Campfire Chat July 1, 2017

Tyyne_Society:  Here are the wisdoms shared by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers from out last chat together. “Messages from Knowledge are usually seven words or less or powerful sensations such as feelings of restraint or a push forward. Look for those. Record those. These are the nuggets amidst the sand and gravel of life.”
“Based on the present focus of my training and preparation, I keep a sheet of daily observances and practices and refer to them often enough so that they stay current in my mind. These are the big things that I must maintain and embody over time. This list does not change very often. I call this my MVS daily practices and directives.”
“I have been keeping a daily journal since 1987—30 years. I record important events, NM Teachings and books received, trips, journeys, Great Wave and GC events, world events, weather events. I do very little subjective entries here. As I go back to review a day of my life or an event, the memory and experience comes back to me. My life is…
Tyyne_Society:  … important and I am keeping my own record of it. I am writing my own history before someone else writes it.”
“My student hood recording goes into my Steps Study log.”
“Since 2000 all my personal history and studenthood recordings is on the computer making it searchable by date and subject. I keep this very brief and not too revealing. My deep work I keep inside of me.”
“Every day is important in your preparation. Look for the 10-20% that may be important and of lasting value. The rest is the flow of life. In the end, only true relationships and true service remain.”
“Finally recognizing the importance of your life, you will not want to waste any part of it.”
“Creating the Free School and the Study Plans is a real effort for Patricia, Reed and myself. I pray that you will take full advantage of our gift to you, especially with the Study Plans which are designed to take you further and deeper.”
“Why do so many leave after the first hour when the second hour is the richest?”
“It is a…
Tyyne_Society:  … two-hour chat of intention, endurance and circumstance.”
Dariel_Boulder:  Good Morning to all. Welcome Chris! So good to have you join us.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Hey Jason! Good to see you here!
LaRaeUK:  Oh hello all…..welcome Chris! So great you’re joining us.
Donald_Pa:  Great to see you here Jason.
Kelton_Calif:  Hello Everyone!
Carol_Society:  Greetings again to everyone. So inspiring to watch you all gathering here one by one…and from so many places and time zones around the world.
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone!
May_Norway:  Thank you Tyyne!
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you Tynne …Thank you Dear Messenger…
Cameron_Canada:  Good morning from northern Manitoba
Ellen_Society:  Hello all of you, from every corner of the globe! So welcome, you are!
28099:  Hello friends, good morning from New Zealand. I would like to share something with you all. Each week when I join you for this chat it is 3am, otherwise known as the witching hour.
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day to all my fellow students inthe WWC of theNMG
Joe_UK:  Greetings dear friends
Hyeonam_Korea:  Greetings all! NNC
manuel germany :):  Hi Rich, many thanks Tyyne for reminding and sharing with us the wisdom by the Messenger. It would be nice that more students stay until the finishing of the 2 hour chat…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  A warm hello from Moose Jaw, so good to be here.
Debbie_MI:  Hello all…Welcome Chris.
Darlene_Society:  Welcome Everyone. And welcome Chris!
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Tyyne! Thank you Marshall!
Donald_Pa:  Thanks for that recap Tyyne, Things got a bit busy and I never got to finish reading all of last weeks input.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you 28099 (who are you?) for getting up so early to join us from NZ!
Hyeonam_Korea:  Hi, 28099! Here is midnight on Saturday Korea!
Tyyne_Society:  It is now the hour. Let us take time to be together in stillness and perhaps sense into the permanent reality of Knowledge and the spiritual practice that we have undergone during this session and will continue well beyond. And let us give gratitude and thanks to the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers.
Surina_Calif.:  It is wonderful to be here in this supportive and enlightened environment. I am very grateful to be in such good company! Nasi Novare Coram.
Carol_Society:  I was not able to be with you last Saturday, but later I read your comments, sharing how you organize/structure your studenthood. Oh, my, such a rich resource for students, now and t come, needing examples of how to do this. Thank you so much.
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, joining you in stillness
Bethne_UK:  Hello Fellow Students!
LaRaeUK:  Wonderful to see you Hyeonam… late for you….
Ellen_Society:  @Heonam, and thank YOU for your middle of the night joining us!
Shane – New Zealand:  Hi Ellen. 28099 was I.thanks
Serena M_NM:  Hello everyone!
Ellen_Society:  Thanks, Shane.
Katia_France:  Hello everyone. Great to be back!
Ginny_Dallas:  Hello everyone!
Lin_Boulder:  glad to see you Katia.
LaRaeUK:  hello dear Katia!
Jason NJ:  I usually am here Donald & Jim….just dont same much often…..Alert observation is my stance at the moment
Donald_Pa:  @Shane The ‘witching” hour, my favorite part of the day!
MaryL_Boulder:  Greetings everyone
Ilhun_Korea:  Hello everyone.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @Jason yes…you are seen and felt my friend.
Selma London:  “WHEN YOU ARE STRONG, OTHERS ARE HONOURED. When they are strong, you are honoured. In this way, Knowledge affirms itself in the world, where Knowledge has been forgotten. Knowledge need only be affirmed through experience and expression to be given to others. Your greatest teaching in this life is the contribution of your life as it is demonstrated to others. Indeed, this is your greatest gift to yourself, for as your life is demonstrated in its value to you, your estimation of yourself will be redeemed, and you will understand your true value in proportion to life itself.”
Step 244 I am honoured when others are strong.
Darlene_Society:  Welcome, Welcome to all, near and far. Today we are completing our May/June School session on Knowledge and Spiritual Practice, finishing up Week 9 before beginning our new session on the Greater Community. So much has been provided to us from Marshall, Patricia and Reed to “deepen our spiritual practice.” So much…an embarrassment of riches. I’m sorry to take leave of this deep study time. It has been such a rich exploration of our relationship with Knowledge, digging into our major challenges in practice, directives, effects of our practice on others, “pre-practice,” habits, weaknesses, distractions, and journaling…a real reckoning with our surface mind to begin to feel the presence of Knowledge in our lives. I don’t see this as ending our focus on practice, but an inspiration to build our practice, day by day, exploring beneath the surface of our mind like deep sea divers, finding the buried treasure of insights, direction and relationships that await us. We know where the…
Darlene_Society:  … treasure is if we look in the right direction. So much depends on this.
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DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you Tyyne for those quotes from the last campfire chat.
RaeHyung_Korea:  Hello, Everyone
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all. Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  You’re so right Darlene….so much depends on this….and us. All of us.
Ellen_Society:  Bless you, Darlene, for this wisdom.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you, Dar. And welcome everyone. Given all that has been imparted and practiced during this session, please share your experience regarding this question: During this very powerful Free School session, what is something new you learned regarding Knowledge and spiritual practice that you did not know before and that you plan to carry forward into the next session and beyond?
May_Norway:  Thank you Darlene for sharing this wisdom!
Jansett_KY:  @ Tyyne: Marshall’s 80/20 teaching really struck a chord for me. With that, I also recognize that I cannot build my spiritual practice around my life (i.e., squeeze in my practices when they are convenient); I must build my life around my spiritual practice. The Way of Knowledge must be primary and central to all else that life asks of me. 20% of 24 hours = 4.8 hours per day…a worthwhile investment in what really matters.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @Tyyne I’ve found the more you give of yourself the more will be given to you. This is the ancient law that we are all a part of…that to give is to receive.
nenette_istanbul:  Inspiring Darlene thank you…
Kari_H_Finland:  “Inspiration to build our practice” yes Darlene indeed it is
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene. This session has been a ‘Call’ to strengthen our practice and put into practice those things that need strengthening. There is never time without something very important to work on.
Tonia_Denmark:  Visiting family today. Blessings to all of you and much love. ❤
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Darlene.
Jason NJ:  @ Jansett 3.2 after 8 hour sleep time is deducted. Still lotsd of precious time!
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  And this is about relationship! Darlene had mentioned a few weeks ago about the “touch” The touch which is part of the mutual giving from one to another and the giving from Teacher to student. There is relationship.
May_Norway:  My focus is about stillness and to still my mind, pre-practice, and listen for Knowledge, also focusing about to be more aware and discernment practice.
Katia_France:  It’s one of my favourite Steps, Selma, thank you for evoking it!
Samantha_South Africa:  For me this session, and my interactions during the campfire chats, has helped me to learn to trust myself and my deep inclinations. That building your connection to Knowledge is born of following its guidance, even when you are afraid
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, Jansett, for putting 20% into hours. I often find that practice is part of my sleep hours as well. When I wake in the night, stillness often calls to me and I must sit in stillness for a time. Those are my richest engagements…
Selma London:  Jim, I find this from Step 260 inspiring about giving: “Yet, anything you give and receive as a friend to the world, life gives to you, and it does not lose in the exchange. Then, there is no guilt in your giving and in your receiving. Here your involvement is wholesome and clean. With Knowledge this becomes evident and is demonstrated day after day until you finally learn that it is true without exception.”
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Selma!! Have not gotten that far yet. But I am finding that each step is an aggregate for the other. Blessings to you for what you have shared!
Ellen_Society:  A warm welcome to Pat Saunders from Australia. Thank you for having the courage to get up in the middle of the night to join us….that takes determination!
Donald_Pa:  The reminder that on a daily basis you are what you practice.
Douglas_St. Paul:  Every encounter is either judgment or intercession. Every moment is either attentive or reckless. Every breath is observed or unobserved. I get this from Step 323. Indeed, even in your preparation now you are teaching Knowledge, and you are strengthening Knowledge in the world. Perhaps you cannot yet see this, but in time this will become so evident to you that you will learn to value every moment, every
encounter with another, every thought and every breath.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Yes Dariel the night meditations are the richest engagements.
Val_Westport:  As I appreciated all the sharing from you all about journaling and spiritual practice I saw more poignantly how my most immediate recording of my journey is upon this vehicle I travel through life within. My journey is recorded in my body, my mind, my thinking and associations, the relationships of higher purpose or other purposes I create or discover along the way. Capturing the artifacts, insights and inspiration I am given for my use and for others is important–and I am becoming a living artifact myself, as Knowledge makes higher use of me.
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Ellen , thank you, my pleasure to be here with everyone.
Jason NJ:  @ Dariel…yes often I wake up in a state of nervous mental deliberation & find that Ill need to actually turn the light On & journal about what concern or worry it is before I will be “allowed” to go back to sleep. Sometimes its in repeating hte words Nasi Novare Coram as I drift off. Good point that KN is working w us even in the sleeping hours
Debbie_MI:  The practice given during the Vigil about keeping a log about past experiences with knowledge struck me as being very important to my spiritual practice. I also appreciated very much that a structure of questions and what to look for was given.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene for sharing this wisdom.
Ilhun_Korea:  In this session, the main keyword for me was “Being present”. It is still difficult to me but it is my main focus and threshold to cross.
[email protected]:  I’m learning that pillars must come first. I always took it for granted that practice would always be readily available until my pillars crumbled last week. It’s a tough lesson. No pillars avails little ability to progress…. unless the lesson it’self is the progress.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thanks for sharing that, Jason.
LaRaeUK:  That is truly exquisitely expressed Val….thank you…
Nancy_Oregon:  In answer tot he question, what’s stood out, It’s a challenge for me to separate Free School enrichment in my mind, from Steps Vigil last month. Each experience has been enriching and supportive , boosting my practice in specific ways. Definitely the session last week about studenthood, has been a source of study all week for me, I get the sense that Everything is being coordinated to ‘deliver us’ to the future. Gratitude to Marshall, Patricia and Reed for creating the expanding nature of the work, and the content of the Next Free school, waiting for us, now. Nasi Novare Coram
Selma London:  Following this school session and the inner work, building that relationship with K, and working with ones unique nature, I’m coming to: “I wish to see a different world.” … No matter how you feel, no matter what is occurring. You are greater than your emotional states and so you need not deny them, though they will need to be controlled in time. You are greater than the images you see around you, for they mostly represent your judgement upon the world. Practice this day looking without judgement and feeling as you look.”
From <http://stepstoknowledg…e.htm>
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Douglas! That is powerful stuff!!! Resonating!!
Cameron_Canada:  I have found that as I learn to judge less, and abide with knowledge more, service in my daily life has become so much more rewarding than I had previously ever imagined.
Raoul_Australia:  I am having some technical problems, will have to log out and try a different browser
Betty_UK:  Hi everyone, finally here after a few technical issues.
Donald_Pa:  @ Jason….I’ve been having a similar experience, it is the only way i have found to clear my over worked thinking mind, journaling whenever needed.
Heidi_Germany:  Hi, everybody!
Ellen_Society:  Hello Heidi!
Katia_France:  Hello Heidi! Lovely to “see” you with us.
Student:  These days now are for important contribution.
Bethne_UK:  @PatSaunders Australia Welcome Pat!
Jason NJ:  Yes Donald. I had a pretty serious “wake up call” at the messengers vigil. Scary. I went into the hallway & went online & thankfully Joyanne just happened to get up to use the bathroom in Canada & was able to talk w me for a while & remind me of involing the Presence with NNC as the fearful time passed by.
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Behne thank you for the warm greeting
Jason NJ:  Welcome Pat!
Betty_UK:  Hi Manuel
Tyyne_Society:  @Debbie_MI As you said here… “The practice given during the Vigil about keeping a log about past experiences with knowledge struck me as being very important to my spiritual practice.” In the past we have been encouraged to create a timeline of Knowledge experiences. It may be time to revisit that again to really see how Knowledge is attempting to keep us on track and not waver of course. To really anchor these experiences in my own awareness to help to see where Knowledge was breaking through a previous like without Knowledge and where it has ultimately moved my life. These Knowledge experiences – these encounter with individuals, signs, etc. are really important to bring into the forefront. Thank you for sharing that.
May_Norway:  Thank you Alio for this reminder, I had in my step today, so this will always be a very important focus
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Jason thank you and good morning
Lin_Boulder:  During this session, the Greater Coordination is the theme caught my attention. I start to see how these key people’s contribution and support helped me to move forward, and how my preparation is not just for myself, but also for supporting and contributing to my other key relationships. It is very humbling and full of gratitude, as relationship is reclaimed and blossom in the process.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Selma, the deeper we are with Knowledge, the more we see the world clearly.
Cameron_Canada:  @Jason NJ – I would be interested in hearing about your experience. What was the wake up call?
Dariel_Boulder:  During this school session I discovered the amazing gift of STK Vigil. MVS, your words about staying for the end of the 2 hr. chat, “Why do so many leave after the first hour when the second hour is the richest?”
“It is a… … two-hour chat of intention, endurance and circumstance”–made me think of the endurance and intention it took to ‘stay with’ the entire Vigil. Sometimes it did take endurance but it felt like a ‘test’ on the part of Heaven. Will they keep watch and wait with the Messenger? Will they stay alert for those parts of the Vigil that are especially meant for them? Will they stay for the end of the Chat when the Messenger provides something special that is needed in their studenthood? Much of what goes on in our days is inconsequential but there is nothing in the words of Revelation and in the teachings of the Vigils that are inconsequential. I had to recommit myself many times to be with you, dear Messenger, as you have committed yourself to growing our studenthood.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Ginny_Dallas:  @ Ilhun ‘…the main keyword for me was “Being present”…’ As the session progressed, I noticed myself becoming more focused on where my mind was wandering. It seems the quicker I am aware of my mind journeying off somewhere – to the past, to a made-up future, some nonexistent conversation etc, the easier it seems to to bring it back to breath and relaxation, observation, both inner and outer of this moment. This practice feels very right to me.
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Tamara – its working
Student:  Knowledge; The supply is always in excess of the demand.
Mathieu-France:  @Lin: the coordination, yes, same here. I didn’t realized until you mentioned it. Thank you!
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @ Dariel…from the 2016 Encampment and Patricia “What did it take to “get” here? What does it take to “be” here? What does it take to “stay” here. I am with these ?’s often. And it does get confusing st times but empowering to know what does it take. And then apply these simple courses of action and thought into my life. Nasi Novare Coram
Carolyn-CT:  Hi all. For me, a slow realization of what joining the wordly mind with the Knowing mind, what that looks like, and the amazement as I witness it happening, manifesting as reality in my life. Also, a slowly growing perception and sense of the divine nature and intent of the NM, which inspires profound gratitude and increased desire to participate as my life moves forward in ways I could never have believed possible only one year ago. All this, despite many road blocks and setbacks.
Ken_Oklahom:  This school session reminded me again about the importance of attending the school chat each week, being present in the world without judgement, being aware of what my personal mind is thinking, maintaining the pillars, taking time to practice STK and stillness throughout the day, reflecting on experiences in a journal, building relationships with other students and becoming a platform for the NM.
Nancy_Oregon:  Building capacity was a phrase that describes my current challenge
Debbie_MI:  Thank you Tyyne for sharing the idea of creating a timeline of Knowledge experiences. I think that would be a very educational thing to do. This is the first time I have heard of experiences of knowledge being put in perspective in that way but it really makes a lot of sense.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  These ?’s just like the NM can never be exausted.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ student So true. The demand is crucial. No ask no tell.
LaRaeUK:  What I’ve learned about Knowledge and my spiritual practice is that I need to continue to be present to it….that just because I’m able to practice consistently and regularly, doesn’t mean I don’t need to do more. Learning and absorbing more about adding more through writing down my experiences, revisiting points in my day when I either felt Knowledge, or observed a distinct lack of Knowledge in my own behaviour. Realizing that though I have made progress, I am always a beginning student. The need for vigilance and attention is ever present. This journey and study needs my full attention and devotion. The Steps Vigil was so helpful in pointing out that those who are higher up the mountain are there calling and encouraging me to continue.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Ginny.
Cameron_Canada:  @ Dariel – Thank you for repeating that quote. I must have missed it. I did not realize this was a two hour chat.
Raoul_Australia:  @Lin, Mat, yes, me too, I am seeing how the Coordination is key for my purpose
Selma London:  Dariel, I also find that listening to Revelations, esp. long ones, there’s a build-up, and a challenge to really stay with it all the way through, and benefit from those even stronger messages as the Revelation progresses towards the end.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @LaRae…beautifully expressed my friend!
Samantha_South Africa:  Thank you LaRae for your words and reminder
Douglas_St. Paul:  It seems to help to encourage the efforts and celebrate the accomplishments of fellow students.
Kari_H_Finland:  I have said this before but I have to say it again. This Steps Vigil reminded me of the importance of my life, of our lives, us students. It is not important to myself but it is important to those who sent me. It important to the world in this time. It is important to the Plan. I cannot waste my life so I began another round of Steps to Knowledge after break of more than one year.
Lin_Boulder:  @Mathieu, @Raoul, my step today in continuation, step 16: There are greater forces at work in the world.
Val_Westport:  Regarding Knowledge and spiritual practice, I am reminded of the analogy of: that we are at a banquet and among great riches of nourishment and plenty, yet we access it by feeding one another.
Carol_Society:  @Lin: Yes, key relationships and the Great Coordination were at the forefront for me as well this session and in considering what Steps has given me…a focus on my need to deepen my experience and understanding around this. Particularly, related to those who sent me here and to our friends beyond this world (those who practice with me/us and the Allies.) This focus will continue into the next session for me, and as Darlene said earlier, this will not end there but continue on and on, deeper and deeper…
Tamara~Boulder:  “Something I did not know before….” Via these chats and my study of the New Message I understood that the results of committed practice would yield greater clarity, greater strength, and true direction in my life. However it was not until the past two school sessions that I experienced the results of my committed and dedicated practice of building my four pillars and of continually returning to the stillness of Knowledge. My golden nugget from the past month of study and practice is that I can only be certain in the present moment. Here I find myself truly filled with love, gratitude and joy. I am an extension of life. I am a conduit for divine communication. I am strong. I am love. I am committed. Of these things I am certain, every moment.
Jason NJ:  @ Cameron…..The experience of the vigil & staying in a hotel w 4 others students really had an impact on my spirit!! to say the least. I had an experience in talking w Donald on afternoon that psychologist would call a panic attack but which has become a fairly “normal” part of my life. We were talking about “waking up” from the dream of Separation. I heard myself make the comment that, “well its just a decision…to wake up”. And then “if its just a decision….then why dont we just do it…make that decision?” Suddenly the “Darkness” began to close in on me , as has been the case many times in the past. Imminent death (of the ego) was the overall feeling. Unexplainable fear, combined with a void of darkness & nothingness closing in around me was the experience itself. Having been thru these so many times before I wad able to display some inner strength that had been developed in me over the years & recognize the fear for what it was & slowly move beyond it. The “night terror’…
Jason NJ:  … happened a couples nights later
Tyyne_Society:  @Dariel… “Much of what goes on in our days is inconsequential but there is nothing in the words of Revelation and in the teachings of the Vigils that are inconsequential. I had to recommit myself many times to be with you, dear Messenger, as you have committed yourself to growing our studenthood.” Consequential, recommitment. Some words that really stuck out for me in what you are saying here. And also, endurance and perseverance. What MVS has committed himself to and what we are undertaking to potentially service in such a way. Keeping pace, staying with our studenthood. This is something that is really up for me from the Vigil and this Free School session. Consequence. Consistency. Practice. I am rededicating myself to practice in all situations so perhaps my spiritual practice will become everything and my work in the world will be where I practice. My time doing dishes, cleaning the house, all the activities that we must undertake on a daily or weekly basis. Taking my practice…
Tyyne_Society:  … “live” so to speak – everywhere as much as is possible. Deeply engaged in practice in the world knowing what really matters here.
Jorge_Spain:  @Selma, because of that I sometimes begin to read Revelations from the end, going backwards, or just read one page in the middle, and only one.
Sally_Boulder:  @Tyyne, I’ve been staying with this notion of transparency…of refocusing my engagement in my practice to something that doesn’t make it about me. Yes, it involves my full participation, the work, the redirecting, but the ultimate essence, the reason for, and why, feels outside of myself. There’s so much tied to the “practice” that we can’t quite see yet, we can’t quite touch, that may have little to do ourselves ultimately. The pressure is there, certainly, to build that foundation for the experience of Knowledge, but what sits on that foundation I feel, won’t be about me. This notion has had a distilling effect on my experience. The vigil really impacted me strongly, and I still feel its reverberations.
“Real Wisdom is passed on through a network of relationships. Like water seeping downward through the soil, Wisdom finds its real channels and its path of least resistance. It creates pathways where Knowledge can be passed on, transmitted and initiated from person to person through…
Sally_Boulder:  … a means that is both wonderful and mysterious.
The pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom is not an individual quest; it is a collective effort.” from GCS What is life force?
Shrimayi Netherlands:  This school session together with the Steps Vigil make me feel tested in practicing in the world and the power of working together.It is 100% commitment that is been asked and the question is how much can I give every moment.It is all about being present that I need to carry foreward.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Jim B. for that reminder. I have received such gifts from the Messenger and Society, from Heaven–“Who can wait?” Who can have the intention and endurance to “keep Vigil?”
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @Kari…yes so important. If I/We do not develop others will not find their purpose. Oh how it all is connected in the giving of ones self and in the receiving. “From the One to the Many…to the one to the many.
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK you Val, a few of us in Oregon, will be meeting with Maria later this afternoon while she is here, near us. . . I appreciate your words, . . . we access the riches by feeding one another. so true.
Sally_Boulder:  Thank you Tyyne for this, yes…”I am rededicating myself to practice in all situations so perhaps my spiritual practice will become everything and my work in the world will be where I practice.”
Tyyne_Society:  That’s great, Sally.
MVS Society:  Keeping a log of Knowledge experiences noting date, place and circumstance is very important. It is the evidence of Knowledge working in your life and how Knowledge is working through your unique design. This will support you during those many times when you are not experiencing Knowledge and become vulnerable to self-doubt and the persuasions of others.
Selma London:  Yes, Jorge, I ‘chunk’ my listening & reading of Revelations too, until I’m able to take in each one ‘whole’ more profoundly. I also listen in different ways, or just listen, then read etc – loads of combinations!
Lin_Boulder:  @Tyyne, yes, consequence, it is so crucial. Can I be moved, be held back, even beyond my understanding, as being part of the greater coordination?
Debbie_MI:  Thank you MVS.
Bethne_UK:  Sally “The pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom is not an individual quest; it is a collective effort” That really impacted Thank you
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Mat,Lin ,Raoul yes the Coordination being part of it.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Tyyne…Thank you for, “Consequence. Consistency. Practice. I am rededicating myself to practice in all situations so perhaps my spiritual practice will become everything and my work in the world will be where I practice.” So much of consequence is being given, asking us to go deeper in this practice. ‘My Practice is My Gift to the World.” is my Step. How deep is this ‘gift’ for the world I came to serve?
Cameron_Canada:  @ Jason – Thank you for sharing that and thank you Marshall for addressing it.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Tamara, Jason and Tyyne for sharing the things you have!!! Very powerful to me!
May_Norway:  Thank you Marshall!
Val_Westport:  Thank you Marshall. I have been keeping a Word doc daily log for some time now. Date, weather, what gets done that day. Anything else useful to add to it? I don’t editorialize…
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Marshall. “Knowledge working through your unique design”. Thank God!
Rosa_UK:  Thank you Tamara that is truly helpful and inspiring. I have found in my own practices that the more Love you apply to your subject the more is revealed in return.
Bethne_UK:  Thank you Marshall.
Alison_Boulder:  @Selma & @Jorge, also finding a passage for advocacy purposes has me take chunks from Revelations, where studenthood and outreach efforts naturally meet.
Dariel_Boulder:  So powerful, Sally. Thank you. I will visit that chapter in GCS.
Josef Austria:  Thank you Marshall!
Kristina FL:  Hello everyone, sorry for being late, A/C is out here.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you MVS.
MVS Society:  Heaven is constant. As you become more constant as a student, you will begin to feel Heaven’s Presence more and more.
Ken_Oklahom:  During the cooler time of year in Oklahoma, September through May, I typically walk 2 miles each day after work. It is a chance to be alone on a country road and listen to a New Message. In every message certain phrases jump out at me and I know that I need to create a photo quote about it and post it on facebook.
Sally_Boulder:  Beautifully said and demonstrated Ali, “where studenthood and outreach efforts naturally meet”
Mark_Boulder:  In yoga, I have learnt that the practice doesn’t end when I step off the yoga mat. My Steps practice is the same. It doesn’t end after stillness practices. Going to Pittsburgh last week for work, after the intensive Steps Vigil, tested my ability to stay “on the mat” with Knowledge, in every situation, particularly mundane and contentious ones. Even far away from Boulder and the sacred environment here, it was challenging to “stay on my mat” and revealing to see where I was able to stay on the mat with Knowledge and where I am still thrown off balance.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS for log of Knowledge….
Levy_Brazil:  Inspiring, Ken…
Cameron_Canada:  @ Marshal – Is not self-doubt and the persuasions of others overcome through self direction and intention?
Martin_Australia:  I just got here too Kristina
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, it is good reminder. I found that at times of doubt and when you are vulnerable to persuasions of others it is very important to remember what you really know, as well as spend some time with teachings. Every time I would have a question about the NM I was directed to a teaching where I would find the answer.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall.
Tonia_Denmark:  I must admit I find it difficult to find and keep the right structure. I have spent so many tears in school, I am happy to be able to do what I can about studying…..but I must admit, I am not near the amount of dedication, I’d like to put into it. The importance is so easily disrupted and it is a daily wish to keep improve at least something or one thing every day. I try not to fill too much in, but basicly it is a challenge to stay with knowing that things are different now. I wish to be better at taking responsibility of following up on learning this.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Nancy have a nice meeting you all in Oregon.
Tamara~Boulder:  Rosa~perhaps one of the most challenging subjects to apply Love towards was myself. To be in a true state of self love took many years of unlearning, listening, and following the signs life.
May_Norway:  Thank you again Marshall!!
Darlene_Society:  @MVS perhaps another piece of this …I recall a “lights off” teaching by you, delivered by Patricia after a Vigil night. To me, this is a core teaching to discern our relationship with Knowledge. Basically Marshall asked us to “recall an experience” of Knowledge moving us or holding us back. And how it felt to follow it or to deny it. Can everyone here recall such an experience? Please share if you can. It is a visceral evidence of Knowledge. I recall a “side journey” that I was contemplating a few years ago, took a few steps in its direction because I have learned by “acting” I can know. It hit me as I was sitting in a lecture about the place I was considering traveling and I KNEW I was not to go. K was holding me back. I followed. Had I not, my life could have been endangered. Recalling this experience reminds me of the protection that K is constantly trying to provide if we listen…
manuel germany :):  In stillness is power. In stillness is Knowledge. In Knowledge is the connection to God and Heaven (Spiritual Family, Teacher other Spirits…) – so stillness = God
Raoul_Australia:  One thing I learned is to always keep a connection with my practice, even if daily circumstances make it so that it can only be the reading of a small passage, must keep that connection every day. Reed’s example of the ‘aperture in the ice’ has been always in my mind in that regard.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Tyyne for sharing your practice.
Cameron_Canada:  when I say say self direction I do not mean that exactly – lol – We can do nothing alone
Patricia_Society:  @Debbie-regarding creating and maintaining a “log of Knowledge experiences”… and/or also the format used by some students of a “timeline”. Sometimes you may hear or see this “timeline” approach referred to as “mapping.” Therefore, in mapping these key experiences in individual timeline fashion, these mappings take serve almost as “transparencies or overlays” of your passage through life…..Later at some point, these mappings/single “transparencies” can almost superimposed upon one another, so to speak. This can foster greater realization and offer almost a “dimensional” look at our lives until now…..In the end, these key experiences that we may choose to “map” may prove themselves to be “what really mattered” from our experience and perhaps be the “20 % “….The rest, can just wash down river…..the flow of life… Marshall Vian has described….
Shane – New Zealand:  How will/are people going to deal with Great Community Forces without knowledge. It is a truly scary thought. It could bring one to despair. But knowledge is and knowledge does. knowledge is in the world. Its moving within people, the signs are there, everyday because of all you wonderful people knowledge becomes stronger in the world. I am seeing some really encouraging signs. It does seem that the interventions program has accelerated and is gaining traction, but there is still a chance to save human sovereignty. A chance. I see on the horizon reinforcements, they just better hurry up.
Betty_UK:  There are many things I’ve learned and I will take forward. Something I feel is necessary for me to carry forward is to recognise the contrast between my personal mind and perhaps Knowledge or what is not my personal mind. I’ve learned by becoming more aware of how my personal mind express it self, this opens a contrast, to recognising the opposite, or what is not my personal mind. I feel this months revelations has helped me, and especially ‘Taking the Steps to Knowledge’…ledge . I’m grateful for the monthly session and all the effort made to create a learning environment.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Oh Darlene thank you for that!
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Darlene thank that was helpful. By testing the waters you received feedback .
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  @ Tonia I can relate to what you have said. You are not alone my dear friend!
Debbie_MI:  @Patricia-Thank you for sharing that.
Mathieu-France:  @MVS: thank you. Knowing the contrast between a Knowledge experience and the power of my mind feels really important. I often noticed that there is a kind of amnesia when leaving an experience of Knowledge (after the experience finally become more remote), and the thoughts tend to replace it by their constant processing. Leaving an experience of Knowledge is not just passing from an idea to the other. It’s like the brain is functioning differently. I have learned to be watchful regarding this. Journaling helps me keeping track of what Knowledge told me last time as direction, and I keep telling myself “do not trust your thoughts, even if they speak more often and louder to you”… it takes a real training.
Alison_Boulder:  @Darlene, I recall that Vigil Night and the very experience I remembered. I bring forth a lot of power into my future, having remembered what it was like to so desperately fear following Knowledge, but very much need to.
Nancy_Oregon:  Thank you Darlene
May_Norway:  Thank you Darlene, I will recall and experience like that in my exercise-book after vigil!
Mathieu-France:  @Sally: thank you. This feels important to me.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS : ”Heaven is constant. As you become more constant as a student, you will begin to feel Heaven’s Presence more and more. ”
Tonia_Denmark:  Darlene, yes. I was at an Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen in 2014, and as I raised my hand to ask a question at the debate panel, I was struck by such a fear in my chest with heavy heart beating, I realized, Knowledge was restraining me very much.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  When considering todays question I looked back to the beginning of this session in my journals. I was amazed at the difference from then until now in just the concrete changes that have been made such as alterations to habit and scheduling with regards to practice. This overall intensification effected all aspects of practice. I am currently rereading RHP and have discovered an new depth of insight to the importance of relationship…. so many new practices come from deeper listening, for example the other day I was struck by the teaching of the Law of Forgiveness….practicing this in my daily living has opened my experience of knowledge with others and greatly clarified my discernment. This leads to new awareness of things to correct and on and on it goes… there is a joy to the little eurekas of insight while investigating the texts and Marshalls’ instructions, almost playful it feels learning of the Way….such joy.
Tyyne_Society:  Shrumayi – “…It is 100% commitment that is been asked…” Yes, total immersion as Dar was saying and I’ve heard from Patricia as well… Immersion into what we practice and how we practice. As MVS has stated (paraphrasing) we are always practicing… what we practice is where the rubber hits the road and becomes stronger within us. Are we aware of what we are practicing? Do we even know where I mind is going and where it is taking us? Do we have the presence of mind to course correct? In our days, in our meditations, in our “down times”, in our lives? If we are letting our minds run wild with the discomfort that entails – what do we do about it? These precious practices are what can take there place. I mentioned last chat that I memorized certain invocations and prayers from the NM, not to be impressive, but because I needed them! I needed to keep them close to me to “reset” my mind and my thinking. I still need them today and that is why I repeat them and go deep into what these…
Tyyne_Society:  … passages are really saying. For me it is part of “reworking” the mind and coming into alignment with the Power of Knowledge and the wisdom of the Teachers – the Great Teacher that Steps is along with everything that is being revealed to us in the NM and by the Messenger.
[email protected]:  MVS While my life seems temporarily (I pray) atom bombed, I often think of your time in the hospital, when things seem so crashing, unavailable, wondering where it has all gone, will it come back, what is the lesson here? I feel rebellion against life, but I know detours only bring me full circle back to the way. Best I can do right now is my steps to the degree that I can, which seems sketchy compared to more stable times. All of the time and stability to allow for so much logging, additional contemplation and work should be taken advantage of when we have it. It may not always be available and not to be taken for granted.
Tonia_Denmark:  Jim&Chris, yes. It quite aggravating at times, isn’t it
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Kristina_Boulder: “Every time I would have a question about the NM I was directed to a teaching where I would find the answer.” I have had this experience so many times, too–thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I forget that I can get help just by returning to the Revelation …
Richmond_UK:  @Darlene – ‘Can everyone here recall such an experience?’ I had such an experience of Knowledge in an important business meeting this week. I felt real restraint when I was about to say something. A discomfort felt in both my mind and in my body which persisted. I’m glad I listened to this and did not say something potentially inappropriate!
Dariel_Boulder:  @TAmara…Thank you for the validation of the great power of the present moment. I need constant reminding.
LaRaeUK:  @Darlene. I remember reading early on that Knowledge had worked hard at keeping us alive….so we could discover our purpose. About 25 years ago I was about to cross a very busy road, when a voice or a feeling told me I hadn’t looked to my left….when I did I saw that a huge truck was barrelling straight for me and I stepped back. The poor driver slammed on his brakes and sat there for 10 minutes trying to recover. I know now that it was Knowledge that saved my life that day.
Val_Westport:  Darlene, that visceral Knowing–such a valuable Teaching and one I keenly wish I’d learned earlier in life–that I don’t have to push through every barrier, that I have a built-in guidance system and that paying attention to it is so much easier and more effective than pushing through obstacles at any cost! Ease and Grace as our natural self-expression: one of the great lessons from the New Message.
Russell_Sask:  Okay so Top of the Hour approaches and I still have to finish my colour me Canada do it Yourself Flag Kit.
Maureen_Boulder:  Some clarity came to me recently from the words of an old yoga teacher who said three words that resonated with me and connected the dots to often used words in Steps. She said- “Give up striving.” Bong. The lights went on and the bell is still ringing. Rather than strive “allow.” I’ve been in the mindset of pursuing Knowledge. The idea of letting that go and just allowing Knowledge was so freeing. Relief set in. A different perspective. Allow and do. Do with no expectation of reward in its many forms. A new learning track to follow. It was there all along.
Selma London:  Darlene, I used to ask myself whether or not to accept a ride when hitch-hiking in France in the mid-80s; if it was ‘no’ I didn’t get in, no matter how tempting or ‘nice’ it appeared.
[email protected]:  Richmond UK: Yes, I’ve “Zipped it”, my mouth, much recently in response to the voice of wisdom and when I don’t, I shoot myself in the foot every time. I need a 5 second silence rule for listening before speaking.
Russell_Sask:  It’s a one of a Kind proving that I indeed am Living in Separation, oh well. Happy 150 to the rest of Canada.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks for sharing that experience of Knowledge, Darlene. Great reminder to remember those experiences of “Knowledge moving me forward” and then contrasting that with any current experience I have and expect nothing short of that for “forward” movements. High bar.
Solange_Indy:  @Darlene / LaRaeUK. I have nearly died 3 times in my life. The worst being spared run over by a semi truck at high speed and walking away from a pile of crushed metal. I think something wanted me around for future Knowledge, too.
Cameron_Canada:  Happy 150 Canada – FYI – it is Canada’s 150th birthday
Kristina_Boulder:  @Darlene, I remember most of my experiences when Knowledge directed me to do or not to do something. The one I think was the strongest and the most clear, but also the one I chose not to follow was when I was told not to get involved in a romantic relationship many years ago. I heard a voice telling me not to do it and I even knew why I should not do it, but unfortunately I chose not to listen at that time and as a result I wasted 4 years of my life. But I also remember time when I did listen to Knowledge and as a result I am a student of NMFG and I’m here in Boulder, because I was able to follow what I know.
Rosa_UK:  Yes, Tamara indeed! I recently realised that the most important person to forgive was myself, as I practiced Step 292 How can I be angry with the world when it only serves me?
LaRaeUK:  So grateful you’re here Solange!
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Maureen thank you, that is very helpful and encouraging
Richmond_UK:  @Alio – thanks for sharing.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Darlene, I recall strong restraining from Knowledge when I was about to engage myself in a deeper relationship with a woman. At that time I did not know that it was Knowledge. I had not even been found by the New Message from God yet. When we had agreed another date, I began to feel how wrong this was. The feeling was sickening. I was reluctant to cancel the date being afraid of the consequences. But the sickening feeling of “this is wrong” became so strong that I cancelled our date. I felt so bad of myself for couple of dates. Later I learned that she had mental illness.
Virpi_Finland:  Alio, I pray things get better for you. It really is a privilege to have time and space for studenthood, thank you for the reminder.
MVS Society:  Yes Dar, over time it is important to discern what Knowledge really feels like to you, how Knowledge reaches you in your mind and body and to see how different this is from compulsion, preference or desire. The more you know this “true Knowledge experience”, the more you will know what to trust within yourself and others. This can only be learned through experience—knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t know.
Tonia_Denmark:  Happy birthday Canada ❤
Kristina FL:  Yes Dariel (11:27), the 2. hour is so important. This brings up to me a little story about the Buddha, i learned from mantra practice: When he was on his deathbed, many has gathered around him. Then he went into a coma state and people started to leave, when almost everyone left, he came back and said: oh yes, i have one more teaching to give….
LaRaeUK:  Resonating @Rosa….in my step today this really stood out. “Allow te world to be as it is, and your condemnation of it will not come back to haunt you.” I need reminding of this daily.
Darlene_Society:  As the FIRST hour strikes let’s take a moment of stillness and gratitude and honor this journey we are on together, especially for the Messenger who is leading us up this great mountain towards our freedom.
Tamara~Boulder:  Maureen~Yes, yes, yes….”Allow and do. Do with no expectation of reward in its many forms.” How freeing this state of mind and being becomes. There is no competition here….no comparison…just Knowledge, action, checking in, readjusting if needed and pressing onward.
nenette_istanbul:  Sorrry something wrong with private chats…I can not open it
Ayesha_Society:  @Dar, I’ve had many more experiences of restraint and “do not enter”, versus new insights which are rare and few. I had one recently as a job opportunity came my way that was going to make my career pillar much bigger and very work dense. As I was pursuing it and did the final interview , I remember this overwhelming feeling that I cannot pursue this job…it will take me away from what really matters. What may seem like a good idea and an opportunity for growth is one thing, but these feelings of restraint have never failed to keep me on track.
LaRaeUK:  Amen Maureen…..thank you for that blessed reminder.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks for sharing @Ayesha
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Tynne thank you to remind me of the need for invocations and prayers of the NM to reset the mind and thinking.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS! As always very helpful!
Russell_Sask:  So I had this urge to visit the Sanctuary then I looked at my bank account and even getting 75 MPG on the bike and sleeping in a travel tent in the ditch, its outta range. Gotta love this world for the opportunities to explore…lol. Until some customers pay there outstanding accounts for services rendered. Electricians are only needed when they are needed then Life just carries on.
Adria_Poland:  @Kari, I can strongly relate to the sickening feeling I experienced when making a decision about a romantic relationship. On the other hand, when I made a Knowledge-compliant decision, I felt immense sense of relief. Also, in mundane things, like speaking with co-workers, when I honour the restraint I feel, it’s impossible to explain how good, grounded and “all right” I feel.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all so much for all you sharing.
PatSaunders_Australia:  I have been feeling for last 12 months something has to change with my workload (I work in I.T), and then I found NM, it has shocked me. Here I am, taking STK 18.
MVS Society:  Not always Cameron, what seems like self-direction and intention often is directed by others. People think they are making their own decisions when in reality they have been prompted to do so. You can see this everywhere.
Mathieu-France:  @Darlene: going beyond Knowledge’s restraint feels like leaving my self, my strength, my vitality behind me. (these times when the experience has been clearly felt for me – I can’t assume I’m doing everything with Knowledge, but clear violations are felt rather well and it’s just so much a “no” in my face and uncomfortable, that in the end, I give up. and it’s different than the discomfort of following Knowledge asking me to do something I don’t really prefer or enjoy. I found the experience easier to outline in situations where I didn’t have much preference, or that didn’t seem very important. Feeling so clearly restraint where nothing seems at stake is interesting to get familiar with the feeling in situations where I feel more pressures.
Jansett_KY:  @Dar, as a young actress, my life’s dream happened when I was cast as the Turn Back O Man Girl for the Broadway musical Godspell. Packed and ready to move to NYC, I was walking down the hallway of my parents’ home when everything stopped as a gentle, silent voice rang in my heart: “Yes, this could be the beginning of a very successful acting career for you. But you may lose your soul.” I picked up the phone and told my manager I wasn’t coming. I never looked back. This led to my work with the hearing impaired, which was a richly rewarding experience.
manuel germany :):  thanks @Rich for sharing your experience. I relate to that. A German saying goes as follows: “Reden ist Silber, schweigen ist Gold” – which translates to “speaking is silver, remain silent is gold”. Knowledge helps us when we should be more restraint to protect us and in other more seldom situations to be more expressive with others
Kelton_Calif:  @ Sally-Your comments to Tynne at 8
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Marshal. Your words are so soothing and so profound that it makes everything clear in a short moment. Like clouds no mater many or few, they are just wiped away instantly. Thank you so much for being with us. I feel a deep gratitude.
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall “Heaven is constant. As you become more constant as a student, you will begin to feel Heaven’s Presence more and more. ” – when i just think about it, that this is just another reality, but heaven is there, it makes me feel the Presence and the love.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Maureen: “Give up striving”–yes, wow, thank you for sharing. Do you know the song, “This Little Light of Mine”? Not too long ago I discovered a verse I’d never heard before which is now my favorite: “Not gonna make it shine. I’m just gonna let it shine …”
Richmond_UK:  @Manuel – I like that saying! thanks
Raoul_Australia:  @PatSaunders, good to hear, it sounds like these first 18 Steps have already made a difference for you, they did for me too, right from the start.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks Manuel and Rich, great saying. I guess there’s no such thing as “too much discretion”.
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, Jansett and Ayesha, it is not easy to give up opportunities that look or seem rewarding, not when most people are looking for security in one shape or form.
Katia_France:  I remember way back my current boyfriend wanted us to split up because I was going to stay in Japan and he return to the UK and didn’t like the idea of having to wait for me for another year if not more. As we were having dinner on the eve of his departure, I told him all the reasons we should stay “together” and how it could all work out. At the same time, to my shock and wonder, I could hear my own voice as though speaking to me inside my head repeating quietly but persistently “Let him go”. Though, sadly, my arguments convinced him, I realized I should let him go and did a few days later. He couldn’t understand the U-turn, but I knew I had to heed that voice. It never spoke to me like that again.
LaRaeUK:  I recall ignoring deep feelings of dread….it was as though Knowledge was making an enormous racket to get my attention….yet I ignored it……and disaster ensued.
Mark_Boulder:  My most vivid memories of Knowledge are when I ignored it’s warnings, ran over the stop signs and plowed forward anyhow with crucial life changing events that delayed my development and sacred rendez-vous. Hard earned wisdom, for sure.
[email protected]:  Virpl: Thank you for your prayer. I will gladly receive that. I have never progressed much standing in a candy store with good weather friends. It takes some stress usually for me to grow, but I’m facing the reality that too much self created chaos can take me out and others with me. It’s easier to not kick at my own pillars than it is to rebuild them., but I will rebuild them. Thank you again for the gift.
Cameron_Canada:  @MVS Is this not also true to some degree even with knowledge?
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Maureen such a discovery that striving needs to replace by allow.
Shirley boulder:  @ laRae been there done that.
Inhee_Korea:  @Maureen “Rather than strive “allow.”” thank you.
Darlene_Society:  Yes, yes, Rich, Ayesha, Jansett, Katia…these are key moments, and these give us confidence that of course Knowledge is with us but WE are with Knowledge and can follow…
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, thanks for sharing. As we all need stable work pillar there is still a need to balance it with other pillars and sometimes that means saying no to opportunities that comes up. I recently had a chance to change my schedule at work, but after writing down pros and cons, I decided that I need to stay with what I have now as it gives me more time to be available for the NM. But at the same time I feel the push to make my work pillar stronger and part of the reason is the NM.
Tonia_Denmark:  Accidents will not follow the one moving with Knowledge.
Bethne_UK:  Maureen I’m grateful for your message 4:56 about allowing ,letting go .I’d felt that i had to pursue Knowledge like a hound dog…mmm just let go and let Knowledge do its work.! Thanks!
Dariel_Boulder:  @Tyyne and Shrimayi…thank you so much for the powerful thoughts on bringing the mind into service to the greater mind of KN. So important.
MVS Society:  “Just for clarification, though the chat is officially one hour long, I invite those desiring to engage more deeply to stay longer. Often the most important insights blossom late in our engagement.”
LaRaeUK:  I think most of us have Shirley.
Raoul_Australia:  @Manuel, “speaking is silver, remain silent is gold” great wisdom!
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall for letting us know
Cameron_Canada:  thank you for the clairification
Tamara~Boulder:  I find the the second hour to be an deep time to practice stillness, to listen, to let things soak in and see what manifests as a result of our engagement here. Precious time.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  There are times that my practice is strong and consistent. Then there are times because of what I do that they are not. Yet, I am finding in the times that my practice suffers I have to adapt to that change and practice more in the world in all times of the day. This change has helped me become stronger in practicing in life and in the world. It is a feeling of empowerment from Knowledge. Life and the world change. My practice changes. But if I keep returning I feel more alive and present. These moments are fleeting but just like a good golf shot…it keeps me coming back for more. And being with you all here every saturday enriches my practice and my life, For there is no where else I would rather be. And there is nothing I’d rather do now than to practice, realize Knowledge and apply it to life and the world! Thank you all especially Marshall, Patricia Reed and the Society for supporting me/us up the mountain!
manuel germany :):  Indeed Levy. It is much wiser to say nothing in many situations than try to convince people or to make a point. And the wisdom in all the popular sayings of the different nations are amazing – we all can profit a lot if we here what our parents and/or greatparents have to say…
Lin_Boulder:  @Mathieu, resonate! Following Knowledge doesn’t mean it will be easy, but there is the deeper confirmation and relief that I would feel. Also the personal preference issue is so true in standing the way of seeing, knowing and following Knowledge. Sometimes I have to force myself to go to a neutral position to be able to see.
nenette_istanbul:  Yes I agree withthe
nenette_istanbul:  second hour…
nenette_istanbul:  because I’m preparing fordinner
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you to the community of financial givers in strengthening the financial pillar of the New Message from God. May the New Message go far and wide with your help. NNC: http://www.newmessage….ssage
Reed_Society:  I’m adding several insights and practices shared by those here this morning to my Dashboard document for studenthood. At the top of the document I have a section on Moment-by-moment Practice, 5 open slots for those things I want right at the fore front of my mind and awareness while I’m out in the world. Having 3-5 of these (perhaps not more) allows me to stop in any given moment, remember those few things and re-engage in them, building steam and momentum around a core insight or practice has served in bringing me to a new/next practice, and with this a real and grounded sense of progress being made
LaRaeUK:  One of the things about TNM and STK is the deep, deep chord of internal knowing is struck when I started to read the material. That sense of finally having found The Truth I had longed for and searched for all my life.
Donald_Pa:  Thanks for the clarity Marshall. As usual, I fell asleep contemplating what someone else shared during the first hour. Now awake with hour 2, I feel ready to take on some more input!
Nancy_Oregon:  @LaRaeUK me too
Alison_Boulder:  @All – The Society and supporting volunteers have made the pure text and audio of the New Message available in many areas that call for our assistance, such as Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Twitter to name a few. Learn more about how to help by attending Advocacy Gatherings every Thursday, at either 6:30pm MDT or 7pm BST, online at, and feel free to email [email protected]
Josef Austria:  @Mvs, oh yes!
MVS Society:  As the new world reality around us becomes more conflicted and unstable, the need for Knowledge must grow. You will need to find the center of the cyclone within yourself and around you. This is the center line.


The July-August 2017 Session of The Free School: CONTACT WITH INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE
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LaRaeUK:  We are so grateful for you Jim, your dedication and your studenthood. I always find your words helpful.
Patricia_Society:  Retrospective life mapping as a practice – Some examples of “mappings”, (which become transparencies within the bigger picture). Some threads may be: important experiences of Knowledge, key decisions, significant encounters with others ,errors/mistakes, rich experiences, periods of suffering, turning points leading to thresholds, timescapes of being alone/timescapes being with others. Being in possession of a the quality of our experience, and knowing what stood out as “what mattered” may help us navigate the present and as we go forward….Revisiting these mappings and extending them into the present, done here and there, perhaps once a year can work……
Douglas_St. Paul:  There are a number of Bible verses about “the plumb line,” an ungameable standard. I think about that when Marshall talks about the center line.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Ayesha for sharing your experience.
TomW London:  I had a very strong ‘no’ yesterday on what seems like a very small incident: I walked to a shop to buy a quality razor (I had decided to get rid of my beard and disposable razors are no fun!). As I went to the checkout I and beeped the razors and some shaving cream/foam I had a surge of heat and discomfort over my head. I told the shop assistant that I didn’t in fact want to buy them, walked out of the shop and the heat went away (I experience this heat regularly when something has to be dealt with). Either Knowledge likes my beard (not quite a beard actually, more of sever face hair clusters) or it was warning me to save my money (I think the latter – I’m pretty broke…).
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Jim B, and Chris, I very much resonate with that “Life and the world change. My practice changes. But if I keep returning I feel more alive and present.”
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes LaRae the New Message is so obvious…
Ken_Oklahom:  Thanks Patricia for mentioning these examples of “mapping”. I was just ready to ask about this.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you so much MVS, Patricia, Reed and Society members…..the sharing of your wisdom and guidance provides a much needed torch for those of us who are behind you on the path.
Selma London:  Ha ha Tom W
MVS Society:  Usually, the first big experiences of Knowledge is Knowledge holding you back. From Heaven’s perspective, restraint is the most important thing. Without this, real promise for you fades. If you cannot be restrained, you cannot be guided.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Katia…Truly, that was KN speaking. So powerful to have the ‘certainty’.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Messenger for the reminder. I can now share this which resonates within me deeply. “You are preparing for nations within the world to meld into each other and for cultures here to clash. The future will be strife ridden and very difficult. No longer will nations be able to mind their own business and avoid each other, for if one nation fails, others will be impacted. If one nation destroys its environment, others will feel full impact of this. Greater and greater world cooperation will be needed and required. You will not see all of this during your lifetime, for you are in the early part of transition, but what you contribute here now will determine the quality of life for your children and for the generations to come.” Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 11, What is your preparation for?
Cameron_Canada:  I suppose the key is that the direction and intention be truly with knowledge
Virpi_Finland:  Networking has never been my forte, but one time K saw it so crucial to my work pillar, that exactly the moment this person was passing by me in a conference K said to me: NOW! I had been thinking of talking with her, but was unsure to approach. I stopped her, she remembered me, and endorsed me to my best job so far. Just one word…Life direction change.
May_Norway:  Thank you Messenger and your family and Society and every student around our precious planet for your support and Bless you all and Naci Novare Coram
Val_Westport:  When Marshall speaks of the Center Line, as a rider I think of the dressage test, where one’s vehicle, and partner, the horse, must be utterly collected and responsive, ready to obey the lightest request of the rider, mind alert yet relaxed, body ready for any maneuver, in cadence, with a light, dancing step, traveling straight, with the ease and Grace that we as humans aspire to–the Center Line: cadence, balance at once easy, yet the ultimate test…
Selma London:  “People proclaim their certainty about God and God’s work and God’s word and God’s message and God’s messengers. This is an example of people trying to believe that God serves their ideas. So fixated they are upon their beliefs and assumptions, they cannot imagine that anything exists beyond them that is real and fundamental and inherently true.
So the quality of one’s ideas are important, and that is why, in the study of Steps to Knowledge, the New Message Book of Practices, you learn how to think the way that Knowledge thinks. You learn how to think constructively. You learn how to use the mind, your personal surface mind, effectively so that it can work in harmony with the greater intelligence within you rather than competing with it for power and for dominance.
Your ideas are meant to serve a Greater Reality, you see—not to compete with it, not to deny it, not to try to control it or determine its ultimate reality. Here Knowledge gives you certainty and power, but it also requires…
Selma London:  … humility on your part.
For within you, you have Knowledge, and you have your ideas. They should not be in competition with one another. Your mind is meant to serve Spirit, which is Knowledge. Knowledge is here to serve God and to fulfil your purpose for coming into the world and the greater need of your Soul.” The Power of Knowledge
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Virpi
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS! Yes restraint is a key to moving forward. As in Alcoholics Anonymous I have learned the value of this and the dichotomies it presents. But without contrast I feel there can be little learning involved. The experience i am having of this is strong and important. Thank you!
nenette_istanbul:  My moments , my work place everything are full of silence…thankyou to The Steps to Knowledge lesson a perfect gift that ı received now this silence converted to Stillness the most powerful practice to feel the Presence…
Kristina_Boulder:  @TomW, when I had some health issues that required some money investment I knew that I should not spend money on anything except fixed expenses and my health. Although that might seem pretty logical and self explanatory, this understanding was also accompanied by a feeling, which helped me to understand what my priorities are and here my resources must be directed.
Corey-MedHat:  Step 220
“I will use restraint today so that greatness may grow within me.” Indeed & for myself a potent reminder that I needed to drop down to my long term memory
MVS Society:  Every disaster in life started out as a good idea.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, “Usually, the first big experiences of Knowledge is Knowledge holding you back. From Heaven’s perspective, restraint is the most important thing. Without this, real promise for you fades. If you cannot be restrained, you cannot be guided.” My step today is “I must learn to be discreet today” (27 SCT) and FINALLY after 6+ of practice years I am able to do this, and the results are huge, especially during these times that the Intervention is targeting me. It makes a huge difference, it has taken me from thinking their tactics are clever to seeing how predictable and easily exposed they are.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Katia for sharing your experience.
manuel germany :):  bless you May_Norway – beautifully expressed
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS. I am finding this restraint to be such a blessing… is liberating accept this much needed harness.
Reed_Society:  Thank you Jim
Adria_Poland:  Thank you Marshall
Tamara~Boulder:  Ha….Before entering a state of expression to share a prayer, I had the thought to copy and save it before posting. After the prayer was typed I hit enter without copying it and it did not appear on the chat. How quickly I forgot.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Virpi for sharing that powerful experience with Knowledge
Shane – New Zealand:  How much time do we have? My concern of journal-ling is self obsession. I mean there is a world to be saved. This is my issue, I need to find a balance. but “human sovereignty”. Is anybody else feeling/hearing this? this sense of real urgency regarding the intervention.
Kelton_Calif:  @ Sally: Your comments to Tynne at 8:36 resonated deeply with me and mirrors my own experience- for when I practice- remembering this isn’t about just me. My practice is for others who are depending upon me. My practice is for the world in need. My practice is for Knowledge. Remembering to Give myself to my practice and opening myself to receive. When I can approach my practice in this way I feel a validation and resonance with something deep and mysterious that affirms the intention I am applying to my practice and the intention that calls to me and supports me in this yielding- can open a door for Grace.
LaRaeUK:  “Every disaster in life started out as a good idea.”….this caused me to burst out in laughter…such is the wake of my many disasters.
Katia_France:  You’re welcome, Insuk. And Dariel, it was the weirdest thing, because though I hear my mind speak all the time, this was very different. I could actually physically hear my own voice resonating inside my head, nothing like hearing my own thoughts at all… And indeed my own thoughts, full of the fear of losing my boyfriend, were very different. It was quite unsettling, but I knew it was important.
Jos_Netherlands:  Yes Shane, I feel the same.
Cameron_Canada:  @laRaeUK – me too!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Raoul, thank you for sharing.
Kari_H_Finland:  @TomW I would not have told this to anyone but you started… When I shaved my beard many years ago because it was ridiculed by my friends at that time I felt bad after shaving. So, I let it grow back and I shaped it as it used to be. Then many years after I saw the beard of the Messenger and I know now why I felt so bad about shaving my beard
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you MVS. There were two big experiences of inner voice. One was a steadily promoting guide for me to return to a college when I wandered. The other was to not marry a certain woman.
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you @Jos_Netherlands
Betty_UK:  Thank you Patricia – “Retrospective life mapping as a practice – Some examples of “mappings”, (which become transparencies within the bigger picture). Some threads may be: important experiences of Knowledge, key decisions, significant encounters with others ,errors/mistakes, rich experiences, periods of suffering, turning points leading to thresholds, timescapes of being alone/timescapes being with others. Being in possession of a the quality of our experience, ….” (10:16) & Marshall – “Usually, the first big experiences of Knowledge is Knowledge holding you back. From Heaven’s perspective, restraint is the most important thing. Without this, real promise for you fades. If you cannot be restrained, you cannot be guided.” (at 10:21 am)
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane “this sense of real urgency regarding the intervention” I think some of us are called here, while others are not…I definitely am, seems like I can’t get out of this one!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Patricia “Revisiting these mappings and extending them into the present” wow have work to do.
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Shane Yes I feel that now, I have to guard from getting too serious some times now that I have this knowledge.
Selma London:  Making decisions about buying things at the check-out that are not needed, or even unhealthy, is a frequent occurrence for many, I think. And how often that knowing not to buy is overruled by our surface minds – mine sometimes deliberately with humour; the enjoyment of separation! Ultimately, it’s a power struggle…
MVS Society:  Yes Cameron, this is also true with Knowledge.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Kristina
Mathieu-France:  @Shane: certainly an urgency, yes. The core response, to me, feels like an urgency to prepare, whatever that may mean for each of us specifically. Journaling in simply a tool in that preparation to respond to this greater picture urgency. We cannot skip the preparation that connects us to Knowledge to face the world. Both goes together.
Mark_Boulder:  @MVS – my ideas are definitely error prone.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Shane–“Is anybody else feeling/hearing this? this sense of real urgency regarding the intervention”: Yes, when I think of the Intervention–or GWC–I feel a powerful sense of urgency that pushes me to re-center myself and rededicate myself to practice in the moment.
Levy_Brazil:  Shane, I feel the urgency both regarding the Intervention and regarding my own preparation / studenthood. I can’t take the issue in my hands, I can only do my small part.
Tonia_Denmark:  Ideas are rooted in beliefs and assumptions, like fantasies
Solange_Indy:  Often when my hourly comes up as a computer program reminder and I delay it, my mouse will fly over the STK icon and up pops the window for my step. Gentle reminders from Knowledge…
Ken_Oklahom:  @ Shane, I like the “mapping” approach to journaling. I want to use it to capture the important things that are going on. It could also capture your ideas for advocating and serve as a later reminder.
Jos_Netherlands:  @ Virgie. The Dutch government is preparing for a see level rise of 6 meters the coming 30 years. Rising the dikes en building pumps to get the rivers out.
Dariel_Boulder:  Katia…Such powerful contrast between ‘your mind’ and ‘the mind of God’. So grateful for your experience and those I have had myself. It really is important to keep a record. I can forget so easily and need reminding that I do have the experience of KN.
Betty_UK:  @Shane, that has been on my mind too, every little worries, seem not to matter. The work is even more needed, that’s what carry me forward, to do what is needed in all aspects of our lives, that’s all we can do.
Tom_SanFrancisco:  in 1999,i traveled the coast on N California looking for a new place to live. I had been an aikido bum for almost a full decade–mostly in S California, and I knew I had to leave S. Cal. Now, as a 3rd degree blackbelt, i was looking for a place to teach. I drove from San Francisco to Oregon. I liked Arcata, but another aikido teacher was already there and he had the same name as me!! can you imagine the confusion that would cause? i turned around in oregon because knowledge told me to. on the way south i was just north of Ft Bragg when Knowledge said “here”. i made the next left turn to drive inland to see what was there and found a paradise meadow surrounded by redwoods. i felt this was the place. a long story.. but a year later i lived in a cabin near that meadow, had a rent-free dojo on the edge of town and was studying Japanese aesthetics with a master who lived where i got the “here” message. but no great events followed. the dojo failed due to small population, I enjoyed…
Tom_SanFrancisco:  … surfing the huge waves, and the teacher influenced my landscape photography, but without marketing that died too.
manuel germany :):  Idealism is only good as a starting point, at a later stage it has to be converged towards the reality of life. Accept the world, the people, the circumstances how they are and do not condemn it. We are here to give our gifts to a world in great need. There are sufficient people in the world who complain and condemn… so nothing can be changed. First, we have to accept reality (reality check), even if it is painful, then we have to change our hearts and minds, and then “peut a peut” we may can change the direction of humanity and the world…
Joe_UK:  Thank you all again for being here. May the awareness of the New Message and the activation of Knowledge in the human family continue to expand. NNC
Kari_H_Finland:  @Jos that was interesting to hear. This is against the scientific consensus…
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you everyone. Dont get me wrong. I practice daily and spend many of hours a day buried in the New Message. My journey is recorded through hundreds of photoquotes, im a visual person. I will continue to go on about human sovereignty till the day I die. Get used to it, I will be bringing it up every week, lol.
Levy_Brazil:  Very grateful for your posts, Shane, so visually clear!
Nancy_Oregon:  @Solange, WOW subtle reminders. I remember as a child ‘parlor games . . guessing and being right more than half the time feeling smug that I have something really special, Now it’s survival, or perhaps I’ve relied on it Knowledge ONLY during times of survival, now realizing it could mean more than just MY survival, it
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Shane LOL got it. We are prepared.
Donald_Pa:  During last years encampment, I was fortunate to find myself outside and got to observe Marshall doing a Tai-Chi exercise, I made a mental note to find out more about this practice. As the confusion of life overtook my world, this task became put on the back burner. Two weeks ago, I was reminded of this task and found an instructor and class 5 minutes from where I live. The class is on Saturdays and ends with enough time to come home and log into this chat.. Thanks again Marshall for showing me another path to deepen my practice.
nenette_istanbul:  Thankyou @MVS …I have so many disaster in life , without knowledge all disasters occur all mistakes happened , now my only wishes is to apply this Knowledge be a good student of Steps to Knowledge and reading and understanding The Revelation is very important for me, hope the time will stop for a while because there are really many reclamation to do…
Betty_UK:  @Shane, yes and we will join you too
Jansett_KY:  Thank you, Shane. I feel such affinity with all you share. Keep on keeping on!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Marshall “Every disaster in life started out as a good idea.’ If I look back I can see this,at that moment mostly I only could see a disaster but later in life I also could see the promise a disaster carried.
Nancy_Oregon:  s it is a heaviness to bear, while I hopefully gain some confidence moving forward
Mathieu-France:  @Shane: thanks for holding that!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Shane, yes. It started for me after I read Allies 1 several years ago. I felt a pressure to translate it into Russian. Now, still the pressure is there and some kind of mysterious commitment especially to Allies material.
Ken_Oklahom:  Thanks Shane, I feel the urgency as well!
Howard Boulder:  nice to be with you all, NNC
Jos_Netherlands:  @ Kari. Hope it will be less.
Raoul_Australia:  @Shane “I will continue to go on about human sovereignty till the day I die.” I will be with you on that…no bargaining with the Intervention for me, I will keep going until I die.
Selma London:  That’s an amazing story Tom SF
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you all–and especially to MVS, family and Dar and Tyyne. And the UNseen Ones…
Roberto_Boulder:  A few years ago, when I first found the New Message, as soon as I heard the revelation Love and Relationships I knew that I had to end the long-term relationship I was in in order to move forward. It was strange, because just days prior everything had been “okay” with her. And then, boom, this sudden feeling of “you know this is not a relationship you are supposed to be in right now. No matter how pleasing. End it.” It took a couple of more days to act on that. But once I did, it immediately felt right. It was like a celebration of freedom walking away from that final conversation. Like if I had been previously trying to move forward while dragging a 200 lb weight by a string. Once I let go of that string, the weight was gone, and, wow, that was the first thing I had to do, and it enabled me to continue to respond at that time.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Tom for sharing your experience!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I would like to share an example of how Knowledge speaks to me. As we know Truth exists outside of us as much as within. The Voice of Knowledge can be very subtle or very loud. If only minor correction is needed then the the guidance is subtle… such as if it is not the time to be on the computer then it is not easily accessed, instead of getting impatient I close the laptop for now and let it go. On the other hand, I once asked for guidance on wether to move back to Canada from Los Angeles and give up my ambitions as an actor – a major question asked about 3 months into my steps training…. I went on a walk asking this over and over ” should I leave?” – when I returned home to my apt in North Hollywood I found hanging on my doorknob a russian type rabbit fur hat. It had been left their, I found out later , by a friend I had recently met who I Know was an important person in my life. When I asked why he left it there for me he said, ” I don’t know ,I just felt I had to give it to…
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  … you.” I accepted this as a sign that my hat had been handed to me. Within four months I was moved back to Moose Jaw and that was that. It seems that Knowledge can use the whole world to speak to us. Since then I have known from contrast that this was the correct decision.
nenette_istanbul:  I agree withyou @Shane: ”How much time do we have? My concern of journal-ling is self obsession. I mean there is a world to be saved. This is my issue, I need to find a balance. but “human sovereignty”. Is anybody else feeling/hearing this? this sense of real urgency regarding the intervention.”
Donald_Pa:  @Shane, I understand that choice and the situation leading to that kind of dedication. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
Cameron_Canada:  @ Tom – The first few times I participated in the campfire I noticed the was a Cameron_Canada listed. It was very confusing and then I realized that it was me all along – LOL
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you all, what a wonderful place to be. love and gratitude to all. NNC. Don’t forget its you right and duty to stand up for human sovereignty
Alexandra:  Part of our purpose for coming here!
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Roberto! The pain to end the relationship is no where near as powerful as the suffering/pain of staying in it! I have gone through a few of those experiences as well my friend. And here we are!
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Shane
MVS Society:  Yes Jos, the Dutch government has a big need to know the truth about these things.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Roberto, I’m always amazed how teaching work in mysterious ways. I’m often directed to read a certain teaching that I need in that specific moment of life.
Rosa_UK:  @LaRae yes “That sense of finally having found the Truth I had longed for and searched for all my life” resonating!
manuel germany :):  @Roberto. I relate to that very well – it occurred to me as well in a similar way though at that time I did not know the New Message from God, but of course God and Knowledge have been accompanying me my whole life, so…
Jos_Netherlands:  Yes Marshall. And at least they are responding.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia, Reed and everyone, NNC
Alexandra:  @ Jos… Will it be enough?
Patricia_Society:  @Tom 10:43 Your accounting of being strongly compelled, but in the end, your experience seemed to lead nowhere. Is this so? ……The question to apply in looking back, how much was personal preference and world view “running in the backround”? As Marshall says, if strong experiences don’t lead anyway and certainly not to something of consequence, we have to question them. “What was that?”
Alison_Boulder:  @Roberto I listened to that last night and felt a lot of obvious and clear rememberings of what I have learned. These Revelations remind me of my wealth of Knowledge instead of telling me what to do. There are directives to manage and work with, but those “You Know this” (yes, yes I know this) moments are much stronger.
Alexandra:  Thank you Patricia! That question came up a lot lot for me recently… Such a powerful question to be with…
Jos_Netherlands:  @ Alexandra. Maybe not. We are designing pumps with a diameter of 2.5 meters. There will be a maximum size.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Shawn for sharing your experience! NNC
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for sharing that @Roberto…..that feeling of weight being gone is such a blessing.
Alexandra:  @Jos: What if a Tsunami hits us?
nenette_istanbul:  I want to ask a prayer from the The Messenger about my country The Philippines… about the war on terror and drugs… my heart is in burden of what is happening to my country.
Jos_Netherlands:  @ Alexandra. Hope we will be out.
Asterick:  You would be wise to accelerate your practice to best of your abilities.
TomW London:  Thank you Roberto. I very recently (last month) had a similar experience. Although I was attached to the relationship and ‘her'(more my personal minds assertion of itself through her, perhaps), I Knew it wasn’t right – I couldn’t give her a reason and still haven’t been able to fully intellectualise it. But after I instigated an ending I felt a huge amount of relief and ‘right-ness’. She is still very confused…
Mathieu-France:  @Roberto: thanks for sharing that! I had a similar experience last autumn: I was considering some problems I had with a co-worker, and was vaguely considering the possibility of ending our collaboration, when I suddenly had a such a clear feeling of Knowledge indicating “yes, do that!”. It felt rather strong, and I thought, “wow, this must be important, right?” but couldn’t see how to proceed in that direction. A few month later, a way out opened, and I had to work on that with some determination. But when this collaboration ended, like 5 months after, I felt so good, as if I had to free my life from this relationship, whatever the reason. It has been a recurrent direction, all these years, freeing myself from almost everything than could bind me. Like I had to be as free as possible to to be available for where I really need to go. it takes obvious and less obvious steps, but there’s always a clear good feeling about it. The freedom to follow you destiny feeling.
Betty_UK:  @ Jos bringing people aware of the NM, the blessing, warnings and the preparation is even more important, for those who can respond.
Asterick:  Beauty accounts for nothing. A friend is one you can see through and still enjoy the view.
Jos_Netherlands:  @ Betty. Yes, let’s go for the next Expo
MVS Society:  When Knowledge seems to move you to do something you personally want to do, be careful. Wait and watch. When Knowledge moves you to do something you don’t want or resist, this could be important.
PatSaunders_Australia:  @Mathieu thanks for sharing.
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall
Betty_UK:  @ Jos I will try, would love to join you all, next expo. So grateful for those who could attend the expo
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone for sharing your experience of Knowledge and experiences that looked like Knowledge but in the end weren’t, we can help each other here, as we witness the quality of each experience through the eyes of each other, and feel the contrast, again and again, we become clearer, simpler, less prone to delusion, feet on the ground instead of swept up into the clouds of the mind costing us precious time and missed turns within that precious time
Lingling_Boulder:  @ Kristina, Roberto, Katia. I resonate with what you all told about relationship. Relationship is also a threshold to me. It takes a lot of courage to let people go, and go on with our NM journey. The whole process is like a war inside– the war between the mind and Knowledge. It was hard lession for me, and I am glad that Knowledge won in the end in my former ralationships.
Cameron_Canada:  @MVS I have found that to be a very important teaching
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ patricia. the series of events that unfolded that lead to me living there was “serendipitous” to an amazing degree. things fell into place in the strangest ways. I was walking through town. saw a book that i had been interested in displayed in a window, went in the store. owner asked why the interest in a book on Japanese aesthetics? who was I? he said he had a place where i could live. it turned out to be right near the meadow, a few miles north of town. free rent if i fixed it up. he had the lumber. as i was in the process of building i would the bottom of the stack of lumber to have rot from sitting in the rain. i was overwhelmed with the thought that i am wasting my time, in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. i sat down and centered and asked if i should stay or leave. knowledge said to stay.
Alison_Boulder:  Knowledge has rarely agreed with me on walking toward someone. In fact, the people I consider companions now were not pursued by me, but rather found walking and working along. I will have to do some contemplations about when there was a “go ahead” that was truly Knowledge.
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you for putting that to words
MVS Society:  Before Knowledge can move you up the mountain, it has to hold you back from anchoring yourself too strongly in the lowland.
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, thats true. And remembering times when you did not follow Knowledge because it told you to do smth you did not want to do is helpful during these times, as it gives you strength to follow.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you, Marshall. One of the purest and strongest experiences I had of Knowledge, was when I decided to get an US Visa, “borrow” money from my Mum’s secret vault and come to my first Encampment. Everything about this was clear as day, strong and refreshing as a summer storm. I hold this experience pure in my memory, use to calibrate others.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Marshall. You shared recently something to the effect of “When I feel am impulse I first resist it”. That is a wisdom that is been on my mind daily.
Val_Westport:  Discerning when it’s Knowledge, that’s all-important, Marshall!
Ken_Oklahom:  @Alison – “In fact, the people I consider companions now were not pursued by me, but rather found walking and working along.” This reminds me of a NM teaching that says something like, find your purpose in life and the right people will flow to you.
Debbie_MI:  @Shane, Raoul, Virgie, Levy, and Kristina, and all-I have also felt that sense of urgency regarding the intervention, the GWC, and preparation. Also, every time I read The AOH briefings, I feel as if they are talking directly to me in a way that feels very powerful. I have also had many experiences of both kinds of knowledge and have always been glad when I listened and sorry when i have not.
Reed_Society:  @Lingling, there is a passage from deep in the NM (paraphrasing): over time you must endure the storms of your own mind. It signals to me that there will be acute moments, storms of mind and emotion, turmoil within, and we simply must endure those periods and keep walking the straight and narrow path into our future. And 10, 20, 30 years from now we will look back and all that mattered is that we kept going, straight, and arrived in our future able to participate, ready to participate, and all those storms we went through will be forgotten and forgettable, the wake behind the ship, swept away by time. Did we go forward, did we keep going forward? To be delivered to the future by this core will and intention to proceed, to press on, to pass through whatever we must, to get to that future.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you Messenger. And being without this anchor in this world feels like you are a failure, a misfit in your society, in your culture as I felt my whole life until you begin to feel that you are actually standing on an island.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall “Before Knowledge can move you up the mountain, it has to hold you back from anchoring “
LaRaeUK:  You said something similar at The Encampment Marshall and it has stayed with me. It feels difficult to discern the difference. There are often feelings of dread, even when I think it is something I want….so I choose to do wait and listen for Knowledge.
Alison_Boulder:  @Ken yes, and it’s a “go ahead” to stay and endure, really.
Nancy_Oregon:  @Reed. THANK you . . .going forward. . . My new mantra.
Robert_Society:  @Reed – Thank you for your beautiful description of moving in life.
Lin_Boulder:  Lingling, I am honored to witness your journey to freedom.
TomW London:  Thank you Marshall for this mountain message – I can feel it swimming in me now (perhaps very relevant for me at this time).
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Reed! And thank you MVS!
Mathieu-France:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall, “When Knowledge seems to move you to do something you personally want to do, be careful. Wait and watch. When Knowledge moves you to do something you don’t want or resist, this could be important.” I seem to experience this most of the time.
Adria_Poland:  @Reed thank you for this. I remember this (or similar) passage from Thresholds teaching. Small changes, turmoils of personal mind and insignificant affairs – great emotional reaction. Significant, momentous changes – little emotional reation, take longer to pass.
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you all. Until next time, be well. Oh I will try to be here but the next few weeks I will be traveling to Toronto area and can not be certain of my ability to be here. I know at least one of the Saturdays I will not be able to participate. I look forward to our next campfire whenever that may be.
Virpi_Finland:  Adria, Yes Knowledge feels vital and clear to me too.
LaRaeUK:  Oh how I resonate with that @Kari. I still feel that way, but now I’m grateful it is so.
Ken_Oklahom:  Thanks Marshall. “When Knowledge seems to move you to do something you personally want to do, be careful. Wait and watch. When Knowledge moves you to do something you don’t want or resist, this could be important.” I have noticed recently certain urgings to do something I don’t want to do. I am trying to pay close attention to these.
Betty_UK:  More specific the latter.
Donald_Pa:  Thank you Reed, for sharing yet another gem of experience.
DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you Reed.
manuel germany :):  I am very grateful to be connected to you all wonderful spirits. Thank you for all your insights, wisdom and experiences shared. Nasi Novare Coram
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Reed, well formulated (as usual).
Raoul_Australia:  …the Australian night is calling and the eyelids are dropping…thank you all for another meaningful time together
Nasi Novare Coram
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK you everyone, another uplifting and enlightening time together. providing me Encouragement to keep going , take one day at a time, going forward, doing my small part in Great Mission. Nasi Novare Coram
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thank you all! A special thanks to Marshall, Patricia, Reed and Society! I must look at this a few times. Nasi Novare Coram
TomW London:  Thank you everybody, feeling lots of love and gratitude to be part of this community and to hear all the wisdom shared.
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all for this powerful chat. I am not alone. Nasi Novare Coram.
TomW London:  Nasi Novare Coram
Alexandra:  Rest well Raoul! Thank you for your demonstration!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Raoul, hehe. Good night.
PatSaunders_Australia:  Thanks to all, good day, good night until next time.
Shane – New Zealand:  thats tough, the romantic love drug is powerful and can be very persuasive. Its crazy making stuff. In 2014 after encampment I went against knowledge foolishly. I saw a sacred rendezvous because I wanted it, it was my reward lol. It wasnt knowledge tried to tell me. I felt like I was going crazy, then there was nothing, I felt lost and alone. Embarrassed and humbled, ashamed to face the revelations. It has been a long hard struggle just to get back to this point, one small step at a time. The cost is too great that was a very dark place.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you dear Alexa!
Heidi_Germany:  Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram!
Patricia_Society:  @Reed, yes, what looked like Knowledge but was it? How to devise and employ diagnostic measures to test ourselves…so we will be more careful with our time and our exposure to ever more experience….To what end? To find our simple service and then hold and hold….not spectacular, a quiet destination point. But it can prove consequential all the same. Will we recognize the turns in the road? Will we take them? What do we want and is it in keeping with the greater intention for our life? Will we move on and move on….until eventually, right there in front of us is the simple service……and will we stay and will we stay….
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Kristina…yea, it’s time!
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you all!
Reed_Society:  There is a battleground experience sometimes as a student of Knowledge. Here the teaching says: of course, because you are overcoming the world, you are overcoming all that the world of separation has put within you, taught you from birth, you are overcoming that in time. And so, we must break free, and breaking free is not easy or painless. And the breaking free doesn’t just all happen at some point, and then you are free. You have to stay free. You have to become freer as life puts new challenges in front of you, asks more of you. It is ongoing and it is a real struggle at times. And yet the teaching also says: and yet, finally you are struggling for the last great thing worth struggling for, you are not struggling for a life of fantasy and imagined fulfillment, you are struggling for your real and lasting freedom, this is worth the struggle.
May_Norway:  Thank you again everyone!!!
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all.
Corey-MedHat:  Participation, shared experience & wisdom continues to fuel this campfire. Gratitude to you all Nasi Novare Coram
Lingling_Boulder:  thank you Reed! Yes, Now I realize how important it is to be free to be able to prepare to engage or to take next step when needed. I recall always what you and Patricia said about ‘ Where will I be in 24 months’ in the end of last encampment. Where will I be? If I don’t follow Knowladge, I will be nowhere in the wild. It is scary for me to imagine that. That is what I really don’t want.
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Oh Shane…you did experience the contrast of life. You cannot know one without experiencing the other! Glad you are back to that place of light! NNC my friend!
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Patricia. I hope we will progress so we can.
LaRaeUK:  I feel you Shane… willfulness has landed me there more than once in life.
nenette_istanbul:  Wow ! Grateful for reading all your insights fellow students and ‘m learning …NNC
Virpi_Finland:  Shane, you got back! Not everybody does.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you all again and again! Nasi Novare Coram
Alexandra:  @Reed: I more and more feel I am walking on a suspended rope … Something I´ve always done but was not aware of with my eyes closed …
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all,Nasi Novare Coram
Val_Westport:  Visitors have arrived and are claiming my attention. Blessings to you all. We are truly Blessed with our Relationships of Higher Purpose. Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS, Patricia, Reed for the example of your lives, your embodiment of Knowledge and all the tremendous wealth of guidance and wisdom you provide. Thank you everyone for a stimulating and meaningful discussion. So grateful for all of you….
Ken_Oklahom:  Two hours later and 100 students are with us, with the Messenger. We are blessed to have this school chat. NNC.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Mark
Serena M_NM:  Thank you everyone!
Jim B. & Chris B. Upstate NY:  Thanks Mark! Enough out of
Shane – New Zealand:  I learnt alot about myself in that time. It was hideous then, but it serves me well now.
Donald_Pa:  @Shane Sometimes the eye candy leads can lead us to indulge ourselves with these physical pleasures. It’s quite the roller coaster ride that always leads back to where we started until we recognize it as another substitute for Knowledge.
Reed_Society:  @Patricia, yes if the end goal here is to find and take our place of simple service, integrated in the movement of the great coordination, then the process of getting there is one of straitening, stabilizing, quieting within, refining, letting go, instead of a wild journey of ups and downs, turns and side journeys, ascribing more and more qualities to ourselves, taking on more ideas, more and more information, building an encyclopedic awareness, instead of a specific awareness, and specific set of activities, specific form of service.
justin-calif-!:  thanx again, all, for your wisdom and strength! NNC, j
Jorge_Spain:  @Tom, your case may have been all right, I don’t know, but one thing that has given me great pause in the face of seemingly “serendipitous” moments, synchronicities and the like is seeing for example how many pro-intervention people often have this kind of experiencies, guiding them to things that seem right but in truth are not right. There’s something very important to learn here.
Shane – New Zealand:  @Donald pa, yep, I have always had problems with a sweet tooth. but im sugar free now, lol
Reed_Society:  @Lingling, yes that is so important, to be engaged in the present moment, present day with the awareness of the 12 months, 24 months, to feel on trajectory to make the rendezvous with your future, the inner barometer is what keeps us on trajectory, the inner sense of rightness or wrongness that is core and simply felt
Debbie_MI:  Thank you everyone. This chat has been such a blessing! NNC.
Josef Austria:  Thank you Mark!
Carol_Society:  @ Reed: Oh, yes, the storms are not what really matters and will be forgotten when we leave this world. As we know, what really will matter then is, did I do it? did I keep moving forward? did I keep pressing on? did I move through whatever I had to to fulfill my sacred promise? Thank you.
Alexandra:  Thank you everyone and blessings. The world is waiting my contribution… the dogs need their supper
Selma London:  Yes, Jorge, lots of things ‘happen’ to people which are ‘interpreted’ as K, rather than really having the inner experience of deep knowing
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Reed for the clear picture of where we have been and where we are and where our life is going. Our place of simple service.
[email protected]:  Thank you all for doing all that you do. God be with us, strengthen, clarify and lead us all to what needs be in our lives and in our world. May we see and follow. NNC
Rosa_UK:  Thank you to Marshal and everyone! These times together are so very dear and precious! Nasi Novare Coram
Patricia_Society:  10:52 Tom – trial and testing…Looking back, some to the most pointed questions and the greatest assistance came from being queried and heard out, by fellow servants who had found the same trench that I had…..and our context together either grew and grew and/or become more or less real. The circumstances proved themselves…Alone I can know nothing….Knowledge – a return to relationship in the world and with those beyond..Thanks so much…all….
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  At first self honesty was rare and painful, but now it is often and refreshing.
Reed_Society:  @Carol, yes, the question we may ask ourselves in the end is not: “did I do that big thing I need to do in life, that great expression, that great project, did I accomplish IT, did I become the light and radiate that out?” and instead “did I find my place, the people I needed to meet and the service that was natural and correct for me to give and did I hold, hold true to my service and hold true to my relationships, the whole way, until the end?”
Josef Austria:  Thank you Carol!
Carol_Society:  Thank you all. May we be with the Presence that is ever with us.
Reed_Society:  That is the expression we wish to make in the world but that we cannot will into existence, the expression that naturally arises from a life of service upheld and honored the whole way
Adria_Poland:  @Reed, thank you, that’s a powerful, calibrating question on its own – I am adding it to periodical reviews.
Mohammed – Philly, PA:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @Reed: yes the end which could be a large chunk of life is “simple service” or to simply serve. Not some projected fantasy based upon ambition or spiritual escape. Good reminder that this is what our preparation, our practice is for…to be able to move into our position of service in the Greater Coordination. Reminds me of the Shaker song “‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free
‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
Twill be in the valley of love and delight. To bow and to bend we shan’t be asham’d,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come ’round right.”
[email protected]:  Reed, I would love to watch a Utube of you going over your dashboard format, visually and with your commentary and suggested use would be greatly helpful for those of us, (or maybe I’m the only one) lacking in abstract visualization.
Reed_Society:  @Mary, beautiful, @Lin/@Adria Yes thank you, @Alio, I’ll think about it thanks!
Sally_Boulder:  Thank you all, so so much…how wonderful this chat has been, truly thank you, such a joint enterprise this is.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Reed: this ponders me.. ” “did I find my place, the people I needed to meet and the service that was natural and correct for me to give and did I hold, hold true to my service and hold true to my relationships, the whole way, until the end?” …
Reed_Society:  Thank you all, taking the Messenger’s call to go into the second hour into a third hour! We can conclude…
Selma London:  NNC – thank you all
nenette_istanbul:  Wow… I have my time 3rd hour
Betty_UK:  Thank you all
Lingling_Boulder:  Thank you all for sharing. So rich chat it always is. So much wisdom. NNC
Roberto_Boulder:  Deepest gratitude to all for being here and for all that has been given. Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @All, just yesterday I came down from the mountains where I saw large swaths of dead & dying forest and today I witness the growing and emerging Knowledge in the world of humanity. Large trees to shelter the younger ones – this morning you gave me such joy to know that as the world is collapsing and falling a new spirit is rising. May it grow stronger and spread to the world.
Bethne_UK:  A wonderful and helpful chat for me .I am most grateful to all NNC
Nancy_Oregon:  @Maryl THANKS for your perspective and encouragement. NNC
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society and All. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  That is beautiful @MaryL thank you .
Ilhun_Korea:  Yes MaryL, “May it grow stronger and spread to the world.”
MaryL_Boulder:  NNC and thank you all from the Messenger who is standing with us and for us to all the students in this World Wide Community.
Ken_Oklahom:  Its great to see the relationship building going on! I show 500 side messages between students, if that is what the number in red to the right means.
Ken_Oklahom:  i mean to the left
Levy_Brazil:  Much wisdom, thank you all for your contributions.
Josef Austria:  My deepest gratitude to all of you! Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed, WWC! Where would i be today without the NMFG and Marshall! It was a rocky journey without assured sucess, but with the very deep feeling of ” never stop searching until you have been found “. Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram!
nenette_istanbul:  At midnight here and noontime in Boulder , my time of doing my advocacy thru FB, Twitter, & Google …if im in the wrong position ..please do not hesitate to correct me, I do appreciate so much if someone will correct me.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all sharing your wisdom and precious experiences. NNC
Rudy_Boulder:  MVS, there is a passage in RHP that states, Good Intention without Knowledge leads to disaster…..that one always stayed with me. There have been times that my intentions were “good”, but only to blow up later, because I was guided by my preference and not Knowledge. These experiences clearly demonstrate the need for Knowledge.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Roberto. Thanks for sharing. I am going to send Love & Relationships to my oldest grandson who is struggling with a relationship. I pray he has the ears to hear.

One Response to "Campfire Chat July 1, 2017"

  1. Alisa Posted on July 2, 2017 at 5:08 am

    I was unable to attend the Chat yesterday because we had a massive thunderstorm and the power went out for several hours (right around the time of the Chat). This morning I have enjoyed reading the transcript and been fascinated by all the sharing about the times people have felt Knowledge working in their lives and how that panned out for them. I am mindful of Marshall’s warning to wait and see during those times when you feel Knowledge is prompting you to do something you personally want to do. Is this not wishful thinking or self-deceit? It is very easy to think that Knowledge is moving you precisely in the direction you want to go, when in fact this is not the case. It is not easy to discern.

    My experience in life, however, has been that when Knowledge is truly moving me (and I really only realize this in hindsight), everything falls into place without any particular effort on my part. I do not even analyze or think too deeply about it, I just go with the flow because it feels right. And everything works out.

    I have also felt times of restraint but chose to ignore it. Things did not work out, but I still learned valuable lessons, the experience took me in a new direction and gave me food for comparison.

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