Campfire Chat January 21, 2017

Robert_Society:  “Knowledge is not afraid of the world. Knowledge is permanent; it is forever. It was with you before you came here, and it will be with you after you leave. It is not threatened by the world. But it is here on a mission. And for that mission to be fulfilled, it must prepare the rest of you—your mind and your body—for a greater service and participation in the world. “ from Courage and the Will to Prepare.
Howard_Boulder:  God morning everyone.

Robert_Society:  Hello to all who are here early with us today. We will begin on the hour with a welcome, followed by our questions for discussion today. The questions we would like you to consider in preparation for our chat of this session are:

What does a New Life look like to you?
What do you want, need or think you must have in the context of a New Life?

Jim B. Upstate NY:  Good morning everyone!
Ann_UK:  Hi everyone.

Ellen_Society:  Before we begin, I would like to share last week’s quotes from the Messenger:

“When you finally find your true path, hold fast. Even when the ship begins to sway and the storms rage within and without, hold fast.”

“To be wholly focused on attaining peace and contentment is still trying to make Separation work.”

“The wise remain hidden unless called out into the world.”

“When you finally find what you are really looking for, the real work begins.”

“All your preparation is to finally bring you to your greater role, in relation to certain people to fulfill a mission in the world. Once this is clearly recognized, all your preparation becomes focused on assuming and maintaining this role with courage, wisdom and strength.”

“Regarding the ratio between inner work/service you go from 80/20 to 20/80.”

Amina_Russia:  Greetings to everyone!
Levy_Brazil:  Hi all
Cole_Boulder:  hello everyone
Jos_Netherlands:  Good morning and good day everyone!
justin-calif-!:  Hello to all!

MarkBerger:  Good morning, day and evening, everyone!
Tonia_Denmark:  Hello everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Robert and Ellen what you both have given. The real work has begun.
Bethne_UK:  Hello Everyone
Mathieu_Boulder:  Hi everyone : )
Javier South Fl.:  Thank you Ellen for reiterating that. Definitely will carry that quote for the months to come.
34329:  hello everyone
Stéphan_Qc.:  Hi everyone,
Jeanne_Boulder:  good day to all fellow students
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone…The hour is upon us…let’s pause for a few moments of stillness together.
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Ellen_Society:  As we watch each of your names appearing for this gathering, our hearts are warmed, and we feel a great anticipation. This is our hour, our time to join, to be together from all around the world. We bring ourselves, we offer ourselves, to a rich discussion. I am always moved by our honest efforts to take in this vast New Message and learn to represent it. These weekly gatherings prepare and strengthen us to better serve the New Message.
Darlene_Society:  I could feel the power and intention in this stillness. Hello everyone!
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Ginny_Dallas:  Hello Everyone!
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone joining us today, and a special welcome to any new students here for the first time. This is the end of week 3 of the first month of this session – “A Journey to a New Life”. We are exploring this important corridor of the New Message dealing with our preparation and journey into The Way of Knowledge and a greater service in the world.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
Richmond_UK:  Hi everyone
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes Darlene, stillness felt powerful. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
Kristina_Boulder:  Hello everyone
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. Hope you are well! Wonderful to be here sharing and caring with the WWC. Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne:  Hello every one ,,NNC
Martin_Australia:  @Darlene, yes, power and intention, I felt that too
Lingling_China:  hello everyone.
Cai:  Hello everyone !
70695:  Hi Everybody!
93156:  Marshall’s quote from last week has stayed with me: “Regarding the ratio between inner work/service you go from 80/20 to 20/80.” The emphasis on service and contribution in the New Message is so inspiring, with its interconnection with inner work and preparation… to give to the world from a more clear and aligned place than we would otherwise. “I do not know what I want for the world.”
Margaret_UK:  Hello everyone!
Robert_Society:  To begin our discussion today, we’d like to hear your thoughts and impressions of – What does a new life look like to you.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Robert for me a new life is a ways a way for I am still building my bridge to travel down. However, a new life must have meaning in purpose and relationships for it to be new. The unburdening is still under way and will be for the rest of my life. Being strong in Knowledge and reclaiming my purpose and allowing it to express itself in the world is a new way of living. I am still learning so much as I go. Yet, I do know that my wishes must represent my genuine needs. If they do not then I will confuse my life terribly.
Kari_H_Finland:  “I do not know what I want for the world.” Thank you 93156 for that reminder…
Rosa-UK:  Hi everyone
justin-calif-!:  For me a new life would have a more defined and evident purpose- and a stronger connection to my teachers-
Mirjana_Sweden:  My new life is like this: everything of personal nature; personal needs for everyday life is taken care of in a more easy manner, the pillars of work, health, relatio
Amina_Russia:  New life looks for more real and down to earth. Surrounded by more people whom I can trust, surrounded by true, honest, meaningful and purposeful relationships. Engaged in an activity, job, work that is my true purpose and mission and brings me into true service to others and myself. I am that person I am meant to be, with inner strength, true integrity, honesty, open heart and mind. New life is a life that gives me strong inner connection with God and my purpose, that true inner freedom I dreamed of since my childhood. New life is a life where I am open to the world and not afraid to be engaged in it in my way. It is not a perfect or easy life, but it is MY life, my destiny which gives me a much stronger feeling of fulfillment and purpose here in the world. I do feel useful.
Jeanne_Boulder:  A new life for me is so unlike the past, I can no longer live in judgment of others and the world. I must stay neutral in the face of difficult time. I must be more forgiving & compassionate.
Mirjana_Sweden:  nships, so that there is a greater space for me to do the other part of service
Lucille-Maine:  Hi Everybody (one more time now with my name
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Robert It will be a simple live,lived straight from the heart with all the qualities,patient,compassion,courage,determination and a life of service.
Mike_LF_Cal:  Well said Amina!
Levy_Brazil:  A new like to me, internally speaking, looks like this: less fantasy, more focus, abiding sense of relationship/connection and purpose/meaning/direction.
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Robert: one of my first impressions is a feeling of freedom from the past, and that I am facing an open, undefined space —the unknown, but not felt as a scary thing, just undefined and mysterious, with only a few steps forward that I need to take and a few things I know I need to keep within my awareness.
Amina_Russia:  @Mike Thanks
Curious Beagle:  New life= Self development and purification. Live life to the fullest
MVS Society:  Yes 93156: God gives you something important to do with your life, in part, to take you out of your dilemna with yourself. Without this you can never fully find resolution. You will end up enriching your therapist, but not yourself. All along the way, you must do the work.
Tonia_Denmark:  @93156, I agree
Kari_H_Finland:  My new life is less about me and myself and more about this world and and how can I contribute
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Whether you have religious affiliations or not, whether you are part of a religious tradition or not, this greater journey awaits you. This requires practice and preparation. It does not happen just like that. It requires a set of skills and a deep evaluation of one’s life, beliefs and assumptions. It requires a reconsideration of your past, a resolution of your conflicts, a true forgiveness of your errors and the errors of others. It represents a whole new life.
It is not something you learn in a weekend, or in a month or even a year, for this mountain is a great mountain to climb. And it is in climbing it that you gain the wisdom, the perspective and the skills that you will need.
Paul_MA:  Good morning all. A New Life for me involves first a transition to an independent life releasing my marriage and moving to a space where I can be more responsive to Knowledge and to the NMG. Once that transition happens, then the next phase will be transitioning to new work that will be sustainable and essential to others into a new world of challenging circumstances.. A new life one where I can be responsive to the GWC and to the NM and to Kg.
Cole_Boulder:  A new life for me is a new inner life – where my mind can finally assume its true role in service to Spirit. This revolution has been slow, gradual and often times confusing. But every step of reorientation shifts my context for being in relationship, and fundamentally, I think this is what will bring a new life into being – a life where everything is important.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  This is the great journey in life, more important than success, wealth, beauty, charm, acquisition and the approval of others. This is why you were sent into the world. Here instead of just being a human being who has some spiritual nature somewhere, you are really a spiritual being working through your humanity, working through the limits of the mind and the body, and the limits placed upon you by the world around you.
Because you are sent here for a greater purpose … you are like an angel in the world, …. ( Deepening Your Spiritual Practice )
Jeanne_Boulder:  Rayhobbs, thanks for that Quote, where did it come from?
Stéphan_Qc.:  @ Robert : Inclusion is what comes to my mind. Inclusion in life and in something way bigger which I only beginning to feel.
Tonia_Denmark:  From 80/20 to 20/80 is what is
Lynn, CO:  Right I have to laugh because I can say a new life for me could be described as peeling of the old life to allow myself to experience Knowledge through a clean vessel. So there is mystery as to what that will look like at this time.
Mike_LF_Cal:  What does a New Life look like to you? I honestly do not know, its quite uncomfortable contemplating this especially since I feel this change is very near. The phrase that is constantly in my thoughts lately “…when God calls you, your dilemma falls apart…”. I do feel a significant change coming and accompanying it is fear… of the unknown.
“Your task is to follow the emergence of Knowledge within yourself, to be true to that, to be the recipient, to pull yourself in, to take the time it takes for a great emergence to happen within you. And do not be impatient, for it will emerge in its own time. You do not yet realize the magnitude of what is happening or how great its possibilities for the future will be.”
… I think I’m feeling the ship begin to sway.
Donald_Pa:  A new life for me means leaving go of relationships of the past so that I may be able to move forward.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  resonating with what you have said Cole.
Amina_Russia:  @Tonia simply said, but summarizes it all!
Lingling_China:  for me a new life is more difficult and easier at once. It is more difficult because I need to ‘cliam up’ to a mountain. In this process I need a lot to work on. It is easier because in this process I can see my burdens and unburden myself, which make my life lighter. I remember a quote from someone ” the one who doesn’t move doesn’t know he has chains. ”
Selma_London:  So far for me building a new life means an entirely different focus, some reprieve even from what I’m becoming more sensitive to, and most of all a lot of things becoming insignificant as everything becomes more immediate.  There is a constant inner smile unless I myself am in the wrong place.
Cameron_Canada:  Not sure at all what it looks like. The more I learn, the more I realize it is going to take time, more time than perhaps is really needed. How much time will we have to prepare? The mind wants to know so it can prioritize. All I can do is remind myself that there must still be enough time or this would all be pointless.
Reed_Society:  @Kari, “My new life is less about me and myself” an important and liberating truth about the reality of the New Life
Tonia_Denmark:  Yes, Amina. Well said
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thanks Mike_L! Am feeling the same.
Kristina_Boulder:  I know that I’m still not living the life I was meant to live. More outer and inner changes are required.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Cole_Boulder:  @Lingling – yes, poignantly expressed, thank you
Rudy-Boulder:  This passage from Living the Way of Knowledge illustrates what a New Life looks like and what needs to be done to build the foundation and bridge to establish this new life here on earth. “Between the life of the mind and the life of the heart there is a great gulf, a huge chasm, with no apparent bottom. The distance between the two seems insurmountable. Yet there is a way to bridge it. You must build the bridge, however, which is the foundation. The bridge has Four Pillars, and once the bridge has been built sufficiently, things can travel over that bridge. A life with this foundation is like a bridge between the world and your Ancient Home. Over this bridge ideas, strength, insight, and recognition can come into your life to be given to others because you will have built the bridge that makes the transmission of great Knowledge and Wisdom possible.” LWOK, the Pillar of Health.
Martin_Australia:  I’m with you, Mathieu, freedom from the past, space and simplicity
MaryL_Boulder:  80/20 to 20/80 feels like a fluid balancing that comes from Knowledge and not from a fixed ideal or belief. How to achieve that is the great challenge to the personal mind & personality but with Knowledge it is yes or no.
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Linglin: true!
Carol_Society:  @Cameron: The New Message tells us that there is time, “but not much time.” Prioritizing: What Really Matters?
Cameron_Canada:  feel the same Kristina
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Rudy! Powerful words! 1st time reading that for me.
Val_Westport:  Lingling, so apt:”The one who doesn’t move doesn’t know he has chains”. We are testing our boundaries, broadening our context for life and the New Message is unlocking our chains, giving us room for our new lives.
Cameron_Canada:  “not much” is pretty vague
Jorge_Spain:  I relate with that, @Lynn
Reed_Society:  @Cole “every step of reorientation shifts my context for being in relationship” important insight, a context-shift for relationship, meaning relationships have a new set of ordering truths — they are about shared purpose, shared direction, service
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Rudy
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ Cameron: “All I can do is remind myself that there must still be enough time or this would all be pointless” feeling the same. or what if those who you are meant to work with dropped the ball? what if I dropped the ball years ago when i should have done something else?
Cai:  My new life scares me in a way. Though I do not succumb to this fear. For fear gives me the incentive to keep moving into the unknown. If anything , its exhilarating to me
Ramona_Romania:  Please, can u recomand a Revelation for listening. I am feeling very bad both physicaly and most important mentally. It happened sth bad for my soul and i don’t know how to get out of this situation. Thank you, and sorry for my “out of topic” interference, but i am so desperate to pas over this. Nasi Novare Coram!
Lin_Boulder:  @Stephan_QC “inclusion” yes, this is the feeling of my new life. From a drift puzzle desperately looking for my place, people and purpose, and now this is it, I am settled, I belong, and do the work awaiting for me.
Paul_MA:  Hi Carol. Thank you for the reminder. This urgency is with me…I have often wondered if we are approaching multiple waves that will build over time, or if there is a pending major global event that will change many things at once.
Lynn, CO:  @Thank You Rudy for pulling that up!
Lucille-Maine:  My new life is knowing what I really need versus what I want; clearing away all the clutter that is taking so much energy to keep and maintain; a clear unburdened mind in service to Knowledge and the will of God for my life here and now…
Me:  @Cole – In the past, my relationships were primary built around mutual pleasure and stimulation. The new life with new relationships will have completely different priorities based on interdependence to shared mission(s), shared destinies and shared purpose.
Paul_MA:  Tom of SF: yes, there is limited time, yet there must be time enough or God would not be providing this support and message for humanity.
Mike_LF_Cal:  Thanks for that quote Rudy – I’m feeling it…
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Ramona When I felt at my lowest, I would pick up the Wisdom books and read and read and read until the feeling passed.
Nancy_Oregon:  @ Rudy Thank you for this reading, it beautifully pulls several things together for me, ,, the four pillars of the bridge, . . .this is what i want: the confidence and freedom to be more fully me, living my purpose in relation to others and giving my life to others in a way that doesn’t drain me . ..trusting I am being a conduit of great Knowledge and wisdom. NNC
MaryL_Boulder:  A new life looks to me that the work is never finished. It is like a house going through major re-construction, tearing down what does not work and the piece by piece addition that is so slow. But slowly over time you see the change because you realize you are not doing what you used to do, not thinking the same thoughts or at least thinking but not necessarily following. Inside outside decontruction recontruction process of change.
scot_canada:  And KNOWLEDGE works outside of time.
Cameron_Canada:  “not much” in terms of creation is a good long time, but “not much” in terms of most people is well….not much at all. So much still to learn, that can be a bit intimidating.
Mike_LF_Cal:  You are doing what’s important right now Tom_SanFran!
Roberto_Boulder:  Three words came up for me when considering this question of a New Life: Relationships, Simplicity, Service
Kristina_Boulder:  Last night I was reading “Provoking change” in Wisdom and what stood out for me was that sometimes you need to make a change and only then you will know, sometimes we also need to make mistakes and take responsibility for them. But without actions we wont move forward. It’s directly related to New Life as I need to make certain changes to move forward.
Richmond_UK:  @Maureen the chapter ‘Escaping Suffering’ in WI comes to mind.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Ramona, When at my lowest I listen to “Nigh Time Meditation”
carolyn_ct:  A new life means moving, because I am clearly not where I belong. There are many micro steps that must happen to make this possible but it is definitely coming closer. The new location/circumstance will need to be conducive to my studenhood. Questions I ask myself are: how does this place feel to me? Can I communicate with the people here? Does this place make me feel agitated or calm? Am I able to think clearly, meditate, go for walks, meet people, study and practice freely, and make annual pilgrimages to Boulder for as long as that is possible? Can I afford to live here? A lot of practical and spiritual considerations combined…
Alexa-NL:  @ Shrimayi – Netherlands: A simple life indeed. So simple it becomes more transparent, apparent. Thoughts, beliefs, conversations, relationships, intentions, motivations, required actions… Like watching the vast ocean from above and beneath. Its storms, its deeper currents, its inhabitants, its visitors, their relationships to each other, the environment, themselves and beyond this all, following the mysterious calling that being present to all this engenders.
Bethne_UK:  @Rudy Thank you for that quote.
Cole_Boulder:  @Reed @Mark – I am realizing that without the inner-connection to my true reality of who I am – of what I can most deeply trust and rely on – then I cannot appropriately participate in these relationships of service and shared purpose. And yet, I have discovered that it is also through relationships within the context of this “new set of ordering truths” that I can come to discover, know and rely upon the connection to Knowledge. A balance I have not yet learned to maintain.
Reed_Society:  @Cameron @Tom, there is enough time, but what must be done and on what time frame changes based on the time that remains and the state of the Coordination and all who are participating. Here Knowledge is a dynamic indicator, giving you a realtime sense of need and “must,” of push/restraint based on the changing state of the world, of those you are connected to, of the mission you were sent to serve. So to be responsive to this internal indicator is the most important thing, because that will speed you up or slow you down as needed, that will get you to the rendezvous in time because you are responding to the simple and clear sense of what must be done
Ramona_Romania:  Ouh Maureen, speaking of, I wil get them next week. Specialy Wisdom one, wich i did,nt read more of it. Hope it has the same results like wisdom 2 for me… I need to empower myself again. I didn’t thought in my life I will pass throuh sth like this
Lynn, CO:  @Tom. The oceans, rivers and streams find a way.
carolyn_ct:  I forgot to mention that part of this seeing practice involves actually going to the different places…
Mirjana_Sweden:  Maureen, I have used to do something like that too. Or, Ramona, imagine your new life in front of You… I use to do that too, and see where I am in the moment. A new life is not asome movie, but to see what is in the way as opstacles to it, itself being that free life, a life of service. O focus on my problems easier then
Donald_Pa:  “- In the past, my relationships were primary built around mutual pleasure and stimulation. The new life with new relationships will have completely different priorities based on interdependence to shared mission(s), shared destinies and shared purpose” @MarkBerger Totally resonating, thanks for sharing.
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you so much for your recomendations!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Your mind is like the ocean. At the surface, it is constantly being whipped up by the winds of the world. It is chaotic, without a clear direction. One day calm, the next day turbulent, and all the storms of the world impact it. But deeper down, your mind is quiet, and there are deeper currents moving your life—currents that have a certain direction, currents that are influenced by greater celestial powers.
In the ocean, the waters of the world are being moved in a determined manner, all over the planet, but you cannot see these forces from the surface. And you cannot see the great abundance of life within the ocean looking only from the surface. Likewise, looking at your mind from the surface where you live every day, you cannot see its depths, or the greater currents that are moving your life, or the greater purpose for which you have come and to which Knowledge will take you, if you can follow it. (Deepening Your Spiritual Practice)
Roberto_Boulder:  @Alexa-NL, that image of “watching the vast ocean from above and beneath”. Thanks for that analogy
Kari_H_Finland:  @carolyn, you have already a lot of answers but how have they helped you?
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Cole yes relationships are most important.
Lynn, CO:  Thank You Reed…to be responsive to this internal indicator.
Jorge_Spain:  @Ramona, in difficult moments I use this little reminder: “Stop. See clearly. Don’t panic. Don’t let yourself go. Don’t get drawn into superstition. Practice.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You must learn to ask questions without giving yourself the answers. (The Power of Knowledge)
Jansett_Boulder:  @Alexa-NL, beautifully stated and it responds to Kristina’s comment just above about “Provoking Change.” The Mystery is that without full ‘surrender’ to Knowledge, the mind delights in stirring up angst and misery. Perhaps feeling that “I need to make a move” is prompted by the mind which resists my facing the very thing in front of me that needs attention. We can’t think we know.
Cameron_Canada:  ty Reed. Sometimes feel like a little kid needing a pat on the head for assurance. – lol
Virpi_FI:  What I know about the new life? It is consistent work and it is not about what I want.
Reed_Society:  @Cole, yes it both are needed, and both rely on the other to emerge. I think simple, purposeful participation in work with others can be the context for both to happen.
Betty_UK:  I don’t want to define my new life, but can see many contrast, before the New Message and Steps, a few years prior, I saw myself retiring by doing some humanitarian work, teaching children in Africa or helping a community in Africa doing something meaningful, but now I just don’t know how the future will look like. So I do what I know in the present. But I do know that a new life is about contribution to something meaningful.
carolyn_ct:  @Kari, I do not know if I have any answers. I do know I just emerged or am emerging from a massive struggle that in the end freed me, but gave me more to do…
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Reed Thank you Here Knowledge is a dynamic indicator, giving you a realtime sense of need and “must,” of push/restraint based on the changing state of the world, of those you are connected to, of the mission you were sent to serve. So to be responsive to this internal indicator is the most important thing, because that will speed you up or slow you down as needed, that will get you to the rendezvous in time because you are responding to the simple and clear sense of what must be done(5:29PM)
Ellen_Society:  It is time for the 2nd question of the day, but you can also continue with the current thread, as you see fit. The next question is: – What do you want, need or think you must have in the context of a New Life?
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Jorge good advice
Amina_Russia:  @Kristina thanks for sharing “Provoking Change.”,,,this is something i needed to hear as well,,,going to read that chapter tonight
Ramona_Romania:  @Jorge… Well I had to make Hourly, Knowledge is with me, let go of depession… And suddenly hapened sth that i didn’t realised before how much can this affect me, and my soul
Tonia_Denmark:  A new life for me would be simple, a life of service to others and attending relationships in all kinds of matters. A life of deconstruction and rebuilding on a spiritual level, moving to a level of the heart.
Betty_UK:  I’d like to add to it, a new life is about service to others too
Carol_Society:  @Cameron, Paul, all: “This is the great calling for human awareness and responsibility now. You have time, but not much [time]. You have time to reconsider your life, but not much time. You have time to build a foundation in Knowledge, but not much time. You have time to gather your strength and your resources.” The Race to Save Human Civilization. So the issue of “time” ultimately has to do with not only our individual New Lives but what that means for the survival and sovereignty of the world, for the role humanity has to play in keeping Knowledge alive in the Greater Community, the Great Plan of God, and on and on…We can hardly imagine how big this is…
Rudy-Boulder:  In addition, I used to think that a new life or a spiritual life would be magical, but through the New Message from God, I have learned that building a new life is very practical, but it does require work. The type of work that one must show up each day, dedicated and determined to do the necessary work, even if it requires to lay one brick at a time. “There are no magic tricks here. There are no secret formulas. You do not take some strange-looking pill and wake up the next day in a state of Knowledge. You must build the bridge. You must construct the foundation. That is your work. The Creator will do the work once the foundation is established, and the Creator, through the Unseen Ones, will enable you and support you in building the bridge and the foundation. But you must show up for the job. You must apply your mind and your body to do the job. You must become prepared to do the job. And you must do the work.” Living the Way of Knowledge – Pillar of Health
Jennie – The Netherlands:  My new life shows me that when I have faith miracles happen. Faith gives me power, strength and I can sent this feeling it to everyone. I am unburdened because of faith. Faith in my teachers, spiritual family, the angelic presence although that is still a quite abstract idea. The faith is from within my heart and it is still and it keeps me moving without worrying because I know that everything will happen for a reason and God will move me in a direction either to learn a lesson or either to move forward because God needs me.
Ken_Oklahoma:  At this time the “new life” is a realization that I need to be ready to respond to people and the world around me in ways that are guided by Knowledge. This is new and mysterious….taking STK to learn how to be open to Knowledge and shedding old habits, goals, relationships and possessions… times, things are becoming more clear and I am acting out of inner certainty more often.
Sally_boulder:  @Cameron, I literally had to do that in the sense of my mind when I switched gears to a new line of work. My mind was so scared of the unknown, the unpredictable, and yet I knew this was the next move needed. I had to stop, settle down and I said to my mind, like a consoling parent, it’s okay to be afraid, this is new territory, I acknowledge your concerns, but we must make this venture, we simply must…
Lynn, CO:  Continued practice, patience and thirst for Knowledge.
Selma_London:  Having root canal treatment this week I managed to calm my body down in the chair, knowing that my mental stillness not only provided relief for me, but affected those working in the room as well, even though unrecognised.  But as my body kept tensing up again, it was a constant practice.
Richmond_UK:  @Ellen for me what comes up is the need for a stable work pillar in the context of a new life, a work pillar which can withstand the GWC.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Ellen_Society “…. to enter stillness, for when you are not trying to be someone, you may have the luxury of stillness, which is the luxury of love. ” Steps to Knowledge.124
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ellen, stability in all 4 Pillars of life. Not long time ago I experienced a collapse in one of my pillars, which affected the rest, so I’m still working on rebuilding them. Takes a long time…
Mike_LF_Cal:  @Carol, “…We can hardly imagine how big this is…” that resonates deeply with me.
Amina_Russia:  New Life demands of me to work harder on all of the Four Pillars, and learn how to balance them; but for some reason I feel at the beginning should work harder on a good physical and emotional health before going any further.Everything and everyone can be a teacher to us in some way if we let it, but I might need or want someone who would be a real teacher to me in a New Life, someone who is much wiser than me and closer to Knowledge, who has climbed the mountain much higher already.
Cameron_Canada:  @Sally – Thank you
Lin_Boulder:  @Cole, there is a difference between dependence and interdependence, which we have to go through independence stage to realize and work towards.
Bethne_UK:  @ Mary I liked your practical picture!
Javier South Fl.:  Thank you Rudy
Anna_Boulder:  @Ellen, in the context of a New Life I think for me self-care is very important. Now that my life is not just about myself, it is perhaps more important for me to maintain my ship… and also to have compassion for the challenges of undertaking this life. I am remembering something I believe Marshall said at the Encampment, about how we must be very good to ourselves, while never letting ourselves off the hook.
Ginny_Dallas:  Yes Selma, an excellent place for practice!
Paul_MA:  Hi Carol. Thank you for your great insights. You have time, but not much time. Noah is a great model to follow, one that is preparing for the storm amongst many others who ignore or do not prepare.
carolyn_ct:  @Ellen, I think the answer to that question will become more evident as I begin to see my purpose. But how can I know this until I am already involved in something that is meaningful, in alignment with the New Message and my own concerns for Humanity and the Earth? I can only do so much research, then I will have to go still and listen.
Levy_Brazil:  Rudy, this decided action of showing up every day, reminds me of a video that helped me. The video is from Reed, here…cor1g
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  A new life looks complete. The past is seen anew as well as the future. Openness and quiet is sought in order to reflect and discern the truth as clearly as possible; this is the new pleasure, to Know. Perspective changes in shape and color – I feel the truth of this journey being much longer than previously felt and the corrections made in behaviour start gradually bearing fruit- this is delightful. Yes buffeting winds still come and waves do crash, but now the fortification comes in the form of acceptance. If I had to describe the whole process in a singular mundane way it would be the action, so familiar to us all, of reaching into a sock and turning it out they way it should be, now everything seems to be reversed from before yet nothing really has been added or taken away.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Cameron Recognize this. Accept this and it opens the door, you see. It allows something greater to emerge, which will emerge slowly within you. You cannot have it all in the next ten minutes. You cannot have it all today. It will emerge slowly and give you time to recognize it, to adjust to it; time to reconsider your thoughts, your beliefs; time to re-evaluate your relationship with others, with your mind, with your body; time to go through a great transition from being an individual who is a product of social conditioning to becoming a man or woman of Knowledge, guided by a greater power now that is mysterious, yet whose presence and whose guidance produces the most practical and meaningful results. (The Power of Knowledge)
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thank Anna_Boulder for sharing that:*)
Curious Beagle:  To get started on new life you need to learn self responsibility first or your basic 4 pillars. Thinking about the consequences of your action, not harming other/ self center, and removing your distorted mask/image.
Betty_UK:  Ellen, wisdom, strength and courage, at least we are preparing with the Steps, our current and previous life experiences.
mellany UK:  @Ramona “The Heart of God” .. it’s such a beautiful Revelation. To me, there’s something exceptional about the clarity of The Voice in this particular recording….though all of the recordings feel like a ‘dial direct’ call Home, to me. Reinvigorating .. healing.
Cole_Boulder:  @Lin – thank you, yes, that’s right. It feels especially relevant for those my age who are not only establishing inner independence but financial independence as well.
Cai:  When you guys talk about how much time we have….you mean like until intervention right?
Kristina_Boulder:  @Amina, we all need stronger students around us to help us climb the mountain and to inspire us.
DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you Levy.
Ellen_Society:  “The Revelation will make your errors more glaring, your disappointments more apparent, your lack of direction more deeply felt. It may even increase your suffering at the outset until you can discern the real gift of Revelation and recognize that you are beginning a greater journey now, perhaps a journey that you have been on for some time that is now taking a great step forward.”
~ The Gift of a New Life.
Mike_LF_Cal:  @Richmond, I am contemplating the same work pillar regarding the future and GWC as well.
Sally_boulder:  Indeed Shawn!- “this is the new pleasure, to Know.”
Levy_Brazil:  @Cai, many revelations say the world will be unrecognizable in 20 years from now, some of which (Revelations) are a few years old.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Ellen, I need to look for the deeper relationships
Stéphan_Qc.:  @ Selma, Quite a relief to read that I am not the only one to do so during a root canal drilling !
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Ellen Courage is needed.
Jeanne_Boulder:  “The Heart of God” . is this a CD
Eron_Boulder:  What can the gift of a new life look like? “As this greater gift becomes more predominant within you, it literally takes you over. It is as if your Being now takes over your mind, and the mind now has something truly to serve. This can be a frightening experience. You may ask, “What is this great power emerging in me?” This power is growing stronger, and you think that you are losing your mind, and you are unsafe. But rest assured, unless you attempt to use this power inappropriately, it will draw to you all the people who are most needed in your life, and it will bring into your awareness a greater power that exists within and beyond this world.” (Wisdom I – Service in the World)
Paul_MA:  Levy- maybe less than 20, 10 years or less may be a better gauge for prep-work.
Cameron_Canada:  @rayhobbs ty – and there is enough time for all this to occur? That is what troubles me.
Mirjana_Sweden:  In the context of a new life, I need to have managed to make my 4 pillars support me quietly, being no big problem; just keeping everything going more smoothly than before. And I feel I would be ready for my Ally, the very important one. And continue to serve, not being preoccupied with personla things that much but having this new life of bigger picture and I hope with more certainty..
MaryL_Boulder:  @Sally yes FEAR is and can be the huge obstacle for moving or doing the work involved in building a new life. “Knowledge is not afraid of the world”. Doing the practices, inner listening, stillness – these are all the building blocks for being able to move towards a higher authority and be able to take the next step even though you are still afraid.
Paul_MA:  Curious, how many students live in the Boulder region?
Levy_Brazil:  @Jeanne, “The Heart of God” can be listened/read at http://www.newmessage….f-god
Rudy-Boulder:  Thank you for sharing, Levy. I will check out the video.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @ Cameron What would you do if you found out today that you only had a week to live?
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Ramona: “I didn’t thought in my life I will pass through something like this”. I can relate to that. In my experience, the new life also brings its share of challenges and trials. It is very hard for us to understand fully a preparation that is not of our own making. I think it’s good to acknowledge it sometimes. It doesn’t always accommodate our preferences to get us where we need to be. “Entering true preparation is entering a process with your Spiritual Family beyond the visible and with individuals in life here in very specific ways. You enroll in these things because you must. Is it right? Yes. That is it. You do not know what you are signing up for. If We were to tell people what they would do if their Knowledge were fulfilled, everyone would run away saying, “I had a different plan for myself!”” <Wisdom 1 -Giving I
Jim B. Upstate NY:  As I continue my practice I am always with the Mystery. This whole process of Revelation is part of the Mystery and “everything of value comes from the Mystery. I can’t know but I can experience this in the Mystery. This concentration helps me stay focused and aware of the process and the curriculum that the AA has given to Marshall and then to us. There is so much Mystery and little understanding for me; but the one big thing that stands out for me now is there is experience and feeling this experience is so very powerful.
Alexa-NL:  @ Rudy and Ken e.a.: Practical and mysterious at the same time it seems
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Mel:*)
carolyn_ct:  Yesterday I had a flash insight of Knowledge being with us all the time. All a person has to do is learn how to listen, and become aware of its Presence. It is simple but often not easy because brain chemistry gets involved and it’s like you are riding a freight train of momentum. Hourlies I am beginning to realize are key for me to enter a deeper state. But this is all ideas. The experience, describing it, is much harder to do.
Ken_Oklahoma:  Heart of God can be found here: http://www.newmessage….f-god
Kari_H_Finland:  yes, and I need to build my four Pillars. Now focusing into the Pillar of Work…
Arthur:  A new life for me is where the beauty of God is seen wherever I divert my attention.
55683:  Thank you Eron.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Many people of course wonder and marvel and even anticipate what kind of reality they will face after they leave this world. In fact, the emphasis on this is the foundation for the world’s religions for somehow it seems too incredible and too unreal to think that this life, with all of your intelligence and capabilities, would cease when your body ceases to function.
Somehow, this seems to be a contradiction. It is not merely that it is a fear or an anxiety. It is a contradiction, for you were born with a spark of awareness and you will leave this world with a spark of awareness.
Richmond_UK:  @Eron thanks for sharing that.
Alex Nz:  Just a thought, what a great idea it would be, to put everything the Marshall has said in these chats and consolodate them into like a book or transcript, just thinking out loud
Kristina_Boulder:  @Mathieu, we probably would run away. I read that chapter recently and it stood out to me as well.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Paul about 40
Lin_Boulder:  @Ellen, there is always a vision in my mind, being immersed in life, with my hands open, let things, people come, pass, stay or go, not trying to grabbing anything or anyone, and flow with life.
Levy_Brazil:  @Mathieu, yet the mind sometimes can try to go ahead of Knowledge, or even come up with things that are not from Knowledge, which brings confusion… is this thing I’m having trouble with Knowledge or not? In my experience sometimes it’s Knowledge, and sometimes it’s the mind pretending to be oh so like Knowledge, but not.
Patricia_Society:  @Tom – ” or what if those who you are meant to work with dropped the ball? what if I dropped the ball years ago when i should have done something else?” This is a real operating factor…some of the ambient confusion at certain junctures for us,(the clearings in the forest), is that a key person9s) did not make it there. You may not be able to discern or parse this out, however, know that you will have to gather yourself, sort yourself out just enough, and go on not fully knowing “what that was?’. You may not be able to know what/who was not there. Knowledge is the ultimate engine, though. Stay close to this impelling force within you. Much of your passage may be solo. And the road will be littered with lives of others half lived/half fulfilled. Eyes on the dials, may you have. The real challenge can be recognizing and arriving at that place that represents the beginnings of your simple service… It is a meeting ground. Ideally others will have made it there too. No…
Patricia_Society:  … assurances…..Either way, you do not and did not travel alone….Now after all this movement, can you shoulder up in new ways, dig in, and hold for something that deserves you, needs you….
Paul_MA:  Maureen- thank you. Boulder is a sacred space.
Eron_Boulder:  @Lin…Nice.
MVS Society:  Regarding time, do not waste it, do not languish. Every waking moment of every day is an opportunity to practice one of the many great practices and directives given throughout the New Message. Bring practice into everything you do will free you from self doubt and endless questioning. You will become stronger and more united within yourself.
Alison_Boulder:  @Lin, in the new year I have felt this as a mantra as well. It is not a passive state and takes determination to soften in allowing this.
Mathieu_Boulder:  Yes Sally, very well said : )
Jorge_Spain:  Yes indeed, @Levy (9:50)
Mike_LF_Cal:  Eron, thanks for that quote, its just what I need.
MVS Society:  Yes Paul, it wasn’t raining when Noah build the ark.
Val_Westport:  Lin, your ‘flow with life’ description provides an open door for living with ease and Grace…
Carol_Society:  @Jim…Yes, the Mystery…”“Mystery exists beyond the realm of the intellect. Honor this. Accept this. The Mystery is now beginning to emerge in your life, whereas before it was held back. Before, there was nowhere in your life for it to come forth—to guide you, to bless you and to prepare you. Now the Mystery is beginning to emerge. Let this happen.” Building the Bridge
MaryL_Boulder:  I could not have taken any steps towards a new life if it had not been for my relationships who were strong with Knowledge. It was stronger than anything including my own reluctance and fear to leave my comfort zone even though it was really a prison.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Alex, yes, Marshalls words must be kept, everyone, and are kept, and sometimes I cant get to where to find them. But there is that challenge, and I use to manage it by wanting to rehear and reexperince them , that I discover, they are in me as well.
Alexa-NL:  @ Mary L: Fear can be an obstacle, and yet if we are present to it, we can see what lies beyond…
Reed_Society:  @Cai, regarding time, there are many time scales — Intervention, world instability, bringing the New Message to the world. Yet I keep my self more ground level when thinking of what I must be doing. Am I where I need to be? Am i with the people I need to be with? Am I doing what I need to be doing. Marshall Vian Summers is in the world, am I responding to this? Am I getting into position relative to people, place and purpose? What is the state of my mind, body, affairs relative to what is needed now in my life, to my student hood and development in the way of Knowledge and in light of my role and the contribution I need to be making. Our life situations all differ, but there is this essential pull of Knowledge that we each can feel to make the rendezvous with certain people, for a certain purpose. For me, supporting Marshall is one one of the biggest ordering principals in my sense of time. This Revelation was an important one for me in making this rendezvous:…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The mystery surrounding this and the many philosophies and the great speculation that surrounds this, continues to perplex people everywhere. In fact this is a great concern throughout the Greater Community of life in the universe. It is not a preoccupation for human beings alone. The contemplation of what might happen after you leave this world is certainly on the minds of people who are facing grave illness and certainly on the minds of people who are reaching the final stages of their life in the world, but it becomes a great emphasis for everyone.
You must set aside these notions that one life is a payment for a life before. It is really not like that you see. It is only partially true in the sense that if you did not serve others in one life you will be put in a position to where you can serve others in another.
Mirjana_Sweden:  I mean, it I can remember if I focus on what I desire to re remember
Alex Nz:  Mirjana_Sweden: i agree well i guess he has had the closest experience to the assembly for our time and carrys much wisdom and always gives advice i think it should be put in the pipeline, call it somthing like wisdom from the messenger, thinking out loud haha
Lynn, CO:  @Cali-I feel the time is: What is needed for enough people to be able unit in sovereignty to contend with the intervention, and that the intervention, from disclosure to stepping on ground, may be some where from 2025-2035. However, putting a time on it is taking focus off the main focus, Sovereignty for the future of mankind.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  But that does not mean you are thrown into horrid conditions and brutally treated. Though you may choose this as an opportunity but when you enter physical existence the memory of your Ancient Home and Spiritual Family is replaced now, not replicated but replaced, by your experience of the difficulty of being in physical existence. This begins to overlay a whole new layer of awareness and understanding over that which is fundamental and eternal to you. If you were a really bad person and did really terrible things, well, maybe you will be a servant or a nurse or a caretaker until such time the wounds of your prior existence are healed and compensated for but you are not punished you see, it is different than that. When you leave this world you leave the body behind and you leave a great deal of your thoughts and thinking plans and goals schemes attitudes that all go with the body because, well, you have no context for them now but you still have a mind you still have a worldly mind.
Paul_MA:  A New Life is one in which everything that you do is in service to a greater mission of which brought and sent you to this place at this time…. .NNC
MVS Society:  Yes Alex, we are thinking of that.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you enter into this phase with a greater state of awareness with the minimum of discord and conflict you will encounter your Spiritual Family who will give you your next assignments, which may happen within the same world or somewhere else within the greater community of life in the universe. Generally people return to the same world but this is not always the case. Once you are complete being in physical reality then this mind that keeps you connected to life at this level is no longer part of your experience now you are functioning at the level of pure Knowledge and your individuality becomes a light in the universe
Now you shine like a star…. (What Happens After Death?)
Lingling_China:  that will be great to have a book of MVS’ words.
Carol_Society:  @MVS, thank you for your wisdom on the practices and directives in the NM… Steps to Knowledge, Wisdom from the Greater Community, etc….“This will be like food to you, food for your heart, food for your soul…You will need this now because this will give you strength and will confirm the greater movement of your life. It will give it greater clarity, greater definition, and will show you that this corner that you have turned represents your destiny and is not simply an accident in life. It is life itself, moving within you now.” Building the Bridge
Eron_Boulder:  Why is service so important to a new life? “True service in the world accomplishes two goals: It meets the world’s needs in the present time, and it prepares you and the world for the future. Your Teachers represent the future because they are what will be awaiting you when you leave this world. Your life is in part preparation for the next step beyond. Your contribution to the world now will guarantee your success in the future, for you have only come here to contribute.
What can the world give to fulfill you? You are not here long enough. Your visit is so brief that whatever the world could provide you would be gone in such short notice. This world offers pleasures, stimulation and valuable friendships, but most important is that the world offers you the opportunity to experience and to contribute what exists beyond the world in your Ancient Home. That is the world’s greatest contribution. That is your greatest contribution.” Wisdom I – Service in the World)
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Patricia, so true.
Mathieu_Boulder:  @Levy: yes, it’s important to discern between what we know and what we think we know. What are the rocks that don’t move in our life experience, things that stay true in the storms?
Curious Beagle:  Life challenges/ lessons to be learn could be hard to comprehend to immature soul. During the beginning of the process a lot of it still in thinking process, then you started to face the darker side of your emotion. Don’t suppress it it will dissipate by itself (long process of steps/ meditation). After awhile you begin to understand the direction of your lessons.
Ayesha_Society:  @Alex re: compiling MVS sayings. This is important and those closest to him try best to capture what he says, his wisdoms and the demonstrations of his actions, so that people in the future can experience and come to know him . I also feel that this is going to be an important project…hopefully it will be taken up some time in the future.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks Mat, good analogy for me to have in mind
Alex Nz:  thankyou MVS! consolodated into a transcript or book, could be easier to gain advic, direction etc looking forward to it!! if you guys decide to go ahead with that!!
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you Reed, Carol, Rayhobbs, MVS. for all your help, direction, and reassurance.
Mike_LF_Cal:  Thank you for that Marshall, certainly perfectly timed!
mellany UK:  In preparation for the new life, my life is becoming more focused, and more balanced … within my day, across my Pillars and within myself. When I’m more aligned within, I’m able to engage more compassionately, consistently and effectively in service to others. There’s much work to be done, day by day, but even as I walk the approach to the new life, my old life is falling away, and my life feels more real, more vital, than ever before. As the calling of the worlds need increases, the pressure within feels to be building. When I’m more aligned, it feels like a constructive pressure…one that drives me forward …. when I feel restraint with my Practice and/or move further away from Knowledge, the pressure feels very uncomfortable. It’s a good compass for me.
Cameron_Canada:  and everyone here
Ellen_Society:  As we draw to the end of today’s powerful chat, let us pause again together for an hourly.
Take a moment to honor the Messenger and to thank him for this great new vision, this life-saving gift he has brought to the world at such a critical time in history. Our lives are forever changed due to his Presence on Earth. The entire world will be changed because he gave his life to bring in a new understanding and a new way forward.
MVS Society:  “Who you are with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.”
ONE BOOK; Love and Relationships
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @Eron, yes service instead of seeking fulfillment or enlightenment. If all the religions or spiritual teachers (be they traditional or New Age) emphasize contribution instead worship or even holy practices the world would be a different place.
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you for sharing that Patricia. I needed to hear that.
Will_Society:  @Eron, beautiful Wisdom passage. Thank you
Ayesha_Society:  Eron, truly. I will be re-reading this chapter again.
Jennie – The Netherlands:  @MVS can you choose who to be with beyond this world? How can you know those are the “good” guys?
Tom_SanFrancisco:  thanks Patricia, Marshall Vian, Reed. I carry on in preparation….
Robert_Society:  Many thanks to all who were here today and to the many others who are moving with the New Message and its Messenger around the world. Our weekly chats are demonstrating the power of this Revelation in our lives and can help us stay focused on what is meaningful and vital for our preparation and service. May we all continue to move forward and up this great mountain in service to those who sent us and to the world. Nasi Novare Coram.
Alison_Boulder:  ADVOCACY GATHERINGS for the New Message: *No Mountain Time meeting this week due to the Vigil*. The 7pm GMT meeting will be Thursday as usual at Thank you everyone. We come together to piece by piece add demonstrations of Knowledge in the world and give of the Revelation through many hands. I can speak for myself that these meetings strengthen my dedication and tend to the inner fire. May we be a unified force for good in the world. All are invited to attend.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Eron for both those quotes!
Nancy_Oregon:  today’s Chat experience for me, mirrors the texts. . .too much to take in all at once. I’ll continue referring back to this event as food for my soul. THANK you everyone. . . who shared and espcially to Marshall to Patricia Reed Ellen Robert and the many . . .too numerous to mention. NNC
Mathieu_Boulder:  Thank you, Eron.
Amina_Russia:  Nasi Novare Coram. Blessed to be here with the Messenger, The Society and all the students. Thank you again.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Eron, I suddenly, felt differntly when reading those words. It felt like more direct direction to the AP, through the life that remains. It felt so close… Thank You
Jordan_Montreal:  Knowledge is with me but where am I? The more I gain freedom from my conditioning, the more I can see the new life and respond to it. (Maybe this makes sense?)
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you to all who provided a year-end donation to usher the New Message into 2017 to support publishing more of Volume 1 of the New Message, reaching more people through our outreach efforts and many other endeavors for 2017. And a very big thank you to all who provide financial support ongoing each month. It is part of serving the Messenger and this enormous mission that is so vital to this world. Thank you! http://www.newmessage….ssage
MVS Society:  Alex, we are in the process of compiling these things.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Ken_Oklahoma ..All of the quotes I post are from The New Message. The title is noted at the end. All of these Revelations are now available for free on mp3 … though you may have to do some work yourself though to find the ones I post. Over the past six years many have expressed discomfort with how I study and express myself. No harm intended. … Nasi Novare Coram
Ellen_Society:  Bless you all for joining us today and sharing your heart-felt thoughts. Each week I see just how much we help each other to climb this mountain. I am grateful!
Alex Nz:  MVS Society: i guess ive just picked an ongoing plan out of the ether then haha, we do have the sayings of the messenger but yea, looking forward to it!
Mathieu_Boulder:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Ginny_Dallas:  Yes Jordan, it does. Thank you for sharing.
Kelton_California:  @Jordan Montreal= Makes perfect sense!
Alexa-NL:  MVS´ demonstration is very strengthening to my soul, so much so that I would be truly lost without it. Besides, I find courage in it everytime I am faced with a new big challenge. I can’t think of a greater gift for the world.
Patricia_Society:  @[email protected] [email protected] here – “MVS Society: “Who you are with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.” ONE BOOK; Love and Relationship” There is no getting around it. A rock solid truth….that just stays true….
Lingling_China:  thanks Eron for your words. it just remind me of what he says before receive the revelation ‘ the new God experence ‘ I will receive whatever must be received, whether I understand it or not, whether I believe it or not, whether it makes any sense to me or not. Whatever it is, I am here to receive.’ That make myself questioning myself ” Do I receive whatever must received?’
MVS Society:  Jennie—Knowledge within you is already connected to the Higher Powers. It cannot be corrupted.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Jordan, yes there is the fog when you don’t know where you are. When there is some clearing you realize Knowledge is with me but where am I? I am hoping that when I am completely with Knowledge (doing what I know) then I do think of anything and may not even know where I am.
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you all. We will be entering the Messengers vigil tomorrow. A time of reconnection, to be with our Messenger, to be with the New Revelation and those who sent it, and reconnect with why we are in the world in these times. A time in history with all its blessings that we are taking part of. To those of you afar, we hope you can join us through broadcast. NNC
Paul_MA:  Patricia- yes. Who one is with will either hold one back or move one ahead; there is no neutral ground!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  ” … allow yourself to enter the stillness and the certainty that Knowledge possesses for you. In this way, your mind will resonate with the Mind of the universe and you will begin to reclaim your ancient abilities and ancient memories. Here the idea of Spiritual Family will begin to have meaning for you, and you will realize that you have come into the world to serve.” Step.116 Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
Kelton_California:  Thank you all and looking forward to being with you for the Vigil.
carolyn_ct:  Yes, Jordan. And the more I respond to the New Message, the more the clouds clear away on their own. I feel blessed to have found/been found by the NM. To be living in such a time, so full of pain, and suffering, and so many mistakes being made, yet here we are blessed with Revelation and our very own Messenger and message to share, to emanate. For this and my fellow students I am grateful beyond words. Words are pretty inadequate instruments sometimes. But the Messenger seems to have this skill to put them to powerful use!
Mirjana_Sweden:  The Messanger is in the world and we are living in the time of a New Revelation from God. And we are around him; which is so beautiful for us here. I remember when I felt so
Lingling_China:  thanks everyone, NNC
Paul_MA:  Please a reminder- where can we view today’s chat as the Forum is down?
Jennie – The Netherlands:  We are all so blessed and saved and protected by the Love of God. Nasi Novare Coram
Mirjana_Sweden:  weak and now I do not feel weak. I send my strngth to him tat this time, as then.
Lin_Boulder:  @Jordan, “The door to your prison cell is open. You can push it open at any time. You can walk out into the light of day.” What is Grace? -GCS
Stéphan_Qc.:  Thank you all for being here… Nasi Novare Coram
Carol_Society:  @ Paul: Campfire Chat transcripts, from December 31, 2016 to the present, can be found here: http://www.newmessage….ripts
Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the of our discussion
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @lin: a zen saying I paint (calligraphy) is ” the great path has no gate”
Angel_PA_US:  thank you all Nasi Novare Coram
Tyyne_Society:  @Tom… but the way is narrow.
Mike_LF_Cal:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richmond!
Cole_Boulder:  thank you all. NNC
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings to all….Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @TomTyyne thanks I like that “The great path has no gate but the path is narrow.”
Tonia_Denmark:  I just realiezed that today once again, that it does matter who I/we surround ourselves with: Both when going for a walk, on the social media etc. It does really matter. What do we look at? And do we replace it? And why? Thank you
Ginny_Dallas:  Yes, Happy Birthday Richmond!!!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Do you want to know what it means that the world is emerging into the Greater Community? Then be very patient and do not make early conclusions. Be a student of Knowledge, for you are certainly not its master. Then courage will grow in you like the seed grows in the ground and like life grows in the world—slowly, deeply and with a firm foundation. Then your experience of courage will grow and change, and your definitions will change as well. But as you meet each new requirement in your life and discern and follow each new certainty, you will not only be able to receive courage, but you will be able to bestow it upon the world. (WGC2.19 – Courage)
MaryL_Boulder:  Many happy blessings birthday to you Richmond.
Alex Nz:  Looking forward to the Messengers Vigil, Thanks and Great to be with you all NNC
Ramona_Romania:  Haappy Birthday and many blessing of wisdom and knowledge to you, Richmond!
Darlene_Society:  Next week we can and will surround and support our Messenger during the Vigil…being together with him and his family and each other will be a celebration of life during these difficult times…thank you all for your big hearts and open minds and Knowledge growing stronger within you. Nasi Novare Coram and Happy Birthday to one who serves, Richmond!
Alison_Boulder:  @Mike_LF, thank you for this quote you shared earlier: “You do not yet realize the magnitude of what is happening or how great its possibilities for the future will be”. This represents the need for a new life– one where the mystery is permitted to shine light into a darkened mind. There is a greater possibility than I can see now.
Ramona_Romania:  And thank you all for your kind words, i really felt your help! Blessing to you all! All that u need for your purposes
Betty_UK:  Yes Richmond, you kept it quiet. Happy birthday, have a good one
Arthur:  Would it be okay if I were to leave this place for awhile? I am not going very far but I in order to take this monumental step I will need the solitude.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Ramona, be kind and gentle to yourself…
MVS Society:  This is not a solo journey. You are preparing to be part of the Great Coordination, the return to true relationship with yourself, with others and with those who sent you.
MVS Society:  “How can you understand yourself except in the context of contribution to others? Alone you can do nothing. Alone you have no meaning. This is because you are not alone. This will be viewed as a burden and as a threat until you realize the great meaning that it has and the gift that it really is. It is the salvation of your life.”
jeanine_Society:  To report typos, errors or request help:
Val_Westport:  I’m beholding you all with love. Thank you for this opportunity to be together, on such a world, in such a way. Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @Arthur, you are not going to be far from us if you are going inside for the stillness and solitude in order to be with Knowledge.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you MVS and all Nasi Novare Coram.
Lynn, CO:  Glad you’re here Richmond Happy B-day
Josef Austria:  Happy Birthday Richmond!
Reed_Society:  See you all tomorrow evening as we gather together on the first night of the Messenger Vigil
mellany UK:  Thank you, everyone! Thinking of The Messenger, as we approach the Vigil. Nasi Novare Coram.
Ramona_Romania:  Oh Mirjana, i am to kind to myself i guess.. All that I wish is to make real my true contribution , understand my purpose
Ginny_Dallas:  Alison, I resonate with your statement, ” There is a greater possibility than I can see now.” Thank you!
Virpi_FI:  Will there be video recordings this year of the Vigil? (as they are 4am in Finland)
Mike_LF_Cal:  Marshall, infinite gratitude for your wisdom and your ongoing life’s contributions! It is a great blessing to have met you.
Rudy-Boulder:  Happy Birthday Richmond. Be well!
Mike_LF_Cal:  @Alison, yes “the magnitude…”
Arthur:  To be brutally honest, I feel as the whole world including you are only furthering my confusion.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Ramona, continue.
Carol_Society:  Gratitude to everyone, and I look forward to gathering with you again at the Live Opening Messenger’s Vigil Broadcast, tomorrow at 7pm US MST. May this Vigil be a time of retreat and reckoning, whether out in the world or engaged within. Nasi Novare Coram For the audio teaching on Spiritual Retreat: http://newknowledgelib…46673
Kari_H_Finland:  In the Turning Point of my life I had no explanations neither to others or to myself. Then I had to live with big questions, like “What is my purpose in this world?” for many years. I was afraid that I will be lost in the rest of my life here. Thank God I was kept moving onward in the jungle. Now I know why. Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You will never be able to penetrate the surface of your mind if you are constantly stimulated or constantly engaged with other people or constantly seeking approval and pleasure and constantly trying to escape your own inner lack of security.
You must have this time of solitude. (Being Alone)
Arthur:  And I am tired of keeping up with everything so I rather lay it all down, so maybe I finally get what I’ve sought for so long.
Mike_LF_Cal:  Arthur, In stillness all things can be known…
Ginny_Dallas:  Blessings everyone!
Mike_LF_Cal:  I am reminding that to myself as well.
Sally_boulder:  Thank you all!
Tonia_Denmark:  See you all tomorrow.
Betty_UK:  Yes Reed, looking forward to the Messenger Vigil, Nasi Novare Coram, thank you all for many your words of wisdom, as always.
Lucille-Maine:  @Arthur: “All confusion is the confusion of different levels.” [1]
“You live life at two levels. You live life at the level at which you think, and you live life at the level at which you know.” [2]
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You know when people are being genuine with you. You know when people are being genuine with you. You know if something is really real or authentic you are moved by real sincerity and commitment. You are impressed when people are following a deeper strength and courage within themselves. Being alone you have time to explore these things to discern what is real from what is unreal what is good from what only looks good. You are able to challenge your ideas your beliefs your assumptions in contrast to the reality of Knowledge. This takes time this takes focus on your part. You must be there for this. (Being Alone)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you to Ellen and Robert, Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society! It is quite difficult at times to stay with what is being given here for some of us, yet what brought us here is what helps us stay! Nasi Novare Coram
Betty_UK:  correction, thank you all for many words of wisdom, as always.
MaryL_Boulder:  As the world becomes even more confused and chaotic may we all learn to abide with stillness and the strength of Knowledge to know what to do, where to go and who to be with. NNC
Arthur:  I know we all strive for the same thing, but I am at a point where nothing and I mean nothing matters to me before I get just that thing.
Arthur:  do you know what you seek ?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Some people cannot do this. There are many ways to Knowledge , ..(The New Message)
Arthur:  Yea some people to have the openness of hearth yet.
Arthur:  I am in such a hurry so the process I am making many mistakes. Is that a good metaphor for my life ?
Arthur:  I am in such a hurry so in the process I am making many mistakes. Is that a good metaphor for my life ?*
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you are tired of starting over then stop giving up. Nasi Novare Coram
Virpi_FI:  Thumbs up for that rayhobbs! NNC, thank you all!
Arthur:  rayhobbs if you had any clue what I was on about you wouldn’t say such things.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Knowledge is patient it is not seeking because it is the answer and yet it is here in the world to accomplish something so it is focused it is creative and it is determined.
You then become its student you follow Knowledge your mind and your intellect now becomes subservient to a greater power than yourself. Here the intellect can become the wonderful instrument of communication that it really is. Here you are able to discern amongst your emotions those which are truly valuable and indicative and those that are merely the product of your own reactions to life.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You give yourself to Knowledge … you do not give in …
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Kari. Yes. We would all be floundering if not for Marshall bringing the gift of the New Message into the world. I have moments of overwhelming gratitude for him which I am sure you all have. I feel so honored and so blessed to have found him, the New Message and all of you.
Arthur:  That’s it I’ve decided. Good luck and I will see you all at a later stage.
Josef Austria:  Without Marshall’s endurance, patience, determination, courage we all here would not have a NMFG. Some of us ( if not all ) would life with great and increasing despair and would feel totaly lost in this world. All praise goes to The Lord Of The Universe and all thanks goes to Marshall and The Assembly. Thank you from my deepest part, thank you Marshall!
Bethne_UK:  Amen Mary L!

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  1. Alisa Posted on January 22, 2017 at 5:32 am

    Sorry I missed this Chat. So much wisdom was expressed here. Thank you all for your sharing, honesty, integrity and inspiration.

    I particularly identified with those who described the New Life as “going with the flow” and being ready with open arms for whatever life brings. For me, the New Life is having a certain plan, but being ready to change it as new circumstances arise, and accepting these changes as new opportunities and new learning. The New Life is totally in the hands of Knowledge. Knowledge knows what is necessary and what I must do. I surrender myself entirely to Knowledge and life takes on a new purpose, meaning and direction.

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