Campfire Chat January 28, 2017

 Will_Society:  The Source’s message to Marshall on his first trip out into the world, to Istanbul, in 2007: “You are here to provide God’s answer for the salvation of humanity, for the protection of humanity, for the advancement of humanity, for humanity’s future within this world and in the Greater Community of worlds. What could be more profound than that? You are here to warn people of the Greater Darkness in the world, of the Great Waves of change. What could be more profound than that? You are here to bring people to the urging of God within themselves. What could be more fundamental than that?” 

-How were you impacted by the week of the Messenger’s Vigil?
-What do you see in the world or in other people that reinforces your intention to work towards a New Life?-What in the world discourages you?

Maria_Boulder:  yes, I am not able to sign in either- this is Maria- I wrote message to Maureen, and groundhog message- is my name showing up?
Alexandra_NL:  Yes, your name is visible Maria
Maria_Boulder:  @ Alison- I see your name- (maria)
Maureen_Boulder:  Yes. l see your message, Maria.
Ken_Oklahoma:  Great to be with all who gather world-wide to celebrate the Messenger’s life and mission in this world!
Maria_Boulder:  @Alex- thanks
nenette_istanbul:  something wrong ?
Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello everyone!
Hardev_Australia:  A very special day, greetings to all.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone !
Insuk_Korea:  Hello everyone!
Richmond_UK:  Hi everyone
Ellen_Society:  Welcome to all who are gathering. There do seem to be some technical difficulties, so bear with us.
Jangsun_Korea:  Hello everyone.
Ramona_Romania:  Nasi Novare Coram!
Levy_Brazil:  Hello all, greetings from Santos, Brazil
nenette_istanbul:  Greetings to all from Istanbul, Turkey
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello all. Very happy to be here, though still attending from a mobile phone. And that should hopefully change rather soon to something more appropriate. Moving to a new location in two days.
Ramona_Romania:  and a Happy Birthday for our Messenger!
Raoul_Australia:  Hello all, greetings from Australia
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Tonia_Denmark:  Happy birthday, Marshall Vian Summers
Mike_LF_CAL:  Very first images of exoplanets released yesterday, 4 planets roughly 5x Jupiters mass!
Mike_LF_CAL:  …and 129 lt yrs away…
Joyanne_Canada:  oh the tech gremlins at it again, but nothing is going to stop us from gathering and being together.. :-)))
Carol_Society:  Hello to everyone and welcome!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Hello everyone on this special day!
Joyanne_Canada:  good news Tonia
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Ellen. Good to be with you too.
Joyanne_Canada:  Hello everyone .. A very special day for a very extraordinary Man!!
93401:  As the hour strikes around the world for our sacred gathering, let us take a moment of stillness and feel the great beneficence of the Creator who has sent the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers to our world. We are so blessed.
Raoul_Australia:  Happy Birthday to our Messenger!
Tonia_Denmark:  Yes Joyanne. I miss you so so much
Will_Society:  Welcome everyone to the Campfire Chat on the final day of the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil, in the fourth week of the Journey to a New Life Free School session.
Josef Austria:  Happy Birthday, Marshall !!!
Rebecca_NY:  hello everyone!
Levy_Brazil:  Yes, Mike, very exciting news, part of Earth’s emergence into the Greater Community
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  Happy Birthday dear Marshall. God danced the day you were born…so grateful for the gift of you!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes exactly Levy, “part of Earth’s emergence into the Greater Community”
Joyanne_Canada:  What comes at me from the Vigils, is Destiny, Purpose, Meaning, Service. Life is changing a new life is emerging, united with the Greater Coordination. I am feeling a deeper need to engage with serving this Man and his purpose for being here. My Purpose for being here.. Got to do it anyways!
scot_canada:  Happy (truthful/meaningful) Birthday to Marshall; our Great Teacher… Great job on last night’s delivery- profound, urgent and passionate.
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Tonia_Denmark:  Lol Dariel and LaRae, Im sure you are right!
Levy_Brazil:  Mike, I wonder at what point, SpaceX and other companies will “bump into” ETs and will have to publicly announce we are not alone.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
Surina_Calif.:  Happy Birthday, Marshall!
Darlene_Society:  Welcome Everyone, old friends from our week together.After we share our individual experiences of the extraordinary Messenger’s Vigil, we will continue to deepen our discussion of the Core Revelation, Building the Bridge to a New Life.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Every night of the vigil has been very powerful and has impacted me deeply. What a blessing to have Marshall in the world!
Mirjana_Sweden:  Happy Birthday, Dear Marshall.
Joyanne_Canada:  Happy Birthday Marshall Vian Summers, Your gift to our world and to each of us is extraordinary, perhaps beyond once in a life time. I Pray that your Prays are answered, not just on this great day but in all the days that you are here serving Humanity.
Darlene_Society:  What a stunning Messenger’s Vigil we all had the great privilege of attending. I saw this as a week of immersion “classes” by the Messenger, Patricia and Reed. They gave so much to us, enough for weeks and months to come, truly a higher education for seven Vigil nights and days: Night One was the Great Intention. Night Two was the Story of the Messenger. Night Three was dedicated to the Greater Community. Night Four focused on Living The Way of Knowledge. Night Five we faced Entering a New World. And Night Six painted the vast reality of The Great Coordination. Please share your experience of this major event and what impacted you most deeply.
Serena_Montreal:  Hello everyone
Mike_LF_CAL:  Private ventures to the moon will run into those who are already there, it will be interesting to see what happens. But we should focus on the great blessing of Marshall’s birthday today.
scot_canada:  I found Marshall’s teachings around our mis-perceived notions and adherence to the pursuit of Happiness very useful. Not comfortable, but highly directive and imperative.
carolyn_CT:  Happy Birthday Messenger!
Jeanne_Boulder:  Hello to my fellow students:*)
Lin_Boulder:  Happy birthday Marshall. And Happy Chinese New Year. All Chinese around the world are celebrating new year, while unknowingly celebrate the New Messenger’s birthday!
scot_canada:  Reed’s analogy around his experience of descending The Grand Canyon; also very good. We MUST take this decent into the world…
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, Darlene.
Mathieu_Boulder:  The Chinese new year is under the rooster influence: time to wake up and proclaim to the world!
Douglas_StPaul:  Marshall did a great job of chasing off the people seeking happiness without purpose.
Tonia_Denmark:  Darlene, yes Vigils to watch over and over again.
Will_Society:  I have had the privilege to be both in the Sanctuary and sitting with the WWC online at the same time. It has been so moving to experience the people of the New Message, over 130 people gathered around this great miracle in our midst.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Darlene_Society: ” … as an infant, as a beginner, as a beginning practitioner of Knowledge, you require a new kind of relationship—a relationship with a focus that is in keeping with the great stage upon which you are embarking. Here your Spiritual Family becomes more active, and those who are seeking to find you, who were sent by your Spiritual Family, will be called to you, for you need them now, and you will rely upon them in the future. And they need you now, and they will rely upon you in the future. Neither of you can be successful apart. You need each other.” ( Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family )
jeanine_Society:  Happy Chinese New Year Lin – Fire Rooster, isnt’ it?
mellany UK:  So grateful for the insights and wisdom shared during the Vigil. It’s been a very potent, moving and motivational experience. Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed…. and all who’ve worked behind the scenes to implement the broadcasts.
Joyanne_Canada:  The Vigils have been like darts and arrows aimed right at the very heart of me, they call me to participate, to get on this train, and be a part of the Mission. So many deep truths, hitting hard, impacting me.
Mark_Hope, NJ:  Happy Birthday Marshall!!, getting younger yet?
scot_canada:  This is NOT about me; but involves a Greater Coordination which preceded and predated my appearance in the world. Thanks Reed.
Darlene_Society:  Watch videos of previous 2107 Messenger’s Vigil Broadcasts here: http://www.newmessage….watch
nenette_istanbul:  ”Here God is calling you to awaken from the dream and nightmare of Separation and to begin a new journey in life where you discover and build your connection to Knowledge, the deeper spiritual mind that God has placed within you to guide and protect you. This journey of awakening and return will bring you back to your original purpose for entering the world, the memory of those who sent you and the greater contribution you are meant to provide.” http://www.newmessage….-life
Ramona_Romania:  yes, indeed, It was so a great reminder from all points of view! very powerful and encouraging
carolyn_CT:  @Douglas: personal happiness is overrated
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Mathieu I like that sayingThe Chinese new year is under the rooster influence: time to wake up and proclaim to the world!
Maureen_Boulder:  The sense of extreme importance and urgency came through loud and clear -the world’s need, Heaven’s need. The clarion call to all of us to service to this beautiful world that is struggling not so valiantly as it almost unknowningly is emerging into the Greater Community.
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Scot, we now have to step out of our self absorption, into shared identity and purpose. Its all about the Mission, and why we are here at this time
Ken_Oklahoma:  So much was shared each night through the broadcast! I am so grateful for the stories, insight and wisdom shared by Marshall, Patricia and Reed. Sometimes it was too much to fully comprehend and understand. Understanding will have to come later. Thank-you to all who made the broadcasts possible and to all beings behind the Great Coordination.
Lin_Boulder:  Exactly Jeanine and Mathieu. bring the fire of Knowledge into the world.
scot_canada:  Marshall said; With regard to devotion and commitment in my Students, I look for honesty and movement.
Carol_Society:  @Darlene: ” immersion “classes” by the Messenger, Patricia and Reed” Oh, yes, Dar, this has been my experience as well: a New Message Intensive (course? seminar? is there even a word to capture what this is? As one student said after one of the broadcasts, “this is something else…”)
Raoul_Australia:  I feel, somewhere in my remembrance, that The Great Coordination was a reassurance we were given before coming here…something like, “…We know you can do it, there will be a Great Coordination…”
Patricia_DK:  There were many touching things in this Vigil, but what affected me very strongly was the teachings offered about the New World, about the fact that we are in it already and we will have to traverse this great chasm in order to get to the other side. This really shatters one’s idealism and what one tries to get out of life for oneself and brings you back to reality, really… I also found extremely helpful the 10-year question. It’s very easy to get absorbed again into your dreams of fulfillment, and this questions brings you back to your real priorities at the moment
Mirjana_Sweden:  Darlene, it was so powerfull, so bautiful. The extraordinary truth was spoken in the world. We live in the time of the Messanger and his NM for the world. It is for the generations to come, to see those powerfull moments in history, at that time.
Richmond_UK:  Amongst the many pearls of wisdom that have come out of the Vigil, just one that struck me, “Strength is not how much you can push, it is how much you can hold.” How true.
Rebecca_NY:  There really are no words to express how the Vigil is and has impacted me. I do know that I am beyond grateful to experience it and to be a part of it, even if from afar. Thank you to ALL those involved in making this possible!
Douglas_StPaul:  Happy birthday Marshall! Do you plan for a year in advance?
Tonia_Denmark:  What impacted me the most was Reeds words on making it through the wall to freedom. Free from feeling trapped. It responds very much to a situation I have been in for almost 6 months now.
MaryS/Inhee/Haandle:  Mary S: Raoul, I am beset by too much of that assurance, (“…We know you can do it, there will be a Great Coordination…”)most of the time. When Patricia remembered the first aborted Allies’ mission last night, it was with an awareness that we are part of that Coordination
MVS Society:  Dear all, you are my birthday presents. May you all open up on your own. Love MVS
Mirjana_Sweden:  And we were here to experience it and are here with the Messanger. May he continue… We are with him.
scot_canada:  I found Marshall’s word on trusting Him and This very pointed and useful. Also that (“don’t thinks that we know when we’re ready to join-The Great Coordination KNOWS)… all paraphrased on my part.
carolyn_CT:  I liked Reed’s analogy to being chained to the wall. When the chains break and we fall flat on our face. Ouch! Roger that.\
Kari_H_Finland:  What really resonated within me was when the Messenger reminded how this world has kept Knowledge alive in opposition to many worlds in the universe where the fire of Knowledge has died out. The future of this world is so important…
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Yes this is truly something else ,I am watching them over and over again ,so I will not miss anything.
Hardev_Australia:  @ Raoul, what a great insight. Resonating.
scot_canada:  Thanks for being a FUN-damentalist, Marshall
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  @Dar…I feel so blessed to be part of this most important Vigil. The clarity of our situation as human’s on this planet and as part of the GC is crystal clear. The Great Coordination and the Messenger–as well as the incredible contribution of Patricia and Reed–is such a gift. I am reeling from it but so grateful for it at the same time. It seems as though we are truly moving into ‘Action’ as the Great Coordination moves us all forward to our places in service to the world. It is such a powerful and wonderful mystery and plan that we are a part of. My deepest gratitude to the Messenger and to the members of the Society for all the years of devotion that have made this Vigil possible and provided the Great Coordination a means to give this gift on Earth.
Raoul_Australia:  thank you Hardev!
Douglas_StPaul:  @scot, resonating
Mathieu_Boulder:  For me, to have the great privilege to be here during this Vigil immersed has allowed me to deepen and strengthen my commitment and determination to serve this mission and this world. I feel a deep gratitude to Marshall, Patricia and Reed for what the greater picture they connected us with.
Val_Westport:  This Great Presence we share, what a communion and celebration it is for us, today and every day we welcome it! Happy Birthday Marshall; we behold you, as always, with Love.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Richmond, very true,
Adria_work:  Dear Marshall, happy birthday. Thank you for being with us!
Tamara:  Each Vigil or Encampment takes me back to the depths of the well of Knowledge. Slowly, during the space and time between them, I rise back to the surface to some degree. At the beginning of the Vigil my personal mind says, “Oh, come on…why can’t you stay deep in the well of Knowledge?’ This is fleeting however for as I dive in and become fully present to the experience, to the transmission of Wisdom, I build another layer of strength and courage.
Gina_Boulder:  @Will, For me with at the back of the room with the 60+ students before me, I’ve been impacted and inspired by the sincere approach to the Vigil, to studenthood and to the Message I perceived around me. And then, in an instant I am transported to someplace, to so many places in fact where individuals are still awaiting the New Message. My heart reaches out to them in their search, in their need. I am reunited with a greater Determination to serve those who have yet to come, to approach, to bear witness, to become coordinated. I pray to see their face and read their name on the chat someday. I pray many more come to know Marshall in his time and find that which their unfolding life depends.
Jansett_Boulder:  Marshall’s analogy of ourselves as icebergs struck me profoundly. Envisioning “all below the water line” opened up a whole new sense of being a citizen of the Greater Community and part of the Greater Coordination.
Betty_UK:  Gratitude for being here in the world Marshall and for not giving up.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you Marshall!
Reed_Society:  @Carolyn, those were Marshall’s words actually, and that image struck me too, that’s what it feels like when we are found in Separation, and when the awakening begins
Jordan_Montreal:  @Richmond, That stood out for me too
scot_canada:  Reed’s diagram for The Coordination was very good for perspective and relieved some of the “burden”, but not to say the responsibility of doing your small part.
Ilhun_Korea:  Happy Birthday Dear Messenger and deepest gratitude for being with us at this time in the world.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Gina, striking, ” To Become Coordinated”
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you for your words Marshall, It really touched my heart!
mellany UK:  Thank you Marshall. Beautiful. Happy Birthday.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Patricia DK that evening was the most impactfull for me too,hard to stay with it because of the deep feelings that came up.
Mathieu_Boulder:  Happy birthday, dear Marshall. May we give to you as you give to us.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Marshall
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Gina, Kelvin, Will, Eron, Mark and many for the simple and humble service you provide and hold.
Maria_Boulder:  Marshall, may you all that you came to deliver to this world, be given in your days here…and may we be the ripples that carry it far. Blessed be all your days. Thank you for taking birth in this challenging place, that Knowledge be kept alive…may it be so in each of us, and in this world. Our love is with you.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Gina – Very touching! “I pray to see their face and read their name on the chat someday.”
Serena_Montreal:  From last night- the fact that we are so accountable to so many, many other lives. We have no idea. The consequence of this. For me, a strong theme has been “you’re all in, or you’re all out.” There is no ‘in between.’ And this is relevant to everyday practice and decisions. What I’m reinforcing within myself every single day.
Kelvin (Boulder):  @Lin thank you.
mellany UK:  Those words struck me too, Rich. What are we to hold? Areas of work … responsibility … power. The transference of the Power of Knowledge, into our world .. this can save humanity. As Reed said “the Knowledge solution”.
Tamara:  Gina….in holding Vigil for the New World and considering those who need to find the New Message in order to meet the needs of their purpose, Marshall provided a question that brings clarity to me seeing of others…..”Who is trying to get clear?”
Douglas_StPaul:  I don’t know what mysterious grace is required to find those who are waiting, but I give it to you, holding the space for it, and them, to appear.
scot_canada:  Yes, Serena, there are no casual observers here.
Levy_Brazil:  Marshall or Reed mentioned the idea that we must become the “crew”. So coming from a perspective that God does everything, and now learning the perspective that we have a big part to play ourselves, it clarified greatly for me that over time we will need to “become part of the crew”, not to do everything, but to do what is ours at this time. Like a child goes about their life without understanding the motions of life and one day becomes a participating adult in life, I must become someone with greater capacity and dependability.
Virpi_FI:  With this Vigil I have understood more clearly why it is important to really face the current and coming global crisis and dilemma as well as I can. Facing it will make it possible to accept the only solution, which is Knowledge. I also see how much work it is to accept what is coming and not to go along what “the small me wants” to do (in all forms of escape), but to do instead what is needed and to follow K.
Ramona_Romania:  may we have the power to follow this…as u said : “it looks simple but is really advanced” Thank you!

Will_Society:  Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences around the Messenger’s Vigil. So much of what I’m reading reflects my own experience here… this is a powerful and important event!

As we shift our attention to the Free School session, let’s begin with the first question:

What do you see in the world or in other people that reinforces your intention to work towards a New Life?

Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Kari this world has kept Knowledge alive in opposition to many worlds in the universe where the fire of Knowledge has died out. The future of this world is so important…(5:17PM) Resonating!
Alex Nz:  Happy Birthday MVS may many give there true gifts to the world and another great vigil to share with you this year with our community, Blessed we are indeed to find the New Message
Douglas_StPaul:  @Tamara, that question helps me.
Richmond_UK:  @Mel for me holding strength seemed to apply directly to the Greater Work and as Reed said to become part of a ‘structure.’ Something strong and very reliable, with a solid foundation.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Gina, Kelvin, Will, Eron…very moving to behold you, in the room in real time, problem solving, addressing in the moment technical difficulties, so that those who are not able to be present in the sanctuary, and those who will not even have the opportunity to meet the Messenger in his lifetime, will have the great gift of these sacred and potent nights of directives and clarification…my heart bows
Raoul_Australia:  So true @Levy, not just picking and choosing what suits us but being part of a crew with our task to do and being accountable for it
Joyanne_Canada:  @Levy that struck me also, knowing that as part of the crew we have to learn the ropes, sails, ballast, etc, we have to be mulit-functional on this ship, but always maintaining the Vessel we are all on. All for one and one for all.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  How do you become kind and compassionate? You learn The Way of Knowledge. Then kindness and compassion will become natural rather than fabricated. Who takes the journey? Who makes the decisions? You do. You apply yourself. You share your journey with others who can keep pace with you. You give encouragement to those who are just behind you. And you keep your eyes on those who are just ahead. In this way everyone follows and everyone leads. Everyone receives inspiration and everyone gives inspiration at the level of life at which they live. With this, humanity moves forward as a whole. Rather than a few individuals escaping the well of ignorance, everyone takes a step away from it. (WGC2.30 Kindness)
Tonia_Denmark:  And ” The little you is aready scared of everything anyway….”
scot_canada:  It’s mostly the LACK of K in the world that necessitates my intention to act in the world toward creating a NEW LIFE
Maureen_Boulder:  Patricia’s analogy of the train spoke to me. Getting on the train while it is in motion. Can we/have we gotten to the meeting place on time? How many trains will we need to take? This is not about “me”, if I am not at the appointed place at the appointed time, it will affect the others that I am suppose to meet on that train. If I or they don’t make it, it affects all those who were were supposed to meet me and serve with me. A very high level of accountability. We are in this together.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Levy – I feel this call also, to become the “crew” to play my small but humble part and build the relationships with other students to accomplish important work.
Selma_London:  What discourages me is probably when I succumb to my own plans; what greatly encourages me is always the NMG.
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  Happy birthday Marshall. May we be the blessing to you, that you are to us. We love you.
Debbie_Plano:  I was touched by the passage from the Great Coordination: “You cannot merely be a passenger on the ship…must be part of the crew that is engaged in rescuing human civilization from self-destruction.” Thinking of each of us and how we each play our small part. I realized how short the time is and how important it is for each of to play our part to support this Messenger and Message and get it out into the world. I remember – keeping Knowledge alive in the world – first priority. This struck me as a great calling to take into my daily activities. So much gratitude for all involved in the Great Coordination.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Listening and watching the Vigil broadcasts is like eating and drinking when one is hungry and thirsty, every story -every insight -every clarification strengthens my commitment and devotion. There was something of a new dimension added to this years experience because of actually being there in the fall after the Encampment, Something about having seen those curtains and the Messengers chair, something about having sung there and being still there lent an extra depth to my listening. There is a deeper resonance this year and more of an involvment with the Vigil in my Heart.Happiest of Birthdays to you Marshall, and may you have many more with us here I Pray.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Happy birtday Marshall so gratefull you are here!
carolyn_CT:  Thanks Reed. For me, I was definitely on this side of the initial awakening, but had a great deal of resistance in my environment. When that ended abruptly I suppose it felt like chains snapping. I still have a ways to go to free myself from a toxic environment, but the NM is helping me, the Vigil is really helping. It is so difficult sometimes, yet so real, so painful, yet so liberating. I would not make it without the NM, and find myself needing to do a lot of fervent prayer these days.
Ramona_Romania:  What really and strongly struck me was those “10 years” and I was, OH my little time?? And I think few have passed already
Patricia_DK:  Will, one thing that encourages me to continue to pursue the new life is the fact that everytime I try to fulfill myself, I fail and I’m disappointed. It is my growing awareness of the fact that I will never be happy in Separation. I will never be able to fulfill myself here. So what
DavidD_Mtl:  Happy birthday Marshall, thank you for the though love you you spread throughout this powerful vigil
Joyanne_Canada:  @Shawn, yes me too. Having experienced the Sanctuary, did lend more to the Vigil for me too.
Kelvin (Boulder):  @Serena, it’s been my experience that there comes a time when we realize it’s not about us, that although we might not understand or see the full picture, we all have our small part to play, based on capacity build over time, and sense of accountability and service to other the “musts” that come from Knowledge.
mellany UK:  Rich…yes! Thanks.
Patricia_DK:  … So the only thing left for me to do is to build my foundation, follow Knowlegde and move into position to serve
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Dariel & La Rae, resonating “…Marshall. May we be the blessing to you, that you are to us. We love you.”
Jos_Netherlands:  Yes Marshall, happy birthday. May we all play a part in carrying forth what you brought in the world.
MaryL_Boulder:  For an event in which I thought should be an opportunity to honor the Messenger, instead he honors us – the bigger part of us by invitation to join him in his Vigil. So began a journey into a collective remembrance of who we really are and what we are already a part of by nature, design and the power within in if we allow ourselves to truly be moved by the Great Coordination. I am reminded of the simplicity and the blessing of doing our small part. To be a simple plank on this great platform is a great honor and of course requires the letting of of our ego, pride and desire for personal fulfillment/happiness. If this is done the happiness is enduring and sustains us deeply. Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed, Society and all who give of their lives for us so we can see, know and act.
Tonia_Denmark:  Oh Maureen, thats so resonating within about the trains to take here also.
Tamara:  @Will….Throughout my life it is the pain within the world that brings me to service, that causes me to seek, to know, to understand, and to act. Marshall’s words at the end of night five ring in my heart with great strength….”Love and pain travel the same corridor within us. Close the door on one and you close the door on the other.” May I become ever stronger and courageous in being a possible door handle for others…so they may have the courage and strength to keep both corridors open.
Joyanne_Canada:  True Richmond and Mel, we must see ourselves as part of this structure, building the capacity to hold it, move with it, be with it, strengthen it..etc
Levy_Brazil:  @Patricia, so true. Separation can never work because we have Knowledge within us.
Richmond_UK:  Yes, Happy Birthday Marshall. Thank you for all that you do for us.
Rebecca_NY:  @ Levy – The “Crew” idea is something that resonated with me deeply. I spent some time in the Military; hours, months, years…training. Always Training! And then the time came to Deploy… I was finally a part of the “Crew.” I had a small part to play and wasn’t required to do Everything. I trained for my specific part; my part was SMALL but ESSENTIAL!
Val_Westport:  Growing up, ‘messing about with boats’ on a river I learned a lot about the difference between drifting and motoring under power. Oars or motor, using power takes the boat where I intend for it to go; drifting, I’m at the effect of everything nature puts in the way. So it is with the need for this study; life without the power of Knowledge is truly, drifting–drifting and dreaming. With the power of Knowledge, I can steer and I can think clearly and have a beneficial effect upon my experience of this journey, this ‘boat ride’ of living in life.
scot_canada:  Understand in order to trust leading to action – this Paradigm was reversed by Marshall. We act first, then gain trust which leads to understanding; who has this kind of patience…?
Raoul_Australia:  In the New World I see the Greater Darkness, the Intervention creeping into lives, into relationships, casting friction, trauma, dissonance everywhere. This is a huge calling to prepare, the New Life is about preparation and service – service in the right place.
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  What I see in other people is the universal feeling of inadequacy, no matter their accomplishments, their successes or their ability to acquire money. It reinforces that only Knowledge can bring to us the true purpose of our lives, and why were created. Earthly existence simply doesn’t have the means to provide these things. (LaRae)
Levy_Brazil:  Wow, thank you @Rebecca
Douglas_StPaul:  The prayer about succeeding where I am being tested helped me.
Mirjana_Sweden:  The Intention of the NM has come this far, the spacial Trio, all those who made it possible, the WWC, the Presence of the Unseen ones who watch over our world, the Grace of God throughout the Vigil for Messnger; what a celebration. We have the new lives
Eron_Boulder:  @Will…”Truly the world is awaiting your contribution, but remember your contribution will express itself in all things you do, great and small. So do not imagine for yourself a role that is grandiose or that will be
devastatingly difficult. That is not The Way of Knowledge. Knowledge will express itself through all
of your activities, for it is a presence you carry with you. As your mind and your life become free of
conflict, this presence will express itself increasingly through you, and you will be a witness of
Knowledge at work, both within yourself and within your life. Here you will begin to understand what
it means to bring Knowledge into the world.” Step 321 The World Is Awaiting My Contribution – Steps to Knowledge
Debbie_Plano:  @Scot – Yes! that struck me, also
mellany UK:  It really touched me when Patricia said that we can only serve people/humanity if we love them…..and to recognise that people are doing the best they can, with what they’ve got. True understanding and compassion.
Selma_London:  I feel a different strength emerging within me; not my personal strength. So smooth and gradual – I could never have made such a transition, without any jerks, on my own. May the ‘opening up’ continue, for I came here for MVS.
Jeanne_Boulder:  I am so grateful for being here in Boulder, CO & being able to experience of the powerful energy that we have in the room with all of our wonderful students. It truly is an experience in itself to feel this energy
Stéphan_Qc.:  participating before understanding was what stood off for me last night. In my trade if I did not understood the tools before I used them I may have chopped my fingers off. If I didn’t understood the wood movements, my furniture would have cracked and so on… Now I am asked to work the other way around. I will need to rely on some other skills and abilities, may be some of which I am not aware yet because never exercised yet. Don’t want to miss the train because I was trying to figure out how it works.
Hardev_Australia:  @Maureen_Boulder, thank you for posting Patricia train crossing analogy.
Adria_work:  Every time after being in Boulder and in the Presence of the Messenger and Society, my perspective broadens and mind clears, allowing for more Knowledge to be heard. It’s my job now to keep the flame burning steadily, day after day. Deep gratitude to the Society for being the ever patient teachers, for innumerable gems of wisdom, and as Darlene said, it’s wisdom to be studied to days and weeks to come. Thank you
DavidD_Mtl:  The world mostly reflects the unwillingness to move into a new world, this reminds me of the importance of having to do my part to counter balance this by reinforcing my student hood and following the golden thread of the “must do”.
MVS Society:  Dear all, your gratitude feeds me and reassures Those who sent me. This creates waves of resonance within the Great Coordination.
Joyanne_Canada:  Beautiful Eron, playing our small part, letting Knowledge steer our ship. Our world is so desperate for our contribution.
mellany UK:  Yes Joy. This is the time .. the relatively small window of opportunity…for preparation and foundation building. I’m feeling it!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The world today would look different if women were allowed to ascend. It would not be magically wonderful; it would have many problems still, but you would have fewer people in the world today and would be better prepared for the Great Waves of Change that are coming to the world—the deterioration of your natural environment, the change in your climate, the diminishing resources of the world and so forth. And there would be greater and wiser leadership within the realm of religion and spirituality. This is naturally taking place now ….
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Your spiritual calling is your spiritual calling. You cannot make deals with it. Women who are called to a greater service must go unchaperoned into the future. They cannot take a man with them to protect them and to provide for them and to keep them small. Or perhaps they will have a great partnership with a man and perhaps they will not. It is up to Knowledge and to their own individual design and calling. (The Age of Women )
Tonia_Denmark:  Selma, beautiful said
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Serena There is no ‘in between.’ And this is relevant to everyday practice and decisions. What I’m reinforcing within myself every single day.(5:22PM) I am with you.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Mel, Me too, feeling it.
Ken_Oklahoma:  Thanks Stephan! “Don’t want to miss the train because I was trying to figure out how it works.”
Rebecca_NY:  What do you see in the world or in other people that reinforces your intention to work towards a New Life? I see so many people blind and unresponsive to what is occurring in the world at this time. This pushes me to remain vigilant and determined to see, hear and respond. I MUST because so many aren’t!
Will_Society:  @Marshall This statement makes the Great Coordination palpable to me. It becomes almost visible.
Patricia_DK:  @mellany, I was touched by it too… And to be able to feel their suffering… It’s painful to witness the suffering of people, but it ignites compassion within you feel more connected to life around you
Mirjana_Sweden:  During these days, I have come closer to the Messanger, and also Patricia and Reed. I have come closer to God.
Gina_Boulder:  @ David Mtl, that mirrors some of my experience- What I have seen and continue to see in many people is a failure to engage with reality, with problems and with difficulty. This awareness has been with me since I was a child and would incite a state of distress and panic, even. But I know avoidance well. Along with the fire of “must” for a more engaged new life, I feel my own well of compassion…
scot_canada:  Rather than knowing what we feel, we’re encouraged to FEEL WHAT WE KNOW.
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Will: I see a crashing world, a world that isn’t prepared nor preparing for what is coming, a world in profound need for Knowledge. The world will crash to a certain degree, we cannot stop that, it will go down the chasm. Now begin this great crossing where humanity will try to survive during several generations. Contemplating this picture, I feel called to this new life to prepare myself to allow Knowledge to give itself through me to this world in need. I pray I can prepare for that, and that those I am to work with to serve that purpose can prepare as well.
Tonia_Denmark:  A greater coordination on both the inside and outside. How marvellous it that.
Hardev_Australia:  @Selma_, I feel a ‘different’ strength emerging within me too. This is Knowledge.
mellany UK:  True, Patricia_DK.
Tamara:  Rebecca….so many people are afraid to face the pain of the world, the pain of the destruction of life….It is heart breaking to really look at what is occurring and this makes it so easy to feel small and unimportant.
Kari_H_Finland:  I was “thrown” into a new life after a powerful vision in 2009 about the collapse of human civilization as we know it. I am still in this path and now I know why.
MarkBerger:  Being up close to this Vigil, I witness that the Message and the Messenger are intertwined. Every sentence that MVS says is wise, compassionate and powerful enough to move the planet in a new direction towards a destiny intended by the Divine. Oh, how I wish everyone could hear his words with an open heart and mind…
Alexandra_NL:  I have not been able to catch up with the last few Vigil gatherings but somehow these days I am often reminded of this sentence “To experience the Will of Heaven, we must be willing to experience the suffering in the world” MVS. This morning for example I woke up with an urgent awareness: we trespassed the point of no return or tipping point. The earth´s resources have been so degraded, we have to live with the drastic consequences of our actions. We must learn to welcome this uncomfortable feeling, every day, every moment, so that it may it help us move beyond our impasse and condemnation and remember why we have come and who we are.
Shirley-Co:  Very true Jeanne, It moves you!
Richmond_UK:  @Mark resonating.
Ramona_Romania:  wow Mark, you are so right
Amina_Russia:  I can not express enough gratitude towards the Messenger for all the hard unimaginable work he has been doing and continues , and everyone who has been a great support and help to him all these years. The vigil was very powerful for me, even my mom who does not speak or understand English was touched immensely by the Messenger’s speech and presence, and even cried by the end. About the question. The great potential that we humans have for a better us and the world reinforces not to lose hope and work towards a New Life, for the benefit of all and for a change, to build a life without Social instability, without dishonesty of people within themselves,without prejudices; with regard and true respect for a single individual as a God’s creation, within true whole world community, with One World citizen mentality.
Reed_Society:  @Maria, @Gina, @Will, @Kelvin, @Eron, @Mark_B “…very moving to behold you, in the room in real time, problem solving, addressing in the moment technical difficulties, so that those who are not able to be present in the sanctuary, and those who will not even have the opportunity to meet the Messenger in his lifetime, will have the great gift of these sacred and potent nights of directives and clarification” Yes, this is simple service that is taking the New Message to people who otherwise could not receive it, so many examples of this happening in the Society, Volunteer community, Advocacy community, Donor community, these contributions and relationships in coordination are creating new lines of communication in the world and, as Ray quoted, enable the functional manifestation of a Greater Coordination to proceed in our world: “You give encouragement to those who are just behind you. And you keep your eyes on those who are just ahead. In this way everyone follows and everyone leads….
Reed_Society:  … Everyone receives inspiration and everyone gives inspiration at the level of life at which they live. With this, humanity moves forward as a whole. Rather than a few individuals escaping the well of ignorance, everyone takes a step away from it.” Thank you to all you make this mysterious reality possible in the manifest world
nenette_istanbul:  What in the world discourages you? ” SO MANY ” But I will be strong and Knowledge will guide me and teach me…
Jansett_Boulder:  I work in the world every day under rather intense circumstances. What I see in the world and in other people is the world and the people I’ve come to serve. I see myself, perhaps a self I was in the past or even a self I hope to become in the future. Rather than look at others as “crashing” I see us as all in this together. Those who don’t know simply don’t know. I am here to see the spark of Knowledge in them and serve them to the best of my ability.
MVS Society:  Yes Levy, instead of thinking that God is doing everything for us, we must learn to do everything for God.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Mark, yes. so true.
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Stéphan: I hear you! “Don’t want to miss the train because I was trying to figure out how it works.”
DavidD_Mtl:  @ Gina, I certainly can relate to that feeling of awareness mingled with distress when I was younger too…thank you for sharing.
Ramona_Romania:  indeed… every sentence was refreshing and awakening for me to…and the desire to do more! That Coordination wich now I feel is missing in my life to some extent
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MarkBerger (8:41AM) I feel the same.
Hardev_Australia:  @MarkBerger, so true and so powerful what one man (Mesenger) can do.
Maureen_Boulder:  Another thing that spoke to me was the first night when Marshall said, “You may have insights but you cannot follow them. Can’t base your life on guidance. Something else has to be your engine of change. Something so big it can actually drive you.” “Stay with the questions.” This speaks to me of experiencing Knowledge at a very deep level. Getting below living life at the surface. Not stopping at the insights. Gotta get below the insights. Stay with the questions. Something much greater is there.
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  What the experience of the Messengers Vigil is teaching me is the depth and the quality of the love of the Angelic Assembly, of Marshall has a completely different viscosity than earthly love. It resonates on a far deeper and more meaningful level. It spreads down through the Society, the core assistants and into us, the students of The New Message. It is this love I hope to take with me back into the world….so that others may get a glimmer of what Knowledge could do for them….and for the rest of humanity.

Will_Society:  Yes, Nenette. Thank you. Our second question from the Free School today is:

What in the world discourages you?

Levy_Brazil:  @MVS, thank you
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Will .The moment when you see something happening in others that is an expression of Knowledge .And the moments when you cannot be aware of Knowledge in others.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The response to Grace generates Grace. It is not the source of Grace. It is part of the mechanism of Grace which enables you to receive it, desire it and welcome it into your life. You look for Grace; you cannot find it. You open yourself to Grace, and it appears. You claim Grace for yourself, and it is nowhere to be found. You yield yourself to Grace, and Grace gently emerges. You speak the truth—the truth of what you really know, not the truth of what you want or believe—and Grace is standing beside you. You reach out and genuinely touch another’s heart, and Grace envelopes both of you. You look at the events of your world with compassion and deep understanding, and Grace looks with you. You respond to a greater need in another, and somehow Grace speaks through you. (GCS.25)
Lin_Boulder:  @Reed, thank you for the insight. It deepens my understanding how a relatively small number of people can make real change in the world.
Will_Society:  @Reed That is such a powerful and inspiring passage. Simple and visual, conveying something so profound.
mellany UK:  Suffering is not an easy way to begin the return to God … but it is a way…and an effective one. I’ve experienced this with my own life, and with someone close to me who was terminally ill. It was challenging, yes, but at the time, and moreso looking back I see great gifts, and I witnessed their realisation, and an experience, that their mind and their body is not who/what they are and that their life continued ‘after Earth’.
Adria_work:  @Reed It’s truly incredible to witness and experience how God’s plan works. If guided by Knowledge, the work and goodness flow freely, enriching all.
MVS Society:  Yes Levy, no passengers on this ship, only crew.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Mark.
Tonia_Denmark:  I prey too it will
nenette_istanbul:  I FEEL LIKE THOSE WHO ARE HERE ARE CHOSEN ONES … including me
Cole_Boulder:  I have found this Vigil to make me uncomfortable and confused. The Messenger’s burden is very palpable and I feel – as do you all – that I share part of this with him. I especially appreciated the teaching on ‘Building Strength and Resilience’ and the night focused on Living the Way of Knowledge. I realize that the qualities I need to live an inspired and determined life will only arise in the process of taking the journey, step by step, by taking on work and doing difficult things. The need to “be patient but not be idle” has stuck with me. And the need to prepare to be part of the Greater Coordination – that I am not yet a part of it – strikes me and gives me motivation.
MVS Society:  When you are no longer a slave to getting what you want, you are free to serve and to be served in return.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Will, the world is increasingly even more strident since I begin my studenthood…the anger and demonstrations whether peaceful or violent offers no hope or solution. I feel that as the world becomes more impacted by the climate, food shortages, declining resources, human will be more desperate. I have no options except to hold onto to the hope of Knowledge, “Hope is rekindled by those who become strong with Knowledge…there is hope in the world because there is hope in you and in others like you who are responding to a greater calling, the destiny of humanity has greater promise and the freedom of humanity may well yet be secured.” (STK cont #25 There is a New Hope in the world.
GinnyS_Boulder:  @Will – what discourages me? That populations elect foolish leaders for one…
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  @Stephan… I so resonate with our need to understand the way the Separated World works. Yes, if we didn’t we could lose our lives–but we are now entering a New World and there is no Real guide but KN. There is no template. It is such an amazing thing that is being called from us ” to participate first so we may understand.” Who can follow this directive but men and women of KN. Our roles are so important and we MUST play them.
Douglas_StPaul:  I expect to see a certain effect from my efforts sometimes, and when I don’t see it, I lose encouragement. A leak in my boat that must be repaired?
Amina_Russia:  What in the world discourages you? War and social violence, politicians. Inability of people to be more tolerant of each others differences.
Levy_Brazil:  @MVS, it’s like Creation as the adults are somewhat taking care of amusement park of Separation for the children (us), but once everyone grows up then everyone will be adult/crew and no more children or Separation left.
MaryS/Inhee/Haandle:  MaryS: “enormity.” It’s a two-edged sword, the magnitude of this moment in time, this pivotal importance of this mission and the impact on not just our world, that is a “must” that is stunning and fundamentally grounding. But the enormity of the weight of opposing forces. “Overwhelm” is often the nature of discouragement for me.
JeffreyAdler_Boulder:  Thank you, Cole, deeply resonating here.
Maria_Boulder:  What I have “been with” ever since Day 2, has been Marshall’s words (from my notes- so not a direct quote):” You can not base your life upon guidance. Something in you has to be the engine of change- beyond …fears…admonitions…insecurity…” I realize in my life , I have been the beneficiary at critical junctures, of a transformative mentor, or experience, or just a word or truth that helped correct my course, my understanding, my choices…but this can also foster a longing for guidance and reassurance from something outside of this “engine of change”…passenger vs crew…thank you MVS, still taking this in
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Cole I also have found this VIGIL to make me uncomfortable & confused!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Will, what discourages me is that people are stuck in separation, and aren’t responding to the call, but that just means to look at them as they are, Living in a Separated state, waiting for a GW event to call them out of their sleep and to awaken them to hear the call and respond. Not really discouraging, but sad, it fuels me to find those ready to awaken and get on this train, ship.
Tamara:  Nenette….I am so grateful that others witnessed me throughout me life and shared there experience of this with me. These moments built something within me…allowed me to experience the mystery. I know this is why I am here today.
nenette_istanbul:  @Tamara: I agree… this is our true New Life…
Kelton_California:  Gods greatest gift to humanity was made possible the day you were born Marshall and the world is blessed every day you are in the world with us. May we have the strength wisdom and courage to assist you in you mission and our work be the fruit of your work. May the great gift you have delivered be received and rendered into the world. Happy Birthday Dear Marshall.
Kari_H_Finland:  In the beginning of my new life the biggest discouragement came from letting go of my old life. To enter completely into the unknown territory without knowing if I ever find a way out from that. As I began to listen to myself more and more, I gradually became more and more confident that I must go onward. I began to feel that life will show me the way…
Douglas_StPaul:  Saying “Well, my Teachers told me…” is double-dog daring people to dispute with me.
Rebecca_NY:  What in the world discourages you? Human greed; that is so evident all around me!
Serena_Montreal:  @Kelvin, thank you, this has been a very strong experience for me as well. I remember when Patricia first initially asked, “What really matters here?” Essentially, the answer to this has nothing to do with me.. And yet with this; how i respond will make all the difference. Our collective response will make all the difference.
Jansett_Boulder:  I work in Boulder, where privilege and entitlement are pretty much the norm. I listen to people every day railing about this or that and giving their take on “how it should be.” I am also privy to their inner demons and how they do their life. What discourages me is how much talking people do without recognizing the need to put their words into practice in their own lives.
Alison_Boulder:  @Will, I don’t know how to answer that question without calling myself out for complaining. If I am sucked into politics, my own moods or ambivalent, I am discouraged. If I accept the errors of the world and see the world as it is, and realize I’m here to do this thing and die, then I just…do it anyway. When operating from my true self that has roots interlocked with others, I am encouraged.
Kelvin (Boulder):  What in the world discourages you? So many things have been redefined over the years that i have been a student and I have to say that complaining about the world, fretting over people and the horrors that I see and feeling self deprecation are always being burned out of me, or ripped out of my system because i am accountable to others.
Maureen_Boulder:  My own inconsistency discourages me.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Will, I feel that the only way the world is going to wake up to the GWC that are already upon us is for a world tragedy to strike, something like the total collapse of a large eco system such as the great barrier reef and its impact on food production but by then it seems to me it will ALMOST be too late to recover from such a catastrophe… but this or some similar global catastrophe will most likely wake the world up but at what cost?
Matt_bzn:  You took the words right out of my mouth Maureen
ERIK_W:  Hearing you loud and clear, Jansett.
Jeanne_Boulder:  When Reed spoke about ” It’s not about you” that story really resonated with me. That is an awaking for me!
Mathieu_Boulder:  Thanks, Alison. Quite my feeling as well.
Joyanne_Canada:  ditto Maureen, then I just recognize I have work to do to be balanced and consistent, more practice to do. Keep practicing at some point I will gain the ability to be more consistent.
Patricia_Society:  As I sit here with Marshall, his eyes tearing up, the long years not knowing who would hear the Message, who would accept the gift of the Message he held with his outreached hand, even as it grew and grew in size, scope and weight. ” Who will take it…? Take it….Take the Message. It is speaking to you, reaching for you…..” To see you all here, “taking it” from him, very moving…to him. Thank you….The Assembly witnesses this transference taking place, this saddling up, this running down the rails, gauging when to leap, where the hand and foot hold is to grab on to . The rail crossing is making it’s dinging bell sound. The train rolls toward the crossing. For just a split second, you sight the engineer’s eyes. He SEES you…..too. The Coordination is moving. The train will not stop….it’s time to get on that moving train, if ever we will, with all its cargo and crew. This is THE train we’ve waited for, for so long. It has it’s own destination….and it’s going….
Patricia_Society:  … there…….powerfully…So….”Trust comes before understanding. Participation comes often before trust”….it’s a leap.
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  Will… What discourages me is to find that I have gone off course because I haven’t been devoting myself to my studies and taking action in my life in the ways that I know I should. I know that this is what a strong foundation requires. These times are calling me to recommit and reapply energy to to this needed foundation building.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You have come to the world to make a journey. Your journey is your gift, and all along the journey you give those things that are yours to give—things you had never intended to give and things you never knew you had to give. If you persist, others will follow you. They will keep you in their sights, and you will keep them moving forward. There are those who are ahead of you who are persisting, that are keeping you moving forward. When you have relationships like this, then you have a greater accountability in life beyond your own wishes and shifting desires. Here you owe it to others to persevere as much as you owe it to yourself. ….(WGC2 Perseverence )
Patricia_Society:  “Value Knowledge. It is beyond your understanding. Follow Knowledge. It guides you. Trust Knowledge. It gives you back to yourself. Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always. Therefore, participate with Knowledge.” STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: STEP 83: I value Knowledge beyond all things.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Marshall. Letting go of possesions is really a tough job, especially if they have been tied to confused emotions. A lot of time is spent on deconstructing and rebuilding belonginga, as the road in Separation may have been been travelled for quite a while before taking The Steps
Ana_Burrows:  @Will-the magnitude of the violence and stress of survival that people live with discourages me at times.
Alex Nz:  my intention to work towards a New Life would have to come from my new understanding of what sepeation is about and that i have things that only i can do along with the suffering in the world there is a great need to serve but my drive is based on the new understanding of life
Tamara:  Currently what brings discouragement is the amount of mundane work I must do in order to balance my pillars. This discouragement only over takes me if/when I am out of relationship with other students and/or out of touch with nature.
Will_Society:  Let us take a moment of stillness, love and gratitude together on this day celebrating the birth, the presence, and the unfathomable blessing of Marshall Vian Summers among us.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Kelvin, I feel the same.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Inspiration is a natural by-product of selfless activity. It affects other minds. It leaves its impressions and has its impact. You need to receive this inspiration at the outset, and later you will need to give it to reinforce its reality. Inspiration is a reminder that you are a part of a greater life and a greater purpose, that you are not simply a human being whose only concern is for survival and self-gratification. This reminder is important, for humanity is preoccupied with survival and gratification, and you may have to look far and wide indeed to find those who feel a greater calling and a greater impetus in life. Those who do not feel this, who do not have this experience and who are not moved by it cannot go with you on your journey no matter how much you care for them personally. No matter what their wonderful attributes may be, they cannot journey with you, and you must realize this and accept it, or they will either intentionally or inadvertently spoil your inspiration….
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … They will become part of what holds you back rather than part of what inspires you. To choose that which is inexplicable but necessary is an act of courage and personal integrity. (WGC2 Inspiration)
Tom_SanFrancisc:  exactly, Tamara
Joyanne_Canada:  I can’t imagine what it is like, to hold this for so long, to wait for so long, with just a few on the ship.. Yes we are coming MVS, jumping on this train, doing what we can to build our strength so we can ease your burden by taking out place on this Ship-Train. Thank you for this most precious gift.
Kelvin (Boulder):  ….There is great pain, great love and a growing compassion for myself and others and the world occupying the same space.
mellany UK:  When I first read that ‘the errors and confusion of the world serve me, and others’….I struggled with it, greatly .. I thought ‘no they don’t, they’re annoying at best and dangerous at worst’. But, over time this is beginning to dissipate, thanks to a greater understanding of Separation, provided by the NM and shedding some of my expectations and ideals of humanity and of the world. Some events still shake me, personally, but I’m able to ‘right the ship’ much quicker and the emotional energy transmutes into .. as Joy said..”fuel”, for determination and consistency. “The world cannot heal its ills. It knows not of its remedy. Nor will the world be perfected until what is beyond becomes acceptable. For a perfected world is like the gate that opens of itself. As long as the world is sought as a place of isolation, it will be maintained in chaos to serve that purpose.” – Secrets of Heaven.
Reed_Society:  @Stephan, “Don’t want to miss the train because I was trying to figure out how it works.” Well said. In the matters of the mind — work, responsibilities, personal affairs – understanding can be very important before action. Yet in the matters of the Coordination, as in the image of the train arriving at the crossing, where it either stops briefly or doesn’t stop, it is the other way around. That train has a greater origin, a timetable of stops, passengers, and other trains depend on it as well for their movements. So it is so important to be able to respond to the arrival of the train, knowing what you are looking at, and acting and moving in life as is naturally required to get on that train. If you’re driving to catch a train, you don’t question/doubt the speed at which to drive, the stop lights to get through, where to park, etc, you just do it to make that rendezvous in time. This is seeing/knowing what the situation is. This I feel is what the NM means when it speaks of regarding…
Reed_Society:  … “allowing Knowledge to move through you.” Knowledge is responding to the coordination, to a person, situation, moment, and it needs to move in response to that. Can it move? Can you move with it? It is not so much about Knowledge moving through you every second, in every encounter, but rather in those seconds and encounters where the coordination is present.
Aileen:  Dear Messenger, Happy Birthday, but not in the way of pursuit of happiness, because you already are.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Because of the challenge to fast during this Vigil I used the phrase “no comment” often while at work and listening to the complaining and disparagement of others by my coworkers…this put me in the drivers seat and I felt it effected not only my maintaining of openness but effected them as well. It seemed to throw them back on themselves and consider that there are option to social behaviour. It was an active choice that bore fruit. The clarity of mind this created enabled the experience of the Vigil that much more clear in the evenings at home.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Patricia, I feel it. Yes I trust it, there is no understanging… but participation. Thnk God it is do, I would do wrong at once
MVS Society:  “It is who you belong to and what you give yourself to that will determine the outcome and the value of your life. If you give yourself to a group that is free, that will be your freedom. If you give yourself to a group that is not free, then you will share their fate.”
MVS Training
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @Patricia Society: ”“Value Knowledge. It is beyond your understanding. Follow Knowledge. It guides you. Trust Knowledge. It gives you back to yourself. Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always. Therefore, participate with Knowledge.” STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: STEP 83: I value Knowledge beyond all things.”
Joyanne_Canada:  paraphrasing MVS, value Knowledge above all things, Keep Knowledge alive in the Universe, here in this world it is the most important thing.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Patricia, thank you.
Mark_Hope, NJ:  …well for me Im still trying to separate myself from “family” who in their good intentions and love are able to keep those energetic cords tight… For me its this world I came out of that helps reflect what I believe is a common struggles for so many willing souls… Guilt of saying good-by to loved ones without saying good-by to the God we love.
Tonia_Denmark:  Very true, Patricia. Being all new to hearing it, I guess it perhaps as can take some time before understanding what and how it communicates…..
Matt_bzn:  I feel blessed and honored to have been able to spend even two nights at The Vigil. Being among Brothers and Sisters of Knowledge in The Sanctuary is a feeling beyond compare. It provides the strength and the fortitude to continue climbing the mountain. Happy birthday MVS and thanks to all at The Society.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Patricia_Society, thank you for sharing this experience with the Messenger. Messenger, you do not need to carry the burden alone anymore. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
mellany UK:  Patricia, thank you. It’s such an honor and a great blessing to walk with The Messenger and his family.
Joyanne_Canada:  The WWC is the freedom family
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram:*)



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ERIK_W:  Thank you, Marshall.
Ana_Burrows:  @Shawn-as someone who works in an environment saturated with complaint, I appreciate hearing about your success. I find offering another way does help diffuse that as well.
Carol_Society:  CAMPFIRE CHAT TRANSCRIPTS can now be found here: http://www.newmessage….ripts
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rayhobbs_Colorado:  Knowledge within you will indicate where you need to be, how you need to participate with others and to what extent you are to give yourself to any relationship. Your ability, then, to discern your Knowledge, to accept your Knowledge and to follow your Knowledge is the key to your success. This is the very essence of spiritual development. Knowledge must be demonstrated in your relationships, for these are the most difficult areas in which to be impartial. These are the most difficult areas in which to act without fear, guilt or preference. And these are the most difficult areas to release that which does not serve you. (Your Relationship with Others ) Nasi Novare Coram
carolyn_CT:  My browser froze for a while, but now I am back. I want to say it is my desire to serve, but I have to be careful. Often I find myself enabling instead. I have to ask myself what are my motives for this, and I actually know the answer to this. I must become far more discerning. Far more strong in setting boundaries, because I cannot represent Knowledge if I am not acting from a place of Knowledge. It makes a poor representation as well. So it is better I wait until I am stronger in Knowledge and actually Know that I am acting according to Knowledge, than fall for the trap I am able to ‘help’ someone.
Cole_Boulder:  “Those who respond to us are given tasks which utilize them so greatly. For in this way, they recognize their greatness. How may greatness be recognized save by its application?” (Secret 125). Thank you for asking great things of us Marshall, for calling us ever forward up the mountain. Happy birthday.
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  What I find discouraging is my frequent inability to harness and pull the reins in on my personal mind. That getting to grips with establishing a reliable communication with Knowledge is guiding me to do…and the willful nature of my ego. I so wish to be an empty vessel….yet that personality conditioned by the world still wants to lead. (L)
Betty_UK:  The Messenger’s vigil opened a new understanding, and I feel it saved me a lot of time too, by knowing what to focus on and what to avoid to some extent. By understanding what work means and what needs doing, the importance of work and commitment, in addition nurturing, protecting the emergence of Knowledge within, by creating an environment where it can emerge, this means to me to be aware of my own tendency that holds back the guidance within and to manage these tendencies. This I feel is at my current stage of development, as everyone has their own development to attend to.
Hardev_Australia:  @Patricia_Society, thank you.
Nancy_Oregon:  @nenette: glad to see you back, @carolyn I’m the same, thanks for spelling it all out. NNC
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Cole: A beautiful quote, thank you.
Ramona_Romania:  Thank yoy Marshall , Patricia, Reed, and all of you here. Was very helpful for me this Vigil, and I am so greatful! Nasi Novare Coram!
MVS Society:  Whenever we share this resonance together, the bonds of Separation are weakened.
Javier South Fl.:  Carolyn, ty for sharing that
Tonia_Denmark:  MVS, thank you. It is as if ancestors is calling first of all. Calling their family items together as if to call me home. Then there is another call from a place further away. And this has just dawned on me, that there may be more than one train to take, more than one station, you know.
Ramona_Romania:  Wow, indeed, I felt this!
nenette_istanbul:  thank you @Nancy Oregon… I’m complete again
Jennie_Netherlands:  I was walking the dog in nature And walking with the Messenger with my headphones on when listening to today’s Vigil, that was about walking with the Messenger. That was funny LOL. And I realized what a beautiful voices Reed and Patricia actually have. That is also a gift from God, because we may hear their voices too and there voices touches my heart also. Thank you God. MVG happy birthday (yesterday was my birthday)
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cole and thank you to them for giving us a trail to follow up this mountain, showing us the way, demonstrating how to climb the mountain.. these gems of insights and wisdom aid us so much in the climb, Thank you to The Summers Family for blazing this trail and the gifts of determination, commitment, dedication, devotion, Diligence, fidelity, Their demonstration calls forth our demonstration.
Alison_Boulder:  ADVOCACY GATHERINGS meet every Thursday at 7pm GMT, 6:30 MST. In Advocacy for the New Message, we give, regardless of the outcome– we give this Revelation. Together may we be a voice strong enough to alter the course of humanity. Nasi Novare Coram
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone and Blessings to the Messenger. Nasi Novare Coram
Selma_London:  Yes, central to the Greater Coordination is Knowledge. We must become one of those free worlds. I see in 100 years that the world has stabilised, but whether it’s free is another matter. I see a cold and dry planet before then, and will continue your seeing exercise, Patricia – thank you.
Ayesha_Society:  Dear all, it is heartening to hear that this vigil is impacting you on so many levels. I have witnessed the effort and deep commitment that the Messenger and his family pour into these vigils…this is their service to us. It is moving beyond words for me to hear people speaking about witnessing the reality and the authenticity of Marshall and his family. May this impact forge freedom and movement, and may we may fall into place within the greater coordination in time. Thank you once again for your support on all levels, supporting the Messenger, this vast mission, embodying the New Message, your time and effort in volunteering and deepest gratitude for your financial support. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  IM doıng that too @Jennie Netherland my inspiration The Voice of the Revelation…
Rebecca_NY:  Thank you everyone for your contributions here today! I am so grateful! Nasi Novare Coram
Darlene_Society:  Everyone, your voices are growing stronger and clearer and resonating within me. I hear the Voice speaking in The Great Alliance…”There is so much to discourage you, but remember there is a Great Alliance” …they know, so much to discourage us. And yet on the other side of the scale I can feel so much to encourage me, us, the counter weight of the Revelation and the fact that our loving wise Messenger is in the world…we are called to witness this man and this Message. I find great hope in your voices and hearts and minds turning towards your calling. In the revelation the Message and the Messenger They say there are kinds of support Marshall will need: He will need protection. He will need true students. He will need supporters (financial, moral, etc) and he will need others to simply BEAR WITNESS to this great event. Find your way. And do it. So much gratitude that you have all jumped on this train, just in time. Nasi Novare Coram
Ilhun_Korea:  @MVS : Thank you for your Wisdom and Clarification.
Patricia_Society:  There are no crowds at the rail crossing….there’s no one else there. it’s in the middle of “nowhere.” It was a huff to get out there…YOuhe sound of that train horn in the distance….for years it seem….gradually, slowly getting louder….so when the engineer sights you at the crossing, he knows…why you are there…
Maria_Boulder:  @ Patricia- yes these words of Marshall’s:”Trust comes before understanding. Participation comes often before trust” (9:57AM) are very helpful…I think I have confused dicernment with trust
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you @Cole for the quote, that is also what I want to say to Marshall, you give us greater work to do to escape confusion, conflict and suffering. Thank you!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @carolyn_CT: It is building your connection to Knowledge that is fundamental. It is allowing questions to be unanswered. (The Awakening)
Alex Nz:  Jennie_Netherlands: happy birthday may our times be speant wisly
Will_Society:  Thank you all so much for being here, for receiving Marshall and the New Message, for recognizing what is happening in our midst and supporting it. These are critical times. This is a critical Revelation. Your participation and studenthood may make a critical impact upon this world in its great need.
Jansett_Boulder:  @Patricia, the sound of the Freedom Train…
Debbie_Plano:  Thank you, Marshall. I can feel that resonance and never really realized it was the weakening of the bonds of separation. I feel that truth. You are a gift to humanity and we are so grateful. I am so thankful that you were born and that I found you and the Message.
77703:  hello everyone! I was watching the vigil last night and had to tend to my kids and wasn’t able to finish. Does anyone know why it is not working??
Patricia_Society:  You’ve been hearing that distant sound of the train for years it seems, and now it’s coming closer…..
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Darlene. Love to read your words.
Joyanne_Canada:  Last night in the playing of the Great Coordination it spoke about listening over and over again to the Revelations, so that in time they sink deeper within us. From experience my journey would have been much slower and weaker without the Voice and the Teachings. I Love my mp3 player keeps me connected and my eyes forward.
Kari_H_Finland:  So, that I was looking in the wilderness: the train tracks!
Nancy_Oregon:  @MVS thanks for this “Whenever we share this resonance together, the bonds of Separation are weakened.” All the more reason to continue gathering and participating in Saturday Chats. and reaching out to others who still suffer, those who remain ignorant of NM Knowledge and Wisdom. Praying for strength and courage to share . ..via pointing. Every day another opportunity. “Just in time”.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @Darlene …all we need is to trust in Knowledge to become strong.
Javier South Fl.:  Thank you Robert for looking after Marshall, who we all agree is the MOST Valuable Person at this moment to guide humanity that now needs the New Message more than ever.
Mirjana_Sweden:  What is so strong and is getting stronger is, that, however I notice all kinds of faults that I just made or Iam doing in the moment, there is something else also there, a force that is pulling, ajustment, and a little pull loke forward, and I forget about condemning my little poor mind. It just so helpless. But there is that desire that arises, sometimes it is weak; but still I cant live without it. And movemnet happens, even if I do not understand a bit, it has happened.
Alex Nz:  Thankyou everyone may our gifts be given and may we strive towards perserving knowledge NNC
Gina_Boulder:  RE: last night’s Vigil not working…Due to technical difficulties, the Vigil from last night will be reposted soon. The link will be placed on the page
Kari_H_Finland:  The world needs people like us. May we have the strength to meet the need. Nasi Novare Coram.
mellany UK:  Thanks, Gina!
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Gina
Joyanne_Canada:  @Kari, we build the strength , step by step we build the strength to meet the need. Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  Dearest Patricia…your calling to the crossing is strong and clear as the whistle blowing stronger. Thank you for your constant pulling and pushing us forward to this crossing. It feels so urgent AND IT IS!
Selma_London:  Birthday greetings to you MVS and I look forward to the birthday celebrations later at the Vigil. Much gratitude for all you have accomplished so far and that the Mission continues to succeed. I will play my part.
Maria_Boulder:  can not think of more comforting words Patricia:”so when the engineer sights you at the crossing, he knows…why you are there…” May we be there!
Mirjana_Sweden:  My spelling is just so beautifull on celebrating the M. Birthday.

rayhobbs_Colorado:  … And he will have to be protected by those who love him. And he will have to be assisted by those who are called to him. And they will have to realize that they cannot fail. They cannot fall away or fade into the shadows. They must be strong. They must be honest. They must be willing to travel a path that challenges them, uplifts them and requires great things from them, for this is how people are redeemed, you see.

God does not wave a wand and make all of your disabilities, frustrations and conflicts disappear. God gives you great things to do, important things to do, things that you can do, things that are needed. And it is through this, if you can find and follow this greater counsel, that your redemption will be underway.
The separated are reclaimed through Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that is placed within all sentient life. They are saved through following Knowledge, which leads to a life of service and contribution. ( Facing the Light of Revelation )

Dariel & La Rae_Boulder:  THANK you Dearest Messenger. It is an honor and a responsibility to walk with you. Thank you to all.
Joyanne_Canada:  @nenette, perhaps listen to the mixlr part, it worked great last night when the video feed was not working.. another way to perhaps participate.. its on the live page
Jangsun_Korea:  @Ayesha, thank you for sharing your witnessing to the Messenger and his family. This Vigil is impacting me more than ever.
Tamara:  The foundation that gets me through the mundane work required of me now is that at its core it is not for me, it is about opening my life so that my abilities and skills may be fully realized and utilized. This opening that is evolving is about relinquishing freedom…the kind of freedom my personal mind thinks it needs in order to be happy. Marshall said on Monday “You are free and that is why you suffer. I am joined and therefore relieved of much of this suffering.” I must continue to walk this path for slowly it is calling me into a greater commitment and a greater alliance. Greater action is chosen based on my evolving commitment and alliance converging with the Greater Coordination.
Hardev_Australia:  Happy Birthday Marshall with lots of love and deep gratitude.
Carol_Society:  Thank you, Darlene and Will for leading and guiding our precious time together today. Thank you to everyone for being here again and again. And most of all, thank you dear Marshall and a very blessed birthday to you, today and for many years to come. Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Happy Birthday Marshall Nasi Novare Coram
Virpi_FI:  Marshall, I wish you are fed with gratitude always by floods of new students in the years ahead. Happy Birthday!
mellany UK:  Thank you dear Messenger, The Society and all. Nasi Novare Coram
Ilhun_Korea:  @Darlene: Thank you. “.. And yet on the other side of the scale I can feel so much to encourage me, us, the counter weight of the Revelation and the fact that our loving wise Messenger is in the world…”
nenette_istanbul:  THANK YOU @Joyanne .. ı will try
Raoul_Australia:  Happy Birthday Marshall, thank you, thanks to your family, the Society, Darlene and Will for leading this chat and everyone here, Nasi Novare Coram, see you all soon
Joe_UK:  Love and gratitude Marshall, thank you for bringing the Power and Presence back to the world, uplifting and transforming lives, the lives of all of us gathered here today. May this Power and Presence you have brought now work through me, us, further out into the world to reach those waiting and ready to receive it.
Douglas_StPaul:  Marshall, I take joy in the nourishing you express.
Stéphan_Qc.:  Thank you all” Joyeux Anniverssaire Marshall.
Tamara:  Joyanne…I had this image a couple of nights ago that each time the New Message is read or listened to, and most especially when it is transmitted through Marshall, the pulse of God ripples through the world, offering Creation to hearts and minds that are open and seeking.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you all for joining us at this very auspicious time that we share.
Insuk_Korea:  Yes, Ayesha. I agree with you.
Sally_boulder:  “–Knowledge is in a different part of your mind. It is in the part of your mind that is not attempting to be an individual. It is rooted in the soil of all intelligence. Though above the soil you stand individually as a unique expression, your very foundation is based upon a commonality that is so fundamental it is difficult to appreciate in this world. Though your roots are very specific, they share a common soil.” GCWI -Service in the World. I am truly filled with veneration to be sharing such rich soil with you all, and with those yet to receive…
Will_Society:  I have to sign off here at the office, while we repair our internet connection. Deep gratitude to all of you. See you at the Vigil tonight.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tamara, beautiful Image, and I can resonate with that, thank you.. I know it resonates like that in me, each time I listen I pray that the words, the sound and the voice anchor deep within me. They truly are my life line to the Mission, and to what I have to hold fast too.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed. Thank you everyone that made the broadcast happen. Thank you to all the members of the society and thank you to those Unseen Ones that are with us now. Nasi Novare Coram.
Kelvin (Boulder):  Hi Nenette, try opening up another browser and typing
Kelvin (Boulder):  you should see todays broadcast listed there
Kelvin (Boulder):  Report back to me when you do.
nenette_istanbul:  I will try @Kelvin thank you.
Val_Westport:  Yes, Tamara and it’s a comfort to know that as we are seeking, we are being sought; the Higher Authority is holding the door open for us…
Alison_Boulder:  @Sally, the composting of our errors and successes makes such great, wisdom-rich soil to be rooted in!
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Everyone for joining again today – may we all continue to do our humble parts in this Greater Coordination or take the Steps necessary to position ourselves so we can. Great Joy to all on this special day marking the day the Greater Community Messenger came into the world to give his gifts. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  @Kelvin ..thanks I did it…
Kelvin (Boulder):  Good, enjoy the broadcast.
Mirjana_Sweden:  I wish You all there gathered, a lovely time together with Marshall, Reed and Patricia. Great Thankyou. It has been a beautiful week. We are being strenthened, there is a continuation into our future and our world. The Messanger is with us, we celebrate these spaecial moments with the grace of K. that he is teaching us, the grace of theis time, when the NM is in our beautuful world, that needs our attension now so much.
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone for this experience of true community and involvement, “this is not about me” “I am not alone” “I am a part of this coordination now” this is a homecoming
JeffreyAdler_Boulder:  Thank you, Marshall, Patricia, and Reed, for the rich Vigil environment and for the love and intention behind it.
Javier South Fl.:  Thank you Marshal, before my Encounter with you and the New Message my life was filled with lots of anxiety, desperation and confusion. Seeing what was going on having a sense of urgency to act and having no clue what to do. The Peace of knowing we weren’t abandoned and we were never left alone. I cannot express in words alone.
54781:  Happy Birthday Marshall! Nasi Novare Coram
Douglas_StPaul:  @Alison, loving the bit about the composting of our errors. Saving that for an appropriate occasion.
Mirjana_Sweden:  The Powe and the Presence of the teachers of God is with us
Mirjana_Sweden:  NASI NOVARE CORAM
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Well said Javier…resonating
Javier South Fl.:  HAPPY B-DAY Marshall!!!
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you, the Messenger Marshall. I am witness and experiencing the Messenger is really humble.
Alison_Boulder:  @Douglas. My inspiration is from the birthday Angel: “Your errors are the soil from which wisdom grows.” -MVS
Mike_LF_CAL:  The vigil can be heard on a separate audio only link,…god/, in case of video loss you can still hear the vigil and it has been uninterrupted.
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you for everything Marshall. Happy Birthday.
Tamara:  At Encampment I purchased my first set of Ellen’s artwork. Later I created an alter of sorts upon a small coffee table. Under the glass the quotes that accompany the art read in this order….”Let me remember that I am not alone Facing a world in decline My duties are small. My Mission is great.”
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and All.Nasi Novare Coram
carolyn_CT:  Echoing Jeffrey’s sentiment: MVS, Patricia, Reed… The environment you have created, have opened the way to, by doing what must be done, with compassion, with love, with determination, with great effort, do more than provide exemplary models, it changes everything. You have changed everything. And now we all are challenged to follow through, not just emulate., not just receive, but to give, and to challenge our own desires, to ask what is our path. To ask the questions and to also act. There is so little time.
Insuk_Korea:  Happy Birthday Marshall.
Jordan_Montreal:  I don’t really feel discouraged by the world anymore. I’m finding the most discouragement is found in the great turning points, but that great weight of fear, confusion, unknowing and discomfort I feel was shifted by this vigil and the presence of Marshall, Patricia and Reed and the great coordination in which their life is a demonstration of. I’m so grateful. Thank you and Happy Birthday!
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Tamara
MaryL_Boulder:  May we be the gifts to Marshall and therefore to the world and ourselves. NNC
Mirjana_Sweden:  Oh such a week; the truth has been spoken, that we are in the time of New Revelation
JeffreyAdler_Boulder:  Resonating here, Jordan, thank you. The discouragement I feel is inner directed.
Alexandre_France:  day 3 of the Messenger’s Vigil speaked to me deeply. Being a citizen of the GC… I had the feeling that the mind’s representation of distance diminishes whith the awareness of the GC. Other races are different from us but we are all citizens of the GC. We are not our body.
Thank you very much ,Marshall, for this dense and powerful communication
Betty_UK:  Not to attend to what is needed and required, would discourage me, so I must attend what is needed and required.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you everyone… Thank you Dear Messenger, Patricia, Reed all Students. Nasi Novare Coram
Alexandre_France:  Thank you all
Kelton_California:  Gratitude everyone. Hope to see you all again this evening at 6:00pm Boulder
Joyanne_Canada:  @Reed, a great home coming within, and we are no longer alone but joined in the Great Coordination of all life. Thank you for all you do to serve the Mission.
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all so much for holding Vigil with Marshall – a Vigil for the mission of the New Message….For Marshall to see and to know that he will be living the next year of his life with you all,.. all the while taking the Revelation out into the world together, oh “now we’re getting there.” Will look for you “somewhere out there” on the hourlies. Be well…

3 Responses to "Campfire Chat January 28, 2017"

  1. Janice Stevenson Posted on January 29, 2017 at 12:30 am

    I have been listening and watching the Vigil all week. There is so much to take in. The energy of the message is like a great ocean wave breaking over me. It’s a bit frightening, but somehow I know that letting it wash over and through me is what I must do. Because I don’t want to turn away even though a part of me fears being washed out to sea. Better this than turning back into the old life and shrinking myself down to fit what the world tells me I should be. Snakes she’d their skin even though it makes them vulnerable for awhile. I too must leave the old skin behind. Who knows, maybe someone will find it and take it as a sign that a new life is possible for them too. Happy Birthday Marshall. Thank you for showing me a new direction that requires a brand new skin that fits and let’s me move more freely. Maybe I’m a sea snake after all.

  2. Alisa Posted on January 31, 2017 at 3:58 am

    I too was very impacted by the Vigil. It filled me with greater conviction, greater resolve, greater determination to continue living the Way of Knowledge and walking with the Messenger. My life is one of purpose, meaning and direction. I know what I must do, but I am uncertain of the outcome and where it is leading me. This is part of the great Mystery and I am happy for it to be so. I pray that Marshall will be able to continue this great mission in the coming year and continue to show us the way. Participating in this with the worldwide community is the most inspiring and empowering thing I have ever had the privilege of undertaking. My immense gratitude to you all. Nasi Novare Coram.

  3. hyeonam Posted on February 2, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    Thank you sharing your wisdom and experiences. Happy birthday Messenger Marshall.

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