has removable pages and that can be easily rearranged. This organization has helped me focus more on my studenthood, as I review it often

Selma London:  I use One Note to index & be able to find things, and also so as not to have to re-write what I’ve already written. In addition, I’m colour-coding underlining & comments in my notebooks and NMG texts.

Doing things slowly enough to allow K to come through. I have found over the years that practices need to be re-established or sometimes adjusted – doing everything at once isn’t really possible, so practices need to be revisited and integrated as I go along. Being able to apply more of the Steps all at once is a building process, one that’s requiring more precision, more slowing down, more stillness, more depth, more outward challenges, more dexterity… I’m increasingly finding that what I’m doing is not enough.
I feel that through the NMG I am meeting all the best people there are in the world – it’s really quite remarkable. And this has nothing to do with personality; in fact, personality-wise they don’t appear to be the best people at all! I would never have found or related to you…

Selma London:  … all without the NMG. And I very much doubt that any of you would have recognised me or picked me up either. But fortunately watching Project Camelot I recognised MVS.
And now I’ve come to a juncture: go with ‘them’ or with you. More and more ‘they’ (other people) are becoming redundant and even harmful to my life, except for a few. And those few are becoming clearer and more obvious, at times rather blatantly.

Jansett_KY:  My entire life has been modified since the Steps Vigil. I now live with my mother and will help her downsize to a much smaller living situation where she can be near and see my father, who is confined to a nursing home for the remainder of his life. The deep evaluation process will be a major challenge for her. We will visit my father daily and we’ll begin the long road to help bring up her own health pillar, a pillar she has woefully neglected during my father’s long illness.

Up until now, it seems I have been “wearing” Knowledge like a life vest and feeling quite content with the security it provided me in the stormy seas of daily life. But now it is as if Knowledge is the air and the life vest is no longer available. Instead, I must inhale Knowledge, internalize and assimilate Knowledge to the extent I’ve built capacity so far—and then I must swim boldly in these choppy waters on my own steam, actualizing that Knowledge with all the strength and courage I can muster. The…

Jansett_KY:  … Way of Knowledge daily practices are my invisible lifeline; life itself expands those spiritual practices into action on a daily if not hourly basis.
Sarita_Ottawa:  The main modifications I’ve done was moving to Ottawa and also working more seriously on my health and spiritual pillars
paul_MA:  Journalling for me can really take off and expand to many pages…I am transitioning to lesser is more. Where I set a daily limit of # pages of key information & insights; maybe 2 pages per day.
Samantha_South Africa:  I have three seperate notebooks – one in which I keep meaningful quotes and considerations, another for my daily steps practices which I have expanded to include my hourly practices – I try to keep space open to document insights when necessary for each hour – and another notebook which includes information on how I need to undertake spiritual retreat and the deep evaluation, this is also where I keep important questions that I am attempting to life with and any insights that might arise
Nancy_Oregon:  I did take time to sort thru my two years worth of notes / materials and it was quite confirming to me, a good practice to repeat from time to time .
Richmond_UK:  @Joy you can cross link all your notes across all devices which I find extremely useful, so that they are always up to date.
Alisa_Russia:  I keep journals – both on the computer and in notebooks. And I always go back and reread them. I also have a Steps blog which I revisit all the time. It really helps to keep me in balance and know where I am at.
Joyanne_Canada:  I am building better stability in my work Pillar.. Attending to things, finding myself getting more organize, practices are being built, at the same time being constructively busy, while I listen to the New Message. Keeping the 80/20 in mind, I find I have much more engergy, addressing my health pillar also. Building my structure. Taking MVS’s advice and concentrating on practicing a few things. Feeling more movement towards my centerline. Feeling pulled forward, deeper, in some manner, and working to be a serious student.
“Just the act of returning to practice,” MVS-2017 Vigil
Mathieu-France:  It took me some time to start a journal and be consistent with it, but since a few years that have certainly improved my practice and studenthood. I found it especially helpful to highlight and safeguard important insights, in moment of personal revelations, to be able to return to them in moments of confusion, or simply when direction is not very clear. At least I can hold on to what I came to really know. Otherwise it’s very difficult, as I noticed there is often a kind of amnesia occurring when I go out of the knowing experience bubble. This is quite disconcerting how we can forget and forget again… so, for this, my journal is very helpful. Memory isn’t very trustworthy.
Debbie Plano:  I have found that I have an abundance of journals lying around that have been gifted to me and I haven’t used them yet. They are empty pages waiting to be filled. I’ve now decided to use each one for a separate purpose. I felt moved to start the first one as a confirmation journal with all of the times I have felt confirmation that I was going in the right direction with the NM. One is for Vigil notes. One is for insights, etc. This helps me to find them or review them in an easier way. Otherwise, they are all together in a spiral notebook and difficult to find when I’m looking for them.
RaeHyung_Korea:  Thanks for your experience @samantha. It’s very usefull to me.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Robert, one thing that became obvious through demonstration is the need to stay connected with the presence. I don’t mean to say to be in a high state, or detached state of being, no I have realized this is the core of all relationships and key in understanding myself and others, in a sea of emptiness and meaningless. So a conscious effort here on a daily basis in my interactions with people, places my mind.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Mathieu, I find the journals helpful in returning in times of confusion also. Our experiences if captured always bring us back to our center line.
Adria_work:  @Robert. I stopped my Steps continuation practice and was without practice for some time. It felt dis-integrating. After the Vigil, I started STK for my third run and I’m doing it 100%. Also, there is so many practices. I researched them all on the wiki page, also searched through my notes from the Events, Chats, and looked closely at each practice : stillness, listening, watchtower, “true” list. I chose what felt best/most needed for me at this moment to practice. Sometimes, the lack of practice I feel as heavy burden, as a failure, disaster, emptiness. I don’t want to fail…
Joyanne_Canada:  Thanks Debbie, I have found too many journals hard to keep up by hand,
Kristina_Boulder:  I think it’s all depends on where we are in life and what must we accomplish is the future. I am personally feeling a big pressure to get even more financially stable and to make more money and save more. But I have to be careful not to let my work overtake all my life and let other pillars suffer because of this, so this is a challenge and constant balancing act. When I’m picking up extra shifts at work I try to think what other things I need to do this week and will these extra work days be helpful or harmful to me.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone !
Rudy_Boulder:  One modification that I constantly make is time management. I try to be more aware of my time, so that it is not wasted as much and do the small things that need to get done each day. It may not look spiritual, but there is a sense of spirituality doing the small things that are part of a daily life: work, eating, cleaning, exercise, studying the New Message, laundry, etc. In doing these things, I maintain the bigger picture and know that it takes small actions/steps to continue to move forward.
Ellen_Society:  Adria….Thank you for mentioning the New Message Wiki as a resource of quotes to deepen our studenthood.
Adria_work:  @Mathieu, I can relate! I have something to take notes with me all time now, and later convey my notes to word document. Keeping track of my insights, recording them, journaling, it’s for me my Base and ground. I feel more stable when I know I record my progress, and everything.
Lin_Boulder:  Coming back to Steps continuation during Steps Vigil, I started downsizing my journal contents, keeping in mind of 80/20 experiences, and realizing most daily experiences are just clouds come and go.
Joyanne_Canada:  Adria, lack of practice does feel heavy and I find just add’s to the confusion,, but we go through those times to see that we can’t go back. Knowledge has a direction for us, and as MVS shared in Vigil, there is a deeper power moving us, as we leave Separation,
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Robert. I have had to reorganize capturing the results, as it is not possible any longer to blend notes with realizations in coming to Knowledge. I have to seperate the two, because if what I write in the books isn’t coming from a clean heart, it is not possible for me to keep it near me. I prefer writing on paper with a pencil. I am not accommodated with typing notes into a computer, as I am not sure how to make it effective yet.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Mathieu “Memory isn’t very trustworthy.” Thank you for reminding me of this because I have been struggling with the usefulness of consistent journaling.
Alisa_Russia:  @Rudy, yes, time management is a priority for me too. I try to decide how much time I am going to spend on each thing I have to do during the day and use my time purposefully.
Debbie_Mi:  The modifications i have been making is to keep separate notebooks for each of the major practices. For example, I keep a journal specifically for my STK practice and Four Pillars Reviews. I also keep separate journals for each of the Four Pillars. Most recently, I have also started a journal specifically for my experiences with knowledge as was discussed during the Vigil. Another thing I am wanting to do is schedule specific blocks of time during the week where I write in the journals and review them.
Alexandra_NL:  Resonating Kelvin. “one thing that became obvious through demonstration is the need to stay connected with the presence. I don’t mean to say to be in a high state, or detached state of being, no I have realized this is the core of all relationships and key in understanding myself and others, in a sea of emptiness and meaningless. So a conscious effort here on a daily basis in my interactions with people, places my mind.” Indeed, this requires enormous discernment and (un)learning as there is a vast ocean of distance between being with the presence and thinking of being with the presence… in Italian there is a saying that goes “between saying and doing there is a sea in between”.
manuel germany :):  many thanks Mathieu for sharing your experiences. I am learning a lot by your example. I agree with you memory isn´t very trustworthy. And now I know what I have to do in my studenthood to become a better student: to record my insights, experiences, advances, problems to come back to them whenever I need it. Always learning…
Mathieu-France:  Keeping a journal, for me, is acknowledging the power of my thoughts and the various influences of the world to take me out of what I really know. If I want to be a student of Knowledge on a daily basis, I need to know what I am following, and the habit of following my thoughts is still strong, so the journal here helps keeping me choosing my deeper knowing and returning to Knowledge again and again. I guess in time it may become more stable.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Robert,during the day I am working on not losing energy unnecessary and doing fysical exercises in the morning for health pilar and to built perseverance .
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I have been using a journal since I started the Steps and I read the entry for last year at this time and the year before to get a perspective on my journey. I begin each with the number of the step, the title of the current step and the date as well as the number of the Inventory because I have been keeping an ongoing account of my experience since my college years. I occasionally go back and reread times in my life that resonate with me in the moment to gain a perspective on my life thus far – I find it very useful. I prefer really paper in a book because of my distrust of technologies’ reliability. the journals end up capturing small things that come to me in the moment that end up being treasure of reverie in the future. Also I sketch drawings, maps and other diagrams to help describe the journey – this gives the recording a depth and a way to quickly find what I am looking for.
Joyanne_Canada:  Wonderful practice Deb, I have two or three going,, but need practice consistency with them.
Adria_work:  @Kristina, MVS said on the other chat “Work hard, save money for the future, (come to Boulder when you can)”, I’m also feeling the pressure to make money, but I’m not good at balancing this.
paul_MA:  Practices– there are many. I am focusing on core Practices of STK and Four PIllars. And then add one or two other practices….
Tonia_Denmark:  Adria_work, resonating with your words also. I always carry a pencil and a small handy notebook with me for important insights.
Joyanne_Canada:  Wow Shaw, impressive.. never thought of adding more details like that. Thank you.. you are really mapping your journey.
Robert_Society:  Marshall has said many times to engage with the NM daily in some way. I can attest to the power and benefit of this. It has a centering effect and brings me back to a mindfulness that is critical in all other aspects of studenthood. When I think I’ve done enough studenthood or practice for the day, I then do a little more. Over time this has expanded the amount of time each day that my mind is purposefully engaged not only in my practice, but also in the mundane aspects of my activities in the world.
72280:  I capture my Steps experiences with Insight timer app note function these days. You can adjust it to prompt for note after every med. Then they are all there for reviews, and can be exported if needed. I find this faster than handwriting. I do not write much anyway, but I often add what happened in my life and in the world that day also.
Joyanne_Canada:  @ Adria, balancing money is a practice we build …start small, build this practice over time…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Kelvin! In my practice throughout the day I really begin to focus my mind into remembering what it truly is I/We are here to do and meet. I copy the step I am on each day and put it into my pocket so it is with me. I then take it out each hour using my mind only to remember to do it and focus on being with that step and then applying it to my life in the moment of that day…and then all the moments that make up that day. Life does get in the way at times yet the more I stay focused on the experience… the experience is with me and I am with it.
Raoul_Australia:  For me the most important thing has been to remain ‘anchored’ to the Revelation, either with STK or NM-related work or both. NM work, being something that cannot be done alone, is also the best way to be in purpose-based relationships.
Douglas_St. Paul:  @Shawn, yes, the lack of lines in a sketchbook is a significant feature I appreciate.
Joyanne_Canada:  we build our practices, by practicing them
Thomas_Boulder:  The vast majority of what are write/journal is not very valuable to my Studenthood. Seeing this has caused me to develop some criteria for discerning insight from the chaff of thought. I’ve noticed that for something to be valuable, it is usually actionable, or attached to a directive – something I must do. Journaling is not typically the best environment for me. However, having conversations with other Students is where I tend to blossom. I often have the urge to pile up all my journals and set them on fire!
46692:  Hello. I am grateful for the World Wide Community. I have a journal for Steps, a journal for insights, and I keep a daily list of what I do and accomplish (I’m retired). I have a list of inner messages, synchronicities and confirmations, and even a list of what I consider to be evidence of the visitors. The big change that I made is giving up my prior practice of being a prayer practitioner in my church, so that I am more in a position to listen than to speak. I am considering moving out of my small rural retirement home back to a more populated area.
Tamara_Boulder:  How I live moment to moment has streamlined to a high degree. There is no room for cheap entertainment, wasted time on meaningless things, or consumption that misspends my energy. What must be done requires me to live in the joy and beauty held in each moment, to reorient my mind and emotions to Truth when they defray on the surface, and to maintain a consistent and predictable routine in my life so that my energy is available when insight/revelation/depth in the moment is required.
Reed_Society:  Patricia and I have talked about having a “dashboard” for studenthood. As with a car dashboard, this is tool we bring our awareness back to again and again as we move through life, keeping our focus on key aspects of our studenthood, pillars and strength building process as we go. I’d like to offer to you all how I have organized my studenthood into a dashboard. This is simply one way of approaching it. My studenthood dashboard is in two parts. First is a single “core document” for my studenthood, which has three columns and in each, major sections: current projects (pillars, past work, managing the mind), current practices (active, out in the world), current studies (reading list), contemplations, questions for knowledge, truer list (what is most true for me at this time), prayers. This is my essential dashboard that I return to whenever I have time to sit down with my studenthood. The second part of my dashboard is a series of notebooks, containing an infinite series of single notes…
Reed_Society:  … — in essence journals or logs for things I want to keep track of: steps journal, insight log, important experience log, important quotes from the New Message, guidelines, wisdom log. I have about 8 of these logs where I record important things over time. Whenever I have time to sit down with my studenthood, I simply go to my primary core document for studenthood to get oriented, and then review the various journals/logs where I have been recording insights, quotes, experiences, etc. This has helped me keep focus on important tracks in my studenthood and development over months and years. Its wonderful to have this studenthood environment to return to, with everything important that has been building in your life and experience right in front of you, instead of feeling like you’re returning to “square one” after weeks or months when studenthood takes a back seat to the distractions and distrubances and very real demands of life.
Alexandra_NL:  @Robert: So true! I am very grateful for that advice as it has helped me be less hard on myself when I am not able to engage with the step yet have been able to engage in other ways (advocacy, listening to revelations etc)
carolyn_ct:  @JimB I like that idea, the pocket reminder. it helps me because my mind is still very foggy.
Ellen_Society:  @ Shawn….thank you for mentioning sketches as another way to capture the journey. This has certainly helped me, also, for I seem to remember a sketched image far more easily than words…..though the words are critical and are the inspiration for the sketches!
Thomas_Boulder:  @Robert – “then I do a little more.” Thanks you Robert. This is a nice reminder. There is so much I feel I need to be looking at and considering, which I generally don’t get to. So your practice here is helpful.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Adria, perhaps at times we can lose balance for a short period of time if that is needed, but I in my experience there is danger in it as if you don’t adjust with first warning signs, then it might be too late. Like working too much does affect my spiritual practice and health pillar and relationship. So stoping STK for a day or two, but what if you stop for a week, a month…then is a danger zone, which seemed that you have experienced yourself.
Tonia_Denmark:  Interesting, Robert. I find it so true also, and by carrying the revelation of the month on paper with me whernever I go out, is a very good way to pull out the studies and read, and it is also very centering, especially living in the big city.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jim, thank you for sharing your experience.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Yes, thank you, Robert, doing a little more. Great.
manuel germany :):  Thanks Reed for sharing your extensive experiences on documenting your progress of your journey
Richmond_UK:  @Reed thanks for sharing this ‘dashboard’ and the comprehensive nature of it.

67015:  One change in my routine is that early in the day, I spend some time listening to Knowledge. I wait as various chores and tasks that I need to do come to mind, and also their priority and order in the day, when to do them.

I learned this from a Christian mentor many years ago.

mellany UK:  Thanks for sharing, Reed. I like the idea/practice of having that type of “core document”.
Alison_Boulder:  @Reed, thank you. I now am considering the condition of my dashboard. Every morning I do a journal look-back in the Notes app 3, 2 and 1 year ago on this day. I was able to see something striking an international Student said to me two years ago. It amazes me the similar insights that return at the same time of year, prompted by vigils, visitors or season changes. I can then not be so surprised by things that are cyclic, and I can see what remains constant or has fallen away. I also keep a running question (you call Truer) list, and an now have the idea of a reading list on the table. I must get more organized than “note to self…read this teaching later…”, but rather create a log.
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Raoul, staying engaged with the Teachings and the WWC, is vital I feel for my journey also.. Listening to the Revelations keeps me engaged. I find I have them in groups, Knowledge, GWc, Strength building Revelations. Alert Revelations.. I listen to MVS talks at Vigils, School Broadcasts. These are all helping me to center-line my journey towards Knowledge and the NM. I don’t think I would have gotten up this mountain to any height without inputting, and being with the Revelations I find this is vital to my journey.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Reed for sharing this detail of your practice.
MVS Society:  Messages from Knowledge are usually seven words or less or powerful sensations such as feelings of restraint or a push forward. Look for those. Record those. These are the nuggets amidst the sand and gravel of life.
Jeanne_Boulder:  If I am honest with myself I have trouble with Journaling I start then after a couple days I forget & don’t do it for a long period of time. Then I start again & fail again. I seem to have a fear of it for some reason! Maybe I really don’t want to see myself?
Joyanne_Canada:  There are so many great ideas flowing today about keeping track of our journey thank you all for sharing..
Inhee_Korea:  @Mathieu I agree with your words “This is quite disconcerting how we can forget and forget again… so, for this, my journal is very helpful. Memory isn’t very trustworthy.” thank you.
Tonia_Denmark:  Reed, thank you for sharing yours also. The core document is also the most essential here.
May_Norway:  Thank you Marshall
Shane – New Zealand:  wow, it is really inspiring hearing everyones journal practices but also makes me aware of my short comings and laziness. Reading this mornings chat I must admit to feeling a bit like – Im in the wrong class, how did I end up with all these studious A stream nerds. I have a lot of work to do.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank You MVS.. “nuggets” gifts, blessings, precious, wisdom to catch and keep.
Lin_Boulder:  @Kristina, @Adria, MVS mentioned during the vigil (not exact words) that being a stable structure even when undergoing changes and turbulences. This struck me deeply. This is how stable we have to become.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Shane ,, me too, its a good thing we can only practice stability in this area.
Debbie_Mi:  Thank you Marshall.
cole_boulder:  Thank you for that glimpse of how you organize your studenthood, Reed
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall.
Joyanne_Canada:  good observation Jeanne, resonating.
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you MVS, I am truly grateful for your advice
Jos_NL:  Thank you Marshall
Kelvin_Boulder:  thank you Reed.
Alisa_Russia:  @Shane – lol! I am with you there! When I read about how studious others are (even though I think I am pretty studious myself–hahaha), I see how much work I still have to do and how I cannot slack off.
Adria_work:  @Reed, thank for this huge inspiration
Raoul_Australia:  @Joyanne, very true, i find that the Teachings are a vital part.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  The act of writing my journaling out in cursive longhand feels very significant to me.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Reed for your valuable insight! And thank you MVS for the wisdom we all need going up this mountain.
Heidi_Germany:  Thank you MVS for mentioning the “nuggets”. I use to mark them with a little marginal sign of a heart.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Reed, Do you keep your notes on the computer or notebook?
Alisa_Russia:  @Jeffrey – I agree, although it is much faster and easier to read when I do it on the computer.
Debbie Plano:  @Jeffrey, yes physically writing it out in my journal helps me on many levels.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  So true Marshall,thank you, often when rereading the journal entries there are poem like phrases that stand out, that resonate or pluck a string in the core, I look for these like the hard bits in mashed potatoes that I love so much. Really I could cut 90% of what I write….
Tonia_Denmark:  Shane, you are with the right people, and you actually are one of those who supported me to come here, so I thank you for being here. Feeling behind or not.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Marshall.
Tamara_Boulder:  When I consider my many journals and mind-maps, I see the capturing and expression of my student-hood into the physical like the vast networks of our neuro-biology and our bodies nervous system. Within this working system there exists major communication hubs where things become centralized and redistributed. This is how my journals and reference back to them functions. They are simple enough to capture the Truth of my life, a Truth that exists within this vast network of interactions that occur every moment. They are my communication hubs with Knowledge, with the flow and direction of my life, with the prayers and communication with my Teachers. A real treasure!
Thomas_Boulder:  One practice that really helps keep me oriented is to read, first thing in the morning, one of the affirmations from STK (Step 28, Step 197, Step 238, Step 294). This interjects an invocation of Studenthood, especially when I am in a rut and cannot invoke my own strength easily.
Robert_Society:  Another studenthood reminder I keep in the fore of my mind is to not assume I “know” when I really may not. It is easy to presume many things during the day, and yet, as the NM says, “what do I really know?” This is a practice in mindfulness and humility. Can I be objective and unbiased enough to really see? This takes continual practice in my experience.
paul_MA:  A challenge— when I read the Revelations, I end up marking many important passages….How does one identify the key teachings for oneself from each of the Revelations?
Joyanne_Canada:  I like that Sarita, a notebook with tabs! excellent idea
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Reed
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes we all can tend to forget and become lazy and preoccupied with other things. Yet, this is a part of living in separation. To unlearn all those habits and tendencies that are destructive takes work. It must be done to make room for Knowledge to emerge. This is an on going process for all of us. This is why to return is so very important and vital in going up the mountain together.
Alisa_Russia:  @Shawn – yes, I often write a lot of very mundane things, but still it is eye-opening when I read back on it. It is so easy to forget things, but I so want to remember.
manuel germany :):  @Shane I knew that before the chat started. Only by reading the questions for today’s chat I knew I would sit at the end of the class only listening with an open mouth… but at least learning a lot…
MVS Society:  Based on the present focus of my training and preparation, I keep a sheet of daily observances and practices and refer to them often enough so that they stay current in my mind. These are the big things that I must maintain and embody over time. This list does not change very often. I call this my MVS daily practices and directives.
Thomas_Boulder:  @Jeanne – Thank you for sharing your experience with journaling.
Josef Austria:  Thank you Marshall !
Mathieu-France:  @Shane: I understand your feeling. I started by simple notes on a single document. Important things to not forget. Then I tried to note down at least a few words of my experiences with each Steps, which improved my reviews. Then I created other specific logs, but have not always been able to be consistent with them. I think we need to start little and increase the volume and diversity of our journaling as the need increases. Otherwise you just have loads of documents and folders you never review. So, as the need for journaling establishes itself and grows, the need to structure that appears as well. I haven’t reached yet a satisfying structure to keep track of everything that requires it. The tools Reed and Patrica mentioned sometimes have helped me, but I have to build them gradually, otherwise I fail to really maintain and use them…
Shirley_Boulder:  @Robert thank you for that reminder “What do I really know?’
Richmond_UK:  I found that by using iCloud I could sync my notes across my different Apple devices. It’s just a case of activating iCloud via settings, entering my username and then enabling note syncing. I mention this, as up until quite recently my notes were everywhere and now I can look at any device and my insights etc are automatically updated across my three devices. A simple search online told me how to do it.
Joyanne_Canada:  so true Jim, as shared by MVS, at Vigil, “Keep Returning”
Debbie_Mi:  Thank you Marshall!
Reed_Society:  @Kristina, for me it is all digital, which enables it to go from laptop to phone, and also allows me to add tags to items in my various logs (1-5 star), location (where things happen), and some cross linking. Evernote, Simplenote, Google Keep great tools for this, and there are many others out there
Joyanne_Canada:  thanks Richmond that is helpful, it keeps it in one place sort of, from many devices.. another great idea.
MarkB_Pittsburgh:  When I was in film school, a screenwriting teacher said you have to write at least two screenplays (full films) before you can write something valuable. In journaling my experience, I can see the same. Sometimes, I have to write a lot about the daily grind just to get to the stuff that’s really important. I’m trying to cut back on what isn’t important, but the process of getting to what’s important needs to be honored.
Gina_Boulder:  @Robert, in the same vein, I ask myself about a thought or action I am about to take or taking- Am I really being honest about what I am doing? Does this represent Knowledge, truth? It is becoming a habit now. There are more moments where I take the opportunity to ask myself, Who am I really and am I being true right now? My self reaching for Self.
May_Norway:  Thanks again Marshall, to keep it simple and it strengthen our focus and consentration
Tyyne Society:  Thank you all for your study processes… I’ll share a bit about my own structure of studenthood. My studenthood began with doing Steps and memorizing passages from Steps to Knowledge and the other texts to repeat to myself. Now I am speaking them out loud as I drive, as I doing daily chores, etc. I keep a journal of what is occurring related to NM/Society work. I have a large note board – flip board on a easel in my living room – this is like a working environment for Society projects, my 4 pillars, visioning, practices that I need to keep in front of me. This flip board has become an environment of consideration and engagement. Also, regarding my meditation practice, I now have a designated space for this. This is all I do there – stillness practice. I seem to want to go to that space more and more since I’ve created it. Places that I return to.
cole_boulder:  thank you for sharing Tyyne
Ayesha_Society:  @Robert, assuming not to know is important, there are pitfalls there. On the flip side too, there is Knowing and owning what you Know. I find for myself, it could be easy to hide behind not knowing, and therefore not owning the responsibility of what that might require of oneself once you truly Know something. As Patricia mentioned at one point, there is both Knowing and not Knowing
May_Norway:  Thank you Tyyne
Raoul_Australia:  looking at my old (and very few) notes, I found one from 2013 where I wrote about MVS: “I can see the man and I can start to see the Angel.”
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Robert
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Shane – I relate to this “wow, it is really inspiring hearing everyones journal practices but also makes me aware of my short comings and laziness”. It has been a few years since I journaled. I appreciate the various techniques and methods described by other students. I am inspired to start again and come up with something that I will stick with and find useful each day.
Thomas_Boulder:  @Robert – re: not to assume – yes, I have a practice of generating a healthy sense of skepticism as part of an inner process.
Ginny_Dallas:  Thank you Richmond. After your earlier comment, I checked my notes app – phone vs. MAC and saw that they do sync within icloud. There I found another ‘truer list’. It’s the third ‘truer list’ I have located this past week. I have certainly struggled with organization of these various lists and journals. This chat is very helpful. Thank you everyone.
Val_Boulder:  “As you begin to live these Teachings, everything you do will demonstrate them.” –The Messenger
Alison_Boulder:  @Richmond, syncing across devices works for me well too. We are “learning to learn”, right? So, I am learning not to kid myself that I can keep separate journals (for me, it gives a fragmented, disorganized feeling) or attempt to absorb revelations while multitasking. There are study habits I can remember from college that did or did not work, that I can apply. And now the study material is worlds more important! As Patricia has quoted from another “I know myself well enough to know that…..etc”
Debbie_Mi:  Thank you for sharing Tyyne.
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you so much Tyyne
Thomas_Boulder:  To leave a little space for truth to arise.
carolyn_ct:  Something that worked for me, because I am still taking in the vast scope of the New Message, was to write out full chapters from books into a notebook. Doing a chapter at least once a week was very helpful, like when I was in grammar school and they had us write out our lessons for the day. I was also transcribing for myself Marshall’s Vigil teachings. I did this until my hand got frozen by arthritis. Now I have backed off to using a keyboard and this practice is more intermittent. I really liked the practice but I think Knowledge wanted me to pick up the pace!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Tyyne. I find that when a particular phrase resonates for me I too commit it to heart and reflect on it by speaking it and listening to it at the same time to really suck the marrow out of it, to embody it, become it, Know it.
Tonia_Denmark:  Marshall, does that not make it a stack of sheets over time?
Tonia_Denmark:  I mean how to keep an overview?
Robert_Society:  @Ayesha, yes thank you for describing the other side of this. I have found that once the path is cleared of my presumptions and what I think I know, the real Knowing has room and a way to reach into my mind to aid in my decision making or assessments.
jeanine_Society:  @Shane – In reading your words, it appears as if you are with the right crowd or ‘class’, as Marshall has always said it is important to be with others that are stronger than we are – we need that to help us move up the mountain…” wow, it is really inspiring hearing everyones journal practices but also makes me aware of my short comings and laziness. Reading this mornings chat I must admit to feeling a bit like – Im in the wrong class, how did I end up with all these studious A stream nerds. I have a lot of work to do.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ MVS will we be more drawn to certain aspects of the NM more so than others based on our design? This has been happening more and more to me.
Joyanne_Canada:  During Vigil, and since the Revelation, The Requirements of the Messenger has been in my awareness, (and ears) pulled to engage with. Building the structure of these requirements, through our practice and engagement over time will bring forth the qualities of these requirements in us all. Not as great perhaps but Increment by increment we practice, as we grow. The requirements of the Messenger, are very great, yet when I look with clear eyes, He life is quite the demonstration of gaining these requirements via his practice and engagement with his journey. His demonstration itself is so inspiring in moving forward.
Kari_H_Finland:  Steps to Knowledge teaches the power of journaling by providing the reviews. The power of review is hundredfold with consistent journaling. To reread the journals and contemplate these gave me totally new insights to my progress in STK.
Joyanne_Canada:  good question Jim
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I feel the same way Joyanne! Thank you!!
MVS Society:  I have been keeping a daily journal since 1987—30 years. I record important events, NM Teachings and books received, trips, journeys, Great Wave and GC events, world events, weather events. I do very little subjective entries here. As I go back to review a day of my life or an event, the memory and experience comes back to me. My life is important and I am keeping my own record of it. I am writing my own history before someone else writes it.
paul_MA:  Meta-Questions… I have been starting to keep a file of Meta-Questions….the big questions of the NM. LIke why is it here? or why do people need to know of the NM? or why did I find the NM?….This helps in clarifying the NM to me and it helps when I introduce the NM to others…. Many of the answers are revealed in different revelations and teachings of the NM….this practice helps bring together different parts of the NM for me.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, I agree. I have fallen into this pitfall before.
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you All for your great feedback, tips and encouragement.. This chat will form a very valuable resource for me. Thanks again. NNC
SoL-Indpls:  @Jeanine, Shane & Alisa – I too, have a lot of work to do to in my studenthood. I’m a born slacker and often wonder why I was invited to the NM. I am not great at deadlines and discipline. I guess this is my wake up call from the AA. If only I could figure out the message of the “33” occurrences. Every hour of every day since December 2015, I am inundated with this number that I am not looking for, but finds me. It started right before I found the NM.
carolyn_ct:  I still type out and print each step but I wasn’t carrying it around with me. Then I learned of the practice of selecting a particular phrase from the Step that resonates within, and programming it into an hourly chimer. This practice has been more effective for me. On the outside, my life is completely changed. People Place and Purpose is in the process of or already has undergone a massive change.
MVS Society:  My student hood recording goes into my Steps Study log.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I remember the day I bought my first Knowledge watch, ( it has an hourly chime!), I bought it on Fathers day last year. I was so happy to shop for it, it gave me such pleasure to find something to help me with my hourlies.
Reed_Society:  @Alison, yes the feeling of “getting organized” in studenthood is a very good one and centralizing the many inputs into one simple system is great as well, though it makes me think of a quote from college on writing: “There is no such thing as good writing. Only good re-writing.” There is no such thing as getting organized, only getting re-organized — this I have found to be true, it is an ongoing commitment to review and bring things back into focus, as there seems to always be a drift out of focus, a drift away from concentration, without this commitment to re-organize ongoing. The critical thing for me is that I can keep my eye on the things that really matter in my development and can work with them over time. A quote or passage from the New Message, something Marshall said, something said by a student on this very chat — these things leap out at me in the moment. Being able to record them, stay with them, act on them, forget about them perhaps, but find them again and keep acting…
Reed_Society:  … on them is critical. With this comes a sense of direction and trajectory — that amidst the turbulence of life and the mind and all that can happen, there is a deeper reality building, moving me forward, delivering me to the future.
mellany UK:  True, Kari! I’ve had periods of time when my journalling has been inconsistent … and my Reviews have suffered because of it.
Jos_NL:  Thank you Marshall, this will keep the storytellers at bay.
paul_MA:  This life of mine is a work in progress for myself and my Knowledge.
Tonia_Denmark:  Lol Marshall. Before someone else write it. I like that and it is so true. It will bear it much much longer than when your life is guessed.
Maureen_Boulder:  In the morning I journal what stands out for me in each new step. It helps me be with the presence in the words (what are they trying to get across?). Then I focus on the directives within the step. Since the Vigil, I tried to remember to read the step aloud. As I go through the day, I try to remember the step and see where I can see the step teaching me during the day. I keep asking to be a vessel. What am I missing? What do I need to see? How can I “allow” the step to teach me. Then at night, I sit and contemplate what has happened during the day and journal what stood out for me. I have accumulated many journals over the years. I do have a separate journal for events and another to map what stands out for me in revelations or chapters. I have no organized way to access them and it seems daunting at this point to find a way to do that. My journaling is like a spiritual divining rod – like those metal detectors beach combers use to find metal in the sand.
17781:  Hello everyone. Last week was my first chat – am at Step 20 – came into the School during Vigil. I was wondering if there were students to connect with in the Albany NY area but this week spoke to two friends about the New Messae and Steps to Knowledge and was bowled over by the interest. Looks like I won’t have to go looking for companions on the path :)). Though I’m doing as much reading and watching of videos as I can absorb I feel Steps to Knowledge is more than enough and mysteriously compelling. I was ready! I find as Karl does that journaling is an important part of the process. I like Paul’s idea also of keeping track of questions. Currently I’m workin on questions to ask Knowledge.
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes MVS, your capturing your life is so important for future generations of Students,and us now, Exact records will mean less confusion and manipulation in the future, as we see what has happened to the other Messengers
17781:  Sorry, should have identified: Wendy, Albany NY
Mathieu-France:  Thanks, Ayesha, I did struggle with the two in my own studenthood: knowing what I really know and knowing when I just think I know… Here I found the contrast experiences helpful: strong knowing experiences are occurring very differently in my mind and body than mere “thinking knowing”. I have to recall that when I think too uncertain about something: does it feel like Knowledge? If not, I try to keep the question or the vision open and keep walking, until I can really reach that clear knowing feeling. It takes lots of restraint, as my mind has such a tendency to fill the gaps with explanations, justifications and assumptions, especially when there is pressure around a question. Learning to hold this pressure, which can be pretty heavy, to withstand the winds of the mind until real clarity can be reached, is currently an important learning for me. “Do not trust your thoughts;” I keep telling me that while being swept downstream, hopefully a little less far as I progress…
Adria_work:  Thank you, @Reed, “deeper reality building” is the feeling when I do keep everything organised. It’s really amazing how much simple practice of journaling can bring.
May_Norway:  Thanks to you all for sharing these great insights and sharing how you do your daily steps notes, I will bring someone with me, and Naci Novare Coram***
jeanine_Society:  @All thank you for sharing such an inspiring array of capturing our studenthood – here we can add some of what others are describing to our own practice to help us do a better and more complete job in keeping our practices within reach. One thing that I know I need to do – is to be sure I capture some of my studenthood by hand as opposed to using all electronic means – whether underlining meaningful passages in revelations, or adding to my ‘What do I Know Today’ and ‘What do I Not Know Today’ lists. Something about this manual process pushes the study deeper into myself – It might have something to do with being on the computer full time for my job, and needing that balance of being away from electronic devices….
MVS Society:  Tonia, Since 2000 all my personal history and studenthood recordings is on the computer making it searchable by date and subject. I keep this very brief and not too revealing. My deep work i keep inside of me.
Joyanne_Canada:  Welcome 17781 thank you for sharing, its so inspiring to us all that you were ready and found the NM,
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Marshall thank you for the messages from Knowledge.I can remember them they don’t come often and they are strong.
Robert_Society:  Let us take pause for a few moments together for an hourly. Let us enter stillness and bring our awareness and discernment into this. Let this small action bring something greater into the world that is so needed.
paul_MA:  Wendy- you will learn that some important things happened in Albany with regard to the NMG.
mellany UK:  Resonating, Jeanine! I need that balance, and ‘away time’ from the laptop, so have opted for paper and pen.
mellany UK:  Hi Wendy! Welcome.
Cameron_Canada:  Hello Friends. I am only able to check in briefly as I am taking pictures for Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations and they will be used in our town museum. I will read the transcripts later. Regarding tools for journaling, I have found DIARO to be an excellent app for phone or computer. It has voice recognition for quick notes and the pro version (for about $5) allows one to use Dropbox cloud services. One can make custom folders for all your notes and it automatically sorts data by location, time, or folder. Also I like to use an HOURLY REMINDER. There are many available that can be customized to say what ever you want. Also…A big thank you to Shawn for taking the long drive to meet me yesterday while I was in Saskatchewan yesterday. It was a great pleasure to meet you. Untill next week, be well my friends.
Richmond_UK:  I find I cover my Steps Journalling in hand written form in a pad that contains 400 pages. This encapsulates approximately one run through of Steps. I can then easily go back year on year and see what I wrote for that step in which year and by dating it, which particular day I wrote it on. When I’m out in the world I don’t always have access to my journal so I capture on my phone via Notes important insights, quotes, Revelations, conversations, NM meetings etc. It is all in one place and can be accessed very quickly and easily. If I don’t have time to write a full note at the time I write shorthand and then expand on it when I do have the time.
Alison_Boulder:  @Reed, I’m grateful for your point there. I could end up with a perfectly organized system of unimportant information if not reviewed and reassessed.
Alexandra_NL:  Yes, Jeanine, I feel that too… I am currently in the process of making a paper tree of “nuggets” for example.
jeanine_Society:  @MVS – so important that you are documenting your own life/history here…grateful to you for your efforts of this over the last 30 years and your example to all of us for our own lives…” I am writing my own history before someone else writes it.”
Robert_Society:  This has been a wonderful opportunity to share with each other how we each go about being a student of The Way of Knowledge. Thank you for sharing here today. Your participation and contributions to this Chat are helping shape it into a powerful learning and engagement environment. Our individual development and strength bring needed support and stabilization to the mission of the New Message and its Messenger…and ultimately to the world. Let us continue with determination, courage, patience, and humility as we bring The Way of Knowledge into the world…to keep Knowledge alive here. Nasi Novare Coram
Howard Boulder:  Nice to be with you all today, NNC
Tonia_Denmark:  Okay, great, thank you, Marshall. Yes, I have much to learn about it myself. And I understand.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to all students & MVS & Society for your wisdom, we are blessed to have each other. NNc
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Robert, Nasi Novare Coram
Val_Boulder:  It is so interesting to see how Knowledge calls us to participate, each in our own unique way…
justin-calif-!:  have to run, gang- stay safe, all- NNC-
Tamara_Boulder:  That which is unchangeable expresses itself through the changing individual. So as I change in my evolution as a women of Knowledge so too changes the needs and requirements for recording this evolution. This change of where to place my energy depends on where I am directed to focus my energy not upon how to perfect my habits of practice and/or journaling. To carry certainty with me in the moment, I return again and again to stillness and to the following quote from Steps. It allows me to remain clear and present….”Again strengthen your understanding that Knowledge is with you and does not require your judgement or evaluation.”
Joyanne_Canada:  so true Val, this greater coordination.
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall and all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Raoul_Australia:  ” I am writing my own history before someone else writes it.” (MVS) that is so good to know, so good now but especially for future generations. If past generations had a true journal of Jesus’ life, or other Messengers, so much deceit would have been prevented.
Joyanne_Canada:  your so wise Tamara
carolyn_ct:  To deepen my practice, I participate in a Steps Study Group once a week. I still haven’t begun journal. I find it a very difficult practice to begin in the middle of life changes, but after hearing Dariel speak of it at Vigil, I am inspired. I truly appreciate todays topic, because learning what other people do and especially how they go about it goes a long way towards sparking me into action.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you all for documenting your various processes – so very helpful to each and every one of us. This whole chat could be mined for its nuggets of wisdom, and made into a document for future inspiration.
Sarita_Ottawa:  As I have finally put my studenthood as my main focus and priority, I found this discussion very valuable. Thank you all for your input. Until next time, NNC
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS and everyone Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  I found that on Google Calendar, the recieved Revelations are there on the specific dates. Just for others to know, as I have wondered if that would be an appropriate online notebook for important entries.
Patricia_Society:  There is “what we practice and how”, and then there is how we “order our studenthood”, which includes our student documents, in whatever form we choose to utilize them, (to help capture our experience). How and what we prioritize in practice and how we “order this studenthood” can almost be considered two distinct disciplines, though related always…..Thank you all for your contributions regarding how you are coming to structure your studenthood and how you capture your experience and interaction of Knowledge, the New Message, the NM Free School, the world…And thank you for finding the New Message and taking it into your lives and the world….
carolyn_ct:  Also: participating in group Study deepens my relationship with Knowledge and the WWC.
Joyanne_Canada:  I agree Ellen, my thoughts exactly. What a precious help this chat will be for new students that join. Its like a map for capturing our student-hood.
Virpi_Finland:  Thank you all for sharing your journaling ideas!
cole_boulder:  Thank you all for sharing. NNC
MaryL_Boulder:  From Steps Cont 82 “There is great joy. It lives within you and lives in your genuine relationships with others. This joy is born of gratitude, service and recognition. …a joy that a miracle is happening in your life, and you are bearing witness to it. For all the work that must be done along the way, these are moments of confirmation…this sense of joy is a natural by-product of the genuine work you are doing here.” Today is a moment of confirmation and joy for me. Thank you NNC
Tyyne Society:  Thank you everyone. What you are sharing here is moving and inspiring. Blessings. NNC.
Alison_Boulder:  @All, if you feel called to join the ongoing Advocacy effort as guided by the Society for the New Message, you are invited by all who participate into this great yet simple work. If it’s not feeling so simple to join, please write to [email protected] so we can find support to get through tech or beginning understandings of the outreach systems in place.
Every week, official Advocacy Gatherings occur online at, 6:30-8 MDT and 7-8:30 BST (two time zone options).
The Revelations can be found on Facebook, Youtube and many more sites that your fellow Advocates would love to tell you about. NNC thanks for all who work together in this world wide community of beacons for Knowledge.
Heidi_Germany:  Thank you all! NNC
Adria_work:  Thank you all for your sharing, it’s necessary to study the transcript later for all the great ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much Marshall. Nasi Novare Coram
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  It was my schooling as an actor in college that started me writing my journals and I wrote so much subjective material. My Ego was strong and I had delusions of grandure, and yet the honest moments are there showing a continual desire for the truth at different stages. My acting, my Zen training and eventually my steps training. If anything the embarrassing failures and awkward mistakes are fuel for my training now. And at times even a good laugh and a tear or two.
Tyyne Society:  Join a worldwide community of people who are financially supporting The Society in its mission to bring the New Message from God to humanity. Your gift will forge the foundation for all that we are doing currently and beyond. http://www.newmessage….ssage
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thank you all for this inspiring and informative chat today. from Step 13: we are each “a unique expression of a Greater Reality.”
Ellen_Society:  This remarkable chat joins us together in a sacred bond, with a sacred mission.
Each of us here today is part of a growing golden web – a tapestry still being woven, and with the greatest intent: –TO HELP A NEW MESSAGE FROM GOD TO COVER THE WORLD.
Each has a part to play:
There are those who shear the sheep and wash the strands.
Some spin the yarn, others dye it, and then there are the weavers. After them come the distributors who cast this tapestry over the entire human family.
What a beautiful process we are all engaged in!
MVS Society:  Every day is important in your preparation. Look for the 10-20% that may be important and of lasting value. The rest is the flow of life. In the end, only true relationships and true service remains.
Kari_H_Finland:  Please know this: Since I finished my first round of STK, my lifeline for spiritual practice has been the Free School which has given me consistency in the Pillar of Spiritual Development. Thank you for your perseverance in keeping this alive!
jeanine_Society:  If you haven’t had a chance yet this school session, there is still an opportunity to take an optional Spiritual Retreat. – even a day or half day would be valuable. I was fortunate to be able to take a short Spiritual Retreat this session, and it was great to see the natural unfolding of the organization of my studenthood during this time, as the result of just giving myself the time, space and permission…
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and All. Nasi Novare Coram
Kelton_Calif:  @Cameron Thank you for Suggesting DIARO. It looks promising. I will try it.
Reed_Society:  @Robert, Ayesha, Mathieu, Thomas — such an important awareness ongoing, day by day, to question things I might assume – “to question yourself, without doubting yourself.” This invites the process of learning to take place – instead of assuming an idea, an impulse, a dream, an impassioned statement by another is “knowledge,” rather to honestly say, “I’m not sure, but I will observe and see what I see, and see what happens as a result” and learn what is born out to be Knowledge and what isn’t, this is a more dynamic position internally, vs a fixed position internally, dynamic in that you are “at the wheel” of your experience, navigating your experience, the world, others around you vs in the back seat of the vehicle, assuming the car is going where it needs to go, assuming Knowledge is guiding you, assuming things are what they appear to be. One thing I have found in this is that when a strong need, guilt or fear is present in me, this can create a pseudo-Knowledge experience, something…
Reed_Society:  … that feels very right, very confirming, very similar to how I have felt amidst important Knowings in the past. I am now active in looking out for this, and looking to the state and condition of my mind (the ground under my feet) before I step out and attribute rightness to what is happening in a situation.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you to everyone gathered, for sharing, for reading, for doing the work!
manuel germany :):  Many thanks to you all. Your different experiences in documenting the process of the progression of the spiritual journey have inspired and showed me how much I still need to do to become a better student. (not only wishing but also being) – I hope that I can bury my found nuggets and much more in the journals and to learn from them when I need them. Nasi Novare Coram –
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK you ALL, for each entry made here today, I’ll reread this chat, and Just wanted to say thank you for tremendous support via specific examples, Loved hearing all That Marshall shared / revealed about his personal practices, and so Many wonderful sharings, and references to STEPS, Knowledge and wisdom. Be well, Nasi Novare Coram.
Josef Austria:  Welcome Wendy !
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you too, Patricia. This topic is so important for us, as I have learned it really makes me feel either on the going or on the falling behind-stressfull feeling. Like siiting on the front of the truck or hanging on rear end. It just makes it all, I thjnk.
MarkB_Pittsburgh:  Thank you, MVS: “In the end, only true relationships and true service remains.”
17333:  Thank you!
jeanine_Society:  To report typos or get support:
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and All. Nasi Novare Coram
Debbie_Mi:  Thank you all. This has been a very inspiring and informative chat. So much wisdom has been shared today to reflect on and contemplate. Nasi Novare Coram.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Jeanine: yes retreats feel counter to the sense of speeding up of Great Waves but for me the words that penetrated my surface mind from “Deepening Your Spiritual Practice” were just several words: “Slow down” and “Deeper Down”. These directives are part of my practice in seeing how, when and where I can apply them.
manuel germany :):  @Ellen. Many thanks for your words. “Each has a part to play:
There are those who shear the sheep and wash the strands.
Some spin the yarn, others dye it, and then there are the weavers. After them come the distributors who cast this tapestry over the entire human family.
What a beautiful process we are all engaged in! ” – whatever needs to be done, I am ready to do my part. God bless you all
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone for sharing your studenthood today
Samantha_South Africa:  @Ellen thank you so much for your beautiful and inspirings words
Mathieu-France:  Yes, Reed, the mind has complex deceiving mechanisms indeed.
carolyn_ct:  I love the Night Meditation, because it invites the mind to rest.
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you Marshall and all. This chat has provided a lot for me to use and to contemplate. Perhaps this is a crossroad for me. Do I keep going round and round the mountain. Or do I want to go up. Sometimes I feel I may have a fear of heights. NNC
Darlene_Society:  So much practical wisdom here. Thank you all.
Alison_Boulder:  You’ve given me more ways to check in on self-honesty and “where is my mind going?”, all. Thank you.
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all. NNC
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Reed, about “assuming Knowledge”, that is so important, especially now that the Intervention sends a lot of ‘imitations’ of knowledge and all kinds of deceit in the mental environment.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Reed. I’ve also noticed that when I put my mental/emotional/physical energy into something that doesn’t hold true purpose and movement, that I become unbalanced and can feel fatigued .. drained…rather than inspired, motivated and vital. It can be a very uncomfortable experience … but, I’m grateful for it, because it’s a compass, for me.
Lingling_Boulder:  thank you everyone for sharing. It is so powerful for me to know how to improve myself in recording my life, how I can do better for my studenthood, and how others are doing it. I learned a lot from your sharing.
Tamara_Boulder:  Reed…thank you for the last few sentence in you experience of “being at the wheel”. As I am entering a new dimension of knowing Knowledge in relationships, it is confirmed that my foundation is solid for as of yet I am not attaching my past experience to what is presently happening. I don’t think I could even if I wanted to because the sense feeling is so new. However as time passes I will keep with me your expression of not attaching “rightness to what is happening in a situation.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS “In the end only true relationships and true service remains.”
Val_Boulder:  :O) Shane–eventually, we can be laughing at our fear.
Tyyne Society:  @Reed “A quote or passage from the New Message, something Marshall said, something said by a student on this very chat — these things leap out at me in the moment. Being able to record them, stay with them, act on them, forget about them perhaps, but find them again and keep acting…” I copy and paste these passages that stand out for me from the chat and email them to myself. Then I can access them as I go through email. They are reminders and way pointers. Ever coming back to what is real and what needs to be done here.
jeanine_Society:  @MaryL – yes I see that the Spiritual Retreat is a great untapped resource here – thank you for your demonstration to me over the last 7 years that I have been in Boulder. After the previous years of observing you and others here work so hard – now it is time to balance that with giving ourselves the time, space and permission to practice Spiritual Retreat….
MaryL_Boulder:  @Shane, have the same fear of heights too but keeping your eyes up (towards Heaven if you can’t see the summit) and don’t look down or back. The perspective gets better, bigger and you can see so much more…keep climbing.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Blessings everyone, thank you …my cup runneth …
Thomas_Boulder:  @Reed – “One thing I have found in this is that when a strong need, guilt or fear is present in me, this can create a pseudo-Knowledge experience…” – I’m hearing this. So important.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Tyyne, another way to capture the moment.. I email myself all the time from phone too..
Joe_UK:  Very thankful for all your sharing of practical insights here today, as always this chat provides a wonderful experience of the fabric of relationship being weaved together. NNC
Joyanne_Canada:  Very true Jeanine, take time to retreat to see where we are, catch our breath for the next part of the climb, recharge so to speak
Jim B. Upstate NY:  So much insight given here today! It has helped me so much to find out what is necessary for me to do and what isn’t. Thank you to MVS, Patricia, Reed and the Society! May the Presence be with you always.
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you everyone for sharing your journaling practices. It has been very enlightening for me. And shows me where I need to make improvements and pull my socks up, or just make some changes. Nasi Novare Coram.
Alison_Boulder:  @Paul thank you for mentioning those meta-questions. The mind may take fewer side journeys with such “bigger problems” in the forefront.
Joyanne_Canada:  great advice Reed, being observant of ourselves in that capacity.
Tamara_Boulder:  I hold sacred our engagement here and carry the blooming strength of our shared development into the rest of my day and week. May we each hold to the Truth revealed to us in your study and practice of Knowledge so that during times of trail, times of forgetfulness, and times of need, Knowledge can reach us at the surface and bring us back to the depths of life moving in and through us.
Jansett_KY:  @ Ellen, thank you for your beautiful expression of our sacred bond as a worldwide community. Somehow it recalled for me Jesus’ words about The Good Shepherd.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @carolyn yes participate in the steps study group is deepening my practice too and it keeps me going in my steps practice the sharing part is important.
Joyanne_Canada:  We are extremely blessed in this engagement, so many inspiring forward insights. Nasi Novare Coram all, my deep gratitude for you all.
MVS Society:  Finally recognizing the importance of your life, you will not want to waste any part of it.
Mathieu-France:  @Reed: “One thing I have found in this is that when a strong need, guilt or fear is present in me, this can create a pseudo-Knowledge experience, something that feels very right, very confirming, very similar to how I have felt amidst important Knowings in the past.” -It reminds you of the issue of preferences. I find it so much more difficult to reach a position of clarity when strong preferences are involved. The mind keeps going from one way to the opposite (so I cannot just assume the right decision or direction is the one that goes against my preference). In a way, I have to reach a point of neutrality, which may imply having to first follow a way of renouncement (at least partial) regarding what I would prefer, before seeing things clearly. This can be quite challenging at times, depending on what is at stake. Yet I try to keep in mind that Knowledge does not function from a position of fear and anxiety.
Val_Boulder:  Thank you for your companionship on this Knowledge-freedom journey, where we are learning to Know, to serve and to live freely, in our currently unfree world.
Reed_Society:  @MVS yes, a conviction builds from recognizing this importance
Patricia_Society:  @Kari_H_Finland(10:11) “Since I finished my first round of STK, my lifeline for spiritual practice has been the Free School which has given me consistency in the Pillar of Spiritual Development. Thank you for your perseverance in keeping this alive.” Yes, it is a significant endeavor keeping the curriculum for the Free School rolling out, session by session, year by year. Since 2012, this is our 5th year for the second version of the School. The first School format, which was very impactful required both independent study, formal group group and in room participation. Students actually got on airplanes to come here for the formal in-room school house component of each Session. Very, very rich and such a commitment. Thanks to them for helping to build the platform that became this international School structure. And so, for the Society to create and maintain the platforms for the Free School all these years (past and present), so that new students have somewhere to come to,…
Patricia_Society:  … and so that we can study and interact together from all over the world together, and with Marshall Via in the his time……is an extremely important and real contribution. Utter and sincere thanks to the Society for helping Marshall, myself, Reed and all of us……and to all, now and to come, for helping to build part of the ‘structure” and foundation for the New Message into the future…..
Reed_Society:  @Mathieu, yes I have a very similar practice regarding bringing myself to neutrality before seeking a “yes/no” from Knowledge, important
jeanine_Society:  Such a blessing to be part of this discussion as each of you share your gold nuggets of organizing your practice – such inspiration and wisdom here in support of each other. ..Nasi Novare Coram.
Reed_Society:  @Mellany, yes this is a great barometer – a sense of vitality or loss of vitality, gained life or lost life, in a certain situation or relationship
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all!I realy need to reorganise my journals.And read it again tonight.There are two little ones who need my attention now.NNC
Adria_work:  @Mathieu, my internet connection broke, so maybe the chat registered my message, but anyway, I noticed a similar thing regarding coming to terms with a “loss” and then becoming of calmer emotions regarding the issue.
Alexandra_NL:  @ Thank you Mathieu, I too have found renunciation to be essential in the process of Knowing.
Joyanne_Canada:  I am finding re-listening to MVS and Patricia speak at the Vigil to be very helpful in keeping my focus on practicing, and developing strength in my practices. They are so rich in re-orientating my practices.
Hardev Australia:  So much here I can consider and tools I can adopt and apply to further improve how I can document and keep track of my studenthood and learning. This will further improve sharing my experiences and insights with other students. Thank you all. NNC.
MVS Society:  Creating the Free School and the Study Plans is a real effort for Patricia, Reed and myself. I pray that you will take full advantage of our gift to you, especially with the Study Plans which are designed to take you further and deeper.
Reed_Society:  @Patricia, yes it has been quite a journey in building the School reality to this point, and now that reality building is being done by so many beyond us, the students who bring their real work and engagement to this space, it is built by all who come and give themselves to this endeavor now
Hardev Australia:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed, Society for the Free School.
Tyyne Society:  Yes, there is much that goes into each school session. We all benefit from the effort to produce these school session – the content, the study plan, the readings, the consideration and practices that we are given. Thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed for all you give here.
Joyanne_Canada:  Be Well MVS, Patricia,Reed and everyone here.
Alexandra_NL:  The world is awaiting our contribution, and our studenthood is foundational in this. Deep gratitude to all for your preparation and for sharing about your invaluable studenthood process.
MVS Society:  Why do so many leave after the first hour when the second hour is the richest?
Val_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall. May your work bring a bountiful harvest of Knowledge through our studenthood and into our world. Nasi Novare Coram
86836:  I always look forward to the campfire chat, it has helped me and still does, in my own practice and understanding.
Patricia_Society:  As Marshall has just said, the Study Plans for each session of the Free School are very important. Please take time to study them, refer to them, and actually utilize them to help you sort thru your student experience and to mark incremental development….In creating these Study Plans with Marshall, we are laying down what will one day be referred to as “the Pathway of the New Message”, an integral part of the foundation for the New Message into the future….and something that the world will come to examine in order to discern who the people of the New Message are and what did the Messenger and the Revelation teach….
Richmond_UK:  The Free School has helped me tremendously in my studenthood. Deep gratitude to the Summers family for their ongoing efforts in this regard.
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, it’s true. It’s like staying after the vigils, thats where the cream de la cream is happening.
Mathieu-France:  @MVS : ) so, this is official, this is a 2 hours Chat?
Alexandra_NL:  Good question Mahitue
Jansett_KY:  @MVS, I’ve often asked myselt the same question!
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Hear, here, Marshall. “…the second hour is the richest.”
Reed_Society:  @MVS still here!
mellany UK:  Me too! :))
MVS Society:  Yes Mathieu, it is two hour chat of intention, endurance and circumstance
Hardev Australia:  Yes MVS, I find staying on for the 2nd hour very needed.
Jansett_KY:  YAY for the official two-hour chat!
Raoul_Australia:  it gets a bit late for Aussies, but I am always happy to catch the wisdom of the second hour!
Adria_work:  Me too, still here, blessed with a less busy line this afternoon!
Val_Boulder:  To me, this is a 2-hour, yet timeless flight of affinity, Knowing, shared purpose and fellowship: timeless!
MaryS_Boulder:  Well the official remarks at the end of the first hour did have a dismissive effect, reminding me I have chores!
Kelton_Calif:  It is comforting to know there are other students beside myself that have “shortcomings and laziness” Thank you Shane for your brave honesty. Todays Chat has been inspiring and informative. Thank you to all for sharing. Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Lol Marshal
Tyyne Society:  From Step 28 – “I accept my Knowledge as a gift from God. I accept
my Teachers as my elder brothers and sisters. I accept my world
as a place where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed. I
accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge. I
accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence
of Knowledge, and I give myself now to cultivate that which is
of the greatest good within myself to be given to the world.”
Kelvin_Boulder:  “…it is two hour chat of intention, endurance and circumstance”
Joyanne_Canada:  The Free School helps me stay connected to my family, and to those who are my destiny to engage with. It is precious and vital for my growth. I remember when it started and how excited I was that there was a platform built for connection and engagement with those of like minds. and hearts.
Mathieu-France:  @Raoul: you mean, from 2am to 3am is a bit late?!
Tyyne Society:  We have great Teachers that represent those who have sent us. There is much to learn from them.
Kristina_Boulder:  I will try to do my notes on a phone app and computer and see if that will work better for me… The idea of quick access and easy search is inviting.
MVS Society:  Raoul, but Aussies are tough I hear.
Alexandra_NL:  and priceless
86836:  as tough as a boot
Tonia_Denmark:  Sometimes it is a 2 and a 1/2 hour chat…
Raoul_Australia:  yes, Mathieu, or early if seen from a ‘morning’ perspective
Alexandra_NL:  sorry, my internet connection is really weak here. My entries are not going through.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ MVS so very true! The 2nd hour is rich yet for me the whole experience is needed. For many of us me included people places and things often distract us from our true purpose of why we are really here. As we speak my wife is asking me firmly to do “things” around the house before company arrives. Error and folly is all around and these chats keep me grounded to what is truly important in life and beyond!
Alison_Boulder:  Just smiling at my computer screen over here.
Mathieu-France:  @Alison: same here
Kristina_Boulder:  My step yesterday relates to todays chat. Step 53 from SCT. My spiritual practice will fail if my other pillars are not build.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Jim oh Company coming,,, perfect opportunity to utilize your observation skills.
Student_U.S.:  Some will travel with you temporarily and some will make the entire journey with you.
Val_Boulder:  Time spent in the company of the great is never wasted, when one understands what is truly great.
Raoul_Australia:  The afterglow of the chat also keeps me awake for another hour or so, but I don’t mind that either, it is a rejuvenating time
Joyanne_Canada:  true Val, time spent gaining wisdom from wise people who are travelling this mountain
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes Raoul, rejuvenation, so true
Tonia_Denmark:  Alexandra, you came through fine now
19222:  Hello all…just back from work and seeing The Angel of the North in Newcastle…looking forward to reading this weeks chat.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Raoul, when are you coming to visit?
19222:  Oh wow, that is good news!!
Alexandra_NL:  yes Tonia, after a lot of trying and patience
Kelvin_Boulder:  This chat has now taken a new meaning for me since the 2hr statement above. So many things competing for attention and resources, yet that which is essential, the signal to noise ratio must be maintain at a high level. Thank you for the reminder MVS, this is a much needed boost to our practice, both physically ( “Muscle memory, conditioning” ) and deeper still.
MVS Society:  “I gain strength from all who practice with me.” Step 212
Raoul_Australia:  @Kristina, I don’t know, unfortunately I have am visa problem for the US
Jansett_KY:  An important passage for me right now, from Step 265: “Knowledge will require you to be free of the past and free of anxiety over the future. It will require you to be present with life. It will require you to be open and honest. It will require you to have faith and consistent self-application. It will require that you not be in conflict. It will require that you have great love and respect for yourself and a great appreciation for the world. It will require that you be able to experience your Spiritual Family and recognize your true place in the universe.
Knowledge requires this of you in order for you to fully extend yourself to accept it. In this way, you become free in learning to become free. You become guided by Knowledge by learning to become guided by Knowledge. Here you achieve the goal by taking the steps. There is no magic formula where all of a sudden you become free. There is no magic belief system which, once adopted, frees you from the restraints of your past and…
Jansett_KY:  … concerns over your future. You learn this true freedom by application, step by step. Thus, as you learn to reclaim Knowledge, Knowledge reclaims you. And as you learn what freedom is, you actually become free.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Student_U.S., exactly that is what is going on my mind every day!
Joyanne_Canada:  @MVS, as we are experiencing and capturing this great truth today..
Tyyne Society:  Thank you, Jansett.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  I wanted to say I am still here looking now and then,but my cat wanted to say something?
Tonia_Denmark:  Alexandra yes
Kelton_Calif:  @ Marshall Patricia And Reed- Thank you for your commitment to us!
Mathieu-France:  @Jansett: I remember this one, and listing all the requirements for myself…
MVS Society:  Signing off. Blessings to you all.
Joyanne_Canada:  Blessings to you also MVS, Be Well. Take care NNC
Adria_work:  Thank you, Marshall
Tonia_Denmark:  Blessings Marshal.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you for being with us Marshall!
Mathieu-France:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Sarita_Ottawa:  Thank you all! NNC
Tyyne Society:  Thank you, Marshall.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Bessings to you Marshall!
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you Marshall
Darlene_Society:  Blessings and gratitude, dear Marshall.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Marshall Patricia and Reed for your devotion to our studenthood. So grateful….
mellany UK:  Thank you, Marshall …. and all. Your presence, sharing and inspiration is most appreciated. Gratitude. NNC
Kelton_Calif:  Blessing to you as well dear Messenger
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall.
Marie-Anne Sweden:  Thank you for blessings🌞
Student_U.S.:  “This is following the presence of Knowledge this is following the presence of God. This is learning how to be in the world but not of the world. This is learning how to build a connection to your Ancient Home while you are here living a fundamental and a practical life while engaging with others and meaningful activities.
This is the journey before you this is what it means to take the Steps to Knowledge this is what it means to live a greater reality even while you are here engage in daily life in the world. This is where the Divine expresses itself through the mundane and gives the mundane all the meaning and value with it that it has. This is what gives real purpose to your intellect this is what influences you to live a healthy and constructive life. This is what sets you on firm and established ground a firm foundation in the world a foundation that the world itself could never provide for you for you were born of a greater reality from which you have come to which you will…
Student_U.S.:  … return and this holds the secret the purpose and the real value of your life.”https://newknowledgeli…load/
Val_Boulder:  God Blesses you, Marshall–and us all.
Richmond_UK:  Thank you Marshall. Nasi Novare Coram
Kristina_Boulder:  Thank you All. NNC
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Student, another important quote that assists us in center lining our journey.
Josef Austria:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed, Society, Students for the Free School !
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you all. Much love to everyone. ♡
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you for your Graceful presence, Marshall
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you everyone…time for some afterglow,
Nasi Novare Coram

One Response to "Campfire Chat June 24, 2017"

  1. Alisa Posted on June 25, 2017 at 6:50 am

    MVS Society: I have been keeping a daily journal since 1987—30 years. I record important events, NM Teachings and books received, trips, journeys, Great Wave and GC events, world events, weather events. I do very little subjective entries here. As I go back to review a day of my life or an event, the memory and experience comes back to me. My life is important and I am keeping my own record of it. I am writing my own history before someone else writes it.

    MVS Society: Since 2000 all my personal history and studenthood recordings is on the computer making it searchable by date and subject. I keep this very brief and not too revealing. My deep work i keep inside of me.

    I find this sharing very inspirational, but it also makes me wonder. I often have the urge to make my practice public, not shouting out about my achievements, just sharing my journaling in a blog or on the School Forum. Who knows, maybe someone will resonate, and it will be of benefit? Or is this too arrogant? I don’t feel I have anything to hide and I wonder about the inclination many of us have to keep things private. What is their main motivation?

    I am glad to hear that Marshall is keeping a journal of his life that will hopefully be available in the future for others to read.

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