Campfire Chat April 1, 2017

Ayesha_Society:  Here are Marshall’s quotes from last Saturday’s chat:

“Regarding great and inevitable events, you never want to be the one who later laments “I didn’t see it coming,” when what is coming is see-able.

Self Knowledge must be accompanied by Knowledge of your immediate environment and the larger forces of change that have the power to change that environment. Knowledge within you works in response and coordination to both the Higher Powers and the changing environment. To see the pathway, you must know the risks.

When the great Tsunami approached the coasts of Indonesia, the animals headed for higher ground while the people stood and wondered why the tide was withdrawing so extremely. So what is real intelligence?

In broad terms, the NMG is telling you what you are preparing for if you take the time the read the many GW teachings that the NMG provides. The landscape is constantly changing, but life is moving in a discernible direction. Patiently learn to discern that direction with…

Ayesha_Society:  … [without?] relying upon simple explanations, answers and assumptions. Do the work and you will receive the reward. This will take time and attention on your part.

The New Message is here to build strength in you in all ways, not just one or two ways. You must be able to adapt in order to be of real service in a radically changing world. This comes down to seeing, knowing and taking action with patience and determination. You prepare for this each day for the pivotal times ahead when these things will be essential and called for.

In the early stages of recognizing and facing the GWC, there can be a strong sense of panic and running around not knowing what to do or to focus on. But eventually, you settle down into a long and determined preparation on both the inside and the outside. The NMG is here to prepare you for what is coming.

The preparation for the GWC will require many things of you, much of which you cannot yet see. Yet as you learn more about the inner landscape of your…

Ayesha_Society:  … mind and the outer environment around you, these things will come to you as small wisdoms, important warnings and corrections to make. There are many layers of learning here and only the patient and determined approach will give you these things. This is about taking a real journey. Groping for answers is not taking the journey. Taking the journey is the answer.

If you cannot see a future in something, then it likely has no future for you.

Watch for the signs from the world, but wait to make conclusions. In this way, over time, you will be able to see the big picture. Real wisdom does not come all at once, but in stages.”

Alisa_Russia:  This evening the skies are blue and the sun in shining and most of the new snow has already melted. Life is good
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Will_Society:  Also last week, Marshall shared this impactful passage with us from Building Your Ark:

“Your ark is small. You cannot stockpile food for the rest of your life. You cannot stockpile anything for the rest of your life, so that is not the emphasis. You will need a certain amount of resources available to you so you do not fall prey to the shocks that the Great Waves of change will bring. You cannot provide safety and security for yourself forever, so the real ark building is more internal than it is external. Yes you should have three months worth of food. And you should have three months worth of financial resources at the minimum. Yes your health must be checked and it must be strong. Yes you must be with people who can assist you in building your ark and in building their ark as well. Yes you must leave divisive relationships that have no future and no promise. Yes you must re-evaluate your life, your involvements, your possessions—everything. This is building the ark. This is…

Will_Society:  … determining what is essential and what is not essential, what you will really need and what you will not really need, what you can actually do and what you cannot actually do. This is why the preparation is more internal than external.”
justin-calif-!:  Hello, all!-Quick reminder: I’ll be on venice Beach Ca. today handing out NM/Allies info- anyone local- I should be easy to find!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Ayesha and Will for the quotes! They are so valuable to us all!!!
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Surina_Calif.:  Good Day, Everyone. Wonderful to be here! Hope everyone is feeling good! There’s safety in numbers. I never feel alone knowing the WWC shares my Knowledge! Thank you all for being the Great Souls that you are! Nasi Novare Coram!
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[email protected]:  Greetings to each of you as we gather for another sacred gathering.
Will_Society:  Hello everyone. As the Worldwide Community of the New Message gathers, let us take a minute together in stillness at the top of the hour. A moment to center, a moment to breathe and relax, a moment to take stock, a moment to find Knowledge in our experience if we can.
LaRaeUK:  I resonate with that Surina….so grateful to be her and part of this WWC.
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Ayesha_Society:  Welcome and thank you for being here to share this important time together. Today marks week 5 as we continue to explore the core revelation of the first month “The great waves and your life”, part of the March-April school session on The New World. Let’s begin with our first question for today.

Has the Great Waves Teaching affected the way you see normal human activities in day-to-day life?

Raoul_Australia:  Hello everyone!
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Selma London:  As the GWC quicken over the next few years, and take up people’s time and energy, there will be increasing vulnerability to the Intervention. We are already seeing the exposure of what’s going on just below the surface as shifts are made in politics and divorce proceedings begin in Europe. These are opportunities to increase awareness and make relevant corrections, particularly in bureaucracy and corruption. Transparency and honesty will be essential in coming together to face the two pivotal events of our time. We are already seeing the vitriol on both sides of the political divide, and how indicative the choices are that people are making in dealing with their despair. Many are talking about deserting their country or giving up. Others want to fight instead of finding conciliation. Things are beginning to stir more as greed and selfishness come to the fore. It is already becoming obvious who is trying to differentiate themselves and oppose everything, forming cliques, gangs…
Selma London:  … and dogma in judgement. There are also great paradoxes here for those of us attempting to evade the waves of fear and opposition, yet remain active and engaged.
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  I do not take normal activities for granted and am very grateful for them.
Paul_MA:  I feel like I live in two worlds. One, a world of the GWC and the GC, where great changes are coming. And changes that are happening throughout the world. Yet this other world, the one of yesterday, the one in which people go about their days with no urgency or awareness of what is happening now and the changes to come. Living in two worlds is challenging.
Rosa_UK:  Hello everyone!
Joyanne_Canada:  @Ayesha, Yes The GWC has shown me that although people are aware of different aspects of GWC they do not see the whole picture, and are not preparing.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, I lost interest in a lot of things I used to waste my time and energy on, I still need to have more focus, but I see the progress compare to where I started. GW remind me of what is really important in life and what is just unwise waste of resources and time.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  We were born before the wind
…. Also younger than the sun …. Let your soul and spirit fly
Into the mystic … Nasi Novare Coram
Joyanne_Canada:  @Paul.. ditto..
Selma London:  During my Famine studies at Tufts University we looked at FEWS (Famine Early Warning Systems) and how people behave under stress. The indicators are there, recognisable, and known by academia, who fail to speak out adequately, and by NGOs on the ground without a voice, for people don’t really want to hear beyond a band-aid of a donation to make the problem temporarily go away. This is how entire populations have been kept undernourished and weak for decades – it’s clear how this may be feeding (pun intended) into the Intervention. “Politics is the means to achieve greater or lesser ends, but the greater and lesser ends are beyond the realm of politics itself. The intent to oppress a people and to become enriched by it is initiated before the political process is set in place over time. If the provision of the world is diminished, then the political process must try to adapt to this.”
Rebellion, Revolution and War (2011)
Lynn, CO:  Yes GW has been affecting me very much, there is a slow type of morning, a continual simplifying, a reevaluating what is important on a daily basis
Selma London:  In terms of deserters I’m not talking about refugees, and I sympathise, having left Britain for 10 years because I’d had enough of Thatcher! But I eventually returned, realising that the problems needed to be tackled in situ & not by running away. One of the main problems of ‘development’ is creating dependency rather than fostering independence, and empowering each nation to take responsibility for themselves, in order then to co-operate and share. This enslavement taking place similarly extends into the welfare state, parenting, and schooling – they become crutches rather than enabling.
“Nations will have to work together and REINVEST in a stable economy not based upon growth and endless expansion, but upon stability and security and humanity.” Rebellion, Revolution and War
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Ayesha for me TGW have changed the way I view the world. And as time goes on the more I practice the more my perspective changes. I’m finding that the deeper I go into the NM and its teachings the more freedom I feel. Yet, there re times to be honest that I become deeply saddened and at times angry. Then I always remember step 55 I will accept the world as it is.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Jeffrey….so very grateful.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Ayesha The way I see daily life is changing as I am more aware of things that I took for granted,like water from the tap,the food I can buy from all over the world,the roof above my head,how I see my health.There is a deep appreciation that I can feel ,and at the back of my mind the question:what can I do for this world,how can I support this world ,how can I be a guardian of this beauty.
What can I do to protect this earth from collapse within and intervention from beyond .What is it that I must do.
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes Paul, having greater awareness in the world of confusion is challenging indeed
nenette_istanbul:  It is a great privilege for me to meet in person The Son of The Messenger from God…Thank you so much Reed, for giving time to meet me…I felt that I’ve seen The Messenger in person very young though, NNC
Tamara:  I see more and more clearly the level of inertia within American culture and thus other industrialized nations….that physical state of being were one proceeds, straightforward, unchangeable, until change is forced by some outside event.
DavidD_KC:  Jim, I can relate to feeling deeply saddened and angry at times
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Alisa_Russia …. Much of what holds people back in life is their unresolved feelings and judgments regarding their relationships, even relationships in the distant past. These feelings and judgments act as a kind of dam, holding people’s feelings back, arresting them in place, influencing their perception of other people and disabling them from being able to be emotionally open and accessible to their children and to other people.
It is a fundamental problem in human relationships. Difficulty with your family members, parents or other very influential people in your upbringing create a kind of dam within yourself that you can carry with you throughout your life, … limiting your awareness, influencing your current relationships, holding back your affection and trust for other people, harming you as if you were strapped and held in place to some event in the distant past.
Amina_Russia:  The Teaching made me first pay attention how much food, water and other resources people waste or even throw on a daily basis, how people don’t appreciate what they have,all the luxuries,including relationships with people.All of this and more make me want to live a more simple, authentic life, be more authentic myself
Raoul_Australia:  Yes, the Great Waves Teaching, the entire book, has affected the way I see normal human activities, it has helped me understand the areas that need to be addressed. Recently I saw the reactions to a cyclone here in Queensland and I looked at it all through a GW New Message perspective, I saw a lot of good in the way people co-operated here.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  People try to move forward, of course. They want their life to carry on, and so they move forward, but they move forward with all of this internal restraint. And every time they meet someone who reminds them of this past relationship, they tend to become very judgmental and irrational, thinking they do not like this person, but they really do not know why that would be, for they do not even know this person. There is something in this person that reminds them of someone else with whom they have unforgiveness, with whom they have issues and contention, regret or resentment.
People carry this restraint into their parenting of their own children— keeping them distant from their children, disabling them from empathizing with their children. And they often end up acting like their own parents, reflecting their experience of parenting in their own childhood, carrying this forward now inappropriately with their own children, often subjecting their children to anger and harshness and emotional…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … distance. It is a fundamental problem in human relationships, and it is not a problem that is unknown to people. It has become the focus for much therapy and mental health.
Paul_MA:  Raoul-the upsides of these storms…greater cooperation and the clearing away of things.
April_Fool:  Mental Health is a key factor in determining self worth.
LaRaeUK:  I tend to notice those areas where I am part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. The Great Waves has impacted me on every level of life….how I earn a living. How my work industry contributes to pollution, it causes me to notice how and where I spend my money. Is my money going to fund activities that continue to take from the earth, or is it supporting those smaller businesses that are working towards a cleaner future?
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Here you must understand what forgiveness really is. (Healing Relationships)
Kristina_Boulder:  Recently I tried reading a book just for fun, but I was not able to make myself proceed as I constantly felt like I was just wasting my time on a book that it useless to me. I felt that if I want to read its either has to be a NM book or some other book that can actually be helpful to me. This was never an issue before. The way I view things has changed.
Alisa_Russia:  @Amina – I definitely resonate with that. I don’t see so much waste where I live, but I hear about it from others, especially in the U.S.
LaRaeUK:  Oh that’s wonderful nenette…..I am so pleased for you.
Raoul_Australia:  Danny often can’t make it to these chats due to his study requirements the next day so he asked me to post this for him (first question): Yes it has, it has caused me to see the immense importance to stay afloat and to begin staying afloat now, because the water is beginning to surround us now even if we can’t quite see it. It is important that we recognise the fact that every choice we are making now is also determining our future, where we are either falling down a bit, or picking ourselves up. Because the future is coming towards us, like an army on the horizon, where if we don’t gather our resources and keep focused now, we may miss an aspect in our preparation. It is important that we use all this time now as it is very precious.
DavidD_KC:  I can relate Kristina, definitely
LaRaeUK:  A wonderful observation Kristina……
Lingling_China:  @ Kristina, resonate with what you said.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  I must keep things simple and stay with the presence of Knowledge and the Mystery in and around me. keeping things simple allows me to stay in the light with so much going on in the world it is refreshing to see it for what it is but not be of it.
Mike_LF_CAL:  How can knowledge of TGWoC not change how we see the world?? I see so much waste, single use items are so prevalent and used without a second thought about where those resources came from to make that item as if there will always be an endless supply of resources. Look around in any fast food establishment for example, all the plastic single use items; straws, cups, cup caps, utensils, containers, bags, etc., etc. It’s just a single example but there are many more complex issues created by the “consumerized” world in which we all live. I, we, the world must change to a sustainable way of living.
MarkBerger:  @Kristina – Living with a GW awareness certainly changes my day to day, hour by hour decisions. It’s like we’re in training for a greater challenge. We have to build strength every day to withstand the shocks and disruptions to come.
DavidD_KC:  Even if I read another book, it doesn’t satisfy the direction the new message sends me
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Ayesha: For so many years, my everyday experience has been ruled by attempting to apply moral principles—to minimize my participation in harming the earth and exploiting human beings, to be loving and gracious in all relationships, etc. But the GW teaching shows that following general principles like this is not going to be anywhere near adequate. So instead of constantly asking how to minimize harm to others, I am now learning to discern the leading of KN so I can prepare and adapt to the GW, so I can survive, be of service, and fulfill my mission. I never thought of my old way of being as a burden until starting to experience a greater freedom.
Paul_MA:  People will not see if they do not look. The majority of people based on their actions do not think that major changes are coming… it would be very different if people were preparing…
Insuk_Korea:  @Kristina, resonate with you.
Alisa_Russia:  @Kristina – I have noticed that too. There are very few books I enjoy reading now, they have to have a deeper message, one I can relate to in the spirit of the New Message.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Kristina-I can relate to what you have said @ 11 13am. I am going through this as well.
Raoul_Australia:  @Paul_MA, so true, this has showed me how these are opportunities for greater cooperation.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Kristina_Boulder, I have had the exact same experience, only non-fiction will capture my attention, e.g. NMFG!
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Intellect here can only serve and be a greater resource for Knowledge for Knowledge cannot be a resource for the intellect. When you understand this then you will be able to see more clearly and more effectively where your power resides and the degree of responsibility must be pursued to have your life and real purpose meaning and direction. This is not simply a good idea now it will be essential for your survival and reality for you will have to face change at a level that you have never had to face before. You will to take risks you will have to make important decisions you will have to discern other people very carefully. Your mind will have to be clear it cannot be overtaken by your own internal conflicts. Where will you find this strength , this power and this ability? Here you must turn to Knowledge for this is the power that God has given you and Knowledge will know what to do no matter what is going on around you but you cannot sit around waiting for Knowledge to guide you, you…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … must begin your preparation. Do not wait until the skies are darkened until events are happening so fast that you cannot respond for then you will have no options. You will have missed your window of opportunity to prepare for the Great Waves of Change. (Building Your Ark)
Tamara:  Looking at the movements of the day to day life of others through the perspective of New Message studenthood, I hold a greater level of compassion for those around me who are insulated by comfort and complacency for their level of suffering and pain will be sharp. It is however this suffering and pain, caused by some event outside the personal self, that will allow one to face the past, to face the declining world, and to face a new reality.
Paul_MA:  Mark- agreed. We are in training..for big changes approaching.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Mike….I now read, listen to and watch New Message materials almost exclusively. There is much to do internally and externally and little time to prepare.
Shawn_Canada:  @Kristina – I too find that I can only read what is part of the new message or related to it, I also find that I have only the interest in true inspirational stories when it comes to film and TV.
Raoul_Australia:  @Kristina, “felt like I was just wasting my time on a book that it useless to me”, this happens all the time to me too!
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Danny yes time is precious,and yes @ Kristina Boulder my experience too,cannot read a book it must be a revelation because I feel I am wasting my time.
Ayesha_Society:  @Kristina re wasting time, this strikes me always… and on a day to day level it’s unfortunate to see how much energy and time is being wasted on a collective scale on things that don’t matter: Distractions, constant busy-ness, ambition to be, do and have…how can one really pay attention to the direction of the world and the new territory we are entering into? How time is spent and what I do with it each day is something the GW teachings has made me take very seriously and not take it for granted. There is no neutrality in spending time away on casual pursuits. Each day that passes as waste cannot be brought back!
Kari_H_Finland:  I understand now better that in the face of calamity people become more defensive, aggressive and foolish. It is inevitable. I also understand and have seen that people can act more unselfishly and find new ways of co-operation.
April_Fool:  There are some other Authors out there that have pertinent information to share that fall within the scope of the NM books as well. Not to belittle anything MVS has delivered as I find them all as accurate as humanly possible. The work of some of the now deceased are valid for consideration. Most historian stuff, to understand where we are going we must learn form the past.
Darlene_Society:  I was struck again, very timely, by THE GREAT FAITH revelation. I suggest that everyone return to this beautiful teaching on the true way to navigate this Great Waves/Intervention world. These questions apply right now, every moment and show me what I need to develop within myself:Where will your faith stand in the face of all these great travails and challenges?
How will you maintain your focus on the great promise for humanity?
How will you avoid losing faith in yourself, in other people, in nations, in governments, and in God, as your world undergoes cataclysmic change?
Your life then is destined to immense disappointment, confusion and disillusionment if your faith is in things that are seen and heard and touched.”
Debbie-MI:  @Amina Russia-I have had a very similar reaction. The GW teaching has definitely changed the way I look at the world on a day-to-day basis. It also helps me to understand how important it is to take my life seriously and not waste it on unimportant activities.
DavidD_KC:  In the past, I had trouble letting people go, before truly accepting the great waves. Learning discernment in relationships has been troubling and difficult. I have been through much disappointment and feelings of loneliness. I have gotten to the point finally where I am very selective who I let influence me and who I give my energy to. My life has changed dramatically in that regard. Before I was a social butterfly, everywhere. Now I am more careful, watchful, and discerning.
Dariel_Boulder:  Welcome Home Reed!
Kristina_Boulder:  @Tamara, I agree.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  It’s wonderful and a bit amazing that most of us are going through this transition. Meaning and value are embracing us and we are responding to the calling. It is hard at times yet so rewarding the gifts that are given when we give of ourselves to what has been given to us!
DavidD_KC:  April Fool – I believe it was Patricia that said “History is important, the greater community is here.”
Maureen_Boulder:  Yes, Kristina. I can relate. I feel that discomfort when I watch certain things on my computer. It feels like I am wasting my time. There is quote from The Awakening that I keep on my refrigerator to remind me of this. “Your life is passing you by. The clock is ticking. You are using up your time, your energy, your life force. It is being spent often recklessly, sometimes inappropriately. It is being spent rapidly. This time is precious. Your energy and life force are precious and you are spending them rapidly. What are you doing? Are you passing the time just to stay stimulated, happy and comfortable or is your time really being invested wisely and appropriately? Are you living the life you know you were meant to live?” (The Awakening)
Alisa_Russia:  @Darlene – I just happen to be translating that revelation (The Great Faith) now and am finding it very empowering.
Cameron_Canada:  Good Morning – could someone in tech. support please message me – ty
Paul_MA:  Noah- I wondered if Noah felt the same as we do regarding the coming event of his day.Regarding Noah, are there any additional teachings related to Noah? Was Noah a Prophet? He received a message from God and he acted upon it. Acted upon it while others did not. Did Noah try to warn them? Did they ridicule him for building the Ark? Or did Noah just take on this project by himself and family? His story seems so timely today. Noah built his Ark before the rains came; as we are instructed to do…. How much time did Noah have between receiving the message and the start of the storms…..Are there additional teachings on Noah that we can study?
MaryL_Boulder:  I did not complete my swimming course successfully but I remember being taught to tread water…that is how i see myself in the GW world now…the water is rising. Unlike the class in which I panicked from an earlier experience I feel I am supported by the NMFG. Although the times are urgent and there is no time to waste I am afloat. Inside I feel happy to have found the NMFG, happy to be alive at this time. But knowing I can drown too if I do not have my 4 pillars standing. These are critical times and I must be observant of what is external in the world and what I feel internally within with Knowledge.
Mike_LF_CAL:  The NMFG has woken us up now, there is no going back now, fantasy is waste of time and effort.
Val_Westport:  The water we swim in is deep–deeper than the human mind can fathom. The New Message is teaching us to swim in these depths and to venture into the great changes that already have occurred. We must shepherd our people who are thinking they are still in the shallows and let them learn to swim by our example.
April_Fool:  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. As was stated previously.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  I find that I do not spend money on indulgences like I used to, so aware I am of where resources should go. It is why I find sporting events to be such a frivolity and distraction.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Ayesha, I look at my free time (time outside of my job) differently, I no longer want to waste it, it has a lot more value to me and although I still straggle to effectively manage it and I slip from time to time, I feel the pressure and the guilt when I waste it. Waste of time is one of the biggest regrets that I have and I know that there is no one to blame but myself.
LaRaeUK:  GW causes me to want to figure out how I can best utilize what I have in service to others. Whether it is internal support, or a safe place to sleep at night. How can I best use what I have.
April_Fool:  @Shawn ah but to have the resources of one of the sports valued players sure would dwarf my income.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ Darlene Yes…I just read The Great Faith yesterday for the 1st time and printed it out. It is an amazing teaching for the times ahead!
Ken_Oklahoma:  I do look at the world differently since reading GWC, other NM messages, taking STK and practicing stillness. I try not to condemn the world, and that is very hard at times. Everything has changed and is changing rapidly, I feel this now more than ever. Yet, I often feel that I am not doing what I need to be doing. I continue to ask in stillness, what do I need to see, hear, know and do? “Do not deny or condemn the circumstances of the world when, in fact, they hold the greatest possibility for your redemption and for your fulfillment here.” GWC
Jorge_Spain:  @April_Fool, along the years I found myself, from time to time, reading some materials, for example some WW2 books. I find that sometimes books like these help me to better understand some of the things the New Message is speaking about.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you search your heart rather than appealing to your ideas you will feel the great change that is coming. Perhaps you cannot describe it to your friends perhaps it is unclear to you but what is important is your feelings of the movement of change the impending change in the world. This is very important for now you must pay attention to your environment ever more closely you must pay attention to the changing climate and violent weather. You must pay attention to the growing economic and political instability around the world. You must pay attention to problems in developing and distributing food and water and you must pay attention to the essential energy resources upon which humanity now depends and will depend for the foreseeable future.
This is not a time for false self assurances this is not the time for ambivalence or complacency. This is a time to be aware and observant. Take all the energy you spend in condemning others in criticizing governments in repudiating leaders and…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … bring this energy, this time into focus to bear upon the changing circumstances of the world. Do not be concern that you do not have an answer for no one has an answer. There are many answers to specific aspects of the great waves of change but no one has an answer for the entire change. (Building Your Ark)
Lin_Boulder:  @Dar, @Alisa, no only the Great Faith, NM also keeps provide the Great Vision. “Hear My words, people of this world. You have a greater destiny in the universe, but you must face a declining world. You must face the great upheavals that will come. You must unite together and cooperate with a greater clarity and determination.” -The Calling. It is very empowering and inspiring to me. as NM said the human unity starts strand by strand, person by person.
Jansett_Boulder:  I had the opportunity to watch both sessions of the recent Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearings on Russian interference in the 2016 US elections (worth it; can be found on YouTube). It was like a microcosm of the current state of the world. One exchange that impressed me was a brief discussion of how this event could be such a surprise, even as FBI Director Comey referred to the hacks as very “noisy.” I see virtually everyone trying so hard to keep their lives as “normal” as possible, even as their internal rumblings are loud and clear. Humans seem to have a tendency to create some explanation for life events (no matter how illogical) just to cling to the sense that it’s all going to work out somehow. Then, as Marshall said last week, they will be the same ones who will lament that they didn’t see it coming. But they did. We do. It seems to me that the greatest gift we can give anyone these days is any type of spark that ignites inner knowing in others. Words probably won’t…
Jansett_Boulder:  … do it because most folks simply don’t want to hear it. But I pray for a way to create that tiny peephole for others so that they may summon the courage to listen to their inner promptings.
Alison_Boulder:  I would call things simple pleasures before that actually weren’t. If it takes a lot of resources to make it happen, wears on my relationships, is a lot of effort for a momentary reward, then it may not be “simple”. As a result of this study I seek to stop myself from going a great distance for stimulation routinely. As a result my daily travel radius, money spending and energy drain have shrunk a bit. This way I’m better prepared when I really must pick up and go a great distance (mentally, geographically or financially).
Will_Society:  @Paul Regarding the challenge of living in the world of yesterday and the world of tomorrow in the same moment: This has been very challenging for me too. It is confusing to be thinking of a world 150 years out when the oceans will be up 100 feet or more, then think of today as beach homes in Miami continue to grow more expensive, and try to prepare for the next decade when South Florida may have no natural fresh water. Or to hear that our economies are healthy today, and to brace for where will they be in a decade, and to wonder where will they be in a century? Political landscapes, food availability, and climate patterns: it is always jarring between seeing where we are, what’s coming, and where it all may eventually go.
Maureen_Boulder:  I read something recently that took the pressure off in one way and redirected it in another. Basically, it said we are not here to fix the problems of the world. Our purpose here is very different. Our purpose here is connect with Knowledge. Step 193 “It is your task to experience yourself in life and to allow Knowledge to arise, for Knowledge will give of itself when and where it is appropriate. This allows you to have peace, for you are not trying to control the world.”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Jansett for that! I really relate to what you have said!
Paul_MA:  Lin… The Calling… This week it occured to me that we are sent into this world on a mission, yet we receive our Calling from this world…. the relationship of Calling and Mission are connected.
Reed_Society:  Passing through London last Wednesday, the very morning article 50 was signed and the Brexit negotiations begun, I had a small and sudden vision of the Great Waves in a more complete picture. I remembered being in Aleppo in 2009 with Marshall and Patricia, remembering the heat of that summer and how much I was sweating everywhere I went, hearing how hundreds of thousands were packing into the cities of Syria that year due to drought, crop failure and of course the war in Iraq. Then there was a revolution, then a civil war, then 5 million Syrian’s fled their country, 360k claiming asylum in Europe in 2015, most trying to get to the UK, Germany and the Scandanavian Countries, then in 2015 the UK votes for Brexit, in part because of the fear of what this swell of migrants could do to the country. Not necessarily causative, but a environmental/climate event in the middle east in 2009 and before contributed to a historic political separation and division in world unity in 2015. This was…
Reed_Society:  … like a miniature picture of the Great Waves lighting up for me.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It takes time, planning and consideration to alter one’s outer circumstances or to change one’s relationship with certain people. These things all take time. In many cases, they can be difficult because of the attachments that have been created and the lack of confidence that one has in oneself. If you wait, then your freedom to respond becomes limited, your options become limited, and you are forced to take dramatic and often drastic actions, which may not be beneficial for you. You do not want to wait until the eleventh hour, for then you will have no options. Your circumstances will be dictated for you, and not by you. Having made no real preparation, you will have to yield to the demands of your situation. This is a position that has few advantages and often great hazards. (Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action)
MVS Society:  Yes DavidD KC, “Who you are with will determine what you can know and your ability to follow what you know.” Love and Relationships
jeanine_Society:  @Paul – Good observation: “I feel like I live in two worlds…Living in two worlds is challenging..” And how to bridge that difference can be difficult as we cannot pull out of one of either world…
April_Fool:  @Jorge the works of Zecharia Sitchin, can fill in the blanks about our true ancestry, Alice A Bailey, might be able to point out some of the older teachings, Lenard Nemoy non fiction studies. Perhaps even some day the memoirs of Russell Moncrieff might enlighten some…lol
Reed_Society:  @Nenette, a wonderful gift to meet you too, and on your home soil. Amazing to be walking through crowds of people and to see and meet another student of Knowledge and sit down and e able to share this greater reality together, understanding each other in ways not yet possible with most others
nenette_istanbul:  ”… if humanity chooses a different path, recognizing the inherent dangers involved in facing these Great Waves of change, recognizing the seriousness of their reality and the great consequences that they can have for the well-being and for the future of humanity, then wise individuals and leaders of nations and religious institutions can recognize that divided, humanity will fail in the face of the Great Waves of change. But united, humanity can chart a new course, prepare for the impacts of the Great Waves of change and set in course the beginnings of a greater cooperation and a greater unity than humanity as a whole has ever experienced before. This will be generated now not by religious principles or by high ethics, but by sheer necessity itself.” TGWoC .. My question is how could the religions, government leaders, communities, organizations unite??? !!!
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Reed for your experience! Yes, the signs from the world are right in front of us if we dare to look at them and respond.
Jorge_Spain:  @Paul and @Will, yes.
LaRaeUK:  Oh that is a strong reminder Maureen…..thank you.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Reed, the complex cross currents of the GWC were revealed to you for a while
Martin_Australia:  I don’t think I have come across The Great Faith revelation before. Thank you, Darlene!
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Selma…Very strong images that you present! Yes, these are not just in London but are rising across the world. How interesting to see the similarities as people–who should be finding common ground together–are seeing each other as the enemy. It is so important that we wake up and join together. It is so important that students of KN allow KN to shine through as a demonstration of the new life and new world that must come into being–and not join in the divisiveness. I am saying this as much to myself as to all students. I easily get drawn in.
cole_boulder:  With a Great Waves perspective, the movement of the world makes perfect sense to me. It is like, “of course everything is the way it is” – I feel like it is very obvious, and I do not need to fritter away time and energy complaining, worrying and condemning it. In contrast, I see people are constantly fearful, reactive, trying to combat with politics, etc. To me, this isn’t the way.

Will_Society:  As conversation on the first question continues, let’s also begin to look at our second study question this week:

How do you feel that the Great Waves of change are connected to humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community?

Paul_MA:  Jeanine– the two worlds… each world helps one prepare for the other. We are moving from a position where both are balanced, but now moving more rapidly to the New World, leaving the other one behind.
Robert_Society:  Regarding the GwoC and our future…It is tempting to watch the day to day perturbations of the world, governments, nations, even individual people and become caught up in the “noise” of a much longer process of seeing a world in decline and a world emerging into the GC. I find it important to maintain a perspective of what is really happening and where is humanity going over the next decades and century. As a student of Knowledge, this keeps my focus to the real signs of the world and what I must be doing today and tomorrow to prepare and strengthen myself and my relationship to this bigger perspective. This doesn’t mean to not observe the world and what is around us, but to be able to refocus on the situation and really assess what am I looking at here and what must I really be doing.
Kristina_Boulder:  @Maureen, thank you for that quote. One time during one of my conversations with the NM student I mentioned that I waste my time on a computer, he said that there will be a time when I will no longer need to distract myself in that way. It stood out for me as I could not imagine how can I go throughout the day without distractions. And I’m not there yet, but when I think that some are able to focus their mind to this extend is fascinating and inspiring to me.
Kelvin_Boulder:  @Ayesha “Has the Great Waves Teaching affected the way you see normal human activities in day-to-day life?” I feel like a witness to a great transition. My past here is serving me well. Coming up from the middle of nowhere in the Caribbean, no running water, or reliable electricity to where I find myself and seeing what I see.
cole_boulder:  Thank you Robert
Alison_Boulder:  @Cole, I react similarly. I hear of a GW event, allow myself to be shocked, saddened..let that pass through as it must..and realize “yes, I knew this was coming.”
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Will Society The masses of people are living at a very low level of integrity. You cannot allow this for yourself. You must choose otherwise, and if this means you have to leave your friends or break away from your family, this is what it will require. This is what has been required of all the great saints and messengers and all the people who have gone on to do important and great things. In nearly all cases, they had to break away from their former allegiances to have the freedom, the strength and the opportunity to assume a greater life and a greater service.
Raoul_Australia:  Alien races are taking advantage of our GWC situation, this makes our emergence in the GC a very tough challenge.
Paul_MA:  I feel that the GW of change are accelerating the activity of the foreign races that are part of the Intervention, for they have seen this happen before on other planets and they do not want to see the planet and its natural resources suffer the same fate. Maybe they are trying to stall humanity’s emergence into the GC so that humanity does not see the truth of this and have time to respond.
It is difficult to know if this is true since their activity is so well-hidden and not out in the open. It seems that there is an acceleration both of the degradation of the life support systems of this planet in addition to the acceleration towards global conflict of the world’s most powerful nations. This has been mentioned in the NM writings.
Raoul_Australia:  From Danny: 2. How do you feel that the Great Waves of change are connected to humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community?
I feel that part of the main issues difficulties and obstacles related to the Great Waves of Change will be and already are the pervasive forces we are experiencing in the mental environment. These forces will make it very hard for us to prepare for the Great Waves and to follow Knowledge. Yet it is Knowledge itself which will be the only alternative, our only true Source for freedom and strength to become an independent and sovereign race within the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @cole: Yes! Feeling the same.
MVS Society:  Condemning the world is like walking the floors of the hospital and complaining that everyone is sick.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  The Great Waves will unite us.They are the very thing that will prepare us for the Greater Community.
Jangsun_Korea:  Thank you Reed for sharing your vision.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Will Even though much tragedy will occur during the Great Waves, it has the potential to bring people together, to shift the focus to what is really important, to function as a unit. This will be needed to face intervention from the Greater Community. Hopefully, the ceaseless fighting will cease.
Jos_Netherlands:  Thank you Marshall. That makes sense.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  “Your destiny then becomes clear, for without this great faith you will fall into darkness and you will lose your connection to the Divine. You will pray for things to change. You will pray for things to get better. You will pray for your life to be spared. But all your prayers will be filled with fear and misunderstanding. They will not be based upon the great faith that you must have if you are to endure the Great Waves of Change and to be a light in a world of darkness.” The Great Faith This Revelation is one of the most cherished by me at this moment! Please everyone read this!!
Kari_H_Finland:  When the flow of refugees, mentioned by Reed earlier, entered Finland many people became aggravated and fearful. I saw perfect preparation for the Greater Community. The learning of tolerance for and understanding of “aliens”…
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh so true MVS! Thank you!
Will_Society:  @Reed For many of us, it won’t be the causes of the Great Waves that affect us, but the results. It won’t be famine and violent weather and rising seas and hurricanes that affect us directly. It will be the results: the wars, the economic depression or inflation, the mental environment disruption, the breakdown of social systems, the political turmoils. It the human responses to environmental decline that will be the civilization chaos around us.
keiko_Ita:  hello everyone.
Lingling_China:  thank you Marshall. it is so compationate view to see the world. It is just the view I need.
jeanine_Society:  @Will – Listening to ‘Science Friday’ on CO Public Radio yesterday and heard a couple reasons why humanity needs to explore Mars – with the first being the one I’ve heard most commonly – because our planet is running out of resources… The most prevalent thinking is that other planets must have more resources than we do so that is a main motivation for exploring them…humanity does not see Earth as a gem in the Universe…we do not see….without the New Message….
Alisa_Russia:  @Will – yes, thank you for that clarification. That makes perfect sense.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  God saves you through Knowledge. God redeems you through Knowledge. God ends separation through Knowledge. This is why the inner preparation is greater than the outer preparation. This is why you must respond to the signs that God is giving you, on the inside and on the outside. Building your ark is not just to protect you; it is to enable you to give to the world. To find the people and circumstances that will call forth from you your greater gifts which you yourself could not call forth. The answer is within you but the calling is out in the world. You cannot call these gifts for yourself and your greater purpose is not what you think it is. (Building Your Ark)
Kristina_Boulder:  @Robert, its a great advice, thank you.
Mathieu_France:  @nenette: “how could the religions, government leaders, communities, organizations unite?” To me it is one of those “many-steps” questions: it is to being to be answered or worked out in one step, so my approach is to keep the big question in the beam of my contemplation, while not trying to solve it as a whole but looking for small next steps I can take, that may lead to other steps, and so forth. Part of the strength required in the pathway of the New Message, in my experience, is a capacity to carry heavy questions, at the individual scale and at the world scale, and keep walking on. Most people avoid these too heavy questions and just turn their head the other way. Probably the world is as it is partly for this reason. We need to build this core inner strength that has so many declinations, but isn’t based on idealism and preferences…
Hyeonam_Korea:  I really care and spent my time and money when I have done “deep evaluation”.
MaryL_Boulder:  @Cole, Alison: Yes, each disaster seems to be reverberation of my mind which is fearful but because I have something to do, somewhere to go, I do not dwell upon it (even to grieve). “The shock of the future will be a shock because you are unprepared. You have not been paying attention. You have been obsessed with other things of little or no significance. You have been caught up in the affairs of the day and in your own feelings, memories and regrets, not mindful of the world around you.
With preparation, there is no shock. There is only confirmation.” from The Shock of the Future
Mathieu_France:  *too big, sorry
Raoul_Australia:  I see the Intervention as a huge GWC event. They are influencing our mental environment in many ways, one way is aimed at undermining our ability to see what is needed – conspiracy theories, pseudo science, feeding lack of trust in institutions.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Jim. It all comes back to our connection to Knowledge. I see that ever more clearly. How else will we know what to do in the face of these unprecedented times? Without Knowledge we are in fear and uncertainty. Embrace Steps to Knowledge with gratitude and deepening commitment. It is the hope of the world.
DavidD_KC:  This is bigger than me. Larger than life.
April_Fool:  @MVS and sometimes even the Students of Knowledge err, or become overly defensive of their own interpretations. All are observed, none are condemned.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Darlene- Thankyou for this reminder about The Great Faith revelation. I get a glimpse occasionally of the preparation that is going on in all of us, beneath the surface of our lives, how much discomfort are we able to be with, and keep being still, keep listening, keep waiting, for what KN is asking of us in this moment…I realize there are some revelations I have not listened to or read in a long time, and deeply appreciate the timely reminders of ones to take in again- or for the first time…I have found I do not have great attention span these days…but reading out loud with a friend helps me go deeper than when I read silently to myself, or listen… with a friend, we stop and examine our understanding of passages, until we have a sense of a deeper grasp of it- and then it stays with me more fully afterwards…and is an opportunity to build NM relationships
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  When the Mosque attack happened here in Canada it brought the christians and the muslims together in spirit. After the shooting in London on the bridge it caused a unity of spirit again. When Trump proclaimed to “end the war on coal” the world strengthen its commitment to renewable resources. This I saw.
Jorge_Spain:  @Reed: If I can say this, just don’t forget that nations (from near and far) are acting too into this, i.e. the nations are competing and taking positions, human intervention exists as alien intervention exists, with seemingly little thought of the costs (in this case, Syrian tragedies), and using propaganda to justify themselves as needed. Not just natural events here, nor in many other cases. This just compound the tragedy.
Gina_Boulder:  The GWoC have the power to bring humanity to a point where we must forge for ourselves the 3 requirements of free races in the universe; Unity, Sustainability and Discretion. It is perhaps easy to see how the first 2 might come into play in a Great Waves world. But the 3rd, Discretion for community, a civilization… that is one for me to apply more of a visioning practice to.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Hi fellow students. The second question: I feel, as many things in the world are moving, there are things that are in such stagnation, so that even a feeling of errosion appears. And those things I see in people, how they still ude to explain so upjused explanations and understandings, yhat have no value more. And I wonder if that is becouse of the influence of the Intervention.
Ken_Oklahoma:  When I was very young, my favorite grandfather brought me a large wrapped box for my April 1st birthday. I unwrapped the large box and a series of smaller and smaller wrapped boxes. Finally, I got to very small wrapped box expecting a special gift. Inside was a note that said “April Fools”. My family thought this was very funny! This was devastating to me! My grandfather left and returned in about 30 minutes with a material gift that he knew I would like. The meaning of my birthday has changed since taking STK, and now is a reminder of the great need to discover my greater purpose in this world, and to open to surprises and humor along the way.
Val_Westport:  When I feel off-balance, I find a quick empowerment in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘If’…great coaching!
Martin_Australia:  I do too, Shawn. I used to think, “why don’t the arts get the same attention and resources”. Now I think, “we need to see what is coming over the horizon so we can use the resources of the world wisely”
Jim B. Upstate NY:  My wife started reading the NM about 5 months ago and then started the steps. I was so happy to see this occur within her. Now it is totally different. She is engrossed with the political arena and consumed by it. I see these errors right in front of me and around me by so many people that it really does hurt based on what is inside of me now. Yet all I can do is wait and be a demonstration of Knowledge to the best of my ability. And also do the deep evaluation again and again to feel and see what I must do and where Knowledge is taking me.
Joyanne_Canada:  Happy Birthday Ken, :-)))
cole_boulder:  @Danny – Yes, the reality and significance of forces in the mental environment seems to be an issue that will be pervasive, and ever more so – something humanity is at a real disadvantage in contending with. I feel like the pacification program is greatly inhibiting people’s ability and/or willingness to respond to the Great Waves, which if maintained long enough, will lead to submission and desperation for many people.
Raoul_Australia:  Through conspiracy theories, pseudo science and the feeding of our lack of trust in institutions, the Intervention is taking people’s attention from our GWC problems, and undermining our ability to unite.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  So clearly there must be a new education a new revelation a new paradigm of thinking and comprehension for you are the natives of this new world and you have no idea of what is going on beyond your shores, and yet visitors, intervening visitors from beyond your shores, are already in the world. They have been here for some time they are not governed by human values or human ethics or human morality they are not subject to these things for they are here for their own reasons. They are not interested in you particularly. They do not need your culture and your art and your wonderfully confusing expressions. They are here for a serious purpose of their own. They are ready for you. They have prepared for you for some time. But you are not ready for them.
Ayesha_Society:  @Will, re: the results of the human responses and chaos, I think this is why the NM teachings say that everyone will be affected and no one will be immune from the Great Waves, even if you put yourself in a favorable position.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank You @Reed , feeling so great on that miracle hour …I feel all the Angels surrounded me .
Paul_MA:  Great Event: Maybe it will take a great event to unshackle people from obligations and responsibilities. Or a great event to rattle one’s mind to shake them up to the new world reality.
MVS Society:  It is easy to be irritated by peoples ignorance and foolishness. But you are changed by the NMG to begin to see the bigger picture and the chain of events as they are unfolding without projecting your ideas or world views. Consider this quote from GWC.
MVS Society:  “The world itself will tell you what is coming if you know how to read it and to discern its signs and its messages. You do this without projecting any of your own thoughts or fantasies or fears. You just watch and you listen, and piece by piece, the picture comes together. But to have this clarity of mind, you must be watching without coming to conclusions, without trying to tie things together, without trying to make things simple and comprehensible. Instead, like building a puzzle, you allow the pieces to emerge and to fit together.
This is called seeing. Most people do not see because they do not look with this emphasis. Impatient, they want conclusions. They want solutions. They want answers. They want to understand it right now. They want the picture to be evident right now—evident and comprehensible. They do not patiently wait and watch for the signs to tell them, allowing the picture to become clear, without their interference. This is called seeing.” GWC: The Freedom to Move…
MVS Society:  … with Knowledge
Kristina_Boulder:  @Will, something you’ve mentioned earlier about thinking about the world in next 150 years. I’ve heard recently that most people do not plan/look at the life pass one year, so thinking about how the world will look like 10, 20, 50… years from now and how our life may look like if we still be alive is definitely expending our capacity.
MVS Society:  You are challenged by the NMG
Levy_Brazil:  Thank you, Marshall
Reed_Society:  @Will, yes and the truth of “world in decline” “environmental sensitivity” “resources limits” will be masked from view. People will be more likely to blame a world leader, a political party, a class of people than the true environmental/resource/population drivers that are triggering the events that then affect them. @Robert, yes keeping this larger century-long view is very empowering to keep our vision intact, to keep our ability to serve the world intact, and to be building a real understanding of the environment in which our world is changing. The Greater Community is a natural expansion of this understanding of “environment,” and with Intervention underway there is certainly now a strong connection between our local environment and the Greater Community environment around us.
Will_Society:  As the forces of anger and despair grow, as the Great Waves begin to manifest, and the need to blame arises, the New Message from God speaks to the need for revolution and stability: “To begin to respond to your deeper nature, to the greater mind within you, begins a revolution… Be a revolutionary in this way only.” http://www.newmessage….nment
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Darlene for sharing these questions.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  These are the most consequential events in human history and yet how few people ever think of these things how few people concern themselves with these things. It is not part of the public agenda of any government it is not the concern of world religious leaders or institutions at least not publically. The problems that humanity is concerned with though real in and of themselves are insignificant compared to these two great challenges for what can you hope to accomplish or to protect or gain if human freedom and sovereignty is lost through the clever intervention of other races, and what can you hope to achieve in terms of averting poverty and building human wealth and human security if you cannot face the Great Waves of Change that are occurring in the world which are largely a result of humanity’s abuse of the world (New Message on Life in the Universe)
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @MVS
Alisa_Russia:  I am trying to practice the Art of Seeing as recommended by the NM. This teaching puts it all in a nutshell. Seeing without interpreting and listening within.
cole_boulder:  Thank you Marshall – yes, this all feels challenging, daunting. The NM is the challenge of life itself
Virgie_near Seattle:  Re: connection between GW and emergence into GC … There are some of us who may hold a dim memory of planets that were exploited to the point of no longer being able to sustain their native population. Such a recollection could be difficult to face up to, difficult to carry, because the weight of loss, the immensity of tragedy is so great. But such a person might also find that opening to such a memory could strengthen their resolve to do all they can not to let the same thing happen on earth.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Marshall!
Lynn, CO:  As all of these experiences, views, and possibilities arise it still comes down to Knowledge every time. Think of ourselves now and what we do when we know we moved into separation, we go back to Knowledge. Like Maureen pointed out in Step 195.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  …. you must learn about the Greater Community and you must learn about the Great Waves of Change and receive then God’s Revelation for only it can prepare you and alert you and encourage you and ignite the deeper spiritual Knowledge that God has placed within each person to guide and protect them a Knowledge that has yet been discovered by so few in your world a Knowledge that will be necessary now to see and to know and to take the steps of preparation that are necessary for the hour is late and humanity does not have much time.
Dariel_Boulder:  @Vergie…So true. There was never enough of me, enough energy or money or caring possible to address the many problems in the world and it seemed to get only worse over time. There is such a feeling of empowerment as I practice and prepare in the way of KN. KN is my guide now and, though I still get overwhelmed by the feeling that the world needs me right now, I find comfort and strength in knowing that I am meant to serve a special situation and special people. With this knowing I can wait and prepare and gather strength.
Raoul_Australia:  Thank you MVS: “People will be more likely to blame a world leader, a political party, a class of people…”. The Intervention is pushing us to blame the ‘Illuminati’,the ‘establishment’, the ‘big pharmas’, the ‘scientific community’ suppressing inventions, etc.
ellenrose- boulder:  @Dariel, that reminds of the Step 101 “though the world needs me, I will wait”
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Raoul (8:39) “…feeding lack of trust in institutions.” Yes, I see and interpret it the same way.
Paul_MA:  Hello Virgie of Seattle- humanity has many of these examples to demonstrate that activity here on this planet targeting both natural resources and native peoples.
Alison_Boulder:  @Virgie wow, quite a thought, thank you for opening this up Re: memory of exploited planets. Sounds like an epic tale for certain.
Kari_H_Finland:  Yes, the cross currents of the GWC will be difficult to discern and require great clarity and stillness of mind.
Joyanne_Canada:  Yes @ MVS, challenged by the New Message, for sure.. this is pulling forth a much greater deeper honesty within oneself, It is calling us to respond, to climb this mountain, to find our purpose..most definitely a journey for those not faint of heart.
Eron_Boulder:  Regarding human unity, as I learned from watching the US Intelligence Committee hearing on interference in the US elections, there is a massive “active measures” campaign designed to drive a wedge in every crack in human institutions and relationships for the purpose of destabilizing the human family and destroying our basic democratic institutions and most importantly human trust in each other. One need look at all of the conflict in the world, political, economic, social, cultural, etc. to see how this Great Wave has already struck. Fake news, lies, misinformation and propaganda only feeds this distrust. This puts all human communications at risk, including the New Message, the internet, i
April_Fool:  So as you journey forward in your world take notice, of simple things..As an example: When you bangs rocks together some of them spark. When you bang intellectual thoughts together some of them fracture. Do not be alarmed for some of your own ideas may just be chips off a very old Block. May you find rocks that Spark and Ideas that enlighten you on your journey back to your source. Take the time to be Still at the “Top of the Hour” events as often as your Journey allows. SoV=vIt
Jorge_Spain:  “Why would nations act so foolishly, outstripping their resources and engaging in conflicts with others, conflicts that cannot be won? You may say it is human greed and foolishness, but that is not sufficient.” (The Great Waves and the Hidden Reality of Contact)
Debbie-MI:  @Raoul-I so totally agree. It seems like many people are putting their attention in all the wrong places. At the same time, I have also seen a growing concern about the environment and at least some people are starting to take it seriously. I try to keep my attention on what I can do as an individual and how I can support other people around me in being more aware.
Joyanne_Canada:  @MVS, but as we meet the challenges we gain a greater strength and clarity within, we see our small piece of the Greater Coordination.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Paul –very true. And looking at what’s happened here on earth, it’s clear that to see the same thing happening on a planetary scale means suffering and waste far beyond the individual’s ability to comprehend.
Kari_H_Finland:  “What problems do you concern yourself with now at this moment? What are those problems and what difference will they make in the world in decline? What difference will they make as humanity faces competition and intervention from the Greater Community? These problems may appear to be significant to you now but cast within this greater context, they either become irrelevant or they are things that you want to resolve quickly to give your attention to greater things.”
Raoul_Australia:  @Mike, yes, I am really seeing this nowadays…
Lin_Boulder:  @Nenette, I have been asking the same question many many time myself. then I was given a simply analogy, when people are fighting, and the house in on fire, do you think they will keep fighting? Now we not only have our house on fire, but also robbery from outside.
Mirjana_Sweden:  Eron, You remind us of the fact that we are broadcasting everything around into uneverse around us.
Gina_Boulder:  @Virgie, yes. carrying such memory…its like a deep heartbreak that can become whole and serve.
Eron_Boulder:  international relations and so forth. This is the reason why it is so important to not judge the world or people as this also feeds the noise. While this seems to be the work of a particular country, a place where people are searching for freedom, it is clear to me that this clearly fits the agenda of the Intervention
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Who the Messenger is Looking for? “I’m looking for people who see the big picture with The New Message. They are not just here to embellish their lives or to restore themselves or to find happiness or reprieve. They are actually here because they realize this is the most important thing in the world today and they feel that they are a part of that. And if they are mature as individuals they will have the humility to recognize that their service is not something that they established for themselves but is something that merely is shown to them through the needs of the mission itself in support of its messenger.” http://www.newmessage….g-for
Tamara:  Thank you Jorge. In studying the history and current reality of fossil fuels I can sense how the Intervention may have operated at various turning points yet I cannot yet formulate these knowning into words.
Paul_MA:  Virgie- what emotions do those memories bring forward?
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  How deep and how far the Intervention goes I do not know. Perhaps the industrial revolution was “inspired ” by those who sought to take this beautiful marble from us in some way. But what Intervention does not know is the mind of God, and how wonderful it might be that the very greed of those above our skies could engender our very evolution and capacity to be free in this universe of ours?
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you, Marshall
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Oh yes Eron. I feel what you have said. All minds are connected. How we think collectively has much to do with what is going on within us and around us. Thank you!
Ken_Oklahoma:  @Eron – Yes I see conflict everywhere and wonder how the Intervention is at work “destabilizing the human family” to make it easier to swoop down and offer to save humanity.
Mike_LF_CAL:  Happy Birthday Ken!
LaRaeUK:  Amen Rayhobbs…and may we all be of the right type of service to Marshall and The New Message.
Lingling_China:  @yes, Eron. thanks.
Raoul_Australia:  @Debbie “It seems like many people are putting their attention in all the wrong places.” definitely, but I do agree that a lot are waking up to the environmental issues…my parents finally did too, in spite of the influence of my american brother who thinks Al Gore ‘invented’ climate change.
MVS Society:  People, individually, usually break down before they can change. Nations follow this same course, deferring constructive action as long a possible, breaking down before they can change if they ever will. Break down is part of the process of change living in Separation. We must accept this.
nenette_istanbul:  Yes @Lin ..very true .
jeanine_Society:  An important quote from Ch. 9, The Great Waves Prophecy: ““If humanity were well versed in the affairs of life in your local Universe, you would be ending war today. You would be preserving resources today. You would be rationing energy today. You would be preserving your environment today. You would be maintaining biological diversity today. You would be confining your communications through other media today. And yesterday.”
Maureen_Boulder:  “Break down is part of the process of change living in Separation. We must accept this.” Another one for my refrigerator. It can be so painful and yet so liberating.
Levy_Brazil:  Thanks j9. This quotes summarizes the GW-GC connection.
Eron_Boulder:  Creating human distrust and human conflict in every part of the world in the physical environment and the mental environment seems to be at the the core of the Intervention as the Allies and the New Message have so clearly pointed out.
Kristina_Boulder:  @MVS, very true. I see it in my life and around me.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Sometimes you have to have a break down, … before you can have a break through …
Virpi_Finland:  Aliens may not care about our Art or creative expression, but I see we humans must. It is one of those things that can help resolve inner and outer conflict. And in some stages of life you need it more than others. I am not talking about Art commercialized, but Art in every form that unites people.
Val_Westport:  Very true, Marshall–and living in the question, opening to the greater context of life, allows for a mind present in the moment and the possibility of a long-run life for one’s vehicle, beyond the confines of conventional thinking.
LaRaeUK:  Reaching rock bottom has been a turning point for so many…..
Maureen_Boulder:  @ Ray Hobbs Exactly.
DavidD_KC:  “Break on through to the other side”
Maureen_Boulder:  Many times it is pride that gets in the way of the break through.
ellenrose- boulder:  Thank you Marshall- so important to hold that perspective that just as breakdown has been a part of my personal unburdening so too is it part of the larger shift for groups, institutions and nations. What a shift in perspective to no longer hold that process as error or failure and judge it!
JeffreyAdler_ATL:  another good point, Eron, I agree.
April_Fool:  Top of the Hour “STOP” and “Listen for the Sparks” they are Intelligent and awaiting your application of Wisdom.
Ayesha_Society:  To conclude and honor our time together, lets take a moment of stillness. Stillness in gratitude for the warning, blessing and preparation of the New Message. An honor and gift of Love from our Source. May we prepare and build the strength that the future will call upon.
Lingling_China:  Yes, Lin, when all peple really realize that ”uniting, will benefits all of us. deviding or fingthing, will harm.” then it is clear to chose.
Patricia_Society:  @Ray-“The dam of unresolved feelings and judgements holding us back”… This is part of the detritus that litters the field of our minds…..And as we attempt, practice by practice, to go beneath the surface of the mind to enter Stillness, we often experience that kind of bumpy, superficial meditation experience, as we run into these suspended emotional fragments of irresolution. We tend then, to get deflected back up to the surface..and feel justifiably that, “we didn’t get anywhere.” Not knowing the mechanics and effects of the mind/emotional clutter we carry, we sometimes find ourselves struggling on with our beleaguered attempts at building a Stillness Practice. Yet, either through the important Self Knowledge work to be done around these irresolutions directly, or just by returning twice daily with the intent to reach into Stillness, some of this detritus starts to become dislodged, by our mere coming and going, by our traversing the field of the mind. At times these fragments…
Patricia_Society:  … of trauma, injury or irresolution dislodge from within the field of the mind, and float to the surface. We we might encounter them here and there “up on the surface.”…and be better able to recognize them and know them now for what they were and are…. Gradually the pathways through the field of the mind become less like littered obstructed, barely recognizable footpaths, and more like the “way we go to Knowledge……” We will need a clearer mind, less frozen, less unknown to itself and freed from past referencing, so recognize and meet these Great Waves now and to come, and to have more immediate access to what we can Know…to Knowledge itself….and to all of it’s great resources and attributes…. This is the great strength we carry and that the New Message is calling upon us to utilize and demonstrate….Thank you all for continuing to return to your Stillness practices, wherever, and however. you are able….This is one way that the expansion in overall human…
Patricia_Society:  … intelligence can occur. We will need greater intelligence collectively to face these Great Waves of Change. Stillness is one of the Great Practices of the New Message….Therefore, we convene here together in this Chat environment, and we can convene in Stillness together from wherever we are…There we are not alone…..far from….
Martin_Australia:  Virgie, yes, or one that was overtaken by Intervening forces
Rosa_UK:  @ Jeanine yes so true we don’t see the jewel we are living on… the fact that our health is our real wealth and also the health of the planet …we are looking outside of ourselves as a species still ….mesmerised…I look around and wonder why are we still producing/buying useless things?
LaRaeUK:  Resonating Virpi. We are creations and expressions of our Creator. Creation needs expression.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Ayesha
Inhee_Korea:  Thank you Marshall “Break down is part of the process of change living in Separation. We must accept this.”
Will_Society:  Thank you all for joining us on the Campfire Chat today. Thank your for sharing your insights and questions from your studenthood, from what you are seeing in the world, and what you are discerning within the New Message from God. Please feel free to carry this important conversation further.
Lynn, CO:  As separation breaks up around us Knowledge remains centered and still
keiko_Ita:  I sometimes feel regret for having lost their freedom during stillness. I do not want feel this for human family.
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you @Will
Lynn, CO:  TY Marshall, Patricia, Reed, Society and Students

[email protected]:  Just a Few Reminders for Today, Everyone:

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THE STEPS VIGIL, May 26 – June 14, 2017.
The Steps Vigil is a worldwide commemorative broadcast event honoring the 20-day period in which Steps to Knowledge was received by the Messenger in 1989.
For more information: https://www.newmessage…vents

Selma London:  Thank you, Dariel, for your earlier comment. How do we keep the Revelation active & alive in the world? “The New Revelation must be given, and the time is critical. The time when it must be received and the time when it must be accepted are critical. It must go around the world. It must be in every country. This does not mean that everyone will learn of it or accept it, of course, but it does mean that it is active and alive, for it points to a different kind of future, a different kind of preparation.
And even more fundamentally, it points to a change of heart in people around the world. If they value what civilization provides, which are wealth, security, stability and opportunity—things which primitive peoples rarely ever experienced—then they will have to join together to build this for the future. It will not be a one-world government. That is silly. But it will be a world of cooperation because the alternative is too terrible to consider.” Rebellion, Revolution and War
Eron_Boulder:  Given the energy around conflict I find for myself it is important to remember the New Message every time I find myself drawn into this energy. “Enemies are only friends who have not learned to join” Step 288 STK This has always been one of my favorite Steps.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  @ LaRae and MVS yes I learned from experience that hitting bottom and having the breakdown was the only way I could ever begin to look at myself. For I must look at myself 1st in order to see and feel what needed to change and what must change. Becoming sober and staying with it is much like living the way of Knowledge. The process must start within where the “Real Change” must occur and strengthen. I did not “see” this when it was occurring in the moment. But now 10 years later I see it so very clearly. This is how I approach life now and holding dear to the NM and what is deep inside of me…in each of us.
Mathieu_France:  Thank you. NNC
Raoul_Australia:  @LaRae, very true, “Reaching rock bottom has been a turning point for so many…..”, seems like it may be the case for the whole world
rayhobbs_Colorado:  The greatest gift that can be given to you is Knowledge—¬a perfect guiding Wisdom within you, a bond and a timeless foundation that you have now. It is intelligent and can guide you through changing circumstances with a Wisdom, a certainty, a determination and a sense of direction that you alone could never create. The greatest gifts will be realized in meeting the greatest challenges. The greatest possibilities will emerge in facing the greatest change. The greatest demonstration of Grace, purpose, meaning and direction will be discovered as you meet a greater challenge and a greater opportunity in life. Greater Community Spirituality represents the evolution of religion in the world.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  It represents the evolution of your race and your intrinsic relationship with the Greater Community.
It represents your relationship with your Creator and with all in the physical universe who serve the Creator in many, many capacities. It demonstrates an essential and translatable spirituality that you can learn, that you can utilize and that you can give to others. It represents a gift, not only from your Creator, but from the Wise Ones in the Greater Community who seek to restore and to preserve Knowledge as a living force in physical existence. Their achievements and their contribution are reflected in a Greater Community Theology and in a Greater Community Way of Knowledge. Their methods of learning and their achievements in this regard are demonstrated in Steps to Knowledge in its adaptation into human life.
Mark – IL:  @Paul MA, my experience of the images and memories raised by Virgie produced feelings of sadness, followed by resolve to not allow this to happen again.
justin-calif-!:  I have to get going now- stay safe, all! NNC- (Will post pics!)
rayhobbs_Colorado:  You are blessed, then, by those who walk ahead of you, by those who are more advanced. You are blessed by changing circumstances, which will bring you into a greater panorama and experience of life. And you are blessed because you are free to release your past and to only carry forward that which is essential and necessary for you to live in the moment and to prepare for the future. If you can live in the moment and prepare for the future, your life will be fulfilled and your journey here will be justified.
Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 27: What is the evolution of religion in the world?
Alisa_Russia:  So much wisdom shared here today. I will definitely go back and reread this Chat. Thank you all for sharing. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wise, intelligent and compassionate community. I feel so at home here. Nasi Novare Coram.
Frederick_UK:  Thank you for the wisdom everyone. Good night.
LaRaeUK:  Beautiful Jim. I too bottomed out, I could not go any lower….and it was what ultimately lead me to find the NM.
MaryL_Boulder:  @JimB: thank you. Individual/nations breakdown is necessary for seeing the truth and rebuilding from the ashes. So all that we see in the world is going through this evolutionary process. May we “break through” and find Knowledge within us…waiting all this time before it’s too late.
Susan_Malaysia:  Thank you, MVS, Patricia, Reed, the Society and everyone on this chat, NNC
LaRaeUK:  It would appear so Raoul. I’ve experienced it so many times in my lifetime. Not only bottoming out, but not valuing what I had until it was gone…..
Robert_Society:  Thank you to all. Nasi Novare Coram
Gina_Boulder:  @Mark IL, and Paul, same here. The realization that this indeed can happen and has, provides pure fuel and focus.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @ Lynn, CO: Yes, that is encouraging to remember. Thank you.
Tamara:  Around the world small groups of people are gathering around ways to contribute to the life force of humanity….I read of them, I witness them, I am amongst some of them. May the power of God which lies at the center of such endeavors, pure forth upon the human family to offer support, inspiration, and the needed demonstrations of living a life of connection, contribution, unity, and selflessness. To bare witness to the remarkable opportunities and challenges of these times brings gratitude to my being..that I am blessed to know people active in such groups brings love to will. Blessings to you all.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you for your unrelenting efforts Justin….NNC
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Certain women who have a great spiritual calling in life must approach their calling without requiring a man to go along with them. In other words, they must take complete responsibility for their calling. If they can respond to this, they will be so nurtured by life. With women on the rise, men feel quite helpless and confused. Women outperform men in many, many ways. But women have weaknesses as well. Women for centuries have carried the flame of spirituality in the world. Now they must carry the responsibility. This is very different. Here they will be able to have compassion for men, for they will see why men’s errors and successes came about.
Kari_H_Finland:  @Ray, @Patricia “The dam of unresolved feelings and judgements holding us back” Thank you for pointing this out. A similar message struck me today in another Revelation. This is very important aspect of stillness practice
Insuk_Korea:  Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and All. Nasi Novare Coram
Lingling_China:  thanks Darlene, I will read or listen ‘the great faith’.
keiko_Ita:  Thank you everyone…Nasi Novare Coram.
nenette_istanbul:  I agree with you @Tamara
Alison_Boulder:  Access to one another will be a challenge in the future, not only our WWC but those waiting. May we use the infrastructure we have now to reach the world. Through coordinated advocacy we run down pathways, handing off pieces of the New Message in passing, thousands of people at a time. How long exactly this will be possible, we do not know. A big thank you to all involved, and a wide open invitation for anything thinking about joining the Society in advocacy of the New Message.
Meetings are every Thursday at , 7pmGMT and 6:30pmMDT
Eron_Boulder:  Thank you Tamara for the reminder about need to maintain one’s focus on all of the good that so much of the human family demonstrates.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  @Kari Forgiveness here must be something that enables you to see another person clearly and to derive learning from that experience, from that relationship. Regarding your parents or other significant people who impacted your childhood and who influenced your upbringing, it is necessary to see the circumstances in which they lived and the forces and pressures that they had to contend with. This is very important because you want to learn from these experiences and from these relationships in such a way that they give you greater clarity and compassion.
To understand the condition of your parents, for example—the environment in which they lived, the economic pressures they were under, their own limitations, and if you have the opportunity to discover, what their own childhood was like. Under what conditions did they grow up? What was the world that they had to experience? You may feel wounded from your relationship with them, but you must see their own condition objectively. This makes…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … your relationship more real and more apparent. And it gives you an opportunity to understand them more compassionately and to regain respect if respect has been lost.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @Danny thank you resonate with what you are saying here.
Ken_Oklahoma:  @ Tamara – I see evidence of Knowledge at work in the world also. It is not the news usually being revealed, but should be. “May the power of God which lies at the center of such endeavors, pure forth upon the human family to offer support, inspiration, and the needed demonstrations of living a life of connection, contribution, unity, and selflessness.”
Manuel_:)_Germany:  Be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to see a world without conflicts, wars…. look into yourself and analyze whether your thoughts and actions are peaceful or driven by competition, fear or domination. It is like a stone you throw into the water and the rips are going away of the center. That center or stone are us, the individuals who will influence its surroundings by example… our gifts are for the generations to come…
Kari_H_Finland:  Thank you all for sharing your presence. Nasi Novare Coram
Ellen_Society:  Thank you all for joining us today!
Lingling_China:  Thanks to all for sharing. Need to read this chat through again later.
Raoul_Australia:  SO well said Ali: “Through coordinated advocacy we run down pathways, handing off pieces of the New Message in passing, thousands of people at a time. How long exactly this will be possible, we do not know.” Let’s use while it lasts.
Hyeonam_Korea:  Thank you all. NNC
Joyanne_Canada:  @Ken, and all, We Behold you with Love
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Patricia: Thank you for the encouragement in your words about stillness practice. Yesterday I was realizing I need to be patient with myself as I take gradual steps to re-order my outer life in support of my practice. I should not condemn myself for progressing slowly. That’s to be expected.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  We find disappointment to be a very great opportunity. Because it is a natural
fact of life that you will encounter disappointment, it must then be seen as an
advantage, not always something you can appreciate at the outset, but an
advantage nonetheless. There is very great effort by many people to avoid
disappointment at all costs, but we want to encourage you not to avoid
disappointment. Bring it on! Let it happen! There are lessons you must learn in
life, and disappointment will illustrate many of them. We do not encourage
people to repeat their mistakes, of course, but certain lessons are waiting for
you. Taking advantage of them means that they can unburden you so that you may
walk lightly through this world. The burden of avoiding disappointment is a far
greater burden.
Will_Society:  “every Thursday at , 7pmGMT and 6:30pmMDT”
Thank you, Alison. The New Message must find its people, and in time.
Darlene_Society:  Thank you everyone. Be well. NNC
LaRaeUK:  I see love everyday in the airports. Love between families, lovers, friends, all races, all religions. It is all around us…..
Lucille_Maine:  @MVS_Society: ” Break down is part of the process of change living in Separation. We must accept this.(11:55AM)” Yes, I can personally testify to that yhese days. Thank you for this confirmation in your own words.
jeanine_Society:  Thinking about the interstate bridge that collapsed in Atlanta last week – how so many places will not be sustainable to live in the future more and more – and the importance of asking ourselves the simple questions: Where do I need to live? etc.
Maureen_Boulder:  @ LaRae I saw that too on my last trip. Pretty heart warming to see everyone being so loving and caring.
LaRaeUK:  It is Maureen….it renews my faith in our human family everyday.
Reed_Society:  @Manuel, yes so important and true, the New Message says we are always “teaching” through our presence in the world, every day, we are always extending communication to others. And here we cannot not teach and affirm something in the world. Let us teach and affirm that Knowledge is the way.
[email protected]:  Gratitude and blessings to MVS, Patricia, Reed; to Ayesha and Will for helping to guide our time together; and to everyone else here today. Your participation is important. “Your role in the world is too important to
neglect.” Step 323. Nasi Novare Coram
jeanine_Society:  From GWC Recommendations: “Consider where you live in light of the Great Waves of change. In your current location, are you able and willing to travel without the use of an automobile? Will you be able to assist others given your current location and circumstances? Will you be ready to help others in times of need, or will you yourself be in jeopardy?”
LaRaeUK:  It is a huge question Jeanine. I take it to Knowledge regularly.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Love is mysterious. It is not always happy; it is not always kind, but it always carries you forward toward the source of love itself.
Ayesha_Society:  Thank you all for sharing what you see and know around the Great Waves. We hope you can join us again next Saturday. Take care until then. NNC
Tyyne_Society:  Thank you Will and Ayesha for hosting this chat and to all of you, and Vergi, as we are here in this world and part of the NM during a period of evolution in this world that calls for us to see and know the GW and the GC, to prepare accordingly – a long-range view, to experience internally through who we are and why we are here at this time. Through what we know about the GC and our heritage from before we came and what we must now reclaim, live and give – in keeping Knowledge alive, in bringing our hard earned Knowledge through time. Love to you all.
Manuel_:)_Germany:  @Reed thank you. I could not have described it better… how? U are the son of the Messenger…
LaRaeUK:  Powerful reminder Reed. We must embody Knowledge.
Will_Society:  Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World
nenette_istanbul:  Thank you All Dear fellow Students…We are having dinner now….NASI NOVARE CORAM. I will re-read all over again later . Much Love
David V Fr:  Thank you all, quite something to read through all this communication! We are building an environment. I know this is the case even though I cannot show tangible result. But I gain strength from what I am able to receive here. Thank you
MVS Society:  A major report came out recently that it will take 3 trillion dollars—$3,000,000,000—to repair the basic infrastructure within the US alone—roads, bridges, dams, power grids, sewage systems etc. The seeds of constant functional breakdown are all around us and beneath our feet while political and personal crisis draw us attention away.
Val_Westport:  In a great waves world if we can’t calm the waves at least we don’t have to rock the boat…
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you Shawn for pointing out the spirit of unity that is also rising. It is small but growing group and it gives great hope–kindles great hope and KN–as we see this spirit arising.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  If you feed a hungry man today, he will be hungry tomorrow. But if your Knowledge activates his Knowledge, his life will never be the same.
Virgie_near Seattle:  Thank you, everyone, for bringing your insights and open hearts to this chat. I am blessed to be part of this community.
LaRaeUK:  That is sobering MVS….
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Tamara (9:09) , indeed…may it be so.
Ayesha_Society:  Yes Reed, actions more powerful then words. This brings me back to knowing where we are coming from. Everything is indeed a teaching. Jim B “The process must start within where the “Real Change” must occur and strengthen.”
Joyanne_Canada:  Thank you to everyone once again, for the amazing insights and wisdom’s shared in the Chat today. I am grateful for this World Wide Community we are united in. May heaven utilize us to assist the Messenger in bringing a New Message to our World. Be Strong in Knowledge, Nasi Novare Coram, Feeling Blessed
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Responsibility is the ability to respond to your truest inclinations as well as
to the needs of others. Therefore, responsibility is associated with
providorship as well. As you provide more for others, you must call upon your
own strength. You cannot be obsessed with your needs, wants and difficulties
because you have placed yourself in a situation that requires you to rise to a
greater occasion and ability.
Manuel_:)_Germany:  I am so grateful to learn so much from all of you and at the same time to be in resonance with the truth which we all are bearing like a candle in our hearts… may we bring this light into the darkness of the world. the darkness wear beautiful clothes: ignorance, arrogance, (superficial) beauty, distractions… if we are with Knowledge all of these we will find unmeaningful and useless and will set our minds and us free….
Raoul_Australia:  Bye everyone, thank you Will and Ayesha for hosting this chat and thanks all for being here.
MVS Society:  $3,000,000,000,000
LaRaeUK:  Well put Manuel…..
Maria_Boulder:  @ MVS- I have been hearing some of these discussions -that we have arrived at a point where so much of the basic infrastructure in US is in need of foundational repairs…really underlines how we have become accustomed to traversing not only this vast country, but the Globe…I think about it with my children in Oregon, especially Portland- a city on two sides of a river, with bridges connecting it all…looking ahead to see what this will look like, when the bridges are not safe to cross…
jeanine_Society:  @MVS – sobering figures…
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Alison, & Raoul (9:12) I’m right behind you…
Jorge_Spain:  We human beings are prone to black or white positions. However, discernment may say otherwise. I have concerns regarding these human inclinations in the face of GWC events. Sometimes, things may look good, aligned with something we know for sure it is good and true, and nevertheless we must be careful. The perfect example here is the intervention. They speak of protecting the Earth. They say that Earth is in danger. They say that human foolishness is harming the Earth. Is this true? Is this false? It’s true, but, as you know, there is a dangerous, deceiving occult intent also. To discern this occult part here is essential. Now, how many times we find ourselves in this type of situations regarding world events and problems? What is true? What is false? What may be deceiving, despite all the right looks and words, despite speaking of TRUE problems? Can we really take anything at face value, despite all the looks of being a “unmistakable” GWC product?
Virpi_Finland:  For my whole life I have looked at the world and wondered why so little attention is paid to the basics. But it does not frustrate me anymore, because NMG says that is how it is: the world is chaos and does not make much sense.
MVS Society:  Yet while breakdown in nations my be unavoidable on a large scale, it is still a tragedy of immense proportions. A significant percentage of the human family may not survive the Great Waves in the decades ahead.
Tyyne_Society:  Building the foundation of this Mission during such instability… Many thanks to all of you who support this New Message from God in practical and financial ways. You’re contributions make this chat and so many other NM related endeavors possible in order to reach those who are searching for this… to tip the balance toward the power of Knowledge in the world. Nasi Novare Coram. http://www.newmessage….ssage
Patricia_Society:  @Virgi – our “Practice state” is a dynamic environment – something that we are building…and it is also an environment that can break down or diminish…It ebbs and flows…depending upon whether we can and do return to Practice, whether formal (sitting practice) or momentarily (ex., hourlies) in the midst of the activities of the day….Knowledge and Stillness are ever with us, however, per the great step in Steps to Knowledge, Step 2, “Knowledge is with me. Where am I?” So return to practice whenever and wherever we can, and contribute to this Great Waves world from there……Oh now, that’s important, very important…Thank you and to all here for your building of your Practice states and for clearing the pathways both to Knowledge, and for Knowledge to reach us, and reach the world through us…..Be well all………………

Will_Society:  The Intervention’s influence upon the world may be like climate change itself, in that one weather event may not be identifiable as the result of climate change, but overall the trends point clearly to global heating.

Overall, the world we see is being influenced by the Intervention. But trying to know that any one indecent or phenomenon is coming from the Intervention feels like very dangerous thinking.

LaRaeUK:  On a scale the human family has never seen before…..
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Thank you Marshall! Very sobering to be with!
Rose, the Netherlands:  Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
Darlene_Society:  @Jorge, yes, bearing witness a practice, neutral, looking, not judging, not even labeling true or false, my Step 90 today: “Practice this day having an open mind that bears witness to everything and that seeks to learn. Enjoy the freedom that comes without assumptions, for mystery will be a source of grace for you,,,”
LaRaeUK:  It seems to me Will that the intervention, the power of the uber wealthy, the influence and effects of the media on the population must be connected?
Darlene_Society:  “bears witness to “EVENTS”…
Jansett_Boulder:  @Jorge, good questions. “Steps to Knowledge will give you the pathway to develop these greater skills. And you need them. You need them now. You needed them yesterday. You have needed them all along.” (The Art of Seeing)
Robert_Society:  @Will – yes thank you for this reminder. Drawing conclusions regarding motivations to events can be dangerous.
Maria_Boulder:  @ Jorge- it is this succeptibility to being deceived that makes it so crucial- a MUST- that we be earnestly dedicated to our stillness practice. In both this and last weeks chats Patricia gave such beautiful descriptions of its utter importance…thank you Patricia…in any given moment will we be able to discern the truth of what we are seeing? May we have cultivated enough inner quiet, that KN will be loud within us.
Dariel_Boulder:  Thank you MVS, Patricia, Reed, Ayesha and Will and all others across the world who are linking hearts here. And thank you most especially to the Unseen Ones who are with us and inspiring and guiding us.
LaRaeUK:  Thank you MVS, Patricia, Will and Society for bringing us together once again, so that we may continue to learn and grow in The Way of Knowledge.
Shrimayi Netherlands:  @ Thank you Eron of being so clear on feeding the noise.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Thank you Dariel for reminding us that there are many more here with us behind the curtain and in our hearts. Thanks to all that are a part of our family.
Alison_Boulder:  In this Chat some of you have carried me out into a larger context as infinite as the Universe, a GC perspective, and then settled me down into the importance of a sitting, stillness practice. How great this teaching is to encompass this expanse of preparation, and allow us to speak to one another from these vantage points.
Hyeonam_Korea:  One of GWC is a air in Korea I think which is worse than past.
Shawn_Moose Jaw:  Will there be a day that we will not be able to communicate like this? In times of darkness and despair it will be the foundation of our practice which will support us and ours.
Virgie_near Seattle:  @Patricia: Thank you! Trying to give it my all every day. It’s so important.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @MVS, any way you kept a link to that article on “repairing the BASIC infrastructure”?
cole_boulder:  @Jorge – thank you, that is an apt and important consideration. It reminds me of the dichotomy presented in the NM of surface/depth. At the surface of the mind, the surface of language, the surface meaning of things, we may readily consider something true – but to understand it at its depths, requires going beneath, as you say, the black and white interpretation of things. To understand why someone is saying something, presenting a certain argument, why ETI claim they are here to help – we have to deeply investigate and consider their motivations, what is literally moving them and their actions. So becoming discerning, observant, exercising critical reasoning, all seem like necessary aspects of engaging our own minds, one another and the mental environment going forward. Fortunately the New Message provides the preparation to do this.
Kelton_California:  In Stillness we become the doorway of Knowledge.
jeanine_Society:  @All Students – the blessings of Knowledge to you all. Till next Chat. Nasi Novare Coram.
Mark – IL:  @MVS, In my time working in China, I had the opportunity to ride on one of the world’s finest passenger rail systems, travel through some of the finest airports I’ve seen, and ride on roads that are brand new and well-maintained. Certainly, not everything is perfect in China, but I saw clearly what is possible, even though it seems a centralized government has greater ability to initiate such projects. I am left wondering how much of the infrastructure challenge we see here in the US is a matter of priority setting rather than due to lack of financial capacity.
Will_Society:  I’m trying to be watching for signs without coming to conclusions. “Is this the greater community? Or is this just the world being the world?” Asking, looking for signs, but being very wary of coming to conclusions, the danger of claiming to know when I do not know.
MarkBerger:  @Will – Agree that it is hard to pin one event on the Intervention. Like global climate change, I feel the Intervention has been involved for decades in global mental environment change. There is a reason why the mental environment of the world feels different from the time of our grandparents.
LaRaeUK:  Yes Will….it is something I sense….but of course don’t know.
Jim B. Upstate NY:  Yes Will so important to be with these ?’s
rayhobbs_Colorado:  We have said on a number of occasions that the great spiritual leadership in the time to come will be primarily given to women, for this is the Age of the Women. Part of the restructuring of society is for this purpose, and it is happening naturally. Therefore, many women will become true leaders. The disappointment for these women is that they cannot take men with them. These women I speak of who have a true calling to be spiritual leaders, rarely will they be able to
take a man with them. That is part of their maturity. It is going unchaperoned
into a greater life. Women want to find a man first and then go to God because
they do not want to go to God without a chaperone. They want to have a man to
make sure they will not be lonely. But how can you be lonely in God? God is like
having all men at once! To lament not having a man when your heart is going for
God represents confusion. Therefore, these women must be disappointed. No man?
Go for God. Mourn for no man. Go for God. Don’t go…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  … for belief in God; don’t
become a philosopher. Let God and your Spiritual Family fill your life. Then
things will begin to happen. If you yearn for a man and a man is not there, you
are wasting your life. You might as well yearn for something that is there. Not
every woman will be with a man, not in the normal sense. And yet women will
still need men very much because they will need to be nourished as women.
rayhobbs_Colorado:  (WGC2.Stillness)
Virgie_near Seattle:  @MarkBerger: Yes! I hear so many people try to deny that things are actually different, but apparently they are mistaken. And I sense that in their “heart of hearts” they know it, too.
Val_Westport:  Thank you for this precious time together as we learn and grow.
Selma London:  Mark IL: “Every city is important. You cannot destroy a city now. You cannot destroy the infrastructure because you may not be able to rebuild it. You cannot destroy a nation through invasion because you may not have the resources to rebuild it because the world has changed. The wealth to do those sorts of things is no longer there. The needs of the peoples of each nation will escalate so much that whatever wealth the nation possesses will be tapped to the absolute limit.” Rebellion, Revolution and War
rayhobbs_Colorado:  correction: (WGC2 Dissapointment)
Will_Society:  Thank you all. This has been inspiring, sobering and fascinating, all at once.
Dariel_Boulder:  @ Alison…we are indeed part of something so mysterious and great as we chat here together across the world and out into the stars…
rayhobbs_Colorado:  Double Correction! (WGC1 Disappointment) Note: In stillness all things can be known!
Eron_Boulder:  Nasi Novare Coram
Jorge_Spain:  @Selma, that’s one of those quotes I never forgot once I read it.
Mike_LF_CAL:  @Will, MarkBerger, (9:40), I’m right there with you…
Val_Westport:  To quote Oscar Wilde: “To love yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” And Knowledge, the essence of myself, is also the Spirit of God. Therefore– :O)
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you!!!!
Maria_Boulder:  @ Mathieu, I so appreciate what you said at (9:38)”Part of the strength required in the pathway of the New Message, in my experience, is a capacity to carry heavy questions, at the individual scale and at the world scale, and keep walking on. Most people avoid these too heavy questions and just turn their head the other way. Probably the world is as it is partly for this reason. We need to build this core inner strength …” I am aware that much of the noise and distraction filling lives all around us(ourselves included) has to do with trying to drown out what we do not want to look at.
Selma London:  Yes, Jorge. NNC all
rayhobbs_Colorado:  To prepare for stillness you must practice a certain kind of meditation, you must have a teacher, you must have a method and you must have a community. Retreana Carvedan Celton Iy: “Receive the Heart of God through your Spiritual Family that is joined about you.” Nasi Novare Coram
Mike_LF_CAL:  Thank you everyone… once again… what a ride. Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Reed and the Society! Mavran Mavran Conay Mavran. Nasi Novare Coram.

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