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"Religion can never be used as a banner of war or a justification for cruelty, torture, punishment or death." [1]

"To harm others in the name of God is a crime against God and God’s Will and Purpose, and God’s intention regarding the establishment of the great traditions."[1]


"There can be no violence or contention between the world’s religions if they are understood correctly. For these acts are a crime against God and God’s Will and intentions for Earth, for you and for all peoples." [1]

"First you must understand that the Jesus, the Buddha and the Muhammad have all come from the Angelic Assembly. God is their Source. God has sent each into the world at different times, in different parts of the world, to deliver unique Messages to continue the building of humanity and human civilization. This is part of God’s Greater Plan." ... "Understanding this, there would be no contention between the religions over who is the preeminent teacher, who is the greatest Messenger or who is the final prophet. For this is only a human evaluation and cannot take into account God’s Greater Plan. For only God knows how to redeem you and the whole world and indeed the whole physical universe, living apart from timeless Creation."[2]

On the rise

"Clearly, religious violence is on the rise as humanity faces a world of growing population and declining resources."[3]


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