When will humanity be able to travel outside this solar system?

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Your travel outside this solar system may be possible within the next two centuries, but we say “may be possible” because you will have to face the great environmental change that is occurring in your world, which has the power to undermine human civilization. And you also have to face the consequences of intervention in your world, which could usurp human authority here and place humanity under foreign control and domination.

Either of these two events could alter the course of human destiny thoroughly, could stifle and control humanity’s accomplishments and its destiny as a free and self-determined peoples in the universe.

Therefore, there are great dangers facing you now, and that is why our Briefings are so important and why we have been called by greater Spiritual Powers to come to the Earth to deliver our messages to a worthy world and a worthy people.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Seventh Briefing.

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