The wise remain hidden

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"Ultimately, the most powerful races in the universe are entirely hidden." [1]

"There are adept individuals in all societies throughout the Greater Community.... Finer and more subtle abilities exist within all individuals, and greater powers exist within particular individuals and within particular cultures or races. These can all be exploited for political or military value. Therefore, there is a great burden in carrying Knowledge and Wisdom: the burden of keeping them hidden, knowing who to share them with and how much to share."[2]

"The Wise everywhere work with as much secrecy as possible. They contribute their gifts to those individuals for whom their gifts are destined and required." [3]

"There are not many Wise in the physical universe, regardless of culture. Do you know why that is? It is because the Wise must hide. They must hide because their gifts are meant for certain individuals only, and they must hide to maintain their freedom to give." [4]

"Ultimately, the most powerful races in the universe are entirely hidden. And if they have any trade at all, it is maintained with the greatest secrecy usually carried out by other nations that support them, that act as proxies for them. If you attain a great power in the mental environment, your powers would be sought by other nations. Your skills would be sought by other nations, and other nations will attempt to seduce you or induce you through promises of wealth, splendor or high social positions—whatever they can do to seduce you in order to gain control of these abilities."[1]

"Those powers and authorities that are not aware of Knowledge or who do not honor the existence of Knowledge will tend to oppose it and regard it as a threat to their authority and to the stability of the nations that they govern. This again is why the pure practice in The Way of Knowledge is usually done in a clandestine manner, in secrecy, through various networks of individuals who are able to communicate with one another beyond the scrutiny of their own governments and political organizations." [5]


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