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"People are obsessed with their needs, their issues, their longing and their desires. They do not see the movement of the world." [1]


"You must assess your real needs, the deeper needs within yourself, and contrast them with your preferences and your desires. If a need is genuine, it stands apart from what you simply want. There are primary needs, of course—the need for food, water, shelter, safety and security. There is the need for true companionship, a need to be engaged with other people in meaningful and productive ways. These are essential needs. They must be met or you cannot function in the world. Then, of course, there is the need for a greater kind of relationship based upon what you are really here to accomplish. And that begins to move you into a higher level of needs—the need of the soul, the need to find the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within you to guide you, to protect you and to lead you to a greater life within the world." [2]

Needs vs. Wants

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"There are essential needs like food, water, shelter, clothing, and security. There are important needs that are not essential such as companionship, sexuality, social engagements, artistic expression. Next, there are needs that are neither very important nor essential and this includes a vast array of human activities." [3]

"The emphasis in the world is on acquisition, and so you want more and more and more. And if you are unhappy with what you have today, well, you want something new and different. You want more. But having more is not the answer. If what you have is not meeting your need, then having more will only compound your confusion and dilemma."[4]

"Great things are never achieved because people want them. Great things are achieved because people need them. Want and need are very different. There is not enough power, dedication, determination and perseverance in wanting something. There must be a need within you—something you must do, something you must have, something you must accomplish. It is this greater incentive that gives you true power and ability and keeps you on track regardless of the circumstances or situations that you might encounter." [5]

Deeper Needs

"Once certain requirements of life have been met—the basic requirements of food, clothing, shelter and security, and some psychological requirements of relationship, companionship and employment—then you come upon a greater set of needs. Some people will only come upon these greater needs later in life, after they have tasted the pleasures and the sorrows of the world sufficiently that they realize there is no fulfillment there for them." [6]


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