Campfire Chat July 22, 2017

jeanine_Society:  While we are waiting for the Chat to start, here is some wisdom from the Messenger to contemplate from last week’s Chat:

jeanine_Society:  “As long as you want something from the Intervention, you will not be able to see it clearly. To know the truth in this matter and in many other matters as well, you cannot be governed by fear or preference.”

“In your Greater Community outreach efforts send people to the Allies. Let the Allies present the big picture for those who are able and ready to see. It is difficult to present the big picture of the GC yourself. That is why God has called for the Allies to come at this time as part of the Great Coordination to protect and advance humanity.”

“True resistance to any force in the world or beyond comes from Knowledge. It is the natural ‘push back’ against a destructive force that you are natively designed to face and to resist. Yet you must be able to recognize and discern the correct force to resist. People fail to do this all the time, resisting good things, bad things and things that do not matter.”

“Unfortunately, much New Age teachings and assumptions can be easily used…

jeanine_Society:  … for pacification. That is their purpose.”

“The wise remain hidden, unless they are called to speak up. Knowledge will determine when, where and how this should be done.”

“When was intervention a good thing for a native race…ever?”

“The answer to your quest to know your Higher Purpose is answered here in the largest possible terms. Where you will fit into this panorama will be revealed as your preparation continues through its stages and as you become more stable, wise and powerful.”

“The Allies are informing us which is different from Intervention in all ways. It empowers us without displacing or replacing us. It is preparing humanity to be a free race in the universe. This is the highest service a free race could provide for us.”

“Read and study this Chat repeatedly throughout the week. Be grateful you are not alone in this world and that your realm of relationship is growing each day as we take the NMG into the world.”

Jill_colorado:  hello everyone
Kahala_Oregon:  Hello everyone. Grateful to be here.
Paul_MA:  Jeanine-thank you. Yes truly serious..Another one that struck me to my core:…:We have not revealed everything to you”…..para-phrasing from either GWC or GC reality.
Bethne_UK:  Greetings Everyone!
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Carol and Jeanine
38888:  Hello all, good to gather with the WWC of NM students
Paul_MA:  Jeanine— one more comment on your quote… That could be said of today’s global corporations.
Rose, The Netherlands:  Warm greetings to all.
Greg_UK:  greetings all
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Carol_Society:  It is now the hour. Let us please take a moment of profound gratitude to those both seen and unseen that have brought to us, and to the world, a whole new understanding of the reality of contact with intelligent life in the universe – the Angelic Assembly, the Allies of Humanity, and Marshall Vian, the first Greater Community Messenger, who is with us. Sending strength, protection and devotion to you now, Marshall.
Rosa_UK:  Hello everyone NNC
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Carol and jeanine for the quotes and teachings! Powerful they are.
lingling_China:  greeting to all
Danny_Australia:  Thank you to Marshall… hi everyone
RaeHyung_Korea:  Hello everyone
jeanine_Society:  @Paul – thanks, yes I know the one you are referring to – makes us pause…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone!
Kristina FL:  Greeting everyone, i missed last week, its great to be back in school with all of you.
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Everyone to Month 1, Week 3 of the ‘Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe’ Free School Session, where we have been exploring the core revelation, Humanity’s Emergence into the Greater Community, from the forthcoming book, The Greater Community.
Rebecca_Virginia:  Hello Everyone
37328:  Good morning everyone
Keiko-Ita:  Hello everyone!
Maurice_Winnipeg:  Knowledge has drawn me to desire for less of the confusion of life and the misdirection of mind influence over me in the mental environment. I have had a pleasant experience since I’ve focused on Knowledge. Since my UFO experiences and encounters with Hybrids and other people who are influenced by the intervention. I see many people being influenced by the fantasies of ufo experiencer groups in my city. I can once see how I was once lost through their example. I don’t know what it will take for them to get where I am at today. I hope it will happen for them as it did for me.
Kari_H_Finland:  Uninvited visitors from the Greater Community again last night in my home. May their clandestine operations be exposed to humanity. Good to be here.

Carol_Society:  It is such a pleasure to welcome everyone once again to this sacred meeting ground. Such a privilege it is for each of us to be here in this way. And a very special welcome from all of us to those attending the Campfire Chat for the first time today.

Before we begin our planned discussion for today, we invite you to share your experience of the global communication from the Messenger this past week, The Messenger Speaks: The Bridge to Greater Intelligence. Please share what struck you about this powerful message.

Danny_Australia:  I have recently revised my understanding of the word waiting… Waiting is not being idle, particularly in a world that is being struck by the Great Waves of Change… Yes we are waiting for Knowledge but internally we are leaving our questions unanswered and looking without expectation or desire of any kind. Simply looking. But this does not mean we are not active.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol, The experience of listening to “The Messenger Speaks: The Bridge to Greater Intelligence?” was and always is VERY captivating, it moves me deeply every time I listen and @Darlene’s suggestion of listening w/headphones and w/CC on really helps to laser focus. I guess in one word to sum it up… PROFOUND.
Arthur:  Hey, thought I would chime in today as today’s topic holds a special interest for me.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Carol the Bridge to a Greater Intelligence was deep for me. Knowledge is within each one of us. And we who are the 1st responders is a blessing in itself! Just to be able to respond with honesty and integrity to the NM is a blessing. In a world of meaningless conversation, ambition, corruption etc. the New Message has been with me my whole life and i didn’t even know it until 4 years ago. My life is changing slowly because I am changing slowly in the world. To be of service and contribution without judgments and condemnation takes much work. But as I give myself to these practices I am feeling the Presence within and without more and more! We are here to work for the world and others. And this is a revelation in and of itself. To give and show compassion can change many things slowly. These are simple gifts that can go far in the world and in ones own life!
Maureen Boulder:  @ Danny – Are we waiting for Knowledge or is Knowledge waiting for us?
Kari_H_Finland:  @Maurice, I am glad to hear your awakening!
Danny_Australia:  @Maureen I think Knowledge is waiting for us.
MaryS_Boulder:  Carol, it sounded like Marshall reading the teaching in his own voice rather than the Voice of Revelation. It sounded conversational and engaging.
Alio:  good morning everyone. I’m not a number. I am Alio.
Kelton_Calif:  Hello Sang and hello everyone!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Seems appropriate to share my step for today, Step 62, The Greater Community Is In The World. I Must Be Attentive.
Carol_Society:  Yes, thank you Mike, Jim, MaryS.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “There are many forces in the mental environment that are both positive and negative concerning your well being and so if you are going to venture beyond the normal range of perception and experience you must have a foundation in Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has given you, and you must develop a greater objectivity and discernment regarding your own experience as if you are venturing into new territory and had be very careful and observant very watchful of the environment and very careful not to jump to premature conclusions or to make grand assumptions about your new experiences. ” Higher Powershttps://newknowledgeli…load/
83721:  Hello from Russell on mobile with
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Danny thank you very clear waiting in this way is active.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maurice, thanks for sharing!
Paul_MA:  It sheds more light on Knowledge. Whereas, we seem to be able to control our INtellect…Yet with Knowledge, our deeper Intelligence. It seems that Kg is an independent force or entity that we can tap into, that guides us..some of us, but yet an independent force of intelligence..Guiding us, protecting us, the Mystery of it….-NNC
78319:  Hi everyone
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Danny, Maureen, I think Kn stopped waiting fro me and kicked me in the …
Joe_UK:  @Danny & Shrimayi “Peace is an active state”
Tyyne_Society:  Building a bridge to this greater intelligence within us is critical for the advancement and survival of humanity as we each face unprecedented challenges here and from beyond.
Greg_UK:  @Mike yes me too!
Danny_Australia:  I am still unsure… Waiting is listening to the Mystery because you are becoming more like Knowledge leaving your questions unanswered but your human self must be active in building a foundation… So one part is silent watching not making answers but the other is working hard cause there is work to do!
manuel germany :):  @Kari_H_Finland: My dear Kari. Glad that you found the way to the chat and it is sad to hear that the Intruders are still coming to your home. Unfortunately I don´t have experiences and wisdom how to defend yourself from these visitations other than the ones available in the New Message from God. I will be including you in my prayers to give you the strength and courage to “kickem in the ass” to stay out of your life.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Alexandra_NL:  You are bringing something rare and extraordinary into the world,
Something the world cannot itself provide
Because over this bridge that you have built
Will come the Power and the Presence of God into the world,
And you will be a conduit and channel for this.
And though it may be expressed under very mundane circumstances-
By feeding people,
Taking care of people,
Helping people,
Taking care of the environment,
Assuring the well-being of other species of animals and plants—
Whatever your specific area of contribution,
You are bringing the Power and the Presence into the world,
And with it the remembrance for everyone
That they too were sent here for a greater purpose,
And that it is real and powerful,
And that it will not abandon them.
The Awakening
Betty_UK:  Carol, this passage of ‘The Bridge to Greater Intelligence’ spoke to me: “It works without speaking, acting more like a force or a presence, holding you back from giving your life away to hopeless and meaningless things and, at certain times, pushing you forward towards an engagement with life that will truly be beneficial for you.”
Carol_Society:  Thanks for the quote, Betty. As often happens, one word in Marshall’s message this week struck me, and it was the word ‘relentlessly.’ “And this greater Intelligence is within you to orient your life towards this [purpose] relentlessly, in spite of whatever you may try to do with your life, or how you may be circumscribed by unhealthy situations or difficult circumstances.” Relentlessly. Knowledge is relentless in directing us toward the life we are meant to live. The relentless nature of Knowledge: How many times did it take me to respond to the original call so many years ago? The call was relentless. How many times have I been pulled back on track after veering off the path? The pull has been relentless… How many times have I been pushed toward something I did not want to do? What has felt like a literal push at my back at important junctures in my life has been relentless. The call, the pull, the push, the being held back, the support, the protection, the guidance…ever and…
Carol_Society:  … always relentless… and life-saving, and thank God that this is so.
Jansett_KY:  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience a taste of this Bridge to a Greater Intelligence in my current situation. I noticed this past week that since I have arrived here I have literally been too engaged with caretaking to think about myself. Instead of that being a burden, it is actually the most freeing sense I have ever experienced. I can actually feel what “selfless service” really means and what a joy it is.
Kristina FL:  Carol… listening to The Bridge to Greater Intelligence makes me realize over and over again, that building this bridge is absolutely the foundation to find and to fulfill our purpose individually and collectively.
Maurice_Winnipeg:  @Tyne my regret is that I feel guilt for not advancing my level of connection to this greater intelligence.
Cole_Boulder:  @Danny – “It [Knowledge] is the mind that waits.” – ‘Comprehending God’. The first time I read this it jumped out at me.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Blessings to you Jansett!
Maria_Boulder:  @ Kari…I feel as Manuel just expressed- Praying for your protection and strength, and ability to create clear boundaries…I have a lot to learn in this area as well…
Arthur:  @Danny You talk about waiting for Knowledge, yet here we all are surrounded by it.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jansett, wow! Thanks for sharing your experience!
83721:  Don’t beat yourself up Maurice your still young with lots of experience…
Danny_Australia:  What are we doing something though? Cause if you really Know then you know there is work to do and not much time to waste! I am not practicing
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Carol, if I pay enough attention and am aware, I will find the tools I need to overcome thresholds and work with limitations. My experience of listening to “The Bridge to Greater Intelligence”, has reinforced the truth of what to listen to within me. Where to focus on within me, as we are all prone to certain stimulation that is trying to keep us isolated and in a low state. I am grateful for these teachings.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  You are not alone Maurice. How easy it is to become distracted by the world or circumstances. And how easily we forget. Yet each time we “Return” we can become stronger and learn from these experiences
83721:  Name button not an option on mobile Russell
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Carol
jeanine_Society:  Thank you all for sharing about the powerful Messenger Speaks Teachings. Now let’s turn our discussion to the first question of this Chat:
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maurice, if you are not already knowledgeable of the defenses against TGC then learn of these and incorporate them into your life… they will have a positive affect!
jeanine_Society:  Can you recall those experiences in your life that gave rise to the interest and need to understand the reality of contact?
Alio:  Jansette, full-time caregiving service like that is a powerful preparation. If you recall, from the great waves, we are being prepared to care for the children and the elderly rather than to stand on mountaintops performing miracles with fish.
jeanine_Society:  Where, when and how did your interest in contact with intelligent life begin and how did it develop?
Danny_Australia:  Thanks @Joe I like that quote and @Jansett I think your example speaks exactly of this… Intense work and activity while the abiding presence is ever present and source of this work and you are its vehicle!
Paul_MA:  Arthur, Kg that surrounds us is like the water that surrounds the fish…they may not be aware of it, yet it surrounds them, and oh so close.
Raoul_Australia:  “…always relentless… and life-saving”, such a blessing it is so, and I find it has been life saving even in a very practical sense
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Jansett, so happy to hear you are doing ok, thinking of you, blessings!
Kelton_Calif:  Our friend and fellow student Jeffrey Adler is on his way to his new home in Boulder. Our thoughts and prayers be with him for a safe and successful journey and a new beginning.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Carol “The relentless nature of Knowledge”
Rose, The Netherlands:  Thank you, Alexandra.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol, “Recall those experiences in your life that gave rise to this interest and need to understand the reality of contact.” As a very young lad I was fascinated by the space program, the Gemini missions firstly, too young for the Mercury 7. Then Star Trek came out in 1966 and just “knew” that alien life was out there. But when I read “The Interrupted Journey”, the Betty & Barney Hill story, the story of the star map is what convinced me as a young boy the encounter was real and I was launched into FTL mode. I read everything I could get my hands on. Then I came across Whitley Streiber’s Communion had another transcending affect on how I thought of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence’s in the world and your bedroom… In my time here I’ve seen a couple objects I couldn’t explain or I D but that didn’t affect me, I already knew many races have been here & are here, the evidence is overwhelming in my opinion. What I was now sensing was something was not quite right… but no…
Mike_LF_CAL:  … one seemed to be asking the right questions about what their purpose here is. So, I was going to sign up for a trip with Dr Greer for one of those foolish “contact” adventures… and I came very close to doing just that but TNMFG found me and then I read AOH and EVERYTHING finally made sense.
83721:  Way to go Jeffery Russell Sask
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Kelton indeed!
Douglas_St. Paul:  The captain of a ship isn’t always receiving instruction from the ship’s owners or from higher officers. The crew on the bridge shouldn’t always need the captain there telling them what to do. Sometimes I wait in the ready room, hopefully preparing for what is to come, what could be most likely to happen along our current course.
Alexandra_NL:  That is great news Kelton. Such a great change for him!
manuel germany :):  @Jansett_KY: “I can actually feel what “selfless service” really means and what a joy it is” – you are really blessed my dear Jansett 
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Maurice–I also struggle with feelings of guilt for not being more advanced. I have to remind myself over and over to stop condemning and be patient and gentle with myself.
Danny_Australia:  Ah yes, the I who waits
Raoul_Australia:  @Kelton, thank you for letting us know, wishing Jeffrey the very very best!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Alexandra for that quote from the awakening! One of my favorites!
Selma London:  Experiences giving rise to the reality of contact: At some point in the early 90s I went to an event in Boston where people got up on stage and described their abductions – I never doubted them.
Adria_Poland:  @Jeanine my Mother has noted down in my baby journal that at very young age I used words like “little green men”. I also have been drawn to all things space, science, with fascination and sense of familiarity – but also some kind of deep dread and apprehension, whe it came to ET presence at Earth.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “There are powerful individuals beyond your visual range beyond your sensory perception who you should not be in contact with under any circumstances though they may appear to be very alluring and powerful. This is not meant to discourage you but to prepare you to forewarn you. This is not a child’s game this is not a casual pursuit this is not something that you do for fun or for thrills or for excitement or for self importance. That is why these matters should never be discussed casually except with other true students of Knowledge and then only under certain circumstances. You can be sure if people are discussing these things amongst themselves in public places or in a casual way that they do not really understand what they are dealing with and they are vulnerable to the powerful persuasions they have put themselves in a position of jeopardy. You must have a serious mind and a careful approach this is not a past time you are dealing with here or a hobby. That is why The New…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … Revelation emphasizes taking the Steps to Knowledge as a prerequisite and also as a concurrent study to any other activity of education or contact you might have. People are giving themselves over to the extraterrestrial presence in the world thinking it is spiritual and almost angelic. They do not realize they are dealing with a dangerous presence whose purpose is to undermine human freedom and sovereignty in this world despite the proclamations to the contrary. Knowledge will lead you down the right corridor it will open the right door it will lead you to the right person in the world it will connect you with the greater power that is there for you. ” Higher Powers https://newknowledgeli…load/
83721:  @Mike Dr Greer is just doing things his way. Deeper studies allow you to use this as further ingredients your own education about GC issues. No one path is right for all.
Jeanne_Boulder:  We are looking forward to Jeffrey arrival, another student of the NM in Boulder Meadows, we are a growing family.
Reed_Society:  @Carol, so true, thank you
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jeanine, I am grateful for this school session. I have put alot of my past experience with the intervention on a shelve somewhere, not knowing what to do with it or how it applies to my current life, just waiting there as I focus on my pillars and attempt to build a stable platform. I have been inspired to revisit my experiences, journals, and the path that brought me here to the allies. To re-investigate the reason and purpose of those experiences, no seeking answers but see how they are affecting me today…
Maria_Boulder:  @ Mike LF- I am thankful the NM saved you from “the foolish adventure”….
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  @Jeanine, about “when, where, how the interest in contact with intelligent life begin?”, looks like it was there all along. Whenever I watched the news(when young) about the ufo, it caught my attention and curious of how will they look, and why they don’t come and talk to us?
Heidi_Germany:  Hi, everyone!
Danny_Australia:  Hoping Jeffrey has a safe journey up there
Keiko-Ita:  Recently I have reached a kind of equanimity what is like….I have never had a such feeling before. Even I am not in stillness, I can be in this state. For me very strange experience anyway. You are in this world but you are detached from it…You feel very calm you ‘ve never had… You see every single thing but you are so calm…so that you do not lose what is happening around you.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Jansett what a beautiful experience thank you for sharing
Greg_UK:  Personally I was never convinced of or interested in the ufo phenomenon until after my spiritual awakening, because – science. Once God’s reality was revealed to me it legitimised the study of aliens and UFO/USO phenomena
83721:  I do not Condon or deny the GC they are part of our education about them. How would you learn about them otherwise?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” … to develop a healthy relationship with the mind, you must focus on Knowledge and allow the mystery of Knowledge to exist within you. The mind needs certain things that are concrete in order to establish a foundation or a belief system. Without a belief system, the mind is in a state of chaos and cannot be focused in any direction. This is what insanity is—when the structure of the mind, or the structure of thinking, has broken down to a point where even the will of Spirit cannot work through it. Here the mind has fallen into disarray and dysfunction. Therefore, the mind needs certain assumptions and familiar surroundings, at least to a certain point, in order to function effectively.” WGC2.5 Working With the Mind
Carol_Society:  @Mike: Thank you for sharing the story of when and how your interest in contact with intelligent life in the universe developed.
Raoul_Australia:  Re. the first question, my interest began around 1967, I was 7 and early sightings were being reported. My grandmother was supportive and used to send me newspaper clippings…God bless her, I think she may be here or coming soon.
Paul_MA:  For me, i first became aware of Intelligent life through books/TV Shows….etc Yet, all of this information did not seem real because it was never spoken of at school, in public,etc. Yet when it was brought up, there was always ridicule, non-reality,,that these things just were not possible……Somehow we were kept in Isolation of this information…. it seems that there was a conscious effort in society to keep us isolated, by ridiculing this potential reality….the Isolation continues.
Joyanne_Canada:  When I was 18 in the 70″s my friend and I sat and watched a ship for over 30 min.. we investigated ufo stuff but in a small town in the bush not much was available on it.. other than our speculations :-)… the day I found the NM I deeply felt I must search for Alien Messages, This was my answer from my desperate plea to God. The Allies Briefings were so informative and resonated so much. After over 30 something years my education began. What an education it is turning out to be.
Nancy_Oregon:  @Adria, exactly my experience Deep Dread and Apprehension and thank you rayhobbs. . . good cautionary words here,
83721:  Humanity needs a common goal or a common threat GC provides this Dr Greer has his slant as do you. Russell
Jorge_Spain:  My first impacting experience as far as I remember happened one summer night in south-eastern Spain while I was with my family on holiday, near the beach, and I was 4. One night, an UFO appeared circling in the sky.
Greg_UK:  Belief in God – well if GOD is real, all previous disbeliefs are OFF
Angel_PA:  My mother planted the seed that there is other life in the universe when I was young. As a teenager I found the article in a magazine about Betty n Barney Hill. I immediately knew it to be true, never doubted it. This began a search for truth that only the NM has been able to answer.
jeanine_Society:  @Kelvin – thank you for sharing that. I found that doing the Mapping exercise as recommended in the Study Plan and to be addressed in our 2nd question in the Chat today, brought up some interesting insights when I laid out all my experiences in front of me on paper – actually unexpected insights…
Greg_UK:  That is a great way of putting it Angel
Douglas_St. Paul:  I recall my mother saying with awe (a rare event for her) “Doug, that’s Mars!” at the pictures sent by the Viking lander in the late 70’s
Jill_colorado:  Maureen posted a link to a youtube video how the government has covered up its engagement with UFO’s since the 1950’s. It is a good watch.
Danny_Australia:  I have no recollection of any interest in ufos or any life outside our planet, but looking back now that I am reconnecting to Knowledge, I am beginning to have a picture of the wider panorama of life that was casting a dark shadow over the planet in various places and which was something that I could sense in childhood but never knew what it was…
Kristina FL:  Jeanine Society… there are many of those experiences in my life, just to mention two… 1, i had a friend for 15 years, who was an Air Force colonel for 28 years, worked at area51 and other bases and we had many deep conversation about the alien presence here on Earth. 2, a family “visitation”…… these two events launched me into my own research for the truth, leading me to find the Allies of Humanity. I feel blessed to be guided to the Allies and finding the New Message.
74841:  Shows on TV in the 60s that touched on alien life as a non-threatening friendly entities influenced me early on. I watched the skies while growing up and working on the family Iowa farm and wished for contact with alien life and craft. I saw many unexplained flying craft (UFO) in the skies at the night that I could not easily explain away as winged aircraft. I read many books on the subject, listened to many, many interviews with wistleblowers on Project Camelot… this point, reading Allies of Humanity was a welcome comprehensive look at the ET presence in this world. I am so thankful for MVS, the NM and Allies of Humanity!
Alio:  I had an obsession with the stars, infinity, limitations of religion to earth, even when I was very young. When I saw a large orange craft above our house when I was 11, it became a quest to figure out what the heck is going on here. There were dreams, some experiences that point toward intervention, perhaps abduction…. I hope not though. I told them all deals are off if that had happened. It really has felt like my whole life has been directed to place this intervention problem top priority.
Kari_H_Finland:  During my STK practices I began to remember how my life has been connected with the Greater Community already since my childhood. Drawings of space ships when I was around 10 years. Looking the stars with my first telescope at that time. Reading Erich von Däniken books about ancient astronauts when I was in my teen age years. No one in my age around me was interested in these things.
Matt_bzn:  I was 7 years old. The very first book I ever bought was “Project Blue Book”. That was it for me. The Intervention is difficult for people to identify because to learn of it is a a process, not an event. We have all been watching this for years in our lives. Those who have not have a hard time understanding or “believing” because they have no foundation. It’s like jumping into a great novel at chapter 10 and trying to understand the storyline
Alison_Boulder:  I went from a complacent “Sure they’re there, but who cares?” for years to a curious reader of the Allies around 2007. Nothing in between, really, except for the X-Files. In my initial interest an ET reality I was very focused on myself and had some fear, fantasy and victimhood around it. It was natural to begin with a small focus, but my interest in the topic has begun to move and morph the more my studenthood moves with positive relationship structures. A need to understand contact has begun to mean contact with the human race and not contact with me alone, thank God.
Joyanne_Canada:  as a young child and teenager Star Trek was my favorite show..It opened my mind to different races out there and the fact that we were not alone in the Universe.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jeanine, indeed, I have a large binder from the previous school version in which I have my past in several layers, documented with date and approximate times dreams. There was a definite pattern and I plan on to re-integrating with that practice again.
Ken_Oklahoma:  Sorry, forgot to change my number to name. This is Ken_Oklahoma that grew up on an Iowa farm.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ first question:Years ago I think around 2000 when I start to read books about light workers and that they have a connection with star beings etc. But trying to understand this I got confused because of other stories who gave the opposite meaning of it all, it was a kind of warning not to trust those alien beings. I also found out about the abductions of people and animals.Till I found the Allies of Humanity book whom I trusted years later.And the confrontation with someone at the ufo conference lately who told me proudly she was a hybride,she was very aggresive in her attitude towards me and on the fysicle level I found myself with a headache at that same moment, while I never have headaches.It was something dark in her eyes that I could not look at too long.This was consciously one of my first encounters.I could find myself again when I got outside the building ,breathing deeply tried to connect with Knowledge. .
Kristina_Boulder:  @Jeanine, I remember being about 10yo and playing with my dolls. Some how I recall a faint memory of being in a space ship, where people were wearing white body suits. At this point I do not know if that was in fact memory or a memory from some futuristic movie…
Kristina FL:  Wow Matt bzn, started early.
jeanine_Society:  @Paul “…i first became aware of Intelligent life through books/TV Shows….” Yes interesting that even this was a taboo subject for the most part in normal life, what was on TV at the time had high ratings – struck a chord with many people for a reason….
83721:  I quoted elsewhere too. Greater Community is like Alice in Wonderland meets Star Wars..Russell
Darlene_Society:  @Mat bzn – “a process not an event” amazing piece of your history here, Matt.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  For me the fascination of the stars and intelligent life has been with me since I was a boy. Now the most important thing is to feel that the GC is a part of us…it is a part of nature so eventually the GC is becoming more evident to some as time goes on because of an awakening taking place within. For me this awakening happened mysteriously yet has always been there waiting for me to experience it. This too was part of the natural experiences which had many consequences but were so needed. It is funny how life works. Yet these forces have been set in motion when time began. It is all a Mystery of chaos and order. And we are a part of it and have always been. The NM has given this to me…to us to use for our evolution. It truly is a blessing.
Danny_Australia:  I am also well aware of a big chunk of my childhood is in a dark place, one of those deep dark closets that I haven’t looked into yet but when I do I’m sure I’ll see lots of good stuff in there (bad) only to motivate me further for my pursuit of truth and justice on this planet. There was a lot of suffering in my childhood, lots of pain, lots of fear, lots of ‘nightmares’…
71179:  Hello everybody!
Samantha_South Africa:  When I was a tween/teenager I was always interested in aliens and space, since I never really fitted in at school this tended to isolate me even more, I used to joke around saying that maybe I was an alien – it scared people more than I realised at the time… I used to visit the planetarium with my teachers whenever I could… But my interested waned when I left school, and was only really really brought to focus when I found the NM
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all. Nnc
Jeanne_Boulder:  For me I never really paid much attention to aliens until I came to a Doorway in 2009, I thought everyone there was crazy! Until I read the Allies to Humanity.
Paul_MA:  Considering the Greater Community and the wealth of resources on Earth, really makes me explore the topic of Isolation… Maybe we have been kept in isolation by design by certain alien races working in coordination with certain human participants…that plan was to keep us in Isolation till our world developed to such a point with infrastructure and technology, to then make it accessible to alien forces.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Because intelligence is a wanted commodity in the Greater Community, the Wise must retreat in order to protect themselves and their gifts, for they would indeed be regarded as highly useful and desirable by those who seek to use these commodities. So, a natural progression of events leads the Wise to withdraw. This enables the Wise to have greater effectiveness,…” …. “That is why we say the Wise remain hidden. That does not mean that they have escaped from life or do not wish to contribute to life or are unable to bear the vicissitudes of life. This means that they must withdraw to a vantage point where their gifts can be preserved and where the recipients of their gifts can be identified and most effectively served.” Excerpts WGC2.10
Betty_UK:  @jeanine, I haven’t been fascinated by space, but I knew that there was life (intelligent life) on other planet, that I knew from a young age (perhaps young teen). Although, I like sci-fi movies, I never associated it with life beyond, I never stopped and thought about what it would mean for our world. It’s only when I read the GW of change that I realized that it was something I needed to know more about, that’s when I started reading the Allies briefings.
Maureen Boulder:  @ Angel.The Betty and Barney Hill story was an important confirmation and the first confirmation that my experiences were real and not a figment of my imagination or “just dreams”.
support:  For those who are joining use on an iPhone or other mobile devices and are having issues with the chat you can try joining us on here through this link >>…?id=3 You experience might be better.
83721:  @Support or just tough it out and add a name post post.
Paul_MA:  rayhobbs–yes the Seers must remain hidden…. ALthough Remote Sensing programs seem to try to find the ones who could see…
83721:  Post post Russell
92805:  @Jeanine: My first heart felt experience with the concept of the reality of contact came when I was just turning 16 years old. It marked the release of an album by the band Rush titled 2112. Listening to the concept laid forth in the story told lead me to explore the fantasy world of science fiction on a much more personal level. The emotions of how I now feel if I choose to listen take me back to that time and somethings are better left behind, I rarely am able to listen to that album anymore, it is that powerful.
Carol_Society:  @Kelvin: In the earlier version of the School, I too completed a timeline of my life and a timeline of Knowledge experiences, and back then when I examined the overlay (transparency per Patricia) of the K timeline atop my life timeline, I was struck by the 20-year gap in Knowledge experiences and then a huge bump following. I looked to see what was going on in my life during that enormous gap: a 20-year relationship! And the major spike in Knowledge experience that followed that gap represented leaving that relationship. During the past week, I timelined my development regarding contact and the GC, and again there was this massive gap where there was little interest, little awareness, no education, the same 20-year gap, and then a spike that paralleled connections to K and leaving the relationship. This spike represented a rekindled interest in ET/UFO, researching, memories, beginning to realize what I’ve always known, finding StK, NM, Allies, clarifications, preparation!, realizing my…
Carol_Society:  … GC nature and orientation, discovering an extraordinary, almost visceral, connection to Allies after a period of doubting, doubting (MVS: Never doubt what you’ve always known).These timelines and overlays continue to reveal the parallels between what is going on in my life and connection/lack of connection to K, and, in this case, awareness/lack of awareness of the world here and beyond.
Jorge_Spain:  The first thing that gave me a sense of serious distress regarding the possibility of an extraterrestrial arrival was “V” TV series in the 80’s
Rosa_UK:  As a child I used to hang out my bedroom window at night and talk to the stars when everyone had gone to sleep. My regular day dream would be of a spaceship landing in my parents garden and my long lost relatives would then whisk me off around the universe and be back by suppertime.
Much of my adulthood I spent researching E Ts, and I even saw a craft in Karachi one night back in the eighties. It looked like the biggest star ever and it pulsated a good ten minutes before moving away into the distance. I knew ‘they’ were here, but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t come for me. So I researched all that I could find on the various races ( Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturans and Hathors ) etc. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t come and help us. Now I know why. I found the Allies in 2014 and I haven’t looked back. The Allies make it plain.They are not here to help us, and we have a battle on our hands to assert our sovereignty, protect our sanity, our resources and freedoms as a…
Rosa_UK:  … race. So grateful to have found the New Message from God and to be found.
Angel_PA:  I was obsessed with finding out all I could about alien abduction. Like Mike, Whitley Strieber’s book Communiion was an eye opener. At a certain point, I just let go of it all because I had become so paranoid and felt helpless to do anything about it. Recently I have been questioning childhood trauma, wondering if it is a planted false memory, especially since my brother told me he saw a UFO in the woods by my lementary school which is where the trauma happened. It’s all so sketchy and vague.
Alexandra_NL:  The first experience that I recall dates back to 1988, I was 7 then and I was struck by an animation on tv that I didn´t know… yet it felt SO familiar… It sparked a memory… warriors of the galaxy defending their home planet from invasions… “that is me!!” I remember thinking. I identified so strongly with these figures, it was quite an obsession for many years.
Shirley-Boulder:  My Prayers are with Jeffrey as he travels to Boulder.
Alison_Boulder:  @Carol, thank you, because I can relate! I noticed on my timeline years of being asleep to insights and movement, corresponding with long term relationships. Doors opened in the rare times I was alone and searching.
jeanine_Society:  Please continue responding to the first question, but as we are already addressing the second question, let me add it now: “Have you taken the opportunity to begin a Life Map regarding your experiences with the Greater Community? How did you do this? What would you like to share about this experience?”
83721:  Okay it’s far to difficult to follow on my Android device. Know that I was here and focused hopefully on bigger issues. Until later next time with bigger screen keep your eyes on your heart and listen with your Studenthood experience. Russell
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “If people are unstable psychologically, they will become more unstable around a Greater Community influence. They can even be driven to insanity. This is not because the Greater Community influence seeks to make them so. It is simply that when you are around a more powerful mind, it will accentuate your present state. In other words, you will become more extreme in your own behavior. This is one of the reasons why the man and woman of Knowledge must remain hidden from the world and must be very judicious about whom they encounter and what they communicate because they will have a great impact on everyone they meet. The unwise will become more unwise around them, and those seeking Wisdom will become wiser, for the more concentrated mind will accentuate the present state of every other mind that it comes in contact with. That is one reason why the Wise withdraw.
WGC2.15) Responding to the Greater Community …
Jill_colorado:  @Rosa…the same for me most of my life, till I found the Allies in 2013 and never looked back either.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Carol, thank you!
Greg_UK:  To clarify in the past as a scientific atheist I totally accepted life as an emergent property of an evolving universe, just not here at earth due to the limitations of the scale of the universe and our limited understanding of science, taught in schools as fact. I have always resonated with deep time (archaeology, geology, cosmology) and thought experiments which really prepared me to adapt to a world view which was 180 degrees from my previous position.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Shrimayi, a person/thing actually admitted to you they were a hybrid! WoW!
Kari_H_Finland:  “Now the most important thing is to feel that the GC is a part of us…it is a part of nature” @Jim, thank you for pointing out that sobering message given to us by NMG. No more fantasies and speculations about the life in the universe!
Kristina_Boulder:  I guess, I was always fascinated with supernatural and X-files were my favorite series during my teenage years.
Bridget- Texas:  good morning ya’ll!
Keiko-Ita:  Yes, Carol, I did timelines of my life as well…I have realized that I have been prepared for a certain thing. Somehow I took the direction to engage to the NM. It is amazing, indeed, I can not believe it at first. But it is real, isn’t it?
MaryS_Boulder:  Hi, Bridget!
Virgie_near Seattle:  Re: Q2: As a child I was drawn to anything paranormal, including ETs, but as a teen I read a book about abduction reports and fascination turned to fear. I did not want to learn any more and for many years I did not think about it. Until in April and October last year I noticed three little “hints” I needed to do some research–and soon found the AOH page … Last week I shared a question about the appropriateness of presenting a rational analysis of the data on the Intervention as opposed to just pointing to the Allies Briefings and I’ve realized this week what’s been in my heart is that the Allies say they don’t need to present evidence of the Intervention in the world because there is plenty of evidence and some people will never believe regardless of the evidence, others will believe because they recognize the truth without needing proof. I was maybe in between: I felt that the Briefings were true, but I needed to investigate the evidence. And I am so grateful to researchers who…
Virgie_near Seattle:  … published bibliographies and literature reviews that helped me understand what would otherwise have been an overwhelming amount of both data and misinformation. I’ve realized this is what was in my heart when I asked last week about the appropriateness of presenting a logical analysis of the data rather than just directing people to the Allies Briefings. I would not want to try to present the larger picture of the GC myself … but perhaps certain people might be called to add to the discussion on the specifics of the evidence of the Intervention’s presence (something the Allies do not address)–if such a person was directed by KN?
Cole_Boulder:  Beyond curiosity and a latent knowing of “of course” there is life in the universe, I actively investigated the UFO/ET phenomena at age 15 after watching some television documentary series on the subject. The stories I encountered on the internet I found very sobering and frightening. My inner experience changed after that, and became very dark. This reality became a part of my inner world and I didn’t know how to regard it. From a poem I wrote back then, I see I knew the basic intention of the intervention even then – “Mistrusted peaceful peoples with / scalpels behind their backs.” …This subject resurged about 5 years later when I started searching again, and this time I found the NM and AOH.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Paul MA ” The Forces of Dissonance in the world, which by the way are not the only Greater Community forces in the world, are able to move about quite effectively without human recognition in many cases, not because they are invisible, not because they are spiritual forces—they are physical forces—but because they can influence the mind that perceives them. How can this be, you ask? Well, if a more concentrated mind wills or wishes that the less concentrated not recognize it, then in most cases the person with the weaker mind will not recognize the presence of the more concentrated mind. Remember, thoughts affect minds. Thoughts affect thinking. Thinking affects thinking. When thinking is affected, certain responses can be predetermined. WGC2.15http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Samantha_South Africa:  @Carol – thank you so much for sharing your experience!
Alexandra_NL:  Wow Cole! Thank you for sharing _/l\_
jeanine_Society:  Interesting when doing my Mapping exercise, I found when I was quite young, invitations to UFO meetings, etc., where even back then I felt restraint around – so did not attend. I see a pattern now – later in life, when I felt more ready, I did not feel this same restraint and was able to follow these promptings, and learn more…
Alison_Boulder:  @Virgie, I too am feeling an importance around learning about some of the major UFO events in our recent history. I will continue to present the Allies, but I need to learn about reference points around the world.
Paul_MA:  Rayhobbs… Interesting…. we have thoughts or thinking within our own minds…..And then we have thoughts projected into our minds from other beings, people,etc….Kind of like throwing a baseball at someone, the thoughts will have an impact… Telepathy has been mentioned in the NMG…telepathy to communicate… and now Telepathy used for ill-purposes of projecting thought to someone to control them….thanks.
Keiko-Ita:  When I think about GWC.
jeanine_Society:  Interesting how Knowledge is working on protecting us, even before we know what ‘Knowledge’ is…
Keiko-Ita:  I return to think about our separation because we lose contact with the nature of this world in some ways…
Bridget- Texas:  I agree with Alio……experiences such as caring for people and instead of seeing the burden allowing and surrendering into the unknown with a knowledge of gifts to be received through Gods work…..called miracles. To be witness of and be within the gift of service and allowing for the healing process to unfold. Now that is how experience works before preparation. Sometimes experience prepares us first.
35242:  For me it was Von Daniken Chariots of the Gods, Star Trek, Bradbury, Heinlein, and many others… I used to think I was born too early, that all the cool stuff will be in the way future… I guess I was wrong… 😏
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you so much Carol for your expereince and the time gaps. These for me are very important to recognize. The emergence into the GC is our destiny because we are a part of Gods greater plan as all worlds are. To recognize this and to feel this within is Knowledge stirring within me…within each one of us. These events are a part of us and our design. Knowledge is with us and I feel is being stirred within more and more people because of this emergence. Because for me it all is connected to the greater plan of God. I cannot think of this too much but I can begin to feel it. This makes all the difference in the world for me to remain sane and the same person in all situations.
Selma London:  Virgie, I found this useful in pointing to the Revelation: “Everyone around you seems to be obsessed, preoccupied or oppressed. Who will speak to them? Who will teach them? They may not hear Our words. Who will speak to them?” Entering the Greater Community
Keiko-Ita:  The physical universe was set in motion by the Creator of all life so that it has its own terms of engagement with humanity. When it is NOT in balance or harmony…it will break the engagement…
jeanine_Society:  @Cole – thank you for sharing your early experiences and evolution – poetry is a good way for those of us who use words to ‘paint’ to get to the truth of our experience….
Matt_bzn:  @Paul MA – very smart observation. I had not considered that
Virpi_Finland:  Almost as soon as I could read I had access to UFO magazines in our home just as well as kids Narnia books. I was scared of some of the stories I read. The movie: “Close encounters of third kind” was impactful, as an example of mind influence. But I was also thinking that those who went to the ship. “They are not going to have much fun..”´I kept thinking: If they are benevolent, why do they affect people’s minds like that, that is not nice…
Paul_MA:  35242– yes Chariots of the Gods was one of the first gateways too.. Looking back at COG or the original Twilight Zone TV shows…these had airplay for awhile on TV, then somehow they were shut down, or other TV shows took their place.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “There will always be minds more clever and cunning than yours. There will always be technologies more advanced than yours. There will always be minds more concentrated than yours, in the Greater Community that is. But should you undertake and progress in the reclamation of Knowledge, then you will establish a foundation within yourself that cannot be influenced and cannot be corrupted, for Knowledge cannot be influenced by thinking minds. Knowledge cannot be corrupted by the inducements of physical life. Knowledge is without fear, for it is immortal. It cannot be penetrated by the outside world. Only Knowledge can influence Knowledge because it is a spiritual reality which exists within each person in the world. Though it is latent in the vast majority of people, it is there nonetheless to be cultivated and developed.” WGC2.15http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Jorge_Spain:  One thing that has been true in my experience is that, despite having been fantasizing, thinking and speculating a great deal about space, the universe and the possibilty of alien life along the years, all that wasn’t the same at all that truly realizing in my heart that an extraterrestrial intervention was indeed underway, behind the scenes. For me this happened only in 2005, and then, in another wave of deepening, in 2012-2013. And it was a real shock, no matter what I though I “knew” before.
Kristina_Boulder:  I haven’t started yet life map of my GC experiences, but even now, during the chat I have some memories arise, so I’m looking forward to start working on this life map. There should be a reason why I feel such affinity with AOH. Ever since I read AOH1, I felt strong urge to translate it and now to promote it. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s probably similar to being a parent, when you know you have to take care of your child.
Raoul_Australia:  @Jeanine, yes! I too thought of that: “Interesting how Knowledge is working on protecting us, even before we know what ‘Knowledge’ is…”
Jansett_KY:  @jeanine, though not the time to share specifics, I can attest to the great value of Life Mapping experiences with the Greater Community because it can unveil a real continuum of yearnings, knowings, encounters and epiphanies which confirm an almost parallel reality in the sense that while I may have been confused or uncertain as to what I was doing here since childhood, I was most certainly known by unseen ones of both benevolence and otherwise. The labyrinth of experiences now makes sense and increases my determination to continue forward in the Way of Knowledge.
Selma London:  Keiko & Jim, in terms of Nature:
“Intervention is part of nature. Competition for environment is part of nature.” Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community
Maria_Boulder:  it seems strange that I can not remember a beginning point of interest- as far back as I have memory, it seems it was a given to me, that there were other forms of intelligent life in the Universe…in my teens there was such a plethora of information about this subject, including where we might be from…I explored it all lightly, not having a sense of what, if any of it I could trust…when I first perceived I was being approached, while at a retreat in a spiritual community in Northern CA. every cell in my body screamed NO. I was very pregnant with my third child. This bypassed my mind- I knew I did not want contact…I did not want to be messed with…good or bad- I knew I was not ready…I am so thankful now for this instinctual knowing (Knowledge?)…that has now been clarified from the NM that any who are visiting us, have only self interests- not our interests…Years later I met Nassim Haramein , the physicist who has been abducted since he was very young- and continues to…
Maria_Boulder:  … be…I experienced that endlessly deep, dark, empty, fathomless eyes, when I tried looking in his eyes, as he mocked me for speaking of discernment, of the visitors not holding our highest good…and also strange experiences in my time in Boulder…and especially since finding the NM …projections on the ceiling of my bedroom , in Oregon, during a time of deep study of the NM, as I slept, then waking and running outside and finding a spaceship outside…I begin to suspect that there are some of us they have been trying to stop and derail for a long time…perhaps even as a young child…now that I look back…drawing no conclusions, just paying attention, aware that I must pay very close attention…be grounded,protect myself, and be vigilant at all times
Maurice_Winnipeg:  Well said Jansett
Kristina FL:  Thank you Kristina, i resonate with you
Betty_UK:  Hi Virpi, that’s interesting, when I watched, I believe ‘Independence day’, with Will Smith, there was a scene I recollect, a bunch of people welcoming the alien ships, and at that time I thought; ‘ they don’t even know if these alien have good intentions (or are friendly)’.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jeanine, what can I share? I can boil down my past as as follows: Life long adoptee living in some kind of induced amnesia until 2005/06. If this solidifies others experience of the GC, know that other students have had direct experiences with the intervention. There are inspiring videos on The New Message from God youtube channel from previous live events that address aspects of the GC.
Maurice_Winnipeg:  @ Betty yeah and they thought Elvis was still alive too!
Keiko-Ita:  @selma, I am talking about competition or intervention at all. it may be the nature of evolution of our world.
Keiko-Ita:  we must grow up to take care of the planet?
Bridget- Texas:  Hi Allen (Alio) hubby!
Selma London:  Yes, Keiko, we must mature
Betty_UK:  yes, I remember that vagely (Elvis), lol
jeanine_Society:  @Thank you everyone – I think doing the Mapping exercise we find that we need to give ourselves more credit than we originally assume – sort of organizes our life in a clearer way…
Cole_Boulder:  @Maria – wow. thank you for sharing your experience so vividly. I feel this.
jeanine_Society:  The hour has arrived so let’s stop briefly and be with The Greater Community that we are all part of, along with the first Greater Community Messenger, who is still here with us on Earth, fulfilling his mission, the gift that we are now receiving.
Angel_PA:  Thank you for this Maria…”I begin to suspect that there are some of us they have been trying to stop and derail for a long time…perhaps even as a young child…now that I look back…drawing no conclusions, just paying attention, aware that I must pay very close attention…be grounded,protect myself, and be vigilant at all times”
Martin_Australia:  Virgie, yesterday I had someone comment on one of my Facebook posts asking what proof is there that the Allies material is true. I said, the proof is in the real accounts of abductees. They then replied, Oh, yeah, that’s true. So I guess research and the Allies briefings can be complimentary.
MaryS_Boulder:  I remember reading Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain and observing myself as I considered what it described, how I had to ask myself what I really thought. It is more about the mental environment than the Greater Community but was part of the process of realizing not everything is as it seems.

Alio:  rayhobbs, When considerations that the “dissonant forces” in the world come into play with the intervention, that the darkest events and personalities, dark paranormal, dark spiritual dissonance groups….. that it could all be inter-related, the term spiritual warfare takes on a new meaning. When “demonic forces” are seen as not a form of some weird spiritual event, but rather manipulations of dissonance in the mental environment, it is a game changer.

I had exposure to and much trouble from a dark “brotherhood”, when I was young. It is interesting to look back at that in the context of mental environment power and use….. use in a very dissonant way.

I often wonder if the intervention uses the dissonant groups, the dark cults as an “in” to our world and it gets portrayed as “Satan” or other names, dark personalities of the “spirit world”.

Greg_UK:  Nasi novare coram brothers and sisters
Bridget- Texas:  @Jorge Spain: My first serious disturbance or dark feeling came when watching the movie “The Mist” by Stephen King
Patricia_Society:  @Carol – Thank you so much for summarizing and describing your mapping exercises and the cumulative overlay via “the transparencies” or various dedicated maps or life reviews(views) along select themes. Very powerful objectifying practice…


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Jansett_KY:  @Martin, great response. So often people will question us in a defensive sort of way, almost taunting, but a simple Knowledge-based answer can evoke the clarity of a “Oh yeah, that’s true.” The light pours through the cracks.
mariska-nl:  Jeanine, yes I can. In 2002 I saw a metallic object flying in the sky closeby, I wanted to see it as long as I could and wanted my other family members to see it also, but their reaction was different. I remember listening closely to the testimonies of people who dealt with ET experiences on t.v. and I took them serious, even if the program makers explained things away. So I have been openminded about the subject always, but I found it scary. It was until 2009 when I saw a UFO that I experienced suspicion and I reported the sighting. Later that year I discovered that God is close with me and not long after that I had the courage and felt activated to study and face the subject of ET visitation. After a few months I concluded it was really happening and quite shocking and I wanted to know from God how to deal with this threathening alien presence. Thank God I found God’s message.
Anna W_WI:  So much to take in today here. Thanks especially to Carol for sharing the result of your study of the timelines of your life. “Who you are with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.” (Love and Relationships)
Jill_colorado:  Thank you everyone NNC
Danny_Australia:  I am starting to see that I am ambivalent about the intervention in the world right now, not because I don’t care, but simply because something has placed a layer of ambivalence over my body and mind.
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Shawn_Moose Jaw:  My interest in space, the universe and extraterrestrial life has been with me my entire life. It all blended in with my fascination with the natural world. To me there was not a line delineating earth from the rest of creation. I remember my father once explaining to me that we humans cannot comprehend infinity but that did not mean others “out there” could not. I used to make models of space craft both real and fantasy, and I remember making tiny planets out of clay, dressing them with craters and continents and beholding them as things of beauty. I was deeply influenced by productions like “Star Trek ” and “Star Wars”. I would even say that the teachings of Yoda inspired me to begin practice in meditation and Zen training in my early twenties.When I was in college I had an experience with a Mantid alien which was profound in its scope spiritually. This person was in my mind, yet I feel that there was another presence there effecting the experience which turned out to influence the…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  … mantid. Reading the writings of Dr David Jacobs years later and then the AOH provided insight into this experience. It was like a signpost in my life. Later in my forties my interest in the ufo question resurfaced and I began reading everything I could on the subject leading me to investigate theories which had come to me: I thought,” If it is true that intelligent life has always existed throughout the universe then signs of it should be everywhere.” and ” if it is apparent in the macro scale then it must be on the micro scale.” So I started to look for it on Google moon and Google Mars and in the pictures sent back from Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars. I started finding evidence on both scales. It was a revelation for me absolute. It was at this time precisely that I encountered the New Message in the form of the Camelot interview just over three years ago.

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Paul_MA:  Antartica– there are events happening now and things buried that are now coming into reality.
Kari_H_Finland:  “be vigilant at all times” Amen to that Maria!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Development in The Way of Knowledge and in concentration requires instruction. Here it is important to be around individuals who are more concentrated than you are. And they must be significantly more concentrated than you are in order to lift you upwards and to have an effect upon you. Because your lack of concentration will affect them, their impact on you must be greater than your impact on them. They must show you through demonstration what is possible, and if they are true teachers, they will be able to treat you as a unique individual and not as a projection of themselves.” … “Here you will need people of equal or greater concentration than yourself to be your companions. They will demand things of you, demonstrate things for you and keep you moving forward. Do not choose companions who are less concentrated than you are, for they will take things away from you. They will dilute your focus. They will confuse you. They will generate uncertainty within you, cloud your vision…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … and erode your ability to stay concentrated on your path in life. There are many of these people, and many of them are very charming and lovable, but you must choose your companions wisely. You will not go any further than the weakest relationship that you cherish.”… “Stronger companions will make you stronger. Weaker companions will make you weaker. The choice is yours. Choose well. There is no exception to this rule.” Excerpts WGC2.31 Concentration http://www.newmessage….ume-2
justin-calif-!:  Ever since I was young I looked at the stars wondering what going on- Watched tons of sci-fi- and movies where the aliens just wanted to kill us all and destroy the Earth seemed stupid- and films with good/funny aliens (Close encounters, E.T.) seemed particularly dishonest. The film “They Live” seemed more realistic- When finding the AOH, all the whirling puzzle pieces fell into place-
Danny_Australia:  It is like the image of a plant growing through the cement of ambivalence and the fog of confusion… Knowledge will penetrate everything when it is pulled out of humanity by the light of Revelation.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Alio “Knowledge within you will initiate a relationship with the greater powers and these greater powers are really greater individuals they are not merely forces of persuasion that exist in the mental environment they are actually greater individuals but this engagement will not be on your terms and it will not meet your romantic notions nor can you use them to offset your own insecurity and to bolster yourself for they will not respond to you unless your request is authentic and you are actually in a position to see know and do greater things.
They will set the terms of engagement because they are wise and powerful you are the young apprentice that does not know anything and are still filled with false assumptions and incorrect ideas but again we must warn you that the greatest emphasis here is on the power of Knowledge within yourself for there are greater powers in the mental environment that are extremely dangerous and you must have the guidance of Knowledge to know when and…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … where and how to apply yourself here.
There are powerful individuals beyond your visual range beyond your sensory perception who you should not be in contact with under any circumstances though they may appear to be very alluring and powerful. This is not meant to discourage you but to prepare you to forewarn you. This is not a child’s game this is not a casual pursuit this is not something that you do for fun or for thrills or for excitement or for self importance. That is why these matters should never be discussed casually except with other true students of Knowledge and then only under certain circumstances.” Higher Powers https://newknowledgeli…load/
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Selma London:  “Your Spiritual Family lives beyond the physical, in a spiritual reality. They are active in the world though they cannot intervene directly. Only if they come into the world and emerge here and live within the physical reality can they play a direct role. This speaks of your emergence into the world and the greater purpose that you have brought with you, which is as yet unknown to you.” Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family (LWK)
I sometimes wonder at my role here, as I was one of those in 1983 desperately calling out that there must be something more to this! In terms of non-interference, I read somewhere that the AA would only come if requested, and in 1983 I was one of those intensely asking for help. I had dug myself into a hole, and was aware of how I’d done it, literally saw a rope-ladder, and knew that in the same way I had got into that hole, I could undo it & climb out, which I did over time. And vowed never to dig another hole for myself, which I haven’t. Now I wonder…
Selma London:  … if that was part of my role in coming here – to be one of those requesting help, and whose prayers were answered!? Desperately putting out that question, “There’s got to be something more!?”
“Here it becomes very advantageous to have Inner Teachers. Though you may very seldom experience them, it is very comforting to know there is someone watching over you that can intervene on your behalf if it becomes absolutely necessary. The reason your Teachers do not spend a great deal of time with you in general is because their influence is too great. If you read about spiritual teachers living in physical life, you will recognise that, except in extremely rare cases, they seldom gave their full attention to anyone individually and then only for very brief periods of time. Why is this? It is because their influence is too great.” Using Power for Good (GCS)
“In every person, there are good and bad influences. No one is a totally good influence. No one is a totally bad influence.”
Keiko-Ita:  Hello Robert!! Thank you for being here everyone… Nasi Novare Coram.
Reed_Society:  @Everyone, in addition to what Alison and Ayesha just posted, I would love to see more of you share your experience as a comment on the Kickstarter, this page will live forever online and will be seen by many into the future, plant a small flag of support around the release of this book of Revelation: https://www.kickstarte…ments
support:  @Tamara, we can see you.
Paul_MA:  Selma-I too was at that point and cried out…there must be more…. then I became aware of the NMG/GWC teachings.
Alio:  Much to tap in to here this week…. lots to use. Thank you all. NNC
Angel_PA:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  @Maria, thank you for sharing your experiences, two things struck me in particular; “Years later I met Nassim Haramein , the physicist who has been abducted since he was very young- and continues…”, he actually has no degree in physics and promised (20+ years ago) metrics and a peer review for his theories, obviously never provided that…exactly what the Allies and the NM warn us against,
and “…I begin to suspect that there are some of us they have been trying to stop and derail for a long time…” I agree, and there will be many more I am afraid – they will do their best to make many of us dysfunctional by using some fairly predictable tactics aimed at ‘framing’ individuals that promise to be a threat to them.
justin-calif-!:  Have to get going, gang- thanx for all your wisdom! I’ll be heading into SF today- some people may be in need of NM info! stay safe! NNC!
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Selma. Great reminder!
Lin_Boulder:  @Danny, so true. “Part of the purpose of the New Message from God and its great warning for humanity is to generate this strength and this awareness.” – Humanity’s Destiny in the Greater Community
Ken_Oklahoma:  There is so much evidence of past and present Intervention in the world. We are not the only curious minds in the world that felt the need explore more and finally discovered the NM and AOH. May we reach out and find the other curious minds, those that are ready for investigate into the Greater Community. NNC
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all for your contributions and testimony here. Thank you Carol for your excellent example of the practice of life mappings and unique view these concurrent “transparencies” provide, one upon the other…..Too, let us keep Marshall Vian in view, and hear his voice echoing, “Let us build and establish our place in the Greater Community as a free and self-determined people and resist the influences being placed upon us by those few races who seek to use the world for their own purposes. Let us become allies of humanity and safeguard human civilization from exploitation and corruption from within and intervention from without. This is a human sovereignty movement on Earth, and the New Message is our mission statement, our roadmap and our guide into the unknown.” Published to p.223, Life in the Universe. May we all feel the power of being part of such a movement….
Alio:  TY Rayhobbs
Alison_Boulder:  @[email protected], I share that same mental block or amnesia regarding ET topics in youth. Why wasn’t I curious? Why wasn’t I reading about it? Maybe there’s something for me to learn, more compassion when I encounter people who refuse to consider it.
Maria_Boulder:  Thank you Alison, Ayesha, Reed , for alerting us to how we can help with this great launch, and for the links that help us more easily navigate this cyber world…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you rayhobbs!
Selma London:  Yes, Paul, there must have been many of us: “And when you ask, you must really ask! Really, really ask! Like you really need this! Otherwise, Heaven does not hear thee. Your voice should not be a still small voice when requesting to make contact.”
From <http://www.newmessage….rnate>
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Patricia!
Maria_Boulder:  @ Carol…is there a specific place to see instructions for this mapping. I have heard that students who were in the first iterations of the school- before it was free, made these long paper, physical maps…
Bridget- Texas:  @Allison Yes, compassion can go a long way. Heart presence speaks.
Tonia_Denmark:  I have never ever had a real life alien contact with any strange looking creature, but I have heard a lot about it.
Danny_Australia:  @Lin I was struck recently in Living the Way of Knowledge (I think) in one chapter where it said it is because the world is emerging in the Greater Community that the New Message is here! So this really changes my whole awareness of why the New Message is here in the first place. Not to simply correct the past or replace old teachings, but rather to be a guiding force for humanity’s reconnection to Knowledge for the specific purpose related to it’s emergence into the Greater Community of life.
Kari_H_Finland:  It is so good to see that there are people in this world who have had a lifelong relationship with the Greater Community which has not been obscured by fantasies, desires and fear. The world needs these people now when emerging into the Greater Community. Nasi Novare Coram
Hardev Australia:  Thank you Patricia and Carol.
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Reed, Ayesha and Alison. Our ‘Greater Community’ Campaign has a goal of $16,000 – we have already raised $8,802 – which is considerable in the short time since it started – so thank you all who have already contributed. We are still needing to raise $7198: http://www.newmessage….gn…
mellany UK:  Thank you, everyone … for your practice, work, companionship. Nasi Novare Coram
Selma London:  “God does not intervene. To fully understand this, you would have to have a complete understanding of God. This is far beyond your capacity at this time and in this context of life. However, you can gain some appreciation for this when you see how much you do not want your plans and goals to be interfered with.” I remember once telling my therapist not to breathe with me, because I felt it was interference! I’d noticed he was following my breath.
And more from ‘How does God participate in the world?’ (GCS):
“The world contains a set of forces that are working on their own. God is here to teach you how to negotiate these forces and how to utilise them effectively. ..The world is in motion, and all the myriad forces within its mental and physical environments are in motion. God is involved in present time in the world without controlling everything.
Rarely is there direct intervention. When this happens, it happens because it is welcome, because it is needed and because it would further…
Selma London:  … restore relationship to the person or persons receiving it. Beyond this, God lets everything happen.
God does not interfere because you need to experience your own value and relationships within the context in which you live.”
Danny_Australia:  @Alison I personally would completely lose interest in anything which was trying to violate my own personal power and sovereignty to live in my own body and have a natural experience of life without hindrance. My only interest now is to oppose any force that wishes to interfere with my current expression of Knowledge for the good of all humanity.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, everyone, for this chat–and for your contribution through practice. What a blessing to be with you all! Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Hello everyone. I am on the road today so unable to participate but look forward to reading the transcropt of this most important topic. NNC…..and blessings.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone for your contributions here today. Blessings, the Power of Knowledge and love to you all. Thank you.
Raoul_Australia:  Hi LaRae, thanks for popping in! NNC
Danny_Australia:  @Alison I do know however that there is much that must be listened to also, as it is not just an active process of aversion and defence, which may simply be a reliving of the struggle experienced in childhood, but rather to learn to listen to something that may be forgotten within yourself. I think I have built a great insulation in this regard.
Danny_Australia:  Thank you everyone. NNC
Alison_Boulder:  Thanks Danny & all.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “If you penetrate the membrane that separates this world from life beyond, it becomes very difficult to concentrate on being here because the life beyond is so alluring. It is so attractive. It is easier to be yourself there than it is here. That is why you must enter the world in an amnesiac state to enable yourself to concentrate on being here.
The Greater Community Way of Knowledge takes people to the third threshold of learning, which is the discovery of Knowledge.
It is very essential here to keep in mind that this discovery will make you far more capable in personal survival and personal development, but it is extremely mysterious. At the third threshold, you are beginning to have access to life beyond the world, but in such a way that it renders you more capable of being in the world rather than less.
It seems when you enter Mystery that you leave behind all rational, responsible and objective approaches to life, but this is not true. What is true is that you now have a…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … foundation for true objectivity.
The first two levels of education, which account for about 99% of education in life, do not deal with Mystery.
Our Presence represents the Mystery of your life because we live where you have come from. That is why when you receive our communication, you receive an aspect of yourself that is very much alive, but which is perhaps beyond your reach as an individual.
The first two stages of education deal with growth. The third stage deals with discovery. Knowledge is not growing, but your awareness of it is.
Therefore, the third level of education requires profound honesty.
It asks that you become a person who can look at life objectively with honesty and consistency. You are not trying to be a wonderful person now; you are not trying to be a villain, either. You are not even trying to be anything.
You are freed from the attempt to be someone.
This is the greatest freedom you can experience in life.
In a way, the quest to be someone has to be…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … relinquished before you can be someone. Knowledge does not require that you become exemplary according to your standards. You cannot think that you are going to use Knowledge to get more of this or less of that because Knowledge is the Master in your life.
It is moving you. You have set sails …… and God is now blowing you across the world.
In the study of Steps to Knowledge, there are two aspects that the student must concentrate upon: the first one is for you to discover what you know now, what you do not know and what you cannot know.
The second is contact with your Inner Teachers.
You need a guide into new territory, and you must rely upon this guide with great emphasis. Your Teachers will not let you rely upon them too much; nor will they allow you to hold them as great heroes or heroines. This is not appropriate. Like all true teachers, your Inner Teachers are here to render their presence unnecessary. They help you to set sail, to strengthen sails, to learn to mend…
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you all. NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … your sails when they break and to follow the wind that is God’s movement in life.
They teach you to sail.
Excerpts From: Wisdom from the Greater Community: Volume 1 Chapter 18:Higher Education
Kristina_Boulder:  “For those who have undertaken their progress primarily in this world, there are traditions here that are satisfactory to their needs. Yet this does not account for everyone. Therefore, the Teachers who represent Greater Community Spirituality seek those students who need this tradition. Without finding this tradition, they will be estranged in this world, always feeling homeless, always blaming the world and other people for their estrangement, always seeking fulfillment in personal relationships and failing.” SOH 284
Richmond_UK:  Thanks everyone for today’s session! Nasi Novare Coram.
Kristina FL:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Angel_PA:  Danny, thank you for your words…..I feel I have also built a great insulation to that. This is what I am working on, getting past my fear of knowing what I know
Joe_UK:  Thank you all, great to share this time together. Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all for this inspiring chat, Nasi Novare Coram
Hardev Australia:  Thank you all. NNC
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Danny – It sounds like many abductees could cannot resist the mental force exerted over them….with memories of earlier experiences creeping in only later in life…..that revealed that they had been abducted earlier in their life.
Kelton_Calif:  Yes Danny the New Message is for these times and the times to come. I to am really resonating with the timeliness of this Great Coordination.
Anna W_WI:  Wow, powerful Secret, Kristina
Danny_Australia:  @Angel I have learned to be easy on myself, but also to recognise that my insulation and ambivalence is something that can affect me in my present relation to the intervention in it’s influences upon me through the mental environment and other people.
Heidi_Germany:  Thanks to all. NNC
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Alison, yes, greater compassion. As Mathieu and Reed have expressed in previous chats. – ( There is a concerted effort to keep us self-obsessed, looking down ) ( It is natural for people dealing with such a messed up world to look up and say things are better up there…)
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK you Patricia for this larger perspective MUCH appreciated . Nasi Novare Coram
Jansett_KY:  Thanks, Kristina_Boulder, for sharing that Secret.
jeanine_Society:  Beautiful Chat today again Everyone – I look forward to studying this Chat again later as I know I missed some of your sharing of your experiences. Nasi Novare Coram.
Danny_Australia:  @Kelvin yes earlier in life, but still determining our behaviour and impulses in the present
jeanine_Society:  From the Messenger: “Read and study this Chat repeatedly throughout the week. Be grateful you are not alone in this world and that your realm of relationship is growing each day as we take the NMG into the world.”
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
manuel germany :):  Many thanks to @Mike, Raoul, Paul, Joyanne, Jorge, Angel, Douglas, Danny, Kristina FL, Alio, Matt, Alison, Kelvin, Shrimayi, Kristina Boulder, Jim, Betty, Maureen, Alexandra, Carol, Rosa, Virgie, Cole, rayhobbs (your quotes), 35242, Virpi, Keiko, Maria, Greg, MaryS, mariska, Shawn_Moose Jaw, Danny, justin, (and all the other I have forgotten- sorry) for sharing with us your experiences to how your interest to the UFO/ET topic were sparked… May the strength and wisdom of Knowledge protect all of us from the ilegal intrusions by the intervention. Nasi Novare Coram ☺
mellany UK:  “What is the Greater Community? It is your answer. It is what you have come to attend to. Working in your own specific way, you will play a part in the world’s evolution and will fulfill your mission here and the mission of those who have sent you. This is the great promise that we offer. This is the great promise that is born of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community. And this is the great promise that Knowledge within you must respond to, for in this it has no choice.” ~ What is the Greater Community?
Sarita_Ottawa:  Thank you all for sharing your experiences and stories, NNC
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  When I first drew out a simple tiny map of the peaks and points of my experiences with the ufo phenomenon I was surprised at the continual presence it had in my life. It was always there. I remember the many different dreams of Alien contact, some more frightening than others but always so vivid. In my later twenties I had a telescope ( an 8 inch “light bucket”) which became an extension of myself as I peered into the dark blue depths of space, where stars became friends of mine. Beyond all the fantasy and conjecture there is real beauty there. I remember the face of that Mantid clearly. I had a fascination with all of earths life at the time, not the least of which were the insects. I saw the beauty of Gods work in the bodies and actions of ants and moths and mantids all.I remember noticing the lines dividing the chitinous plates of the aliens face, the smoothness of it and the colour- like green jade. I remember what I felt of it at the time… that it was a PERSON , yet I know it…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  … had an opinion of me, of us – and this was not flattering.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “The Wisest are the most hidden. Those who have the greatest
Knowledge are the hardest to find, except by those who are meant to find them.”
Allies of Humanity Book 2 The Second Briefing
Why the Intervention is Occurring
Tonia_Denmark:  I had a dream last year when I was in Spain on a pilgrimage, that was extrordinary strange. I was looked at from beyond, they submerged me an checked the interior. And the day after, I followed their comments on how strange their check on me had been. The year before that another dream happened, that was quite upsetting and real. A metallic voice was briefing on status quo. That has happened in 2015 also in a dream. A metallic voice commenting on relationship status as failed. It always happens at night and its always rather upsetting so far. Ive been visited from people from other nations also, like the arabic world. Some very old people. But it more earthly than the visitations from beyond. Theyre quite out of space so to speak, and it really reminds me of watching films from hollywood but in real life. I dont know how to respond to them so far, but it is frightening when it dawns on me that they have much more insight in me than I do myself. Freaked the frist time, when they spoke…
Tonia_Denmark:  … the first ti e. Totally like a computer voice. And it is as if I have a computer inside also, but Im not sure.
Angel_PA:  @Danny I am having a hard part time taking it in and accepting the reality of it’s influence in my life even though I sought it for many years, it remained an intellectualization.
Lin_Boulder:  @Danny, same for me. I just read last chapter of LTWK “preparing for the future”, “It is only if humanity can develop a group mind based on Knowledge, within small groups of people, that there will be the real possibility of meaningful exchange and the real possibility that you will have the power and the insight to be able to maintain the self-determination of your race amidst the presence of greater forces.” For me it points to the requirement and the great preparation laying ahead. Can we as students of Knowledge develop to be part of a group mind? It in itself requires immense development, strong foundation building and long term preparation.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Shawn! I too have looked at insect life in the same manner. Can truly relate to what you have said!
Danny_Australia:  @Angel I have felt this too, like a dark shadow in me for most of my life, I have found that the experience of looking out into the world with courage and strength, and with the learning that comes with my relationship with other people, that some things get called out of me naturally. And this is usually a resolution of new positive behaviour, which is really the most important thing.
Tonia_Denmark:  Yes, I do life maps all the time, timeline also, but mucu it still in chaos, and things are not down to know how and what to organize to do a timeline properly, but it seems like a good idea to decorate my room witn a long thread and put on pieces of paper with memories. But most of all my favorite
Carol_Society:  To everyone, thank you so much for sharing your experiences, insights, questions, the sacred words of the NM and the Messenger. So rich, so valuable they are to all of us, as we continue to develop in our awareness and understanding of the greater panorama of life here in the world and in the universe beyond. Until next time, Nasi Novare Coram.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “The Harim work for peace in the Greater Community, and thus their mission and their scope are enormous. They represent individuals from many worlds. Some have met each other and others have never met each other. Yet they are held together through a great network of communication that utilizes the Unseen Ones, who can go anywhere and who can deliver information from one world to another through non-physical means. This great network of communication extends to your world. It represents a marvelous accomplishment in the mental environment.
You cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of what is being presented here, but you can appreciate the fact that this great network of communication is in the world and available to humanity. Through this network of communication, a Greater Community Way of Knowledge and a preparation for the Greater Community are being given to you. Therefore, not only do you have assistance from beyond the physical universe, you have assistance from within it as…
Paul_MA:  Lin- thank you…We must all prepare and study Kg/NM and then seek out others to form small communities carrying forth the NMG/Kg into the coming difficult times of the GWC world.. Sounds like a story of the ones escaping from Atlantis, bringing the remnants of their culture to a new world.
Angel_PA:  @Danny yes this has been my experience too. Thanks sharing.
Danny_Australia:  @Angel Thank you!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kristina_Boulder. man that quote you shared from SOH is really resonating with me!
Tonia_Denmark:  thing to do, is to write it in one long story with a pencil because it is time enough to recognize hidden feelings, and then jump to other paper when personal reactions are needed to let go.
Danny_Australia:  Officially going now… NNC Good night here in Australia is 2:38 AM but well worth it for being up at this time. Thank you all.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ow can you prepare yourself? You do not know what is out there., …..
Maria_Boulder:  @ Tonia- I like the thread on your wall idea:)…with KN moments pinned along the way!
Tonia_Denmark:  I do not talk specific to anyone so far, because I am still so new in this, that there are things that I havent adopted into the weekly structure, and come from the floor deep deep down. So I read and look and try the best I can, but I cant write names on so far. Hope it okay.
Lin_Boulder:  Yes, Paul, may we be so.
manuel germany :):  @Shawn_Moose Jaw: Many thanks for sharing your experiences and the fascination you had with all of earths life (insects), and the Mantid. Thank you
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh youre welcome, Maria. I always thought it would look odd to others, if they came for a visit, ut it seems like a good thing to do for beginning to re-mind the mind, yes.
MaryS_Boulder:  I recently found this program helpful in Life Map creation.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Safe travels Jeffrey!
Tonia_Denmark:  A relationship just ended an hour ago, and it has had it toll on me for a couple of years, but its probably for the best.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you all who shared your personal and direct experiences of encounters with the greater community. Part of me is envious and jealous I have nothing comparable to share and part of me is extremely grateful I have been free of such interventions in my life. Thank you for broadening my understanding of life. May the love and Grace of God be with you all- protecting you and strengthening you. NNC
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Tonia, just to let you know that I have always appreciated your input. It is obvious that you have deep currents and they are so relevant. Thank you. Bless you.
Rose, The Netherlands:  Thank you everyone. NNC
Paul_MA:  Lin- Kg is our pathway to a Group Mind.
Tonia_Denmark:  Maria, KN? Knowledge moments? That would be a good idea yes
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you everyone!
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kelton, Danny everyone: Yes the earlier and forgotten experiences leave an imprint of fear or denial or insulation but when Knowledge emerges and through the NMFG preparation and studies plus the life mapping these can uncover those experiences so they can be seen objectively as a student of Knowledge and not as a young, impressionable child who will take that into their adulthood. There is unlearning here to do (the work) so that we are able to be vehicles of Knowledge in the world. Thank you all for sharing your experiences (whether you can recall or not, whether you can speak of them or not). You have helped me see into my condition. There is more to uncover here rather than feeling the urgency of now does not warrant time/energy into the past. Thank you NNC
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  You are so welcome Manuel. Thank you for your reflection.
Tonia_Denmark:  Ooh thank you Shawn, Im really happy to hear so. Its been a struggle for a very long time, so Im very happy for your support now
Kristina_Boulder:  Thank you All, NNC
Josef Austria:  @rayhobbs; ( at 6:25) Thank you for that quote. I have always looked for the master, and yes, KN is the master!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  It takes only one grain of salt or sugar to know the difference Tonia…. you have always been clear.
manuel germany :):  @Shawn_Moose Jaw. You are welcome my dear. Life is so exhaustive. Nature is so exhaustive. And how you describe the physicality of the insects. Wonderful. As Creatures they are also part of Creation, though we are not able to understand how deep this is…
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh heaps of appreciation, Shawn. Much gratitude
Tonia_Denmark:  Shawn, true. It takes only one glimpse to know one, yes.
Bethne_UK:  Thank you all for your sharing and quotes.This is a wonderful space to be in!
Tonia_Denmark:  Shawn, Im not there yet, but working on it. The discernment. The levels. The interdependence. Connecting or not. Yes.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you EVERYONE for you thoughtful and touching sharing. I am still amazed at how blessed we all are that God has brought us all together and CONTINUES to communicate to us through The Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. AMAZING!!!! Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram http://www.newmessage….guage
Tonia_Denmark:  By writing in hand, I experience a moving from minus to plus inside. That is like moving to Knowledge every day and through.

Betty_UK:  Thank you all for sharing.
Tonia_Denmark:  I prey I will become a better student of Knowledge
manuel germany :):  @Mike. Many thanks for your words. Absolutely amazing it is indeed. I am not able to fully describe with the worldly languages how blessed we are, but at the same time to remain humble and simple enough to fulfill why we are here… Grace may be with you all 
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I pray for this as well Tonia. May we all proceed.
Arthur:  You are too timid chat. No outrageous claims, everyone agreeing with each other and being supportive. Now where’s the fun in that?
manuel germany :):  @Arthur. My dear, maybe you have to look after a more “funny” and more thrilling chat… or maybe participate a bit more instead of only wishing…

Mark_Boulder:  @Arthur – Perhaps the wise remain hidden?
Arthur:  @manuel This is not an I problem it’s a You problem and Mark if “the wise” can’t let loose here then when can they?
Arthur:  Well I guess the NM isn’t famous for its humor.
manuel germany :):  @Arthur. Or enlighten us with the “You” you refer to. What do you see if You look at a mirror?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Arthur … Sounds like you have “lost it”, …. again.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all!NNC
Arthur:  When I look in the mirror I see incomparable beauty.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Simply said, pride is a compensation. It is something you seek to offset the pain of your own separation and uncertainty. It is a compensation to offset the grave discomfort that accompanies a feeling of inability, a lack of capacity, and so forth. It is something to offset a weakness and to cover it up. Pride cannot replace the weakness, but it provides an escape. If pride is a compensation, then it makes up for, … something that is lost.” The New Message
Josef Austria:  Thanks to all for your inspiring sharing and your gifts! I am VERY VERY grateful for the NM, for Marshall, Patricia , Reed, The Society and all my fellow students! Where would I be today without the NM. I even don’t dare to imagine this. Nasi Novare Coram!



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  1. Janice Stevenson Posted on July 24, 2017 at 1:00 am

    I remember looking at the stars at night from my window near my bed and wondering about what was out there. I felt comforted by their presence somehow. As I grew up I read a series of books taken from the TV Star Trek shows which I loved to watch. So I guess I have had a curiosity about the GC for most of my life. About 15 years ago I met a woman who said she was from another galaxy and the stories she told were very unusual. She befriended me during a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and isolated. I don’t know if what she told me was true but her telling was quite convincing. Since that time though until I found the NM, I had put all this away as former life chapters. Now I wonder …

  2. Hyeonam Posted on July 25, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Thank you all sharing your experiences and quotes. I am very humble about GC but I pray that we have strength in Knowledge. Nasi Novare Coram

  3. Mary Sagar Posted on July 28, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Danny_Australia: I am still unsure… Waiting is listening to the Mystery because you are becoming more like Knowledge leaving your questions unanswered but your human self must be active in building a foundation… So one part is silent watching not making answers but the other is working hard cause there is work to do!

    Danny’s contribution anticipates Arthur’s question about–in a word–sycophancy. Personally, I can point Arthur to one occasion where all the intrigue is in what is not being said.

  4. Victoria Posted on July 29, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Hello, so happy to know there are others out there thinking and researching this phenomenon as I do. We have a mission to help save humanity and be Gods warriors.

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