Campfire Chat February 11, 2017

Carol_Society:  While we wait for the discussion to begin after the hour, let us take a few moments to be with the Messenger’s words of wisdom from last week’s Campfire Chat:

“Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.”

“Confusion, regret, judgement, boredom, recklessness: all to be replaced with practice, being present, watchful and careful, engaged in building a new life and a new mind, knowing where you mind is going, often, often until it becomes all the time.”(10:56AM 11th Feb)

Lin_Boulder:  Welcome Kristina and Charlie(10:57AM 11th Feb)
Bethne_UK:  Hello everyone.(10:57AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Hi Lin, Thank you (10:57AM 11th Feb)
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Carol(10:57AM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Hello everyone from southern California. To have your family with you on this journey is truly a great blessing.(10:57AM 11th Feb)
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Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Carol! 2 very important things to consider in what MVS has said here.(10:58AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning from northern Canada(10:58AM 11th Feb)
Howard_Boulder:  Hi Everyone(10:59AM 11th Feb)
Russell_Sask:  Sask Says TOH(10:59AM 11th Feb)
Sang_CA_Korea:  Hi all!(11:00AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  It is now the hour. Let us take a moment of stillness and inner listening together and when you are done, send blessings and gratitude to the Messenger who has made this and so much more possible.(11:00AM 11th Feb)
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day Everyone. Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram(11:00AM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Hello everyone!(11:00AM 11th Feb)
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Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone(11:02AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  “Knowledge is silent most of the time. It is watching and waiting. It gives its instruction and direction when it is necessary and when you are able to receive it. Become patient and observant like Knowledge, and you will experience Knowledge’s presence in your life every day.”
LIVING THE WAY OF KNOWLEDGE: Legacy: Chapter 5: The Pillar of Work
(11:02AM 11th Feb)
Thérèse-FL:  This morning I had this tremendous need to listen to ” What Just Happened? A Post-Election Conversation” … just as I have had many times since the original airing of this broadcast. I am working so hard to try to stay present so as to not get sucked into the mental environment’s cesspool. It’s a battle for me to stay in stillness & focused … not wanting to slip into the fantasy world of the vengeful fighting of evil. All this is of course done under the guise of fighting evil in defense of the innocent & the oppressed. It’s a struggle! Thank God for the Steps. My Step today is I GIVE MYSELF TO MY PRACTICE TODAY.(11:02AM 11th Feb)
Russell_Sask:  A wonderful start to the gathering indeed. Many Blessing MVS(11:03AM 11th Feb)
Ellen_Society:  It is always precious to me to watch everyone gather!(11:03AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  “The world offers immense opportunities for people to become lost here. But everyone is still on a freedom journey, even if they have lost their way, even if they have capitulated to their circumstances or to their desires and indulgences. The need of the soul does not change. The direction of Knowledge does not change. The urge for greater freedom, for inner freedom now as well as outer freedom, does not diminish.” The Freedom Journey(11:04AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  @Therese Reading the chapter in Greater Community Spirituality on What is the World helped me with that very subject.(11:04AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  Hi everyone(11:04AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  We have just completed week 2 of Month Two of The Journey to a New Life. Just two weeks left to plumb the depths of this session. Here’s the full study plan for this two month period:…/edit(11:05AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone(11:05AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  Hello everyone, set my name but not sure if I am still a number.. Joyanne(11:05AM 11th Feb)
Darlene_Society:  So glad to see everyone here.(11:05AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  we can see your name, Joyanne(11:05AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Nasi Novare Coram(11:06AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  To open up our discussion today… “What needs or interests do you see in others out in the world that may make them open to receive the revelation Building the Bridge to a New Life?(11:06AM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  Joyanne, I scroll down the roster to check to see my name after resetting it.(11:06AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ 50777 but we can’t see yours.(11:06AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Hello everyone(11:06AM 11th Feb)
Thérèse-FL:  THANKS MVS, Maureen & Carol(11:06AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall,”Become patient and observant like Knowledge” I must work on this.(11:06AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  So grateful to be able to be here Darlene.(11:06AM 11th Feb)
71658:  Hello, everyone(11:06AM 11th Feb)
DavidD_Mtl:  Good morning(11:06AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Therese…you are doing such important work and you do it for all of us. Thank you for taking this work on. You really inspire me.(11:07AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  I’ve cried by listening to the revelation Building the bridge to a new life. I come to realize that I cannot longer compromise and that involves my pillar of work. My whole life planning and busy so busy with securing my family and myself. But now I have to let IT happen. I am so confused but at the same time I know I am blessed because of the promise for my life.(11:07AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  thak yo(11:07AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you(11:07AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  @Tyyne – The degradation of our planet is obvious for most to see.(11:08AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  It can be a starting place of conversation(11:08AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Joyanne…so good to see you here. Have missed talking with you in group.(11:08AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Something I observe in people Tyyne…especially older people….is that even though they seem to have it all, they will often admit something is still missing.(11:08AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  The need for others is to experience peace(11:09AM 11th Feb)
Josef Austria:  Hello Everyone!(11:09AM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Marshall,“Knowledge is silent most of the time. It is watching and waiting. It gives its instruction and direction when it is necessary and when you are able to receive it. Become patient and ~.(11:09AM 11th Feb)
Thérèse-FL:  Thanks Dariel(11:09AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Tyyne… I feel that people really need this opening in their lives to be able to build a bridge to a new life. “This is the kind of change your heart has been yearning for for so long, for such a long time have you been laboring. And now it seems to come to nothing. It seems you have failed the expectations of your culture. You might even feel you are a failure, that you have not fulfilled the goals and expectations of your family, your culture and even your religion. But in this seeming failure is a promise of a greater success. The old life must fail you, or you must fail it, in order to have this new opportunity, this opening in your life, this new beginning.”…. I look for this opening in people.(11:09AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  I see the ‘need of the soul’ in others, that brings them to the Revelation – often by catching their eye with a phrase on our Facebook NM page, the need is clear, they arrive, but often the substitutes created by their minds take them away again.(11:10AM 11th Feb)
Russell_Sask:  Sustainability in Action, not just Talk of the means for the Survival of our Custodianship of this Planet.(11:11AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Tyyne I see and feel in others what I have sen and felt within myself. The need of the soul and what Knowledge has for each of us. So many of us are conditioned in our culture and society and the need to “look” good and if I look good than I should feel good. To have the need of the soul filled we 1st need to recognize that we have a need to begin with. This is where the confusion lies. For many of us we think our needs are met in “things”. Yet the most important and beautiful things of value are not things at all. When I give of myself just to give I am given something in return: A step closer of meeting the need of the soul in this life and 1 step closer out of the jungle of separation.(11:11AM 11th Feb)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  one aspect that i think could be an indicator of readiness in people is the degree to which they know of their own mental conditioning and the efforts to keep them conditioned. …just a thought i had.(11:11AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  Yes, Raoul. I sometimes feel that as well.(11:12AM 11th Feb)
René_Qc:  I am not finding the quote i am looking for but it became evident that, to be receptive to the New Message, people must feel the need for it and the urgency of the situation.(11:12AM 11th Feb)
Lin_Boulder:  @Tyyne, the need to live a greater and meaningful life instead of to live a superficial life with endless stimulations and meaningless pursuits, is the opening in many people to receive Building the Bridge to a New Life.(11:12AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  @Tyyne – The degradation of our planet is obvious for most to see….. Cameron- the challenge is to get others to see this rapidly declining world; most cannot, will not see.. We must raise awareness of the Global Emergency.(11:12AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Well put JimB(11:12AM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  One begins to search for a deeper meaning to life, when a life crisis hits, divorce, financial hardship, loss of a loved one, etc,… one becomes open to exploring other possibilities. “…But in this seeming failure is a promise of a greater success. The old life must fail you, or you must fail it”(11:13AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:  Reading in the NMG about worlds using the term Nature instead of God, I wonder whether perhaps I came from one of those worlds, but that does not mean it is right for this one.
Maybe Reed can tell us how often ‘nature’ occurs in the NMG, but I’m sure it’s not an insignificant amount: you’ve got natural disasters, natural inclinations, true nature, natural forces, battle with nature, listen to the sounds of nature etc. – and on it goes.  Nature sure covers a lot.  So how is this all inter-connected?  How do we tune in our true nature with the natural world?  Nature seems close to Knowledge.  I can understand how some people might use it as a substitute, or at least an entry point, particularly as the experience of relief and relaxation in nature is so commonplace.  So how can this ‘natural’ state be found internally, in the temple within, the natural call to God, the forces of good, a natural collaboration amongst those who fit together naturally?  Anyway, this has been my…
(11:14AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:  … preoccupation these days, my natural inklings, finding my natural domain and where I naturally find my place in life, with the natural world.(11:14AM 11th Feb)
Richmond_UK:  @Tyyne sometimes when I see that a person who has had a traumatic experience, is at a low point in their lives or I feel is searching for something that they haven’t found in the world, I will point to the Revelation.(11:14AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  @Jangsun, it gets hard, at that point, to argue against their minds, so I search for phrases that pull them back towards the soul…but it does not always work, because the mind gets defensive(11:14AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Thérèse-FL , ” What Just Happened? A Post-Election Conversation” A weaken humanity will have difficulties declining the offers of an advanced race and the more that humanity has fallen prey to conflict and war and destitution the greater will be the attraction of the intervention’s offers and proposals. Already today the intervention is grooming its advocates and approaches to promote an extraterrestrial guidance for the world. Already today the intervention is establishing its business in the world and influencing certain select individuals for positions of power and influence in government in commerce and in religion.
Certain people are obsessed with conspiracy theories but their focus is misguided. The malevolent behavior of human governments or human commercial institutions is nothing compared to what the intervention can do here and if its agenda succeeds it remains yet uncertain there will be no winners amongst the human family there will be no vaulted societies there will be…
(11:14AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … no humans in position of power and authority. Everyone will be used and everyone will share the same fate for the intervention is intelligent it does not seek to destroy humanity but to employ it for its own purpose. The intervention’s view of humanity is cold and calculated and unsympathetic. ( New Message on Life in the Universe )(11:14AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  If I abide with Knowledge, there will be no confusion in my advocacy.(11:14AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I was watching a bug on our window pane looking for a way out of the house. It kept pacing back and forth in the same directions never finding that opening. It occurred to me that many of us are like that bug. Doing the same things yet expecting different results. This is a form of insanity. The opening is there for each of us if we dare to take the chance in finding it in Knowledge.(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  While reading Courage and Will to Prepare, which is one of the Revelations for this session, this stood out for me: “Knowledge is here on a mission. And for that mission to be fulfilled, it must prepare the rest of you—your mind and your body—for a greater service and participation in the world.” How much patience does K have to have to wait for us…(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  Yes… the feeling that missing is something, the laboring for so long, the great need of the soul… this need deep within that is not satisfied by the offerings of the world. The desire to really live a life that has meaning and purpose. I can relate to all of this myself. This seems to be so prevalent in every person’s experience if they can break open enough to feel this, have the opportunity to find this and then begin to move with it.(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Hardev_Australia:  Yes Mike, “The old life must fail you, or you must fail it.” I prefer the latter as it is proactive.(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  @Paul MA – Many see the the planets peril but without the NM, very few have any idea of what to do.(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Bethne_UK:  @Jim NewYork That was so beautifully and clearly expressed Thank you.(11:15AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  @Raoul: I see that too, even in people I meet in my days. The suffering of the soul is there, the need is there, and yet often my feeling is that there is still a long way for them to come to the Revelation. I may be mistaken, but I cannot really sense a way to bring it to them, a real door opened. I feel restrained most of the time and so I wait.(11:16AM 11th Feb)
René_Qc:  “But to God time is nothing and to you time is everything, as it should be, as it is.”
The Origin (November 18, 2009)
(11:16AM 11th Feb)
Katia_France:  Hello everyone! So great to finally be able to make it to the chat! Saturday afternoons are not easy for me.(11:16AM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  The Messenger needs us now more than ever. He has stepped forward. Our preparation is being accelerated. Many people are being manipulated. This is my most truthful sense of what is going on…(11:16AM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  *manipulated by the world’s circumstances, etc.(11:17AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Tynne- to your first question, one could use the guidelines of the NM: “The old life must fail you, or you must fail it”…. when someone is in a situation from which they cannot see an exit or escape whether it is a job situation, relationship etc… The wisdom of the Revelations will help and guide one.(11:17AM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  @ Katia- glad you could make it today!(11:17AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  We are innately wired in to the Great Coordination. All we have to do is find the switch for the light to see the opening.(11:17AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  @50777., Yes me too, I wait for the opening, I wait for Knowledge. I let it flow when it needs to then I find that they receive it, without the defense mechanism coming up.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  Who has the eyes to see the rays of initiation? Not me, not yet, maybe never.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  Right you are JimB.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Jim Very true. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always gotten.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  @50777, I too often wait, and on a few occasions they came back…which is a great sign(11:18AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Wonderful to see you Katia.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Jeanne_Booulder:  Welcome Katia, glad you could make it.(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Russell_Sask:  I am really beginning to see the reaction to a few that I have shared LIU literature with. It takes a while for those who I have lent a copy to to get through it, but then the conversation material is wide open. The material itself and then the method in which is was delivered, but, but hearing the “Why” from them is food for thought…(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Darlene_Society:  Hi Katia(11:18AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Hi Katia! great to see you(11:19AM 11th Feb)
jeanine_Society:  Welcome Katia…(11:19AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  You are so right carolyn ct. We must be strong, persistent and ever vigilant.(11:19AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Open heart, open mind with others. Listening for a connection and relation. Offering, not guiding. Pointing not pushing. Some who are already spiritually advanced will resonate with the new message I.E. Paul Chek(11:19AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Raoul, yes, all we can do is waiting for them to respond in many cases.(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  @Paul: “when someone is in a situation from which they cannot see an exit or escape” I see in others out in the world the need to release the people, places and things that burden them: to break free of the “emptiness” and “pettiness,” “the superficiality of people’s conversations and habitual condemnation of others,” etc. How many times have people said, “I’m just going through the motions…” A compromised life is all about “just going through the motions.” This does not satisfy the need, the yearning, of the heart… So much time lost….People need a way out and they don’t know of a way out, a way to unburden, a way to allow their lives to be empty for a time…to create a space for what they truly need: the way, the bridge, from a compromised life to a Knowledge-based life. And the NM shows the way… all the way…We must continue our efforts to make the NM more and more findable..(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Cameon= you have answered Tynne’s 1st question.(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @carolyn, I agree.(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Jeanne_Booulder:  Right on JimB, we do keep looking for same results, need to step out of our box(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Gina_Boulder:  @Selma, from “The Calling” ‘But there is a part of you that never separated from God, and this is what the New Message will speak to within you, a part of you that can only respond. It is the most natural thing in the world. It is your purpose and your destiny.’ “Nature”, and “natural” have been illuminated concepts in the NM, inviting me to look more. For those who really want and know the need to to take the journey to end separation, it will be the most natural thing.(11:20AM 11th Feb)
Will_Society:  The need for purpose in life is such a powerful force in many people, it seems. And the New Message from God delivers on that need to a fathomless extent. You will never run out of purpose in the New Message from God. You will find no higher purpose than what the New Message identifies and teaches. “Be happy that you have a higher purpose in life, for this means that your life is meaningful and not chaotic.”(11:21AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  This early preparation can be extremely important for what you will be able to realize, to accomplish and to communicate to others in the future. Even the most foolish mistakes you will make in this early phase can be very important in giving you wisdom—teaching you what is real, to value what is real, to help you discern what is good from what only looks good, to help you to discern your real inclinations from those impulses that represent your weakness and insecurity. Perhaps in this earlier stage you will feel there is a Presence watching over you at times. You will sense that there is a Presence with you. And you will think from time to time that there probably is something greater for you to do in your life. But the realization has not really struck yet. It has not really rocked your foundation. It is only something you think about at the level of your intellect. It has not really penetrated your heart. (Building the Bridge to a New Life)(11:21AM 11th Feb)
René_Qc:  I have been sharing the teachings from the New Message on ‘pacified’ grounds and none is indifferent to it. The need of the soul is something permanent and universal, there is no doubt about it.(11:21AM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  @Selma…..the search for a sense of place…a sense of identity…a sense of belonging……These underlying desires surely assisted in getting me here. All people, at some level, desire to be included in life, in the nature of life in this world. I see this as another opening.(11:21AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  I often talk to people about freedom. Freedom for and/or freedom from—most people see the need for freedom for themselves at some level. It is a common need and desire. People may want improvements but many are ambivalent about seeking a new life. Yet most people want greater freedom, and real freedom will take them to a new life.(11:22AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Amen Will.(11:22AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  I thought I was already blessed with the work I am doing for already five years. Because when I teach and I am quiet inside and feel this stillness and peace within, people around me feel this too. I know this is knowledge working through me. I don’t have to say anything or let them read a book. What I am confused about is why this work pillar is going to be stopped because of all kind of governmental changing of laws what has influence on my business and work. It’s hard not to questions this(11:23AM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  @MikeLF & … Those who are being manipulated, sometimes it is by their own entanglement, sometimes it is by the Forces of Dissonance, but I see it so much in what is happening in the political scene. It is easy to fall into anger, outrage. But it is better to wait until you have a true opening, like JimB said. I feel a massive shift happening.(11:23AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  What amazes me is that I see some people being pulled back to the Revelation…nudged, pushed by something that happens in their lives(11:23AM 11th Feb)
Lin_Boulder:  @Raoul, there are many people who might have long way to go to get to the turning point, but there are thousands of people who are ready for a New Life, for NM, that’s what we are trying to reach.(11:23AM 11th Feb)
mary:  @Carolyn, yes I feel the conditions of the world, politics, social disorders and conflict are stirring the complacency of people up so they are aroused but then they are also being stirred up to react in anger, revenge or ways that is not effective. In fact they may be taken out by the controlling powers whatever it may be. I feel those who are awakened but not yet given over to the control being it main-stream or alternative have the most potential. This time is right for the NMFG and yet not guaranteed as the waters are turbulent. That is why Knowledge is so needed by us students of Knowledge so that we can see, listen and know to act or restraint ourselves. This requires more strength as well as more restraint from us students and advocates of the NM. Dangerous times but more potential to reach the first responders.(11:23AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:  Where am I naturally drawn to, and what feels naturally right?  Do I understand and respect the nature of power?  I have found these terms offered in the NMG a useful way to introduce it to people, and begin a dialogue.  Many people relate to being out of touch with nature, and speak of being out in nature as a way of getting back in touch with themselves, particularly here in London.  Yet London is 2/3 ‘green’ and full of wildlife co-existing with pets and the buzz of the city.  It’s really quite fascinating.(11:24AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  What is that purpose? Knowledge knows. How do you find that purpose? By learning and Living the Way of Knowledge. You take The Steps to Knowledge. You must build the bridge from your mind to knowledge and that bridge is not built in a day or a week or a month. You are undertaking something very great here and it requires perseverance and a commitment. (Taking the Steps to Knowledge)(11:24AM 11th Feb)
Serena_Montreal:  @Tyyne, yes i see this with certain of the young people that i work with often. Particularly with one person, i get the sense that on some level, them themselves.. “Is what I’m doing/planning for myself really right?” I see the need for a Map, a real Map.(11:24AM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall. I will keep this in mind(11:24AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Will… “You will never run out of purpose in the New Message from God.” we are blessed.(11:25AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Yes MVS. Freedom from the miseries of our own minds as well.(11:25AM 11th Feb)
Keiko_Ita:  Hello everyone!!(11:25AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Carol- thank you. The cost of staying in a situation far outweighs the cost of breaking away from the situation. The longer one stays in that situation the more difficult and costly it is too breakaway to one’s freedom and at the cost of losing the opportunity to do..A heavy price…So Freedom is not free, but it is much worth price.(11:25AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  @Lin, definitely, and I can often see that difference…sometimes not, and time is wasted, but our capacity in finding the ones to reach does improve(11:26AM 11th Feb)
Jeanne_Booulder:  I have noticed that when I have had a problem, I wait & leave it alone. I do not look for answers I just wait, then all of a sudden an answers comes to me. I have learned to stop trying to control it. It just happens. Life is so much better letting go & letting Knowledge come when I am ready or when Knowledge sees that I am ready. The answers sometimes came soon others came days later & some even came a week later.(11:26AM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  About building a New Life, sometimes you need to leave the circumstances and your old life in order to move forward into a new life, as staying and trying to resolve problems will just hold you back. Taking courage and leaving might be the next right step for some, but people must be ready for that, otherwise they will feel like they are sacrificing something, they need to feel like they must change their life no matter what and that they can not continue the old way. I think that’s the reason that a lot of people who found the NM found it when they were disappointed with their old life or they were in a depression or despair.(11:26AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  Offering thanks for the Forum being available again!(11:26AM 11th Feb)
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Will : “Be happy that you have a higher purpose in life, for this means that your life is meaningful and not chaotic.”(11:26AM 11th Feb)
Anna_Boulder:  @MVS Thank you. The NM offers freedom from the Separation.(11:27AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I am so very fortunate to have been a alcoholic and addict for so many years. The program of AA and its “steps” put into action allowed me to do the work necessary to unburden myself from the things which were filling me up and then letting me down. This has prepared me for this stage of my life with the NM and Knowledge. If I were to say to you I would have even been able to get clean and sober and find the NM and a step toward a new life you would have thought, if you knew me back then I was being dishonest and out of touch. Yet here we are. Here I am. Things aren’t always what they seem in the moment. For there is a greater leson and experience to have later in life.(11:27AM 11th Feb)
DavidD_Mtl:  The forum is still in maintenance for a little longer Douglas.(11:27AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  @Jeanne, ditto, its all in the waiting to know.. realizing the mind wants to have its own answer, but it truly does not know.(11:27AM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  From my own experience, it was only when the circumstances of my life spun out of control and broke me down, that I looked within for ‘peace’ and began the journey towards NM and a new life. The change, challenge, upheaval…the decline and loss of freedom, comforts, ‘normalcy’ associated with the Great Waves brings this great potential, on a global scale.(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  Oh. Oops(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Eron_SF:  @Serena_Montreal…Steps to Knowledge is a map for the mind, albeit a Mystery Map.(11:28AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The guidelines for how to live that will be given here relate to this second stage of the journey of your life. They do not really refer to people who have not passed through this great threshold, who have not experienced this turning point. To them it will seem beneficial, but confusing. It will seem restraining. It will challenge their idea of freedom. (Building the Bridge to a New Life)(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  @Kristina, yes, I think that is true. well said(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  Oh. Oops(11:28AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thank you Jim. It’s very telling that you found the strength in relationship to keep from going back into old habits.(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you MVS, just a small taste of that freedom can set one on the right course(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Jeanne, thank you(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall… I feel without knowing about the Separation and about Greater Purpose in life it is hard to see the chains that holds many people back and the seek for happiness goes on.(11:28AM 11th Feb)
Josef Austria:  Hi Katia!(11:29AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Indeed JimB(11:29AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  @Raoul: yes. ‘Who can respond?’ ‘Who may be a first responder?’. If I don’t feel that, I try to acknowledge the feeling and just move on. It took me a while to understand it was not about convincing people, or simple logic ‘you need this and it’s there’ —just because you see how the New Message could help them escape the misery of their lives doesn’t mean they will respond. Sometimes hard to accept, but the process of responding and taking the journey remains partly mysterious to me. Why do we respond? Why do we not respond? It can only be understood as we take ourselves the journey and come to terms with our own crisis, need for separation, ambivalence, etc. They some inner mechanisms become more apparent…(11:29AM 11th Feb)
Shirley Co:  @ Paul How true!(11:29AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you, Marshall. Freedom. I hear a co-worker speak of this. She so wants to be free from the constraints of her life. A life that she really didn’t choose, is now in and is attempting to leave. I see those I work with making compromises because they want relationship and meaning, they settle so they are not alone and yet they are unhappy. There is such a need in all people. No one is without this deeper need as I engage with so many people every day. I see them searching in all the wrong places to meet this deeper need.(11:30AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  …. allow this change to occur. Do not try to define it. Do not even use ideas from other spiritual traditions to try to define it. Allow it to be a mystery, for to you it will be a mystery.
Mystery exists beyond the realm of the intellect. Honor this. Accept this. The Mystery is now beginning to emerge in your life, whereas before it was held back. Before, there was nowhere in your life for it to come forth—to guide you, to bless you and to prepare you. Now the Mystery is beginning to emerge. Let this happen. You will become confused about what to do regarding your relationships with people primarily, and secondarily your relationship with where you live, the work that you do, your activities, your hobbies, your interests and so forth. Let this confusion exist. It is healthy. It is natural. It is part of the transition. You are building a bridge to a new life. …
(11:30AM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Mathieu(11:31AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  There are so many levels and layers of Separation, I find it helps me to be with people if I remember that they are in a Separated state, it keeps me centered, and allows me the freedom to look with observation. Here I find I can just be accepting of them in whatever level of Separation we are all in. It helps ground me to the fact I must abide with Knowledge. For I do not know their level, or even mine. (11:31AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Kristina_Boulder, Yes, it is true “I think that’s the reason that a lot of people who found the NM found it when they were disappointed with their old life or they were in a depression or despair.”(11:31AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  @rayhobbs, thank you(11:31AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  so true Mathieu:”just because you see how the New Message could help them escape the misery of their lives doesn’t mean they will respond”, and I see many trapped in the need for romance(11:31AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Thank you dear Messenger. The Bridge to a New Life doesn’t mention freedom much, but it is all about freedom–the freedom to See the Compromise my life has been, to recognize how much I want to be freed to answer the yearnings of my own heart, to move beyond needing to gain the approval of others and to follow the Knowledge placed within me instead… It is all about gaining the freedom to Value Knowledge (my true self) Beyond All Things. This was a very powerful Step I spent several days with recently.(11:31AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Yes Kristina Boulder, there is situational depression and the only recourse is to change or get out of that situation.(11:32AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Jim B and David I think we all have “old habits” of doing things in excess or lack. I’m still trying to deal with some of mine that are less obvious than alcohol or drugs but just as impactful on my freedom of mind and motion.(11:32AM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  @rayhobbs, the passage “giving you wisdom—teaching you what is real, to value what is real, to help you discern what is good from what only looks good” echoes MVS on the Nov. 26, 2016, chat: “The positive/negative dichotomy … is merely subjective. Yet real/unreal, true/untrue, honest/dishonest calls for and speaks to a deeper experience”(11:32AM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, this is true. I see this in me as well, but now as a student I want also to be free FROM certain things that are holding me back, so I can move forward. As NM says the 1st responsibility of K is to unburden us.(11:32AM 11th Feb)
Kari_H_Finland:  “It took me a while to understand it was not about convincing people, or simple logic ‘you need this and it’s there'” Yes Mathieu, this has been my experience too. The people who I have considered open are not open for the NMG.(11:33AM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  Omg, “situational depression”? That reached to me very quick..and i think i resonated with it(11:33AM 11th Feb)
Lin_Boulder:  Very true @Mathieu. “You who are claiming your studenthood in Knowledge will claim your advocacy for Knowledge.” Step 310-STK. This is a powerful reminder for me.(11:33AM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Yes, Marshall. I can feel about”People may want improvements but many are ambivalent about seeking a new life. ~(11:33AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  So at the beginning of Steps to Knowledge and throughout the study of Steps to Knowledge you learn how to still your mind. You learn how to become observant you learn how to look see feel and know. Once your mind becomes still at your command from the results of you exerting your power you begin to undo your social conditioning you begin to undo the domination of your intellect you begin to see beyond ideas and beliefs and conventions of … You see things you could never see before you hear things you have never heard before and yet the things that you see and hear are so resonate are so true to what you really feel and know about life it is not like you are trying to put some kind overlay of ideas or beliefs on top of your experience. Really the contrary is true you are taking them away and you begin to feel things that you really, really know and your perception becomes more refined and objective and your awareness begins to expand so that you can see and feel and know things well…(11:33AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … that simply could not be recognized because of the constant noise of your mind and the preoccupations that kept you from really seeing and knowing anything about yourself. (Taking the Steps to Knowledge)(11:33AM 11th Feb)
Esther_Spain:  I usually talk about the need for internal guidance. Use this way to talk about Knowledge. Everyone is confused and in need of guidance.(11:33AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:  In addition to ‘the nature and purpose of the change’; ‘Gaze at nature. Listen to the sounds of the natural world’; ‘your deeper nature, a nature that is now slowly emerging within you’; ‘You are venturing into a greater realm of revelation and natural experience’; and ‘Do not adopt firm beliefs. If you feel insecure, if you are unsure of yourself, it is fine; it is natural’, Building the Bridge to a New Life uses terms like genuine, authentic and speaks of a natural process and taking the time it takes ‘like the little tender shoot in the great forest’: ‘Let this confusion exist. It is healthy. It is natural’; ‘Allow this. Follow this. Strengthen this. For this is a natural inclination’; ‘This is natural. This is what it means to come home to yourself, to find your real values, your real priorities, your natural inclinations as opposed to everything that has been conditioned into you.’(11:34AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Speaking of openings, beliefs often are what keep people in a state of perpetual decline in their health. Noticing this from practicing coaching others in exercise is a very telling place to be able to have an opening to share the revelation, of which I have done several times in the past. I.e. The belief that you should be more than what you are, and must work as hard as everyone else to get better or fit. This can wreak havoc on the adrenals, overstress the nervous system, and creak a whole new mess of problems. All stemming from that belief which is strongly influenced by collective “gym life” and “personal trainer” statuses.(11:34AM 11th Feb)
Ken_Oklahoma:  Tynne- What needs or interests do you see in others out in the world that may make them open to receive the revelation Building the Bridge to a New Life? This varies widely and I have found that I need to be very attentive while conversing with others in order to feel and know the right opportunity to share something about the New Message with others. This needs to be naturally shared during the course of talking about other things going on.(11:35AM 11th Feb)
Lingling_China:  @ Mathieu , yes. It also took me a long time to know this. I always try to put the NM on my hand and try to offer people who I thought they should or could respond. But it turned out that they could not respond. Resonate with what you said. I shouldn’t try to convince.(11:35AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  “Prescription (sharing) is only as good as assessment (where there’s an opening).” MVS, I can really see where the freedom talk comes into play in almost every case with the people I work with.(11:35AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  good insight thank you Esther(11:35AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  “The old life must fail you, or you must fail it, in order to have this new opportunity, this opening in your life, this new beginning.” Those who are feeling emptiness deeply even though they look successful, they are ready to fail their old life. I think they are in a good position to receive the New Revelation.(11:35AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you MVS for what you have said. I feel for me that my journey to the NM and all the experiences I had from then up to now prepared me for this. My recognition for what you have given to the world began many years ago and I didn’t even know it.(11:36AM 11th Feb)
Jeanne_Booulder:  Life was not working for me when I found the NM! I FELT there had to be something more to life!(11:36AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  The circumstances that we experienced that allowed for an opening for the NM to enter could be so valuable in recognizing the need for the NM in others. For me, it was not a traumatic life event, it was, as the revelation says, that “something greater for you to do in your life.” That vague, persistent feeling that only grows in intensity..(11:37AM 11th Feb)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  David and Kari are touching on my idea–what allows a person to be open to such a strange thing as the new message? it is not a normal thing. people need some degree of confidence to pursue what is not normal. they need to be FREE of the conditioning that they must be normal so they are not rejected.(11:37AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Transitions are confusing because you are moving from one understanding to another understanding, from one experience of life to another experience of life. The transitions mean that you cannot go back, and you have not gone far enough to go fully forward, so you have to be on this bridge, going through this transition.
Leave your future open. Set aside plans beyond what you must do to simply maintain yourself in the world. Here you must have trust that clarity will come, and clarity will come when you feel you are prepared to move forward and are willing to move forward into new territory.
As long as you hesitate, the clarity will not come. As long as you are bargaining and trying to work out some kind of deal to keep something from your old life, the certainty will not come. The clarity will not come because you have not yet turned that corner. It is like the answer is around the side of the mountain, and you have to go around that mountain to find it. (Building the Bridge to a New…
(11:37AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … Life)(11:37AM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  @Selma, the word “nature” appears on approx. 21.5% of the pages of the New Message(11:37AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  I often feel the Greater Coordination places me with someone who really feels a need for TNM. It amazes me how frequently it happens.(11:37AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  NATURE (11:38AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:  Thanks Reed – that’s a fair amount!(11:38AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  You wrre right Jeanne boulder!(11:38AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  @Esther: yes, inner Knowledge and inner guidance is a great bridge from the heart of the New Message to the lives of people. But even there there is a lot of inner bargaining. Knowledge is so revolutionary, it takes us far beyond the small compromised improvements we were aiming for.(11:38AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Regarding freedom, helping or encouraging people to change their situation is rarely the first step. Bringing them to the reality of Knowledge is the first step, for without Knowledge, people will not have the will or the strength to meaningfully change their life, circumstances and direction.(11:38AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  We would like to move on to the second but related topic for today, which many of you have already referred to: In advocating for the revelation Building the Bridge to a New Life, what key words or ideas from this revelation, or from the New Message as a whole, would impact and inspire people to read more?(11:39AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  @Lingling – yes trying to convince people is not the answer – it only leads to despair when you see they are unable to respond yet(11:39AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Okay something is encouraging here to continue practice. I can see how many are drawn to a very strong student. People want proof in some way. They want to see and feel the true student of knowledge and be encouraged, in health and work and relationships…(11:39AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Yes Carol. That resonates deeply.(11:39AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  One person said to me, “I have been through that bridge, so maybe I don’t need this”, and I just said I thought so too but thank God I stayed with the Revelation(11:39AM 11th Feb)
DavidD_Mtl:  “Personal freedom is valuable only in that it gives you this opportunity to find Knowledge.” Wisdom Vol 1, chapter 7(11:39AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Jeanne_Booulder, “Life was not working for me when I found the NM! I FELT there had to be something more to life!” Me, neither.(11:40AM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  So some people are searching….wanting connection…. and most settle as you stated Tyyne. We are hard-wired to connect on a physical level and to deprive oneself of this while working through trauma, crisis, upheaval is extremely is as if the odds are stacked against me/them/us. Looking at my own life it almost seems as though it was and still holds the possibility to slip into, a state of bi-polar existence… from the personal mind…..meeting crisis/turning points/challenge… in search of or with the higher self….back to the personal mind when patience has run thin or challenges arise to only later return to living from and with spirit. This is the vacillation so many wish to escape and slow I myself am escaping.(11:40AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Yes, Mellany…. On a global scale it is a huge breakdown and the need to turn to God/Spirit seems the only possibility now. I am hopeful that this means many will find the NM.(11:40AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  MVS, “bringing them to the reality of knoweldge is the first step.” How does that look?(11:40AM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  I need “nature” … I always felt the urgent need to be in nature, more than anything else.. I could stay without food, but looking at some trees….i think there started my questions for knowledge also(11:40AM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  @Reed @Selma, so extrapolate twice that number if you search “natur*” (11:40AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Yes that makes sense MVS. Thank you for the clarification.(11:40AM 11th Feb)
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  If I see someone demonstrate empathy, affinity, compassion, a sense of wonder about the world, its life and the universe and its structure and mystery – this is a flag for me. If someone can truly listen and objectively consider something profoundly… this is a green light. If some one has a fresh way of putting things or a mind that is responsive to the moment… the is a sign.(11:41AM 11th Feb)
Selma_London:   Merrie(11:41AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  NNC All. Sorry I’m late(11:41AM 11th Feb)
Matt_bzn:  MVS – is that something that can happen intrinsically as we who may be stronger with Knowledge can influence them at the level of Knowledge?(11:41AM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  Thank you Marshall. My perspective and experience of freedom has changed radically … it felt like a real fight to claim the freedom within my life circumstances to move towards and be with NMG, and now I practise surrender to reclaim the freedom that is True.(11:42AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  @Carol, the word “Compromises” often strikes a chord, and I think it is because compromises work against freedom in peoples’ lives(11:42AM 11th Feb)
Kari_H_Finland:  “Bringing them to the reality of Knowledge is the first step” Thank you Messenger. This is the key. Seeing. Knowing. Acting.(11:42AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Jangsun I felt the same way. One day I remembering being alone in my house totally bored, unfulfilled and uninspired with life and saying – “Is this it? Is this all there is to life? “(11:42AM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Tom(11:42AM 11th Feb)
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thanks, Shawn, well put, and useful.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  Attitude(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Esther_Spain:  Yes @ Mathieu.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Shawn thanks for that, a reminder for our selves also, a baseline to guard from becoming too hard, or stuck in “one” thing for too long, for the only thing that is keeping us from seeing is our mind…ideas, patterns of thinking.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Yes, Mathieu, Knowledge will win at our own game, “it takes us far beyond the small compromised improvements we were aiming for” because it is taking us to who we truly are–beyond compromise.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Carol_Society: “Foundation” ( Key word ) …. you must learn to build the Four Pillars of your life—the Pillar of Relationships, the Pillar of Work, the Pillar of Health and the Pillar of Spiritual Development. You must learn of the Greater Community. You must learn about the mental environment. You must learn about relationships and higher purpose. This is all awaiting you. But first you must build the foundation, for without this foundation, you will not be able to penetrate the greater meaning, importance and application of these revelations that are contained within the New Message from God.
The foundation is so very important and requires great patience and forbearance. It is this patience and forbearance that will shift your allegiance away from your intellect and the admonitions of others to a greater power within you—the power of Knowledge, the power of God. You will never comprehend this power fully. You can never claim it for yourself. You will never be a master of it. You…
(11:43AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … can never use it to try to be better than others. You cannot use it to get what you want. You cannot use it to gain wealth and power and pleasure. You can only learn to follow it and learn of the great journey up the mountain that was always prepared for you.
(Building the Bridge to a New Life)
(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @mellany UK: Deep…(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  The only person I spoke with who could immediately recognize the NM was a fellow I met at a hostel in Jasper Alberta. He had slept in his car the night before in the freezing winter, having just left his former residence and torn whether he should continue on into the mystery or go back, but something told him to go to Jasper. His life seemed to be full of suffering. I listened to him talk for an hour or more, asking him questions here and there. He had a very bleak outlook on the world. Finally, I said, “well, a lot of the things you are saying are correct, but I know there is a greater promise in the world – the power and presence of God that lives within us.” Or something like that. He asked me how I knew these things, and I showed him my copy of Steps and told him about the NM. After watching some videos of MVS and listening to the Proclamation and talking further, he was practically glowing by the end of the night. At one point he said, “so this is it, huh? This is the new…(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  … revelation?” when I gave him my copy of ‘GHSA.’ I have since lost touch with him, but he continued to start his life somewhere new in BC. It reminds me though – that no matter if someone responds, can they continue? Can they take the steps? Can they actually build this bridge to a new life? Can I do this?(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Ginny_Columbus:  I’ve been able to connect more with the Christian community I grew up with by my journey in the New Message. I see Knowledge helping me make connections at that deeper level. Being present with the person/people I am with to better listen to their story first and see where I can use the skills I am learning to make a connection deeper than the belief system one adheres to. Transcending the differences and honing in on that which we have in common.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  Yes Ken, I experience this also…”This needs to be naturally shared during the course of talking about other things going on.”(9:35AM)(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  People know things from time to time, even if they don’t believe such a thing is possible.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  Crossing that bridge to a new life can take a long time. I know for myself that I’m not living the life I meant to live, despite the fact that I’m already living in Boulder and are surrounded by right people. I think there are things that are holding me back within myself that I need to let go of as they are like chains making the passage through the bridge a lot harder.(11:43AM 11th Feb)
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I feel that if I demonstrate a life of knowledge then those who are ready will reflect this light and they will be known to me.(11:44AM 11th Feb)
Debbie Plano:  I think the words Higher Purpose, Men(11:44AM 11th Feb)
Kelvin_Boulder:  “Consider your personal mind like a great vat of concrete that is all wet and viscous. If you do not stir it and keep it moving, it hardens into a certain form. Once it hardens, it is very difficult to make it fluid once again.” Working with the mind(11:44AM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  knowlegde itself is the answer for this question too. The right time, the right place, the right people, even when we try to share. Sometimes we can, sometimes we must wait.(11:44AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thanks for that Kelvin… Very important teaching for me(11:44AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  @ MVS: Oh, yes, Knowledge as the first Step. And how we described what Knowledge is… I think of the questions like, Can you remember a time when you felt you really knew something…in the very deepest part of you, you knew something…and it stayed with you…and you had to act on this..(11:44AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  What will reach peoples heart and start to listen is also the sentence: you came into the world for a purpose…..(11:44AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  I get that Maureen. i think I first said it at about 19 years of age. This could not possibly be all there is.(11:45AM 11th Feb)
jeanine_Society:  I keep coming back to this passage in ‘Building the Bridge to a New Life’ , as I feel that many people come to a point in our lives, due to different reasons for each person, when we are just done with the course we’ve been on and are truly looking for something else: “At some point, you come to realize that the life you are living really is not appropriate for you.” I remember experiencing this Turning Point myself, although it played out over a period of a many months…How many people are out there in the world, waiting for this undefined something, ready for the transition, are really open to a New Life?(11:45AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thank you Carol(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  @Kelvin. Speaking of working with the mine, do we have a revelation only about this?(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Dominic_UK:  @Douglas: Good insight(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  Mind* sorry(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Maureen, Yes, thankfully that makes us be here.(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Carol- to the 2nd inquiry: “Leave your future open. Set aside plans beyond what U must do to simply maintain yourself in the world. Here U must have trust that clarity will come and clarity will come when you feel U are prepared to move forward….You are building a bridge to a new life. ( A Freedom Bridge).(11:45AM 11th Feb)
Kelvin_Boulder:  “o, it is very important that the mind is stimulated. Its greatest stimulation will come from Knowledge, for as the mind is brought into service to Knowledge, it is continually stimulated with new ideas and new experiences and the requirement that things be re-evaluated according to their relevance to present time. This keeps stirring the mind, so to speak, and keeps it fluid. It keeps it young, fresh and active. If the mind is allowed to harden, its ability to respond to new influences, new information and new relationships becomes severely hampered. Past a certain point, it is not able to respond to new things at all. This is when the mind ceases to be a living organism. ” Working with the mind(11:46AM 11th Feb)
Debbie Plano:  Higher Purpose, Meaning and direction are words that will call certain people to the NMFG. That seems to touch people who are questioning, Is that all there is?(11:46AM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Cole for sharing, beautiful(11:46AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  “Leave your future open. Set aside plans beyond what U must do to simply maintain yourself in the world. Here U must have trust that clarity will come and clarity will come when you feel U are prepared to move forward….You are building a bridge to a new life. ( A Freedom Bridge). This makes me think that it’s condoning to settle for a poverty waged job(11:46AM 11th Feb)
Lingling_China:  @ Maureen thanks for sharing that questioning experience.(11:46AM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you so much for what you have said Kelvin! Resonating with me and my mind!(11:47AM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  Yes @Cole… “no matter if someone responds, can they continue? Can they take the steps? Can they actually build this bridge to a new life? Can I do this?”(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Carol and MVS: Knowledge as the first step… A second step would encompass having the Mind serve Kg. For one’s initial troubles were created by the Mind, and a higher power will be needed to resolve one’s situation.(11:48AM 11th Feb)
71658:  I looked at both questions for this week and couldn’t find an answer. But we are advocating to those who does not necessarily realise what they trully need, confused not knowing themselves sufficiently. One need to see the need to want or yearn for a new life and the reponse depends on the journey of their life so far, and what their experience thought them so far. I had a conversation with a work colleague who recently found the New Message and is slowly learning and reading about The Great Waves of Change and revelations in the NM web site. She said not in the same words but this is what she means, if people get over their own fear and assumptions once this is achieved they will be more open to the New Message. In personally feel that people are drawn to what is currently occuring in the world, people search for solutions, but don’t recognise and don’t realise that the solution is not complex, it lives within them. It is an observation. Something I felt compelled to listen to this…(11:48AM 11th Feb)
71658:  … week was the revelation ‘The Vision’.(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  Looking back in my life I see the power of this step-by-step process by which Knowledge gradually reshaped my life as I was learning to allow it to do so. I certainly didn’t embraced it all at once, and my journey is far for being achieved, but I am obviously not where I was a few years ago, and part of that prepared and changed very gradually… So I am trying to discern “what is the first step?” and it’s difficult as I see how complex the preparation was for each step, so I cannot really discern a clear beginning. Many roots. Many gifts from life. Disappointments that crackle the veneer of life in Separation. The Mystery Calling through.(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Purpose and Relationships (of purpose) are a strong attraction to the New Revelation. The response to Facebook photo-quotes on purpose and relationships has been good. Here too, alas, the ‘substitutes’ many times come in…grand ideas and romance(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jim, it’s been my experience in working with my own.(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Alison_Boulder:  In advocating for the New Life, the first part of the Revelation that speaks to the disappointment and compromise many are feeling are what I want to share with people. Why would any of the directives about the New Life- like reducing media, releasing relationships, being more discreet– mean much to someone unless they discovered they had this need– a need they share with so many? I would like to share with others that they are not isolated in their compromises.(11:48AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Kelvin: Spot on!(11:49AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Cast a wide net. Those who are ready will respond. Within all others, you plant a seed.(11:49AM 11th Feb)
Ken_Oklahoma:  On a recent trip to Albuquerque, I talked to 2 people sitting next to me about the idea of the personal conditioned mind and the deeper mind called Knowledge. I have found airline conversations to be some of the longest and most in depth conversations. Of course not everyone next to you on the plane may want a conversation, but for those that do, this is such a great opportunity. Don’t miss these opportunities.(11:49AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you MVS,(11:50AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  David KC– The NM advocates for simplicity, not poverty.(11:50AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Build the strength first. Build the connection to Knowledge within yourself. Learn to listen. Take retreat. Follow your natural inclinations. Share only part of the Mystery with your husband or wife, for they may not be able to understand. Ask that they give you this time and this confidence, for things are emerging within your heart.
Maintain your duties and responsibilities, but take time to be with the presence of Knowledge within yourself. Take time to take the Steps to Knowledge, to study the Steps to Knowledge and to place yourself in a position where they can reveal their greater truth to you.
Tell your children that there is a greater power within them that will guide and protect them if they listen. Share with them your insights. But do not go too far in trying to share everything, for you are trying to build strength, and if you try to share everything, you are giving your strength away.
(Building the Bridge to a New Life)
(11:50AM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  @Ken same experience, (11:50AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Kelvin Boulder: When we stop changing, we are effectively without life.(11:50AM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  The questions for this session pulled the covers back on a little sleeping worry of mine, that pause before sharing the Steps specifically … if I introduce this, the person picks it up and drops it–because not ready–and therefore considers it a foregone conclusion, a “no, been there, tried that,” … I have only reconciled this unease by releasing it to a greater coordination, and realizing that ramp up to Knowledge is their ramp(11:50AM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  I will never forget what Marshall said a year or two ago: “I ask you to be who you really are, nothing more, nothing less.” This strikes at the heart of returning to what is “natural” within us and around us, a great return to what is natural, our natural state. The experience of this contrasts so strongly to the past experience of that awkward, at times painful, distorting, shape-shifting effort to be something for society, for family, for religion, for friends, to “match up” to an ideal or an image that is a fundamental fantasy but which seems to be a reality, to fervently fulfill that ideal and to shine as a success in the world, a labor that could last our whole lives and so often leads to an empty void that seems to demand more of our exertion to be filled. When that grip we have on life is released, when we no longer need to be something or to fulfill our ideals and conditioning, we can pull back, let the deep muscle fibers of our being relax and return to a resting state, and…(11:50AM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  … then we naturally seek a way of being that is, well, natural to us. I have seen this in students who, before being a student, may have been highly extroverted, very “outer,” ungrounded and never stopping, and then after their awakening and after they crossed a turning point in their experience, their manor of being changed, rather completely, perhaps becoming more introverted, from vocal to quiet, or perhaps the opposite from quiet to vocal, its amazing to see this near complete change in a person that simply happens because the awakening has broken the attempt to be something they aren’t. Its remarkable because there’s no telling who a person may be, a person you would react to today, once they begin to return to what is natural to them, there way of being could change completely. Who knows who each person is under that lacquered finish, lacquered by society from birth. And yet the New Message and Knowledge and the Higher Powers can break up that lacquer, and the natural person…(11:50AM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  … can begin to emerge in the world. Remarkable.(11:50AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thanks Paul, I understand. I’m just saying it feels like that quote was missing that part.(11:51AM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  Thanks for your sharing, @Kristina_Boulder(11:51AM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  “…to come home to yourself, to find your real values, your real priorities, your natural inclinations…” This is what the NM offers. So pure, so simple.(11:51AM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  Wow… We all need to be who we truly are… But it’s harder to getthere(11:51AM 11th Feb)
Ginny_Dallas:  Yes Mathieu, such a mystery this Calling!(11:52AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  That is comforting MVS….I so want humanity to feel the inner strength Knowledge provides…but if often feels as though I am not able to reach them.(11:52AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @rayhobbs Colorado: So, coming into relationship with Knowledge necessitates aligning one’s personal relationships with those who are not yet awake to its presence, power, and glory.(11:52AM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Cole, (8:43 PT) that’s a great story and what a connection you made him. Yes, can one put in the time and commitment to become a student? I though the same way and yet here I am…(11:52AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  @Alison: yes. thanks.(11:52AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  @Reed, thank you for sharing this.(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Matt_bzn:  very insightful Reed. Thank you(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  @Will, Debbie, others: Yes, “Purpose” – I have experienced others out there responding to the key word “Purpose.” Finding and Fulfilling purpose, a great need of the soul. The need and “the opportunity to live a greater life, an authentic life… a life that fulfills the destiny that [one was] sent into the world to fulfill.”(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Yes, Cole, “can I do this?” MVS asked the night of one of the Vigils, “Can humanity actually get this?” (paraphrasing) and I have often asked myself, “can I actually get this? It is so deep and I’m not sure I’m capable, but something–KN within–will not allow me to give up. If not me, who? If not now, when? This bridge to a new Life is for me. I am not perfect for it but it is perfect for me.(11:53AM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  Wow, Reed .. recognising and resonating. Thank you.(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  @Mathieu… “Many roots. Many gifts from life.”(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ Reed: “Buddha NATURE”(11:53AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Wow Reed.(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Lingling_China:  Thank you Reed(11:53AM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  very resonating @ Reed(11:53AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Yes.(11:53AM 11th Feb)
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Yes, Mike LF, time and commitment—they are what give me the value of this Teaching, my participation and what it asks of me.(11:54AM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Cole, I had a similar experience with a Muslim coworker, I turned him on to STK and gave him a copy of TNM… only time will tell…(11:54AM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  When I talk to anyone these days and listen to them beyond the surface, it is clear everyone of them is looking for meaning and/or trying to express what they find to be meaningful. Whether this meaning is resonating with Knowledge or is the fruits of their attempts at self-fulfillment can often be apparent. And there is a lot of gray area inbetween, when people feel a greater need but they attempt to fill in the blanks. In truth, I have no idea who needs the NMFG in their life. I just think it’s important to listen, and sometimes, “do it anyway.”(11:54AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Powerful observations Reed thank you.(11:54AM 11th Feb)
Susan_Msia:  Thank you Reed.(11:54AM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Reed. Resonating.(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Maureen_Boulder:  The New Message says preparing the the future will be largely an inner journey. It was curious to me in the beginning that the answer to the world’s problems is this inner journey when everything on the outside seemed to be screaming for some action. “The World Needs Me But I Will Wait.” Such impatience on our part and then I realized that the rules of the game are different in the world of separation than they are in our Ancient Home. Here it’s “everyman for himself. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The man with the most toys when he dies wins. Ambition is glorified. If we are to bring our Ancient Home here, we must see and act differently; Stillness is a must. Followed by restraint, contemplation, discernment, discretion and all qualities that we are learning to embody in Steps to Knowledge. There is some mysterious shift that we affect in the mental environment with the experience of these qualities that affects all minds and that is how I see us impacting the world.(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Kelvin for sharing “Consider your personal mind like a great vat of concrete that is all wet and viscous. If you do not stir it and keep it moving, it hardens into a certain ~(11:55AM 11th Feb)
mary:  @Kristina, yes I found that the journey may begin with a destination, a place but the real journey is internal…like you just reached what you thought was the summit is only the basecamp. There is an even greater journey to go and more unburdening as you attempt to climb the higher altitudes of the Knowledge mountain.(11:55AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Kindness and compassion are also cultivated because with a greater understanding, you realize how difficult the challenges of life are. You do not underestimate them. You do not hide them. You do not cover them up with a prettier picture. You face them. You do not make them bigger than they are or less than they are. You take your life seriously, and you take your enjoyments happily. When you are not attempting to use your life and other people’s lives to fulfill ambitions or to build defenses, then kindness emerges from you. Then you are moved by people. Their needs and their value inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to give something of yourself. (WGC2.30 Kindness)(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Reed: As one cultivates one’s relationship with Knowledge, they express a stronger awareness of self-knowledge as they appreciate their own uniqueness and cease to look for affirmation from the superficiality demanded of them by a dead culture, eh?(11:55AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Matt, Knowledge within you influencing Knowledge in another usually requires an ongoing engagement and even that sometimes fails dramatically—marriage for example.(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Richmond_UK:  Very interesting, thanks Reed.(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  I see the irony of what great efforts we humans make in order for our lives to work well, to be successful, happy, etc…and yet it is most often when these attempts fail, that we are made ready finally to receive this great offering of the New Message, of the way of Knowledge. But in terms of what allows people to be open to this incredulous reality, as far as I am seeing…is something that they must have come in “wired for”… that makes discovering the fact of a Messenger here now – for these times(!!!!), who has been receiving these revelations(!!!)…and directs us to Knowledge, that we each carry- something interesting to explore. I always look at wonder at all the NM students, when we gather, looking for what made us able to accept this truth- this crazy, wild, unexplainable truth…that when I found it, felt like a complete OFCOURSE! I was expecting this!(11:55AM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Carol.. “Purpose”… Responding to the changing Earth, GWC; responding to Life in the Universe/Intervention; and responding to one’s Purpose…these are great avenues to introduce people to the NM from God for humanity.(11:56AM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  @Alison “that speaks to the disappointment and compromise many are feeling are what I want to share with people.” Yes…so many can/could relate to disappointment .. it feels to me like an intrinsic part of the human condition.(11:56AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  “Knowledge within you influencing Knowledge in another usually requires an ongoing engagement and even that sometimes fails dramatically”(11:56AM 11th Feb)
Ginny_Dallas:  @Dariel, As I believe Patricia said, “Do it anyway!”(11:56AM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  A meet a women last night who was introduced to the New Message by Christopher many years ago. We only had about five to ten minutes to chat with one another. She said she as not yet done Steps to Knowledge. The point of contact I was able to offer for why Steps is so important in my life is that it is slowly returning to me a real sense of self worth. She shared that this is something that she as been missing her whole life as well. She also shared her deep desire to want to contribute to the world. The Truth of the Message rings clear within her and perhaps she will soon begin the journey of Steps.(11:57AM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish.(11:57AM 11th Feb)
jeanine_Society:  @Reed. Yes, thank you for that eloquent description of what the shift can look like when we return to our ‘natural’ state, with the reclamation of Knowledge…(11:57AM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  “Its remarkable because there’s no telling who a person may be, a person you would react to today, once they begin to return to what is natural to them, there way of being could change completely.” Yes, Reed, thank you. It is to me one of the beauty of the New Message as it can reveal the real person behind any masks, to them and to others. It may take time and a mysterious and unpredictable process, but the potential is there and it is universal. To me it is part of the experience of ‘I want to see a world I have never seen before”.(11:57AM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  I also speak to people about the reality of Knowledge, the mind beneath the mind we think with and what it can do for them. The NMG offers so many clear message points on this that can be expressed simply and effectively.(11:58AM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  With compassion, you will understand your predicament and the tremendous process involved in finding a way out of that predicament. You will understand the challenges because you are experiencing them. You will understand the obstacles because you are facing them yourself. Then you will see why people are not quite ready. You will see why they decline the challenge. You will see why they go back into old patterns of thinking and behavior in order to feel assured and to feel some consistency in their life. You will understand why people cannot face the uncertainty of change and why they cling to old things that remind them of who they thought they were. You will understand all of this. You will understand these tendencies within yourself and within others. And if someone cannot go where you are going, if someone cannot share what you are sharing, you will say, “Oh, well,” and you will go on. (WGC2.30 Kindness)(11:58AM 11th Feb)
mary:  @Cole: I have no idea who needs the NMFG in their life. I just think it’s important to listen, and sometimes, “do it anyway.”(9:54AM Yes, when I feel/listen to them and there is something I hear and I feel I have some to share or give I err on the side on “doing it anyway”.(11:58AM 11th Feb)
Kari_H_Finland:  “…to come home to yourself, to find your real values, your real priorities, your natural inclinations…” This is what the NM offers. So pure, so simple.” Resonating Tyyne. Indeed so pure and simple. But the mind has to become still to realize this(11:58AM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Insuk Korea @Kelvin: I’m here to stir the vat… (11:58AM 11th Feb)
Val_Westport:  To live as who we really are we must discover the real within us. That is why the study of Knowledge is so important. I may be tasting a mango, but if I don’t know what a mango is I won’t know that I am experiencing mango when I eat one. If I don’t know the truth of whom I am, I won’t recognize my true self when it is expressing through and as me.(11:59AM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Beautiful Maria. Hard wired for Knowledge and TNM. Beautiful(11:59AM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  “The preparation then becomes the proving ground. It does not matter if you have a great destiny to do something very significant in the world if you cannot prepare for that. And the preparation requires more unlearning than learning—breaking free, going through periods of profound confusion and uncertainty as you release your old ideas and approach a greater understanding.” Courage and the Will to Prepare.(11:59AM 11th Feb)
Ayesha_Society:  @Reed, I remember I shared something similar with MVS. I stated that I feel so different now after the NM from what I had become before, just another product of culture. I remember him mentioning that it’s not a “change”, that you have become more of who you really are. I really resonated with this. It was more an undoing and becoming more of who I really am versus changing to a different person.(11:59AM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  Everyone has knowledge within them. We activate that Knowledge within them by being conscious of the Knowledge within us and to see Knowledge within people around us. That is to resonate/go to their state of mind and feelings and lift them up with your connection with Knowledge. Those seeds are planted all the time. Peoples life change around me. I know this is Knowledge working through us.(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @maria: the ‘OF Course’ moment for me required a sense of humor. the joke was on me once again!(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Reed: I was at the Conscious Life Expo in LA last night, discussing Marshall’s experiences and teachings to an author of a semi-biographical account of a human-ET romance. We resonated pretty well.(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  TOTH(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  “In Stillness All Things Can Be Known”(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  It is the hour… let us take some time to be with what has been shared here today and take this with us.(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Maria, I feel the same thing. Thank you for sharing.(12:00PM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You are not trying to keep all of your loved ones with you. You are not trying to have all the things you want to have. You are going forward with a different emphasis. This is an expression of kindness because you are doing something wonderful for yourself, and this naturally translates to how you relate to other people. In our presentation to you, we demonstrate kindness and compassion. We challenge you. We call upon you. We do not validate those things that have no meaning. We only validate those things that are intrinsic to your nature. We are not always gentle, but we are never harsh. We are not always sweet, but we are always nourishing. We provide substance not sweets. (WGC2.30 Kindness)(12:00PM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Thank you Reed, for the recognition that it took to return to the side of your father. I’m sure you wanted ‘a life of your own’ but returned to that deeper calling. How grateful I am that you followed the “kind of change your heart had been yearning for”…that brought you into service to this Great Coordination.(12:01PM 11th Feb)
Paul_MA:  Ayesha- yes so true, resonating… I too feel much more strength from within; difficult to explain beyond that. but yes becoming more of who you are…so true.(12:01PM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  Someone earlier mentioned making the NM a causal part of our conversation…I find that this was a big step for me, as my spirituality was always something very private, that I kept in the inner sanctum of my heart…but I have learned to be open, and mention it casually to most people I have a conversation with…and then I know, if it strikes a chord, they can ask more…this I have come to view as an act of generosity to all- since I have no way (yet!) of knowing what they are ready to hear!(12:01PM 11th Feb)

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justin-calif-!:  -i have to get going- stay safe, all, NNC- j(12:02PM 11th Feb)
Matt_bzn:  thank you MVS(12:03PM 11th Feb)
Jeanne_Booulder:  Nasi Novare Coram, Thanks to all for your wisdom(12:03PM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  Thank you very much, MVS!(12:03PM 11th Feb)
Jill_Boulder:  Thank You All – NNC(12:03PM 11th Feb)
Lingling_China:  Thank you MVS and all for sharing. NNC(12:03PM 11th Feb)
Ginny_Columbus:  Grateful to connect with all of you today. NNC(12:04PM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Thank you Ayesha, “its not a change, that you have become more of who you really are.” I really resonate with this as well. How blessed are we…(12:04PM 11th Feb)
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you for supporting the New Message in the many ways all of you do. From giving your time and skills, to student-hood and embodiment of the New Message, to your financial support. May this message reach far and wide now and into the future. Many blessing and thank you for showing up in these chats and sharing.
(12:04PM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, (8:49 PT) I’m counting on that I planted seed… and that I fertilized it sufficiently.(12:04PM 11th Feb)
Every Thursday, students meet in an online environment that is open to all who have a shared need to bring the New Message outward, as we have spoken to today. May we share the New Life in our demonstrations and pointing, and use the availability of a free Internet while we have it! Come by to Thursdays at either 7GMT or 6:30MST. We are sharing quotes, photos and video, engaging with Society-created material on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit and much more. See you then.
(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone. NNC(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Patricia_Society:  Thank you all so much for engaging in this discussion. In approaching these questions, you are helping the Society refine our outreach and messaging, so that we might be able to reach, strike, call a person to the Revelation, and in the process offer them some recognition of their condition, their challenges, but also of the fact of who they truly are, that they are truly needed, that this is their time, that they were sent there for this very time, and that they carry incalculable gifts that are so needed now…Thank you for helping us to see the ways and to find the ways to call people back to God within themselves and to God within the world….Blessings abound ohhh Community of the New Message. Keep going we will. Help this Messenger and the Society, we will. Resound the sound of the Voice of the New Message from mountain top to mountain top, we will, and echo it we will down into the valleys and canyons, and into the overcrowded cities, the barren wasted lands…….There is a…(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Patricia_Society:  … new way now…. a new way forward for millions of people and for humanity as a whole. May we take it…..(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  a wide net… fishing in Canada is good if ever a trip might be considered(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  Knowledge is very intelligent, it wont give you something that you are unable to do, but it might give you hints of what you will need to do it the future, what changes you will need to make, what chains must be broken, so you can start preparing for that and don’t do anything stupid that would make it harder. This has been my experience with K.(12:05PM 11th Feb)
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank You All, Nasi Novare Coram(12:05PM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Advance up the mountain of life, and you will understand what is below. You can look and see the difficulty people are having at certain junctures along the way, and you will not condemn them for not being with you or for not being further along because you will understand the reality of advancement in life—not just the concept of it or the ideal of it, but the reality. You will understand what real self-application means, what work means and what contribution means. And though you may encourage these in all people and even demand it of those whom you know are capable of giving it at this moment, you will be compassionate to those who cannot. They call for your understanding not your condemnation. They need encouragement, not rejection. Encourage them by your example. You cannot go down the mountain to help them up. You cannot drop everything you are doing to go back where you used to be in order to help people through that stage of life. You have to keep on going. Signal to them that…(12:05PM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … they can make it, but keep going. Do not stand by the side of the road to help others along. You must make the journey yourself. If you stop by the side of the road to help them along, they will advance and you will not. You must journey on. They will follow, for they will have someone to follow. This is kindness. (WGC2.30 Kindness)(12:06PM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you to everyone here today, for the wisdom, insights and sharing. Up this mountain we climb, pulling each other along. I am deeply grateful to all who are participating in this trek to a New Life. NNC(12:06PM 11th Feb)
Keiko_Ita:  My Step is “The fire of Knowledge is burning within me now”. Keep the fire of Knowledge burning forever!!(12:06PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  I should also mention how much not just culture, belief, religion, and family has on us but SUBSTANCE. In the Health Pillar chapter, it is mentioned how the body responds to the environment. Addiction and substance use can create patterns and actions that can push away real relationships.(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Alison Boulder: I take it that’s 6:30 PM MST?(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Mathieu_France:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Douglas_StPaul:  NNC all. Grow stronger with Knowledge, all.(12:07PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  I am an example of this from my past. After the vigil, I quit even caffeine.(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Keiko_Ita:  Nasi Novare Coram(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Alison_Boulder:  Yes Ed, both are PM, thanks for clarifying(12:07PM 11th Feb)
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you! Nasi Novare Coram(12:07PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Indeed we will Patricia…..we Must.(12:07PM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  I have a lot to accomplish and not a lot of time to accomplish it. Therefore, I offer wisdom, correction, clarification and direction wherever I can, but I do not wait for anyone. Some will respond. Many will not respond. I pray that someday each you will have this much purpose moving your life.(12:08PM 11th Feb)
Jennie_Netherlands:  Make a step down to help people doing a step up to God. Nasi Novare Coram. Blessings to you all(12:08PM 11th Feb)
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  @Kristina…resonating.(12:08PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  Thank you Marshall(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Susan_Msia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia, Reed and everyone, NNC(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Many thanks to the Society and its Core Assistants for providing guidance and coordination to our advocacy efforts.(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Eron_SF:  Blessings everyone…Nasi Novare Coram.(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you MVS, I pray for that too, Help me, help him. . May your Prayers be answered, and may we continue to hear the Call and move ever towards it.(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Ed_USA:  @Alison Boulder: Great! See you then. I have to run…I”m giving a lecture on synchronicity, 9/11 Truth, and the intervention at 11:30 AM PST today. Got to prep. NNC all.(12:09PM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  Plant the seeds ED.(12:10PM 11th Feb)
mary:  @Ken, trains are good places too for these conversations…that is why I carry business cards or materials with me…like a traveling advocate (I didn’t want to say traveling salesperson” (12:10PM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Thank you MVS, for encouraging us to “cast a wide net.” I have been too hesitant of late and know it is important to share. I have something that is ‘so important’ to share. I must not keep it hidden. There may come a time for more restraint but now is the time for sharing widely.(12:10PM 11th Feb)
Hyeonam_Korea:  Greeting all. Nasi Novare Coram(12:10PM 11th Feb)
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you MVS for your guidance. NNC(12:10PM 11th Feb)
Robert_Society:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram(12:11PM 11th Feb)
Tyyne_Society:  “There is a new way now…. a new way forward for millions of people and for humanity as a whole. May we take it…..” Thank you for this Patricia. I pray that what we have been given and are engaged in will occur for many, many more people in the world. For this is how life here will change for the better and become all that has been spoken of regarding humanity’s potential now and into the future. May it reach far and wide. May the Messenger’s wisdom, revelation and heritage be recognized and take root in the world. Nasi Novare Coram(12:11PM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  @Kristina_Boulder. “don’t do anything stupid that would make it harder” This reminds me of a statement in Building the Bridge that stood out for me: “Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you to guide and protect you, will try to keep you from harm, will try to keep you and hold you back from making serious and long-lasting mistakes and commitments that will be in opposition to your ability to discover and to live a greater life in the future.” I can look back at those times and remember when I was literally kept from harm, kept from making another serious mistake.(12:11PM 11th Feb)
Ken_Oklahoma:  Different people will respond to different “key words or ideas from this revelation or from the New Message as a whole” and “impact and inspire people to read more?” May you find those people you need to find, have the conversations you need to have, and naturally share what you need to share a the right moment.(12:11PM 11th Feb)
Patricia_Society:  Oh David D KC: The recovery community is huge. People beginning to wake up to the fact that “its time” to move beyond “this stuff.” “This stuff cannot maintain it’s hold on me or my hold on it. It’s time…….” Such a pregnant moment in a person’s life. Thank you…”Addiction and substance use can create patterns and actions that can push away real relationships.(10:07AM)(12:12PM 11th Feb)
Dariel:  Thank you to the Messenger and all gathered here. Thank you for the opportunity to be with KN, the Teachers and the Greater Coordination. How blessed are we…(12:12PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  You’ve brought purpose and meaning to our lives Marshall. I am more grateful than I can express…and hope to use the remainder of my life expressing that gratitude by sharing TNM. Merci Dear Messenger(12:12PM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you everyone. NNC(12:13PM 11th Feb)
Tamara:  @David…..From my experience I can relate to this ‘pushing away of real relationships’ and from my observation it is related to trust. With Steps to Knowledge I am coming to know, through experience, where trust can naturally hold itself within me….that even though I have not trusted this human body for so long there exists a real place within me that I can trust for it is unchangeable. This is a core foundation for me to cultivate so that I can enter into real relationships.(12:13PM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The Messenger brings the Message. He does not have to do circus tricks for people. (Facing the Light of Revelation ) Nasi Novare Coram.(12:13PM 11th Feb)
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, than you for your honesty. It encourages us to get our lives in order and hurry up not to miss that train.(12:13PM 11th Feb)
René_Qc:  I could not keep up. Thank you for all your contribution ! Nasi Novare Coram(12:13PM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  I was so surprised to consider this Bridging to the New Live revelation as anything I’d offer someone as their first point of contact with NM that … the result also satisfied a need for a topic here: http://life-meaning.or…tion/ where a list of flags for a life dis-assembling and a follow-up here of some of the “musts” that ensue http://life-meaning.or…plan/(12:14PM 11th Feb)
James & Ruth OH:  @MVS…We are so very fortunate (as a world) to have you as our Messenger! We know your days are numbered like ours — unfortunate! We need you here for a longer time than a natural human life. Wow, with love and compassion this life and the hereafter!(12:14PM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  @Patricia, “there is a new way now…. a new way forward for millions of people and for humanity as a whole. May we take it…”Yes, definitely there is a new way. Thank you.(12:14PM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall for all that you have been given, showing us the way to go. May Knowledge be our guide.(12:14PM 11th Feb)
Carol_Society:  I am so very grateful for the miracle and the Grace that has made it possible for each of us to find the NM and each other. May the next person out there in the world whose destiny is to be a part of this great mission…be found, respond, come forward and prepare. Nasi Novare Coram(12:15PM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Marie_Bou, (8:55 PT), I am deeply resonating with your statement “… I always look at wonder at all the NM students, when we gather, looking for what made us able to accept this truth- this crazy, wild, unexplainable truth…that when I found it, felt like a complete OF COURSE! I was expecting this!”(12:15PM 11th Feb)
Cameron_Canada:  Thank for that link MaryS(12:15PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thank you Patricia, it’s true and most revealing when the sobering feelings and clarity come. I see where I have pushed people away and put on masks to avoid pain and love… and see how easy it is to be in my own separated state and world, blocking out real relationships and people who truly love and accept me.(12:16PM 11th Feb)
Shirley Co:  @ Maria Yes I resonate with your “my spirituality is private”. Will try to to do what you suggest.(12:16PM 11th Feb)
Darlene_Society:  Everyone, please do not take anything here for granted. The clock is ticking. I know you all take to heart what this Chat provides, but the time, oh the time pressure. Where is your delay? Where is your next “must”? This is MVS’ time: ” I have a lot to accomplish and not a lot of time to accomplish it. Therefore, I offer wisdom, correction, clarification and direction wherever I can, but I do not wait for anyone. Some will respond. Many will not respond. I pray that someday each you will have this much purpose moving your life.” Put this quote on your mirror so you can hear MVS every morning as you brush your teeth: “I Pray I will have this much purpose moving my life!”(12:16PM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  @ MVS, your words: ” I pray that someday each you will have this much purpose moving your life.(10:08AM)” Allow me to feel into the huge importance of each of us preparing ourselves to be worthy, ready, unburdened, available, connected to Knowledge…that we be charged with and awaken to that which we too MUST do in our remaining days(12:16PM 11th Feb)
Joyanne_Canada:  @Maria, Amen(12:16PM 11th Feb)
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  The forces of good are growing. Nasi Novare Coram.(12:17PM 11th Feb)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  God blesses the separated, the lonely and the miserable—whether they be rich or poor. And the Revelation is for them, and for you and for everyone in the world who can receive it. For many must receive this Revelation for it to have its great impact on human awareness, human cooperation, the cessation of war and the preparation for the Greater Community that must begin.

Do not make the Messenger your controversy. Make your own response to the Message the controversy. (Facing the Light of Revelation)(12:17PM 11th Feb)

Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you Darlene,(12:17PM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Darlene, i really feel that(12:17PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Will do Darlene.(12:18PM 11th Feb)
Ayesha_Society:  @Dar, while I was practicing yesterday, this very same thought came to me “do not take anything here for granted.” Thank you for this reminder.(12:18PM 11th Feb)
jeanine_Society:  Thank you for joining again today Everyone – as we move through our week ahead, when looking at the news around the world, may we remember the words of Step 288: “All war and conflict simply express a lack of capacity for those involved to join. When individuals join, they recognize a common need, which becomes their primary need.” Through our own reclamation of Knowledge, may we be the demonstration that encourages others to join, and the force that helps unite our world together. Nasi Novare Coram.(12:18PM 11th Feb)
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Darlene(12:19PM 11th Feb)
Patricia_Society:  @Tyyne. Each of us is a hothouse environment putting off signals “that something is going on.” Per Shawn’s wonderful observation earlier in our Chat, “Shawn_Moose Jaw: “If I see someone demonstrate empathy, affinity, compassion, a sense of wonder about the world, its life and the universe and its structure and mystery – this is a flag for me. If someone can truly listen and objectively consider something profoundly… this is a green light. If some one has a fresh way of putting things or a mind that is responsive to the moment… the is a sign.” @ Tyyne_Society:”I pray that what we have been given and are engaged in will occur for many, many more people in the world.” As we dip our toes, feet, legs and selves into this rushing river of intention, that is the New Message, it becomes clear we are being enveloped in a Great Love, a great force that…(12:19PM 11th Feb)
Patricia_Society:  … is here to save humanity…..First we must find our footing in that rushing river ourselves and then wade further and further out into the reality of its great Intention…….(12:19PM 11th Feb)
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Darlene.(12:19PM 11th Feb)
Val_Westport:  I came across a quote from Sir Edmond Hillary: “It’s not the mountain you have to conquer, but yourself”.(12:19PM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  Thank you Darlene. Feeling the pressure of the world…and the pull of The Return. Thank you everyone, for your sharing and all that you are doing. Nasi Novare Coram.(12:20PM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  @Dariel, thank you, yes it was a choice, a decision back in 2004, that was a turning point. I was struck recently in Wisdom 2: Inspiration (recommended by someone on chat a few weeks ago) — it speaks on what generates inspiration, which is the movement of the Spirit of life. It speaks of two things: 1) making a decision that goes beyond your personal interests and 2) being engaged in selfless activity. It says “the presence of Spirit is with you, and it is regenerated through your wise decision making and through your selfless activity.” I was struck by this, that these two things generate the movement of Knowledge in the world. The chapter also gives a very important life mapping practice which I’ll be engaging in: “To generate inspiration within yourself, it is necessary to identify those experiences and accomplishments in your life that had a tremendous and positive impact on your development and future possibilities. Perhaps these are only moments in the span of your years, but…(12:20PM 11th Feb)
Reed_Society:  … they stand out in great contrast to your normal range of experience. These are essential for you to remember and to recall. This will give you the strength and encouragement that you need should you be facing an important decision in your life. Then you can choose that which is correct over that which is merely expedient or personally rewarding. You can do something that you feel and know is right over something that merely looks good. Here you go beyond appearances to penetrate the real value of things. You can have this encouragement because you have experienced it before, and you have seen this demonstration in others. Remember these experiences and do not forget them.”(12:20PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  Thank you Darlene. Time is of the essence. Never have I experienced such a conflicted and uncertain world as it is today. The current mental enviroment really smells of the intervention in my opinion…(12:21PM 11th Feb)
DavidD_Mtl:  Thanks Reed.(12:23PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Thanks Reed.(12:23PM 11th Feb)
71658:  Thank you everyone with much gratitute, Nasi Novare Coram(12:25PM 11th Feb)
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all, see you soon, Nasi Novare Coram(12:26PM 11th Feb)
Virpi_FI:  Thank you everyone, NNC.(12:26PM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  I need courage, and I need Knowledge. Thank you all! Love to you! Nasi Novare Coram!(12:27PM 11th Feb)
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Reed” You can have this encouragement because you have experienced it before, and you have seen this demonstration in others.”(12:28PM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Darlene. Reminding again me about ” I have a lot to accomplish and not a lot of time to accomplish it. Therefore, I offer wisdom, correction, clarification and direction wherever I can, but I do not wait for anyone. Some will respond. Many will not respond. I pray that someday each you will have this much purpose moving your life.”(12:29PM 11th Feb)
Val_Westport:  With ongoing appreciation, amazement, joy in our being together and Love. In a movie many years ago, ‘Being There’, there was a quote: “99% of Life is ‘showing up”. Thank you all, for showing up in this magnificent way. Nasi Novare Coram.(12:29PM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Walk with me and your new life will become real.(12:32PM 11th Feb)
mary:  Thank you Marshall for your presence and gift to us and the world. Thank you too all the advanced students here as well all who are just beginning to take the journey. You are all demonstrations of the power of Knowledge. I am blessed to be surrounded and supported by you all.(12:33PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  Well said Mary.(12:34PM 11th Feb)
Inhee_Korea:  Yes Marshall I will do it for my new life.(12:34PM 11th Feb)
Kristina&Charlie FL:  Thank you Marshall for this gift, for the opportunity to walk with you.(12:35PM 11th Feb)
Val_Westport:  I like the visual of an endless line of elephants walking trunk-to-tail, all different ages and all different sizes. What do they have in common? They are all elephants, through and through.(12:37PM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  Thank you MVS. I am learning what this means, to walk with you. My legs are still wobbly and my compass is still whirling, but this change, I knew something like this was coming, and yet, the universe is full of surprises.(12:37PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  It’s an honour to even know of your existence MVS. I can think of no greater blessing than to walk with you.(12:38PM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  Me: I see the irony of what great efforts we humans make in order for our lives to work well, to be successful, happy, etc…and yet it is most often when these attempts fail, that we are made ready finally to receive this great offering of the New Message, of the way of Knowledge. But in terms of what allows people to be open to this incredulous reality, as far as I am seeing…is something that they must have come in “wired for”… that makes discovering the fact of a Messenger here now – for these times(!!!!), who has been receiving these revelations(!!!)…and directs us to Knowledge, that we each carry- something interesting to explore. I always look at wonder at all the NM students, when we gather, looking for what made us able to accept this truth- this crazy, wild, unexplainable truth…that when I found it, felt like a complete OFCOURSE! I was expecting this!(9:55AM)(12:38PM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  whoops that was a mistake! meant to push delete!(12:38PM 11th Feb)
carolyn_ct:  And now I am going for a walk in the snow. There is so much to process here. May you all be strong in Knowledge and with one another. NNC.(12:40PM 11th Feb)
mary:  Thank you Darlene for echoing the Messenger’s calling and prayer ” I pray that someday each you will have this much purpose moving your life.” Left to my own I feel the habitual thoughts and fear clouding over and drawing me back to a compromised life but with all of you and the others keep me from falling behind and not being true to who I am.(12:40PM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  Yes, Marshall. We will work with you to make our new life become real. Thank you for your presence.(12:41PM 11th Feb)
mellany UK:  Thank you, Marshall. Yes! NNC(12:42PM 11th Feb)
Insuk&Jangsun_Korea:  ‘walk’(12:42PM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  To have a real life, yes… Now it is only a dream. Thank you Marshall! I am not worthy of your love, i should do more practice and be more angage. I am sorry for not doing what I must… (12:43PM 11th Feb)
Joe_UK:  May our walking with you Marshall deepen the desire for Knowledge in us, desire to reclaim it, desire to advocate. NNC(12:44PM 11th Feb)
Mike_LF_CAL:  One foot after the other… just behind you MVS… walking. It is indeed a great blessing to have found TNMFG! Mavran Mavran Conay Mavron. Nasi Novare Coram.(12:45PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  Thank you Marshall for the opportunity to walk with you. Although It seems more that I walk behind you, trying to follow, slipping and falling at times.(12:47PM 11th Feb)
Val_Westport:  It sure feels better to shed outrage and to cultivate gratitude. So many gracious signs along the way…(12:49PM 11th Feb)
LaRaeUK:  It does indeed Val.(12:50PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran(12:50PM 11th Feb)
David_D_KC:  Nasi Novare Coram(12:50PM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  Share, stumbling is okay as long as you pull yourself up and keep going. We have left the pavement behind and are now walking the rocky winding path less traveled.(12:51PM 11th Feb)
Jorge_Spain:  @Ramona: “Receive this, for you are worthy to receive it. Regardless of what you may have done or not done in your life, you are worthy to receive the Grace.
It is not up to you to decide what you are worthy of or what your value is. You do not yet know your real value, your greater purpose in the world.” (Night Meditation)
(12:52PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  Thank you Marshall, I will, there is no going back or stopping now.. NNC(12:52PM 11th Feb)
MVS Society:  We gain strength from all who practice with us.(12:55PM 11th Feb)
Maria_Boulder:  @ Reed- your words at 9:50 am are so beautiful, such a balm to the soul, and beautiful description I feel, of how as we become more authentically who we really are, we can have a greater (and unpretentious ) impact…(12:55PM 11th Feb)
Cole_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall(12:56PM 11th Feb)
MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder:  and btw, I am looking at the idea of putting directives up on the wiki on a text-by-text basis, when we have them (or some of them), as in the second link I posted above. Here’s an example (obviously incomplete!!) http://www.newmessage….ledge(12:56PM 11th Feb)
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you to all! What a moving chat! One to look over from all sides! Nasi Novare Coram(12:57PM 11th Feb)
Jansett_Boulder:  @MerrieB_aka_MaryS_Boulder: wonderful work to catalog the musts, thank you!(12:58PM 11th Feb)
DavidD_Mtl:  The campfire chat transcript has been captured and will be posted on the forum once it’s back online.(12:58PM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  Thank you for reminding this to me Jorge!(1:00PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  @Jorge thank you, a great reminder for us all..(1:01PM 11th Feb)
Howard_Boulder:  Wonderful to be with you all today, NNC(1:02PM 11th Feb)
Ramona_Romania:  I have confidence that ur practice can help me also, and bring me closer to my practice! I am grateful for this!(1:02PM 11th Feb)
Shane_NZ:  Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram(1:12PM 11th Feb)
Josef Austria:  To be found by the NM and MVS was and is the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge of my life! Thank you Marshall!!!(1:19PM 11th Feb)
Josef Austria:  Thank you all! Nasi Novare Coram(1:23PM 11th Feb)
Dominic_UK:  Thanks everyone, NNC(1:39PM 11th Feb)
Russell_Sask:  As we march forward Time marches on relentlessly taking each and everyone Somewhere. Enjoy the journey..(1:45PM 11th Feb)
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all sharing your experiences. Thank you Messenger presence with us. NNC(1:48PM 11th Feb)

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