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"No matter how small and specific your contribution may be in life, the importance of its demonstration and development is significant and cannot be denied." [1]

"God seeks to reclaim you unto yourself and to bring you back into your true relationship with life as it exists here and now in order to enable you to find your place in the world and to fulfill your specific role here."[2]

"You cannot be passive. You cannot simply give yourself over. People try to do that because they are either too lazy or too unfocused to actually prepare for the role that they need to fulfill." [2]


"You are part of something. You have a role to fulfill at a certain leve of reality. Do not make this role or this level absolute. It is not absolute. It is relative to where you are in time and space."[3]

"Accept the fact that your role will be small and specific. It will not be self-glorifying. In fact, it may lead away from all of your plans for self-fulfillment. And yet it contains a greater truth, a greater understanding and a greater security in life that you will not find anywhere else." [4]

"Be thankful" ... "there is a role for you to fulfill in the world."[5]

Simple and Specific

"When the house is on fire, everyone must get involved. Some will take greater roles. Some will take lesser roles." [6]

"Your role in life will be simple and hidden in almost all cases. If you are to become known, it is in a way a misfortune because the world will prey upon you, and others will use you and abuse you." [7]

"Your role will not be grandiose; it will be simple. In almost all circumstances, you will work behind the scenes quietly and without recognition. This is necessary to protect you and to protect your gift from contamination, misuse or exploitation by others." [8]

"You have come from beyond the world bearing gifts for the world. This is most certainly true, but do not fall prey to thinking that this indicates a grandiose role for you. Indeed, your role will be very specific and only in the rarest circumstances will it garner attention and acclaim."[4]

"You are here to be a part of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community and part of the advancement of the human race, which is necessary for your world to emerge successfully into the Greater Community. Your role will not be grandiose. You will not be a saint, a god or a goddess. Your tasks will likely be very mundane."[9]

Development of Purpose

"You are being given a real opportunity here. If you can receive this and begin to make progress as a student of Knowledge, then those forces within the world and beyond that can help you will take a greater and greater role in your life." [10]

"You will need Life Force to progress, to advance and to carry on your preparation and your contribution. The extent to which you will need to use it and how you will need to use it depends on the role that you are here to play. Your role here is predetermined, but how it will be carried out and the time it takes to carry it out—especially the time it takes to discover it and to prepare for it—can vary considerably. In this, your decision making has great importance, and indeed you will determine if the outcome can be achieved. What greater responsibility would you ever want to assume for yourself?" [11]

"Your calling in life is very specific. It involves engaging with certain people for specific reasons at certain junctures of your life. The greater purpose that you share with everyone is to keep Knowledge alive in the world and to bring something from your Ancient Home into the world. This is a definition that you can abide with because it will not limit you and it will not deceive you, but go no further in your definitions. Allow the manifestation of your purpose to take place naturally, as it will if you follow in The Way of Knowledge. Your purpose now is to prepare to gain a greater understanding of the world, the world’s evolution and the world’s destiny. Within this larger context you will gain a new vantage point for understanding your role in the world and your reason for coming here." [12]

"Here roles are not assigned, but people are given the foundation so that Knowledge within them, the greater power that God has given to guide them, may become evident to them, that they may learn through time to trust this and to follow this, navigating the difficulties of life and the greater difficulties they will have to face in a new world of diminishing resources and greater instability." [13]

"You are here to contribute to and participate in a greater order of reality that exists within the world and beyond the world and even beyond the physical manifestation of life. How can you determine what that is? If you had access to and understanding of all things, then perhaps you could see and define your own role within it. However, you cannot do that, so do not attempt it because you will deceive yourself in the worst way." [12]

The Role of Others

"All individuality seeks community, for in community it finds its true expression, its true contribution and its true role." [14]

"Look at the natural world. Everything is interdependent. Everything relies on everything else. Everything has a role to play in the grand scheme of life. There is a balance. The plants and the animals, which are so demeaned by humankind as being without intelligence or ingenuity, nonetheless experience the great benefit of inclusion in life."[15]

"Knowledge is leading you and preparing you at this moment to meet those individuals who will play a key role in your greater development. And Knowledge is moving them as well. You have a destiny to meet each other, but destinies can be changed. The course of things can be altered. In this world, chance plays a great part in determining whether things happen or not. And in this, your decision making and the decision making of the others whom you are destined to meet can have a significant impact on the outcome. The movement of Knowledge is constantly thwarted by the ambitions, the willfulness and the stubbornness of the personal mind. In order for you to carry out your mission, you must have great allies because God knows you cannot do it alone. However, others cannot perform your role for you. You must do that. Certain individuals will help you to find your role, to experience it and to refine it over time. You have a purpose to be together, and you will attempt, however unknowingly, to try to find each other." [16]

"Should you meet all of your allies, it is unlikely that their number will be greater than ten. It will more likely be three or four individuals. These individuals will play a very great role in initiating, supporting and speaking for the greater purpose that has brought you into this world— a purpose that can only emerge as you gain a greater maturity as a person and as you satisfy certain desires and requirements for yourself." [16]

The Role of the Harim

"The Harim exist to support the reclamation of Knowledge everywhere— wherever intelligent life dwells and wherever intelligent life has originated in the physical universe. They serve as intermediaries between the invisible world where you have come from and the visible world where you live now. Great is their skill and accomplishment. Few in your world have ever achieved their state of awareness. Their mission is not simply to support and assist their own races and cultures. Instead, their role is to support Knowledge in the Greater Community. Their accomplishments make peaceful relations possible between worlds. They make higher education possible and make possible the elevation of worldly societies. The Harim work for peace in the Greater Community, and thus their mission and their scope are enormous." [17]

The Role of Jesus

"Jesus knew that his time and place were crucial. He knew that he would have to play a very visible role in initiating a process that would extend far beyond his own life and awareness." [18]


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