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"Humanity is easily misled. It is divided. It is superstitious. It is ignorant of life beyond the world, life in the Greater Community of worlds, life in the Universe."[1]

"Humanity is very superstitious and seeks to deny things that it cannot understand." [2]

"The superstitions and the fears of the world may make our message beyond the reach for many." [3]

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Superstition and ignorance

"The fact that human beings are still very superstitious means that your ideas and images can easily be controlled." [4]

"You belong to a race of people which is intelligent, although superstitious and ignorant of life in the Universe, thus making you malleable and susceptible to persuasion and inducement." [5]

"If you could look at the history of humanity, particularly the recent history of humanity, where other alternatives to force have been used to gain control of other nations and peoples, you will see that the Intervention today is following a very familiar pattern. It is just that humanity is not used to being in this position. It believes it is ascendant. It believes it is powerful. It does not recognize that another race could come and take advantage of its weakness, its confl icts and its superstitions." [6]

"Humanity is governed by superstition and by a limited perspective. Because it is not yet mature as a race, despite its great insights and spiritual affinity, humanity is very vulnerable in the Greater Community." [7]

False assumptions

"Superstition is the belief in something that is not there." [8]

"Human beings tend to be very superstitious. Superstition is when you are responding to something you cannot understand and you make false assumptions and conclusions about the nature of what is stimulating you. In the presence of a greater intelligence, human beings will make many erroneous conclusions. That is because you do not understand the mental environment. Indeed, from a practical standpoint, should an alien power want to take greater control of human affairs, they certainly would not need weapons to do it."[9]


Belief vs. experience

"Religion is profound experience. Out of this experience churches and theological systems arise, but they are not where you will find God. You must be in a different state of mind to comprehend the Creator, or you will merely create beliefs that will become superstitions." [10]

"With religion, no one wants to think they are being superstitious. That indicates you are believing in something that does not exist, which makes you look very foolish. And indeed, if you persist in doing this, you will feel that you are wasting your life. When religion disappoints, it is felt to be superstitious. The controversy of whether something is religion or superstition cannot be ended in the conscious, intellectual part of your mind which thrives on doubt and is afraid to get involved in anything very seriously. The controversy is resolved in another state of mind called Knowledge." [10]

"Is religion superstition? Is it people fooling themselves because they are insecure? Are they looking for escape? Do they just want to believe in something because their lives have no meaning? No matter how devout you may feel you are, you will have times when you have these questions. Yes, you will, and it is okay. You can say, 'Go to Hell, God! I’ve had it with you! I’m going to go out and make money and get smart.' You see, you love God so much that sometimes when you reject God, you get closer because when you reject God, nothing happens in return. You always go back to God because it is the only thing to go back to and because the world of manifestation is temporary, and the world of Mystery is permanent." [10]

"Superstition is the result of making conclusions without understanding. It permeates all of human thought.When people first encounter religion, that is often what they encounter—superstition. So, we have given you a new approach to religion by asking, 'What is its practice?' and not 'Is this truth?' Truth is beyond religion. Religion is an approach to truth. The approach is practice. Therefore, ask, 'What is the practice?'”[8]

Expectations vs. Reality

"You must not view the Intervention in a superstitious manner. The visitors are not angels, and they are not demons. They are driven by the same needs that drive humanity, and they will employ many of the same techniques that humanity has attempted to employ, though on a far lesser scale, in order to achieve their goals." [11]

"The visitors do not care about your religions. They believe they are only the folly and the superstitions of humanity. Having no religion of their own that you could possibly recognize and understand, they will seek to use yours in order to garner your allegiance to them." [11]

"You now have competitors from beyond. They are not warriors. They do not conquer through force. Their powers are subtle but extremely effective in a world where people are divided and in conflict with one another, in a world where people are ignorant of the realities and requirements of life in the Universe around them, in a world where people are superstitious, in a world where people have not yet learned to trust the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within them." [6]

"The power of collective thinking can create dominant forces in the mental environment. Here the Greater Community forces will use human religion and affect human governments to achieve their goals. They will take full advantage of humanity’s superstitions. They will take full advantage of the liabilities of human ignorance. They are not here to teach a Greater Community Way of Knowledge, for they do not want people to have Knowledge. They want to keep people in a state of ignorance and suspended animation." [7]

"It is your weakness and your conflicts, your ignorance and your superstition that these particular races from the Universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength. That is what they are using now and will use in the future." [12]

"While humanity is fighting and struggling down here on Earth, other forces are here to take advantage of its predicaments, its ignorance and its superstitions." [13]

Examples of Superstition

"Here there is no arrogance and there is no superstition. Here there is no trying to triumph over others by proclaiming that your path to God is the ultimate and is the only true path. No one with a Greater Community awareness could say such a thing." [14]


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