People Sense that Great Change is Coming

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There are growing numbers of people in the world today who sense that great change is coming, and more than this they have begun to respond to messages from Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within them telling them to do certain things, to make certain adjustments or changes in their life and to take certain forms of action.

Yet so many of these people have been unable to respond. They feel the warning of the message or perhaps they see the signs, but they are not moved to act. They recognize the need. They recognize a possible danger. But they have not responded. They have not taken any action regarding it.

This represents two problems. The first is that Knowledge is not yet strong enough within the individual to move them. Knowledge is actually strong enough, but they do not have a strong enough connection to it to feel the urgency and the movement within themselves. It is like a distant voice or a passing image or a fleeting emotion, as if Knowledge were communicating to them, but from far away, through a great, thick wall. Knowledge is powerful within them, but they are not yet able to respond to it.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change: The Freedom to Move with Knowledge – part of a greater contemplation from this session of the Free School.

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on January 30, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Human beings can find “Knowledge” to prepare them for negative possibilities in the future, but for them to act, only concrete events, circumstances, and situations will get the ball rolling. The question is, how much of a catastrophe, or miracle is needed to move people to act? The greater the event, the less likely people will be to act successfully to save themselves. Certainly, great catastrophes and great miracles are forecast for the future, but we also need many smaller ones before then for the wiser to take heed to.

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