Campfire Chat April 22, 2017

 Ellen_Society:  Before we begin the Session today, here are Marshall’s quotes from Last week’s chat:

“What is permanent within you can only be broken by different and restorative practices. My guitar Teacher said “practice makes permanent” to emphasize the danger of incorrect practice leading to bad habits and poor skills as a musician.”

“To see up-to-date worldwide GW events see Climate and Extreme Weather News on YouTube.”

“Let a world of increasing uncertainty, fear and instability bring you closer to Knowledge, closer to the well of certainty, wisdom and strength deep within you. Let the Great Waves [of change] motivate and serve you in this way.”

“We are in the foothills of the Great Waves of change. The great change is only just beginning. The NMG must be learned, lived and shared. Can you feel this?”

“I do not recommend looking at GW and political events too much as this can cloud and overtake your mind. Remember, you are building your connection to and awareness of Knowledge and with it,…

Ellen_Society:  … greater things that must be seen and understood.”

“…underlying the real challenge of the New Message, is the gentle pull of Heaven that increases once you give it your ongoing attention.”

Maureen_Boulder:  A good place to start is here. Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World.http://www.newmessage….hange
Ellen_Society:  Thanks, Maureen, a powerful reminder.
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Ellen.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ellen from that last week quote from Marshall.
Lim_Korea:  Thank you @Ellen
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thanks for the “Recommendations” link Maureen!
LaRaeUK:  Welcome back nenette….we’ve missed you too.
Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone!
Howard Boulder:  Good morning everyone
mellany UK:  Hi everyone!
LaRaeUK:  Greetings all. So good to be with you all again.
Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. Wonderful to be here! Nasi Novare Coram
30858:  Nasi Novare Coram. Hello everyone.
René_Ca:  “He who does not heed the signs, lives the consequences.” -MVS was from last week i believe.
Insuk_Korea:  Hello everyone.
René_Ca:  i thought it should be mentionned..
Jason PA:  Good morning, afternoon & evening to advancing students worldwide
Ayesha_Society:  Before we begin, let’s take a moment together in stillness and connection to one another, to the Messenger, to those beyond and to the great coordination that we are bonded to and are a part of…
Lim_Korea:  Hello, Inhee. good to see you again
Margaret_UK:  Hello everyone
Greg_UK:  I am glad to report from May my shifts will be changed so I can attend the full school session each week.
Betty_UK:  Hello everyone
nenette_istanbul:  wow thank you @Maureen for that ”Recommendation”..
Darlene_Society:  Welcome to everyone gathered.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Good day to all students of NM:*)
Mike_LF_CAL:  That’s excellent Greg!
Ellen_Society:  Welcome to week 4 of the 2nd School Session for 2017: THE NEW WORLD.
We especially want to welcome any new people who are joining the chat for the first time today. Be sure and tell us who you are so we can acknowledge you.
The trumpet has sounded all around the world. The time for our International Chat has arrived, and we are gathering to share our progress with the compelling
questions of our time. May our many voices strengthen each other for the journey ahead, and help us move out of our confusion and into action.

Raoul_Australia:  That’s good to hear Greg!
Alexa_NL:  Oh the sweet sound of silence and gentle embrace of my people… so good to be here…
LaRaeUK:  That’s great news Greg.
Ayesha_Society:  At this time in your life and at this time in the world, what do you feel must be happening in your life? What must you do or not do in light of the importance of this time?
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ayesha The “must” I feel in a strong way is the must of being consistent in my practice and becoming strong in Knowledge. All other things have really faded away for me. Also finding those relationships of meaning and the ones I am destined to meet is also becoming strong within me. These 2 things are becoming stronger and stronger as time goes on and as my life progresses in the world. Yet there are times that I do feel confusion and limited action. I know this is natural to go through. I am always hearing Patricia in the back of my mind: “Just do it anyways.”
David_KC:  I must find relationships that support the emergence of my greater purpose. I must limit my influences in the mental environment. I must study the New Message and take the steps to knowledge to deepen my spiritual practice. I must learn of the greater community way of knowledge and spirituality. I must preserve my energy and resources. I must not give myself indiscreetly. I must build the four pillars of my life. I must follow what I deeply know, and be free to do that. Because I must be free to follow what I know I must unburden myself. I must be free to follow what this may require of me. I must be free to forgive and leave my former life behind me while the bridge to my new life is being built and greater purpose is revealed.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  from one of the Steps: “Refrain from all motivations not born of Knowledge.”
Dominic_UK:  I feel that I must study more.
Joyanne_Canada:  ditto Jim and David, nothings seems as important as the preparation, and balancing our pillars, waiting for direction from Knowledge, where to engage, move, etc
Cameron_Canada:  specifically not always sure but try to allow knowledge to direct my efforts throughout the day
Russell_Sask:  Preparation is the only task. The mind requires stillness to be controlled to be the servant of the body not the Master. You must Practice Stillness You Must gain control of your Mind least it control you instead.
Raoul_Australia:  I believe that I must BE with the Revelation each day – in one way or another, and lately it mostly consists of work related to the Revelation (advocacy etc.)
Dominic_UK:  I feel that there are particular texts and individual teachings that are important for me to look at at this time.
LaRaeUK:  That is powerful Jeffrey, thank you.
Virpi_Finland:  What must happen is strengthening and more focus in all areas of my life
Tyyne_Society:  Yes. I felt the same LaRae when reading the passage posted by Jeffrey…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  That says a lot Jeffrey! Thank you!
Josef Austria:  Hello everyone!
Russell_Sask:  In Stillness our minds can Join other Still Minds to be Present in the moment. This is a very difficult task even for Students. Ask your self who or what is in control of your Mind. If you cannot Still it, it will fill you with useless thoughts and actions.
Jeanne_Boulder:  I agree Russell, STILLNESS is so very important. I struggle with mind control
LaRaeUK:  I find it important to withdraw from the meaningless, and truly focus on the preparation. Still such a new student, but take my studies very seriously.
Shane – New Zealand:  strengthen foundation, maintain steps, engage, study, practice, unlearn, Greater Community education, Speak out about Human Sovereignty, War, resource depletion, human unity and discretion. Continuing watching, listening, waiting, Advocate.. for a start..
Katia_France:  Thank you for MVS’s quotes, Ellen. I do so appreciate them opening the chat sessions. His wisdom sets the tone.
Mike_LF_CAL:  It is difficult to keep from falling into despair in light of the GW. In addition to my daily practices and my studies coming to these chats is a very critical part of my preparation I feel and helps remind me that there is a greater power at work in the world in the light of the GWC.
Lin_Maryland:  Welcome, Josef
Raoul_Australia:  I must avoid side journeys: ““Most references to conspiracies contain both true and illusion, real news and false news. It takes great care and discernment and patience to see through all this. If it is your true purpose in life to do this, then you must build the foundation in Knowledge, and not fear and belief, to proceed, living with questions you cannot yet answer. If this is not your true purpose in life, then let Knowledge move you where it wants you to go. This means no more side journeys.” (MVS)
Selma London:  I must find how to BE the NMG in the world, at this time.
Russell_Sask:  Then I believe what you choose to focus on becomes either useful or useless. The W5 Questions apply to all situations. Who What When Where and Why. To answer these items about anything will reveal amazing details to a still mind. Anything is possible in this State of Being. But first you must Gain Control of your most valuable asset Your Mind.
Hardev_Australia:  For me, most important is the reclamation of my Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to freely express Itself in my daily life.
MarkBerger:  I feel the need to gather and build my resources in Boulder to withstand the GW’s. Getting my son here, setting up a home and establishing 4 strong pillars so that I may be able to serve the Mission of this Message/Messenger through big changes. Time is of the essence while MVS is here.
Douglas_St.Paul:  @Mike_LF_CAL, Indeed, something practical happens here each, but something mysterious as well.
Cameron_Canada:  Stillness allows awareness of knowledge
Virpi_Finland:  Raoul, yes no more side journeys!
Rudy_Boulder:  For me, it is amazing how quickly time passes by and moves forward. I must NOT waste time, for time is of the essence. There is only so much time and energy in one day and both must be conserved and really used up where it is most needed.
Ken_Oklahoma:  I must become stronger with Knowledge every day and am compelled to advocate for the NM every day, in some way.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  There is no time to be ambivalent. You have been ambivalent your whole life.
LaRaeUK:  Very good point Selma….so urgent that we embody what we learn here.
Kristina_Boulder:  Whats coming up for me at this time is to learn more about the mental environment and finding new ways for advocating about AOH in Russian.
Carolyn_CT:  I must remember to separate who I am not only from my thoughts, but also from my environment. I tend to take things into my being…
Tamara:  I am staying true to my path, a path laid before me since birth, covered by the world temporary yet unveiling itself slowly as the baggage of worldly existence ever more finely falls away. With growing clarity, awareness, and capturing of the signs and messages in the physical world around me, I move into various positions of actions. Practical skills are being acquired, stillness is being cultivated, networks are forming, self trust and a greater faith are dawning…and with all this fear diminishes to a faint and distant force.
Greg_UK:  I am glad you mentioned the 4 Pillars @Mark I have found the 4 Pillars review to be one of the most powerful and significantly transformative practices in the NMFG.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Hi everyone. I am late.
Lucille in Maine:  I find this Revelation, The Gift, to be pivotal – so very enlightening, so clear in explaining the error and consequences of trying to create one’s own reality. It is helping me tremendously in recognizing the difference between being guided by the intellect’s imagination/creativity, and being guided by Knowledge.
It is available for free download here: http://newknowledgelib…4399.
Esther_Spain:  “You cannot stay where you are mentally, psychologically and emotionally and have any real hope of surviving and benefiting from the great change that is coming.” (Charper 1 of the Great waves f change) I feel this. I need to prepare myself mentally and emotionally through my practice of the steps.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  So true Raoul! I find that being aware in each moment is so very important as MVS has said: “Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” Is always with me. Yet, at times it can become overwhelming and sad when we become engrossed with the events of the world. Yet this is necessary for to “Know the will of Heaven one must experience the suffering of the world.” Finding the balance between life in the world and life with Knowledge during consistent practice is burdening and unburdening at the same time. I do feel that as I become closer to my true nature and higher self things become clearer…gradually and so slowly. Patience is so very important while being with these questions not wanting answers. This is the journey for me for us.
LaRaeUK:  I relate to that MarkBerger. Still not certain where Knowledge needs me to be, but know I must prepare.
Rosa_UK:  I must practice wholeheartedly, stilling the mind, redirecting the mind and strengthening the mind so that I am focussed in what I am doing, aware and alert, not distracted by this or that, allowing the gifts of Knowledge to flow freely from me to the world. This I promise, this I must do.
Ilhun_Korea:  In my case, I am focusing on working with my mind. How to be close to Knowledge, how to still my worldly mind, how to be strong, how to be objective, …
May_Norway:  I Will go on with my practice, so that I can “bring this Mystery into experience into my daily life, and with it I shall bring strenght, grace and resolution, both for myself and others” and this Mystery is for me to explore and to discover”. I am in my second round of Continuation Training and in my third year of Steps to Knowledge. And my 4 Pillars also need attention, relationship with the world, myself and others. So much to do and it is not easy at all, but much to learn and the training in Listen, see and know, with awareness and discernment.
Dominic_UK:  I resonate with that, Selma
Eron_Boulder:  “To prepare for the Great Waves of change, you will have to take many actions. Some of them will seem very illogical in the moment. You will not be able to justify them or explain them to others. But you must take them anyway because Knowledge within you, the deeper intelligence within you, is urging you. You can respond to this if your connection to Knowledge is becoming stronger. Now it is no longer a still small voice or a fleeting image or a moment of recognition. It is now something that is emerging within you as a deeper conviction, as an abiding concern or need. No longer can you ignore it, deny it or push it away so easily, for it is now competing for your attention.” (The Freedom to Move with Knowledge) What actions do I know must I take as I see and hear the signs of the Great Waves increasing?
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Rudy time is very important, & it seems to go by so FAST. So much of my time has been wasted! I am not getting any younger so I have so very little time left, cannot waste it any longer.
Raoul_Australia:  @Jim B, a very important message, thanks! “”Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” (MVS) I truly feel that too
Debbie_MI:  One thing I have been feeling a very strong need to do has been to work on applying on a daily basis the recommendations for Preparing Your Inner Life given in the GW book. I have also re-read the book Living The Way of Knowledge recently and am finding this to be extremely helpful in helping me to understand what I must do in my Four Pillars work and has helped deepen my understanding and application in STK.
Maureen_Boulder:  One practical suggestion I found helpful is to put my essentials into a suitcase in the event I need to evacuate quickly. Important papers, money, etc. so I can grab and go. Fire danger in Boulder is huge. Also having ample food and water. I have spring water 25 gallons of spring water and a water filter and container for the city water and make sure I have food supplies. I’m learning how to grow some of my own food in containers and in my garden. Thankfully, I have a community of new message students nearby and afar for support as well.
Ellen_Society:  When I find myself in some confusion over how to prepare for this uncomfortable future, I turn to this quote, and it helps me face myself: “ People use confusion as a place to hide, to mask the things that they are recognizing and to avoid being with these things and taking action. It is like a smokescreen so that people will not have to see, know and act and take the risks and face the challenge. It is a group addiction. It is a mass avoidance.” ~ GWoC, Chapter: Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action.
Richmond_UK:  @Eron thanks for sharing that.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Jim B, thank you for that reminder.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  More and only prepare that must be my focus.
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you for that quote Eron from “Freedom to move with Knowledge”
René_Ca:  “What requires self-discipline is to reorient your focus, to reorient your devotion and to reorient your service. You either serve Knowledge or you serve the substitutes for Knowledge” -Step 208
Anna_Boulder:  @Maureen, thanks for sharing some of what your external preparation looks like.
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Ellen for that insight on confusion
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you Ellen. Thank you, Ayesha. At this time I feel a need to continue building constructive work on the pillars. Sort out what I have or do and see which belongs where. like many scattered islands, everything belongs somewhere within one of the pillars or not. The pillar of health is the most important at the moment and apart from that I listen a lot.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks @Maureen
nenette_istanbul:  quote:”Observe yourself. See what your mind tells you. Listen to the different voices within you…” only taking Steps to Knowledge could lead us to hear the true voices inside us…
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Jim_B & Raoul, I feel that as well “Every moment of not paying attention is reckless.” (MVS)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You must make the journey, and to make the journey you must take the steps, one by one. In this way, your progress will be slow and steady. In this way, everything you learn will be deeply experienced and digested. In this way, you will not miss anything that is really essential for your development and well-being. As you proceed, you will also learn to cultivate the necessary abilities that you will need to face life, to give to life and to understand your way in life. These abilities are patience, perseverance, compassion, discernment and discretion.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you Ellen for that quote, I see that all around, “…like a smokescreen so that people will not have to see, know and act and take the risks and face the challenge. It is a group addiction. It is a mass avoidance.”
Inhee_Korea:  @Rudy and Jeanne ” I must NOT waste time, for time is of the essence.” I resonate with that.
May_Norway:  Thanks @Maureen
Ellen_Society:  @Nenette…..yes, thank you for that quote.
Hardev_Australia:  @ Debbie, Yes. Learning to live a Greater Community Way of Knowledge in the world is such a refreshing approach to living our lives.
Selma London:  Yes, Nenette, I am experimenting with ‘I surround & protect myself with the Love & the Grace of God’ to find out what I really know and who is speaking where and when.
Jangsun_Korea:  @Jeanne, yes, time is very important. I am asking myself very often, “Where is my time going? Where is my mind is going?”
Cameron_Canada:  recieve, give, study, contemplate
Maurice_Ireland:  Greetings from Ireland
Shrimayi Netherlands:  Simplify my life more that is where I am working at.
Sarita_Mtl:  Strengthening my studenthood and 4 pillars are important for me as well. So is leaving relationships with no purpose that are a weight holding me back from what I need to do. Moving to a new province to escape potential Great Waves disasters and to trust in Knowledge when I take these leaps.
Ayesha_Society:  Welcome Maurice
MaryL_Boulder:  @llhun and others:”Your mind as a servant is magnificent. Your mind without anything to to serve is pathetic.” Knowledge must be the driver of my mind as there is no time to waste or actions that do not serve the times now.
Bethne_UK:  @ maureen How I enjoyed the specific practicalites you mentioned. Thank you
LaRaeUK:  Yes Shrimayi….so vital.
Cameron_Canada:  ….and then act
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Consistency in following the steps to Knowledge, in following a preparation that you did not invent or design for yourself, will give you greater consistency in all other aspects of your life and will enable you to be one person, the same person, in all situations. Then you will no longer be a conglomeration of splinter personalities any more. You will become one person with one focus and one orientation. ( GCS24 What is Steps to Knowledge?)
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Responding to the questions, I must establish my foundations(4 pillars) before I can contribute to the world. In one Revelations says, “Build you Ark first”. It is what I am working on. My awareness of my gift and my contribution will come to me when my foundation is strong.
Josef Austria:  Welcome Maurice!
Maurice_Canada:  @ Ellen if the confusion is masked by being unsure as to what could happen to you when the future comes why don’t you talk to a person on skid row and find out what exactly they are going through. Then you might have an idea what’s coming for you without an infrastructure to support you.
Shane – New Zealand:  “Most of the preparation for the Great Waves is internal—what you can face, what can you see, what can you know, what can you do.”
“Once the internal work is sufficient, then the outer work becomes the main focus. You have time now to do this inner work. In the future, you will not have this time.”
“And when time does run out, may the inner work be sufficient so that the Ark be sound and float amidst the rising waters.” – Marshall Vian Summers 2016 feb 13
Val_Westport:  In taking action, one discovers so many unexpected dividends along the way. For example, in planting a large food garden here, my helper talks about how much he is learning from helping me put into practice what I know. To take action and find the pathway open up in doing so is a grand adventure in creating a useful tapestry of one’s life.
Eron_Boulder:  While the outer preparations are important, so are the inner preparations as this will be my real foundation as I face the Great Waves. “People think that to prepare for difficulties, you just fortify yourself from the outside. You stock up your house with food, or you just try to take a more defensive position. Or in extreme cases, you act as if you were on the verge of war, and you remove yourself to some distant location far away in the country, you arm yourself, and you look at everything fearfully.
But this is foolishness, for the inner preparation is more important than the outer preparation. For you do not know what you are preparing for yet. You cannot tell how things will go. And because you are ultimately here to serve humanity rather than to run away from humanity, you are really not engaging with the truth about your life if you simply try to build security for yourself. And any security you build for yourself will still be insecure in the face of the Great Waves of…
Eron_Boulder:  … change.” (The Freedom to Move with Knowledge)
Rudy_Boulder:  What not to do, waste time. What to do, be consistent and prepare to take the next step, one step of hundreds of steps to come.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ellen you’re welcome….
Ilhun_Korea:  @MaryL, Yes. Thank you.
Cameron_Canada:  @Sanghyun – not necessarily, you are contributing right now
Joyanne_Canada:  I find myself hearing attend to what you know, mundane tasks, but getting moved within to attended things in the moment, making my time useful, building the pillar of work, putting aside my laziness, getting things done.. feels like I am slowly stepping away from wasting time, and more practice on focused on listening within. This helps me look at my pillars, which one is weak?, which one undermines me..I am grateful that I am learning to learn. Yet I feel the pressure to gain strength and engage more with the teachings, and Knowledge.
Tyyne_Society:  Along with the internal preparation which you are speaking of so beautifully here, so essential, I am working on the recommendation to prepare practically with a storage of food and water. The recommendation is 3 months worth of supplies. While I was living in Michigan during the mid ’90’s there was a 3 day power outage. No gas because the pumps run on electricity. Shelves were empty but for a few things here and there. All frozen and refrigerated products were spoiled. It was a dry run so-to-speak. There is a much to prepare for given what we know is coming. There are also some specific things that I need to work on to meet the needs of the NM and the Messenger’s mission that are in front of me as well. They are my next steps. What is the “must” that is so unique to each of us given what is front of us to do?
Keiko_Ita:  hello everyone!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  “Practice makes permanent.” has been a teacher for me for a # of years now. we are always practicing something. Whatever we practice is what we become conditioned to and if we do it enough it becomes a habit. I am working and practicing in a focused manner using what I am learning here in the NM and applying it to my life the best way I know how at the moment. Yet, in time these practices can become stronger and healthier all depending on where our focus and concentration is.
Ginny Ohio:  I’m finding it increasingly necessary to make time every day to be with the Message and the Revelation. I listen to the recordings, read from the Wisdom books or the Greater Community Spirituality and apply what I learn in life. Build the space for my practice to become my foundation to then take into the world. Learning how to let the application be directed from Knowledge and not from my own expectations.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Eron for that quote.
Selma London:  So what did you learn from that ‘dry run’ Tyyne?
Bethne_UK:  @ Great quote Shane—for priorities.
Maurice_Ireland:  Thank you ray hobby…just what I needed to read…steady as she goes
LaRaeUK:  I resonate with that Ginny. I feel it is vital in order to build that foundation.
Greg_UK:  Once again I must run for work. NNC brothers and sisters.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  @Cameron. Right, I agree. But there should be more than what I am doing or aware of right now.
Cameron_Canada:  Hello Keiko – welcome
mellany UK:  I’m working on my 4 Pillars … a bit of attention to each, every day. I’m finally achieving more patience regarding this….building slowly, but more consistently. Weekly 4 Pillars Reviews have really helped, here. Also, I’m making it part of my Practice to listen to a Revelation, each day….usually one that is relevant to the Step that I’m on. As others have said, at this time, preparation is key.
Tamara:  As I read quotations from the New Message and review my own study of it I notice how it speaks so simply and generally. Looking upon my own journey I see the process it has taken for the simplicity of this message to find direct bearing upon my life, direct instruction for my individual contribution now and into the future. As if by magic it occurs not in the words themself by in my experience of living, of noticing, of capturing, and of making small movements/adjustments.
May_Norway:  @Greg, Nasi Novare Coram!
Alison_Boulder:  @[email protected] – I am hearing you say you are preparing specific details of positioning yourself for the great waves, to participate ultimately as a strong foundation to serve the Messenger and Message. I resonate with this.
Anything I am doing is worth building because it is not just for my survival, but also to answer the Calling, be ready, support him, the Society, the need of the the Voice to reach the world so more lives may be changed.
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Eron I like this quote” You do not know what you are preparing for yet. You cannot tell how things will go. And because you are ultimately here to serve humanity rather than to run away from humanity, you are really not engaging with the truth about your life if you simply try to build security for yourself. And any security you build for yourself will still be insecure in the face of the Great Waves of…(9:26AM)
35681:  Yes- prepare, strengthen my practice, build the 4 pillars, take this time to resolve the counter productive functions of the mind…. I would also add the balancing ingredient of taking time to enjoy simple pleasures, enjoying time with another, enjoying time in nature, enjoying that chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream scoop!
Levy_Brazil:  It’s becoming clearer to me that the inner preparation gives us the perspective to withstand the coming Great Waves of change. I had a thought “what if suddenly thousands of people show up in our shores here where I live?”, for a moment my reaction was of fear, am I ready to host 1 person, what will happen, etc. Then a sudden *perspective* came: “that’s it, I get to host someone from another country and help them”. Will I be in that state when that actually happens? I hope so. But this little experience gave me some insight that the perspective, how I think about change, is what matters, and the inner preparation can provide me this.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tyyne, over the years I have prepared all that.. last on my list is a portable solar generator to power our sleep machines, this I am attending to in the next few months..fortunately I have a friend who has prepared that way. We are building a relationships, he has all the books of the NM and is slowing being drawn to engage. It helps me to have one other person in our town who can get me in this aspect of GW preparation. I find it difficult that my hubby although he is doing steps and I see good movement within him, isn’t prepared to acknowledge the GWC.. So gratitude comes forth for the gift of this friend.
Arthur:  Hello, I would like to share some progress that I’ve had made that happens to be strangely relevant as well. How could I let go of the part of me that demanded some form of justice for all the wrongdoings
that I have been subjugated to. The part of me that wouldn’t move a muscle before it felt that it had been compensated for everything it had to endure. But now I see that I’ve been looking at it the wrong way all this time. It’s not justice that I seek, what I really want is being able to move forward. It is in forgiving and forgetting peace can be found.
Life is in constant motion and following it is my remedy.
Sounds simple enough but there’s a difference between understanding and realizing something to be true.
Now all I need to do is act on it and surely I will become the perfection of being in every single conceivable way!

LaRaeUK:  That’s beautifully expressed Tamara…..
Kristina FL:  Ayesha… Building the bridge to Knowledge and to build the 4 Pillars is the most important to me… “Knowledge must be experienced to be known” I must listen to my Knowledge experiences and have the strength to follow what it reveals. To prepare my life as much as i can externally to the GWC. Also to be aware of my weaknesses and to learn to manage them effectively.
Maurice_Canada:  @ Levy of course you are assuming they will be receptive to the new Message?
Roberto_Boulder:  Listening to “Navigating the difficult time ahead” recently, I had this tremendous feeling regarding time. How much do I have?, I asked myself. Not much. All I can do is prepare. In these moments when the pressure of time emerges, I may want to be in the eighth step in front of me, but I must take the one that is before me now. The Great Waves are becoming stronger each passing day, and I know that I must be strong enough in my Pillars and in Knowledge to be a contributor and not a casualty of them. So easy it is to mindlessly resettle, for however briefly, into thinking that the future will be like the past, especially when out in the world. So I know I must continue building my pillars and re-balancing them as new things come into my life, such as new worldly work.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Eron for those quotes! And thank you Rudy for what you have said re: time. So very important to recognize and to be with!
Ayesha_Society:  Yes Tyyne, on the external preparation. This is the seeing, knowing and action piece. The internal preparation also leading to external action when necessary. The word “act/action” came up about 43 times in this revelation. It is certainly an important point.
Joyanne_Canada:  @Arthur, good for you that you have gained this greater insight.
LaRaeUK:  Oh Arthur, I’m so pleased you’ve found that insight. It is so liberating to forgive.
nenette_istanbul:  quote: ”Many people will go down with the ship because they do not want to leave the ship, while others have escaped, waiting to be rescued. This is the sad truth about human existence because humanity as a whole has not really become strong and united sufficiently. But individuals have and always have, and now many more must gain this strength and stability and this focus.
Life is giving you signs. It is telling you what is coming. Knowledge within you is giving you signs, urging you to respond….” Seeing,knowing,taking action.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Thanks for the insight Levy.
Richmond_UK:  @Tyyne the must for me at the moment is paying close attention to my work pillar in a very uncertain market. Is it sustainable long term? if not what alternatives are there for work that will survive in the GWC. These are the things I’m looking at closely now.
Tyyne_Society:  So true, Alison. “Anything I am doing is worth building because it is not just for my survival, but also to answer the Calling, be ready, support him, the Society, the need of the the Voice to reach the world so more lives may be changed.” I was listening to one of the days in The Messenger’s Vigil and what stood out so strongly for me is when he said… “… all of my development is for this.” All of my development… for this… for the mission of the Messenger. For the New Message from God. That is a powerful statement to be with and one that is staying with me right now as I prepare.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Arthur: One must come to realize in being in the world that there are destructive forces within the world. If one is really honest and self-observant, one will realize that there are even destructive forces within oneself. … .. . Nasi Novare Coram
Alisa_Russia:  @Arthur thanks for sharing, a thumbs up to you!
MVS Society:  Many of the Great Waves that will profoundly affect our lives are still far out there like a great Tsunami slowly moving towards us across the ocean. Yet since it takes many decisions and actions and much time to prepare, preparation must start early and be sustained to be effective. We prepare not only for ourselves, but for others and for the whole world.
Lim_Korea:  Thank you @mellany helfull Quote
Eron_Boulder:  @Jeanne…Ah yes “The Mystery”.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS…
Maurice_Canada:  @nenette You are right but don’t forget there are some who don’t want to hear anything about what we know
Ellen_Society:  feel free to continue with this thread of conversation, and I will now add the second question for today, if you wish to turn towards it. ……… The Study Plan urges, in light of the limited time in life to prepare for the imminent New World, to ask of Knowledge within you: “What must I do to proceed?” If you have taken the opportunity to pose this question in this way, what new ways do you see to go in life?
Jason PA:  I MUST continue to read a be reminded by the quotes from Rayhobbs. Thanx again sir!
Debbie_MI:  @MVS-Thank you!
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall. We must do the work.
Jason PA:  As well as MVS…..thank you sir!
LaRaeUK:  Yes Tyyne…..yes.
May_Norway:  Thank you @ Marshall!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Tyyne, Yes!, our preparation is to develop ourselves so we serve the Mission of the Messenger, that we assist in our small ways of building the foundation of the NM in our world. To be a demonstration of the New Message and the Messenger, and that God hasn’t left humanity but has spoken again to give the antidote, for our Race at this Time
Ayesha_Society:  @Tyyne, Alison, yes all of this inner and outer preparation and freedom is for something and it is for this we are deeply bonded to. People we know, or will never know. I’m reminded that freedom has been hard won, and I must continue to work harder for freedom as now I cannot afford to take my life for granted or underplay the consequence of not preparing. There are those that I feel deep accountability towards, in which the consequences would not just impact me, but them as well. I keep this accountability in mind as the “must”and the fuel to keep going
Darlene_Society:  @Arthur, an insight that can bring real change for you. Good. Yet the New Message says perfection is not the goal. Contribution is.
Betty_UK:  @Ayesha I’d like to share this passage from the CT Steps 53 “Therefore, in learning Steps to Knowledge, you learn to build the foundation, for that is half the preparation right there. If you do not build the foundation, well, you cannot really exercise your greater abilities. You will not become a force in the world, a force for good.” “The other half of the preparation is in learning about the mental environment.”
Dominic_UK:  @Maurice What would it matter if they weren’t? The NM isn’t everyone’s path. Surely we can co-exist with and even help people who don’t think the same way that we do?
nenette_istanbul:  Yes @Maureen very true…We are Blessed to be here …and found the New Message. We are Honored…A Miracle of our time…
Jason PA:  Eron……great quote & so relevant!…..”To prepare for the Great Waves of change, you will have to take many actions. Some of them will seem very illogical in the moment. You will not be able to justify them or explain them to others. But you must take them anyway because Knowledge within you, the deeper intelligence within you, is urging you. You can respond to this if your connection to Knowledge is becoming stronger. Now it is no longer a still small voice or a fleeting image or a moment of recognition. It is now something that is emerging within you as a deeper conviction, as an abiding concern or need. No longer can you ignore it, deny it or push it away so easily, for it is now competing for your attention.” (The Freedom to Move with Knowledge) What actions do I know must I take as I see and hear the signs of the Great Waves increasing?(11:18AM)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Arthur: You have come from a reality where you are known and there are no questions into a reality where you are not known and where there are only questions, and very few real answers. You have come from a place of total security and inclusion to a place without security and that demonstrates Separation everywhere. You have come from a place where you were at peace now to a place where you must survive and compete, where you must navigate uncertain conditions and ever-changing circumstances. It is entirely different being in the physical reality, … .. . Rahn, .. .. .
Selma London:  “The world you will see without judgment is a different world than you have ever seen before.”
From <http://stepstoknowledg…d.htm>
Shane – New Zealand:  “It takes far longer to prepare than it does to act.” – Secrets of Heaven, Secret 37
Maurice_Canada:  At this time in my life it would be hard to start all over again from scratch in the material things that I would consider my comforts and necessities. However what would help me to see the reality of Knowledge at work would be to plunge myself into the lives of others so they can see their experience of life without an inkling of what Knowledge was. We can read about or theorize about their lives 100 times and think we get it but until you actually place yourself where you are forced to live it ; you will never understand what being desperate means.
I felt the pain in my heart and the sorrow of my soul and what it went through when I became a destitute, hungry. homeless and unprotected suffering nothing of a person. It is worse for men than it is for women.
The lesson is one of survival. Mental preparedness and the right skills and equipment are things one must have to handle the consequences that will be here soon. To go forward in life is to become stable and expand and grow from…
Maurice_Canada:  … there just as to become free to go where we are being directed to give
Cameron_Canada:  @Sanghyun_CA_Korea – I understand being impatient and wanting to do more. If you are consistent with the steps, you are doing more than you might acknowledge. I also feel like you at times. It will come.
Val_Westport:  My mother used to tell my sister and me to “Leave things better than you found them.” I am seeing how in actions big and small, I have the opportunity to do so. And that goes for my own mind, as well…clear, not cluttered, open, not closed, inclusive, not reclusive.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS… someone without children, I don’t worry much about myself. As the New Message has shown me again and again, this isn’t about me. This is about humanity. This is about the future of the human race. I must take this seriously for the sake of all life on this planet.
Serena_Montreal:  This question for me is something that is an ongoing ‘re-alignment.’ It comes down to the 4 pillars. Building for the future in the area of work/career through school. Preserving and holding myself back in the context of relationship, maintaining my health and deepening my practice each and every day. That is the shortest way I can answer this question but I feel that this question requires a great amount of investigation and will differ for each of us. So what must i do in light of this time? Work, build, hold, endure, look high, go deep, and never lose sight of that horizon.
Selma London:  Going deeper into the NMG provides the tools & shows the way, by combining with world events & personal conversations, to bring out of me an expression that is new & unexpected.
It’s empowering, but I recognise that on my own I cannot do this, and I have to stay inner-directed to continue. Therefore, I must submit, and allow myself to be guided to keep exploring.
Lately the Revelation ‘Being Alone’ http://newknowledgelib…load/ has been a particularly deepening tools and practice to listen to.

Josef Austria:  Thank you, Marshall!
Hyeonam_Korea:  Sorry too late. Greetings all. Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  thank you Serena, Work, build, hold, endure, look high, go deep, and never lose sight of that horizon.
Tyyne_Society:  @Ayesha – yes, hard won. Oh, the consequences of not preparing. That is something to set squarely on the table and to look at and act upon when necessary. The accountability not only to ourselves but to others. That is huge.
nenette_istanbul:  quote: This is God’s gift to you. And it must be your gift to yourself. It must be your gift to your children, to your friends, to your family and to anyone who has the power and the intelligence to listen.
You must prepare your children, for they will be living in a world of ever greater change and difficulty. You strengthen them not by telling them what is coming, but by strengthening their connection to Knowledge, by teaching them the difference between fantasy and reality, by helping them to discern the nature of their own strengths and weaknesses, by sharing with them the wisdom that you have learned in life and by showing them where they can gain greater wisdom through the experiences of others. ”
Alisa_Russia:  @Selma I agree. I have been listening to that Revelation lately too.
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Arthur: God does not punish evil because evil is inevitable. It is like punishing a child for being childish. It is like punishing a fool for being foolish. There is no punishment of evil. Evil only perpetuates one’s misery and makes the possibility of redemption delayed and more remote.
Katia_France:  “the New Message says perfection is not the goal. Contribution is.(5:37PM)” Thank you for that essential reminder, Darlene. Phew!
Arthur:  Thank you everyone and no Darlene that last part was only a joke I am already perfect.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Marshall.
Hardev_Australia:  @ Shane, thanks for that quote. So true.
Alexa_NL:  Yes Ayesha, we´ve had to break a lot of barriers to find the NMFG and become students, a true blessing and miracle in our life… and yet, there are more barriers to break so that when we`ll look back at our life on this planet joined with our spiritual family we will be able to tell them: yes, we did it!
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Val good advice
Tom_SanFrancisco:  yes, the future: i know how to build, I am thinking of building a compound for a small community to house NM students for years to come. inspired to make it partly subterranean.
manuel_:)_germany:  @LaRaeUK: “…this isn´t about me. This is about humanity. This is about the future of the human race. I must take this seriously for the sake of all life on this planet”. thank you so much for that …who knows… it may even have a much greater impact beyond the human family on Earth… ?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @ARTHUR: Perfection is an obsession of the intellect, … not a need of the soul.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ellen, for me is to learn to live with uncertainty. As when you go through changes and thresholds you dont really know where you will end up at the end. I guess main thing is to stay focus and be close to Knowledge and continue to build 4 pillars.
LaRaeUK:  Ah good point manuel!
Ginny Ohio:  Ah Kristina–I resonate with your statement so much right now
Selma London:  “Knowledge within you will initiate a relationship with the Greater Powers. These Greater Powers are really greater individuals. They are not merely forces of persuasion that exist in the mental environment. They are actually greater individuals.” Higher Powers
Rudy_Boulder:  From Building your Ark: Weather the shock of the Great Waves and be in a position to be a contributor. Have a strong mind, a strong will, a strong body and a strong compassion……know where to give your gifts and where not to give them, when to say no and when to say yes. Finally, this is a Calling for you. God calls for you to prepare, to build your Ark and help/support others build their Ark.
Ayesha_Society:  Hi Serena, “not losing sight of the horizon” thank you. And yes this does differ from person to person and a deeper investigation to these questions are required, and it is certainly not a one size fits all. “Because everyone’s life is different—their circumstances, their obligations, their relationships and the state of their own mental and physical health—their pathways are all different. That is why one prescription will not work for everyone.” From Seeing, Knowing and taking action.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  @Cameron, right. I want to do more but I don’t think I am impatient. To proceed further and maintain the work I was given, I have to acknowledge the preparation can be long.
Ellen_Society:  @ Jason — unable to receive your PM. Could you email the Society instead, and I can read it there?
Dominic_UK:  @Manuel “it may even have a much greater impact beyond the human family on Earth… ?” Now that is an interesting thing to consider.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Throughout this study session, I’ve been with the question of what I must do to (re)build my work pillar after a long period of unemployment(/”full-time motherhood”) … I’ve had a lot of impatience around this (and actually, my restlessness about it last year ultimately led me to the NMG). This process of discernment is turning out to be so much longer and more involved than I ever would have thought. I have so much to let go of … and I find I keep coming back to focusing and refocusing on Steps practice … trying to learn patience. Yesterday’s Step for me is so important: “The world needs me, but I will wait.”
MaryL_Boulder:  @Alexa: “able to tell them: yes, WE did it!” thanks for the important reminder of “we” rather than “I” even though we are the ones with the hands and feet in this reality.
May_Norway:  Thanks for that sharing @Selma!
David_KC:  On building strength… The role of the individual in preparing humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community
“To be free, you must be strong. To be strong, your mind must be clear. You must see clearly. You must hear the truth. You must be objective about your life and circumstances. You must look upon the world not with grievance or avoidance, but with compassion, patience and determination. If you are to forge the groundwork for a new future here, to play your small but important part here, then you must have this approach. Accept this gift of love and Revelation. It brings with it great responsibility, but also great strength and great promise. You are not living yet the life you were meant to live because your life is not engaged with the Greater Reality that lives within you and all around you. For humanity, this is a great turning point. And for you, it is a great turning point.”
Alisa_Russia:  @Kristina, I agree that learning to live with uncertainty is important, not knowing the outcome, but trusting Knowledge to be your guide.
Selma London:  You’re welcome dear May
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Kristina, that is a skill we are all working on, as things that were talked about 10 years, are now beginning to hit the public interest. When the great waves begin to affect economies and people’s well being it will be a primal response, there will be alot of uncertainty. We now have the opportunity to develop our connection with knowledge, early.
Alison_Boulder:  @Ellen, with a limited life-span, I must not wait for something external to be the deciding factor on changing my life. Getting a dose of family in an old life setting, as nice as it can be at first, gives me some examples of how delayed your life can get by waiting for someone else to take action, living in compromise as if time will go on forever. What lessons it teaches me…saves me TIME.
I love my life and what I have decided to do with it. I love my difficult decisions to come. What is ahead for me is more interdependence and learning to be uncomfortable.
LaRaeUK:  Oh I love that Step @Virgie. I often have so many thoughts as to how I might be of use, but then remember that step and hold myself back. I must allow Knowledge to lead, and trust the mystery.
Alison_Boulder:  Where the I becomes we.
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, Alison “I love my difficult decisions to come”.
Levy_Brazil:  To me it speaks of perspective.
Alexa_NL:  Yes, completely resonate Alison “What is ahead for me is more interdependence and learning to be uncomfortable”
Alisa_Russia:  @Alison “more interdependence and learning to be uncomfortable” – that’s something to think about
Tom_SanFrancisco:  @ allison: poem by muhammed ali (shortest poem ever): Me, We.
May_Norway:  Thanks @ Alison, so important that is !
Ken_Oklahoma:  Am I doing what I need to be doing, am I with the people that I need to be with, am I living where I need to be living? Why have come to this world and am I collaborating with the right people. I keep asking these questions?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Arthur: The world is a beautiful place. It is marvelous. It is Creation happening every moment. It is change happening every moment. If you can stand apart from this and experience it—without fearing for your own survival, without being afraid of what you might lose or have to give up, well, … .. . it can actually be a marvelous experience. , … .. .
Joyanne_Canada:  @Alison, Kristina, yes most definitely learning to live with the unknown, learning to be with it, so different from the conditioned mind that wants to know everything now. Getting comfortable with the unknown, reminding self, I must be prepared mentally for changes in my life, its okay to not know..for Knowledge knows.
LaRaeUK:  I resonate with that Alison.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Alison: yes going home to visit family is a reminder that had I not made the decision to follow Knowledge regardless of the fear of the unknown saved me from dying while still alive in the world. But there were many decisions of Knowledge and moving into the mystery to get here and I am reminded that there are more decisions yet to come inspite of how old I am and how much more of this journey is before me.
Tamara:  What must I do to proceed? Maintain balance, be alone unless the activity direct contributes to others or my pillars, commune with the earth through my garden and development in biodynamics, begin classes in basic skill acquisition, honor the doubts that arise, capture my life through journaling, follow life…..
Shane – New Zealand:  “If people see and hear, but do not take action, then they have not really seen. They have not really heard. It has not passed beyond the intellect to reach deeper within them. They are not really responding, and so they are not really being responsible.” the-message/volume-4/great-waves-change/the-freedom-to-move-with-knowledge
Lim_Korea:  Thank you @David. Really helfull.
Ellen_Society:  I am moved by how we are all helping each other in these chats: to face the future, to face ourselves, and to prepare to act. There is strength in our joining.
Mathieu_France:  @Alison: “Where the I becomes we.” That has been a shift for me as well, this shift from I to we in my approach of things, including my own life. It has been a natural no-choice shift. For good or ill, it is “we” and no longer only “I”.
Rudy_Boulder:  Today is Earth Day, a day to contemplate our existence on this beautiful gem in the universe of barren worlds.
nenette_istanbul:  I resonate on this quote: ”Your task now is to prepare and to become strong with Knowledge. Do not take your eyes off this task. Do not become overly concerned with other people. Do not become disheartened at the lack of response in people around you. You must bring all of your attention to bear on what you yourself must do. It will take all of your strength to do this.
Do not complain about the world. Do not be overly critical of other people, …” indeed humbleness is needed…
Serena_Montreal:  Thank you David, Which revelation is the quote from?
Joyanne_Canada:  Very much So, Ellen, Strength in our joining, in facing things together, in knowing that we are all preparing for each other and the world. We are not alone, and we unite in this Mission
mellany UK:  “Your preparation will restore you and redeem you to your real purpose and meaning in life. Where you have come from, you are important. When you are in the world, you are not important until you find the importance that you experienced and that you knew before you came here.” ~ GCS, What Is Your Preparation For.
Val_Westport:  As I take action, my freedom to act is sometimes scary for me and inexplicable to others. Yet it is in action that the real living, the being-in-life takes place. Steering one’s ship, taking the chances, making the choices and relying on the great compass of Knowledge to keep one on course–brings me into the new life.
May_Norway:  I remember back in the past; that I always said We and many was asking, are you bringing someone with you? And I said yes, but who I cannot say
Jeanne_Boulder:  @ Ali, thanks for that reminder “WE” not longer only I, We needed to hear this!
Lim_Korea:  Agreed… @nenette
Maureen_Boulder:  My inner preparation is always at the forefront of my mind. My Steps book by my side. My hourlies as my touchstone. And then I look at what people who are directly experiencing the Great Waves to see what I may need to be prepared for. What if I had to experience what they are going through. How would I respond? What would I do if I had no electricity for a long period? How would that affect my food preparation? My ability to stay warm or cool? Am I strong enough to walk long distances to find food or shelter? Does my community/city have disaster plans? What are the bare essentials I need to survive? Medicines and first aid supplies and knowledge. Knowledge about herbs and essential oils I’ve found to be something I want to build. Gardening skills too.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Joyanne, the funny thing is that if you make decisions and changes with Knowledge, it will give you such peace that it will overshadow the uncomfortable feeling of uncertainty for the future as your trust in Knowledge will grow more and more. It’s like driving at night where you can see only what’s in front of you, but you trust your GPS that will get you where you need to get at the end.
David_KC:  Entering the Greater Community (May 27, 2011)
Raoul_Australia:  I live with the question “What must I do to proceed?” and the answer I get is ‘do your work’, so I am doing that, and I keep asking the question…perhaps my mind would like some more specific answers, but I am grateful that a lot of the work to be done is evident, very evident.
Tonia_Denmark:  Sustaining the preparation when a great wave is coming in is rather challenging and according to the second question, many emotions and facts are faced, fear and confusion being the most obvious. I feel that a fear of not being able to deal with the fear has been a challenge, but then new realizations are coming in. Seeing, knowing and taking action will be coming into focus around certain issues. The thousand solutions needed now are calming down to a little less. But is it right what emerges in the horizon or is another few solutions needed first. I manage to stay with being alone much better now.
Joyanne_Canada:  so true Kristina, when we move in the right direction, we feel it within,
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, Kristina
Tyyne_Society:  @Ellen @Alison – going from me to we. This is a pretty big transition for the separated! Again I am reminded of something MVS said during The Messenger’s Vigil… “I am joined.” He is joined with the Assembly. We are each taking steps toward that reunion wherever we are on that mountain to climb.
Debbie_MI:  @Virgie-Thank you for sharing your experience. I am also in a transition phase regarding my career. Regarding patience, I try to remind myself that all of the pillars take time to develop and most likely a lifetime. Whenever I have moments where I feel impatient, I remind myself that as long as I am putting focus on this every day, I am really doing the best I can.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ LaRae such an important reminder that yes…this is not about me. But about humanity and its future, the environment of the world and our FREEDOM. The Greater Coordination is taking place unseen by us yet it is there in all of its manifestations throughout the universe. Oh how the Mystery of this and life move me. They have moved me to become sober, they have moved me to the NM and its teachings and are now moving me into action slowly but surely. This is the blessing from God, this is the Preparation from God and this is the warning from God. All being given to humanity to contribute to the world instead of living recklessly in consumption, greed, and corruption. The seed has been planted in us for we are here now. The seed must be placed in others from us. This is all a small part of the bigger picture of the Great Coordination and Gods Greater plan for not only this world but countless others as well. It is the Mystery that has been with me my whole life.
Cameron_Canada:  @ Kristina and Joyanne – agree
MVS Society:  LaRae, the preparation is about you. Yet the purpose of the preparation is about building relationship and service to others.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Rudy thanks for the reminder of “Earth Day” being today!!!!
Russell_Sask:  So here comes another Test Time for Students…Can you Still your Mind and your Fingers at the Top of the Hour Event. Its a quiet way to contribute your mind to the Collective of Stillness. May you be Still and Give your Best to Learn the Knowledge in Stillness..Watch the World it awaits for you in the Speed of Nothing. Enjoy it my fellow students for that is where we really connect, the chat room helps, but the Practice Teaches. Until Next time we gather together Nasi Novare Coram and SoV=vIt
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Darlene. “The prayer for you: Let me be of service so that I may give, for in the end, it is all about simple service.” I just read this in the Great Coordination afterglow. How lovely to know it is this simple–to serve and contribute.
Carolyn_CT:  Thank you for this insight, Kristina Boulder.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you for that clarity, Marshall.
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Rudy “Earth Day” being today!!!!
Keiko_Ita:  The preparation for me how much I can understand Teachers’ intention without my preferences and intentions…I am practicing to discern things as they are…
Jeanne_Boulder:  Bye Russell, thanks for your wisdom
Ayesha_Society:  A moment of stillness to conclude our time together today. May we have the will and courage to prepare within these precious times. As some of you mentioned about time, each day matters now, each day a blessing and opportunity.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for that clarification MVS.
Mathieu_France:  Raoul: I appreciate too not to have to wonder what can I do that much anymore. It’s rather how to organize my priorities in work, maintain my foundation, manage myself, join with others… and learn to preserve some inner space. I remember, when I was younger, how I could suffer not to know what I can do in this world. This strain is no longer there and I am grateful for this.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you for the quote, Mellany @(8:55).
manuel_:)_germany:  @mellany… many thanks for that quote… I was kind of lost until I found the New Message from God or the NMG found me… I knew that I was here for something important, but could not figure it out what it was… This has given to my life the meaning and direction I needed – now I am a student of Knowledge and the NMG in order to prepare for the things I am supposed to do…. We all are here to serve, to serve humanity in a great need… it is not about our little minds… grow compassion, grow love, grow empathy, grow understanding towards other people… without condemnation

Carol_Society:  TODAY’S REMINDERS:

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THE STEPS VIGIL, May 26 – June 14, 2017.
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Keiko_Ita:  contribution is not what I think, I feel.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Mathieu
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, @Debbie, and @LaRae–I find your comments encouraging!
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks, Mathieu, for “This strain is no longer there”.
David_KC:  Thank you all for joining today and your contribution. May the power and presence of Knowledge guide you in all you do. Nasi Novare Coram
LaRaeUK:  I’m feeling you Jim, I am feeling you.
Raoul_Australia:  @Mathieu “I remember, when I was younger, how I could suffer not to know what I can do in this world. This strain is no longer there and I am grateful for this.” Yes! I feel that too
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks Keiko Keiko_Ita: contribution is not what I think, I feel.(10:01AM)
May_Norway:  Thank you @Carol !
Keiko_Ita:  We must establish connection to Heaven!!
Ayesha_Society:  Marshall, thank you for clarifying this point, “the preparation is about you”. The “I” still exists in the picture and is still important for personal responsibility, important not to disregard. Yet the “We” as you have clarified is the purpose for the preparation. Vey clear
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Alison for the words @ 11:48am. Resonating with me!
Hardev_Australia:  Well said Raoul and Mathieu, I can resonate with that feeling although I am presently not so involved.
Cameron_Canada:  Thank you everyone. See you next week, I hope, from yet another school gym and tournament. Last one of the year. Good to see you here Maurice. Be well all.
justin-calif-!:  I have to run, gang- just a reminder: I will be at the “Maker Faire” May 19-21- in San Mateo, Ca. with some fellow students giving out NM info- (and showing mechanical sculptures, too!)-stay safe, NNC-
Ilhun_Korea:  Service is not about giving what you want to give, it is about giving what the situation asks of you. That is service. #spiritualtruth
Alison_Boulder:  @[email protected]@Ken ~ When you mentioned doing more advocacy, and daily advocacy, I felt that as the truth for myself as well. Those simple acts settle me down, temper my ambitions, enter my life into service– maybe even just 5 mins if that is all I have. But it could be 5 mins to reach 5,000 on the internet.
On that note, @All, please consider taking part in weekly Advocacy Gatherings for the New Message, where we prepare to join., 6:30pm MDT, and 7pm BST, Thursdays. Thank you to those who have built and continue to maintain infrastructure so that the Revelation may travel – the web team, translators, advocates, proofers and editors. In our work we honor the very source, spoken though Marshall Vian Summers. May more lives be given.
May_Norway:  Thanks @ Aisha
Jeanne_Boulder:  Thanks to Marshall, Society and all students of NM for your wisdom today Nasi Novare Coram, we are so very blessed.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, and everyone, NNC

Shane – New Zealand:  “You do not know how it is going to turn out. But how it is going to turn out really does not matter because you are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result. If your service is pure, if it comes from love and compassion, you give because you must give, not because you are assured of an outcome. You do it anyway. You try to bring about a good result, but in the end, you cannot control it. Then if your service to others seems to fail, you will not feel devastated. You did what you could. Like the physician in the field of battle taking care of the wounded soldiers, you do what you can with what you have.”

Your Purpose and Destiny in a Changing World – The New Message from God

Maureen_Boulder:  “Have great faith in Knowledge within yourself and within humanity as a whole. Otherwise, the Great
Waves will seem overwhelming—too great to consider, too great to prepare for, too great to navigate. And
you will simply give up and feel defeated before the real trials begin.” from Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World.
Raoul_Australia:  Very true for me too, Ali, “Those simple acts settle me down, temper my ambitions”
Ellen_Society:  Another quote that uplifts us as we continue our preparations: “If you can do this, you will see that the Great Waves of change, though extremely hazardous and consequential, in fact represent a great calling for people to respond and to become strong and united —
to cease their endless conflicts with one another, to unite to protect the world, to preserve what is great in the human family and to lay the foundation for a greater future and a new direction, a new way forward for humanity.” – The Chapter: Seeing, Knowing, and Taking Action – from The GWoC
LaRaeUK:  That is so beautiful manuel. I’m so pleased you found the New Message, and that is found you.
Mathieu_France:  Thank you. Nasi Novare Coram
Val_Westport:  It is an honor, a joy and a great nourishment to keep company with you all. What we are receiving we are also giving, gifts from the Sacred Fire. We learn and grow and hone our skills and collect our gifts for the great giving to come. Nasi Novare Coram.
Robert_Society:  Thank you everyone for your powerful contributions here today and for your determination and strength to continue the journey. Nasi Novare Coram
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Ellen
Ginny Ohio:  Blessed to be with all of you. Nasi Novare Coram
mellany UK:  Thanks for sharing that, Manuel. It’s such a Blessing that you found NMG … and we get to share Thursday advocacy sessions :))
Eron_Boulder:  Blessings everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
Tyyne_Society:  Oh, my goodness everyone. Thank you for your presence and all that you share about your preparation – inner and outer – it is thanks to you and all those who support the New Message from God that this is and so much more is possible. http://www.newmessage….ssage
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you all for being here, sharing, inspiring and deepening your student. We hope to see you again next week. Many blessings to you all. NNC
manuel_:)_germany:  @LaRaeUK thank you my dear… believe me I am so so blessed … it is like I was living a life in a cavern without having seen the daylight, and then – BANG – receive this Blessing of the Revelation and to see, and to hear, and to feel, and to know what I really need to do… and this is to serve
Dominic_UK:  Thank you everybody. NNC
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you for that quote @Ellen …
Carol_Society:  @Shane: Thank you.. such an important perspective regarding our service to the world: “you are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result…you do what you can with what you have..”
MaryL_Boulder:  @Maureen and everyone: “Have great faith in Knowledge within yourself and within humanity as a whole. Otherwise, the Great Waves will seem overwhelming…” This faith in Knowledge within myself and students here and in the world yet to be found is what keeps me going. Nasi Novare Coram with all my love and gratitude to the Messenger, Society and all of you.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ayesha …
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you, Alison. This feels like a very direct look into the face of the GWC times to come. Even our families can be a side journey that we must take less and less.
Sarita_Mtl:  Thank you all! Until next week, NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Everyone who can receive the Revelation, in humility and honesty, will be walking with the Messenger. In some degree, either great or small, they will be doing what he is doing. They will be following the pathway that he is blazing for everyone.
Any true student will do this naturally because they are following Knowledge, and they are taking the Steps to Knowledge, and they are building a strong foundation for their greater and future life through the Four Pillars of development—the Pillar of Relationships, the Pillar of Work and Providership, the Pillar of Health and the Pillar of Spiritual Development.
To walk with the Messenger is to understand the Revelation as it is pertaining to your own life and to the lives of those whom you will influence. It is a great calling, you see, but before you can give, you must receive, and you must prepare, … (Walking with the Messenger)
Serena_Montreal:  Thank you all for taking this on. Nasi Novare Coram
Richmond_UK:  Thank you everyone for this very powerful and strengthening chat. Nasi Novare Coram
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you dear Messenger, Ayesha and Ellen and all my family around the world.
Ellen_Society:  Thank you all, for your participation in these chats has many ramifications – for all of us online for the chat – but also for the ways our greater understandings will ripple out into the world.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, everyone! It is such a privilege to be able to gather with this community. Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @rayhobbs .
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Shane, thank you for the quote(9:06)
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  I resonate Manuel. My experience is so similar. When it found me I slowly realized this was what my heart had been searching for my entire life. We are so blessed. So blessed.
RaeHyung_Korea:  Nasi Novare Coram. Thank you Everyone.
Mike_LF_CAL:  “Do not think that you have all the time in the do not realize how precious this time is right now…you must prepare even though others are not preparing…do not think for a moment that everything will turn out fine, that govt’s will take care of all the problems… do not listen to those voices in your mind that tell you you cannot do anything…” from Building Your Ark.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  To receive the Revelation is to walk with the Messenger. To walk with the Messenger is to receive the Revelation., … .. . Rahn
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS, Ellen, Ayesha and all for this gathering.
Kahala_Oregon:  Thank you All. Nasi Novare Coram.
Keiko_Ita:  We just follow the Presence.
manuel_:)_germany:  @LaRaeUK:… oh yes… the other day I said to a kindered spirit: “We hit the Jackpot” – we are so so blessed
Ilhun_Korea:  Welcome, Raehyung.
Jos_Netherlands:  Tank you all. NNC
Betty_UK:  Thank you everyone
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, Ellen, great quote. The truth arises slowly within when awareness around this higher perspective is emerging.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Even if you are alone in receiving the Revelation, you are part of its reality as you proceed. And this reality will grow for you naturally, for it emanates from within you outwardly—adjusting your outer life, affecting your values and priorities, giving you a deeper confidence and a greater strength.
Even if you are just beginning, it is a great opportunity for you. It is a blessing, indeed. Nasi Novare Coram
Hardev_Australia:  Thank you Marshall for “We prepare not only for ourselves, but for others and for the whole world.(1:34AM)”. Thank you all. NNC.
Serena_Montreal:  Today is meaningful for today, but you are going somewhere. You have a destiny. You have a rendezvous with important people. You have a realization to gain. You have a strength to build. You have weaknesses to overcome. This requires work. This requires dedication. This requires that you have a sense of direction, that you are going somewhere. You are not simply stopped by the side of the road to take a nap for the rest of your life. You will find many wonderful places to visit along the way, many wonderful people to meet along the way, but you must keep going.” – Living the way of Knowledge.
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you to my New Message family, each week as we gather we are all assisting each other up this mountain, such a major blessing that we are gathered. Deep gratitude to The Messenger, his family the Society and our World Wide Community. Nasi Novare Coram
Lucille in Maine:  @Shane – NZ: Great quote, Shane! Thank you! I needed that comforting reminder for my restless, fearful, control-obsessed mind… “You do not know how it is going to turn out. But how it is going to turn out really does not matter because you are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result. If your service is pure, if it comes from love and compassion, you give because you must give, not because you are assured of an outcome. You do it anyway. You try to bring about a good result, but in the end, you cannot control it. Then if your service to others seems to fail, you will not feel devastated. You did what you could. Like the physician in the field of battle taking care of the wounded soldiers, you do what you can with what you have.”
Debbie_MI:  @Shane, thank you for that quote.
Carol_Society:  Once again, such inspiration, wisdom and strength has been shared here today–Deep gratitude. And may our week ahead be given in service to the New Message, to its Messenger, and to those who sent us here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you all for this Chat, see you next week, Nasi Novare Coram
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Shane thank you for that quote! It says volumes and struck me hard when I read it for the 1st time yet just as strong reading it again! Thanks
Shane – New Zealand:  “You must be willing to do things that other people are not doing. You must be willing to see things that other people are not seeing, to know things that other people are not knowing and to take action that other people are not taking because in truth you may be the only person you know or one of very few you know who is doing anything to respond and to prepare. This is how Knowledge becomes strong in you.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you become strong with Knowledge in this life, you will be given a greater level of service beyond this world. This may be service within this world or another world. It may be service as a transcendent teacher, one of the unseen ones who guides those who are still living in form. Or you may return to the manifest world as a great teacher, as someone who has great promise, to share wisdom and guidance and resolution in another existence. Here there is no judgment day, there is only progress. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of anger, resentment, self-judgment and condemnation of others. You cannot return to your heavenly state full of indecision and ambivalence, with addictions, and self-destructive tendencies. You just simply cannot return in this state of mind. And to think that all these things can be resolved within one life is to underestimate the problem. And even if you could resolve all of these things in one life, your accomplishment would be so great that God…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … would want to use you to help others who are still lost in their state of separation. So you could not return to heaven even under these circumstances. God is going to get maximum use out of you, and maximum use and benefit from whatever wisdom you can acquire, … … living in the physical reality. (The One God; The Origin)
Alexa_NL:  You do it anyway….
Keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone! Nasi Novare Coram…
Mike_LF_CAL:  Yes! “you do it anyway”, thank you to all! Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram.
May_Norway:  Thank you everyone and Naci Novare Coram
Patricia_Reed:  (from Patricia) @all regarding the reference in The Great Waves and Your Life about “honoring our relationship with God.” When, or how have we ever considered this invitation to honor our relationship with God in this life? What does this look like, feel like? Did this ever occur to us? Be well all. Thank you for taking the New Message into your lives and into the world…..”Receive this awareness as a gift of great love, for great love it is. Receive it as a confirmation of what you most deeply know, for a confirmation it is. Accept it as a gift out of love and respect, for such it is. Use it and follow it to the best of your ability, for that is how you honor your relationship with God. And that is how you will fulfill the great purpose that has brought you here at this time.” The Great Waves of Change and Your Life
Darlene_Society:  Thank you everyone for walking with the Messenger by receiving, preparing, honoring yourselves and the Revelation. We do this together. Thank you to Ellen and Ayesha. And thank you forever to Marshall for his continual presence, reminding us of the greater WE we are a part of. Be well, everyone. NNC
MVS Society:  You are here because others worked to make it possible. Work to make it possible and others will find this.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.”
LaRaeUK:  Oh Patricia….thank you. It is a gift of love…..from the Creator, from The Assembly, from Marshall, you, Reed the Society. So many great acts of love bringing this to us, to take into the world.
Carolyn_CT:  After a very long time, I have finally realized that although my practice is far from perfect, I do it anyway, and it is amazingly effective, even the smallest amount, which is requiring great effort. That effort seems to be recognized. This stands to confirm a deeper truth hidden within, that as long as I am willing to give this time to God, and even if it takes such effort, then I am still rewarded with results, however subtle.
Shane – New Zealand:  thank @Patricia “Receive this awareness as a gift of great love, for great love it is. Receive it as a confirmation of what you most deeply know, for a confirmation it is. Accept it as a gift out of love and respect, for such it is. Use it and follow it to the best of your ability, for that is how you honor your relationship with God. And that is how you will fulfill the great purpose that has brought you here at this time.” The Great Waves of Change and Your Life
MarkBerger:  Concerning “Me to We”: Learning to Join is a big step, a big transition out of a separated life as Tyyne mentioned. This is something that can’t be done alone, obviously, and the Society, through the opportunity of volunteering, provides an environment to do this, to make this great trek out of the jungle of a separate identity. If you ever get a chance to be in Boulder and come to the Sanctuary, there is a great drawing by Gina called “Learning to Join.” I find inspiration in this image and knowing that many others have travelled this path before me and it is possible to join and have a greater life of We rather than me.
Patricia_Reed:  How to “honor our relationship with God” is an intensely personal question….Me to God, God to me. Us to God. God to us. A direct transference….
Rose, Netherlands:  Thank you, everyone. So greatfull…..
May_Norway:  So true @ Marshall and thank you again !
Tonia_Denmark:  Marvelous, Marshall. Thank you very very much for this deep insight.
Val_Westport:  Our relationship with God, our Primary Relationship, is honored and celebrated as we learn and grow here together. God, the Sum of all Relationships, the Context of Contexts, is also known as the Teacher of Teachers. We are in Relationship with All That Is even as we are in relationship with each other. Such Grace we share; we are so Blessed, for ourselves, for others and for the future of our world.
Ilhun_Korea:  Thank you Patricia and Marshall for being with us at this time and in this world.
Shane – New Zealand:  Thank you Marshall
MVS Society:  When facing fear, uncertainty or self-doubt, remember you are being reconnected both in Heaven and here on Earth.
Shane – New Zealand:  @Mark – Thank you, I am learning to join.
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you MarkBerger, I agree. It is a big transition but can be done. I am working on it too. “Learning to Join is a big step, a big transition out of a separated life as Tyyne mentioned. This is something that can’t be done alone, obviously, and the Society, through the opportunity of volunteering, provides an environment to do this, to make this great trek out of the jungle of a separate identity.”
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall for When facing fear, uncertainty or self-doubt, remember~
Kelton_Calif:  Thank you all and be well everyone. Nasi Novare Coram
René_Ca:  an invaluable advice, as always.
Carolyn_CT:  Thank you Marshall. That is very encouraging..
67509:  If you are alone begin your practice in Steps to Knowledge learn how to gain access to the well of silence learn how to control your mind and focus your mind so that you can direct it and use it appropriately instead of being governed slavishly by it. This is the time to forge your spiritual practice this is the time to organize and re-evaluate your life this is the time to pull yourself together and to plug up all the holes where you are losing energy to other people and other things. (Being Alone)
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, MVS.
Tonia_Denmark:  Thank you, 67509.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you seek to know your own heart you must be able to be alone you must not fear yourself or your thoughts or feelings you must learn to be in control of your emotions and your intellect instead of being a subject to them. To find your real purpose in life you will have to experience over time the deeper current of your life for only at the level of Knowledge is your real purpose and your real destiny, it is only at this level can it be discerned and experienced truly. So the greatest rewards of life are awaiting you in stillness and building a deeper connection to knowledge within yourself but you will have to face temporary loneliness perhaps you will find it difficult to relate to your culture and society at first but that is part of the process of finding yourself and finding what you really came to do and to gaining the discernment and the values required to discern those relationships that hold the greatest promise for you. (Being Alone)
Josef Austria:  Thank you Marshal!
Lucille in Maine:  A benediction: “May I come to this, my studenthood, now with a powerful intention because it is my life. And time is of the essence. With the power of this intention, I will overcome my former obstacles, go beyond those places where I quit or gave up before, and proceed onward into new territory, which will make my life dynamic and fresh and real. For Every day is important. Every encounter becomes important. Even the rituals of my life repeated over and over become now opportunities to experience Knowledge. This will restore life and enthusiasm to me …
Lucille in Maine:  … and the sense that I have a greater destiny in the world.” http://www.newmessage….ssage
Alexa_NL:  Thank you for that reminder Rayhobbs
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  Thank you, Lucille, beautiful.
Howard Boulder:  Great to be with you all. NNC
Patricia_Reed:  @Lucille-“You did what you could. Like the physician in the field of battle taking care of the wounded soldiers, you do what you can with what you have.” My father was a army physician in WWII in Europe…He did what he could, and he said he was completely humbled by every situation, just trying to find some solution to the myriad injuries and maladies of the men he served….Who will ever remember him or those he was charged to help….Their contribution swept now into the foundations that are now the modern world of today. Who will ever know?…..God, and those from whom they were sent, will know….The Good, the Goodness of Knowledge, may it continue to flow from too many places to stop…
Lucille in Maine:  Thank you, Patricia…
Sanghyun_CA_Korea:  Thank you Ellen, Ayesha and everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Darlene_Society:  @Patricia…so moving, so grateful to your father for those years and for his passing on his demonstration to you.
Josef Austria:  @ Lucille; Wonderful!
nenette_istanbul:  wow ..Beautiful Lucille..
manuel_:)_germany:  @Alexa_NL… that pig xx:22 is wonderful… so much insight and wisdom… thank you so much for sharing
Tonia_Denmark:  Beautiful, Lucille
manuel_:)_germany:  sorry I meant pic…
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS :”You are here because others worked to make it possible. Work to make it possible and others will find this.”

Carolyn_CT:  must sign off now. Thank you dear friends. NNC

nenette_istanbul:  What a Great Worker your Dad @Patricia thank you for sharing…



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  1. Janice Stevenson Posted on April 23, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    My step for today is “I will not allow ambition to deceive me. ” I am recognizing a competitive part of myself that wants to compare with others I look up to and to find fault with my own efforts. This takes my focus away from what my next step is as if I am in a race to get somewhere but I don’t know where I am going. When I hike in the mountains near where I live, I notice that if I spend too much time looking way ahead of where I actually am on the trail I feel anxious and discouraged. But if I focus on the next step in front of me, I actually feel confidence growing. Also I am available to give something of myself to the journey and to appreciate a bit of what the journey is giving me. Even if it’s sweat and a little discomfort. Ambition just takes me into a false place where I am choosing to distrust my real experience and to ignore what it is trying to teach me. So my ambitionness while reading the chat sent me off in this wrong direction, the comparison trail. Just noticing…now backtracking to get on my own path once again. Thanks everyone for the lesson.

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