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Doing the Work

To have a new life, you must do the work. It is not a spell that is put upon you. It is not taking some magic potion and having everything be different. It is not a form of addiction or intoxication.

You will have to do the work. You will have to take the risks. You will have to make the decisions. You will have to disappoint other people. You will have to disappoint your own goals and ambitions. You will have to change your plans.

This is where you become strong. This is where you become united within yourself. This is where you follow one voice instead of many voices in your mind. This is where your true allegiance emerges amongst your other commitments and obligations. This is where you reclaim your strength and your self-confidence. This is where you stop behaving foolishly, giving your life away to silly and meaningless things. This is where you know who to choose to be with and how to resist the temptations that lead you elsewhere in life.

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