What must I do?

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Be willing to look, to really look at something, to really look at the Great Waves of change—to read about them, to investigate them, to see what they are, to learn more about the Great Waves and how they are affecting people in the world today and their potential for altering the course of human history.

What are the implications? People have studied this. Intelligent people have looked at this and are warning others. What is the meaning of this? What are its implications? How could it alter your life and the lives of other people?

Then be with what you know and have seen. “What does this really mean for me? Is this really true? And what must I do?”

Then take action—begin to move, pick yourself up, set yourself on the road again, regain your strength, express your self-determination and exercise your power and authority.

Here you govern the mind instead of being governed by it. Here you direct your emotions instead of being directed by them. Here you overcome your inertia, overcome your resistance, while you gain self-determination.

All three stages are powerful. They all restore to you your strength, your vision, your capabilities and your sense of direction in life.

You must bring all of your attention to bear on what you yourself must do.

The Great Waves of Change, Seeing, Knowing and Taking Action.

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