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"The intellect that you think with every day, that determines your experience to such a great extent, this is a product of your being in the world. It has been developed over time into a sophisticated mechanism for communication and evaluation."[1]

"Your intellect will have to concern itself with how you are going to set your life in a higher direction and all the particulars that will have to be considered and dealt with along the way. But the meaning, the purpose and direction of this greater purpose are established at a deeper level."[1]


"Hear these words, not with your intellect but with your heart." [2]

"You must hear this message with your heart, and you must feel this message in your heart. If you think about it, you may want to dismiss it because it seems either too uncomfortable, too strange, too alien, too challenging or too difficult." [3]

"Learn to receive Knowledge, to interpret Knowledge and to apply Knowledge, and you will become ever more free of your mind and more objective about it. With this objectivity, you will be able to determine those thoughts and patterns of thought that are helpful and those that are hindrances to you. You will be able to release your thoughts and be free of them because you are no longer a servant of your mind. Your mind now is a servant of Knowledge." [4]

The limits of the intellect

"Those who have intellectual pride, those who think they are intelligent and clever, those who think they can discern everything, those who think they know the truth, those who think they know what honesty is—this is the hypocrisy that will be revealed in the light of God’s Power and Presence in the world." [5]

"What people think and where the world is going are not the same." [6]

"Human rationality is merely a coping mechanism to deal with an uncertain and unpredictable world. It is appropriate in certain circumstances and hopeless in others." [7]

“The problem is that people want to be God without God. That is what has produced the world. So when you practice inner listening, you find out that you cannot be God without God. This is very disappointing. It is also a tremendous relief. The more you try to be God without God, the more isolated, alone and estranged you are. What surrounds you then, instead of relationships, are your own thoughts. You are caught in the middle of a web of your own thinking, and this is the great entanglement.” [8]

"God would never reveal these things to the intellect, a part of your mind that is conditioned by the world and is so unreliable and so weak and so easily persuaded by other forces." [9]

"Only those minds that are separated and lost in valuing their own thoughts can possibly be separated from the great benevolence of God." [10]


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