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"To finally make peace with your past, you must be building a new life. To finally be able to understand your past and to use it positively and constructively, you must be building a new foundation. To find freedom from the fears and anxieties that haunt you, you must have a new engagement in life." [1]

"Every moment with Knowledge brings you into the present and orients you towards the future. Your past cannot be a reference for the future because the past is gone, and your memory of the past and your evaluation of the past hardly represent its reality."[2]

"With Knowledge, you will be able to see your past in a new way, with greater objectivity and greater clarity. You will not see the past you want to see. You will see the past that existed. This will give you an evaluative tool and point of view that you would not be able to have otherwise. From this vantage point, you will be able to see the past, the present and the future in such a way thati it will enable you to be in the present meaningfully and purposefully in keeping with Knowledge within you." [2]

"People who live in the past cannot experience the present and cannot understand the future. And every new experience they have is simply used to fit into the past, to add to their collection of ideas, beliefs and assumptions, and to fortify them as well. Their lives become relics as a result, museum pieces of their own personal history. There is nothing alive, nothing fresh and nothing vital there. Instead, people only amass recollections. Their pain is entrenched, and their decisions have become hard like concrete." [1]

"The inability of people to respond to the present and to the future because of their fixed ideas and their past referencing will create tremendous conflict. The world's emergence into the Greater Community is a great challenge in and of itself, but what will be more burdensome will be human response or lack of it. No one wants to give up his or her pleasures. No one wants to yield his or her beliefs. No one wants to sacrifice those things that seem to validate them. No one wants to close a chapter on his or her personal history. No one wants to do these things unless of course they are students of Knowledge, who will give these things up freely and set them aside in order to face life anew." [3]


"You are now emerging out of your primitive cultures with great difficulty. You are seeking to associate with each other with great difficulty. Human history is like a shadow over the world, drawing people backwards, just like your personal history is a shadow over you, drawing you backwards." [3]

"Having a past reference is like walking through life backwards, always looking behind you to see where you've been. And of course you crash into things and do not know where you are going and experience all kinds of calamities, grave mistakes and stupid errors. Walking backwards, you cannot see where you are going. You stumble around, fall down and end up in places where you do not belong while always looking to see where you've been. Think of this image and you can see the great disablities that come as a result. Realize how you are not yet able to look out on the horizon of your life and your future and say with any certainty, "This is what is coming. This is where I am going. And this is what I must do." [2]


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