The Responsibility of this Messenger

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Receive the Revelation

"The Messenger is here to provide the Revelation. It has taken him decades to receive it. It will take decades for it to be recognized in the world. But the problem is time. Humanity does not have much time to prepare for a new world and for Contact with life in the universe—Contact which is occurring already, Contact with a dangerous purpose and intention." [1]

Establish the Revelation

"While the world goes about its daily affairs, the Messenger must proclaim. He must proclaim God’s New Revelation, for it holds the key to so many people’s lives and future." [2]

Present a New Reality


"The Messenger will not condemn religions of the world, but he will provide in contrast the very essence of their Teachings that has been lost, or forgotten or denied." [3]



"People do not see, they do not hear. They are strangers to themselves. And their native skills of discerning the environment, for many, have been lost and are undeveloped. This makes the Messenger’s task more difficult. He must carry the Mystery, for the Revelation is beyond the realm of the intellect and certainly is not conditioned by people’s expectations, beliefs or comprehension." [1]

"His presence here is to serve as a demonstration and as a presentation of the wisdom and the love of God and the great challenges that are now facing the human family, for which humanity is not prepared." [3]



What he does not

"He is not here to proclaim himself as a ruler or a leader or a great power." [4]

"He is not here to claim political power, economic power, to displace other people or to overthrow anyone." [4]

"His mission is not to build bridges or change governments or rectify every problem and error and injustice in the world." [3]

"The Messenger is not here to condemn nations and governments and institutions." [5]

"He is not here to answer every question or to have a solution for every need." [3]

"The Messenger is not here to argue or to debate or to take issue with world affairs or the ambitions of different groups, nations or tribes. He is here to bring a Message of Revelation and redemption to the peoples of the whole world, regardless of their individual cultural position or religious affiliation, if they have one at all." [3]


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Further Study

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