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"The Creator of all life loves the human spirit and all the peoples in the world whether they have a religion or not, whether they are wise or foolish, whether they are sinful or virtuous. It just changes the amount of work that must be done to redeem them in time. But to God time is nothing and to you time is everything, as it should be, as it is." [1]

In This Reality

Creation "is all that God has created within time and beyond time. You live within time, so you live in part of creation that is in motion, that is in flux, that is unstable, that is evolving and expanding."[2]

In Relationships

"Knowledge will draw tremendous energy from you.That is why it unifies you.You will not have time for things that are not necessary. As a result, you will feel your life is necessary, and you will not have to ponder its worth."[3]

"Before you engage with another in a marriage, in a committed relationship or in any relationship that will commit your time and energy in life, it is essential that you gain a real foundation within yourself. Do not commit your life until you are committed to your life."[4]

"So the great evaluation begins with taking stock of where you are now—how you spend your time, your energy, your focus, your interests. Where is your life being given away? What is it being focused upon? Where is it being assigned? You only have so much energy in the day, so much time in the day, so much space within your mind to consider things. Where is that all going now?"[5]

In Development and Expression

"Knowledge is fulfilled within itself, so it is able to restrain itself for a very long time. Indeed, there may be a very long time between the experience of knowing and the expression of knowing. Usually this is the case. You may know something, and yet it may take years for it to come about. You may know something about another, and yet it may take years for you to express it to them effectively, if you ever do." [6]

"Only in fantasy and imagination can you possibly even entertain the idea of fulfilling yourself. There is no fulfillment here, only increasing confusion. As the years progress, you will feel a growing darkness within you, as if a great opportunity has been lost. Do not lose this opportunity to realize life as it truly exists and to receive fulfillment as it is truly offered to you." [7]

The Imperative Now

"Time is of the essence. You do not have a great deal of time, for already the Great Waves of change are affecting the world. And yet here you stand with all of your relationships and all of the influences upon you."[5]

"Your life is precious; your time is short. You have come into the world to yield something very significant and to work with other people in a cooperative venture in a specific area."[8]


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