Campfire Chat February 4, 2017

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Ayesha_Society:  Hello everyone!(1:54PM)
Ayesha_Society:  Here are MVS quotes from last weeks chat:(1:55PM)

Ayesha_Society:  “Your gratitude feeds me and reassures Those who sent me. This creates waves of resonance within the Great Coordination.”

“Instead of thinking that God is doing everything for us, we must learn to do everything for God.”

“No passengers on this ship, only crew.”

“When you are no longer a slave to getting what you want, you are free to serve and to be served in return.”

“Whenever we share this resonance together, the bonds of Separation are weakened.”(1:55PM)

Bethne_UK:  Hello everyone!(1:56PM)
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Darlene_Society:  Hello everyone near and far. And so we are joined again…(1:56PM)
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Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello from southern California everyone. Thanks for the MVS quotes Ayesha!(1:56PM)
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @Ayesha …(1:57PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ayesha! Powerful!(1:57PM)

jeanine_Society:  Here are our discussion questions today during the Chat:

1. The Teaching, ‘Building the Bridge to a New Life’, states:

“For God knows that without Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that has been placed within you, you would live a life of compromise. You would seek compromise for security, for approval, for wealth and advantage.”

Have you experienced this degree of compromise in the context of your own life?

2. The Teaching, ‘Building the Bridge to a New Life’, states:

“Previously, you were not careful. You were reckless. You were foolish, impulsive. Now you must become watchful, discerning, patient, careful. In doing this, you will see how you have been wasting your life, your time, your energy, over meaningless pursuits and over thinking that would never lead to resolution and self-doubt, self-recrimination, judgment of others and the immensely superficial conversation that most people continue to maintain around you.”

Regarding being reckless versus being careful with…(1:57PM)

jeanine_Society:  … your life, with your time and your relationships – what does this mean for you?(1:57PM)
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Kristina&Charlie FL:  Hello everyone. My dad is joining us today for the campfire chat. Nasi Novare Coram(1:58PM)
Kari_H_Finland:  They say Finland is a country of isolated and lonely people. A perfect choice for becoming inner directed instead of outer directed. Good to be here again(1:58PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Greetings everyone(1:58PM)
92690:  Thank you Ayesha. His words always strenghthens and renews my faith.(1:58PM)
Ayesha_Society:  testing(1:58PM)
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Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, this quote especially resonates with me “When you are no longer a slave to getting what you want, you are free to serve and to be served in return.”(2:00PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you jeanine!(2:00PM)
Ayesha_Society:  Before we begin, lets take a moment to be still. We just shared a very stirring and moving time together during the Messengers vigil. A real witnessing of the transmission of communication occurring between Marshall, Patricia and Reed reaching us with great impact. May the afterglow continue as we re-integrate back into our lives and spark greater resolve and movement towards a New Life.(2:00PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  good day to all students:*) Nasi Novare Coram(2:00PM)
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @jeanine Society …(2:00PM)
92690:  It means to me that I must carefully choose to whom and what I must devote my energy too. Stop trying to be all things to all people without discernment.(2:01PM)
Greg_UK:  Hello all (2:01PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Greetings everyone, I am happy to be here again-Charlie(2:01PM)

jeanine_Society:  For God knows that without Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that has been placed within you, you would live a life of compromise. You would seek compromise for security, for approval, for wealth and advantage. You would seek compromise in order to avoid ridicule or criticism or condemnation or even social rejection. Compromise would permeate everything—your beliefs, your attitudes, your aspirations, your activities, your plans, your goals. This would increase to a point where you really had lost contact with who and what you are.”

– Building the Bridge to a New Life(2:01PM)

32645:  Hello everyone…the Vigil’s fire still burns in us.(2:01PM)
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Heiio everyone!(2:02PM)
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!(2:03PM)
Martin_Australia:  Hello, Kristina and Charlie(2:03PM)
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Ayesha, for your special words about the Vigil, reminding us once again of its impact.(2:03PM)
Shirley- Co:  Hi All(2:03PM)
Martin_Australia:  Hello WWC!(2:04PM)
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Everyone to Month 2, Week 1 of “The Journey to a New Life Free School” Session 2017. Today we will examine our lives for ‘compromise’ and ‘recklessness’ as referred to in the core revelation for this Free School Session, “Building a Bridge to a New Life.”(2:04PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Hello Michael and Martin, and everyone-Charlie(2:04PM)
jeanine_Society:  But first, as we have just concluded another powerful Messenger’s Vigil in the past week, does anyone wish to speak to your experience, whether attending live in the Sanctuary or from afar?(2:04PM)
92690:  The warm and the love experienced at The Vigil is still burning within me.(2:04PM)
Douglas_St.Paul:  I had a fleeting thought that someone might read that and think, “How do they know that God knows that?” They might think, “Well, God could know that…”(2:04PM)
mellany UK:  Welcome Charlie!(2:05PM)
jeanine_Society:  The full public broadcast along with the Chat transcript for each of the 7 days is still available if you scroll down on this page:
Kari_H_Finland:  Your New Life is not your invention(2:05PM)
Paul_MA:  Jeanine- thank you.. At age of 52.6, I have made many compromises, unbeknownst to me at the time of starting them…from financial compromises to marriage to work/job. many compromises and I am living the consequences, yet earning the lessons learned.. It’s ok though, as I accept them now and understand that they were made without Knowledge. So I am in the middle of my Bridge somewhere in the midst of th e transition to a New Life… strength and resiliency and perseverance will take me to my destination..NNC(2:05PM)
Jos_Netherlands:  Hello everyone(2:05PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Mellany- Charlie(2:05PM)
Hyeonam_Korea:  Greetings late student of Korea(2:06PM)
jeanine_Society:  @92690 – yes the Afterglow of the Vigil is still with us…(2:07PM)
Howard_Boulder:  Hi everyone, NNC(2:07PM)
David_D:  Vigil experience… Very healing. Very revealing. Confirming, and also challenging.(2:07PM)
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone, from Queensland Australia, the afterglow of the Vigil is still felt, together with the gratitude for having been able to participate from afar.(2:07PM)
Patrick van Hoove:  The last Vigil was my first I attended (from a afar). When the last broadcast ended.. That afterglow.. that was realy something special.(2:07PM)
David_D:  I’ve experienced a prolonged peace and understanding of my musts.(2:08PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  AS I was reviewing the vigil I caught a few quotes by Marshall and one that really made me sit up and take notice was this quote from night 2 of the vigil, “When you graduate from this world, you’re a beginner in the identities of the universe!” The meaning and implications of this are beyond my comprehension but WOW!(2:08PM)
Paul_MA:  Words that stay with me….. “This is a Rescue Mission…you are living in a state of Global Emergency.(2:08PM)
David_D:  Yes Mike, Paul(2:08PM)
Matt_bzn:  I have strong feelings here. While building our company, I have aligned myself with those who operate purely in their own financial interest. They act as if it is not the case, but the veneer is easily pierced, especially during times of financial strain. As I have worked through my studenthood, I have recognized this to a greater extent. While I began with altruistic intentions, I see this very clearly. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the world I have come to serve, and work to extricate myself from this compromise, which is extremely difficult and potentially not possible right now.(2:08PM)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  re: vigil, I enjoy watching Marshall Vian talk and explain things, and remind us of what we know but can’t quite make the idea into our life. it helps a lot and I would love to see a monthly presentation.(2:09PM)
Kari_H_Finland:  Once again I was reminded by the Messenger, how valuable this world is within the worlds of Greater Community where Freedom is so rare. Knowledge has been kept alive in this world as it has died out in so many other worlds. I feel the importance of this(2:09PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Resonating with you words @Paul_MA.(2:09PM)
Cameron_of the north:  Something I thought sounded somewhat ominous was the final remark – “Remember me, no matter what happens.”(2:09PM)
jeanine_Society:  Here is the corrected Messenger’s Vigil Broadcast/Transcript link: http://www.newmessage….dcast(2:09PM)
Kelton_Central California:  It felt like the heat was turned up on the stew pot last week and I have been simmering ever sense.(2:10PM)
David_D:  “This isn’t about you. And some people come here and discover that then leave.”(2:10PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Cameron, me too. That statement still sounds in my heart and ears.(2:10PM)
LaRaeUk:  I found that comment ominous as well Cameron.(2:10PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tom_SanFran, I would love to see a monthly also but understand that Marshall is extremely busy with the publication work, ewtc.(2:11PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  To be free to do this …. to be free to respond to those relationships that hold the greatest promise for you …… to be free to receive guidance from Knowledge ….. to be free to follow Knowledge is your first and primary commitment in life. (Enduring Love)(2:11PM)
MaryL_Boulder:  Is “support” available?(2:11PM)
Darlene_Society:  @Matt I honor your honesty and know it can be a revolution with you, but step by step: ““Once you begin to become really honest with yourself about your life and affairs, no matter how painful this recognition might be in the moment, it marks a turning point in your life…”(2:11PM)
Paul_MA:  Matt- as Marshall said This is a Formidable challenge to change one’s life and circumstances,(2:11PM)
LaRaeUk:  As if we could possibly forget The Messenger whose life has blessed us so much.(2:12PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you, Matt.(2:12PM)
Don_Pa:  @ Kelton resonating here. I got my portable coal stove this week. The chimney guy comes on Wednesday.(2:12PM)
Betty_UK:  The Messenger Vigil, had a different feel from the year before.(2:12PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes Cameron, it did sound ominous…(2:12PM)
Josef Austria:  Hello Everyone!(2:12PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  What keeps me busy is the 10 years to bring the New Message into the world. When is that said? How much time do we still have till the windows close? It gives such an urgent feeling(2:12PM)
Russell_Sask:  Rescuing People or Humanity in General is like trying to save a drowning Cat. You will get damaged in the process and the cat might not even think you are trying to Help.(2:12PM)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  yeah mike LF, i wish i wasn’t so busy trying to get my work pillar strong. id love to be helping with the books. so much to do so little time.(2:13PM)
Rudy_Boulder:  Cameron, that phrase stuck with me hard as well. “Remember me, no matter what happens.” One other that has stayed with me is what Reed mentioned, “It s not about you Reed. It is about a Greater Coordination.” How many times have I complained, in my mind, why do I have to do this or that? Whats Reed said made it very clear to me that it is not about me, but a Greater Coordination at work in the world, in the Greater Community and in the Spiritual Reality.(2:13PM)
Raoul_Australia:  I was happy to hear the Summers say that there is no need to think of great endeavors because there is so much simple work to do…the indications are there, the work is there.(2:13PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Matt “How secure and how powerful the man or woman of Knowledge is who would not give up their mission for love or money. Are they fanatical? Perhaps. But they are committed because they have realized that truth is a source of meaning for them. Their ability to join in relationship far surpasses that of other people. What they will experience and what they will give will far surpass the goals and ambitions of others around them. They will make like possible for humanity in the future. They will strengthen humanity.” Courage – Wisdom 2(2:13PM)
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Cameron that struck me too – “Remember me, no matter what happens.”(5:09PM)(2:13PM)
Paul_MA:  Jennie–yes the 10 yr mark!!! I have reframed that to a 5-10 yr window to increase my urgency.(2:13PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  “life” possible(2:14PM)
LaRaeUk:  To me David the best part of TNM is that it isn’t about me, but of being of service. It gives our lives such depth and scope. So very grateful to finally feel an urgency of purpose.(2:14PM)

Ellen_Society:  On COMPROMISE: ….I made a great mistake when I married into a British family in South Africa who strongly supported Apartheid. We had two children, and I found myself living a total compromise of all that I valued in an attempt to make my marriage work. I experienced within my own self just how one compromise led to many others, until I had lost touch with myself entirely.

Eventually, I mustered the courage to return to America as a single mother with all of the responsibility for raising my children now on my shoulders. That journey was very challenging, but made me stronger. The lesson of compromise was burned in me forever and I knew I could never follow that path again. Many years later I found the New Message, and the sheer TRUTH of its words compelled me to join. Having faced my years of compromise, I was ready to receive a greater path.(2:14PM)

Carol_Society:  @Ray: Yes, Freedom…Freedom to the point where, ““You will not be satisfied with the compromises that you make with yourself or with the compromises that people make with themselves or with you. For this only prolongs suffering and misery and only keeps you from gaining access to your true gift and your true value in life.” Steps Continuation, 67 My freedom is awaiting me.(2:15PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ jeanine up until the age of 43 my life was lived full of ambition, fantasy and imagination. I was always searching for happiness in booze and drugs and relationship along with the lifestyle this brought with it. There was an emptiness which I did not allow myself to engage with because of the fear it brought. Now I see that the emptiness is where God and Knowledge are. It is a very meaningful Presence for me in feeling this and being with its Mystery for beginning the process in the NM I am slowly building the bridge to a new life. This give me great hope for not only myself but for others and the world. For it is no longer about me but about the promise we all hold.(2:15PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maureen, thanks for the quote!(2:15PM)
Matt_bzn:  Wow Maureen – thank you. Very powerful(2:15PM)
Don_Pa:  The Vigil fire is still burning. I got to meet Danny @ Raoul(2:15PM)
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you so much for sharing, Ellen_Society(2:16PM)
Cameron_of the north:  Sadly, if there were a prize for recklessness and compromise, I surely would be in the running. If we are to learn from our errors, I indeed have much to learn.(2:16PM)

Ayesha_Society:  @Everyone, many of you are already answering the question on compromise so here it is : “For God knows that without Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that has been placed within you, you would live a life of compromise. You would seek compromise for security, for approval, for wealth and advantage.”

Have you experienced this degree of compromise in the context of your own life?(2:16PM)

LaRaeUk:  We are so blessed that this is so Maureen.(2:16PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Thank you Maureen! Powerful.(2:16PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Ellen thanks for sharing that with us.(2:16PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Holding it protected within ourselves patiently has shown to be a true need….. a “Must”. (Hi all…. long time, still here.)(2:16PM)
Raoul_Australia:  @Don, glad you made the Vigil and that you met Danny!(2:17PM)
LaRaeUk:  Beautiful testimony Jim. Thank you.(2:17PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Cameron, I’m in the running too…(2:18PM)
mathieu_France:  Matt, thank you for sharing that. It takes time to extract ourselves from former involvements of the past we now find inappropriate for ourselves. I experienced that myself. Time to realize, time to accept, time to disengage. Realizing that situation is a first and important step, yet it may take some time to disengage fully. I think this is worth acknowledging to build the courage, the patience and the perseverance to follow a way out. For me, despite the hardship, the call out was strong enough and casting a contrast so clear on my circumstances that I could make it. Truly a process of freedom from the past from which Knowledge only can extract us. One of the powers of these events is to cast contrast and to bring vision into our circumstances. That always has been my experience.(2:18PM)
Bethne_UK:  I am so grateful for the strong light that was shone on the mission of the New Message and Messenger and the need to grow in strength and resilience for all of us of the World Wide Community.Thank you Marshall Patricia and Reed andHe many who made those videos possible. For me it was memorable.(2:18PM)
Greg_UK:  I compromised my spiritual nature. That was a big compromise(2:18PM)
Virpi_FI:  Ellen, Thank you for your story.(2:18PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Yes, Ayesha, I’ve gone past my feeling in business partnership and personal relationship, to much regret.(2:18PM)
Raoul_Australia:  @Ellen thank you for sharing about your tough journey!(2:18PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jim, thanks for sharing, feeling you brother.(2:18PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  About compromise…. I felt this compromise before i got married, but i try to block it out, and i amplified the qualities what i wanted to see (being in love, security).(2:18PM)
Tyyne_Society:  @Ellen, thank you for sharing your story. These compromises, which we really don’t understand as compromises at the time, have taken me far afield as well and held me in place for some time until I could become available to the calling of this mission. I was delayed become of early life circumstance and choices. There is a prayer in Steps to Knowledge that speaks to this. Step 28: “I accept my Knowledge as a gift from God. I accept
my Teachers as my elder brothers and sisters. I accept my world
as a place where Knowledge can be reclaimed and contributed. I
accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge. I
accept the miracles of my life as a demonstration of the presence
of Knowledge, and I give myself now to cultivate that which is
of the greatest good within myself to be given to the world.”
59236:  Greetings! Asta from Denmark here.(2:19PM)
Ilhun_Korea:  @Ellen : Thank you for sharing your experience.(2:19PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  I hear you Greg!(2:19PM)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Ellen, thank you for sharing that.(2:20PM)
Insuk_Korea:  @Ellen thank you for sharing that for us.(2:20PM)
Paul_MA:  It seems that compromise and recklessness are related…Both connected to one’s thinking Mind, the Intellect..When the mind acts as it thinks it knows best…with disastrous outcomes..With Knowledge guiding the mind, these outcomes may be averted.(2:20PM)
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you Ellen sharing your it.(2:20PM)
LaRaeUk:  I experienced compromise many times. Giving my devotion and resources to those who were simply out for themselves. Thankfully this became clear with spiritual growth and I was able to libertate myself from that entanglement.(2:20PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Tyyne I also love Step 28, I read it often.(2:21PM)
Tamara:  @Ellen….your story reminds me of my first knowing experience in 2000. I had a very clear realization that I was not suppose to marry my fiancée. I lacked the courage and strength at the time to follow this knowing and married a year and some months later. A whole host of unhealthy ways of coping with being in the wrong place, in the wrong relationship and following the wrong influences preceded for four years until I had to leave. Thus began my awakening, my slow path towards understanding why and how to live an uncompromising life.(2:21PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  “Have you experienced this degree of compromise in the context of your own life?”
With Knowledge and the NM as my compass now, I have made compromises that I deeply regret and I can’t repress the realization, if I had only found the NM earlier in my life…
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Tyyne, Thank you for sharing this(2:21PM)
Ramona_Romania:  I feel something is happening.. Things are moving after The Powerful Vigil. Reed was asking us about compromise in the email for reminding of Campfire Chat. For today we had The Teaching Building the Bridge to a New Life.. For me the struggling became more powerful.. As I wake up more, I fight with anxiety and depression more!! as I rise a hand, the other hand drags me dawn..more and more difficult it becomes. Nasi Novare Coram!(2:21PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Before the NM, I had been swayed by the waves in the world around me, being lost without anchor. I had tried to face the difficulties with what I think was right, but without KN, real resolutions are hard to attain.(2:22PM)
Thérèse_FL:  Tynne that is a prayer I say numerous times thru out the day Hourlies & meditations(2:22PM)
Selma&Rosa_London:  I used to constantly deprive myself – of food, of things and thoughts.  Before coming across the NMG I’d learnt to indulge more, and that became partly enhanced at first – a letting go to allowing myself to receive.  I’d rather have a bit too much, and include what I need, than be weak and vulnerable without.  Everything is being put to use and finding its place – this requires patience and Giving (as opposed to giving away and getting rid of).(2:22PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  I’ve found so much inspiration in the chapter on Courage. “The reclamation of Knowledge is coming to terms with what is truly important and what is truly not important, committing yourself to the resolution of big problems and devoting only a small amount of time to the small ones. It is in facing the world rather than seeking escape. This is what generates courage. Do not be disheartened that few choose this path. Though courage is possible for each person, it take extraordinary circumstances to bring it forth.”(2:22PM)
LaRaeUk:  So moving Tynne thank you.(2:22PM)
Matt_bzn:  You are right Paul. One feeds the other.(2:22PM)
Ramona_Romania:  I do not know what compromise means anymore in my life..(2:22PM)
Selma&Rosa_London:  That was Selma(2:22PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  While you have a self that you need to doubt and that you need to understand, you also have a Self that you can learn to trust—completely and wholeheartedly. This Greater Self is the source of certainty, guidance, strength, courage and Wisdom. It is what we call Knowledge. (WGC2.27 Self-Doubt)(2:22PM)
Lynn, Boulder:  I can see that everything outside of Knowledge is a compromise, and that even when I survey my pillars I need to litany weather they are being maintained in compromise or Knowledge.(2:23PM)
David_D:  1. Many times. Compromising for the sake of others. Lying to myself in fear I would hurt the other person if I chose to no longer give myself in their life, only prolonging and deepening the pain of separation. Neglecting myself for others. Realizing that I am strengthening my pillars not for myself but for others has been difficult because I see where I have been compromising, especially in my health. To really serve, to listen and hear, to respond from heart and knowledge, not mind and ambition. I have left that place, too many times. In Christianity we call it escaping our relationship with Christ. I can be so close at any moment, and one thing can separate me severely. An example of my student hood in 2012 I was deep in the new message, hearing my heart and God, feeling the presence begin to move me in a new direction. To seek comfort, I left individuals in my life that I knew were not compatible or going in the same direction. I compromised my health in the process, and prolonged…(2:23PM)
David_D:  … separation and an internal lie. This was escaping my relationship with K. I had neglected my spiritual nature as well. I cannot afford this again.(2:23PM)
Raoul_Australia:  I accepted compromise when working in the corporate environment…less than many others, but I still did accept compromise and it was leading me astray.(2:23PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Marshall’s reference to 80%-20% balance allows me to beat myself up less for dealing with the simple things in life, even though so many of them seem a bit clunky….. not so full of grace.(2:23PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you David D.(2:24PM)
Reed_Society:  @Ellen, thank you for sharing, that experience can birth much conviction for the truth(2:24PM)
Alison_Boulder:  @Lynn, excellent statement. I feel the foundation always needs a survey, as I’d be overconfident to think that compromise applies only to big decisions on the old life.(2:24PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Ramona, what really will help you in those situations is put on your headphone and listen the whole time to revelations. That raises your energy and your faith and you remember again the love that you are.(2:24PM)
Adria_Poland:  @Mathieu, thank you for your clear sharing. I can relate tremendously – “to cast contrast and to bring vision into our circumstances”, and that’s why consistency in the studenthood, being part of the Community are co important. Alone it is so hard to extract oneself from inappropriate situations, relationships, but having the Knowledge experiences builds clarity of vision and courage. It’s my ongoing challenge, but as I learn to draw the line and set boundaries I hear also one word: gracefully. Knowledge will indicate such course of action so as to respect entire sitautions and persons involved.(2:24PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ellen thank you for your experience! Powerful it is!(2:24PM)
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, David(2:25PM)
Insuk_Korea:  @Tynne thank you sharing that.(2:25PM)
Cameron_of the north:  @Mike – And so I wonder for what reason did it take so long to find the NM – How much compromise did I really need? Is there benefit from that extended state? Surely there is a reason for this.(2:25PM)
jeanine_Society:  Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences on compromise in your lives. The fact that we are here as students of the New Message shows that we have had a ‘great realization’ or ‘turning point’ in our lives, and that there is ‘great hope’ for us now, as the revelation, states.(2:25PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Maureen, another very resonating quote!(2:25PM)
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Ayesha compromise staying to long in a marriage that because I had fear of an uncertain future.(2:26PM)
20245:  thank you Mathieu(2:26PM)
MaryL_Boulder:  This spoke to me in my struggle to break free to build a new life “You can escape slavery, but you must exercise great strength and determination to do it. You must face discomfort, for when you break the laws of manipulation you will feel fear because fear is what governs them. Beyond this fear there is freedom and release, “(2:27PM)
Martin_Australia:  Thank you, Ellen. I had to sit with that one for a moment.(2:27PM)
LaRaeUk:  Indeed Jeanine. I pray Knowledge will bring forth from me what it needs.(2:27PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  How different this is from trying to trust your personal mind and trying to eliminate doubt without finding this greater foundation within yourself. This trust has no falsity. It has no false excuses. It has no lies surrounding it. It has no fragile and thin justifications. It has no deception, no dishonesty and no deceit. With this inner certainty, there is humility, for you realize you are standing at the threshold of something very great within you. You realize as well that it is something that you personally cannot own, but that you are blessed to receive and blessed to have within you, to be with you and to be the center of you. You cannot claim it and use it to control or to dominate others. You can only follow its grace to find resolution in life and to build a foundation of relationships and a greater realization of purpose and contribution. (WGC2.27)(2:27PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  Compromise was my name Now want to turn it into Nature(2:27PM)
Ayesha_Society:  @Ellen thank you. The reality of compromise and the courage needed to break free from this is so real. I remember compromise having this quality of giving my life and power away. Putting others needs and wishes over what I Knew to be true. The effects of compromise were very costly to self reliance, to self knowledge, to Knowledge. So the NM calls this out- compromise- calling us to face the plaguing effects of compromise that stalls so many, and calling us to live a life that is true.(2:28PM)
mathieu_France:  @Rudy: that phrase from Reed did strike me as well. All my difficulties may not always be related to me directly. I have been contemplating this step, a few weeks ago: “My calling in life requires the development of others.” I try to keep in my perspective that destiny implies the coordination of several people’s lives, not just mine. And just as it is not likely that I will be always there ready on time for them, it is not likely that they will always be doing their part on time as well. Some strain felt, some anxiety, some suffering, or just some feeling of waiting for something that doesn’t seem to come, not knowing necessarily what, may indeed come from this reality that our destiny is combining many lives, which makes it more beautiful, but also tricky as well, I guess.(2:28PM)
Adria_Poland:  @Ellen, thank you so much. Deeply touching. Inspires to courage. Thank you.(2:28PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Adira, an excellent sharing, really hit me thank you! “Knowledge will indicate such course of action so as to respect entire situations and persons involved.”(2:28PM)
Paul_MA:  MaryL—One must pay for the cost of Freedom…When one leaves a long marrriage or other long relationship, the cost of exit or the cost of freedom may be expensive, but that is cost of your freedom, your release into a new life!! Be willing to pay the cost of your freedom.(2:28PM)
Reed_Society:  @Tamara, thank you, “the path towards understanding why and how to live an uncompromising life.”(2:28PM)
Cole_Boulder:  I feel like I entered a phase of compromising myself when I started to become more socially involved with others my age late in high school and in college. I do not need to get into details, but I became more and more distant from the truth of my life, undervaluing myself and others as a result. Over time, this sense of compromise pushed me to keep searching. I didn’t even fully ascertain my predicament until much later after finding the NM. I think in many respects I still compromise and seek compromise. Something which has come up for me is my lifestyle and use of resources, my job – am I not complicit in the use of resources which drive the engine of war? I see now why the NM speaks of integrity so much – the path to Knowledge in many ways seems about properly aligning to relationship, giving up what inhibits this and holding fast.(2:29PM)
Levy_Brazil:  Regarding compromise, I had a realization which was quite disconcerting and on a time I was least expecting it to happen. It took me a few years to realize that was even a realization, it took me a while more to accept it and gain my freedom. It’s a deeply felt experience that I don’t want to experience ever again, it certainly made its mark in me.(2:29PM)
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone!(2:29PM)
Inhee_Korea:  @MaryL thank you “You can escape slavery, but you must exercise great strength and determination to do it. You must face discomfort,”(2:29PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Thank you for sharing Ellen!(2:29PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you David for sharing…(2:29PM)
Greg_UK:  Keikoooooo(2:29PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Cameron, there must be we did find TNMFG and “it is no accident you have found TNMFG!”(2:29PM)
Keiko_Ita:  @Greg, Helloooo!(2:30PM)
Carol_Society:  @ Lynn, Alison: On current compromises: I know all too well the examples of past compromises, the wasted, lost years, the cost… but I am now looking at: where am I currently compromised? Is it necessary, beneficial, or a burden, a road block on this great journey?: in my relationships, in my work, in my health, in my studenthood?
It may also be important to look at where I will absolutely not compromise so that I can build on that.
jeanine_Society:  @Levy – I hear you. These realizations certainly can changer our directions, our plans…(2:30PM)
Gina_Boulder:  My own compromises morphed into ghosts that at times have haunted me severely. I’ve not been a stranger to the fact I made mistakes (many). However, “God knows that without Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that has been placed within you, you would live a life of compromise.” This passage, that “God knows” I would have made compromises without Knowledge, with only culture and other compromised individuals to guide me… this is making the difference for me. To apply this understanding now, holds the compassionate balance to move me forward- I simply was without Knowledge.
“Your regrets are the thorny crown that you wear. Remove it.” ~SoH
LaRaeUk:  Indeed Paul indeed.(2:30PM)
Shirley- Co:  @ Mike I feel the same.(2:30PM)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Maureen, thank you for the great quote on Courage.(2:31PM)
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you @Jennie… yes, indeed, the Vigil helped me very much in this case. But the newest thing is that i cannot concentrate at things anymore, and the depression is preventing me to get a job (last year I was gathered money because I wanted to came visit Marshall) and the depression began to hunting me..and I lost the job..(2:31PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  A wonderful Secret is a great reminder for me…”There are many wonderful delays on your journey, but they are not wonderful because they are delays.”-Secret 16(2:31PM)
jeanine_Society:  @Gina – thanks. Your term ‘compassionate balance’, so important here…(2:31PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, while in separation and until my brian ceases to function it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to forget Marshall Vian Summers.(2:31PM)
David_D:  Thank you Cole(2:32PM)
Ayesha_Society:  @Carol, “where am’I currently being compromised.” Yes! Because if I’m honest with this question, I know for myself that compromise is still operating and holding me back. Thank you!(2:32PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thanks David for your words!(2:32PM)
nenette_istanbul:  I am compromise here ! in my work place …because of their being so respectful people …I dont know how to get out…ı feel like I’m really compromised…(2:32PM)
James_Boulder:  My previous life wrought with compromise, yet I was surrounded by friends and a society that prioritized security, approval, wealth, and advantage. Externally there was no contrast to this compromise, yet internally there was a great dis-ease, an uneasiness that had no context for being understood. I often wonder how I would have ben influenced or impacted if there was one person within my sphere that was living an un-compromised life… would this have provided the contrast for me to see myself clearly, for me to understand my inner upheaval? We, students of Knowledge, are this for the world and for our communities. A contrast for a grey-scale world.(2:33PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Gina that for that quote “Your regrets are the Thorny Crown you wear”(2:33PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Resonating with your words Cole and Levy!(2:33PM)
Lynn, Boulder:  TY Carol, I also feel at this time my current job, 80% in separation, is a challenge for me. I Know it is not about changing the system it is about following the Knowledge within everyday. It’s hard but I feel at this time I am suppose to be there.(2:33PM)
Alisa_Russia:  @Adria “Knowledge will indicate such course of action so as to respect entire situations and persons involved.” This is my experience in life, even before I was consciously aware that it was Knowledge guiding me. I have not had any experiences in my life I would say were a compromise. I have always been moved to act against all odds, and it has always worked out for the best of all concerned.(2:33PM)

David_D:  “There are many wonderful delays on your journey, but they are not wonderful because they are delays.”-Secret 16

Work Pillar… How much time people spend worrying about what other people think… Serious and unfortunate delays(2:33PM)

Lin_Boulder:  Regarding compromise in current circumstance, if there is a next step for me to step forward, while I keep lingering at my current status, this is compromise.(2:33PM)
Inhee_Korea:  @Gina, thank you “Your regrets are the thorny crown that you wear. Remove it.” ~SoH(2:33PM)
David_D:  I am guilty(2:33PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  When you are experiencing Wisdom, you are like an empty vessel through which a great power or current can flow. The mind, then, instead of being filled with its own complexities, becomes, in a sense, empty. Here you become far more observant and aware of your surroundings because your mind is free to do this rather than being embroiled in its own wants and confusion. Here there is great potency because your mind can be completely focused, and it will naturally do this. Here you enter into present time because you are not living in anxiety about the future or trying to reconcile the past, which of course cannot be reconciled. When you are in present time and your mind is being completely focused, you will have tremendous insight. Here you can penetrate the reality of things. Here you are not seeking for answers as much as you are seeking for experience. Here you are able to exercise real stillness. (WGC2.33 Becoming Wise)(2:34PM)
Cameron_of the north:  @Ayesha – agree, me too(2:34PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Have experiences endless numbers of compromises, but never knew how grave things can become, until I after experiencing a severe assault, continued travelling to many places, further and further away from home. Never knowing my life had turned a grave corner into the deptness of misery and experiencing nothing could be done, until finding the keys to healing a wounded mind. The compromises showed me all the signs of not moving in the right direction, unsuccessefullness everywhere and finally a slow beginning of giving up within began. I simply couldnt find the keys to opening a particular door for 22 year. Thank you.(2:34PM)
Tyyne_Society:  @Therese and Jeanne… There are deep wisdoms in Steps to Knowledge that have really resonated with me as well. This is one of them. I committed this to memory, much like it sounds like Therese has as well. To me they are reorienting prayers and callings to align with what is really true and sound, what is within us that must be called to the front of our experience and lived in the world. The words of this practice were and are a source of reorientation for my life and to so many others. I was struck by how this practice is ancient in it’s origins, beyond the life span of this world even. That the practice is that ancient and is given for our world so we can go down through the Grand Canyon from the South Rim with a growing sense of who we are, why we are here and where we are going, going through what we are going through and eventually, likely over time beyond my life, bring this world to the North Rim and emerge as a strong and united race who can contribute not only to this world…(2:34PM)
Tyyne_Society:  … but to other worlds. However, right now I must meet what is in front of me to do – the work – internal and external in service to this mission.(2:34PM)
Betty_UK:  Thank you Ellen, it’s not easy to walk away from compromises. Sometimes it can feel as one is rebuilding their life from scratch, and does not know how it will look like, but that step has to be taken, to disengage with what is unhealthy, disengage with what restrains someone to follow what is deeply known, and to take the next step to the unknown.(2:34PM)
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you David D. “Compromising for the sake of others”. This describes my old life so well. Looking for approval from others and giving my life for this approval. I am still learning to identify this tendency. In order to break this vicious circle I had to leave everything and everyone in my old life. Some abruptly and some gradually.(2:34PM)
nenette_istanbul:  26 years of service in one family is so compromising … can’t find a word to say goddbye (2:35PM)
Erik_OR:  Thank you, James. I wonder this myself when I reflect upon my early development as a student of Knowledge. If I had an ally early on, I probably could have avoid certain roadblocks and overcame some personal impediments to freedom at an earlier age.(2:35PM)
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @David D thank you(2:35PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  In my late twenties I left a marriage that was one big compromise and was determined to “make it” and find financial security on my own. At the same time I was doing that, I was a spiritual seeker. I found both right around the same time, but i knew the paths would not converge. They would take me in different directions. I had to choose: take a tempting job offer or turn it down and follow the path I knew was where I needed to be. Thankfully, I chose the latter. Be careful what you pray for because when it comes, it may not be what is best for you.(2:35PM)
Alison_Boulder:  @Kristina, “wonderful delays” has echoing in my mind, too! What can they be? A loving, close-knit family that keeps you where you are, when really you must be over there, somewhere else, a misaligned primary relationship, a fun job in which you “follow your passion” but is not where you must be, …things that seem good but as Carol said, they can’t be built upon and must be seen for what they are(2:36PM)
LaRaeUk:  Beautifully expressed Tonia(2:36PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Compromise seems necessary to get along in a limited world of limited circumstances, unaware people. while handling the “Small things” for material needs. “Playing the game”, pretending to be an Earthling. Ha ha ha. The 80% dealing with the real world (unreal world) seems to require some compromise. Knowledge lets me know when the compromise is one that is in the way. Very uncomfortable inner screaming.(2:36PM)
Greg_UK:  @Tyyne thanks for that analogy, its a walk I have taken myself as a tourist so it struck me. Something came up for me though…There are still wolves on the North side…(2:36PM)
Paul_MA:  From the Vigil, what left a huge impression was Patricia’s Seeing exercise while viewing the Planet Earth!!!!Such lovely pictures of Earth and the disconnect with life on the Surface! And then considering Marshall’s description of the thinness of the Atmosphere,….Great exercise, huge impact-thank you.(2:36PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  @Carol, Ayesha, yes my mind is still tempted to compromise to the world in some way looking for by-pass rather then direct way. But then, I know and am scared that it will bring me back to the old life.(2:37PM)
Ilhun_Korea:  @rayhobbs : Thank you for that quote (WGC2.33 Becoming Wise).(2:37PM)
Insuk_Korea:  @Gina thank you for sharing that(2:37PM)
Ramona_Romania:  @Kari, i was looking for the aproval of others as well…. Even if I don;t care about their opinion..but it was something very implemented in my life- mind I guess(2:37PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  @Ray… Yes Ray, to be free to keep KN alive in our world. We must really be free to do this.(2:37PM)
Thérèse_FL:  Resonating Tynne(2:37PM)
Levy_Brazil:  @Kristina / @Alison, and yet, these things are felt, like Steps CT says: “you will feel it, and it will be a problem”.(2:37PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Hugs LaRay(2:38PM)
Alisa_Russia:  Compromise serves no good purpose, it only delays getting to what really matters in life.(2:38PM)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  most of my life is a compromise now that i have a job. it is a conscious compromise in order to build my work pillar. but it is intense, long hours and stressful. my task is to learn how to deal with this. luckily I have a sanctuary where i can be quiet on the weekend.(2:38PM)
Tamara:  There is a close connection to compromise and pleasure. Living in this material realm of life, pleasure is part of the course but at what cost and to what advantage? Small pleasures that reinforce the greater good within me…this is a study I am undergoing now.(2:38PM)
Erik_OR:  Wise words, Maureen. Thank you for your story.(2:38PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  Still making a lot of compromises in my business decisions otherwise it will affect my pillar of work and money too much. But the feeling to get rit of that burden becomes stronger and stronger and that gives me a feeling of insecurity. I know I have to build more faith(2:38PM)

Gina_Boulder:  @James, “…if there was one person within my sphere that was living an un-compromised life… would this have provided the contrast for me to see myself clearly, for me to understand my inner upheaval? We, students of Knowledge, are this for the world and for our communities. A contrast for a grey-scale world.”

A question I have asked which gives rise to the prayer that it be so- that I may provide that contrast for someone else. This speaks of true Redemption to me.(2:38PM)

Greg_UK:  @Tyyne infact the analogy of the north side of the grand canyon, its wide open wilderness – raw undomesticated nature for 100s of miles.(2:39PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  To continue, you must persevere. You persevere when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it, when you are happy and when you are sad, when you are encouraged and when you are discouraged, when you are certain and when you are uncertain. Others will quit along the way because they cannot differentiate themselves from their ideas and their feelings. Yet, you persist because Knowledge keeps you going. Here you are strong with Knowledge and Knowledge is strong in you. Others may fall away because they need to go somewhere else. They are just passing through. But if this is meant for you, you must persevere. How do you know if it is meant for you? Because you know to persevere. You give yourself to this. You do not give yourself up to this. You give yourself to this. ( WGC2.33 Perseverence )(2:39PM)
Selma&Rosa_London:  Selma: When do populations become responsible for themselves? That’s when the ruler is of less consequence, and will not lead to further chaos and confusion in their wake, because power has not been given over and blamed on one person. The world needs Freedom.(2:39PM)
Cole_Boulder:  @Tom_SanFran – I hear you.(2:39PM)
LaRaeUk:  Something I felt deeply at The Vigil was that I should have been with TNM 20 years ago. Letting go of the regret now and focusing so that I am now as fully engaged with Knowledge as I can be.(2:40PM)
20245:  Hang in there Nenette. I am there myself…(2:40PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Alison, yes so true… the price for this wisdom can be great and the places and people and purpose we miss.(2:40PM)
Adria_Poland:  @James, thank you. “I often wonder how I would have ben influenced or impacted if there was one person within my sphere that was living an un-compromised life” very important. I can relate, only after experiencing NM Community, I found my voice and mustered courage to act upon it, to value my deeper insights and things I instinctively felt are valuable and true. And so strength-building commenced.(2:40PM)
David_D:  @Alison – Family has been difficult for me to break. What they want for me, their influence, and their expectations of me. I love them, and I will always be there for them, but I know I must do what I am here to do.(2:41PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  Here’s another little gem from Courage in Wisdom 2: “The greatness of the world should never overwhelm you, unless you are approaching it with personal ambition or great expectations of yourself. Instead, let the greatness of life give you the opportunity to find your greatness and your expression of greatness, keeping in mind that true greatness in the vast majority of cases goes unacknowledged by the world.” – W2 (Courage)(2:41PM)
Paul_MA:  LaRueUk— yet you now have a wealth of mistakes to draw upon….and to share with others.(2:41PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  LaRae, did you know abou TNM 20 years ago?(2:41PM)

jeanine_Society:  Let’s now speak to our experience on the 2nd question for this Chat:

The Teaching, ‘Building the Bridge to a New Life’, states:

“Previously, you were not careful. You were reckless. You were foolish, impulsive. Now you must become watchful, discerning, patient, careful. In doing this, you will see how you have been wasting your life, your time, your energy, over meaningless pursuits and over thinking that would never lead to resolution and self-doubt, self-recrimination, judgment of others and the immensely superficial conversation that most people continue to maintain around you.”

Regarding being reckless versus being careful with your life, with your time and your relationships – what does this mean for you?(2:41PM)

Tamara:  To ‘contrast the grey-scale world’ I am to be a witness to Knowledge flowing in the world around me….I am to know when to speak about what I am witnessing and to know how to provide support for emergence of Knowledge in the world around me. This is happening all the time for I am in relationship all the time.(2:41PM)
Bhargav_OH:  @Tom_SanFran – I’m in the same boat as you are.(2:42PM)
Betty_UK:  The New Message has shown me, how my life been compromised, as I didn’t recognise it at the time. And still now the obligations and expections of family and friends, but at least now I can see it for what it is, and it has less an influence on me. I can see the compromises in my past in relationships, my own values, …(2:42PM)
Jordan_Montreal:  I just want to say that isn’t it a miracle that considering how much compromise we’ve made over the years and time we’ve wasted we all some how made it here. It makes me feel very grateful.(2:42PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Jeanine, re: reckless… for me it means being, as it says in the Teaching, a witness to my life, with an abiding self-honesty. I’m not there yet.(2:42PM)

Levy_Brazil:  From Steps CT, step 76:

“Yes, you have personal needs, and yes, you have personal enjoyments. And many of these are fine to fulfill so long as they do not require too much from you. If they do require too much, you will feel it, you will know it and you will sense it. And it will be a problem. Then you can ask yourself, “Am I giving too much to this situation?” or “Should I be involved in this at all?”(2:42PM)

Adria_Poland:  @Gina, thank you for this reminder, everything we do we can do with Knowledge…(2:42PM)
Keiko_Ita:  On hourly I compromise a lot at the moment if I am doing something. Even I see the sign of Teachers, I continue to do what I am doing….Stop and follow Knowledge is important, but mu mind follows what I am doing… I must practice!!(2:43PM)
LaRaeUk:  No Tonia, but had I found it then it would have resonated.(2:43PM)
Raoul_Australia:  Reckless is the best description for my life prior to the NM(2:43PM)
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Amen to that Jordan.(2:43PM)
Reed_Society:  @Levy, thank you, I think I can understand what that is like(2:43PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Gina. So compassionate for yourself and for others. This world is in great need of compassion.(2:43PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Current family, children who are not “on board” 100% can be dealt with to a degree by “holding quietly inside” very much that does not need to be said. “What do I need to say here?” is very helpful to me.(2:43PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  LaRae, same here : )(2:43PM)
Lynn, Boulder:  TY Selma & Levy(2:43PM)
Carol_Society:  @Ray: Such a powerful quote from Perseverance…so many teachings in those few sentences! Not only to be inspired, but a call to embody those lessons..(2:43PM)
Keiko_Ita:  Sorry, my mind(2:43PM)
Virpi_FI:  “I accept my past as a demonstration of life without Knowledge.” This sentence from Steps is for me a key to forgiving my past regrets and letting them flush out and be replaced by compassion.(2:43PM)
20245:  @James&Erik – you both are right. Once you realize the path you are travelling was a mistake, it is very difficult to reverse course undo what has been done. I am trying to leave it as it is and build The Pillars…(2:44PM)
Erik_OR:  Regarding being reckless vs. careful: This has been a tricky point of my journey. It goes back to the Vigil when Marshall spoke of guidance. There were definitely times when I was too careful, and would not act because I simply wanted to be right before I acted. Then there were times when I was impulsive and ended up suffering as a result of my decision, though I did learn from it. Learning to strike a balance is tricky. There’s definitely still some learning/unlearning to do here for me.(2:44PM)
Inhee_Korea:  @Maureen thank you for sharing “W2 (Courage)”(2:44PM)
Paul_MA:  Jeanine— I now realize how dangerous this world really is..I am now much more watchful and careful with my time, energy and commitments. Now to add to this is the urgency of the New World Reality and 10yr time line, kind of like an hour-glass, with the sands draining rapidly….(2:45PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  @Tonia…Thank you for your deep sharing. How blessed we are to finally have found KN–that ‘key to a New Life’.(2:45PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you 20245. What is your name?(2:46PM)
Rudy_Boulder:  “If your eyes are open, if your mind is open, if your heart is open, then you will find your way. you will make some mistakes. That is guaranteed. But you will not persist in you mistakes, and you will not repeat them endlessly. They will serve to make you stronger, more discerning, more capable and more compassionate towards others. Do not quit if you make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of making the journey. But do not persist in your mistakes or defend your mistakes. Do not say they were perfect for you because in fact you may have suffered greatly for them. Accept them. Benefit from them. But do not glorify them or justify them.” WV2 – Ch: Perseverance(2:46PM)
Insuk_Korea:  @Maureen thank you for the great quote.(2:46PM)
Alisa_Russia:  I wasted a lot of time being reckless and impulsive when I was drinking. Superficial conversation? Hey yes! That’s all drunks engage in. I lost myself for a number of years, but luckily I was able to return to the right path.(2:46PM)
Tamara:  Recklessness in my life arises when my personal mind paints a picture of deprivation, of being alone, of needing a quick fix (usually through food…ie sugar) to get through the ‘hard work’…..’hard work’ yet another picture painted by my personal mind.(2:46PM)
Douglas_St.Paul:  The Step 28 prayer has been coming to me from time to time, along with the step about allowing my errors to teach me.(2:46PM)
Tyyne_Society:  “Your world is undergoing the same problems that you are undergoing individually.” WI: Chp 3: Greater Community.(2:47PM)
Erik_OR:  @Rudy: Perfect timing for that quote, thank you. I resonate.(2:47PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Knowing that purpose and knowledge is in the small things, not always world shattering, humble service to simple things makes many of my tasks not so much like a loss of direction and purpose.(2:47PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  That I have waisted my life the last 30 years on three marriages. Even to the point that I was homeless with three little children. And build my life up again and again and again, which build strength in perseverance and faith in me. I’ve learned so many things that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned and it gave me a bit more wisdom on a lot of areas in life which the most important is that I can understand people in lots of situations.(2:47PM)
Maria_Boulder:  I walked away from many compromising circumstances in my life, “come what may”…by doing so I experienced much real hardship, but a sense of inner integrity…and yet I see the temptation to compromise every day. It is not just something I did in the past. Particularly speaking my truth(as I am able to sense it in any given moment), where I know my insight/perspective will not be appreciated,welcome, accepted…ofcourse it is appropriate to keep certain things to ourselves, but I notice that I will go through some degree of contortions to see if I can make something that is not true for me, somehow fit me: the temptations to compromise- especially because so often that leaves me the “odd (wo)man out”..the desire to belong…I can see that distraction on the journey to belong whole-ly to Knowledge. I looked for the quote in my notes, but it is taking me away from chat, so my paraphrase of MVS in Vigil:” you are free, so you suffer. I am joined…” I suspect that when I am truely joined…(2:47PM)
Maria_Boulder:  … this visceral longing to belong will not tempt me to compromise.(2:47PM)
20245:  @Tom – ditto(2:47PM)
Ayesha_Society:  @Rudy, powerful quote that sums all of this up. An honest approach to this question on compromise .”Making mistakes is part of making the journey. But do not persist in your mistakes or defend your mistakes. Do not say they were perfect for you because in fact you may have suffered greatly for them. Accept them. Benefit from them. But do not glorify them or justify them.”(2:47PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you Rudy for that encouragement and reminder(2:47PM)
Eron_Boulder:  @Virpi…Thank you for that reminder.(2:48PM)
Cole_Boulder:  @Erik – resonating, yes, I feel this is so true for me as well. I have been perhaps overly careful in decision making, continuing to reinforce my doubt and speculation (perhaps a form of reckless mental behavior). I have been reckless in relationship with others, with money, with substances…things feel a bit more even as I press forward, but balance is certainly not there yet.(2:48PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @LaRaeUk: In order for you to carry out your mission, you must have great allies because God knows you cannot do it alone. However, others cannot perform your role for you. You must do that. Certain individuals will help you to find your role, to experience it and to refine it over time. You have a purpose to be together, and you will attempt, however unknowingly, to try to find each other. This represents a greater attraction in life than any of the personal or romantic attractions that people feel and exert upon one another. This is something very different, very unique and very special. You will have very few of these relationships. If you are fortunate and if you prepare wisely, several of these relationships will come into being in your experience. You are trying to get to these individuals because they hold a key to your life. They are trying to get to you because you hold a key to their lives. (GCS 12: Whom Will You Meet?)(2:48PM)
LaRaeUk:  I’m very good at making mistakes but am determined to learn from them as well as reduce their frequency!(2:49PM)
Inhee_Korea:  @Rudy thank you for the quote “Ch: Perseverance”(2:49PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Rudy good reminders(2:49PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you Ray Hobbs…..(2:50PM)
jeanine_Society:  @Erik, Jeffrey and Raoul, Tamara and Paul: So many good point you are bringing up here. How important to be “become watchful, discerning, patient, careful…” now that we realize how much that is needed in a dangerous world – no God watching over us every minute, no lucky charmed lives, so easy to go down the wrong path- to waste a chunk of our lives, our precious time – it takes time to change our ways – we need balance between being careful and overly so…(2:50PM)
Becky_IL:  You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be. And one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause.
And you refuse to do it because you are afraid. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand.
Well, you may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.
Carol_Society:  @Rudy, Ayesha: “Do not say they were perfect for you..” How much the NM clarifies that all things were NOT “meant to be.” An excuse for errors, for compromises…in my experience.(2:50PM)
Tamara:  Why is it reckless to follow this impulse of my personal mind? Taking that first step of impulse opens the door to ambivalence….all of a sudden I do not stop to consider what I do next and instead tumble down the dark hallway of habit, of past coping methods…..the musty hallway of separation.(2:51PM)
Cole_Boulder:  @Becky – powerful quote from Dr. King, thank you(2:51PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you, Becky, great quote.(2:51PM)
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Becky, for that quote from MLK!(2:51PM)
ellenrose-boulder:  Thank you Becky, that MLK quote shook me.(2:51PM)
20245:  @Jeanine – I am finding that my words have impact on people beyond what I had seen previously. I have been wreckless, especially at work, in expressing myself without realizing that. I am now working on becoming much more discerning and reserved in my conversations and interactions with others. And much less likely to share an opinion.(2:52PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Many of the errors and compromises I have made in life have brought me to the NM, to this chat and to this very moment. These things I call “all the shit” I put myself through is part of the foundation I am laying in building the bridge to a new life. To see a new life ahead I must 1st look at the old life and the things I have experienced along the way to begin a new life. The old life was based on understanding 1st then trust and then participation. Now. as MVS as said it is backwards. I must 1st participate to be able to learn to trust for me to understand somethings not everything.(2:52PM)
Reed_Society:  @James, important thank you, “how I would have ben influenced or impacted if there was one person within my sphere that was living an un-compromised life…” The other form of “outreach” as students of the New Message, “you can never not teach” as the NM says, as our life is constantly expressing a state of mind, a set of values, and a life direction that can be readily felt by others. To encounter someone who has a degree of inner freedom, can spark a crossing within the person, a sign that there is life possible on the other side of those internal walls and barriers that encircle a life of compromise(2:52PM)
Paul_MA:  Global Emergency–when I look out into the world and read many stories of different waves of change, I can see the Global Emergency….But many other people cannot or choose not to, or are being influenced by other people not to see the emergency… Is there a Teaching that deals with this….a teaching the focuses on why humanity may be deceiving humanity of these changes.. I know that many of these are addressed in different teachings, but which ones do people go to for this awareness?(2:52PM)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  MLK had tremendous courage.(2:52PM)
Ken_Oklahoma:  Lately, I have felt that I am wasting valuable time and energy and not focusing on the most important things that I feel deeply, and repeatedly, that I must do to to prepare. For one, I need to practice STK and stillness more consistently and honestly.(2:52PM)
Alison_Boulder:  To be reckless has meant in part to grapple for security in the moment, operating from a short-term vision, preserving nothing, saving no money, denying the future. To be careful is to set my sights on the longer road, to let relationships simmer, and accept questions. A Student once said “I go to my future self, who is about to die…” What would they say?(2:52PM)
Raoul_Australia:  so true Jeanine: “we need balance between being careful and overly so…” that’s the exercise today(2:52PM)
Ayesha_Society:  On being reckless versus careful, there has been a great shift in that within realm of relationships. I’ve had to condense my relationships to a very few. What we do together, encourage in each other, the level of seriousness, concentration and influence they bring into my life, all of these matters now. The NM teaches that no relationship is neutral, and I take this wisdom to heart. The impacts of relationships are real, and care is so needed! It gives me a sense of responsibility to those who I’m closest to push myself to live with higher standards and live with care. This is relationship of reality and direction now, not a relationship of a casual nature or fantasy.(2:52PM)
Douglas_St.Paul:  MLK knew something(2:52PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  About recklessness, I feel a huge responsibility towards realizing that if I am not careful, if I do not listen, if I do not act upon a calling to come to a greater task and take part in a Greater Coordination, I might miss out on important humans needing assistance or guidance. I worry sometimes that I am not taking it seriously enough. Thank you.(2:53PM)
MaryL_Boulder:  Finding and maintaining the balance brings up an image of a tightrope artist walking across a rope…this journey and our requirements are so much more consequential to ourself, our relationship here and beyond this world and for humanity. Good thing is we only need to see and know to take the next step. I tell myself: Don’t look down to the rocks below or back where you came from! Keep my eyes on the rim or mountain top and expect to lose my balance but get back on the path,(2:53PM)
David_D:  2. This is a heavy statement for me. Anywhere I go, I seek for a deeper recognition and experience with others, sometimes I play off charm for the sake of not seeming to confronting. I realize I have few experiences where something is moving me besides the practical points of life that keep my in line. I find very little inspiration in many things. Patience is what rings here. Patience and perseverance. I know in past experiences of feeling moved to do something, I had to wait, to observe, and to serve in principle and follow K when most applicable. I have had to develop ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to know and to learn to trust God. In the world I listen, in my work, and I hear mostly chatter. No clarity. People lost in small talk and their confusion and feelings. So much feels, less knowledge and applied knowledge. As someone who has applied kinesiology as a practice and seen the results in many people I realize how easy it is to get out of balance, and people living…(2:53PM)
David_D:  … without knowledge is like Living not knowing that you know or have access to dance, sing, play, and love, or to use your body as a vehicle for expression in the world. One muscle that frequently is forgotten (Relationship with body and mind), is the deepest abdominal muscle called the Transverse Abdominus. Knowledge is like a muscle, and many are in the world with sensory motor amnesia of that most important muscle of all.(2:53PM)
David_D:  Thank you Jim(2:54PM)
Adria_Poland:  Living without compromise requires courage and selflesness, yet is it an expression of great self-care. For me, compromise leads to self-destructive tendencies, sets of the “fire alarms of violaton” that Knowledge sends. Only acting true to myself brings the peace of mind and restores my self-respect, my strength and integrity.(2:54PM)
Alisa_Russia:  @Tonia – I hear you!(2:54PM)
20245:  Thank you Rudy – Just what I needed this morning…(2:54PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Ali, that is a good question “I go to my future self, who is about to die…” What would they say?(9:52AM)(2:54PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Stability is so important. I could put on a backpack, get on a bicycle and leave everything without compromise and do a great disservice to the world. Balance and compromise that does not heavily impact direction and fulfillment seems necessary. Uncomfortable does not always mean damaging. Thank God Knowledge knows which discomforts are necessary and which are a nudge for change.(2:54PM)
Erik_OR:  Beautifully said, thank you, Mary.(2:55PM)
Betty_UK:  When I was reckless I wasn’t aware of this, my impulses, the compromises which in some way is being reckless and dishonest to oneself. The contrast shown me that we all can be more careful, but if we are not aware of it or if the person we are communicating is not aware of this recklessness, then remember the time you were reckless, how little you knew at the time. The New Message emphasise that how we are with others is a demonstration of something, whether reckless or watchfull and careful. Some learn by demonstration. So a question I ask myself, is what am I demonstrating?(2:55PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  So powerful David D. We are all called to be deeply self-honest. You are definitely looking deep. It is always both a relief and a shock to see those things that I have either not been strong enough to attend to or have simply been hiding from myself. I am grateful to the strength and courage of KN that makes this work possible.(2:55PM)
Adria_Poland:  @Ayesha, thank you!(2:55PM)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Becky, thank you for the quote from MLK. I will keep that in mind.(2:55PM)
Alisa_Russia:  @Adria – that is such a perfect way of putting it. This is my experience in life (2:55PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you for that Ayesha… provides great food for thought, especially in those times where I feel as though I am drowning in shallow relationships.(2:56PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  jeanine, being careful with my life means to me, being totally responsible, more discerning, watching my mind and the environments, knowing my weaknesses, finding what to work on next, and on and on. So much work from within.(2:56PM)
Douglas_St.Paul:  I can get a fire alarm by either not responding to a prompt, or not responding to a restraint.(2:56PM)
Gina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, “condense my relationships to a very few”, “responsibility to those who I’m closest to push myself to live with higher standards and live with care” The importance of this focusing of power and commitment are evident in those I witness stepping into this reality- and with such intention.(2:56PM)
Mark_NJ:  great quote Becky(2:57PM)
Eron_Boulder:  Earlier Alison said: “A loving, close-knit family that keeps you where you are, when really you must be over there, somewhere else, a misaligned primary relationship, a fun job in which you “follow your passion” but is not where you must be, …things that seem good but as Carol said, they can’t be built upon and must be seen for what they are.” These are all things that I learned from my culture were acceptable and have had to overcome. But without insight and learning provided by the New Message how could could I have ever even known. Relationships and possessions are two areas of compromise that I have experienced and these two quotes remind me of what I have been up against. “Relationships serve within three primary phases. In the first phase, before Knowledge can emerge, relationships are primarily for the resolution of error. They are to demonstrate illusion and to draw a contrast between illusion and Knowledge, between stimulation and peace of mind. They are completions, you…(2:57PM)
Eron_Boulder:  … might say, yet the attractions can be very fierce. If a person never enters the second phase in this life, it is possible they may have a long-term relationship, yet it will be flawed and incomplete. It will have inherent difficulties because the individuals involved have not established a common sense of identity.” Wisdom I, Sexuality and Relationships(2:57PM)
jeanine_Society:  On failure from ‘Building the Bridge to a New Life’ and how it can/has changed the course of our lives: “Your failures and your disillusionment here hold great promise for you. Your disappointment in yourself and in others and in the great pleasures for which you have paid such a great price—this paves the way for this realization. And this realization will not simply be a fleeting moment. It will be something that will change the course of your life. And you will not understand what has happened to you or the nature and purpose of the change until you have traveled afar in the second stage of your journey.”(2:57PM)
nenette_istanbul:  This quote is for me: ”This is the kind of change your heart has been yearning for for so long, for such a long time have you been laboring. And now it seems to come to nothing. It seems you have failed the expectations of your culture. You might even feel you are a failure, that you have not fulfilled the goals and expectations of your family, your culture and even your religion. But in this seeming failure is a promise of a greater success. The old life must fail you, or you must fail it, in order to have this new opportunity, this opening in your life, this new beginning.” from Building a New Life… Thank You NMFG & To The Messenger .(2:57PM)
Tamara:  David…..”for the body feeds the mind” A quote from A River Runs Through It.(2:58PM)
Adria_Poland:  @Betty, “what I am demonstrating?” – thank you.(2:58PM)
Eron_Boulder:  “In your world, there seem to be almost unlimited things to own and to do. Certainly, there is enough to fill up your time completely, and this is occurring all around you. People are obsessed with things. They are consumed by things. They purchase things. They own things. They fix things. They trade things. They sell things. They buy more things. Then they buy things to fix the things they already have, and it goes on and on and on. And of course the more you own, the more you must support what you own and, therefore, you must work harder in order to keep what you have and, hopefully, to buy more. So, this buying and owning becomes totally dominating. It overshadows the greater questions of life and seems to ameliorate the suffering individuals feel as a result of living a life that is unknown to them and to others. The abuse of ownership is everywhere. Its manifestations are there for you to see. ” Wisdom II Possessions(2:58PM)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  “If you could see how fragile your reality is in the world, … if you could see how it is built upon certain assumptions that are never questioned and how it is reinforced by using past references to keep the mind stable,” GCS 17, how we are called to completely re-orient ourselves to reality, because the past references are all taking big jolts(2:58PM)
Ken_Oklahoma:  I have noticed a difference in me, and sometimes in others in the same small office building, by practicing stillness at work more regularly. I am more calm, can more regularly practice the step for the day, and collaborate with others more effectively to reach common goals. We can influence others, sometimes in unknown ways.(2:58PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Interesting Alison. I may be asking: so did you do enough? Hugs(2:59PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Ayesha… i feel the importance of this… misappropriate relationship can take you away from finding your purpose.(2:59PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you, Eron. From the Teaching (somewhere): Why is there so much disappointment in the world? Because there is so much that is unimportant.(2:59PM)
James_Boulder:  Being reckless provided me with the chaos needed to distract myself from the uneasiness of inner compromise. Whether it was the adrenaline of putting myself in harms way, or the inevitable dramas that unfold from living recklessly, I have used recklessness to distract and consume my attention and energy. To be careful is to approach each area of my life with intention, with thoughtfulness, with patience. When I am careful my attention spans the breadth and width of my inner and outer life with equal emphasis. Honestly being careful is still difficult for me in many respects, there is still a craving for the chaos of recklessness somewhere within me.(3:00PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Alisa : )(3:00PM)
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Douglas, Wishing I had a fire alarm in the house, almost burned my house last night because I had put a stick of burning incense into a plant. Speaking of recklessness…. It can be so simple to practice being more careful with the little things(3:00PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  TOTH(3:00PM)
jeanine_Society:  Let us now pause for a few moments in silence at the top of the hour and have a moment of compassion for ourselves and each other. Let us remember the Messenger and the road he has paved for us – how he has kept persevering, building the Bridge. And now how we are paving the road for others to come…(3:00PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Top Of The Hour(3:00PM)
LaRaeUk:  I see examples of that in nearly everyone I meet Eron….it as though they are seeking escape from themselves.(3:00PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  We are living in a world where it is easy to become overwhelmed. What to do as the world seems to grow darker. Part of me would like to go meditate in a cave until this whole thing passes and yet…. This quote put it in perspective for me. “It takes little courage to try to live a beatific life while the rest of the world goes on without you. It takes great courage to face the world, to face yourself and to face the possibility of living a great life here – a life of service, a life of meaning and a life of meaningful engagement with others. It takes great courage to face what this may mean, not knowing how it will turn out or what it will look like when it finds its true expression.” W2 (Courage) A life of simple service is not necessarily an easy one but it is an uncompromised one where the soul is at home.(3:01PM)
Paul_MA:  Eron- thank you…. the chains of ownership.(3:01PM)


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Lynn, Boulder:  I feel bad when I am reckless, especially in defense of the truth.(3:01PM)
Rene_Qc:  Thank you everyone for sharing.(3:01PM)
Tamara:  Chaos and recklessness are sort of hard wired within the human brain for when we are in flight or fight mode we release many hormones that are replicated in the various drugs humans have created.(3:02PM)
Ramona_Romania:  why the need of aproval from others? Can it be the need that at least only one person can understand you.. The need of true and genuine relationship?(3:02PM)
Cameron_of the north:  Thank you for the links Carol.(3:02PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  @David D… It seems you have had some painful experience in your life but you also have some growing experience of KN. I am grateful for your deep sharing.(3:02PM)
LaRaeUk:  That resonates James….thank you.(3:02PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Maureen, thank you.(3:02PM)
Maria_Boulder:  @ Maureen- thank you for this encouraging quote(3:02PM)
Greg_UK:  Bye all gotta runnnnn(3:03PM)
David_D:  Thank you Dariel. Yes.(3:03PM)
MVS Society:  Eric, you are speaking of the being in “the center line” as we call it. The more you experience being in focus with that, the easier it is to see when you are out of focus.(3:03PM)
Keiko_Ita:  @Greg, Take care (3:03PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ David_D very powerful words in response to ? 2. I can fully relate to what you have experessed! Thank you!(3:03PM)
Cameron_of the north:  Be well my friends, bye for now(3:03PM)
Tyyne_Society:  Ayesha, I and the entire Society wish to thank you for responding to our call for financial support that just went out on Wednesday in an email to the Free School students. The need is great now as we have a window of opportunity to reach thousands of people so that they too can have this home-coming and opportunity as well to become part of a growing essential movement around the world. Thank you with great gratitude. If you missed the email, please consider a contribution of any amount appropriate for you or become a Pillar of the New Message. Blessings… http://www.newmessage….ssage(3:03PM)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  The wiki on “man and woman of Knowledge” is a great page for this session.. http://www.newmessage….ledge(3:04PM)
David_D:  Tamara… Wonderful quote. Very inspirational movie. One of my favorites.(3:04PM)
Patricia_Society:  One of the dilemmas for people of the New Message often can be encountered in work and career settings. When you consider the amount of time spent in these “work” environments, and the fact that most often those that preside over those environments as managers, directors, etc., made it to those positions by seeking for opportunities (also known at “going for the advantage” and not via the ways of Knowledge…We can become inadvertently compromised and associated with matters that don’t befit us, as Matt spoke to earlier…How to maintain our integrity in these working environments?…knowing that these “jobs” do not represent our higher purpose per se, and so, work within these settings can be an ongoing challenge. The work world is full of compromises. Having Knowledge and our conscience be our guide makes it so that we do not go there alone….far from…..The Work Pillar….how to build it with care and respect for it’s importance in our lives ongoing and for it’s potential to help…(3:05PM)
Patricia_Society:  … us to support great causes…. and to make it possible for us to make it to our ultimate service, which may have little to do with the “work” we did for so many years. Thank you all for considering together here these risks and compromises, that all of us have encountered and have or are contending with.(3:05PM)
Rudy_Boulder:  Ayeha, very true that relationships have to be condensed, but the New Message is also calling for a greater capacity for relationship, especially in the Worldwide Community of students. The Worldwide community is growing and our capacity for relationship must also grow to accommodate this need.(3:05PM)
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram(3:05PM)
Matt_bzn:  Eron – thank you. Hits the bullseye.(3:06PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Maureen. It is time to revisit ‘Courage’. I am in great need in order to face what is coming–without compromise and recklessness. I pray for the ‘Remembrance’ to grow stronger in all of us.(3:06PM)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  OK, gotta go. thanks to those of you who let me know you are also making a huge compromise to build the work pillar. makes me feel that its not so stupid (the clock is ticking). until next week… and thank you Patricia for that last comment.(3:07PM)
Tyyne_Society:  Also, in that email we made a typo and stated that we captured 100 hours of video… we actually captured over 100 minutes of profound and deep video of MVS, Patricia and Reed. To me it did feel like 100 hours it was so powerful and impactful, but we want to clarify that error. Thank you everyone for your participation and presence during the 2017 Messenger’s Vigil.(3:07PM)
Reed_Society:  @Maureen, yes… “Be careful what you pray for because when it comes, it may not be what is best for you.” And sometimes what looks like failure is in fact the beginning of success in this life, the turning of the tide, revealing what the world would forever keep submerged.(3:07PM)
Lynn, Boulder:  TY very much Patricia(3:07PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh Eron thank you for those quotes! A strong reminder to me especially after an experience I had recently.(3:08PM)
Matt_bzn:  well said James(3:08PM)
David_D:  Got chills. “Be Careful what you pray for because when it comes, it may not be what is best for you.” Along the same lines and “Be careful what you wish for.”(3:08PM)
Alison_Boulder:  @James @Ayesha, re: condensed relationship & demonstration: I just had a memory of someone who broke up the grayscale in my life as a teenager, telling me they had only 3-4 important individuals in their life, and that was all they needed. What a contrast and how puzzling to me at the time, who was busy collecting friends. How important these demonstrations can be.(3:09PM)
Serena_Montreal:  “The Creator has given you great authority in the world, a great authority which you must now claim and use wisely for a greater purpose. Neglecting this authority casts you under the power of other authorities in the world- the authorities of governments, the authorities of religious beliefs, the authorities of family and the tyranny of all the social conditioning which can oppress you and which can deny you access to Knowledge and to your great inheritance.” “Think about your mind and whether you really control it or not. Think about how much of its power is given to you and how much of it is given to all of the other forces to which you bow down. Recognize how little personal freedom there really is in the world and how little of it is utilized, and you will gain a greater commitment to preserve your own mind and to dedicate it to a greater purpose, the true purpose which is yours to claim and fulfill.” “Your greater authority must be reclaimed, and this is your opportunity to…(3:09PM)
Serena_Montreal:  … reclaim it.” Step 30, Continuation Training(3:09PM)
LaRaeUk:  Is it possible that Knowledge guides us in our work pillar? It feels as though I was carefully placed in my career….but it could be my imagination. So difficult to distinguish.(3:09PM)
David_D:  Larae… In my experience, absolutely.(3:09PM)
David_D:  I’m not sure what the NM says in living the way on work pillar(3:10PM)
David_D:  I would reference that(3:10PM)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  @DavidD & Reed, “Be Careful what you pray for…” is why I am superstitious about asking to be humbled, just asking for trouble it seems like.(3:10PM)
Matt_bzn:  @Patricia – thank you. You understand the dilemma completely. So hard to feel like I am developing with Knowledge when I am surrounded by a void of Knowledge so much of the time.(3:10PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you David…..will investigate further.(3:11PM)
Alison_Boulder:  ADVOCACY GATHERINGS meets every Thursday at All are invited to attend this online environment and participate in the unified communication from our Creator, through our Messenger, and carried by our words, posts, demonstrations, and willingness to join. Thursdays 6:30 MST and/or 7pm GMT.(3:11PM)
Ramona_Romania:  Wow..Patricia S. it was Struggles me in the last moths..the work pillar.. I don’t see myself in those environments anymore, yes… I don’t want to do anymore what is wrong.. or not acording to knowledge.. but in the same time I have to save money… uuu, harsh (3:11PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @LaRaeUk: Let us start at the beginning. The beginning is this: You were sent to the world to work. The world is a place of work. Work is the natural activity of life. Work is the focal point for your relationships. When I say work, I do not simply mean earning enough money to get by or earning enough money to enrich yourself with personal enhancements. I am talking about the essential activity of life that provides the meaning for your existence, the justification for your past learning and the foundation for your meaningful relationships. It would be accurate to say that purpose and work are the same. When you ask, “What is my purpose?” you are really asking, “What is my work?”
(WGC2.24 Work)
Ayesha_Society:  Oh Patricia yes. The work environment and the compromising nature of being out in the world. Thank you for this wisdom. I have to say that although I feel very blessed to work where I do supporting weather scientists, the compromise of the work pillar is absolutely real. I have to see the care and the intention that is needed as I enter work everyday. I have to keep alive what my life is really about, and it’s amazing how this can be difficult given the overtaking nature that the work pillar can be.(3:11PM)
Kelton_Central California:  @Mike LF CAL and Cameron of the North- Yes I completely agree. It feels impossible that we could ever forget Marshall, His plea “Remember me no matter what happens. ” feels so ominous to us because his memory could end with us if we do not fulfill our part of the mission. The world still needs to Know Who he is and the great revelation he has brought with him for the world. The World Wide Community must grow.(3:11PM)
james & Ruth OH:  @ ALL…please consider your position and resources…the Society needs our help and financial support…I am like you working on all pillars…trying to balance all that I have…with love!(3:12PM)
Kari_H_Finland:  ¨@Ramona, your mind has built itself on a false foundation which can be easily destroyed. It has to constantly fortify its foundation by choosing relationships with things and people which support its weak foundation. There is better foundation available though, Knowledge within you…(3:12PM)
justin-calif-!:  got to run, gang- stay safe, NNC-(3:13PM)
Tamara:  As I look upon the world I am ever grateful for the network of relationships I am blessed to be apart of….my home life has two strong people, my work life has a dozen strong people, and my spiritual life has to many to count.(3:13PM)
David_D:  @rayhobbs thank you!(3:13PM)
David_D:  When you ask, “What is my purpose?” you are really asking, “What is my work?”(3:13PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Patricia Thank you!(3:13PM)
Russell_Sask:  My financial Piller is a large open cavern. So much for enjoying retirement.(3:13PM)
David_D:  This chat has been amazing!(3:13PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you again Ray Hobbs…..feeling humbled and blessed.(3:13PM)
Inhee_Korea:  @Patricia thank you for your wisdom(3:13PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It is true that following The Greater Community Way of Knowledge brings you to your true work, but it does so gradually, stage by stage. Likewise, it brings you to your true purpose, but it does so stage by stage. You see, having a greater purpose or greater work is not simply taking on more work responsibilities. It is having a larger understanding of what your work is and what it can do and then being able to bring into balance all the important components of your life—your health, your financial responsibilities, your primary relationships and your spiritual development. These are the Four Pillars of successful existence here. (WGC2.24 Work)(3:14PM)
Alexandra_NL:  Steps 227 BEGINNING STUDENTS ALWAYS THINK THEY KNOW THINGS they don’t know, and they always think they don’t know things they do know. This requires a great deal of sorting out. It requires discovering the true and the false and, through this contrast, learning to separate the two. In time, you will realize the distinction between the true and the false and will not be deceived by the pretense the false can make in its imitation of the true.
How much am I compromising myself by thinking that I (or others) know when I (they) don´t… or by not acknowledging what I (or others) do know? Sorting out in progress, yet I am realising how crucial the mere presence of the Messenger is as he is demonstrating a greater freedom and reality making the path to it more visible and tangible …
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, Patricia. The work pillar is a continuous balance act, but what you say here is very important to keep in mind……”The Work Pillar….how to build it with care and respect for it’s importance in our lives ongoing and for it’s potential to help us to support great causes…. and to make it possible for us to make it to our ultimate service, which may have little to do with the “work” we did for so many years.”(3:14PM)
Ramona_Romania:  @Kari, I quit all that I knew,,and expected a miracle… but the miracle isn;t coming… I am not ready yet? or…I am stil stuborn to not see what I should(3:14PM)
Matt_bzn:  Thank you Serena(3:15PM)

jeanine_Society:  Thank you Everyone for joining again here today. For a closing blessing, I’d like to quote from Step 285, “In Stillness all things can be known.” May we become the vehicles for Knowledge that we are meant to be in all that we do in our lives. Nasi Novare Coram.

“You are preparing to become a vehicle for Knowledge so that all things that you accomplish, great and small, unique and mundane, will express the presence of Knowledge. Therefore, your function in the world is not grand; it is simple. It is what is expressed through your activity that is important, for the simplest action done with Knowledge is a great teaching of Knowledge and will impress and affect all minds in the world.”(3:15PM)

Alisa_Russia:  Speaking of work, I feel really lucky. I have never had to deal with a work environment or bosses. I have always been my own boss and worked at home.(3:15PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Yay Jeanine(3:15PM)
Ken_Oklahoma:  Fortunately, during these uncertain political, economic and environmental times, there is the certainty of Knowledge within….it is waiting for you….it is waiting to guide you.(3:16PM)
Lin_Boulder:  @Patricia,@Ayesha, so true. the commercial world in my previous jobs are very compromising in nature, the greed, competition, ugly scheme behind the scene, sometimes very hard to deal with. But they served their purpose, and provide training I needed in order to serve NM work in a greater capacity. In this, I feel grateful.(3:16PM)
LaRaeUk:  Yes Kelton…we must honour our love of Him and continue to carry His Message to the world no matter what.(3:16PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you, Patricia, for your wisdom around the work pillar. It’s a balm to me.(3:16PM)
Angel:  Work situations can be challenging and we can feel like it’s not where we are supposed to be as students of Knowledge. I try to remember that every person has Knowledge within them and interactions are opportunities to spark that Knowledge within me and them, even if in the moment it seems like Knowledge is far away. It is the simplest of acts that can spark Knowledge.(3:16PM)
Tamara:  As I look upon my inner world, let me remember the strength building provided within this life and from the lives of others. Let me call upon courage to face the fear of the power building within me. As I open to this journey through prayer, let me build patience and love for the process of being called.(3:17PM)
Tyler_KY:  The New Message has given me the humility and motivation to work in an environment which previously, I would never have considered working in, given my lofty goals and ideals. With a greater perspective about the Four Pillars of Life comes patience and the feeling that my work environment provides an excellent opportunity to apply my practices in Steps to Knowledge.(3:17PM)
LaRaeUk:  Such an important moment by moment reminder Jeanine..(3:17PM)
Adria_Poland:  Thank you, Angel, “It is the simplest of acts that can spark Knowledge.”(3:17PM)
Patricia_Society:  Yes Ayesha…hazards and opportunities encountered building our Work Pillar. My early learning and sorrows r regarding this came as a child as I witnessed my father undergo huge stress and ultimately career homicide so to speak….at the hands of the those going for the advantage monetarily and politically…the values of those over him were not his….he was a physician in service to the public health of his community….he did not survive the process……..powerful teaching for me, as I ventured out to find my way, causing me to look ever more carefully to where and how and why to “work.”(3:18PM)
LaRaeUk:  That’s wonderful Alisa(3:18PM)
David_D:  Thank you Tyler(3:18PM)
Matt_bzn:  @Jeanine. That is my Step today, believe it or not. Great timing.(3:18PM)
jeanine_Society:  @Tyler – thank you for our wisdom, your sharing.(3:18PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you James. I resonate with you, “still a craving for the chaos of recklessness somewhere within me.” But I can see the fall-out of what this recklessness has wrought in my life. Listening for KN is becoming stronger in me as I see the clouds gathering, but I must also look to see if I am avoiding things which have my name on it. It is a hard line to walk.(3:19PM)
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram(3:19PM)
David_D:  Nasi Novare Coram(3:19PM)
Tyyne_Society:  @Matt @Patricia @Ayesha – I can relate to working in a challenging work environment. Many of the people I work with are quite compromised and are seeking more compromise. They are preoccupied, avoiding responsibility, placing blame. I find it a tough environment at times and have to really work to stay with Knowledge – the center line – I use the term “backbone” for myself because it helps me access what is within me when confronted with the dissonance and confusion of others and their projections. It’s work and I find it strength building and formative in some way but it’s not easy.(3:19PM)
Alio- Austin Tx:  Taking care of my wife’s brain injured daughter has become much of our work. It has afforded freedom to grow and God knows, it has provided the requirement to grow. Nice to see you all again…. Bye now. -Alio(3:19PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Kelton, I’m way behind, thank you for your wise comment above. Very valuable.(3:20PM)
Tyyne_Society:  For those of you who may have missed the email calling for support that was sent out on Wednesday you can find it here: http://us1.campaign-ar…096e3(3:20PM)
MaryL_Boulder:  [email protected] thank you for those references in wiki on “man and women of Knowledge”(3:20PM)
jeanine_Society:  @Matt – mine too! I’ve always love when I get to, what I call the ‘Stillness’ trio of Steps here…and Step 285 especially spoke to me this time around…(3:20PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Purpose is something you will understand as you climb higher on the mountain of life. As you gain a greater vantage point, you will understand more of the journey itself, by looking behind and by being increasingly able to anticipate what is up ahead. Purpose is realized by taking the journey, not by establishing a favorable or fascinating explanation or a definition for oneself. Purpose is not a justification. It does not compensate for anything. Purpose is something that is waiting for you to discover. You can only discover it by taking the journey, by following the way, by learning as you go and by gaining the greater perspective and understanding that one acquires as one matures in The Way of Knowledge. As we have said before, you have come from someplace and you will return to that place. You have come bearing gifts for the world. Your greater purpose is embodied in this idea. Because of your origin and your destiny, you have something greater to give to the world, something that…(3:21PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … the world cannot give to you. Your gift is hidden within you like a secret cargo, but you cannot gain access to it until you have advanced. Then it will begin to emerge, slowly and incrementally, all on its own. (GCS.5 What is Human Purpose)(3:21PM)
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram(3:21PM)
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you everyone and see you soon. Nasi Novare Coram(3:21PM)
Matt_bzn:  @Tyyne – it is great to know that others grapple with this, and instructive to hear how others deal with their situation. Thank you for sharing.(3:21PM)
Ayesha_Society:  Absolutely Tyyne, this is the active practice that is applied in the world, especially in these compromised circumstances.(3:21PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Yes, Tyler, thank you, inspiring for sure.(3:21PM)
Alisa_Russia:  Wonderful to be here with you all in this inspiring environment. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:22PM)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you for sharing your experience everyone. NNC(3:22PM)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:22PM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram(3:22PM)
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all for sharing. May I have the strength to act when needed to. May have the strength to restrain when needed to. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:22PM)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  @Tyyne, thank you for posting the call for support right when I was looking for it. I realized a principle with this one–you can only open those calls for support if you have pre-allocated for that call–they are so impactful.(3:23PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  @Tyyne…None of this is easy, is it? We are the pioneers and must work very hard to gain the freedom to be forces for good in the world. But, this is essential work to lay to path for those who are coming. I keep this uppermost in my mind as I struggle to grow stronger with KN. Thank you to the Messenger and all the members of the Society for the hard work you do to forge this path up the mountain.(3:24PM)
Matt_bzn:  Likewise Jeanine. The whole concept of my “inner life” is taking on greater meaning during Steps.(3:24PM)
Serena_Montreal:  I really want to thank everyone for sharing their experiences today. The decision to compromise can be a powerful force at times, but for the most part in my experience, throughout my past, it almost always started with one small, very seemingly harmless decision that led to a set of circumstances. Throughout my teens i had to learn this very intensely, finding myself in a very dark pit, not knowing how i got there, all because i just “wanted to be close to a certain person.” So thank you all for getting here. And may we remember what it was that got us here.. and what keeps us here, and what keeps us moving forward everyday.(3:24PM)
Darlene_Society:  So much inspiration to draw on, from the Revelation, from the Messenger, from each other. Moving up this mountain together we are…and always, Remember Marshall, no matter what, let him give you the strength to face and overcome…he has forged a way. He needs us now to be as strong and uncompromising as we can possibly be. Nasi Novare Coram(3:24PM)
Russell_Sask:  Not sure I got much outta this gathering but I didn’t contribute much either. Oh Well. Gather again next week perhaps, time to book out and Ponder the question of “The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything”(3:24PM)
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you jeanine, I like it simple too(3:24PM)
Rudy_Boulder:  Amen, Darlene!(3:25PM)
MVS Society:  Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.(3:25PM)
LaRaeUk:  Wow MVS…..that hits home.(3:26PM)
Matt_bzn:  @RayHobbs – as usual, your contribution to this chat is invaluable. Thank you.(3:26PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you to Ayesha and Jeanine and to the Messenger and family and all my fellow students. I am blessed to be one with you all. Thank you for your words, Dar.(3:26PM)
Serena_Montreal:  Darlene, “He needs us now to be as strong and uncompromising as we can possibly be.” Yes..(3:26PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Gratitude for all for all that you shared, very moving and instructive… It is good to see and to know that so many people together here are moved by deeper things. The world needs this. Thank you Marshall and all. – Charlie(3:26PM)
Alisa_Russia:  @MVS That is the stark and naked truth.(3:26PM)
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you MVS, no compromise.(3:26PM)
Douglas_St.Paul:  This is going to take some work to cultivate the full measure of paying attention.(3:27PM)
Ilhun_Korea:  @MVS : Yes, thank you.(3:27PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Yes, Marshall, I can see it cross-stitch, framed on the wall.(3:27PM)
Patricia_Society:  @Matt, Ayesha, Tyyne – the Great Practices – Stillness, Inner Listening, Seeing, they are always with us in our “tool kits” as we navigate these work place environments, where we are ever able to contribute, serve and “work” to demonstrate other ways of getting things done. I often think of all of us here, and in the WWC on the hour, knowing full well our Work Pillars are requiring great care, great discernment and wise action of us….Be well all. Thank you for finding the New Message from God and its Messenger in his time here now….(3:27PM)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  An additional insight about calls for support was that it is a good idea to anticipate there will be calls for support, how lucky to have a specific amount in mind that can be reserved for when that happens (thank you human angels of gratitude)(3:28PM)
Lin_Boulder:  @Douglas, we are working toward it, not pretending we are there already.(3:28PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall.(3:28PM)
22257:  Darlene being at The Vigil, experiencing Marshalls words drove home to me how very much he needs us and our collective strentgh. We cannot fail Him or the world.(3:28PM)
Dariel_Boulder:  Perhaps every moment of ‘looking good’ is also reckless? We are called to a very high bar–but we came for this. Thank you MVS.(3:29PM)
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK YOU MVS Every moment of not paying attention is reckless(3:29PM)
Virpi_FI:  MVS, “Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” Thank you for your uncompromising words. Practical example being driving a car. But now whole life is like that.(3:29PM)
Matt_bzn:  I cannot express how touching and helpful this Chat has been today. Just what I needed exactly when I needed it. Thank you all. NNC.(3:29PM)
Lynn, Boulder:  Yes TY Marshall, to me in Remembrance is a call to us to re member ourselves in Knowledge before you pass from this physical life(3:30PM)
Adria_Poland:  @Patricia, @Gina “to demonstrate other ways of getting things done.” Thank you.(3:31PM)
Russell_Sask:  SoV=vIt Farewell Fellow Travellers until next gathering.(3:31PM)
Jordan_Montreal:  Thank you everyone, NNC(3:31PM)
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for ” Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.”(3:31PM)
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone for today’s chat. NNC(3:32PM)
Bethne_UK:  @MerrieB :-)) !(3:32PM)
Maria_Boulder:  Yes MVS! And there is so much increasingly in the political arena, etc that will grab and distract our attention.I feel the importance of being ever more vigilant about where my attention is…(3:33PM)
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone…Nasi Novare Coram(3:33PM)
Darlene_Society:  Charlie, thank you for being here and taking this into yourself. You have an incredible daughter, so you probably were an incredible father, a blessing in this world for sure. Take care and come again…(3:34PM)
Angel:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram(3:34PM)
LaRaeUk:  @Maria….the powers that be work endlessly to keep us distracted and divided.(3:34PM)
mathieu_France:  Thank you. Nasi Novare Coram(3:34PM)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Maria – Working on that too. My step: Step 152: I will not follow fear within the world.”(3:35PM)
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram(3:35PM)
Rene_Qc:  (3:35PM)
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you all for being here and sharing. NNC(3:35PM)
mellany UK:  Thank you, all. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:36PM)
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you everyone for expressing your challenges of living a new life and the work that you and we all are doing in this… Regarding the challenges of math related to the number of hours or minutes of recorded video during The Messenger’s Vigil – we now have the final accurate number – 12 hours of broadcasted and recorded wisdom and teaching from MVS, Patricia and Reed, we can view again and again. Thanks again.(3:36PM)
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you all. NNC(3:36PM)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you all!!! Nasi Novare Coram(3:36PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you fellow students, and thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed for this great chat today. Much gratitude here.(3:37PM)
Ellen_Society:  I’m feeling much gratitude for everyone’s sharing today. May this chat fuel our forward momentum for the New Message!(3:37PM)
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:37PM)
Tamara:  Moments of attention verses moments of inattention. What leads me to these two very different experiences of reality? The attentive life bestows gifts beyond measure and sometimes beyond what I can observe. The inattentive life….well there are many stories of despair here, much destruction to be seen and consequences beyond measure.(3:37PM)
nenette_istanbul:  I’m not going away Just to say Thank you so very much to all Beautiful shares that feeds my soul…take good care every one. Nasi Novare Coram.(3:38PM)
Levy_Brazil:  Tamara, I think there’s a Step that says we are missing so much if not being aware.(3:38PM)
Kelton_Central California:  This Chat has been a true demonstration of our studenthood in the Way of Knowledge. Thank you to everyone present here. Your personal life experiences as the laboratory for applying what we have been learning in this school of higher purpose- I find so very affirming and supportive. Nase Novare Coram(3:39PM)
LaRaeUk:  Thank you all for your sharing and wisdom. May we all unite in our love for The Messenger and in Knowledge. We must be vigilant.(3:39PM)
Bethne_UK:  Thank you all for your sharing. Nasi Novare Coram(3:39PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Yes Tamara and Levy, therein lies the value and the freedom of being a witness to our lives.(3:39PM)
Serena_Montreal:  @Patricia, Ayesha, Tyyne, thank you for sharing your experience in the work environment.(3:41PM)
Tamara:  As I attend to this day I send blessings your way With love from the fire of Knowledge within me, thank you at all here and those watching over us and to God for the inexplicable plan to bring life into unity.(3:42PM)
Shane:  Thank you all, NNC.(3:42PM)
Dominic_UK:  Nice to have joined you all for this short period of time. Will go back and read through the chat more thoroughly later. Blessings to all of you, NNC.(3:43PM)
Ramona_Romania:  Nasi Novare Coram! thank you for listen to me, and help me, May I be strong with Knowledge, May I be closer to God! and to comprehend my path… love tou you all!(3:45PM)
LaRaeUk:  NNC love to all.(3:45PM)
Joe_UK:  Very grateful for all your sharing here today, very precious wisdom to contemplate here. Feeling blessed by the invisible light that shines on us. Nasi Novare Coram(3:47PM)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kelton (9:11AM) Yes, absolutely, the WWC must grow, currently @ 2623, tha number must get 4 orders of magnitude greater!(3:48PM)
Darlene_Society:  @Kelton, beautiful, “this school of higher purpose” !(3:50PM)
Tyyne_Society:  @Matt @Dariel – no this is not easy. Waking up and actually seeing what is going on around me and also working to stay centered and balanced to do what I can in my work environment is not easy. It’s just tough working with hundreds of people who are motivated by fear, ambition, etc. Right now at work we just went through another significant change where a key employed was let go. There are financial concerns. It currently is a very destabilized environment and I so need moments during the day when I can call on the powers that hold me to course. Nasi Novare Coram is my mantra at work these days for my own wellbeing and strength. These words hold much more than what appears and I feel I can stay with this during the chaos and fear that erupts in the employees around me and my engagement with them. I have had to learn to be strong and certain in my communication when needed. All I can say is there is much to learn and for me much of this is about strength building during duress and…(3:54PM)
Tyyne_Society:  … building a staying allegiance to Knowledge.(3:54PM)
MVS Society:  Confusion, regret, judgement, boredom, recklessness: all to be replaced with practice, being present, watchful and careful, engaged in building a new life and a new mind, knowing where you mind is going, often, often until it becomes all the time.(3:56PM)
Tamara:  Tynne and Marshall….thank you for these statements…. captured and imprinting….(3:58PM)
Ramona_Romania:  Indeed, practice we need! Thank you Marshall for reminding all that is important!(3:59PM)

 Jansett_Boulder:  Thank you so much, Tyyne. I can relate entirely….(3:59PM)

DavidD_Mtl:  Thank you Marshall.(4:00PM)
Josef Austria:  @MVS, Thank you!(4:00PM)
JeffreyAdler_Atlanta:  Thank you, Marshall. We love you.(4:01PM)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall(4:01PM)

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  1. MarkB Posted on February 5, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Thank you for all your descriptions of personal compromise which I have engaged with also, too many times in life. When I have seen this compromise within myself, I experience anger and rush to swiftly fix the problem in my external life. For the benefit of others, I would like to say that this rush to self-judgement is also dangerous and potentially damaging. After seeing the compromise in my life, I have had to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater – quite literally. So, compassion is vital, an so is being careful in our reactions to seeing compromise. Knowledge will find the most expedient and beneficial path to a plan B for everyone affected by these compromises we have made. I have had to be careful about hasty and self-condemning corrections that only satisfy my brief need to feel better in the moment. This requires a deeper discernment and that goes beyond simple fixes to find a true resolution borne of Knowledge.

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