Campfire Chat August 26, 2017

 Tyyne_Society:  Here are the quotes from the Messenger in last week’s Chat:

“We are foolishly telling the universe we are here and welcoming them to come—a perfect justification for the Intervention.”

“It is historically estimated that only 25% of the population [actively] supported the American revolution. Yet those who did, had to put their life on the line to oppose the most powerful nation (Britain) in the world at that time.”

“We are building the Four Pillars of life to keep our boat afloat in current times and to make it seaworthy in the Great Waves of change to come. IF we are to give our greater service here, which is why we have been sent, we must not sink or succumb to the turbulence around us or within us or be dissuaded by any person, place or thing. This core consistent determination will keep us going and make us strong, as we were meant to be.”

“Never look to the public to know what is possible. Having a real purpose and goal will always set you in contrast to the collective…

Tyyne_Society:  … consciousness of people around you. Knowledge does not need a consensus. It just moves forward.”

“Thank all of you for your support and recognition of me. Much rests upon our development and union together, each and every one. You have all been called here. You are all important in the eyes of Heaven, not just for what you have done, but for what you can do.”

manuel germany :):  Yes thanks Levy. Here the weather is still warm, 29 degrees, some clouds but as most of this summer very consistent
Will_Society:  Good morning from Boulder, everyone.
86377:  Good morning everyone, thanks for your words of inspiration Jim B. NNC
Cameron_Canada:  Shawn arrived on Tuesday and Maurice got here last night. Our chats have been around a real campfire and we were watching many UFO’s over the last few days. Shawn and I also saw the northern lights right after seeing 6 or 7 ufo’s on Wednesday
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
manuel germany :):  Hi Betty good to see you again 
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Tyyne_Society, perhaps you like to add.
MVS Society: Knowledge is like the ballast to your sailing ship, the keel beneath the hull that keeps your boat upright against the surging wind and water. We are heading into every more turbulent waters now. (3:00AM)
53322:  Hello evereyone
Richmond_UK:  Hello everyone!
Jeanne_Boulder:  good day to all students
Heidi_Germay:  Hi, everyone!
manuel germany :):  Hi Rich, hi Heidi good to see you here again 
Tyyne_Society:  The hour is here and as we begin our chat today, let us pause in stillness together for an hourly. Let us join together with all those who support true freedom in the universe.
Greg_UK:  Hi everyone 
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tyyne, thanks for posting Marshall words from last Saturday’s chat… I would just like to add that I feel great emotion in acknowledging that I have been blessed to come to know TNM through our first Greater Community Messenger, Marshal Vian Summers. NNC
Heidi_Germay:  Hi Manuel! Always glad to get in.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Hello everyone! @ Jim resonate with your words .
Robert_Society:  Welcome everyone to month 2, week 8 of our current Free School session – Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe. And a warm welcome all new students who are joining us here for the first time. May we bring our strength, humility and experience to this incredible meeting space as we join with the Messenger to study the New Message from God.
manuel germany :):  Hi Mathieu good to see you again 
32417:  Hi Manuel!
Mathieu-France:  Hi manuel : )
Katia_France:  Hello everyone. Good to be with you.
manuel germany :):  Good to see you again Katia : )
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone! Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Much of the interaction I have with others is through my work. When I am interacting with them I get a feel of where they are in their lives listening. I think to myself this person has knowledge within them and then think of what Patricia said a while back about the Knowledge Quotient. It really is an amazing experience within me sometimes. After talking with them I get a feel of their spiritual journey. Some have none but others do. My 1st ? to them is “Are you spiritual?” …and they give me an answer. From this answer I can either begin talking about what is taking place within the world and then after some time has gone by and not always, I plant a seed…”What would you do if I told you our planet is being visited by other races?” This opens many up to the possibility of this. I then say…”I am going to give you something and what you do with it is up to you.” I give them 3 cards and then go back to work. There are at times a feeling of the deeper currents of both our lives…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  … coming together for that brief moment and more to some interactions but this is what I do on the 1st day or 2 of starting a job.
marianna:  Hello from Greece.
59763:  Hi everybody! With love from Sweden. 
Martin_Australia:  Love an strength to all
Katia_France:  Hi Manuel. I love reading all your cheery hellos to all. You sure keep that campfire glowing!
ray_Colorado:  “YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS BORN OF LIFE UNIVERSAL. It eclipses your humanity, ….” Step 191 Nasi Novare Coram
Becky_IL:  Greetings to all! Good to be connected in this format.
Tyyne_Society:  Before we begin with today’s question, we’d like to hear of your experience regarding the recent eclipse…
Jorge_Spain:  Along with Marshall quotes, I would like to remember something that Reed said las week: “Fear arises without preparation, the mind is required to make a sudden leap of understanding and experience which generates fear, sometimes in great order. This is the importance of the education in the Greater Community (and Great Waves of Change), that many minds can begin to make that turn in the road now, before it is a stark necessity, adjust thinking, reappraise expectations, look at unquestioned assumptions and delusions. Without this, great waves of fear will be sweeping across the world and, as history has shown especially in the last century, forces capitalize on this fear and can shift whole populations towards conflict, yet now with an Intervention the quiet “shifting” of awareness is even more dangerous, perhaps driving humanity into a place of reliance and subservience.”
ray_Colorado:  “YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS BORN OF LIFE UNIVERSAL. It eclipses your humanity, ….”
Levy_Brazil:  Hello Marianna, welcome!
cole_boulder:  Thank you for sharing that Jim
Levy_Brazil:  Jim, thanks
manuel germany :):  thanks Katia… it comes out of the depth of my heart…
Marianna:  Hi to all of you and thanks
MaryS_Boulder:  nice eclipse reference, Ray_Colorado.
Lin_Boulder:  Good to see you here @Becky 
Mathieu-France:  Thank you, Jorge. “The ship is already taking on water, you see. It is already beginning to list to one side. Those who know this are being called to respond, to prepare themselves and to see where their contribution can be of the greatest benefit.
The future shock is for them right now—the shock of realization, the shock of having to turn your life in a new direction, the shock of realizing how little meaning and purpose have been in your life previously and how you have wasted yourself, your time and your valuable energy on things that have little or no promise.
This is the shock of the future, the future shock, happening at this moment as you begin to pay attention and to respond to the signs of the world.” —The Shock of the Future
Virgie_near Seattle:  Hello, ALEN! Welcome!
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you for sharing that, Jim B, I think it is a method that is bound to find those people that are looking.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Jorge for that!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  answer question: Because everyone choose what they want to know depending on their inner strenght, I will start with some questions en try to sense if or what I can tell.
I will ask if they are interested in the subjects and know something about it etc.
If they agree that we are not alone in the universe,I will give a brief intro like this :
That it is not an easy place, but we as Humanity have Allies there.
It is an expedition of individuals from free nations who warn us of the difficulties we are not aware of.
It is a blessing for us Humanity, because our freedom is at stake when we emerge into this greater environment.
And then I invite them to read the original Revelation.
Mathieu-France:  “With preparation, there is no shock. There is only confirmation. Even that which is shocking will not overwhelm you. It will surprise and dismay you perhaps in the moment, but you will not be overtaken by it. You will not be paralyzed by it, frozen in fear, without any idea of what to do. When the ship begins to list and takes on water, you will be ready. You will not be frozen. You will not go down with the ship.” —The Shock of the Future

Robert_Society:  We’d like to hear from you in response to the first question for today’s Chat discussion:

Regarding the new book just released from the New Message – The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe. How would you, or how have you, presented and described this to others, and how did that go?

Alio-1:  Checking in, hello everybody
59763:  Can’t seem to scroll down so I write something to come down to the bottom..
Kristina FL:  Tyyne, my experience of the eclipse made me realize how little i know about the greater heavenly bodies effect on me and collectively. Feels like the perfect timing to release The Greater Community.
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Mathieu!
Maureen_Boulder:  Thank you, Mathieu. I will revisit that revelation.
Raoul_Australia:  I found some people felt the power of Marshall’s presence at the eclipse
manuel germany :):  thanks Jorge and Mathieu. Preparation is everything. And this is practice. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real
Jorge_Spain:  @Mathieu, that quotes remain, after all this years since reading them first time, very impressive to me.
Marianna:  Thanks Levy for your welcome.
ALEN:  Ingredients for conflict are well set
66425:  Love it – Thanks Manuel!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @manuel, indeed! Fear based in the imagination. I resonate with what you have said.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Mathieu.
carolyn-ct:  Hello all. I can’t stay. I’m preparing to move. I just wanted to check in and be with the Community before going back to my many tasks. Nan
Mathieu-France:  @Jorge. I know, me too. It immediately came back in my mind when reading Reed’s words you quoted.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Hello Marianna and welcome!
59763:  Yes, as I see it the are three steps. First is coming to the conclusion that there actually is life in universe which is obvious I think if you actually see our planet as a sandcorn in a vast desert,
Virgie_near Seattle:  We were camping with my extended family outside the path of totality and planned to drive up to see the total eclipse. But there was so much talk of horrendous traffic jams, only my husband, daughter and I drove up to see totality and the others remained behind to see a partial eclipse. There was no traffic. I felt like my family had been influenced by some kind of outside force but I wasn’t sure what that would be or why–and then when we were in the Moon’s complete shadow and it was such an intense experience–an indescribable feeling for me, and it seemed like others were in some kind of mystical ecstasy–I thought, oh, this could be something authorities would intuitively fear because it makes people less predictable and less easily controlled. It could wake something up in them … ?
Hardev_Australia:  @ Robert Society, I have printed the Greater Community Flyers and will be distributing/post/leaving them wherever I go.
Alio-1:  Robert, are usually introduce the book as “I’ve been on this extraterrestrial issue for 50 years. With the quagmires of conflict thing and confusing information, this material brings it all home. It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that makes sense
carolyn-ct:  Thank you Bethne. Be well all. NNC
Katia_France:  Wow! Thank you for sharing, Virgie.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Take care Carolyn.
ALEN:  step 212
59763:  Second step is understanding that visitors are and have operated here for quite a time?
Kristina FL:  Robert … the other day my coworker asked me if i know something he doesn’t, giving me the opening to to share the Allies. i used something like you have quoted “Humanity and the world stand at the threshold of the greatest change it will ever encounter. This change will be wrought in part by humanity’s misuse of the world and humanity’s impact upon the natural environment of the world. But included in this is the Intervention from races from beyond the world who seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.” – he already read the Allies and ready for more:), sometimes you find one who is ready to receive.
Cameron_Canada:  @Robert – perhaps there is not much in reply to the first question because that book may not be what most students would try to promote at first
manuel germany :):  Welcome Marianna. Wow. From Greece. A very warm welcome for you. Later on we will be dancing all a Zorba/Sirtaki 
Donald_Pa:  With everyone’s eyes focused on the moon, I tried to direct their attention to the scientific evidence that shows the moon is actually older than the Earth. How did it become trapped in such a perfect orbit to make an event like the eclipse possible?
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tyyne, I went to visit my daughter in Oregon to experience my first total solar eclipse… it was the most amazing event I have ever witnessed. It was both a physical and spiritual event for me one that I cannot put into words… looking back, apart from the excitement I experienced, I felt a presence during totality I haven’t felt before… a deep connection and something even beyond that that is not possible to communicate in words.
Patricia_Society:  @ray_colorado and @all. Such an image from deep memory and reminder of the reality from which we have all come…Such an image. “YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS BORN OF LIFE UNIVERSAL. It eclipses your humanity, ….” Step 191 Nasi Novare Coram(9:04AM) Good morning and thank you all for creating this environment where we may come to know what is needed….
Marianna:  Sure Manuel thanks
Cameron_Canada:  Unless the conversation was in direct alignment, I think most would start with the Allies or the NM web site.
Etienne _ France:  Hello everyone !
ray_Colorado:  @Tyyne “To have a pure experience of the Divine Reality and the Divine Will for your life, you must gain this Greater Community understanding of God.Otherwise, you will think of God as a projection of your own personality, as a projection of your own emotions, thoughts and feelings. You will project onto God your anger, your preferences, your judgments, whatever sense of revenge you might have, your notions of justice and punishment and so forth. But God exists beyond all of this—the real God, the pure God that has been shining like the sun upon you. Regardless of the clouds in the sky, regardless of the pollution in the atmosphere and the turbulence on the ground, …. God is like the sun shining upon you.” Comprehending God http://www.newmessage….g-god
59763:  There are so tons of documentations witnesses and if you really do some sesearch through our history it is also quite obvious. The third step is, what do they want?
ALEN:  difficult to resonate with step 212
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you for sharing, Virgie and Kristina/FL. Each a powerful description of your direct experience related to our unique place in the universe at this time.
Douglas_St. Paul:  Even people who aren’t really into mysterious stuff found significance in the path of totality of the eclipse, cutting America almost exactly in half.
Maureen_Boulder:  I reflected on how perfectly natural events are made into something unnatural or supernatural. An eclipse is a natural event and yet people try to read into it supernatural implications. In early times people thought the Gods were angry and threw virgins into volcanoes. Now as we enter this latest threshold, humanity doesn’t see that emerging into the greater community is a perfectly natural next step in our evolution and people want to overlay it with supernatural significance that beings from the heavens are here to save us or help us ascend. We are still pretty primitive in our understanding of the universe.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks for sharing, Virgie
Gina_Boulder:  @Kristina FL… the question from co-worker is a testament to your studenthood being given in your work environment. That is inspiring!
ALEN:  yes i watched it live in fb
Robert_Society:  @Cameron – yes this is possible. We can expand this question to how would you bring awareness of the Greater Community and our situation to others, and how has that gone if you have tried?
Cameron_Canada:  better… lol – TY Robert
Levy_Brazil:  Great insight Maureen, thanks
Lin_Boulder:  @Robert, by presenting GC material, I encountered many assumptions and misunderstandings people hold about contact with life in the universe, such as since aliens hold greater technology and can easily conquer humanity, if they didn’t do it in the past, then we don’t have to worry about it now; they are here to study from us, etc. To that I could quote from GC book to address those misunderstandings and assumptions. It is truly a beginning of the greater education for humanity.
justin-calif-!:  NASA knew the moon was “hollow” in the 70s after their 2 seismic tests- what does THAT mean??
Alio-1:  I introduced the material this way. “I have been on this issue for 50 years. With all the quagmires of conflict doing and confusing information and disinformation, this is the only material that makes sense, brings it all home.
ray_Colorado:  Cameron_Canada: “People ask, ‘Well, I want to know the answer to my great question.’
I say, ‘Practice.’
They say, ‘Well, I am looking for the realizations that will help me.’
I say, ‘Practice.’
They say, ‘Well, I have done practices before.’
I say, ‘No. Practice. Give yourself.’
They ask, ‘How long will it take?’
I say, ‘It takes a year to get started. It takes three to five years to become basically competent, if you practice well.’
They say, ‘I don’t have that kind of time. I cannot make that kind of investment.’
Then I say, ‘You are not then serious in your pursuit. You will spend the next five years wasting your time, looking for answers, looking for things to believe in, looking for better beliefs, trying to manipulate the personal mind so it can provide you what you want, what you need. But the personal mind cannot do it. It can only be a vehicle for a greater mind within you, and here it fulfills its purpose.'” Stilling the Mind, (September 14, 1995)
Mathieu-France:  Good point, Maureen…
jeanine_Society:  @Robert: I just mailed my 20-year old nephew THE GREATER COMMUNITY book with a note on it ‘Read this before going to Mars.’ He just started graduate school on August 21 in Artificial Intelligence, and has ambitions after he graduates to go work for SpaceX and be on the first ship to Mars….
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you, Ray and Patricia. Knowledge is the most important force in our lives and in the universe. “My Knowledge is greater than my humanity”… the title from the same – Step 191.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Kristina/Gina: There is a passage in Steps: Only KNowledge can touch Knowledge. Your co-worker sensed something in you and gave you the opening. May we all carry Knowledge within to such an degree of intensity that it calls out to others who are beginning to emerge.
Robert_Society:  @Jeanine – nice approach…
25821:  Jeanine, that’s great
David_Drimmel:  I recently had the opportunity to present the greater community book to an individual that crossed my path who was wondering about what I posted on Facebook. They wanted to know my experience with it and what led me to read and understand the greater community (in their mind, aliens). I told them that I’ve felt a deeper connection to the greater community since I was a child and always wondered what’s out there, and that perhaps their inquiry is something they may want to explore for themselves. I briefed about what I knew from life experience and how the Greater Community book relates our freedom here to a larger panorama of life in the Universe. “After reading about the greater community it is very clear to me now that one of humanity’s biggest challenges today is offsetting the intervention to maintain our freedom in sovereignty in a Universe where it is rare.” They are reading the Greater Community now. It was an opportunity to plant a seed, and we’ll see if it grows!
Alisa_Russia:  I like that too Jeanine.
Kelvin_Boulder:  It been my experience that the New Book presents a very complete picture of what is happening Re-enforcing what the Allies present. It is a bridge into the religious aspects of the NM, something I didn’t have before when I first encounter the Allies. It’s been my experience that people associate the book with Religion rightaway to those who are interested in ETs, so I have had to explain that it is more than that…
manuel germany :):  @Maureen and Lin. Agree with you. We know very little how the universe (and intelligent life) works, so assuming that only because they have not yet conquered us being a sign that they are benevolent is a sign how much we still have to learn. But we will and we have to… there is a necessity for this (higher) education
Selma London:  Although people are currently considering the point and purpose of planets, this is only vaguely alluded to in the NMG. Hence much speculation of possibility persists… What is our relationship with these enormous bodies? How do they impact us individually and collectively? Some are more sensitive than others, yet we have not learnt the significance of this. There is a gap in our learning, and one that people are curious about it seems to me. Thus it can be exploited and our curiosity can be corrupted whilst in its primitive simple state. We must guard against this.
Raoul_Australia:  Well said, Maureen, so many people talked about ‘a portal being opened’, anther one of those concepts that make no sense but have allured so many
Josef Austria:  Welcome Marianna!
Diane,New Mexico:  Good Morning everyone
Betty_UK:  Hi Robert & Tynne, regarding the recent eclipse, it was a great opportunity to present ‘The Greater Community’ book release to others who are not familiar to it. Depending on the way of advocating, I seemed to briefly say the connection between our solar system and the universe and mention the ‘The Greater Community’ book for others to explore further, because The Greater Community expands on this relationship we have with the universe.
Marianna:  ThanksJosef.
95710:  Thank you Maureen for what you said @ 11:19am.
ALEN:  i’ve only read AOH 3 so far and few chapters from LIU
manuel germany :):  Good morning Diane, New Mexico. Te damos la bienvenida! 
95710:  And thank you rayhobbs for all you have said! Deep!
Alio-1:  Family Re: portals, it’s a good opportunity to insert some information from life in the universe on the limitations of space travel
Robert_Society:  With all the media coverage of space and the various rocket and space programs underway, the soil seems very fertile to share what we are learning about the GC with others. We have several powerful and clear NM books available now to help with this process. As Marshall has said, “Dig a hole and plant a seed.” How are you seed planting with this?
Kristina FL:  Thank you Gina, Mary
Levy_Brazil:  Robert, so good to read this => “We have several powerful and clear NM books available now”
Alison_Boulder:  @Robert, in walking up to people I don’t know, I have said “Are you interested in learning about the extraterrestrial presence in the world today?” If “yes”, or a blank look, I continued. “There is a new book being released about the reality of contact and what it means for the human race. (handing a flyer and 10-pt Allies summary). The fellow Advocate I shared this experience with most recently engaged people with the Columbus/native peoples comparison which a few people connected with. Many responses were: Laughter, saying humanity is going to die out, gratitude and wonder, pacified language, or sharing their abduction experiences at length which we had to disengage from after a bit. I enjoy the opportunity to open up this topic with people in a crowd now. I want to give it a serious face and let people know it must not be taboo to discuss. After asking “Do you ever think about alien life?”, to some, if they say no I think to myself “well, now you are!”
David_Drimmel:  Thanks, Robert. Planting seeds.
50099:  To share a GC awareness you must first have a GC awareness.
ray_Colorado:  Ask someone ” Do you think your in-laws are aliens”
James_Boulder:  What I have used when sharing about the GC is questions, more listening than speaking… Do you think there is intelligent life somewhere out there? Yes, do you think it is here? If so what do you think their intention would be? I find that questions are an effective way for me to breech this topic and learn along what lines another is thinking and what might be most appropriate to share. It also bypasses the defensiveness that often comes with presenting a new countering idea
Levy_Brazil:  50099, please reveal your name 
nenette_istanbul:  Greetings and Good Morning everyone 
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Robert, indeed, I find that every live Spacex launch is an opportunity to grab people’s attention, posting in the chat is something I use. Posting on youtube videos about our very near future Mars missions. As the NM says ” Our destiny is in space…” Life in the universe and the Allies represent some very powerful resources.
manuel germany :):  @Alison. Very good approaches. Thanks for sharing that with us. And the last one is wonderful: After asking “Do you ever think about alien life?”, to some, if they say no I think to myself “well, now you are!” – that was the seed
Douglas_St. Paul:  I think a lot of people suspect their in-laws are aliens : )
Tyyne_Society:  This is great, Alison, thanks for sharing it… ‘After asking “Do you ever think about alien life?”, to some, if they say no I think to myself “well, now you are!”‘
Alisa_Russia:  I like those questions, James. Talking about other intelligent life in the universe, rather than aliens among us, seems like a more “doable” approach to me.
Tyyne_Society:  It’s like the pebble in the shoe MVS has talked about.
Katia_France:  Your approach, Alison, inspires me greatly, but also inspires awe, because I simply cannot imagine myself at this stage approaching anyone like this so casually and simply about alien life. I’m sure it becomes easier with practice, as everything, but so far, I haven’t even been able to take the first step, with a few exceptions.
50099:  It’s me Arthur, could you not tell? (Can’t change my name on this phone)
Alison_Boulder:  @Robert the biggest area of seed planting for me right now is on social media. Thousands of people from different countries in one moment, with a quote and/or photo shared, feels exciting to me.
Inhee_ Korea:  Thank you David for sharing your experience.
Cameron_Canada:  @Ray – lol. subtle approach
Gina_Boulder:  @Alison, James…your questions give the other person/people a chance to open and give their permission for the engagement, (which just feels respectful) while also planting seeds for the future.
Debbie Plano:  When advocating online, I will often look at the revelation that I want to link to in that post. I pick out a sentence that is relevant to that group or person and change the sentence into a question as the header. Ex.- The Greater Community book in it’s preface on the site has some bullet points. If I’m posting in a spiritual group I have used this sentence … it reveals -The relationship between our core spirituality and contact with other forms of intelligent life” and turn it into a question. Is there a relationship between our core spirituality and contact with other forms of intelligent life? I think that makes people begin to think about it and question it more than if they just read the sentence.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Wow, thank you, Debbie–that’s excellent.
Raoul_Australia:  very true, Alison, “the biggest area of seed planting for me right now is on social media.” this is a huge opportunity of these times
nenette_istanbul:  Here in my work, they suspect me an alien…because of all my post about The Allies of Humanity.  
Katia_France:  So right, James! I really like that approach. It speaks to me: asking questions rather than presenting information right from the start. Seems easier to me. Get them thinking, but don’t get their defenses up. Thanks so much! This seems easier for me to try.
Richmond_UK:  @Robert a friend of mine was interested in my spiritual pathway and he was describing about Islam and its teachings and he asked about the NM teachings and it was a perfect opportunity to talk about the reality of the GC and what is happening in our world. I could tell it was a lot for him to take in, but I passed on a card to him anyway. I think I’m right in saying that when someone has been told about the Greater Community and its reality they will not forget about it. Whether they accept it or not!
Selma London:  Here in hot sticky London I feel a momentum building amongst people attempting to desperately cope with the increasingly oppressive mental environment, and thus opening up to talking about it. Simultaneously, I have recently felt less vulnerable in the ME, and so able to be more present for others who are struggling there.
Cameron_Canada:  @Alison Do you have a flyer with the 10 point summary?
25821:  James Asking questions is great is powerful approach. People love to be heard and gotten more than they like to be told. Open questions at any media site are likely to begin engagement followed by the opportunity to share and be listened to. Very good point.
manuel germany :):  so funny nenette thank you 
70055:  Thank you Jorge, for this perspective. The ‘I’ has been laying the groundwork for so long to shift us toward subservience. Your words and Reed’s are very important reminders of the need for hyper-awareness around subtle shifts. Thank you. I feel so drawn to advocate now concerning the Intervention risk–but also concerning the GC opportunity–should humanity pass successfully through the risk before us.
cole_boulder:  The eclipse event was catalytic. Kelvin and I had the opportunity to advocate in Wyoming, handing out books and flyers. For about an hour before and an hour after totality, I felt this great and inexplicable power moving me to reach as many people as possible. It is like Cole stepped out of the way so I could be a vehicle for something else. Within that time, I talked to hundreds of people, usually only a brief sentence or two unless I they asked a question or I felt called to say something more. It felt like some people felt an attraction to it, as if calling me from afar. All I would say is something akin to: “There is a new book released today, available free online, about our relationship with life in the universe” while handing them a flyer. Overall, it was an experience that stood in contrast to my usual state of awareness, as if connected to part of a larger rendezvous of factors converging in one place to allow a communication beyond me personally to transpire.
Levy_Brazil:  Cameron, the PDF of the Allies 10-point summary is here => www.alliesofhumanity.o…y.pdf
Patricia_Society:  I had a sweet exchange on Chat with a tech support agent helping me with a software issue. After our going back and forth trying to ferret
ALEN:  You guys really believe that governments knows about ET presence in the world?
Donald_Pa:  @Robert I have downloaded the flyer for The Greater Community and plan on posting them at all of the convenience stores and passing them out to passengers. Uber advocacy is working quite well.
David_Drimmel:  That’s great Cole, a true demonstration of meaningful action
MaryL_Boulder:  I had an experience of communication being deeper than our words. I had an encounter with an older man hiking (with hiking poles) even with a chronic illness. He saw me standing between 2 directions to go and offered guidance as to where the trails lead to and gave me a map of trails. I felt very touched by his kindness and offered him the flyer to the new GC book. He immediately told me he was an athetist. We continued speaking and sharing as we did before his assertion. Afterwards I read the flyer and saw no mention of “God”. Did he know something that he did not want to accept? Regardless I felt we left on a good terms and if I ever were to see him again I would still thank him for his assistance. I have a ways to learn in this path of advocacy.
Alisa_Russia:  My step today is Step 9-CT “The Greater Community is in the world.” My contemplation brought me to many questions about the races intervening in our world. Are they without Knowledge?
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you Alison and Levy for the flyer
Robert_Society:  In our modern world, there are so many ways to communicate as you are all saying, and at the end of all of that, it is still the soil of someone’s own mind that receives the seed. And only they can cultivate this to a large degree. I work on being a good hole digger and a gentle gardener when communicating with others, even if I’m very direct.
Rudy_Boulder:  @ James, the first question is one that I use to reach out to others. “Do you think there is intelligent life somewhere out there?” I, personally, try to avoid the word ‘alien” when presenting the GC, because there is so much imagery associated with this word and other illusions. I like to use beings from other worlds. Just the word alien can turn people off because of whatever they associate that word with. Whether alien or not, they are intelligent beings and possess the essence of life that we do here on earth as human beings.
25821:  Alen Yes. It is not a belief. You will know.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Alison for “I want to give it a serious face and let people know it must not be taboo to discuss.” I resonate with that approach. How absurd this topic might seem to the general public, we must be the first to live and carry the presence of what we know. Breaking the taboo implies assuming a very grounded, clear, unambiguous, sound approach. How else will we be able reach people if we ourselves are swayed by the fear of braking a taboo?
Mike_LF_CAL:  @ALEN, are you kidding?
ALEN:  my first time here
Katia_France:  Nenette: “Here in my work, they suspect me an alien…because of all my post about The Allies of Humanity. [Smiley] [Disappointed] (5:33PM)” Then they obviously haven’t read the posts properly! But at least you’re getting them to think about the subject. That’s already a start.
Mathieu-France:  @Robert, re presenting TGC book or the GC perspective to others: I have found that to be pretty difficult at this point. I didn’t run into that many people interested in the contact with intelligent life perspective, and with the few I could discuss the subject, the vast majority were obviously not ready, seeing the phenomenon as entirely beneficial and looking at it with hope (association between technological development, higher ethics, a loss of faith in humanity and the need to be saved). And certainly the material offered by the New Message doesn’t fit here and is easily rejected: because spirituality is mixed with life in the universe, because it is somewhat scary, because people has lots of preferences and fears and assumptions around these matters, and it’s easy to take refuge in “but don’t really know” or “give me proofs of what is exposed in these books”…. They cannot look at it soberly, they cannot feel the truth resonating. On the other hands, for many of us who have been…
Mathieu-France:  … able to respond to that perspective given by the New Message, the whole picture did fit and was not that much a shock in the end, and we could accept the warning, receive the blessing of the preparation and begin the education. So, I am looking for these “profiles” to share TGC. I don’t see them in my surroundings, but I know many are online searching the web and the social networks for this truth they will recognize without me needed to carefully present it to them. It feels like the thing to do for now is to continue to push that awareness in the mental environment, until it begins to pierce this “psychic barrier” and spread by itself.
MVS Society:  The draw to the GC reaches into every culture, even into repressive societies. It is a powerful way to reach the world given how many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.
Amina Russia:  Alisa_Russia. I think it talks about this in the Message, saying many of them have become too technological and secular and lost touch to their spiritual essence . But all creatures have Knowledge, as far as i remember form the Message
James_Boulder:  @Cole “to allow a communication beyond me personally to transpire” inspiring testimony!
nenette_istanbul:  Great job @Cole & Kelvin… 
Alisa_Russia:  @ALEN – yes, I think they do.
Betty_UK:  @Nenette, I have a card of the GW of change, Live in the Universe & Allies of humanity on my desk at work, visible for everyone to see, I have had some people ask me about it. I think it opens up the conversation for those who are interested.
Douglas_St. Paul:  I recall MVS saying in 2012 that America was ambivalently resisting the intervention. But I don’t know how he knew that
Patricia_Society:  9:35 ” I had a sweet exchange on Chat with a tech support agent helping me with a software issue. After our going back and forth trying to ferret out…or find the problem, which we did together, I thanked him for his assistance and encouraged him to go to for a new perspective on the world. He thanked me..and said he would. His name was Nino. Nino and I will probably may never have another moment together in this life(or perhaps we will via the gift of the Allies Briefings.) Yet we had that moment. Hehad helped me. I had helped him….a tiny expression of relationship amidst an entire race of humanity merging into a Greater Community of life.
justin-calif-!:  People ask me often about my buttons/patches concerning the ET issue as I wear them everywhere. I usually start out the conversation by trying to see what they know or believe about this issue. “Have you studied this topic? What do you think is happening?” When i know where they are coming from, it makes it much easier to talk about the NM and what we are studying- plus having info on me to give out is always helpful.
Alisa_Russia:  @Amina – thanks! Yes, that makes sense.
David_Drimmel:  Marshall, what do you mean “given how many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.”
Alio2:  Im using computer and also phone for voice recognition Alio 1 and Alio 2 just to be clear.
Katia_France:  Richmond: “I could tell it was a lot for him to take in, but I passed on a card to him anyway. I think I’m right in saying that when someone has been told about the Greater Community and its reality they will not forget about it. Whether they accept it or not!(5:33PM)” So right! That’s planting seeds. Good on you.
Alisa_Russia:  MVS “given how many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.” I would like clarification of that as well.
ray_Colorado:  “Do not be shocked or ashamed when others reject or deny your gift. Understand what you are really offering them. You are offering them the ultimate challenge. You are offering them a confrontation with themselves. You are offering them a method by which they can become fully honest with themselves and by which they can realize the extent of their past dishonesty. You are giving them a means to change or renew their life and to leave behind, in part or in whole, the life that they have built thus far. You are giving them a means that will challenge their beliefs and ideals in order to bring them to the real foundation of truth within themselves.” Sharing The Way of Knowledge With Others http://www.newmessage….thers
Amina Russia:  I wonder if the GC people are part of the indigo generation also
Maureen_Boulder:  I think there are people who we encounter who are really interested in the possibility of life out there but are reluctant to admit it because of the ridicule factor. Give them the info if you think there is a chink in the armor and in the privacy of their own room, they just may take a look.
Richmond_UK:  @Kat thanks for that!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Patricia, I am amazed at the opportunities that happen like that via the phone.. wrong numbers, tele marketers, somehow the opening happens and links can be given. It always brings a smile when these engagements happen.. especially wrong numbers or wrong calls in Messenger..
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Marshall. It is very encouraging to know that many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.
Raoul_Australia:  when I was around 7-8 yrs old I would tell people that if every star was a sun there had to be other intelligent life out there and many would say ‘good point’…I wonder if that planted a seed in any of them…
Joe_UK:  @Robert. Whilst in a taxi recently, after connecting amicably with the driver, he asked me out of the blue “What do you think about UFOs?”. I gladly shared that I’d done a lot of research on the subject and that I have come to learn that the races visiting us are interested in the Earth because of its wealth of resources. As Shrimayi mentioned above, I also asked him questions such as how he became interested in the subject. I then asked if he’d like for me to send him some books on the subject… he agreed and they’re now on their way to him. Afterwards I reflected that I was practicing some of Marshall’s wisdom: “Speak from your experience, and point to the Revelation.”
Virgie_near Seattle:  “given how many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.” Thank you, Marshall–the other day working on Step 190 “The world is emerging into the Greater Community of worlds and that is why I have come” … I was wondering if there is a higher percentage of people with a strong history in the GC living in the world today than at other times.
ALEN:  One thing people find difficult to comprehend is the observatory role which they play now. That’s what atheists found contradictory
manuel germany :):  well done Rich. Another pebble seeded 
Patrick van H (NL):  I usually spread the word online, but few days ago I ordered 50 custom stickers with a picture of earth on it seen from space with the text “Revealing the covert alien Invasion” and then the link I placed these stickers at places like bus stops, walking routes etc. I actually did this last night. Maybe some people will start to wonder when reading those..
ALEN:  i shared this in one group in fb
Joyanne_Canada:  @Joe thanks for sharing that experience..
Levy_Brazil:  Nice, Patrick
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Joe Excellent. Perhaps the Teachers were whispering in his ear. Little did he know where his question could take his life.
Kristina FL:  Joe, this is a great feeling, thanks for sharing
Betty_UK:  @ Joe uk, great experience
Joyanne_Canada:  @Patrick Van, thank you for your advocacy efforts.. great way to take it out
92901:  hello. just joining, Christopher
Katia_France:  Good point, Rudy, about the word “alien” being associated with so many things. “Intelligent beings” is a good alternative.
Alison_Boulder:  We reviewed the challenging responses we’ve received about the Messenger and message at the last Advocacy Gathering on Thursday, often referring to wisdom from this Revelation, Dealing with Resistance and Hostility to the NM: http://www.newmessage….ssage
It was helpful to many. I am reminded of the value of revisiting my previous responses, as the same discussions come up again and again when advocating.
manuel germany :):  very good idea Patrick van H (NL). Lots of people will see that for sure
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Joe… I find taxi drivers are excellent seed planters themselves… talking to people of all walks of life, all the time everyday
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Cole I had the same experience at the ufo conference in the Netherlands.
nenette_istanbul:  Thanks @MVS : ”The draw to the GC reaches into every culture, even into repressive societies. It is a powerful way to reach the world given how many GC people have been sent into the world at this time.”
Gina_Boulder:  @Patricia, Joe, All…How easy it is, amongst the business and demands of life to forget who we are and why we are here. I continue to be inspired by hearing of the opportunities taken in the context of a taxi ride, a tech support encounter, a chance meeting with another. I will keep your examples with me and pray that I will remember who I am and why I am here throughout “mundane” encounters and chance meetings.
Richmond_UK:  @Patrick – good work!
Selma London:  I met a Greater Community person yesterday – he was cutting my hair & telling me about how different he is, creative and independent-thinking, & how he never conformed at school etc. I gave him an Allies card & wrote the NMG German website on it (he’s from Switzerland).
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you for your experience.
Alio-1:  Allsa The numbers of people involved through the greater coordination is beyond calculation. Remember the connectivity between minds of a joint desire, purpose and direction. I am Magent that we will see a great coming together of the many various individuals and ground crews that operate within the same residence.
Betty_UK:  Hi Patrick (NL), great
Alio2:  oops resonance
MaryS_Boulder:  Step 310 echoes the phrase “there are many” twice and–forgive the fangirl here–it echoes for me the line, “there are many here among us who feel that life is not a joke.”
Alio2:  ha and i imagine. I am not Magent. 
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you MaryL for your experience.
nenette_istanbul:  I agree @MaryS : Life is not a joke…ı feel that.
manuel germany :):  thanks Alison for sharing that link about “Dealing with Resistance and Hostility to the NM” – I find that very helpful – will reread that again
Alisa_Russia:  Alio, that reminds me of what Patricia spoke of in an email this week about the Knowledge Quotient. “Our collective numbers may be hard to discern and to count, but what is also important is considering the movement of Conscience at any time.” That really resonated with me.
50099:  @MaryS But then again if you can’t laugh at life you’re its prisoner.
Alison_Boulder:  @MaryS, that’s important. When in person, It was difficult for me to not calibrate down to people’s jokes when asking the leading question about the GC or engaging about the topic. It’s a social norm to join others in laughter, something to unlearn from my life, because I really do not think it is funny, given the real threat of the Intervention.
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Cole. @Alison, thank you for sharing your experience of on the grounds advocacy. I too used a similar approach during the eclipse event in Glendo, Wyoming. Though in my case because of the nature of the event, I had more time with people and try to build some rapport before giving them the book. I should mention on here, that it wasn’t until I began to overcome a certain strong pacification in the mental environment, a sense of smallness and disheartening feeling that how to approach people began to become clear. Like Cole and others have expressed here, it’s almost like moving away and letting something else takeover and guide. The asking constantly, why am I here? Who should I give this to?
MVS Society:  Alexandra: – “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Bertrand Russell
Joyanne_Canada:  @Cole thank you for sharing your experience. When we are utilized as vehicles for Knowledge to take out the information, there seems to be a natural flow coming from us. As we observe and witness this within ourselves it just feels oh so innate and natural to our Beings to be in the zone, so to speak. So confirming and validating within of why we are here.
ALEN:  yes…@MVS
Carol_Society:  @Patricia, Joyanne: the opportunities are truly there. Two of mine that stand out were with a telemarketer on the phone and with Jehovah’s Witnesses at my front door. When each were done with their scripts, I asked what they thought of the presence of intelligence life here in the world. They immediately dropped their roles, became real, demonstrating interest, asking questions, a short discussion followed, then they suddenly realized what had happened and quickly got back into their “roles.” I shared Allies website.
Marianna:  @Alison very important post thanks
Robert_Society:  The natural desire to share the truth and something important with others can be a real lesson in discernment and discretion. We are learning along the way with each new step we take in that direction. Yet, throughout all of our service here, we are students of the NM and beginners. We can demonstrate the virtues of the NM without ever saying anything to another directly. This is important too. We can do this anytime or all the time. So, whether you are called to advocate, or to be a strong, quiet student of Knowledge, your contribution is felt and needed.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Joe and Patricia for sharing your experiences! Remembering why we are here can be so natural when it is applied in this life time!
Ken_Oklahoma:  So many of you encounter so many people each day as part of your routine… many opportunities to plant seeds and hand out flyers to the right people. I have few opportunities in my daily routine, but am drawn to facebook where I can reach out to people worldwide. Find out where you can touch people with the NM as part of your daily practice.
Cameron_Canada:  Shawn, Maurice, and I were discussing the question about reading the Declaration of Human Sovereignty. I read it aloud last night. Shawn remarked that hearing it aloud gives it authority.
Alexandra_NL:  Thank you Marshall. You know what I need to hear/receive…
Mike_LF_CAL:  On the way home from Oregon my connecting flight was cancelled and for a lot of flyers on United, a network issue. Anyway, while awaiting the shuttle to take all of us to our comped hotel I struct up a conversation with a gentlemen who was a WWII vet and we had a nice conversation going. When I found out he was a catholic priest and asked him if he had heard of the NM our conversation took a nose dive. He did accept a NM card (AOH books were on it as well as GHSA etc.). I hope I watered that seed enough.
Reed_Society:  @all, fantastic to hear your experiences of how to share the GC reality and connect with others. Questions have long been an important way for us open this new reality to others and I remember students decades ago (who are still here, on this chat) talking about the power of a question to create an opening in the mind, an opening for a real engagement. One question we could use, that would be of service in many ways, is: “Have you heard of this man Marshall Vian Summers,” or “Have you read any of the books from Marshall Vian Summers” I have asked this question spontaneously of two young people in my years past, one in Denver and one in Chicago, both of whom I met spontaneously at a crowded billiard hall of all places, looking for a table, after picking up a game together this question was literally the first thing I said, it ended up being quite an engagement, “no, i haven’t, who is he, what does he write about?” me…”Contact with intelligent life in the universe” pause “really, yeah…
Reed_Society:  … i’m interested in that” … in both cases it was a two hour encounter and I was asked for me to describe the entire picture, including the reality of a New Revelation and New Messenger. There is a power and a compelling force behind a named individual in the world, a founder, a prophet, a spokesperson, that draws people in, allows them to gather around a larger issue that otherwise would be too big and challenging for them to focalize their attention on. Marshall is this person and it would help him, the AA and the world for him to become a focal point of awareness and attention, an anchor in the great and swelling sea of a larger set of realities and issues facing our world
Katia_France:  Joyanne, there’s a thought! I generally just get annoyed at telemarketers when they call me and find the quickest and politest way to stop the conversation and to hang up. Perhaps I should try to plant a seed instead… THough I’d be worried they’d not take
Katia_France:  it seriously.
Alio2:  Allsa we are like millions of eddys on a slow river surface. We appear to be individual, appear, then we disappear but the current, the interrelatedness, direction and destiny are the same. It’s impossible to see the connectedness through the complexity of the interactions, but it is all in harmony and dependent on every apparent part.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Carol, I am surprised at the JW response.. when I asked the Elders if their Society address’s the Alien Presence in our world..they said slightly and its all good. these Beings are beneficial for the planet.. unfortunately they don’t call on me anymore because they think Satan has a hold on me.. You know Joyanne who has you, what your engaged with. No open minds there, they are conditioned to discount any info not from their Society,as if it came from Satan.
ray_Colorado:  “The work will reveal itself as you proceed.”
Tyyne_Society:  In my daily work life I am often driving between visits to see patients. I practice “broadcasting” in a way – sending out the message into the mental environment… There is a New Message from God. Contact with Intelligent life is happening. There is a preparation. There is Knowledge – your deeper spiritual intelligence. And as I meet with patients and families I hold this awareness in me and feel it in the space, in the room. I may never know how this impacts people but it is a way to “advocate” for something far greater in an environment where injecting a conversation about the GC would not be in keeping with what is happening for that patient, that family, which is facing a transition from this life to what we know exists beyond this life and all around us.
MVS Society:  By GC people, I am referring people who may have a strong GC history and inclination—perhaps like many of you.
ray_Colorado:  “Those who know carry the presence with them. And this presence has been able to grow because they have not been indiscreet. They have not tried to use their experience for personal gain. Instead, they have let it grow stronger and more intense within themselves. This gives them a sense of presence. You will not find this in idle dabblers or in people who are like tourists in a spiritual universe. However, you will find this in those who have had to face their own thresholds, who have had to cross their own rivers and who have had to experience and face their own doubts and fears and the wasteful consequences of their mistakes. These are people who are following something inexplicable that they do not attempt to define or use. Their silence is profound and inviting. They are with the Mystery. And the Mystery is with them. Through them a greater Knowledge, a greater comfort and a Greater Power can emerge and abide. This is the abiding revelation. Someone who is with the Mystery can…
ray_Colorado:  … share the Mystery without words, without conversation, without debate and without self-glorification. They are with the Mystery and the Mystery is with them.” How does revelation occur in human life?http://www.newmessage….-life
MaryL_Boulder:  @Mike_LF: sometimes a nut must be cracked open for possible germination. You may have been that crack or shock.  Well, he cannot say he has never heard of the NMFG now.
Amina Russia:  @Robert_Society, thank you for sharing the wisdom,,,,i feel like i better be the quiet student right now, maybe that will change with time, but for now that’s who i am with my surroundings
Gina_Boulder:  @Robert, Yes, Thank you for speaking to the commitment each student can nurture to how Knowledge will have us be and in what way Knowledge will move us. Step 242: MY GREATEST GIFT TO THE WORLD
Alisa_Russia:  MVS, that’s what I thought 
Joyanne_Canada:  @Katia, plant the seed up to knowledge in them if it will sprout take root and grow..perhaps not right away but as The Great Waves strike they may be moved to seek that seed out
Patricia_Society:  Strategies for Advocacy or Engaging Others regarding the Greater Community: it is important here to catalog the strategies and questions posed to others that are being brought forward by so many of you in this Chat, for our ongoing benefit. Would several of you like to do this and send this list of strategies on to the Society for further posting back to School community here? Ex., re Avenues of Engagement: one on one, social media, posting to youtube, online interactive chats. And then there are all the Important Questions/Invitations we are posing to others….
Katia_France:  Hello Christopher, 92901! 
Selma London:  I told that Swiss hairdresser that I was part of a Universal Freedom Movement. I also went into Westminster Library (right in the centre of the West End of London) and asked them for books by MVS. The librarian said she’d never heard of him, but looked him up. I’ll have to go through a process to get them to order some books, or donate to them, as I have been doing in other libraries across London.
Alexandra_NL:  Yes Patricia!
Marianna:  We all are beginners but I think that we can comunicate with others with Knowledge, Knowledge doesn need words.
Robert_Society:  As we pause for an hourly together, let us be with and bring strength to the Messenger.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram, Blessings to all
justin-calif-!:  Quick note, all: I will be at the Burning man festival next week giving out NM info the whole time. Anyone who can make it there- We will be camped around 2:30- 3:00 near the edge- look for the 9 foot inflated alien!
Alio2:  Marianna Yes Knowledge does inter communicate and then our words ring a bell, confirm, activate and strengthen that in the minds that are waiting for confirmation.
Alisa_Russia:  @Marianna – very true!
Carol_Society:  We invite you to engage with and share with others:
“The Greater Community”:
~ Text and Audio Free Online :
http://www.newmessage….unity~ At New Knowledge Library, and most major retailers:
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“The Threshold of Contact” – 2017 Solar Eclipse with Marshall Vian Summers in Glendo, Wyoming:…

Kristina FL:  Yes Robert..thank you.”The natural desire to share the truth and something important with others can be a real lesson in discernment and discretion.”
MaryS_Boulder:  Joyanne, I do find I am very sensitive to people’s past conditioning, when the occasions are intentional and not accidental like those chance encounters where we only have a minute to connect and will never meet again. It can take long listening and meeting them where they are in order to be heard, mostly because of so many ideas and products being sold and evangelized in these times and in the past century. I’ve modified my approach now to appear less a “Johnny One-Note” who always gives the same answer to everything, considering they know where I’m coming from.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Tyyne wow advocating in the Mental Environment.. great idea,.. something to practice.
manuel germany :):  Many thanks Robert_Society for making that distinction. There are multiple ways to demonstrate Knowledge in the world. Everyone has brought to the world an individual set of qualities which can be delivered to the needy world in different ways. Sometimes a subtle gesture from the heart (opening the door to an elderly person) does help more than i.e. a speech of 1 hour.
James_Boulder:  @tyyne thanks for sharing your practice, I like this idea of “broadcasting” wedging some space in the ME for this new reality.
Katia_France:  Robert: “We are learning along the way with each new step we take in that direction. Yet, throughout all of our service here, we are students of the NM and beginners. We can demonstrate the virtues of the NM without ever saying anything to another directly. This is important too. We can do this anytime or all the time. So, whether you are called to advocate, or to be a strong, quiet student of Knowledge, your contribution is felt and needed.(5:53PM)” Thanks, so much, Robert. That really touches me to the heart. Very encouraging and soothing words. Thank you!
Gina_Boulder:  @justin, I’m happy to hear you will bring the NM to Burning Man. 
cole_boulder:  @Reed, thanks for sharing that “There is a power and a compelling force behind a named individual in the world, a founder, a prophet…Marshall is this person and it would help him, the AA and the world for him to become a focal point of awareness and attention, an anchor in the great and swelling sea of a larger set of realities and issues facing our world”
nenette_istanbul:  Yes @Ken, me too, even Saturday is a working day for me …ı can do my advocate only by reaching people on my facebook, twitter, google..
ray_Colorado:  “Knowledge is like a garden. It will emerge naturally within you as you are capable of receiving it, accepting it and experiencing it. This requires desire and capacity. Progressing in The Way of Knowledge requires desire. This cannot be a casual interest or a fleeting impulse. This must be something that you feel is important.” …. “The only way to recognize your capacity is by taking on more than you have taken on in the past.” Walking the Way of Knowledge WGC2.34 http://www.newmessage….ume-2
Alisa_Russia:  Your words touch me deeply too, Robert. Thank you.
Betty_UK:  Hi Patricia, yes, that would be great, as a joined effort for all to send questions that engages poeple or questions that people may have asked to find out more
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Carol, (8:52), I’ve had similar conversations with “…Jehovah’s Witnesses at my front door”.
jeanine_Society:  @Patricia – such a good idea you had – would be so helpful to have a few volunteers be willing to gather a list of “Strategies for Advocacy or Engaging Others regarding the Greater Community” and share their results with The Society. List making always helps the one making the lists understand things more too….
Virgie_near Seattle:  Regarding humor and the Intervention … I definitely understand about its seriousness, but I also had a thought that really tickled me last night–maybe some will find this inappropriate, sorry–but as I was reflecting on the experience of reading the Declaration of Human Freedom aloud, it had felt like something very clear and simple, very matter-of-fact to cut through the fog of mystery and intrigue that the Intervention uses to obscure its work. Kind of like the unmasking of the villain at the end of a Scooby Doo episode. It just made me laugh to think of the Intervention being like “And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you pesky students of Knowledge!!”

Tyyne_Society:  May last post didn’t post completely so here it is again… The fourth book of Volume 1 of the New Message from God “The Greater Community: Contact with Intelligent Life” was released on Monday August 21, 2017, during the Solar Eclipse and is now available in print, ebook and free online. Print book: https://newknowledgeli…book/ EBook: https://newknowledgeli…book/ Online: http://www.newmessage….unity

We met the goal of fundraising for The Greater Community book campaign! Thank you all so much for your tremendous support. Read about it here: http://www.newmessage….paign

And we send great gratitude to all of the Pillars and Friends who provide the very foundation and stability of the New Message from God. This type of support enables the Messenger and the Society to bring forth the…

Jeffrey_Boulder:  Yes, Reed, thank you for that offer in advocacy.
Virgie_near Seattle:  That was for Arthur. And Martin.
Alio2:  Virgie… “Drats and double drats! Foiled again!” LOL
Alisa_Russia:  @Virgie – lol! I like that thought.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Reed, thanks for that direction for advocacy
Joyanne_Canada:  @ Justin-Watching the Hurricane Planes ride through the eye of the storm yesterday..I noticed they have a small Alien blow up doll hanging in the cockpit.. I thought of you Justin, and your visuals. It also brought to mind the influence subconsciously that image of that little Alien could influence others. Pacification program seems to be everywhere.
MVS Society:  Justin, good job going to Burning Man. Set those who come to you on fire with the New Message and the Great Love that has brought it here.
Alison_Boulder:  May we listen deeply and broadcast with discernment!
How can you help the Society this week? There are many, and here are just two:
Share this video made by Reed of our Messenger during the eclipse into many Facebook groups. Pair it with a link to the new book at
https://www.facebook.c…5154/Share photos like this one from the group Stop the Alien Threat
https://www.facebook.c…eaterIn addition, if you are not already in the New Message Advocates group, we can add you to learn more about resources for Advocacy such as fliers and suggestions for tabling.

Raoul_Australia:  @MaryS, you reminded me of Bob Dylan’s prophetic words, in ‘All Along The Watchtower’: “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”…interesting connection with our NM Watchtower…the hour is late…time is of the essence.
Levy_Brazil:  Tyyne, thanks for sharing this new way of advocating (in the Mental Environment)…
Gina_Boulder:  For those of you engaging on the “front lines”…thanks you for bringing your experience and inspiration!
Rudy_Boulder:  Reed, it is interesting you mention this about Marshall. In recalling my conversations with friends, family and others, I get the occasional “How is Marshall doing?” For some reason, Marshall’s name has stuck with them and they do not forget his name. There is something about knowing the name of the person who is bringing this whole new reality to us. Thank you for pointing that out.
LaRaeUK:  Greetings all….forgive my tardiness….that pesky work pillar strikes again…
nenette_istanbul:  Thank for that strategies @Patricia : ”Strategies for Advocacy or Engaging Others regarding the Greater Community.”
50099:  @Virgie Appreciated ! I’ve had to restrain my laughter to get things done before.
David_Drimmel:  Thank you Marshall. I was reading on Reincarnation on the Wiki. “You have had past life experiences with many individuals who are not part of your Spiritual Family. Your Spiritual Family is a small group. Yet you have had past life experiences with thousands and thousands of individuals.” Being that we live in a Greater Community of intelligent life, how can it be possible that in the expanse of time that our being in life is limited to here?
Mathieu-France:  @Tyyne: that’s really interesting, thank you for sharing it. Indeed, if we are to broadcast that awareness in the ME, one of the first thing may be to allow it to have a space in us. If I think at my thoughts during the days, I am not holding the GC awareness a lot, and actually there are many places where the external ME, with its set of beliefs which doesn’t support the GC awareness at all is certainly taking over mine, and offset this awareness I have been cultivating. So I will try your practice? I think establishing this awareness in the ME, even if that only concerns my limited close range, can be important. Maybe it could help people coming and ask questions they would not dare to ask otherwise, become they do not feel the possibility of them to be heard and welcome…
Betty_UK:  Jeannine, @ (10:04) can we nominate someone 
Raoul_Australia:  @Virgie, I can relate to that  “It just made me laugh to think of the Intervention being like “And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you pesky students of Knowledge!!” “
Robert_Society:  Thank you all for your support of the mission of the New Message and its Messenger. We are blessed by having this powerful place to join together and learn each week. Please continue this discussion over the next hour together if you wish, and spend time reviewing the chat transcripts, as they hold much wisdom and experience for us all. Nasi Novare Coram
MaryL_Boulder:  @Joyanne: I saw one (alien inflated doll) in a 5th grade Social Studies classroom. I wrote him a letter asking if the doll was a teaching tool and if not, perhaps he needed to read the Allies briefings to fully understand the meaning of that object. I never heard back from him one way or another.
nenette_istanbul:  wow that is @Justin yes good job.
jeanine_Society:  @Betty – well best for the person to volunteer themselves…
LaRaeUK:  LOL Raoul….
Betty_UK:  Just a silly joke 
32417:  thank you everyone…. much love
Alisa_Russia:  Thank you everyone for your wisdom and input. I take great strength from you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Reed_Society:  I’ll also say, regarding those two encounters, how amazed I was: the two young guys were college students in their 20s and, by all appearances, were the last I ever would think to be interested in the GC, MVS and a “Messenger of God,” they literally drove me in authentic interest to the reality of a Messenger of God, asking if this is who he was, what it was like to meet him, if he had people around him “like Apostles or something?” Both didn’t seem at all religious, generally seemed taken up and distracted with college life and by appearance I could have written off as “very unreachable.” It was Marshall himself that awoke interest. Perhaps it was the phenomenon of a Messenger and the community around him that awoke in their minds a vague memory of learning about Jesus as a kid in church, a very old curiosity reawoken, “hm, could that be happening again? what would it be like if it happened again. Who are these individuals/saints/prophets anyway?” Again, with Marshall Vian Summers as…
Reed_Society:  … the anchor, starting point, its surprising to see where a person may want to go, what questions they ask, and what they may be open to knowing
ray_Colorado:  “In life, you have two families. You have your physical, blood relationships, particularly your parents and your siblings, who bring you into the world and who hopefully prepare you to be in the world—to give you a place, an honor and an opportunity to survive and advance here. But you also have a Spiritual Family, a family that helps to raise you in a greater understanding of yourself.
Here you are not born into their care, like you are with your physical family, but instead they come to you, you encounter them, and they have a great impact on stirring a deeper awareness within you, a deeper understanding and the deeper mind that God has placed within you—the mind of Knowledge. Spiritual Family is very mysterious, hard to understand.” The Reality of Your Spiritual Family https://newknowledgeli…load/
Joyanne_Canada:  Thanks MaryL, I thought about pointing out the Alien doll in the NOAA plane, on twitter as I followed the hurricane, but felt restraint, as it wasn’t the right space for it. . I have however, made a few friends that are now following me. Just sending hugs to a few who were so worried that I was moved to engage with, has brought some twitter followers. I did manage to take out GWC link 
Selma London:  Yes, Mathieu, practicing ethically in the ME without ‘interfering’ – important
70805:  Apologies for the multiple partial post announcements. Here are the other announcements:
Amina Russia:  @50099,,,i like that_”I’ve had to restrain my laughter to get things done before”…I think, there is much humor in the New Message, especially in the Wisdom books, maybe it is for a reason
Josef Austria:  @ Robert, thank you for your words!

70805:  “The Threshold of Contact” – 2017 Solar Eclipse with Marshall Vian Summers in Glendo, Wyoming:…58152

“Suffering” – the revelation just released by the Messenger:

The Allies of Humanity Forum: http://alliesofhumanit…orum/

Campfire Chat Transcriptions: http://www.newmessage….ripts
Today’s Chat transcript will be posted at the end of our discussion.

manuel germany :):  Thanks Reed for sharing that experience. It is good to know that.
Alison_Boulder:  Also, Advocacy Gatherings meets every week where Student Advocates come to work side by side in efforts to share this GC awareness. Join Thursdays at, 6:30-8pm MST or 7-8:30pm BST

ray_Colorado:  Jim B. Upstate NY: “You must build your sanctuary of Knowledge.

Take time out every day to find whatever quiet environment you can for this purpose. Unrelated it is to everything you are doing. Do not go into your sanctuary trying to get answers as if you are searching the newspaper for the news.
Knowledge will give you the signs. It will bring into your life really important people for you, it will restrain you when you need to be restrained it will move you forward when you must be moved forward and it will become your strength as you realize that Knowledge within you is not threatened by the world, is not impressed by the world, is not horrified by the world” The Deeper Current Of Your Life https://newknowledgeli…load/

Alio2:  Just to throw into the soup….. There is great fascination with the forces of evil and the interplay of the positive and negative energies in the universe. I often hope that “The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance” from “Relationships and Higher Purpose” will become unlocked to be used as a tool to enter many new arenas where confusion over that exists. Perhaps this is an idea to cook on… to whom it may concern.
Raoul_Australia:  @Reed, very inspiring, it also reminds me of what my reaction would have been when I was in college: “asking if this is who he was, what it was like to meet him, if he had people around him “like Apostles or something?””…I think I would have resonated, but in my case it was not time yet (…1978)
Mathieu-France:  @Selma: did I say that? I would want to interfere against that general resistance towards a GC and NM perspective within the ME (rather than having it trying to overcome and limit these within myself). That’s part of what my own preparation and practice is about, isn’t it? Knowledge is to seed the ME through us. Of course, I wouldn’t do it “unethically” and try to force anything in anyone, but to represent that awareness and possibly influence and change the ME in that sense, yes!
justin-calif-!:  Thanx again, all, for sharing your strength and wisdom- have to run now- Stay safe, NNC, j (Will post pics!)
AlexFlo (SWE):  CAROL: Interesting! Actually you see people here in Sweden from Jehovas standing with news kind of paper and sharing to by walkers and i use to take a paper. I was thinking giving them in return a paper referring to the NM website.. I think ille actually do that.. Is there any Visit type of Cards available?
Joyanne_Canada:  @Reed I have had the experience of seeing another person somehow engage with Marshall Vian Summers name. They repeated it 3 times after I said it, as they touched the Steps book on the table. Hearing his name most certainly moved them within. They just completed their first year of Steps and I truly feel it was Marshall’s name that opened them to hear the call. It was an impacting experience for us both.
MVS Society:  Yes, Reed. More people are interested in a Messenger sent from God, than a Message sent from God. My preparation is recent years has been to prepare for me the challenge, misfortune and opportunity for this.
Tyyne_Society:  I’m having some trouble with the chat and attempted to post earlier about what Rudy had said about Marshall and how he is the anchor, the individual, the Messenger. So sweet that they ask of him…
Nancy_Oregon:  THANK YOU ALISON for the Eclipse link. Wonderful to experience that moment with Marshall, even if vicariously . . and to realize we have yet another great tool to share with friends, anyone . . .just now while the Eclipse is still fresh in our minds. NNC
ray_Colorado:  Alio2: The book is well worth it, and you will be supporting the New Message from God
nenette_istanbul:  The Power of The Presence be with you @Justin.
Mark_Boulder:  @Patricia – Alexandra and I would like to volunteer for the cataloging of Advocacy strategies. Please let us know how to proceed…
Rudy_Boulder:  Thank you, Tyyne and Robert for leading the chat today.
MVS Society:  Alexflo. Reach for the people who are reaching for a greater truth, inspiration and life. These are the people we must reach and meet.
Alio2:  ray Yes I have the book and ponder the power of being able to share that particular chapter which is locked from the public. It, as far as I have seen, is the only location where that topic is covered so thoroughly and would be a very attracting bait to the rest of the work.
ray_Colorado:  “This is beyond human understanding.
But what is truest about you, what is the reality of your life, what has sent you into the world, is also beyond human understanding.
So do not expect others to recognize it, to accept it, to encourage it, to applaud it, for this will not be the case, and this is what matures you and requires years of trust and real faith. It was as if moving your life for a greater purpose and it is not simply part of the chaotic conditions of the world.” The Reality of Your Spiritual Familyhttps://newknowledgeli…load/
Darlene_Society:  Thank you Alexandra and Mark!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Robert thank you We can demonstrate the virtues of the NM without ever saying anything to another directly. This is important too. We can do this anytime or all the time. So, whether you are called to advocate, or to be a strong, quiet student of Knowledge, your contribution is felt and needed.
Selma London:  Yes, exactly Mathieu – that was what I heard & wanted to confirm
jeanine_Society:  @Reed – so powerful your encounter stories – we certainly must use discretion and discernment when reaching out, but also needed is courage, sometimes we need to take that extra risk, to present something in spite of our fear of being rejected. The positive response and interest is so worth the effort and the frequent jokes an rejection…
ray_Colorado:  Alio2 ” “It takes a year to get started. It takes three to five years to become basically competent, if you practice well.” Stilling the Mind, (September 14, 1995)
Dariel_Boulder:  I would like to ask a question of anyone who knows the answer. Who writes for the blog sight ‘Enlightened People’? I have found it such a positive and captivating sight. It is wonderful to see how positively responsive people are in their comments to the writing.
Marianna:  Reach for the people who are reaching for a greater truth, inspiration and life. These are the people we must reach and meet. So correct. Thanks MVS.
71852:  Sonia UK : hello everyone
Joyanne_Canada:  hello Sonia UK, Welcome
Betty_UK:  Hello Sonia
Mathieu-France:  @Selma: thanks, Selma!
Richmond_UK:  Hello Sonia
Carol_Society:  @AlexFlo: Here is link to one flyer: https://lookaside.fbsb…B8Uzo
Chrysostomos:  Hello everybody. Chrys .
Patricia_Society:  Mark and Alexandra, thank you!….I was trying to capture as many strategies, conversation starter points, responses…but the Chat window closed spontaneously and lost an hour of the Chat content…….Please once compiled, could you send on the Society also…..Perhaps the Society could re-post to the School Session page or where most functionally appropriote….again, many thanks.
David_Drimmel:  There have been times I’ve felt depressed and sad about what is going on in the world, coming to the revelation. I realized parts of the source of my suffering coming from my ambition, and trying to create things the way I want them. It’s been a great burden to overcome.
LaRaeUK:  I second your thoughts on the Enlightened people blog Dariel. That is how I found Marshall and TNM.
jeanine_Society:  @Mark & Alexandra – thank you for volunteering!!!
David_Drimmel:  Speaking to that in “spiritual” communities, I am different than most who are constantly striving to get what they want
Joyanne_Canada:  I have spent time this am, reading The Declaration of Human Sovereignty, reading it out loud is a powerful experience, thank you to the Society for the email suggestion on doing the read aloud. It feels like I am communicating my intention with this Declaration to the Universe.
MaryL_Boulder:  Hello Chrys. Welcome if this is your first chat.
Betty_UK:  Thank you Mark & Alexandra
David_Drimmel:  And a need to be different, wow, that was a huge one. “Coming from a different place” is a better way to put it
Chrysostomos:  Thanks MaryL_Boulder , yes its my first time and a little bit fascinated.
50099:  @David Then what do you want ?
AlexFlo (SWE):  Carol: Of course, thx!
Chrysostomos:  thanks David_Drimmel.
MVS Society:  In sharing the NMG, do not court people, guide people or try to convert people. See if they have a natural interest or need and send them to a place to start in the NMG based upon their interest and not your own, If they need more information send them to the Society office. Leave the ball in their court and move on.
Katia_France:  Thank you, Reed and Rudy for sharing your experience about the importance and impact of having a name and a person – Marshall – for people to hang onto. When last discussing the NM with Mathieu’s dad, he was going on and on about “and what does he say/think about this and that” and commenting on the fact that you obviously needed someone charismatic to lead such a movement (to which he does not adhere, though he does feel and worry about the GWC). My instinct was rather to say “but it’s not him, it’s not only him, this is a message from God!”. And I tried to explain that the NM was giving us all tools to connect to Knowledge that would guide us far beyond the time when Marshall would no longer be with us. It’s so important to me somehow. Movements can be started by “great charismatic leaders”, but once these disappear, what is left? Often, from what I have observed it all crumbles, but this cannot and should not. We are not sheep blindly following the pastor but beings finding the…
Katia_France:  … connection to that compass within us that will continue to function once our beloved Marshall has returned to his Ancient Home. And so should the Society if it is built on the true and strong foundations of Knowledge that I know it has. So I am wary of using Marshall as a flag, also because people readily jump to the conclusion that he has an inflated sense of his importance (why claim to be God’s messenger otherwise?). That is why I tend to point to the Message more than to the Messenger. Perhaps I am wrong.
Alexandra_NL:  We will proceed as instructed Patricia. Thank you.
MaryS_Boulder:  We read the Declaration in our study group across the world last night. It was so wonderful to hear it in different voices, taking turns, concentrating on the force of it in the mental environment while listening.
David_Drimmel:  I realized my mind seeks to comfort my body, to avoid pain and emotional discomfort. So creating from that want is a frantic approach to life. It’s constant battle without temperance and is stressful
Susan_Malaysia:  @Shrimayi, thank you from a “quiet student of Knowledge” thank you MVS and thank you everyone on this chat, Nasi Novare Coram
Gretchen_SK:  @Dariel, whoever wrote that blog, is how I found the NM at the first place
Joyanne_Canada:  @David, the Society has released the Revelation on Suffering, such a great revelation to grow our perspective on the suffering in our world,.. truly expanded me, and helped me so very much.. thank you so much to the Society.. a much needed Revelation.
David_Drimmel:  So in speaking to the greater community, which may have influence on us in this way, sharing this experience has been a very real way for people to see the difference in me
ray_Colorado:  David_Drimmel: “We find disappointment to be a very great opportunity. Because it is a natural fact of life that you will encounter disappointment, it must then be seen as an advantage, not always something you can appreciate at the outset, but an advantage nonetheless. There is very great effort by many people to avoid disappointment at all costs, but We want to encourage you not to avoid disappointment. Bring it on. Let it happen. There are lessons you must learn in life, and disappointment will illustrate many of them. We do not encourage people to repeat their mistakes, of course, but certain lessons are waiting for you. Taking advantage of them means that they can unburden you so that you may walk lightly through this world. The burden of avoiding disappointment is a far greater burden.
We are not in control of things that happen to you, but We provide an opportunity for you to view things that happen to you in such a way that you may be able to find an open door there. There is…
ray_Colorado:  … always a door open for you. The reason this cannot be apprehended is because you are trying to do something else with your life. When you are committed to getting what you want in life, then you see only those things that are relevant to your pursuit. These pursuits exist in each person, whether they are acknowledged or not. Often there are a great many pursuits that are unknown to you, and these must be revealed. Then you begin to understand your behavior and to understand why your consciousness is so selective.” Disappointmenthttp://www.newmessage….tment
Betty_UK:  Hi Jeaninne – Discernment in advocating is important, but I found even a rejections, can lead someone else to find the seed, especially when leaving a comment on Face book with a link for example.
David_Drimmel:  Thanks Ray, wiki?
Alexandra_NL:  Dariel: Shawn Lemieux is the primary author of that blog.
Alexandra_NL:  Enlightened people
Joyanne_Canada:  Welcome Chrysostomos, so wonderful to have new students join us.. very inspiring to see you here.
David_Drimmel:  Thanks Marshall, this is something I need to work on. I can see exactly what you are saying though.
David_Drimmel:  Just saw the link Ray. Thank you.
Chrysostomos:  Thanks Joyanne. Not exactly new. Lets say an old newcomer.
Mark_Boulder:  Blog that is Messenger-centric which has brought many people to the NM:
Lin_Boulder:  Welcome @Gretchen!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Hello Sonia UK! Welcome!
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you MaryS.
MVS Society:  “…the Messenger brings a whole new reality. This individual is not simply one who gives warning of the great hazards of the future or the present day or provides higher standards or a greater vision of peace, cooperation and equanimity amongst the human family, for there are many who can do this. But only a Messenger from God can bring an entire new reality and change over time the awareness and the consciousness of large numbers of people, even affecting the attitudes of the entire human race.”
THE ONE BOOK: THE NEW MESSENGER: The Origin of the Messenger
manuel germany :):  A warm welcome Chrysostomos. May I ask you if this is a greek name?
Josef Austria:  @LaRae; I also found Marshall on this blog!
LaRaeUK:  Oh wow Josef! We are so blessed to have found him and been found!
MaryL_Boulder:  @MVS thank you for that wisdom “In sharing the NMG, do not court people, guide people or try to convert people. ” Anything other than Knowledge within has meant that my ego and emotions of frustration gets entangled and muddies the communication. This takes much practice of letting go of our desires even our good intentions.
nenette_istanbul:  I have a 101.99 percent feeling that this is The second coming : The New Revelation The New Message from God. My question is does any one feel the same or only me?? The Holy Spirit & Knowledge …The Creator…
Virgie_near Seattle:  Katia: I think I know what you’re talking about–pointing to the Message more than the Messenger. I was much more open to a Message than a Messenger in the beginning. And I was much more able to accept the Message than the Messenger at first. But people are different …
Josef Austria:  Hello Chrys! Hello Sonia!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Hello Chrysostomos! Welcome!
jeanine_Society:  @Betty – yes thank you for sharing that. Sometimes the fear of rejection or what people will think of us can prevent us from following through on a direct sharing of something we are feeling…a pointing to the New Message, sharing a thought or a quote, something brief, etc. There are of course environments/people we need to pull back from. But still so many good opportunities just in our regular, daily life…
ray_Colorado:  “It is important to understand that at any point in time in the world, certain people are called. And this calling comes both from within them and from the outside. It is a calling that reverberates in the world and within their inner being. But it is a calling that only they can feel and perhaps another who is there to assist them or to support them in their own personal Revelation.
People think of Revelation in terms of the whole world or a nation of people, but there really must be a personal Revelation, and this Revelation is the result of many steps and many stages. It is not something that you can control. You cannot force yourself to have this Revelation because it involves contact with the Spiritual Powers around you and with the Will of the Creator.
Therefore, through arduous spiritual practice or through intense personal affirmation, you cannot make this Revelation occur. If your spiritual practice is effective, however, it will hasten and quicken the moment when this…
ray_Colorado:  … Revelation will come. But the day and the hour is still beyond you. It is not something that you control. It is not your personal creation. It is part of Creation itself. Everyone in the world has been sent here for a purpose, to serve in some unique way and capacity.” The Threshold of Personal Revelationhttps://newknowledgeli…load/
Mike_LF_CAL:  @nenette, the second coming is commonly associated w/the return of the Jesus, the second coming which I was intently observing and waiting for. This is a “New Message From God”!!!!
Josef Austria:  @LaRae; a few days ago I had to think, that he has found us. Really!!
MVS Society:  Katia, in sharing the NMG, start where the listener can start, not where you think they should start. In addition, there are inevitable risks in sharing something of this magnitude and some of these risks are unavoidable. Take these risks when necessary, as I have to take such risks.
David_Drimmel:  Joyanne, I am listening to that one today.
LaRaeUK:  Oh indeed Joesef. We are so very, very blessed.
Alio2:  Katia I too struggled with having the messenger rather than the message being a focus. My concerns of failure of the mission due to people’s inherent reactions to a personality, which rings of “cult” and grandiosity, gave way to the consideration that this need to focus on the messenger could not be by Marshall’s personal choice, but rather from a directive. I know that I am glad I that I am not Marshall and that he has been prepared to accept that requirement. No personality that I know, even Marshall’s human personality would choose that for themselves. Our heart goes out to you Marshall.
ray_Colorado:  “Everyone has the chance to experience a personal Revelation, though many will never reach this point in their development. But at this time, certain people are being called. They are the Elect. They are the ones who have taken enough steps in life to reach the proximity of a personal Revelation—through their own successes and failures, through their own disappointments and disillusionment, through their own focus. It can bring them towards this great threshold within themselves.
The Elect must respond. They have come far enough now where the Revelation is sounding for them. They will feel it within them, and the calling will come from beyond. The time and the place is important. The interactions with individuals who are significant here is very important. It is as if the hour and the moment has been prepared for a very long time under very tenuous circumstances. The calling is sounding.” The Threshold Of Personal Revelation …
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you MVS: ” In sharing the NMG, do not court people, guide people or try to convert people. …” This has been key advice and a learning experience for me, especially in advocating for a specific language area. Sometimes I had the tendency to ‘nurse’ and overly attend potential respondents, but that can only burn out our energies.
Joyanne_Canada:  @MVS, regarding ” “In sharing the NMG, do not court people, guide people or try to convert people. ” I always hear the AA “saying who can Wait?”.. wait for Knowledge to use me instead of me using my personal preference in trying to plant those seeds. Restraint, waiting, in holding myself back I get to see the flow when it happens.. It is much more received when Knowledge utilizes me in the moment. When I wait, when I hear the AA say “who can wait?, I think of you and your waiting, all those years for us to arrive.. It helps me wait more. If if flows it feels right, even the waiting for it to flow feels right. The conversation just opens and the flow happens feeling more natural. Excellent advice for us beginning students.
MVS Society:  Nanette “What is the Second Coming, then, but the Second Coming of Knowledge? Not merely through an individual but through all people. The great Teachers have laid the way for this. It must now come into being. It must now come into being as the world emerges into the Greater Community, where you will have to deal with greater influences of dissonance and the greater influences for Knowledge.”
RELATIONSHIPS AND HIGHER PURPOSE Chapter 9: The Stages of Development
nenette_istanbul:  Yes @Mike, and Jesus is not returning, but God instead spoke again…
ray_Colorado:  “Do not make the Messenger your controversy. Make your own response to the Message the controversy. ” Facing the Light of Revelation http://www.newmessage….ation
LaRaeUK:  I find there are countless in roads to talking about TNM. Whether it is “do you think there is life after death?” Or so, what do you think? Do you think there is intelligent life out in the wider universe? Or, do you notice you never get any older in your head? Why do you think that is. Or when someone gets upset at traffic I mention to them that I mediate which often leads them to ask which type of meditation practice do I follow.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, the only risk I fear when sharing TNM with people is the fear they will not be interested in pursuing TNM further, I don’t care what they think of me.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you MVS for that perspective. “The Second coming of Knowledge” Wow.
ray_Colorado:  Target your market. Lonely people need relationships, someone to listen to them first and foremost.
Reed_Society:  @Katia, pointing people to the message instead of the messenger is certainly fine, I have done that myself many times, though I do think people’s awareness in life tends to follow people, more than ephemeral realities or messages. We might think “David Jacobs” before “Abductions” and search the former instead of the latter, in that case he is an anchor for that reality and his voice gives reality to something that otherwise is hard for the mind to consider and be aware of. Marshall Vian Summers as a person in the world is a living force, and will carry the awareness of the Greater Community further than it otherwise could go. And once he has left the world, that force will not diminish, because he was the first Greater Community messenger, an individual who’s lineage in the Greater Community and with the Angelic Assembly brought these larger realities to human life, alongside the Message, Marshall himself is important here, how I can’t entirely explain, but there is something about…
Reed_Society:  … him, who he represents, where he comes from, that actualizes and gives expression to a greater reality. An ongoing contemplation and study for me.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS: ” “What is the Second Coming, then, but the Second Coming of Knowledge? Not merely through an individual but through all people. The great Teachers have laid the way for this. It must now come into being. It must now come into being as the world emerges into the Greater Community, where you will have to deal with greater influences of dissonance and the greater influences for Knowledge.”
RELATIONSHIPS AND HIGHER PURPOSE Chapter 9: The Stages of Development”
Mathieu-France:  Contemplating this issue of the Messenger for people, I am recalling what the Teachers say about the New Message: that people fear it, because it will change their lives, yet they desire it, because it will change their lives. To me it feels like the same, even more powerful perhaps, with the Messenger. Not a neutral force in the world at all.
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall for “RELATIONSHIPS AND HIGHER PURPOSE Chapter 9: The Stages of Development”
LaRaeUK:  I often find that Catholics and others who have attend a “high church” to be very open to the possibility of a New Messenger in the world. I shall never forget on one journey a woman who was a bit skeptical and then I said to her “Messengers are very seldom recognized in their lifetimes”…and suddenly she tweaked that yes that was the case.
MVS Society:  Mike ask them a question and see how they respond. See the above examples. Based upon their response, choose whether to bring the NMG to them or not. Do not spend too much time with anyone doing this. The road is long and we have many miles yet to go.
David_Drimmel:  I noticed all of my relations that were not real and based on meaning and direction fell away as I began developing further as a student. They did not want to be honest. They simply were not ready for the revelation, or never will be. It has been very difficult letting those people go. But I know I must.
Maurice_Shawn_Canada:  it is very important to engage mind before speaking otherwise once you put your foot foot in your mouth you can never get their attention the same way as you had it before.
Alio2:  Joyanne It is becoming clearer to me that there is the time to act and there is the time to wait and develop. When it is not time to act, it is time to be still, continue the inner work and wait….. sometimes long, sometimes a moment.
nenette_istanbul:  YES!! “RELATIONSHIPS AND HIGHER PURPOSE Chapter 9: The Stages of Development” ı hope it’s free online …
Shawn_Ottawa:  @David_Drimmel Thank you, I have had that same experience. Some of these people were destined for the NM, but simply not ready yet. The seeds were planted. I’ve had one old friend reach out to me, 4 years later, and ask me what she could do to help the world. She was desperate for it. The seed took root — in its own time.
Joyanne_Canada:  very true Alio, I learnt the waiting lesson the hard way my first year.. I find I am practicing getting comfortable in the waiting zone.. 
ray_Colorado:  “You are trying to get to these individuals because they hold a key to your life. They are trying to get to you because you hold a key to their lives. You cannot know your purpose alone, for your purpose can only be realized, experienced and expressed within the context of the appropriate relationships. If you try to establish these relationships with those that you love or prefer, then your purpose will not emerge, and Knowledge will be silent. You will be left with your own ideas to guide you and to protect you—a very poor guide and a very dangerous approach.” Whom will you meet? http://www.newmessage….-meet
Selma London:  Yes, Reed, just as the AA is part of the fabric of our world, the way I see it.
cole_boulder:  “Your role is to reach those who can respond, not to contend with those who cannot respond. When people take issue, point to the New Message and say, ‘If your mind is open and your heart is open, I invite you to explore the New Message from God.'” – Dealing with Resistance and Hostility to the NM. When I feel discouraged I come back to this teaching. There is a lot here to contemplate and bring into practice.
Chrysostomos:  I have asked recently Mathieu for the intervention. When it happened?. 20th century or 19th century? Does anyone really know?
manuel germany :):  thanks Shawn for sharing your experience in planting your seeds.
12545:  Thank you, Ray

Alio2:  I just finished “Relationships and Higher Purpose”. As I began the inquiry in my step work, “Is there anything I need to Know about my relationships?”, a knock came at the door. It was my divorce papers.

Talk about a quick clear answer. I am so grateful for that book so that I can understand and not be angry.

Joyanne_Canada:  @Cole such an important Revelation, very helpful in advocacy
Joyanne_Canada:  haha..Alio, ask and you shall receive.
Betty_UK:  I have had in some occasions, where I left a vague controversial statement, for example on Reddit, which led some people to inquire further.
MVS Society:  In life you are either teaching confusion, suffering and ambivalence or you are teaching inspiration, truth and purpose. You can only teach. There is no escape from this. Teach what you seek to learn. Prepare to do this.
David_Drimmel:  Powerful, Marshall… Yes…
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for that Marshall……
Sarita_Ottawa:  @David_Drimmel @Shawn As I go farther on the path of being a student, I have also found that I am needing to let many people go. It is difficult and painful at times, yet necessary. I hope that the seeds grow but I cannot tend to them. The need to move forward is too great.
Raoul_Australia:  I found a good introductory question for non religious people to be: “Have you ever acted beyond your personal interest?” (yes) “That is God, the God that the New Message speaks about, no temples, churches and rituals…”
Levy_Brazil:  Great intro question, Raoul!
Stojan_Sydney_Australia:  Good question Raoul!
cole_boulder:  thank you Marshall
MVS Society:  The second stage of studenthood is advocacy and service.
ray_Colorado:  “There is the family that is at the level of your mind and your body, your worldly mind, and you have family and greater level. Your Spiritual Family.
The family connected to Knowledge and the greater purpose in life.
You who are hearing these words, you who are receiving the Voices of The New Message From God, you must learn now of this for you are learning a greater dimension of nature and reality. It has to do with your greater purpose in the world, your deeper nature and those who support and assist the realization of this deeper nature in this greater dimension.
For now this should not be a topic of conversation with other people.
Do not go around talking about your Spiritual Family. Do not use this as a subject of conversation or speculation but instead keep it sacred within your heart, realizing that you do not really understand it yet but it holds importance for your deeper life here and your greater understanding.
All things sacred should be held in this manner, they should…
ray_Colorado:  … not be debated and argued they should not be brought up in conversation except very rarely and then only with certain individuals.
There will be those that you are waiting to meet who helped to activate your awareness of yourself at a deeper level. It is not just their ideas that will stimulate you, it is their presence it is something about them. It is something about your engagement.” The Reality Of Your Spiritual Family https://newknowledgeli…load/
Lin_Boulder:  @David @Shawn, so true, when I first started advocacy, tons of time and efforts were spent on my close friends, and the results were very disappointing, of course. The ones who I really wanted to carry with me, might be the ones I need to release first in order to move forward.
Mathieu-France:  @MVS: “Teach what you seek to learn.” Could you tell us more about this?
Reed_Society:  @Katia, and thank you… “We are not sheep blindly following the pastor but beings finding the connection to that compass within us that will continue to function once our beloved Marshall has returned to his Ancient Home.” Marshall is not the means for our redemption, the gateway through which we pass, the facilitator for our return to God or as some think of Jesus saying “none comes to the father except through me.” We are liberated of these shephard/sheep teachings and the exclusivity and false power given to single individuals in history. No, Marshall is a Messenger, a bringer of a Message and a greater reality, and a part of that greater reality itself, and thus a demonstration and a confirmation of it, but our return to God is direct between us, Knowledge, our spiritual family and the divine, not mediated by any “one” person or entity, though it will involve and connect us and unite us with those here in form who are meant to be a part of our return, and Marshall may certainly be…
Reed_Society:  … one of the most important encounters and relationships we are called to have in activating the unique expression of our gifts.
Levy_Brazil:  Marshall, what is the first stage? Studenthood itself?
Patricia_Society:  @Marshall [email protected]_istanbul – “The Second Coming”. Powerful re-reference to a familiar, subliminal question for millions, (“When will it be? Who will it be? Will I recognize them?” and powerfully anticipatory concept: “The Second Coming – The Tidal Wave of Knowledge and What We Most Deeply Know…”
MVS Society:  Work is life. Good work is a good life.
Alio2:  Joyanne Yes there is a humor and irony in the situation and now there is much deep investigation, inventorying, processing, integrating, honesty, pain… all necessary and again, with gratitude for the source to understand what is happening and the inner work that is now required of me.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, acknowledged!
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Cole, your reference to “Your role is to reach those who can respond, not to contend with those who cannot respond. When people take issue, point to the New Message and say, ‘If your mind is open and your heart is open, I invite you to explore the New Message from God.'” Is right on the mark!!!!
Val_Westport:  More profound than the 100th monkey theory, scientific experiments are showing that when one being learns something it makes it easier for others around the world to do so. Rupert Sheldrake speaks of experiments with growing crystals and rats in a water maze. The first to accomplish do so with difficulty, but world-wide, the processes become simpler for others. Thus may Knowledge and the New Message reach more than we individuals can contact.
Selma London:  “All of God’s Messages that have been sent into the world over time have been to strengthen humanity and to foster freedom, to build human civilization. Though every religion has been started by God, they have all been changed by people, even to the point that their initial intent has been lost. But in essence, God has initiated all the world’s religions to enable human civilization to grow and become stronger. Ultimately, this is in preparation for the Greater Community, where freedom is rare and where freedom must be guarded with great vigilance. This is a reality of life. Deny this and you deny life. You deny the lessons of life and the wisdom of life.” Resisting the Intervention (2008)
50099:  @MVS Never any wasted words with you is there?
Joyanne_Canada:  @Ailo, have you read the Revelation on Suffering, it helped me gain a greater insight, perspective and understanding.. truly timely.. http://www.newmessage….world
Howard Boulder:  nice to be with you all today, NNC
Mathieu-France:  @Raoul: “I found a good introductory question for non religious people to be: “Have you ever acted beyond your personal interest?” (yes) “That is God” Good approach. In speaking with people to present the reality of Knowledge us (vs it being a pure new age concept), I try to give them examples of what the expression of Knowledge in the world is, and that most of us actually already has experience it without naming it. Like in decision making when we follow something with certainty without being able to explain, etc. What you are mentioning is a great and simple example: acting beyond your one’s interest.
MVS Society:  Levi, the first stage is studenthood and getting your own life in order, to be able to enter the second stage.
LaRaeUK:  Oh indeed MVS……as far as I’m concerned TNM has provided absolutely everything my heart and soul ever desired. It is a Gift of such magnitude, depth and substance….all I wish to do now is to serve God’s Message and God’s Messenger, for it answers every need.
ray_Colorado:  “the power of God brings people together in a unique way for alone you can do nothing but Knowledge will unite you with other people so that your power can be amplified your strength will be reinforced. This why relationships based on Knowledge are so powerful and are so resilient and why they can weather the changing storms of the world where other relationships will fall away and will collapsed.
You must build your ark and you must support others in building their ark for you need to have strong people around you.
In your relationships people are either weakening you or strengthening you, there are no neutral relationships, anyone with whom you spend time and energy is either strengthening your preparation and awareness or is weakening it. Even lovely wonderful people can be a great disincentive here and Knowledge will help you to discern who to be with and how to be with them thus ending speculation and debate about who to be in relationship with.” Building Your Ark …
Kelvin_Boulder:  Thank you Marshall.
Betty_UK:  In advocacy, I had to learn to discern, when someone wasn’t open due to preconceived ideas. Then I just leave a seed (a link to the NM) for someone else to find it. I always keep in mind, when advocating on Social media, Is the interaction I have with this person and the information I provided enough for someone else to inquire further? and did I invited the person to inquire for themselves rather than the opposite?
nenette_istanbul:  I agree @Cole:””Your role is to reach those who can respond, not to contend with those who cannot respond. ” I have a friend who wanted to talk with me about TNM , but her intent is to stop my advocacy, I told her if you have not read TNM yet please do not say anything…
jeanine_Society:  Thank you everyone for a rich conversation sharing all your advocacy experiences, and related questions. May we continue the important work of taking the New Message out to the world, and hold our unanswered questions within us…Nasi Novare Coram.
Patricia_Society:  @ Val10:57 100th Monkey theory…or the growing Quotient of Knowledge moving within people, between people…The Dip Stick reading every time I look is going up…and up…for Humanity….
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you all for your contribution. See you next week – be well.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Marshall 
Douglas_St. Paul:  I am a little stronger on the inside from your presence. NNC All
Carol_Society:  @Patricia and all: Regarding the list of advocacy methods/questions from today’s very rich discussion, once the list is ready and posted, the link to the list will be provided in The Free School email. ….Thank you everyone for your powerful contributions today. Your experiences of advocating and your experiences of being the strong quiet student as well. Thank you to Tyyne and Robert. Gratitude always to the Messenger and to Patricia and Reed. Nasi Novare Coram
Raoul_Australia:  @Mathieu, you are right, it really works: “give them examples of what the expression of Knowledge in the world is”
David_Drimmel:  Wow Nanette, that is revealing
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall.
MVS Society:  Many people get lost in the first stage or try to bypass it. As a result, they never make it to the second stage, despite their proclamations.
manuel germany :):  @Cole. Thank you this is powerful: “‘If your mind is open and your heart is open, I invite you to explore the New Message from God”‘
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
Betty_UK:  Patricia I stayed with your dipstick analogy and am still with it. Thanks for sharing that analogy. How to measure or at least have an indication. I hope to share more in the future.
Sarita_Ottawa:  Thank you everyone, until next time NNC
nenette_istanbul:  @David Drimmel  and never did she tried to stop me…instead she is reading The Steps to Knowledge and wanted a book from me  I lend her my book…
Stojan_Sydney_Australia:  Gratitude to MVS and the Society for helping to bring the new message to the World. Until next time, NNC.
David_Drimmel:  Wow Nenette, transformative
Marianna:  Thanks everyone I listned all of you carefully step 62.
ray_Colorado:  “As your desire and capacity for relationship grow, so will your comprehension and appreciation for God. That is why there are many different experiences of God and why some of these experience can seem quite contradictory to one another. This is because of the differences in people’s comprehension and capacity to experience God. Here there is a little God, a medium-sized God, a great God, a magnificent God and eventually a God without limit. This is why it is useless to argue about God. You must realize that people have different capacities for experience and will therefore draw different conclusions.”
David_Drimmel:  Gratitude to all. The great love is with us. Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Chrysostomos, I don’t think anyone really knows “when” the “intervention” actually started, but it is mentioned in one of the Revelations although I can recall which at the moment. Keep in mind the Earth has been visited by many races over thousands of years, maybe even well beyond that time scale. As you may know the universe is ~13Byrs old, Earth ~4.5Byrs, there are possibly societies that have > 1 Billion yrs head start on us… think about that!
Katia_France:  “Katia, in sharing the NMG, start where the listener can start, not where you think they should start. In addition, there are inevitable risks in sharing something of this magnitude and some of these risks are unavoidable. Take these risks when necessary, as I have to take such risks.(6:40PM)” – Thank you, Marshall, for this advice. I will. You are right, I can see: if the Messenger speaks to someone, then go for the Messenger. If it’s the Message or a particular area of that, then I should speak to them of that. And thank you for reminding me to take risks as you have and do continually. Heartfelt gratitude for everything you have done for us. Love you.
nenette_istanbul:  @David :my few words is quite strong to her… 
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks Marshall for the clarifications on the first and second stages
Val_Westport:  Patricia, because I read your dipstick analogy and appreciated it, I thought that you would find the paradigm and the empowerment of these results from scientific experiments re our reality valuable in the New Message advocacy context. Nasi Novare Coram.
ray_Colorado:  Relationships & Higher Purpose, Chapter 5 Relationships and Higher Purposehttp://www.newmessage….rpose
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thanks to everyone! Blessings to you all as we continue our “work” for a new life. As MVS has said “Work is life. Good work is a good life.” Many deeper things of meaning being said here for me! Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  Sincerest gratitude MVS, Patricia,Reed Society and all… grateful for the wisdom and guidance you all provide, both in the support of the students of TNM and in the example of your lives. NNC
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all for another inspiring chat, see you soon, Nasi Novare Coram
nenette_istanbul:  Thanks @Ray :Relationships & Higher Purpose, Chapter 5 Relationships and Higher Purpose ….
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you so much everyone for your participation today.. It is so inspiring and uplifting to gather together, Blessings to all, Be Well. Thank you to The Society, Patricia, Reed and Marshall Vian, Deep gratitude.. NNC
12545:  Thank you, Marshall. This is a concern here.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Thank you everyone we can learn so much from each other.NNC
Joe_UK:  Thank you All for your informative sharing here today. May our collective efforts continue to elevate awareness of the New Message and the Messenger.
Adria_Poland:  Thank you all for your sharing. Nasi Novare Coram
Maurice_Shawn_Canada:  from northern manitoba we say thank you nnc
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you all. NNC.
Val_Westport:  As usual, I will be studying this transcript; there is so much to harvest and wisdom to preserve presented here. We are in the Presence and with the Teachers of God.
Alexandra_NL:  Great to be here again. Thank you everyone for being part of this great endeavour. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran.
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Kristina FL:  Thank you all for sharing, Nasi Novare Coram
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @MVS :”Many people get lost in the first stage or try to bypass it. As a result, they never make it to the second stage, despite their proclamations.”
Betty_UK:  Thank you Marshall
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram
Mathieu-France:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
Levy_Brazil:  Nasi Novare Coram
ray_Colorado:  “The person who has a deep conviction and a deep sense of belief will exert a greater influence than someone who is only entertaining or considering an idea. People with conviction will be able to do far more and will have much greater impact in the world. They will be able to influence other minds.” Self-Expression and the Mental Environment http://www.newmessage….nment
Alio2:  Patricia In confirmation of the 100th monkey, any inventor knows the experience of an idea that he/she thinks they “cracked open”, only to find that it is being filed for patent simultaneously all over the world. Our ideas are not “ours”. 
MaryL_Boulder:  Thank you everyone Nasi Novare Coram. May our individual and collective efforts cast a light for those who have the need to find the Messenger and the New Message.
nenette_istanbul:  THANK YOU EVERYONE  I go back to work for a while and continue to re-read again later all what I had missed. ” Cay Mavran Tomay Naya Tay – Coma Navran Tay Misu Veda Re Tranan: “Beyond all boundaries of race and tolerance, the Way of Knowledge flows to those who can receive it well.”
manuel germany :):  Thank you very much Tyne and Robert for moderating this chat. Much gratitude to all of you for your wonderful wisdom. Much love and strengths to you all – Have you all a great week – Nasi Novare Coram

Betty_UK:  Thank you everyone Nasi Novare Coram
Alio2:  Yes, thank you all…. I often wish the chat were 24/7/365 to have you all in my outer life always also. Goodbye for now and with you in the deep place.
ray_Colorado:  “If your experience of being influenced is greater than your experience of influencing others, clearly you are not aware of the mental environment and do not have an awareness of your own thinking and its impact upon others. Indeed, the prevalent belief that people are governed by circumstances and are totally conditioned by them is reinforced by the people who believe in it, and so this belief becomes stronger and seemingly more impermeable. Thus, unconsciousness fortifies itself. You fortify anything you believe in. You add to it. Anything you value you fortify. If you value truth, you add to truth in the world. If you value the escape from truth, you add to the escape from truth in the world. The mental environment you live in, the human mental environment, is a result of all of this put together.
Here you can begin to understand why the Wise withdraw so completely from the influences of the world. They realize that the mental environment in which they live will dominate them unless…
ray_Colorado:  … they take great and significant steps in insulating themselves from it. They have also learned over time that they can influence the mental environment of the world through the forms of spiritual practice that they have learned and that they reinforce. They withdraw from the gross influences to a very great degree. Then they are able to discern the subtle influences, and they are able to establish their own foundation and then contribute from this foundation. If they are wise, they do this without condemnation because when you condemn something, you enter into relationship with it. ” Self-Expression and the Mental Environment http://www.newmessage….nment
AlexFlo (SWE):  Ray Colorado: You are so Right!
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you dear friends! MMCM. NNC
Chrysostomos:  Thank you all. Have a nice time
Val_Westport:  With gratitude for our fellowship and the vantage point on the mountain that our times together provide. Thanks to Marshall and to you all. May we have world, enough and time to see our work and this Message fulfilled in the human family.
Nancy_Oregon:  THX for wonderful rich chat. ..I’ll Print and Study it and REdouble practicing Stillness . MUCH Gratitude for this topic and all the input from so many perspectives /voices. Eager to be qualified , entering the second stage of student-hood. Advocacy and Service. Nasi Novare Coram
AlexFlo (SWE):  About having a conviction to the messege..
Dominic_UK:  Thanks everyone. NNC
AlexFlo (SWE):  Thank you all! Very interesting to read..
Samantha_SA:  Thank you MVS for your words today… I appreciate your guidance and advice.
Josef Austria:  Thank you all from around the world! Thank you Society! Thank you Patricia, thank you Reed! Great thanks to Marshall Vian Summers, our beloved Messenger from God, who has found us like a speck on the ocean. Afloat and adrift. Nasi Novare Coram!



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  1. Alisa Posted on August 27, 2017 at 5:28 am

    nenette_istanbul: I have a 101.99 percent feeling that this is The second coming : The New Revelation The New Message from God. My question is does any one feel the same or only me?? The Holy Spirit & Knowledge …The Creator…

    I feel this too and have felt it ever since I found the NM. Yes, the Second Coming is commonly associated with Jesus, and this is what most people, Christians, are waiting for, but it cannot be taken literally as presented in the Bible. Jesus was a Man of Knowledge. The NM gives a clear explanation of this. The Second Coming is not about Jesus, but about Knowledge. And this is what the Creator is manifesting in the New Message from God.

  2. MaryS Posted on August 27, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Aha! Raoul corrected my memory of the line, “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke,” which I had mentally overwritten, having been influenced by Step 310, as “many here … feel life is not a joke.”

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