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Short Quotes

"The world will motivate you to find the truth for it offers you nothing."[1]

"Potentially, truth is for everyone, but today it is meant for those who can receive it today, and tomorrow it will be meant for those who can receive it tomorrow." [2]

"When you speak the truth, everyone benefits, and yet the truth you speak cannot be verified by your questioning mind, for it does not come from this source."[3]

"Truth always brings you back into relationship with life, with others and with yourself. Fantasy and deception always take you away. There is fantasy about everything, even about the truth." [2]

"The experience of truth--the experience of being united with yourself, being honest with yourself and having integrity within yourself—however limited and circumstantial it may be, is an outstanding experience. This experience is established in contrast to all of the compromises, the avoidance, the compulsions and the fearful activities that govern the minds of so many in the world today." [2]

“The truth is utterly beneficial to you, but at first it can be quite shocking and disappointing to your other plans and goals. This you must risk if you wish to have the certainty and the empowerment that the truth will bring to you.” [4]

“It is something you must feel. To have a feeling orientation, your mind must be still. Truth is something you will feel with your entire body, with your entire being.” [5]

“You are honored by God whether you can accept this or not. It is true regardless of human evaluation, for only things that are beyond evaluation are true.” [6]

“Truth exists whether you want it or not, whether you believe in it or not and whether you adhere to it or not. That is what makes it true.” [7]

“Only what is beyond the evaluation of the mind can be held to be true, for it is true regardless of how you may choose to perceive it, whether you accept it, reject it, or whether you value it or deny it.” [8]

“When people start to think that God has an absolute truth for their relative reality, this begins a form of tyranny that is very dangerous and difficult to overcome. Religious tyranny, political tyranny and personal tyranny are evident within people and within societies at large. Attempting to apply an absolute truth to a relative situation produces bondage and slavery and is completely counter productive.” [9]

“You must be open and yet very firm about what you know already. This firmness and openness is the achievement. What has been discovered thus far that you know to be irrevocably true? This you must hold to with great reverence.” [9]

"If you get creative with the truth, the truth will abide with you no longer and you will be left with your creations but not with the truth itself." [10]


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