Campfire Chat July 8, 2017

 Carol_Society:  As we wait to begin our discussion today, let us be with the wisdoms of the Messenger, shared by him at last week’s Campfire Chat:

“Keeping a log of Knowledge experiences noting date, place and circumstance is very important. It is the evidence of Knowledge working in your life and how Knowledge is working through your unique design. This will support you during those many times when you are not experiencing Knowledge and become vulnerable to self-doubt and the persuasions of others.”

“Heaven is constant. As you become more constant as a student, you will begin to feel Heaven’s Presence more and more.”

“Over time it is important to discern what Knowledge really feels like to you, how Knowledge reaches you in your mind and body and to see how different this is from compulsion, preference or desire. The more you know this “true Knowledge experience,” the more you will know what to trust within yourself and others. This can only be learned through experience—knowing what you know and…

Carol_Society:  … knowing what you don’t know.”

“What seems like self-direction and intention often is directed by others. People think they are making their own decisions when in reality they have been prompted to do so. You can see this everywhere.”

“As the new world reality around us becomes more conflicted and unstable, the need for Knowledge must grow. You will need to find the center of the cyclone within yourself and around you. This is the center line.”

“Usually, the first big experiences of Knowledge is Knowledge holding you back. From Heaven’s perspective, restraint is the most important thing. Without this, real promise for you fades. If you cannot be restrained, you cannot be guided.”

“Every disaster in life started out as a good idea.”

“When Knowledge seems to move you to do something you personally want to do, be careful. Wait and watch. When Knowledge moves you to do something you don’t want or resist, this could be important.”

“Before Knowledge can move you up the mountain, it…

Carol_Society:  … has to hold you back from anchoring yourself too strongly in the lowland.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Darlene_Society:  If I remember correctly, the Allies state several times that they were discovered and they lost and had to regain their freedom, so the Greater Community knows about them. Not an easy emergence, not an easy freedom to regain.
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Wendy, Albany NY:  Hello everyone, what stands out for me is a kind of “this is the truth, you need to deal with it” message. Along with that: “Humans are NOT prepared.”. Then, what might be the surprising suggestion that preparation comes by going within, it is not an outer solution. Along with that I feel compelled now to look seriously at my own experiences of “contact.”. At the same time I need to resist judging my gullibility in the past. I want to know and respond to the Truth.
manuel germany :):  hi Betty 
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Alisa …Yes they are a part of the GC all races are even if they still are in isolation and don’t know what is out in space…like humanity. Yet, having freedom in the GC always takes work and dedication to remain free and wise.
Betty_UK:  Hi Manuel 
Youngkyo_Korea:  Hi everyone, NNC
Bethne_UK:  Greetings fellow Students!
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for those reminders Carol….I find those quotes so helpful each week.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Greetings Bethne!
Alisa_Russia:  @Wendy – I resonate with that.
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone!
Sang Hyun_CA_Korea:  Hi everyone! Has been a while. Glad I can join today.
manuel germany :):  Hi Rich 
jeanine_Society:  It is the top of the hour – before we begin our Chat today, let’s pause for a brief few moments and be with the fact that you are not here in this life (or the Chat for that matter) by accident. Let us give strength to the Messenger who is taking us with him into this new threshold for humanity with his great gift – into the Greater Community of intelligent life where contact will be made.
Bethne_UK:  Hi La Rae!
Richmond_UK:  Hi Manuel
Kelton_Calif:  Hello everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Nancy_Oregon:  @Wendy.YES Thanks for your fresh response
11066:  hi everyone
Alisa_Russia:  @Jim – okay, yes, I think I am getting it – we are to be aware that we are part of the Greater Community but not give up our freedom because we are too weak and divided to sustain ourselves.
Student:  Nasi Novare Coram
Jeanne_Boulder:  we need to be United sustainable discreet
Alisa_Russia:  “…the Messenger who is taking us with him into this new threshold for humanity…” This zings!
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone – Nasi Novare Coram
34083:  @Alisa – isn’t it more like we need to unite and learn to sustain ourselves in order to be free
Alisa_Russia:  @34083 – yes, that’s it.
Jos_Netherlands:  Hello everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Alisa the intervention is influencing the world and is waiting for the world to become even more divided and less sustainable. They want us to use up all of our resources so then we would become even more acceptable to the technology they will offer us. Once we take this technology we become reliant on it and in the process begin to lose our freedom slowly.

Carol_Society:  “The Creator of all life has given you Knowledge, a deeper intelligence within you. It represents your ability to realize the truth beyond any deception, beyond any preference, beyond hope, beyond fear, beyond all of the many things that cloud humanity’s vision and understanding.” Humanity’s Emergence into the GC

Welcome everyone to the first Campfire Chat of our new July-August Free School session focused on Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe, another beautiful transition from our study last session of Knowledge and Spiritual Practice, most essential to our preparation for contact with the GC.

Let us now extend our heartfelt thanks to the Messenger, to Patricia and to Reed for their devotion and careful planning in bringing us this opportunity to go to another level in our awareness, education, and preparation regarding the Greater Community. May we take full advantage of this opportunity, as best we can, as a demonstration of our profound gratitude.

Hyeonam_Korea:  Greetings all. NNC
Wendy, Albany NY:  Alisa, I can see also how avoiding dependence is so critical for freedom. Along with discernment and discretion. I never reckoned before with what a tall order this is.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Carol!
34083:  Thanks much for this learning opportunity!!!
22181:  Hello everyone.
Debbie_MI:  Hello everyone.
MaryL_Boulder:  Hello everyone
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Everyone – let’s now navigate our awareness to the Greater Community and the first very powerful core revelation for Month One of the Free School Session.
jeanine_Society:  What stood out for you in reading and listening to ‘Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community’?
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Carol, yes this opportunity and challenge is a great blessing, true gratitude to Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society for their efforts, without which we would not be here right now.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  A huge thank you to Marshall, Patricia and Reed and the Society for the learning environment we are all a part! Blessings to you all!!!!!!!!!!
21171:  Well, we are one week and seven minutes into the new session and I am precisely already behind.
Alisa_Russia:  @Jim – yes, I understand that. I was just wondering about these free societies. Did they face the same thing we are going through now with the Intervention and manage to maintain their freedom anyway, or were they strong enough to resist the Intervention in the first place? I wonder what their experience was/is. Are these free societies and the Allies the same thing? Or are the Allies just a few people from these larger free societies?
Greg_UK:  Type your message hereHello all
Wendy, Albany NY:  Thank you Carol. The quote about our deeper intelligence is powerful. I am so grateful for the opportunity the School curriculum gives to focus study and take it deeper. So many thank yous to Marshall, Patricia and Reed. The fireside chat videos are also a great help.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Carol, the title of this session struck me as it is very clear about what we are facing – contact –
Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe.
Gratitude to the Messenger, to Patricia and to Reed and the Society for this opportunity.
Alisa_Russia:  @21171 – welcome to the club!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @jeanine, but one of the many aspects that stood out for me, “As is the case in the evolution of so many societies in the universe, humanity is now outstripping its world’s natural resources. This brings you to a great threshold. First, it invites intervention by races who want to secure those biological resources for themselves. They will use all means necessary to gain this access, though force in this case is rarely employed.” I think it is extremely important to keep in mind that ANYTHING can happen and I felt drawn to the last sentence here where “…force in this case is rarely employed” this to me clearly implies if we let the environment degrade to a point where it could collapse then GC forces will use force to keep that from happening and this is all the excuse they need to take control by force. Humanity MUST preserve the environment and clearly this is not the case today.
Douglas_St. Paul:  Perhaps the leader of the Grays thought “If only we hadn’t thought we could just keep growing”
LaRae_Ottawa:  What stood out for me was the seriousness of the situation. How critical it is that we find those people who are ready and need to hear and comprehend this great Gift of our Creator. How critical it is that we take our study of The Steps very seriously indeed…and how much disinformation we are up against when it comes to the influences of The Intervention, The Media and the self obsession humanity swims in.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Greetings dear Greg!
Inhee_Korea:  @Jeanine This passage taught me what technological advancement has resulted in. “These societies, like so many others in the Greater Community, have outstripped their worlds’ natural resources and must now engage in a very complex arrangement of trade and commerce to gain access to the very resources that they need. Their technological advancement has not freed them from this need, but has indeed escalated the requirements of life.”
Richmond_UK:  @Jeanine what stood out for me was ‘the public at large has no notion of the hazards that it is now facing at its borders to space..Technology is not your problem. Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination. You will not fail because of technology. You will fail because of the lack of wisdom, cooperation and awareness in your world. That is your great danger.’ this speaks to the extremely vulnerable position we, as a race find ourselves in and the utter importance of advocating the NM.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Inhee thanks for sharing that, I agree
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for that quote Richmond, it is sobering indeed.
21171:  What stands out for me is how, in a universe of all worlds, this Messenger drew this world to attend, and what a fecund and multivarious, multiplicitous world it is. What a rich engagement, to keep in mind a statement of Patricia’s: “Seek experience, so that you may have more experience.” To contrast this with the more typical way of the wise in the universe, staying hidden to keep Knowledge alive.
Alison_Boulder:  @Jeanine, I heard passages like this one more than a couple times, alluding to the unrealized, unused potential of humanity, as a race and individually: “You have power. You have skills. You have wisdom.”
Alisa_Russia:  @Richmond – thank you for bringing this up. Very sobering, but very true.
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Mike, LaRae, Richmone and Inhee – I too was struck by the quote that Inhee noted, having worked in technology for years myself: “…Technology is not your problem. Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination….
Raoul_Australia:  This session confirms that what I started feeling as a child, in the 1960’s, was not an illusion – the calling of the Greater Community, the passion to know more about it. I still remember those early newspaper clippings, with black&white photos of UFOs.
Rudy_Boulder:  What stood out for me is that right from the start, the Revelation mentions “complex” 4 times: Complex arrangement of trade and commerce….you are emerging into a complex set of circumstances…..The Assembly is warning us that it will be very different from what we try to manage here on Earth.
21171:  Alison, the strengths of this world, yes, that’s what I’m talking about, weighed in the balance of the challenge.
34083:  For me it was “Humanity is facing its greatest challenge from the outside, and it is not responding.”
Samantha_South Africa:  For me the Greater Community aspects of the Revelations are the ones I always avoid – but recently I have realized how crucial this understanding is for the reclamation of my life. That humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community has a direct impact on my purpose for being in the world at this time. So what really stood out for me was “You will have many questions, and there are many things you must learn.The Revelation from God will answer many of these questions. But this will take [time] and require that you reconsider many things in the world today, that you see the world differently, that you view human conflict differently adn that you recoginize that your future and your destiny, your success and you failure, reside in the Greater Community itself. If you can see this, this will be a great blessing. It will be a great revelation. it will be a real turning point for you as an individual.”
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes Inhee, and the following passage has made me much more aware of the direction this world is taking “Large technological societies are often very secular in nature. They do not allow for individual expression. They do not honor the reality and the presence of the Creator of all life. The state has become their religion, and stability is maintained through a very strict hierarchy of structure.”
Debbie_MI:  What stood out for me was the following-” No one in the world is educated about the Greater Community. If you were, you would be responding very differently to the presence of foreign powers in your midst. This would become a worldwide focus, and the emphasis would be on establishing your own Rules of Engagement with whomever you are encountering now and will likely encounter in the future.”
LaRae_Ottawa:  This also stood out for me “Yet people go about life as if nothing is happening, consumed with their own needs, consumed with human conflict and corruption, consumed with the difficulties of life here in this one world, unawre and unconcerned about the presence of an Intervention here. Those few people who are aware of this presence are being persuaded to perceive it as beneficial, as benign and in some cases, as even representing salvation for the human family…..if it were not for the fact that I am aware of Knowledge and the need for Knowledge, would find this statement alone completely overwhelming.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Jeanine “…Technology is not your problem. Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination….
Tom_SanFrancisco:  yes Rudy. I thought Complex also referred to illusion and disinformation
Paul_MA:  “You would end your wars & conflicts-realizing how vulnerable they make you to outside influence & manipulation.”…– Even with disclosure of the Greater Community and the Intervention, it is difficult to see that certain countries would give up their hunger for military conflict, this country US would most likely use a GC event to further its ambitions.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Jeanine for me this revelation spoke to the awareness that is lacking within humanity and its situation mostly self created. Humanity is living like it does not care for this world and that anything goes. this behavior has consequences to it. Not only consequences from nature but consequences from the GC. When we begin to realize the predicament and the problems around we then must look objectively at the world and begin to DO something about this. I am what I do…this collectively is creating the world in which we live. But there is hope for Knowledge is alive in the world.
LaRae_Ottawa:  I resonate with your feelings Samantha…..It has taken me over a year to embrace this portion of the Teachings. It is a very difficult aspect of the Revelations to come to terms with.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @LaRae, That passage stood out for me as well, very unnerving it IS!
Wendy, Albany NY:  Samantha, this really is the starting point isn’t it?
Carol_Society:  @Alison: Yes, the unrealized potentail, the possibilities: “Humanity has the possibility for Self-Knowledge. It has the awareness of the Creator of all life sufficiently to call upon a greater inner strength. It has learned the lessons of nature sufficiently within this world to bring this wisdom to bear in its encounter with a Greater Community of life.” So much promise in the human family…can we fulfill this promise? Will we?
Alisa_Russia:  @Samantha @LaRae- same for me. I have tended to skip over the GC aspects of the Revelations so far – not that I find them too much to believe, just I don’t know what to do about it. But like you, I now realize that being here at this time has everything to do with humanity’s emergence into the GC.
Mark_Boulder:  The declaration that this is the Greatest Event in human history stood out for me: “the greatest event in human history [is also] the greatest threat to human freedom and self-determination and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation.”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Paul, YES!, “this country US would most likely use a GC event to further its ambitions.” Its military technology!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @ jeanine_Society: What stood out for you in reading and listening to ‘Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community’? ” … You will fail because of the lack of wisdom, …” “Knowledge is knowing what must be done, … Wisdom is knowing how to do it. ” WGC2.18
jeanine_Society:  @Alison – yes good point you brought up: “..alluding to the unrealized, unused potential of humanity…” Here is a related quote: “[People] will lose hope, not because they do not have the strength, but because they do not realize they have the strength to face these great and formidable obstacles that all races in life will encounter sooner or later.”
Raoul_Australia:  As a race we are tempted to accept technology, and as individuals to accept deceit disguised as gifts of mental powers.
Tonia_Denmark:  I would like to share with you that every time I am in contact with The Society, the sun immediately comes through. No matter how clouded the sky is, no matter how clouded the window to the world is, it all clouds evaporizes and the sun shines. Much gratitude from here.
Mathieu-France:  Reading and listening for this new revelation, with the landscape it describes so clearly and powerfully, I felt as if I was already in some future time when the Greater Community reality and presence will be part of the awareness of everyone on this planet… i could sense how this will radically influence and change humanity’s mind, approach of life, maturity, priorities, and so forth. As if I was living one century back in the past and was suddenly experiencing the modern times. An experience of the deeper and slower currents that propel civilisation over time… bigger picture…
LaRae_Ottawa:  It is indeed Mike….and even when we try to make people aware of it, they just aren’t interested in learning or hearing about it. So dismissive…..
Alexandra_NL:  @Richmond. “Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination. You will not fail because of technology. You will fail because of the lack of wisdom, cooperation and awareness in your world.” That passage stood out for me as well. It urges me to ask myself, keep a record of and get a clearer/bigger picture regarding what I do, consciously or unconsciously, that hinders or fosters courage, clarity, determination, wisdom, cooperation and awareness in my daily life.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jim, “Humanity is living like it does not care for this world and that anything goes.”, the attitude that the dollar or commerce is more important than the air we breath or the food we eat.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Yes Alisa… is why we are here now. We have the tools, The Messenger is in the world. This speaks to us for a reason.
Samantha_South Africa:  @Wendy – Yes, it is, though it has taken me a long time to realize… Accepting the reality of the Greater Community has allowed me to better understand myself
Wendy, Albany NY:  Reading the Sovereignty Declaration really gave me pause, highlighted how many ways I give my power away. It is very powerful.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Beautiful reminder Mark Boulder….thank you.
Martin_Australia:  @Richmond, that stood out for me too when I listened to the Voice again today. I notice so many people equating technological advancement with spiritual and ethical advancement or just thinking technology will solve our troubles
Paul_MA:  Raoul— Deceit and Genetic Technology…. there has been much advancement in the use and development of Genetic Technology under the guise of medical advancement to cure human disease. Unfortunately- much of this technology given to humanity is for the purposes of refining it to be used in the refinement of alien-human hybrids that can survive in our biosphere.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
manuel germany :):  @Rich- many thanks. As you mentioned, our problem is not is a lack of technology – it is rather a lack of spirituality which encompasses everything you mentioned, wisdom, cooperation and awareness… humanity is immersed in superficial pursuits, living on their worldly mind only – and so they are not aware that Knowledge is and has been always been with them, which could help redeem them, give them a Greater Life – and as a result could enable them to recognize why they are here at this specific time on Earth, their Higher Purpose… and hopefully learn of the New Message from God and become a Man or Woman of Knowledge, so that they can give their gifts to a needy world…
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Richmond & Martin, technology is the world religion today.
Heidi_Germany:  Hello everyone!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  ” What will motivate you to change?”…”A challenge from the universe that will awaken you to your vulnerability and to your set of circumstances.” It will be a very quiet day after this happens….then our skills can be focused together, immediately , but how will this unfold? Awareness is the next step, the first step.
Maureen_Boulder:  “You cannot figure this out yourself. You do not have all of the necessary information or the necessary perspective. That is why the Creator of all life is bringing this New Revelation into the world—to prepare humanity for the Great Waves of change and to prepare humanity for the realities of life in the Greater Community.” Without the New Message we would surely fail. Without Marshall bringing it here, our future would be dire. Immense gratitude to Marshall.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ray Hobbs thank you! That says a lot!!
Rudy_Boulder:  The positive thing about the Intervention and our emergence into the Greater Community is that it can unite humanity, end our ceaseless conflicts, force humanity to mature and force humanity to be responsible. It is not all bad, and what looks bad, can actually be used for the greater strengths of humanity.
Greg_UK:  @Paul @Mike and really everyone, I would urge in this context that during this session you Google the term ‘TR3B patent’. This patent is for a triangular anti gravitational space craft which has been released quietly on the internet as if it has always been there which it has NOT, it is a new release of old information which sets the scene for a disclosure of some level. This is a USA patent which relies on the reverse engineering of intervention vehicles for military uses, exactly as Mike and Paul were saying.

rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” … there are many older civilizations, even in your region of space. And they have attained stability, stability humanity has not yet acquired. Stability is either established through suppression and control or through a very careful and difficult process of nurturing individual and collective freedom.

Most races have chosen the former path, for it is far more expedient. ” https://newknowledgeli…load/

jeanine_Society:  @Thank you Everyone! – you are all bringing up great points from this revelation which is so powerful – so much highlighting in the transcript needed….
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you @Maureen….that is so humbling, so sobering and really helps me focus on what we are really here to do.
Paul_MA:  Courier: a messenger, usually traveling in haste, bearing urgent news, important reports or packages, diplomatic messages. A person whose job it is to carry messages from one person or place to another. An individual responsible for the exchange of items between two or more parties.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thanks Greg!
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Rudy, it has the power to pull our greater strengths out of us.
Richmond_UK:  @Manuel yes an excellent point. Most people I talk to about the GC reality see it as only as a potential/theoretical problem if it even exists at all, whereas it is influencing the world we see, the mental environment etc to such a great extent everyday.
Selma London:  For me, what stands out is: ” It is time to … prepare to ENGAGE with the Greater Community of intelligent life.”
Alisa_Russia:  My attention was drawn this week to a Russian boy called Boris Kipriyanovich (Boriska) – aka the boy from Mars. He claims to have lived on Mars in a past life and recalls lifetimes from eons ago. He says the Lemurians perished because they were unwilling to grow spiritually and strayed from their given path. I pray that this not be humanity fate through lack of wisdom and awareness.
Debbie_MI:  @Wendy, Yes, the Declaration of Sovereignty is very powerful.
Raoul_Australia:  @Paul, “the refinement of alien-human hybrids that can survive in our biosphere”, that is definitely a shocking truth we will be witnessing…they already walk among us, discretely, but I wonder when it will be even more evident.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Rudy…yes! There is opportunity in this! For the emmergence into the GC and the GW of change will force humanity to begin to learn how to work together and unite out of sheer necessity! This is one of the great opportunities presented to us all!
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Mike LF, I agree
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Greg, that brings to mind Bob Lazar, the Area 51 whistle blower who described how the craft he worked on used anti-gravity tech.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for sharing that Alisa…..these children truly need to be heard. We have much to learn from them.
Wendy, Albany NY:  Richmond, considering this, I am looking around me differently. It becomes part of my Step Study in being available to see reality as it is.
Tonia_Denmark:  One thing that stood out for me for a race to be free in the universe was the three requirements; you must be united, you must be selfsufficient, and you must be extremely discreet.
Alisa_Russia:  @Tonia – that stood out for me too.
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Tonia, what concerned me about this is that I do not experience this at all in the world
Hyeonam_Korea:  @Tonia, thank you.
Greg_UK:  Yes the Declaration of Human Sovereignty defines the Rule of Engagement with regards to humanity’s approach to the Intervention, it is a key document and I think it is essential that it is adopted at the highest level of representation for the planet, whatever that ends up being.
Nancy_Oregon:  @Rudy. THANKS for this reminder. . . Humanity will/can benefit in immense ways Perspective is so needed at this time. Monumental tasks, need the ‘silver lining’ to keep us moving forward, with any sense of hope, and not JUST the dread of impending doom. NNC
Kelvin_Boulder:  Mathieu thank you for sharing your experience.
Carol_Society:  @Rudy: Yes, “what looks bad, can actually be used for the greater strengths of humanity.” so much potentail here: “The Greater Community here has many beneficial aspects for you.
It is the one thing that can unite humanity and end its ceaseless conflicts.
It is the one thing that can force you to mature, to unite and to cooperate for the protection of your world.
It will force you to be responsible where you are being irresponsible.
It will force you to be mature where you are being immature.
It will force you to realize that you must care for this world,
that you must create a sustainable existence here and
that you cannot go into the universe to claim what you have destroyed here in this world..”
Maria_Boulder:  I was struck by many of the same quotes already stated”Technology is not your problem. Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination. You will not fail because of technology. You will fail because of the lack of wisdom, cooperation and awareness in your world. That is your great danger…” This has helped to quiet my great resistance to technology and refocus my attention on what as the core issues- it is humbling and empowering at the same time. I can do this- but it will take great intention. I also want to share a little love note: I have been away since the Vigil, and although I was immersed in the lush wildness of Oregon, and my heart filled with its beauty and the love of my children…there is a nourishment that this time together here offers us, that is like no other. I have been looking for home my whole life…I have imagined it to be a place on this beautiful planet, a piece of earth I could tend to with loving care…nowhere have I felt that illusive sense…
Maria_Boulder:  … of home- (except perhaps one place that I sense I had known in a previous life)…but coming back to the chat amongst my worldwide community of first responders is perhaps that home I have longed for! Thank you all

rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” ITH KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE FREE IN THE WORLD. You are free to join. You are free to leave. You are free to make agreements. You are free to complete and change agreements. You are free to surrender yourself. You are free to extricate yourself. In Knowledge you are free.

IN ORDER FOR YOU TO COMPREHEND THE TRUE MEANING of this and to realize its immediate value to you in your current circumstances, you must understand that you cannot use Knowledge to fulfill yourself. That must be a tacit understanding. Never lose sight of this, for if you think you are using Knowledge to fulfill yourself, you will misinterpret Knowledge and will not experience it. You will merely attempt to fortify your illusions and your attempts at escape. This can only darken the clouds that are now cast over you. This can only disappoint you as a form of temporary stimulation and compound your sense of isolation and misery.

IN KNOWLEDGE YOU ARE FREE. There is no restraint now, for Knowledge will merely give you where…

rayhobbs_Colorado:  … you are intended to be given and express itself through you where it is intended to be expressed. This will free you from all inappropriate involvements and engagements and will lead you to those individuals who are waiting for you. This will lead you to those circumstances that are for your greatest benefit and for the benefit of others who are involved. Here Knowledge is the guide. Here you are the recipient. Here you are the contributor. There is no greater freedom than this, for in this you are free.” Step 167
Tonia_Denmark:  Heyonam thank you too.
Joyanne_Canada:  I wish the Declaration of Human Sovereignty had a agree or not agree button. When I very first encountered the Declaration I had stumbled upon an Intervention page prompting all manner of things for our Race did we agree or not agree.. I almost clicked agree because it sounded so wonderful, but was moved to go back to my google search and found the Declaration, which I totally wanted to agree with but there was no agree button. I often think what if I had agreed to the intervention one?.. would that have given them license to me?
Paul_MA:  As above,so below…. I see many parallels between the GC and global corporations. One could say that the way intervening races are acting here are the way global corporations are acting too. They are a good model of the way foreign races will act here.
Alisa_Russia:  I am an eternal optimist and feel that humanity MUST do what is needed to remain free and self-sufficient, but still it seems we are battling enormous odds and not enough people are aware and preparing.
LaRae_Ottawa:  That is beautiful Maria….thank you for sharing. I truly resonate with that feeling.
34083:  Might a paradigm shift BEFORE “disclosure” help with awareness broadening? If we wait until they are obviously overhead, could we really unite in an instant? Maybe
Kelvin_Boulder:  Beyond the words there is the experience, for me this passage talks volumes >> “people go about life as if nothing is happening, consumed with their own needs, consumed with human conflict and corruption, consumed with the difficulties of life here in this one world, unaware and unconcerned about the presence of an Intervention here.” What is keeping people from moving above the fog that keeps us from seeing this reality? It is exactly what it states…
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maria, “…there is a nourishment that this time together here offers us, that is like no other. ” yes, YES!, YES!!
Joyanne_Canada:  If there was an agree button on the Declaration page we could see just how many in the world are aware and do not want the intervention here.. ? just a thought
Martin_Australia:  I think you are right, Mike.
Alisa_Russia:  @Maria – 
jeanine_Society:  @Rudy & others – Yes thank you for reminding us of the benefits of our dilemma. So important to understand this so we do not lose hope and get overwhelmed…: “What would motivate you to change? It must be something very strong, very overbearing, something that you had not thought of before—a dilemma greater than anything you think you are facing today, a challenge from the universe that will awaken you to your vulnerability and to your set of circumstances.” – Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community
LaRae_Ottawa:  Yes Paul…..when I looked up who owned the media this morning, it turns out to be the Rothchilds….the whole system is rigged to control and condition peoples minds, while claiming it is simply “entertainment”.
Lin_Boulder:  I have been wondering how this can happen that a 7 billion population is conquered by small number of intervention. Then I read in Allies of Humanity that ignorance is the greatest weakness of humanity. That’s why we are indulged within ourselves, fight, deplete the world and the resources, and broadcasting unwisely. And I see why The New Message from God is the One education in the world to address this ignorance.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Maria!!! I feel the same!
Alison_Boulder:  @Joyanne, interesting engagement idea for the Declaration. Related – One thing we can do is create a poll in FB groups as a way to spread awareness and promote consideration of the freedom of our planet as a whole: “Do you agree with this Declaration?” yes/no option w/ the link.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Joyanne_Canada, “I wish the Declaration of Human Sovereignty had a agree or not agree button.” That’s a great suggestion!
Insuk_Korea:  @ Maureen, I agree.
Tonia_Denmark:  The united part is taking the steps to knowledge. The selfsufficient part I am still working on, and the last part is how I deal with platforms like facebook or out in the world.
Kari_H_Finland:  This passage tells us why the Greater Community education is needed and why we need to prepare. “People will lose hope in the face of the Great Waves of change. They will lose hope and self-confidence in the face of the Greater Community. They will lose hope, not because they do not have the strength, but because they do not realize they have the strength to face these great and formidable obstacles that all races in life will encounter sooner or later.”
Paul_MA:  Lin-Boulder….yes small intervening forces took down the Incas/Aztecs…
Hardev_Malaysia:  @Joyanne, an agree button on the Declaration page is a great idea. Also include giving reasons why we agree or disagree.
Jennie_Netherlands:  Oh, but we have unity… a mobile unity
Joyanne_Canada:  good idea Alison, I will share it if you make it :-))
Joyanne_Canada:  good Idea Hardev, that could be optional
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Larae That this is a serious situation and we need to find those people who are ready.
Paul_MA:  A small group can have a huge impact, either for good or for not, on a large population.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Oh indeed we do Shrimayi…..
Greg_UK:  @Alison can I ask that you also post the same poll via Twitter please?
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  “Learning the lessons of intervention from your own history…” there is a wealth there to discover in regards to understanding our position now.
MVS Society:  Raoul, regarding error and deception there is a great difference between knowing the truth and using the truth.
Alexandra_NL:  @ Richmond @ Lin: “You will not fail because of technology. You will fail because of the lack of wisdom, cooperation and awareness in your world. That is your great danger. ” This has happened in the past with the Aztecs but I have witnessed and felt the truth of that statement in Colombia, a fairly technologically advanced country (e.g. excellent medical technology), yet lacking the mindset to work towards union, wisdom, self-sufficiency by welcoming resource explorers from other countries to abuse and take their resources at great costs for their population, sovereignty and future… That passage is therefore very alive in my experience…
jeanine_Society:  @Maria – Welcome back to Boulder – and thanks for speaking to the true homecoming you feel when coming back to the Chat – I’m sure those of on the Chat have experienced that feeling. What keeps us coming back for more – sustaining….
justin-calif-!:  Greetings, all- sorry so late- We will be hitting a local UFO conference soon- Kristina-Fla sends her best to all!
Alisa_Russia:  @Lin – I agree. There is no other message that addresses this problem – most people still think it is all fantasy and not to be taken seriously.
Richmond_UK:  @Kelvin, yes I see this too, people overly preoccupied with their own issues and concerns. Eyes cast downwards instead of being aware of what is happening with the Intervention in our midst and its obvious activities in our skies.
Wendy, Albany NY:  Shawn, yes, I agree, both individual and collective history.
Debbie_MI:  @Joyanne and Hardev-I agree. i like the idea.
Joyanne_Canada:  if people agree to the Declaration they may be inner prompted to investigate it.. I feel it if we advocated the Declaration with this school session . It seems to go with the Greater Community theme we are on now.
Tamara~Boulder:  In my first deep study of this revelation many passage brought to mind the awareness of how life in the Greater Community is reflected with the movement of humanity through history and into current times…..”seeking to gain advantage” (part of western social/business/personal fabric), “complex arrangement of trade and commerce to gain access to the very resources needed” (USA after peak oil), “forces of influence and manipultation are powerful” (media, politics…), “ignorant to the realities of life” (side affect of the age of reason)
manuel germany :):  @Rudy. This is one of the great opportunities humanity has in facing a great threat from alien forces that all peoples of the world become united. Eventually this is what will happen. I am not sure whether here the Intervention had their hands in: when Roland Reagan gave his speech at the United Nations in the 1980s and said exactly that… but all the people knowing that he represented the “powers to be” supporting a New World Order agenda… basically a world government in a dictatorship… and so when people would speak about that the world need to be unified and to cooperate… other people would tag them as NWO supporters… What do you think? Could there be alien fingers in the jar?
Martin_Australia:  @Alison, humanity seems to like polls, that could be a good angle
Greg_UK:  @Joyanne Agreed
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Maria welcome home so good to see you here!
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, that is something I need to keep in mind
Samantha_South Africa:  @Alexandra that passage held great resonance for me too, along with the extract just prior that states: “Your problem has to do with courage, clarity and determination.”
Kelton_Calif:  To remain a free face within the greater community we must be unified as a race, and the greatest threat to our freedom is intervention and our greatest opportunity to unify is in humanity,s response to this very threat. is the crucial threshold that must be to be well underway in our world and yet its activity and progress is not within the awareness of most
Paul_MA:  Active Climate Engineering Program: In addition to an active genetic engineering program on Earth, there is also an active Climate engineering program under the dis-guise of solar radiation management to cool the planet… see….. there are many reasons for this agenda….one of which may be the active change of our climate to a hotter & dryer one more conducive to intervening alien races.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Marshall
Patricia_Society:  @21171(9:13) “”Seek experience, so that you may have more experience.” Rather, perhaps you are thinking of the wise counsel, “Take care that too much experience does not obscure your sense of Reality.” Reality….Reality….What is this counsel advising, cautioning? To engage with this counsel, an important “special study” I have undertaken within the larger New Message is regarding… “Reality”….How does the NM describe and characterize “reality?” Ex., ” The Messenger brings a whole new reality….” Many focused questions present themselves as a result of “special studies” like this…I encourage you all to formalize these invitations to delve deeper into these focused studies, as they become evident to you…As I go, revelation by revelation, I take special note of every mention of reality…..When the New Message ultimately is compiled in one great volume (may this be in the Messenger’s lifetime) electronically, we will be able to search terms like “reality”…
Patricia_Society:  … comprehensively……..
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” …. humanity is still in an adolescent phase. It is reckless. It is irresponsible. It does not see itself in relationship to a larger arena of life. It is self-preoccupied. It is self-centered. It does not see what will be required of it to function within a Greater Community of life—a Greater Community that is not filled with human beings, a Greater Community where all races are searching for resources.” https://newknowledgeli…load/
Mathieu-France:  yes, Kelvin, and the fear. Who has the strength to face an Intervention, with all its dominating power, without Knowledge. I am still with this feeling that right after the first threshold: awareness of the GC we cannot escape and deny anymore, our main problem will be facing the fact that they are not here to save us and help us, because this new reality will be so overwhelming for people that there will be little capacity left to face the fact that this is a reality AND a problem. We can already see that in the trends on social networks: when it comes to ETs, either people want them to be enlightened beings, either it’s the all conspiracy side where they control everything and we have already lost our sovereignty. Only Knowledge can give individuals the strength to face things differently, without hope nor despair. Who will take the pathway to it? That’s a big responsibility for us as first responders and advocates of the New Message into the world.
Val_Westport:  We can aspire to and then recognize the difference between using the truth and being used by the Truth.
Joyanne_Canada:  so mysterious Knowledge is.. I had no intention or thought towards speaking about this agree button today, yet it was just something that came up in the moment.. ah the Mystery to be utilized..feeling blessed to be utilized like this.. experience and evidence of Knowledge.:-)))
Tonia_Denmark:  Lol Patricia, that would be lovely
MVS Society:  Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for that Patricia…..always searching for ways to take my studies ever deeper, ever more seriously. This provides an excellent focus.
Betty_UK:  @Jeanine- what stood out for me that, the Greater Community is a larger expression of what is starting to happen here on Earth. – I can see how countries are trying to unite (by establishing strong relations in trade within the world, between countries) – Also “free society in the Universe do not coexist well with to that are not (free)”, I see that expressed within the world. I kind of understand how accepting gifts from beyond, will create more conflict within the world, as this means that on group or country may have the upperhand to other countries which will create more conflicts within the world. And this passage “There are individuals and governments within your world who are aware of this, of course, but the public at large has no notion of the hazards that it is now facing at its borders to space. These are hazards that humanity can face and overcome, but you must unite and become educated for this to be possible.” My question how many people are aware? or How many want to…
Betty_UK:  … face this? Awareness is necessary for people to face the intervention, at least to come to realize they can’t hide.
Reed_Society:  @Mathieu, thank you, I often have that experience reading the Greater Community revelations: transported to a future time, for a second experiencing the future mind of humanity, when engagement with other forms of intelligent life IS the biggest event, perhaps the biggest news story and biggest topic of discussion for humans in that future time. When the revelation says that this is that Contact and humanity’s emergence is biggest issue facing our world and will determine the future of Earth more than any other thing (even more than the environmental crisis facing us) I take a breath of new and fresh air from this, understanding that we as a community are working on the biggest issue of the future, but are doing so now, when the world is consumed in its controversies and internal squabbles. We are forerunners for what will ultimately become a global issue in the future. It is an honor to be one of the first in this regard, and a real challenge, but eventually our preparation and work…
Reed_Society:  … in this arena: as students, as advocates, will come full circle and will yield in ways we can’t see for the world we are here to serve. For a small but committed group of people worldwide to undergo this education and preparation and advocacy work is critical for our world’s future, and this is happening now.
MaryS_Boulder:  Patricia, the focused questions will have that result that is like the funny saying where when you are looking for a lost object, it’s always in the last place you’d look, how we hide things from ourselves until we are ready to see them, and with grace, we will not (emphasis on will) be able to see until it is given that we are up to facing what must be known.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Patricia, Wow, your intention to strengthen you Knowledge shines through and motivates us all.
Greg_UK:  @LaRae the Dolan volumes I left with you provide an excellent historical summary of Intervention influence and sightings. Great to get up to speed
Joyanne_Canada:  Your Knowledge
Carol_Society:  @Thak you, Patricia: Yes, “focused study”… We would now like to invite you to experience a beautiful new listening experience now part of the July – August 2017 study for this session:
“Methodology for a Deep Study Practice”
Listen to Patricia as she shares tips on how to engage in an advanced Deep Reading and Deep Listening Practice given to us by the Messenger:
LaRae_Ottawa:  So very true MVS….my elation at having found my spiritual home at last, is now settling down and I am able to focus on the incredibly serious nature of TNM and deeping my studies of Knowledge.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Yes, thank you for those Greg. I have been reading them….very, very helpful.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  …”this competition is part of nature, and the universe represents nature on a greater and almost incomprehensible scale.” this resonated… the fact that this whole process is natural, within which Knowledge is ultimately relevant.
84770:  After I read “The Threat” by David Jacobs and learned about abductee experiences, I felt that humanity was being over powered by the Intervention.
It was good to be reminded by the NM that “You have power. You have skills. You have wisdom. No one else can live in your world. It is biologically too complex for them. They need you. They need your cooperation. They need you to submit to them, willingly. They need to erode your self-confidence so that you feel you cannot resist them. They need you to deplete your resources so that you will become dependent upon them.” from Humanity’ Emergence…. There is so much work to be done to educate others and expose them to NM Greater Community Teachings and The Allies of Humanity Briefings.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @MVS 11:39 oh how so true that is! Thank you for helping me become stronger in my practice with what you have said here!
Paul_MA:  Question– i have often wondered why the NM does not discuss the specifics asto what these aliens are…whether they are the grays, the nordics, insectoids, reptilians…I would “:think” that specifics would give more urgency to this grave situation….
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you Carol for that link – will be listening.
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Manuel, I am not sure if the Intervention is using the term unity for their benefit.
Joyanne_Canada:  I was contemplating that yesterday Reed, about us as a group building this structure to face our worlds reality. How we will be a demonstration for the world in facing the GC.. who on earth is really preparing to face this GC with Wisdom, and Knowledge.. Who is preparing?..
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Reed. I feel blessed to be part of this group.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @ Reed_Society: “Certain of them took this education very far and applied it to the actual management of society. Education was the principle commodity and product, and it enabled them to produce technology at a remarkable level.” The New Message From God
Samantha_South Africa:  @Carol – thank you so much for the link
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Carol, and Patricia… such a gift!
jeanine_Society:  @Patricia, @Carol: Here is a link to Patricia’s “Methodology for a Deep Study Practice” right in the Study Plan:…3i6ru
Mark IL:  I recommend watching some of the YouTube interviews of Dr. David Jacobs. The data he has collected from hypnosis of abductees is highly consistent. Coming from an entirely different direction than The Allies, the conclusions he draws almost exactly mirror the information provided by The Allies. No other source I see online delving into the alien phenomena draws the same conclusions as presented by The Allies. Most information is twisted by bias and individual beliefs of the so-called experts on the topic. Dr. Jacobs’ information is based on data he has collected over many years. He concludes that the hybridization program is much further along than we realize, and that the motivations of those implementing the hybridization program is not in humanity’s best interest.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you Reed. This really drives home to me how incredibly important rare and precious each student of TNM is. And how critical we all are to the future of humanity.
Alexandra_NL:  @Betty: I am reminded of a passage from the New Message urging us not to worry about others not preparing but rather putting that energy in our own preparation.
Jennie_Netherlands:  @84770: …”It was good to be reminded by the NM that “You have power. You have skills. You have wisdom.” I feel the last weeks the force is getting stronger. My question to you is, do you feel this too, or is this a personal experience?
LaRae_Ottawa:  I have found that too Mark. His work and the message from Allies etc. fits together like a glove.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you so much Carol, and Patrica, and Jeanine, I know this will assist us in our development, Deep Gratitude
Kari_H_Finland:  @Lin, “how this can happen that a 7 billion population is conquered by small number of intervention” I was wondering that too until I read how a few ships of Conquistadors overtook powerful Aztec and Mayan nations of millions of people.
Paul_MA:  Linda Moulton Howe is another good resource on abductees, cattle mutilations…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Yes Mark, it is an example of the fact that a true event will generate similar observances from different perspectives.
MaryS_Boulder:  ^correction: what you are looking for is always in the last place you look
Betty_UK:  @Alexandra, our preparation is always on going, as we are aware we must make others aware, that is our responsibility too.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Mark_IL, do you a have link to share for the David Jacob youtube interviews?
Anna W_NY:  @Reed & Mathieu, This discussion causes me to recall learning that the Intervention will continue its activities in secret with the intention to maintain the appearance of normalcy on Earth for as long as possible–until they have their stronghold. It occurs to me that if the Intervention is to be widely recognized, perhaps it is our duty to bring about that shift in awareness… since, if it happens on its own, it may very well come too late.
Reed_Society:  I had a realization experience last week reading Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community. A feeling of discouragement can set in regarding the Intervention, every day it marches forward, so few know of it, hardly any are speaking out against it, its program seems pervasive, well funded/supported, and decades long in its undertaking. Yet reading this passage a very sharp awareness came to me: “Some people will say, “Well, what can we do against such great powers?” But the Intervention is small. It has no military assets to speak of. It is relying completely on human belief and acquiescence. It is relying upon its influence over human tendencies and human weakness. In the face of human strength, it has little efficacy.” This quote is referring to several things: the biological hazard of this world that disables the Intervention from even setting foot here on Earth, and the political laws that govern interaction in the vicinity of our world that prevent outright intervention without…
Reed_Society:  … the “consent” of the native peoples. The awareness that came to me is of the brittleness and inherent weakness of the Intervention, the inability of the Intervention to adapt to any challenge to its presence here. Any concerted voice calling them out, their activities, and calling for their departure, and very difficult for them to respond to. This is where the simplicity of the Allies call for education, awareness and action comes into play. It is not complex. It is not a battle against an overwhelming foe. It is simply
Carol_Society:  Please continue discussing what stood out for you in the Core Revelation if you wish. And @84770: Thank you for sharing the results of your experience of the NM in contrast to reading the Jacobs book. For anyone else: How is the teaching on contact with intelligent life presented here different or similar to what you may have thought or believed before?
Mike_LF_CAL:  Another quote that stood out to me, “You have also reached the threshold where humanity will have to choose—even consciously choose—whether it will fight and struggle over these remaining resources in the world or whether it will unite to preserve them and to secure them to attain a stable environment for the future. It is at this point that so many worlds are contacted from others who offer them technology and resources. If the native peoples have exhausted their own world’s ability to sustain them, they will have to accept these offers. But it is these offers that will rob the native peoples of their self-determination, their freedom and their self-sufficiency.” Humanity is walking on the razors edge of environmental collapse and we need to respond, who will be the first to respond?
Reed_Society:  education, make aware, act through communication
Paul_MA:  Anna-NY..there are too many strong players (Government, Corporations, Religins) who have too much to lose with a Disclosure event.
MaryS_Boulder:  Anna I strongly feel time is our friend but we have precious little of it.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Humanity in the universe, has really two different kinds of encounters with life beyond its borders. You will have potential allies, and you will have competitors. You do not yet have enemies because you are not yet trying to exert your force beyond this solar system. So you do not have enemies, but you do have many competitors. Restrained from using force, they will use other means to gain access to this world. They will come here in small groups, establishing networks, establishing liaisons with certain , ……
selected leaders in positions of power in governments, ….. https://newknowledgeli…load/
Kristina_Boulder:  @Paul, perhaps because NM is also a message for future generations and groups of aliens visiting us today may change in the future. Also, people might start obsessing over the details which might prevent them from responding.
Martin_Australia:  This chat seems extra charged today
Jansett_KY:  I can only say that studying the Revelation opened for me the stark realization that I don’t know anything, that humanity is bombarded by disinformation laced with slivers of truth throughout the internet, that I can barely keep my inner plumb line of truth while dealing with my own tiny day-to-day challenges, and the reality of this situation (GWC, emergence into the GC, etc.) is daunting to the personal mind filled with opinions and persuasions. I feel that I have been broken open in utter surrender to God and Knowledge, praying to prepare as I must that I may be of use when it is called for.
Betty_UK:  Hi Martin
34083:  @rayhobbs Awesome observation!
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you MVS “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.”(MVS) It is becoming so crucial to strictly follow the NM preparation in times of Intervention, it is reassuring to see how directly effective it is, yet it raises a worry when I thinf of those who don’t realise this and will fall prey to persuasion – a strong call for advocacy it is.
Alexandra_NL:  @Reed: thank you for this. Patricia´s audio was very helpful in clarifying the importance of learning to communicate and to advocate for the NM. Also this, we must learn how to.
Alisa_Russia:  @Jansett – resonating with your words.
Jill_Longmont, CO:  @Jansett – resonating!!!
jeanine_Society:  @Martin – I hear you – might be people feeling what MVS alluded to just now: “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.”
Patricia_Society:  (9:21) @ Wendy Thank you for bringing forward the Declaration of Human Sovereignty. See the graphical rendering of the Declaration in the lower left. Click on that….may the Declaration be shared, displayed far and wide around the world……
Joyanne_Canada:  @Carol, it makes sense of everything I have ever Know. The Allies and the Revelations given about the GC, make so much sense. Compared to all the sites I advocate on, its seems like there are bits and pieces out there of this Reality, but not in a cohesive manner as the Allies Briefings, and LIU preasent.
MaryS_Boulder:  Re: rethinking what I thought I knew. I think of the Allies injunction that warns us to tune out “other voices,” as all the influencers here on Earth today are deceptive. So I had to focus my searching eyes on the question, when did that happen, possibly to discover some inluencers that intend good will but my gosh what has been done with their offering so that it has become quite useless, for the most part.
Greg_UK:  OK I am afraid my work pillar is (frustratingly) once again calling me away from this valuable time with my brothers and sisters, teachers and the Messenger. Deepest love and support to you all. NNC. @Patricia I will make that my personal priority.
Mark IL:  The New Message also talks about our friends and other Beings in the universe who are attempting to assist humanity. As best I can determine, these friends and Beings are not here physically. Which has left me wondering – how are they assisting us? And how are we to facilitate their assistance?
Alisa_Russia:  @Martin @Jeanine – yes, there is no doubt that everyone here today realizes the seriousness of this topic and all it entails.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Take care Greg…..
jeanine_Society:  @Jansett – thank you for expressing your experience so eloquently: “…I feel that I have been broken open in utter surrender to God and Knowledge, praying to prepare as I must that I may be of use when it is called for.”
Raoul_Australia:  thenk yoy, Reed, yes, I am seeing this too: “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.”
Each time we discern the Intervention, its exposure increases, and that is a point in our favour.
Each time we survive one of their attacks on the mental environment, we grow stronger and they become more exposed.
Alison_Boulder:  @Carol, the study of contact through the New Message continuously calls me out on a tendency to become fascinated in romantic notions or rabbit hole pathways about ET engagement. I really do need the Steps to remind me: I am not special, my emotions are not in charge, the preparation is slow, steady and practical, and more — all things in contrast to habits of mind before that would waste my energy on the topic.
Greg_UK:  I have to say spiritual practice was much easier when I was unemployed! LOL.
Reed_Society:  @Kelvin “”people go about life as if nothing is happening, consumed with their own needs, consumed with human conflict”… yes, and the upcoming book The Greater Community goes on to say: “You are encouraged to immerse yourself in your own internal questions and conflicts and take your eyes off your environment and your surroundings. This is not merely an accident. It is not merely the result of affluent living. It is not merely human nature alone that accounts for this great change in human awareness and human emphasis.” There is a concerted effort to keep us fixated on ourselves, period. Our advocacy is to call people out of that fixation and to become aware of the bigger picture that is all around us, around our world, our existence in a Greater Community of life, and the arrival of forces from the Greater Community.
Raoul_Australia:  Lol, Greg, I know what you mean!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Reed, just one point you brought up I feel I need to mention, “…But the Intervention is small. It has no military assets to speak of.” I have read many accounts of the GC ability to simply disable our electronics. No military response is needed if you can disarm your advisory by shutting off entire systems instantaneously, e.g. missals to aircraft to an entire aircraft carrier.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  LOL, take care Greg.
Jos_Netherlands:  Take care Greg
manuel germany :):  @Reed. Many thanks for sharing that: “Any concerted voice calling them out, their activities, and calling for their departure, and very difficult for them to respond to. This is where the simplicity of the Allies call for education, awareness and action comes into play. It is not complex. It is not a battle against an overwhelming foe. It is simply” ….. – sufficient people have to stand up and to SAY NO – GO AWAY, WE DO NOT WISH ALIEN INFILTRATION IN OUR SOCIETY… and they have to go…
Joyanne_Canada:  true Alison, resonating
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Reed for the many things you have shared! Yes, for me true intelligence is the ability to learn and to learn how to adapt. This has many variables within it that need to take place within the individual: awareness, discretion, discernment, honesty, humility, determination etc. This all takes work and the ability to change. To be able to change one must be able and learn how to unlearn the many things they have been conditioned to believe. So much work to do and so little time. That is why it is so very important for us…the 1st responders to be so very diligent and dedicated in our practice. For if I/We do not develop others will not find their way. Nasi Novare Coram there is hope in the faith and the realization of Knowledge!!! This is why we are here.
Tonia_Denmark:  It takes a lot of looks at life to reach a new level. I remember when I was woken up to a different “reality” by a friend and I listened to many people talking about it. It was like my head hit the roof top (“bonk”) and was sitting there for about 2 years, until a reaching in arrived from beyond, after realizing how much I needed to be in peace inside.
Mark IL:  Mike LF: Dr. Jacobs has many online YouTube videos. Just do an internet search for his name and the word ‘alien’.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Kari- this idea that “They will lose hope, not because they do not have the strength, but because they do not realize they have the strength to face these great and formidable obstacles that all races in life will encounter sooner or later.” has stayed with me as well. An important reminder to ourselves when our courage is thin…an affirmation of our strength!!! The allies material is not my favorite branch of this great tree(it brings up so much discomfort), I will admit Reed that confronting alien life forms with completely different ethics, etc. is unnerving…not to mention their intentions…for a long time I would get a knot in my tummy…I am getting one right now, saying this…so having found a practice and pathway to bring out my unrecognized strengths is a great comfort…and the focus of this study session a great reminder of the urgent need to take our practice very seriously…that we may be able to discern truth, turn left or right when KN is prompting…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Greg_UK: “The fact that most people can only focus on one pillar to the exclusion of the others is quite evident. Occasionally, you will see someone who can do two of the four, but that seems rare. Beyond this, it is a rare individual indeed who can be competent in all four of these areas. By competent, I do not mean that they are expert. I mean that they are competent. Competent means that they can carry out things, progress and maintain something beyond their own personal needs. This is all the result of work. Relationships require work. Gaining financial stability requires work. Proper health maintenance requires work. Spiritual development requires work. If insufficient effort is expended in any of these areas, the results will fall far short of what they are intended to be. You might ask now, “Does this mean I have to work all the time?” The answer is yes, you will be working all the time, with periods of rest and carefree enjoyment sprinkled here and there. The rest is all work….
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … You have a long time to rest when you leave this world and return to your Spiritual Family. In the interim you are here to work, to accomplish tasks, to complete things and to develop as a worker and contributor to life.” WGC2.34 Work)
Debbie_MI:  @Reed, Thank you for sharing your insights regarding the intervention!
jeanine_Society:  @Wendy, @Patricia – yes the Declaration of Human Sovereignty is great to roll up with a rubberband and give to people. I sometimes hold one out and simply say, ‘Can I give you a gift?” which can lead to their questions and your response and expansion to more about the Intervention and God’s response with the NMFG and especially the forthcoming THE GREATER COMMUNITY book (can’t wait for that one….!)
Joyanne_Canada:  @Ray Hobbs, working all the time, Practice, and preparation takes work. 
Martin_Australia:  I agree, Alisa, and I’m thinking also a lot of people with a GC orientation here.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you Carol sharing messenger’s guiding of deep reading.
Patricia_Society:  (9:23)@ Rudy – Thank you for emphasizing the opportunity of our encounter with the Greater Community….Much of what is needed in the face of the Intervention, humanity must “do anyway.” Education, awareness, Knowledge, stewardship, unity, cooperation, and end to our tendency for “ceaseless conflict”, foresight, wise governance, preservation of resources…..As Mother Teresa of Calcultta is credited, ” Do it anyway….” “In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
Alisa_Russia:  What it all boils down to is each of us doing our own small part, not giving up, not thinking our part doesn’t count in the enormity of it all, but knowing that every little effort counts when it is made with good intention and love. We just have to keep going, no matter what.
Alexandra_NL:  The most salient passage for me was: “You will have many questions, and there are many things you must learn. The Revelation from God will answer many of these questions. But this will take [time] and require that you reconsider many things in the world today, that you see the world differently, that you view human conflict differently and that you recognize that your future and your destiny, your success and your failure, reside in the Greater Community itself. If you can see this, it will be a great blessing. It will be a revelation. It will be a real turning point for you as an individual.” Deeply humbling and encouraging…
Kari_H_Finland:  @Mathieu, @Kelvin “Who has the strength to face an Intervention?” This is an important question. As some of us have experienced to face intervening forces beyond our world is not fascinating. It is not exciting. It is not a wonderful experience. It can be overwhelming so much so that you begin to question your sanity. You need strong foundation to face them and even then you need to have strength to be neutral towards them.
MaryS_Boulder:  Something that comes up for me and certainly has been part of my journey is our natural tendency to avoid the taboo, exercising the natural discretion of children who understand “must not touch” in order to preserve what could be an unhealthy stability. Another student here mentions a tendency to avoid the GC aspect of the NM, and I as well, who came to the NM via a burning question about what could be known of the ET presence on Earth, still had only enough discernment to handle one bit at a time, one Step at a time, literally: avoiding all else of the NM in my early days, because I landed here right off a very hot griddle of exposure that was ickily tinged with dissionance, not ready to give up my caution for many months of Steps.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Beautifully expressed MaryS…….thank you.
MaryS_Boulder:  There was more to it, LaRae, but I forgot what it was.
Tonia_Denmark:  Alisa, I agree with you on that. And evolve.
Paul_MA:  The Greater Community-Knowledge-Great Waves of change…..the triangle.
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Kari, thank you for the reminder, we are building this foundation structure, to have the strength to face this reality and to demonstrate to others they can develop this strength also.
Alisa_Russia:  @Martin – yes, I too feel many of us here have experience in the GC 
jeanine_Society:  The hour has arrived so let’s stop briefly and take a moment to be still a be with our challenge, our opportunity…take a moment to reach out through the mental environment and surround our Messenger with the love and grace of God….we who are already part of the Greater Community…
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious~”
Raoul_Australia:  @Kari, thank you, this is so important: “you need to have strength to be neutral towards them.”
We must never play their game, never get emotional, angry, engaged.

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Maria_Boulder:  Thank you Rayhobbs for posting passage about work (9:53am)
Joyanne_Canada:  Nasi Novare Coram
Jennie_Netherlands:  Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram
Rudy_Boulder:  @ Reed ” No one else can live in your world. It is biologically too complex for them. They need you. They need your cooperation. They need you to submit to them, willingly. They need to erode your self-confidence so that you feel you cannot resist them. They need you to deplete your resources so that you will become dependent upon them.” Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community
Samantha_South Africa:  @MaryS Thank you so much for sharing
Mike_LF_CAL:  My step for today, STK CT, Step 48: In the Greater Community, you will not be free.
Alison_Boulder:  @ALL – Advocacy Gatherings happen every Thursday at at 6:30pm MDT and 7 BST. Come join in united outreach with the Society to share this urgent Greater Community awareness with the world. We are active in many areas of social media. Questions? [email protected]
Paul_MA:  Rudy- that sounds like a good description of the 1% that the remaining 99% work for here on earth.
Alisa_Russia:  I would just like to mention that I am encouraged by the interest being shown in the Russian Allies pages on FB. Sharing in other groups is bringing people in those groups to the NM groups. We have new “likes” and requests to join almost every day.
Gina_Boulder:  @Kari, Joyanne, what a testament- both the “strong foundation” and the other demonstrations of strength by those who have faced/endured GC Intervention and who practice this Greater Community Way of Knowledge- The Steps to Knowledge. This will be a great gift to others, as we already know.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @The Society, does anyone know approximately when the FORUM will be operational again?
Reed_Society:  @Mathieu, thank you for calling out the matter of strength: “We can already see that in the trends on social networks: when it comes to ETs, either people want them to be enlightened beings, either it’s the all conspiracy side where they control everything and we have already lost our sovereignty.” This is the evidence of a lack of will and strength, to leap to either side of the spectrum, neither requiring much of you, both implying the force at hand is complete. This is why we bring not only the ‘warning’ and ‘preparation’ but the blessing too: which is the activation of strength, the calling forth of inherent strength in each individual. This blessing and confirmation can be felt in the words/videos of Marshall. This is the importance of a Messenger in the world at a time of Contact and emergence into the Greater Community. The inherent strength of the individual has gone to sleep in the world, it must be awoken in order for people to face this new and challenging reality. The…
Reed_Society:  … Messenger is an activator of this strength and will to respond.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  When I was a boy I was fascinated with the thought of other worlds and civilizations. I remember saying to a friend once that what really got me wondering was the advances that they would have made in understanding reality and God. I expected the aliens that could reach our world would be far more advanced in spiritual understanding and this was one area of surprise upon learning of the Greater Community Spirituality, especially the idea that we humans may actually have a leg up on some of them, the ones trying to take our world from us. We are not without skill. We now have the Message growing amongst us. This is how it unfolds…naturaly- within ourselves and amongst us as a community….I can feel it growing. God bless our efforts?
Alisa_Russia:  @Mike – I second that question.
Tyyne_Society:  @Samantha, LaRae, Wendy, Alisa and others… Your experiences of avoidance, difficulty embracing this reality, not knowing what to do about it but realizing its importance, and ultimately the GC being a big part of understanding yourselves are huge thresholds and so important. It can be and is a threshold for many, many people and it will be for so many others as this reality becomes more known to the public. You are the forerunners at the center of this greater awareness and education. It is a challenge to come to terms with the reality of what is taking place here when current world views, religious and cultural beliefs do not account for this reality – but will have to now and into the future. You know, first hand, what it will be like for the thousands who are coming who must face this same reality. This new reality. In this revelation it speaks to what people will experience and how humanity must now build strength of Knowledge to lessen the weaknesses and tendencies of humanity -…
Tyyne_Society:  … the tendency to acquiescence and submission – to go about life as if nothing is happening – to be consumed by their own needs and difficulties of life – to live in a state of being unaware and unconcerned about the presence of the Intervention – to be persuaded to not see things as they are. – to make wild assumptions – to hold to old ideas and opinions – to not pay attention – to not bring wisdom to bear – to bring their preference and denial. … Thank you for facing this and taking this on and holding to the truth, the reality and gaining the strength, awareness and education so needed in this world. This brings our preparation to the fore as MVS stated just a bit ago during the chat: “Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.”
Mathieu-France:  @Alisa: that’s great!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Your potential rulers would treat humanity no better than you treat your domestic animals today. They do not regard you as their equals, and they are not interested in your fascinating qualities. And they do not understand your spirituality, except insofar that it can be used against you to weaken you, to disarm you and to distract you. Such forces do not know of the sacred Knowledge that exists within all intelligent life, for if they did, they would not be intervening in the world. They would not be seeking to conquer and to subjugate the human family. For this sacred Knowledge is rare. To gain greater technology does not mean that you gain awareness of this sacred Knowledge. It only means you gain greater technology.’, …. ” This sacred Knowledge is a calling from God. It is here to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater contribution to a world in need, which will fulfill the needs of your soul. You do not know the need of your soul yet. The world must reveal it to…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … you. Do not seek for comfort and consolation. Do not seek to run and escape. For you will never meet the need of your soul if you do this. Your gifts are meant for certain people and certain situations. Knowledge will take you there. Knowledge will lead you there. It will not be your wishes and your fears and your preferences. It will be Knowledge. You need this Knowledge to be fulfilled and to be complete and to satisfy the deeper needs of your soul. And the world needs your contribution, for without it, the future of humanity becomes less certain and more grave.” http://www.newmessage….y.mp3
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for that reminder Tyyne. Something that comes to mind regarding “How is the teaching on contact with intelligent life presented here different or similar to what you may have thought or believed before?” is that I always but always sensed that beings from other worlds were visiting. I watched every program I could on the subject. I struggled terribly with the idea the torturous nature of the abductions…..and yet could not embrace witAllies. So much of TNM punctured my bubble of self centered spirituality. It was all supposed to be warm, fluffy and inviting.
Again, to take us deeper in our studenthood, the new addition to our study plan this session:
“Methodology for a Deep Study Practice.”…3i6ru
Review and study the CAMPFIRE CHAT TRANSCRIPTS: http://www.newmessage….ripts
Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the end of our discussion.
Tamara~Boulder:  The capacity for strength often comes into my prayers for others and for myself. The following quote provides a new foundation for why strength and our awareness of it is so crucial. “They (people) lose hope, not becuase they do not have the strength, but because they do not realize they have the strength to face these great and formidable obstacles that all races in the life will encounter sooner or later.”
Tonia_Denmark:  Regarding question 2, the teaching on contact with intelligent life seems similar to what I believe, but I realize that space starts beyond the human skin, and therefore intelligent life comes in various forms, like much smaller races, than we may believe.
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Reed for this clarity.
Raoul_Australia:  @Reed, thank you, that is so true: “The Messenger is an activator of this strength and will to respond.” A strength and a will that we need so much now.
Kari_H_Finland:  “There is a concerted effort to keep us fixated on ourselves, period.” Thank you for this reminder Reed
jeanine_Society:  @Mike -Thanks for asking. We are in the process of building a new platform for the Worldwide Community – with a Forum in it. We hope to share it as soon we can….”@The Society, does anyone know approximately when the FORUM will be operational again?”
MVS Society:  Do not worry about where people around you seem to be stuck. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, 2% of a world of over 7 billion people are able receive to hear this message. That is about 140,000,000 people, enough to change the world most certainly. We must find them and reach them with the New Message teaching about Knowledge and the Greater Community. If this was hopeless, the New Message would not have been given.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Reed, thank you for:”This is the importance of a Messenger in the world at a time of Contact and emergence into the Greater Community. The inherent strength of the individual has gone to sleep in the world, it must be awoken in order for people to face this new and challenging reality.
Messenger is an activator of this strength and will to respond.” (10:04)
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you all for your sharing and the community I feel here in this environment. We are a force to reckon with, this I know!
Kari_H_Finland:  This Chat is so intense that I missed an hourly 
MaryS_Boulder:  @Reed, @Mathieu, “We can already see that in the trends on social networks: when it comes to ETs, either people want them to be enlightened beings, either it’s the all conspiracy side where they control everything and we have already lost our sovereignty.” This is the evidence of a lack of will and strength, to leap to either side of the spectrum. We do this too when we encounter the influence of the Intervention on social media, tending to want to shut down for our own sanity. I found the NM long after I learned my own sanity was fungible, to everyone’s dismay, here, sorry. “Do it anyway.” Speak, though it’s like burning coals on your lips, says those who say it’s between you and them no others.
LaRae_Ottawa:  That is wonderful news @Alisa! Thank you for your advocacy!
Mathieu-France:  Thank you, Reed, for bringing forth the power of the blessing coming from the Message and the Messenger as an activator of strength in the individual, beyond the warning and preparation. The part of the Mystery, but very real to all of us, I think, who have experienced this in our encounter with the Message and the Messenger. Cannot easily move away from this blessing, mysterious but known.
Betty_UK:  Thank you Patricia for the ‘Methodology for a Deep Study Practice’
Robert Society:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  LOl, bless your contrition Kari!
jeanine_Society:  Thank you to all for being on this Chat today – for recognizing the importance of the gift, the remedy to our problems at this great threshold that Marshall Vian Summers is bringing into the world, and stepping up as one of the “first responders.” Let us also give thanks to all the Free Societies who are out there – those who have been able to “…maintain their individual freedom and self-determination for their peoples.” May we find the strength, heart and courage to follow suit here on Earth. Nasi Novare Coram.
Jill_Longmont, CO:  thank you everyone NNC
53010:  My early reading on the GC was about “Star Children” and might I actually be one. It was so thrilling to think of! Now I see it as possible flattery, because humanity is our own brand of Star Children. Now we just need to get past adolescence!
84770:  Thanks Marshall. “If this was hopeless, the New Message would not have been given.” There is a greater plan at work.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Yes Jeanine, they are our Brothers and Sisters.
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-Thank you for sharing that.
Richmond_UK:  @Marshall thank you for quantifying this.
Kelton_Calif:  Please disregard previous post. this is what I meant: To remain a free race within the greater community we must be unified as a race, and the greatest threat to our freedom is the intervention and our greatest opportunity to unify is in our resistance and response to this very threat. It is this crucial threshold (humanity’s total awareness of the intervention) that must be crossed . The intervention is well underway in our world and yet its activity and progress is not within the awareness of most. A formal and official disclosure by the governments of the world seems important but waiting for it is a waist of precious time. What could be done to facilitate a greater disclosure and awareness the intervention that would reveal it’s dark intentions in the clearest light and ignite humanity’s unified resistance ?
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you MVS….that is so very helpful.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you MVS, if this was hopeless, we wouldn’t have been gifted to find you and received this. We are the hope for the world, and of course for Knowledge in the Universe.
Hardev_Malaysia:  @53010: I resonate with what you are saying. Thank you.
Alisa_Russia:  @84770 – whoever you are – that is what I think too!
Kari_H_Finland:  “It (Intervention) is relying completely on human belief and acquiescence.” Thank you Reed for bringing this up. This is so important to know.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alisa_Russia, (8:57), “What it all boils down to is each of us doing our own small part, not giving up, not thinking our part doesn’t count in the enormity of it all” yes, absolutely, we must keep moving forward and right back up if we should lose our balance from time to time.
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you Tyyne for your words.
MaryS_Boulder:  Good point, 53010 at 10 after the second hour. Knowing our weaknesses has been one key to my ability to discern the Intervention, since I often come up empty when I look for Intervention in my life. I learned to look instead at the characteristics in me that would make me a target. Ah there we go.
Rudy_Boulder:  “The Messenger is an activator of this strength and will to respond.” This is true in my experience. There are moments when my strength and courage are lacking, but then I focus my intention on the mission of the New Message and the Messenger, and I get going again. The strength is in there, it just needs go be called out and sometimes intentionally.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thats amazing, wonderful to hear, Marshall. Very strenghtening to hear.
Jansett_KY:  @ Rudy, same here.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Resonating Rudy.
89177:  Lahcene…..istres….France
Mathieu-France:  @MVS: yes, I keep reminding myself (and sometimes others!) of these millions ready to find the New Message and to make the difference. Over the years, integrating that reality has shifted my priorities in terms of outreach and all what comes with it. “Find those others who will find the others who will find the others…”
Joyanne_Canada:  ditto Rudy, looking at the demonstration of the Message, Society, the WWC and most certainly the Messenger, takes us back to our center line, and participation.. It is a great uplifting to realign ourselves. I feel its Vital to look in these directions, always they are strengthening.
Yannick:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Virpi_Finland:  Basically it is just about what we allow and accept in our world, in our midst, by visitors. Perhaps just me, but I find encouraging when comes a movie that mentions “perhaps we are the aboriginals to them, and see what happened to them” (Arrival, 2016). Our work in the mental environment does bear fruit! Mental environment regarding visitations and aliens is changing. Even though it seems that humanity is drowning into entertainment, you must not forget that storytelling is one of humanity’s strengths. You can start with a story and end up discussing reality with someone.
Tyyne_Society:  Oh, nice, Mathieu. Find the others who…
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you MVS for those words and the reminder that there are many still waiting to receive this New Revelation
Heidi_Germany:  Mathieu, we must be confident and do what we can.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Nice point Virpi, thank you.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you Marshall. that is Very encouraging to hear. 2%
LaRae_Ottawa:  As to finding those people, there are very few people I come in contact with that don’t hear something of TNM when I meet them. No one escapes. 
jeanine_Society:  How you can help report errors and get help:
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” …. in the study of Steps to Knowledge, you learn to be still—not so you can get information, not so you can have the winning number, not so you can be more clever and more cunning in life, but to experience the Presence.
First, you will experience the presence of your Teachers standing around you, those who are sent to overlook your life and other lives. They exist beyond the physical realm, and you will experience their presence, which is very powerful. But that will lead you to a greater experience of Presence as your desire and capacity for the Presence increases.
The Presence is so overwhelming that when you first experience it, it is like a momentary flash of light, like a flash of lightning illuminating the landscape at night. For a brief second, you can see everything, and then it is all dark again. You had a moment of experiencing the Presence, but it was only a moment because you really do not have yet the desire or the capacity for that experience to grow. That has to be…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … developed through practice and intention.” The Presence
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Reed yes I like that you speak of simple ,my experience of problems and the complexity of it disappeares when Knowledge appeares.
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Rayhobbs, thank you
Joyanne_Canada:  Seeing those who find this NM each week via the advocacy notes from Jeffery is inspiring, and shows me that there are those waiting to be found… they are out there and we are reaching them. Our work is bearing fruit, those seeds are growing, and are being found as we evolve towards our destiny as a Race
MVS Society:  Paul, the important thing to know here is that the Intervention is heirarchical and multi-racial and includes all foreigners from the universe in the world today.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Mathieu, I’ve heard an interesting opinion on motivation. You need to have big dreams/goal, the ones that make your hair stand up. This is how motivation is activated. Reaching several million people is one of these goals.
Tyyne_Society:  Oh, LaRae… “no one escapes…” So sweet. Thank you for your continued advocacy.
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Reed.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Indeed Joyanne!!
manuel germany :):  @Shawn_Moose Jaw. Thank you for sharing your experiences when you was a child about other worlds and civilizations, I relate to that as well. The New Message from God gives such a new understanding, clarification and perspective with regard to the Greater Community that I am so very thankful that I have found it. In fact, we are blessed Shawn. We are blessed by having found the NM, receiving it and responding to it…
Joyanne_Canada:  LaRah, your an inspiration for sure.. Love your natural ability to advocate. :-))
LaRae_Ottawa:  It is an honour to advocate for this great Message and it’s Messenger Tyyne. It has given my life everything I ever sought for….I must do all I can to repay this great gift.
Mathieu-France:  @Virpi: I had this thought too recently: that our stories both express and foster new ideas and awareness.
Martin_Australia:  @MVS, “If this was hopeless, the New Message would not have been given.(2:08AM)” thank you for that reminder. I guess it is the self-realisation and transcendence brackets of Maslow’s Hierarchy that you are referring to. I was thinking, just yesterday, about Maslow’s Hierarchy in relation to the four pillars
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” You see, your capacity to experience relationship determines the quality of your relationship with others. If you have extremely limited capacity, that will limit your experience of relationship with others. So this translates into your life directly and immediately. The more you experience the Presence, the more you can be with other people, the more you can be with yourself, the more you can be in life.
The translation to the quality of your life is tremendous and natural. It has to happen. But at this point, you have to be convinced, you have to be lured by God, lured by the promise of peace and happiness and meaning, power and fulfillment because you are so afraid, so afraid that God might appear one day, …. and redirect your life. The Presence
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you Joyanne….
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Kelton!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I just wanted to say that reading the Declaration of Human Sovereignty aloud was very empowering… it reminded me of the mysterious quality spoken of in the New Message that the wisdom that applies to a world also applies to an individual and vice versa.
Adria_Poland:  Hello all. Busy day at work today, I’m looking forward to studying the Chat transcript at home.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Amen Manuel, Amen.
Darlene_Society:  @Kristina, big dreams and goals, the ones that make your hair stand up”…Epic! There is such an “epicness” to what we are attempting here, a beyond the norm challenge that is really very visceral for me, and when I observe humanity, I can feel others, mostly young, who are almost yearning for this “epic” quality, who are drowning in the mundane and deadened by the automatic… so they watch movies and lose themselves in technology, listen to music and get involved in fantasy and join causes and armies, but where can they find and call out their greater “epic” nature, the “strength and will” that the Messenger is here to activate? Think about it: the greater darkness, the arrival of the Greater Community, the Allies of Humanity vs the Intervention, the call to unity to preserve our freedom, being part of a GC of intelligent life in the universe, being alive at such a time…is this epic enough for the young, for the old? For certain people, I feel this could activate them…we just have to…
Darlene_Society:  … keep calling. The Messenger is here to activate Knowledge in such people.
Kari_H_Finland:  “the Intervention is heirarchical and multi-racial and includes all foreigners from the universe in the world today.” Thank you Messenger for reminding of this. It is so easy to forget this in the multitude of messages from the extraterrestrials and their advocates.
Mathieu-France:  @Kristina: yes it is! It feels vital to be connected to the greater picture to play our small part. This is where vitality will come from.
LaRae_Ottawa:  You are so right in this Darlene…..people constantly drowning themselves in distractions as they cannot find meaning in this earthly existence.
Tonia_Denmark:  Welcome Adria, glad you made it here. 
cole-boulder:  @Dar – so true!
manuel germany :):  @Shawn_Moose Jaw 
Alexandra_NL:  I resonate with every word you wrote there Darlene…
MVS Society:  Jansett, yes, it is only when the truth is overwhelming and inescapable that you can finally surrender to it and prepare to serve it whole-heartedly. Welcome the overwhelm!
Raoul_Australia:  @Kristina, so true: “Reaching several million people is one of these goals.” a very motivating goal!
Mathieu-France:  @Darlene: it is so true!
Ellen_Society:  On reading the Declaration of Human Sovereignty aloud: I recorded my first two paragraphs and then listened. My voice was too subdued, too timid. I tried again and the feeling inside me became electrified. When I listened the 2nd time, my full KNOWING THAT THIS WAS TRUE resounded. This was an important experience!
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you for this, Reed… “The awareness that came to me is of the brittleness and inherent weakness of the Intervention, the inability of the Intervention to adapt to any challenge to its presence here. Any concerted voice calling them out, their activities, and calling for their departure, and very difficult for them to respond to. This is where the simplicity of the Allies call for education, awareness and action comes into play. It is not complex. It is not a battle against an overwhelming foe…”
Adria_Poland:  @Mathieu @Kristina – hi! Thanks for that, I immediately thought of vitality as well, as an indication of Knowledge.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Patricia “In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
Alexandra_NL:  Welcome the overwhelm  !!!
Gina_Boulder:  @Dar, a calling (and a woman) after my own heart!
Samantha_South Africa:  @Darlene – this resonates so strongly with me, our youth are starving for purpose, for something to strive towards in life…
Joyanne_Canada:  I have the Declaration, printed, laminated into a scroll and posted in my Bedroom,, of course it is signed  if I feel interference I point to that and Declare myself to them.. I also tell the to go get Knowledge and take it back to their worlds, for in the space of time that is their true purpose also. To reclaim, remember and develop Knowledge. It some how comforts me to know I can point to the Declaration and declare myself. It is signed by everyone even the granddaughters, who asked to put their names on it to get the Aliens to go home
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you for that Marshall……powerful.
Patricia_Society:  “Special studies….” an opportunity to widen our awareness quotient relative to even a single term, concept or circumstance cited in the NM (pertaining to something like “the human condition.” This kind of discipline literally stretches the girders and uprights of the mind……creating greater capacity for Awareness…..Per the Allies, awareness is key….not just awareness of the Intervention, but activated, applied, open access awareness…So taking note of a focal thread within the NM, and following where it goes and how the Source Community of the New Message cites these references…..will take you into new country, and may be one of the constructive pathways leading to the vestiges of a new mind………Thank you all. We will need greater minds to serve this divine spiritual endowment that we carry…and to be it’s bridge to the world….”The world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds. You must prepare………”
MaryS_new-browser-for-pm-sake:  I grew up in a house with a big elephant in the room and have lived a long time with a big old weight on my poor shoulders, so with all temerity I do hesitate to ask, what year and season was the first Allies mission that aborted?
Kelton_Calif:  I hear you Darlene! We are being offered epic opportunities for an epic life. Gratitude
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to all for your wisdom, NNC
Kristina_Boulder:  @Dar, so true. Having a standart purpose of having children or career is just not good enough for some. Some, need a lot more than that to activate their vitality and power and desire to live.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Patricia, “Stretches the girders”, potent reminder of the structure we are building within and togethere
Mathieu-France:  Thank you, Patricia!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  So true Darlene! For me it seems as if the young are searching for the NM but are not able to find it because of the conditioning of society etc. and become angry because of the void which was there before only becomes bigger in time.
LaRae_Ottawa:  I see that searching in nearly everyone I meet…..when I ask people how they spend their time, they struggle to answer me….such is the lack of meaning in their lives.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Dar- completely resonating with your description of the condition of youth and the need for this Epic calling
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you MVS, Welcome the overwhelming, your statement gave me relief and the freedom within to recognize this state at times, its okay to be in that spot. I can only move forward, it will sort itself in time..if I can keep my eyes forward.
Howard Boulder:  Nice to be with you all today, NNC
Val_Westport:  Yesterday as we were unloading a U Haul truck from Boulder with my things, a young man helping me saw the Declaration of Human Sovereignty placards I’d had made up years ago visible in a box. He immediately was drawn to the and asked if he could have them. He said that he would be sure a lot of people saw them as well. I was stunned by the immediacy of the experience and of course, passed them along to him as torches for the New Message and the Allies, into the future.
Adria_Poland:  “You will know how strong you are until strength is your only choice” – When living with Knowledge, burden of decision making is no more. Being strong is the only choice, feeling this vitality is a guide… And hope
Tonia_Denmark:  So far, due to the unburdening, lots of images from past are coming to the surfaces. The only thing I realize when watching a movie is either how programmed I was by it or new images will be sitting like posters in my mind, only to be removed again. It takes time. Irreplacable time.
manuel germany :):  Welcome the overwhelm! love it 
Kelton_Calif:  Nice to be with you as well Howard.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you MVS and Patricia
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Wonderful Val!
justin-calif-!:  Have to run gang, stay safe, all! NNC-
Anna W_NY:  Thank you, MVS. Resonating.
Joyanne_Canada:  wow Val, how inspiring, thank you for sharing that.. Knowledge moves so mysteriously 
Joyanne_Canada:  resonating Adria
LaRae_Ottawa:  Oh wow Val….that is amazing. Thank you.
Darlene_Society:  Amazing, Val! I remember those posters…may they find new witnesses.
Hardev_Malaysia:  @Val, God works in mysterious ways. What a great way to share the Declaration!
MaryS_new-browser-for-pm-sake:  Val, that immediacy I am noting also, along with a sense of a drawstring being pulled tight on the Intervention agenda as described so far, in view of what we have alluded to here on this chat regarding disclosure. Urgency.
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall for that important reminder: “If this was hopeless, the New Message would not have been given.(10:08AM)” And if we were hopeless we would not have found the New Message, became students, advocates, volunteers and financial supporters to this mission. Each one of us is a flame in the fire of Knowledge…casting our light against the darkening skies. Thank you all NNC.
53010:  @MaryS – not sure about Allies aborted attempts, I think the US contact with the intervention was during Eisenhowers reign.
Mathieu-France:  @Patricia: these special studies that call us feel like a natural result of integrating the Teachings and the preparation, as if a true partnership with Knowledge and our Teachers gradually become more possible as we get prepared for it, to adjust our journey according to our specific needs in terms of preparation. The pathway becomes deeper, a deeper relationship as we proceed…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  That’s awesome Val! Welcome to Boulder!
Tyyne_Society:  We are receiving progressive teachings of depth from Patricia. These are really important to take note of and bring into practice. Thank you, Patricia.
MaryS_new-browser-for-pm-sake:  @53010, my question may have been for my own self-satisfaction and no higher purpose and so impertinent as I suspected
Shane NZ:  “the Plan of the Creator calls for people to awaken each other.” It is good to know its only 2%, as there is little time to waste. Thank you all for what you have shared. Declaring and protecting our human sovereignty is the right and duty of every citizen of our world. We cannot wait for someone else to do this for us. It is ours to do. It is up to all of us. Have a great week. NNC
Carol_Society:  Gratitude to everyone for your important contributions here today. It is heartening to witness and experience the fire around your facing the reality of the greatest threshold in human history. It is this fire, the fire of Knowledge, that will build the foundation for our successful emergence into the GC. And, most important, let us all give thanks to Marshall, the first Greater Community Messenger, for bringing to us a vastly new understanding of the GC and of our great relationships beyond this world. Nasi Novare Coram.
MaryS_new-browser-for-pm-sake:  p.s., in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, I have to look up words that I myself use, too.
Tonia_Denmark:  Wisely said, Adria. Like pulling oneself from the floor.
Hyeonam_Korea:  I used to think about alien what they looked like friend as like E.T. movie also alien subject wasn’t my favorite but after I read “alles of humanity” totally changed my view of alien to know from no interesting.
Val_Westport:  Jim, in Spirit I am with you all and in Boulder, home of the New Message. Physically, I am locating to our family place in Westport, MA…thanks for the good wishes!
Raoul_Australia:  I am so thankful for the Free School. In the face of the Intervention, the Preparation in The way of Knowledge takes us from a position of being battered by the ET mental influence to, instead, becoming stronger after each attack.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Ellen for sharing your practice “reading The Declaration of Human Sovereignty out loud”. I must try it.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you too, Tyyne
LaRae_Ottawa:  Resonating Raoul…..The Free School keeps me focused, and provides such necessary nourishment for reasons of connection, study, learning and growth.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @LaRae, (9:15), that is excellent practice, hit everyone with something of TNM!
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Raoul thank you for sharing.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I must tend the work Pillar…. I thank God for how things have unfolded thus far, Thank you Marshall…Patricia…Reed… the Society and all other students of knowledge here on Earth and throughout time and space. Take care out there… it’s a Jungle.
Raoul_Australia:  I agree, LaRae, very “necessary nourishment”!
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thanks Mike…..I find it very easy to do as being human is such a universal experience…
Joyanne_Canada:  @Carol, I only need to think of where I would be without this NM and our Messenger to know it would be a a deep place of despair,. Seeing the GWC and the state of our world is overwhelming no way out of the state of confusion. Looking at what I have received from the Messenger is humbling and fills me with such a deep profound gratitude. Lost for words to describe this great Blessing. Nasi Novare Coram
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Marshall thank you ‘If this was hopeless,the New Message would not have been given” very encouraging.
Tyyne_Society:  One thing that keeps coming up for me regarding the Intervention that it all takes place in the mind. Yes, there are physical abductions, but the influence, manipulation, discouragement all take place in the mind. The mind is a subject that the NM addresses frequently and gives us the power to develop our mind through Steps to Knowledge. It also say in one of my recent steps is that the mind is made to assimilate Knowledge. It is made for this. It has the capacity to develop in this way.
Alexandra_NL:  “As humanity attempts to become one community and as you attempt to become one person instead of many people, you will realize that you emerge into the world as a larger person and the world emerges into the Greater Community as a larger community. Here all individuality seeks community, for in community it finds its true expression, its true contribution and its true role. This is as true for you as it is for the world.” Step 326
LaRae_Ottawa:  Yes Tyyne….it is so obvious to me how both the powers that be and The Intervention interfere with the mind constantly..
Mathieu-France:  Thank you all, this chat has been very inspiring. Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tyyne, Marshall words during Vigil still come to mind and strike me,, pharaphrasing, ” can they receive this advance teaching?” are they able to receive it?” ..
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “You must approach this with humility and reverence and not claim that you understand these things or you will only proclaim your foolishness and lack of preparation. That which is manifest can be comprehended it can be fixed it can be altered in most cases that which is beyond the physical must be approached very differently and here you cannot be reverent to all things for there are forces in the mental environment that are entirely harmful.
That is why you will need the power of Knowledge and the greater power of the greater relationships to help you to navigate this greater and more profound reality this reality that brings you back into the world with a clarity of purpose and with the cultivation of the necessary abilities to begin to become a source of inspiration and direction for others.
You don’t know what this means this is not about having a perfect personality or having greater phenomenal powers it is about being still and clear compassionate and determined. A very…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … different state than the glorious images that people might conceive for themselves a very different state of mind a mind of clarity and simplicity a mind that is able to concentrate and be very focused and not be pulled on by every force and whim of the environment.
A mind that can face the beauty of life and of human contribution, a mind that can face the tragedy of life and human failure and loss not with perfect equanimity but with clarity and compassion.
This can only be described in general terms. You are not there yet.
Anna W_NY:  Tyyne, that is inspiring to remember, that the mind is a natural servant of Knowledge… that we have only become accustomed to the unnatural. Thank you.
Darlene_Society:  From The Consequence of Revelation: “It is a fabulous gift, more precious than you can realize at the outset. As the threat to human freedom and well-being escalates, the Revelation begins to reveal its greater promise.” May it be so…
Heidi_Germany:  Thanks to all! Nasi Novare Coram!
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK you for this experience of deepening that is happening as a result of studying this very important material undertaken this Season. It is maturing me/us in ways we cannot get any other way. Much Gratitude to all involved, for the Free School experience, and especially for all the efforts of leadership in formulating our studies and allowing our development. Nasi Novare Coram
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Tyyne, my step for today re-enforces this also. Step 30, “To Realize my strength. I must exercise my Authority.” “Think about your mind and whether you really control it or not…..” “You must guard your mind against intrusion and against false persuasion, in all of it’s manifestations.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tyyne, brings to mind what Marshall said at Vigil, paraphrasing, “Can they received this advance teaching?, It’s so advanced”
Jos_Netherlands:  Yes Darlene. May it be so
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Darlene. Resonating with that.
Shane NZ:  “Resist the Pacification Program. Resist the influence to become listless and unresponsive to your own Knowledge. Resist the Intervention through awareness, through advocacy and through understanding. Promote human cooperation, unity and integrity.” – Taking Action http://alliesofhumanit…tion/
MVS Society:  As the Messenger, I must speak out against the Intervention.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Kelvin, Pay attention to where the mind is, this tool as spoken by MVS, is very beneficial and helpful.. I call it my watchtower mode.. and redirect myself to this tool.
LaRae_Ottawa:  Thank you Darlene…..may it indeed be so.
Kari_H_Finland:  “One thing that keeps coming up for me regarding the Intervention that it all takes place in the mind. Yes, there are physical abductions, but the influence, manipulation, discouragement all take place in the mind.” Thank you Tyyne. Another important thing to know.
Jos_Netherlands:  @MVS As a freedom loving human, me too
Joyanne_Canada:  @Shane that was reinforced also in the Seeing< Knowing and taking Action revelation, I listened to this am..
Debbie_MI:  @Tynne-Thanks for pointing that out. I see it all the time in all the positive expectations many people have about the aliens and on many websites where good intentions of aliens are automatically assumed. But certainly Greater Community education can change that one person at a time.
Jansett_KY:  Thank you for the Higher Powers quote, Ray. Very moving.
LaRae_Ottawa:  I am so grateful to you for that Marshall…..I recall so vividly how you too resisted receiving the Allies at first.
Mathieu-France:  @MVS: and as first responders, we will support you in this.
LaRae_Ottawa:  We will indeed Mathieu……until my last breath.
Val_Westport:  With deep gratitude to Very God and appreciation and thanks to the Messenger and to Those who have brought us this Higher Education, this Higher View of what it means to be human, living this current life here on Earth. Truly, we are in the Presence of the Teachers of God.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “In life, you have two families. You have your physical, blood relationships, particularly your parents and your siblings, who bring you into the world and who hopefully prepare you to be in the world—to give you a place, an honor and an opportunity to survive and advance here. But you also have a Spiritual Family, a family that helps to raise you in a greater understanding of yourself.
Here you are not born into their care, like you are with your physical family, but instead they come to you, you encounter them, and they have a great impact on stirring a deeper awareness within you, a deeper understanding and the deeper mind that God has placed within you—the mind of Knowledge. , …… If you could see your life in the Greater Community world, within the universe itself, and recognize that you are part of history in this Greater Community, that you are not only a Human being, that this life is not the only life, … if you could see yourself in this far greater context then…
Youngkyo_Korea:  Yes, Marshall. I will follow you.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … you would begin, perhaps, to understand that you have relationships beyond this world beyond this life.
And if you can consider that without weaving a lot of fantasies, then, the idea of a Spiritual Family will perhaps, …., hopefully, be something you can consider in a genuine way.
Raoul_Australia:  Well said laRae! to the very last breath…”Life given, coming home”
Darlene_Society:  Yes, Mathieu, yes, in whatever way we are designed to do. The Messenger needs us all.
Shane NZ:  @Joyanne Hi  Thank you. Yep, It certainly helps me.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MaryS, (9:26), good question!
Kari_H_Finland:  To speak out against the Intervention is a great burden Messenger. May we have strength to carry it with you.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Dar…may it be so indeed!
LaRae_Ottawa:  Yes Raoul…and of course it is until our last physical breath and beyond…for we will continue to serve long into the future.
MaryS_new-browser-for-pm-sake:  Well, Mike LF, it can be known by deduction, so there.
Raoul_Australia:  and beyond, for sure 
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS and with this we are there with you TOGETHER!
Tamara~Boulder:  We are joined by the workings of God. Let our united effort to cultivate our beings to be in alignment with God, with our Higher Self and with our Teachers, enliven our awareness of God’s innate strength living with each of us that we may ignite this awareness in those we encounter.
Joyanne_Canada:  Amen Tamara, thank you another beautiful prayer that moves our hearts in accord.
Kristina_Boulder:  Thank you All, NNC.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Great prayer Tamara! Thank you!
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all
LaRae_Ottawa:  I feel such profound gratitude to God, to the Angelic Assembly, The Allies….to Marshall….his family…The Society and to all my fellow students….TNM is pure oxygen to my soul….May we all serve in every way we ae able to repay this Great Gift….
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram.
Jansett_KY:  There is so much that is so rich here, I must read slowly and catch up as I can. A belated thank you, Marshall: I welcome the overwhelm! 
Mike_LF_CAL:  @53010, yes, “US contact with the intervention was during Eisenhowers reign”, I heard the same time frame, over and over again which resulted ultimately in the well known phrase, “Industrial Military Complex.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Absolutely LaRae! Thank you. There is no repayment only mutual giving and receiving. “As you give yourself you receive!
Patricia_Society:  (10:25) Ellen – reading the Declaration of Human Sovereignty aloud and recording oneself and re-listening…a very powerful, self feedback assessment tool….Thank you…..I can hear your two voices, and the second one is definately committed, resounding…
LaRae_Ottawa:  Wonderful reminder Jim….thank you…..and thank you all for each and every contribution you all make to keeping Knowledge alive in this world. NNC
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Ellen and Partrica
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “It is like every seed that drops to the ground will not mature into a plant, every acorn that falls o the ground will not be a great Oak tree. That is why there are many of them.
Not everyone here will realize their greater purpose of course, even if it has been activated by God. Even if the time has come for the emergence of their greater awareness, even if they have encountered a member of their Spiritual Family, it does not assure success here at all.
Many will go into denial, many will take a few Steps and go no further, and it is a tragedy because now they know there is something greater about their life and if they do not follow this, well, …. it will haunt them, …. it will haunt them for the rest of their life.
It will be a problem that nothing, no amount of pleasure or distraction can really resolve, for once you are called you must respond. If you cannot respond or do not respond, for whatever reason, … it will be a haunting difficulty in your life.
Perhaps you will be…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … envious and condemning of anyone else who does respond and this can be the case.”
Hardev_Malaysia:  Thank you MVS and it is a great honor to serve in your mission as the first Greater Community Messenger.
Patricia_Society:  Therefore, go to God you all…It is the way of power, restoration….. both of which you will give back to the world. I can hear the love you all bring to this trying issue and these trying times…. “In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” Mother Teresa…..
manuel germany :):  In case there are Aliens “listening” to our chat and who understand only Spanish or German and want to know what we are speaking about: ESPANOL “Que Os Vayéis de la Tierra (y Sistema Solar). La Humanidad NO os Ha Dado el Permiso de Estar Aqui. Estáis Ilegalmente Aquí. Nosotros, los Humanos, Podemos Tratar Nosotros Mismos de Nuestros Problemas!” … and in DEUTSCH: “Verschwindet von Unserer Erde (und Solarsystem). Die Menschheit hat Euch Keine Zustimmung Gegeben, Dass Ihr Hier Sein Dürft. Ihr Seid Illegal Hier. Wir, die Menschen Können Selbst Unsere Probleme Lösen”   
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all for reminding of the vulnerability of humanity in the face Greater Community. Thank you all for reminding of the strength and power humanity has over the Intervention. Thank you Messenger for reminding of the potential that exists out there in the world. Nasi Novare Coram.
49818:  Thank you Marshall, it is truly important to not despair, but to look at things objectively and focus on what we were meant to do here in the world. Our task is small but significant.
49818:  I had to open a new browser it’s Betty_UK
cole-boulder:  Thank you all. NNC
Tyyne_Society:  @Patricia – so worth repeating. Bring ourselves to this place with ever increasing frequency. Take our minds and hearts there. “In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” Mother Teresa
Shane NZ:  Human Sovereignty is good common ground.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Jeanine and Carol, for guiding us so beautifully today.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you Shane. Well said.
Hardev_Malaysia:  That’s so true Shane. “Human Sovereignty is good common ground.”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, (9:43), and I thank God you have come to do so with deep gratitude!
Alison_Boulder:  Thank you for all who help the Remembrance
Samantha_South Africa:  @Patricia – Thank you for sharing that quote
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “A weaken humanity will have difficulties declining the offers of an advanced race and the more that humanity has fallen prey to conflict and war and destitution the greater will be the attraction of the intervention’s offers and proposals. Already today the intervention is grooming its advocates and approaches to promote an extraterrestrial guidance for the world. Already today the intervention is establishing its business in the world and influencing certain select individuals for positions of power and influence in government in commerce and in religion.
Certain people are obsessed with conspiracy theories but their focus is misguided. The malevolent behavior of human governments or human commercial institutions is nothing compared to what the intervention can do here and if its agenda succeeds it remains yet uncertain there will be no winners amongst the human family there will be no vaulted societies there will be no humans in position of power and authority. Everyone will be used…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … and everyone will share the same fate for the intervention is intelligent it does not seek to destroy humanity but to employ it for its own purpose.” https://newknowledgeli…load/
Patrick van Hoove (NL):  I serve a greater purpose, which I am now beginning to experience (step 351) Thank you all. NNC
Tamara~Boulder:  With love, devotion, and commitment I bid you all farewell in the world, farewell in your mind, and farewell in your heart.
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you all for this Chat. NNC

Betty_UK:  Thank you all Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you everyone for another strengthening gathering, see you real soon, see you ‘out there’ as we carry out our mission together.
Nasi Novare Coram
Val_Westport:  We are faring well, Tamara and living well, for we are the people that our world needs now.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you everyone. The Blessings of the Revelation be yours!
manuel germany :):  Many thanks to the moderators of today´s chat Carol, Jeannine, Darlene, Alison, Ellen, Tyyne (hopefully I do not forget someone…), The Society, the Messenger, Reed and Patricia and all the wonderful companions and students of the NM… I always was mysteriously drawn to the cosmos and stars, but now with the NM about the Greater Community I begin slowly to understand that there is something bigger behind… I am so grateful to be connected to you all and to participate in this important endevear.  love you all
Shane NZ:  Thank you Mark
Hardev_Malaysia:  Thank you all, great insights here on spreading Greater Community awareness. NNC
Patricia_Society:  To all please take note of some special news about to be forthcoming….the process of Revelation continues…and our Messenger ever carries each new revelation…as high upon his shoulders as he can, and that’s why we are here, which is to help him….”What Really Matters” received June 26th, 2017, whilst the world went about it’s daily affairs, Divine guidance and perspective lovingly enters the human environment, someday to be found by others worldside who are searching for it……and need it….
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you to everyone for participating in this chat – I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to share in this experience.
Joyanne_Canada:  Nasi Novare Coram, Be Well all, grateful to my family and this gathering of soul food.
Tonia_Denmark:  Patricia, thank you deeply…..”In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” Mother Teresa…..(6:54PM)….resonating very much with your words…..I have so much respect for your expressions, as they reach far beyond my own acknowledgement. The final analysis is important.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  My step today-210 Review-“You are learning to become objective about your your own progress as a student. You are learning how to become objective about the nature of learning yourself. You are learning how to become objective so that you may see. Allow, then this Review to give you greater perspective about the work of Knowledge in the world and the presence of Knowledge in your life.”
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you all. NNC.
Debbie_MI:  Thank you all…Nasi Novare Coram.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Knowledge goes with you wherever you go. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Knowledge is recognized and accepted. It is constant and permanent. The Forces of Dissonance are not constant and permanent although they are constantly being regenerated in life. Ultimately, they will give way to the power and presence of Knowledge, but this can take a long time. The less time it takes, the less suffering there will be for people. The less time it takes, the greater will be the expression of Knowledge in the world.
You who are now learning to become a beginning student of Knowledge must learn to recognize the Forces of Dissonance within yourself. In some cases, it is obvious where these forces express themselves. In other cases, it will not be obvious. Only through learning The Way of Knowledge, through trial and error and through constructive engagement with others, will you be able to learn how to discern the Forces of Dissonance within yourself and how to deal constructively…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … with them. This will take time and will follow many stages. Yet the development of your connection to Knowledge is essential for your well-being and for the safeguarding of the gift that you have brought into the world.” http://www.newmessage….nance
Maureen_Boulder:  “It is only when the truth is overwhelming and inescapable that you can finally surrender to it and prepare to serve it whole-heartedly. Welcome the overwhelm!” Once truly recognized, the Intervention brings the urgency of our times to the fore like nothing else. Here your preparation and studenthood become really serious and consequential rather than something you try to get to when you can.” These quotes by MVS bear repeating. “Serve it whole-heartedly don’t make it “something you just get to when you.” Impactful quotes full of inspiration. May we all heed this powerful advice.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Patricia, yet ANOTHER revelation has been received!!!!! Wow!!!!!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Maureen! It is a deep reminder to our dedication to ourselves and to others and the ones who sent us into the world! Thank you all!!! Nasi Novare Coram
Patricia_Society:  Our priorities, our needed development, our service, our ability to hold for decades and decades, ultimately being between us and God….Think of the mile long grounding rod that this is, that anchors us. Think of the stability that this utter truth offers us in such a fickle and risky and in places, if not dangerous human landscape…tethered to God…..such an anchor….Thank you all for your contributions and your efforts on behalf of the New Message….
Shane NZ:  wonderful, thank you for that news Patricia. Thank you Marshall
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ray Hobbs for all that you bring to this chat!
Mike_LF_CAL:  See you all next week. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram.
Maria_Boulder:  Thank you Patricia for letting us know that “What really matters ” has been received. In a world that bombards us with the non-essential, and even so much that is destructive…I look forward to this teaching, with eager anticipation and deep gratitude to Marshall for still receiving for this world. Aw and wonder.
Val_Westport:  Thank you all for this amazing flight. May we embody the Wisdom that has been shared here today.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “The Light of Revelation lives there in a place within you that you have forgotten in your journey in the world. In a place you are safe and have assurance of your future for this is the part of you that cannot be destroyed cannot be corrupted.
It is the Light of Hope for those who are oppressed it is the light of upliftment for those that are depressed it is the strength for those who seemingly have no power in the world.”, …… “It will restore you and redeem you over time as you learn to follow its guidance and become a vehicle of its expression in the world.”https://newknowledgeli…load/
Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram
Shane NZ:  “The question then for you is: Are you free to know these things that we are speaking of? Are you free to respond? Are you free to speak out against the Intervention?”…ower/
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you all.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you all
Bethne_UK:  Thank you Everyone.Finally caught up!
Josef Austria:  Thank you Mark!
Betty_UK:  Thank you Patricia.
Shane NZ:  i have found that if you do feel overwhelmed in the face of the Intervention and if it seems humanity’s future is hopeless, It is important to remember the success of you fulfilling your mission is not dependent on the result but on your contribution.
Josef Austria:  Thank you all for your sharing! Nasi Novare Coram!
Jansett_KY:  Well said, Shane.



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