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Editor's note: Below are some further occasions of the word pandemic in the New Message where it appears in a broader discussion, not strictly focused on that specific topic.

"Given the difficulties of facing the Great Waves of change— environmental deterioration, the decline of your resources and the resulting problems in food production, the distribution of essential resources for people, the risk of pandemic illness and the threat of war and conflict—all of these things represent the immense danger that humanity now faces and will face increasingly as you proceed. And the danger of foreign intervention, by economic Collectives and other groups who seek to gain advantage and persuasion here for their own interests, adds to the complexity of the situation that humanity is now facing." LIU chapter 6:

"At this threshold, humanity is facing the prospect of living in a world of diminishing resources, facing the impacts of environmental disruption and global warming, violent weather, pandemic disease, and intervention from forces from beyond the world who are seeking to take advantage of human weakness and conflict for their own purposes." The New Message for the Political Leaders of the World As revealed to Marshall Vian Summers on May 27, 2006 in Boulder, Colorado