Campfire Chat January 14, 2017

 jeanine_Society:  As we are awaiting for today’s Chat to begin, here is some food for thought to chew on from Marshall from the last Chat:

“If the mind is like a wild animal, you cannot ride it. Yet it naturally seeks direction from Knowledge, and if not from Knowledge, then from the world at large.”

“Regarding us, the Angelic Assembly will say ‘if they listen, they will come.’”

“I admire those who put in the effort and who do not give up. Here persistence is more important than perfection.”

Lin_Boulder:  greetings to everyone!
Cole_Boulder:  good morning all
jeanine_Society:  Or rather “…food for your heart, food for your soul.”
Ellen_Society:  What a joy it is to see you all arriving for this important gathering!
Shane_New_zealand:  Good morning All
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Hyeonam_Korea:  Hello everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, glad we meet again!
jeanine_Society:  In looking at our failures in a new way: “Your failures and your disillusionment here hold great promise for you. Your disappointment in yourself and in others and in the great pleasures for which you have paid such a great price—this paves the way for this realization. And this realization will not simply be a fleeting moment. It will be something that will change the course of your life. And you will not understand what has happened to you or the nature and purpose of the change until you have traveled afar in the second stage of your journey.” – Building the Bridge to a New Life
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. I hope you are all well. Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  Greetings everyone. It is good to see all your names…
Carol_Society:  A very warm welcome and gratitude to each of you, as you demonstrate your intention and commitment through your presence here again and again every Saturday. Awe-inspiring it truly is. May we take a moment now on this hour to be with what this humble and sacred gathering is really a part of and the result of — the Great Intention and the Greater Plan….
And, as always, a moment to be with our Messenger.
Martin_Australia:  Hello, WWC! Nasi Novare Coram
mellany uk:  Hi Martin!
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Stéphan_Qc.:  Hi everyone,
Kristina FL:  Hello everyone, Nasi Novare Coram
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Joyanne_Canada:  Hello Dutch Meeting, wonderful to hear you are all gathered together..:-))
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Everyone to Month 1, Week 2 of the The Journey to a New Life Free School Session 2017.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Carol for me it was when I was 4-5 years sober. My mind was clearer and the fog began to lift. And I began thinking and feeling that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. There was a deep feeling of wanting and needing to find something that would make sense to me and spoke truth. I experienced a few areas where this fit the bill for a time and then I would see contradictions in what I was looking at. When I found the NM and began to read it I knew I had found what I was looking for. It is not handed to you for your benefit, it takes work and discipline, honesty and self worth and love to begin to feel its power and its truth. This is what I value above all things…that it takes work and commitment. That my practice is my gift to God and in giving myself I receive the gift as well. NNC
Raoul_Australia:  @Dutch Meeting Students, Hello to all of you and nice to see you all together
Ginny_Dallas:  Hello everyone
jeanine_Society:  We are very fortunate to have these Guidelines given to us in this session’s core revelation, Building the Bridge to a New Life, with its many invaluable directives on how to navigate our transition from the first stage of our lives to the second.
Ann_UK:  Hello to all.
Tamara:  I feel so blessed to know the presence that comes with the names I see as this sacred environment unfolds today.
77571:  Hello all, so looking forward to all your words and experiences today
jeanine_Society:  Today we will examine what the ‘turning point’ was like for each of us, our ‘awakening’. The core revelation refers to the time between the first stage of our lives and the second in many ways: ‘threshold’, ‘point’, ‘change’, ‘emergency’, ‘bridge’, ‘transition’…
Mike_LF_CAL:  Resonating with that Jim_B.
jeanine_Society:  “Transitions mean you cannot go back and you have not gone far enough to go fully forward, so you have to be on this bridge, going through this transition.” – Building the Bridge to a New Life
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes, Tamara>
jeanine_Society:  Our first discussion question of the Chat: What need, situation or problem in your current or past life was a turning point that led you to seek a New Life?
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Beautifully stated, JimB, and inspiring. Thank you
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Carol: This inquiry cannot be momentary. It cannot merely arise at times of great disappointment, confusion or disillusionment because it is a very great inquiry. It is not something you can entertain for a week or a month and hope to really gain momentum and progress here. This requires a kind of shift within yourself as if an invisible switch has been thrown and all of a sudden another door has opened in your inner experience and you are entertaining things that before perhaps you only thought of intermittently or very infrequently, and now they become an abiding set of questions and concerns. There is a deeper Knowledge within you, a deeper Intelligence that is not the product of your being in the world, that is not a construction of social influences and patterns of thought and behavior. It is Intelligence that is in the world but not of the world, We call this Knowledge, because it is related to your experience of profound insight and awareness. (The Awakening)
MaryL_Boulder:  @JimB: “It is not handed to you for your benefit, it takes work and discipline, honesty and self worth and love to begin to feel its power and its truth.”Yes, JimB. It was that way from the beginning to even this day. I did not respond to the easy way which is what I felt the whole world was seeking. At first though the high bar was a struggle but now I see it was that that made me stronger having to overcome the resistance to this great gift from God.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Tamara! “You are as yet unaware of how your mind is joined with all other minds, but in time you will begin to experience this in the context of the world.”
Amina_Russia:  It all started for me a little over a year ago ( when I actually found the New Message) when nothing around me started to make sense. A strong feeling inside of me emerged that what I am doing in my life in general (job wise, relationship wise etc) is wrong, that I am not meant for the life I am leading. To tell the truth always had this feeling, but this time it really started to just bother me strongly.I stopped liking everything around me-my friends, people, my job, my city, the things and people I so liked and loved before. Externally nothing major happened, but internally I started to get depressed and first time started to feel my life had no meaning at all, and no purpose, that I am not useful for anything.Outside I seemed to everyone so happy, confident and successful. First time I thought of suicide. Now it’s all different for me.
Douglas_St.Paul:  It seems to be important to contemplate this moment, not just for today’s chat, but for when people ask me, and you “What happened that you should be interested in the ‘New Message from God’ thing?” (with sneer quotes around the New Message from God)
Mike_LF_CAL:  The two questions for me seem to go together. When I was laid off in 2009 and could not find work for 6 months and then the job I did find felt like I was working for a dictator who was just taking advantage of people during the low point of the economy. This had a deep impact on how I valued myself…to say the least… I amplified all of my shortcomings, my wife was threatening to kick me out, etc, .etc… in short every aspect of my life seemed in great dissary and I found myself starting to talk with God… a lot. The new life it ultimate lead me too was of course the discovery… the profound discovery, of the NMFG and like Jim_B, I knew I had found something I didn’t even know I was looking for. Now it seems I have come to another turning point once again.
Ramona_Romania:  How can this be possible? I tried to unite my mind with others..but I didn’t succeed it
Shrimay,Rose ,Mona, Mariska,Jos,Greg,Alexandra Dutch meeting:  Shrimayi :@ Jeanine Several times in my life I had points I did not want to live the way I did and want to live a life of service.One of the first and deeply felt moments,was when I was 19 and felt to seek my teacher in India.I know he must be there so far away in that mystic land.So I left every thing people and all I possesed at that moment.I was not going far,in Italy I met a man Padre Angelo a priest with a mission.And one of them was protecting me ,a long story,he send me back. He asked me to help him with his mission,I was afraid so much was asked of me and was very confused I said no. Meeting this man was a big mark on the Golden Thread. More of this moments occured in my life .And then after a horrible divorce,where I gathered all my strenght to learn from this difficult time in my life,there was the New Message .And I never forget that moment looking at the 2014 Messengers Vigil,were Marshall asked ,Who will walk with me? It was in…
Shrimay,Rose ,Mona, Mariska,Jos,Greg,Alexandra Dutch meeting:  … the middle of the night and from deep within me came the answer,Yes I will walk with you.
Jeanne_Boulder:  I had an awaking when my life fell apart. I had to make changes and asked myself where did I really want to be, could not go back so I was forced into looking for a new life. I realized that I was not happy with the old way. I was afraid of the unknown! Letting go was the hardest thing for me. Never realized how much of the baggage was holding me back from moving forward.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Amina, thank you for sharing.
Kristina_Boulder:  and welcome to the chat!
Rudy_Boulder:  Mike, thank you for your testimony.
Ann_UK:  My turning point has been in action for four years. It was the Steps to Knowledge, Taking me from a secluded, money searching person with no care for society to moving home, throwing many things away, learning the difference between need and want, stopping judging everything. (well almost but still slip up), working in the community helping the residents. I think my turning point is going to be a very long one and not something that happened in a week or a day. I don’t know where I am being led but i watch and wait and do what I can in the meantime.
Tamara:  @Amina…..your expression rings with depth and honesty, thank you. In my experience, when I have thoughts of suicide it is a clear indicator that I must cull something from my life….not myself, but some relationship with a person, place or thing.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You are living with something like a living Presence within yourself that is not really the product of ideas. You will have ideas about it. You will try to understand it. You will try to look for evidence or commentary regarding it from other important people, and that is appropriate. But you are still dealing with something beyond the realm of the intellect—a deeper manifestation, a deeper sense of purpose, a deeper and greater set of forces. Here you must accept the mystery of your life and accept that you will feel a little out of control regarding it. You will feel a little insecure regarding it because it is something greater that you can only follow and learn from. Do not tax your mind trying to encompass this reality, for you will not be able to do so. As it grows in scope and experience for you, you will see that it will constantly transcend and overwhelm your ideas and assumptions. (The Awakening)
Amina_Russia:  Thank you @Kristina @Tamara for the comments,,,yes, was a bit intense for me.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  So many touching things said already! Thank you Mike for sharing and others. I feel in my experience that my experience in being a recovered alcoholic and addict is that pain and disappointment and consequences are a common denominator in AA and with the NM. Profound stuff!
Kristina_Boulder:  At work I deal with people who have depression and even suicidal thoughts. I wonder how many of them are experiencing inner crisis not mental illness?
Joyanne_Canada:  My first awakening happened during a 5 year, 6 surgery journey…I had tried suicide and the next day a book was given to me ..that showed me I had a greater mind.. Wow.. during the reading of the book I got an image of a escalator sidewalk with a great ray shining down on it..within I knew I had to be on that sidewalk…but I kept falling off, but a deeper part of me knew I needed to be in the middle. It wasn’t until I found the NM and listened to the Great Rays of Initiation that I recognized the experience and knew I found a way to get to the middle of that escalator sidewalk with all those other people…
Alison_Boulder:  @Carol it was all about what was pulling me forward, because I was excellent at adapting to an uncomfortable and dissonant life. That alone could not push me to where I am today. It was the opportunity to meet others who wanted to be guided by Knowledge, and moments of tear-jerking recognition that brought me here to this life. And when I say “meet”, I include early moments watching Patricia in a broadcast, this beacon speaking to me in indescribable ways.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Resonating here, Ann UK. “I think my turning point is going to be a very long one…” I was really struck by Reed’s comment last week about the shift that occurs, before there is movement. I feel like I am in that shift mode.
Selma_London:  Ginny, thank you for the suggestion last time: May I become a person of power, strength and integrity instead of someone who is mimicking the values of my culture. This is something to be owned, not quoted.
Selma_London:  Awakening for me is happening all the time – I do not really see a beginning or an end; there hasn’t been a single light-bulb moment in my life, and in fact I rarely have moments like that. It tends to be far more of a gradual process for me in general, with everything in my experience. So far there has been a pattern of lots of gradual realisations: a lifelong awakening.
Raoul_Australia:  For me it was a sort of a process that lasted many years, but at one point more and more signs were coming…like being in a job I hated and then all of a sudden to have the strength to set things up so that I would be losing my job – which happened punctually, and that was one turning point, then moving to Italy to Australia was another turning point, and here I found the peace to receive the New Message and recognise the Messenger.
61320:  @Amina thank you for sharing this story, and welcome!
Joyanne_Canada:  The day I found the NM I was once again contemplating suicide because I deeply felt there was something I must do ..yet I could not find it… I cried out and within 10 min..heaven gave me my answer.. The New Message and the first Revelation I listened to was the Initiation
Ann_UK:  You explained it for me as I didnt have the words Jeffrey. Thank you
Inhee_Korea:  @Jeanne, thank you for sharing
Betty_UK:  @Jeanine first question: Situation: I was at the time not fully satisfied with my life, although I had everything going for me at the time, I was searching for something, at the time I didn’t realise what it was, looking back I have better understanding.
Around the same time my turning point was when I had an accident that could have been fatal, I then started questioning my life, the purpose of my life. Questions such as, what am I doing in this world?, There is more to life than my current life but what is it? I knew or had an inclination that the answer was more spiritual, so this is how I started my journey, and that’s when I started my journey to explore the meaning of my life.
Need: The need was for the truth of my life, but also something else that has been reoccurring in my life, but didn’t recognise it at the time.
Problem: I wasn’t satisfied with my current life, I felt something important was missing.
LaRaeUK:  Very powerful testimony Joyanne and Alison….thank you.
Joyanne_Canada:  I agree with Jeffery and Ann.. we are on a journey of many awakenings, turning points, thresholds etc
Kristina FL:  Jeanine… looking back, my failed attempt on many level to make separation work was the turning point, i finally gave up, but beyond all the disappointment, I was seeking for the truth, the truth of my existence.
mellany uk:  My awakening was very abrupt. I wasn’t looking, wasn’t searching ……and wasn’t ready. I wish I could say that I’d felt that I had a greater purpose, or that I had any great interest in God … or aliens…but I didn’t. I had an Initiation experience and my life, and my perception of reality, was turned upside down. I guess it was just time, and I’d been messing around for too long and was needed now. I left a long-term relationship, great assisted by the Wisdom of Relationships and Higher Purpose. The focus of my life has radically shifted, in ways that I had not planned for myself, nor anticipated. It has given me resolute certainty that a Greater Power is moving my life.
jeanine_Society:  Thank you for sharing everone – I am hearing a common thread of failure and disappointment and disatisfaction in many of our lives – this was the way it was for me too…at that time, I was able to let go a lot of my expectations and clear the way for something that I could not see and had no gaurantees of – it didn’t start to make sense until after I had gone a ways further, looking back…
Jangsun_Korea:  @Shrimayi, thank you for sharing your testimony.
Patricia_DK:  @Jeanine, About five years ago I came to a point in my life where I was very disappointed with my relationships, with religion, and even with myself because I was falling short of my expectations. I was also so confused and uncertain about my direction in life, and all of this culminated into an inner crisis… And so I started to turn inwards, spent more and more time on my own contemplating things. My heart started to yearn for something more, something more real… I wanted to know the truth about this existence and why in the world we are here on this planet. And so I started to search and search, and months later I happened to come across the New Message online. All this time, I didn’t know nor understand what was happening within me. I didn’t know what I was looking for nor what it will lead to ultimately. I wasn’t consciously searching for a new life, but I guess that at a deeper level that was exactly what I was looking for.
Richmond_UK:  The situation I found in my past life was that I had been trying to find people, places and things that would give meaning (from a Separated point of view). This was a fruitless exercise which always seem to lead to disappointment, although it usually showed great promise at the beginning. I have always most deeply felt from a young age, there surely must be something I have come here to do. It was after I had seemed to exhaust all my personal efforts at finding this that I reached the turning point, this took nearly four decades, at which point I found a video of Marshall online.
Jansett_Boulder:  As I take all of these stories into my heart, I am struck by the wonder of Grace. I am reminded that “The Presence is with you every day. The fire of Knowledge is with you every day.” (STK #334) I give gratitude that the Unseen Teachers, our Spiritual Family, did not leave us…ever.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It is as if you have turned 180 degrees and now everything feels different, and your relationship and position with everything is different. A deeper set of needs is emerging, and they require your attention and support. They require others who are capable of honoring this within yourself, without giving it definition or explanation.
Ann_UK:  I was witness to your awakening Mellany and it was a very powerful, beautiful and scary process. Something i do not think i will ever witness again. x
Mathieu_France:  To me, the major turning point that led me on this journey came more from a calling than from on a need. I just felt this calling of the New Message, it was stronger that everything else and I simply couldn’t ignore it. That is what began the process of extraction from my former life. Yet in hindsight, I can see that I am less dysfunctional than I used to be. Many tendencies have been weakened as I took this powerful and clear path towards Knowledge the New Message provides. I see in these tendencies all my attempts to survive in this environment, make things work and escape the pain of Separation. My true need was for Knowledge. Knowingly or unknowingly, I was seeking that behind all sorts of quests. I am still seeking it, over this bridge where things can still be very confused at times, but even in moments of confusion, I know there is no way back, as nothing from my past is holding the promise and the fulfillment that this way, no matter how difficult, is already giving to me.
Shane_New_Zealand:  My initial awakenning led to being sectioned under the mental health act, from this experience I learnt about discernment. A couple of years later in 2013 I had reached a point in life where I didnt want anything from life other than the opportunity to be able to contribute to the world, without recognition. I was sick of my ego and trying to fufill myself. It was at this point that the New Message came into my life and I was once again able to face the things that had started my awakenning..
LaRaeUK:  For me it came after living a utterly self indulgent existence and just realized that there was no meaning in this surface existence. I just couldn’t take the shallowness of it all anymore and went in search of depth and substance.
Kelvin_Boulder:  It occurred to me while reading the revelation, that I am still turning the corner, this feels more like a very tight spiral where I can only see so far. Requiring frequent re-assessment. Challenges and thresholds are still coming, adding more life skill and wisdom, though also consuming my energy. I find the revelation to have many more layers, it spoke to me several years ago and it speaks now…
jeanine_Society:  @Kristina_FL: Yes we all failed at making Separation work! Hallelujah!!
MaryL_Boulder:  “Mystery exists beyond the realm of the intellect… What created you and sent you into the world is not a human invention. What will reveal the greater life that you are destined to live and to fulfill is not a human invention. But it requires human participation, human wisdom, human ability, human trust and human discernment in order to manifest.” (from Building a bridge) When I realized that my mind had taken me as far as it could and my life felt it came to a dead end. From that realization I could see from hindsight that the mystery could finally emerge because I was finally so unsure of myself and could not live in pretense anymore.
Greg-Jos-Mariska-Alexa:  Jos: I have always been searching, there was no real turning point in my life
Carol_Society:  @Mellany: I too don’t remember intentionally or consciously “seeking” a new life. Yet at a certain point in my “perfect” life, a growing feeling began to emerge that something was missing, until it became almost intolerable… I went on retreat, meditated, read from the NM, and prayed for direction. The next morning, I began to pray again for direction, but my prayer was interrupted by that little voice inside, “Enough already… You have the answer, go get Steps off the shelf, turn to Step 1, and do it!” And I did…. It would be the 2nd time after a 2-year hiatus. Turning Point. A month later, something happened: It was as if someone had taken me by the shoulders, turned me 180 degrees, and then very gently but firmly pushed me onto the bridge… There I was, like a pre- toddler placed on its feet, quite uncertain about taking that first step, finding its balance, its stability, and then, very cautiously, taking that first step, hanging on to the guiding hand and loving support of…
Carol_Society:  … Steps to Knowledge, absolutely essential then, as it is now…still leading me across that bridge, bringing me ever closer to the life I was meant to live.
Douglas_St.Paul:  Oh, what happy failure! Oh what magnificent defeat!
Greg-Jos-Mariska-Alexa:  Alexanda @ Mathieu, same for me, I can completelt relate to tht experience
Joyanne_Canada:  that you Carol for sharing your experience
Ann_UK:  Feel that so much Carol_Society
Alison_Boulder:  @Carol thank you ! I still pray for things to shake up my perfect life.
LaRaeUK:  Well said Douglas!
Lingling_China:  For me, I always question about my life meaning since I was in middle school. I always questioned about religions and God. I have a desire to understand all these and the universe. Until I found Steps to knowledge and read the revelations about religions. I resonated so much from deep level. My life transition began from that.
LaRaeUK:  Beautiful Carol, just beautiful.
Ginny_Dallas:  I read Escaping Suffering from WVI last night. “You must recognize you are unhappy to recognize the need to do something about it in your life. How people recognize they are unhappy is either be becoming more unhappy and finally realizing they are unhappy or by having a profound experience of happiness and realizing the contrast.” Depression certainly can be an indicator of unhappiness.
Selma_London:  The Afterglow of the New God Experience: I know that not being adequately anchored can be dangerous, having had out of body experiences earlier on in life, before I worked later to come more fully into my body and be present in the world. At first this felt rather restrictive, and so when I read the NMG speaking about having to drag ones body around all day, l was amused. I probably came a bit too much into my body. Yet the body can be used as a temple.
“Your body needs to be keen. It needs to be an asset. If it is cared for, it is like a window and not a wall. You will be able to look through it, and it will not prevent you from receiving more directly the communication that you need to receive from God.”
From http://www.newmessage….ealth
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes Jansett, thank you for stating that, “…gratitude that the Unseen Teachers, our Spiritual Family, did not leave us…ever”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Now the deeper needs of the soul are competing with your personal desires, fears and obligations. And you will have to choose again and again, even every day perhaps, which direction you will go, what set of needs are more pressing and important. This struggle within yourself is very real, and it is particularly intense at certain turning points of your life because now you are going against your social conditioning. You are going against the expectations of others. Perhaps you will have to break some obligations and associations, and you will feel afraid and unsure. And perhaps you will wonder if you are going mad, …but you are not going mad. You are just responding to a greater calling. (The Awakening)
Raoul_Australia:  @Mathieu, same here, I would say more of a calling than a need…something calling me out
Alisa_Russia:  I feel my turning point was back in 1981 when I first came to Russia as a student. I felt such a strong pull to live my life here. It took me another nine years to accomplish that move. But I did it and have never looked back since. Now I feel I am living the life I always wanted and strove for.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Carol, thank you.
René_Qc:  I found It/it found me at a point in my life when i felt very confused. It was a very sudden change to simply find out that this all made sense after all… but it took me a long time to be able to live with the teachings; i realised that i was not where i was meant to be and i felt stuck. I misinterpreted signs to validate my preferences and engaged with the wrong person. I really started going forward when i heard Marshall speak live, it shook me out of my dreaming and i started taking the difficult but necessary steps and finally understood the value of proper preparation that the NMFG provides.
Josef Austria:  Hello Everyone!
Michael E_ Boulder:  I had an awakening experience at a party in high school (of all places) when I was 15 years old. I definitely “hijacked” the realization for a long bit, but at the time, that night, I realized in my whole being something, and I knew that things were not as most people thought they were. Of course, there was a long process before this of starting to expand my mind, and after this as well, before I could receive a true teacher. In 2 years I began to engage a meditation teacher in my local community, in 3 years I discovered and began to study the New Message, and finally almost 4 years later (this Spring) I found a very clear discourse on awakening in a book by Adyashanti. Slowly the understanding of what had happened to me has begun to unfold.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Here it is important not to look for consensus or agreement with other people, for if they are not feeling this deeper movement, they will not understand it. They will not agree to it. They will question you. They will cast doubt upon you. They will say, “What is the matter with you? You used to be such a fun person and now you are so serious.” And they will want you to do the things that you did with them before, or things they want you to do for their sake. They will not recognize and honor the deeper stirrings in your soul.
jeanine_Society:  For some of us, everything looked good on the outside, but something was certainly missing on the inside…so we move from being “an outer-directed person to being an inner-directed person”, a tremendous change:…mmx5a
Cole_Boulder:  For many years, beneath the surface, I felt something stirring within me, beneath the surface. But my outer life was in total disarray from the ages of 18-21. I feel like I had several turning points, a series of compromises regarding my relationships, behaviors, pursuits. And as I began STK my senior year of college, I kept on with my reckless lifestyle until I reached a tumultuous point where to keep going in two directions would have made me “snap.” Like a rubber band, I was propelled towards the New Life with incredible force and combustion. I am really still only at the outset, but I have come into the clear regarding what is most important. The relationships within this community are what have given me the confirmation to follow what I know.
38379:  In my 20s and early 30s I was done with God and my then life. I got divorced from a very unsatisfying marriage and thought I could build a new life for myself. That proved empty and major disappointment set it. I met a psychic who told me some things that ultimately set me on a spiritual path rather than a religious path. It took years of seeking to finally find Marshall. When I found the New Message, at first there was a lot of trepidation, wanting badly for it to be what I thought it was and afraid it would be one more disappointment. Turns out it was so much more than I could ever have imagined. I felt spiritually fed and really challenged at the same time. Thankfully I stayed with it through some very difficult challenges, and yet I have never looked back.
Lynn, CO:  For me there were several turning points: when my mother died when I was 4 1/2 yrs. old and accepted inward responsibility for myself; when I divorced a picture perfect life (and yes everyone thought I was not in my right mind); when I moved to the desert (my young adult children thought I abandoned them); and when I knew that I must begin to “prepare for contact” (which lead to the project Camelot interview with MVS), and now-still in Awe, I’m here, on the bridge within an unfolding mystery.
Alison_Boulder:  @Michael E, thanks for this new phrase “hijacking the realization.”
Rudy_Boulder:  In 2009, I was not searching, in fact, my ideal life was good, but i did have two things that I felt deeply missing in my life, but these were deep, not at the surface, were my purpose and destiny in life. I felt it, but nothing would inspired me to go forward, until the New Message arrived at my doorstep. I was hooked like a fish, thrown out of an environment that I knew. In the transition period of being hooked and out of my habitat, I kicked, I fought, I screamed, I cried, I argued, I was angry. I did not know any better. Little did I know that I had been hooked to be transferred from contaminated waters to a possible place of service, but in that transition period, I did not know that, it was so new, it was so bright, it was so unknown, so I fought to go back, but I could not go back, since the transition had begun. I stopped fighting and kicking and the transition continued and it continues now.
MVS_Society:  “The old life must fail you or you must fail it in order to have this new opportunity, this opening in your life, this new beginning.”
ONE BOOK: Building the Bridge to a New Life
Ann_UK:  Has anyone noticed the change in us over the years. I recall chats full of people scared, not understanding what was happening, I was one of them. Now there is so much more understanding of ourselves and even if we do not yet have answers and still have a long road ahead, we are a little more ‘seasoned’.
Alisa_Russia:  Finding the New Message has put everything in perspective for me. It has been like finding the missing piece of the puzzle. Now I understand why I had to do what I had to do and realize that it was Knowledge guiding me all the while. Now my life has become clear.
Joyanne_Canada:  @40163- Yes the old life failed me, that was my opening had been failing me for many years..
jeanine_Society:  @40163 – thank you for that quote!
Patricia_DK:  @Lingling, I resonate with that
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Alone you can do nothing ….
It is like putting together the great puzzle of life.
You have a few of the pieces, but you do not have all of them.
And all of your pieces do not fit together ….
David_Rhan_D_KC:  I’m wowed reading everyone’s experiences here. Thank you.
Ellen_Society:  Rudy, thank you for this profound story of your journey, of THE journey!
Jansett_Boulder:  Thank you, Marshall.
Sang_CA_Korea:  Hi all, I am late.
jeanine_Society:  @38379 Thank you for your sharing and your comment about what you realized about the New Message: “Turns out it was so much more than I could ever have imagined….”
Alisa_Russia:  @rayhobbs You are always right there with the appropriate quote!
Lin_Boulder:  For me, in 2008 and 2009, while I was in personal relationship struggling, AOH came to me, after second reading in 2009, first in 2008 when I ran away, I realized humanity is taken advantage and in danger, and I need to do something, which led me to STK right away.
Dominic_UK:  I Agree Ann
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks LYNN, CO for sharing
mellany uk:  @Ann_UK Yes…we’ve travelled a fair way since the day you were thinking of throwing me out of your house for mentioning the word “God” : )
David_Rhan_D_KC:  What is the question?
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Jeanine I forgot to set my name. I’m 38379
Mathieu_France:  thank you, Rudy.
Ann_UK:  I remember that @Mellany, and the time I left the NM but returned a different person. xx
Ginny_Dallas:  Rudy, “…but i did have two things that I felt deeply missing in my life, but these were deep, not at the surface, were my purpose and destiny in life.” Yes, I too felt this, so deep and persistent, the knowing that purpose and destiny were waiting for me.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  He is here to bring Grace and the great Love of God and the requirement that people respond to their deeper nature and take the Steps to Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within them to guide them. ( Understanding the New Messenger )
Mark Hope NJ:  Love reading all these journeys of awakening….mine began with a love of service in my hometown parish which then transitioned to a love of nature and simplicity. Several visits to national parks while driving cross county led me to let go of the “ways of the world” and live a sort of missionary life. Been following the Spirit ever since then until a major turning point around 2007 which helped me to let go of the “family circle” of living and really step into this bigger family were in. Still trying to” cut cords” and disconnect from darkness as it has only increased with aggression over time but Wow! what a journey of “crossing this bridge”.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ David Today we will examine what the ‘turning point’ was like for each of us, our ‘awakening’.
jeanine_Society:  “The Wise remain hidden.”
Michael E_ Boulder:  I was a bit of a stoner at the time; this is what I did with my friends – get stoned, and laugh and all that.. But it was actually not okay with me. Getting caught by my mom at the end of the summer was the biggest relief in ending the charade for me. I spent three weeks at home experiencing meaningful time with my family and was shocked when I went back to school and didn’t know who I was at all. One specific Saturday I went to a volleyball game and remember yelling like an a**hole because that was what all the older guys did at school and they seemed so confident.. For the first part of the day I decided to fake that I knew who I was.. I took on entirely new personality. That night was the party at which I had my first awakening experience.
jeanine_Society:  Michael E_Boulder – we have sent you a PM…
MVS_Society:  • “The Assembly watches over the world—listening, waiting for those requests that are truly authentic and represent an honest appeal, particularly if they [the requests] mark a turning point in a person’s life, particularly if they show a greater demonstration of a desire for contact—not borne of ambition, not borne of foolishness or experimentation. It is the signal that someone is ready to begin to awaken. Only Heaven knows what this signal is, what it sounds like, what it means and how it should be regarded.”
THE NEW GOD: The Assembly
LaRaeUK:  I found the NM when I was originally looking for my own enlightenment…it was all about me, then I was lead to Marshall…and realized it wasn’t about me at all, it was about following The Steps and being of service to others. So grateful for all the gifts of these Revelations.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Michael E: Fake it till you make it.
Tamara:  Currently I am faced with holding….holding to the path of building a stable, loving, and consistent relationship with myself, building the foundation that will support me for the rest of my life here on Earth. It is so easy to jump and run off with the ‘seemingly’ right thing to do after a short time of success…pursue this education, dedicate myself to this person, that profession…..yet I know deeply that I am to be in this place of simple, hard work on my body, my mind, and my finances for the next year or so. I am committed to myself, to a true relationship with who I am in this earthly form so that I may learn of my ancient memory held by my Teachers. I recently had suicidal thoughts arise once again for there was something else I was allowing to take over life, something that on the surfaced seemed to ease the ‘hard work’ of this current transition. With the strength of responsibility I am able to release that which does not serve my highest good.
Cole_Boulder:  @Michael E – inspiring that you could recognize that compromise within yourself and face this as a new experience emerged for you in contrast to everything else
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes, Ann_UK, I see a change in others and myself… we are “a little more seasoned.”
carolyn_ct:  Many of us here have been to these places several times. Each time of loss brings us up short, and then we remember. Each time bringing us closer, as if Heaven is saying, ‘just a little more. Heaven wants you to know more’. Feel more. Experience life more. The true joy and the true sorrow. Real love. Real pain. Real loss. Carve deeper canyons, making more room for Eternal Love, Compassion, giving way. And then teaching us to love ourselves, because we forget to do that, as we forget to breathe.
jeanine_Society:  @LaRaeUK – An important point you shared that many of us here on this Bridge all have experienced: “…I found the NM when I was originally looking for my own enlightenment…it was all about me, then I was lead to Marshall…and realized it wasn’t about me at all…”
Alisa_Russia:  @LaRae – this is precisely how it was for me – moving from personal enlightenment to being of service.
Rudy_Boulder:  During this transition, I met the Messenger, the Society members and other students of the New Message. As the transition continues, there are roadblocks, difficulties and challenges, but the direction has been set, which has meaning and purpose: to assist the Angelic Assembly and Marshall to bring this New Message from God to the world. During these hard times, keep in mind what the Messenger said last week, do not give up. Never give up!! Let us maintain or persistence, determination, consistency and continue to climb, not to go back, but to go forward. The world awaits the New Message and let us assist in this process, in this transition to a New Life a New World. Let this be the Bridge to A New Life.
Carol_Society:  @LaRaeUK: “realized it wasn’t about me at all” This reminds me of the question, What is a New Life for anyway?! Personal development? Better relationships? Inner peace and contentment? Or for contribution to a world whose difficulties continue to escalate each and every day? For the world’s successful emergence into the GC? For the evolution of all life in the Greater Plan of God and the Return out of Separation? The Messenger has said (paraphrasing): Service to the word is more important than your personal evolution.
Debbie_Plano:  Ginny and Rudy – Purpose and destiny . . . I, too was looking for purpose and destiny hoping that it would help fulfill my discontented, yet seemingly perfect life. Once I started looking for it I feel like a preparation began. Looking back, I don’t think I was in a place to accept the NMFG yet. After a few years of searching, Ginny found Marshall’s interview and shared it with me. The journey was begun and filled with many more than just one turning point. The corners that need to be turned seem endless, but worth the effort. Where would I be without it? I am so grateful that I found it
Ann_UK:  Thank you @carolyn ct:
Lynn, CO:  @Cole TY for sharing your story, I could feel some of that rubber band tension when you first arrived, welcome again! and as always
Jorge_Spain:  “The Wise remain hidden”, @Jeffrey
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes Rudy thank you for sharing, resonating with you!
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you @40163
Hardev_Australia:  The Sacred Life speaks about ‘destiny’ and this has been my step for today. Step 135: I WILL NOT DEFINE MY DESTINY TODAY. This augmented my steps study today.
“You have been sent into the world for a purpose. This purpose requires you to enter a new kind of life experience—a different state of mind, a different awareness of yourself and others and a different relationship with the world itself. To do these things is your destiny, you see, and destiny is everything. It is the most important thing. But people create their own destinies, or try to. The cultures they live in encourage them to do this, prescribe what must be done, what must be accomplished at a given age—when you should marry, to have family before you are ready, to fill your life up with all things that the culture or society prescribes. But God has another plan for you.” The Sacred Life.
Alisa_Russia:  @Carol Thank you for that quote from Marshall.
maria_Boulder:  I found the NM when I had given up looking for it: I had a strong pressure from quite young (8 or 9 years old) that there was a very important person- of spiritual importance- that I MUST meet…I looked everywhere…metaphysical, esoteric, theosophic, gurus, Buddhism, Sikhism, Sufism,homeless people with a special light, quiet wise ones, seers, intuitives…then when I was 42, I had a grumpy chat with the Great Mystery…I said: I GIVE UP searching. HUMPH!! I am not spending any more time searching, researching, going to meet every recognized and obscure being, that might be the one I am meant to meet. Instead I am going to spend my time focusing more on my meditation and connecting directly with the Divine Mystery. And so I did Two years later LIVING THE WAY OF KNOWLEDGE, mysteriously landed in my bedroom…! And the recognition was instant. My body trembled as I read the very first paragraphs…
Ann_UK:  One thing I find very hard sometimes is the ‘not knowing’ and the impatience of wanting to get to whatever my purpose is. Does anyone else have these feelings?
Alex Nz:  my turning point, im still on my turning point i guess but through my research into the hidden truths that some would call conspiracy theories i stumbled upon the NMFG in the comment section of youtube that was related to intervention that was a video the aliens saying they will help us, and this coupled with a different path i cut for myself out of mundane life many live, my friends had fallen away from me in a sence and started to not understand me so there i was free to experience somthing new and me being verry open minded explored the NM and am happy to be here.
Ramona_Romania:  if “the wise remain hidden” , than who will wake up all the rest???
LaRaeUK:  Yes Carol and all…..I recall so vividly Marshall saying at the Encampment about everything he’s been through …how selfish we would be if we thought all he’s endured was simply for our own fulfillment. Or something close….that really hit home with me.
Darlene_Society:  @Tamara, it takes courage and strength to hold as something new emerges within you. Thank you.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Ken_Oklahoma “Could you add the source for your great input! Or are some of these your own thoughts?” Those who know carry the presence with them. And this presence has been able to grow because they have not been indiscreet. They have not tried to use their experience for personal gain. Instead, they have let it grow stronger and more intense within themselves. This gives them a sense of presence. You will not find this in idle dabblers or in people who are like tourists in a spiritual universe. However, you will find this in those who have had to face their own thresholds, who have had to cross their own rivers and who have had to experience and face their own doubts and fears and the wasteful consequences of their mistakes. These are people who are following something inexplicable that they do not attempt to define or use. Their silence is profound and inviting. They are with the Mystery. And the Mystery is with them. Through them a greater Knowledge, a greater comfort and a…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … Greater Power can emerge and abide. This is the abiding revelation. Someone who is with the Mystery can share the Mystery without words, without conversation, without debate and without self-glorification. They are with the Mystery and the Mystery is with them. (GCS.17) Nasi Novare Coram
Josef Austria:  Also Amen Rudy!
Alisa_Russia:  @Ann I know what you mean. This is how it was for me. I was always so impatient to know. But now i am content to be with the mystery. And sometimes I feel I am already living my purpose.
LaRaeUK:  I used too Ann….but as I get deeper into it, I’m learning to trust the mystery. The Teachers will let us know when we’re ready to receive.
Raoul_Australia:  I remember hearing people talk about their enlightenment…meditation (generally complicated procedures of meditation), chackras, kundalini, you name it, and I was thinking “no, it’s not for me, I want to find my purpose but guess I will not reach enlightenment in this life; so when I found the NM and Steps – a practice that does not bring enlightenment – I was drawn to it.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Ann UK. I can relate to what you have said @ 11 44 Yet I always remember what MVS has said that the understanding comes later.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Jeanine, “I found the NM when I was originally looking for my own enlightenment…it was all about me,” that is the same with me.
Kristina FL:  Jeanine… that moment is burned within me,….I turned to Heaven, asking, bagging to show me my purpose, Than i find the greatest gift of my life, The New Message was/is a lifesaver, I knew that it is a Message from God, because no one and nothing could have moved me and heal me as the NM did.
LaRaeUK:  Beautifully expressed rayhobbs, as always.
Ann_UK:  Thank you @Jim B.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  This, then, is what you want to look for. This is the evidence of revelation. The skies parting and the angelic host descending are things for the story books and for mythology. Real revelation happens in the innermost part of a person. It is something you can only feel, and you will feel it in the presence of those who are close to the Mystery—those who have not squandered their gift but have let it grow, those who have learned to become still, silent and observant, those whose minds are free of the past sufficiently that they do not need to judge and evaluate every new experience and encounter that they are having, those who are strong enough with Knowledge that they do not need to use their power or the admission of their weaknesses in order to gain attention or recognition. (GCS.17)
jeanine_Society:  In making our transition here, the New Message says that “You will be like the little tender shoot in the great forest that must be protected until it gains enough strength to stand upon its own.”…mmx5a
Kristina_Boulder:  Awakening happened a year or so prior to finding the NM, however I did not recognize it at firs per say, although I always resonated with the NM material. When I started to do STK I felt that there was something more in that book, it was intelligent, it was alive. It felt like the book itself knew me, knew about the next day I’m suppose to experience. It was mysterious. It felt like having relationship with something very intelligent.
Inhee_Korea:  @40163 Thank you for that quote ”
Your failures and your disillusionment here hold great promise for you. Your disappointment in yourself and in others and in the great pleasures for which you have paid such a great price—this paves the way for this realization.”(The Bridge to a New life)
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Ramona, what that has meant for me over the years, is that others can try to take advantage of our fire and dedication to serve and try to allie that with their own agenda. So being cautious and not taken by outward appearances, etc. Only time can tell another true commitments…
LaRaeUK:  You’re so right Kristina. Nothing but the Grace and love of God could make these changes us in us.
Shane_New_Zealand:  @Tamara Thank you for sharing. I have struggled with those thoughts myself a lot over the years. They still come occasionally. NNC
Maureen_Boulder:  One of my recent steps really hit home. Step 138 “I need only follow the steps as they are given.” Sometimes we make things more complicated than they really are. We just need to be devoted to doing Steps. If we participate in this one thing, all else will unfold.
Here’s the quote:
The truth of this is so very obvious, if you will think of the many things that you have learned by simply
following the steps in preparation. To not participate and to attempt to understand is utterly fruitless, utterly frustrating and without a happy or satisfying result of any kind. We are preparing you to participate in life, not to judge it, for life will hold a greater promise than your judgments could ever reveal. Your understanding is born of participation and is the result of participation. Thus, learn to participate and then to understand,
for this is the true sequence of things.”
Joyanne_Canada:  @Kristina_Boulder thank you.. It felt like the book itself knew me..
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The gift is given to each person, and the Messenger will speak to this. You must find the power of Knowledge that God has placed within you. The Messenger will speak to this. You must bring balance and honesty into your relationships and affairs with others. The Messenger will speak to this. (Understanding the New Messenger )
Mathieu_France:  I found that passage from W1 – Giving 1 inspiring: “Why is there this ambivalence about Knowledge, this ambivalence about relationship, this ambivalence about intimacy? Perhaps one way of looking at this is that if you think you are going to cultivate yourself for yourself alone, there is not enough reason to do it. After all, life is short. You might as well have a good time. You are not too sure of what is waiting for you on the other side.
People generally cultivate themselves because they realize their value to the world. Why else would they go through all of this development, exert this effort, expend their energy and make these little sacrifices unless they realized that they were important to the world? It is too difficult for people who are merely self-indulgent to prepare. It is too great for personal aims.” — In moments of despair in my life, I found strength to go on in my service to others rather than in fascination for my own life. The perspective that our lives are to be…
Mathieu_France:  … given helps escaping some kind of individual limited perspective, as if living just as an individual, for its individual purposes, was inherently too small for us here.
Anna_Boulder:  @ Alisa & Ann… About wanting to get to Purpose: I am reminded of this quote by Ghandi– “There is no path to Peace. Peace is the path.” Of course STK is the path to it all, but there can be purpose in practicing stillness and taking the step right in front of us. Just bringing ourselves to be with life is purposeful.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Tamara, empathy and compassion and strength to you. You are a strong student indeed, keep up the fight!
Alisa_Russia:  @Kristina_Boulder – now that you put it that way, I can say that this is also how I felt
Kelvin_Boulder:  “the wise remain hidden”
maria_Boulder:  @ Raoul – I so resonate with what you said: “so when I found the NM and Steps – a practice that does not bring enlightenment – I was drawn to it.(9:46AM)
Richmond_UK:  @Mathieu resonating
Virpi_FI:  Kristina, that was my experience with STK also.
jeanine_Society:  @Kristina_FL: Beautifully said of the deep Inner Knowing and Certainty that arises in us when we find the New Message: “i find the greatest gift of my life, The New Message was/is a lifesaver, I knew that it is a Message from God, because no one and nothing could have moved me and heal me as the NM did.”
Cole_Boulder:  @Mathieu – thank you for that quote and your experience and perspective.
Lingling_China:  @ Romona The wise remain hidden. From my understanding probably remain hidden from those who can not recognize the wise, Like a veil. But still open the veil to those who can receive and respond. So the NM can reach to the people who are ready. It is like the water underground flowing to the plants that needs it instead of flowing on the surface everywhere.
Cameron_Canada:  I had traveled so far, looked for so long, all but given up many times. How incredible to finally find what I was looking for. How absolutely incredible. Beyond all possible hope – How magnificent.
mellany uk:  “You have come into the world for a purpose—to reclaim your Knowledge, to express your Knowledge and to establish genuine relationships with others. This is your purpose and everyone’s purpose here. Your calling is part of this. Your calling is where your greater work, born of your Knowledge, becomes evident.” ~ Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol (8:41AM) I’m resonating deeply with that “…Service to the word is more important than your personal evolution.”
Ilhun_Korea:  @Maureen : Thank you. ” Your understanding is born of participation and is the result of participation. Thus, learn to participate and then to understand,
for this is the true sequence of things.”
Mary_S_Boulder:  Obtuse is one way to remain hidden in plain sight, not recommended. Comedy, though, .. .
Ken_Oklahoma:  After 30 some years of searching for something, not knowing what I was searching for……I was drawn, one night, on the internet to a World Puja interview with someone called Marshall Vian Summers. When I heard him talk about the deeper mind, Knowledge, I was struck by this and listened to the interview over and over. This led me to download many audio Messages, this was a great, initial, turning point in my life.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mathieu, thank you, Steps has been really key for me in solving this dilemma: “Perhaps one way of looking at this is that if you think you are going to cultivate yourself for yourself alone, there is not enough reason to do it.”
Kristina FL:  Thank you Mathieu …”In moments of despair in my life, I found strength to go on in my service to others rather than in fascination for my own life. The perspective that our lives are to be given helps escaping some kind of individual limited perspective, as if living just as an individual, for its individual purposes, was inherently too small for us here.”
Carol_Society:  @Mathieu: Thank you for sharing such an important realization and perspective: “In moments of despair in my life, I found strength to go on in my service to others rather than in fascination for my own life. The perspective that our lives are to be given helps escaping some kind of individual limited perspective..
Lin_Boulder:  Beautiful! Lingling
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cameron, so very true..amazing that we have been found..out of the billions on this planet we have been found..and the journey begins, and continues, beyond our own understanding we have been found and are placed a the foot of the mountain, to begin our climb
Alisa_Russia:  I feel as though I have undergone a catharsis recently. I no longer have any doubts, I no longer feel as if I have to justify myself, I feel clear and steady. I am seeing the positive results of sharing the NM and feel I am helping those I love who are struggling.
Dominic_UK:  @Carol: When I began to awaken, havinh been disillusioned from my prior spiritual involvement, I wasn’t sure where exactly I was going, but I was eager to know the truth where before I’d simply assumed and reactively put up walls against things; I was willing to look where before I wasn’t willing.
Ann_UK:  Thank you @ Anna Boulder. That is a quote I will remind myself of daily from now on. It felt so right reading it . Infact, I am going to print it out and frame it because I see it will help me a lot in the future. I came here tonight and asked to be given an answer and you have given it to me. Thank you again.
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you Kelvin
MaryL_Boulder:  @Mathieu: ” In moments of despair in my life, I found strength to go on in my service to others rather than in fascination for my own life.” In the beginning I sought ‘Self Knowledge” who am I? whatwasmy purpose/destiny but truly what kept me going when I just wanted to remain off the trail and take a break/vacation/lay on beach time was the sense that I could not allow my companions to bear the burden. I had to help carry the load, the responsibility and the mission that is mine as well.
LaRaeUK:  That is wonderful Alisa….it is so comforting to learn from those who are further along the path. Thank you.
Mathieu_France:  @Maureen: yes, the true sequence of things, I remember being struck by that one… experienced so many times. And yet it so difficult for the mind to learn to follow…
Esther_Spain:  @Ann_UK (5:49PM), I feel the same.
Alex Nz:  on the topic of suicidal thoughts i have had these and once got so close to attemping it but to my benefit, i don’t know if it was me or beyound, probly the latter, this is before i discovered the NM, i decided deeply that, verry deeply that i will not give up living as long as i can help someone, some animal or somthing, so i gues i then i dedicated the rest of my life to trying to help, and what a mysterious thing to discover through the NM teachings was that life is made for giving and you will not ever find any real fufillment in any other way, giving is love, giving is relationship and giving is fufillment
Insuk_Korea:  @Maria,Thank you for sharing your experience.
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you Lingling!
Lynn, CO:  @Jorge & Ramona -What is Life Force: All that is great in life will elude you if you seek it for selfish purposes. All that is genuine and meaningful will turn sour if it is sought to fulfill your ambitions or personal goals. Thus, the Wise remain hidden to nurture their development, to give their gifts appropriately and to protect themselves from the usury of the world. The more you know, the more discreet you must be. The more you have, the more discerning you must be. The greater your capability, the more restraint you must exercise. This requires great self-purification.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  So many powerful things said here today. I thank all of you for what you have shared! @ Maureen 11 49-a big thank you. Step 138 is my next step.
Tamara:  There exists in me a point of conflict surrounding this notion of serve the world verses personal evolution (using your words Carol for the experience is challenging for me to capture). Since attending New Message events there is a consistent reminder presented to students that we must, at some point, move beyond ‘working on ourselves’. As much as I wish for this work to be over, it is my conditioned, traumatized self that gets in the way of bridge building. Sometimes it feels like this self-works is over, other times it feels like the work will be done just around the corner, and rarely it feels out of reach. I have come to see that service to others (present in my life since I was five) was actual an escape from serving/healing myself. Now I accept where I am knowing that I will not give up on myself or the work I must do.
Ken_Oklahoma:  Something happened to me, just now, I could not see clearly for a minute….I practiced stillness for a minute and this went away. I have not had this happen before.
LaRaeUK:  A strong reminder Maureen…..merci.
Alisa_Russia:  @Alex – thanks for sharing. Beautiful!
Jeanne_Boulder:  @Ken I also first heard of MVS on World Puja, that is how I went to order the STEP book
Ann_UK:  I hear @Mellany.
Ginny_Dallas:  Ann, recently I have noticed that I have become comfortable with leaving my definition of purpose as a mystery. Maybe it’s become more of an experience and not an idea.
Alex Nz:  Alisa_Russia: i hope it to maybe help someone somwhere to share my understanding, more helping haha
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Ann_UK (8:44AM) ALL THE TIME!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Your gifts are very specific, and they can be given without making a great show. Except in rare cases, you will not receive acclaim, glory or fame for giving your gift. This is appropriate. If you could gain a greater understanding of the world and what the world really is, what the world’s need is and what the world’s predicament is, you would see what a great advantage this is. You would understand why the Wise remain hidden and why they must learn to do so even to become wise. (Journal 2012)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Knowledge is like that. It works behind the scenes. It does not need recognition. It does not need glorification. It does not need for you to bow down to it like a slave. However, it does call to you to respond and to open your mind and your heart to it so that you may reunite with the greater aspect of yourself that bonds you to all life everywhere. Like a parent calling a wayward child back into the family, it calls you back. It calls you home, and as you progress towards it, however unknowingly, it protects you and it guides you. Though most of its gifts go unnoticed and unheeded, its presence and its beneficence are showered upon you nonetheless. (Journal 2012)
Ramona_Romania:  @ Lynn, still, the more I know, The more I want to share with others.. I cannot remain hidden… I feel the urgency to speak “loud” about these things..wich I don;t know if is ok or not, speaking of discretion
LaRaeUK:  Willingness…yes Dominic. Yes.
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you Lingling…for that insight “Wise remain hidden”
Dominic_UK:  And that was quite a liberating time in my life, the early stages of awakening. That’s not to say that the post-finding-the-New-Message period of my life hasn’t had its liberating moments, but I’ve also had to live, in that time, with the challlenge of knowing that the world faces big problems that won’t be solved easily and could potentially crush humanity if not dealt with appropriately. I don’t regret finally knowing the truth about the Great Waves and Intervention, though. I’d rather know than not know. But I’ll admit that these things still cause me anxiety at times.
Greg-Jos-Mariska-Alexa:  Greg: There are two revelations which describe events in my awakening and which have happened since _ The Rays of Initiation, and the Threshold of Personal Revelation. Both are very key personal revelations to me.
Ann_UK:  Thank you @Ginny for your words.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Tamara Step 96 “God’s Will for me is to be unburdened.”
“God’s first step in your redemption and your empowerment is to unburden you from things that are not necessary for your happiness, to unburden you from things which cannot possibly satisfy you, to unburden you from things which only cause you pain and to lift from your head the crown of thorns that you wear, which represents your attempt at fulfillment in the world.”
David_Rhan_D_KC:  I have tried to escape the turning point. It happened to me most powerfully in 2012. There was no turning back to my former life and everything had failed. I was awakening, I knew something was greater than all the lies we were fed. I had studied quite a bit of the new message since 2009 when I was first introduced through Project Camelot, but often things don’t register to me till later. Those “aha!” moments. In 2012, All of my pillars were failing, my health was compromised and I had to do something. I had been asking for an answer and for something to do to assist me in living the way. I began a path in 2012 by finding key relationships that brought me back to a place I had forgotten, like when I was a child. A place of freedom and also the mystery and presence of life. Not constantly somewhere else with my thoughts, present. I learned to listen, and take the steps to knowledge and be with the revelation not taking on any roles. I have tried to escape this, because relationships in…
David_Rhan_D_KC:  … my life didn’t support the NM. Certain things made me “too serious.” My need and ambition to be with others was stronger than my desire to be with the message and continue my steps. I have been led away, yet something always brings me back to the revelation. I cannot escape it. Not the part that might entertain my mind, but the deeper resonance. And here I am again, I feel I am at another turning point. Round 2 with perhaps more balance this time.
Dominic_UK:  Or I still tend to react with anxiety towards them, I should say. Particularly the Great Waves.
jeanine_Society:  Let us now pause for a few moments in silence at the top of the hour and be with each other and all of those who are building their Bridges as we are – where we have come from and where we are going in service to the Message and the Messenger.
Roberto_Boulder:  Looking back, there seems to be several points in time in my awakening process. The first was a weeks long experience of disassociation with my mind, where I learned in a very tacit way that I was not my mind and of the mind’s power to influence my experience. Then about a year later, I was immersed in depression, facing the disillusionment with life on a deep level, and though successfully appearing ok on the surface, this led to having to leave college. Certainly felt like what is mentioned in the revelation regarding ‘failing this life’. The following year was a year trying to still make separation work, self-numbing my internal experience that was alerting me that something was off, and that I was not living the life I was meant to live (this of course I did not understand as such until finding the NM). At one point, after having gained a bit of insight into the intervention, I remember sending out a call, something along the lines of “I know there is something greater than this…
Roberto_Boulder:  … life I am living now, and I know something greater is happening in the world. I am ready to know, I don’t know who to ask or tell, but I feel ready to know.” Though I was not actively searching for things of a spiritual nature and had never been drawn to religion, at some point in the next two weeks in my rambling search for distraction and numbing agents (videos, etc.) on the internet I came across a link to the NM website, clicked on it for some reason, clicked through to The Initiation, listened, and then three minutes later it was as though a tsunami had crashed in me. A recognition of what I had found, and of its confirmation of the greater reality, what I had been feeling within. And this deep, gut churning feeling of the fact that I HAD to respond entirely to the Revelation. A week later in a rural Christian setting I was invited to while a man sang with a guitar, I had a profound experience of Presence, where what remained of the walls I had built up in my years-long…
Roberto_Boulder:  … self-numbing process were lovingly yet vehemently torn down. There was no turning back. Though I had a sense of how long and demanding the journey ahead would be, each step has revealed its vastness, the small and the great, and that it is longer and more demanding than I could conceive of at that point. My steps along the path have continued to lead me to turn small corners and know that there is no going back to what lies behind. And yet what lies ahead is the step in front of me.
Joyanne_Canada:  I find as the journey proceeds, more restraint, more holding, waiting, its perfectly fine not to know..but to wait for Knowledge to show the direction.. I look to the demonstration of the Messenger, it helps me with the confusion, uncertainty,,, its only the surface mind that needs to know..
Ann_UK:  That made me smile @Mike LF
Patricia_Society:  @Jeanine -“We are very fortunate to have these Guidelines given to us in this session’s core revelation, Building the Bridge to a New Life, with its many invaluable directives on how to navigate our transition from the first stage of our lives to the second.” The Voice/Word of the New Message – the wisest Teacher in the world, the wisest voice in the world. Hear this Voice offering these wisdoms to you. And are these directives not a manual for the journey? DO NOT TRY TO DEFINE THE CHANGE YOU CANNOT GO BACK LET…
Patricia_Society:  … THE RECIPIENT BE PATIENT EXERCISE DISCERNMENT AND RESTRAINT. Hear this Voice…….So many people worldwide are searching for such a guidepost……Thank you all for your contributions here….so very meaningful…..The Wise Voice in the world is speaking to the world now…Who will hear….this Voice….?
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Dominic,also feel the same But I’ll admit that these things still cause me anxiety at times.(9:58AM)
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Lingling, thank you, “The Veil..”

Carol_Society:  TODAY’S REMINDERS:

Throughout this session, please submit any questions regarding The Journey to a New Life that come up for you: http://www.newmessage…..html

The NM Forum, including School Forum, is not available due to maintenance.
>During this time, the Campfire Chat transcripts will be available here: http://www.newmessage….ripts
January 22 – 27, 7:00 pm US MT
January 28, 6:00 pm US MT
Live broadcast event taking place every evening in The Greater Community Sanctuary; honoring the Messenger, his life and journey and the gift he now offers to each of us.
> For more information: https://www.newmessage…vents
>All students who plan to attend in person, both LOCAL and those coming from a distance, please REGISTER with The Society at [email protected]
as space is limited.

** In addition to many US states, students will be coming from Poland,…

Carol_Society:  … Australia, Korea, UK, and France for this very special occasion.
Ann_UK:  Thank you Patricia.
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you Patricia_Society, dear loving “mother”
Virpi_FI:  “Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always. Therefore, participate with Knowledge” (from STK, Step 83).
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Patricia……thank you.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Patricia
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Virpi
Cameron_Canada:  thank you Patricia. All very helpful quotes to remember
Kristina FL:  Thank you for sharing and being here David Rahn D KC
jeanine_Society:  @Patricia – Amen. “The wisest Teacher in the world, the wisest voice in the world.” Coming in loud and clear…
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, Patricia
mellany uk:  @David Rahn Thank you for sharing … and for returning.
Ginny_Dallas:  Ken, Jeanne, I was there too! Ordered and read Greater Community Spirituality. An experience that changed my life. Forever grateful.
MVS Society:  Yes Rudy, when you finally find your true path, hold fast. Even when the ship begins to sway and the storms rage within and without, hold fast.
Mathieu_France:  Thank you. Nasi Novare Coram
Amina_Russia:  Thank you all
Kristina_Boulder:  @Tamra, I think it’s a balance. I can see how “serving the world or others” can be a distraction from what you need to deal with within yourself. But I also noticed that if I’m obsessing with myself, my personal issues and problems then it makes things worse for me. So I need to find balance and at time it needs to be 80/20. 80% working on my pillars, weak spots and 20% on service, but should never be 100/0.
Alex Nz:  Thankyou all for sharing, sush mysterious circumstaces to bring us to this great message, love and thanks to all may we be strong with knowledge and bring more to the revelation, NNC
Carol_Society:  @Patricia: “Thank you all for your contributions here…” OH, yes! How very rich and inspiring and powerful are your stories of turning points and awakenings. These powerful testimonies and bearing witness to the NM and its Messenger must be culled and saved, must not be lost…
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kristina_FL, (8:47AM),
Betty_UK:  Thanks Virpi @ “Trust comes before understanding, always. Participation comes before trust, always. Therefore, participate with Knowledge” (from STK, Step 83)
Joe_UK:  MaryL, thank you for this: “truly what kept me going when I just wanted to remain off the trail and take a break/vacation/lay on beach time was the sense that I could not allow my companions to bear the burden.” this perspective reignites my enthusiasm for doing the work in the world.
Alison_Boulder:  NNC, Alex, well said.
Robert_Society:  Thank you to all. Nasi Novare Coram
Cole_Boulder:  @Kristina – thanks for that reference point, I feel 80/20 is close to my experience right now. maybe one day it will be more service oriented, but for now the personal work has to provide the foundation for that
Lynn, CO:  @Romona-I agree, personally I feel it is both. To share with discretion. Fellow student Lynn
Roberto_Boulder:  And I just realized I wrote basically an essay. Thank you everyone for your sharing this day, It is truly moving to read all these journeys. So many more will come with their own story to share, and may perhaps being moved to respond to the greater calling by having heard one of them firsthand. Thank you Society, Marshall, Patricia, Reed, and all. Nasi Novare Coram.
MaryL_Boulder:  @David Rhan: The return to Source is most likely a spiral, instead of a straight line upwards. Sometimes it feels as though you are turning back(failing) when it is just the next rise in realization or comprehension. Like the Shaker song “Tis a gift to be simple…to be free…And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.”
Jeanne_Boulder:  MVS world puja interview reached so many of us:*)))
MarkBerger: @David Rahn – It is the return that matters. No matter how long you’re away, the return is what matters.
Kristina FL:  Thank you Patricia
Maureen_Boulder:  @ David I found this in Wisdom Volume One: “For students of Knowledge, we have different kinds of practice. We have practice for when you cannot settle the mind down. We have practice for when you can settle it down a little. And we have practice for when it settles down all by itself. There is practice for the dabbling student.There is practice for the semi-serious student. Then there is practice for the serious student. By semi-serious, I am not being critical. It is just that you want some Knowledge, but not all Knowledge. And if you are a dabbler, you just sort of want to see what it is all about and get your feet a little wet. If you
want all Knowledge, well, you just jump in! So, we have three overall categories. You don’t give similar practices to people in different categories.”
Josef Austria:  @Tamara ; First you must yourself allow to receive, than naturally you will give!
MVS Society:  Yes Carol, to be wholly focused on attaining peace and contentment is still trying to make Separation work.
MVS Society:  “Do not seek perfection, you cannot perfect your personal mind, you cannot perfect your body, you cannot live a life of perfect equanimity without divorcing yourself from the world, and without divorcing yourself from Knowledge within yourself. No matter how long you take to engage in spiritual practice, you must return to the world to serve.”
THE NEW GOD: Enlightenment
Greg-Jos-Mariska-Alexa:  All – World Puja interviews are available via the Google Drive
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you for your financial support towards the mission of the New Message. May this build a strong pillar for the New Message to stand upon and continue it’s impact on the people of this world who are waiting for this. Many blessing to you all.
Alison_Boulder:  Advocacy Gatherings for the New Message are held Thursdays at This is an online environment held with Students from around the world who feel called to work with the Society in simple service to reach others so that they may share in the experiences we testify to today. 7GMT or 6:30MST – as there are two meeting options. More information, contact [email protected]
Cameron_Canada:  thank you everyone for your contribution, thank you for the relationships we nurture here.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It is not by accident that you happened to come across or even hear about the New Revelation. All the forces of Heaven that support you have been trying to get you to this point of recognition and to keep you from destroying your life in the process, to limit the damage you have already done and the waste you have already created so that you would be available, … and be able to respond.
(The Initiation)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Alex Nz. resonating. here is a quote that serves us well: “As you give yourself, you receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive.”
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Greg the world puja interview is worth hearing again, that seems to have been a life time ago
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  “Though the answer already lives within you, it must be connected to the real events in which it can be expressed and become relevant. This brings you back into the world. This frees you from self-obsession, which is the source of all mental illness.”
Stéphan_Qc.:  Always a blessing to be able to gather here. Thank you all, N.N.C.
Lingling_China:  Thank you all for sharing. Very inspiring. NNC
Anna_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram, Blessing to all
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia, the Society and everyone on this chat, Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  40163 is me: MVS
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – just what I needed to hear. Thank you1
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall
LaRaeUK:  I recall reading that quote for the first time rayhobbs…..I knew in that moment, in that split second I had found what I had been searching and longing for my entire life.
jeanine_Society:  How to report New Message errors/typos and get help:
Mike_LF_CAL:  @jeanine, Kristina_FL,(8:50AM), I am right there with you.
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – we knew
David_Rhan_D_KC:  Thank you everyone for responses. Marshall… This really resonated and something for me to look at ” to be wholly focused on attaining peace and contentment is still trying to make Separation work.(11:07AM)
MVS Society: “Do not seek perfection, you cannot perfect your personal mind, you cannot perfect your body, you cannot live a life of perfect equanimity without divorcing yourself from the world, and without divorcing yourself from Knowledge within yourself. No matter how long you take to engage in spiritual practice, you must return to the world to serve.”
THE NEW GOD: Enlightenment
LaRaeUK:  lol Alisa….
Shane_New_Zealand:  Thank you all, for your open and honest sharing about your journey. It is a honour and privilidge to be able to share this journey with you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Amina_Russia:  Thank you again everyone, blessing to be here and just amazing stories i heard and many wise words, never felt anything more resonating with me than all this.
Aileen_USA:  @MVS Society: Marshall, I recently was in touch with Jon Klimo, PhD who was my Assistant Dean in graduate school & I was introducing him to you and he told me he had done an extended interview with you (LOL, so much for the introduction). I told him he should write a book about you. He the author of a book titled, “CHANNELING”. I really hope he writes the book, he would do a really good job on it!
Douglas_St.Paul:  These moments of gathering together are precious to me. I will try and gain as much strength from them as I can. I don’t know how we will do something like this when there are, say, 15,000 respondents to the New Message in the world.
Alisa_Russia:  @Amina – so glad you have joined us and our Russian contingent has doubled1
David_Rhan_D_KC:  “Though the answer already lives within you, it must be connected to the real events in which it can be expressed and become relevant. This brings you back into the world. This frees you from self-obsession, which is the source of all mental illness.” wow
Ilhun_Korea:  @MVS, thank you. “Do not seek perfection…”
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ david Rhan, thanks for requiring MVS. spastic scrolling caused me to miss that one about making separation work good one!
Amina_Russia:  @Alisa, thanks, very happy myself!Hope it will grow even faster now.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kristina, I don’t know the ratio but it shouldn’t be 0/100 either as it is just a “spiritual bypass” as Patricia once presented as a way to escape our responsiblities. 4 pillars is a must for higher purpose or even greater responsibility to be given to us.
carolyn_ct:  iMI am very excited about all these books that are coming out soon. X
MVS Society:  Ramona, the wise remain hidden unless called out into the world.
Betty_UK:  @MVS – 40163 is me: MVS “The Wise remain hidden”
Kristina_Boulder:  Alisa & Amina
Alisa_Russia:  I just want you all to know how excited I am that we have a new Russian student! Amina and I have made a great connection. She is one of us
Greg-Jos-Mariska-Alexa:  Alisa + Amina = exponential growth in Russia (Greg)
Reed_Society:  Everyone, thank you, thank you, for sharing these experiences here today. This is the evidence of a greater power at work, of a greater coordination pulling on each of us way out there in Separation, as if pulling on so many strings at once and re-ordering the fabric of relationship and purpose in the world which would otherwise be random, scattered and lost. We don’t know where this will all lead, but we now know it is happening, and has manifested in real terms – giving us new lives, new relationships and now purposeful work together. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran – we are strengthen by the lives and studenthood and movement of each other.
LaRaeUK:  That is great news Alisa….so pleased for both of you.
Alisa_Russia:  Along with Kristina too!
Carol_Society:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia and each of you, for, as Cameron said, “the relationships we nurture here.” Like nowhere else in the world. Nasi Novare Coram.
Kristina_Boulder:  Mary L, I agree. Perhaps 50/50 is a perfect balance.
LaRaeUK:  Indeed and Amen Reed. Amen
Darlene_Society:  @Alisa, Kristina and Amina – you are the seeds now!
carolyn_ct:  Than you for clarifying that one MVS. I have always been a little unsure about when to remain hidden and when not to. I can now see it is a matter of ‘must’, if I read your comment correctly.
Alisa_Russia:  However, Amina and I are on the same side of the world.
MVS Society:  “There is impatience amongst you, and yet I assure you that your first step will seem like too much.”
Amina_Russia:   another smile on my face,,,exponential growth in Russia
Ann_UK:  Thank you Reed. NNC
Alisa_Russia:  @Amina – I am smiling at that too.
David_Rhan_D_KC:  Can we be serious and fun at the same time?
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alex_NZ (8:55) Thanks for sharing your observation.
Sang_CA_Korea:  Thank you, Reed!
Amina_Russia:  Thank you, Reed
Alisa_Russia:  @David – you bet!
Ramona_Romania:  thank you Marshall, I think now, that I must be able to combine both wise, and the “yelling” for truth.. hard, but empowering
David_Rhan_D_KC:  Rhan Ekan Novay Trenansa Misu Veda Maya Toom
LaRaeUK:  Yes, I often contemplate that Marshall. I so often feel as though I have nothing to offer, yet I know Knowledge will work through me when the time comes.
Kristina FL:  Thank you Reed… “we are strengthen by the lives and studenthood and movement of each other.” I can feel this.
MVS Society:  When you finally find what you are really looking for, the real work begins.
LaRaeUK:  I think so David….serious and lighthearted at the same time. I cannot live without humor.
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone for the depth of your sharing here today. This calling is so powerful it can move us to a new life we likely had always wanted but may not have thought possible or were not finding – almost giving up or giving up, then being found. We are all the demonstrations of the reality of a being called and undergoing the work to build a bridge to a new life. Thank you!
Shane_New_Zealand:  In the new message it talks about being a tender new seedling (not the exact wording) I feel i have moved past that, although now i feel like a weed that wont die, Im hoping this is my ugly duckling stage before I turn into a swan.
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS – ahhh! So true! I get that.
LaRaeUK:  So exciting, yet so challenging…I’m sure my surface mind cannot yet begin to comprehend it Marshall.
Kristina FL:  Marshall… What a blessing , this is what we have been waiting for and came to do.
Amina_Russia:  @Kristina was thinking about what you said, about the balance. Maybe it’s 50/50, 80/20, and then again 50/50 depending on the situation? or you speak in general?Am i compromising here?complex for me,,,,not sure about 50/50 still
Cameron_Canada:  @MVS I definitely feel the contract of impatience and impending responsibility. I am learning to be more patient with that in mind.
Virpi_FI:  Me too Shane “now i feel like a weed that wont die”
Alisa_Russia:  @LaRae – I agree. Laughter is one of the greatest healers.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Tyyne for all the work you and the Society do to make this experience possible for us all.
MVS Society:  “Perfection is not the emphasis here. It is functionality. It is making things work. To have a magnificent personality would mean nothing if you are not engaged with the greater purpose that has sent you here, which is a purpose not of your own making and invention.”
THE ONE BOOK: The Vehicle of Revelation
jeanine_Society:  Thank you Everyone for joining together again today – may we continue to be with the core revelation for this session, an amazing guidebook for our transition time, as the very vulnerable ‘tender shoots’ of ourselves are emerging right now… Thank you to Marshall for giving us this opportunity, this Gift. Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  @ Shane.. lol your becoming a Swan,
Ellen_Society:  Thank you to Carol and Jeanine for leading us in today’s chat…..a beautiful service to us all.
LaRaeUK:  Oh it is Alisa… is. Especially laughing at myself and my many faults, mistakes and foibles.
47454:  Rose and Mariska, Netherlands: Thank you, everyone.
Katia – France:  The calling was in me for as long as I can remember, but I did not have the path… If there was a turning point at all, it was when I moved to Japan. In such an alien and exotic environment, alone and a little lost and wondering in many ways what I was doing there and yet knowing I should be, everything seemed possible, and I was open to all possibility and reopened myself to the possibility of a true relationship with God. I had a crisis point after that, but I had to wait many more years before finding the NM and everything falling into place.
Darlene_Society:  Thank you all. Your lives, your journeys, all separate and unique but part of this great fabric of relationship the Assembly and Marshall are counting on, so important. From Step 13:”You want to be separate because this defines your self; your self is defined in terms of Separation, not in terms of inclusion. Separation is the source of all your pain and confusion of mind. Your physical life demonstrates a separate life but only from a certain point of view. Given another point of view, it doesn not demonstrate Separation at all. IT DEMONSTRATES A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF A GREATER REALITY.” This is what I experience here today.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @MVS, thank you. “Though the answer already lives within you, it must be connected to the real events in which it can be expressed and become relevant. This brings you back into the world. This frees you from self-obsession, which is the source of all mental illness.”
Tamara:  Impatience…..that is another key in unlocking this puzzle present in my life now. I can be so impatience at times…wanting the results of student-hood to manifest now, like some magical, instantaneous moment of all knowingness . Yet when I look objectively at my life and my inclusion with life, there are golden nuggets within each day that tether me to the golden thread of God working through Knowledge.
Cameron_Canada:  was supposed to say contrast noy contract
LaRaeUK:  I’m so grateful for that quote Marshall….thank you.
Alisa_Russia:  @Douglas – I know what you mean.
Cameron_Canada:  ***sigh*** no worries of perfection here – lol
LaRaeUK:  I resonate Cameron, I resonate. Thankfully it was never something that concerned me. Have always been happy with passable. lol
mellany uk:  Thank you all, for being here today. I really appreciate your sharing …. and the inspiration and wisdom that is gifted here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Joyanne_Canada:  I don’t have to be perfect to serve or be utilized by Knowledge to serve..I only have to prepare..keep preparing..learning to wait….to be patient to hurry up and wait some more as I prepare
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @MVS: im going to stop trying to make separation work! thanks.
Joyanne_Canada:  such a relierf
Alisa_Russia:  @Darlene – I was just revisiting that Step yesterday. I resonate with it so. And yes, it perfectly describes this Chat.
Shrimay,Rose ,Mona, Mariska,Jos,Greg,Alexandra Dutch meeting:  Greetings and thank to all from the Dutch meeting.
Cameron_Canada:  @Joyanne – lol – you did that on purpose.
Alisa_Russia:  Nasi Novare Coram. Until we meet again.
Dominic_UK:  Thank you all for being here and what you have given. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran
Joyanne_Canada:  no… its what I tell myself each day..Knowledge is reshaping you..its going to put you to work..just as you are…right now…so prepare
Hardev_Australia:  @Darlene,Thank you. What is being shared here demonstrates a unique expression of a greater reality and it doesn’t demonstrate separation.
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you everyone. NNC
Virpi_FI:  Greetings to NL crew and thank you all, NNC.
Amina_Russia:  Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  So grateful to all of you for sharing your experience of and with The New Message….
Ann_UK:  Thank you all so much. NNC
Dominic_UK:  I can relate to that, Tamara. Knowledge gives a gift each day, if I’m attentive…
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you all for everything! Knowledge be more alive within me and you, to make what we must! Nasi Novare Coram!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Roberto_Boulder, (9:00AM) thank you for sharing your experience, I resonant with much of what you have said especially “…I knew I HAD to respond”!
Joyanne_Canada:  I am so grateful, and humbled joined with my World Wide Community, the light that pulls me to join…are you engaged with those in your life that share your purpose? oh yes…what a huge blessing to know that we are engaged in the greater work …with each other,,with the Messenger, the Society and the New Message from God..NO greater Blessing could we ever ask for..
Cameron_Canada:  got to go – be well my friends.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you all Nasi Novare Coram
Dominic_UK:  @All those at the Dutch meeting: It’s so good that you could make it here. You bring your Presence with you
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
carolyn_ct:  We are all so blessed to be here together, at this unique and amazing time, and I am grateful for it. NNC
Ilhun_Korea:  @Dominic, “What Knowledge will do is set up a learning situation that will help the person come to terms with the real issues at stake. ” – Possessions
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Carol and Jeanine for leading today’s Chat, thanks to you all for being here, see you again soon – Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Ilhun.. “A learning situation”
Alison_Boulder:  As this chat goes on I keep thinking “I have so much right here”… in this chat room, this life. I have everyone and everything right now that I need to take this next step in front of me. May I stop wanting more until I am ready. Thank you everyone.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram
Betty_UK:  Thank you all, a lot been shared Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  so true Alison, so very true..
LaRaeUK:  Absolutely Alison…..
Sang_CA_Korea:  Thank you for sharing your experiences. Nasi Novare Coram.
Dominic_UK:  Thank you Ilhun…
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Alison.
MVS Society:  All your preparation is to finally bring you to your greater role, in relation to certain people to fulfill a mission in the world. Once this is clearly recognized, all your preparation becomes focused on assuming and maintaining this role with courage, wisdom and strength.
Adria_work:  Thank you all. Thank you MVS. Nasi Novare Coram
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you all for sharing your lives! Thank you MVS, Patricia, Reed, and Society for the wisdom you share with us. For we need it now more than ever. What a time to be present during the time of Revelation and while the Messenger is in the world. A blessing and such a great responsibility for us now and for the future of our world. NNC
Hyeonam_Korea:  I wanted to be a enlighten person so to stop circling life any more but it was not succeed. I thought life is so hard that was why I wanted to stop it. My turning point in my life was a hard time in live but also it makes me find something if I didn’t give up my life so I found NMFG through my friend Jangsun. I really appreciate Jangsun and love you so much.
LaRaeUK:  Merci Marshall… looking forward
Serena_Montreal:  Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you MVS. “All your preparation is to finally bring you to your greater role, in relation to certain people to fulfill a mission in the world. Once this is clearly recognized, all your preparation becomes focused on assuming and maintaining this role with courage, wisdom and strength” This speaks to me loudly..
LaRaeUK:  That’s wonderful Hyeonam….
Serena_Montreal:  “Within yourself on the road to Heaven, all Hell breaks lose.” – Campfire chat, Oct 29, Marshall Vian
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Marshall, Society and all. NNC
Hyeonam_Korea:  There is Korean Student gathering next weekend two days and one night January 21 -22 so I can’t join next chat but I will attend Messenger’s Vigil in Internet.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall. “…with courage, wisdom and strength.”
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Hyeonam.
Joyanne_Canada:  that’s wonderful Hyeonam
Hyeonam_Korea:  Many thank you and love all of you sharing your experiences. I can’t wait to Messenger’s Vigil. Nasi Novare Coram
MVS Society:  Thank you Aileen, please send me Jon’s contact info. I would love to connect with him again. A blessed servant,
Ilhun_Korea:  @Hyeonam, thank you for your courage, consistency and for being with us.
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone. NNC
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, @Aileen, that book would be yet another avenue to spread the NM into the world!
MVS Society:  Regarding the ratio between inner work/service you go from 80/20 to 20/80.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes, in separation there is no stability, change, change, change…
Kristina_Boulder:  a long way to go…for me…
MVS Society:  David: STEP 225: Today I will be serious and lighthearted all at once.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Gratitude Marshall, and thanks to everyone. Nasi Novare Coram. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran.

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