Metaphors for Knowledge

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The Lamp is within you because you are alive

Metaphors for Knowledge

"The truth itself is like the universe above the clouds of your mind, forever real, forever true, forever evident. It but awaits your recognition. Such is the great truth that lives within you as a potential, as a seed. Let us call this the seed of Knowledge." [1]

"God has sent you into a difficult situation and has placed Knowledge within you to enable you to serve that situation and to give you a way back. It is like entering a deep cave where the light of day is completely left behind, and you are in this labyrinth somewhere, and you are sent down there to help others who are lost in the labyrinth and you yourself seem to be lost in the labyrinth except that God has placed a little rope attached to you—an endless kind of rope that no matter how many turns you take, no matter how deep you get into that labyrinth, no matter how much you forget the light of day, well, there is still a lifeline to you. You may be lost, but you are not lost to God."

"Through all the world religions, God has established pathways to return to Knowledge, but these pathways have become obscured by what religion has become and how religion is used. Only in the New Message, the pathway is reestablished without the weight of history, without the influence of culture, without the intrusion of human psychology. The pathway is clear. There is the pathway leading out of the labyrinth." [2]

"The Creator has a perfect answer to this seemingly insurmountable problem. The answer has been placed within you and is carried within you like a secret cargo, waiting to emerge, waiting until a sufficient maturity has been developed in your life where you will be able to accept and to respond to the great endowment that the Creator has given you. You build a foundation for this in your relationships, in your ability to work in the world and in your appreciation that you have a spiritual reality and that there are greater powers in the world beyond your ideas." [3]

Metaphors for lack of Knowledge

"Without Knowledge, you will only know what others want you to know. You will only think what others want you to think--whether it be your parents, your culture, your social group, your government or the Greater Community. You will basically be like cattle and you will be led around, from pasture to pasture." [4]


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