Campfire Chat February 25, 2017

Tyyne_Society:  “Your task is to follow the emergence of Knowledge within yourself, to be true to that, to be the recipient, to pull yourself in, to take the time it takes for a great emergence to happen within you. And do not be impatient, for it will emerge in its own time. You do not yet realize the magnitude of what is happening or how great its possibilities for the future will be.” – Building the Bridge to a New Life
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Good morning everyone! Thank you Tyyne for the quote! Oh…the gift in giving and receiving.
Will_Society:  Good morning, everyone.
Don_Pa:  Good morning to all gathered. It’s a beautiful day…
Greg_UK:  Hello all. I am going to have to head off early to get to work so my apologies in advance.
Tyyne_Society:  It’s a powerful quote, Jim. Something to really be with.
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day to Everyone! it is a beautiful day here in sunny Calif. How wonderful to be here sharing and caring with the WWC of the NMG! It is an honor to be here! Nassi Novare Coram
Robert_Society:  Hello everyone
Hardev_Australia:  Greetings all and thank you Tyyne for the quote. “You do not yet realize the magnitude…..” I believe a small part of it can be felt.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  It is Tyyne! Brings me to steps 148-My practice is my gift to God and Step 149-My practice is my gift to the world.
LaRaeUK:  Thatq quote contains such power. Including the power and necessity for patience. Thank you Tyyne.
LaRaeUK:  Indeed Surina!

Tyyne_Society:  Hello everyone, here are the discussion questions for you to consider for today’s chat as we start to gather. They will be posted again later when we begin our discussion after we have a moment of stillness together on the hour.

1. How would a New Life for you and for others be connected to serving the greater needs of the world?

2. How do you feel you need to move in your life at this time to make “Building the bridge to a New Life” a reality for you?

The full study plan is found here:…/edit

justin-calif-!:  hello, all- I’ll be on Venice Beach in 3 hours -giving out NM/Allies info if anyone is local-
Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello everyone…You do not yet realize the magnitude of what is happening or how great its possibilities for the future will be.” Yes indeed, this phrase really makes me take pause…
Mike_LF_CAL:  Face to Face advocacy, relent you are Justin.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Face to Face advocacy, relentless you are Justin.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Hello everyone. Thank you Tynne my step today is I must be patient in order to proceed. step 3 CT

Tyyne_Society:  Here are the quotes of the Messenger from our last chat… “When I see a person acting foolishly or in a negative way, I ask myself “is this person really known by anyone? Is this person truly loved and appreciated?” This is a practice of mine.”

“Knowledge is what directs you toward and keeps you engaged with the NMG. Your personal mind won’t do that for very long. It is evident that Knowledge is working on you daily. It is the invisible Light, the silent Force that moves us!”

“Do not think that Knowledge is all about having big realizations or visionary experiences. It is the constant Force that is preserving your life and moving your life slowly and constantly. In facing difficult decisions or real challenges in life, it can be more forceful, but day by day, it is working beneath the water line.”

“Everyone is suffering living in Separation. Without the awareness of Knowledge and following Knowledge, without a real ladder from Heaven, what else can they do but all the things that…

Tyyne_Society:  … people do to compensate in some way?”
LaRaeUK:  You are such a force for good Justin. Thank you for all you do in suuporting The New Message.
86828:  #1 That is the Mystery #2 Retreat and Redesign the Bridge as this one is Failing. Pause to Ponder…
Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning Everyone
Lin_Boulder:  Welcome, Inhee, Youngkyo.
Bethne_UK:  Hi Fellow students
Darlene_Society:  Welcome everyone from everywhere.
Tyyne_Society:  The hour has struck. Let us take time in stillness for an hourly practice – remembering the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers.
LaRaeUK:  The first quote Tyyne was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment, for I was struggling and Marshall explained it perfectly. This took me from a state of grief to a state of understanding and compassion. Feel so grateful for this insight.
Ilhun_Korea:  Hello everyone.
Lucille -Maine:  Good Day,each and every dear one here! Thank you for your faithful presence. It is strengthen for me and my participation on our journey together up the Mountain
Richmond_UK:  Hi everyone
Tyyne_Society:  Hello everyone and welcome to the last chat of The Journey to a New Life Free School Session. Everything gained from this session can now be taken into the months ahead as we consider living this new life in a new world.
59748:  Hello everyone
Jos_Netherlands:  Hello everyone
Ginny_Dallas:  Hello Everyone!
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
Virgie_near Seattle:  Hello, everyone! It is good to be here.
Maureen_Boulder:  Don’t forget to set your name those who are numbers.
MaryL_Boulder:  hello everyone
Ellen_Society:  Welcome to everyone as we begin this sacred chat together. We feel your anticipation and we meet you there!
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
Tyyne_Society:  Let’s begin our discussion today with the first question – How would a New Life, for you and for others, be connected to serving the greater needs of the world?
René_Ca:  I know i do not know.. ‘This new life, you do not know what it means yet. You do not know what it will look like yet because it is new. It is not your invention. It is not what you are accustomed to. And so you begin to turn this corner very slowly’
Jansett_Boulder:  My initial response to this question is that it seems to answer itself because a New Life inherently moves toward serving the greater needs of the world and it’s all about relationship. We need others to fulfill the greater needs of the world, and others need us. That said, the “how” may appear quite prosaic. The New God tells us that “the New God is the old God, unveiled and clarified, not clothed in ancient understandings or ancient mythologies.” Perhaps similarly with a New Life, like the Zen quote: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” I spoke with fellow actor I’d known in college and we reminisced for a while. He surprised me with his reflection on my 16-to-19-year-old-self: “What I really remember about you is that you were always about saving the world…always.” Decades hence and I recognize that this is no longer the case. My desire to save the world was grandiose and fueled by idealism. The world was big and…
Jansett_Boulder:  … remote and easy to judge that it needed saving–a kind of trying to make separation work so I could make some sense out of the absurdity I seemed to see everywhere. I’ve accepted a much smaller circle of influence these days–what shows up in my vicinity is that which I seek to serve (not save). There is no dearth of opportunity in this–be it a coworker, family member, animal or plant, someone begging on the street corner, a delivery person or a fellow passenger on the bus. Small acts of Knowledge-guided service seem to be the life I was meant to live for now and I have an unwavering trust that such is as a tiny pebble in the lake which ripples out in concentric circles of love and encouragement to the greater needs of the world and the Greater Plan for all worlds without end.
12740:  Hello eveyone
Ginny_Dallas:  Yes Jansett, my first thoughts…”It’s inherent.”
Shawn_ Moose Jaw:  Well put Janset, thank you…resonating.
Cole_Boulder:  Wow, Jansett – powerful and moving to read your comment, thank you. Gives me pause for self-reflection
Carolyn_CT:  Yes, Jansette. The Ripple Effect. Is very powerful…
Eron_Boulder:  @Jansett…Very inspiring and powerfully stated,
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, Jansett.
Val_Westport:  Our higher education brings us the mental clarity and the ground-of-being to see things as they are. We then can find real solutions; each of us becomes what is needed in our world, as we deal with the real, rather than the dreamworld of social conditioning.
LaRaeUK:  In answer to the first question, a new life for me and for others would come in the form of advocacy for The New Message. For in sharing the awareness of Knowledge the inner lives of people are transformed. Service to The New Message and to our fellow man becomes our greatest joy. The change Knowledge brings about internally spreads, and people are set free. I can imagine no greater service to mankind than this gift Marshall has brought to the world.
Don_Pa:  By choosing to embark on this path towards a New Life, I can serve this world by becoming a better vehicle for Knowledge to flow through me and reach others so that they too can become beacons of this New Life.
MaryS_Boulder:  @Jansett, now “chop wood, carry water,” is less mysterious: “Relationships, work, health, spiritual development and Greater Community awareness … that is half the preparation. The other half of the preparation is in learning about the mental environment. This represents a more elevated level of training and preparation. For this, you must have a tremendous foundation. Your life must be in order, and you must be right with your own life.”
Jennie_Netherlands:  I was thinking about Mozes Life
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Jansett, “My desire to save the world was grandiose and fueled by idealism.” Many, including me went through that phase and realization through the NMG.
LaRaeUK:  Beautiful Jansett
mellany UK:  Thank you, Jansett.
Frederick_UK:  Hello everyone
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you Jansett.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Beautifully said Jansett! Thank you!
Ginny_Columbus:  So beautiful, Jansett. I too recognize the small acts of service are becoming more pronounced as I recognize my “sphere of influence” and work to be present with people, things, events and circumstances as they are. Learning to find the opportunity within each challenge. To make decisions that resonate with Knowledge more often and with fewer errors. To be a demonstration by not avoiding those habits and pursuits that need attention and change. To put my head down to the grindstone and put forth the effort needed to change the things I can change and accept the things I cannot.
Tamara:  All practices and pathways that lead an individual into connection with life will find service within the world. It is this simple.
Debbie-MI:  Regarding the first question, the more I and others have a New Life, the more knowledge will be kept alive in the world. This will be especially necessary in the face of the Great Waves of Change and the Intervention.
nenette_istanbul:  Greetings Everyone
Jim B. Upstate NY:  The Presence and the Mystery are with me in the 1st question. One thought comes to mind which is very important for me to accept and act upon: I/we can do nothing alone.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  In this question connected has my attention ,and the connection can only be Knowledge ,this deeper part of us that recognise knowledge in others.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Addressing the first question, for myself and for others to be “connected” to serving the greater needs of the world, this could only occur through a direct connection with Knowledge, this seems fundamentally obvious to me after thinking on this question. That connection will take time to be established through our study of STK and GC spiritually and Relationships and higher purpose (just to name a few of the Revs that come to mind).
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Jansett and MaryS
Jansett_Boulder:  @Tamara, yes, and thank you!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Jansett ….what we have here is a little planet called the Earth that we supposedly live on, and this planet lives inside a solar system that has a Sun, and the Sun circulates around in a larger circle that is called a Galaxy, which has a central core, and that galaxy circulates around a larger sphere which is called a universe. So we have a universe, a galaxy, a solar system, a Sun and a planet, and then all of a sudden we have a Moon that goes around the Earth. In a sense we have wheels within wheels within wheels, which just goes back to basic astronomy. What the “ancients” saw was these “wheels within wheels”, and actually saw them as “concentric rings”. Around the Earth for example, they saw these as concentric rings, and concluded that the distance from the Earth to the Sun was a “concentric ring” and the distance from the Sun to the center of the galaxy was a concentric ring, and the distance from there to the center of the universe was a concentric ring, they saw things in…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … concentric rings. …. … .. .
Lucille -Maine:  @Jansett: Thank you for the beautiful picture so inspiring: ” a tiny pebble in the lake which ripples out in concentric circles of love and encouragement to the greater needs of the world and the Greater Plan for all worlds without end.(11:09AM”
MaryL_Boulder:  @MaryS: ‘you must be right with your own life”. In a state of confusion and separation how could I truly serve the world? All I would do is to project the anger, frustration and pain of my own suffering from what I see in the world to those I think I am helping. The New Message is such an unburdening. a freedom. and power that comes from a greater Source than myself. Knowledge. @LaRaeUK ‘…no greater service to mankind than this gift Marshall has brought to the world” This I recognize and serve what has served me.
MaryS_Boulder:  @rayhobbs, exquisite put
MaryS_Boulder:  ^exquisitely
Maureen_Boulder:  All I know is that what we will be facing will be extremely challenging and being a clear channel for Knowledge will be critical. “My Source wishes to express itself through me.” I have found an old friend in deeply reading Greater Community Spirituality – so rich with wisdom from the universe. So many clues on how to become that open channel. ‘All I can do is practice.” And yes – chop wood, carry water and be very alert while doing so.
LaRaeUK:  Resonating MaryL.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes, “chop wood, carry water and be very alert while doing so.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @ MaryS Boulder ….in our lives we have a disagreement or something and we bring in a lawyer, and that lawyer can look at that situation objectively and not react to it, and see things that we cannot. The further you are able to disassociate from it the lesser you are caught up in the paradox, the more you transcend the paradox and you perceive it as a metadox and not have it run you. When we shrink our realm of influence we are run by outer things, when we expand our intelligence we run inner things. That which we have transcended we are creator to and that which we have not transcended we are creature to. Those greater concentric spheres rules us, lesser concentric spheres we rule. The greater the intelligence the greater the concentric sphere we are interacting in or resonating in, or attuning to, or realms of influence we attune to, the greater the power we have at creation. … .. .
jeanine_Society:  @Jansett – well put – I see a new bumper sticker emerging out of your comments: “Small acts of Knowledge”…
Virgie_near Seattle:  MaryL: yes, thank you!
Darlene_Society:  MaryL “Knowledge. @LaRaeUK ‘…no greater service to mankind than this gift Marshall has brought to the world” This I recognize and serve what has served me.” So accurate, so simple. Thank you.
Cameron_Canada:  @Maureen – Yes practice, Be a true Student
MaryS_Boulder:  @ray the GC view is less like static rings and more like lilypads, I am guessing
Douglas_St.Paul:  Chop wood, carry water, sharpen the axe, run pipes to the house, demonstrate adaptability to myself and others.
LaRaeUK:  Superb imagery @rayhobbs.
Tyyne_Society:  This is really a big question to be with and to consider in light of what the NM is and what we need to do personally – clearing away the old to make way for the truth of our lives to begin to emerge. No small feet to clear away enough of the old to even begin to glimpse what serving the greater needs of the world might be. I know for me this service is directly tied to assisting the Messenger and those gathering in supporting him in this mission and bring this to the world. It has taken some serious “get downs” with myself to clear the way for this to occur. For me this is my service to the world. For others it may be doing something that benefits humanity in preserving our resources. It seems though that for those who know of this or who are called to this are meant to serve the world through the New Message in concert with the Messenger and the Greater Coordination. This coordination – this coming to Knowledge within ourselves – becoming aligned with the power of Knowledge and what…
Tyyne_Society:  … Knowledge knows we are to do here. This is really something.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @MaryS Boulder … If you are working with a client of yours or a student that you are about to teach or discuss something with, whoever has the greater concentric sphere, whoever has the greater intelligence and whoever has the greater order and certainty rules. Whoever has the greatest certainty or whoever can stand back objectively and not get caught up in the emotions rules … .. .
MVS Society:  Yes Jansett, saving the world is grandiose and beyond our individual reach. Yet the NMG emphasizes keeping Knowledge alive in the world. This is the ultimate goal, for without this, all is lost. Each of us has this core responsibility and we are given the power of Heaven to achieve it. Service to the world will naturally flow from this well of inspiration.
Jennie_Netherlands:  How would a New Life, for you and for others, be connected to serving the greater needs of the world? I am doing the Steps because I feel called to prepare to serve the greater needs of the world. I can only imagine how it will look like serving with others who are connected through knowledge. I can imagine it will be so powerful!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  When I worked with the homeless years ago i felt their pain and suffering and looked at their lives with compassion yet at times judgment. Now I can slowly look at people who are homeless and slowly look at them and myself with Knowledge. This perspective is so meaningful for me for I am looking with my heart more than I am looking with my eyes. in doing this I can come to accept the world as it is and people for what they are…not “who” they are. For in the world there is a deep connection we all are wired in to. This comes from God. When I look with my heart I am leaving a bit of myself/ourselves in the world in Knowledge. This for me is meaning in life.
Tamara:  In being connected to life, awareness becomes natural, evolution creates, cycles build stability, opportunities arise, decay makes things fresh……living as a part of the great wheel of life builds the bridge to oneness. Here the great needs of the world are the opportunities to continue connecting to what is needed.
Cole_Boulder:  Thinking back on history, certain individuals come to mind – but in learning about their lives, their stories, what stands out is certain key relationships they had which enabled them to give their gifts. A New Life in service seems intertwined with people, place and purpose – and doing the inner and the outer work that it takes to get there, to maintain and to contribute within this context. This excerpt from secret 114 comes to mind: “There are no higher individuals, but there are great relationships.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @LaRaeUK …. If we are working with a client or student and we do not have a greater level of intelligence, consciousness, understanding and wisdom than they are then we cannot solve their “paradox”. We must be more a parental image to them in order for them to be changed or to learn from us. In other words, our client or student has a paradox and or a relatively perceived disorder; the universe sees that as order, therefore the comprehension of order transcends the disorder, but we must act as a “parent” to our client or student so that they can experience the order. Otherwise if they “rule” us the disorder rules us and you cannot let a paradox run the order, if the child rules the parent you will have chaos but if the parent rules the child you have order. …. .. .
Kristina_Boulder:  As of right now, I cant see into my future that far. I’m currently preparing for this new life. The only thing I know is that in this stage my energy will have to be focused on Russian translations and advocacy, in whatever forms it will need to happen. As for beyond that, I can’t see anything, it’s like someone pulled a curtain and won’t let me see whats on the other side.
MaryS_Boulder:  Tyyne, that is the essence, thank you. and for the way it echoes what I hear myself saying, in terms of the mission, the preliminary work of building the foundation IS the work if that is the work that is needed.
Jansett_Boulder:  @Jim B., thank you so much. I have had a very similar experience and it is so true. The world calls out of us that which we came here to give it. This is keeping Knowledge alive in the world.
Dominic_UK:  @Tyyne: I don’t really have a response for question 1 at this time. I’ll need to take some time to contemplate that. As for question 2, I feel that I need to continue to attend to some dierectives that Knowledge gave me not too long ago, which are still in my awareness. Very basic they were, but potentially quite protracted in their application. One concerned studying, which I admittedly had been neglecting for a while. Another was to do with a practical matter, that being learning more about growing food. Yet another was to do with getting in touch with someone that Knowledge had previously directed me to distance myself from. These to me feel like the next steps of my life at this time.
Dominic_UK:  Hi Howard, welcome
Ilhun_Korea:  “keeping Knowledge alive in the world”. This makes me humble.
LaRaeUK:  Indeed Jim B. When I look at others now, I see myself prior to discovering The New Message. I see the heartache and misery brought on by the personal mind. I see how they are in prison whether they are homeless or living in fine homes. Their internal struggle is the same and in need of compassion.
Carolyn_CT:  Nast night I got upset with a certain world leader who is talking about stoking a nuclear arsenal. I lost my center in furious outrage, feeling like this was worse than the 1950s. So, to calm myself, I turned then to the video, What Just Happened?, and was calmed by the clear steady message that we must carry with us through these times of upheaval and instability in the world. This is to me how to connect. Through our spiritual true selves, through a steady unwavering practice, by enduring the difficulties in our lives, and
Lucille -Maine:  @MVS: Thank you for that critical reminder, Marshall: “the NMG emphasizes keeping Knowledge alive in the world. This is the ultimate goal, for without this, all is lost.”
Hardev_Australia:  @Tyyne, 1. How would a New Life for you and for others be connected to serving the greater needs of the world?
By working closely with Marshall, Society and with students in preparation, and in bringing Knowledge and the NM into the world. I can see no greater need but increasing Knowledge in the world.

Carol_Society:  This passage deeply struck me as a new level in understanding what it means to “keep Knowledge alive in the world”: “For to the extent that you are with Knowledge, conflict does not exist. An unconflicted life is the greatest contribution that can be given into the world, for this is a life that will spark the beginning of Knowledge in all, a spark that can carry itself into the future far beyond your individual life. It is this great spark that you are intended to give into the world, for then your giving will have no end and will serve your current generation and the generations to come.

“The blessings that you are now experiencing today in your world are the result of these reverberations which are passed from generation to generation as Knowledge is kept alive in the world. The opportunity for you to have Knowledge is born of the giving of those who have lived before, as your giving will provide the opportunity for freedom for those who will follow. This is your greater purpose…

Carol_Society:  … in life: to keep Knowledge alive in the world.” Step 105 Review
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall ” we are given the power of Heaven to achieve it” I will remember the power.
LaRaeUK:  It will emerge when the time is right Kristina. And thank you for all your efforts!
Debbie-MI:  @Kristina-Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. It is very inspiring. There really is no way to know the future. All we can really do is just keep taking the next step.
Jansett_Boulder:  @ Carol, thank you for this powerful reminder from Step 105. Beautiful!
Lin_Boulder:  @Kristina, resonating! Same for me, the focus is to do the work. “You prepare for your greater work by the work that you are doing today—the work you do as a student, the work you do in your employment, the work you do to support your relationships and to learn from them, the work you do to maintain your health, the work you do in your spiritual development.” -The Pillar of Work
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You must build the bridge from your mind to knowledge and that bridge is not built in a day or a week or a month. You are undertaking something very great here and it requires perseverance and a commitment. (Taking the Steps to Knowledge)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Kristina_Boulder, I feel the same thing. Thank you.

Ellen_Society:  When I look back at my old life (now 23 years ago), I thought I was free but I really wasn’t. Convincing myself that I was doing good work, I had mired myself in a complex set of commitments, and I was attempting to meet everyone’s needs. I took on a lot of responsibilities, and then felt deeply obligated. In hindsight, I clearly kept myself too busy to ponder the more important questions: Why am I really here? What did I come here to do?

THEN I ENCOUNTERED THE NEW MESSAGE. I never knew what freedom was FOR until then! My old life felt suddenly empty, void of a deeper meaning. I began Steps to Knowledge. I entered a period of great confusion at first. I had a lot of beliefs and assumptions to release.

When I felt called to move to a new life, it did require a long preparation and great courage to wrench myself away, but I gained far greater freedom. I was free to see more clearly, and to act. I was no longer hindered in what I knew I must do, so I could respond to a deeper need…

Carolyn_CT:  practicing compassion. First towards our own selves, by not condemning for our mistakes, but allowing a learning to take place, and listening for the wisdom of our Inner Teachers, who are there, who have been through all we are going through, and who love us, and then this fortifies us to behave with compassion, even towards those who would harm us, wish us harm…
Ellen_Society:  … within myself. That freedom was hard-won, yet opened me to the greatest commitment of all.
MaryS_Boulder:  @Tamara once reflected something I’d long yearned for and given up hoping for–she might not recognize it here, but I recognized it as a better-regulated life. A life where I could establish some orderly rules for living. I have a set I’ve been working on, alongside the NM, for as long as I have been a NM student, and the long effort of at least aspiring in that direction, it does pay off, according to effort put in to it. Half of it seems to be to gain patience with self once you realize the regulation has to come from within.
Virpi_FI:  Carol, thank you for the mental image of never-ending spark of K that travels trough time!
Alison_Boulder:  Ah yes Carol, the “unconflicted life.” The freedom-is-no-choice life.
Debbie Plano:  Carolyn CT – I too have had to return to What Just Happened? to pull myself back from being upset with a certain world leader. Gratitude for the Summers family for providing us with that video. It pulls me away from the suffering of separation and brings me back to the realization that I am here to serve the world as it is today.
Richmond_UK:  @Ellen thank you for sharing that.
LaRaeUK:  So true Carol. We are here because of the efforts of others. So must we serve future generations who will discover The New Message.
Gina_Boulder:  I recognized a locus of intent for myself that needs to be and wants to be shifted as I move into a new life and greater participation in service. I found myself in a stance of need and fear in a situation that I ultimately desire to serve and feel intrinsically connected to. I saw I was using the situation to serve my own perceived needs and honestly, it made me feel a bit sick. Moving into a new life calls me to be this honest with myself- about where I’m coming from, finding my place within the coordination, not using situations to serve me. It has been said that our higher purpose is really not about us and I got a taste of how my mind still thinks it is!
Dominic_UK:  There was also an occasion, in the last month or so, where I was directed to go somewhere, for what reason I’m still not sure, nor do I feel that I fulfilled what I needed to whilst I was there. Perhaps something more will come of that? Only time will tell.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  My practice is my gift to God, to the world and to myself. And in the times to come my demonstration coming from Knowledge…will be my service. In what capacity I do not know yet. I must remain open. Yet in this openness during life I know I must respond to what the situation calls for. Not for what I think it needs from me. When Marshall said this it so rang true for me.
LaRaeUK:  We are so grateful Ellen that you followed this calling.
Jansett_Boulder:  @Ellen, the truth of your wisdom resounds in my heart. Thank you!
jeanine_Society:  @Ellen – Your words ring familiar to me and I know this is a common plight of so many people out in the world who do not know about the New Message: “In hindsight, I clearly kept myself too busy to ponder the more important questions…”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Do not live by definitions. Live by experience and understanding. You do not need to define your purpose, and if you attempt to do so, always remember that it is only a temporary expedient. Do not give it great credibility. In this way, the world cannot anger you, for what can the world do to you but undermine your definition of yourself? If you are not living upon your definitions, the world cannot harm you, for it cannot touch the place of Knowledge that is within you. Only Knowledge can touch Knowledge. Only Knowledge in another can touch Knowledge within you. Only Knowledge within you can touch Knowledge in another. (Excerpt from Step 134)
Cole_Boulder:  @Dominic – I have done and felt that too. Some questions remain unanswered.
Ellen_Society:  We can continue this conversation or move on to the 2nd question: How do you feel you need to move in your life at this time to make “Building the bridge to a New Life” a reality for you?
Maureen_Boulder:  “Accept the fact that your role will be small and specific. It will not be self-glorifying. In fact, it may lead away from all your plans for self-fulfillment. And yet, it contains a greater truth, a greater understanding and greater security in life that you will not find anywhere else.” GCS What is the World
Solange-USA:  @Ellen: “I began Steps to Knowledge. I entered a period of great confusion at first. I had a lot of beliefs and assumptions to release.” Thank you Ellen for that encouragement. Good to know. Sometimes it feels crazy, but somehow I am always pulled back on the road to Knowledge.
Tamara:  @MaryS I remember
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  I am looking at my “obligations” and asking if they are serving me.
Cole_Boulder:  @Ellen – I feel I must set more goals for myself in each area of my four pillars. It is hard to stay balanced if there is not forward movement.
Tyyne_Society:  “The power and the presence of Knowledge is emerging within you. That is the most important thing. You are learning to become strong and inner directed within yourself. That is the most important thing. Maintain your duties. Provide for your children. But hold this as the most important thing. For ultimately your greatest relationship is with God. Your greatest responsibility is to the Knowledge that God has placed within you to respond to, to follow and to express. This is an unparalleled freedom, but it requires great inner strength and forbearance.” – Building the Bridge to a New Life
Selma London:  As this world approaches Knowledge, there will be a greater danger of the mind trying to mimic the practices given – pretending to serve, whilst really only burning oneself out; getting super fit to the detriment of everything else; being lovely and seemingly kind and considerate to others whilst ignoring those who represent true relationship.
Deconstructing the old personality in order to find ones genuine self is tricky business – a delicate procedure requiring much guidance beyond oneself and from deep within, without being mislead by ones social conditioning or the many layers of personal preference built up over multiple lifestyle events.
It’s one thing to be attentive, it’s another to be calm enough to ‘hear’ Knowledge, with an open enough mind to receive rather than block everything out. Then the other thing is to be able to act, for if not, what’s the point in being told? If all one can do is do the dishes, surely that’s as far as one will go: ‘Develop the depth, the intention…
Selma London:  … and the capacity to respond to the Guidance of Knowledge.’ Listening for Knowledge (2009).
Conserving mental energy is so imperative now; ‘incremental disengagement’ – opening of the mind, which also leaves life open, and oneself open to life: “As you move up the mountain, the draw and the attraction of the lowlands are left behind, and you become freer and lighter and less burdened with the expectations of others and with your own needs that were never genuine to begin with.” Building the Bridge to a New Life
Jennie_Netherlands:  For the second question: I feel being moved. Things happen to unburden me. It’s magical. I only have to be quiet and listen.
Inhee_Korea:  @Ellen Thank you for “When I felt called to move to a new life, it did require a long preparation and great courage to wrench myself away, but I gained far greater freedom.”
LaRaeUK:  I feel the need to continue to become unburdened. To continue to shed the old life and make way for this remarkable Blessing from The Creator. I’m still such a new student, but I know Knowledge will call from me the life It intends for me. So humbling.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Gina, yes the armor/identity of “I, me and my” is deeply entrenched in our perception and actions. It takes our living and learning the Way of Knowledge to begin to see the truth. I have heard this variation “The truth shall set you free but first it may piss (pardon me) you off.” It is difficult but freeing to learn to see ourselves and the world in the “not about me” way of being without being irresponsible.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ellen for your words @ 11:32 powerful for me to see and to be with!
Dominic_UK:  True, Cole
Patricia_Society:  “1. How would a New Life for you and for others be connected to serving the greater needs of the world?” As many of you have said, Knowledge, Knowledge is the key to finding the door, opening that door, going through that door, and continuing to walk down a new road on the other side of that door……Once on that road, a simple prayer given to clarify “Why and how I found that door?” “Why I went thru that door?” “And now what must I do on this new mysterious road? “Help me to know, so that I may help…..”
Maureen_Boulder:  This is something I am being with as I look at the world situation today. What am I not seeing? “You have the possibility of finding Knowledge but your understanding of the world and everything in it will have to change. You must allow this change to occur.” GCS What is the World
Tamara:  Rayhobbs….the quote your shared from Step 134 is creating the essence within me of how making the Great Turn feels…..the turn from the old life to a New Life….
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Steps to Knowledge teaches you how to think about things in a very constructive way. We call it contemplation… (Taking the Steps to Knowledge)
MaryS_Boulder:  The metaphor of an imaginary metamorphosis of shedding old exoskeleton of fragile belief for inner flexible and strong spine comes to mind for the emergence of Knowledge with this revelation, Bridging to the New Life.
Richmond_UK:  @Ellen for me, amongst other factors, is the need for me to continue to build my capacity. So that more work can be handled and maintaining the time (and energy) needed to do this after a difficult and demanding daily work pillar.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Patricia….
Frederick_UK:  @ Patricia. Yes, It is all about service.
12740:  @Ellen thank you for sharing your experience.

MVS Society:  •”Knowledge will guide you to take certain actions. You must be free to take these actions.

Knowledge will reveal certain things to you about yourself and the people around you. You must be free to consider these things and to respond.

Knowledge will take you to certain places. You must be free to go there.

Knowledge will build real relationships with people who have great promise for you. You must be free to participate there.

Knowledge will take you out of situations that are unhealthy or that have no future. You must be free to withdraw.

Knowledge will ask you to wait. You must have the freedom to wait.

Knowledge will require forbearance. You must be able to practice forbearance.

Knowledge will require real discernment and the development of discernment on your part. You must be free to undertake this development.

Knowledge will require that you be discreet and not talk foolishly or mindlessly. You must gain the freedom and the strength to do this.

Knowledge will…

MVS Society:  … require that you face the world and the Great Waves of change that are coming to humanity. You must have the freedom and the courage to do this.

All of these freedoms require breaking away from certain things and building other things. They require a thousand little liberations and new beginnings in every aspect of your life.
THE ONE BOOK: : New Life: The Freedom Journey

Mike_LF_CAL:  The movement of ones life in “building the bridge to a New Life”
I can feel the movement occurring in my life but I cannot discern the meaning or direction at this time. I can feel many emotions stirring in me and I recognize all these signs are reflecting many of the teachings within this revelation although I hesitate to label them beyond the recognition that movement is occurring in my life and this Rev is resonating with that movement. “The first requirement is to accept the great change that is happening and to leave the explanation open. You will not be able to understand it. Your intellect is referenced to your past and former life. It cannot account for what is occurring with you now and for the impulses that you feel now and for the orientation that is slowly emerging within you. Your intellect will try but will be unsuccessful at comprehending the meaning of this.”
Greg_UK:  Right I have to go – thak you all for sharing. NNC
Ellen_Society:  Thank you, Patricia, for your words of great wisdom.
Douglas_St.Paul:  There is indeed an “it’s about me!” itch to scratch. Does Knowledge scratch it, take it away, or a little of both?
jeanine_Society:  @Marshall – what symphony of Knowledge! Thank you for that powerful list…
Kristina_Boulder:  Last night I was rereading Provoking Change. I think it’s very relevant to the new life. As anyone who is moving into a new life will need to make changes in order to keep moving. “We want to encourage you to take the initiative. When there is conflict, it means that something must move, something must progress. People want to be comfortable, and they associate comfort with living in a static situation. Comfort is associated with a state of no change. But when you are not growing, your life is shrinking. The walls are closing in upon you”
mellany UK:  Ellen, thank you for sharing …and for your demonstration.
Greg_UK:  Thank you Marshall. Wonderful
nenette_istanbul:  As for now I’m making myself a true student of STK and continue reading and contemplating on all the Revelations that I could reach out on Internet and making some actions that I know that could help me change my ways, like ”Forgive” my self and others, wearing patience, humbleness from time to time, in this way ı feel connected back to God in Stillness, and my connection to the world will just begin…Knowledge will guide and help me. This is just a beginning seeing the truth thru Knowledge.
Kristina FL:  Tyyne…How would a New Life for you and for others be connected to serving the greater needs of the world? I do not know what the world needs, but Knowledge does and Knowledge is the strongest force in the universe and because it is our True Self, it starts with the individual. Working on the desire and the capacity to become a vehicle for Knowledge.
LaRaeUK:  Not talk foolishly or mindlessly…..oh my that is a lesson I really need to get to grips with. Thank you MVS.
Bethne_UK:  @inhee Thank you for your recall of what Marshall said ” we are given the power of Heaven to achieve it”
Lynn, Boulder:  @Ray-Once you define God, or yourself, you limit God, and yourself.
Ilhun_Korea:  @Patricia, thank you for reminding that Knowledge is the key.
Carol_Society:  @Jennie: “Things happen to unburden me.” Another Step that helped me visually to understand how we can increase our capacity to keep Knowledge alive in the world: Step 102 – There is much I must unlearn. “With each step you make in your unlearning, Knowledge will fill in that which had replaced it.” I could visualize when another thing is unlearned or unburdened, it creates an empty space for Knowledge to fill, another channel for Knowledge to shine through upon all those whom we encounter and also upon those we do not encounter directly..
Carolyn_CT:  For me it means continuing to endure uncertain circumstances, knowing that I will be relocating again, sometime in the next year perhaps. In this way, my life reflects the instability of the world, in that the great waves of change have been impacting me for quite a while. But I welcome this. I welcome it.
jeanine_Society:  @Kristina – thank you for your recommendation about rereading the Wisdom chapter: ‘Provoking Change’ – indeed it does have important tips to help with the transition to a New Life and movement in general.
Alexandra_NL:  How would a New Life for you and for others be connected to serving the greater needs of the world?” A question that I need to be contemplating regularly in my service to the world: Who am I serving right here right now? This New Life would be connected to serving the Greater authority within us. Our service in the world will simply be a reflection of this capacity. Sometimes it might look like we are or we think we are serving the greater needs of the world, yet if we don´t first recognise our personal, inner needs, we are not really able to serve the Greater authority and thus the Greater needs of the world. I find the following guideline very helpful to discern where I am in my service: If you try to give for your own self-aggrandisement, if you try to give for your own self-assurance, if you try to give to alleviate an abiding sense of guilt or inadequacy, you will not give with discernment.” from Step 261 I must learn to give with discernment
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kristina_B, thanks for that reference to “Provoking Change” I must read that!
Debbie-MI:  I have felt the need to conserve my energies and strengthen my focus so that I can study the teachings in the NM at greater depth, continue patiently taking STK, while at the same time working on my Four Pillars.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Patricia and Marshall. The key is Knowledge.
LaRaeUK:  Oh absolutely Carolyn…..I welcome the upcoming changes as well, for Knowledge will lead and free us from stagnation.
12740:  @Patricia “Why and how I found that door?” “Why I went thru that door?” “And now what must I do on this new mysterious road? ” This questions will be very helpful for my practice. Thank you.
Shane:  The world is certainly a great learning enviroment and right now ww live in a mental enviroment that is determined to keep us living at the surface of our minds, distracted, divided and fighting amongst ourselves. What is most important for me in building this bridge to a new life is practice, practice, practice, daily practice, hourly practice, engaging regularly with the revelation. building relationship with other students and improving my relationship with the world. Small but regular steps, safely keeping me on track, watching where I walk, listenning and watching..
Ginny_Dallas:  @Gina and MaryL “It is difficult but freeing to learn to see ourselves and the world in the “not about me” way of being without being irresponsible.” Yes, the awareness enters…What is my intention here? Can I move to honesty here? What do I choose? Can I chop this wood and carry this water with Knowledge? For me, these questions are part of my journey.
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Carol, thank you. I feel this. And is like miracles are happening. That unburdening is moving me through a deep valley and it is like something is picking me up and is giving me wings to fly to the top of the mountain. But I know I am not there yet….
Douglas_St.Paul:  If I say “I’m serving the greater needs of the world,” someone else might say “Well, isn’t that special!”
Betty_UK:  Re the 1Q – I recently have been contemplating what is needed now for future generations, and for none english speaking countries. We are very fortunate to have the foundation the Steps, the New Message, the Messenger is amoungst us, for none english speakers, we understand english enough to follow the steps. I have been contemplating whether the foundation (for foreign languages) that is being build now for future generations of none english speakers will be strong enough to be carried forth in the future, and this gives me the focus and the motivation, and it will take a strong foundation to survive what is to come.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Ellen #2 for me especially with what MVS has shared with that great list, I must continue my practice and my work with the Steps. This at the moment is what i can give. Becoming strong in Knowledge and keeping Knowledge alive in the world is my practice. For there are many forces at work which are unseen and part of the Mystery of life and my individual life. This too is sacred to me.
Kristina_Boulder:  Here is another quote relevant to todays chat, that actually talks about the new life:
“It is this state of Knowledge that We wish to cultivate in all students of Knowledge to enable them to see the direction of the human race with vision and to be able to be very strong participants in the evolution of the world. To be able to function in this capacity, they must escape most of their personal dilemmas. They must be able to trade little problems for big problems. Since these people are destined to become important contributors in life, they are often very unhappy early in life because they get bogged down in personality conflicts, which they are usually unable to resolve. They have not moved into the proper position in life yet, and so their energy, focus and vitality become oriented to little things, and it is very hard for them.”
LaRaeUK:  Yes Shane….practice, practice, practice.
Tyyne_Society:  “A thousand little liberations…” (MVS) “opening the door” (PS) to something greater. Following a deeper well of wisdom. Alignment. Entrainment. This is the path to Knowledge and where Knowledge knows and is waiting for you to go. It may feel confusing and scary and uncertain but this is what happens when great change occurs. For me, when this happened, I felt like the rug was ripped out from under me and I was barely hanging on but I knew, I knew, I knew something important was happening. I needed to pay attention. I was being moved and I allowed it to happen. I followed this to where I am now. Where I am now – is still evolving and still growing – gaining strength. Knowledge will take you where you need to go if you let it. Allow it to do this. It is much wiser than our personal minds. It can be fully trusted. It is what is truly trustworthy. It is what we so need. It is was the world needs. Knowledge – more powerful really than I even comprehend.
Cameron_Canada:  For me, I have been in preparation and now I begin my journey up the mountain
MVS Society:  I share this quote from The Freedom Journey to emphasize that the pivotal work is not constantly working on yourself, but being able to follow the journey out of the jungle of your old self. It is this freedom to move that breaks the chains of bondage. Managing the mind is to be able to do these things. For Knowledge is trying to take you somewhere.
Tamara:  How do I need to move in life at this time? I am to continue the work I am doing within my pillars. I am to recognize how far I have come in releasing the grip of my old life. I am to honor and continue to cultivate a gift/skill that is slowly being revealed. I am a student of Knowledge and therefore my life is moving with God’s Plan. To this my trust flows. To this my commitment grows.
Patricia_Society:  Dear Tyyne – Yes, thank you….though the process of finding one’s service and actually meeting the demands of that service, initially and over time, requires important reckonings, requires we undertake real change and clearing away, and requires repeated “get downs” to stay straight with ourselves, the reason is that as our service “goes live”, the process is less and less about us personally…..An enormous shift will need to be taking place honestly and in reality, or we may not survive our service. Service requires Strength. And Strength is built along the way by Serving and staying straight with that Service, and how are needed. Watching the attrition over time of self declared, dedicated NM participants and students, Marshall has pondered, ” How not to be defeated by that which we are here to serve?”
Kristina FL:  Thank you Marshall.. the NM has given so many directives to follow, it is truly a immeasurable treasure house. When i feel confused, surely the Revelation will sober me up.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Douglas, I think your special.. in the light of the NM.
Val_Westport:  Thank you for your clarity, Marshall.
Joe_UK:  How do I need to move in life at this time? “Watchful, as though crossing a winter stream.” Lao Tsu
Jennie_Netherlands:  @MVS, your knowledge and wisdom is touching me and so helping me. Your words are so spot on at every moment, again and again. My deepest gratitude for being here every Saturday, listening to us and sharing this knowledge and wisdom with us.
Cameron_Canada:  whatever may be experienced on the way – it is the experience of the journey itself. Thank you Marshal for bringing this great gift.
jeanine_Society:  I recall that the New Message says to start somewhere – get moving (paraphrasing). And I recall in my own life when I first felt the need to serve, I looked for volunteer positions, several of them over time… But this work would eventually ‘fall flat’, and I knew I needed to move on. But by moving in this direction, it ultimately let me to the New Message. So as I look back, I see that it was correct for me to take these initial steps, which culminated in me finding my right service – which has never felt or fallen ‘flat.’
Lin_Boulder:  @Carol, @Carolyn, We all know we need to change, to unlearn, to unburden, but it is not easy for the personal mind, which wants to hold on things, people, place, ideas. To me, to seek to connect the deeper knowing mind, to have strong allies for verification and support, and most important, to trust and have great faith that Knowledge will not mess up my life, is the key to make the next step.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kristinaa; Comfort is associated with a state of no change. But when you are not growing, your life is shrinking”. I feel like I am in a comfortable stage which personally feels good to my mind but a “rightness” does not always mean the same or no change, Knowledge is trying to move me, to do something, to go somewhere. I am trying to sense and find the discomfort, the unknown territory of Mystery. Where is that edge where I must step out or find?
LaRaeUK:  Marshall your life, your following that inner guidance is such an example for us all. You and your family trusted Knowledge..
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … ….it is your desire for Knowledge that we wish to cultivate as well as your capacity. It is right thinking, right action and true motivation that will advance you naturally in the direction in which you are meant to go. Each step forward will give you a greater sense of purpose, meaning and direction in life and will free you from attempting to resolve matters that do not require resolution and from attempting to understand things out of fear and anxiety. The more at peace you are with your nature, the more your nature can express the greatness that you have brought with you. Thus, you will become a light unto all around you, and you will marvel at the events of your own life, which in itself will be a miracle. (Excerpt from: Step 133)
Jansett_Boulder:  @Douglas, another point for the wise remaining hidden. Alexandra’s sharing above from Step 261 is key, very key.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Tyyne, thank you for sharing your experience.
Solange-USA:  @Douglas, I think you are special, too. I love your NM endurance. Thank you for your service!
LaRaeUK:  May we all have the faith and trust your lives have demonstrated
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you,Marshall for this list of Knowledge and freedom.
MarkBerger:  @tyyne – thanks for “[knowledge] can be fully trusted. It is what is truly trustworthy.” For me, this is very difficult because of my past training which relied on my mind for guidance. Not much practice yet with Knowledge. Small victories, yes, but very little compared to my experiences in being guided by the mind.
Alison_Boulder:  @Patricia: ” How not to be defeated by that which we are here to serve?” I am sitting here trying to understand how that would look. I know our lack of pillar development can take us out. But considering that what we are serving (the needs of the world) taking us out–that is a different thing. I’m be holding onto this question.
Ginny_Dallas:  @Jeanine – resonating!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  “…. you need only follow the steps as they are given.” Nasi Novare Coram
Ilhun_Korea:  @MVS, thank you. “…Managing the mind is to be able to do these things…” Managing the mind requires many practices and awareness.
Kristina_Boulder:  As The NM is new in the world and not based on any previous traditions, The New Life is not based on old life. The 1st priority of K is to unburden us, so we can then build that new life brick by brick.
Cole_Boulder:  @Lin – this is a fear of mine as well, thanks for speaking to this aspect of the mind’s experience allowing Knowledge to give it guidance. “to trust and have great faith that Knowledge will not mess up my life” Reminds me of this quote from ‘building the bridge to a new life’ which has stuck with me: “Here you must have trust that clarity will come, and clarity will come when you feel you are prepared to move forward and are willing to move forward into new territory.”
LaRaeUK:  I imagine that is true for many intellectuals Mark.
Tyyne_Society:  This is actually Ellen typing, for my screen has froze. The hour has struck. Let’s take a moment of stillness to be with Marshall, to honor the great burden he carries, and to look for the ways we can ease that burden and help him to carry this great message to the world.
Alexandra_NL:  MVS: I will read The Freedom Journey again. A question: what does “working on yourself” mean in relationship to (or versus) following the journey out of our own self? I am asking this so that I may better be able to follow this journey.

Carol_Society:  A FEW REMINDERS:

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THE STEPS VIGIL, May 26 – June 14, 2017.
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12740:  @Marshall thank you for “. Managing the mind is to be able to do these things. For Knowledge is trying to take you somewhere.”
Tamara:  @Patricia…I had to look up attrition. In meeting students of the New Message I noticed a common thread early on…..many people here lived within great chaos at some point in their life. This chaos/trauma has given me greater access to strength, courage, and gratitude. These qualities are essential to my process of moving forward.
Inhee_Korea:  @Patricia thank you for “Service requires Strength. And Strength is built along the way by Serving and staying straight with that Service,”
Debbie-MI:  @Jeanine-Thanks for sharing that. I think it is so true that one has to start somewhere. No one has perfect understanding of how everything will work out. Taking the next step that you know in your heart is the right thing to do seems to work and all those initial steps one has to take will either lead to contrast experience that provides learning experience or to confirmation that one is moving in the right direction.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You will not need to defend this in the world, … but only carry it like a jewel in your heart. (Step 134)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Patricia and MVS thank you for your words here and more importantly your example. I have much to unlearn, learn and to do.
Alison_Boulder:  ADVOCACY GATHERINGS for the New Message meet Thursdays 6:30pm-8pmMST & 7pm-8:30pm GMT at This is a dedicated group of individuals who feel called to work with the Society in advocating for the New Message, which a particular focus to the use of the free internet that we have. Here is a recent Facebook post on the New Message official page that we’d like to share out into populated areas of Facebook and beyond: https://www.facebook.c…ype=3
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia and everyone on this chat, NNC
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
justin-calif-!:  have to get going, all- stay safe, NNC, j
jeanine_Society:  @Marshall – thank you for that reminder. It is truly freeing to not be self-absorbed. And beautifully put:: “…the pivotal work is not constantly working on yourself, but being able to follow the journey out of the jungle of your old self.” May we leave that ‘old self’ in the jungle…
Patricia_Society:  The “do the work” commandment that we hear in various thunderous tones from the Voice of the New Message, is because we must be strong enough and straight enough with ourselves to survive our service. Like one of my former patients recounted to me, who was a landing strip ground crew in England in WWII, watching air force missions “trying to make it home”, flying their B-52’s over that English Channel, all shot up, engines gone, partial or no landing gear, some crew badly injured or worse…..the pilot trying to decide whether to ditch in the Channel or go for a landing…..The last thing he would hear these pilots say over radio over and over again, “One way or the other, we’re coming home……..”
MVS Society:  “When you leave this world and return to your Spiritual Family, who have been watching you in the world, they will ask you, “Did you achieve what you set out to achieve?” In that moment, you will not be encumbered by belief. For when you leave this world, you will not have any beliefs. But you will know intrinsically if you accomplished your tasks and objectives or not. Here there is no judgment. There is no condemnation. There is only the perfect Knowledge that you must try again.”
THE NEW GOD: The God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all…may we serve…….
Tyyne_Society:  Patrica, “our service “goes live” – To stay with this over time. Jim stated once that it was easier to get sober than to stay sober – I think this is true for being a student, for being a volunteer, for being a core assistance, for being a Society member – It requires us to keep straight with ourselves in order to serve and to not blow up or flake out because there is pressure here. To stay with the power and presence of Knowledge. The world is a tough place and we have lived through it and now, now we are extricating ourselves perhaps from a live not meant for us – a life Knowledge never intended – so we break free if we can and then go the distance. To go live.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Shane @11:50 resonating my friend! Practice is life…life is practice.
MaryS_Boulder:  @markberger “trust is the empowerment that you give yourself to participate.” Surely there is some knack to telling the brain to settle down and wait its turn, like in the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” (“now, left brain, come on, you are always on, give Ralph a chance)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  …. allow Knowledge to draw you. Feel the greater attraction within you, which you will naturally feel if you are not preoccupied with little things. (Excerpt Step 131)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Tyyne
MVS Society:  You cannot fully work out your higher purpose in your mind. You must reach your destination, your final place of service, with you life and mind intact.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Tamara @ 12:04 we all have a connection from our experiences in life. I noticed this too among fellow students.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you so much, to everyone who shared. I’ve been trying to move past a lot of confusion about serving in the world and heard much that is of help this morning. Thank you, thank you!
Joe_UK:  As always, it was an honour and a joy to gather with you here today. Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @PS/Alison: How not to be defeated by that which we are here to serve?” These words are ringing in my ears, mind and heart. Being on the right path or direction could still mean the mark was not struck by the arrow we are holding (our actions) or that we released the arrow too soon, too late or wrong target.
mellany UK:  Re. “How do you feel you need to move in your life at this time to make “Building the bridge to a New Life” a reality for you?” At the moment I don’t feel moved to make any significant changes in my overall life circumstances…… but to continue to do a little work on my Pillars, daily. None of my Pillars are ‘perfect’, but they are stable … and give me the freedom to do the preparatory work, inside and out…and for becoming stronger with Knowledge and assisting in the NMG outreach efforts, while circumstances are relatively quiet, here. As was reiterated during the Messenger Vigil, the next few years is a critical window for outreach.
Betty_UK:  Thank you all Nasi Novare Coram
Dominic_UK:  Thanks for your sharing, everyone. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran.
Lin_Boulder:  Thank you Tyyne, we have gone that far, and we have to keep going, to reach the destination, the destiny.
Ann_UK:  Thank you all. NNC
Carolyn_CT:  Thank you Marshall for, “When you leave this world…”, provides a focal length that we are unaccustomed to in our seeing practices. I will take this jewel with me.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall to emphasize that the pivotal work is not constantly working on yourself, but being able to follow the journey out of the jungle of your old self.
LaRaeUK:  When I get weary and tired in the world I am often pulled out of it when I think “Did you support The Messenger?
Frederick_UK:  Thank you everyone, for the sharing and the wisdom,NASI NOVARE CORAM.
Nancy_Oregon:  Another avalanche of SUCH Wisdom and encouragement . so Grateful to be part of , and preparing and serving in ways, now free of the encumbered life of the past. Words alone can not convey my Gratitude, to all of you, ALL of you. Nasi Novare Coram
Reed_Society:  Thank you everyone for helping create this oasis in the desert, here in Separation
Angela_PA:  Nasi Novare Coram
Adria_Poland:  Hello all, couldn’t join on time today. Looking forward to studying the Chat transcript. Nasi Novare Coram
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you all. NNC.
Lynn, Boulder:  Thankx for that smile Reed
jeanine_Society:  @Patricia, @Alison – in regards to surviving our service. This feels related to what the NM says that gifts we didn’t even know we had will be called out of us in our time of need. We need the right conditions here, and The New World is going to be sure to give those to us….prepared or not. Will we be able to survive our service here, then? Along with so much else thrown at us. So important to do the work, prepare, contemplate…as we know not how it will manifest exactly…
Virgie_near Seattle:  “And now what must I do on this new mysterious road?” Reach out and take the hands of those that are with me.
Tyyne_Society:  Reed, this is indeed an oasis. As we continue to work in the world and be in the world – I find I must come to the oasis frequently – either here or internally. Thank you everyone for sharing, for making your way, for the work you are doing to move with Knowledge. Thank you.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  …. perhaps six months into Steps to Knowledge you say “Well I thought everything would be clear and I thought my life would be coming together right now.” It is happening as things are falling away and becoming rearranged. Not from the outside in but the inside out. It is like Knowledge is beginning to rearrange your life as quickly as you allow it to do so, so that you can set the stage for beginning a new life because you do not jump from one life to another. You really have to dismantle the old life. (Takng the Steps to Knowledge)
Kahala-Oregon:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Youngkyo_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for Kowledge, freedom, journey. I will remember them. and thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Darlene_Society:  Thank you all. We follow the light together, keeping ourselves focused on fulfilling what we came here to do and praying for the strength to meet the next situation with grace and determination. Blessings until next Saturday. Nasi Novare Coram
Carol_Society:  Gratitude to everyone and looking forward to gathering with each of you next Saturday. Nasi Novare Coram
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone for todays session. Nasi Novare Coram.
Kristina FL:  Marshall Thank you for this quote (God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity) ….This is a constant reminder, like a constant pressure, a daily question …. Am I doing what i was sent here to do and to complete? When i do this or even take baby steps towards it this pressure release a bit. Im starting to welcome this pressure as a directive in my life.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Tyyne for your work in sustaining this oasis. You and all who work with you.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Jeanine. I feel you. I feel it.
Shane:  Thank you All, Nasi Novare Coram.
MVS Society:  I pray that you all read and study these Chat transcripts throughout the week. Much wisdom shared here by all. Here, everyone is helping you get clear and stay clear with yourself and others.
MaryL_Boulder:  @LaRae, yes the mid race slump when you are tired and cannot see the finish line is tough but I picture the end when I face my Spiritual Family/Teachers and that GETS ME GOING again because I am not yet done here,
Ellen_Society:  Great gratitude to all of you who gathered today. Together we move ever forward towards a new life!
Carolyn_CT:  I don’t mean to speak for others, so, rephrasing to MVS: …what I am not accustomed to in my seeing practices, a new paradigm shift. But it does feel so familiar…”when you leave this world…” That perspective. Perhaps I have become lazy in this life, or forgotten how to really use the innate seeing gifts from our Creator.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you Marshall for wisdom and your dedication! Thank you everyone for your contribution and presence today. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram
rayhobbs_Colorado:  People make many mistakes in their evaluation of Knowledge because they are not yet connected to it sufficiently. They make a lot of assumptions about themselves because they do not really know themselves yet and that is why you do need a teacher periodically because a book can tell you the right thing to do but it cannot tell you when you are doing it wrong.
Even Steps to Knowledge which as a book is an incredibly powerful mechanism for initiating you into the greater spirituality from which you come even it requires instruction from someone who is gifted and someone who knows the way who has traveled the way and you need other people to help you because this is not meant to simply isolate you further within yourself but to bridge you to other people who share your great journey. So having a Teacher such as Marshall Vian Summers and having others to practice with and share your experiences with and to help you not make mistakes and to give you strength when you seem to falter this is…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … all so important. (Taking the Steps to Knowledge)
37766:  As I walk in the darkness, looking up now and then, sometimes worried if I will loose my way or stumble too much, a breath of fresh air enters my lungs and blessings come along. Giving thoughts, working with the mind, the health, the real world, being at service. The purpose is real.
Ken_Oklahoma:  If it were not for the NM world wide community, I wonder if I would still be studying the NM and practicing STK. The wealth of experiences, insights and quotes shared every Saturday have become a crucial part of my mysterious journey guided my Knowledge. Thank-you Marshall for being a “platform” for the NM in this world, and thank-you all that support his mission.
LaRaeUK:  Amen MaryL. I think of the importance that our practice holds for so many. We simply cannot fail…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
Val_Westport:  Thank you, Marshall, for your great service to us and to our world as we learn and grow and see by your example what it is to live The Sacred Life.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for your Wisdom.
Tamara:  The calling is here, ringing in my heart, opening my mind, moving my life. I heard you dear Teachers. I am coming, I am arriving. So slowly I am coming to know what to trust, how this trust manifests, and why this trust is needed. Slowly, slowly moves this student of Knowledge. One day I will arrive, ready for full commitment….this I know deeply and will not rush the journey.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you Rayhobbs.
Debbie-MI:  @rayhobbs-Is this actually a quote? if so, where is it from?
Selma London:  Yes, Ray, ‘dismantling the old life’, ‘incremental disengagement’ & ‘following the journey out of the jungle of your old self’…
Ilhun_Korea:  @3776, Yes.
Patricia_Society:  My patient and his stories of “standing by” for all these crash landings…so incredibly moving…It made me realize some of us are “standing by” for each other’s crash landing, and yet there is “another” ground/air crew “standing by” too, assigned to stand by for our return…..Over the years, these last utterances from my dying patients, ” Ohhhhhh, it was you all those times………….” gave testimony to this reality of service and assistance that exists around us, and a very skilled “ground crew” in waiting, to take us back with no sense of surprise that we return, “all shot up”. It was all about the service….And once reoriented beyond this time and place the question, ” Did you feel completed your service……?”
Solange-USA:  It has been a very challenging past week for me. Exhaling RAHN and hearing past STK quotes from my memory, has really helped me survive the past week’s challenges and to re-focus. Today I feel grateful. Thank you all for your words of Wisdom. Have a great week. Nasi Novare Coram
Patricia_Society:  ….” Do you feel you completed your service…………….?”
LaRaeUK:  Patricia you bring our mission to life when you share these gifts. Thank you.
Rudy_Boulder:  Powerful, Patricia. Thank you for the story of your patient.
jeanine_Society:  Thank you to Ellen and Tyyne for facilitating the Chat today. And to Marshall, Patricia and Reed for their ever-watchful presence and guidance among our growign group of Beginning Students of Knowledge. We are so blessed to be part of this WWC. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Patricia Society : ” Do you feel you completed your service…………….?” I have not completed yet my service …
MVS Society:  Yes Ray, a book, even STK, tells you the right thing go do, but it cannot tell you when you are doing it wrong.
LaRaeUK:  I am so grateful to have a mission of such magnitude to serve.
mellany UK:  Thank you, Patricia … that’s beautifully moving, and testimony to the reality and Grace of the Spiritual Families, beyond the world.
Kristina FL:  The wealth of experiences, insights and quotes shared every Saturday have become a crucial part of my mysterious journey- Thank you Ken, so true. Deep gratitude for all who making this possible and for all students.. Nasi Novare Coram
Ellen_Society:  None of us has yet completed our service. May we have the strength and the determination to CARRY ON.
Ilhun_Korea:  Yes, Ellen. Thank you.
Hardev_Australia:  @ Patricia, Thank you for the crash landing scenario and skilled ground crew in waiting. A great vision for me to keep in the urgency of the situation.
12740:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia and All. Nasi Novare Coram
nenette_istanbul:  YES @Ellen Society : Yes and I give thanks to the Messenger MVS for taking the burden to bring to us the Knowledge that was been taken to us…now its here but we must and must study and be true student of STK.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you all for the blessing of this gathering. Nasi Novare Coram
Jansett_Boulder:  Not sure why but this passage from the New Testament keeps pulsing (John 21:15-17):

Jansett_Boulder:  When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?”

“Yes, Lord,” he said, “you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.”

16 Again Jesus said, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”

He answered, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Take care of my sheep.”

17 The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”

Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.

Darlene_Society:  And God is showing us what the greater food is…what the sheep truly hunger for…
Ellen_Society:  Perfect, Dar! Thank you!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you Patricia ” Ohhhhhh, it was you all those times………….”
Ellen_Society:  Blessings to you all, as we go forth into the week ahead. Soon we begin the Journey to The New World.
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you all. NNC
Ilhun_Korea:  Nasi Novare Coram.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Ray, MVS, I know that only after the passage of years, and hindsight, I came to realize important spiritual truths that I had misunderstood, and misapplied…hence the need to grow closer to Knowledge, that our mind not attempt to interpret what we can only know through Knowledge…and the great Blessing in our lives to have one amongst us, who can offer correction.
Tamara:  So, it is through relationships that one finds out they are doing things wrong. My whole life I have been quite guarded in who I allow close to me…always living within only one or two close relations and sometimes no close relationships (my current state). I wonder then if this tendency is related to my personal sides desire to hide. There is more here to know.
Kelton_Calif:  Thank You all again and The blessings of The New Message be with us all. Nasi Novare Coram
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Tynne and Ellen for your presence here and always. Thank you Marshall, Patricia and Reed for your unending support and wisdom. Thank you to the Society for your lives of demonstration! Thank you to my fellow students for your climbing the mountain together! Nasi Novare Coram
mellany UK:  Thank you, all! Nasi Novare Coram.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  2Tamara this sounds very familiar to me .
Val_Westport:  Through the New Message we are given Living Grace, to nourish the people of our world. And by Mysterious Ways, like the increase of the Loaves and Fishes, this gracious nourishment will feed the multitudes. We are in the Presence… Nasi Novare Coram.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @Val thank you for this!
Tamara:  I do know it is my relationship with prayer, connecting me to my Teachers, to God that carries me through.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Tamara, yes unburdening requires unlearning and difficult to always do it yourself…this is where certain relationships are essential (today’s Step 40: Who I am with will determine what I will be able to do.) PS “though the process of finding one’s service and actually meeting the demands of that service, initially and over time, requires important reckonings, requires we undertake real change and clearing away..”
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you all there is so much to learn for me here.I am very gratefull to be in the presence of so much wisdom.
LaRaeUK:  You must be hiding that beautiful light you hold within Tamara. I saw it in you the moment we met. Such a blessing you are.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Tamara the connection with God was always the most important for me.
Tamara:  Across the world we are connected. So thankful for you. So honored to be known and to know you.
Val_Westport:  Yes, what a joy it is to find that we are kindred spirits and that we are all around this world. What a time to be alive, what a purpose, what a destiny to fulfill! Thanks to each of you and of course, to the Society and to our Messenger, Patricia and Reed.

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