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"Moved by a greater power and force in their lives, beyond the ordinary things that determine people’s lives and experiences, they have been moved by a greater force, like a spiritual gravity, moving them to do extraordinary things for the benefit of others, beyond mere kindness and doing favors or service for people, by setting an example and encouraging and igniting the power of Knowledge in others.

You can forget the name of famous generals and leaders of nations, famous politicians, famous artists even, but the names of the great saints will prevail because their contribution has been the greatest and the most lasting and profound. They serve even today, their great gifts resonating continually through the human heart and mind, reminding people that who they are is greater than their minds and their bodies, reminding people that they are part of a Greater Reality, beyond what their senses can report."[1]


  1. The Pure Religion, Chapter 1: The Pure Religion

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