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"You may wonder, why do I need to sleep so much at night? To give the mind a break. The Student of Knowledge will need less sleep because they will be exercising greater rest in their waking hours."[1]

"Knowledge will guide you to eat and sleep and live in the right proportions, to engage with other people in meaningful ways in the right proportions, to bring balance to every level of your being."[2]

"In the quiet hours of the night, let your mind be still and be in the Presence. This will give you more rest than sleep. Should you awaken in the night, come to that which is invulnerable." [3]

As a Metaphor

"Right now you are sleeping on the beach and the great tsunami waves are coming. You are sleeping there, dreaming of what you want and what you are afraid of. While the animals seek higher ground and the birds fly away, the people are lying on the beach as if nothing is happening at all.” [4]

"It is strange, but uncertainty around you actually is conducive to the emergence of Knowledge. For when everything is going the way people want it to go, well, they fall asleep; they become complacent and indulgent. They become lazy and do not question their lives significantly enough to gain any deeper connection within themselves."[5]

"In times of calamity people wake up briefly and then slowly go back to sleep. 'That was a terrible thing that happened, yes, of course. We remember it. But now we are going back to sleep. It won’t happen again for centuries, so we are going back to sleep'—lulled to sleep by human complacency, human denial, human preoccupation, human distractions by all the forces of society that want to lull you into becoming a manageable consumer." [6]


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